Shakti (1982) - full transcript

A scrupulously honest cop refuses kidnappers' demands at grave risk to the life of his son. The son is rescued but lives forever scarred by his father's willingness to sacrifice his own son for the sake of his principles. This works out to devastating effect when the son grows up to be a Mafia don, and his father is assigned the job of bringing him in.

Bless you, son.


Well, all right.

It is a noble thought.

But it isn't going to be easy.

Life gets tough with those...

who choose the true path.

But that's just what
you did, Grandpa.

You were one of the greatest
police officers of all time.

And that's just what I'm going
to do. I'll take the exams.

Ravi... I've told you not to
disturb your grandpa.

Now off you go to bed.
And let him go to sleep too.

He'll go to bed soon enough.

He has just come home today
after his graduation exams.

Now he stands on the
threshold of life.

I'd rather tell him a few
important things right away.

You could talk tomorrow.

Have you spoken to your mother
about it, Ravi?

I did. She told me what
you have been saying.

Did you face trying times,

It was trying indeed.

The test was tough.

But you have never told me
anything about it.

You were young. I wondered
if you might understand it all.

That is why I haven't
spoken to you about...

... me and my son.

Your son... that means my
father... right Grandpa?

Oh yes! It was my son Vijay
who fathered you.

I'll tell you everything

Everything about him and me.

You have the right to
know what happened.

Well, I...
- Who is that, nurse?

A policeman! What do you want?

No! Not the police!

Oh Sheetal! Why don't
you tell her...

Let him come inside.

Why did you have to bring me
so many flowers?

That's one question
I knew you'd ask.

But tell me how you are.

I'm fine. And I'm so glad.

I'm proud to have
given you a son.

Strange of me not to have
thanked you yet...

... for giving me a son.

Won't you take a look
at your son?

Only after I have seen you
to my heart's content.

Why keep him covered?

He's asleep.

- Don't wake him.
- All right! Let him sleep.

He's so tiny!

He's just a day old.

But, I can't quite make out
what he looks like.

That's what it's like.
In a day or two,...

... his features will
start coming clear.

Now tell me when
you're coming home.

I must get the house in order.

That comes later. First of all,
there's this list of...

... the things he needs.
- Oh I know that.

Well what do you know?

We'll need feeding bottles,
nappies, towels...

... and what is it you call
that little cart...?

- A pram (perambulator).
- Pram!

My prayers have been answered

My hopes have blossomed

I cared little

But I've been given
a priceless gift

Our love has borne fruit

This spring fills
my heart with joy

I have been given
what I prayed for

No joy of the heavens
could mean more to me

Our information points
to the fact that...

most consignments of smuggled
merchandise lands at the beach.

But we do not know the names
of people who are involved...

in smuggling. But we
have come to know...

who their agent is.
His name is Yeswant.

This is his photograph.

He is the one who supplies
the boats for the landings.

And his men help the smugglers
in the unloading operations.

That solves the problem. Just
arrest Yeswant. He'll speak.

It's been 3 months since we were
granted a warrant for his arrest

But we haven't been able
to arrest him yet.

We know that he lives
somewhere in that area.

Isn't it strange that we haven't
been able to arrest him yet?

The problem is that he
has some men in his pay.

The rest are too scared to
inform the police about him.

This is the situation

Anyway, now that you've
assigned me this case...

you'll find this man behind
the bars within 24 hours.

That's a promise.

I'm here to get you, Yeswant.

No cop has ever dared
to walk this street.

You won't get out
of here alive.

I will. And you will
come with me.

To the police station.

Want to take me to
the police station?

As of now, your life
is in my hands.

And I have a warrant for
arresting you in my pocket.

I have a way to
get Yeswant out.

The ploy is so effective that
Ashwini Kumar, the cop...

who arrested him will
help him to walk out.

Ashwini Kumar doesn't accept
bribes. And you know that.

I also know that Ashwini Kumar
has a son.

His only son.

As a father, he will do
whatever I say...

to save his son.

Vijay... where are you?

I'm here, Mom.
- And what are you doing there?

Looking for my socks.
I can't find my socks.

- Which socks? The white ones?
- Yes.

They were dirty.
I took them for washing.

Here you are... clean socks.

You forgot your workbook in my
room. It's in your school-bag.

Mama's kid!

Hurry up. Breakfast is ready
and Daddy is waiting for you.


Vijay! Where are you?
- In the kitchen...

What's going on
in the kitchen?

Cooking... what else?

The cooking can happen later.

How about a cup of tea
for your husband?

All right.

French fries! Very good!

That isn't for you.
It's for Vijay. He wanted some.

But it's tasty! Very good!

Where's Vijay?
- He isn't home yet.

Why not?

People at school called to say
that there's a sports event.

He said they'd drop him home
afterwards. I needn't go over.

A call from the school?
- What's this?!

So what if I eat a little?

Strange! You can't even
eat in this house!

Not potatoes!

Why can't I eat potatoes?

You keep after me all the time!
Look at yourself! You're fat!

I'm hungry! And this
is a potato-pie!

It's warm! You'll scald
your fingers!

- Is that warm?!
- What a fellow!

You can have that.
And take that call.

All right...

Watch your head!

Tea coming up!

Yes. Ashwini speaking.
Who is this?

Forget who I am. But you
might like to know that...

I am holding your son.

Yes! And tell me whether you'd
like to see your son alive.

Scoundrel! D'you know
what you are saying?!

I'm holding your son.
And it's you who can save him.

If you want to save you son...

you'll let Yeswant
escape tonight.

What proof that my son
is with you?

You'll have the proof
when you hear your son.

But before that, you will
decide whether...

you accept my terms.
And if you do...

how are you going to
help Yeswant escape?

You have an hour to decide.
I'll call you in an hour.

Here... speak to your son.


Yes, son! This is Daddy!

Save me Dad!

Don't worry, son! I'm around.

Daddy won't let anything
happen to you!

No! They are going to kill me!
Save me, Daddy!

What happened?
Who was it on the phone?

What's up?

It was just a phone!

What do you mean?
What's the matter?

Nothing! And nothing is going
to happen to Vijay!

Let me think...

Where's Vijay?
What has happened to him?

No! Don't hide anything from
me! Tell me! Where's Vijay?!


Someone has kidnapped our son!

Why?! What for?!

What has my son done?!
What have they against him?!

What do they want?!
- To save my son...

...they want me to let
a criminal escape.

No! I'll kill myself if
anything happens to Vijay!

What are you saying?!
- I don't want to hear anything!

I want my son!

Do you realise what
you are saying?!

I don't know anything!
I don't want to know!

I want my son!

What will become of us
if you lose courage?

Now listen to me...

You believe in God, don't you?

What you think?

Vijay is my son too.
I'm worried too.

Everything will be all right.

In half an hour we'll know
how much your father loves you.

He won't refuse me if he
wants to see you alive.

What do you think? After all,
you are his only son.

For your sake, will he do
what I want him to?

Or won't he?

Yes. When?
I'm coming over.

I'll be back in some time.

In case I am late, make sure
you call Ashwini at eight.

See what he says.

Record the conversation.
I'll hear it when I get back.

Mr Ashwini... well,
what have you to say?

Will you let Yeswant go?

Yeswant is a criminal.
I can't let him go.

But you know...

Yes I know very well.

I know! My son's life
is in your hands.

Go on! Kill him!
Kill him if you will!

But I can't betray my duty!

Do what you want! Hear that?!
Do whatever you want!

But I'm not going to
let Yeswant go!

I won't leave him!

Did you call him?

- What did he have to say?

You'd rather listen
for yourself.

I know! My son's life
is in your hands.

Go on! Kill him!
Kill him if you will!

But I won't betray my duty!

Do what you want! Hear that?!
Do whatever you want!

But I'm not going to
let Yeswant go!

Erase that tape.

Bring that boy here.

Come on.

The telephone exchange...
they've traced the call.

We know where the call
came from.

Found him? Is he there?

No. There's no one here.

He's a child! You couldn't
even catch a child!

Useless morons!

We tried...

Where's my son?
- I don't know!

I don't know!
- Tell me... where is he?

I have no idea!
- Have no idea, do you?


Where is my son?

- I don't know!
- Lie!

No! Don't hit me!

Ashwini! We have
found your son.

I don't know!

I'll kill you!
- We have found your son!

We just received a wireless
message. He has reached home.

Come along.

Vijay! Look who's home!

Go on! Kill him!
Kill him if you will!

But I won't betray my duty!

He has already
gone to school.

- Gone...?
- Yes.

He said he was getting late.

The school is nearby.
He said he'd take a walk.

- Take a walk?
- Must've gone with friends.

I know! My son's life
is in your hands.

Go on! Kill him!
Kill him if you will!

- Let's take this train.
- Hurry!

Stop smoking pot. Some day,
you could get killed.

No. Don't do it.

Excuse me... can you spare
a match?


Take that foot off.
- Did you tell me something?

That foot... take it off.

No. Let's not do it.

Are you all right?

You taught them
a good lesson.

But we should also lodge a
complaint with the police.

What use is the police?
It won't do you any good.

Well... it's late as it is.

Yes. It's late.
And you are all alone.

Won't folks at home
worry about you?

I have no family.
I'm living alone.



Travelling alone...
doesn't it scare you?

I'm all alone. I have
nobody to feel afraid of.

In my case, I guess the one
I'm scared of is myself.

Do you live alone too?

People who live with others
can be loners too.

Anyway... forget it.

Well what are you into?

I mean... what kind of
a job do you do?

Looking for a job
is a job in itself.

That's what I'm doing nowadays.

This is where I live.

- So...
- I mean...

I make good coffee.

Let's do it sometime else.

Well... you've seen
where I live.

I'll tell you where I work.

I work in Hotel Samrat.
Do drop in sometime.

- Hotel Samrat?
- Yes.

- Which department?
- I sing.

It's a fad of sorts nowadays
in big hotels. They prefer...

to dish out Indian classical
music like Ghazals...

instead of English pop.

I'll drop by some day
to hear a song.

And... I'm Roma.


Is he here?
- Yes. I've kept him waiting.

Send him in.

Good morning Mr DCP!
(Deputy Commissioner of Police)

I hear you want to see me.
So here I am.

How are you, sir?

Smoking isn't allowed in
my office, Mr J K Verma.

Please leave it outside.

- And listen...
- Yes...?

Knock before you come in.

You may.

Thank you.

I know you are a businessman
of repute.

You have many responsibilities.
And you run a large business.

By calling you here I must've
put you to inconvenience.

Not at all.

I regard it my duty to help
the police and the law.

A noble idea! In fact,
it's all thanks to...

... noble souls like you, that
policemen still make a living.


Were it not for
people like you...

... this department
would have folded up.

I have some things to
ask you, Mr J K Verma.

Go on.

On April 11, one Umesh Chand
was arrested in Santa Cruz.

He was carrying diamonds.
Concealed in a briefcase.

On June 16, a truck was
impounded by the police.

It was smuggling contraband.

One Dhyan Singh was the driver.
Another, Shyamlal was with him.

Both were arrested.

On July 4, the police
impounded a motorboat.

The boat was laden with
hashish and marijuana.

One Jagdish Khanna
was arrested.

Four men arrested.
At four different places.

But there is a common thread.

At some point of time or the
other, every one of them...

... has worked in one
of your companies.

Am I responsible
for criminal acts...

... of men who may
have been in my employ?

That is if they have acted
out of their own volition.

Do you mean to insinuate
that I am a smuggler?

I would like to show
you a photograph.

He's a well-known smuggler.
He is based in London.

Jerry Board.
Maybe you know him.

I am seeing this face for
the first time in my life.

Then you must be seeing
this photograph...

... for the first time
in your life!

Take a look.

How about this?

I am a successful businessman.

I am invited to many parties.
And I meet many people.

Surely you don't expect me
to recall names and faces...

... of everyone I come across.

Besides, what use is it
showing me these photographs?

No court in the world will
convict me of smuggling...

... merely on the basis of
these photographs.

In case you want to
ask me anything else...

... please make it quick.
My time is expensive.

You are right.
Your time is precious.

Time becomes precious when
it starts running out.

You for one, have
very little time.

If this business
does not stop...

... you'll find yourself
behind bars in no time.

I called you here to warn you.

You may leave.


What is your son up to?

I don't even get
to see his face.

Has he found a job?

The poor fellow is trying.
so hard. He'll find a job.

If he tries hard enough
he'll surely find a job.

If he can't find a job...

... why doesn't he start
a small business?

Why don't you ask him?
He'll confide in you.

After all, he is our only son.

All I want is that he settles
down and does well in life.

Yes... go on.

No that won't be necessary.
All are equal before the law.

Call him to the office.
I'll interrogate him there.

No. That won't be necessary.
I've told you that already.

Yes. Summon him like you
summon everyone else.

He may be my son.
That's personal.

What's up?!
What's it about Vijay?

There's a complaint
against him.

He beat up four boys.
He hurt them badly.

One of them have reported
the matter to the police.

Vijay would never pick up
a fight for nothing.

It might be a false alarm.
Else, it must be the others...

... who are at fault.

Vijay is at home. Why don't
you ask him right away?

The complaint has been lodged
at the police station.

Vijay will have to come over.
I will interrogate him there.

This is not a domestic matter.

There are formalities to
be observed in this matter.

Drop it Mom. You needn't give
justifications for my sake.

That he has called me
to the police station...

isn't because he's concerned.
He wants to ensure that...

people speak highly of his
sense of dedication to duty!

The exemplary police officer!

Forget it, Mom. You know what
the truth is. I know it too.

He isn't your enemy!

I must thank my father
for not being my enemy!

What more can a son expect?!

Don't bother. I've just been
called to the police station.

I'll go there and I'll tell
him what he wants to know.

But who interrogates me?

Well... I don't think it
makes a difference to me.

What's his name
... Satish Rai?

Get me the report.

Sit down.

Satish Rai is one of the four
you had beaten up on the train.

He was hurt badly.

Now his father is
a respectable man.

And his father has lodged
the complaint against you.

Have you anything to say?

Sons of respectable fathers
should not forget that...

Ione girls travelling by train
are respectable women too.

But the complaint contains
no reference to any girl.

Quite likely.

But the truth is that the
four of them were hoodlums.

They were teasing the girl.
A perfectly respectable lady.

That's just why this
incident took place.

Can you give us her
name and address?

I can.

Record his statement.
- Come with me.

If that be true, why did you
not report it to the police?

She wanted to. I didn't
think it was necessary.

You didn't think
it was necessary!

They were hoodlums.
And you didn't think...

it was necessary to inform
the police about them!

I don't need the police
to protect myself.

Whether or not you
need the police...

the police are always on
the lookout for people...

who are likely to take
the law in their own hands.

We'll presently find out
whether you're guilty or not.

But if you hold the law
in such contempt...

it is quite likely that
you will find yourself...

in trouble someday.

Remember what I said.

I shall remember that too.

Mr Vijay... please come.

May I...?

Go on.

He keeps preaching me
all the time!

I know what's right
and what's wrong.

I don't need any lectures.

You don't need anyone!
You don't even need me!

You are the one I need, Mummy!

Yes. I know that.

I'm going for an interview.
You'll pray for me, won't you?

I keep praying for you.

I understand.
But you have no experience.

But you don't know
my capabilities.

I agree. Your qualifications
are adequate...

... for the position of
assistant manager.

But you are inexperienced.

How can I gain the experience
unless I am given a chance?

That may be so...

Believe me, sir.
I can handle the job.

Give him the job.

You can join this hotel
from tomorrow. Let's go.

So you've landed the job!

Who is he?

Mr K D Narang.
He owns this hotel.

I only know that...

... he is very handsome

But I didn't have...

... his address

I wrote my lover a letter

In the letter I wrote

You are the one I love

Unlike a leaf fallen
off a tree

My letter was not just
a piece of paper

It is my heart's desire
It holds my dear life

I hope my letter
is not lost

I entreated the postmaster
When I went to post the letter

I told him that...

I have written the letter
to my beloved

I waited for years for
a reply from my beloved

One day my letter
came back undelivered

The postman told me

That nowhere was found

A man of this name

Nor a street so-called

Nor the city I named

You had said you'd come.
I remember that.

I thought you were
just being formal.

I hadn't expected you
to remember.

I never forget.

There's good news.
And I wanted you to be...

... the first to know.
That's why I came over.

You must've landed a job!
- How did you guess?

Nothing could be
better news...

for someone who has been
looking for a job!

I don't forget either!

You know, I do make
very good coffee.

Not tonight.

You must be tired.
Besides, it's late.

Some other time...

There was something
I wanted to tell you.

You sing very well.

I know.

Have you been looking for me?
- Yes.

Your mother tells me that...

you have started working
in Hotel Shezaan.


Strange! You should have
at least asked me!

Do you know who
owns the hotel?

Yes. Mr K D Narang.

Do you know what he is?

He is a smuggler.
A top-notch smuggler.

He is into shady businesses.

He is a black-listed man!

And you are working for him!

I am employed in his hotel.

Surely, the hotel
isn't illegal.

Do not try to teach me.

I know what kinds of
shady businesses...

... go on in these hotels.

You needn't take up the job.

No business is clean.

At this rate, I can't
take up any job!

I'm working in that hotel.

The owner might be a smuggler,
a bandit, or a murderer.

Let him do what he wants.
Why should I be concerned?

But it makes a difference
to me! What'd people say?!

That the DCP's son is
working for a smuggler!

And I have to listen that.

Besides, what is not right
is wrong.

Do I stay unemployed
for the rest of my life?

Are you worthless?!
Can't you find a decent job?


Take the job you do.
It isn't quite so clean...

Shut up!

You don't even know the
difference between...

an outlaw and one who
upholds the law!

You should go see a shrink!

What's the matter?
Why are you so excited?

It's just as well that you are here!
Hear what your son says!

All the smuggler has given
him is a lousy job!

And your son is already
loyalty personified!

He can't even bear to hear
a word against him.

What if he bestows
a small favour on you someday?

That smuggler will become
more important then me.

This smuggler indeed
did me a great favour!

He was the one who saved me!

When my father was letting me
die for the sake of the law...

Vijay! Mind your tongue!

I do not regret about you...

that you have misbehaved with me.

But I am sorry to see
how low you can stoop.

Now listen to what I say!
- Now please don't...

Sheetal! Don't interfere!

If you take up that job,
you are leaving my house.

I am leaving.


- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.

What's that luggage about?

- Going or coming?
- Just got out of home.

And I don't quite know
where I am headed.

Maybe you can help. Where
can I find a place to stay?

- Possibly...
- Where?

At my place.

I mean there's a room
lying vacant at my place.

If you want to,
you can shack up.

Thanks a lot. But you had said
that you live alone.

Yes. I still live alone.
Any objections?

Not that I object.
But what would people say?

People don't even
have time to bother!

Come along.

Come in.

My room is over there.

And this is your room.

Which leaves this hall!

No matter how small
these matchboxes are...

one room is surely the hall!
Some satisfaction!

It looks like a music hall!


Aren't folks at home
worried about you?

I might get to see an
ad in the papers tomorrow.

24 year old missing.
Male Height: 6ft 2in

Dressed in a light tan shirt
and dark tan trousers

Last seen in the company
of an unknown girl

Please inform the police
Informer will be rewarded

And I'll end up behind
the bars along with you.

My father won't need

if he wants to find me.
He is the...

Deputy Commissioner of Police.

But he won't look for me.
I know he won't.

I forgot the keys.
I'll be back in a moment.

What's the rush?

The car keys.
I left them upstairs.

Mr Narang!

Are you all right?!

Mr Narang! What happened?!

Damn you! Aren't you ashamed?!

Go to hell.

I set everything up!
All you had to do was shoot!

You can't even
shoot straight!

We had him in the cross-hairs
when we shot.

Had that fellow not come
in between...

Then Narang would
not be saved.

Who the hell is this fellow?!
You keep on raving about him!

What is he?! Superman?!

I'll tell you who he is.

Vijay... the only son
of DCP Ashwini Kumar.

Yes! I know him!

It's a interesting news!

The Deputy Commissioner's son
is a smuggler's body-guard!

I have a way to take him out.

This news must make it
to the newspapers.

Let people know what the
reputed DCP's son is up to!

To what end?

Firstly, that removes Vijay.

Second, it will weaken Narang.

The scoundrel! He used to
live off the scraps I fed him!

Today, he dares to
compete with me!

Finally, the news will
serve to undermine...

Ashwini Kumar's credibility.

He will fall under
a cloud of suspicion.

That's killing three birds
with a stone.

I needn't tell you not to
speak about this incident.

Which incident?

You have saved my life.
Thank you once again.

You might recall an incident.

Some people had abducted
Inspector Ashwini Kumar's son.

The boy was eight years old.
The boy was trying to escape.

If you wanted, you could have
nabbed the boy.

But you saved his life.

I have never forgotten
your face.

I was the child.

You! DCP Ashwini Kumar's son?!

I am. But I don't live
with him anymore.

Rest assured that I have
forgotten what I saw today.

Come in.

How did you find this place?

One who is concerned
can find out.

All right. Now sit down.


How are you?
- As if you're so worried...

Who else lives here?

Well I and... there's...

The flat isn't mine.
It's hers.

So... she's bound
to live here.

Roma... she's Roma.

That's her room over there.
She keeps to herself.

That's my room over there.
It's separate.

This is the living room
... we share it.

Would you like a cup of tea?

I'll make the tea for you.

But you're coming home.

Mummy! Please! Listen to me!

- What are you doing?!
- Getting your luggage.

This is getting complicated.
I'm not going back.

- Now let bygones be...
- You have oppressive parents!

Now don't you give me
this nonsense!

Just pack and get moving.

I have nothing against you.
In fact I missed you.

It was nice of you to come
here. I have seen you now.

- But I'm not going back.
- Why not? Tell me.

After all, he is your father.

Doesn't he have the right
to tell you anything?

You won't like it
if I speak my mind.

Don't force me to speak.
And I'm not going back.

Very well then.
I am not leaving either.

I'll get my things over.
If he is such a bad man...

- let him rot alone.
- Why don't you understand?

How can I understand?!
I am a fool!

It's you and your father
who understand everything!

He doesn't bare his emotions.

But I know what he is going
through ever since you left.

He keeps calling
home from work.

He keeps talking
about petty things.

Don't I know what
he wants to ask?

He just wants to find out
whether you have come home.

No more weeping.

I'll do whatever
you want me to.

If you want me to
come home, I will.

What do you mean you will?
Come with me now.

It wouldn't look nice.
I'm staying at someone's place.

She has been kind to me.
I should atleast bid good bye.

Go on, Mummy.
I'll come over tomorrow.

- You'll come, won't you?
- Sure. I promise.

Now give me a smile.

You're the only son. They'll
be happy to have you home.

What would you feel?

Sometimes, I feel like talking
my heart out to you.

So long as it can
be understood...

some things are best
left unsaid.

I think I know what you have
in mind. The gesture is enough.

My compliments, lady!

You sing very well!

May I know your name?

What's your problem?

No problem... but...
- What a lovely voice!

Excuse me... please go on.

I'm not going anywhere!
I'm here to hear her sing!

Lovely voice! I must hear
a song tonight!

The show is over.
You can come tomorrow.

Do it once again!
I'm ready to pay!

How much do you want?
How much?

What is this?!
Who are you?!

I'm talking to her directly.

Are you the pimp?

Get out! Out of here?!

Is she your mistress?!
- Bastard! I'll kill you!

Out of my way!
I won't spare him!

I'll kill you!

Listen... the lady with you
looks shaken.

Please go inside.
We'll fix him.

- Get up.
- Get out.

I'll wait for him right here.
I'll give him a licking!

That will be enough.

I had a tough time in there.
He packs a good punch.

You were supposed to intervene
right away. You took your time.

We wanted people in there
to take a good look at you.

Well all right. Pay me now.
My job is over.

You've performed well in
the role of the drunk.

- I have another role for you.
- What?

Now you'll play a dead man.

What do you mean?!

What is it Inspector?

I have an arrest warrant
for Mr Vijay.

A warrant for arrest?!

What charges?
- For murder of one Ganpatrai.

But I haven't killed anyone!

I don't even know anyone
by that name!

I haven't killed anyone.
That's the truth.

What is going on?

They have an arrest warrant
for me! For murder!


But I haven't killed anyone!
I swear!

Let me tell you something.

No matter what, he can
never kill anyone!

The police are making
a mistake!

The question of a mistake
does not arise.

Mr Vijay was in Hotel Samrat
around 11 last night.

He was in the company
of one Ms Roma.

There he quarrelled
with the deceased.

- He beat the deceased up badly.

Vijay even threatened
to kill him in public.

I was in a rage.
I can't even recall it clearly.

When the deceased left,
Vijay chased him.

Does it mean that I killed
him? I was back in a minute!

The deceased was found
moments after you left.

He was dead on the pavement
across the street.

I'm saying the truth!

You might be saying the truth.

But I cannot help you
in these circumstances.

What are you saying?!

Vijay is innocent!
I'm telling you!

I know that!
He wouldn't lie to me!

Please tell them!
They will listen to you!

Tell them! Tell them that
Vijay is innocent!

Enough Mummy! You needn't
beg of anyone for my sake!

I must! I have to!

My son isn't a killer!
He isn't a criminal!

Tell them that! They can't
do such a thing!

If your son is innocent
he will be exonerated.

Don't worry. But try
to understand.

An arrest warrant has been
issued against him.

Take him away.

No! Don't say that! He isn't
going! I won't let him!

Stop it, Mummy!

Never mind if I hang!

But I won't have you
grovelling for my sake.


Why did you refuse to give
a statement to the police?

Would you or the police...

accept my innocence
if I did?

It isn't for the police
to give the verdict.

The court will decide.

In that case, I will make
my statement in court.

If you are innocent, it is
your duty to help the police.

I have always been innocent.

But you have never
considered it your duty to help me.

I do not stand before you
as your father.

I am a policeman.
Don't forget that.

That is nothing new to me.

You have always spoken to me
as a policeman would.


You may have complaints
against me.

But here and now, you must
forget that you are my son.

You are right.
I should forget it.

Someone has come for
Mr Vijay Kumar's bail.

Go through the papers.
The court has ordered that...