Singam 2 (2013) - full transcript

Duraisingam (Suriya) has gone undercover and is working as an NCC officer in a school in Thuthukoodi. He feels something fishy is happening in the seas around the coastal town. There are two bad guys Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) and Thangaraj (Rahman) who control the coastal belt with their nefarious activities. Meanwhile Sathya (Hansika) a student in the school falls for Duraisingam due to his daring acts. However, he still loves Kavya (Anushka) and is waiting to marry her. Meanwhile the bad guys join hands with an international drug dealer Danny (Danny Sapani) to flood the market with brown sugar. How our one-man army defeats the evil forces is what the rest of the film is about.

Get lost!

You'd have seen a lion in
a photo or film or on TV,

you may have seen it in zoo also,

have you seen it walking
majestically in forest,

have you seen it hunting
with vengeance?

One punch is 1.5 ton weight!

You want to see it?

l'm resigning from my job.

As we planned you resigned
the job publicly.

But CM has personally posted you
as DSP of Kakinada city.

lntelligence reports say illegal arms
are entering lndia from Kakinada coast.

But there's no such information
in police or coast guard records.

Observe the coast for six months
or an year staying in this city.

The day you think you've got
all the details,

you can take charge
as the city's DSP!

Only we three know about this.

lf you wish, you can tell your wife.

l don't want to tell anyone.

l'll get the entire network
under my control and take charge.!

Lion has entered the forest...

When l touch, the sea will evaporate...

Lion is on prowl to hunt...

When l touch, even soil will
shine like pearl...

Fury of waves is plaything to me...

No sea is deeper that
l can't fathom its depth...

l belong to a clan of warriors...

That's why l'm angry man...

Look there!

Did you see him?

He was a police officer then,
now ordinary man!

l've masked the lion
with a colourful character...

l've taken upon myself to
checkmate criminals at any cost...

l'm a death knell to
goons and rogues...

l'll not tell who am l?
Wait and see...

l've started a game
of hide and seek...

There are many rogues in town,
l'm the power to destroy them...

What would you achieve as men
fighting for caste and religion?

lf you get addicted to drinks,
all you're left is despair and death...

Consider the work you do as God,
forget the differences of religion...

Life is very short,
live content fully...

Our strength is our confidence...

Lord Simhachalam is there
to protect all of us...

Be careful!
Keep it carefully.

What? Got it?

Come on, do it fast.

lllegal arms are getting unloaded.
- Who are you?

That's not important.

They're unloading the arms from a boat,
if you come now, you cant catch them.

Tell me sir.

Someone has called police station
about you unloading goods there.

He's somewhere there only,
catch him.

Someone has informed police
about unloading arms here.

Sl informed me.
He's here only, catch him. Go boys!

Someone's running there!
- lt could be him!

Get your bikes.

Catch him, don't let him go.

Bring back the goods.
Start the boat.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Kill him, boys!


What's it, bhai?
90 crore worth goods!

Trusting you boys, l slept at home.

You saw the man and
also got beaten up by him.

No bhai, l stayed back
with goods in the boat.

My boys were little complacent.

Aren't you ashamed to tell that?

Entire coast from Krishnapatnam
to Visakhapatnam is under our control.

Who could it be?

One man beat ten of my boys,
l'm sure it must be vakalapudi David.

How can you be so sure?

Twice he brought goods from
Sri Lanka without our knowledge.

So, l suspect him.
- Don't spare him. Kill him!

To scare all others,
kill him publicly!

Malli, start the boat...
Start the boat!

Leave me...leave me...

Look Sahayam, l'm not in
any way connected to it.

Where were you last night?

l don't have to tell you.

You don't have to tell me,
l don't want you alive.

Tie him to a stone and throw out.

l didn't see anything,
l'll not tell anyone about this.

Entire Kakinada must
know about me.

Tell everyone what you saw here!

Be careful Sathya!

Somebody has leaked the
computer science question paper, sir.

l locked the question papers
myself in the cupboard.

l saw the papers were lying
outside today morning.

Where's Dass?

Hearing his fame would make
even sky feel shame...

His growth has no boundaries...

Useless man!
- Why did you bring dogs?

These dogs will find the culprit
who stole the question paper with smell.

Can these dogs do that?
- Would it smoke like you then?

Punched nose man!

Why is the dog staring at me?

Be happy that at least the dog
is looking at you, science teacher.

Mind your job without
giving us tension.

l doubt if these dogs
can find the culprit.

You're wearing a dhoti,
are you wearing brief?

l've left it free!

These dogs may catch that's free,
be careful!

Looks like your dogs are
very hungry!

They found the way to toilet perfectly.

l don't mind if Blue Cross
people arrest me,

l'll beat 3 dogs to death today!

Only 2 dogs went inside, right bro?
- You're the third dog!

Dog! Your barking has made them mad.

Call NCC master!

Parade march!

Head master wants you immediately.

Why is that man with
moustache coming here?

He may find the culprit.

Even military can't find it.

Number of question papers is the same,
scanner is not switched on.

They didn't make photocopies of it.

lmpossible to write it.

May have taken photos or
video with a cell phone.

ls it Kajal Agarwal or
Khajuraho statue to take photos.

How much time would you need to
prepare new set of question paper?

They may take time to drape a sari,
this is very...

One hour, sir.

You may be an ex-police officer,

l feel like laughing on seeing you
investigating seriously.

l'll steal a question paper and place
it inside Physics master's newspaper,

you take it out as if you
found it yourself. - Why?

You'll get fame because of me,
l'll get a free beer.

One tight slap will break your teeth.

Break means bread in Hindi?
- l said l'll break your teeth.

What happened?

l'll go straight to Madanlal's
uncle Bhajanlal's brother Keerthilal's,

daughter Pinky Lal,
l'll trap her. - Trapping her?

Without letting her to eat
or sleep for a week,

keeping her awake...

l'll learn to speak Hindi
from her, you dirty face!

That man is standing erect with
high chest for losing a question paper,

had it been a murder case,
l think his vest would give in. - Come here.

Why are you growing long hair?

That is... - Come tomorrow
after a haircut. - Okay sir.

They told you to find the culprit
who stole question paper,

why are you catching pupils who have
long hair, didn't brush teeth ot take bath?

Are you prepared?

Just practical, l'm already done.
- You'll come first again.

Thyagaraju's niece.
Don't invite trouble, sir.

Why are you wearing spectacles?

Missed my contact lens.
l've ordered new lens.

ls it a crime to come wearing
spectacles to school, sir?

lt's a crime to steal question paper.

l've already told him more
than what you really are!

You took photos of the question
paper with your mobile phone.

You missed your contact lens there.

That's not mine, sir.

Optical shop has confirmed it's yours.

You've ordered 4 pairs yesterday.

Here's the order copy.
- Clinching evidence.

ls this the way you study?.

Computer science madam threatened
to fail all the students.

That's why l stole
the question paper...

School got a bad name because of you.

l'll tell HM and
get you punished in prayer.

l'll see that you get
expelled from school.

For his cleverness,

Bodhidharma must congratulate
him personally, right?

Give me the cumulative
records of Sathyavani.

l don't mind if he beats me,

if my uncle comes to know
l got expelled from school,

he would kill me.

Maybe l can't avoid getting punished.

May he's telling about you only.

Students, today... Sathya's birthday!

All of you wish her.

Had it been a boy,
you'd have punished him,

since the girl is very beautiful,

you wished for birthday
and left her easily.

Why? l did see the records
to punish her.

l came to know today
is her birthday.

Her conduct is good, she has
passed every year with distinction.

lsn't stealing a crime then, sir?

lf stealing is wrong, then people
who made her do it are also wrong.

lf l've to punish her,
then l've to punish the teacher too.

l didn't want to do it on her birthday,
so just wished her in prayer.

When will you teach me to ride boat?
When will you take me around your place?

ls it Chicago to show you around?

Where ever you look,
it's boats with holes.

Skirmishes and fights!

Sea is full of salt and
city is full of dirt.

This is my area, sir.

Be careful, there may be bombs.

lt won't go off but stinking bombs.

The skinhead there is Sahayam.

He found the technique of killing people
by tying a stone and dumping in sea.

Who is behind him?
- Bhai, sir.

That big nose man!
Kakinada Salt King!

Entire police dept. is under his belt.

But there's another man
who scares to these people also.

Who is Thyagaraju?

That girl Sathya, who comes in
a Benz car, her paternal uncle.

Ships, containers, imports, exports,
owns many businesses.

But he's honest and
a man of principles.

Don't disturb me for an hour.

Did l disturb your morning walk, Thyagaraju?

No sir, please tell me.

There's a proposal to build a harbour
between Krishnapatnam and visakhapatnam.

Official announcement
will be out in 6 months.

Block 500 acres when rates are down.

Look at him!

When everyone goes in one direction,
he comes in the opposite direction.

Sir, bhai has come for a walk.

Let's go, when Thyagaraju and
Bhai meet, it's trouble.

lf you're a customs officer,
would you dare enter anyone's ship.

What's this bhai?

l was coming to dump him in sea,
why did you kill him in public?

What if anyone tells police?

Who would dare go against me
in this city?

You go away from here, sir.
Pick up the body quickly.

Bring that slush,
pour all over the place.

Fast...pour here! Fast!


Had your dinner, son?
- Yes, mother.

You're staying in the city for your job,

why don't you at least
come home at night?

l've little work,
l'll come on Sunday, mother.

Our shop is in city, right?
Why don't you meet father there?

Okay, mother, l'll go.

Hubby, please talk to him.

Who is it?
- Our son.

l'll talk to him to later.
- Please talk to him.

Who is it, mother? Father?

- ls he refusing to talk?

Nothing like that, son.
- No problem, mom. Bye.

Can't you inquire about his welfare?

Okay, l'll talk to him.

ls a life enough to admire it?

For that you need manliness.
Trans-sexual song is perfect for you.

You appear irritated today, Dass.

What to do? Not a teacher
in this school is good.

Who are you talking about?

That English teacher,

don't know if she comes to
teach grammar or show her glamour?

Moreover she thinks she's a beauty
and wants to be centre of attention.

What about the others?

One who doesn't know Telugu
is Telugu teacher.

Man without sense is science teacher.

Man without brain is geography teacher.

Do you say entire school is waste?

No, your life is waste.
How can l say school is waste?

Total school area is 16 acres,

buildings take about 2 acres in it,

if we sell rest of 14 acres
dividing into plots,

we can get Rs.6 crores each,

we can go away to Andaman lslands,
buy an island there,

we can settle down there happily.

You can settle down, man!

We were discussing about
our school's good points, sir.

We heard you abusing us
in the microphone.

Do you think am l a fool?

How did it get switched on?
- l did it unwittingly.

You pig! You got us into a soup!

Get out as usual.
- Forgive me as usual.

O Lord Jesus, please forgive me
for my sins...

l pray to forgive me, Lord...

l'll not leave till you
forgive me, Lord...

About turn!

How are you, Narasimham?
What's going on?

Entire coast is under
my strict surveillance, sir.

lt's not illegal arms smuggling
as we suspected but something else.

Many officers from our deptartment
are helping the offenders.

l must know everything happening
in the department,

so, if you post Damodar and
Jamadagni here, it'll be helpful to me.

l'll do it immediately.

How's life after your marriage?

No sir, l'm not yet married, sir.

Not married?

l went to my native place to
get permission to marry Kavya.

Since l resigned police job,

my father didn't permit me to marry
and has stopped talking to me.

Sir, you said something now,

how can one get mood
if one goes to with bhai?


That's Hindi command!
- Hindi?

1, 2, 3, 4...after that
Pinky Lal didn't teach me.

Getting late to hoist flag,
do it quickly.

Thou art the ruler of the
minds of all people,

dispenser of lndia's destiny.

Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab,
Sindh, Gujarat, the Maratha country,

in the Dravida country,
Utkala (Orissa) and Bengal;

lt echoes in the hills of the
Vindhyas and Himalayas,

it mingles in the rhapsodies of
the pure waters of Jamuna and the Ganges.

Who dared to beat my son?
- They chant only thy name,

Who made him to kneel down?
- They seek only thy blessings,

l'm asking but you're singing song.
- They sing only thy praise.

l'm paying for his studies, right?
How dare you punish him?

Who beat him? ls it him?

ls it him?

ls it this teacher?
This teacher?

That teacher!

You wait!
- Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory to thee.

How dare you beat my son?

How dare you make him kneel down?

Students, go to your class room.
- Move! Go quickly.

Go!... Go!

How dare you beat my boss!

Get out! This is a school!

l said get out!

Boys, get the weapons!

When national anthem is being sung,

don't you know you've
to stand up with respect?

When 50 teachers and 1500 students
are saluting the national flag,

don't you've the sense
of entering a school?

They say mother, father,
teacher and God.

Aren't you ashamed of
beating a teacher?

Were you born in this country?.

Since there are so many flags,

you can't differentiate national flag
from party flags, right?

lf student isn't beaten
by teacher now,

he would end up as a criminal
and get beaten up by police,

one wouldn't kneel down here,
would end kneeling before a jail warden.

Why do you sow the seeds
of your revenge in school children?

He's a rogue in police uniform.

How dare you create trouble
in school, get up!

Arrest all of them.

Who beat them black and blue?

l beat them.

Are you a wrestler or school teacher?

You thrashed them.

They entered the school
and insulted a teacher...

Come to station and
lodge a complaint.

l'm NCC master.

To arrest me, at least an
lnspector rank officer must come.

Or get permission from
NCC Battalion Commander-in-Chief.

l don't care whether
you're NCC or SSC,

they came to beat you,
l arrested them,

you beat them,
you too come with them.

Hey silly girl! Did you call the police?

You should've been expelled
from the school that day itself.

He left you easily but you got him
into trouble with police, right?

No, l didn't do it wantonly.
- No, you did wantonly.

Let him come out,
l'll see that he punishes you.

Did you call the police?

When all others were silent,
why did you call police?

Fearing those goons may hurt you...

lt's good to think about what can
l do if there's any problem.

Your intelligence.

l didn'tknow this...

l didn't know that heart would
change in moments...

Your memories never leave me...

lt's impossible to forget you...

Your sharp eyes are like a rainbow
filling my life with colours...

Everything is happening
because of you...

Take her to first aid room.

Who is next.

l'm fine, please leave me.

Though l see you before me,
my dreams never stop...

Though my heart is heavy,
your memories never leave me...

My friends hate you with me...

From the moment l saw you,
l've become a dumb doll...

How do you do?
- Fine, sir.

Why are you saluting me?
- You're our superior officer, sir.

Please come in.

How come you're here?

l shot down a goon in Vizag city,

IG got emotional and
gave me a promotion,

sent me to this city to break the
backs of goons with this baton.

l take back my words!

How could you become
NCC master suddenly?.

l was holding a C certificate
in my college.

l went to Nagpur for 21 days training.

l'm NCC master now.

What's Kavya madam doing now?

Waiting for me.

Driver Muthyala Rao happily invited me
for his daughter's wedding.

But l'm not happy.

l don't know when
my daughter would marry.

Narasimham told me
to wait for 6 months.

l'm going to Rajole now and
confront his father directly.

Father, please.
- lnform Narasimham.

Stop the car.
- Okay, sir.

lt won't be good to talk about
marriage in your presence,

l'll go with your mother
and talk to them.

You go to home.
- Well said, sir.

l must see the entire thing
in live video. - Okay?

Sister, ready.

Please have it.

You've come to discuss about marriage
honouring me and my family.

l don't know what to tell you.

Why are the girls watching Labbudappu?

Grandma, that's a laptop.

l came rushing to fix
my daughter's marriage immediately.

Are you watching a film, girls?
- Yes, grandpa.

Why is everyone silent?

Do you use bicycle or van
to deliver goods from your shop?

Are you here to buy things
or discuss marriage?

No, since everyone is silent,
l wanted to fill up...

Why is brother-in-law silent?
Tell him to talk, sister.

What are you doing there?
Say something.

l argued with all my might
but nothing is working out.

Don't tell lies.

You're standing next to grandma
folding your hands.

l'm watching you.
- Where? From where?

Mother is telecasting it live
from her mobile.

- What?

Live signals are going out
from that mobile, stop it.

Have it.
- l'll have it later.

What's this?


Had my son continued to
be a police officer,

l would've accepted your
proposal happily?.

But his position is not good.

What's there in it?

l'll start lndia Tubes factory
in Kakinada like my lndia Cycles,

and make my son-in-law it's MD,
he can offer jobs to hundreds.

l didn't want him to face
this situation.

l don't mind if my son doesn't
care about my word,

let him stay as my son.

- You can go now.

Are you angry on me, mother?

What can l do if nobody cares?

Just few more days only,
everything will be fine.

What happened?

Can't you drive carefully?

You didn't get hurt, did you?

Love bell is ringing...

My legs are circumambulating
your house because of you...

My wishes are crossing the limit...

l've fallen for you...
l swear on you...

Love bell is ringing...
My legs are circumambulating...

Who called me now?

You appear very excited.

Love is coming and
legs are dancing, sir.

Are you in love?
- lf not flab?

A girl has entered my vacant heart
after paying token advance.

On the way met with an accident,
she was so beautiful...

Sir, that's my darling
who dashed against me.

Arabian horse!

People would've seen horses
in films, TV, or zoo,

they'd have seen in races too,

did they ever see one coming
in a chudidhar?

lf l take her to a farm and kiss,
l'll go sleepless for a month.

l'm coming.

Where's he?

How come you're here, Kavya?

We're going back,
came to say good bye.

l've invited trouble again.

You're not angry on me,
are you, Kavya?


Not even a little?

You left your job to come here,
l'm sure you'll have a valid reason.

You needn't have to tell me.
l'll never ask you.


O Lord, please forgive my sins...

l've called NCC master's future wife
as horse, please forgive me, O lord.

O Lord...

Please show mercy and forgive me.

Failed to strip his pant.

Would've used tight belt.

Greetings Bhai.
- We're ready.

Goods are coming tonight, right?

Still didn't get a call from Danny,
l'm sure it'll definitely come.

Okay, bhai.
- Who is this Danny, brother?

God to all of us.
Danny is the king of sea.

He delivers arms in his
own ship and makes billions.

Did he come to our country, brother?

He hasn't stepped on land
of any country for 12 years,

he safely roams in his boat
in international waters.

Police of many countries
are after him.

Seeing him and death is same!

Got the call from Danny.

Where should l unload the goods?

Take it to Gollaprolu go-down.

Where's your duty?.
- l went to Gollaprolu on duty,

suddenly DSP called and
said l'm off duty today,

so l'm back in station.

What, sir?

Can you check if Sahayam
is in home or not?

Just a small issue,
just check and tell me.

That skin head isn't in home, sir.
May be went out to sea.


Keep it there.

Unload it quickly.
Be careful.

Greetings, bhai.

Why did you come here
at this hour, bhai?

Last time, we had a mishap.

Do it fast.

Brown sugar?

Fantastic, bhai!

lntroduce church Father
of your area to me.

l want to meet him.

ls he collector to meet?

You won't sleep for 3 days
after seeing him, no sir.

What's your problem with Father?

l used his Cossack to wipe
my cycle clean.

Why don't you seek his forgiveness?

Does he own CD shop
to seek forgiveness?

lt's not wrong to beat you.

l'm Sathya here, sir.

Call during school hour?

While coming to school,
a few goons kidnapped me, sir. - What?

l'm near Medapadu church, sir.

Please come immediately, sir.

There are three seasons only in Kakinada,

summer, summer and more summer.

No need to talk about your piles,
l'm also affected by it.

Come here.
- What happened, sir?

Hop on the bike.

Kidnapping case, sir.
Better to inform the station, sir.

Call Rajahmundry station
and inform them.

l'll go up, come with police force.
- Okay, sir.

Give me your gun.
- Give me, no problem.


ls there anyone?

What happened?

Why don't you say something?

Who kidnapped you?
Can you recognise them?

Nobody kidnapped me, sir.

l lied to you about
getting kidnapped.

Why did you lie?
Tell me.

To talk to you alone.

Why do you want to talk to me alone?

What do you want to talk about?

Are you mad?

You're educated, right?.

l came rushing fearing the worse.

Entire district police
would be on high alert.

Look there!

Senseless girl!

Give me your chain,
give your chain quickly.

Tell police that kidnappers
took the chain.

BY God's grace you came home safely.

Who could it be?

How dare he touches
a member of my family!

l'm sure they wouldn't be locals.

Let it be anyone,
don't spare them.

Don't get angry, brother.
- No brother,

they must understand anyone who dares
to touch my family will meet death.

Question everyone who went out to sea
from Medapadu today afternoon.

l'll cut their limbs and
bury them in the Maldives.

Keep press out of this.

l want to meet NCC master
who helped you, Sathya.

Uncle... - Call him.
- Okay.

MD is in mid sea,
these are MD's family's vehicles.

MD spends the weekend
with family in his ship.

Would you like to have
tea or coffee, sir?

Please come, sir.
Uncle is waiting for you.

Uncle, he's our NCC master.

You are...?

lt was then.
l'm NCC master now.

Please sit down.

l don't drink, sir.

Come, mother, my uncle and my father.

My mother, my aunt.

Greetings, madam.
- Greetings.

ACP to NCC master, what's this?

My father hates police job,

l didn't want to hurt him,
so l resigned.

Please have it.
- No, please.

Freshly caught prawns.

Our family deity is Kedraeshwar,
no non-vegetarian food on Saturdays.

ls it?
- My mother said so.

Looks like you never go
against your parents.

They're everything, sir.

lf not them who else
should l obey, sir.

l called to thank you personally.

lf you want any help...

lnfact l'm happy for calling me.

Bye, sir. - Bye, madam.
- Okay.

Uncle, l'll see him off.

Thank you very much for
coming here, sir.

My family likes you so much.
You've merged well with my family.

lf you advance with merges,
l'll break your teeth.

A student desiring teacher
is a disgusting thing.

l'm in Rajahmundry on personal work.

Staying in guest house now.
Can you meet me?

l'll be there in an hour, sir.

Can you tell his exact status now?

Come, Narasimham.

lt's not arms that's getting
smuggled into Kakinada, sir.

lt's drugs!

They've turned Kakinada as hub
for entire south lndia operations.

What are you saying?

South lndia has about 2900 colleges,

8500 higher secondary schools,

if 10 college students and
5 school students use drugs,

the yearly turnover would be
more than 1000 crores, sir.

A student can use it
with his finger nail.

Not even parents can find it.

Parents would know only after
children get addicted and fall sick.

Culture of drug parties in
the name of drink parties is on rise.

More serious thing is girls are
getting addicted to this culture.

Do you say authorities are
sleeping over it?

No sir, here and there
they do arrest a few drug peddlers.

But it won't be more
than 5% of the total stock.

You've collected so much information,
why don't you take charge immediately?

lf l take charge l can
arrest only Bhai and Sahayam.

l must get information on
who supplies and who peddles them.

and to whom they sell the drugs,

l'll take charge after that,

l'll wipeout the entire network
lock, stock and barrel.

l think Thyagaraju would help to
take action on Bhai and Sahayam.

Who is he?

Number one businessman here.

l've collected the complete
details about Narasimham.

His salary, gratuity, PF and
pension benefits have been settled.

l'm going out on important work,
students have parade tomorrow morning.

Get breakfast from Udupi hotel.

Where is she going during school time?
Ask her.

Where are you going, Sathya?
- l'll not tell you.

Would TV9 people tell us?
Sir wants to know, tell him.

l've quit this school.
l've requested for TC. - Why?

NCC master says student
shouldn't love teacher.

l'm not a student anymore,
l can love anyone.

By the way, whom do you love?

Our NCC master!

Hey you...what are you saying?
- Calm down, sir.

Today is February 14,
wish master on my behalf.

Forget it, sir.

Love in teens and
diabetes in old age is common.

Don't stretch it like civil case,
finish it instantly like petty case.

What if she takes drastic
step for refusing her?

Must handle her carefully.

Don't tell anyone about this.

How dare you wish me!

Would any sensible man
throw a flower at you?

l know you're a family woman,
you're married and have 3 husbands,

sorry, 3 children,

why would l throw a flower at you?

O Lord, please forgive me
for my sins...

Leave my sari...
- l beg your pardon, Lord...

Leave me...leave me l say...
Leave my sari.

Please listen, forgive me.

Thank God, l'm saved,
she didn't bite me.

What are you doing, madam?

l came out with friends for
valentine's day celebrations.

lt seems they'll allow
only couples inside.

My couple is away from me.

You want to go inside, right?.

How can l enter without you?

Who said l'm not here?

l felt like seeing you,
came from Rajahmundry by morning flight.

l want an extra day every week
as valentine's day...

l'm hurt with love pricks...

l'm bursting with happiness...

When l face love, l'm elated...

Changing seasons is common...

Love season is same everywhere...

Eye meets eye and
loses consciousness...

Heart attracts another heart
like a magnet...

Beauty must whisper
l love you in my ears...

Come...come with us...

Leave me...
- Get in...

Sir, declare holiday to the school.
- Why?.

Clashes in city, sir.
- What happened?

Sahayam's men and Sakthi's son
had a fight in bar over drinks.

He abused Sahayam's caste.

Sahayam challenged that he would
keep his sister for a night with him.

His men have kidnapped her.

Don't tell anyone.
l'll take care of it.

ln the clashes,
they've hacked the boy.

lt seems communal clashes
have broken out. - Yes, sir.

Both groups have been asked to
meet in Collector's office for talks.

lt seems there are
clashes in Kakinada.

Stop it!

Sahayam had a fight
after drinking binge,

he then kidnapped my daughter.

Why should your men hack his son
for kidnapping his daughter?

This is a matter of our honour.

lf our girl doesn't return
to home by evening 6 pm,

27 people here have guns
with license,

if we fire at you,
none of you would be alive.

What happened?

Both groups have taken it
as their pride,

8 policemen got wounded
and are in hospital...

l'm in a meeting with SP,
l'll talk to you later.

No need to talk, keep the phone
in pocket without cutting the line.

Just do what l say!

We don't know what to do now, sir.

Go to your home, eat, take rest
and come here by evening.

You can count the number of dead.

What are you saying?

l'll take charge as DSP, sir.
- Police!

- No other way.

Fax my posting order immediately
to SP's office, sir.

l'll rescue the girl in 6 hours
and report to you, sir.

Dass, go to your area on bike.

Tell me where Daniel, Peter,
Prabhu, Charles and Sahayam are? - Okay.

Posting order from DGP's office.

What about all these days?

l was doing surveillance off duty.

Arrange a meeting here like one
in Collector's office today morning.

As soon as community leaders
responsible for these clashes come here,

clamp the city under curfew
for 3 hours,

block all of them here,

switch off their cell phones
with a jammer,

half of the clashes would come
down if communication is cut.

Nobody must enter from sea
to support coastal people.

Alert the coastguard.

Send a battalion of police
on boats to keep vigil.

Relatives of business class
mustn't enter city to support them.

Block the roads of Annavaram,
Rajahmundry, Peddapuram and Pitapuram.

Don't let anyone enter till 6 pm.

The girl was last seen here, sir.

Get the dog squad.

Go away, we'll not allow anyone
to enter before 6 pm.

We called everyone to SP's office
and locked them here.

l'm near beach, sir.

Tell me how many boats
entered the sea for fishing.

Okay, sir.

Let's see whatever may happen...

Send instructions to
implement section 144.

Public announcement,
section 144 has been enforced,

people are warned not
to venture out of homes.

No trouble in any place, right?

Naidupalem is under control, sir.
- lt's under control, sir.

Prabhu, Peter and Daniel are here, sir.

Collect the phone numbers of
other 12 and send me an SMS.

7 of the 12 people are missing, sir.

5 phones are ringing
but nobody is answering it.

lf they're not answering, it means
they'll answer only known numbers.

All the 5 numbers are in
Pratap Nagar tower range, sir.

This is Pratap Nagar centre.
- That's Raj Hotel, sir.

That's Ruby Hotel, sir.

Which hotel people would choose
if they're in trouble?

Cut all the cell phones of
the area with a jammer.

Call their phone number
from land line.

Line is not going through, sir.

You check this room...
you check this room...

6 people gave keys and 6 didn't.
- Open the door.

Checked all the rooms, sir.
No suspects were found, sir.

Give me the record of 6 people
who didn't give the keys.

When was room 406 booked?
- Today morning, sir.

Room is locked from outside.

They can lock the door from outside.

Dial each accused's phone
from your phones.

Make the call at the same time.

How come all the phones are
ringing at the same time?


Where have you hidden the girl?
Tell me!

On an island near Yanam.

Brother, a boat is coming.

What's up, Antony?

Police know your hideout,
escape leaving the girl behind.

What are you saying?

Brother, police are in the boat, escape!

Sun has entered the arena
coming from behind a screen...

He has launched an attack
at the right time...

Catch her, boys.

Run away, girl!

Till now he was under wraps...

Watch his game here after...

He's a lion on hunt,
he's on prowl shaking his mane...

He's an epitome of confidence...

He's hot blood...

He's moving swiftly like
God of death to take on the evil...


- You're fine, right, dear?

You saved our family honour.
We're indebted to you.

We really got scared.

Why were you NCC master till now?

To keep an eye on students
who take to bad ways.

Joined as NCC master to have
direct interaction with students.

lsn't it a caste flare up
between two communities, sir?

No, blabbering mouths
of two drunkards.

He's a DSP now!

l'm giving a treat
to my close friends.

Mother, you too join us.

Kavya will go to market to buy
vegetables also in a car with siren.

- Just for fun.

For fun?
- For fun only.

Greetings, sir.

lnspector Karim who had a fight
with you in school is standing there.

ls he going out from here
or staying back, sir?

You can find 10 piglets or puppies,

you can get 8 donkeys too,

but you can never find
a bison like him.

Such people do what you say,
see or kill as you order.

Don't know rules and regulations,

but is an honest officer
who punishes the offender.

Tell him to come in.

Sir is calling you.

You spared police
who committed the crime,

without telling why you're here,

you told press about keeping
an eye on students,

what's your idea, sir?

l had to take charge before
l could accomplish my task.

Bhai's men would be watching
me closely.

This is the only way
to gain their trust.

Karim, stay with me.

Your eyes are batting,
your lips are shivering,

are you feeling hurt?

Till now, no officer gave me
so much respect.

He's telling his plans
in my presence,

l'll do anything for him.

Greetings, sir.

Hotel inauguration invitations
areready, sir.

l'll be in lndia a day before that.

Send invitations to everyone by then.

What's this, sir?
No problem here, sir.

What's this?

Serving drinks to school children.

Can't do business by
following rules, sir.

Even their parents are
not bothered about them.

How dare you argue with him!
Come with us!

Which shop?

Never bows his head to anyone...

Why are you entering in business hours?

Do you know who owns this?

He'll taken on entire world
single handedly...

Anyone dare taking on him
will bite the dust...

Greetings, sir.

Forget the old feud with me, sir.

l'm just a rat before
a lion like you.

l'll think about it.
- Sir has forgiven me!

Bad days are ahead!
- Police!

Don't spare anyone.


Tell me, father.

l'm very happy, son.
very happy!

Bhai has bailed you out, Sahayam.

Looking at your moustache,
l feel the lion is on the hunt!

Cool, man!

What's the trouble?

He was roaming in disguise,
so we arrested him.

Who are you?
- Left turn! About turn!

My base got damaged.

You're perfect in this disguise.

How did you manage to catch him?

This fat man?
He's not that smart.

Generally they say if mother speaks...
Goddess mother speaks!

l said if Anushka speaks...
What Hansika speaks will be different!

lt raised doubt and
they arrested me.

He's our man,
leave him, Karim. Go home.

Which home, sir?

Since people think l helped you
to arrest Sahayam,

his men are after my life,

l'm roaming like a beggar
near churches and on roads.

Suggest a good safe place for me.

Kakinada will not suit you,
go to my native place.

l'll inform my sister
to look after you.

ls village okay to you?

Three times non-vegetarian food
and a drink at night will do for me.

Habitual mistake.

l didn't get my salary from school,
can l stay back a week for it?

Can you give me security of gunmen
for the week l stay here, sir?

Shut you...
- No need, sir, l'll adjust.

Greetings, sir...

Greetings, sir...

ls it rocks or girths?

First feed that horse.

15 students, all are lnter first
and second year students.

Nobody has license.
What shall l do?

Seize the vehicles and
ask their parents to come.


l've rejoined the school.
l came to inform you.

Good, at last you've understood me.

You said student mustn't
love a teacher.

You didn't say no to love
a police officer, right?

The moment you put on uniform,
l was back in school.

What you're feeling isn't love...

lf you like anyone,
you start liking him very much,

don't confuse yourself it as love,

your family has very good
reputation here, don't ruin it.

People must follow police orders.

But whatever you said
didn't reach my head.

People are afraid of police
for 10 days,

but this girl is dealing
directly with DSP,

how are going to deal with her?
- You deal with traffic.

This is known as changing the topic.

l'm backing off.

What were you talking
with police officer?

There's many things between lovers,
who are you to ask me?


You look like a tar drum
with limbs, get lost!

Kavya madam!

lsn't it Thyagaraju?
- Yes, sir.

Why is he rushing so fast?


Greetings, sir. - l want to go there.
- Get in, sir.

Follow that boat.

We can't go beyond this,
Bhai's boat is there. - Bhai?

Give me the binocular.
Let's go back, sir.

Turn back!
Let's go back, sir.

Leave me!

A police officer is roaming here
in the name of school teacher,

this bloody rogue was caught
by police kidnapping a girl,

why are we acting like
enemies for the world?

We're doing illegal business,

even if we get caught,
nobody must suspect you.

You know that, right?

Do you know how risky
this business is?

l've put my men to observe
him for 10 days,

entire department is after students,

so, there's no way he would
know about us.

lf we do face any trouble,
Sahayam is there, right?

l was nothing,
but you made me own 12 boats,

l'm ready to go to jail for you.

Where are you, sir?
Any problem?

Nothing, all of you come to station.

Attended meeting in Djakarta
for 10 days,

other days l spent with Danny
in his ship.

Check my account and
settle it in dollars.

Bhai, Danny is coming tomorrow.
- Really?.

For my hotel inauguration.

You said Minister is coming.

Danny is coming for night party
not for the inauguration.

Sahayam, you go in launch to
international waters to pick him up.

l thought Thyagaraju was a gentleman,
but he's the boss of entire gang.

All my investigation is useless.

l've to find a new way.
- How?

Start a new game with Sahayam.

lf we target him,
won't others get alerted?

They'll suspect if we arrest him
in drug case, any other case...

6 months ago Sahayam killed and
dumped vakalapudi David in sea.

The complaint is still
pending against him.

That's it! Arrest him for that.

What, sir?

Complaint says David was
last seen with you.

lf you don't know where
David's body was dumped,

l'll charge you with murder
and send you to gallows.

l'll show you, sir.

Thyagaraju's hotel inauguration
is tomorrow,

Central Minister is coming,
l may have to stay there only,

Karim, go with Malli to sea
and try to recover David's body.

Jamadagni, keep an eye on Sahayam.

Get David's son's blood samples
without anyone knowing. - Why?.

Body will be in decomposed stage,

DNA test will be useful
to prove it's David's body.

l'm a police officer always!

How far?
- 4 more kilometres.

Start the vehicle.

Sahayam has left his house with men.

l've taken his blood sample.

We've found the spot, sir.
Sea divers are ready, sir.

ls the launch ready?.
- Yes, come in.

Sahayam is going into sea
with his men.

There shouldn't be any problem
till Minister leaves Kakinada.

Leave him.

Sathya, come.

Go. - Come, dear.
- Go dear!

Pull it up!

Pull it carefully.
Pull it.

Confirmed, it's David.
Start the formal post mortem.

l've arranged a private party tonight,
would be happy if you too join us.

Let our friendship be restricted
to day time only in lndia.

l've sent the blood sample
for DNA test, sir.

Unable to reach Sahayam's cell phone.

Send a dummy message to his cell,

once signal is on,
delivery report will be generated.

Sahayam's signal is on, sir.

Please come, sir.

We're coming, sir.
- Come quickly.

Sahayam is coming in boat, sir.

Police are waiting in fishing harbour.
- What?

Police are there to arrest you,
run away from there.

Danny is with me, bhai.

Police don't know about Danny.
You escape.

Stay with them, boys.

Start the vehicle.

Why are you arresting me, sir?
You know l'm bhai's man, right?

Leave me!

Get him to the jeep.

Karim, check if they've visa
and work permits.

Don't beat him!

No visa or work permit, sir.

Almost all the guests are here, sir.

Tell me, bhai!

Police have arrested Danny.

They've arrested without
knowing who he is!

l'm going to station.

Don't do anything and
get Danny into more trouble.

l'll use MLA's and
MP's for his release.

You dared to beat a foreigner,
embassy people will not spare you.

You know what would happen
if bhai comes to know, right?

Why are you shouting?
Why are you staring at me?

Shut your gobs and sit tight.

l'm MLA speaking...
- ls your DSP there?

He's in a meeting.
- Release Sahayam.

How many times should l call you?

l'm MP Babu here.

lt seems you've arrested Sahayam
and two foreigners.

Release them immediately.

Did you ever call CM or PM
for your constituency's problems?

You're calling me for arresting
a goon, please cut the call, sir.

l'm Machilipatnam MLA here.

How's your fishing business?
Did you have a good catch this season?

Give the phone to DSP.

DSP is in Hyderabad for recording.

What's that nonsense?

Music director Devi Sri Prasad
is known as DSP, right?

Making fun of me?
How do l appear to you?

Release him.
- Who?

lt seems you've arrested someone,
release him.

Are you recommending release
without knowing who the arrested man is?

He's not listening to anyone.

Keep that police officer
out of station for 10 minutes,

l'll free Sahayam and Danny.

A small problem, sir.

Urgent meeting,
come immediately to office.

Why are we getting so many calls?

As we expected Thyagaraju
is reacting indirectly.

When we arrested Sahayam
in kidnapping case,

he came coolly next day
to bail him out.

But today they're getting tensed,
there must some important reason.

We've to get them in remand,
get their papers ready.

l've to go to SP's office,
get their files too.

For safety, get the lock-up keys.

Come on, boys!

Go, boys!

SP has gone out, sir.
He told you to wait for him.

He asked me to come urgently!

You sit inside, l'll check
the passports in control room.

Quick, take out the bomb,
throw it fast!

l can't believe they were colluding
with an international smuggler.

Come on, boys.

Danny sir, our boys are here.
- Come on, boys.

Don't spare anyone.

Don't spare that police officer.

Do it fast, kill him.

Give the keys.
- Narasimham took the keys. Break it open!

Phone is ringing
but nobody is answering it.

Do it fast!
Break it quickly.

Please go out, sir.

Are you escaping, Sahayam?

Station is burning down, sir.

l don't see anyone, sir.

Sahayam's men broke open the cell
and they escaped, sir.

What happened to Karim?

They stabbed Karim.

Call ambulance!

Be careful.
- Go carefully.

Many police officers were wounded
in an attack on station by goons.

Criminals have managed to escape.

Start the boat immediately, sir.

Two criminals have escaped,
they may escape from sea.

Can't do anything
without SP's order.

l said two criminals escaped,
you're talking about bloody rules!

Start the boat!

What's that nonsense?
Do you have a brain?

Are you humans?

Somebody is behind them,
don't waste time.

Alert all the check posts,
not a boat must go out to sea.

Go to Uppada and arrest Sahayam's men.

Alert all stations along the coast.
Go to Gollaprolu.

Where's his house?
- Don't know, sir.

Get him.

Tell me...tell me...

Kakinada suburban is under my control.

You need my permission
to take any action here.

Sister, police are here.

She's Sahayam's wife.
- Come...will you arrest me?

lf you dare touch me,
l'll immolate myself.

Do you think l'm scared of police?
- Please stop it.

What are you doing in Sahayam's house?

l'm here to take
his wife for inquiry.

lf his wife kills herself,
l've to answer to higher authorities.

Meet me at the office tomorrow morning.

What happened?

l've taken Danny safely to his ship.

Okay, get down in Krishnapatnam.
Stay there till you get orders from me.

l'm okay, sir.

l fell unconscious after
losing blood heavily.

Please catch them, sir.
- Don't talk and strain yourself.

My children would become orphans
if anything happens to you.

How many were injured in the incident?

lt seems they broke open the cell!

Police are safe, right?

Who were the foreigners
who escaped with Sahayam?

l don't know.

You wasted entire department's
energy last night.

You created nuisance and
disturbed public.

l'm suspending you for 10 days.

Swear on this that you didn't
help them to escape.

What are you saying?

40 policemen were on toes all the
night without even stopping to pee,

you didn't even bother to ask
what had happened?

You enjoyed the party last without
worrying about injured policemen,

are you human?
- You're talking too much.

You call me before Sahayam's wife
picks up a kerosene can,

you stop me before l reach
Gollaprolu to stop me,

what's going on here?
Where do you come from?

Who appointed you as police officers?

For the injustice you did
to the department yesterday,

l should've resigned my job
and dragged you on roads,

and killed you in public glare.

This uniform and position is saving you.

Are you playing one side game?

l'll rip you apart!

l told you to leave them.

You didn't listen to me.
But now?

Those goons broke open
the cell and escaped.

Have you understood the difference
between rashness and experience?

Department believes yesterday's
trouble was for Sahayam,

but l know the drama was played for
Danny who supplies drugs to you,

Why is your tongue slipping
on hearing Danny's name?

Bhai, you crossed the limit.
You hurt my self-confidence.

Police job is God to me.

Police station is temple to me.
You brought it down.

l wouldn't mind if you'd
taken Danny out illegally.

You took him after
bringing down my station.

So, l'm keeping his passport safely
with me instead of with the department.

No, Danny is like an atom bomb.

dare touch him,
you'd get blown up.

Am l a diwali rocket to go bust
or burn off?.

l'm a missile to hit target
crossing countries and continents.

l'll not spare that
African Chimpanzee!

The day l return,
Kakinada city will bear the brunt.

Everyone caught would
get cut to pieces.

Was it international criminal
Danny who escaped?

Arrest Thyagaraju and Bhai immediately.
- No use, sir.

There are many stages of
courts and cases after that.

No use to be clean police
to arrest them, sir.

Must turn a little criminal.

Must hunt down the criminals
without following the rules.

Or else kill them.

lf we kill 4 criminals,
40 would get scared,

400 would reform,
400 families would be happy.

We can't touch people who do
business with international smugglers. - So?

We must start an operation to arrest
everyone from Sahayam to Danny.

- Operation D!

Okay, l can't decide this on my own.

l've to talk to CM.

One more important thing, sir.

Guarantee me that this operation will
not be aborted for political pressure.

l was born and brought up
in Godavari district.

many of my relatives live there only,

when I get down to this operation,

if l take one step backward,

it'll effect drastically everyone
associated with this operation.

Because they're all beasts
among humans.

What are you saying?
Form operation D suddenly?

lf opposition and coalition partners
question us in Assembly,

what am l to tell them?

We made a police officer to resign
and work without salary,

did law allow us to do it
or discussed it with opposition?

Okay, as you wish.

There's no time...

March ahead even if sky falls on you...

Don't lose heart, brother...

March ahead overcoming every hurdle...

lt's a game of thief and police...

Your suspension order!

Watch out, who would be the winner...

Police is a Tsunami against the crime...

Police is typhoon to wash away criminals...

Punch is 100 ton powerful...

lt's a knock-out punch
when he clenches his fist...

Nobody can dare take on him...

When he looks even enmity would vanish...

His sound of footsteps is enough
to calm down agitations...

We're working for Operation D!

When he arrives in uniform,
goons run for their lives...

When he uses baton,
rogues go down like nine-pins...

Police is union of
bravery and intelligence...

Police is death to every criminal...

When he beats,
it's nervous break down...

He'll break every hurdle to pieces...

He's Lord Veerbhadra..

Goddess Mother...Goddess Kamakshi
and Meekashi speak through me...

Goddess Mother...Goddess Kamakshi
and Meekashi speak through me...

Mangamma of Mayadari and Jejamma of
Arundhati will also speak through me...

Jejamma speaks?

Would Jayamalini speak then?

Mother, your son is a wind storm,

everyone fears him,
they must follow his orders,

world must praise him!

Mother, he's telling the truth.

Mother, your son will send
a younger son.

He's a very good son.

He'll bring fortunes to you.

He's a pumpkin in backyard
and coconut in temple.

He's a boy who always stays
away from criminals, mother.

He says stays away from criminals,
would he be a vegetarian?

Mother, he eats only meat not greens.

He'll not eat without
non-vegetarian food.

Don't deny him meat because
it's costly, mother!

lf you look after him like
your son instead of guest,

Goddess Gajalaskhmi will come to
your house and dance in Gangnam style.

Mother, he's here.

Welcome, son.
You're Dass, right? l know.

Speak, mother!

Mother, he's not Dass.

He's the man who came here just now.

He changed the costume but didn't
wipe the mark on his forehead.

Are you done with it?

One more round is there!
- Do it.

- How dare you cheat us?

Stop! l'll tell truth.

l came in disguise for meat!

My son has sent you,
won't we look after my son?

l went little overboard.

Stop, sister!
- What?

Your husband goes to shop early morning
and comes back at midnight, right?

Yes! How could you judge it perfectly?.

You beat me so furiously,
how would you beat your husband then?

Hey you...

He knows about our supplier Danny and
also the lorry numbers delivering it.

Only one thing he doesn't know
is that we both are partners.

We must kill him before
he comes to know that.

l've arranged it.

l'm getting a sharp-shooter from Colombo.

He'll enter illegally and gun down
Narasihmam and leave silently.

Nobody must know the details of him.

You personally arrange for his
stay, cell phone and food also.

This is vakalapudi coastal area.

Bhai's men come here often...

Why did you come here now?

l didn't meet you for few days,
so l...

No, my chain is with you, right?
l came for it.

Why are you behaving like that?

What's this?

Take it.
Leave now.

l think there's a chain link
between you and chain. - What?.

Kavya madam too, met you first
time after losing her chain.

You asked her if she removes
night dress like shirt or vest?

Difference is love started there
and ended here. - Why?.

Madam, look there! That's the girl!

You didn't believe me that day.

Did you see her coming
from sir's house?

When did you come here?

Who is that girl?
Why did she come here?

Which girl?
- The girl in yellow dress.

Didn't you see her?
- She's my student, Kavya.

Student? Are you a teacher?

Are you taking tuitions in home?
- No, Kavya...

Why are you slipping away?.
Help me, man!

Her chain was with sir,
she came for it.

Why was her chain was with you?

You started it, right?

When he was a school master,
she called him to Medapadu,

sir went to meet her immediately.

Why did you go if she calls?

There was a phone call that
she was kidnapped,

he went to save her.

Police should go to save her, right?
You were just a teacher then.

Why did you go?

Stop...stop...why are you
asking so many questions?

lt's a matter of love.

l told you to help but you
got me into more trouble. You...!

Shall start again and
tell everything differently?

Go out.

l'm going and he'll get a coating.
- No, Kavya...

One side love?

l'll take care of it.


He's Narasimham.
Take a good look.

He stays in the first floor.

Take it, sir.
- Take it.

Tea, sir.

You're fine, right?
- He shot from the tower, sir.

Don't worry about me, get him.

Jamadagni has been shot,
take him to hospital immediately.

Bhai, Narasimham escaped!
- What are you saying?


Go inside...go...

What happened?
Didn't get hurt much, right?.

He shouldn't get caught!

He's coming, bhai.

Get him into the vehicle.

Narasimham shot the Sri Lankan.

Run over him.
- What are you saying, bhai?

Run over him.

Run over him!

Bump him off!

Jamadagni is out of danger, sir.

Hotel people say he's a Sri Lankan
from his language.

Mobile found with the accused.

Getting a call from the
Sri Lankan's mobile.

How do you do, bhai?
- Who is it?

- D?

Heart, heartbeat, world,
friend and enemy!

Your enemy!

Have you gone mad?

You got a Sri Lankan to kill me
and sent a car to kill him.

l know everything.

l'm coming to your home
with his body to arrest you.

Stay put!

Turn the vehicle.

Are we arresting bhai, sir?

l said just like that.

lf we take this phone to him,
he'll say he called by mistake.

Escaped again, bhai!

Why did you hit my car?

You got angry for hitting your car,

how angry should madam be
for hitting on her love? - What?

Stop chasing DSP Narasimham.

Are you threatening me?
Do you know who am l?

l'm Golden Shipping owner's daughter.

l'm lndia Cycles owner's daughter.

Does your father pump air
to cycle tyres?

Does your father paint the ships?

We love each other.

Are you a street girl?
How much do you charge?

How dare you say that!
- Are you her pimp?

How much did you get paid by DSP
for playing this drama?

Why are you talking like this?
- What?

Don't over-act!

What do you think of yourself?.

Did you speak like an educated girl?

You talked like a goon
and a street girl.

You're a girl without maturity,
thought good advice will change you,

you abused her,

l'll break your teeth!

lt's not love to cross the line of decency
without understanding another's heart.

Love is keeping in heart
and living with memories.

We love each other for 2 years,
l haven't yet spent 2 hours with her.

Though she's sad, she never told me.

That understanding in love.

She was living like a queen in city.

She's now in a village waiting
for the day l marry her.

That sacrifice is love.

lf her eyes shed a tear,
my heart will bleed!

l abused her without
knowing who she was!

l got angry on her because
you sent her to change me.

Your eyes are like guns firing at me...

Your khaki short collar is pinching me...

You're drowning me with your glamour...

You're weakening this superman...

l'm soft like butterfly, come to me...

You're enchanting like a full moon...

You've made my beauty hands up to hug you..

Your moonbeam like smile is western music...

Your feet touching ground is lucky charm...

Your bushy moustache is manna...

lt's an energy tonic to my lips...

l'm dead like a corrupted computer...

lf you touch,
l'll restart and come back alive...

l'm a gentle girl,
why are you accusing me of hurting you?

Your dress is a fluttering flag of love...

Third world war will happen for you...

l applaud your acting talent,
l'll present you with an Oscar...

l've forgotten my name
falling for your charm...

Your cheeks turn red
when you get angry...

lt's more colourful than a rainbow...

l'm elated on seeing you...

Good, you've decorated a boiler
with sandalwood paste and vermillion.

- l said about your face.

Who are you?
- l'm Subramanyam's son.

He has only one son, Narasimham.

He is his son, l'm his adopted son.

Give me a tea, tar barrel.

Brother! Did you see him anywhere?

Why are you searching him?
- To hack him.

Can l see the lucky man
you're going to hack?

You're finished.

Who are you guys?
- Sahayam's followers.

Did you see him here?

They're asking the man
they want to kill. - Tell me.

l'm repeating like a Mynah.

Brother, he's Dass!

What are you saying?
Catch him, boys.

Stop! Hey!

Catch him!

l can't run anymore,
anyway you'd kill me.

Allow me to offer a prayer
before l die.

O my Lord...

He's planning something like
Kamal Haasan in the film 'Vishwaroopam'.

He may hit back at us!

Let's run away, boys!

Thyagaraju is calling Bhai.
- Record it.

How much time has passed since
Thyagaraju called Bhai on phone?

6 minutes, sir.

l want to talk to you.
Where do you want me to come?

434, l'll be there in 45 minutes.


Can it be kilometres?

No, he said he'll be there
in 45 minutes.

How can he travel that distance?

lnquire if any boats or
ships have this number?

Could it be hotel room number?

434 could be a pin code.

Sir, it's Medapadu!

Coastal area,
goods may change hands.

Tell me.

Thygaraju has arrived.
- You be safe.

Danny called, he's coming with goods.

Can't you offload and have it opened?

Narasimham is sniffing us
like a mad dog!

So, l want to say no
to Danny this time.

Are you scared, Thyagaraju?

Are you planning to quit this business?

Come, let's go together.

Let's make a vow in Goddess Poleramma
temple and quit this business.

lf we quit,
it must be on our own.

We mustn't quit this business
fearing a man!

Try to understand me,
Sahayam isn't here.

He has killed 6 henchmen of Sahayam.

l'm not in this business
trusting Sahayam.

l'll get the goods myself.

They're talking seriously, sir.

Watch if there's any other movement.

What are you thinking?

lf Danny comes to know Sahayam is
still in hiding, it's an insult.

So, l'll ask Sahayam to come
through sea and get the goods.

Don't go in car.
- Then?

l'll send instructions by night.

They met and talked seriously,
it means they're planning something.

Bhai's house, go-down, guest house,
wood yard, lorry shed,

keep 24 hour vigil
on all the places.

l'll be in camp office.
Stay in reach.

Sister, grandma wanted jaggery,
it's not available here.

lt's available in provision
shops only.

What shall we do now?

Who is she, sister?
- l told you about her...Sathya!

Take it.

l've forgotten everything.

Why are you talking to her?

lf anyone says sorry,
we must respect it.

We've to buy jaggery,
which shop shall we go to?

Own shop!

We've reached the shop, madam.

Two kilos of jaggery.
- Okay, sister.

Come, dear. Are you doing fine?
- l'm fine.


l rejected the marriage proposal
because my son quit the job.

The moment he rejoined police dept.
l don't have any worry.

l agree for your marriage.

Ask your father to come.

Daddy, his father has accepted
for our marriage.

Yes, daddy. He wants you to
come and discuss.

Cancel all my programs.

Shift my office to Rajole immediately.
- How, sir?

Four computers and
eight staff follow me.

Bhai is leaving from his home.

Reached airport.

Hyderabad flight leaves
at 9.55 am, right? - Yes, sir.

Sahayam cell is out of reach, sir.

ln Hyderabad...

Tell me, Narasimham!
- l need a help.

Tell me, sir.

The man you said hasn't come out.

Can you check if he's waiting
for any connecting flight?

He's waiting here,
leaving to vizag by 11.30 flight.

Bhai will reach vizag
in 90 minutes,

it'll take 3 hours for us to reach.

One of my friends is
an Sl in Anakapalle.

ls he trustworthy?
- Yes sir.

lf we tell him now,
he'll reach vizag in an hour.

Give Bhai's details and
tell him to follow him.

Follow him.
Keep sharing the location.

Where are you?
- Sunkurumetta forest area.

Welcome, bhai, please come.

ln which police range that comes?

Ananthagiri police station limits.

We smuggle sandalwood so easily.

70 kilos of powder is nothing to us.

You don't worry, sit down.

Sahayam's cell is in the region.

Everything is falling into
it's place as we expected.

Tell me, Sahayam.

l've handed over the goods
to Appanna's men, bhai.

Come, Prakash!

They're inside.

Arrange it carefully.
- Brother! Police are here!

Give me your gun.

is there any check post
or railway gate here?

There's a railway gate, sir.

Then, block it.

Sit back, l'll drive it.

Tell me, bhai.

l've ran the car over Narasimham.

l'm coming from Araku,
arrange a vehicle in Vizag.

That's why l said no!
Bhai didn't listen to me.

Shall we ask our lawyers
to bail him out?

He was caught red handed with drugs.

He'll not get bail. No way!

Though we're controlling,
there are riots in many places.

They're stealing from shops
and disturbing to people.

Tell our men to splash colours
on the rioters,

we can catch them later
after the riots calm down.

l'm weighing the confiscated
material, it'll be 70 kilos.

Write in FlR as 62.5 kilos only.

Keep separately 7.5 kilos.

lf you don't free me
by today evening,

not just this city, all the places
nearby would go up in flames.

That includes Rajole, your native
place would get burnt down.

Did l beat or abuse you?
Did l insult or dishonour you?

Why are you shouting like that?

You don't have the guilt of
ruining innocents with drugs.

You offer prayer 5 times a day,
not scared of Allah watching you.

Will you burn down the city?.

Do it and see!

Do you know what happened to the
man who dared to come there?

Are you challenging me?

l'll kill you.

l'm a walking beast.

Though l'm trapped in a net,
you can't kill me.

Lion can kill an elephant too.
Rogues like you're nothing to me.

Nobody can escape from my eyes.

l've called you all to thank
for helping me to arrest Bhai.

Are you smiling?
Aren't you ashamed?

You helped him in every
which way possible.

Do you know why l'm not suspending
though you helped him?

To send him to jail.

This dept. doesn't need
your services anymore.

Resign, get transfer or take leave,

l don't want to see anyone
here after 2 hours.

Leave immediately!

What brings you here suddenly?.

l've arrested Bhai,

l came to ask when are you surrendering?

Bloody! Don't over-act!

You and bhai take out guns,

Sahayam dumps bodies in sea
and brings drugs sent by Danny,

both of you act like enemies in public.

Even if you arrest me,

Sahayam will take the blame
and surrender.

Do you think Sahayam is safe?

Last month he safely took Danny to ship,
and settled down in Krishnapatnam.

He changed the SlM card
but not his cell phone.

Using cell phone lMEl number,

we're tracking every number
he uses and where he stays.

He was in Tirupathi for a week,

5 days in Ongole,
4 days in vijayawada,

8 days in Rajahmundry,
now he's in Vizag.

He came to Araku yesterday,
he brought your drugs,

without knowing about Bhai's arrest,

he's enjoying a parota
in a roadside eatery, bloody rogue.

Call and ask him.

Tell me, sir.

Where are you?
- visakhapatnam. l'm having lunch.

ls he having lunch?

l left him alone
to catch when l need him.

The moment he's necessary to you,
l don't need him anymore.

What's the accused doing now?

He's gurgling, sir.
- How far is he?

The rogue is dead!

Sir, police in civil dress
shot dead Sahayam.

Just 10 seconds is enough
to kill a man that far away.

How much time would l take
to kill you here?

l'll kill you!

God has given you a good family.

A good business enterprize.

But l'm sad seeing your avarice
for money to do illegal things.

You'll receive Sahayam's
body tomorrow,

take it, put it in coffin,
offer a wreath, bury and go silently.

lf you send your men and
try to create riots in the city,

his body won't go alone,
he'll take a lot of others with him.

Will you throw stones on people
for money, wine and biryani?

Will you break open shops
and steal it?

Are you so proud?

l'll kill you!

General Dyer killed our men by
firing at them in closed ground.

They were freedom fighters.

l'll show you what had happened
then for disturbing public.

Because you're betrayers.

Their cries must scare people
who wish to commit crimes.

l'll get them thrashed
by our pachyderm.

Will you tease me?

Will you break glasses?

Will you loot shops?
- You're finished today.

l'll see your end today.

Why is the porcupine
fighting with a doll?

Don't scare the doll, go away.
- Who are you?

l'm Dass, here to supervise
marriage arrangements.

This is just engagement only,

put up canopies all over
the town for marriage.

Father, this has Rs.60 lakhs
and this has Rs.30 lakhs.

ls it marriage canopy
or money canopy?.

Millions are changing hands.

My eyelash is cut.

Don't worry, l'll ask Bhadrachalam
to bring from Kakinada.

We don't get Revlon lipstick
in Kakinada,

how can we get eyelash?

l've an extra set.
When do you want it?

Today is my engagement.

You must come without fail.

Okay, l'll come.

- Greetings, welcome!

Offer big money!

This is the biggest note, give it.

Please come in.

What are you doing?
- Grating banana.

Do it carefully,
you may grate that thing.

l meant finger, brother.

l've been searching for you,
where were you?

What were you doing?
- Getting ready.

You're very beautiful.

First time l'm
seeing you feel shy.

l saw...l saw...
- What did you see?

l too saw for the
first time you blushing.

Okay, don't tell anyone.

Who is blushing?
- What's this?

l switched it on unwittingly.

l'll take care, sir,
open the door.

Please come, madam.

Why is she coming here?

Are you the only one here
to react for all others?

l'll shove the knife into
your mouth next time.

- Welcome, madam.

Kavy is waiting for you.
- Please come in.

Come, Sathya.

Come, Sathya. - ls it good?
- Great!

Are you fine?
- Fine.

Are you fine?

You'd have heard about
Alphonse of Vijayawada,

thinking l don't like you,
he boasted with me.

What did he say?.

lt seems Thyagaraju paid him
to massacre your family tonight.

l've great respect for you, sir.

l've forgotten about old things, sir.

What do you want me to do now, sir?

You don't have to do anything,
l'll take care of it.

l want to talk to Sathya.

Your uncle is in a problem.
- What problem?

lt seems someone is calling and
threatening him for money.

lt seems he has a personal
Blackberry phone.

lf l know that number,
l can catch the callers.

Can you find that number and tell me?

Accept it.
- God bless them!

Let's call police force, sir.

Let's send your family to Kakinada...

Do you want me to run away in fear?

Take this and give it for
repair in Govt. armory section.

Bring it back by tomorrow afternoon.

As per records l'll not have
a gun with me till then.

Come on!

You picked the phone after
first ring at 1 am!?

Waiting for Alphonse to inform about
killing Narasimham's family.

lf you want revenge,
send men to kill me.

Why are you attacking
my family like a coward?

Bloody eunuch!

You're talking too much.

Papers will say Inspector killed
goons in self defense.

Every goon who comes to the home
of police must shiver in fear.

You entered my home, l took it.

Someday l'll enter your home,
you can't bear it.

Matter is very serious,

state Govt. has formed a special team.

Sir, you must...

They have this information
when l asked.

lt's not easy to transfer him.

For safer side destroy all the details.

Not a man from our side must
enter office or house for a week.

Got Thyagaraju's Blackberry number.

- l've a good idea.

Let's give every guest a cycle
for Kavya's marriage.

They don't get sleep until
they scratch me.

Excuse me, rich lady!

Why are you offering cycles
to all the guests?

We own a cycle company so,
we're giving cycles.

lf you own a pesticide company,
will you add it in the feast?

Food will get spoilt
if you add pesticide.

Add it to chutney only.

Hey, pig!
- What?

ls your madam really mad
or is she acting mad?

Sir, your passport has been blocked.

Thyagaraju and Danny are
talking over phone, sir.

Danny will speak to you now, sir.


Dass, Sahayam is dead.
- ls Sahayam dead?

Dass, let's peel coconuts.

How dare you ask a goon
to peel coconuts!?

Go inside.

Sahayam! Come out!

l'll cut your hand and give it to
my grandma to scratch her back.

You cut only humans,
but l'll cut fishes, sticks!

l'll cut ropes and
hair of a sleeping man,

l'll cut ground and sparrows,

l'll cut tyre and also current wire.

lt's live wire,
you may get electrocuted.

Always power cut here,
how can l get electrocuted? Leave me.

Just now l struck and cut a man
to 3 pieces in one shot.

lf you cut, it'll be two pieces only.

He was carrying a piece of cloth,
with that 3 pieces.

Danger is my deposit,
streetfight is my interest.

Who is this salted fish?
- Sahayam's son.

What do you want?

They use polish for shoes,
they massage bodies,

my father was killed by police.

Such a small kid but
delivering punch dialogues.

You got my father caught.
- My mother...

You left her a widow.
l'll hack you.

You, short boy,
you can't reach my head.

l'll hack where ever l can reach.

You mustn't hack there.

We've video reference
of Danny talking to you,

We've audio reference of
Thyagaraju talking to you,

can we match both and
arrest Thyagaraju?

No, Danny and Thyagaraju
didn't talk about drug deals.

The case will not hold strong.

l've another plan for it.

Who are you?

Got a fertilizer sample.

Told me deliver in home,
MD would see it during lunch time.

l'm going to airport urgently.

Please hand over this, madam.

l've handed over the parcel, sir.

Sathya's car entered the house.
- Don't allow it to go out.

Aunty! - What?
- Uncle got this parcel.

l went to home to get
your brother's signature,

children were playing games
on your iPad, sir.

On my iPad?
- Yes.

How could they open it
without the password?

l asked them, sir.

Children said Sathya madam
opened it for them.

Uncle, coffee.

All the deals with Danny
are in that, sir.

Thyagaraju is entering
the house, sir.

Seal the entire place.

Where are the kids? - Upstairs.
- You've a parcel.

What's this?

What happened?

Search there.

The parcel you brought has drugs.

My uncle is innocent.

Manager gave me saying
it is fertilizer sample.

Who got the parcel?
- Uncle.

Nobody must enter without permission.
Stay there only.

Checked Sathya madam's car data,

she visited Narasimham's
place four days ago.

There's a small error
about kidnap in Medapadu,

car never went to school, it went
straight to Medapadu on beach road.

l don't know anything, mother.

Uncle, coffee.

Uncle, they took away my chain.

Why are dull and giving
a sad pose here? - Go sir.

62.5 kilos of drugs confiscated
in Araku comes under Bhai's account,

kept separately 7.5 kilos
in your account.

This is unfair.

lt's not unfair to be unfair
with unfair people.

l told you can't bear
if l enter your home.

ls it police power?
- This is police brilliance.

Nobody else knows anything,
l'm responsible for everything.

Thyagaraju has been arrested, sir.

Who would have done this?
- Your daughter.

lf police come to know the
password of my iPad,

Golden Shipping would
get drowned in mid sea.

After calling Danny,

he called one more number
and then switched it off.

What's the number?

lt's a cell number of Durban city
in South Africa.

l'm sure he would've gone
to Durban city.

Did you inquire where his ship
when he switched off the cell?

We did, sir. We've traced
latitude and longitude numbers.

lt's coastal area of Ambovombe
beneath Madagascar.

How far is Durban from there?

Tell me when will he reach there?

South Africa?

This case is not complete with the
arrests of Bhai and Thyagaraju,

Operation D's final target is Danny!

He's heading to Durban,

it's very difficult to
catch him in Africa,

l must reach there
before he arrives.

Come immediately to Hyderabad.

l'll talk to Central Minister
and arrange it.

Central Ministry has permitted me
to go to South Africa.

l've to leave tonight.

Contact will be established
with Durban police in few minutes.

Give them the number Danny called
and tell to watch him.

Kavya, stop!

You've been engaged.
You shouldn't go there.

Our plan misfired and
she had to commit suicide.

There's no way she would
commit suicide.

She knew everything.

Can you get me his number?

You're a man who speaks
strongly and clearly.

Your eyes are lying.

Why are you asking my uncle's number?
Tell me.

When l think this luxurious life
is from sinful money,

l'm ashamed of it.

Okay, tell me what should l do?

They killed her for knowing about it.

Are you coming from a mourning house?

Will you stop down to so low a level?

You poisoned your niece to death,
are you human?

For hurting me by joining you,
l'm sad for not killing her myself.

Don't justify your act by accusing
a girl like your daughter with an affair.

So many politicians in lndia
are working for me,

your Operation D can't ever dare
touch a hair on my toe!

l know operation D stands
for DSP Simham.

D isn't DSP Simham but Danny!

Tonight l'm leaving,

which ever country that bastard
may be hiding,

l'll catch and bring him here,

l'll prove you're not only
an international smuggler,

but you killed your niece
to save Danny,

and send you to gallows!

lf l can't do it, l'll gun
you down here and go to jail.

Marriage is just 3 days away,
what are you saying now?

No other way, Kavya.

l was always very careful about
not losing anyone for my duty.

But l sacrificed an innocent girl.

l'm unable to answer my inner soul.

lf l stay back for marriage
without going there,

l'm not a human at all!

l'm going now,

l'll be back
by the morning of our marriage.

You go!

Why did you call me to your home, sir?

lt's an order to cancel Operation D.

Hopelessness of ruling party.

Pressure from alliance partners.
- l told you earlier...

l haven't sent the cancellation
order in fax or mail,

l've sent it by post,

it'll reach you officially
by tomorrow morning only,

before that, you're leaving
to South Africa tonight.

Flight ticket from Mumbai to Durban,
visa, Govt. order,

international driving license,

permission for using a weapon,

all the documents are in this.

Who gave you permission
to send him to South Africa?

l followed the rules.

l'll cancel the mission, watch out.