Silent Parade (2022) - full transcript

A man suspected of murdering a young girl is released due to a lack of evidence. He begins taunting his victim's family but is soon found murdered. However, that young girl might not have been his only victim.

Next up is entry #14!

Take it away, Saori Namiki!

Singing Contest

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I'm sorry. Can I start over?

-I'm sorry
-As many times as you need!

I'm sorry

Good girl, Saori!

Thanks, Shu

-No worries
-Sorry, Shusaku

You should be! Just kidding

-Come, Saori!

-Just take it!

Got it. Say...


You're the best, Saori!

You should read this

-Is it good?
-It's for your future

Love comes when you least expect it!

Saori's first date

Will you think about it?

That's amazing, sis!

Saori is a very talented girl

-You'll never be a singer!
-Why not?

Never say never Yutaro

Professor Niikura says she has talent...

-Shut up, Natsumi!
-You shut up, Yutaro!

Why? She's my daughter!

Stop it, both of you!

Saori wants to give it a shot

Wait until you graduate high school


We can touch it up

Pay attention to the flow

‐The take is good enough to me
‐Same here

I don't want her debut
song to be a college work

It's just a demo tape!

Rock, paper, scissors!


Saori Namiki had a bright future

But she disappeared

around 8:00 pm on March 29, 2019

That was 3 years ago

On the 2nd of this month in
Shizuoka Prefecture, Makinohara

there was an arson case

Bones found among the ashes

are now confirmed to be Saori Namiki's

Why her body was found in Shizuoka

200 km from her home in Kikuno
City, Tokyo, remains unclear

The autopsy confirmed a large gash

on the back of her skull

Her death wasn't caused by fire

but a brain contusion from
some kind of blunt force

She was probably dead
before the fire started

Another body was found at the scene

Yoshie Hasunuma, age 83

occupant of the house set on fire

Her death was prior to Saori's

and her body was abandoned there

More importantly, we
discovered that Yoshie's son

was living in Saori's hometown

at the time of her disappearance

His name...

Sorry I'm late

I know you're busy

It's fine. But why me?

-Go on

Kanichi Hasunuma, age 50

lives in Edogawa, Tokyo

but his current whereabouts are unknown


Mr. Kusanagi!

15 years ago...

On May 12, 2007

A 12-year-old girl named Yuna Motohashi

disappeared in Adachi, Tokyo

Her body was found in Okutama

4 years later

Abduction, murder, corpse
mutilation and abandonment...

The suspect that emerged
during the investigation was

Kanichi Hasunuma, a worker
at Yuna's father's factory

But as 3 years had passed

the only crime he could
be tried for was murder

But Hasunuma...

remained silent

Totally silent... So you
couldn't charge him?

I did

But he maintained his
silence. Even on the stand

The whole time?

Didn't answer one question

The composition of the dirt
where Yuna's bones were buried...

In both trials, he was found not guilty.

The prosecution gave up

He was awarded over 10 million yen

for damages and legal expenses

10 million yen?

But those who had an even
harder time accepting this verdict

was Yuna's family

Case dismissed

The accused is not guilty.

Yuna's mother, Yumiko Motohashi

took her own life

And now, Kanichi Hasunuma

is back

Excuse me. We found Kanichi Hasunuma

Let's go

3 years ago

you killed Saori and hid her
body in your home in Shizuoka

Isn't that right?

Give it up, Hasunuma

We found blood stains on your work clothes

at your apartment in Edogawa


Take a photo

These are your work clothes, right?

They match Saori Namiki's DNA

I see you got promoted?


Last time you were there

Mr. Kusanagi

What about this time?

《Silent Parade》

I'm home!

Professor Yukawa?

Sorry to call you out of the blue

It's been a while

What are you doing?

I was fascinated by the
motion of these soap bubbles

I thought maybe it's the
paramagnetism of the gas inside

But it's probably the ambient air

I thought you didn't like kids

Just not my thing


Why Kikuno?

I've been researching superconductivity

at a lab here for a while


Yes. Superconductivity

is when electrical resistance vanishes

and results in the Meissner effect

-The room temperature of super…
-I don't need to know


So what is it? Your email was quite vague

We have a case

Namikiya's eldest daughter
disappeared 3 years ago and

was found as a corpse 23 days ago

at the home of Hasunuma's parents

What's more, Hasunuma lived
in Kikuno when she disappeared

They had contact

-May I take these?
-Pour for me!

Please stop!

What are you doing?

I'm a paying customer

We don't want your money

Get lost!


Saori disappeared a little
over a month afterwards

Her body was found 3 years later

and Hasunuma was brought in

But no matter how much
evidence Mr. Kusanagi presented...

or how hard he interrogated him

Hasunuma didn't say a word

Once again, he clammed up and was released

Prosecutors say an indictment is unlikely

Yuna's case 15 years ago made them cautious

He was released?

For now, yes. But we'll keep...

Can this...

be happening?

Officer! You mean...

Are you telling me that
man won't be accused?

Hasunuma's father was a detective

Back then, securing a
confession was everything

Maybe he bragged

that he got a suspect to confess

I think Hasunuma learned from him

that if you remain silent,
you won't be charged

If so...

one could say that the police

have created a monster

The police created...

Don't say that to Mr. Kusanagi!

He already blames himself

He believes that Saori
would still be alive now

if he indicted Hasunuma
in Yuna Motohashi's case

He should be back soon

He feels responsible for this crime?


I don't know why

but Hasunuma returned to
Kikuno after being released

Until 3 years ago

he worked for a recycled goods company there

He moved in with an ex-colleague

who still lives in their storage unit

Even a monster has friends

Will you help us, Professor Yukawa?

I don't see how a physicist
could possibly help in this case

Maybe so...

What do you want from me?

Does Kusanagi know you came to see me?

-So this is all your doing

Kusanagi never asked you

-But you and Mr. Kusanagi are…
-This is police business

Not mine

You're cold-blooded and incapable of tears!

Being a professor didn't...

People often say cold-blooded and tearless

but did you know a tear is blood
with hemoglobins filtered out?

So blood and tears are virtually the same

There is no need to juxtapose
''cold-blooded'' and ''tearless''.

Bloodless would suffice

Yet blood runs in my veins

so you made a juvenile mistake

-Forget it
-And another thing

You said, being a professor...

-Forget it!
-Professorship and blood are...

One month later

Thank you!

Long time, no see, Tomo!

-Come in!

Welcome back

What'll you have?

Um...a beer on tap

One beer on tap!

-A box?

-For easy access

Hi, Tomo! How are you?

I brought the posters

Thanks! Have a seat

Our freezer stopped working

at the busiest time of year

What's wrong?

Nothing. I'm glad everyone looks well

Or so it seems

Here you go, Professor Yukawa

Today's special

-Looks delicious
-Thank you

What's this? It's so pretty


We folded space panels
and put them on rockets

They will then unfold in space

It was inspired by Japanese origami

How interesting

Amazing, right?

Thank you

Is this your field of research?


My work is neither refined nor glamorous

What then?

Excuse me, but I'm curious

Most people will never
engage with my research ever

Still curious?

I'll pass

His meal is getting
cold! Go ahead, professor

Thank you

Refill, please

A little higher

A little more



Kikuno Story Parade

It's our biggest annual community event

It's more like a costume contest

Teams from all over Japan will enter

so the quality will be pretty high

Come see Team Kikuno!

We'd better win this year. As the home team

Leave it to us! We have
a great song this year

This is Professor Niikura.
He wrote our theme song

-Actually, yes

Two professors in the house!

What's the theme?

That's a secret for now

Pardon me

Will you come? I'll show you around

I look forward to it

Really? Yay!



-What is it?

It's him!

What are you doing here?

I came here to eat. It's been a while

You son of a...

Who is that?

How dare you come here?

No idea

-This man…

This man killed my sister!


Omelet and fried chicken

Get out

Hey, I'm the victim here

What the...

I was treated like a criminal

and lost my job, thanks to all of you

It's your fault

You're the killer!

Then why am I here and not in jail?

Because I didn't kill anybody, right?



-Get out! You bastard!
-Calm down!

You turned the police on
me with false accusations

That's defamation

You lousy...

Forget the beer

Next time, we'll talk about compensation




Stop it!


You all suck


Are you still open?

Yes, but we close at 1:00 PM

Take any seat


Car coming through!

Car coming through! Please make way!

Welcome to the Kikuno Story Parade 2022!

The mayor's arrived

Teams from all over Japan
have gathered again this year!

First up is last year's
winner, Team The Kobe

Coming through!

This way!

Marina, your sash


What will Kobe do this year?

This isn't good

What's wrong?

I'm getting nervous


all contestants competing
in the 2017 Singing Contest

Oh my god...

Oh my god...

Oh my god... I'm getting nervous

Saori! Sit down!

I can't do it...I want to go home

You'll do fine! A festival is?

To have fun...

I can't hear you!

Maya? It's time


Cool barrette. Where'd you get it?

A graduation present from my cool boyfriend

What if someone sees!

Over here!

From our restaurant

Can you see?

Cut it out

Is everyone ready?

Let me through! Sorry!

Professor! Professor!


I got this too. Want one?

The Kikuno Marching
Band will kick off this year's

Kikuno Story Parade!

It's starting

Here you go

A festival is...?

To have fun!

Last year's winner is
entering on a dramatic note

This is Team The Kobe!

This year's story is Cleopatra!

Whoa! Gold foil!

What do you think?

Very high quality. I'm intrigued

Very intrigued!

Did you see that?

It already started

Didn't you come for the parade?

I'd better hurry up and finish


Wow! Take a picture of that!

We've fallen under the spell of
the Adorable Wizard of Oz. Applause!


Rumi! Over here!

That's Professor Niikura's wife

Excuse me. May I?

Hello, Professor Yukawa

-It's hot, isn't it?

It's Mom

-What is it?
-Where's your husband?

He went ahead. He's
judging the singing contest

I'll be right back


A customer got a stomach ache.
Dad took her to the hospital

-The hospital?
-Sounds bad

Mom's going too, so I have to get back

I'll bring this later

Thank you. Will you be OK alone?

I'll be fine

I'll keep him company until
the singing contest starts

Thanks. Use this!

Bye. This too!

Let me through!

Such bad timing...Rumi

Use this

They're here!

It's Maya's team

Team Ki-Ku-No!

Excuse me

It's Maya!

Robert Louis Stevenson's
''Treasure Island.''


Drop the anchor!

Whoa, watch out!

Please stay off the road!
It's dangerous! Step back!

They may win this year!

The music is quite impressive

My husband would be happy

What's that?


-It's Kiku-non

A PR mascot?

Not very cute

And next!

We have entry #12, Mei Ando

You were a singer too?

Oops! Sorry!

Do you have a CD? I'd love to hear it

Oh, no. I never made a debut

Didn't have the talent

Was Professor Niikura your teacher too?

Yes, he was

I never thought we'd get married, though

What a romantic story!

Saori, break's over

A forbidden love between
a teacher and his student

Enough chit-chat. Back to work!


Mr. Tojima

You always look cool, professor

Thank you

Having fun?

Yes, indeed

We'll meet at Namikiya no
matter how Team Kikuno does

Is everything OK?


Good. I had to return this anyway

What's going on?

The body was discovered
30 to 120 minutes after death

So time of death was...

Between 3:00 and 5:00 PM

Cause of death still unknown

Mr. Kusanagi

No one was watching him?

It's been two months.
The director took us off him

Who found the body?

Eiji Masumura. He lives here

I already told the police last night

Can you tell us again?

I watched the parade

then played some pachinko

Tell us how you found Mr. Hasunuma

When I came home

I noticed something was odd back there

Then I noticed he wasn't breathing

So I called the police

Did he always take sleeping pills?

I don't think so

You were living together. Were you close?

He called me 2 months ago

He offered to pay half the
rent if he could stay with me

He said he'd sleep in the back room

You worked together until 3 years ago

But then he disappeared

Why did he quit?

I don't know

Did he ever mention a
restaurant called Namikiya?

-In the Kikuno shopping street

A customer got a stomach ache. We panicked

My mom called and said they
were taking her to the hospital

We left the hospital

around 4:30 PM

It's been confirmed.
The Namikis all have alibis


Actually, check their alibis again



Are you suspecting that family?

It's Professor Yukawa

Can we talk about Hasunuma's death?

-You're a regular at Namikiya?
-I was there last night

Doing what?

Eating, of course

But how did you become a regular?

I haven't seen you in ages,
and you're interrogating me

Answer me

Utsumi didn't tell you?

I've been doing research
in Kikuno for a while

I heard. She consulted
you without telling me


Kusanagi, do you suspect the Namiki family?

You're not answering my...

Professor, the cryostat is ready

Thank you


How did they react to the
news of Hasunuma's death?

Everyone there was shocked

How about the three of them?



Congrats on winning silver!

Come on, cheer up

You guys did great! dead


Mom, Hasunuma is dead...

The dad was relatively calm

The mom and daughter looked totally confused

No unnatural reactions?

Unnatural? I'm just telling you what I saw

-Lower it by 2 degrees
-Got it

You think they had something
to do with Hasunuma's death?

No idea

But you're not denying it

The truth can only be revealed

through positing a
theory and then proving it

Hasunuma's cause of death?

Most likely suffocation

No broken blood vessels
typical of strangulation

No bruises on his neck
or signs of a struggle

Cause of death is still unclear

But we found traces of
sleeping pills in his blood

Sleeping pills

But Hasunuma wasn't in the
habit of taking sleeping pills

Someone drugged him

Even if he took the pills

he'd wake up if he couldn't breathe

He'd struggle if someone
tried to suffocate him

What if he were tied up?

There were no marks

I want to see your
report and the crime scene

Why do you care about this case?

Not the case itself

The family that runs my favorite diner

is accused of murder

Of course, I care



Hasunuma laid a tarp down

and slept on a mattress on the floor

May I go in?

A claustrophobe would
have a hard time in this space

Some people are perfectly
fine in capsule hotels

It locks from the outside

Because it's a storage room

What about it?

I need a screwdriver

It won't come off

Why are you trying to remove this lock?

I got it!

Let me see

I knew it

What? Tell us already

This sliding door has a secret window

Secret window?

Hey! Excuse me

What about this hole?

You can extract oxygen through this hole


With a vacuum cleaner, for instance

Suck the oxygen right out

Are you serious?



How else would you lower
the oxygen level in here?

If you seal the door

and fill the room with some objects

the room's volume would shrink

resulting in a shortage of oxygen

Through this hole?

It barely fits a marble

Fill the entire room
with marbles? Impossible

-What about balloons?

A deflated balloon would fit

through the hole with the neck facing us

Once the balloon is pushed through

you could inflate it from this side

-No way


Dying in a room filled
with colorful balloons

sounds surreal and kind of fun

But he could easily pop them

He'd never suffocate

But what if they weren't filled with air?

-Not air?
-Say helium gas

Helium gas?

You could use a tank

to fill the room with
helium gas through this hole

Helium is lighter than air

so the gas would accumulate at the top

That would push the air out

through the space around the door

The oxygen level would drop

and Hasunuma would wake up, suffocating

In his struggle to breathe

he'd gulp down a lungful of helium

causing him to faint

No, no, no. That's unrealistic, too

That would explain the
lack of evidence of a struggle

And the absence of broken blood vessels

You too?

Why would anyone go to so
much trouble to kill someone?

Good point

But if the killer used a method
similar to what I just explained

there must be a special reason

-Special reason?
-Like what?

Professor Yukawa?

-I don't have a clue
-Not surprising

Very interesting indeed

The theory's worth testing

If Yukawa's hypothesis is correct

Saori's family would be in the clear

That family could never come
up with such a convoluted plan

-Calm down, please!
-What's your point?

If Hasunuma's murder was a vendetta

your family had plenty of motive

-Get out!
-Do you admit you had a motive?

What's wrong?

I'll take my leave for now

That's my umbrella. The black one

-Get out!
-So harsh

A reporter?

Are you OK?

You too. Leave us alone

Mr. Kusanagi doesn't want this case to be

a vendetta for the Namikis

That would mean he's responsible
for turning them into murderers

Are you willing to drive
Kusanagi into a corner?

Do you think the truth
only brings unhappiness?

I don't want another mistake either

It should be good

It is

I was thinking...

Your theory on how
Hasunuma may have been killed

It's so much work

If the killer went through all that trouble

maybe the intention was to inflict fear

-Of a slow, agonizing death

A brutal killer gets the
execution he deserves

A very original idea

But if so

the killer must have hated Hasunuma's guts

In which case

the Namiki family wouldn't be in the clear

I thought you were worried about Kusanagi

I am...But I'm a detective

So is Mr. Kusanagi

I was also thinking

It can't be helium gas

-How's it going?
-Still prepping

What kind of experiment?

I couldn't possibly explain

It's ready

Shall we start?


The boiling point of this
liquid is minus 196 degrees

It vaporizes the instant it
comes in contact with air

The cooled vapor then turns

into tiny water particles
floating in the air

creating clouds inside the room


Oxygen level?

Just under 16%. Fatal when it's below 8%

What's in the tank?

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen?

We emptied 20 liters


You'll have to wait

or you'll suffocate in there

I asked Utsumi to confirm something

The amount of water in Hasunuma's mattress

when his body was found


Hurry. Sunlight will have an impact

Next we measure


Weighing in

Roughly 6400

Before the experiment

the mattress and blanket weighed 6300 grams

An increase of 100 grams

Half a cup of water

The mattress and blanket

in his room weighed about the same

We're one step closer
to proving our hypothesis

So the killer is familiar
with handling liquid nitrogen

Tojima-ya Foods, Fresh Frozen Food

We have a warrant to search your factory

What's going on?

Close the door!


Is this the liquid nitrogen you use?

Camera, please

Do you keep records of usage?

Like I said, what's going on?

Just confirming something

We searched Tojima-ya Foods

On the day before Hasunuma's death

the liquid nitrogen in the
tank was short 20 liters

The same amount used in the experiment

We also have footage of Shusaku Tojima

leaving in a van on the day of the murder

But he's at the singing contest
10 minutes later, as he stated

The site of the singing contest and

the scene of the crime are 3 km apart

With the parade

it would be impossible to get there

and back in 10 minutes, even by car


Tojima didn't deliver the liquid nitrogen

He handed it over to someone else

So he didn't act alone

Go over the security camera footage again

Yes, sir!

Two days later

I'm back...

Don't change in here

We checked all the spectators
and traffic on the video footage

but we don't know who or how
the liquid nitrogen was delivered

Are you asking me to guess?

It has nothing to do with physics

We're missing something

It's here

-The measurements are good

Would you like my advice?

Did you check it?

Yes, please!

It didn't work at all

Neither did the IV. Try
lowering it by 3 degrees


Try adjusting the suction,
not the temperature

Drop it by one digit

Change your perspective

I'm talking to you, Utsumi

My perspective? Anything less obvious?

It's important


What is it?

It's about the liquid nitrogen.
But it's probably nothing

Tell me

No, no, no

-Now I'm really curious
-It's embarrassing


You? Now?

OK, OK...

The huge frog in the parade

It's full of helium gas, right?

What if after the parade

the gas was siphoned off

and taken to the scene of the crime?

Then maybe your original
hypothesis would work...

Forget it. It was liquid nitrogen,
not helium gas. Sorry


You said you checked the video
footage of all the spectators

But what about the performers?

It's all here

Excuse us

The props for the parade

The treasure chest?

First tell me what you're looking for

We can't just yet

Then I don't have to answer either

Perjury is a crime, but what about silence?

The crime of silence?

The police think Hasunuma was murdered

Even so, he got what he deserved

Why should I cooperate in your search?

We believe

Hasunuma's death and Saori Namiki's death

are connected somehow

This investigation could
reveal a vital clue in Saori's case

Please help us

Thank you

Excuse us

Mr. Kusanagi

What's this?

They put plastic bottles
inside for stabilization

This was on the local
school's security cam footage

The time is 3:20 PM

This is you, Mr. Takagaki

What were you carrying?

The parade ends at the school

Were you carrying the
contents of the treasure box

for Team Kikuno?

You were dating Saori Namiki

Her sister Natsumi told us

that Saori was so happy to have a boyfriend


You're wrong

How so?

I think I'll quit singing

Quit singing?

Why, Saori?

What's wrong?

What happened?

The most important thing
for me is to be with you

Me, too

But you don't have to quit singing

Nervous about your debut?


Time for your lesson


OK. See you


That was my last conversation with Saori

Why didn't I listen to her?


was trying to tell me something

Did you hate Kanichi Hasunuma?

Did you want to get revenge?

No! That wasn't my intention

That wasn't part of the plan


So there was a plan

What were you carrying

Mr. Takagaki?

A tank...of liquid nitrogen


A van was parked nearby for me

to take the tank to Hasanuma's place


I didn't kill him!

I didn't think he'd die...

We just wanted to punish him

Punish him?

Who came up with the plan?

He got what he deserved

If the truth

were to hurt someone

would the police protect that person?

We don't want anybody else to get hurt

So don't ask me that

Who gave the order?

If he says so, maybe it's true

You should be quite familiar
with the danger of liquid nitrogen

Did you intend to kill
Hasunuma from the start?

Why would I?

The Namiki family is very special to you

Yes, Yutaro is my best friend

Best friend?

You were very fond of Saori as well

I even changed her diapers

I know how you feel about Hasunuma

We were also frustrated
we couldn't charge him


You can't possibly compare
your frustration with ours

Not even close. It's on a different level

Can we document your
statement for the record?

Go ahead

I'll spew all the hateful
words you want to hear

Tell us what the hatred made you do

I'll leave it to your imagination

Even if Hasunuma is a sadistic
killer who deserves to die

murder is still a crime

Only the law

can punish him

But it didn't

The law didn't punish him

There wasn't even a trial

I don't believe in the police

I stopped believing

Because of whom? You all

The police

Chief! So we meet again

How's the investigation going? Any leads?

No answers yet

Is Saori Namiki's family involved somehow?

I said no answers!

Whoa! What's wrong with you?

You OK, Chief?

So you don't think Tojima
can be the murderer

Takagaki, either

So there were others involved

Maybe more than one or two

Many people in this town hated Hasunuma

Who put the tank in the treasure chest?

And who carried out the murder?

The Namikis have alibis

Takagaki and Tojima are also unlikely

That leaves...

Team Kikuno's leader, Maya Miyazawa

And the couple who wanted
Saori to make her singing debut

The Niikura

Hasunuma has another victim. Yuna Motohashi

Case dismissed. The accused is not guilty.

That was 15 years ago

You think they're connected?

This is a complex puzzle

And the last piece

that completes the puzzle exists in the past

The last piece

In the past...

Look up!

On the roof!

He's on the roof!

We don't think you killed Hasunuma

But it couldn't have
happened without your help

You're the only one

who could make him take those sleeping pills

or take the lock off his door


You also have a reason
to hate Kanichi Hasunuma

Yuna Motohashi's murder 15 years ago

When Yuna was found as a corpse

her mother Yumiko was devastated

She took her own life

You raised her

as if she were your own daughter

Yumiko was your only sister

I don't have a sister

We know she's not listed
on your family register

But here's your mother's record

You and Yumiko Motohashi were 9 years apart

Your sister from a different father

I don't have a sister

We'll return it later

Thank you

Excuse us. Be careful

-Nothing yet

Nothing turned up at
Masumura's work or residence

No connection between
Yumiko Motohashi or Yuna

He got rid of all the evidence

Letters, photos

It's all about revenge

He's obsessed

But if Masumura, our
last piece, isn't the killer...

Let's go back...

to Yutaro Namiki

Sorry, we're closed...

It's Yukawa


I'll be right back

Temporarily closed,
sorry for the inconvenience

It's hot today

The police are making steady progress

They know several people
were involved in the crime

Takagaki only did what Tojima requested

But Tojima wouldn't plan
anything without your knowledge

I don't understand


How about a drink?

No, thank you

We have watermelon

There's no way you're in the dark about this

It's natural to assume you
were involved from the start

Let's close for today

Sorry, we're...

My name is Eiji Masumura

Are you aware

that Kanichi Hasunuma

killed before and got away with it?

I just want to know the truth, Shusaku

What should we do?

What if Hasunuma admits to killing Saori?


I'll call the police

Can you do it?

Can you really shut off the valve, Yutaro?

The original plan was for
you to go to Hasunuma's place

But an accident occurred

On the day of the parade

a customer complained of stomach pain


What's wrong, miss?

My stomach...

Are you OK? Dad! Dad! Come quick!

-Her stomach hurts

Are you OK?

-Are you OK?
-I don't know...

Call an ambulance! Can you move?

Wait! The parade! There may be traffic

Look after her. I'll get
the car! I'll be back soon

This was unexpected

You made the difficult decision

to take her to the hospital

You had to call off the plan

So who killed Hasunuma in your place?


I have nothing to say

If I talk

I could never face all those

who are remaining silent

Excuse me


Mr. Namiki

Naoki Niikura turned himself in

He claims that he killed Kanichi Hasunuma

Mr. Tojima told me

Namiki would lock Hasunuma in his room

and threaten him

Make him confess to Saori's
kidnapping and murder

Not kill him

That's why I went along with it

I couldn't tell anyone

Not even my wife

Who was to threaten Hasunuma?

Mr. Namiki

And what was your role?

My role was...

Before the parade...

Be very cautious with this

If you touch it, it'll burn you

I would take the tank of liquid nitrogen...

Thanks for coming!

Thank you!

What great weather! the starting point of parade

and place it in Team Kikuno's treasure chest


when the parade was over

I got a call from Tojima

It's off?

Yutaro had to take a
customer to the hospital

But the liquid nitrogen...

Someone has to pick it up

I will

There's time before I have
to judge the singing contest

The box of liquid nitrogen
was sitting outside the office

That's when I changed my mind

For a childless couple like us, Saori was...

like a real daughter

So precious...

She was our dream


That man...

It was my only chance to make him confess

I knew Hasunuma woke
up when he heard the noise

I heard him scream

He was panicking

I yelled

Did you kill Saori?

I demanded

Tell the truth if you don't want to die!

Hasunuma said

he just happened to see
Saori walking alone that night

You mean...he confessed?


He followed her in his car

and dragged her into Kikuno Children's Park

Kikuno Children's Park


He tried to rape her

but she fought back...

So he killed her


I realized...

Hasunuma was dead

I'm sorry!

No need to apologize

Hasunuma finally confessed to the crime

That's a good thing

He deserved to die


He deserved it, Professor Niikura



I'm sorry!

Why did you have to kill him?


The suspect turned himself in

We arrested him for manslaughter

Name: Naoki Niikura, male, age 56

More details to follow

How is Niikura connected?

Was Yutaro Namiki involved?

That's all we have for now

-Why did Niikura turn himself in?
-That's it for today

-Who else is involved?
-What about the vendetta?

-We want more details!
-That's it for today!

-We have more questions!
-Refer them to PR

You're charging him on that story?

Story? What do you mean?

What about Hasunuma?


Can't be charged for Saori
Namiki's murder because he's dead

-That's right

You believe that, Kusanagi?

Niikura, Tojima and Yutaro
Namiki will pay for their part in it

But Hasunuma's death was an accident

So you're relieved that
their crime is minimized

Professor Yukawa

You're relieved it's over

It was the only way


Not another word

The case was solved

It's not the best outcome, but...

the rest is for the courts to decide

That's based on the premise

that Naoki Niikura's confession was true

There's no reason to doubt it


You think a guy like Hasunuma

would confess to murder so easily?


I'm sure Kusanagi knows something is off

But Niikura...

Don't get too close

The magnetic field will ruin your watch

Niikura got a key piece of information

out of Hasunuma: Kikuno Park

He took Saori to that park

Witnesses testified that

around the time of Saori's disappearance

they heard women arguing near the park

and the sound of
something hitting the ground

That backs up Niikura's statement

But what if...

Naoki Niikura already knew
about that key piece of information?

What do you mean?

This man killed my sister!


Professor Yukawa!

Kikuno Park Monument construction begins

At this point, Hasunuma
was still asleep, right?

Go on

Utsumi speaking

Check something for me

But don't tell Kusanagi

And don't ask me why I need this information

These are my conditions. Will you do it?

Professor Yukawa

Hasunuma is a monster who taunted the police

He didn't waver one bit
when interrogated about Saori

He maintained his composure
and silence to the very end

Even when presented
with irrefutable evidence


Because he didn't kill Saori

He knew who did

The true culprit killed
Saori, then left the scene

Hasunuma took her body to
his parents' house in Shizuoka

The real killer must have been shaken

Where did the body go?

Hasunuma left Kikuno and waited for 3 years

until the statute of limitations
for abandoning a body expired

3 years later, he made his move

His first move

was to bring Saori's
murder out into the open


burned down his house

He held onto his clothes

tainted with Saori Namiki's blood

so he would be arrested

He was sending a message to the true killer

A message saying, “I know what you've done”.

When he was set free

he contacted the real killer

It was you, Rumi Niikura

When Hasunuma appeared at the restaurant

you knew who he was

Who is that?

No idea

This man...

This man killed my sister!

More tea?

Please have it while I tell
you my side of the story

Of course

I don't want to be a singer anymore

I'm tired of singing. I'm sorry

What are you talking about, Saori?

What about your debut?

I'm really sorry!

Tomo talked you out of it

I know you two are dating

Did he tell you to quit?

No! Tomo is supportive

Then, why?

I'm pregnant

I'm going to marry Tomo

So I can't sing anymore...


I'm so grateful to Professor Niikura

-And to you, of course
-No! You can't do this!

I'm going to be a mother...

What about Professor Niikura's dream?

His dream...

He bet everything on you, Saori!

Fine. I'll tell Professor Niikura myself

-I'll apologize
-Wait! Please!

I knew you wouldn't understand!

You're jealous of me!


You couldn't become a singer...

You resent me because

Professor Niikura invested so much in me

I'm sick of his dreams and your jealousy!

You're like stalkers!

Don't talk to me like that!



She didn't remember what happened after that

When she came to

she was trying to jump off a bridge

She tried to take her own life

But a siren brought her back to her senses


She went back to the park

but it was still, as if nothing had happened

Niikura residence

I won't tell anyone about
what I saw that night

On one condition

Who are you?

Who am I?

He asked for 1 million yen

No way it would end there

That's right

But she had to pay him

The continuous threats
must have been unbearable

Then her husband shocked
her with the confession

of Yutaro Namiki and Shusaku Tojima's plan

On the day of the parade

they would force Hasunuma
to tell them the truth

She had no choice but to tell him everything

I'm sorry!

That she was the one who killed Saori

I'll turn myself in!

-To the police!



Calm down

I'll protect you

I knew how you felt

But I pretended not to notice

Do you have a CD? I'd love to hear it

Oh, no. I never made a debut

Didn't have the talent

Was Professor Niikura your teacher too?

Yes, he was

I never thought we'd get married, though

Saori, break's over

A forbidden love between
a teacher and his student

Enough chit-chat. Back to work!


I made you...


Naoki Niikura resolved
to kill Kanichi Hasunuma

Roll call. Prisoner #10


If he inserted himself in Tojima's plan

and if he, not Namiki

went to Hasunuma's place, he could kill him

On the day of the parade

the lady who got sick at the restaurant

was hired by Niikura


Yutaro Namiki had to
take her to the hospital

Tojima decided to call off the plan

He asked Naoki Niikura to
retrieve the liquid nitrogen

Hasunuma took the sleeping pills

that Eiji Masumura gave him

The lock on the door was removed

There was no reason

for Naoki Niikura to hesitate

Rumi! Rumi!


Does Mr. Kusanagi know?

Not yet

We have to tell him!


There's more

Professor Yukawa...

You came here to convince
me to turn myself in

That was my intention

But I still haven't gotten to the truth

There may be something critical

that even you don't know about

Something critical?

When did she bleed?


You decided to arrest Hasunuma

when you found

Saori's blood on his work clothes

That's right

According to the matter
you investigated for me

the police searched Kikuno Park

when Saori disappeared

But there's no record of blood at the scene

So she wasn't bleeding

when Hasunuma moved her?

What if Saori regained consciousness

while he was driving to Shizuoka?

His scheme would be ruined

What would he do?


The gash in her skull

Hasunuma hit her in the back of the head

and killed her

Check her barrette


The one Saori always wore

After Saori disappeared

Rumi found her barrette at the park

She's still holding onto it

If there's no blood on the barrette

the fatal blow didn't
take place at the park...

I want to talk to Kusanagi

If Naoki Niikura was lying...

I didn't understand why

Is that...

really the truth?

I'm not sure yet

You should check the barrette

If my hypothesis is correct

you should let Naoki Niikura know

He'll have to decide

whether or not to tell the truth

If Kanichi Hasunuma was the one

who ultimately killed Saori Namiki

his wife will be saved

But his own crime would
no longer be manslaughter

He would be charged

with first degree murder

That's right

Naoki Niikura may remain silent

Same goes for Rumi Niikura

She may not tell the police

what she told you

That's all I can do

A string of cases that started

15 years ago...

So many people

were involved and suffered...


They're still suffering

Including you

Only the people who suffered

can put an end to this


Can this be happening?

But it didn't


Not even close

It's on a different level

Perjury is a crime

but what about silence?

If the truth were to hurt someone

would the police protect that person?

Leave us alone

The barrette...

had no traces of blood on it

Saori Namiki's killer

wasn't Rumi Niikura

Kanichi Hasunuma is
highly likely to be the one

Of course it won't be easy to prove


If you break your silence

and tell us the real reason why

you killed Hasunuma

Rumi will be relieved

of the burden of concealing a crime

she didn't commit

I promise you

The police

will prove it was Hasunuma

that killed Saori Namiki!

Mr. Niikura

Will you remain silent?

Naoki Niikura's charge
was elevated to murder

He admitted to killing Hasunuma with intent

Rumi Niikura will be charged with assault

What about the others?

Eiji Masumura's charge for aiding

abetting a murder is pending

He's no longer in Kikuno

Thank you

What are you doing? Hurry up!

They considered charging Yutaro Namiki

with accomplice to murder

but decided against it


Same for his wife Machiko

Temporarily closed,
Sorry for the inconvenience


Party of 3 tonight?

There's a flower shop

Turn right!

Shusaku Tojima who
prepared the liquid nitrogen

didn't know what Naoki
Niikura was going to do with it

Neither he nor Tomoya
Takagaki will be charged

Go ahead

Stop dancing. Watch where you're going!

Go ahead and cross!

Maya Miyazawa wasn't involved

in the crime so she won't be charged


-Come in, Shu!
-The usual!

How's Kusanagi?

Mr. Kusanagi...

is working

I see

I think...


He's grateful to his best friend

Is that so?

Masaharu Fukuyama

Ko Shibasaki

Kazuki Kitamura

Based on the novel “Silent Parade”

written by Keigo Higashino
(Published by Bungeishunju)

Screenplay by Yasushi Fukuda

Music by Yugo Kanno, Masaharu Fukuyama

Directed by Hiroshi Nishitani