Stablemates (1938) - full transcript

- There she is.
- The boss is watching.

So do your best this morning,
will you?

A lot depends on it.

Best two-year-old I've ever seen.

Then she started stoppin'.
Costs me my shirt.

Come on, honey.
Show 'em how good you are.

She's moving along
this morning, Mr. Gale.

Yeah, well, she better show
something this morning

'or she'll be in the glue
factory this afternoon.'

Don't stop, honey.
Don't stop this morning.

That's it, girl.
Keep her going, honey.

You did it, baby.
You did it.

I'll bet the boss' eyes
are poppin' out

of his head this morning.

Give everything!
That's it, girl.


- 145.
- 145?

I thought she was doing
better than 145.

Oh, gee, boss, that can't be.
Your watch must be busted.

'138. That's more like it.'

Gee, didn't I tell you
she was ready, boss?

Pipe down, pipe down.

If I thought she could do it
again tomorrow

'I'd slip her
in that fourth race.'

Let me ride her, boss.
She knows me and she likes me.

'Oh, we can't take
any chances on you.'

Do you think you can keep her moving?

I'll keep her moving if I have

to tear her rear end off.

Oh, don't use a bat on her, Cliff.

She'll give you everything.

You're trying to tell me
how to ride a horse?

I'm not trying to tell you
how to ride her.

- But I know Lady Q.
- Oh, alright, alright, Mickey.

Don't feed her much tonight,
nothing at all tomorrow.

And give a little water
every hour or so.

And check her plates.

If he uses a bat on you, Lady Q

I'll punch him right in the nose.

Hey, Mr. Gale, excuse me,
can I speak to you a minute?

- What about?
- Uh, your horse.

I'll see you later.
I gotta run over the tack room.

She ran that mile in pretty
good time, didn't she, huh?

Yes, if you call 145 good.

About 139 or thereabouts.

But that's no guarantee
that she'll repeat.

- You're gonna run her tomorrow?
- What if I am?

Well, I can, uh,
I can ensure her winnin'.

How could you?

Well, I've got a little service

that I render horse owners
now and then.

- Works like magic.
- No so.

My plans for the future
don't include going to jail.

Oh, there ain't a chance
of that happening.

It don't even show in the saliva.

It's a special formula, all my own.

The only cost to you
is that you put ten bucks

on her nose for me, that's all.

I'll think it over.

Where could I find you
in the morning?

I'll meet you over in back of the..

Thanks ever so much
for the information.

I'll, I'll get a bet down,
Mr. Gale.

- Thank you.
- Oh, hello, Barney.

Mr. Gale.
Who is that fella?

I don't know.
Is anything wrong?

No, just haven't seen him
around before.

Somethin' familiar about him.

Oh, he just wanted
the usual thing, a tip.

- Did you give it to him?
- I could use one myself.

'Come now, Lady, you'll,
you'll have to turn in early.'

'Yes, ma'am. You get yourself
a good night sleep.'

'There'll be a lot of people
looking at you tomorrow'

when you prance
into that winner's circle.

We don't want any circles
under your eyes.

Hey, does she sleep any better

'if you tell her
a bedtime story?'

What do you want?

- Where can I find Mr. Gale?
- 'Well, I couldn't say.'

'He's liable to be around
almost any place.'

What do you want with him?

Oh, me and him's got
a little business together.

Well, he'll be around in the
morning. You can see him then.

Okay. Okay.

I'll wait.

Not in here. You can come around
at 7:00 in the morning.

Hey, listen, I'm busted.

You want me to sleep
out there in the cold?

Would you mind giving the guy a flop?

Tonight I do.
She's gotta run tomorrow

and strangers make her nervous.

Well, she won't mind me.
I don't snore.

Besides I'm here to help her win.

- She don't need no help to win.
- She don't?

The only way she could win

would be for all the other
horses to drop dead.

Now look here, you get out of here

or I'm gonna call a stable cop.


'Does the cop know that, uh'

you and the Lady
are keepin' house here?

Now listen, buddy.

If Mr. Gale knew
that you was rude to me

he'd be pretty sore.

You just calm down
and I promise not to tell him.

I'll also promise not to break
every bone in your body.

Uh, come on, shrimp.

Make up that straw.

Ah, you make your own bed!

I was talkin' about
where you's gonna flop.

I've made my reservation already.

Hey, get on out of there.
That's where I sleep.

Oh, listen, real hospitality

is when a host gives up his own bed

'to his guests,
just like you're doing.'

Listen, I'll get at you for this

if it's the last thing I ever do.


Oh, go pound your ear
before I pound it for you.

Why, you dirty rotten old tramp.

Now ain't that nice coming
from a little fella like you?

You're looking at yourself
30 years from now.

That's what comes
from following the racehorses.

Yeah, best thing ever happened
to me since I went over the hill

was getting that horse
to take care of.

Oh, cut out the schmooze
and hit the hay.


You better not quit today.

- I'll see that she behaves.
- See that you do.

Just take a look
at that tote board, boss

'if you wanna feel good.'

We'll need a wheelbarrow
to carry the dough home, boss.

- I hope so.
- I'll check it in.

- 'Alright.'
- Number 8.

And keep punching those $100 win
tickets till I tell you to stop.

Two ten dimes on Blue Comet.

You has a wager there,
my very good friend

my bosom companion,
you has a wager there.

Hey, Snowball.

What's the odds on Yellow Jack?

That horse is 20 to 1, my friend.

Well, an ace on the nose.

# Yellow Jack
is the horse to bet #

# He's a good companion
down the track ##

'The horses are at the post.'

'Number 5 Yellow Jack'

'and number 2 Blue Comet
broke through.'

'They're lining up again
and we might get a break.'

Don't push.

Come over here.

Now you're gonna see
how wrong a wrong guy can be.

Lady Q's gonna romp home alone.

Yeah, alone.


'Come on with her, jock! Aah!'

Oh, you, Lady Q, come on,
my gal. Go on, honey gal!

'Lady Q has gone to the front
of the rail.'

'Blue Comet at second
by a head and Foxy Jim.'

'Round the first turn, it's Lady Q'

'leading by four lengths..'

You do it now. Ha-ha.
Go with her, jock.

'Lady Q's still leading
by seven lengths'

'Blue Comet in second.'

Go on, honey!

'Down to the back stretch,
it's Lady Q now in front.'

She's stoppin'.

Lady Q is leading
by about two lengths.

Yellow Jack is just getting
ready to make his move.

'Leading the race is Lady Q..'

Yellow Jack is coming up behind her.

Your sweetheart's
beginning to wobble.

'It's Lady Q, Yellow Jack and..'

Oh, you're nothing but a dirty
jinx, that's what you are!

She'll still take it.

Come on, baby. Come on.

'Now Yellow Jack is moving to
the front between the horses.'

Come on, break their hearts.
Shove dirt in their eyes.

'Lady Q is third and fading.'

Oh, Yellow Jack should be
leading by a length by now.

Come on, Lady. Come on,
turn on the heat, honey.

Turn on the heat. Come on.

'The results of the race
up here on the totalizator.'

The trouble with that horse
is she's sick.

Hey, Yellow Jack was my baby.

I recall it sadly,
my very good friend.

One dollar at 20 to 1 makes $21
and now we're done.

In fact, I is finished.

I won't need you anymore, kid.

- You won't need me no more?
- That's right.

- Take her.
- Hey, wait a minute, Mr. Gale.

Lady Q can't get along without me.

She'll get along alright
where she's goin'.

She won't need a swipe
in the boneyard.

You mean you're gonna destroy her?

Why, certainly, I'm not gonna
feed her another meal.

Well, gee, that's murder.

Why, it's almost like killing
a human, Mr. Gale.

You couldn't do that. She's only
a horse, she doesn't understand.

What did she ever do to you?

Nothing but robbed me of my bankroll.

On second thought,
we won't destroy her.

Gee, thanks, Mr. Gale.

We'll send her over to the lion farm.

See if the lions can stomach her.

Oh, wait a minute, look.
I saved up $86.

And you owe me six weeks' pay,
that's $30 more.

I'll give you all that
if you let me take her.

- Please let me take her.
- What would you do with her?

How do you expect to feed her?

Or are you gonna eat her yourself?

Well, you don't care
what happens to her, do you?

- No, so take her.
- Gee, thanks.

I don't wanna see
either of you again.

- You're jinxes, both of you.
- Oh, thanks a lot.

Gee, girl, you're mine!

Come on, hon. Here.
Come on. Oh, baby.

Bo-boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

Why didn't they tell me
that the brakes was loose?

Why did you steal it?

Oh, this costs heavy sugar,
heavy sugar.

She only gone 86,000 miles.

Engine's just as tight as a drum.

Where are you goin'?

I'm gonna change my shirt..

...and I'm gonna celebrate
and, and then hit the room.


You heist that buck
out of my pocket this morning?

Oh, was that your buck?

Now ain't that funny?
Just as I was leaving

there is that buck laying right there

in the straw on the doorstep.

And from its position, I didn't
know whether it was your dough

blown out or somebody else's
dough blown in.

- So I says, I...
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Come on, give it over.
- Huh?

The buck, come on, give it to me.

Frogskin, one buck.

There it is.

If Mr. Gale had done
what I'd told him to do

why, he'd be in the money like I am.

Anyway, if he comes around here
asking for me

you just tell him
I got other plans now.

Yeah, well, he won't be around.

She don't belong to him no more.

- 'Who's stuck with her now?'
- She's mine.

Give me half of what she earns

and I'll fix her
so she'll win a race.

I don't care if she races or not.

He was gonna send her
to the glue factory.

How could you fix her up?

Give her a little shot
of ginger juice in her leg.

'It'll make her faster
than lightning.'

Why, you mean that you'd dope her?

You'd do a dirty thing
like that to an animal?

Why, get your stuff
and get out of here.

Okay, okay, I was only
trying to help you out.

Why, she's champy material
if I know anything about horses.

Why, look at that ranging neck,
that short back

and straight clean legs.

But she's sick.

You're always harping on that.
What do you mean she's sick?

Hey, don't go in there.
She don't like strangers.

- She's liable to kick you.
- I'll take a chance.

Attagirl. Ah.



I thought so.

You heard of Skeeball, ain't you?

Hmm, who ain't heard him?
Holds the all-time record

for a mile and a quarter.

Yeah, that's right.

Well, I figure that she's got

the same thing that he had.

What same thing?

Well, when Skeeball
was a two-year-old

he had a tumor as big as a marble

right under his left
front hoof there.

Every time he put his foot down,
it hurt him.

Just like I think it hurts her,
that's all.

Oh. How'd he win
so many stakes?

Oh, there was a..

There's a vet around there,
a young fella.

Smart as a whip

until he got in
with a lot of gamblers

and they got him in a jam.

Yeah, so what happened?

Well, this young vet,
he operated on Skeeball.

It was a tough operation too.

- Hmm. Tough, how?
- Well, he..

First, he had to remove
a section from the wall

of the hoof
and then there was that growth.

Now the trick was slicing that
off without injuring the nerve.

You see, if he cut
a 1000th of an inch too much

they'd had to send a $100,000
horse to the glue factory.

- Did he do it?
- Did he do it? Sure, he did it.

And he nursed that old horse
through the fever

that follows an operation like that.

And the next year, they won
more money with Skeeball

than you and me could even count.

Do you think it hurts Lady Q
just to walk on it?

Well, how does it feel
when you've got a pebble

in your shoe?

- Where is that vet now?
- Hm?

Oh. Oh, he's dead.

'I gotta go wash up.'

Well, thanks
for the Southern hospitality.

Keep her feet off the ground.

Hey, wait a minute.
I'm going with you.

Not where I'm going.

They don't,
they don't sell to minors.

Oh, I could drink sarsaparilla.


Even the sound of that word
makes me sick in my stomach.

Go away. Go away.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

Haven't been around the track
very long, have you?

Oh, I ain't gonna be here
much longer either.

Well, so long, kid.

I knew your face is sort of familiar.

We've met, haven't we?

Not that I know of
unless my back was turned.

- Well..
- Well, goodbye, mister..

- 'Mister..'
- Goodbye, mister.

I know that guy.

I must be getting old.

I can't remember who he is
or when or where.

- What's his name, kid?
- Search me, Barney.

I never did bother to ask him.

Say, excuse me, will you?

I'm gonna see somebody
about somethin'.

- Here's your chaser.
- Make mine sarsaparilla.

- Oh.
- How are you makin' out, doc?

- What did you call me?
- Oh, you can't kid me.

That vet you were talkin' about,
you are him.

Where'd you get that idea?

Well, you got a set of vet's tools.

- Who, who has?
- You have. I saw 'em.

I went through your bindle.

Don't you know it's against
the law to go through

a man's private possessions?

Oh, I will put it this way,
they were on the doorstep

and they started to blow
in or out, I don't know which.


...I won them shooting craps.

I was just gonna hawk 'em
when things got real tough.

Oh, that's a lot of baloney.
They're yours.

You know too much about horses
to be one of them ordinary guys.

Why, you can call that race today

with your back to the track.

Well, I've been around racetracks

and racehorses all my life.

And you knew what was
the matter with Lady Q

the first time you saw her
yesterday morning.

Oh, I was only kiddin' you,
that's all.

You even said she had a tumor
under her hoof just...

- I was lyin'.
- Oh, you weren't lyin'.

I was lyin'.

Skeeball didn't have nothin'
under his hoof.

Hey, you guys, if you want
to argue, go hire a hall.

Oh, you keep away from me.

Go jump in that sarsaparilla
and drown.

Hey, thinkin' it over,
I guess I ought to apologize

for sayin' that you were a vet
and that those tools were yours.

Alright. alright, okay.
Just forget it.

I guess the reason why is 'cause
I got so much respect for vets.

Oh, they'll be glad to hear that.

You know why?
Because they love animals.

And any guy that loves animals
must be a right guy.

- Is that the way you feel?
- Certainly.

Animals are swell.
They need you.

They never hurt you
and they love you to death.

They-they don't ask you who you
are or what you are, do they?

You bet. Another reason
why I respect vets so much

is, well, bein' able
to tell what's the matter

with an animal is hard.

- Yeah.
- It's not like a man.

All's he has to do is go to a
doctor and stick out his tongue

and say aah, then he says

"I got a pain here,
I got a pain there."

You know, but an animal,
he can't do that.

- He can't tell where it hurts.
- No.

That's why I always say that
vets is better than doctors.

You bet your pants they are.

I'm gonna be a great vet
when I grow up.

- Does it take much studyin'?
- It certainly does.

You've got to study, stu..

Oh, how do I know?

Hey! Come here!

Gee, that was a narrow squeak.

Oh, he didn't scare me at all.

Hey, how did you cure
that fever of Skeeball's

after the operation?

Oh, how did I cure him?

Oh, I sit up with him nights
and put cold water packs on him

'that's how.'

Now take me some place where
I can get a drink, will you?


- Well, here we are.
- Uh, wait, wait.

What's, where..
What's.. What..

What's, what's your hur..

Hey, hey. Don't pull me.
Don't pull me.


Hey. Hey, hey!

What's.. What's the idea?

Why are you bringin' me
back to this place?

Will you do it, doc?
Will you, please?

- Do what?
- Will you operate on Lady Q?

- Please, doc.
- Well, what are you talkin'?

Go, go away. Get out of here.

I'll pay you, doc.
How much do you want?

- Oh, $2000.
- I'll get it.

I'll steal it.
I will, doc. So help me.

Well, you better steal
a lot more while you're at it

because my price has
just gone up to $5000.

Why, that operation probably
wouldn't be worth five cents.

I wouldn't let you do it
if you wanted to.

An old gin-soaked has-been
like you, you'd probably

kill her if you got close
enough to breathe on her.

- Say, I got a mind to...
- Ah, you ain't got a mind.

The only mind you got
is fooling around in alcohol.

Why, your hands
are shakin' like jelly.

Look who thinks he can do
an operation.

Oh, boy, you're killin' me.

Killin' you ain't a bad idea.

Why, you couldn't even operate
a slot machine.

Ah, you're through, you're washed up.

- You're a has-been.
- Who's a has-been?

I can do just as good now
as I did then.

I'm no has..

Oh, you're a pretty smart kid,
ain't you?

You think you'd get me mad
and then I'll go do that?

Well, I got more sense.
I won't do it.

Oh, why won't you help us, doc?

Because that horse
don't mean nothin' to me

and you mean less, that's why.

Gee, doc, you got a chance
to do something great.

She was good once,
you can make her good again.

It's, well, it's-it's like a big
shot ridin' on top of the world

and all of a sudden gets
a tough break and goes down.

Along comes a good guy
like yourself, doc

and pulls this fellow up and
puts him back on his feet again.

You know, if you've ever had
a tough break in your life, doc

you might realize what
a tough break she's havin' now.

Did you ever see anything
more beautiful?

She'll do anything you want
without a question bein' asked.

And I'll bet that growth
is killing her with pain

but she'd run her heart out
for me if I only asked.

I, I guess that's what
you call a thoroughbred.

Only thoroughbreds
got hearts like that and

and if we don't help her,
we ain't got any at all.

I'm not askin' you for myself, doc

and you can even have her
if you'll only do something...

Oh, shut up. Shut up.


You go and get some chloroform

and some bandages and some cotton

and some of that-that canned heat

and stop on your way back
and pick up a feedbag.

- Alright.
- And I'll cure your horse.

But I ain't forgotten how
disrespectful you spoke to me.

And after it's all over,
I'm gonna give you a beatin'

that you'll remember
the rest of your life.

- Now you remember it.
- Alright.

Well, doc, don't you think
you better lay off of that?

Alright. Scram.

Gee, it's hot in here.

Get me that pail of drinking
water outside, will you?

Yes, sir.

Now lock that door.

We don't want anyone
bustin' in on us here.

Yes, sir.

Put a lot of cotton
in the bottom of that feedbag.

Hurry it up.

Give me the bottle of chloroform.


Here, Lady.

Hold, Lady.
Come on, girl.

Attagirly. Attagirl.

Hold, girly. Hold, girly.

Atta, nice girl.

Atta, good girly.

There you are.

Watch out for when she comes down.

Hold it, girl.

Put some more chloroform in that bag.

Gee, doc, there ain't much left.

There it is.

The growth just like I said it was.

Is it, doc?

Everybody, out.

Everybody, out.

- Turn out that light.
- But we need lights, doc.

We can't leave her like this.

You want me to land in the jail?

Anybody catches me doing this,
I go to can.

You ain't doin' nothin' wrong.

Put out..

'Everybody, out.'

'Everybody, out.'

'Everybody, out.'

I ought to scram out of here.

What am I doing this for anyway?

Gee, doc.

Oh, you can't back out
on us now, doc.

- How can I work in the dark?
- Oh, he's gone now.

- I'll turn on the light.
- No, no, no, you don't. No.

Here, I got something here.

Yeah, here it is.

Come on, doc, please.

I can't. I can't. I..

I'm forgetting. I'm forgetting...

Oh, doc, you've gotta remember,

- I don't know.
- You're a good vet.

You made a champion out of a cripple.

- No.
- You can do it again, doc.

You've got to go through
with it. Come on, doc.

Uh, I, uh..

- I need a drink.
- Oh.

Get me a drink out of that pail.
Go on.

I'll be alright.
I needed that.

Hand me that scalpel.
The knife.

What are you shaking about?
Pull yourself together.

Keep that light going.
Keep it going. Keep it going.

I'm tryin', doc.

Well, it's done.

I don't think
I touched the nerve at all.

Gee, doc.

Get that bandages ready.

Come on.

Keep that light up.
Keep that light up.

You want her to get an infection?

Keep it going now.

I think she's comin' out of it, doc.

That's alright. Alright.

She's alright now.

We got to watch out for fever.

Get that blanket out of there
in those gunny sacks

and put 'em all over
and keep her warm.

Hey, hey, doc.
What's the matter?

Hey, get up. Hey, listen.

Don't pass out on me now.

Lady Q, she'll die.
I don't know what to do for her.

Hey, doc! Wake up, will you?

Oh, doc.

Oh. Oh.

Oh, buddy.

Pretty good job, doc.

Oh, you, you're hungry, huh?

Want your breakfast?

We'll fix that alright. Yeah.

Gee, doc,
are you sure this sea water treatment

we're gonna give her is the same
thing that fixed Skeeball up?

Of course. Sure.

And she's gonna be alright then?

Yeah. How many times you going
to ask me that question?

- I fixed her foot, didn't I?
- You sure did, doc.

Ha. So I'm an old has-been, huh?

My hands shake like jelly, huh?

You better get yourself set
for a good beatin' because

that's one I owe you, I'm gonna
pay with a lot of interest.

Look at her, doc.
She's rarin' to go.

Well, then let her go.

- Yah!
- Hey! Ha-ha!


'Look at her, doc.'


Now come on, honey.

Whoopie! Yeehoo!

We're a couple of flyin' fish.

Gee-whiz, doc.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Woo-hee! Did you see her, huh?

'Ho, did you see her?'

Maybe we got
another Man o' War, huh?

Yeah, she'll be the death
of more bookmakers

than you can bury in an afternoon.

Okay, doc, I'm ready.

What's the idea?

That lickin' you were gonna give me.

I guess I deserve it now.

I gotta change my clothes
before I catch cold.

Oh, ain't you gonna do it?

Sure, I am.
I gotta get dried off though.

I can't beat you up
when I'm uncomfortable.


Oh, gosh, I didn't do it.

Gee-whiz, I wish I had a drink.

You ain't wished that
for a long time, doc.

No, sir, that's right.

Well, I guess
I've been so busy with Lady Q

I didn't have time
to think about it, huh?

Someday I'm gonna pay you
for all the work

you've done on Lady Q.
Any price you say.

Yes, sir. Sure.

When I read about our winning
our first race

why, then I'll send you my bill.

- Send me the bill?
- Yeah.

Why, ain't you goin' with us
to Burlington?

No, no, no, she's alright now.

I'd only be in your way.

Gee, I, I thought you and me,
we, we were partners?

No, no.
I don't hook up with nobody.

I'll carry you on
to the, the first big town

and then I'll blow.


Gosh, I, I don't know what I'll,
uh, what she'll do without you.

Oh, she'll be alright.

All she needs is racing

and you'll sure see
that she gets that.

We'd only get in each other's
hair like a lot of dandruff.

Well, maybe we wouldn't.
Maybe it's natural for us

to be together like, like ham
and eggs, and pork and beans.

Uh, frankfurters and sauerkraut?


Doc, you could even be her trainer.

Why, if anybody can make a
top radar out of her, it's you.

Oh, no, I couldn't get
hooked up like that

and be around a kid like you.

I ain't dependable and then

and I'm liable to bring you
a lot of grief.

You can't run out on us.

Why, you and me, we're gonna
make a lot of dough, see.

Well, if Lady Q wins a race,
why, maybe I can go to school

and be a vet.

- Are you serious about that?
- I sure am.

I wanna be a great vet like you, doc.

Well, maybe you will be.

Where's my shoes? Come on.
Get my shoes.

Yes, sure.

We stickin' together?

Well, we'll try it out
a little while, huh?

Yeah, come on,
you get in there and get dressed

so we can put Lady Q in the
trailer and get all set to go.

Okay, pop.

- What did you just call me?
- Pop.

- Got any objections?
- No. No.

Just so long
as you ain't disrespectful.

Uh, say, it wouldn't be a bad idea

if we kind of made it legal, huh?

- Made what legal?
- You bein' my pop.

I ain't got no folks
and you ain't got no kids.


Oh, what would that get us?

It'll make our partnership
sort of closer.

Well, you, you figure
that if we adopted each other

then I wouldn't be able
to run out on you if I want to.

That's the way you think, huh?

No, that ain't it.

Okay. Let's drop it.

You really mean that you'd like
to have me be your old man?

Yeah. I'd like that.

Well, alright, give me your mitt.

I, let's see now.

I, Tom Terry, do legally adopt you

as my legal son
till death do us part.

Now you say it.

I, Michael..

- I don't know my last name.
- Oh, that's alright.

It'll be Terry in a minute,
don't worry.

I adopt you, Tom Terry,
to be my legal father

for keeps.

That's it.

Now, now, now that I'm your old man

I'm gonna start right in
bein' the boss.

Now here's what we'll do.

We'll run Lady Q, see,
and we'll win some dough

and that dough,
we'll use for your schoolin'.

- See.
- Well, can I ride her, pop?

Yeah, now, I don't..

Yeah, I guess, I guess.
But now listen.

When that is over, why,
you're gonna quit foolin' around

racetracks and get yourself an
education, so you can be a vet.

Gee, I'm a lucky guy.

Oh, go on.

- Hey!
- What is it, pop? A tidal wave?


Hey, pop, look!


Oh, it sunk.

How are we gonna get
to Burlington now, pop?

Did you ever hear about walking?

- Look.
- Hey, there you..

You think we ought to try
to make it to the track, pop?


Pop sounds good even in the rain.

No, son, we can't get there tonight.

We gotta get her out of this rain.

I'll ask 'em in there. Maybe
they'll let us use the barn.

Uh, uh, they might say no.
Come on.

Oh, boy. Bring her on in here.
This is swell.

And a lanyard.

Get those wet clothes
off of her right away.

Okay, pop.

'We can't have her
catchin' cold. Come on.'

Yeah, she's soakin' wet.

Yeah, we'll get you nice
and warm in just a minute.

Now come on.
Let's, uh, skin the old cat.

- Attaboy.
- There's my sweet girl.

All we have to do now
is to keep her warm.

- Alright.
- Yeah.

That ought to take care of her.


It looks like
you need takin' care of.

Here, you're freezin' to death.

Come on over here and squat down.

- I'm alright.
- Come on, come on.

Stop your squawking.

You don't have to do that, pop.

It's alright.

Now get that off of there.

We certainly are taking the hard way

to get to Burlington, ain't we?

Oh, you'll forget all about this

when she comes in
with her first prize.

You'll think that this was a bad
dream that somebody else had.

Then when you get to be
a big successful vet

and someone ask you
to write the story of your life

you'll even lead on like
this is worse than what it was.

Hold your head over here now
and stop your squawkin' now.


- That's swell, pop.
- There.

That'll keep you both warm.

Well, now if I only had somethin'

for you to eat now, huh?

Hey, pop, nicks, nicks.

We ain't got no fire
to cook it with, anyway.

Where there's chickens,
there's eggs and vice-versa.

- There you are.
- Oh.

What do you do
with them raw, pop?

You eat 'em like this.

First, you take and you poke
a hole in the north end, see.

Then you poke a hole
in the south end like that. See.

Then you take it and bring it up
to your kisser and inhale.

Chicken thieves, eh?

Oh, no, ma'am, we wouldn't do
nothing like that.

We just brought her in
out of the rain.

Oh, you're horse thieves, too, eh?

Oh, no, lady.

No, no.
We own that horse legal.

We ain't the kind that steals.

- And what's that in your hand?
- That?

- I'm gonna call the sheriff.
- No, no.

- You don't have to.
- No, no, you don't..

No, you don't have to do that.

Why, we'll gladly pay you

for any damage that we've done.

Alright. $3.

Well, we're just out
of money now, but...

'Well, look,
couldn't we work it off?'

Look at my pop.

I'll bet he could do
the work of any two men.

Alright, you harrow field
for me tomorrow morning.

All three of you.
I shouldn't be doin' this.

I certainly don't like
the looks of you.

Well, we've been out in the rain.

I'll bet you look 100% better
when you're all spruced up.

I look just the same, wet or dry.

I'll call you tomorrow morning
at 5 o'clock

and I expect you to be ready.

Ha! Get up there. Hyah!

Hey, ain't it your turn now?

- Just about.
- Well, come on and take over.

Well, the job's finished, pop.


Well, you little chisel.

You let your old man
do all the work, huh?

Come on over here
and take your beating

like I said I was gonna give ya.

Uh, well, you come over here
and get me

if you think you're man enough.

Hey, hey, hey. Ooh!

Oh-ho-ho, you're handy
with your fist, ain't ya?

Oh, this air is great. It makes
you feel swell, lot of pep.

Yeah, yeah, maybe
there is something to this

getting up early and workin', huh?

Hey, there, look, pop!

Yeah, don't she look good?

Gee, I'll bet this country air
is sure doing her a lot of good.

Hello, honey.

Hello, sweet pea.

You know what, you know what
I think we ought to do?

What, pop?

We ought to enter her
right in a stake race.

The, uh, the Brewster Handicap,
the opening day, huh?

Do you think she's good enough, pop?

Sure, she's good enough.

Well, we need, uh,
an entry fee for that.

Yeah, about 75 bucks.

What are we gonna do?
Rob a bank?

Uh, I think maybe I can
talk that old mummy

into giving us a job around here.

This farm could certainly
stand a good simonizing job.

Look at that barn.

'Oh, what we could do to that
with a pail of whitewash, huh?'

We ought to get ten bucks

for throwing whitewash on that thing.

- Sure.
- And look at that picket fence.

'Look at the teeth
that's missin'.'

That'll at least bring us five bucks

for doing a little dentistry on that.

- Yeah, that's-that's 15 bucks.
- Fifteen bucks.

And will you look at that
there lawn there?

That needs a shave.

Well, once over lightly, we
ought to get two bucks for that.

Well, that's 17 bucks
right there, ain't it?

Look at that tumbled down shed.

- Why, it looks alright.
- Yeah?

Well, it looks like it's on the verge

of a nervous breakdown to me.


They ought to give us five bucks
more for fixing that up, huh?


Do you think
you can talk her into it?

Oh, sure, it's in the bag right now.

I got a way with women.

Come on.

Oh, this, you certainly
got a nice place here.

Nice mortgage on it too.

That food certainly smells delicious.

While you're smelling it,
make yourself useful.

Start cutting that bread.

You must be awfully lonely
living out here all alone.

I got a canary and a shotgun.

Company and protection, all I need.

Don't you ever feel

the need of human companionship?

Uh, I mean, uh, don't you ever
get tired of living alone?

I don't call having had five
husbands living alone exactly.

- Five husbands?
- That's right.

One at a time.
They all passed on.

Mr. Flanders right in the middle
of spring plantin'.

In looking over your place, madam

we noticed that the barn
needs whitewashing

and of course, that would,
that would be worth

about, uh, ten bucks.

'And then the, the picket fence'

that, uh, that needs
about $5 worth of mending

and then, the, uh,
the, uh, the-the lawn...

Five dollars for the barn,
two for the fences.

Lawn's ain't worth
more than 50 cents a piece.

Well, those are my terms.
Take them or leave them.


That ain't bad
for a month's work, pop.

Not bad, but still we're $12.60

short of enough
for the entry fee though.

Well, we got a few days
before the meet begins.

Mm, but all the painting
and cleaning's done now.

Well, how are we
gonna raise the rest?

Mm, that window could stand
a little repair job.

I wouldn't wanna suggest it though.

But I'll get that money,
don't you worry.

- I'll get it, I'll get it.
- Okay, I'll leave it to you.

Yeah. What you wanna do
is to hitchhike

right up to Burlington and get
an entry blank right away.

Startin' this minute.

It'll be a great day, won't it, pop?

Yes, sir.

When she prances
into that winner circle

and they put that wreath
around her neck, oh!

Well, that would be fine, too,
but I was thinking about the day

when, when, when they hand out
those vets' diplomas

and you'll be sitting there.

Right at the front row.

And that guy with the square
piece of cardboard on as beanie

says, "Dr. Michael Terry,
come up here and get yours.

"And if you try real hard,
you might be half

'the vet that your old man is."'


Go easy on that baloney.

Oh, what are you makin' me
hang around here for?

I could've been halfway
to Burlington by...

- Well, get going!
- Well, I'm gonna go.

Oh, who are you pushin', huh?

You wanna get chopped, huh?

- 'I'll be back by evening!'
- So soon?

Can't I get rid of you?

'Ah, you'll be seeing me!'

Oh, you're, you're jealous, huh?

No, no, no, no, no.

He'll be back real soon, huh?

You kind of like him, don't ya?

So do I, yeah.

Uh, oh!

'Oh-oh, what's the matter
with that foot of yours?'


Hm. Little tender, huh, baby?

Well, a bar shoe will fix
that up alright.

I want you tonight.

What's the matter?

Oh, her hoof hurts her a little bit.

But don't tell that kid of mine
when he comes back...

- Where'd he go?
- Went up to Burlington.

We're gonna put her in the handicap.

- You're leavin' here?
- Yeah, yeah.

You're, you're gonna be rid
of us in a couple of days.

Did you say you want me to do
something for you tonight?

- What voice do you sing?
- Huh?

Tenor or baritone?

Strictly bass, lady.

I'm having a sing at the house.
You'll join us.

Oh, no, I, I couldn't go up
there with these old clothes on.

Well, you're about the same size
Mr. Flanders was.

You can wear a suit of his.

Deadman's clothes?

He wasn't dead when he bought them.

# Me me me me me me me ##

- Hiya, Mickey.
- If it ain't Sherlock Holmes.

- How's the snoopin' business?
- Good enough.

- How's the stable boy racket?
- Oh, I wouldn't know.

I'm an owner now. Say,
remember Gale's horse Lady Q?

Sure, the shortstop.

Well, she quit stoppin'.
She belongs to me now.

We're gonna enter her
in the Brewster Handicap

and walk away with it.

Well, great stuff. Who's we?

Me and my old man.

Why, I didn't know you had a father.

Oh, say, you ever run
into that fellow again

you know, the one I talked
to at the other track?

- Well, that's...
- I remembered who he was.

I looked him up in the wanted
file at headquarters.

- It was Doc Terry, alright.
- What?

Yeah, that's his name, Thomas Terry.

He used to be a vet.

He owes the state about eight years.

Say, you haven't bumped
into him maybe?

No. What's he wanted for?

Remember the horse called Grandcheek?


One of the finest horses
the track has ever known.

Well, booze had got Terry
and he fell into the hands

of a bunch of grifters
who wanted Grandcheek to lose.

'So they got Terry to do
the old spun jack.'

Oh, well, well, booze will make
a guy do a lot of funny things.

Well, this wasn't funny.
The horse dropped dead

in the middle of the race,
the jock riding him

'died in the hospital
a week later.'

'We nabbed Terry, alright.'

Well, then he served his term?

No, he skipped bail.

To think I had him right in my hands

'and let him get away.'

Well, I-I gotta be going.

Well, see you opening day.

Maybe not, Barney.
Maybe her hoof ain't right yet.

Maybe it's too soon
after the operation.

Operation on her hoof?

- Who did it?
- Oh, vet.

A young fellow I found, uh...

Terry did a marvelous operation
on a horse once.

Also cured him of stopping.

Oh, this was nothing
like the Skeeball oper..

I didn't mention the horse's name.

How do you know about it?

I-I, I read about it.

I thought you told me
you didn't have any folks.

Where'd you find your father?

I bumped into him like.

Haven't seen each other
for years, have you?

Not since I was a baby.

Then how'd you recognize each other?

By the strawberry mark
on your left shoulders?

Oh, why don't you take
your hands off my shoulder?

What's all the question about?

Why are you lying to me, Mickey?

I ain't lying to you.

I know you love horses.

You won't deliberately shield
a man who killed one, would you?

Quit puttin' the needles on me.

I don't know anything. Why don't
you do your own gumshoeing?

I don't know anything,
I tell ya! I, I..

# When you wore a tulip
a sweet yellow tulip #

# And I wore a big red rose #

# When you caressed me
'twas then heaven blessed me #

# What a blessing no one knows #

# You made life cheery
when you called me dearie #

# 'Twas down where
the blue grass grows #

# Your lips were sweeter
than julep #

# When you wore that tulip #

# And I wore a big #

# Red rose ##

'That was excellent!'

'Yes, indeed, excellent.'

'But in the next number, tenors'

'just a little more moderato,

And, uh, contraltos,
just a teensy-weensy

'bit more andantino'

'expressivo and allegro.'

And now turn to page 43.

"That's How I Need You."

# Like the roses
need their fragrance #

# Like a sweetheart
needs a kiss #

# Like the summer needs
the sunshine #

# Like a laddie needs a miss #

# Like a broken heart
needs gladness #

# Like the flowers
need the dew #

# Like a baby #

# Needs its mother #

# That's how I #

# Need you ##

We have to shorten it tonight, folks?

It's gettin' late.
There's work to do tomorrow.

I'll go and get the ice cream ready.

You pass the plates.

- Oh, it's early, isn't it?
- Yes, it's only half past 9:00.

'Why are we breakin' up
so early?'

'I thought we'd be here
for another hour..'

Uh, the..

Oh, uh, folks, uh, I almost forgot.

I hate to speak about it,
but, uh, Mrs. Flanders asked me

to take up a collection at this time.

Collection? What for?

Uh, to, well, to fix
the church steeple.

What's the matter with it?

Well, it ain't high enough.

I'll, I'll start off myself
with, uh, with this.

Thank you. There's mine.

Thank you.
Nothing like a cheerful give..

Thank you. Nothing like
a cheerful giver.

Thank you, thank...

'Well, all ready
for the ice cream?'

Uh, your plate.

- Thank you.
- Your plate, here.

You take these plates.
Give me that one.

Gee, Lady,
if pop goes near that track

they'll nab him for sure.

I gotta keep him away
from Burlington.

How am I gonna do that?

He's all set on goin'.

If I tell him that I know all
about what, what he'd done..

If he'd wanted me to know,
he'd have told me.

Maybe he's ashamed of me knowing.

I gotta keep him away
from Burlington.

I got to.

- It's been a beautiful sing.
- 'Everybody was in good voice.'

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- We had a nice time.
- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.
- You wait.

I wanna talk to you.

That suit fits you real good.

Well, thanks.

I'll, I'll go right off to the barn

change it and bring it back.

You can have that.

There are plenty more of
Mr. Flanders' clothes upstairs.

Um, thanks.

They'll come in handy
up at the track.

I've been thinkin' things over.

I don't think
you ought to leave here.

Well, you see, I-I gotta go.

You know, we're going
to race that Lady Q

you know, like I told you.

Well, strikes me
that's a terrible life

for people to live. You'll be
much better off around here.

Farm's gettin' rundown.
I'd like someone to work on it.

Well, yeah, I'd like to, but you see

there ain't, uh, enough money
for what me and the kid

we've got to do.
See, we've got...

Well, there's plenty of money

for someone owning
half of this place.


Uh, what did..
I don't get ya.

State law is husband and wife
share all property.

Uh, but..

You mean that, uh..

You mean that you're
asking me to marry you?

You don't think I'm suggesting
anythin' else, do you?

Well, this is so sudden.

It's a..

It's awfully sudden.

Do you mind if I go over
at the barn and think it over?

Think it over? Fiddlesticks.

None of the others
had to think it over.

I don't see why you should.

Now let me see.

A house weddin' would cost money.

Justice of peace
will be just as bindin'.

Tomorrow afternoon
after you finish the milking.

Goodnight, Thomas.

- What's the matter, pop?
- Come on. Get your toothbrush.

And everything you've got.
We're scramming out of here.

- What? Is somethin' wrong?
- Yeah, everything's wrong.

Remember me telling you
I had a way with women?

- Yeah.
- Well, it's gotten out of hand.

That widow's going to marry me
tomorrow whether I like it

or not.
Come on, let's get going.

Oh, wait a minute. Now don't do
anything hasty, pop.

- That sounds pretty good.
- Yeah?

Well, who's she marryin', you or me?

You think I wanna settle down
in this hole

with a five-time loser?
It ain't safe.

That's just what it is, pop.
It's safe.

Well, we like the country, don't we?

It's beautiful, ain't it?

Well, I'll be awful happy here.

What's the matter with you?
What about racing Lady Q

and getting the dough
for your schooling?

Well, we don't have to race her.

We don't need the dough,
you could teach me.

I, I bet you know more than all
the vet schools put together.

Two things I ain't.
A teacher and a husband.

Come on, get everything
together. We're gettin' out.

We can make Burlington by morning.

Pop, we ain't going to Burlington.

I've been thinking it over and,
well, I don't wanna race Lady Q.

- I don't think she's ready yet.
- Oh, certainly, she's ready.

You're tryin' to be a vet
before you even go to school?

I don't ever want to be a vet.
I don't want none of that.

Look, if you don't wanna stick
around here, it's okay with me.

We'll go someplace else,
around a farm.

'I like farmin'.'

Say, while I'm your old man,
we'll do as I say.

We'll do anything you say, pop

except we ain't going to Burlington.

- Why not?
- Because..

Well, you're, you're liable
to start drinkin' again.

Why, I ain't had a drink in months.

Well, that's because it's hard
to get around here.

There's a lot of booze
around the track

and, pop, I'll come clean...

Say, that's a pretty insultin' crack.

You're gettin' disrespectful again.

Oh, I'm a drunkard, huh?

That's a nice way of you
to talk about your old man.

That, that ain't
gonna work out either.

- What ain't?
- Father and son business.

I, I've been thinkin' that over too.

Say, listen.

Have you gone out of your head?

Well, I've decided that you
and me, we're a lot different.

- What?
- We don't belong together.

You said at the beach, we'd try it.

Well, we tried and I don't think
it's worked out.

- Ain't worked out?
- No, it ain't.

- That's how I feel about it.
- We adopted each other.

We said till death do us part.

Well, I'm unadopting us
right here and now.

You ain't got no claim on me.
It wasn't legal.

- That lickin' I promised.
- Oh, go on and lick me.

That won't change nothing, but
we ain't going to Burlington.

You shut your mouth and go where
I go and that's to Burlington.

Oh, no, no,
you ain't goin' to Burlington.

- We're quits.
- We're not quits.

- Yes, we are.
- We're not quits.

You get back, we're going right away.

No, we ain't.
Don't you understand?

- We're not going!
- You're going with me!

No, no, no!

- There you are.
- Thank you.

That's Faraday in the third tomorrow

and Plunge Ahead in the fifth.

- 'Hello, Mr. Merlin.'
- Why, hi, Steward.

- When did you get in?
- Yesterday.

- How's your stock?
- Great.

Looks like we're gonna
have a great meet.

- See you tomorrow.
- Okay.

What is it, young man?

Say, is there any chance of a fellow

gettin' any credit around here?

- Credit?
- Wh-why not?

Suppose a fellow had a great horse.

Uh, it should be in a handicap

but he didn't have enough money
for entrance fee.

Why not let him run her and then
you guys could take the money

out of her winnings?

But there's always
a small possibility

of the animal losing, you know?

Oh, there's ain't no chance
of this horse ever losing.

Well, hello, Mrs. Shepherd.

- How are you?
- Hello, Pete.

- Good morning, Mrs. Shepherd.
- How are you?

- Nice to see you.
- Very happy to see you again.

- Thank you.
- What can we do for you?

Well, let me have your
condition book and point out

the soft spots on it,
so my horses can pick up

a lot of worthwhile stakes.
I'm a poor woman this year.

What? After all the money
Miracle Lad has made for you?

When do we see Miracle Lad?

We're going to work him
in a little while.

John, there is the finest piece

of horse pace you've ever seen.

I'll race my horse against him
anytime, any place.

Here, here, young man.
Go on, run along, we're busy.

No, no, no, wait, Steward.
Are you an owner?

Yes, ma'am. My horse is as good
as any on the track.

Bring on your Miracle Lad,
we'll show him.

Well, we might do that sometime,
but not right now.

He's just been shipped down
from the farm

and has had a long, tiring journey.

I had to walk Lady Q 23 miles
last night to get here.

Hm, I guess that just about
makes us even.

Suppose you give her a rest,
then soon

we'll, we'll have a private race
all our own.

Yes, and in the meantime, young man

you better get back to her.

She probably misses you by now.


Hey, you, what's the idea?

Go on! Let that
hothouse flower out.

Come on, honey, argh!

Get out of here, you mug,
this is Miracle Lad.

This is Lady Q!

Come on, honey,
he'll remember us the next time!

I thought we have the track
exclusively for this time?

You have. I'll see about this.

Looks as though Miracle Lad
has competition this morning.

Ha! Is that the best he can do?

Come on, Miracle Lad.

Come on, whoever you are.

Come on, honey. Ha!

Headin' for home, baby.
Ha! Go get 'em, girl.

Guess there's nothin' wrong
with that hoof now, huh?


That look like
a photograph finish, Pete.

Gee, Lady. Gee, Lady.

That's it, girl.
Oh, that's..

Young man, get down off that horse.

- Oh, it's you.
- Yes, ma'am.

Where'd you get that beetle?
You wanna sell her?

There ain't enough money
to buy her, sir.

- So this is the horse, eh?
- Yes, ma'am.

I thought we better have
that little race right away.

I hope he ain't sore.

Not after a performance like that.

Then would you do somethin' for me?

Will you race her under your colors?

I ain't got the fee.

There's a guy I owe a lot
of dough to for an operation.

I got a feelin' he'll be needin'
the dough pretty badly.

I'll enter her on one condition.

What's that?

That none of my horses
have to run against her.

Well, the Brewster Handicap tomorrow

will put her right in the right spot.

Alright, then that's the race
we'll give her.

I gotta ride her though, ma'am.

Alright, put her in our barn, Pete.

- Okay, stall 12, barn 3.
- Gee...

Gee, thanks a lot, ma'am.

Oh, um, oh, Steward.

There was something
I want to speak to you about.

See, baby. Gee, that's what
you ought to have on.

- Gosh.
- Hello there, Mickey.

Thought you weren't gonna run her.

Well, I put it up to her
and she started cryin'

and carryin' on something awful

so I thought
I ought to bring her up here

so she could at least
watch the races.

You'll find her in the press box.

Oh, now, there's no use being sore

just 'cause we had
a little misunderstanding.

- How's your father?
- Oh, didn't you hear?

That guy wasn't my pa at all.

Ended up he was a third cousin
or somethin'

on my grandmother's side through a

through a marriage of an aunt.

- We finally had to shoot him.
- Sounds only fair enough.

I'm still your friend, kid.

Sorry, Barney,
but we got nothin' to be

friendly about anymore.

We don't like the same things.

Oh, honey, this is our lucky day.

Look, Lady.

Betty War.

One of Man o' War's babies.


Winner of the Hollywood Derby.

This beauty here,
that's Gypsy Minstrel.

Beat Stagehand once at Santa Anita.

Here's Dobber.

He'd come second
in the Kentucky Derby.

Won the Preakness too.

Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

Uh, don't look now.

I think this is Seabiscuit.

Yes, sir, that's Seabiscuit.

Oh, honey,
we sure are in vast company

but that's where you belong.

Here we are. They couldn't have
done better for you at The Ritz.

After you, Your Majesty.

Here's your ridin' silk, sir.

Miss Shepherd said try 'em on
and see if they fit.

- Thank you.
- Good luck this afternoon, sir.

Thank you very much.


Do you ever see silks
with so many colors in 'em?

Hey, I'm gonna look like
a rainbow with pants on, huh?

Hey, how'd you like your boyfriend?

Pretty neat, huh?
Yes, siree.

Looks like they were
made to order for me.

Yes, sir. But you know
what I always say.

If a guy's got a good figure,
he can wear anything, huh?

That's right, ain't it, sweetheart?

Ain't we gonna make
a swell-lookin' couple

when we get into that winnin'..

'What's the matter, honey?'


Don't, don't tell me
this is bothering you again.

Oh, I-I can't see anything.

Dressed kind of early, ain't you?

What's it to you?

Come on, easy, honey. Easy.

Easy, girl.

Does it hurt you much, Lady?

Yes, well..

...y-you can't run with that.


Well, what are we gonna do?

I-if you can't run,
what's pop gonna do?

'Well, Mickey.'

What's the trouble, lad?

She's, she's lame.

- 'What is it, Pete?'
- Well, I can't tell, ma'am.

It might be anything.

Well, I'm sorry, young fellow,
but if she can't run

I better go over to Steward's
and take her out of the race.

I, I guess so.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry, laddie,
but don't take it so hard.

We'll have her fixed up
and run her some other time.

- The meet's just begun.
- She should be runnin' today.

Some other time, it'd be too late.

Today's when she should be runnin'.

'She'll run today.'

Her hoof's a little bit tender.

I brought along a bar shoe.
That'll protect it.

With that on, why, she'll run
over anything on the track.

Well, who are you, please?

Well, I used to take care
of her for him.

Oh, well, then if you're sure

she's going to be alright,
I better stop Pete.

Ah, she'll be alright, lady.
She'll be alright.

You see, your worries are all over.

Yes, ma'am.

Get out of here.

I'll go just as soon as I fix her up.

Never mind her.
Get out right now.

Not until I'm through.

I take an interest
in my patients. She'll run...

I don't care if she runs or not.
Go on. Get out right now...

Listen, if you're worried about
me cuttin' in on your winnings

why, just forget it,
because when I'm through

I won't bother either of you anymore.

Who cares about her winnings?
Go on, beat it.

Scram before that cop nabs you,
will ya?

What are you talking about?

That Detective Donovan,
he told me all about you

when I went there
to get the entry blank.

Why, he's probably watching me
now, so he can nab you.

- Donovan told you?
- Yeah.

Gee, then-then that's why
you didn't want me to come.

That's why you slapped me, ain't it?

Oh, what other reason would I have?

I had to keep you away from here.

Gee, I'd rather cut off
my right arm, pop, than...

Gee-whiz, I thought
that you was through with me.

After Lady Q wins the race,
we can probably go away...

I didn't think that you wanted
me hanging around anymore...

Will you listen to me, pop?
We can get a little joint.

You and I can stick together.
Nobody will ever find you.

I was wondering and wondering
what I'd done to make you...

This ain't no time to talk now, pop.

You go back to the widow's.
You stall around.

I'll meet you there
in a couple of days.

- You can let your beard grow.
- Oh, I can't.

You get goin' now.
Stay off the main highways, huh?

- Have you got a handkerchief?
- Yeah.

Well, keep it up to your face
like you're blowing your nose.

- Huh? Nobody can see your face.
- No.

Gee, son, I'd, I'd like to stay
and watch you win that race.

Pop, ain't you got no sense?
Donovan's here at the track.

Yeah, but I could
stand somewhere where...

If you don't get going, pop,
I'm not even gonna run.

Okay, okay. I'm gone, I'm gone.

Now, listen, her hoof is alright.

- Run her.
- Okay.

So long, pop.
See you in a couple of days.

- So long. Good luck to you.
- Handkerchief! Handkerchief!

Well, come on, boy.
You better get going.

Yes, sir.

- Well, let's get up.
- Yes, sir.

And good luck, Mickey.

'The horses are on the track
and parading to the post.'

'The horses are nearing
the starting gate.'

Pop, go away.

Come on, 9, wake up.

'They're at the post.'

'And there they go!
Lady Q got a bad start.'

Come on, you lads!
Get out of the..

' taking the lead
by a length.'

That's too bad.

Please keep goin', Lady, please.
You can do it.

Come on, Lady Q. Come on,
don't let that kid down.

Come on, get up in there.

Go on, Lady, get up in there.

That's my boy, that's..

Hello, doc.

Why, hello.

Do you mind waiting
till the race is over?

Okay. I'd like to watch
the race myself.


'At the far turn, Luke Arthur'

'is still lead by Spalding.'

'Bondi is second.'

Go on, make your move now.
Come on.

We can't let pop down, Lady.
Let's go!

Now she's making her move.

Get up in there.
Come on, get in there.

'And here's comes Lady Q
in the middle of the pack.'

You're makin' it, honey.
Keep goin'! Keep goin', baby!

Lady! Look at her come.
Look at her come.

Look at her come.

Don't go through that. Don't..

Look out! Look out!

- I'm comin' through!
- No, you don't!

I'm going through, I tell you!


- 'And there Lady Q cuts..'
- He's through!

Ha! Ha!

Come on, get in there!
Come on, Lady!

'Behind there is Lady Q..'

- 'They're all in the finish..'
- Come on, Mickey!

'Lady Q is past the leader.'

'Now it's Luke Arthur
and Lady Q.'

'They're head-in-head
and so close.'

- Here we go. Don't stop yet.
- Come on.

'Luke Arthur and Lady Q..'

- Come on! Lady, come on.
- Come on! Stay with the boy!

'Lady Q is soaring away
and it's the wire.'

'It's Lady Q,
the winner by a neck.'

- What a ride!
- Lady, she was..

Oh, gosh.

Let's get out of here
before the kid gets over here.


You ran a swell race, baby.

I bet pop is sure proud of you.

Hey, wait a minute, young man.
You have a wreath coming to you.

And these fellas are taking
pictures for the newspaper.

Alright, Steward,
but I gotta get goin'.

- I got a date.
- Hold it there.

Say, Steward,
when can I pick up the purse?

Mrs. Shepherd is probably
picking it up right now.

Gee, thanks a lot.

That was a great ride, young man.

Oh, she's a great horse.
Cool her out, Danny.

Yes, sir, I sure will.

Won my pork chops on you, Lady Q.

Say there, I'll take her.

Say, boy, that was a sweet race.

Thanks a lot.
It's a sweet horse.

Come on, honey.

We did it, honey. We did it.

Thirty five hundred bucks.

We're gonna have to get pop
to count it.

I count up to a hundred
and then I get stuck.

I'm ignorant.

Now we're gonna go over
to the widow's and pick up pop

and then we're gonna go get
ourselves a little hideout

someplace and I'm gonna get
some books and pop can help me

'and I'm gonna study and you..'

'Well, let's see
what can you do?'

'You can just lay around
and eat.'

'You lazy old,
good-for-nothin' thing you.'

'Ain't everything marvelous?'

Oh, boy, oh, boy, ain't
everything marvelous, honey?

Congratulations, Mickey.

Thanks, Barney.

Say, why don't you
quit snooping around?

You're only wasting your time.

Well, you don't mind a fellow
comin' around to tell you

what a good ride you made
and wish you well, do you?

Almost as a social call.
Oh, well, that's different.

I thought maybe you were
lookin' for my old man

because if that was the case

then you're just wasting your time.

I ain't got him.
Honest I ain't, Barney.

Look, you can search me.
Go ahead, look, see.

Hey, hey, pop, you down there?

Nope, he ain't there.
Not up my sleeves, you see.

And Lady Q, she ain't got him either.

Go ahead, Barney,
you can frisk her yourself.

- I believe you.
- Well, then you'll excuse me.

I got a lot of work to do, Barney.

If I see my old man, I'll tell
him you're lookin' for him.

Uh, he might even look you up.

- You care for him, don't you?
- What do you think?

He must care a lot for you, too

to take a chance
comin' up here to see you.

He cares alright for..

How did you know he was here?
How did you know that?

Here, you rich man, you bloated
plutocrat, your purse.

I'm asking you somethin', Barney.

Mickey dear.
Mickey, here's your money.

Why, you've enough there to put
you through a good vet school.

Vet school? How did you know
I want to go to vet school?

Oh, well.

You see, you can't keep a secret
from a woman, Mickey.

Listen, dear, there's no
necessity for you to leave here.

Oh, there's a lovely spot for Lady...

How'd you know I was gonna leave?

Uh, what are you starin' at me
like that for?

Somethin' you wanna tell me,
isn't it?

- Well, why don't you tell me?
- Listen, Mickey, you must be...

Why, wh-what is it?
I don't get it.

She had.. Why, why don't you
just spit it out?

It's my pop, ain't it?

You've got him, haven't you?
Haven't you?

- Why, you dirty, sneakin'...
- Now, now, now, sonny.

- No, no, no.
- Pop. Pop.

See where they got you, pop.

That's alright, that..

Suppose they have. What of it?

We'll-we'll beat up on him.
We'll lay him out of here.

No, we won't.
No, we won't. No.

Remember I, I said
you deserved a lickin' once.

Well, I'd done something
and I deserve a lickin' too.

So I'm just takin'
what's comin' to me.

Oh, you took your lickin'
all those years

ever since it happened.

Well, there's a little bit
more comin' to me.

It won't last long, a couple of years

and then it will be all over

and there won't be nothin'
hangin' over our heads then.

Oh, if you're goin' away,
I'm goin' with you.

Now, now, stop that foolish
talk. You ain't invited.

I'll get myself invited.
I'll do somethin'.

I'll steal, so they have
to send me up there.

No, you can't leave me behind, pop.

No, no, no, no, no.
Now stop that.

You're just making it tougher
on the both of us.

Now keep your chin up.

Ain't you proud
to have me as your old man?

- What else have I got?
- Well, then keep your chin up.

So I'll know that you're proud of me.

And wipe those kid tears
out of your eyes.

Come on, get a grin on your face

and when you say goodbye
to me, why, smile.

Before you have a chance
to wipe that smile off

I'll be right back again.

Pop, I, I can't do it.

Yes, you can. Sure, you can.

Here, look at here, come on.
Get a smile on your face.

Come on. Come on.

That's right.

I guess it'd be
kind of, kind of sissy

for two great big men
like us to kiss, huh?

Well, goodbye, sonny.

Pop. Pop! Pop!

Pop, I, it wouldn't be sissy
on the cheek.

You'll work for him, Mickey.

A few months,
perhaps a year at the most.

Gee, that ain't such a long time

for a guy to go
without washing his face, is it?