Strength of a Woman (2023) - full transcript

It follows Kendra who finds herself in a failing marriage and must deal with her life decisions. When Ben comes back into her life, she is backed into a crisis point and must dig deep to find the strength to take control of her life.

[camera shutter clicking]

Nice. Hold it.

[camera shutter clicking]

And turn to center.

[camera shutter clicking]

♪ Let, let
Let 'em do what they do ♪

♪ Just worry about you ♪

♪ Gotta keep ya cool... ♪

-All right.

♪ ...Them haters
gonna take it from ya ♪

♪ Go ahead
Let 'em run they mouth ♪

♪ Nobody's gonna
hand it to ya... ♪

Cut the fan.

♪ Never say never ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ Keep it together, yeah ♪


I need a green juice.

Can we take ten?


♪ This life
will really change you... ♪

[quietly] Mm.
Who knew the line

between photographer
and babysitter

was so thin?

[chuckles dryly]

Did you want the slate-gray
or the charcoal drop next?

Slate, thanks.

♪ ...Welcome to the spotlight
Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Spotlight
Yeah ♪

♪ Just get up on it
I'm your new favorite girl... ♪

I come bearing provisions.

Oh, no!

-Not the...
-Your favorite.


You trying to make me
bust outta these jeans?

Ah, you'd get no complaints
over here.


Listen, baby.

I didn't just stop by
to deliver sweets.

I got some bad news.

I can't make it
to your ceremony tonight.


You know how short-staffed
neurology is.

I would obviously
much rather be

strutting the red carpet
with you.

You understand, right?


But we're still on
for later?


I'm ovulating.

[chuckles awkwardly]

All right, lovebirds.

I thought this was
a professional establishment.

Oh, speaking of lovebirds--

Kev, you have failed
at your matchmaking skills.

When you gonna hook Terry up

with one of
your surgeon friends?

Tyler needs a father figure,
you know.

-I'll work on it.
-Don't work too hard.

Surgeon's one of the top three
careers of narcissists.

No offense, Kevin.

On that note--

sorry again about tonight.


What's he sorry for?

He can't make it
to the ceremony tonight.

How does something
always manage to pop up for him

when something big
is happening for you?

His unit is short-staffed, T.
Give him a break.

You're always
giving him a break.

He doesn't
prioritize you, Kendra.

He's a doctor, Terry.

Doctor duties
trump photographer duties.

Okay, well,
your work matters, too!

Does it really?

I mean, I fell in love
with photography

because it means
that I could shine a light

on things
that people forget to look at,


[quietly] ...take shiny photos
of celebrities.


That's a gross

of what you do, Kendra.

I guess.


I am so proud of you.


Thank you.

And I got you tonight.

I'll be your date.


Come here.

You're the best.

Oh, don't think
I'm just doing this

out of the kindness
of my heart.

You owe me one.

Be my plus-one
to the Hammon fundraiser

I'm organizing
for us Chicago alumni.

I don't know, Terry.

Why not?

You worried it's gonna
bring back the memories

of the epic romance
and heartbreak

you had with Ben?

No, because
I don't wanna do

the whole, like,
awkward-socializing thing.

Besides, I only went there
for one year.

No one probably
remembers me anyways.

I'll jog their memory.
You'll be fine.

-Fine, Terry.

Now, are we still on
for lunch,

or are you too busy getting
your Annie Leibowitz on?

One more look
and I'm done.


Thank you.

Have a scone, coffee.

I'll be right back, okay?


[exhales contentedly]


[line rings]

Hey, it's Sasha.

Leave a message.

-Hey, Sash.

Just, uh, calling
to check in on Dad.

Call me back when you can.

Okay. I love you.

Hi, baby.



I'm exhausted.

Come here.

Honey, I'm beat.

If we're gonna use
the rhythm method, babe,

we have to follow...
the rhythm?

I want a family, Kevin.

So do I, babe,
but I'm exhausted.

[drops shoe]

Try again tomorrow night.

I can't. I told Terry

I was going
to that Hammon fundraiser

with her tomorrow night,

because we agreed
on tonight.

And life happens, Kendra.

I don't know what to tell you.

Not everything
revolves around your schedule.

I never said it did.

But you're acting like it.

No, I'm not!



how about we just...

...try first thing
tomorrow morning,

before I go to the studio, hmm?

[forced chuckle]

I have to be back
at the hospital for six,

to relieve the overnight.

Maybe it's not the best time
to be going for this.

Both our schedules
are nuts right now.

It's never gonna be
a "right time," Kevin.

We have to decide
to make it the right time.

Well, we'll talk about it
when I'm all here.


[phone rings]



Hey, Sash.

It was amazing being honored.

I kind of can't believe it.

How's Dad?

Oh, no, no, no, don't--
don't wake him up.

I'll just--
I'll call tomorrow.


How are you?



You ready for me?


It's signed
and ready to go.


Those are beautiful, Ken.



Now let's see if I can get
a magazine to feature them.

All your celebrity
editorial work

will open doors.

Just keep pushing.


Hey, Liberty?

Could you help Terry
bring that photo down, please?

Yeah, sure.

Do you want me to pick you up
at yours tonight,

or are you gonna
meet me there?

Oh, I'm--
I'm pretty swamped here.

Uh-uh! I don't wanna hear it!
You owe me.

[chuckles, scoffing lightly]


You're killing me, Terry.

I'll pick you up.

I don't trust you
to make it there.

Okay, come on.

Thanks, Liberty.



[Kevin] You look beautiful.

I'm sorry
I wasn't up to it last night.

I feel really alone in this

when you tell me
it's not the right time.

I thought you wanted this.

We talked about this, Kev.

I do.

I just don't want
the stress of this to break us.

I've got a biological clock!

I know, baby.

Let me make it up to you.


Kev, no.

Stop! Stop.

I have to go.

I'll make it quick.

No. Kev... no!

I wanna make a baby
with you.

[laughing] No!


♪ People ask why ♪

♪ A smile is on my face... ♪

-Thank you.


Girl, this is amazing.

Thank you, girl.

I'm gonna go make sure

your photo's
in a place of honor.

I'll be right back.

♪ I'm in love
With the things you do ♪

♪ Every day
Brings me something new ♪

♪ It's your sweet love ♪

♪ It's your sweet love ♪

♪ It's your sweet love ♪

[Ben] Hey.

Can I join you?

Uh... sure.

Uh, so, um...

what's new?

Oh, since 14 years ago?



That's fair.

You know, I saw
your photograph inside,

and I was thinking
about bidding on it.

Oh, no. No.
You don't have to do that.

Yeah, I know,
but I want to.

I'm really proud of you, Kendra.

You're doing exactly what
you said you wanted to be doing.

And it's so inspiring.

And being named

the most influential
photographer in Chicago?


you're really
a big-shot now.

Are you...

-keeping tabs on me, Ben?

-You keeping tabs on me?

Me and Terry,
we're friends on Facebook,

and, you know, she, um...
she just-- she posts a lot!

-You know.
-Oh... okay.



So, how's the family?


Miles is finally settling
into high school.

We moved out here
a couple years ago

'cause of Connie's job,

and it has taken him
until now

to find his people

and hit his stride.

But he's thriving now.

That's great.

Yeah, I'm...

I'm really proud of him.

Mm. And how's Connie?

Connie's... Connie.

Just doing her best impression
of a helicopter--

just micromanaging,

and chasing the hell
out of Miles,

like he's still a toddler.


Well, I'm sure
it's hard letting go.


Uh, I-I should
probably get back.

Stay. Please?

It's really good seeing you.

Will you sit with me
a minute?

What have you been
doing with your life,

besides stalking
Terry's Facebook page?

[chuckles] Um...

I'm a lawyer now.


You don't say.

You're disappointed in me?


Come on, Ben,
that's impressive.

You know,
you're an awful liar.

I really thought
you weren't into law at all.

I wasn't.

Until I took...
[deep breath]

...this communications class

it-it shifted my perspective.

One day,
the professor was lecturing,

and he said,

"the best lawyers
are the best storytellers,"

and that a person's freedom

really just hinged on
who can tell the jury,

not just the most convincing,
but the most compelling story.


...I actually
thought about you.


[chuckles] Yeah.

And in that moment,
I decided...

"I'm gonna be
a public defender."

That's really amazing.

[chuckles] I mean,

only you...

only you could figure out

how to make your parents happy
and not sell your soul.

Speaking of parents,
um, how's your dad?

He's okay.


Actually, no.

He's not.

He's sick.

Heart failure.


doctors are talking about,

you know,
going the transplant route,

but he's just so stubborn.

I travel to North Carolina
often to visit my parents,

and I would love to visit him
the next time I'm there,

if that's not too weird,
of course.

He probably doesn't even
remember me.

-No! No.
-You know, I always

-really liked your father.
-No, no.

He actually really liked you.

I think he'd be very happy
to see you.


Then I'll make it happen.



Oh, Kendra.

I've really missed you.


Don't do that.

Do not...

Don't say that.

Why not?

I've been sitting here,
playing along,

while you're pretending
like we're buds.

I'm not pretending
about anything.

Are you seriously saying
you miss me right now?

You're lying.

-I'm not lying.
-Yes, you are!

It's not a lie.

Y-- You know what?

-Look, just--
-No! Do not touch me, Ben.

It's too late for all that.

Can we just sit and talk
about this reasonably?


Like you didn't act like
a plague came to your doorstep

-when I came to your--
-Come on, Kendra!

That's not fair!

You caught me
completely off-guard!

You showed up to my doorstep

after ignoring me
for how many months?

It doesn't matter!
None of this matters anymore!

It's ancient history.

We're nothing
to each other now.

Come on--

Take care of yourself, Ben.

That's how you...


[Terry] Girl, are you
ever gonna tell me

about your run-in with Ben
the other night?

There's nothing to tell.

Okay, sure.

That's why you ran out like
the building was on fire.

[laughs] I did not--

Shut your mouth
while you're lying to me.


We just caught up.

I mean,
I managed to play along

with the buddy-buddy vibes
for a minute,

but homeboy acted like
he had an aneurysm

and said that he missed me,

so I dismissed myself.

Because he said
he missed you?


I'm married.

Happily married.

Okay, what does one
have to do with the other?

-Terry, don't go there.
-No, it's a genuine question.


Enough about me.

How did the meeting go
at the community board?

Fine, I think.

You know,
they're pretty old-school,

so anything new is like
absolute poison to them, but...

I think I had them interested
by the end.


I am so proud of you.

No, seriously, like...

just investing your own money,

choosing purpose
over security--

you are truly an inspiration.


Terry, listen to me.

What you're doing
is so special.

I mean, I don't see
why they wouldn't invest.


Thanks, Ken.
I really hope so.

Especially now that Tyler
got into that private school.

Oh, he did?

-Oh, that's amazing!

-Good. Good, good.
-Yeah, it is.

The only problem is,
that even with the scholarship,

it's still crazy expensive.

Tell his father to contribute.

Look, I-- I know he wants to do
the whole 'rolling stone' thing,

but one-night stand or not,
he's still Tyler's father.

You shouldn't be
the only one making sacrifices.

You're right.
You know, I'll...

I'll ask him.

Okay. Good.


And if he doesn't step up,

what's mine is yours.

You hear me?

I love you.

I love you, too.

[phone rings]

Oh. Let's see.

Let me take this.

Hey. Hey, Sash, what's up?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Sash. Slow down. Slow down.

-Is everything okay?

No. Oh, my god! No, Dad.

Sash, come on, no!

Hey, Kendra...

♪ Amazing ♪

♪ Grace ♪

♪ How sweet ♪

♪ The sound ♪

♪ That saved... ♪

[Pastor] As we mourn
in our own special way...

♪ ...A wretch... ♪

...let's think
of family and legacy...

♪ ...Like me... ♪

...and the mark
we leave behind.

♪ I once ♪

♪ Was lost ♪

♪ But now ♪

♪ I am found ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now ♪

♪ I see ♪

I hate lilies.

Yeah, me too.

Aunt Linda's asking for you.

It's a funeral, Mom,
not a meet-and-greet.

Don't be rude.
Go say hello.

I don't want to.

Don't get smart
with me, Sunny.

I said go say hi.

She's been irritable like this
since he's passed.

She's not eating either.

She'll be fine, Sash.
She's just grieving.

I hope so.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Just bring those out.



Good to see you.
Thanks for coming.



How you holding up, babe?

Awful but fine.

I've got some bad news.

Oh, Kevin...

I know.

It's just
all this turnover,

it's got
everyone running around

like chickens
with their heads cut off.

They need me.

I need you, Kevin.


I'll tell them no.

Just... just go.

Thank you.

[door shuts]



How you feeling?

Uh, I'm sorry. Um...

Ben, this is Kevin.

Kevin, this is Ben.

I'm her husband.

do you need to go pack?

Yeah. Here.


[car door shuts]


Folks are looking for you.


Do you wanna be found?

Not really.

All right.

I don't mind being found
by you, though.


Kevin, he seems...


He is.

That's nice.

Um, you-you could've
brought Connie along.

We're kind of separated now.

Well, not "kind of".


Legally separated.

I'm sorry, Ben.

I appreciate that.

Can I ask you something?

The last time
we saw each other...

when you came to Hammon
that spring...

...why'd you come?


Ben, it's...

there's no point
in rehashing the past.

It's over.

I just wanna know.



I came to Hammon to tell you
that I wanted to be with you,

and you didn't feel the same.

You wanted to make it work
with Connie,

and I made peace with that.

Yo, that's not the full story.

You iced me out, Kendra.

All those months,

Connie and I were
just co-parenting.

And I told you that,
but for some reason, you just--

No. No, you obviously were--

you were lying to yourself
and to me, because...

when I left the picture,

you fell in love
and you got married.

I never fell in love
with Connie, Kendra.

So, please,
when you tell our story...

just don't forget
that I never left you.

I chose you.

Are you okay?


I'm sorry.

Yeah, I should...

I should get back.


[crickets chirping]

She doesn't want any.

And she barely ate the pasta.

Ooh... saint.

How are you?




a little...


Which I feel terrible
for saying.

You shouldn't feel terrible
at all.

You were bearing
the brunt of it this past year.

I am so sorry
I wasn't there.

You don't need to apologize.

You were paying
for all of his nurses,

all that expensive equipment.

But I wasn't here.

-[music begins playing upstairs]
-Well, you are now.

You know, don't be so rough
with yourself.


She's gotten really into
Dad's record collection.

She's been playing it nonstop.

That was her guy, you know?

The one consistent man
in her life.

She's hurting so much
and there's nothing I can do.

When is Sunny out of school?

In a couple of weeks.

Maybe she can
spend the summer with me.

The city energy...

change of scenery...

it might do her some good.

Kendra, that's too much.

You've been balancing
the world on your shoulders

for a minute now.

Let me take
some of that weight off.

Thank you.


[app alert chimes]



[door thuds]

[lips smacking]

Kendra, wh--
What are you doing here?

Who-- Who is this?

-No, it's not what you think.
-Don't lie to me!

Okay, look, I'm an idiot.

I'm begging for your baby,
you're inside other women?

Kendra, I'm sorry.

Let's just go home
and we can talk about this--

I have nothing to say
to you right now!

Really, Kevin?
You do this to me now?

My father just died!

Look, I'm sorry.

-Let's just go.
-Kevin, no!

Get out of here!




[footsteps quickening]

-[door thuds]
-[lock clicks]

[panicked] Kendra?

-Open the door, babe.
-[engine starts]

[tires squeal]

[phone rings]



Hey, how'd you sleep?

Let me get you some coffee.

Stop tossing the ball
at the table.

Nice arm, little man.

Thanks, Godma.

Tyler, baby,
go get ready for school.

I'm so sorry, Ken.

You know you can stay here
as long as you need.

I have to talk to him
before Sunny gets here.

Well, what is there
to talk about?

You caught him red-handed.

He's still my husband, Terry.

You don't
have to remind me, Ken.

He's the one who forgot.

I have to hear to him out.

It's only fair to him.

What about you? Hmm?

What's fair to you?

I'm not a quitter.

It's not quitting, Ken.

It's respecting yourself enough
to not let someone mistreat you.

[phone rings]


It's him.

Ken, don't.


Terry, I'm good.

Good things are hard sometimes.

Just because they're hard
doesn't make them good.

-Come on, just--

Just a sec.

Hello, Kevin.


[door opens]

Baby, I am so sorry.

How long?

A few weeks, a month.

Do you love her?


No, it was just sex.


Why would you risk
what we have for--

I was just feeling
so much pressure

with the fertility stuff,

and we were
both working nonstop.

There's no excuse--
I betrayed you.

Yeah, you did.

You broke my trust

and I don't know how
this is gonna work without it.

We vowed,
"for better or for worse".

Let me regain your trust.

Can you let me do that?

We owe it to each other
to fight for this.

We're fighters.

Have you done this before?


Kevin, tell me the truth.

I've never broken
our marriage vows before.


You need to end it.

I already did.

And I swear, Kevin,
if you ever do this again--


Never again.


thank you

for not giving up on us.

I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry.



Ladies, this way--
this way for me.

Thank you.
Looks good. One more.

A little more movement?

Three more shots.

Here we go...

yes, nice!

Let's do a different setup.

Thank you, Liberty.

[exhales deeply]

How you doing?
You okay?

I'm so sorry I had to bring you
straight in from the airport,

but I'm almost done,

and we'll get you home
and settled. Yeah?

-All right.

♪ That's why we fly so high ♪

♪ We sit on top of the world ♪

♪ That's why we fly so high ♪

♪ We sit
on top of the world... ♪

[phone ringing]

[Kendra, playfully firm]
What are you doing?

I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have touched anything.

You do not
have to apologize.

You ever used
one of those before?


Mostly everything
is digital nowadays,

but there is something
pretty special about film.

It takes a lot more labor
to get a good picture,

but it makes it
that much more valuable.

To me... anyways.

I tell you, good things--
it takes work.


I can teach you
how to use it...

if you want me to.

Welcome to Chicago.

Thank you.

Come here.


I hear pulled pork's
your favorite. Is that true?

-Lucky for you,

I made my famous pulled pork
and coleslaw sandwiches.

I'll show you to your room,

you can get freshened up,
then eat.

Come on.

Top of the stairs,
to your left.

[rap song plays indistinctly
in the background]



Hey, you.



So, what are you...?

I can't decide
between these two.

Oh, hey, Miles.

Meet my friend, Kendra.
Kendra, this is Miles.

Oh, my god!

It's so nice to meet you, Miles.

You too.

Dad, can I get both?

All right.

It could make
an early birthday present.

Way to think ahead, son.

Yeah, sure.
You can get both.

Auntie, look,
they have--

Oh, hey!

Well, hey.
Good to see you again, Sunny.

Yeah, you too.

That's a nice camera
you got there.

It's actually Aunt Kendra's.
She's teaching me how to use it.

No way.

You listen
to old-school hip-hop?

Oh, yeah, all the time.

It's basically all my mom
and aunt listen to.

Have you checked out
the upstairs yet?

Want me to show you?

Yeah, go.



Um, so how--
how you been holding up?

I'm okay.

[phone rings]



[sighs] Um, I'm sorry, I--

-Yeah, go.
-I gotta take this.

Hey, uh, I--
I can't talk right now.

No! No, that's not
what we agreed upon.

No. But-- no!
This is...

This is exactly why we agreed
to mediation-- to avoid this.

It's childish.

No. I--

I'm describing your behavior
as childish.

No, I'm not--
I'm not doing it.

Co-- Connie...


[Ben sighs]


Everything all right?

Um, it's...

me and Connie are just
officially getting divorced.


I'm sorry, Ben.

Yeah. She's just
being spiteful.

She's, um...
she's telling me to lawyer up,

threatening that she's gonna
file for sole custody of Miles.


She's angry.

She's saying I've given up
and I stopped fighting,

but, honestly, I don't even
got no more fight left in me.

How did you know...?

That it was time
to stop fighting?

Oh, I guess
when the respect leaves.

When contempt
just replaces that altogether?

There's no working through that.

[quietly] Yeah.

I'm-- I'm so sorry
you're going through that, Ben.

Oh, yeah--


Hey. What'd you all find?

That's a lot of birthdays'
worth of albums you got there.


You can just grab hers, too.

Oh, no. Ben, no,
you don't have to do that.

It's fine. It's fine.

If she ever wants
a hiphop-head to hang out with,

I'm sure
Miles would not mind.



Hey, baby.

You're late.

Surgery went long.

I'm telling the truth.

You believe me?

[unconvincingly] Mm-hmm.

[text alert chimes]

Who's that?


-Yeah, Ben.

We ran into him today
at the record shop.

So, Sunny and Miles--
they really hit it off.

I don't know, I just think
it would be really good for her

to hang out with someone else
other than me while she's here,

so we're trying
to set something up.

Is that all right with you?

[forced chuckle]

It's fine.



I got you something.




Oh, baby! Oh...

I love you.

I love you, too.

Oh, my god!

-You're pregnant?
-We're having a baby.



[phone rings]

[Liberty] I'll get that.


These are amazing,
Aunt Kendra.

Thanks, hun.

I mean, it's just so different
from your other stuff, you know?

These people...

they're just real.

It takes courage
to allow yourself

to be seen in such a light,
you know?

Sad, tired...


these people allowed me

to catch them
in their most authentic moments.

And, to me...

that is the most beautiful
subject you can get.

I wanna take photos
like these.



That was your agent calling.

Is everything all right?

Envoke wants you
to shoot the cover

for the September issue.

What? That is the biggest issue
of the year!

It is!

That's a good thing, right?

-That's a great thing.
-It is a great thing!


I'm gonna call your publicist
really quick, then.



Yes! I'm gonna make a call.

This is... wow.



Oh, wow.

These are beautiful.

Oh. Hey, babe, I thought
you were working late tonight?

I told them I had
to celebrate with my wife.

I'll excuse myself.


I'm taking you out
to celebrate Envoke--

you and me.

Oh, no, baby, I-- I can't.

I'm taking Sunny over to Ben's
to hang with Miles tonight.

Why do you gotta hang around?
Just drop her off.

It's a movie night.
We already planned it.

Well, then
break the plans, Kendra.

Or are you telling me

you'd rather spend
the evening with Ben--

-No! No.
-...over your own husband?

No, of course not.


I'm sorry, you're right.

We can drop Sunny off
at Ben's, yeah.


All right.
I'll be right back.


[doorbell chimes]

♪ We ain't stopping
till the cops come knocking... ♪



Miles is just--
he's just right down the hall.

Miles! Sunny's here!

You look great!
Come on in.

I'm so sorry.

I-I can't stay tonight.

Oh. Why not?

Kevin and I,
we're celebrating.

Okay. Celebrating what?

I got asked to shoot
the September cover of Envoke.

Wow! Kendra, that's...
that's huge. Congrats.

Thanks. Yeah.

Ah, you...
you're a bigshot.

[phone chimes]

Oh. I'm sorry. I should go.
Kevin, he's waiting for me.

-Of course. Just enjoy yourself.
-All right.

Oh, save me some popcorn?

I'll try.

[doorbell chimes]

[music plays on stereo]

♪ ...Strike like a viper
Rhyme like a sniper ♪

♪ When the beat drop
I ride like a biker ♪

♪ An MC better than me
I ain't never hear one... ♪


Uh, she's in Miles' room
right now.

I'll go get her.

Oh, thanks.

Oh, I brought you guys

Thank you, that's sweet.

Just make yourself at home.
I'll be right back.

♪ ...Coming for the crown
It's a shutdown ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm coming
for the crown ♪

♪ Coming for the crown ♪

♪ I'm coming for the crown
It's a shutdown ♪

♪ All the party people
and the place to be... ♪

[Ben] She's coming.

So, how was dinner?

It was good.

Oh, that's...
that's pretty weird, right?

What is?

The fact
that I still have that up?

Just hanging there.

it's not hanging.

It's just kind leaning up there,
you know?

You wanna sit?


Oh, you're working late, I see?

Yeah, I've been prepping

for this sentencing hearing
I've got coming up.

Uh, should I be worried?

You sound a little stressed out
over there.

Everything good?

No, I'm just representing
this-- this kid.

He actually just turned 18
and he's a first-time offender.

First time--
that's good, isn't it?

Not with this judge.

This judge has a record
of exorbitant sentencing,


if the youth in question
is black or brown.

But some of my colleagues

actually been telling me about
sentence-mitigation videos.

What are those?

these 10- to 20-minute videos

that are compilations

of interviews of folks
speaking on the character

of their clients,

and they're said to have
a really high success rate

in swaying the judges

and securing
less-harsh sentences, so...

You should do one
for this kid.

He can't afford it.

I mean, between the equipment
and the editing?

Let me do it.


If you haven't heard,
I'm pretty good with a camera.

This could really
change this kid's life.

Let's make sure it does.

I'll just add
a few things on the end...

and... we're done.

It just has to upload.


Thank you, Ken.


You're just...

you're the only other person
outside of my family

who calls me "Ken".

I just... I like it.


Let me treat you to dinner.

[laughs] No.

Yo, like, like, just...

uh, it's a thank-you
for your services,

since you won't let me
pay for anything.

No, you don't have to do that.
It was fun for me.

Yeah, it was fun for me, too.

[both laughing]

So, are you excited

about your shoot
with Envoke coming up?

Yeah. Yeah.

That did not
sound too convincing.

No, don't get me wrong.

I am, literally, so lucky
to be making a living

as a photographer,

I'm just so happy

you're letting me help you out
with these videos.

It feels good to do work
that I love,

and know that it matters
to someone other than just me.

You could take pictures
of my other clients, too,

if you want.

I'm sure they'd love
to have their portrait

taken by Kendra Evans.

Actually, that is not
a bad idea.

I know!

Wow, that's my idea.

[laughing] Okay.

Hi, baby.

Where you been?

I was at work,

finishing up those videos
with Ben.

It's late.

Yeah, it's the final push,

because the hearing
is tomorrow.

So it's done now?

This one is, yeah.

"This one"?

There are other clients of his
who need the same service.

Have you eaten?


With Ben?

Is that a problem?

Just don't love the idea
of my wife out late,

and alone,
with a cat she used to date.

Kev, that was
over a decade ago.

We're friends.

That's irrelevant to me.


Okay, you being suspicious
of me is a bit unfair.

Don't you think?

So you're trying to rile me up?

Is that it?

Punish me for what I did?

Me living my life
is not retaliation, Kev.

[snickers bitterly]

Invite him over.


Well, if he's your friend,

I want
to get to know him better.

It's only fair, right?

Of course.


[Kevin] So glad
you could come tonight.

Let me pour you another glass.

Honey, maybe we should
try some water.

I'm fine.


We're all having fun, right?

[Kendra] Mm.

So, Kendra says
the hearing went well?

It did. It did.

It went--
It went great.

We got him six months in jail,
18 months probation.

And that's good?

It's appropriate.

And that's all we wanted.

So the video helped?

It did. That kid would've
lost years of his life,

instead of months,

if it weren't for Ken.

Thank you.


That's cute.

Sure you don't want
anything to drink, Ken?

I'm good.

Well, she can't drink
in her state.

[reproachfully] Kevin.

Oh, wait, are--
are you pregnant?

I just found out.

Well, we didn't just find out.

It's been a few weeks.

You're having a baby, Auntie?


Thank you, sweetie.


Thank you.

Well, congratulations.

Um... kids are a gift.

[Kevin] Thanks, man.

We're really excited.

Uh, you had Miles
in college, yeah?

Yep. I-I got my gift early.

Well, that must have been hard.

You know, being a kid,
raising a kid?

It's hard enough
not to mess them up

when you're a grown-up.


Age is just one aspect
of maturity,

but it's not all of it.

I know a lot of
childish grown-ups.

Where's your wife?

She really should have come.

Okay! I think
it's time for some dessert.

My bad.

Kendra told me
you were getting a divorce.

Ah, that's too bad, man.

But I guess it makes sense.

You can't really expect
a happy ending

off of a shotgun wedding.

Kevin, enough.

Miles, let's go.

Thank you guys for dinner.

Thanks, Kendra.


Can you wait for me
in the car?

[door thuds]

I am so sorry.

Sorry about what?

For his behavior.

His behavior
isn't your responsibility.

Well, you did not deserve that.

Why didn't you tell me?

About the baby?

I... I'm--
I'm not sure.

All right. Um...

I'm just gonna
give you some space.

But why? I--
Why? I don't need space.

Yeah, but I do, Ken.
I do.

[door slams]

You embarrassed me.

-Excuse me?
-You heard me, Kevin!

You embarrassed me.

I had too much to drink?

Making eyes at Ben
the whole night?

I was not making eyes at Ben.

You were flirting with him
right in front of me.

I was not flirting
with him, Kevin.

He is my friend!

Friends, my ass!

Okay, you better lower
your voice right now, because--

Don't tell me to lower my voice
in my own house!

You're punishing me.

-"Punishing" you, Kevin?
-I'm sick of you punishing me!

You're throwing this guy
in my face!

It was your idea
to invite him!

Are you screwing him?

-[rapid footsteps]

You heard me!

Is this baby even mine?

Is everything okay?

How dare you?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

We're-- we're fine, honey.

We're just having
a conversation.

[door slams]

Any news
on the community board?

It's a no-go.

The budget
is stretched out too thin.

Oh, I am so sorry, girl.

Oh, it's fine.

Mm-- my offer still stands
for Tyler's tuition, okay?

You know, his dad
actually agreed to cover it.



Yeah, I mean...

It's what he should
be doing anyways.

I'm just glad you didn't
have to fight him on it.

Yeah, I know.

How's the dust settling
after the big blowout?

Is Kevin
still acting stupid?

He is...
he is just so convinced

that me and Ben still
have a thing for each other.

It's ridiculous.

Is it, though?


[mimicking her]

-No. You're gonna tell me

spending all this time alone

with Ben isn't bringing up
any feelings for you?

Of course, it does sometimes,
I'm human.

Sometimes, I wonder if, like,

I made the right decision or not
back then...

but I have a beautiful life.

I'm married.
I'm pregnant.

This is my life,
and I am okay with that.

I am.

Where's Sunny?

She's spending the night
at Liberty's.

Do you know what this $3,300
wire from our checking is for?

Oh. I, um...

I sent Jesse some money--
just a loan-- to fix her car.

Y-You know, she's been

ever since she got laid off.

Why didn't
you talk to me about this?

Because you're my wife,
not my mother.

I don't have to ask
for permission

to take care of my sister.

Hold on.

I'm not saying you--

Wow, you are addicted
to having problems.

I am not
starting an argument.

I'm simply
asking a question.

[scoffs bitterly]

I'm not doing this with you.


Hey, Jesse!
How are you?

Good. Good, good.

I'm sorry
to call you so late.

I was just calling to see
if you got your car sorted.

No, Kevin, he--
he told me...

Oh, no.

No, girl, I--
I must have misheard him.

Uh, okay.

Okay, will do.


Hello, yes.
It's Kendra Evans.

I'm wondering
if you can give me

the name of a payee
I've wired?

It's not on my statement,

and I'm just trying
to get my books together.

The date is June 15th.


Are you sure
that's the right--?

Yes, thank you.

Thank you.
Uh, no. No, that's all.

All right, thank you.


[brakes screech]

[bangs door shut]



Why did Kevin wire you $3,300?

Answer the question!

M... M-Mommy?

Back to sleep, baby.
Go back to sleep.



Wait, is he Kevin's?


[tearing up] How could...?

I-I-I'm so sorry, Kendra!

How could you do that
to me, Terry?

[Terry sobs]

I thought we were a family,
Terry! I thought--

We are!

Please come in
and I'll explain everything.

No, go ahead!
Go ahead, explain, Terry.

[breath shaking]

You two were broken up.

A-And it was
just one night and--

a-and we were both drunk
and sad, and...

I couldn't lose you
over a mistake, Ken--

It wasn't a mistake, Terry!

A mistake happens once!

You lied to me for years!

I was just young,
and stupid, and--

No, Ken-- Kendra!
Kendra, wait!

Kendra. Kendra--
No, Kendra!


What can I do?
I'll do anything.

No, Terry! You broke us, Terry.
You broke us!

-There's no fixing this, Terry.

I know I hurt you, Kendra,
but we at least have to try--

Terry, no!

Kendra, I'm sorry.

[engine starts]

Ken, I'm sorry!

Ken, we can fix it!




[bottle smashes]

[flames whoosh]

[flames crackling]


Rise and shine.

What are you doing?


Where are you going?

Oh, I'm not going anywhere.
You are.

What are you talking about?

I know that wire
was for Tyler.

Hey. Hey, let's--
let's talk about this.

No. There's nothing
to talk about.

Baby, calm down.

I want you out!

We're having a baby.
You can't do this on your own!

You need to call a car.

-I said,

"You need to call a car."

Yours isn't really
in working condition right now.

What did you do?

Let's go see.

You're upset-- I get it.
Can we just talk?





♪ No, I don't really understand
just how I feel inside ♪

♪ There's a conflict
in my heart ♪

♪ My face can't seem to hide ♪

♪ As the tears roll down ♪

♪ I can't figure out
Why I even try ♪

♪ But would it hurt so much
if I didn't hold so tight? ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Whoo, ooh ♪

♪ I'm letting you go ♪

♪ Please cut me loose ♪

♪ I'm losing control ♪

♪ I feel
These emotions killing me ♪

♪ Please cut me loose ♪

♪ I'm not trying
to push you away ♪

♪ Just need to find
some peace ♪

♪ 'Cause I can't take
another day ♪

♪ Of feeling unlike me ♪


♪ I don't wanna fight ♪

♪ I'm still on your side
faithfully ♪

♪ Stitches just won't fix it
when the wound's too deep ♪

[deep sobbing]

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Whoo, ooh ♪

♪ I'm letting you go ♪

♪ Please cut me loose ♪

♪ I'm losing control ♪

♪ I feel these emotions
killing me ♪

I'll come back for the rest.

When I'm not here.

Kendra, I'm sorry.

I'm tired of sorry.

Aren't you tired
of being sorry?

You sure you don't need me
to take Sunny to the airport?

Yes, I'm sure.

I'm done needing you, Kevin.

I love you, Kendra.

I know.

But I'm realizing

it's just not enough.

It's not enough, Kevin.

[Sunny] Hey...

Hey. Is your car here?


Are you sure you don't want me
to stay for a little longer?

I can't take you away
the whole summer.

Your mom needs
some Sunny time too, now. Yeah?


I'm fine, okay?

I promise.

Text me
when you get to the airport.

Oh, I almost forgot--

Oh. No, no, no, no.

You keep this.
It's yours.

Aunt Kendra, I can't--

Yes, you can.

Go. It's in good hands.

Now, I want you to go
take some pretty pictures,

and you show me later. Okay?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Aunt Kendra?


I'm sorry
you lost your baby.

You would have been
a great mom.

Come here.

Okay, go.
Don't miss your flight.

Get outta here.


Talk to you later.
I love you.

I love you, too.


[door opens and closes]


[cries out]


♪ Whoo... ♪

♪ I fell through the ground ♪

♪ I didn't make a sound ♪

♪ Would you help me out ♪

♪ If you heard me shout? ♪

♪ Think I lost the fight ♪

♪ I'm just losing time ♪

♪ Fading out
in plain sight ♪

♪ Graceful way to say goodbye ♪

♪ And if this heart's
about to die ♪

♪ Would you place me where... ♪

♪ ...The angels lie? ♪

♪ Did you sell me out? ♪

♪ Think I would
let you down? ♪

♪ Well, you can trust me now ♪

[pounding at door]

[Liberty] Kendra!

[slurring] I'm coming.
I'm coming!


♪ Think I lost the fight ♪

Oh, thank God,
you're alive.

Why are you here?

Why are you
even bothering me?

The Envoke shoot
was today, Kendra.

You missed it.

Oh! Let's go. All right.
Uh... oh!

They're gone.

Everyone's left.


-Why-- Why didn't you call me?
-I tried!

Why didn't you call, Liberty?

I tried calling you,
but you didn't...


[pouring scotch]




One of our wedding glasses.

[chuckles dryly]

[glass shattering]

let me call someone.


I can take care of myself.


♪ The bad guy's
not supposed to cry ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

Lock the door.

Leave me.

-[door slams]
-Thank you.

♪ Fading out
in plain sight ♪


♪ A graceful way
to say goodbye ♪


Ken, I'm here.

I've failed, Sash.

[Kendra sobs deeply]

I've failed
at everything, Sash.

You're gonna be okay.

You hear me?

I've got you.

♪ A graceful way
to say goodbye... ♪


Beautiful. Nice.



These are great. Thanks.

-[Kendra chuckles]
-[shutter snapping]

Why did you choose this
as a subject?


Well, the prompt was
to capture

an essential element
of our environment, so...

All right, I'm gonna let you in
on a little secret

someone taught me
a long time ago.

If you want to be a good artist,

you have to capture
the things that move you--

that really matter to you.

[stereo plays]

Where have y'all been?

Oh, we've just been
working on photos

for my college application.

Oh, and can we order
pizza tonight, Mom?

Already one step
ahead of you.

Wash your hands.
Set the table.

[sighing] Ahh.

Taking photos always
helps me feel like myself,

which is
exactly what I needed.

You know, it feels
really good to be home.

I didn't realize
how much I missed it.

Well, we've missed you.

Thanks for helping
put me back together.

You put yourself
back together, Ken.

We just handed you
the glue stick.

♪ Mm, mm ♪

Ooh! I love this song.

-Me too.
-Turn it up.

[increases volume]

♪ Mm, ooh ♪

♪ I am woman ♪

♪ Hear me out ♪

♪ Never claiming
to be something I'm not ♪

♪ Don't want what's yours ♪

♪ Just want what's mine ♪

♪ Not trying to take over ♪

♪ I just want my spot ♪

♪ How can life go on
without me here? ♪

♪ It's impossible ♪

♪ Oh
Oh ♪

♪ All the pain endured
to give light ♪

♪ And we keep giving
And giving ♪

♪ And giving ♪

♪ That's the strength
of a woman ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ It's the...
It's the... ♪

♪ I'll be your rock
when you need it ♪

♪ The pill for your sleep ♪

♪ I'm a woman ♪

♪ It's love ♪

♪ I'll be the rock
when you need it ♪

♪ The pill when you sleep... ♪

[doorbell rings]



I'll get it.

Oh, try not to throw
your back out, old lady.

Oh, shush!


Hey, do you have change for a--


Oh... hey.

I didn't mean to show up
unannounced like that,

but I've just been worried.

How did you know
I was in town right now?

Your assistant.
Um, Liberty--

she told me what happened.


I'm so sorry, Ken.



Are you-- are you
visiting your parents, or...?


What brings you
to North Carolina?


You brought me to town, Kendra.



-Hello, Benjamin.

I thought
you were the pizza guy.

No. Sorry to disappoint you.

You staying
for the pizza party, Ben?

I know
Sunny would love that.

I would love to, if...

-Come in.
-All right.

Don't you dare...

Oh, hey, it's this way!


Just this way.

Are you making fun of me?

Oh, my goodness.

I'm glad you guys invited me in.

Eatin' pizza
while it's really cold outside.

Should we kick him out, Sunny?
What do you think?



It'd just be this raggedy shirt.



I guess I'll let you go?

Hey, would you, um,

wanna come to a barbecue with me
on Saturday?

A barbecue?

Yeah, my parents are having

their annual
end-of-summer soiree.

Ee... [chuckles awkwardly]

Your parents?



Are you sure
they want me to come?

Oh, my god! Come on, Kendra.
That was, like, years ago.

They'd love to see you now.

they'd like to see you.

[Kendra laughs]

Okay, now, that's better.



Yeah, I'll see you Saturday.

Come here.



There he is!

Hey. Good to see you, man.

Yeah. You too.

Is this Kendra?

Nice to see you, Calvin.

I always knew it was you.

I told him that.

What was that?
What are you saying?

I'm telling her the truth.
How you been?

I heard you're a big-time
photographer now.

Will you stop
pressuring her, man?

She hasn't even had a drink yet.
Where's your manners, Calvin?

I apologize. You're right.

Let's save you
from this drought.

-Benjamin! Oh...
-Hey, Mom.

Where's my grandson, hmm?

Um... Uh, he's--
he's with his mother.

Uh, it's her weekend.

Have we heard anything back
about the custody hearing?

Not yet, but, um,

can we not
have this conversation now?


Oh, so nice seeing you.

It's lovely to see you.

Did anyone offer you a drink?

Uh, who raised you?

Well, actually, I--
we were about to.

-Yeah, like--
-All right.

I'll take care of you.

My husband will be
thrilled to see you.

Do you play cornhole?

Not recently.

Okay, so,

we have the punch
or we have some wine...

[Kendra] Question--

did your mom, by chance,
hit her head before I got here,

because she is like
a completely different person.


Uh, she was actually diagnosed
with cancer a few years back.



That's terrible.
I'm so sorry.

No, I mean, she's good now.

Sickness has this way
of changing you

for the better,
if you allow it.

Teaches you
what's really important in life,

and how quick everything
can just go, like...

[snaps] ...that.

I mean, you're also
a breath of fresh air,

all the Connie drama.

Your niceness is going
a long way right now.


Oh, you think--
I'm not nice.

Yeah, I... you've--
you're pretty kind to me, Ken.

You've always been kind to me.

So, uh...

you and Kevin...

you guys are done now?


Um... may I ask why?

[breath catches]

You know Tyler?

Yeah, um... Terry's kid.


Tyler's Kevin's son, too.

You're kidding me?

I-I get so embarrassed

that it even took me that long
to figure it out.

Ohh. And learn.

Learn what?

that I can change my mind.

I was just so determined
to make it work with Kevin,

and I wasn't willing to concede
that I had chose wrong,

even when I was hurting.

[sighing] God.

being strong isn't...

forcing something to be right
that isn't.

Sometimes, being strong
is just surrendering.

Ah, you got lucky.

You said I won?
What'd you say?


I definitely didn't say that.


...I'll let you have it.


Tonight was fun, though.

It was fun.

I'm sor-- [sighs]

Look, I-I'm sorry.

I-I-I can't.

I'm not the 18-year-old girl
you fell in love with, Ben.

I just got out of
a marriage...

I lost a baby.

And I can't pretend
that none of this happened, Ben.

Ken, Ken, I'm not--

I'm not asking you to pretend.

I'm not asking you
to be anywhere

other than
where you are.





Good morning.

How'd you sleep?

I didn't.


Oh, yeah.

Could you have ever guessed
we'd be back here?

I prayed for it.

I love you, Kendra.

You know that?


That scares me.


Because we tried that already.

I wanna make
a family with you.



Just be patient with me, okay?

I waited 15 years, Ken.

What's 15 more
if it means me and you?


Well, look who decided
to grace us with her presence.

You eat?


Uh, remind me
to yell at you later

for teaching Sunny

how to turn the bathroom
into a darkroom.

I nearly peed my own pants.


Now, tell me the dirt.

Did you...

I knew it! I knew it.

[groaning] Oh!

I'm not even divorced yet.

He's not even divorced yet.


It's too soon, Sash.

What is it too soon for?

To get hurt.

I just...

I don't wanna jump
into something

and ruin it.

If that happened with Ben...

oh... I don't think
I would recover from that.

You've been through so much
these past few months.

It makes complete sense
to want a little recovery time.

So, take the time
you need to heal...

all the time you need.

Just make sure
you're not confusing healing

with avoidance.


Mm, I love you.

Love you.

♪ Like the stars in the sky
were aligned ♪

♪ You know
that you was made for me ♪

♪ Made for me ♪

♪ Spend all my time
here with you every night ♪

♪ You were made for me ♪

♪ Made for me ♪

♪ If you the drug
Then I'm the plug ♪

♪ We go together
you know that's our fate ♪

♪ Know you in love ♪

♪ Well, you're in luck ♪

♪ No holding back, baby... ♪


Oh, wow.

Do you like it?

What-What do you say
to Auntie Kendra?

Thank you.

♪ ...We both know ♪

♪ Like the stars in the sky
were aligned ♪

♪ You know
that you was made for me ♪

♪ Made for me ♪

♪ Spend all my time
here with you every night ♪

♪ You were made for me ♪

♪ Made for me ♪

♪ Everywhere we go
We know ♪

♪ We on the same page ♪

♪ Like the stars in the sky
were aligned ♪

♪ You know
that you was made for me ♪

♪ Made for me ♪

♪ We strolling in the park ♪

♪ Kissing in the dark ♪

♪ We acting like a cliche ♪

♪ You know they like to talk ♪

♪ And if they wanna watch
Run a replay ♪

♪ Mona Lisa ♪

♪ He said you're rare
It's nice to meet ya ♪

-Thank you.

Sorry it's late.

Oh, hi, Ben.

Hey. Hey, Lib.


What are you doing here?

-Can we talk?

Yeah. Let's--
Let's go in another room.

What's going on?


the judge
denied Connie full custody.

That's good.

That's good news!
That's a relief.

Yeah, but, uh...

that's not all the news.

Connie managed
to convince the judge

to grant her permission

to move Miles
to North Carolina,

since that's where
her "support system" is.

You're kidding me?

I wish.

What are you gonna do?

I don't wanna have to hop
on a flight to see my son.

No. Yeah...

of course not.

But, obviously, I don't want
to be apart from you, either.


But he only has two more years
left of high school,

then I'll be back in Chicago
with you, right?

And I-- You know what?
I'm not gonna leave

until things give in,
so that's gonna give me

enough time
to wrap things up,

and it's gonna give us
more time.

We'll be able
to get through this.

Of course.



Hey! It's good to see you.

-I'm here for a pickup.

-For Kendra?

-It'll be out in a few minutes.
-Thank you.

[background music plays]




How are you?

I'm okay.

How are you?

I'm... really good.

I saw
that you and Ben are together.

Yeah, we are.

I'm so happy for you, Ken,

It was always supposed
to be you two.

Not that what I did was...

I know what you mean.

How's Tyler?

He's good.

Tell him I said hi,
and that I really miss him.

He misses you.

[voice breaks]
I miss you, too.

If you would've just...

would've been honest
and just told me the truth...

I'm not sure if I would've
been able to understand,

but I-- I really would've tried.

I'm really sorry, Ken.

And those aren't just words,
I really hope you know that.

I forgive you, Terry.

I-I tried not to,
but it hurts too much.

And I want everything good
for you.

Me too.

Do you think we'll ever--

[barkeep] Kendra?

I have to go.

Thank you.

[soft music plays]


You all right?

Yeah. I'm fine.

You still thinking about
your run-in with Terry?

Yeah... a little.

Mostly just... [sighs]

...thinking about
how quickly life changes.

I mean, you and I,

we weren't even talking
four months ago.

Who knows where
we'll be four months from now.

I'll be here.

I'll be here every six weeks,
just like we planned, Kendra.

Ben, come on.
Plans don't work.

Trust me,
I've learned the hard way.

Hey! Come on.

Come here, come here,
come here.


Look, long distance
didn't work for us last time,

why would this time
be any different?

Of course,
it's gonna be different.

We both know
what we want now.

That doesn't
guarantee us anything.

Ben, nothing's guaranteed.

Oh, hey, hey, this--

Can you look at me?

I love you.

I'm exhausted, okay?
I should just go.

No, you shouldn't!

You're being 18-year-old Kendra
all over again--

just running.

I'm not running.

I'm taking a breath.

I just need to breathe.

All right.





I love you.


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ You can ride on me
Confide in me ♪

♪ Ride or die with me ♪

♪ You can ride on me ♪

♪ And you know it's true
That it's just us two ♪

♪ You rely on me ♪

♪ And I rely on you ♪

♪ When everything
that has some meaning ♪

♪ Comes crumbling
to the ground ♪

♪ And when dem ones
who said they'd show up ♪

♪ Are nowhere to be found ♪

♪ You're never alone ♪

♪ Just pick up the phone ♪

♪ Call me
and I'll come round... ♪

Where are we?

We're almost there.



Oh, my god.

Can you believe it?




This is wild.

I know, right?

Like no time
has passed at all.


I'm gonna miss you.

But I'm gonna be back
at Christmas.

I'll see you then.

And, uh, after New Year's--
that weekend.

That's not gonna work.

What do you mean,
that's not gonna work?

It's not gonna work.

You can't come
see me in Chicago.

I will.
We talked about this, Ken.

No, you will not.


[exhales deeply]

I'm staying here with you.

[starts laughing]


Wait. Whoa, whoa.
Like, what?

But-- But how?

You-You have, uh, the studio,
and stuff like that.

I can just fly out
for the big shoots.

Lib, she's got it.

Yeah, but...

I don't want you
to have to uproot

your entire life for me.

I'm not uprooting...

I'm building it.

With you.

♪ Any time ♪

♪ Any place ♪

♪ You know
I got your back ♪

♪ I know you got my back... ♪

I can't believe this is real.


I never wanna forget
this moment.

♪ ...I know you got my back ♪

♪ Oh, oh, baby... ♪

I can help with that.

♪ You can ride on me ♪

♪ You can ride on--
Ride on me ♪

♪ Ride or die with me ♪

♪ Ride or die with me
Yeah ♪

Oh, the camera.

The camera.

♪ And you know it's true ♪

♪ It's true
It's true ♪


♪ You rely on me ♪

-♪ And I rely on you ♪
-[Ben] How does it look?

♪ And I rely on you ♪

[Kendra] Meant to be.