Shir (2016) - full transcript

A young teenager ditches school on Yom Hazikaron -Israel memorial day.

Yom Hazikaron - Remembrance Day - is a national day
of mourning in the State of Israel,

a siren is heard across the country and
for two minutes, Israelis stand in silent reverence.

Independence Day celebrations begin
at the end of the same day.

It stands as a reminder for the price paid
and for the soldiers' sacrifice.

Where are you'.

We have to be at Mount Herzl
in less than an hour. I don't understand...

I'm waiting for you like a jerk.
Where are you?

Stop acting like a baby...

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A film by Michael Aloni

What are you doing here?

Hey! Can't you hear me? -I was
listening to music. What?

What are you doing here?
Don't you have school today?

It's Remembrance Day.

I don't remember you're
working today. Are you?


So what are you doing here? Don't you have
a memorial service to go to or something?

I popped in for a visit.

Have you been drinking?

-Wait a minute...

You were supposed to
go with your mom today.

There's that whole thing
in Jerusalem you told me.

So? I decided not to go.
-Does she know you're here?

Are you crazy? She'll kill me if
she finds out you're here. I'll be fired!

She scares me more than
the employment office.

Dudi, please,
I'm begging you. I...

I'll do anything you ask.

I'll do Friday night.
I know you still don't have anyone.

Okay. Sit.
I'll make you an hamburger.

Okay, enough with
the drama, okay?

Go sit down.

you’re asking for war

you idiot, can't you see it says fragile on it?

and it’s mine!

alright then, come on, lets start putting things away

I don’t feel like it

"I don't feel like it". well I'm not planning
on unpacking your boxes too

doesn't matter I’m not staying here anyway

really, you’re going back to the States?
thats great! it’s just that mom didn't say anything

I’ll be with daddy

which dad? can’t you see that “daddy”
doesn't want to see us anymore

maybe it’s you he doesn't want to see

Shir, believe me, as much as I want
this room all to myself, this is our home now

I can’t believe it

what ?

they didn’t get Mr. Eliot

who’s that? your stupid doll

you're stupid, you're the reason we’re
back in this hell hole in the first place

grow up already

you’re the one who convinced mom

alright ok , whatever, well you better start getting
used to the idea that we’re here now.

and stop speaking English already, it sounds dumb.
You’ll end up sounding like mom

Hello, I’m Mr. Eliot. I’m an ugly midget just
like my good friend, Shir

give him back you idiot

only if you stop speaking english around here

come on

Repeat after me, “Thank you King Asaf for bringing me back
to the promised land. I owe my life to you.”

very funny

No Tommy! Stop it. Bad dog!

You see? He doesn’t realize he’s at home either

So can you really
work on Friday? -Yeah.

Great, you'll work a double shift.
-Why double?

Okay. Double.

Your mom called.

And what did you tell her?

I told her you're here.

You're kidding.
-She's on the way.

Shir, stop it. You know
it's important to her.


Shir Aronovsky.



a friend of your brother's...


We served together in...

You're Ohana.
-Right, Ohana.


Can I sit with you
for a moment or... -Sure. Sit.


Ah, you were at the ceremony?

No, I didn't feel like it.

I see.

Did you stand during the siren?

You know, it's funny -

there are always the best
waves on these days

Remembrance Day,
Holocaust Day,

Even on the Day of Atonement...
These are the best days.

The swell picks up,
almost nobody in the water...

It's like a consolation prize
for all the shit you had to put up with.

It's the first siren
I haven't stood still for.

I hate to be dictated
how I should grieve.

I don't think
it's such a good idea.

I hate to be dictated
how I should grieve.

You're coming?

Come here.



I did stand during the siren.
-You're an idiot! -I swear!

There was an amazing wave,

almost as big as
the one I had in Brazil.

The last "off the lip"
was right at the end of the siren

so, technically.
I stood during most of it.

Come here.

The currents
are really strong today.

Be careful.

Stay here.

Are you sure
it's not see through?

I'm not looking.



Shir! Shir, look at me! This is how you paddle.

Like a roasted jellyfish.
You need to paddle closer to the board. Do you get it?

Like this?

Uhh..Sort of. When you stand up, make sure you jump
on both feet at once. Otherwise, you’re going to fall again.

What? That really wasn’t my fault.
You're the one that pushed me too early.

Seriously? Jerk

Admit it. You’re having fun.

Yeah, best time of my life. Mom’s at work all day and you
have no friends,

So you’re brother here needs to give free surf lessons.

I don’t have friends? You should thank me
for even hanging out with you.

As if I have nothing better to do
with my last days of freedom.

Such a cry baby

It would be worth it if you had brought
some of your hot friends.

Watch it!

What? Don’t be such a prude.

Eww, you’re gross.

Just kidding.

You better be.

Just promise me you won’t do it with some douchebag.

It should be with someone that loves you...
someone that respects you.

Gosh, you’re so serious. Where is this coming from?
Asaf, Asaf, Asaf

I'm so fucked up, man,

for a second there...
I thought I was dying.

Me too.
I was really worried.

Do you know how
to make snow angels?

What is it?

It's when you move
your arms and feet,

and when you get up,
it looks like an angel.

Like this?



when we lived in Colorado,
we used to do it all the time.

Assaf taught me how.

God, how I love snow...

Assaf always wanted
to come back,

I hated it here.

Here there are only
sand angels.

This is nice.


What do you think
it feels like?




for a second there,
I didn't have any air and...

I thought...

How he must've felt.

You know...

Your brother was
a fighter who...

Everyone always...

Forget it.

Your brother was the best
surfer in the country.

I know.

No, but...

are you nuts?
Your mom's going to kill you.

Okay, are you
coming or not?

I don't know.

You don't know? They're already at
the casualties of 1982, Shir!

It goes by really quickly.
We'll miss it.

I'll get there later.

What do you mean later?
-I'm on my way.

Where are you?

Shit! It's my mom.

Go on, answer her.

Later. -No, not later, Shir.
Answer her now.

I don't want to. -Why not?
She's probably worried sick.

Don't you get what
I'm saying? -So what?

Your mom's worried!
-Tomer, what do you want?

I don't know, nothing.
I don't want anything. I just...

I have to hang up now.

My battery's dying.

Okay. I'm waiting for you.
Come over.

I going crazy over here, baby ..

I received this photograph of your brother
through the “Remembrance Day” website.

You guys have a striking resemblance

Thank you, Thank you very much.

It’s almost scary. So, tell me a bit about your brother.

Tell you about, Avihai? Speaking about my brother,
even 2 years and 4 months after he passed. It’s still so hard.

Coconut? Coconut?


Do you want coconut with that?

No, no he’s allergic.



Okay, no coconut.

"Alternative Remembrance Day Service"

Meir Zvingler's Art

aims to teach us..

about our inner duality.

This is why we've
gathered here today.

To perform our duty
as citizens, not as subjects.

We came here to say
that we take action!

In accordance with tradition...

we will open with a...


will open
with a moment of silence

in memory of the
fallen soldiers of Palestine.

Please stand.

Enemy of Israel!

Enemy of Israel!
Go to hell, go to hell!

Come here, traitor!

Hey, Shir, what are you
doing here? Move it! Move!

She a friend's daughter.
Shir, what are you doing here?

Nothing. -Nothing? Don't you
know what's going on inside?

Leave me alone, Kobi.
What do you want?

They have no shame,
these assholes. Fuckers!

And on a day like this!

Does your mother
know you're here?

Don't worry. It'll be okay.

Where is she? You have that thing
at the military cemetery, no?

Kobi, let go.
-Don't worry. It's gonna be fine.

Kobi, let go.
-Calm down, Shir.

Shir! Shir!
Calm down!


Good one, midget!

Wow, your sister’s one of us Golanis.

Actually, I’m a Marine.

Oh, the Marines. I like it. Especially your uniforms.

Fuck, that hurt bro.

Come on, pass it. It’s your turn.

Oh no, bro. I don’t hit girls

She’s not a girl. She’s my sister. Watch it.

No, it’s just...I don’t want to hurt you. That’s all.

That’s a shame.

Shir, I’m warning you.

Come on. show me what you got.

You sure

That’s it. No wonder Hamas is not afraid.
The IDF turned into a bunch of wusses.

Oh fuck. God dammit.

Come on. I’m waiting.

Maybe we should change directions or something.
It’s not fair.

Don’t be scared. Give me your hardest punch.

Are you sure. Fine.


No, no. I just can’t.

What do you want? Spin the bottle instead

I don’t know, I haven’t played it in years.

Direction change!

Wait, wait. First you say it and then you hit!

What can you do? We Arnovskys don’t play by the rules.

I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you.


This is what they’ve been teaching you during basic training*

Now that I know who’s protecting me. I feel really safe.

Pile attack!

What! No, no, no

Pulling out my secret weapon

No, stop, stop you daughter of a bitch

Well, you know what that makes you, right?

Stop, Asaf! Stop! Stop

Come on, Asaf. We gotta go.

Bye, midget.

I'll shoot you.

You'll die!

You have no where to run.

Come here.
I caught you

Are you okay?
-I'm okay. I'm okay.

Really? -Yes.

"You live once
Yes, once..."


For the pain.

"Mercy's Gate..."

I love these songs.
They're so special.

Are you okay, beautiful?

A little kiss
and it's all better.

What's up with you?
Is everything okay?

To tell you the truth
I'm tired of that question.

You're right.

You're right, beautiful.

Look at that!
Meir Herman!

I know him!

It's the third one.
It's Noa's brother.

Maybe we'll turn it off?

Are you sure?
We'll get there in a second.

I don't feel like it.

It's going really fast this year.
There's so many names,

by next Remembrance Day
they'll need an extra day for everybody.

You're an idiot, you know?

You're such a dick!

What can I do? It's the only
channel without commercials.

Such assholes. Really.

Even today
they air commercials.

They know everybody's home,
there's nothing to do,

everyone's watching TV and
they air commercials.

Commercial for what?

Sunglasses for the service.

"When it's hot outside and
you're feeling sad... Ray-ban!"

I don't know if this is
appropriate now. No?

Are you sure?

I'm ready.

Now? But..

Kiss me, you idiot.

"Sergeant Assaf Aronovsky"

I'm sorry. Um...

I can't.

Let's just hug for a while
and then I'll leave?

Okay, beautiful.

Listen, I'm really close.
I'm coming.

Shir, stop it.
I'm coming over. Stop it.

"Go tell everyone
you're fucking..."

Oh my God! Oh my God!
You're not normal.

You disappear for a whole day,
your mom's losing it,

and in the end you go
and have sex with Tomer?

Okay, what happened?
Did you do-it do-it?

Kind of. -"Kind of"?
You either did or you didn't.

We started...
-So you didn't.

I wanted... -Never mind.
Tell me everything tonight

because I really have to run.

You're insane!
I'm crazy about you

You're coming to Motti's, right?
-I guess so. -You know so!

I need you. There's no way
you're not coming.

Listen, this pilot
is going to be there..

Gil's brother.
Do you know him?

I don't think so.
-Never mind. Anyhow,

he's so good looking!

Pilots are the best, no?

Listen, I have to go,
but let's talk later, ok?

I need you tonight.

We'll see...
I'll talk to you later.

Hey girl,
only if you feel like it.

If not, then don't worry,
I totally get it.

Sweetie, if you need anything,

I'm here for you, okay?

Who is it, Tommy. Come here, boy.


Um... Is your mom here? Is she around?

That’s not what the intelligence report stated.

Do you know where mom might be?
When she’s supposed to return?

She’s at work. I have no idea.

You sure you saw her walking in?

100 percent.

Something’s off here. Sweetie, are you sure?
Could it be that you didn’t notice she came home?

She just got a new job. She started it yesterday.

What? You don’t believe me? Here. Mom, mom? Mom!
You see? She’s not around. She’s never around. Come, Tommy

What should we do?

I'm thinking.

I suggest we leave, we..

That’s not an option. Someone might have seen us.

You guys can come in, it’s okay. I know why you’re here.
I might be young, but I’m not stupid. Go ahead.

Can I offer you something to drink? Anything to eat?

No, we’re fine. Thank you.

Sorry about the mess. It’s just, as you can see,
my mom’s not really around.

It’s Shir, right?


Shir, maybe you can come sit with us for a minute.

She’s never home, always gone. I hate her!

Please, come sit with us for a minute, okay?

She didn’t even throw me a fucking Bat Mitzvah.
They had to call her from school

because she couldn’t even show up
to teachers’ conferences. Do you get it?

Shir, come sit. It’s okay.

Don’t touch me.

I'm sorry.

Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me

Why isn’t she here! Why

Shir? Shir.

I hate her. I hate her. I hate her!

She can’t even be here to open
the fucking door to hear that her son died.

Why! Why!!!

Happy Holidays!

Come here.

What is it, Tommy?

Come here boy.

Come here..

"Here lives the Aronovsky family:
Dorit, Assaf, Shir and Tommy"



I was sure I'd heard something.

Do you know how worried
I was about you today?

I thought something terrible had
happened to you. I don't know!

I feel so stupid...

an idiot.

You know how much today
means to me.

You know.

You know how much
I needed you.

So why?

Why? Answer me.

Why did you do it?

I miss him.

I'm sorry, mom.

I'm so sorry.

I miss him..