Something To Live For (2019) - full transcript

A young woman, who has been training to become a suicide bomber, must choose between her love for her son and her obligation to carry out an attack.


What password?

You should be grateful I even
managed to come at this hour.

So stubborn.

I learned from the best.

At least you know who's the boss.

So that's why you tremble
every time you see my mom.

Fine. I'll give you that.

I got you something.

It's simple, but I wanted you to have
something to remind you of me.

In case a hotter guy comes along?

Don't push it!

Just because he chose to die,

doesn't mean you have to die.

He had no choice.

Abed was in prison and he tried to-

Don't tell me he tried.

He went on a hunger strike,
got sick and died.

Instead of serving his time and
coming back home to you, his wife,

and experiencing true resistance
like the rest of us.

They would have never let him go,
and you know it.

Abed is free now, under the ground.
Be free above it.


Live, Nabila.

What is life without him?

I'm doing Jihad.

I am sacrificing my life for my country,
for the cause.

How many people can say that?

That is not the true meaning of Jihad.

That is the excuse of the weak.
This is suicide.

If your father were here-

Dad is dead!

Abed is dead!

Abed loved me!

I love you

I love my unborn grandchild!

Abed loved himself!

Again Nabila. Stronger.



It’s harder than I thought.

The pregnancy is making me slower.

Use all of your senses.

If they're on to you before you manage to explode,
you have to be able to attack somehow.

Otherwise this is all in vain.

How is she doing?

She needs a few more days.

Do you feel ready?

Getting there, God willing.

You will, with God's blessing.

We believe in you.

They will never see it coming.

I saw Abed in my dream.

He is very pleased with what you're doing.


Push Nabila, push.

Come on, Nabila.

One more time.

It's all over, all over.

Your son, Nabila.

Peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.

What is it, Nabila?

We need to talk...

Maybe things have changed.

Sister, keep your faith in God.

Then believe He will help you
pass through the border.

Did you forget you were the
one who asked to do this?

Insisted even.

You said Abed was your whole life.

Has that changed?

Of course not.

But I'm a mom now
and my son needs me.

Now you care about your son?

I'm just not sure anymore.

Nabila, I don't think you understand.

We are the resistance.

When we start an operation,
we finish it.

If you don't finish what you started,
you will pay the price.

You and your whole family!

Just like Abed did.

If dad were alive, do you think
he would have been pleased with me?

Dad was a dreamer.

And he raised us to be dreamers as well.
Blind ones.

You're a dreamer like he was.

You're just not blind anymore.

Maybe he was right?

I don't want to leave my son.

What you want is to free Palestine.

Only sacrifice and resistance
will free Palestine.

Your son will benefit from your martyrdom.

He'll benefit more from
growing up with his mother.

All kids grow up with their mothers.

But not all grew up to understand
the meaning of our cause,

of martyrdom and of sacrifice.

What happened to us?

Did you forget where we come from?

What we fight for?

What we want?

No. But maybe-

There is no maybe.

We don't have that luxury.

I raise my kids to fight and
to sacrifice when the time comes.

I will raise yours the same.


What are you doing?

He's coming with me,
like he was supposed to.

No. The boy stays here.

I gave him life.
I decide when he leaves it.

A child should be with his mother.

Take this permit. Give it to the
soldiers at the border.

You should be able to pass.

Give him to me.


You can both became martyrs today.

Remember I'll be taking care of your family.

Like I promised.


What's your name?



What's your name?



Come over here.

Come on, I don't have all day.

a suspicious person.
Need backup.

I'm sorry.


He's very sick.

The hospitals in Jenin aren't good.

Please, let us pass.

What's going on?
Your line isn't moving.

It's okay.

You can pass.

Thank you. Thank you.


Sleep, sleep my boy.

I will sacrifice a dove for you.

Don't you worry doves,

I'm just pretending...

For my sleeping baby.

This is yours.

So I'm always with you.

Oh Allah! I am your servant.

Daughter of your male servant,

and daughter of your maid.

My forehead is in your hand.

Your judgement is exact.

Your decision about me is just.

I ask you by every name of yours,
which you have called yourself.

Or revealed in a book of yours,
or taught to any of your servants,

or reserved within your
unrevealed knowledge,

to make the Quran a spring to my heart,

a light in my chest,
that it removes my sadness,

and erase my anguish.

Forgive me.