Si atunci, ce e libertatea? (2020) - full transcript

Inspired by historical facts, this film is a story of love and survival against the background of the 1951 Communist ordered deportation of 40,000 landowners and people of non-Romanian origins to the Baragan Plain, the "Romanian Siberia".

"Memory needs to be the path leading
not only to the past,

but to the future as well."

Ana Blandiana

In 1951, the Communist government
of Romania ordered

the deportation of more
than 40,000 innocent people

who lived near the border
with Tito's Yugoslavia.

Accused of being enemies of
the people, they were snatched

overnight from their houses,
loaded onto cattle trains

and thrown into the wilderness
of the Baragan fields

in conditions nearly impossible
to survive.

They were all victims of a process
of eliminating political adversaries,

and ethnic cleansing
of the militarized border.

This movie is dedicated
to their memory.

based on the short novel
"Projects of The Past" by Ana Blandiana

Baragan fields, 1956

Emil, Emil... let's just tell
them we don't want to leave.

Why not? If that's what we want.

Want what?! Can't you see? It's over!

Our island is gone!

We're at their will again.

It was all an illusion!


I always stood for truth,

searching for it, solving its mysteries.

I knew how to tell the difference
between fairy tale and reality,

between knowledge and ignorance.

I knew there couldn't be
any knowledge without truth,

and that we couldn't
call ourselves free without it.

As I realized fairly quickly,
in fact I knew nothing at all.

As the Red Army entered
the country,

Romania ended its alliance
with Germany.

The Soviet Union took its place.

Stalin promised a
brilliant future, a society

in which men didn't
exploit each other,

to be built hand in hand
by workers and philosophers,

teachers and peasants,

students and the military.

I was already married
to my college sweetheart,

Turica Iorga, who took
my last name and became

comrade teacher Dumitra Bazan.

We were both working
at the same school.


... freedom is our precious reward
for having fought so hard for a justice.

That's why it needs to be treated
very, very carefully...

Being free doesn't mean one can do
anything, anywhere, anyhow...

So, what's freedom?

- I'll expect your answers next time. Yes?
- Yes!

Turica taught French, and I history,
of course. We loved each other,

so the future seemed filled
with hope and aspirations.

Wait... wait.

Try a little more seduction...

C'mon, tell me more about Paris...

When everything calms down...

... fraternity,

freedom, equality!

We'll take Paris!

You promise?

I swear it.


Stroe worked for the Secret Police.

He was... how should I call him?
Our "Serviceman".

We didn't know anything about him,
but he knew everything about us.

Thank you.

The party has great plans for you.

- But, so do we.
- I'm so glad to hear that.

Of course, only if your wife
decided to finally help out...

What do you mean?

Russian is the language of the future.

French belongs in the past,
which we already buried.

Vigilence begins at home.

Stroe showed up in Herculane right after
travel abroad became strictly regulated

and controlled. All contacts with
the Western world were forbidden.

After Stalin expelled
Tito's Yugoslavia from the

International Organization
of Socialist Republics

the Serbs suddenly
became our biggest enemy.

The threat of war with
Yugoslavia grew day by day

Stroe was charged with protecting us.

Turica couldn't stand him.

Comrade Colonel Stroe
has been further delayed.

We must unmask our
enemies: the American and

English imperialists,
their lackeys, like Tito,

and many others, show the world
their true colors,

put them to death if necessary...

You're coming to Toplet tomorrow, right?
You're not teaching.

Does Emil know the wedding's
at a kulak's place?

Did the Party give him permission?

This is no joking matter, Yvonne.


You know my uncle, right?
They took him 2 days ago.

He owned 5 acres of
land, from his grandparents.

Wouldn't give them up to
the Party. And now look...

He got hard labor...

Maybe they hold him until
they solve the Serb issue

at the border, and then
they'll send him back home.

From deportation?

Nobody ever came back.

How can you take these
things so lightly, Turica?

I am still going to the wedding.



Tonight. I'm crossing
the Danube to Yugoslavia.

You can't do that!

There must be another way, something...

I didn't find one.

Did you?

... everybody will
receive what they need,

and will work according
to their abilities.

This is the brilliant future of communism.


- Everything in order at school?
- All good.

I'm here about my travel request to Paris.

I hear your students like you a lot.

You challenge them
to think for themselves.

- Yes.
- Not bad.

Was going to Paris your wife's idea?

An old promise I made,
from our college days.

And who's idea was it to go to
Blajinu's wedding in Toplet?

- What's got into you?
- It's Radio France, currently forbidden!

You'll get us in trouble.
Is it hard to understand?

It's only music...

Don't worry, tomorrow there'll be
plenty of food in Toplet.

They're roasting up a whole pig, a veal,
baking a hundred pastries, eight cakes...

It'll be a fairy tale wedding, you'll see.

We're not going.

What? What are you talking about?

All the teachers were invited.
Ion is our colleague.


I talked to Stroe today.

He's in charge of our travel request.

Once he approves it, nobody
will stop us anymore.

But you have to forget
about Blajinu's wedding.

It's Paris, or Toplet.

Your choice.

Village of Toplet
12 km. from Herculane


Listen up, all of you!

Anyone brave enough,
come to the wedding!

The entire village is invited!

Did you hear me? I
dare all of you to come!

Listen, you fool!

Even if they sent me to Siberia...

...they couldn't stop Miron from throwing
his daughter the best wedding ever!

- Shut up! You'll get us in trouble again.
- Let me be, woman. Music!

Yugoslavia is one of the founding
members of COMINFORM,

but its leader, Joseph Tito refuses
to follow orders sent by the Soviets.

The tensions between Tito and
the Soviet block have escalated.

Both Yugoslavia and
pro-Soviet Romania are

sending their troops
to the Danube border,

in the Banat region.

Both governments ...

Sources tell us that Romania
has restricted civilian traffic

from an area of 25 km
North of the Danube river,

bordered by Yugoslavia to the West,

and by Orsova, Toplet and
Herculane to the East.

Confrontation between Tito and Stalin's
allies could start at any moment.

Here is Radio France!

- Hello.
- Hello.

Nothing yet?

I'm scared, Grandma...

How long can love last?

Why don't you let God
worry about tomorrow?

Live in the moment! Enjoy it!

Wait... that's to pay off
any evil, send it away...

Thank you, God bless.

Made my choice. I'll be back tomorrow.

No further than Toplet.

Comrade Bazan!.... Good day to you.

I have a letter for your wife. I think
she's been expecting it for some time.

You should read it first.
You never know these days.

But it's open.

How else? It's from abroad...

Careful with that, I'd say... Yes?

Hurry up!

Go sit down!

- You know him?
- No.

Rich landowners live here

Hey, you fool!... Crazy guy!

- How're the women in there?
- There's no more time...

- What?
- Time, time! There's no more time...


Well what?

Listen, Ion! Ana is my only one.

I've cared for her like
the eyes in my head!

You have no idea

how many pregnant girls the Russians
and Germans left behind.

Difficult times are coming.

Take good care of her. You hear me?


- Welcome!
- Great to see you!

- Congratulations! So happy for you!
- Thank you!

- I'm so glad you made it!
- He wouldn't miss it!

- Welcome!
- That's her.

- Hi! Turica.
- Ana.

- Pleased to meet you.
- You , too.

Ion has told me so much
about you and the school.

We're planning on moving
to Herculane, as well.

- When?
- After the wedding.

- Right away?
- Yes.

- What are your plans there?
- Go to nursing school, God willing.

Very well.

Mom, you can't do that.
It's the bride's apple!

- Emil! Let's go.
- Please, make yourselves at home.

Keep it up!

- Has anyone else come from the school?
- No.

It's probably this whole
situation with the Serbs...

What situation, Emil?

A wedding's a wedding!

What does a wedding
have to do with politics?

They didn't come
because... they're cowards.

How come you two made it?

Did I ever tell you?

After our first dance together
I tried to imagine...

what it'd be like to still
dance with you at 50...

That's when I knew I wanted
to marry you.

You're handsome when you smile.

Let's dance.


Come on!

Down with landowners!

Fire one off, soldier!

What a big man you are Marin
when the army is behind you!


Silence, and in the name of the law...

pay attention to Mister...
I mean our Comrade here!

According to the Romanian
People's Republic's

Council of Ministers' decree
number 200 from 1950,

supplemented by decree
number 344 from March 15th. 1951,

and by the ruling of our
State Security Services,

all present here are
subject to immediate,

mandatory evacuation
and relocation

to an assigned residence,
as they are enemies

who have jeopardized
the People's Democratic Regime.

The evacuation will commence 2 hours
from the reading of this decree,

under the supervision of the State
Security and of the Ministry of Interior,

in the presence of the local authorities.

Is that clear?

Comrade Sargent, I live a short
ways away, at the railway crossing.

My shift starts in less than an hour.

What, didn't you hear me?

Start packing, now!

I'm comrade Bazan, history teacher
in Herculane, with my wife.

- We're about to leave. Do your job.
- Nobody leaves. You're all under arrest.

There's been a mistake.

Call Herculane. Comrade Stroe, at the
Ministry of Interior. He can vouch for us.

A mistake? You mean to say that
our Party makes mistakes?

Would you look at him?

He's under arrest, and continues
to speak against the Party.

Get on your knees!... On your knees!...
Right now!

I should shoot you just for saying that!

Filthy landowner!

Everyone, pack your bags!

That means everyone.

You have two hours!


C'mon! Move!

What's with that music?


It's my right! You gave it to me!

To hell with you and your people!

Fucking German! You want wood?
Here, build yourself a coffin!

You'll need it where you're headed.

Get out of here, damned Nazi!

Don't run! Come here!

- Where's my father?
- You'll find him where you're going.

Don't kill her!

Kill me instead!

Not Ilinca!

Let her go!

Let her go!

It's alright, Father


He doesn't feel well.

- To Siberia?
- How are you?

Oh, dear Jesus!

I bet they're taking
us straight to Siberia.

I can't breathe, Granny. Move over.

Does anyone have water?

I've got some, Maria.

- Ancsi!... Ancsi!
- Come back here!

Is it yours?

- Ancsi!
- Come back now!

Mine is Ana.

Ancsi, come back here!

Did you marry him?


They warned me. Didn't they?

And what did I do?

How could I let her go alone, when
the political situation is what it is?

I'll figure it out , don't worry.

We'll be back home in no time.

We have to teach tomorrow, don't we?

What the hell did I say now?

Lock on target!

At my order...

Open it!

- Cosasu Sabina
- Here.

- Fidel Jonas!
- Here.

- Berca Eugen!
- Here.

Simion Sofia!

I'm comrade Emil Bazan.
There's been a mix-up...

- Simion Vasile!
- Yes.

- Bazan Dumitra!
- Here.

- Bazan Emil!
- Here.

- Ornea Isaac!
- Yes.

- Ornea Esther!
- Yes.

Do you wanna play, kitty?

- Bercu Iolanda!
- Here.

- Morosan Floarea!
- Yes.

Let's go!


Don't run!

- Ancsi, don't run!
- Stop right there, or I'll shoot!

Come back here!


He's not breathing, comrade!

- And the child?
- It took them both out.

You, damned rich bitch!

Why did he have to run?

To make me kill a child? Huh?!

Tell me!

Get them out of my sight!
Into the trucks!

That's an order!

- Where are you taking us?
- Move!

- Keep moving, don't you hear?
- Don't push her!

- Ion!
- Ana!

Move! Move! Go!

- Ion, don't leave me!
- Ana!

- Ion!
- Ana!

Ready this one! Go!

- Ion, don't leave me!
- Ana!

Ready this one!

- Hop in! Go!
- Ion!

Ion, don't leave me!... Ion!

Comrade soldier, please stop this truck!

My wife and I don't
belong with these people.

Why did I fight in the
Resistance, just to...

You, communist pig!

You're welcome.

The Baragan fields

The Ministry of Interior
of Romania hereby

decrees the mandatory
removal and relocation

of all enemies of the
Romanian Workers

Party, the Soviet
Union, and their leaders.

Leaving the area within a 15 kilometer
radius, as well as contact with outsiders

without prior authorization
are strictly forbidden.

Is it clear?

Wait! When are the others coming?

Where are they?

Where are the others?!

We have to make a fire.

For the night.

And a shelter, too.

They just left and Fritz is
the one giving orders now?

Make them yourself, if you are cold.

Get going! What are you staring at?

We leave tomorrow morning.

The man said 15 km.

That means there might be
some villages 20 km. away.

We'll sort it out there.

You can go. I'm not coming.

And I won't be waiting for you.
I'm tired of waiting.

Wanna know how long?

Since they got you to start following
them blindly, wherever they wanted.

You never said no,
and you forgot about us.

And since they started thinking for you,
and all you did was cheer them on.

What's left to do?

Don't you get it? This is our Siberia.

It's over!

Has anyone seen my husband?

Hey, who took my bicycle?

Are you all deaf?


Here, Bazan!

Where to, Bazan? Paris?

Please, leave me alone! I did everything
you asked of me. Where did I go wrong?

Maybe you'll learn to toe the line!

You have one friend left: Baragan!

It's a... it's a
mistake... It has to be...

- Make sure you don't lose it, too!
- But it's a mistake... There's no way...

Take a sip, Father.

Are there any priests left
who are good for anything?

The German's right.

God sent us here and forgot about us.

And we've forgotten who we are.

Dear God...

If you only knew how much I prayed
for Him to take me. To set me free...

Jonas, who are you to judge?
You think you're better than us?

That's why your wife left you? At 40
years old, all alone, and with no kids...

Not your business! Only my business!

We all have sinned...

Do you think you'll see
your husband again?

I'm sure I'll never see mine again.

What's up, Fritz?

Come with me!


Ion came to our village 3 years ago.

With the literacy task force.
Knocked me off my feet.

I haven't stop falling since then.

You know what I really regret?...
I am sorry that...

I'm sorry I didn't let
him do it... You know?

I insisted on marrying him a virgin.

I think you did the right thing.



See those stars up there in a W shape?
... That's "the hen with the chicks".

As long as they're shining,
we're good. It's autumn.

When you see a triangle of lights lower
to the left, that means winter's coming.

That means certain death.

You freeze.

Why didn't you leave with your husband?

- What did you say your name was?
- Culai... And yours?

Drink, Father.

- Then, why are so calm, Culai?
- Well...

Well what?

School of Arts and Literature
at the University of Paris

During the war I saw so
much death, eventually

it started to feel like
I was slowly dying.

I deserted.

The dead with the dead,
the living with the living.

Let them go...

You have to let them go their way.

Ana, Turica!

Look, look over the hill! Your men!

I don't know what to tell
you, but look! It's them!

Why did you come back?

What, did they pay you
to come back and bury us?

We'd rather freeze to death here,
than be killed by your kind.

- Where did you find Ion?
- In the fields.

And you brought him here for
the secret police to come after him?

He's right. As soon as
they make the connection,

they'll be looking for him
here. We'll all be punished.

- We have to turn Ion in!
- Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it!

You, fucking Secret Policeman!

Cups, bowls... a picture,
put it there...

one samovar

A lamp...

A letter for you from France.


It would be an honor to have
you here as soon as possible,

...a trunk... a guest teacher at the Sorbonne.

...a balance...

What were you afraid
would happen if you told me?

I'm sure Stroe knew about it.

Calm down, calm down. He wouldn't
have cleared us for travel anyway.

It'll be alright.

You'll see.

If we do what they say,
we'll be out of here soon.

For fuck's sake, Tristan
Tzara is a communist.

We'll get to him.

I want my life back.

Can you give me that?

Can you?

We have to ration our supplies.

As long as we still have
milk, we won't die of hunger.

But we need to work carefully
on gathering seeds for the spring.

What do you mean spring?

- You mean our baby will be born here?
- Only if we can make it through winter.

We could've tried to run away,
but there was nowhere to run.

We were on an island...

stuck between a confusing
past and an uncertain future,

victims of our lives' wreckage.

Here, it was up to us
wether we lived or died.

At least we were left the
freedom to make that choice.

There is an accent here.

- My name is...
- And an apostrophy here...

And missing another letter here.

- My nEme is...
- No. My name is.

My name is.

Yeah... good.

You think this is how
you seduce a woman?



I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Dear Lord, our Father... It's been
a while since I lost track of You.

If You were the one who
decided to give me a family again...

...this time, please,

do not take it away from me.

From your Papa.

Thank you.

His servant Ioan I betroth to His servant
Ana, in the name of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Ghost, amen.

His servant Ana I betroth to His servant
Ion, in the name of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Ghost, amen.

Godparents, exchange rings.

We have company.

- Hurry up!
- C'mon!

In formaaa-tion!


Jonas Friedl.

Dumitra Bazan.

Niculae Ifrim.

Emil Bazan

Father Nicodim Enache

Ileana Saculean

Agnes Ferencz

Ana Saculean

What about Ion Blajinu?

Where is he?

You didn't hear my question?

I haven't seen him.

Since you took him away from me.

Where is he?

Bourgeois bitch!

Looks like you've built
yourselves a little hotel out here.

Prove to me the Party
was mistaken about you.

Tell me where Ion Blajinu is,
and you and your wife can go home.

Right now.

You'll be home tomorrow.

I don't know where he is.



Murderer... murderer!



Careful now!

Murderer! Murderer!

You didn't see him, right?!

Fucking asshole teacher!

You think you can fool me? You think
you're so smart? You piece of shit!

Ion, I can't feel the baby anymore.

He's here, but he might be hungry, too.


I'm done!

Even my brain is frozen,
and so's all your French in it.

There's something left, though.

I'm hengry...

I'm hungry...

I'm hangry...

- I'm...
- I'm...

- Hungry...
- Hongry...

- Hungry...
- Hungry...

I'm so hungry, I'd eat this
wood if it weren't so frozen.

- Are you ok? I was afraid that...
- That what?

I love you.

Why don't we start over?

We could have a life we want here.


Today, we finally eat!

Today is Christmas.

- Is it meat?
- It's a surprise.

It's a secret... until tonight.

He caught something... maybe a rabbit.

- God provided!
- Maybe two!

It's a surprise... it's a secret...
until tonight... until tonight.

What if I die before tonight?

Dear God, bring light into the hearts
of our enemies harming us,

and make them good, and fill them
with love so that we can live in peace

and forgive our sins, as we forgive
those who sin against us.

In the name of the Father, of the
Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!


We'll split it, so that there's
enough for everybody.

Lay down.


- Don't go.
- Just a moment. Wait.

Please Ion, don't go.


May God forgive me for
what I am about to say,

but if He gave us a child, why doesn't
He give us anything to feed him?

One rabbit won't see us through
to spring.

There's a gypsy village
about 20 km. from here.

No one dared mess with them.

Not before, and not the communists now.

With some money, we
could buy whatever from them.

Why didn't you say anything until now?


Here's Fundata, where
the train dropped us off.

We are here.

The Gypsy village is
somewhere around here.

It might take me 7 or 8 hours of walking.

I'll be back in 2 or 3 days.


What happens if the
Secret Police catches you?

I know my way around, Father.

I worked on the railroad here.

Let's see how much
money we can pull together.

I'm coming with you.

Let's go!

What are you still looking for, Bazan?


Give Culai up, and maybe
we'll give you a second chance.

C'mon, professor! Hurry up!

You're after my wife!

I'm talking to you!

You'd better shut up and walk.

Go away!


I want to confess.


Professor, come eat!

Five minute break to eat.


You're trying to poison me!

What business did you have at
a landowner's wedding, you snitch?

Tell me! What do you
know about us? Tell me...

What do you want from me?!

There's something in him.

Or maybe there's nothing...

Maybe it's just me.

It's all in my head.

But deep in my soul I believe I can...

...I can help him be a better man.

It helps me make sense of myself... this wilderness.

It's what keeps me going.

I don't know if this is love, Father...

or it's just my survival instinct.

But it feels like if he were gone...

...I wouldn't have a reason
to wake up in the morning.

I'm afraid what I'm feeling is a sin...

... and that maybe I need
God's forgivness so that

nothing bad happens to him...

...and they can make it back safely.


We need you!

When I deserted from
the army in '41, I hid here.

In this shack.

It's almost like I'm at home here...

This place has gone to hell,
too, just like everything else.

Then why are you staying with us?

You think these guys are like the ones
I was running away from in '41?

They have eyes and
ears everywhere, dammit.

They're something else.

I'd get worse now than before.

Let's move.


Emil, help !


Bazan! Bazan! Here, Bazan!

Where are you,
fucking communist asshole?!

Where the fuck are you?

Help me, Emil!

Take him out, Bazan!


He said two or three days. They
just left! What do you want from me?

Listen, Fritz!

Don't you get it? A woman
doesn't need this to know things.

She only needs this!

I'll leave at dawn.

We're leaving now.

I think it's broken.

C'mon, Jonas! Hurry up!

Wait up!
We're going together, aren't we?!

- There's no time to waste!
- Do you know the way?


That's not right!
We need to head North!

C'mon! Walk!

You'll get us lost, Agnes!

Don't be stubborn. Follow me!

We need to go West.


Anyone knows where we're going?

Not even the Secret
Police will find us here!

I'm sorry about Turica...

But it's not my fault that
you two are having problems.

You'd better shut up.

- This path doesn't lead anywhere.
- Have you ever trusted a woman?

What a question!

We're wasting our time.

We'll never find them.

They've surely reached the village.

You go back and tell that to Turica.

I can do it alone.







Come spring, I'm leaving.

I'm taking you with me.

- Good morning.
- God bless.

Where are you coming from?

How did you get here?

We came from
where we've always come.

- Nobody stopped you on the way?
- Who's there to stop us?

This has been our way
since the beginning of time.

Have you found others like us?

- C'mon, give me the rings.
- Hand them over.

My good man!

- My good man!
- What?

Give me your necklace.

- Give it to him.
- C'mon, give him the necklace.

Give it to me.

- C'mon!
- Are you done, yet?!

- Don't be like that...
- Take this one too, my good man.

Just give us a little one.

What d'you think?

Why not, right?

Grab one. That one!

Take it.

God bless!

No pity for the enemies of the people
and of the socialist revolution!

The fight to expose and punish
all subversive elements

must be intensified...

Since when do we believe
what they write in their paper?

I know them very well...
The truth is even worse.

Listen to me!

We have to focus on our lives here!

Next year we could build
a house for Ion and Ana.

You'll have other children
soon enough, right?

So you can have
somewhere to raise them.

Why don't YOU have children
to raise in this god-forsaken place?!

Ion!... Ion!

We're not leaving here!

When you're not afraid anymore here,
that means you're truly free.

What do you still have to lose?

What are you still afraid of?

God bless.

Can you take this one back?

You're too precious to do it yourself?


Why don't you ask for
a house for yourself?

Won't be long now
until you need one, right?

C'mon, lunch is almost ready.

- What's wrong?
- Leave me alone.

Sit down here.

Leave me alone!

I'll fetch you some water.

I haven't done anything wrong.

I was alone.

I'm sorry.

- And I'm so scared.
- Why?

I don't want to lose it.

I need you, Ana.

What are you staring at?

When are we starting our own house?

How can you go with him?


Maybe it's our fate...

It's how you found what
you were looking for.

And how these people
started to believe in you.

You're now a free man, Emil.

This little island here is YOUR freedom.


I know it's not Paris, but...

...have we ever really felt this free?

It's been 256 days since
I last touched a book.

What's my purpose here?

Forgive me...

Come on! Move! Into the valley, let's go!

I'm not coming.

I'd be a burden.

Take this with you.

Write them and tell them about us.

It's the only way the world can
find out what happened here.

It's a good thing you learned
some French.

You promise?

I swear it!

I'll be waiting.

Are you sure?


Wait for me!


I'm fine...

...and I hope you are too.

These French people
are something else. They

speak so fast that I can't
understand anything .

It's nice here.

The people are happy...

...they sing...

...they have fun...

...we laugh all day.

Wait for me. I won't be long.

I'll drag these Frenchmen all the way
to Baragan, and we'll get you out.

Wait for me!

You're always in my mind, Turica.

Wait for me and we'll see Paris together!

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

Ashes to ashes, dust
to dust. Dear Lord,

receive your daughter
Dumitra into Thy kingdom,

and forgive her
all her sins, those

commited willingly
and those unwillingly...

Five years later

Monster! There's a monster!

Restriction of motion from
the previously designated

area is hereby lifted for
the following individuals:

Jonas Friedl...

Dumitra Bazan...

Niculae Ifrim...

Emil Bazan...

Father Nicodim Enache...

Ileana Saculean...

Agnes Ferencz...

Ana Saculean...

Also Ion and Andrei Blajinu.

Dora Friedl.

Good people, you are going home.

You have 24 hours to pack. A truck
will come to pick you up tomorrow.

Is it clear?

Our island was gone.

After us, other islands
were formed,

and they'd continue to appear and
disappear, just like ours:

Budapest '56, Prague '68...

Gdansk, Berlin,
Bucharest '89, and so on...


what's freedom?

I'll expect your answers... time, please.


Prague '68: TheCommunist
Party of Czechoslovakia

will use any means to develop
such forms of political life

to ensure freedom of...

Budapest '56:
We demand freedom for our country

and the complete evacuation
from Hungary of all Soviet troops

in conformity with the provisions
of the Peace Treaty!

Gdansk '89:
Solidarity! Solidarity!

Berlin '89
Mr. Gorbaciov, tear down this wall!

"We will have true freedom
only when we don't need courage

to be free anymore"
- Ana Blandiana

Bucharest '89:
Comrades... sit still! Hello!

Sit still!

Hello, hello, hello...