Semya vurdalakov (1990) - full transcript

A newspaper sends a young reporter into the Russian countryside to make a nice, sensationalist yarn out of some strange stories going around.

Family of Vampires

- Hello, I'm listening.
- Hi, are you again overslept?

No. I got up already.

So, hurry up, prepare yourself and come here.
The chief asked about you.

He has some urgent task for you.

- Do you hear me?!
- I'm listening. I'm listening.

Hurry up and come to the editorial office.

- But come to our office and don't
confuse it with another one. - OK

- This black one... it's good.
- This was confiscated...

So what should we do?...
Come and open the door.

Cheers to my favourite department!
Hi, Alexander, how are you?

- Hey, give me 2 roubles.
- In the evening...

I'm glad to see you!

- Oh, they are good! Is chief in his office?
- Yes.

- How are you?
- I'm OK. Thanks!

- Hi, Igor!
- Hi girls! How are you?

- Hello, old man!
- Hi! Hi!

Hello, Katya! Are you hungry?
Help yourself with this!

Hello, Alexandr Dmitrievich!

- Hi!
- How are you? How is your work?

- I'm OK. And you?
- Here, take the production.

Well, what do you think?

You are very good!

How do you manage to make
photos of corpses without fear!

I'm not afraid of anything.
I'm used to it. It's my profession.

That's good! I have one task for you. Here, read it.

Check it and make it look more frightful.

They berated one fellow-restorer for his
connections with the supernatural.

The task is urgent. You have three days.

Chief, what task? Did you forget
that I'm getting married these days?

No, I didn't. You'll succeed with it in two days.

OK. I'll make it look frightful.
Have a nice day.

Don't forget that it's an
urgent task and you have 3 days.

I couldn't do anything. He's my chief.

I told him about our marriage but
he jibbed and didn't want to understand.

Oh, I thought that we'll meet the father together.

He's going to visit us from overseas.
Couldn't he find another person for this task?

Who knows?... There's some sort of
scandal around old restorer.

Don't get angry. I'll return in 3 days.

I carry 12 works. 1.5 month in Sweden, then Hamburg.
I'm fortunate person.

- You are great! You also take this one?
- Of course! This is our Gold Fund.

Listen, I can't believe that you are getting married.
Did you find your dream?

Yes, I found it... Her father is almost living in the US.
I can be a chief in the office in a year or so.

- And Natasha?
- Forget it. Do we take a photo of it or not?

Yes, make one.
I have to go to embassy for VISA.


- Well, you work here and I'm going.
- OK. Good luck!

- Listen, I'll leave you the keys.
- It's not needed.

Come on! I know you. Keep it.
You'll need it.

Well, thanks!

It's opened.

- Did you call a taxi?
- Yes, I'm coming. Thanks.

It's in a court.

Do you like it?

Who is this?

He's celebrity here. People say that he sold
his soul to the Devil in order to get immortality.

- Are you painter?
- No.

Let me see.


- Look... the problem is...
- Don't...

Don't rush the things.

You will come here when the time comes.

Everything is destined from heavens.

You think that you've seen everything?
You don't believe in God and Devil.

And sometimes life seems to be boring.

You want to challenge yourself?

So, don't hesitate. There is a door.
You get your destiny according to your faith!

Well, it's such wilderness here.

It was very crowded here some time ago.

And now they live only on khutor
and one old woman lives in the forest.

The people in khutor live quite good and peacefully.

Old father, two sons,... the elder one with family.

They also have the sister.

Well... It's a cursed place.

According to legend the
vampires killed many Orthodoxies here.

It all started when one
of them appeared in this place.

It seems that we arrived.

We'll go through the old cemetery.

From the ancient times there were mixed up burials...

...righteous men and sinners...

...killers and those who were killed.

Very few people here died by natural causes.

And the years were either fruitful or not.

- On the wheat?
- On the corpses.

Wait here. I'll call the master.

Today is nine days after the death of the old man.

I rented a room for you.

I'll visit you in two days. Bye.

And also... come here.

People here are very superstitious.

They don't mention the name of deadman before
his soul reached the god on the ninth day.

Or old man return from the
grave and start to drink blood.

- How?
- He rises from grave and drinks blood.

Excuse us... Guests are rarely seen here.

I'll clean this room and you make comfortable here.

Georgiy, help me.


The supper is ready.

Mommy, where's grandfather Jacob?

Take him away.

In what hour did father leave us forever?

It seems that at eight o'clock.

Oh God, please save us.

Why are you all looking at?

Why don't you meet me?

Am I changed a lot during these nine days?

My own dog didn't recognize me.

Alla! Bring me the bench.

Do you want to have a supper, father?

I already had.

It's time to sleep.

- What should we do?
- I don't know.

And the beautiful woman told him: "I swear,
I won't forget you! ...I'll be yours forever.

And if I break my vow... come to me from
the grave and drink the blood from my heart!"

And the old king said: "Let it be in this way!".
And he went at war...

Soon the beauty forgot him.

Be quiet!

- How is he?
- He's sleeping.

Sleep well.

It's too early. Sleep.

Nikita! Nikita!

Oh, God! Georgiy, hurry up!

- Oh, my God!
- What's this?

Oh, God! Oh, God! What's that?

How could it be?! My lovely boy! Water!

What happened?
My little baby!

- Here's the water.
- Bring me the towel! - Keep his head!

Maria! Nikita is seriously sick.
Go to Egorovna. Maybe she'll give you some potion.

All right!

Son. What were you talking
with grandfather about?

Grandfather called me to come to window, I felt
giddy and after that I don't remember anything.

- Did he come to your house, Maria?
- Yes, he did.

Pray for him and for his soul, Maria.

He has no soul yet. And stick an aspen
stake into the body that walks among you.

Stick the aspen stake...

- Georgiy! Georgiy!
- What? What did she say?

She said to pray. To pray for his soul.

And in order to stop the corpse walking
we should stick an aspen stake in it.

[Reading prayers]

Why do you hide her?

Why isn't she at home?

At home? The was a home some time ago.

And also the church with bells was here.
Everything was destroyed.

My grandmother gave me this icon.

Angels of God brought it here
and hid in the branchlets of old oak.

Then we built the church here.
It was called "Mother Dubravnaya's of God church".

There were many visitors here.
Then everything was robbed.

Only the icon left here.

Lie down, Anna. I'll guard here.

You didn't sleep last night. And I need to watch Nikita.

- He's not feeling well after yesterday.
- Calm. Lie down. Don't worry.

I'll watch him.

[Reading prayers]

I'm going to leave very soon.
Most likely we won't see each other again.

I... Maria...

Go away. Go away.

What are you doing here?


Aren't you asleep, little one?

No, grandpa, no.

I made a sabre for you.

- Father doesn't allow me...
- Come, come... he won't hear anything.

Hey, wake up!
Hey, hey, wake up!!!

Wake up!!! Hey!

Wake up!


Read the prayer.

- And then...
- You have no power to give orders to me!

And if you insist I'll curse you!

Give my son back to me.

Give my son back to me!


I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

That's how it'll be tomorrow!

Leave this place.


Cheers to my favourite office!

- Hello! What a photos!
- What's up with you?

Everything is OK.
Cheers, Evgeniy!

- Go, go, go!... Is chief at his office?
- Yes.

Hello, Alexandr Dmitrievich!
How are you? Any news?

- Chief, that's all I could do... I couldn't do more...
- Cheers, Alexandr.

- How are you?
- I'll visit you later.

Any news, Dmitrievich?

- Where were you?
- Where? I was making a reporting.

Hello!... Yeah, in 30 minutes...

I'm asking where have you been?
You've been absent for 10 days.

- Really 10 days?
- To be exact, nine and half days.

- Where have you been?
- Nice joke... and very funny!

- Hello, Borisich! How are you?

Hi, we even called in militia and morgues.
We wanted to start All-Union investigation!

Where have you been?

I was working. Here, take it.

And the girl on photo looks good.



How are you?

Why are you keeping silence?

Mommy, open up.

I'm cold.

I'm terrified.

Open up.

Mommy, I'm terrified.
I'm cold.

Hello, comrade!

So, oldman. Where are you walking?
Where are you having fun?

We traveled over half of Moscow.
We looked for you everywhere.

Did you forget about tomorrow's hunting?

I even prepared a rifle for you.

And what are those jar and phials here?

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Is that you, Maria?

It's me! Maria!

The one which you forgot.

Why didn't you come earlier?

Now you disappeared.



I only thought about you.

I'm not a master of my destiny yet.

And I'm under influence of some other powers.

Your blood... My blood...

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