Something Walks in the Woods (2023) - full transcript

A viral video shows a mysterious figure walking along the edge of the woods each day, and filmmaker Bill Howard sets out to spend a night there to find out exactly what it is.

[Bill] Hey. So this is where
you see the ghost every day?

[Lady] Yes. Every day.

So, it's just gonna come from the left

and move over to the right,

and it's just inside the
wood line over there.

[Bill] Now, is it a certain
time that this happens?

Yes and no. Umm,

It comes through before sunset every night.

But, it's not really based on a

certain time.


We think, more so directed at the sun

rather than the actual time of day.

That, I mean, that makes sense.

Got to ask one question, though,

because I've driven a
couple of hours to get here.

It's not a hoax.

You don't have anybody walking over there.

Trying to make a Tik Tok
video for YouTube short

or Facebook reel or anything like that.

This is this is something
that's actually happening

every day.

Oh, no.
It's, it's definitely real.

If we stay out here long enough,

it's going to show up.

You know, since I started

filming the documentary on Aliens.

Things continue to get more interesting.


I had a lot of people reach out.


tell me about their experiences.

And from that, I decided to do

a docu-series called Encounters.

And you got to kind of filter

through this stuff because you just

you don't know

what you're going to get into,

whether you don't know
where these stories are headed.


I got this email and

you know, the

the documentary on the aliens

was supposed to be a one off

because I still had a little bit of

footage I needed to
get from the great dismal

that, I've finished it now and then.

I've shot lots of the encounter stuff but,

[Sighs] All right. This email here,

Mr. Howard, I followed

they say one of my actors names on

one of the social media platforms,

and I saw that you were
doing a film on aliens.

I was wondering

if you have looked
into Ghost at all as well.

The reason I'm asking is
that I had a series of videos

go viral in the past few years

where we have a ghost that walks

along the wood line every day.

You may have seen them. Yes.

Every day there's a figure that

will walk just inside the
wood line every single day.

At first we thought it
was a person, but gradually

we were able to determine it wasn't.

I posted over 20 videos
shot from my front porch,

and they have all been seen
over two to three million times.

Anyway, if you're interested
in something like this,

I would love for you to investigate.

And I hadn't planned on doing

anything like that, to be honest. And.


I mean, the Alien film
was going to be a one off.

It turned into the docu-series.

Umm, again.

I still had some of great
dismal had to shoot.

I, I'm done with it now.

And I'm actually writing
another feature. But.

I remember seeing the
videos and she, you know,

copied one here

and umm.

Because my wife had showed them to me

and she only lives

a few hours away.

I don't know.

It might be worthwhile
just to check it out.

I mean, it's there every day, right?

I mean,

yeah, let's ahh,

let's see what this is.

That could be really,

really interesting.

[Keyboard tapping]


I'm about six tenths of a mile away.

I've got one more turn
I got to make up here.

Ahh, about.

The lady invited me to
come out and talk with her.

So that's what I'm doing,

you know, you think
this thing is really there.


She says in her videos,
it's every day, but.

You know,

I don't know.

I hopefully I'll be able to find out.


So, yeah, we're going to ask her and try

to get to the bottom of it, I guess. And

my turn is right here.

So let's see what we got, guys.

Hey, so this is where you
see the ghost every day.

Yes, every day.

So it's just going to come from the left

and move over to the
right and it's just inside

the wood line over there.

Now, is it a certain
time that this happens?

Yes and no umm,

It comes through before sunset every night,

but it's not really based

on a certain time. It's

we think, more so directed at the sun

rather than the actual time of day.

That I mean, that makes sense umm,

Got to ask one question, though,

because I've driven a
couple of hours to get here.

It's not a hoax.

You don't have anybody walking over there?

Trying to make a TikTok

video for you, or YouTube
short or Facebook reel

or anything like that. This is

is something this actually
happened in every day.

Oh, no.
It's it's definitely real.

If we stay out here long enough,

it's going to show up.
- In time.

Well, umm,

What more should I expect

as far as I mean, like getting noises?

Is it just something that it's

going to walk through arbitrarily?

You're going to see it.

It's going to first appear
over there by that tree.

OK, where the red is.
- Yeah.

And it's going to fade
in and out of the trees

as it walks through

and it's going to appear
kind of like a whitish figure,


Umm, but you can see through it slightly.

- Yeah.

Yeah, that's

that's definitely the
word I was looking for.

Umm, OK.

You can tell it crosses

like through the middle.


It's not exactly solid.

It's definitely got a form, though,

and it's just going to
disappear right over there.

Now, have you ever tried
to go over there while it was

walking through?
- Yeah.

But only once.

I have a video of it.

So, let me find it.
- OK.

Here it is.

All right.
So right here, when you were over there.

Mm hmm.

And you had the camera rolling,

and you were over there,
and they walked by you.

You didn't see it?

No, I didn't see it at
all until I got back inside

and reviewed the footage.

You could see it right there beside me.

Now, can you send that to me

and let me use it in the film?

Yeah. Yeah, that's fine.

Is drive OK?

Yeah. That should work perfectly.


Now, has anybody else

been over here and watched it with you?

Um, yeah, but we don't really have

that many neighbors, as you can see,

but we definitely had some
people see it from here.

Now, is this your land?


And we actually do not know who owns it,


But there are no
trespassing signs all over it.

And the sheriff's department
does not play around.

They don't even give warnings.

They just go over there
and they arrest you.

So, when all the video started going viral,

we would have people go

over there and try to look around.

But they are plain

they flat out, just arrest everybody.

So, I did take some of the videos offline

because the amount of people
that were going over there

and the calls they were getting for

trespassing, it was just kind of annoying.

They had deputies up and
down the road all day and night.

Now, has any of the deputies
ever seen it over there?

Oh, yeah.

So a couple of weeks ago,

there was a couple
arrested and it was one of

those teenagers in the jacked up truck.



So the deputy comes
over to talk to us about it,

and he's one of those K-9 units.

And while we're talking, he asked if I knew

who that was that he saw walking

and he got his dog out and they started

to go over there, but the
dog would not cross the ditch

and they even tried pulling

him across with the
leash and the dog refused.

He said that was the weirdest thing.

That is kind weird. I mean,
those dogs are trained.

Yeah. Definitely.


I could have told him, though,

because no animals go over there. So,

yeah, a deer will run across our yard

before it goes over there.

Well, if you don't
mind, can I park out here

in front of your house
and, and stay to sunset?

I guess and see if I see anything?

Yeah, that's fine.

I'm going to go inside and
make dinner for my midgets.

So, you're welcome to
come in if you need anything.

Sounds good.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

If I put this on me.

Like, right here

and I'm talking.

Let's see what it looks like.

Probably got about

30 minutes before um,

Before sunset.

So it should be getting to the time when

whatever's going on happens.


This reminds me a lot of

sitting in a deer stand waiting for a deer

that never shows, to be honest with you.


I think she said

it happens every day
before sunset, And it's kind of.

Sun related.

As far as the the solar day rather than

24 hour day.


Well, we've got about

five more minutes

right up there.

There it is.

I see it right there.

It's near those red leaves.

It's coming up underneath
that that red leaf branch there.

It's just inside the woods.


it's coming up to that green part.

It's in the open right there.

It didn't turn when I said anything.

It just kept going. Now it's
behind where the poles are.

It was there

it was just like she said,

it looked like it was
you could see through it.

It disappeared over here.

When we got to the the thicker brush there

you know, the frontage

it was really there.


Oh, my heart is like pumping

right now.

All right.
I got to get this back.

And we're going to look at this footage.

All right. So I got home late last
night and I definitely

saw something um.

You can see

over on the side of the video

where it comes in on the
left and you can see the figure

as it crosses through those
open spots between the trees.

And if you look closely,
you can see like the trees

that are behind it. You can see them.

You can see through the
whatever is walk in there.

So I took the video and.

I ran a copy of it um.

Through like a negative or
of thoughts, color type thing.

And you can clearly see

it walking through there.

Of me hit play all right there.

So you can see it moving across

that just on the inside of the woodland.

Now, I'm really interested
in finding out what this is.

So I pulled up the county GIS

and I got

the address of the owner
and it belongs to an estate

and it doesn't have a phone
number or an email address.

But I do have the estate's address,

so, I will probably have
to do this old school and

send out a letter to try to get permission

to go on the land so that, you know,

don't get arrested by
the sheriff's department

since they're

kind of stringent on
that type of stuff. So,

yeah, um,

we'll send out a letter this afternoon and,

you know, hopefully we'll hear back



All right.

So it's been about three weeks

since I mailed the letter to the estate

and well,

boom, they just email me.

So I pulled over, set the camera up

so I can read this real quick.

Mr. Howard, thank you for contacting us

regarding passage on our land.

I really should let you
know more about the area.

The land has been in our family

for over eight generations.

It has been a family promise

to never sell or allow
anyone else to live there.

The sayings that were

passed down over the years

as something is very off with the land

now I'm not talking about
how it floods or anything

in that regard.

The story goes it used to be a problem

with wildlife and growth,

and therefore Native Americans often

would base their around Contended Creek.

The water source that feeds the land.

Because of the

value of the Native Americans


There were some that died there

and it should be honored in that capacity.

Our family over the
years, over the generations

didn't want to spoil the
land by selling to someone

who didn't care for that heritage.

Because of this, we
also do not allow people

to trespass on the land.

We have strict orders
with the county to keep

trespassers off and

away from the land

with a standing prosecute
order for anyone caught

not obeying the request.

I hope you understand.

If you have any questions or would

like to talk about the
land, feel free to reach out

via replying to this
email or you can call me at

and she gives a number.

Sincerely, Jenna Mitchell Stevens.

So, it sounds like a dead end, right?

Well, before I set the camera up,

I called and the conversation

actually went pretty well, um.

She's going to talk with the family and.

Um, she said,

I'll probably have to
sign some type of waiver

and I can't leave anything on the land.

So like when I go on the land,

I just, you know, that

I can't leave, you know,

leave no trace type thing, right?

So, yeah.

I think this is going to work out because

after I spoke to her in person,

I mean, it's a whole lot
harder to tell somebody no

when you're talking with them than it is,

you know, like in an email.

So, um, but she's gonna talk to the family

and she's supposed to get
a hold of me this afternoon.

So yeah.

I really do think this
is going to work out.

I'm going to get to go out there.

It's bit pretty awesome.

[Bill] I didn't have much information

regarding the land from the estate,

so I decided to do a little research.

The only thing I really had to go by was

there was Native
American tribes in that area.

Best place to go.

Library, of course,

there are found plenty of books

regarding tribes that
actually dated for centuries.

I mean, if we have a ghost walking around,

maybe there are

some old Native American
law regarding it right.

Or at the very least, I can just get

a little history on the area in general.

All right.
Here we go.

The Tuscarora were

the predominant tribe in
the area where the forest is.

It seems there was a
war between the settlers

in North Carolina and the
Amity against the Tuscarora.

The Amity were from umm,
like southern South Carolina,

northern or eastern Georgia, I guess.

And they they fought

together against the Tuscarora.

The Tuscarora

were outnumbered in the defenses,

but were more than capable as warriors.

Their access fell.

Many white settlers and Amity Indians.

The war proved short-lived,

though, as the numbers were just too great.

Eventually, nearly 1000 Tuscarora lay dead.

And the ones that survived were either sold

and bartered in the slavery,

or those that escaped joined
the Iroquois in New York.

This war was clearly won by the left hand.

One of this has got anything to do with.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Hello. This is Bill.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, how are you?


I can.

Yes, certainly.

Yeah, I respect Land of course. Umm.

I mean, I'm, I'm

may only say, like, one night

and I'll just have my
cameras and, you know,


Is it okay to have, like, a small campfire?

Yes, ma'am.

I'll make sure that it's out there now.

I'll clean it up where you won't even tell

there was a campfire there.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, do I need to call the sheriff

and let them know that I will be,

OK. You're going to let them know?

Yes, ma'am.

I drive a white Toyota FJ cruiser, but umm.

But I think I'm gonna just have my wife.

Maybe drop me off there.

She's in a Volvo that,

you know, it's not gonna

the car is up to stay there overnight.

I'll just stay there and she'll

pick me up in the morning.

Yeah, she likes this kind of stuff,

So, it'll give her a
chance to see it briefly.

No, no, she she's not going to stay there

with me overnight.

Yes, ma'am. Um,

I likely head over maybe on Monday.

I think the weather's
supposed to be pretty decent,

but I'll head over when
my wife gets off work

and then um.

Yes, ma'am.

Also um,

if you don't mind me asking

you know after I get your email

and you have mentioned about the

the Native Americans had settled there.

Yeah, I did a little bit of research, and

you don't know anything.

There was nothing that
carried over in your family.

Regarding, like, the, the Tuscarora war

with the with North Carolina and the Amity

and just that.

Okay. Just that was...

There's probably some buried there from.

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah um...

Anyway, you know, thanks again.

And I will message, you
want to come out of the

the woods and you know,
that Tuesday morning.

Yes, ma'am.

Let the family know.

I greatly appreciate it because ah,

and I'm going to respect
the land throughout.

You don't have to worry about that.

Yes, ma'am.

All right.
Have a good day.

Thank you.

I'm in.

I'm in.

Yes, yes, yes.

What is wrong with you, Chloe?

Why are you so scared?

- What is that baby girl?
- What's wrong with her?

- She's freaking out.
- Oh, my gosh.

Do you think she senses something?

They say there's no animals in this area.


All right, Chloe.

[Wind blowing]




It's getting close to time

when the figure would walk
through the woods and ah,

I'm out here in the woods.


But just kind of wanted

to show you a little bit about

how this place looks
is really creepy in here.

You can see these bins behind me.

It's there, like,

oh, knotted up.

I mean, I have no idea
how that would happen.

Naturally, but these are big vines

as you can see it,

trees falling over into
it that it's all entangled.

And I mean, it's

this is just a creepy place um.

Let me show you real
quick what I'm talking about.

So just to kind of show
you how it looks in here.

I mean, it's just

everything looks dead.

There's no birds.


There's really nothing out here,
if you can kind of

see through there, just, you know.

But look at that.

The vines tangled up there.


So what I'm going to do.


like I said, that the sun's going down.

It's not going to be much longer.

It'll be below the canopy of the trees.

And this will get dark pretty quick.

So I'm gonna set camp
back up in here somewhere.


and see how this thing goes so.


Alright so,

we've got a nice little flat spot here.

Think this is where I'm gonna set up and

we'll put the tent over here.

I've got room to make a
small campfire later on.

Like I said, it's getting
dark pretty quick.

The sun's getting right
there at the top of those trees.

I had to set it up pretty fast here.

Just kind of give you an
idea what I'm going to do.


There's a feeder creek back here.

Kind of, I guess on the
horizon of the camera there

that feeds into the greater content.

And this is on

the property I'm, maybe

half a mile or three quarters

of a mile into the property. Um.

So this is where I'll

kind of stay and I'm away from the road,

away from the entrance that I came in on.

And we'll set up.

I've got this camera.

I've got another camera in here

that I'm just set on the
back side of the campsite,

both cameras on to the tent. Ah...

And then I'll put some trail cams

on some of these trees.

I got some nice trees here,

and the trail cams are going
to face away from the tent.

Just to see if there's

any movement on the
perimeter of my campsite here.


So, yeah, it's like I
said, it's getting late,

so I need to hurry up and get this set up.

So, yeah, I'm gonna get this tent up.


[Rustling bag]

All right, so ah,

you see where I'm going to sleep tonight?

This is home.

I've set up a campfire
over here in a little bit.

But these are what I'm going use.

These are trail cams.


I didn't do it live on the camera here, but

where the figure walks each night,

which is just about this time,

I set up two of these trail cams,

and hopefully I can catch something

walking through there.

But here in the woods,

I'm gonna set these up on
some of these bigger trees

around the perimeter just
to see if something's there.



They said there's no animals.

And as of right now, I
haven't seen any birds.

Haven't seen any
squirrels hurt any squirrel.

No, deer.

I mean, there's nothing out here.

It is just

dead trees. [Smiles]

Well, not dead trees, but

they don't have any leaves on them.

It looks dead so.

Alright, let me get these put up.





[Audio and video glitches]

[Audio and video glitches]



we have a change of plans.

I think.


Phone's dead


It was fully charged with those charger

on the drive here,

I mean, that was 2 hours and I already had

I mean, I had, that was at 100%.


I was going to use this.

It's not wet. Um,

but I was gonna use this at the campfire

and in the tent.




All right. So...

We'll run this camera

to look over the site.

Now, get other camera out of the bag

and instead of putting it on the up

side of the tent, I will

just use it at the
campfire and at the tent.

I guess.


Looks like there's not going be browsing

the web tonight ah.


All right.

Let me get this campfire
going before it gets too

dark out here.


All right.
Testing, testing.


Testing, testing, testing.


Take three.

Testing, testing, testing.


Two hundred.

All right.

[Fire cracks]

[Exhales Deeply]

I'm going to be honest with you.

It's ah,

it's a little warm out here
at the side this. [Smiles]

I aren't doing stuff all right.

So, ah,

I guess want to explain
things a little bit more

and the best way, I guess, is

the trail cams that I put up

before I came out here.

I had Susan dropped me off at the

roadside and I ran to trail cam

and put on trees out there. Ah...

That way, if something comes back,

They will.

They set, no, those two are infrared cams.

So they're not going to

have a flash or anything like that.

And that way.

Passerby won't see a flash pop

if something comes back.

Um, when I spoke with the

the sheriff's department

and with the landowners,

we decided it was best if
I didn't do anything there

by that roadside

because there

they have so many
people that come out there

and they've arrested so
many people for trespassing.

They don't want people

to think all of a sudden it's OK because

they see me out there.

So therefore,

we decided I'll come out into the property

here, into the land,

which is what I'm doing, and I'll

just spend the night here.

But I've got to trail camp

set up there and I've got five cams

around the tent site here.

The cams around here are flash

driven there.

It's not infrared as it's called.

Set off a flash that way.

I know if something's out there now ahh

what benefit do I get from being out here

when the figure is being
seen there by the roadside?

Well, nobody's been in here looking because

it's trespassing.

Nobody's allowed in here. Um, again.

They you know, by all accounts,

animals are spooked in this area.

And, you know, I'll be honest with you,

it's a spooky place in
here because it's really,

really quiet Um,

I can hear a train that may be four

or five miles from here
that's coming by now.

And every now and then I can hear

some traffic on the road.

But like I said, I'm about three quarters

of a mile in the property here.

So um, um, a good ways

away from cars and people.


and you know, when I
was setting up the stuff,

there were no birds,
there were no squirrels.

I mean, woods like this
[Audio and video glitches]

there these squirrels everywhere.

I haven't seen any deer tracks.

It's just been,

you know, nothing.

It's just really, really quiet.

[Water splashing]

[Fire cracks]

All right.
So that was a splash.

And I'm not very far from
one of the feeder creeks

that goes into the [Indistinct]

and ah, usually a splash is

a beaver will slap its tail

on the water like that.

So I'm [Audio and video glitches]

pretty sure that's what it was.

And, you know, OK,
we've got animals, right?

[Water splashes]
Um, [Water splashes]


[Audio and video glitches]







I don't know what

the grunt was

yeah, it is dark out here.

The only light I got
is that fire right here.

[Fire cracks]

What in the world?


[Audio and video glitches]

When I was just looking around,

I saw something glistening over here.

When I bought the light from the fire

and ah...

We have a big, big bone.

[Fire cracks]

Right? We'll take that back with it.


As far as the land. Ah...


The the animals are spooked.

The land owners said they feel like this

may have been some type
of burial ground of now.


Now, I don't know about that,

but I do know in the research I was doing,

again, it said this.

This is where the Tuscarora

fought, the Carolinians and the Yamasee


So there's probably been
people that have died

on this land buried here.

I don't know.

I don't think this

I mean, it's much bigger than a leg bone.

And I'm a pretty good sized guy.


So I have no idea what that is.

But um, yeah,

They fought here


[Fire cracks]

Don't know if I uncovered this

when I was cleaning
the spot out for the fire.

It's still a little warm.

That was right there at the fire.


But yeah...


That we have proof that

look at that.

Can you see it?

I don't know if you can see it.

I don't know if I have enough light.

That is a beautiful


Look at that.

We needed proof.

This cleared all kinds of things.



I don't even know where
I was at. That, I've got

a couple trail cams out on the road

where the figure walks through.

I've got the five trail cams here,

the camera.

I can shed my light a little bit.

The camera that's over here,

I have a motion sensor

set up on it. Um...

So that if there's any movement out here,

that's going to record

because the battery won't last all night.

Let me see if there's enough light

oh, we're going to make

some adjustments here on the floor.

Here we go.
So this is my camera.

Let me pull the legs in on this.

You can see the camera here.

It's going to get really noisy here,

But ah...

Up on top

of that is a

it just when there's no
light, it is has a hard time

quite in focus the up on top

there is a.

Let me get back over here

there's a motion sensor

that's hooked into the
camera and then that's what

we'll turn

the recording on.



Get back over here.

Ah, that's what I'll turn the camera on

for to start recording.

Then after 10 seconds of inactivity

it cuts back off so
that's kind of what we got.


They know that,

these are

let's, let's, let's

get into the tent.


settle down.


All right.
So this is my home for the night.


This tent. And

sorry for the lack of cinematic quality.

Here we are in a tent at night.

Well, hopefully between
the campfire behind me and

the light here um,

there's enough light hitting me.

I know everything will be a
little bit orange and red looking

but nothing really do about that, that ah,

you know what that I need to

actually change that shirt.

It's right enough.


All right.
Seems like it's worth so

anyway, the, this area was

likely heavily populated

with the Tuscarora.


they were all along the creek.

That's not far from here.

And they yes, this is Tuscarora land.


The Arrowhead.

I don't know if you,

how well you can see it.


Almost positive

that this would have
come from the Tuscarora.

And that's a really nice looking arrowhead.

Now, the bone

this is a big bone.

I have no idea if this has anything,

the Tuscarora or not.

I mean, you look, it's two feet long.

I mean,

much longer than,

you know, like a leg bone on me.

So, I have no idea

if this is got anything
to do with that or not,

but I will.

Well, I mean, this.

I don't know if this is, how old this is.

This could be a few weeks old

for all I know, but I'll get
in touch with somebody and

we'll figure that out.

You know,

when I get back, um,

but it makes you wonder, you know,

more than likely the Tuscarora

and the Carolinians fought here.

It's, you know, they were here.
[Audio and video glitches]

So it only makes sense.

The war went on for several years.

So, yeah, it would only make sense

that they fought here.

And it makes you wonder
if the figure that walks

along the woods, if it's it's like

some old spirit, [Rustling noise]

I have no idea what it was.

So we're going to

find out.



[Audio and video glitches]

I don't know what happened to you,

but you fell over.


The camera fell off.


I don't know

how, um,

it's got a little bit
of dirt mud on it, but

nothing bad ah,

it's pretty solid

ground there, but it's soft
enough for the landing.

So I didn't see any damage

but the legs were

out and

secured, and non of
them collapsed or anything.

[Audio and video glitches]


I don't think it's fake

and I don't need to freak myself out um...


you know what?

Let's call it a night

and then we'll check
out things in the morning.

[Audio and video glitches]

[Fire cracks]


The fire,

is behind me.

And it was turned around.

[Fire cracks]


[Audio and video glitches]

[Rustling noise]

What in the shit was that?

This can go on friggin night.

If anybody out there.

I've got permission to be here.

[Fire cracks]



What is that?


[Audio and video glitches]

Oh, OK.

Get the Light off.


What in the crap.

They are all over.




The tree fell.




[Fire cracks]




This can't go all night.

Cannot go on all night.

Just let me get through the night.

Stay there one night
and I'll be out of here.

[Earth rumbling]

[Earth rumbling]

[Audio and video glitches]






[Deep rumbling sound]





Got to be kidding me.

Working again.



can you come get me?

What do you mean?
It's only 9:00.

There's no frigging way

I've been out here all


Do we have any damage from the earthquake?

The earthquake that we
just had a few minutes ago.

Did, did you all have anything there.

In the trees were falling.

It just loud rumbling, shaking.



Come get me. I'm not
staying out here tonight.

I have.

I've got a bad cut on my hand.

It's ah...

Yeah. Babe just come and get me.


Maybe a quarter mile from where

you dropped me off.

All right, we'll see about 2 hours.

Bring a bandage with you because.

I'm cut bad.

All right.


I haven't posted a video

regarding the figure
that walks in the woods.

Um, in a little while,

so I figured I'd give a quick update.

I got permission from the landowner,

and they notified the sheriff's department,

and I was allowed to go
on the property last night.

They did not want me to
go where the figure walks

because they didn't want other

people to see me there,
which would then, in turn

make them think they could, you
know, other people to go there,

that they it was all of a sudden OK.

I did still get stopped by
the sheriff's department.


Not long after I got into the woods.

I don't know if somebody saw me,

but everything was cleared up quickly.

But things went off the
rails really quick last night.


I ended up leaving my
belongings, the trail cams

and got out of there,
had my wife come back out

and picked me up, and um...

I will post some updates later.


But I've looked through some of the footage

and my cell phone died
on me when I was out there.

And there's some

it looks like maybe some corrupt files.

The weird thing is both cameras

had corrupt files during the same instance

that the cameras I was failing.

So but I couldn't stay out there all night.


But I'll have some more videos on that


I just got to finish going through it all.


[Wind blowing]

It's been a week since.

I was out here

and I'm still very much creeped out.


that feeder creek

is what you see there behind me.

I should be getting

near the campsite.

But yeah, things...

things went weird, and

as soon as I came in the woods today,

you guessed it,

the phone died again.


I'm gonna wind it up from here.


And the trail cams.

Are you ready?

On the ground.

Look at the big trees that fell.

There's the campsite.


And that's what was falling.

There's the bone.


And ready?

There's the tent.

I'm going to get

out of here.

We're going.

I guess there are some
things you just can't explain.

Perhaps it isn't meant to be explained,

but through all that, it is evident

that there is more than just a state

that doesn't want anyone on the land.

Is it the spirits of long
killed Native Americans?

I don't know.

As for the earthquakes,

there were no other reports anywhere else.

It seemed to be
centralized and just the area

where I was camping.

As for the bone, I found

it wasn't a bear or deer
or cattle for that matter.

It was a human femur bone estimated age

300 years.

You may have noticed a bandage on my hand

as I was trying to escape the woods

during the earthquake.

I fell forward and there happened to be

another arrowhead

sticking straight up that I landed on.

As for whatever it is that
shows up every evening

walking through the edge of the woods,

well, it appears that it may
have been watching that night

and the earthquake as well.

Officer James, can you tell me anything

about the ghostly sightings in the woods?

Not much, really.

The land, it's owned by an estate

that's been in the family
for decades, if not centuries.

Now, have you seen
anything strange out there?

I haven't.

Of course, we get reports every now

and then and generally,
as teenagers trespassing

and we do have a standing trespass order

as set forth by the estate.

There's a report that one of the deputies

actually witnessed the
the figure in the woods.

Can you verify that?

Again, I haven't seen anything.


There has been some rumbling at the office,

and I can't verify that the deputy did

see someone and the K-9 did not engage,

which I guess you could
say is pretty strange.

Do you believe there's

something paranormal out there.

In the woods? No.

Well, what do.

You think people are
actually witnessing out there?

I mean, we even have video footage of it.

It could be anything or
multiple things honestly.

If I had to guess,

it's likely

some kids that are trying
to keep a story going.

We're in a very rural area.

There's not much to do around here.

Once you get a story going.

People try to fit in and
let their imaginations run.

Then you get those that try to encourage

it even further, perpetuating evidence

by actively playing a part in it.


we've had a lot of legends
here in North Carolina

from a high number of Bigfoot sightings

to the devil tramping ground
and the brown mount lights,

even the Bakelite light, which isn't

too far from here either.

[Somber music]

Sir, do you mind if I ask you a quick question?
- Sure.

We haven't heard about
the figure in the woods.

You must be talking about "Flint"

[Tense music]

Sir, do you mind if I
ask you a quick question?

Well, sure. Um...

What's up?

Have you ever heard of
the figure in the woods?

The figure in the woods?

You, you've heard about that?

You doing a story on him?

Kind of. Yes, sir.

I've been asking a few
people around from that.

You know the figure that was in the video?

Yeah, I.

I heard about it.

I've never seen it, though.

I mean,

I heard some kids
talking about it over there

at the the campgrounds and stuff, but ah...

I never seen it then.

Thank you, sir.

All right. Take care.

Have you ever heard of
the figure in the woods?

The. The one, the local one?

- Yeah, um...

Look, I don't live too far from there.

I, I've never really seen it.

But the other night,
one of my dogs got out,

and I had to walk right past it.

I was looking for the dog.

I'm going to tell,

You ever had that feeling where, like,

your hair stands up in your arms

and you just kind of feel out of place.

That's exactly what happened.

I've not seen it.

I have no desire to see it.

It's there, though.

I know it's there.

Hey, sir, you mind if I
ask you a quick question?

Sure. Why not?

Have you ever heard of
the figure in the woods?


Oh, yeah.

I've done more than just heard about it.

Have you actually seen it?

Yeah, that's a good
question, because I don't know

what I saw um...

I saw motion.

I saw a figure, but I can't
describe it to you in detail.

It just,

you know, it's been a couple of months,

and I still get the
willies thinking about it.

Very interesting.

Well, I'm hoping to kind
of catch it on camera.

So we'll see how that goes. Well.

Just pay attention because

you don't see a thing, but you see a thing.

If that makes any sense.

And it's going to go on by,
it might go right beside you.

And we don't even know it.

But it's look.

Look at me that's got me all shaking. Hmm.

Good luck to you.

- I appreciate it. Thank you, sir.
- No problem.

Hey, sir, can I ask a quick question?

Yes, sir.

Have you ever heard of
the figure in the woods?

I've heard about it.
That's local or religion?

Everybody talks about it.

Can't be found in a store,

and I've never seen it myself.

But it sounds

really interesting to
kind of follow up on it.

Have you ever been by there to look for it?

I've been bother, but never seen anything

but ah, did sheriff being allowed
people over there anymore?

Not yet, but I'm hoping.

I definitely like to go have follow up.

Would you, if you. Do, do that?

I appreciate it, man.
- Thanks sir. Hey.

Walk in the runway.


Ma'am, do you mind if I ask you a question?

- Sure.
- Well, actually, we're on camera here.

Have you ever heard of
the figure in the woods?

Yes, we all have.
- Have you ever seen it?

No. It's probably fake or made up.

I've seen it.
- Really?

Baby. No, you haven't.

I have.

Every day when we come home from daycare.

It's along the edge of the woods.


She has a vivid imagination.

I'm sorry.

I promise. There's actually two of them.

That one is a little bit deeper.

They try and talk to me.

We, we have to go.