Snowflake (2017) - full transcript

Hunting down the murderer of their families in an anarchic Berlin of the near future, the outlaws Tan and Javid find themselves trapped in the wicked fairytale of a mysterious screenplay that entangles them in a vicious circle of revenge - apparently all written by a clueless dentist.


- Still tastes like shit.
- Keep eating! You can't tell yet.

- Why should it taste any different now?
- I made a different mix.

Bread, meat, salad, sauce.
There is no different mix.

The folio.
And the order Is Important too.

- It doesn't matter-
- Ii matters a lot!

You have no idea!

The sauce only goes on the bread.

You can sweet-talk the sauce
and fondle the salad,

still tastes like crap.

- You worried about your health now?
- It's about enjoying things.

- Eating for example.
- I enjoy this.

Because your taste buds are ruined
by all that crap.

This could be diarrhea,
you wouldn't notice.

Don't exaggerate.
I can taste everything.

Maybe these are not
the best ingredients but-

This is a chemistry lab. This is not
salad, sauce and definitely not bread.

All artificial,
"Monsanto" genetic shit!

If it tastes good I don't care
if Robocop made it.

You always drag us to these shit holes.

It's a nice place, nice people...
and quiet.

- And I fancied a kebab.
- Then eat up.

I don't want anymore.

- Why?
- Diarrhea sauce! You ruined my appetite!

I lost my appetite the moment
we stepped into this dump.

Let's go.

Be honest.
Think my döner' tasted better?

Are you retarded?
Did you hear what I said?

Ii tasted better than before, right?

No. Our bet was that it tastes good,
not less shitty.

I said it'll taste better than before.
So if it tasted less shitty I won!

It didn't taste any better.
Whatever. You're driving.

I can't make bets with you.

My döner tasted better
and you're not admitting it.


Maybe I can't make out
as many levels of gross as you.

This is a true story

from a different world
than you know.

The vengeful events
that are about to unfold,

really happened
in the near future.

Berlin is the burning point
of a Europe that has fallen into chaos.

After the economical and societal
collapse anarchy rules the streets.

The life that one knows
from the world's development countries

becomes daily routine
in the German capital.

What one need to understand

about societal disorder,
tyranny and lawlessness

is the following:

People go grocery shopping
even if there is a chance

of being robbed,
kidnapped or shot.

You still gotta eat.

Life goes on.

People celebrate weddings
and birthdays.

They go to get ice cream
when it's hot.

One still goes to the dentist

or to eat a Kebab,
if you like that stuff.

Life is normal,
even when it's not.



Let's go. I'm hungry.

Shut up.


JAVID: Then eat up.
TAN: I don't want anymore.

TAN: Diarrhea sauce!

- Dude, Tan, wake up!
- Lei me sleep.

No way. Exactly the some shit.
That's us! Dude, that's us!

Wake up!
You have to see this!

- You're a pain In-
- I.listen

"TAN: It's a nice place,
nice people... quiet. I fancied kebab."

"JAVID: Then eat up."

"TAN: I don't want anymore.
JAVID: Why? TAN: Diarrhea sauce!"

Sound familiar?

- What is that?
- When did you write this?

Just now.
I found a typewriter In the trunk and-

I swear on my father
I found it here behind the seat.

"TAN, 30, Turk, grubby clothes
and hands, black-greyish hair."

- What the fuck is this?
- It's us! Give me that.

- Dude.
- What happens next?

Some girl talking with a dude.
Then it stops.

"Snowflake" by Arend Remmers.
Fucking bastard.

- This is exactly-
- Who is Arnd Remmers?

- I have no idea!
- How does he know this?

Check the glove box. Maybe this car
belongs to that "Rammers" guy...

Check for a driving license...

A business card...

"Dr. Arend Remmers.“
His name's Arend, not Arnd.

I don't give a shit.

We get what we deserve.

What must be, must be.

Nothing happens by chance.

And I'm not talking about
fate or God's will.

It's all about action and reaction.
The laws of nature.

The cyclical process of vengeance.

It's the nature of men
to destroy each other.

Killing is absolutely natural.

And everyone who doesn't
believe that will die first.

We want to see Arend Remmers.

- You have an appointment?
- We're friends.

- Where is he?
- He knows you?

He knows us very well.
So where is he?

- He's with a patient-
- There?

- Stop! You can't-
- Shut the fuck up and call the cops.

Berlin Police emergency call centers
are currently busy.

Please try again later.

Arend Remmers?

Please make an appointment.
My colleague will-

Tell your tooth fairy to piss off.
We have something to discuss.

What's your problem?
I'm in the middle of-

Fancy a general anesthetic?
Fuck off.

Do us a favor and show
us your dumb face.

- I think you know who we are.
- I think you know who we are.

- We found your screen-
- We found your screen-



Shut up!

One more word, you cunt.

If you wont to use us In your script,
you ask us fist.

You were at that döner shop
and wrote it all down.

Tell the truth or I'll lose my temper.

- You won't shoot my hand.
- You sure?

- Yes.
- And why?

Because he has a better idea.


No, please, that isn't necessary.
I'll tell you everything.

- Open your mouth.
- I wasn't at that shop!

- So how do you know what we said?
- I just wrote that scene.

I see tooth decay. We need to drill.

If it hurts, just raise your hand.

More tooth decay.
We have to go again.

No. Stop! Please!

I was not in that shop!

I write screenplays as a hobby.

- I just wrote that scene-
- Pull It.

No. Stop!

I can prove it.

I also wrote this scene right here.

I already know what he's going to say.

Clever bastard.
How do you do if?

Freaky shit.
He's jerking us around.

It's quite something.





- I suck camel dicks.
- Not gonna say that.

You crafty bastard.

Enough! Drill!

No, I swear!
I've never seen you before!

Only in my imagination!

It all happens exactly
the way I wrote it.

It's only ten pages long!

I wrote more.

- Lee II to us!
- I can't.

- Why?
- It's not ready!


- We'll be back.
- I know.


You can count on
the thirst for revenge.

Everything else comes and goes but...

the thirst for revenge never goes away

until it is eventually quenched.


Are you kidding me? I just started.

Read the ending first.
I want to know how it ends.

- No way... Winter is in it!
- Our Winter?

And this Eliana. And some Bolek guy.

Bolek. What a dumb name.
Hello, my name is Bolek...

- That's all bullshit.
- What?

We're standing before God himself
and he kills us for all our sins.

Then Winter just kills everyone.
Eliana, Bolek and God.

He conquers Germany
with super soldiers

and becomes the new Hitler.

This script would be
the most retarded movie ever made.

Don't worry. It's all bullshit.

- This script ls cursed!

- It's the devil's work!
- What?

Don't touch it! Don't read if!

Page 10.
Exactly like it happened at the dentist!

We had this guy in our hands!
Who the hell wrote this?

- Maybe someone else heard us and-
- Why would someone do that?

"They sit in a deserted place and eat.
Tan, burger. Javid, salad."

"Javid reads the script. Tan: And?"

Are you kidding me? I just started.

Read. I want to know how it ends.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What is that?

"This can't be happening."

- Stop it! That's black magic!
- Stop it! That's black magic!

If we keep reading,
could we see the future?

No. This is black magic
and you don't mess with that.

- But what If we-
- No.

- But-
- No.

I got it.

There's only one explanation.

The script is from the future.

Somehow if traveled back
in a time machine.

What time machine?

In the future
we tell our story to the dentist,

he writes everything down,
travels back in time, and boom!

Here we are.

We keep reading

and do exactly the opposite
of what's written there.

OK. But I'm telling you,
that scumbag is from the future.

- Got it?
- Yeah. Here.

"Javid: Got it?
Tan: Yeah. Here."

"Javid: What happens next?
Read out loud."

"They look at each other.
Tan keeps reading."

Tan: They look at each other.
Tan keeps reading."

- Just keep reading.
- Yeah, OK.

Then you say: keep reading.

- Give me that.
- What a mindfuck!

"Javid: Give me that.
Javid takes the script, reads."

"Javid: Give me that. Javid takes-"
What the fuck is this?

What kind of fucked up scene is this?

We have to skip that page.

Out of nowhere, a guy with a pig mask-

What the fuck?

Go get him, damn it!


Hold on. Stop!

Do you have your knife?

- In the car.
- Awesome.

Sorry, didn't know we'd run into a trap.

If you read faster
we would've taken the knife.

If I knew this was going to happen
we wouldn't have chased him!

It worked! Good work, bro!


Take your fucking hands off me.
You bastards.

Look. We let them hang like this,

We just let them hang.

The blood will slowly drain
into their heads.

The heart has to pump hard
for the blood to flow back to the body.

But the human heart is weak.

If they hang upside down
the heart will eventually die.

What do you want, you cunts!

Talk German, you Polish shit head.

Blood head. Tastes good.

The brains become delicacies.

Good. Let's play, come.

What are they doing?

They're playing cards.

I don't believe it.
Those wankers are playing cards.

Hey! Motherfuckers!


They want us to kill someone.
For money.

Go play.
I'll take care of our guests.

Bro! Bring Vodka! Cold!

Take your mask off. We have guests.

Bro, are you hungry?

Go play.

See. Look closely.

That's where the knife goes in. Stab.

Not too deep or you'll cut his bowels.

And on this side you have to look out
for the liver. Understand?

Understand? Understand?


Give me a hand.
Help me.

Slowly... slowly.


Your turn.

Cut them loose.

Let's go inside. Do if!

I can't feel my legs.

Come on. Stretch!

See the screenplay?
Maybe you can read what happens next.


I can read it:

Tan and Javid are captured
by a pig and a chicken.

Tan makes stupid suggestions
until they die.

The End."

- What are you doing?
- I'm swinging.

- Why?
- To punch you In the face.

Can you reach that piece of glass?

Yeah. Push me.

Get that motherfucker!


- What are you doing?
- Hold still.

So Eliana and Carson
hired them to kill us.

Who is she and what is her problem?

Maybe I missed something.

Don't go back. It hurts my head.
Just keep reading.

It goes on with these interviews again.

"27 years with the police..."

Five of them as commissioner
and general of the German armed forces.

For half of my life

I followed my superiors' orders.

And when I wasn't willing
to do that anymore,

they ordered me to be killed,

which cost the lives
of my wife and kids.

But I regret nothing.

I did all I could to protect my family
and everything I stand for.

We're back to the present.
"Tan and Javid read the script-"

I can't listen anymore!

Everything we say is written there.
I don't give a shit.

Next scene. "Döner shop. Night.
Tan and Javid enter."

About eight guests are there.

Eliana with her parents...

Two döner with spicy sauce.
And a little chili.


- The same, no chili.
- Water and a yogurt drink.

Once again,
the police didn't respond to the call.

This video was recorded by q passerby.

We can see quite clearly
how the “Hyper Electro Man“

uses non-lethal force

to neutralize a criminal
while risking his own life.

How successful his method is
remains to be seen.

Many already regard this vigilante
as a role model

while others denounce him as crazy.

So the question is:
Is this man just sick or a hero?


- Why?
- He acts like a lunatic.

At least he reacts to
the world we live in.

I mean we live
as if everything's great.

Maybe we're sick.

Should I wear a costume, kill criminals?

He doesn't kill anyone.
He tries to change things.

Maybe he's just a product
of his environment.

But we live in a different world.

We live in the some world, Mom.
In the same city!

The difference is we don't care
what's happening.

You sound like Carson.

How did you find this place? It's nice.

Carson and me used to come here.

Why isn't he sitting with us?

Sometimes it's better
to keep a distance.

He's not here to be our friend.

Make it however you like,
it still tastes like shit.

If I make the döner here,
you'll like it. Guaranteed.

That's the dumbest thing
I've ever heard.

It's precisely these ingredients
that taste like shit. This meat.

How are you going to change that?

Wanna bet?

If I don't have a good döner
in five minutes,

you're driving all week.

Excuse me.


We didn't like your döner.

Please don't get me wrong,

but can I show you
how to make a good döner?

What are you talking about?

You want to show me
how to make my döner, asshole?

No. I want to show you
how to make my döner.

I don't care how you make yours.

If you don't like my döner,
go somewhere else.

I don't want to look for another
döner place. We're real hungry.

Besides, we don't have a problem
with this place.

- The ingredients are fine too.
- So?

- You're the problem.
- I'm the problem? Me?

Take your buddy and piss off.

Well, I made a bet.

If I don't make my döner now
I'll lose the bet.

And what I hate the most
is a bad döner and driving-

Salad. Everything.
Herbs and spicy sauce. No chili.

Almost ready.

We should burn it.

A lot of scenes
are not even written properly.

There are just rough notes.
Like he said.

- It's not finished yet.
- So what?

This is our chance.
We can change everything.

We killed her parents.
She does what we do.

Her folks were in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

I'm sorry for them.

- But we can't lose sight of our goal!
- This makes no sense.

The script says that Eliana
keeps hiring people to kill us.

But it also says we'll meet
an angel who will protect us!

And now get this:
the name of the angel is Snowflake!


Every time we do something
like in the script

we're only getting closer
to this horrible ending.

No! We just didn't understand
how we can use this!

So we can get to Winter!

We have to find that angel!

Or we won't get out of this!

I won't let our lives
be ruled by a fucking screenplay.

Are you crazy?

We kill the dentist. And that's that.

What do you want?
Dr. Remmers is gone.

Where is he?

- He took a trip on short notice.
- Where?

He wanted to finish his screenplay.

But you know where he lives.




I'm telling you this guy is long gone.

He's probably writing a scene
where we stand of his door,

knocking like idiots,

breaking the door down

and staring into an empty apartment.

Come on, let's go. We'll come back.

Nowadays, It's Impossible
to criticize

immigration policy
without being prosecuted.

That's why we can't treat
this country's second biggest trauma.

This unregulated mix of cultures
goes against nature.

To integrate a Black African in Germany
is basically the same

as throwing a monkey into a lion's cage.



We'd like to see Rashid or Fumo.

It's about on assignment.

Hello, my name is Gustav.
What's your name?

- I'm Eliana.
- Carson.

Hello, Eliana. Hello, Carson.

- Are you Okay}
- I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

I mean because of the chain.
Do you need help?

Rashid and Fumo will be here shortly.

For your information: this room
is under video surveillance.

They're holding you captive?

I'm property of the national police
and armed forces union.

Hello, Rashid. Hello, Fumo.
We have guests.

We can see that, shit-bot.

We're here about
a bounty assignment.

These are not guests.
These are clients.

He gets a bit confused.

So we can put our guns away.

Hi. My name's Rashid.

That's Fumo.

We're shaking hands, Fumo.

More to the left.

A bit more to the left.

You miserable piece of shit.

Check this out.

- Freaky, huh?
- Thai dumbass doesn't feel anything.

- He's a fucking robot.
- Not a robot.

A synthetic computerized organism.
Bio-droid prototype 43887GF.

Get the paperwork, Gustav.

All this depends on the level
of difficulty. Half upfront, half after.

We charge extra for torture
and souvenirs from head to toe.

- You can add that there.
- I'd like to be there.

Make a cross where it says:
live experience.

Mark desired weapons here

and here you have the option
to deliver a punch-line.

You choose a knife
with a punch-line like:

"Greetings from stab city."
There's a movie feel to it.

At the bottom we added
some new punch-lines.

"There's a gang bang party in hell
and your ass is the main entrance."

Normally we offer to video everything
with music-

- We don't need that.
- Okay. Cool.

Our video camera is gone anyway,
we'd have to get a new one.

But now it's all good.

Here are our terms and conditions.
Please read and sign.

On page three, enter all the info
about the target. Photos and everything.

That's it.


What's that?

- Ant to marry me?
- Happy birthday, bro.

They reminded me of your dad.

You remember that?

- Thanks, bro.
- Let's put them on.

You sons of bitches. Shut up.

To your father.

May I have your attention, please?

Give it up for our wonderful Snowflake!

I'm really sorry about the blood.

No worries.

- That's Javid. And I'm Tan.
- Hello.

Want to come with us, Snowflake?


We could grab something to eat
and then show you our favorite spot.

Why are you carrying that chainsaw?

- It's not for you. Don't be afraid.
- I'm not afraid.

Your favorite spot is really beautiful.

We spent a lot of time here as kids.

Our house was over there.


- Sorry. Did I say something wrong?
- It's okay.

We were 16 and fetched my dad's clothes
from the dry cleaner's.

When we got back
the house was on fire.

No police came. No fire-fighters.
They just let it burn.

The only thing I have left
is this shirt and my dad's tie.

Someday we'll get the guy who did it.

The chainsaw is for him.

- That shirt suits you.
- Tan gave me these.

- Beautiful.
- It's Javid's birthday.


Happy birthday.

Hold still.

Thanks for doing that for me.

That was our destiny.

You believe in fate?


Imagine you could read your own end.
Like in a screenplay.

I saw my end.

I was standing alone on the edge
and there was nobody.

No light. No love.

What a load of bullshit!

And what did you do?

I grew my wings and started a new life.

This is crap.
"I grew my wings..."

The chainsaw is a symbol
of revenge and hate...

Snowflake is hope...

She just has to tell them...

You have to bury your hate
and replace it with hope.



And now they celebrate
the start of their new life.

Party montage...

Tan, come here.

Do you have a light?

Keep your hands where I can see them.

Put your guns on the ground.

Kick them away.

Do it!

Tell your guardian angel to piss off.

I'm not going anywhere.

I read all this in the script.
Don't worry. Snowflake will protect us.


Well then...
on your knees everybody.

Go on.

You too.

The client has no message for you.
So I'll read an old classic from us.

Dear victims, beloved guests.

We're gathered here tonight
because Tan and Ravid-


Fuck it... because Tan and Javid
want to die together.

The devil is heating up the oven,
we don't want to keep him waiting.

That's why I ask you, Javid,

do you want to bite the bullet without
trying to talk yourself out of it?

In that case,
please answer with a "yes".


Now it's your turn, Tan.

If you want to accept your fate 100,
then answer with a "yes".

It's all good. Trust me.


Respect, guys. I'm a little moved.

Then I hereby pronounce you dead.

You may die now.

That's new.

We have to go.

Who sent you?

They killed my parents
and you let them go.

You should do the some.

I can't do that.

Then we'll see each other again.

- Javid, listen. You two stay here.
- What?

I have to make the dentist
rewrite the end.

But we wanted to change our lives-

Don't get me wrong, Snowflake,
but it's too late.

We'll get what we deserve
no matter what.

- We go together.
- The script says we die together.

So we're safer if we're not together.

Don't leave this room until I'm back.

And keep your hands off her.

Fuck an angel and we'll be
eternally raped by elephants in hell.

I won't touch her, I promise.

Take care.

Snowflake. Take care of him.

To your new life.


For you.

Unbelievable. Come in.

Grab a drink and take a seat.
I'm writing.

It's so awesome.

I'm just writing the last scene.

Not the ending,
but the one scene that's still missing.

Who are you?

I know you want to hear
I'm some sort of prophet or whatever.

Or that I have some kind
of message for you, but I don't.

All I have is a screenplay.
A story for a movie. Nothing else.

It's hard to grasp,
but it is what it is.

And please put that down.
I can't focus at gunpoint.

- Stop writing.
- I'm almost done.

Stop it. What is this?

I never knew
how to make it all work.

I mean you,
Snowflake, Hyper Electra Man.

And then I had this amazing idea.
Check it out, here.

This is the scene between Snowflake
and Javid in the hotel,

and the scene with us right now.

Ii stark with you coming here
and so on.

And from now on we cut
back and forth from hereto the hotel.

We see what you read!

Because if all happens
at the sometime.

Just read the hotel scene or we get
this recursion effect again.

So only read the hotel because...
we see the rest anyway. Just read it.

That's enough.

Let's go to bed.
I'll sleep over there.

I don't want to sleep. I want to dance.

I can't. Please don't.

Don't you like me?

Of course. But we can't do this,
you're an angel.

You're so sweet.

Stop it.

Javid, what are you doing?

What's more interesting is:

did I know that he was going
to do this and wrote it down?

Or is he doing it because I wrote it?

I get dizzy thinking about it.

- Change that scene right now.
- What?

- No, I can't.
- que them stop.

- I can't do that.
- Yes you can.

You have to read the whole scene.
You'll see everything makes sense.

It's perfect.

Just trust me and keep reading.

I beg you, please stop.

You have to stop! I'm serious.

What have you done?

Isn't that amazing?

I know all this still looks
a bit strange but later-

Snowflake had to die
so that everything works out in the end.

You'll understand later.


Why would you do something like that?

I didn't shoot her. I just wrote it.

You wrote this?

No, wait! There is more...

Javid! Enough!

We can't undo this.
But we can rewrite the ending!

We need a leader,

who puts the future of this country
before himself or any individual.

Everyone who knows
true freedom needs leadership,

will have nothing to fear.

But everyone who is still blinded
by democratic ideas

will fall victim to their naive beliefs.

It won't be too long

until our people see
what commitment,

rigor and true patriotism

have achieved
In the basement of our nation.

Our country will see:
true freedom comes at a price.

- Private property. Go away!
- We're here to see Reinhart.

Wait here.

Your weapons, please.


Since you asked for me in particular,

I guess I don't have to
introduce myself.

However, I have no idea who you are.

Dessert, please.

I need someone to kill
two men for me.

You were recommended.

- And who recommended me, If I may ask?
- God.

Well, if God has sent you,
you can't be wrong.

Negro marshmallow?

These are our troops.

Radically trained,

with masterful skills
and mechanical obedience.

Each of them
will get the job done flawlessly.

Let me give you a demonstration.

Follow me.

Don't be afraid.

Number seven. Fall in.

For many years
this camp has been a secret

we protected with our lives.

And we do everything in our power

so that even God
doesn't know where we are.

Now you and your silent watchdog
show up.

Out of the blue.

Sent from God.

So I ask myself: who is this girl?

How does she know my name?

And this address?

Shoot the man, number seven.



You just have to answer my questions.
Then you'll be shot and it's all over.

Otherwise this will hurt a lot. A lot.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Sooner or later my guests
always tell me what I need to know.

I want to save myself some time
and spare you the pain.

Number seven.


Let's start real slow.

And I'll show you step by step

what I'm capable of.

If you want Tan and Javid...

you have to give them what they want.

During your term as commissioner

seven refugee houses burned down.

In total, 264 people died.

In all seven cases, neither police
nor fire fighters came to help.

It is said that you not only
denied their intervention,

but also ordered
the arson attacks yourself.

What do you have to say about that?

Hey guys.
I don't want to give you a hard time,

but could I have my car...

Sit down.

- You'll rewrite the ending.
- Why?

That's why.

Winter kills everyone
and becomes the new Hitler?

Did someone take a shit
in your head?

That's not the latest version.
I told you it wasn't finished.

I wrote this dark ending...

when I was feeling a little depressed.

I was just experimenting.

I wrote a whole new ending.

And that is really very good!

Hyper Electro Man
is looking for Snowflake,

but he only finds her dead body.

And of course,
he knows that II was you two.

A: It turns out,
Snowflake was the love of his life.

The pain of losing her forever
is so powerful

that he betrays his own beliefs
and swears revenge.

Are you saying that this electro tucker
is after us now?

And then?

Then you force me to rewrite it,

I refuse and you want to shoot me but...

Hyper Electro Man is hunting you down

and in the last second
he breaks down this door.

Tan and Javid are caught off guard...

And what?

Well you have to understand...

he is the true hero of this movie...

and you guys...

don't get me wrong,
but you're the bad guys.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- Don't get mad.

This is not the end yet,

but it means that Hyper Electro Man
comes through this door

and kills you with his bare hands.

Ironically, you get killed by the guy
who saved you earlier.

You're the most retarded screenwriter
in the whole world.

You think we like that?

But the story goes on. It's not over.

I don't give a shit.
You'll rewrite this scene right now!


Shit. Logic error.

If I told them that Hyper Electro Man
is coming through that door...

You'll rewrite everything
from this point on.

What should I write?

- Do we look like screenwriters?
- We're more like producers.

We give you cm idea and you write it.

No matter if it makes sense or not.

We want to kill Winter.

Apart from that,
write whatever you want.


For both of them.


Sit there and don't move.

Shut up until we read the whole thing.

Can you please state your full name.

My name is Hauke Winter.

Thank you very much.

I'd appreciate it if you kept me updated
about all publications.

If you keep your end of the bargain.

You're very brave.

A number for the second name

couldn't be found on such short notice.

Thanks. This will do.

I'm just curious.
Who are these two men?

Young lady,
I'll give you five seconds

to explain yourself
before I call my guards.


I don't think your guards can hear you.

Just like In the script.
- Right.

We have to go.

We tried to put out the fire
with buckets of water. For two days.

We thought they'd get out
of there somehow.

Our parents and siblings.

Javid's little brother
was just six years old.

My sister was ten.

Their burned bodies were stuck
under stones and concrete.

We had to cut them out
with this chainsaw.

We promised ourselves that one day
we'd find who was responsible

and cut him into pieces with it.

And look at that.
We even scratched his name on It.

Isn't It strange
how much we have In common?

This unquenchable thirst for revenge
that drives you on

and brought you here.

My family was also taken from me.

Blown up into thousands of pieces.

Nothing to bury.

As if they were never there.

People who say that revenge
doesn't make anything better

have no idea what we're going through.

And they're wrong.

I took revenge.

And I felt better.

I have great respect
for your desire to exact vengeance.

But sadly, I have to disappoint you.

I didn't order those arson attacks.

On the contrary. I did everything
in my power to prevent them.

You're looking for people
from the old government.

People who spread these lies about me

because I stood up against them!

We should join forces
and finally get rid

of the last remains
of capitalistic leaders-

Face your fate and take responsibility
for what you did.

Maybe you're lucky and it doesn't work.

We're sorry.


I love it.

It's a masterpiece.

I'm really pleased.

I think it's great too.
Almost better than before.

Actually, It's way better.
- Our Idea.

Your idea.

Just like In the script.
- Right.

We have to go.

- So this is it, right?
- Yeah, that's it.

There's just one small thing.

We have to make sure this screenplay
never gets changed again.

Of course.

For Snowflake.


My name is Leonard Kemper.
I work at the army research center.

I was kidnapped four months ago
during the riots.

They wanted to chop me to places
with a machete.

I acted as if I was - a robot.

And they believed it.

Those wankers took me with them
like a fucking dog.

They keep me on a chain
and do experiments on me every day.

I don't know
If I can take this much longer.

Thai blind sick fuck Fumo,
he's the worst.

When he's bored...

If someone finds this,
I'm on level 2 of-

If someone finds this,
please get me out of here. Please.

Thai blind fucker.