Skate Kitchen (2018) - full transcript

A teenaged skateboarder makes friends with a bunch of other skateboarding girls in New York City.

Subtitles by explosiveskull




- BOY 1: Go for it.
- BOY 2: Just do it.

Oh, my. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


BOY 1: Oh.

BOY 2: Oh.

BOY 1:
I think she has her period.

Camille, go to the bathroom
and check it.

CAMILLE: It's not my period.

BOY 1: Just saying, yo.

I think she's, like...

she's bleeding.

It looked
the blood was rushing down.


DR. HUNTER: Still okay?





Your mother is a whore.


Your mother is a whore.


How did it go?

What do you mean?
They just took out the stitches.

did it hurt or anything?

No, it took like two seconds.


RENATA: No more skating.
Promise me.

- Mom.


What are you talking about?


All right, fine. All right.

I promise.



Just stuff.




MAN: You wanna get
the fuck out of the way?

JANAY: Hey! What's up?


JANAY: What's your name?

- Camille.
- Are you from here?

KURT: Janay, Janay,
Janay, Janay.

That girl just fingered me
in the bushes, bro.

Oh, my gosh!
What is wrong with you.

KURT: She just put her fingers
in my pussy.

- Not right now!
- Come on, give me a dab.

No. This is Camille.

- Hi. You look familiar.

I follow you on Instagram, bro!
Yo, I follow her on Instagram.

She's mad good.

Aren't you, like,
from New Jersey or something?

CAMILLE: Long Island.

Oh, that's the same shit
to me bro.

It's not in New York City.

Oh, this is Ruby.

- Yeah, that's Ruby.

She keeps her hand
on her camera.

She gonna catch a clip,
Long Island?

Come on, Long Island,
let's get a clip!

- CAMILLE: I'll try
- KURT: You'll try? Cool.

Let's get it, first try. Go, go!

KURT: Damn.
Too many penises in the way.

JANAY: That was good, though.

CAMILLE: Oh, shit.

CAMILLE: Ah. Again!

That shit was valid!

Oh, nice!

First try.

Hey, can you do an ollie?

KURT: No, bro, I'm a poser.

That's why I have this shit.

I thought this was just
an accessory.

- It's my purse.
- JANAY: That's your bag.

KURT: Yeah, that's my bag.

- Hi.


Indigo, this Camille.
She hit us up on the 'gram.



JANAY: The good part's coming.


♪ Don't, don't, don't,
Don't stop the beat ♪

♪ I can't, can't, can't,
Can't control my feet ♪

♪ P P P people in the street

♪ C'mon everybody
And move your feet ♪

♪ Don't stop don't stop
Don't stop the beat ♪

♪ I can't stop can't stop
Can't stop the beat ♪

♪ I won't stop
Won't stop the beat, go ♪

♪ Everybody, move your feet
And feel united ♪

♪ Everybody, move your feet
And feel united ♪

KURT: Fuck you, bitch!

Oh! Watch out.

Yo, that bitch was way
into me bro.

♪ You, you, you,
You sing along ♪

♪ Just put, put, put,
My record on ♪

♪ And all of your troubles
Are dead and gone ♪

♪ Don't stop
don't stop the beat ♪

♪ I can't stop
can't stop the beat ♪

♪ I won't stop
Won't stop the beat go ♪

♪ Everybody, move your feet
And feel united ♪

♪ Don't stop
Don't stop the beat ♪

♪ I can't stop
Can't stop the beat ♪

♪ I won't stop
Won't stop the beat, go ♪

KURT: What the fuck,
you fucking asshole?

♪ Move your feet
And feel united ♪

There's plenty of food
in the fridge. Just heat it up.

Where you going?

Have fun.

KURT: Fuck yeah, bitch!


KURT: Fuck yeah, bitch!

MAN: Oh, yeah?


RUBY: Hey, what's up?

CAMILLE: I just came here
to skate.

I'm about to leave to go meet
the girls. You should come.

- Okay. Yeah.
- RUBY: Let's go.

- INDIGO: Give me your board,
- KURT: Yo, just hop over! Damn.


CAMILLE: I'm good.

KURT: They don't have weed
in Long Island?

I mean, New Jersey,
I mean, Long Island.

it's so chill here.

But I get so sick of this city.

I just wanna go to, like,
the fucking mountains

and make artwork, ceramics.

Nobody can fucking find me.

(SCREAMS) I'm swaying.

KURT: You know the show
Sex in the City?

- INDIGO: Yes.
- No, you don't.

You watch the show
Sex and the City, bitch.

What are you talking about?

KURT: Okay, listen!

- INDIGO: What are you talking about?
- KURT: Yo, you're too high!

You're too high.

KURT: No, I'm not, I know
what the fuck I'm talking about.

No, you don't!

Kit Kats and Sex and the City,

and also, the motherfucking
Monopoly man. Okay?

INDIGO: What's wrong
with the Monopoly man?

KURT: That motherfucker...

doesn't have
a fucking monocle anymore.

He's always had a monocle.

Exactly, and now it's gone.

KURT: It's because...

a lot of people have noticed
these certain things

that is different than it was
a couple years ago.

People think that we entered
a different dimension,

a dimension that looks
so similar to the other one.

So, that we wouldn't notice.

Except for certain little
things that changed.

Okay, it's called
the Mandela Effect, right?

Nelson Mandela.

The biggest one that fucked
people up in the head

- is that a lot of people...

remember hearing
about Nelson Mandela

dying in the '80s

- when he was in jail.
- CAMILLE: Hey, Mom.

KURT: If you look on Google,
Nelson Mandela died in 2013.

Yeah, I'm at the library.

KURT: That's fucking fucked.

I'll be home soon.
I got a little delayed.

I'm leaving now.

All right. Bye.

INDIGO: Oh my God.

KURT: Let's do, like, a chain.

Camille, grab your stuff.

- CAMILLE: Thank you.
- Yeah. Everything okay?

Yeah, I just told her
I was at the library.


So, you just keep, like,
old photos

so like, send to her.

Yeah, you guys don't do that?

- With your parents?
- No. That's different.

CAMILLE: It's the same photo
every time too, I don't...

Well, we're all going back
to my place if you wanna come.

CAMILLE: I have to go home.
I really can't.


Oh, you don't hug?

Not really.

JANAY: That's okay,
Ruby doesn't either.

Okay. Um, I'll see you guys
another time, then.






KURT: Little bitch!



Make a wish.

When did you bake this?

RENATA: Last night
after you went to bed.

And I didn't put any eggs in it.

I thought we can go
shopping together.

I want to get you a gift.

No, you don't have to spend
your money.

I mean it's okay, it's fine.

RENATA: We can get you
some new clothes.

And I mean...

- Mom, please.
- You're such a beautiful girl.

- If you take...
- Mom, stop!




CAMILLE: For a while...

I was feeling really lonely

it's like...

that loneliness
you... you have...

even if you're in a crowded room
with people smiling

and laughing and...

that emptiness,
I was just feeling it

for so long.

But um...
I don't feel it anymore.

JANAY: Does it taste like
outdoor-grown weed?

- KURT: Yeah.

- ELIZA: Hey!

- INDIGO: Hey, Lawrence!
- Hey.

- RUBY: Hey.
- LAWRENCE: Hey, girls.

- KURT: What's up?
- JANAY: Hey.

- QUINN: How you doing?
- INDIGO: Hey.

- LAWRENCE: How's everybody?
- Hi, Dad.

what's up, Camille?

All right, who's hungry?

- ALL: Me!
- JANAY: Oh, yes.

- Alright.
- Please make your lasagna.


- Yes. Please.
- Okay, lasagna?

JANAY: Any food.

- Any food?
- Just make food.


It sounds like lasagna it is.

- ELIZA: Yeah.
- Lasagna cool with you, Camille?

Yeah, yeah.

Thank you. See you later.

- JANAY: Thanks, Dad.
- ELIZA: Thank you.

KURT: Janay, your dad's so cool.

Like, it smells like mad weed
in here

and he didn't even say anything.

I know. I don't know why
he doesn't say anything.

Does he, like,
buy you everything?

Like, does he, like,
buy you tampons?

Yeah. Yeah, when I ask him to.

That's dope.

That's mad cool.

I just send him a picture
of like what I want

and he's like, "Okay, got it."

- That's a good dad.
- JANAY: Yeah.

You use tampons?

Yeah, sometimes.

You don't?

Can't they kill you?

- No.
- What?

Like, your leg can fall off
but you won't die.

INDIGO: Where'd you learn that?

ELIZA: Oh my God. No. Ruby.

- RUBY: I heard about it.
- You won't die from just using

a tampon, otherwise
the whole country

would not use tampons.

KURT: Yeah, baby,
don't use tampons...

- INDIGO: The whole world.
-'re gonna have a river in your pants. Like,

would you rather be overflowing
with blood or nicely plugged up?

- INDIGO: Exactly.
- I use tampons.

They work for me.
Still have my legs.

RUBY: For now.

KURT: Are you guys
on your period right now.

- ELIZA: Just finished.
- INDIGO: Yeah, I'm about to start.

- QUINN: 'Bout to get it.
- JANAY: I have to go

to the gynecologist
and I'm, like, so nervous.

Like I don't know, I feel like
they're just gonna be like,

"Why does it look like that?"
And I'm just like,

- KURT: What?
- ..."I don't know."

KURT: It is your vagina?

Yes, I just feel like
they're gonna be like...

But they look at pussy all day,
that's their job.

JANAY: Look, I don't know,
I just feel like

mine is just extra weird
and I'm just like...

I'm just scared.
I'm just oh, my God.

Look, I know you've probably
seen way more vaginas

than I have.
Can you just take a look?

You want me to look
at your vagina?

- JANAY: Yes. Okay.
- Okay.

- ELIZA: Oh, my...
- JANAY: Okay.

RUBY: Y'all ridiculous.

- JANAY: Is that okay?
- (CHUCKLES) It's perfect.

It's valid.

- Are you sure? Okay.
- You're good. Yes.

Janay has a valid vagina.

- INDIGO: Great.
- RUBY: Good job. Congratulations!

Amazing. Phenomenal.

CAMILLE: I had to go
to the gynecologist

- not too long ago myself.
- INDIGO: Word?

CAMILLE: I was skating
at this park in Long Island

and I was hitting this set.

But something happened
and the board just...

I just messed up and I ended up

sitting on the board

and it cut me down there.

- You got credit carded?

Oh, my gosh.

I was just pouring blood.

Dude, that's so scary.

That's like
the scariest thing ever.

I've always feared that.

Like you're really tough
for that.

Like, that's crazy.

CAMILLE: Everyone thought
it was my period.

- All the boys were like,
- JANAY: Oh, my God.

- ..."Is that your period?"
- Yo, boys are just...

uneducated sometimes.
I'm sorry.

Not all boys, but some boys.

- ridiculous.
- RUBY: Yeah.

Wait, do you have a type?

- CAMILLE: Type?
- Like, of... of... like,

- of other people.
- ELIZA: Sexual preference?

KURT: Sexual cuisine.

CAMILLE: Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.

I mean, what's your type?

- KURT: The dickhead type, bro.
- ELIZA: Right!

Every boy that Janay
has been with

- has been a fucking asshole.
- Shut the fuck up, no.

- True.
- Smelly-ass boys.

Can you guys shut up? No.

ELIZA: That's not...

JANAY: No, seriously,
come on. Answer the question.

Like, what's your type?

Why do you guys wanna know?
I don't know, I just...

Dude, it's a simple question,
do you like dick or pussy?

- I like...
- KURT: Do you like sucking dick

- or eating pussy?
- Stop.

Okay, I like boys, okay?
I like boys but...

- Yeah...
- I like pussy.

Nice pussy.




Mom, just relax. Chill.

I'm fucking 18. I do shit.

I'm 18 now.

Why? Is your boyfriend here?

I said lower your voice.

You were skating.

KURT: Your mom took your board?


- JANAY: Damn.
- BOY: Why'd she take your board?

Yo, come on.
I'm gonna get you a board.

- KURT: Man, I've seen some mom shit.
- CAMILLE: Really?

- JANAY: True, yeah. Yo.

one of you guys have a board?

- BOY: What happened?
- Do one of you guys have a board?

BOY: No, I'm sorry.

Who's is this?

- Who's is this?
- Why are you fucking with my shit?

Can she just have this one?
Her mom was being asshole.

Ah, chill, don't fuck with my shit. Put
that back before I make you do it myself.

- Take your fucking board.
- ALEX: All right, bye-bye.



I got an extra board.

- CAMILLE: Really?
- Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah.

CAMILLE: What? For me?

CHARLIE: I got you. Hell, yeah.

I just wanna see you
keep on shredding,

like, honestly.

- Yo, thank you, Charlie.
- CHARLIE: No problem.

Hey, here you go. A hug. Great.

Maybe four means love.

My bad.

- GIRL: Oh, hey.
- BOY: Oh, you can juggle?


CAMILLE: Is there a third wheel?

- KURT: Oh, no.

You just gotta hammer it

- ELIZA: Hey! Hey, you guys.
- KURT: Yo! Yo!

CAMILLE: Alright.

CAMILLE: Setting up this board.

Yeah, we just set up a freshy.

- GIRL: Ta-da.
- GIRL: How did you mess up.

Oh fucker.

- ELIZA: Camille?
- I'm good, thank you.


KURT: Yo, thanks, man.

♪ Now, I want it now big ♪

♪ Booty fat, wanna fuck around
I want it now bitch ♪

♪ I want it now big booty fat
Wanna fuck around ♪

♪ I want it now

♪ I want it now big ♪

♪ Booty fat, wanna fuck around
I want it now ♪

♪ I want it now

♪ Damn I wanna fuck around

INDIGO: Kurt, you're like,
hand-feeding pigeon lady.

I don't wanna get shit on!

Please, don't make 'em fly! No!


JANAY: I don't wanna get
pooped on!


Where are all the squirrels?

JANAY: Oh, no, no.

INDIGO: Where are the squirrels?
I like squirrels.

You okay?

(SIGHS) Yeah.

You don't look okay.

You know you can stay
at my house if you need.

KURT: Chill, guys.
Hey, don't fight each other!

Thank you.

- JANAY: Hey.
- CAMILLE: Hey, what's up?

What are you making?

Um, I got veggie burgers.

CAMILLE: Veggie burgers?

Yeah, you know, I just want you
to feel comfortable like um...

- Thank you.
- JANAY: Yeah, no problem.

It's cool.

That way we can just all eat
the same thing

- and it's not...
- CAMILLE: Yeah.

- I'm sorry. I always feel...
- JANAY: No, it's totally fine.

- Thank you, though.
- JANAY: Do you like tomatoes

and lettuce, like, on your...

Yeah, anything. I'm not picky
when it comes to vegetables.

Okay, cool.
So, I'll do all of them.

Is that multiple choice?


CAMILLE: I'm so bad
at multiple choice.

I don't know,
I feel bad for you.

Can you actually help me
with this one?

JANAY: Yeah.

ISAIAH: 'Cause, like, how am I
supposed to know which one is X?



I keep forgetting Charlie.

Because he got mad nicknames
so I forgot which one,

and I was like, "Who dat?"


You guys are dead.

Yo, who's that lady?

Yo, what's that lady doing?

CAMILLE: What are you doing
in the park?

Oh, dude. That's her mom, bro.

INDIGO: Oh, shit.


You have to get out.

We are in the middle
of the park Mom.

GIRL: How'd she come here?
How did she, like, find her?

No, it's too late.

You don't mean
shit to me anymore.

So just get the fuck
out of here!

KURT: Oh, shit!

Camille! Yo, what the fuck?



♪ Your silence is like
A loaded gun ♪

♪ Shot me in the back
Of the head ♪

♪ You tell me
I was the only one ♪

♪ I'm the only one, left

♪ Only one

♪ Yeah yeah

♪ The only one

♪ A pocket full of troubles

♪ A hundred Supreme
Duffel bags ♪

♪ Shorty been around

♪ But I'm still trying
To fuck with that ♪

♪ Hit it, dip Homie
Never fall in love with that ♪

♪ Give it to her nicely Hit
it from the front and back ♪

♪ We're the kids
That do drugs first ♪

♪ Then brush teeth second

♪ We're the kids that do lines
Off of Lou Reed records ♪

♪ We're the kids
Who roam New York ♪

♪ And act so reckless

♪ Told me Skizzy, you a savage
But I wasn't affected ♪

♪ They don't understand

♪ Swear that
They don't understand ♪

♪ Lately I been doing Zans
Lately I'm remembering ♪

♪ Lately I've been questioning ♪

♪ Why our late nights turn
To early mornings ♪

♪ You need space
I give you orbit ♪

♪ The only one

♪ The only one

♪ The only one



JANAY: Is she always like that?

CAMILLE: I don't know, I mean...

I've only been living with her
for like five years, so...


CAMILLE: She's whatever. Like...

hard to be around sometimes.

So, when the courts asked
who I wanted to live with,

I chose him.

JANAY: Damn.

Yeah, once a year,
I was supposed to see her

during Christmas to, you know,
exchange me.

But... every time we would go,
I would just sit in the car

and I'd see her
through the glass,

sitting, waiting for me.

But I just couldn't get out.

I'd... I would just sit there

my dad would have to go in
and be like,

"Oh, Camille doesn't want
to see you."

And so, we'd just leave.

JANAY: That's a lot.

CAMILLE: Yeah, once I turned 11,

I started, like... changing,


I used to stand
in front of the mirror

and punch myself in the chest

because I didn't...
I didn't want to grow breasts.

It was horrifying 'cause...

I was always, you know,
dressing in boys' clothes and...

playing football,
and hanging out with my dad.

And when I noticed that
I wasn't going to be like that

forever and that
I was growing up,

it was super embarrassing
because he didn't...

he didn't notice,
he didn't understand.


So, one year, that year, I...

on Christmas, I decided, like,
I needed to see her.

I needed to go.

It's not even like I wanted to.
I needed a mother.

But I went and...

I just started spending
more time with her.

after a couple of weeks,

I felt like maybe
I should stay with her,

start living there and...

Uh, my dad was just
super jealous.

He didn't think that...

I'd ever...

leave him.

And I wasn't trying
to leave him but...

I didn't wanna leave him,
I just...

He just wasn't...

Now we don't talk anymore

and I feel so bad

because I didn't want him
to feel like

I didn't want him anymore.
It's just I...

needed a mom at that time,
and, like...

JANAY: I totally understand.
Like I... I totally understand

what you're going through
and it sucks

and I don't want you
to beat yourself up about it.

Yo, come on.

We have to get to LES before
all the assholes get there.

Skate or die, bitch.

KURT: What the fuck?

Yo, we out to the back.

Yo, back the fuck off, son!

BLAKE: How about you teach
your little girlfriend here

how to actually fucking skate
and not look cute

like everybody else.

- BOY: Yo, dawg, hey, hey.
- KURT: Yo, you wish

a girl this beautiful.


Yeah, right, that's not
what your mom said last night

when I fucked her!

What the fuck?
What the fuck did you just say?



KURT: Fucking bitch!

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Don't touch my board, bitch!

- JANAY: Fuck them, fuck them.
- KURT: Give me that shit!

Get off my fucking skateboard!

Get off my fucking skateboard!

Get off my fucking skateboard!

Give me my fucking skate...


So, then you're gonna press this
to void a purchase

but then you're gonna need
a manager to swipe.

And people are gonna be all up
in your face

talking about coupons
but if they're expired,

they're expired, okay?
That's just policy.


Like, people get crazy.

- About coupons?
- People get violent.

You wanna take that
to the stockroom for me?

Oh, yeah. Where is it at?

Right there. It says "stockroom"
right there. Andale.


Lana said to bring this
to the stockroom.

Yeah, you can just leave it
right there.

Yo, where's your...
where's your posse at?

Don't you guys travel
in a squad?


DEVON: Your rowdy-ass girl crew,
where they at?

Very funny.

DEVON: Oh, I hate this job.

- KURT: What's up?
- Hi.

Dude, that dickhead
works here too?

Yeah, um, why do you guys
hate him so much?

He's just an asshole, bro.

INDIGO: That one looked perfect,

Camille, where you at?

Camille hiding. Y'all ready?

Everybody in this?
Oh, you blocking people.

What the fuck is your face?


- What the fuck?

RUBY: The train is coming!

Oh yes. (LAUGHING)

How did I wake up with scratches
on my body and you wake up

with scratches on your body
in your bed

when I told you the night before
"Take me home.

I'm not feeling good.
Take me home."

And he's just like, "Nah!
It's just you were into it."

And I was like, "No.
It looks like I tried

to fuck you up, which means
something is wrong."

- And like, everybody's...
- They always play it like

it's the girl who's bugging out
but it's not true.

He's calling me crazy
and I know...

- Yeah.
- ...I'm not bugging.

KURT: That's so fucked up, bro.

Everybody always just believes
what the boy says.

INDIGO: And then
they'll call you crazy

and you get upset
because you know

- you're not wilding out.
- Yeah.

And it makes you feel
even like you are crazy.

What's that...
what's that shit called?

- Yeah, gaslighting.
- Gaslighting.

- I fucking hate that.
- QUINN: Recently,

I was with some guy
and we were over

by McCarren chilling
and earlier in the day

everything was fine but one time
we were just chilling on the bench

and he starts putting my hand on his
dick right there. And I was like,

"What the fuck are you doing?"
It was suss as fuck.

- KURT: He took your hand and put it on his dick?
- QUINN: Yeah.

KURT: Gross.
That's so fucked up, bro.

Nah, I'ma start doing
that shit though.

- KURT: To boys?
- INDIGO: Just like...

Yeah, just bring their hand
right here and be like,

"Yo, daddy, what's up?"

- Word.
- Just, like, feminism.

KURT: Yeah, word.
Yo, fuck them, bro.

JANAY: Looks valid up there.

- KURT: You guys ready?
- JANAY: Yeah, yo.

RUBY: No, we're not ready.

- KURT: We're not ready?
- RUBY: Camille's not ready.

- Oh, yeah, yeah. Do this.
- GIRL: yeah.

Give her the old razzle dazzle.

KURT: Come on, let's go!

As long as it doesn't change me.

ELIZA: Nah, for real, like,
it looks really good.


♪ Yeah hoe

♪ Kitana Kitana Kitana Kitana

♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪

♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪

♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪


♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪

♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪

♪ Mortal Kombat
I'll see you mañana ♪

♪ I step in this bitch
And I do what I want ♪

♪ I don't give a damn
And I don't give a fuck ♪


♪ Yeah hoe

♪ I step in this bitch
And I do what I want ♪

♪ I don't give a damn
And I don't give a fuck ♪

♪ Don't give a fuck

(SCREAMING) All right.
It's all right! Hold on.

Hold on. Back on.

Y'all on this song.


♪ Aye

♪ Aye



♪ Balmain the sweater
Truey the pants ♪

♪ He did it again
Damn I did it again ♪

♪ Damn that boy shitted again

♪ Juuging again,
That boy juuging again ♪

♪ Did he just hit
Another lick damn ♪

♪ Did he just run off
With your shit damn ♪

♪ Did he just pull up
In a whip damn ♪

♪ Did he just fuck
Another bitch yup ♪

♪ And she just did
one hundred tricks damn ♪

♪ She a freaky lil bitch

♪ Smoking dope out the breeze
Out the whip ♪

♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪

♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪

♪ I wear the Balmain
Like a Nike check ♪

♪ I be ballin' like
Mike and them ♪

♪ I got two TECs
Like I fight the ref ♪

♪ Pussy boy know
It's on sight for him ♪

♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪

♪♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪♪

♪ Wear the Balmain
Like a Nike check ♪

♪ I be ballin'
Like Mike and them ♪

♪ I got two TECs
Like I fight the ref ♪

♪ Pussy boy know
It's on sight for him ♪

♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪

♪ Hand full of grams
Other hand full of them bands ♪

♪ I seen that cash from afar

♪ I go to work for them bands
See the scars ♪

♪ My weed make you dance
With the stars ♪

♪ Supersize my pockets
I'm living large ♪

♪ McQueen gold on the scarf

♪ My shooters come out
After dark ♪

♪ I been 730 from the start

KURT: You guys,
if you were to smoke

with any famous person
that died, who would it be?

CHARLIE: I mean, he's not dead
but I would smoke

with my homey Kevin Bradley.

Off the bat, I'd just rather
smoke with my friends.

Nah, I would...
I would wanna smoke

with Michael Jackson.

CHARLIE: Michael Jackson?
That's a good one.

KURT: You think he was a stoner?

- Yo, imagine.
- CHARLIE: Yeah, he definitely smoked.

- CAMILLE: He was a stoner.
- CHARLIE: He definitely smoked.

You can't be that wild
and not smoke bud.

CAMILLE: He's so cool.

KURT: This guy told me that
Jimi Hendrix used to put...

cut slits in his forehead
and put tabs of acid

in his slits and hide it
under his bandana, yes.

- GIRL: What do you mean...
- KURT: Put tabs of acid,

- yeah, like
- ..."cut slits"?

And then he would just
trip balls

- while he was playing.
- He'd be all talking bleeding.

KURT: No, just little slits.
Just little ones.

- CHARLIE: That sucks.
- GIRL: Ah, scary.

KURT: You did acid before?

- GIRL: With Jimi Hendrix.
- KURT: No, you didn't.

- GIRL: I was kidding

- but I felt like...
- GIRL: Poor Jimi

I was like, "I feel his soul,"
I was deadass tripping balls.

Like, it was lit.

What flavor is this?
Tastes nice.

- KURT: It's weed flavor.
- CAMILLE: Taste like...

- GIRL: It's weed flavor, yeah!
- CAMILLE: No, no.

GIRL: I would say grape.
Probably like, black widow.

CAMILLE: Tastes like banana.

- GIRL 1: Oh, no.
- GIRL 2: Oh, no.

It actually tastes like...

- GIRL 2: Grape?
- GIRL 1: Michael fucking...

- GIRL 3: Bob Marley?
- KURT: Paul Newman

You guys know
who Paul Newman is?

- GIRL 1: Snoop Dogg.
- GIRL 2: Paul Newman?

GIRL 3: Yo fuck it.

GIRL 4: Snoop Dogg! Fuck, yeah!

CAMILLE: SpongeBob.

KURT: You can't light
a spliff under the sea.

It's water,
you can't even light it.

No, no, you know that episode
where they go above the water?




♪ Back up back up

♪ Turn around turn around
Turn around back up ♪

♪ Turn around turn around
Turn around back up ♪

♪ Ben ova and touch toe
Back up ♪

♪ Set like you a love pro
Back up ♪

♪ Stand up and sink in yuh
Back up ♪

♪ Dat deh style wid yuh
Foot pon di block back up ♪

♪ Fling yuh love pon dah
Boy deh back up ♪

♪ Mek mi kiss up yuh
pretty Jahhh yah ♪

♪ Baby yuh pretty clean,
Yeah pretty clean ♪

♪ Give me love
Mek mi enjoy it ♪

What's up?

Where's your, uh,
where's your boy posse at?

We ain't stuck like glue
or nothing.


Yo, I seen you at the park
the other day shredding.

You were killing it.


Hey, um...
what's your favorite color?


Is that why you turned
your hair red?



See, I like yellow
but if I tried to turn

my hair yellow,
it would just look blonde

and I don't... I don't think,
I don't know...

blonde wouldn't be cool.

A good look but yeah.

But yeah, I'm gonna go inside.
Good-bye. (CHUCKLES)

CHARLIE: Fuck it,
that shit was wild.


CHARLIE: Imagine if somebody
just came

and wall-rided this shit.

DEVON: I've been planning this
for weeks!

Come on, don't slack on me
like this.

Yo, let me call you back.
Yo, Camille!

Yo, Camille!

All right, so, I was supposed
to do this photography shoot

with my homey
but he slacked on me.

Are you trying to pull up?
'Cause I really wanna get this.


DEVON: Thirty minutes tops.

Well, no, I... I would
but I can't tonight.

Maybe another time.

I'm so down for another time.


All right.

- All right, next time.
- Sorry.


CAMILLE: I think it'd be cool
if I... I stood on the board.


I'm gonna try to skate up here.

Yo, you wilding.

I'm gonna do a trick.

- Are you a deadass?
- CAMILLE: I'm gonna ollie.

Hold on.

All right, go ahead.

Holy shit.

Let me get a couple more.

That was a little sketchy.

I'ma try to kick flip it.

DEVON: All right, go.


CAMILLE: Does it look good?

Wait, wait. I can go higher.

So, you just come up here
on roofs, look down at people?

DEVON: Sometimes.

CAMILLE: Everything looks
so different.

You know, you're the only girl
I've ever brought up here.




But you're cool.

JANAY: Yeah, all right,
yeah. I don't know.

It's, like, is it a thing
where you pop first

and then flick,
or is it one motion?

CAMILLE: Yeah, you have to pop.
I don't know, it depends.

I think about it...
I think about it

I was like, as I pop,
I'm flicking and turning.

I think of it as doing a 180
and then like,

just adding the flick in there,
you know?

JANAY: See, but you do
that whole thing

- where like...
- CAMILLE: I just pivot.

Yeah, you do, like...
I feel like you make it

a two-part thing.

KURT: Yeah.

Yo, check this trick out
that I learned the other day

- from my friend.
- INDIGO: So funny.

Stop it! Don't do this.

- I know, I know, I know.
- INDIGO: You don't want it!

CHARLIE: Hey, look out
that backflip!

Yo, what the fuck is that...

Yo, why you guys snaking us?

Yo, can we even, like,
dead ass skate, bro?

We trying to skate, bro.
We were here first.

No, you're not gonna let
a girl drop in?

What's wrong
with the kiddie pool over there?

KURT: What the fuck?
Yo, you guys suck mad dick!

BLAKE: Yo, Kurt, why are you
always talking mad shit?

- Because you're always acting
- Why?

- like a dickhead!
- Get out of here!


KURT: Fuck you, son.


BOY: Just relax.
Just relax, bro. Just relax.


- CAMILLE: Bam. That's it.
- JANAY: Oh, shit.

Like, if you don't care about

JANAY: You just go for it.
I don't know.

I feel like the best like,
a lot of good skaters,

they like do not think.

No that's you can't think,
that's the thing.

And us girls, we think too much.

- JANAY: I cannot do that.
- Yes, you can.

Like, I could
but I like my life.

Once boys hit puberty,
they just get really good.

I don't know. You notice that?

JANAY: Eh, no.

I don't pay that much attention
to this shit.

is that in Midtown?

JANAY: Yeah.

I wanna go there.

JANAY: That's, like
by Bryant Park.

(MAN IN VIDEO) You rolling, bro?

You guys haven't taken me there.
We should go.

I think that might be a little

CAMILLE: What do you mean?

JANAY: I mean,
I just don't think

all of the girls
would wanna do that.

CAMILLE: But you wanna
stand out, right?

Yeah, I want us all
to stand out, like I wanna...

CAMILLE: So then
we should just go hard.

It'll be fun.

I've seen you do things
way bigger at skate parks.

I know you can do it.

It turns into a five-stair
but it's just a four-stair

at the beginning.
It should be fine.

- You got it.
- KURT: Let's do it.

- KURT: Come on, you got it.
- Nah, I don't know.

ELIZA: Damn. Damn.

Come on, you got it.

Just try it again. Come on.

All right, firecracker,
let's go.


- Yeah, Janay!
- JANAY: Oh, fuck!

KURT: Oh, fuck!

- What's hurting?
- JANAY: Fucking ankles.

GIRL: Are you okay?

CAMILLE: Just take
a deep breath.

Just breathe.

Do you need help?

JANAY: No, no. It's okay.
I got it.


JANAY: Who is that?

Oh, my God.
Don't even worry

about your mom right now.

You're gonna be valid
in a couple of weeks

and we'll be skating
and you'll think back

to this day
and it'll just be a thing

that happened.

JANAY: I guess.

What's wrong?

Sprains take a couple of weeks.

Really and before you know it,
we'll be skating

and going to LES and back it.

It's gonna go by fast.
Just stay up.

Come on!

Come on.

You sure?
It'll make you feel better.

I got this from Kurt.

Don't tell her I took it.

Come on.

Let's watch some TV
or something.

KURT: Put your foot, like...
put it like closer to here.

ELIZA: I don't wanna step
on your fingers.

- KURT: It's okay.
- ELIZA: Okay. Like that?

Yeah. And then like try and like
just go as like fast as you can

and just shove it onto the left.

Try and go fast.

That was pretty close.
You just have to go faster.

CAMILLE: Yo, what's up?

You girls want a bev?

- CAMILLE: I'm good.
- PATRICK: Good.

Get me, like, Fiji water,
nice snacks.

- Hmm.
- Alright. Cool.

All that.


Hi, Camille.

How are you guys?

What do you mean?

You know,
how are you guys doing?


Yeah, you like him, don't you?

I like how he gives me head.

All right, so, then like
when do you know...

How do you know
you like them?

INDIGO: What do you mean?

How do you know
if you like a guy?

You just know.

You get a feeling.

It happens.

How do you know
when they like you?

Why are you asking me
so many questions?

You like someone.

CAMILLE: No, I don't.

Who do you like?

- What's his name?
- I don't like anyone.

- You like someone.
- CAMILLE: No, I... no I don't.

I'm being really serious.
Even though I'm smiling I swear.


But Janay and that dude

what's up with them?
Like, the dude at the party.

Are they togeth...
Are they, like a thing?

They were, like
all over each other.

Nah, he didn't mean anything
to her.

Not like Devon did.

Devon. How?

- They were...
- INDIGO: They had a thing,

like on and off for years.

And she just...
she can't get over it.

He's a dick.

- Damn.
- INDIGO: Yeah.

He's an asshole.
I wish she would.

But it's whatever.

KURT: Your fucking foot
looks like my tie-dye, bro.

That's crazy.

- I know.
- CAMILLE: That's a sign that it's healing though.

- It's the same color as her board, yo.
- JANAY: Yeah, really?

Are you icing it?

Um, kind of like
you're not supposed to ice it

for too long but like yeah,
I've been icing it.

- KURT: That's good.
- JANAY: Yeah.

So what else
have you been doing?

- JANAY: Just chilling this.
- GIRL: Yo.

what the fuck is that?

KURT: This is Tony Alva.
He's my animal therapy rat.

JANAY: Why is he here?

- KURT: Because he's supposed to help you.
- JANAY: No can you please...

- No, please. No, please.
- He's chill.

- He's supposed to help you.
- JANAY: I really don't like rats. Please!

- You're scared of him?
- Yes!

- He's smaller than you.
- GIRL: Yeah.

He's really cool.
You would like him if...

And what the fuck?
He's like shitting

- on the floor. Can you get...
- He's just an animal.

He's just an animal.
He's supposed to shit.

All right, Kurt,
let's just bring Tony

somewhere else. All right?

KURT: Yeah.

ELIZA: Bye, Janay.

- You sure?
- No, no, no.


- Okay, okay, okay.
- CAMILLE: Come on, Kurt.


DEVON: I tried to link you.
You get my text?

Yeah, sorry I didn't get back.
I was...

DEVON: No issues.

I'm about to go sack some clips
with the boys up at Midtown.

You trying to pull up?

Hmm. Yeah, I'm down.


- DEVON: Yo, what up?
- RAMON: There you are, bro.

- What's good, bro?
- Hey, yo, Dev, who's this?

- DEVON: It's Camille.
- Hi.

- DEVON: She gonna bomb with us today.
- Are you serious?

Yeah, bro. She fucking shreds.

'Aight, yo, make sure
that chica's keep up, though.

- Yeah.
- RAMON: Deadass, bro.

TIM: Are we skating
or we talking?

DEVON: Oh, shit.

TIM: Yo!

RAMON: Yo, yo, yo,
let's hit some bangers on this.

TIM: Let's go!
Let's get these clips!


Oh, yeah!

MAN: Yo, stop right now!
Break it up!


- Y'all gotta get out of here.
- TIM: All right, all right.

Just this last one guys.
Just get that.

Get that right quick.

- MAN: Did you just...
- ALL: Yo. Yo! Yo, yo, yo!



- MAN: Hey, back off.
- CAMILLE: Sir, sir.

I let him borrow my board.
That's my board.

Can I just please have
the board back?

I didn't know we weren't allowed
to skate here.

- Hey, come on, you know this is private property.
- CAMILLE: No, I didn't.

- Listen.
- CAMILLE: I really didn't. And he was just using my board...

- This is our job, all right?
- Alright.

I totally understand that
but can I just please have

the board back?
I'm not trying to fight you

or... or be disrespectful
like them.

I'm just trying to get
the board back. Please?

Take this board, right?

CAMILLE: Come on.

- I just let him borrow it.
- Take the board...

And get the fuck
from around here.

CAMILLE: Yeah, I know. I know.

Don't let me catch you
out here again, okay?

Yeah. Have a good night.



♪ So you're still
thinking of me ♪

♪ Just like I know you should

♪ I cannot give you everything
you know I wish I could ♪

♪ I'm so high at the moment

♪ I'm so caught up in this

♪ Yeah, we're just young dumb
And broke ♪

♪ But we still got love to give
While we're young dumb ♪

♪ Young young dumb and broke

♪ Young dumb young young dumb
And broke ♪

♪ Young dumb young young dumb
And broke ♪

♪ Young dumb broke
High school kids ♪

♪ Young dumb broke
High school kids ♪

♪ Jump and we think - do it
All in the game of love ♪

♪ Love

♪ Run into sin do it all
In the name of fun ♪

♪♪ Fun whoa oh oh ♪

♪ I'm so high at the moment

♪ I'm so caught up in this

♪ Yeah, we are just young dumb
And broke ♪

♪ But we still got love
To give ♪

♪ While we are young dumb
Young young and broke ♪

♪ Young dumb young young
Dumb and broke ♪

♪ Young dumb young young
Dumb and broke ♪

♪ Young dumb broke
High school kids ♪

what videos did you see?

DEVON: I watched, like,
every single video you posted.

- CAMILLE: You're lying.
- DEVON: I'm not lying.

- What's up?
- JANAY: Hey, what's up?

CAMILLE: Nothing.

DEVON: What's up
with your home girl Janay?

I haven't seen her shred
in a minute.

Yeah, no, she actually fell
super hard the other day

and sprained her ankle.

No way. Is she gonna be okay?

Yeah, she's good.

She just rolled her ankle
really bad.

So, she's just been kind
of like house-locked.

- Ah.
- Yeah.


CAMILLE: So, what have you
been doing all day?

JANAY: This.

CAMILLE: Come on,
don't look like that.

Cheer up. It's summer.

JANAY: Yeah,
and I'm in the house.

I like how it pointed
this way...

I'm gonna head out to the park,
so I'll see you, okay?

All right.


So, what happened with you
and her?

She couldn't handle us
being just friends,

so I had to cut it off.


We still cool.

- LAWRENCE: Hi, ladies.
- JANAY: Hi.

Janay, let me see this ankle.


The swelling's down.


- JANAY: Still purple.
- Progress. Progress.

Chin up.

KURT: Get out the way, pigeon!

Oh, shit.
Yo, that was mad close.

JUAN: Yo, bro,

I'm about to fuck this girl,

Oh, my God,
she's so fucking fine, bro.

Like, bro, her ass is like round
as shit.

BOY: Yeah, you a thot,
that's what.

JUAN: I'm not a thot, bro.
I'm just... I'm a man

who likes women, bro.
I love beautiful, smart women.

I love beautiful, smart women.

They be nice to be around. Curly
hair, big lips, thick as fuck.

My God, man.

They're just dope.

I'm trying to not listen,
but I hear it.

JUAN: Like, she invited me
to her own crib.

I didn't even have to invite her
to my apartment, dude.

Like I was just like, "Wow."

She gave me some buns!

Oh, really?
Some hot dog buns.

It was like God's vagina.

DEVON: Dude.
Did you just say "God's vagina"?

RAMON: That's where we...
That's where we...

So, God's a girl, right?

- JUAN: God is a girl.

- Oh, yeah.
- God's definitely a girl.

JUAN: She was fine!
I can't stop.

I can't get over it, bro.

- I can't get enough of the girl.
- What's her name?

Her name is Tez.

She's valid.

- RAMON: Where's she from?
- I don't know.

I just met the girl,
she was dancing on me,

then I fell in love, dude.

- DEVON: Me first?
- CAMILLE: You gotta land it first.

DEVON: Oh, okay, cool.

CAMILLE: Oh, back you up!
I got you!

I don't know what I'm gonna do
if I can't skate anymore.

Like, that's my whole life.

Like, you know that,
that's all I do.

CAMILLE: Come on, you're...
you're gonna be able

to skate soon and, Janay,
skating isn't your whole life.

You're still you with
or without your board, okay?

JANAY: Why do you sound
like Devon? Oh, my God.

He used to say, like, deep shit
like that, like,

all spiritual and stuff
and I'm just like...

It's not... it's not you.
It's just like...

he really messed me up.

DEVON: Yeah!


BOY: Nice.

JUAN: Hit that shit.

CAMILLE: You just gotta, like put your
foot out more and catch it, you know?

Like, here, watch.
Watch my front foot.

Oh, my God. (CHUCKLES)

Watch your front foot.

CAMILLE: I hit a rock.
That doesn't count.

- Ow.



CAMILLE: More towards
the beginning, like...

- Hey. Hey.

- Your homegirl's over there and she is faded.
- What?

DEVON: She needs some help.
Well, yeah, she's flattened out.

INDIGO: Yo, Eliza, Eliza. Hey.

What the fuck did you do
to her?

We was just trying to get lit.

- DEVON: That's it.
- Devon, what the fuck?

INDIGO: She's obviously
not good.

- Nah, nah, nah. No one's trying to violate.
- INDIGO: Go away.

- Go away, Juan. Go away.
- JUAN: Dude, I thought it was some...

- No, I don't care.

- CAMILLE: Devon!
- Yo, bro, bro,

- let's just clear.
- All right, whatever.

- CAMILLE: Leave.
- JUAN: Whatever.

INDIGO: Thank you.

I told her
it was on some next-level shit.

She can't handle it,
so whatever.

Yo, your friends can be real
assholes sometimes,

you know that, right?

DEVON: Yeah, yeah, I know.


What's going on
with you and Devon?

CAMILLE: No, not now.

- Are you fucking him?
- No, God!

We work at the same place.
That's all.

- Does Janay know?
- CAMILLE: No, she doesn't, but...

Why haven't you told her?
You need to tell her.

You need to tell her.

CAMILLE: I will, I will.
Come on.




KURT: Oh, my God,
you should see that clip, bro.

- INDIGO: Janay!
- Hi.

- INDIGO: We missed you.
- ELIZA: Hi, Janay.

RUBY: Hey, Janay. You're alive!

- I know!
- RUBY: And walking and outside!

Hi. Ew, you're sweaty.

- INDIGO: Come, let's skate, let's skate, let's skate.
- We're out here workin' hard.

- INDIGO: Get on the board. Get on the board.
- Please don't kill me.

you have to lean that way.

JANAY: Yeah.

Watch out for the side!

Oh, my gosh!

Oh! Ah, shit.

Oh, no! Oh!

- INDIGO: Are you okay?
- RUBY: Indigo, what did you do?

I'm only trying to kill her
a little bit.

JANAY: I don't wanna do this


Well, I'll still roll you back.

RUBY: She was just good again
and you fucked her up again.

INDIGO: You know, butt-ass naked
running around SoHo

'cause I ain't have
no fucking clothes.

- So, we had to call somebody.
- Mm.

But we didn't have phones,

So, we had to be on the computer
like, Facebook

messaging people to come get us
and open the door and shit,

- like...
- Are you fucking kidding me?

- INDIGO: What? What's wrong?
- KURT: What the fuck?

- Hello.
- KURT: What happened?

INDIGO: Janay! Janay!


- KURT: Janay, what happened?
- JANAY: Camille!

- CAMILLE: What's up?
- JANAY: What the fuck is this?

Are you fucking kidding me?

This is you staying late
at work?

CAMILLE: Janay, I... no,
I was going...

I'm over here waiting for you
to text me back and shit

and you're fucking around
with Devon?

- Are you kidding me?
- I was gonna tell you.

- I just, like...
- JANAY: But you didn't!

I wanted to tell you.

JANAY: You didn't tell me shit!
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Indigo knew.

Don't be bringing me
into your bullshit.

It was not like that, Janay.
It was not how she said.

- I told her no.
- So, I'm the only idiot here, right?

- INDIGO: Janay.
- I'm guessing you knew, too.

- INDIGO: Listen.
- Bitch, I didn't know shit!

She kept this shit to herself,

She did this by herself,
on the low.

you were all depressed.

- JANAY: Don't fucking touch me!
- You were all depressed in your bed, like, I didn't know...

- how to tell you and...
- That's not an excuse.

JANAY: I don't want...
what is wrong with you?

Why would you do that?

You're supposed to be my friend!

CAMILLE: I am your friend.

No, friends don't go fuck
their friend's boyfriends!

I didn't fuck him.
We were just taking photos

and skating
and that's all we did.

So, you're skating with him
now too?

- ELIZA: Of all the boys you could've fucking chose...
- INDIGO: You fucked up.

- chose him?
- JANAY: I'm trying so hard to like not punch you

in your face right now.

Why were you skating with them?

Why not? I'm just skating!

- you don't own me.
- JANAY: It's not just skating!

- What is it then?
- You fucking tell me! You were with him!

- CAMILLE: It was just skating and I'm telling you.
- Were you sucking his dick

- while you were on the roof with him or some shit?
- CAMILLE: Are you fucking

kidding me? No.

Alright, if you want to skate with
whoever the fuck you want to skate with,

- then get the fuck out of here!
- KURT: You're such a fucking shitty friend.

- CAMILLE: Fuck you guys.
- Just leave. Just go.

- Don't fucking touch me.

CAMILLE: Shut the fuck up!
Back the fuck up!

- How could you fucking touch me.
- CHARLIE: Chill, chill.

- Indigo. Go. Go.
- CAMILLE: Fucking touch me!

CHARLIE: Yo, yo, yo, yo.

CAMILLE: You wanna...
you wanna fight?

- KURT: No, get the fuck out of here.
- That's all you can do, right?

- JANAY: Get the fuck out of here!
- KURT: Leave bitch.

- CAMILLE: Whatever.
- JANAY: You fucking whore.

Your mother's a whore!

Your mom is fucking dirty,
you dumb bitch.

CAMILLE: Fuck you.


Fucking God.


- BOY 1: Deadass.
- BOY 2: You got this!

Yo, what's going on?

Is it cool if Camille chills
for a bit?

- Yeah, it's fine. She can chill over there.
- Alright.

BOY 2: You can chill right here.

- This kid, I don't even know this kid.

- BOY 2: Yo all gonna have to wake up.
- BOY 3: We got a nice crib!

We pay rent and all that.


- Camille how are you doing?

Next time you come, make sure
you bring your mom with you,

all right? I'm a MILF-er.
I'm a MILF-er.

BOY 3: Nah
but I've fucked a MILF before.

Nah! Nah! Nah, yeah,
that shit is crazy.

Nah, I'm deadass.
So, you know I be chilling

at the bar right over
around the corner.

So, I was chilling
around the corner, right?

BOY 1: Real facts.

BOY 3: I been chilling,
this girl comes up to me.

- She's like, you know, 25.
- BOY: That's not a MILF.

Nah, this... nah. Yeah, nah.

Swear on... I swear on anything.
I swear on anything.

I swear on anything.

All right,
let me tell the story!


- All right, let him rock.
- BOY: Tell us, tell us.

All right, so, I'm chilling at the bar
and this chick just comes up to me.

She's like,
"Can I buy you a drink?"

And she's wasted.
And I'm just like, "All right."

She buys me the drink,
we're chilling.

She's, like...
she goes in to just kiss me,

right like I've been talking
to this chick

for like two minutes.
I kid you not.

She buys me a drink,
I'm drinking the drink.

She turns around,
she tries to kiss me.

I'm like, yo,
I don't know who she is,

so I like... kinda just like...
skirt it.

And then she... she was like "Oh you...
And she was like

"Are you gay?"
And I was like... "What?"

She was like...
I forgot how it went but like

- somehow she was like...
- BOY 2: You had it!

- No, okay. No, no, no, no!

- Nah, nah, nah.
- No, no no.

- BOY 1: My son...


I had this... nah, nah, nah.

That fucking actual MILF
though, bro.

- BOY: Definitely not.
- BOY 2: Definitely not.

Yo, she was like,
sugar mama type.

- I would pull up to the crib.

- You're, like, 15, nigga.
- She was 38...

she was 38 and she had two kids
and she treated me right, bro.


BOY 5: All I need
is once chance.

- Baby oil everywhere.
- BOY 4: All I need is one night.


Yo guys, I'm done,
don't be playing me.

- Don't be playing me, son.

Who's gonna spit,
who's gonna spit?

BOY 2: Yo, who got the bars
on this shit?


BOY: Woo!


Oh, shit.

♪ I said it I get it yeah
I'm independent ♪

♪ These lame niggas
Fucking with me ♪

♪ It's offensive

♪ They trying to take over
My life real aggressive ♪

♪ I not let that happen
'Cause that is my life ♪

♪ Get up and ride
Skate all the time ♪

♪ Not shooting ads
For no fashion line ♪

♪ NYCO you know we the best

♪ We don't hate
We don't got time for no mess ♪

- BOY 5: Hey! Hey!

BOY 5: Aye, aye!

- Aye, aye!
- BOY 3: I like that harmonica, though.

- Yo, that shit fire, though.
- BOY 6: That shit is fire.

- BOY: That shit is killing it.
- That's totally fire.

All right, skate video.

- Relax.

- Yeah.
- BOY 2: Skate video time.

Yo. Oh, I gotta...

- Can't even read my Thrasher.
- BOY 2: Yo, I need the bud.

DEVON: Welcome.



You read this?

DEVON: Yeah.

My mom loves him.

DEVON: Yeah?

Yeah, when I was younger,

she got me a copy,
but it's in Spanish.

It's easy to be crazy
about love in Spanish.

You can leave your shit,
like, under there.

Probably safer.

We got a bed for you
in the living room.


MAN ON TV: And the female
is so resourceful,

as she sits there,
she plucks down

from her own breast
to create this big blanket.

When she leaves,
she'll sometimes

pull this blanket back over the
eggs to keep them warm.

From the outside, it looks a
lot like a teenager's bedroom,

but if you were to cut it down
the middle

and take a look inside,

whether made by paws or beaks,
these homes were built...

BOY 3: Go to your room.
Go to your room.


BOY 3: Shut up, grandpa.
Go to sleep.

BOY 4: Yeah, that way. Oh!
Right there on her belly?

BOY 3: So, put me
onto the other one.

- BOY: No, man.
- BOY 3: Put me onto the other one.

- BOY: So, stop chatting.
- BOY 4: Stop changing it.

BOY 3: Nah, you chatting.

- BOY 4: You said you fucked the other one.
- BOY 3: You... You chatting

- and you changing it.
- BOY 3: Nah, nah.

BOY 3: I put in the skate video.

- BOY 4: Yo!
- BOY 3: That shit's fire.

- BOY 3: Yo!
- BOY: Roll something up.

- BOY 5: Yeah, shut up and roll something, man.
- BOY: Aw, come on.

- BOY 3: Bro, you gotta stop with the porn.
- BOY 5: I'm gonna break this shit.

BOY: Yo!

- BOY 4: Bro.
- BOY 3: Yo, stop changing it.

BOY 5: Nah, nah,
let's finish the skate video.

- Yo!
- Bro.

- Yo, you making me ash all over!
- It's four.

- You gonna break my phone, you fucking bitch!
- No, I'm tired of this shit.

- No. Trying to see my nigga...

That just can't be the event.

- Bro!
- She got two melons.

She never told me
she was wearing gloves!

Oh, my God!




- Got that?
- Yo, that was OG hard.

- See if we can get a little higher, but...
- Check that.


Yo, don't trip off that shit,
all right?

We're on the zone,
all right? Now kickflip this.

I need a minute.




WOMAN: Excuse me?








What's up? What you doing?

Yeah, they were just being loud
out there.

So, I thought I would come
in here.

- Shit, for real?
- Yeah.

Tim, stop.


You good?


Yeah, I'm just so fucked up.

The Henny.

It's so hot in here.

Yeah, it's just...

- What's up?
- Nothing.



What's wrong?

I like you so much, Camille...

just... just not like this.

- Not like what? What are you...
- It's...

It's like you're... you're like
a little sister to me, you know?

It's like you're one of us.

- And I don't wanna...
- Really?


I mean, am I wilding right now?

I mean, I just figure
we have a different type of...

You know, I thought... I thought
we got along so well and...

No, like, 100%.

But, like,
I just don't wanna mess that up.

Okay. Okay.

- You know?
- Yeah.

I'm so...
I'm sorry if I'm like...

- No, I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry. I just...




I messed up.


You wanna try?

- CAMILLE: All right, go.

- CAMILLE: Don't... right here.

- CAMILLE: Plant your feet apart.
- RENATA: Okay.

- CAMILLE: Use your other foot.
- RENATA: Okay.




Subtitles by explosiveskull


♪ I'm feeling happy inside
I've got no reason to hide ♪

♪ I'm a dream girl

♪ I'm never stressing my bills
Nobody ever gets killed ♪

♪ It's the dream world

♪ My mama's never on coke

♪ This isn't my way to cope

♪ Washing my mind out
With soap ♪

♪ Oh ooh oh

♪ Everything is
just wonderful ♪

♪ Here in my dreams
Here in my dreams ♪

♪ Every day is a holiday

♪ When you're living
Inside your dreams ♪

♪ Why would anyone stay awake
After being so sound asleep ♪

♪ Everything is just wonderful
In my dreams ♪

♪ He's never messing around
He's always holding it down ♪

♪ He's my dream boy

♪ We bought a house
In the clouds ♪

♪ So we can only look down
It's the dream world ♪

♪ Don't ever worry or care
Except to pick what to wear ♪

♪ Why isn't everyone here?

♪ Oh ooh oh

♪ Everything is
just wonderful ♪

♪ Here in my dreams
Here in my dreams ♪

♪ Every day is a holiday

♪ When you're living
Inside your dreams ♪

♪ Why would anyone stay awake
After being so sound asleep ♪

♪ Everything is just wonderful
In my dreams ♪

♪ Oh ooh

♪ The moments we are happiest
Happiest, happiest ♪

♪ Are the moments
That we don't exist ♪

♪ Don't exist, don't exist

♪ Everything is
just wonderful ♪

♪ Here in my dreams
Here in my dreams ♪

♪ Every day is a holiday

♪ When you're living
Inside your dreams ♪

♪ Why would anyone stay awake
After being so sound asleep ♪

♪ Everything is just wonderful
In my dreams ♪

♪ Everything is
just wonderful ♪

♪ Here in my dreams
Here in my dreams ♪

♪ Everything is just wonderful
In my dreams ♪