Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden (2012) - full transcript

When the rumored whereabouts of Osama bin Laden are revealed, the CIA readies a team of seasoned U.S. Navy SEALs for the mission of a lifetime. Despite inconclusive evidence that bin Laden is inside the compound, and ignoring the possible ramifications of an unannounced attack on Pakistani soil, the Pentagon orders the attack. The SEAL Team bands together to complete their mission of justice in a riveting final showdown.

What you want me to talk about?

I mean...

...we trained just like
we always trained

for any other mission.

They're all serious.

MAN: The reason I wanted
to join the Seals

was for missions like this.

The dream of getting this call.

As it happened, that night

the President was due
to give a speech.

White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Room full of journalists.

The fact is only a handful of his aides

knew that just before the event,

the President had authorized the raid.

OBAMA: All right, everybody,
please have a set.


My fellow Americans...

(CHEERING) is wonderful to be here

at the White House
Correspondents' Dinner.

What a week.


STUNNER: We'd done hundreds
of missions like this.

Dead of the night type raids.

What was different...

...was the target.

It's such an honor performing
for those of you here tonight,

as well as the handful of people

watching at home on C-SPAN.


People think Bin Laden
is hiding in the Hindu Kush,

but did you know that
every day from four to five

he hosts a show on C-SPAN?


CHERRY: In this world...

you don't get to live free
without working for it.

You gotta earn it every day.


...that day we did.

It's good to see you.



... "talk" might be the wrong word.

Can you imagine being tied down,

and your skin peeled off?

Did you know you have
three layers of skin,

so it could take awhile.

Make your time here
seem like heaven.

I expect you will end up dying.

Their torture chambers
are state of the art.

And your wife and children...

...they will go too.

What can I do?

Give me something to chew on.

I need to show
the guys with the keys

that you are worth keeping around.

And there are 25 million green reasons

for you to help us find
the man we want.

I have nothing.

I have nothing.


I know.

That's why I'm letting
the Saudis borrow you.

I wish it could end up better for you.

But at least now you can
take comfort in the fact that

this is definitely going to end.


You're on your own.


MAN: - What have you got?
- Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.

- The courier?
- Let's find him.

- Understood.
- Now.

OBAMA: if we have
actionable intelligence,

about high-value terrorist targets,

and President Musharraf
will not act, we will.

And I think Barack Obama
is confused as to who are our friends,

and who are our enemies.

We do not go out and say to a nation,
which is working with us,

that we intend to go in there

and potentially bring out
a unilateral attack.

Teddy Roosevelt used to say,

"Talk softly but carry a big stick."

Senator Obama likes to talk loudly.

We will kill Bin Laden,
we will crush Al-Qaeda.

That has to be our biggest
national security priority.



The phone call that we traced

tied the courier back in with Al-Qaeda.

We immediately put two assets
on the ground in Peshawar.

Pan to the left.

Your other left.

Got it.

And watch the profanity,
I understand Pashto.


Salaam alaikum.
Is there a lighter there?

On your left, talking right now,
that's our man.

It's OK.

MAN 1: There he is.
He's coming out.

- Let's go.
- Hold this.

We've got him.
Good signal.

WOMAN: Don't blow your cover.

Keep the distance.
We have caught him.

MAN: Target is heading due east.


MAN: Give him some space.

Get up here.
Take this way.

There he is,
you're coming up behind him.

MAN: Stay on course.

I'm getting some interference.
Keep your eyes on him.

We have got him.

We have got a visual.

MAN: Target is approaching
Karakoram Highway.

Target is leaving Peshawar.

Do you still have him?

We're trying to get eyes on you.

MAN: Yeah, we have still got him.

The boy is headed towards Abbottabad.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

MAN: He is going off the road.


We've got eyes back on him.

MAN: So do we.

Good work, gentlemen.
We'll take it from here.

MAN: Mr. President,
this is the first time

we've had eyes on the courier.

We know he used to be
a courier for Al-Qaeda.

We have no confirmation
they are still in contact,

but we know the place
is built like a fortress.

REPORTER: The pace
of American operations

keeps going up from week to week.

Night raids up sixfold,

air strikes nearly doubled.

The American troop surge in Afghanistan

is part of what an aide
to Petraeus calls

"squeezing down on the Taliban
like a giant anaconda."

MAN: Come on, let's go, Cherry.

This gear ain't getting any lighter.

MAN 2: Seal Team Six,
this mission should be simple.

Transporting two Taliban operatives

back to Kandahar base.

Pick up is in ten mikes.
Let's get in and get out.

MAN: Let's go, Mule.
Keep that pace up.

Growing up, it was pretty much
just me and my mom.

And, uh...

As a kid in junior high, I got stuffed
in trashcans all the time.

And then there was this one year

I decided that wasn't
gonna happen any more.

I started doing the beating.

So now, here I am, I'm fighting

at the highest level of
the United States of America.

It was like the CO's
were waiting for me,

and I'd been waiting for them.

Exile 2-1, Exile 2-1.

This is Wild Eagle Niner.

Can I get a sit rep on that bird, over?

I joined because I felt I had a duty

to my country, a country that I love.

And there was really
no other choice for me.

MAN: Wild Eagle Niner, Reaper Six

says Reaper 1-2 is inbound, TOT 50.

Keep your ears open, as they should be

pushing Budweiser in four or five mikes.
How copy?

Hard copy, Exile 2-1.

- Out.
- What's up?

Just keep moving. Move up.

MAN: Pick up should be right
over the next ridge, boys.

Exile 2-1, Wild Eagle Niner,

be advised you have
four persons approaching you.

Looks like LN's,
no weapons observed, over.

STUNNER: Yeah, I copy.
Four likely LN's,

no weapons observed.

Why don't you take Trench

- and check it out.
- Yeah, I got it, I got it.

Hands up, hands up.


Whoa, hold up here.

D-PUNCH: Take it easy, buddy.


Sit down. Down. Sit down!

- What's going on up there?

D-PUNCH: - They want
to have a female come up,

- do the patdown.
- Maybe go on, go ahead

- and send Cherry on up.
- Screw you, D-bag.

You search her, yeah.

STUNNER: Let's go, we gotta move.

TRENCH: We're under fire.

Get down!

Captain Marshall, a situation.

STUNNER: We got a man hit!

STUNNER: On the top ridge
on the left.

- Stunner, you hit?

(GROANING) No, I'm good.

Exile 2-1, Wild Eagle Niner.

We've taken fire,
at least one shooter.

Can you give us info on his position?

Exile 2-1, that's negative.

I'm not seeing anything.



STUNNER: Cherry, flank left.

Move, move!


- You all right?

No, man, I'm shot!


One down.

- Surprise.

- All clears up here.
STUNNER: - Copy that.

All clear.

Exile 2-1, any more hostiles?

Negative, Wild Eagle.
No hostiles in view.

All right, we 're all clear.
Let's push the LN's through

and get the hell out of here,
all right?


Let's go, guys.
Come on, move it out.


Hold up.
I need to finish searching.

D, forget about it. Let's go.

Hold up, boys.





STUNNER: We're trained to live
by the rules of engagement.

Don't cause reckless harm.

Don't use women, children
or old people for cover.

And don't strap 50 pounds
of explosives to your chest.

But as Team Leader,
I know if we give up

on the moral code that
our country believes in,

then we're no better than them.

CHERRY: My problem is very simple,
it's with the rules.

We got rules, other side don't.


OK, let's see.

Good. Good, good, good.



You're Malik?

- Yes.
- I'm Waseem.

Hi. Come, I'll take you inside.

My family has owned
the building for five years,

and we take very good care of it.

No pets allowed, and most
of the residents are families.

So please, keep your parties quiet.

No parties for us.

Please come.

This comes semi-furnished.
We have television.

There's no AC, but we can
provide you with a cooler.

There's 24 hours running water,
most of the time.

Piped gas.

It's one bedroom.

So, you men will be
sharing the bedroom?

Hmm. Do you have
any two bedrooms?

I'm afraid not.

(SIGHING) This is a very
peaceful neighborhood.

- Very quite safe.
- Mmm.

- And very quiet.
- Quiet is good.

Come on, let me see the view.

That place.

Looks like it's got
some serious security.

That house was built few years ago

by a wealthy Pashtun businessman.

Strict Purdah family.
Very quiet.

They don't bother anyone.

OK, that works.

WASEEM: How is that, Malik?

A little to the right.
Little to the right.

Right. Yeah?

- Good, lock it.
- Yeah.


WASEEM: How is this, Malik?

MALIK: Yeah.

- Is it OK?
- Little left.

- Left.
- Left?


How is the view?

- Good?
- It's good.

The first one is this.

Is it OK?

WASEEM: Little dark.

VIVIAN: I just need
one more minute of your time.

I really think it would be
in our best interest

to focus on what
we were talking about.

Now you're going to tell me
what's in my best interest?

- Things got heated in there.
- You got a lot of passion.

We're on the same team, but
time is not a luxury we have.

And that hour you just
took back there at the end

is an hour that
I'll never get back.

Decisions like this are never
as simple as they seem.

Hunches and educated guesses

will never take the place of
real actionable intelligence.

VIVIAN: My obsession
with catching him

started on 9-11.

The idea of him just kind of... deeper in my head.

I don't know, I guess,
gradually you could say he...

...took over my life.

I understand our current culture
is risk-averse,

but I think if you just
look at the field data,

I'm sure you'd agree there's
more to support this hypothesis

than any unsubstantiated cave theories.

- Christian thinks he's dead.
- He's not dead.

Come on, keep it coming.
Spit it out.

There's a good possibility

that by the time
we've gathered enough data

to validate a static final say,

someone will leak,
he will be long gone,

and it'll be Tora Bora all over again.

I believe that if there's
even the slightest possibility

of his being in there,
then we should...

We should what?

Bomb the fuck out of it. Sir.

You do understand that
people will want proof?

They'll want to see the body.

And a DNA match,

or conspiracy theories will abound.

And if we drop a bomb
on our ostensible allies

in the war on terror,
we run the risk

of nuclear retaliation on someone,

probably India or Israel.

We also run the risk of destroying

any and all evidence of his
ever having been there.

Let's reconvene at 06:00.

We're gonna need a back-up plan.

Maybe two.

VIVIAN: My college roommate
lost her father,

and her brother in the South Tower.

It was awful.

And then we go into Afghanistan

and we have Osama
holed up in Tora Bora,

and we let him go.

We had him and we let him go.

- I didn't want to be

part of the team that
let him get away again.

Twin car bombs exploded

outside the US embassies
in Nairobi and...

at the USS Cole in Yemen,

claiming the lives of 17 US soldiers...

Biggest attack ever on US soil.

MALE REPORTER 3: ...that Osama
bin Laden is behind the attack.

MALE REPORTER 4: Tragedy in paradise,

as a bomb rips through a resort in Bali.

MALE REPORTER 5: Ten separate
bombs ripped through

commuter trains and railway platforms.

of hundreds of emergency vehicles...

is the group being credited

for terrorism in the city
of London today.

So, I...

...finally got to buy my mom a house

up the road from mine.

Wasn't much to look at, but...

...that was the best
damn day of my life.

When she walked
through that door,

and just that smile.

Yeah. And, uh...

So, you know, when we
come home from deployment,

most of the men, they got wife,
kids to go to,

and me, I just, I keep it simple.

You know, it's my mom, my bike.

A few girls every now and then.


But, you know...
Even though we go

away from each other
for a few days, it's...

...we're still a team, you know.

And issues that we had
out on the field,

they're still there.

WOMAN: All righty, boys,
what else can I get ya?

I'll have another one of these.

- All right.
- Mmm.

Chocolate moon cake.

You got it.

- Any y'all wanna share?
- No, thanks.

I'm not a big chocolate guy.

Oh, no, no. Correction.

A big chocolate guy
is exactly what you are.

CHERRY: - The other night,

me and Trench were at this bar, right?

And this pack of Frog Hogs
comes marching in,

- you remember that?
- Yeah.

And I just kept thinking
to myself, "Damn."

I feel sorry for the poor guy

who's gotta pick a wife
out of that bunch of buns.

Have to drink two six-packs
and put a gun to my head

just to go home at night.

Then I think,
"Man, if I was Mule

I'd be ready to kill myself."

Well, you ain't me.
So leave me out of this shit.

- Sorry, man.

How is little Jaclynn?
What is she, four or five now?

My kid has nothing to do
with this conversation.

OK, we'll switch it to Stunner.

How is married life treating you, huh?


What are you asking?

Just, you know, how is everything
on the home front?

It's all good?

Why would you like to know?

You writing a book maybe?

You gotta realize
how good you got it.

Team Leader at 31.

Wonder kid,
flying up the command chain.

Why don't you just relax.

(CHUCKLING) I'm relaxed.

I'm always relaxed.

I'm just getting tired of you
running your mouth all the time.

I get tired of explaining
how we let a little old lady

blow up D-Punch.


MULE: Hey, Skipper.

What's up?

Square things up here.
Meet me outside.

Y'all leave a good tip.

We're still the alert squadron.

And I just got word
that we're being placed

under operational controls
at the Agency's

Special Activities Division for this op

at Admiral McRaven's
personal direction.

I don't know the target yet.

Whatever it is,
it's important to someone.

Say goodbye to your wives and kids,

your girlfriends, your Harleys,
your pets, whatever.

Load out for you guys is at 0-4.

Looks like we may have
the opportunity to...

...get payback for D-Punch
sooner than we expected.

Hopefully, you guys
have had enough time

to get your heads straight.






Hold on a second.



Never mind.

It was nothing.

Morning, sir. Vivian Hollins.

Senior counter-intelligence
threat analyst.


I was at CTC during Operation Anaconda.

Your recon on that mission
saved hundred of lives,

and if you hadn't taken out
that SAM position

it would have been a bloodbath.

That was a credit to the men.

We had a ghost detainee,

a known Al-Qaeda courier,

lead us to the suspected location

of a high-value target,
and the DCI wants us to put

an immediate action plan in place.

We've opened the file
and started the planning cycle.

The HVT is in a walled compound.

The main building is surrounded
by 12 foot walls.

Two gated and guarded entry points.

No telephone lines, no Internet.

Trash is incinerated.

Kids are home schooled.

How many kids?

SKIPPER: Thirteen, maybe 14.

- It's a goddamn madrassa.
- Yeah.

There are at least seven
armed military-age males

- in the compound.
GUIDRY: - This structure,

here, on top of the main building,

looks like it
could have been designed

as a station for some sort
of anti-aircraft equipment.

Intelligence indicates that the target

has access to Stinger missiles.

SKIPPER: And there
are reports that there are

2,000 pounds of C4
in this main structure,

rigged to a light switch.

NRO has a dedicated satellite

watching the compound.

Since this began,

analysts have, on several occasions,

recognized the man who appears
taller than the rest.

Proportional shadow measurements

put his height at 6'5".

He doesn't seem to participate
in daily chores.

He just kind of walks around.

We've nicknamed him The Pacer.

We've got boots on the ground
trying to verify his identity.

MAN: Is this a permissive
or non-permissive environment?


And capture or kill?

Well, it's a CIA
Special Activities mission.

We are comfortable
with either outcome.

We've narrowed it down
to three options.

Cur job is to present
all three to the President,

so that he can make the most
informed decision possible.

First option is a joint raid
with the host nation.

However, there is no way
of knowing if the target

is in league with the host government,

so this option runs the real risk
of his being tipped off.

Option two: Helicopter assault.

- That's where we come in.
STUNNER: - And how are we in?

DF-160. Night Stalkers
will handle the transport.

GUIDRY: We all remember Eagle Claw.

1980 failed mission to
rescue hostages in Iran.

Poor planning led to two downed
aircraft, and eight dead.

What about tunneling under?

Would be a lot quieter
than bringing in two birds

into a rural environment.

GUIDRY: Compound is built
in a flood basin.

Water table's too high to tunnel.

Third and final option is to simply

level the compound with a JDAM.

With this option comes
the added complication

of collateral damage
and the inability

to verify that he was ever there.

But you're still not sure
if the target's in there?

You're still not 100 percent?

Hundred percent's
hard to come by these days.

See you, thanks for being here.

Stacy. Jeju.

May I have a word in my office?

- About what?
- In my office.

Have a seat, please.

No, thanks.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you

how delicate this mission is.

How professional errors
could be compounded

by secrecy and concealment.

However, in my opinion,

you are the exception.

I'm not sure I understand
what you're saying.

I'm saying that you are the type of man

whose judgment I shouldn't
have to question or second-guess.

And this file doesn't
say any differently.

However, there is one page

that is cause for concern.

Which is?

Your wife.


But I would expect
that you won't let the past

cloud your decision making,

or lead you to put your team
into any unnecessary danger.

It's a job.

I'm not interested
in punishment or revenge.

I care about mission success.

Getting my men home safely.

So do I. Good luck.





All right, lovers,
break it up, break it up.

Sauce, you've got a visitor.

Tyrone! Hey, come here.

She's on our team now.

Take her through the drills, OK?

Girl, fuss.

Just know there's 2,340 other dogs

that would love to take her place.

- You got that, people?

- You got that?
MEN: - Yes, sir.

You think you're so important, you put
your finger in a bucket of water,

you pull it out, you see
how fast that hole fills up.

Every one of us is replaceable.

Including me.

CHERRY: If you ain't
been out on a mission with us,

you ain't trained with us,

you can't know how we are.

You can't know how we communicate.

All right?

You just don't.

You take Stunner, right?

He's a team leader,
hell of a soldier,

and that just...



It don't mean I'm not gonna
set his ass straight,

if, you know,

I feel like he needs it, so...

No. When lives are at stake,

you got no business
hiding behind protocol.

You know.


You got something to say to me?


You got something to say to me?

I don't think so,
not with a gun in your hand.

You know, if you think
you should be team leader,

you should run off to the CO
and make your case.

I think you're a good leader.

I just don't think
you have what it takes

to fight this enemy and win.

This ain't the Boy Scouts.

If D-Punch were here,
he'd say the same thing.

All right.




If you boys can't reconcile
this right here, right now,

I need to know right now.

- I'm good.
- I'm good.

Good. Better be.

Get outta here.

You. Stay.

What's the deal, huh?

You used to be
a regular Billy Bad-ass.

Out there, huh?
Now you're the weakest link.

You're supposed to be
the leader of this team, huh?

This cannot be in here right now.

You need to be right, up here.

We lose men, good men.

But you gotta focus.

I know why I'm here.

And you gotta figure out
why you're here.

And if you can't, then you
gotta get the hell outta here.

And go home.


OBAMA: There are a lot
of things that could go wrong.

There are a lot of moving parts here.

MAN: On your right and your left!

I'm sending those guys in,

and Murphy's Law applies
and something happens...

- Hold the door!
- Can we still get our guys out?


They don't know
what they're gonna find there.

They don't know if
the building is rigged.

They don't know
if there are explosives

that are triggered by
a particular door opening.

So, huge risks that
these guys are taking.

- Count down!
- One.

Go, go, move, move, move!

- Hold the doors!
- Go to the left.

Go to the right.



Two down, two down.

- Hold the door.
- This room's clear.

Next room, next room.
Let's go, let's go.

Down, down.
Get down, now!


Yes, here.

Yes, here.

Who shot this woman?

Who shot this woman?!

Uh, my bad.

We get our guy and leave
dead women and kids,

this mission is a failure.

Yes, sir.

SKIPPER: OK, people, back to one.
We're gonna keep running this thing

till we get it right.
Watch the hands, watch the hands.

You don't see a gun,
you don't see a weapon,

you don't shoot, understood?
Let's go!


Yo, going on a coffee run.

- Yes, please.
- How do you take it?

Cold and black
with a shot of heroin?

- Ha-ha.
- Maybe I'll just bring you a syringe

filled with espresso.
Rim the cup with Demerol and Valium.


What what?

That's it.

That's it.

That's how you want your coffee?

No, no, no.
No, no, no.

- That's it.
- What's it?

The syringe.

I'm thinking we do

a vaccination drive door to door.

But instead of disposing the needles,

we send them to our lab for analysis.

So if we can get a doctor inside,

get a Bin Laden kid to participate,

get a familial match.

Remember when Bin Laden's sister
died a few years back?

Stateside, Mass General?

The body was subpoenaed so if
and when Bin Laden was caught,

we'd have a DNA profile
to identify him with.

What do you think?


AFRIDI: Are you serious?

Is this a real question?

It is.

I want Osama Bin Laden captured
as much as anybody else.

And I know...

I know the people of Pakistan
do not support Al-Qaeda.

But who has the time?
Ninety-nine out of 100

are just happy making
two square meals a day,

fighting their own demons
of poverty, hunger.

And I know the consequences
for myself and my family,

if what I'm about to do is discovered.

I'll get killed.

Here, stand up.

Stand up for awhile.

Good. It's recording.

That's good.
Keep it in your pocket.

It's gonna be fine.

You've got the full force and faith

of the United States government
backing you.



What about tomorrow?



Come on.

Come on, get in.


How is the transmission?

It's working.

GO, 901


Get Guidry, now.

VIVIAN: It was an idea.

You know,
let's do a vaccination drive.

VIVIAN: And then, all of a sudden,

the live feed is running,
and I realize that

I'm putting someone's life in danger.

- What do you got?
- We're in.

Yes, we are.


VIVIAN: Pan around, come on.
Let us see the whole place.

Christian, do you recognize
any of those people?


Who's that?

I don't know.



Let's get voice analysis.

I want every one of these faces ID'd.

One of these kids must be a Bin Laden.

Good work, Hollins.


- Come on, man. Come on out here.

- Oh, look at that!
- There we go.


There it is. Put it down.

- No, no.
- Put it down!

MULE: That was savage!
Like bazooka.



All right, all right.
Turn that off.

MULE: Wait, hold up, man, hold up.

- Hit the racks.
- Hold on, man!

- Get some rest.
- Hold on, man.

And three, two, one.

What are you doing,
what are you doing?

Aw, come on, man! Damn!

And I was next.

All right, you got next tomorrow.

Let's go.

Rank meant nothing to me.

Nothing, but it killed Cherry
that I was Team Leader.

You know, he doesn't like
to take orders from anyone,

let alone someone younger than him.

He thinks I'm a hotheaded redneck.

Which I am.

And I think he's a surfer boy.

Which he is.

And, uh...

Takes all types.




TRENCH: - Hey, Stunner.
- Yeah.

It's him, isn't it?

I don't know.

Well, who else could it be?

- Could be Al-Zawahiri.
- Nah.

No, no, no, no.

It's Osama.

We're gonna be the team
that takes out Osama.

Don't worry about who it is,
all right?

Just worry about...

...completing the mission
and getting home safe.

I'd like to be the one
that puts one

right in between the eyes,
you know?

That 25 million dollar bounty

buys a lot of diapers, huh, Mule?

(EXHALING) Whole lot of diapers.

Oh, yeah.

(CHUCKLING) There won't be a bounty.

All right, even if it is Osama,

we can't talk about it
with anyone ever.


OK, let's say he's not dead.

Let's say Osama is in there
with his 27 wives,

his 108 kids
and his seven favorite goats.

Do we think there is any chance

that the Pakis don't know
that he's in there?

Of course they know he's there.

It's a military town.
It's a half mile

from the gate
of the Kakul Military Academy.

So what are we gonna do when
the Pakistani police show up?

We have assets on the ground

that tell them
it's an authorized operation.

The police tell their commander
who tells their commander,

and by the time its worked its way
up and down the chain of command,

it's Christmas again
and we're back in Afghanistan.

OK, how about their F-16's?
We just shoot them down?

We sold them their F-16's.

We have on-site video surveillance.
They scramble, we move out.

How 'bout when they
launch their nukes?

It's not gonna happen.

Really, you're just
so positive about that.

- Christian.
- I am, actually.

What do you suggest that we do?

I suggest we get a B-2.

We launch a few dozen JDAM's
into the compound. Done.

Oh, sorry.
OK, let's just take it back.

So then, you do think he's in there?

No, no, no, no, no.
I think he's dead.

But if we're gonna
go down this path,

don't put our best Special Ops
in an impossible situation,

just 'cause you think
he might be in there.

We killed Khalid Habib with a missile.

How do we know this isn't a trap?

OBAMA: We're going into
the sovereign territory

of another country.

If it turns out that
it's a wealthy prince

from Dubai who's in this compound,

and we've sent Special Forces in,

we've got problems.


MULE: The year before I enlisted

I was living in Brooklyn,

and there was this party

on this roof of my friend's building.

Well, I got hammered at this party.

(LAUGHING) I've seen you get hammered.

And I was passed out, on the roof,

sitting in this lawn chair,
facing the city.

The very next morning,
as soon as I opened my eyes,

that's when the first plane hit.

I thought I was still dreaming.

From across the river
I had a from' row seat

to the whole damn thing.

I was in BUDS.

Second or third week,
I think, I don't know.

One day they yanked everyone
to the side,

and they made an announcement.

We were going to war.

What followed was...

...three days of...


...three days of the worst ass-kicking

you could ever imagine.

Thirty-four quit that weren't quitters.



(LAUGHING) And not 35?


I guess 34 is my lucky number.

I guess it is.

Gentlemen, we're gonna
do some shooting.

Then we're gonna do more shooting,

then we're gonna be
shooting some more.


Start at 15, stop at three.


Two double-taps with the rifle...


...transition to pistol.

Fire or failure.


As always gentlemen,
big boy rules apply.



Oh, what's up, man?
Hey, little man.

I can hear you but I can't see you.

WOMAN: OK, hold on,
let me figure this out.

Oh, come on.
I showed you how to do it.

WOMAN: - Hello.
- Hey, Mama.

Hi, baby.
It's so good to see you.

- Hey.
- Hey, brother.

Hey, sis, hey, bro.

Don't keep me waiting,
I haven't seen you in awhile.

Oh, there she goes.

So, what are you up to?

Oh, you know.

Just getting ready.

Getting ready.

Pull away! Open opposing doors.

He got up at five

so he's... he's tired.

- Dada, I love you.
- Yes?

I love you. Can you see me?

Clear, clear!

You knew I was gonna call you,

and you have on your cleaning sweats?

I have something else on.

Oh, you do?

Oh, what was that?

What you got... Oh.

- Let me see.

- You need to beg.
- I need to beg?

- Hey, Pop.
- Yeah.

You had on the space glasses.


We might need a spaceship
if you keep clowning me.

- Open opposing door!
- Spread out!

- Fire!
- Clear!

- Clear.
- I love seeing you,

but you really need to cut your hair.

I'm gonna cut your hair for you.

They like me to look like
the bad guys over here,

so I get to grow it anyway I want.

- Just doing a lot of training.
- You look bigger already.

SAUCE: They been working me
out a lot lately.

BROTHER: Ain't nothing wrong
with working like a dog.

Makes you appreciate
the good things in life.

Closed door, right!


Oh, yes.

You like?

I love.

Go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go,

When you coming home?

Three, two, one!


MULE: I'll be home soon.
Can't really tell you much

about what we're doing, but
we're doing a lot of training.

Uh, a lot of shooting.

And, uh... you know,
we'll be home soon.

OK, are you staying safe?
Being careful?

I got the best men
in the military backing me up.

It's not gonna be a problem.

Thank you for what you're doing,

and all my friends thank you
for what you're doing.

SAUCE: Well, thank you guys,
we appreciate that.

It's nice to hear.


MAMA: I really want you
to take care of yourself.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

That's what I miss.

Hang tough and mind your details,

and if nothing else,
keep an eye on your six

so that nothing happens to you
on the dark side.

Look after the best part.

MULE: Yes, sir.

SAUCE: Tell everybody
I miss 'em and I love 'em,

and I can't wait
to call you guys again.

- You take care.
- All right, I love you, Pop.

I miss you, babe.

Get back, OK?



- Bye, babe.

I love you.

(BABBLING) Bye. Bye.




You know, in our world
you really have two families.

You have your actual family,

and your teammates.

I mean, we're gone 300 days a year.

Truth is, we live for it.

We're always wanting that call.


I'll drive this time.

MAN: Those could be Bin Laden's wives.
Don't lose them.

Let's see if we can get a match.

Easy, easy.

Regain distance.

We've got an eye on you.

Slow down.

Slow it down.

MALIK: Wait, stop, stop, stop.

You stay with the women,
I'll stay with the car.

Try to get a closer shot.

We need a positive ID.

Malik is following two women on foot.

I'm following the car.

I see you both.

We need to see the eyes
to get FRS to work.

Try to get a little closer.

Get aside. You old man!

Get aside!



The police are on my tail.

- What should I do?
- Where's your gun?

It's in the car.
Are you covering me?

Just comply.
We'll take care of it.



Stay calm.
Avoid confrontation.

- Yeah.
MAN: - One of our assets

was just stopped
by the Pakistani police.

Get Munter and Pasha moving.
I don't care what you do.

Just don't let our guys get swept up.


This is my license.
And this is just for...

I have a passion for photographing.



That was close.
Thank you.

GUIDRY: Just get him on the phone.

I don't care what he's doing.

Just get... We already know.

We need to get a green light now.

- Call you back.

Being obsessed with a target

is like having a one-way affair.

It's, um... It's secret,

and you can't stop
thinking about him,

but you're always alone.

The only question is... it'll end.

MAN: Continue your interrogation
of the data

to see if you can disprove
the theory that he's there.

We have two agents
whose cover was likely blown.

I thought we took care of it.

We don't know, we don't know
what the fallout is.

We have sources at ISI,

but Al-Qaeda also has sources there.

Jeez, you'd think two billion a year

would buy you
a little more allegiance,

but we don't know
who's working for us

and sleeping with them.
The longer this goes on,

the greater the chance of a leak.

That's the bottom line.

Across the river, they still think

this is a circumstantial case.

Well, it is a circumstantial case,

but it's a strong circumstantial case.

We now know that ISI
is watching the compound.

We know that they're protecting him,

or they have him under house arrest,

or whatever.
In either case,

that's why our operatives were followed.

They may be protecting someone,

we just don't know
who that someone is.

Urn, sorry.
He's a 6'5" bearded guy.

Doesn't use the phone,
doesn't use the Internet.

Doesn't leave the compound
surrounded by a 12 foot wall.

Has a known Al-Qaeda courier,

so I think we actually
do know who he is.

Who is that speaking?

Vivian Hollins, Mr. Panetta.

Senior Counter-Intelligence
Threat Analyst.

Well, Ms. Hollins,

the President of the United States

is gonna be staking
his Presidency on this call.

No one will ever know your name
if it turns out badly.


That went well.

If you do not have the go-ahead,

from the Oval Office,
it's irrelevant.

Anything you've done,
anything you know,

is irrelevant at that moment.

And so that is one of
the most frustrating parts

about what I do.

OBAMA: At the end of the day,

we cannot say definitively
that Bin Laden is there.

Sending in choppers,

and actually putting
our guys on the ground

entails some greater risks
than some other options.

But it's important for us
to be able to say

that we definitely got the guy.

We're a go.


We're on for tonight.

Tell the team.


All right, people, listen up.

We are officially executing
Operation Neptune's Spear.

The HVT is Osama Bin Laden.

Code name will be Geronimo.

TRENCH: What did I tell you, man.

- I am clairvoyant.
- Latest intel tonight... there are at least
30 people in the compound,

many of them women and children.

Your job is to secure
and segregate non-hostiles.

I cannot stress this enough.

You must be able to discern shooters

from non-combatants.

As for the primary target,

the preference is no detainees.

FBI and CIA will be on hand

to assist with chain of custody.

F-15 Strike Eagles will be on station.

There'll be two Chinooks
no more than ten mikes out,

in case we get in trouble
with the neighbors.

Apaches will provide gunship support.

JSTARS will jam Pakistani radar.

If it gets rough, we fight our way out.

Rangers sitting right across
the border to help out.

As always, we go in sterile.

If you get killed, you're stupid.

If you get captured,
you gotta get killed first.

Make sure your smartpacks
are back here.

Seal Team Orange,

arrive with Stalker One.

Seal Team Green, Stalker Two.

Our enemy here is Al-Qaeda.

It's no secret they
are not afraid to die.

Neither are we.



...we know why we are here.

We know who we are.

Tonight we fight for something
truly greater than ourselves.

Tonight we ride.


Who is it?

I don't know.


WASEEM: Who is it?

MAN: We're here for Geronimo.


The game play for Minnesota
is coming over later.

Good news. We're going hot.

Kill the lights, please.

JSTARS will begin jamming
in one mike.

WOMAN: Strike Eagles are airborne.

Strike Eagles have reached
their ceiling.

MAN: Departing friendly airspace.
Here it goes.

(CHUCKLING) Roger that.


MAN: Roger that, Stalker 1.


MAN: Roger that.
Checking pressure now.

You get a diagnostic on that?

Stalker One through Four,
be advised...


Time to target, three mikes.
Goggle up.






MAN: Single uniform,
red side courtyard, not armed.


We started losing elevation
at about 500 feet.

CHERRY: The motor started to strain,
then you realize it's not straining,

it's just actually not getting any lift.

MAN: Stalker One has lost tail rudder.

Stalker One, report.
Are you hit?

You see the ground rushing up at you.



MAN: Stalker One is down.
Stalker One is down.

God, Eagle Claw all over again.
Son of a bitch!

MAN: Stalker Two, use alternate IZ.

Stalker One, report.

MAN 2: Stalker One, on ground.

- Go, go, go!
- Move, move, move.

MAN 1: We have a chopper down.
We have prepared for this

and will now be amending the mission.

Head to the wall. Line up.

In position.

Trench. Flanks return.

Hold position.

STUNNER: Three, two, one!


Go, go, go!






Go, move, move, move!

Dog forward! Dog forward!

MAN: Pakistani assets
are outside the compound

on crowd control.

(SHOUTING) Put the lights out.

Put the lights out, please.

JSTARS reports Paki police chatter.


Where are my eyes at?

Cease fire, cease fire, cease fire!

I need eyes on that target.

We don't know who else
is in that room.


Wrong way. Open to the left.

Open and close the doors.

Paki jets are still grounded.

Closed door, right.

Open that door!

Out, out!

Unknowns coming out,
unknowns coming out.

- Come on out.




- Unknown coming out.

Come out, come out,
it's OK, it's OK.

Paki police are Oscar Tango Mike.



Please, over here.
Please, please.


What happened?
Even I don't know. We don't know.

That's because
you make 20 rupees a day.

Call Superintendent Mohammed Rafique
and ask him. He will fill you in.

MAN: Pakistani jets are scrambling.



Let me see your hands.
Let me see your hands.


SOLDIER: - Move, move, move!
MULE: - Let me see your hands.

Hands, hands, hands.
Let me see your hands.

STUNNER: Move it up.
Unknowns coming out.

Pakistani jets are airborne.

Where's our DOD rep?

WOMAN: Eagles en route to intercept.




...Khalid is down.

We're not covered yet.
Putting it down.

Closed door, left.



MAN: Pakistani jets are closing.

Pakistani jet, return to base
or you will be engaged.

Pakistani jet, return to base
or you will be engaged.

Pakistani jets are breaking away.

Pakistani jets are breaking away.

Pakistani jets are returning
to their airbase.


- Closed door, left.
- Closed door, right.


Get down, get down!

For God and country.

Geronimo's KIA.


- Oh, my God.

OBAMA: Tonight, I can report
to the American people

and to the world,

that the United States
has conducted an operation

that killed Osama Bin Laden,

the leader of Al-Qaeda,

and a terrorist who's responsible

for the murder of thousands

of innocent men, women and children.

A small team of Americans
carried out the operation

with extraordinary courage
and capability.

Gather everything up.
Take what you can carry.

Boys, come on, let's go.
We're out of here in five.

MAN: We need to blow this bird.

We're not leaving that behind.

OBAMA: After a firefight,
they killed Osama Bin Laden,

and took custody of his body.

MAN: Get that medic over here
to pull that DNA sample.

PANETTA: Give your team
my congratulations.

- I will.
- Is Ms. Hollins there?

As a matter of fact, she is.

Let me have a word with her.

It's for you.


Ms. Hollins, this is Leon Panetta.

- Hello, Mr. Panetta.
- Good work.

You called this a long time ago.

Oh, I appreciate it.
It's been a long journey.

Yes, it has, and you've
been a big part of it.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

VIVIAN: There aren't
many moments in life

when you get to realize
that everything

you've sacrificed for a goal
was worth it.

Because that goal is so much... so much bigger
and so much more important than...

...than any individual.

OBAMA: Tonight we give thanks
to the countless intelligence

and counter-terrorism professionals

who worked tirelessly
to achieve this outcome.

- The American people...
- Good work. not see their work
nor know their names,

but tonight they feel the result.

We give thanks for the men
who carried out this operation,

for they exemplify the professionalism,

patriotism, and unparalleled courage

of those who serve our country,

and they are part of a generation

that has borne
the heaviest share of the burden

since that September day.

As a country,
we will never tolerate

our security being threatened,

nor stand idly by when
our people have been killed.

We will be relentless
in defense of our citizens.

We will be true to the values
that make us who we are.

And on nights like this one,

we can say to those families
who have lost loved ones

to Al-Qaeda's terror,

justice has been done.

STUNNER: You know,
looking into everyone's eyes,

you could see that none of this
had sunk in yet.

But then you remember
the thousands of people

across the world,
who sacrificed to get us here.

It was Skipper who took
them two women to the ground.

If they'd had a suicide vest,

he was gonna take the blast himself.

To protect us.

STUNNER: You know, a lot
of people had their doubts.

If he was there,
if we could pull it off.

And the fact is that he was,
and we did.


It's a good day to be a SEAL.


It's a good day to be an American.