Sunday Morning (1955) - full transcript

An impressionistic image of Warsaw rebuilt after the war and its residents. A kind of lyrical film version of a feature article, full of warm humour and enriched with observations of everyday life.


Written and directed by






Production Manager


The Documentary Film Studio

Distribution: Central Film Exchange

It is an exceptionally
beautiful Sunday.

They must stay on duty so that we may
take our Sunday ride to the park.

This lady did not return my smile...

To have your own bus... Wouldn't
that be just perfect?

Is it raining?

No, it's simply a wet job,
a morning shower so to speak...

Immaculate busses leave the depot.

Needless to say,
they come back looking quite different.

But we all know that,
it's just a matter of division of labour.

Where is bus 133 going?
Patience, please.

We will find out shortly.

It's that young driver
we have met before.

And, who is that young lady
we have also seen briefly?

Judging by their agitated conversation,
she is not too overjoyed

to be sharing one bus
with him...

One can have a lie-in on a Sunday,
and then drop by a cafe

where at this time of the day
there's always a free table

and pleasant atmosphere.


The bicycle is a comfortable
means of transport.

A seat is guaranteed.

Almost like on a bus -

as long as you get on at the first stop
and early in the morning...

This young man visibly cannot bear
to see a woman bored in his company...

While this young man
cannot bear to see

a woman have fun
in the company of another...

Two men, one lady and a bus...

Weary of their laughter, the driver
is hurtling through the streets

only shorten this passenger's journey
as much as possible.

Excuse me, sir...

Watch what you're doing.
Standing in the door is not allowed.

There's no need to get upset...

You may have noticed
that I've been silent for a while.

But I can't keep silent any longer.

I must applaud the driver's
approach towards

a certain lady of a certain age...

What wouldn't one do for a smile
like this one?

In round one of smiles,
I think we can call it a draw.

Oh, well. Such are the laws of the bus.

Ladies get off while drivers stay.

Drivers and old gentlemen,
that is.

It is our honour to present
the so-called forgetful female.

We all know that feeling
when we read the newspaper

and someone
looks over our shoulder.

This trick is as long as the hills.

It has become a Warsaw tradition
to check the progress

on the Culture Palace.

Tall, isn't it?

Bus conductor?
So, what next?

A brief consultation and the young
passengers are losing their cool.

The next chapter's title,

"Bespectacled Lady in Search
of a Ticket".

She did have one! We all saw it!

There's the apple.
There's the thread.

There's the Great Theatre.

And there's the ticket!

What would a lady do
without a conductor?

She's not there.

That's not her,

nor that one.

She's not there.

The driver unravels
his heart's secrets to us.

The penny has dropped...

He simply doesn't want
the passengers to fancy her.

Why do your lips... and nose?

It's a draw, again.

Here he is again!

Is she really not there?

No, she isn't.

One man is stuck up there

and another down here.
The latter, because of a woman.

No, that's not her.

She is only 37 minutes late.

He should be here.

Oh, isn't he?

Half an hour here or there...

Dogs are very fond of columns.

Even a dog may play a decisive role
in a woman's life.

They haven't seen each other for ages!
Since last night.

These are very important matters...
Now, now. Get on.

Finally they've found
the perfect place for a chat.

To get on the bus is a hanging matter
for some.

And the ladies are still at it.

If you want to get on
you'd better run.

Let me kiss your hand, madam.

Too many of us fancy the bus.

How are we going to get on, sir?

Where there's a will
there's a way.


But this is a father with a child.

And the sign says clearly - seat
reserved for mothers with children.

A so-called formalist.
What does she care?

Finally, she graciously obliged.

Those two haven't had enough yet.

She's probably telling her
the clothes shop will be closed down.

What stamina!
See you, darling.

Have you noticed the smiles?

Unfortunately, they're the glass
and speed isolates them.

Watch out!

Now, the tram
is going too fast.

A huge dilemma:
To help or not to help?

For sure it is a young scientist.

A road to a diploma is a winding one.
Like all the roads in Warsaw.

All is well what ends well.
There was no need to get upset.

Slow down at the corner, would you?
I've got a life and death situation here.

He most certainly has.

He has to take a close look
at a certain lady.

See how nice and polite
our conductor is?


Is it all right now?

This is the end the line,
the end of misunderstandings...

and the end of our short story...

What about?
Nothing in particular.

Nothing you wouldn't already know
and see everyday.

Just look at these young people.

Did you have good time with them?

I guess so.

But they are really young
and it seems

they are a bit tired with us.

We are going to meet them
again anyway.