Savyasachi (2018) - full transcript

A twin brother of the protagonist is absorbed due to Vanishing Twin Syndrome and controls his left hand. When his life is threatened, the twin brother that never existed protects him like a shield.

Mom, I am not getting sleep.
Please tell me some story?


Long long ago there was a big demon in a village.

That demon does a strong penance...

and gets the boon from Lord Shiva that who so ever's
head he places his hand should turn to ashes.

With that boon he kills all whom he doesn't like and
finally thinks to kill even Lord Siva in the end

What happened then, mom?

Then all the sages come and request
Lord Vishnu to rescue,

Lord Vishnu comes in the form of Mohini,

makes that demon place his hand
on his own head and turns him to ashes.

What's the name of that demon, mom?


Moral of this story is that...

thoughts of destruction and using the brains into
destruction finally lead to his own destruction.

That's why both knowledge and strength
should be used only for the good.

Why are you getting so tensed ?

It's been 24 hours since we got in at Hyderabad.
Look, my wife already called me 12 times

Without informing her I got in saying I am going for office work.
Didn't even get my luggage.

Just because it is free trip you shouldn't jump and get in.
There should be a planning for that.

Look at me, I Planned everything three days before.

When I don't have a voice even to oppose her,
How can I get the planning right.

Why to fear every hour... you just die.

Otherwise, kill your wife.

You’re talking in this manner reminds me of
our St. Joseph school Arun.

Oh no...

Why do you want to remind about him now?

How can you compare me to a guy getting into
ladies hostel just at the age of 14?

Dear, are you talking about that Arun
who invented the camera?

Oh Nirmala madam, you?

What a way to meet.

Yes, that same guy.
Do you still remember him?

You remembered ladies hostel,
and I remembered his Intelligence of inventing the camera.

So you might still be remembering
hitting him after removing his shirt.

Even I know Arun, he was my gym mate.

I think I too know that Arun you are talking about.

If he’s the one, he was college topper then.

Oh, that guy? He was completely different.

But, he was intelligent.

I think, he did a movie recently, right?

- Yeah

He was my boyfriend.

Sorry, I’m Sraddha and a model .


In a way, that movie is the reason
for our separation.

When he showed the frustration of someone giving
a bad rating towards me, I broke up with him.

Then, I am the reason for your breakup.

I’m the one who wrote that review and gave a zero rating.

I’m Gopala Krishna.

I’m sorry, but that film deserves that rating.

Keeping all this aside, this is strange.

A man is known to everyone and
all of them traveling together on the same bus...

something is mysterious.

In a tourist bus accident in Himachal Pradesh Kullu Valley
21 members travelling from Hyderabad.

18 have died, and 3 went missing.

We’re still to get the trace of the driver of this bus.

Where am I, Doctor?

Kullu Valley...

Himachal Pradesh!

Till date I've seen bodies falling into that valley
coming for postmortem.

but the first time I'm seeing a man coming for treatment.

Our staff going to that accident spot
won’t even carry the first aid box.

That valley has such a history.

Not even one is left alive out of the
passengers in the bus, except you.

If you give the details of your relatives, we'll Inform.

Ok, thank you Doctor.

You're almost talking after a day.

Though you were unconscious,
one of your body part was in active status.

How is that possible?

Which part, Doctor?

Your left hand.

In a word to say, it's a wonder that you're alive.

It's a miracle.

Wonder! This word is not new to me.

It's born along with me.

Just after a few months of my birth, it seems
I started behaving abnormally and a bit strange.

As the Doctor was a close friend of my dad,
he studied my case well and called my parents.

If you listen to me peacefully,
you won’t be worried.

When in pregnancy, if one fetus is formed then one baby,

two fetus formed then twins
and three then triplet and so on.

So, you just got one kid but two fetus were formed

After a few months of pregnancy,

one from the twins wasn’t having
proper nutrition and the other twin absorbed it.

Such thing happens in a very few cases and
this is termed as 'Vanishing twin syndrome.'

In this process the survival twin...

the baby who lives often takes birth with
two heads or three hands or four legs.

But the luck here is, nothing such happened for this kid.

But neurons pertaining to another
twin are left behind in Vikram’s brain.

Is there any danger, Doctor?

Mahalaxmi madam, it’s not new
for such a things to happen.

One out of three with pregnancy has the
chances of getting twins during the fetus stage.

But that to stand is tough.

And now to this survival twin,

I mean your kid may get the character to behave strangely.

To keep it in a word, you gave birth
to two lives sharing the same body.

what doed it mean Doctor?

I'll explain...

Since such absorbed neurons
are extended till his left hand,

his left hand gets activated as and when he is too
much excited or into too much of depression.

Because that’s the only way of his expression.

I’m not saying this to frighten you.

Just be careful.

These problems can be solved with proper upbringing.

Like anyone else, he too can feel
the love and touch of a mother.

he can remember people
and places by seeing through visual receptors.

But, he can't do everything done by a human body,

but he too can feel all those feelings a human can feel.

The only way for Aditya to express those feelings is that...

Vikram’s left hand.

How would be the relation between them, Doctor?

He may either become a useless person because of that...

Otherwise, he’ll become an expert in using both
his hands cleverly(Ambidextrous)...SAVYASAACHI

(Blessings...)May all your wishes come true!


One person means one person
Two persons means two persons...

One person means one person
Two persons means two persons...

Twins growing in one body, thoughts not mixing in sync

Enough for these to be together for one another.

That’s more than enough for mom...

Maybe with a pain that he’s got injustice from you,
you are loving the elder and keeping younger away Mahalaxmi.

No problem even if Vikram misunderstands.

But I won’t let another mistake
take place knowingly in the issue of Aditya.

Why is it that left and right
are not getting along together?

Mom’s dream is that you get along like equal halves.

Enough to touch my cheeks with one hand each.

My smiles will glow thinking it as a boon.

One person means one person
Two persons means two persons...

[What are you doing..?]

[He’s done it all mom!]

He is doing....

No problem !

Laxmana’s path is to walk behind his brother.

You’re the wings of my dreams and my eight directions.

My happiness is the company of joy for you.

All my life should go watching
closeness between you two.

Enough for these to be together for one another.

That’s more than enough for mom...

One person means one person
Two persons means two persons...

One person means one person
Two persons means two persons...

Keeping aside nuisance of this Aditya,
there’s a world that keeps me happy.

Hi sister.



Sister, please don’t cry.

I’m back and see nothing happened to me.

I’m fine sister, don’t worry
- Vicky, what happened to your hand? Any big wound?

Nothing brother in law, just a small sprain
and nothing to worry.

You said it so simple,

but it’s been a week since your sister ate
and slept well for the tension you gave.

What’s this sister? I’m calling and texting daily, right?

That is called as the worry.

If you were in our situation, you’d then understand.

I’m sorry sister, it won’t happen so again, Ok?

You didn’t tell any of this to Maha, right?

No, but she cried even before knowing
all this as you didn’t come.

Is it? Where’s Maha?

As we promised you’ll be back by evening,
she just left to school.

Ok, I’ll go to the school and come.

Wait, freshen up first and then you can go.


See Sri, how much my boss helped ?

You always keep scolding him unnecessarily

What help has he done so much now?

As he didn’t give leave then for that tour, we didn’t go

Your brother is lucky fellow and hence is alive now.

If we’d been for the same tour, Then the news in the
news paper would have been 'Death of a married couple.'

Maha... Sister’s daughter.

I prayed to every God that sister
should get a baby girl, after mom died.

Because I believed mom will be born again.

She’s born, Mahalaxmi.


I’ll come in the evening and buy.


Hey, don’t do cheating.

Hey, I’m winning
- Vikram.

Your pampering is crossing limits day by day
and you’re spoiling her.

You asked to send her daily in school
bus and again following till the school.

Why to pay thousands for the school bus
fees again in such situation?

Again why should you follow behind that bus?

Stop it.

I’m sending her in bus as she shouldn’t miss her life.

I’m going behind the bus not to miss her.

Still, will any kid ruined if pampered
or become great when not done?

What do you say Brother in law?

Please leave me.

Not all these, she is my daughter
and should listen to me.

I too am saying the same, sister.

Your daughter should listen to what you say and
I too should listen to what my mom says, right?

What’s this mother sentiment ?

Brother in law I knowingly named
her after mom as Mahalaxmi.

But, how does she know to call me as Chinni?

Only my mom used to call me Chinni.

We should believe in sentiments.



Next... Yes, ok

Sakku Eggs... Health in every egg!

Say it.

Sakku Eggs... In every...

Hey, Stop it, you changed the
whole meaning with one alphabet.

This is egg and this is a shot.

- Shut up.

Do you have any shame? If I give one shot...

Why did you touch me, idiot?

Sorry sir, you shouldn’t frighten kids so.

You should pamper and say.

See, how cute he is...

Thank you brother.

You look like Ramu uncle who takes
my dog for urination.

He’s correct only for that.

Ramu uncle!

how do I look like to you..?

I remember my fried Robin

Face value should be like this.

Robin means Robinhood, right?

- Then, who dear?

The dog Ramu uncle takes for urination.

He said you are a dog sir.

Ok, you know director is serious on the sets, right?

Enough your laughing.

How can he call you as a Dog Sir?
- I know, come.

You said right.

Hey Tenali, are the artists ready?
- Ready Sir

Ok, let’s go for take.


We had to sell away two bangles of my mom.

We now depend only on that God.

We’re not doing any Gutkha Ad
It's an egg Ad.

who are these people..?

You only asked for a good family, right Sir?
They are telling the dialogues very nicely..

If a guy eating egg with 70 Calories,
6 grams protein, 250 ml Collin,

zero carbs, zero sugar, vitamin A to K is like this...

I didn’t understand Sir.

Hey Tenali, we’re doing the AD to show
the advantages of eating an egg...

and not about the disadvantages by not eating.

Go and call the heroine
- Ok Sir.

Yes, tell me Vicky.

Take this dialogue and narrate to the heroine.

If Sakku is in your house, it’s like Iron existing in body...

Isn’t this any rubbish? Is this dialogue enough?

This is an Ad dude, immediately going to the point
should be there rather than the information.

You said well Director Sir,

but overall I'm disappointed.

Who’s he?

That is... he is Mr.Sudarshan,
creative genius for our Ad.

Why are you disappointed?

When we worked so hard and brought a good heroine,

why have you brought such a cheap model?

I’m extremely disappointed.

-I’ve got nothing to do.

Sir... Sir... Sir...

Heroine has cheated us Sir.


It seems she has some cloth store opening.

Which idiot has booked the heroine?

Here, our creative genius... Egg Sudarshan.

Sir is so happy even when the Ad isn’t completed.

You’re great Sir.
-That isn’t called happy.

that expression is called depression

Still, why don’t you talk as per the situation Tenali?
Do you have any problem?

I mean party...
- Hey...

As you’re giving a party and hence.

What did you mix in this, it is in different taste?

Oh damn, I forgot to mix Vodka for you Sir.

Sorry sir, are you drinking water?
- Have you seen him?

Still, our mood is the same wherever we are.
We can’t express any emotion immediately

We hav to control and express when free and at peace.

Cool dude, I’m there for you ever forever and after.

But, why do all these happen only for me ?

I’m a good guy right?
-What’s wrong with you dude?

You know you are pure gold without him.

What are you writing Sir?

Oh this one?
- Yes

It’s been 15 years since the
concept of hitting with that left hand has started.

He used to give chocolates in childhood
and is now giving money now.

It’s been Two Lakh Fifty thousand till now.

Oh that! I thought you grew so big
and why are you still getting hit?

So, it’s working out for you

What did you say in flow?
- Sorry Sir

You’ll have it, rascal.
- Sorry Sir

Damn! Anyone would won't to imagine so much about life

What am I dude, unable to imagine beyond this much?

I imagine only this much Sir
- You shut up, Tenali.

You’re over drunk, move.

Hey, see his ego dude
- What sir, how much do I write?

He hit me with right hand
and it doesn’t come into this account.

Correct Sir
- Give it here.

Hey, what you said is correct and
I’m over drunk. Let’s leave.

Sir, we’ve a meeting tomorrow with the client
and sleep early in the night.

Sir, we’ve a meeting tomorrow with the client
So please sleep early in the night.


Go back in the place of welcome? Come on sir, let’s leave


Antique shop, selling old items.

Yes Sir.

Wow, interesting.

We can make the concept very interesting.

What is there in the concept sir...
look at the client Sir.

She is beautiful.

Hello madam
- Hi.

You said you will come with the director?

Oh yes, he is our director.


Hands are wet.



Tenali told me not to look at the shop
but to see the client who is beautiful.


I mean, she is sharp
- Yes

Shall we talk about the work?

Yeah sure

Shall we go to some coffee shop and talk?


- Madam.

Here, all the details are in this and please go through.

Sir, it appears you are head over heels on her.
Is this love at first sight sir?

Not love at first sight.

Love at six years back sight.

You know one thing?
- No

She even had sight problem those days.

Love story sir?

Huh, college love story!

(Hello boss, this life is for love..)

(Why ego for a women with man?)

(I loved her, but she says no to me.)

Wow, enough to get one guy one such guy by
the end of the college life and the life gets settled.

Why a guy like that, marry him only.

Is there a chance, sister?

Shut up.

You’re taking so much trouble from
a week to escape from ragging

and you need Nagarjuna again?

No chance even for Nagachaitanya.

Leave that, but you said some of your
cousin is joining today?

Yes, she’d be coming

She’s new and if caught by a senior, by chance...

It isn’t even two days since you came to college
and you are having cigarettes and also a batch, rascals?

Why are you showing frustration
from your house on us madam?

Hey, what are you talking?

I’m saying why are you showing all the frustration
which doesn’t work out in your bedroom over us?


You shouldn’t talk like that so with girls.

Hey, who are you ?
Do you know about my background?

I’m brother of final year Guna.

That’s fine but say sorry

He’ll not tell.

Did you get it?

Where’re you going?
- To help

You’ll be beaten, move to the class.

You know what you did?

I caught you so that you don't fall.

No, you caught and made me fall.

Excuse me.

What excuse me after making me fall?

Ok, did you catch anyone’s hand before like this?

No .

Good, I’ll take care that no one else
catches you henceforth.


You’ll get to know as the time passes.

Ok, you didn’t say your name

I’m Chitra.

I’m Vikram Aditya, nice to meet you.

Aditya, pleasure meeting you.

Why’s he getting so much excited?

Chitra, you do one thing.

I forgot this watch here.
After an hour come to canteen and give me this, ok?

What shall I do now? I’m frightened.

Why do you fear so much?

Your cousin is anyways in second year
and she’ll take care.

That’s my courage.

What... my courage? It’s Vikram there

If he’s Vikram, you’re Tulasi Prasad.

I showed the same ego in my first year.

This is the new style, you get it?

Hey big bang, come here


Go and come again?

- Who would say Sir then?

The guy who wants will say.

Ok, what is the total square feet of this college?

It would be the same as last year
- See dude.

How much was it last year?

How do I know, I wasn’t here right?


You go.

See you.

Are you have any cold...?

No problem, he left you without saying anything.

That is Tulasi Prasad.

I too felt the same.

But he stopped me again this year.

Hey stop you Chota Bheem


She’s still not used to Sir, dude
- She’ll get it now.

Ok, what is the total square feet of this college?

I told you naa... it would be the same as last year right?

You said it right, ok then how much was it last year?

Ho do I know that...


I said it’ll come now, right?

Oh wow, is it a Parker pen?

Yes Sir, parker
- Lovely...

- Catch...


Sir, you didn’t give the pen
- Work is with the cap

What happened then?

What happened?

He made me measure such a big
College with such a small cap.

Did he also ask you even you to measure
the whole college with the watch, madam?

He planned a bigger task than that.

Hey, stop it now.
- Sir, you forgot your watch.

Oh, thanks Chitra

Why’s the watch in her hands
instead of it being on your hand?

She said I forgot, right?

He forgot or you robbed it to impress our guy?

I know you girls strategies...
- Is it true Chitra?

It must be true bro.

We should never believe such slim girls at all

What’s that logic dude?
- Go and ask your grandma, rascal.

Hey, why did she leave so dudes?

They call this self respect in Suryapet.

My grandma used to say one word...
- What is that?

We should make the others cry to win a fight
and to win the heart need to stop that crying .

Watch given by mom and
I’m in a frustration as it isn’t working for 10 days.

It worked with just her first touch.

Sentiment! Your time has started

You know I have a great emotional
connect with this watch.

If you hadn’t brought this back...

Why so much of a melodrama Sir?

You’ve given that, right?
- Why did he give?

why did he give?

Huh, why did he give?

She’ll get to know as the time passes.

Go now


Huh, this guy is becoming a big villain to my love story.


No idea about love but his support is
surely needed for marriage.

Why his support for my marriage? My foot!

I mean, you need both the hands to tie the knot, right?

It doesn’t look tying with one hand

You know what my grandma used to say...
- Shut up idiot

Did that old lady still not die?

- Who is it, idiot?

Principal is calling.



Where’s principal room?

Just beside the library Sir.
-Where’s that?

Fourth room after taking left and going straight Sir


What’s Principal’s name dude?
- Padmanabham.

Sir, that’s the name of our peon.

Oh no, is he our peon?

I thought he’s the Principal
since he wishes me daily in the morning.

What sir, called me it seems?

There weren’t any big complaints
over your behaviour till date Vikram.

But this girl came and complained over
you that you’re following and trying to touch her.

What’s this?

Ok till following Sir, but it isn’t me who touched her.

It’s him.

Who’s he in the middle?

It means even he is me but I’m not him Sir.

Do you understand what you’re talking?

Listen, I’m saying the final word, Vikram

If this repeats again... Debar...

Sir, why such a big word?
It won’t repeat again.

It won’t... I’m saying it won’t right?
- Sir

Saying it will not repeat,
why do you again catch her hand, man?

As you may not believe my words, I thought
if I promise and say very strongly you will then believe.

Leave the hand

I’ll leave Sir
- Where are you going?

I mean, I will tell her such a way that
she understands and then I will leave her.

Debar if this repeats again

Leave my hand.

Leave her, please.

Hey, she’s saying right please leave

When I’m telling you, who are you telling to?

You can’t understand even if I tell you
and won’t believe even if you understood.

Leave it.

Hey leave her, I beg you please leave.

Yes, he left.

What, do I look like a crazy guy?


Not a lot, but a bit.

Chitra would’ve been slightly confused right?

Won’t she be?

You’re reacting to Chitra and even he is reacting.

What to do then?

Drop out.

What’s this giving drink and hitting me dude?

That’s the problem, he won’t agree if I drop.

In this matter both of you are totally united.

They call this variety love story in Warangal

Is this appreciation from you or from him?

Leaving that aside, give me a good idea dude.

No more beating the bush now,
come straight to the point.

I’ll come straight to the point
- Ok, come on.

I’m a bit frightened.

Fear for you..?
it sounds strange and frustrating.

Ok, I’ll say everything without tension.

Will you come for coffee with me, please?

With you? I never expected

Not you madam...

- Why sorry?

That isn’t for you, but for her.

Then why did you catch me?

That isn’t me, but him.
You ask him



It has hyped your beauty further.



Has increased the stubbornness in me.

Moving clock hand has pricked me in the heart.

You’re my last destination now

I’ll always be the shadow,
I’m very sorry and have no other way.

Why not tell her directly?
- I told her dude.

Thank you..!

Thank you..?

Hey, remove...

Don’t touch, take off the hands...

How long would you see dude,
won’t you get bored?

This is called as love in any place anywhere in the world.

My grandma used to say...
- You and your grandma...

Vikram, Guna batch is teasing
Chitra in the name of ragging.

They are behaving very indecently.

If he could get luck just by touching you...
Then what if I kiss you?


What’re you doing guys?

The same what you do, ragging.

What I do is different and this is different.

What’s that difference?

Don’t you know the difference between
Hero and Rowdy?

Oh no, what’s that difference?

I’ll tell you.

When hero teases heroine, there’s
a chance that heroine may fall for the hero.

But when a rowdy teases heroine,
she will definitely falls for the hero.

No, how’s that?

Like this.

I said right? I won’t let anyone hold this hand again.

Your grandma’s dialogue worked well dude.

Like this

Move, move to the class.

- What do you need, dude?


I have a gang of my range and it needs a revenge.

They never change.

Does anyone have an idea about 'Chikungunya' here?

Why not, when that attacks
there’d be heavy body pains for two weeks!

If I hit, it stays for two months
and is that required? Leave now.

Why’s he reacting?

Dear Swetha, can you give your scarf for two minutes?

In general, you create oppurtunities when there’re no chances
and now you’ve got a chance.

You’d have bashed it up, right?

Wow, chain or a scarf when it falls in their hands
its charisma totally changes, Dude.

A kiss or fun is only when the girl likes it.
- Oh no...

It then becomes romance.

and if you try to force ...
then It becomes violence.

- Ok?

Thank you.

I did so many things already, please don’t mind.

Don’t notice and ignore, love is blind.

Anger is just a part of game.
It’s just a dream till it stops.

Love in you is the same to same even in me.

Time doesn’t move when I’m with you...

Putting handcuffs to the clock.

I’ll stop the time, whatever may happen
to the world around.

What, dream again?

He tried to kiss and Principal came by then.

What if Principal didn’t come?

You think the guy coming into
your dream isn’t in your heart?

Tell me fast, I’m daily dying in my sleep in fear.

When I join college I should come class first.

and then join a good company and be the best employee.

These were my dreams.

Dream even now, who will stop you?

Suddenly, content in my dreams has changed.

Ok, I’ll not delay and say what I feel.

Phone from sister
- Yes, please talk.

Sister, is it urgent?

Ok, one minute please.

Ok sister, I’m coming

A bit urgent and I’ll just be back, ok?

What was that call madam?

No idea.

I waited that whole day. He didn’t come.

That way one day has turned into six years.

After that, I have seen him just now.

Will you propose now?

Shall we take care of the work?
Go and call them


(I’ve been waiting for so long for you to return.)

(What happened and where did you go Chinni?)

Poor Chinni is been into so much trouble Sir

You too expected the same reaction, right Sir?

Hey Tenali, first switch off that TV
and then your weeping.

Sorry sir, I got little bit emotional.

My foot emotional!
- Excuse me Sir

Madam is calling
- Yeah.

Maybe she remembered past.
- Move idiot.

Yes Chitra.

Go ahead.

Sorry, took a bit time.

Not a bit, but very long...

I am sorry.

By the way did you read the concept?

I heard madam,

love story of Chitra and Chinni.

Shall we discuss about the concept?
- Yeah sure


Specialty with our 'V Rewind' is that...

replicas of all food, clothes, electronic things, vehicles
available only in 80s and 90s are made the same way


What we wished in childhood and couldn’t get,
our heart still would be on the same.

For example, a lady likes Lady Bird cycle very much.

Her wish didn’t get fulfilled
because of financial problems then...

Now, she is HR for an MNC and has a big job, big car.

But her wish to buy that small cycle is not possible now
since that model isn’t available now.

So, we fulfil her wish, like this.

Not just this, but type writers,
stitching machines, chocolates etc.,


So, you give everything now
which they couldn’t have then.

Is it only from 80s and 90s or you
also give which are from six years back.


We’ll look for someone else and you can leave.

Why so much of ego sir? Come on sir, we’ll leave.

- Understood Sir, I should be quiet.

Let’s start tomorrow at 7 in the morning Chitra.

Let’s rock
- Ok.


Bye Vikram.

Bye Chitra.

No idea what...

Madam, I had a friend named Anusha in childhood.
I miss her a lot.

Yes Sir.

She is missing just like you.


Time has changed but she didn’t change at all.

Anger shown outside,
unshown love and a beauty to be seen.

I forgot the distance and pain for
so long in just one look from her, dude

Extremely romantic!

What’s Sir’s reaction then?

This guy?
- Yes

He reacted well like the audience in the
gallery when Sachin hits a six.

Oh no, cheer leading?

But what he doesn’t know is that I’m Sachin here

So, sir is just a spectator... Banana in the basket!

Slaps for me even for your satires?

Give it here

What’s in a slap? It’s routine for you, right?

But we should do the Ad very nicely.

How is the frame?

Frame is good but the model is waste like his face.

- Did you like?

As I imagined the one I like.... It's okay for me.

So, you are...

It’s a strange feeling Sir.

And action!

In the year 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84,
85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and in 90s...

What have come and what went away from our reach.

We’re gonna bring them back.

Just come and get them back.

Here it is... Here it is...

Chitra... Chitra retro...

In the year 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84,
85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and in 90s...

What have come and what went away from our reach.

We get this ice cream only in our V Rewind.

This ice cream is so good, sister
- So cute.

Have a look into marriage of
mom and dad in VCR.

Go again to grandma’s house
in an Ambassador.

Video games not leaving the hands

Hawai slippers and battery lights...

And the bubbles from Boomer bubble gum.

Shall we rewind and reboot the heart?

Shall we recall the pleasure?

We’re gonna bring them back.

Just come and get them back.

Here it is...
Here it is...

Here it is...
Here it is...

In the year 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84,
85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and in 90s...

In the year 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84,
85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and in 90s...

Shot ok... Very good!

Pack up!

There’s full air already
and why again you want to blow?

Give it here

Chitra, after meeting you I’m seeing old Vikram in him.

But I see new Chitra in you.

To feel happy now with this meeting...
Vikram didn’t go missing.

but he escaped from me.
Not to even tell the reason for escaping Is neglegence.

He was in such a situation that he couldn't to talk.

You know he didn’t talk for two years even to me,
to a person who is always with him?

He works along with the girls
but he remembers just one girl’s name till date, Chitra

What’ll you do if you are in my place?

If I’m in your place... I’ll scold

Actually I will hit him hard.

So, it’s a revenge?

He deserves it yaar.

- Cheers

Ad has come out very superbly,
especially my Samarasimha Reddy getup.

It’s not for you to say that... it is Her.


What Chitra, you look so happy?

I’ve a good news.

Hey, your marriage got fixed, right?

- Haa.

We should first listen and then say

I seriously regretted.

Shut up, you office boy.

You tell Chitra.

Ad we did for our store became super hit.

After seeing the AD An US NRI got impressed
and asked me to open branch in US...

He came forward to sponsor that.

- This really is good news .


For that, we should go to US
and shoot the same there again.

Same Ad again, damn! I’ll have no kick in remakes.

You don’t take any tension,
It isn’t you doing the Ad this time.

This guy?

Yes, Why?

Shouldn’t an assistant director turn director?

Won’t you let him become, will you suppress him?

Is this your property?
- Huh, all the best.

Go, happy journey.

You too are coming with us

Why me in between?

A debut director needs an assistant director, right?

We’ll pay you... lumpsum.
- I see, huh!

Brother in law...

As I’m not in city don’t just get her into
the school bus and get relaxed.

You go man, I’ll daily drop and pickup.

No idea when he made her eat that ice cream
but is been eating only that from then.

Maha, how many times did I say not to eat ice cream?

Sister, you’re aware that...

when she likes something she will continuously
have for 2 to 3 months and then leaves it.

Please don’t say anything to her.

Hey, you don’t support her for everything.

She isn’t listening to me at all because of you.

Here, eat


Not lik this, I’ll put her in the hostel next week.

That hostel warden would peel your skin.

My Chinni will peel the skin of that hostel warden

That's it.

Ok, it won’t settle so easily.
Your flight time is up, so start now.


See you Maha,

be a good girl.

- Bye.

Bye sister...See you.
- Bye.

Keeping the trolley in this angle and...

Kittu, come here
- Wait.

Hey, come here.

Placing the trolley like this and rolling...

- Sorry.

He and his over action

Girl in wide and boy close... Boy close and girl wide...

I am Chitra...


Hey Sattibabu, good guess dude.

Shake the hand dear, I’m the producer

I came just for you. Who are the Director?

Oh no...

I’m the director

Then who is he?

He’s just assistant.

Hi Sir
- Hi.

class to meet you.

I saw your Ad film and you did very well.
I really apology...


You should say I really appreciate

Poor fellow doesn’t know English I think.
I shall handle carefully

What did you say?

The same Sir

I said you did great job.

That was above average Ad.
He did it under my supervision.

Oh not you?
- That’s why I gave him the Credit.

Hey Sattibabu, what you guessed is correct
and he’s the director.

Oh no, anything Sir.

Not anything...
You should say nothing Sir

Oh, let it be
- Let it be?

You are a bit weak in English, right?

You’re a bit in Direction right?

How do you feel when said so?

It should’ve hurt him

Ok, move.

Hey, you...idiot.

What to say that expression in English Sir?
My friend asked to send it to him.

Mindless puppy

Why didn’t you send?

There is no internet and will send later.

You please come Sir
- He’s correct for you

Why did you bring him Sir?
Waste of money for flight ticket

Come Sir, come.


This one Sir, this is my Mansion House

It’s great.

Mansion house is a liquor, right?

Hey, they named it after this... you dirty rascal.


Who will bring the luggage if you leave like that?

No Sir, I got message asking you to directly bring.

This isn’t work but their right.

Utilise the chance and get closer.

I came so far to get close
- Understood Sir.

looks like you are a broker to get them closer.

- I said Love Guru, that’s it


Hey dazzling queen, I’m the director...

Hi Sweety darling.

I’m in rush to go, I’ll see you later.
-Ok, go carefully

Hey darling, don’t drink and drive, ok?

You’ve a soft heart already.

Hey, who is this babe ?

Hey not babe, she is my wife.

Who is this guy, man?

- Yes... Wife

How ?

You don’t know English, no brains, no courage, no height

and what’s this Mansion house
and that Power house for you?

What exactly do you do?

Five years back... No, I’m getting frustrated
and won’t tell anything to you.

I’ll say to you Sir.
- You say

I was a cab driver around five to six years back

Suddenly one day, she came across my cab
and raised her hand.


Central Park...

She got frightened seeing me

After that

Same girl came and stopped my cab
coming another day.



She got used this time
- Unbelievable.

Oh good
- Wait man.

That day few black guys suddenly came
and blocked the cab.

Black guys means your guys. Right?

Yes, our guys.

They immediately took out their gun Sir.

Give me your money bag.
Give me your bloody money right now.

I went and stood blocking that girl.

I gave my car keys and my purse
to those guys and that’s all.

She immediately was flat for me and
one cab grew to 12 cabs later.

I bought this Mansion house.

How much cash was in the purse you gave?

You saw the cash and that girl saw my heart.

What I want to say is, no need of beauty or brains
when there’s sincerity.

I see sincerity in your eyes.

This girl who has come with anger against you to America
will return back to India in love, keep seeing

I’m saying right?

Thanks Sattibabu, you said nicely.

You got to direct the Ad film
early in the morning, go and take rest.

Hey, who asked you to go? You come back.

I said to him.

You go Sir

Ok, I’ll meet you in the morning
- Okay.

That way, right?
- Yes, that side Sir .


Hello, I’m the director for this Ad. Take care

I’m the director for this
- Get out,

I don’t believe you even
if you repeat number of times.

Director it seems, huh he and his blind goggles.





Oh damn... Move

What’s his pose Sir?

What’s on the hand dude?

These? I’m directing first time right?

I got some blessings from Gandi Mysamma,
Ellamma, Pochamma, Durgamma...

You should’ve enquired whether
you get some even in the local church.

That is also here..


This isn’t working properly, change new batteries.

Press the button beside and it’ll work.

He and his over action...

This one... If you press this side button it will work.

- Hi

See, if you marry me I’ll get green card
and then we can get a divorce.

After that...
- Hey, you...

Assistant director should be like
an assistant can't you knock...

He can't knock.

These typical assistant directors I tell you...

But I see a spark in you

Excuse me
- What?

Hey cameraman

What are we doing?

What are we doing... Oh, yes...
Listen carefully


I’m the director, so read my lips.

The girl come from different town,
boy different town.

They come here, they want express.

The girl says I love you
- that’s the scene, what’s the shot?

No shot, no shot.

Doesn’t talk like this as it’s a Telugu Ad film.

It’s a soulful film and so doesn’t talk like that

It’s all love. So they all love each other.

The girl says I love you.
I love you...

That’s the dialogue, what’s the shot?

Why’s he behind me like this?

You all girls go and we’ll talk later.

That’s what?

When love loves the love, love loves up. The love...

What is the shot?

That is what...?

Why is he so furious dude, please take care of him

Hey, you’re the director and I shouldn’t suppress you.

You should go somewhere up.

This is your property dude.

Are the revenges needed at this time dude

You are the director and you manage that guy.




Ok, you got that?
- Thank you so much man.

Let’s shoot
- Thank you

He’s the director
- You’re the cameraman.

Ok, going for take...



One more, one more please.

Hey, you’re saying action and cut.

But, I’ll say the pack up at least, dude.

Hey, say something idiot
- Damn director will have that much confusion.

What is damn for that?

You waste idiot
- Hey

How do you say that in English. ? Can you please tell.
I need to send that to my friend.

A bit urgent
- Worthless brute

Ok, there is no internet and will send later

Chitra, coffee

I want to tell you one thing...

Chitra, please one minute.

Chitra, listen to me please.

Chitra, please listen to me.

Stop it Vikram.

You said you will just come back and went away.

Why you went away? where you went away?

whether you were alive or not...
I didn’t know even after trying a lot.

If you leave saying I don't like you
or I can’t bear you... then it's called breakup.

We can forget it all weeping for a month or an year.

You suddenly left at a time
when I was thinking you are my world.

But you remained the same in my life, Vikram

That's why in my Company V Rewind, V is you.

I loved you Vikram.

Now you suddenly come back after six years
and trying to make me believe again.

Am I look like a dumb girl to you?

Sister’s marriage Chitra.

Got her married against dad’s will and
then after that believing I’m the reason for dad’s death ...

Few months with that guilt feeling I couldn’t get normal.

I could not think about you at that time Chitra.

I’m sorry.

After the situation became normal,
I thought about you.

I went to the College...

I asked your friends and they said you were not in touch.

No account in face book, your number got changed
and even your home address was changed.

I thought you changed.

After that I understood when I met you that...

you too didn’t change at all just like me.

It’s wrong to forget you
because of my problems, Chitra.

That... That’s because of the situations then

but not that I had no love on you.

It’s just me in the first letter of V Rewind.

But it’s you everywhere in my company and my life, Chitra



Words hidden, looks that have waited for days
Which way did they go crossing the lines?

Words hidden, looks that have waited for days
Which way did they go crossing the lines?

In the happiness of knowing you are made for me
and I am made for you...

What is happening to the feelings falling in this happiness?

Let us leave it thinking it is gone
Let us make it happen as it goes?

Shall we rule over the age?

Why not, may be even bitter can become sweeter.

Why not, maybe our pain becomes our pleasure?

Why not, anything is possible now for us.

Why not, may be even bitter can become sweeter.

Why not, maybe our pain becomes our pleasure?

Why not, anything is possible now for us.

From the minute I left you
There isn’t a second I forgot you

From the date you didn’t meet me
There isn’t a day I didn’t think of you

I know the strength of your love
That's why we’ve met again.

Your remembrance in the heart
It’s true that it won’t be erased.

Shall we put the distance away?
Shall we let the hopes be in greed?

Shall we ride in fun?

Why not, our closeness makes us forget the world.

Why not, our hug melts down the time

Why not, anything is possible now for us

Why not, may be even bitter can become sweeter.

Why not, maybe our pain becomes our pleasure?

Why not, anything is possible now for us

Chitra, I’ll tell you one matter
- tell me.

You shouldn’t get tensed.

I’ve a weakness.

When I am angry or in depression,
my left hand will not be in my control.

It started when I was born and stay with me till I die.

Vikram, this isn’t a matter for me
to fear or to feel sad about.

But a matter that I should understand.

I had a doubt those days and now I got clarity.

Finally you both came together as I said, Sir.

I am very happy.

And even our Ad came out superbly.
and I’m opening the store soon.

Thank you Satti.

I kiss you guys,

I kiss you.

That is not kiss you guys, Sir
Miss you guys

I miss you guys, I miss you
- I’ll miss you too Satti.

And I miss your wife Sir

Get away rascal, what’re you talking?

We should never try to loot neighbour's wife
and talent of the neighbour

Shall I tell you one thing? People from
my dynasty never would encourage guys like you.

Which dynasty are you from?

You know what is my name?
- Sattibabu.

I’m Sattibabu Lavangam


Yes, the same

I’m Sattibabu Lavangam,
son of Suribabu Lavangam

I’m Lavangam, S. Lavangam

That is...
- Suribabu Lavangam.

My Dad is playing with Paris there
and I am shaking US here.

Satti, why did you not tell this before?

That means Alda
- Yes, this is my mom.

Oh, nice.

Then, definitely your wife’s name
would be Dalda, that's why she is soft, smooth and...

Hey, what are you falling over, you idiot...

What smooth, you rascal?

Hi Maha, where are you?

I’m just coming out from the school.

Why didn’t you come today Chinni?

Shoot got delayed by a day.

I’m just getting into the flight
and will be before you in 24 hours.

Chinni, mom is telling that she will join me in the hostel.

Oh that’s it?

I’ll beat that hostel warden and bring you back, ok?

That’s my Chinni.

I love you Chinni

Hey, you crossed.
- Sorry Sir .

I said 45 right, go back.

Your Brother in law
and Maha died as the cylinder blasted.

We joined your sister in the hospital.

How is she Doctor?

Now, she is out of danger

But severe head injury...

Because of the visual seen, her brain is into a shock.

She can understand everything
but can’t respond well for anything.

She’ll recovery in one week.

Take care of her.


Police formality Sir, we need
your signature on this postmortem report.

I like V Rewind ice cream very much, Chinni.

I need a hundred

What just hundred, this whole shop is yours.

Eat as many you need. Ok, enjoy

Vikram, shall we go out?


I know that, I can’t bring down your pain
saying something Vikram.

But I’m frightened to see you so.

Talk something Vikram

Within 24 hours, how can,
whatever I thought was my life become ashes.

My future has become past now...

For me to forget, what I lost is not what I liked Chitra.

It’s what I can’t get back again.

This isn’t a pain...

but a punishment

I know Vikram.

Still, you have to accept the truth and time.

Excuse me, I forgot my phone in the room.
What’s the time now?

It’s there


Where are you?

I’m just coming out from the school.

Maha is alive Chitra


Chitra, I spoke with Maha before I got into the flight.

That is morning 7 'O' clock in New York
which means it is 4:30 PM in the evening here.

As per the death reports, blast took place at 3:45 Pm.

That means, I spoke with Maha half an hour
after the blast took place

Something went wrong somewhere Chitra.

I’ll go to the Police station
and you get the reports going to the office, Chitra

Ok, go...
- Ok




A warning to the citizens.

Due to the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal...

The low pressure crossed the shores
and entered Telugu states as a cyclone.

So, we request all not to come out from their houses

Hey, you...
- Chinni



Talk to me Chinni...

Baby Maha, where are you Maha?

I’m with the warden, uncle. I’m frightened.

Warden! Which hostel are you in, dear?

Girl friend, pleasure trip and duets!

Are you thinking what is this sudden
Storm in your smoothly going life?

Do you understand how it feels when someone snatches
away what we feel is ours and our life?

Hey, who are you?

I told you, right?


Still, when there’s a Storm
why did you come out instead of staying at home?

Wait a minute!

You’ve no house, right?

How can it be there, when it is blasted with a bomb?

Sorry man!

But you know,

Because of your one day delayed arrival you escaped
and your sister and brother in law got booked...

So tell me,

Even after so much has happened...
what’ll you live and do?

No point!



Hey, did he die?

He’s gone.

Nice! Hero!

You’re still talking means, he’s gone.

So, I won’t try now to kill you.

Before I end your story with a full stop,
I want to put few commas.

The pain which even your death can’t give you,

I’ll give that by taking away the kid
you like a lot, away from you.

Welcome to the new chapter

(Sanskrit Sloka...)

Got it...

Hey, I don’t know the meaning of your talk

I don’t know the reason for whatever
dreaded thing that happened.

I will come very soon to take the baby.

For telling me let the baby is alive,
I’ll give you an unexpected twist.

I will kill you for taking my family away from me

All the best.

This is our climax.

Yes, Tell me.

Sir, actually our house got blasted three days back.

It is written in this report that my
Brother in law and our baby died in that blast.

But some guy called and made me speak to our baby.
That means she’s alive

There’s some problem in your report.
Please check it once Sir

Hey, what’re you talking?

What do you mean by wrong report?

What Maheswara Rao, Is there any problem?

Nothing Sir, just a small matter.


What small matter Sir?


This report is not based on estimation.

But a report given after
5 Government departments examined clearly.

You enquire with DNA, fire departments
and others, check correctly and then come to us.


Yes tell me, what do you want?

Mahalaxmi is my niece.

Here, you won’t get any information you need.

I haven’t yet asked for any information still Doctor.

I’m saying you won’t get even if you ask.


Why are you getting tensed Doctor?

South Asia’s best Doctor award for 2017!

Continuing your father’s legacy.
I came to congratulate you Doctor.

December 16, 1972...

At 12 in the midnight...

A goon escaped and knocked Doctor’s
house door with bullet wounds.

Doctor opened the door, treated him
and then handed over to the Police.

That great man is your dad, late Kamalakar Dikshit

I came thinking will the son of such
a great man not help me, Doctor.

What I need is truth and humanity in you
I’ll leave if you say both are not there.

Wait Vikram.

You reminded dad and made me hate my own self.

That day, I came home admitting my wife at the hospital.

- Yes, I’m coming.

Brother, you got a courier.

Sir, is this Doctor Sarath Sir?
- Yes, who is this?

Hello Sir, my name is Appaaiah and I’m a daily labor.

A lady is suffering here with labor pains Sir.

Take her to a hospital nearby.

Hospital is far away from here, Sir.

There is no time to take her into the hospital
It's an emergency.

I’ve a knife in my hands.

Shall I cut open and take it out?

Hey you mad man, who are you?

Both mom and baby will die if you do so.

Let it happen sir. Is it my wife or my kid?

I’m unable to listen to those screams and I’ll cut.

Hey mental, who are you rascal?

Why are you feeling so much Sir?
Like it’s your wife!

Better, Iet me ask her once. Wait Sir.

Hey lady, what’s your husband’s name?


- Sarath.



Hey, who are you rascal? What do you need?

What do I need? Good, now let’s get to the point.

Hey, shut up.

Sign on the file in your hands without any questions.

Sign and leave to hospital
and your wife will be in the ward.

Got it?

What, thinking to call the Police?

This Appaya called the SI even before yours.

For your family to be safe and for my 10 years old
daughter to reach home safe, you got to sign on that.

This is the only option we have.

Theirs is my mistake for sure in what has happened.

But I had no option.

Your wish now.

I am ready to do whatever you ask me to do.

From which number did you and that SI get, Doctor?

Private number!

Sir, information I asked for...

I said right, why did you come again?

Sir, there’s no need to reopen that case.

It's just enough if you tell the name of the
person who has got the DNA report written.

What, are you playing a drama?

There’s no need for anyone to
tell us for giving our report.

You can leave now and we have many works.

What Maheswara Rao, any problem again?

Sir, that cylinder blast case.

I’ll take care, send them in.

No problem Sir, I’ll manage.

Send them.

Ok Sir. Go in

What’s the problem?

Sir, our baby
- Is she gone?


You don’t look so angrily like that.

If you say slowly like this, we get doubts like that.

That is... that DNA Doctor...
- I don’t need about yesterday.

Tell me what’s the start.

That is yesterday...

First I should know about the start,
to talk about yesterday, right?

Sir, all the case details are in this file.

Baby exists but they say she isn’t there
I spoke over phone Sir.

Do one thing, I have no time to read this file.
You read for me

(Song plying in TV)

(Shall I float in the pleasures to win over you?)

Hey, move a side.

(Oh, in the palace of the lonely lady..)

(Oh, in the shackles of your lusty thoughts...)

Give your WhatsApp number,
jokes are great and I’ll forward them.

Sir...even patience will have a limit.

Is it!

Even you’ll have some limits.

Can’t you understand when SI is saying
that the case is closed.

Work will not be done.

leave now.

So, you just made time pass not saying till now.

Yes, I did time pass.

It’s my habit to play with guys
who repeatedly say the same nonsense.

Sir, I’ve loads of patience and
I’ll keep requesting till the work is done.

You hit me?
-Any doubt?

Sir, it’s not me. Please believe me.

Hey, please no...
- please

Please stop, no please...
-Please stop.

Sir, I’ve great patience. Please believe me Sir.

Enough, he’ll die... stop it.

I’ve great patience, please believe me
-Please leave him...

Leave me guys...
-Enough, he’ll die..please stop.

It’s not me, believe me Sir. I’ve great patience.

How do you say, you have lot of patience, man?

I don't understand what’s happening, sister.

I’ve become all alone.

He has no relation to my feelings
and that's why I have come to a decision.

Why this special effect only to me, Doctor?

I'll survive with a single hand,
but can't bear his torture.

Vikram, after all that’s your brother.

Brother is a body guard who comes without asking for.

I’ve been treating you from your childhood.

In a way, I know better than you about
yourself and your hand.

What you don’t know is that... I gave a solution to this
problem to your parents 20 years back itself.

That means, you’ll completely remove
those neurons from Vikram’s left hand.


So, Aditya won’t be there now in Vikram Aditya.

Doctor, I’m the reason for him to get into that situation.

You said that all this has happened
because of malnutrition.


That in a way knowingly or unknowingly my mistake.

If I had taken proper care,
I’d have had two kids today.

But still, I have two kids Doctor.

But, I’m seeing both my kids in just one.

I’m seeing my elder son in the
left hand of my younger son.

If he is Vikram...

He’s my cute Bhetaludu (Devil).


She said this correctly Doctor.

It was mother’s wish and thus
will never let even that thought come up.

Sir, we’ll get to know that
private number in the next five minutes.

How much more long, dude?

Your life would be known in the next six minutes.

Sir, don’t frighten me Sir.

Ordinary number is fine but this is
private number and tough to trace.

It’s like giving all
lame excuses when you cannot do it.

What are you talking Sir?

My friend is calling Sir.

Hello... tell me dude...


Vikram, this is your number.

How can calls go to them from your number?

How would calls come from your number
to your own number?

How’s this possible?

It’s possible.

It can be done with SIM cloning and number masking.

Intelligent Idiot.

Sir, some courier has come.

This looks like some postmortem report.

Oh... Damn!

Whose is that Vikram?

It’s of the DNA Doctor who gave us information.

He’s killed him.


(Sanskrit sloka...)

Emotion of the baby should just be only in between us.

The same repeats if you deny and enquire from anyone.

If you want, you can try anyone from your circle.



No... No...


Good boy.

Leaving that, I’m unable to resist from appreciating you.

You’re super and you’re a level.

But I’m your next level.

You may have the capacity to trace out the private number.

I can hijack anyone’s number
and that’s my range.

No, I don’t want
- Eat a bit dear.

You want to listen to the Maha voice?

Yes, yes please... Please

It isn’t enough to speak angrily and
throw challenges in the first phone call itself.

You should increase your capacity to reach me.

Wait for my call tomorrow.

The game is on...

Nanda Kishore!

He would’ve lost his mind with the shock.

What do you say Nanda Kishore?

In my opinion... it isn’t a big deal for the present generation
to hijack a number with the available technology Sir.

We’ve been seeing both in the paper and net, right?

So, you say it isn’t a big deal.

My opinion is, it isn’t big Sir

Praising is what makes any wizard into a fool.

You don’t know that and I don’t like that.

Deepavali offer is on, right?

Buy a good silk sari for your wife in Chandana Brothers.

No Sir.

This isn’t a gift Nanda Kishore.

It is what you earned for your loyalty.

Come on, take it.

Thank you Sir.


I don't know where is the baby? with whom she is?
Why she is there?

I’m not knowing anything else
than to do what he’s saying.

But I know that you’ll soon feed her
with these hands, sister.


(How is this bonding in between you and me, my stranger...)
(Song Humming.)

What, not knowing where to start?

Don’t worry Chinni.

I’ll help you for that, ok.

If you come to the location I tell, you can meet me.

Start my boy, location message
I sent to your phone is delivered.

(Background Song..)

(How is this bonding in between you and me, my stranger...)
(Song playing in radio.)

Tell me, what do you need?

Tell that you want Khubani ka Meetha.

Khubani ka Meetha

Give Meetha and take Khubani.

Ask for his bank account number.

What is your account number?


Allahabad Bank.

Allahabad Bank.

Oh, money has come? You’re so fast Sir.

My account...?

Don’t be surprised Chinni.
I’ve all your details on my finger tips.

Are your bank IDs and passwords something tough?

Take the bag he gives now
and start to the next location.

I'll come crossing the troubles
and the directions. What else now?

your doing what I am telling you....

You’re entertaining me a lot, thank you.

I wish to give you something.

There’s a damaged red car exactly on the corner.

There is a gunny bag just beside that.


Go and take.

Oh damn!

Oh God!

Dear... are you okay?

Dear... Oh damn!

You got frightened thinking that’s Maha.

You got relaxed knowing it isn’t her.

But feeling sad that he’s a small kid.

Hey, are you a human or an animal?

Don’t compare me with animal
and don't spoil the animal's reputation.

I’m a demon in the human form.

If he’s taken to hospital,
he’ll open his eyes and see the world.

And if you come to the Railway station, you’ll see me.

Will you see me or save that fellow?

Choice is yours.


(Background Song...)

Hey, hey stop.

Hey you, stop...


Hey stop...

-Hey, wait.

He’s my man... leave him.

What you do now is, the train you should
get in is on the platform number six, go.

It comes to the next station in the next 10 minutes.

Understood, I’ll be meeting you there.

Run, run, run!

Announcement to the passengers!

Train to travel from Lingampalli to Secunderabad
station will start 30 minutes late from the platform no. 6.

Tring... Tring...

I’ve nothing to do with that train timing and my timing.

Time for you to reach me is 10 minutes.

and 9 minutes if you take shortcut
from outside the station.

I’ll wait for just 9 minutes for you, come on my boy.

Hello by the way, the timeline I said is
for the guy whose awake and not for the one in trance.

What, you think I’m talking without any meaning?

The water you just had will make
you sleep in the next 30 seconds.

I forgot to say, baby’s passport
I got made is in the bag you just got.

You can never meet the girl now.

What are you going to do?


One after one and one by one...

Nanda Kishore
- Sir.

Start the vehicle
- Ok Sir.

One after one and one by one...

I'll come breaking the barricades
What else now?

His is the commitment Nanda Kishore, he came till there.

You think he’d come till me

You won’t let him come, right Sir?

Hey shut up.

Be quiet Nanda Kishore. Am I such a bad guy?

See now, how I would motivate him?

Get up Vikram,

tiredness is just for the body and not for the Brain.

Tell the brain that nothing can stop it.

Believe in yourself!

Hey, Maha wants to see you Vikram.

Can’t you take just 10 more steps for the Maha?

Oh man!

What’s this Nanda Kishore?

He fell down like that even after I motivated so much.

You gave sedation and are asking him to do a marathon,

Great man!

Looking at him, doesn't he resembles
Abhimanyu from Padmavyuha, right?

I agree yours is 'Padmavyuha', Sir.

but he looks more like Arjuna than Abhimanyu

If Arjun, I’m in the places where he roamed around
and let’s see if he can find out.

Start the car
- Ok Sir.

What are these bruises..?

I got hurt when I hit Guna for you yesterday.

Why did you react so violently?

Whole college understood but not you.

Hey, enough of the time pass done,
but practice the dialogues for the drama we're going to perform.

There are already too many expectations
- Ok dude

Hi everybody...

Today in our college
'Subadhra Parinayam' drama will be presented.

Kittu as Krishna.

May all people be blessed...

Vikram as Arjun.

What’s up?

Mind your body language, a bit, Arjun.

What’s up?

Even the language.

Ok brother...

Not brother but Brother in law.

If the relation ship changed,
they will pierce you with you your own arrow.

Bosu as Dharamaraj.

Krishna, was even Dharmaraj handsome like me?

Should he be like you or handsome?

Padmanabham as Balaram.

Ornaments itself are heavy and
they gave this plough again.

Junior Harsha as Duryodhan.

Wait, wait master, what did you say?
What did you say?

Wait, wait Duryodhana, none has said anything yet
and there’s still time for the drama to begin.

Monty as Dushasan.

Brother, shall I pull the sari?

This isn’t the play of pulling the sari Dushasana...

What Then?

Looks like brothers aren’t going to wait for anything.

This is the marriage of my sister Subhadra.

Not that one it seems

Isn’t parinayam that?
- No, it seems

Shall we stop the nuisance now and start the drama?

I salute to the feet of Balaram.

My Gadha(weapon) salutes to Balaram.

Why waiting, you too say flute and fan salutes

Wait, wait master, what did you say?
what did you say?

Should I take out the slippers and...
-Please, I thought I may forget that dialogue and hence...

Forget it! That dialogue isn’t there in this drama.

Let the discussions with the maids be later...

There will be total three rounds in this.

Oh no Balram bro, I get dizzy just for two rounds only.

These are not those rounds dear,
I mean there will be three tests.

Hey, I gave my name for the drama as I couldn’t write the exams
and why do you say exams again?

Why not listen first Dharmaraj?
-What to listen?

You know what Sri Krishna said in Bhagawadgita?

Oh no, why did you hit me?

Who am I?

Lord Sri Krishna.

So, you want to tell me back what I only said?

Yes, right?

You tell Driver Ramudu sir
- Not Driver Ramudu but Balramudu.

My preparation is ruining because
of this fool, please you tell Mr. Balaramudu.

Look Arjuna...

Leave all this, but say what if I win three tests?

You can marry Subhadra.

What if one looses?

You can marry the maid.

To start with test your strengths.


Duryodhan, what’re you doing?

He’ll definitely turn his arrow into a snake
and thus I want to change my weapon into an eagle.

How many backlogs do you have in 1st year?
- Five, five.

Look into that first and you can
then turn the weapon into eagle.

Still, what brother said is correct.

You and your brother will be pierced one inch.
-Hey, what is that?

With the weapon
- You move

Proove your strengths.

I’ll break the plough of Balramudu into
thousand pieces with my weapon.

I’ll finish Balramudu himself with my arrow.

Oh no, looks like this test would lead to my death.

Round 2, test for your Intelligence.

For my boy's intellegence even Tenali Rama will
say your's is Tenali and ours is Tenali.

Stop your games now and call for Tunga Bhadra.

Subadhra... Subadhra...

Ok, onne are the other Boyapati Bhadra... Call her

I think capital city Amaravathi can be
made ready by the time these girls get ready.

First question of second round...

Arjuna, whom would you say ok to, when
ten girls come at once and propose to you?

Damn! I won’t say anything but go
home taking phone numbers from all.

For what...?

I can then say ok each one of them separately, right?

Oh no, he is not Arjunudu but Manmadhaudu.

Duryodhan, it’s your turn now.

What’s the difference between a man
and woman for you?

Very simple

Women wish for one man for all their needs.

But man wants ...


Won’t your lust be down till your soul leaves your body?

What’s this guy ?

Still, what brother said is correct.

This guy keeps praising his brother like the anchors who
always praise the heroes continuously in the audio functions.

Now, the turn of Subadhra


I’ve seen your strengths till now and
even your telugu thetalu.

Subbu, not telugu thetalu but intellegence.

What’ll you do when goons chase the girl you love?

What else, I’ll say it isn’t right
and give them a counseling.

Get them even a Kilo of rice for two rupees.

Will they sit calm till you give them counseling?
They would do damage and leave.


Duryodhana, what will you do?

I’ll push all of those into the room, lock it
and bash them up with my weapon.

Yes, tell like that only...

What to do to win the heart of a girl, then?


Put her in the room, bolt the door and with my weapon....

Hey, what are you doing man?


You asked tell like that only?

I said tell like that only but not the same matter.


Still, what brother said is correct
- You hold on.

Arjuna...what about you?

We should convince the girl
and make her parents agree...

and take care of her like a mother.

Well said!

You should have that kind of thinking in the mind
and putting her in the room and illtreating her.

Is not manners.

Subbu, you’ve seen right?
Whom do you like in these two?

The person who has won my heart
is this Savyasaachi (Ambidextrous person).



Arjuna... Arjuna!
- Brother in law... Brother in law, tell me.

After having pleased the elders with mythology...

You should now entertain
youngsters with the western.

Come on start with lagayithu...

In the very young tender age...

In Mysammaguda Mallareddy College...

This love story has started.

Nuisance chats in that canteen...
Bike ridings for the whole night.

All rumours around the village.

College days can never be forgotten...


College days can never be forgotten...

Yo... you rocked it bro...

Starting from when I saw you on the road...

From the day I turned into Romeo

From when I saw you on the road.

From the day I turned into Romeo.

A heat started in my heart.

She isn’t a babe but a duck.

From when I saw you in the class.

From when I asked you for a hug.

Junior Juliet is born in me.

See the depth of love now.

It’s getting harder...

My heart is buffering and falling at you.

You can never stop a legacy.

You can have miss a dynasty.

You can have a heart’s gravity.

Hey you demon.

Look at me for some time

You are my lover...

I won’t be quiet if you go red when I see you

I can’t surely live without seeing you

I can’t stop at all even when you say to stop

I’ll be surely yours someday

Let’s together go around the world.

Laila – Majnu...

Devadas – Paru...

I’m crazy and you’re crazy.

Hey baby, in Inorbit mall

In the theatre and at the dark corner.

Touching through the hands
do you remember the romance.

In the late night and live chat..
So many songs in the heart beat.

Naughty thoughts and silly dreams...
How many do I say baby in the folds.

Seeing you on the road

From when I saw you in the class

From when I asked for your hug

Junior Juliet is born in me.

See the depth of love now

From when I saw you on the road.

From the day I turned into Romeo.

A heat started in my heart.

She isn’t a babe but a duck.

What Nanda Kishore?

What are you thinking?

I feel he can come even if he’s not given a clue Sir.

Wow, you’ve a great confidence over him.

My confidence is not on his strength Sir,
but on his emotion.

Vikram, he's more clever and stronger than you.

To save baby you should use
more brains but not anger.

If Arjuna, I’m in the places where he roamed.
Let’s see if he can find out and come.

He made me roam around
these places without any reason.

I should get a clue somewhere around here, Chitra.

Like this, he’s doing all crazy deeds
without any time or situation.

Damn! Even then when I was saving the boy,
he caught the car.

- Sir.

Start the bike.

Sir, what’s this special effect?

Cement bandage, I put it very tight.

I too will see how he comes out even
if he gets very excited, move.

Right there... Stop here.




Enough of it's full stop.

kill him.

The wonder that happened in
your life is a surprise for the world.

Whoever may understand or not,

he is your elder brother and you’re his younger brother.

When brothers sharing the same blood
have so much of love,

how much love should you both have with
the same blood flowing in the same body?

(Sanskrit Sloka...)

(Sanskrit Sloka...)

who sent you?
-don't know.

Where does the guy who sent you stays?
-don't know.

Tell the guy who sent you that Aadi is in form...

Death is confirmed for him.

Make me sleep, uncle

For even the death to reach you,
it should cross your left hand and come.

There’s something in that number 21.

Is he trying to convey anything through that number?

Both became good friends, right Sir?
Maybe Aadi Sir wants to play with you.


That is the number of passengers from the
bus which met with accident.

He’s trying to say the same thing.

I heard some name continuously
before that bus met with accident.


I know Arun.

Even I know Arun.

Even I know Arun


The name I heard last before the
accident took place was Arun.

If we know the relation between Arun
and those who died in accident,

we’ll know who that Arun is and why’s he doing all this.

- Yes.

These are the passengers.

She’s the teacher from Arun’s school
and her name is Nirmala Madam.

They all have a reason for coming into that bus.

But how did I come? How am I connected?

Actually even sister and brother in law
should have come in the same bus.

(Sanskrit Sloka...)

So, the sanskrit slokas he recites on phone
are the marriage chants.

His name is Arun

Arun Raj...


Sister doesn’t like this marriage.
She loves another man.

Why didn’t she say so when the
marriage proposal had come?

She fears you, dad.

Ask her to continue the same fear for two more days.

If she continues for two more days,
we too will have to feel sad for lifelong along with her, dad.

You think to stop the marriage is as easy as
to write exams in September when you fail in March?

Vikram, you’re just looking
at your sister’s Love.

and I’m looking at her life and future.

In general when we enquire about bridegroom,
they say whether he is good or bad.

But enquiring about Raj,
they’re saying to be careful, dad.

Vikram, you say whatever.

It isn’t possible to stop this marriage after coming so far.

I’ll be ready at the stage to bless.

(Marriage chants)

The girl is lucky and left even before the marriage.

Knowing about him after marriage,
she should die.

He should've died long back
for the bad luck he has.

Don’t stop the chants, priest.

(Marriage chants)

The danger which I didn’t want to happen six year back
and got you out holding this hand,

that same danger is now haunting us like a shadow, sister.

Reason for him to be doing all these is the revenge.

But, I winning over him isn’t a revenge, sister.

It’s a need. I will win.


I can’t again see my husband whom
I thought was my life.

If Maha is mom to you, she’s
remembrance of your brother in law to me.

I want that remembrance and you should bring that.

Hey, with the information you said,
we didn’t know where he stays.

But we got his father’s details.
This is his photo and address is behind

Listen dear, I’m in no way in a position to provide
justice to what all injustice you had faced.

If humans turn so when up bringing is not good,

then I too have a part in all the cruel deeds done by him.

Arun, what happened to you?
Do you understand what you’re doing?

All these are common in this field.
have you gone mad?

Yes, I have gone mad dad.

I feel like to dying.

You tore the papers as they didn’t write a good review.

You threw away the tab and
you are trying to break the TV.

But what will you do and stop the
public saying the same thing?

Still, why should you kill your self?
You should do something and shut the public’s mouth.

Arun, what’s all this?

What you said is true dad.

Why should I die?

Those who made me feel bad should die.

I made a beautiful plan which no one can escape.

This is the design

Hey, I told you to achieve something
and show it to all but not to kill.

If you had invested this time and brain on something else,
you would have become another Einstein.

They’re not letting me become, dad.


The humans dad, humans.

Whenever I wanted to forget everything and start
a new life, I was again and again getting insulted.

But, I’ll give the answer for each and every insult.

Only one answer.
I'll answer all of them at once.

Arun listen, this isn’t the way.

You can’t win the life with Revenge.

Listen to me.

You need a break. Go on a trip wherever you like

Yes dad, you are correct.

I need a good trip

I did not speak to him from that day.

He too didn’t meet me.

The blood relation stopped me
from saying all this to the world and the Police.

You said you'll meet me, will give a twist
and said killing me is the climax.

Why are you now doing time pass
saying mom and dad?

Hey, am I your Brother in law to do time pass or
you are my sister’s husband?

Sister’s husband!

Nice, really nice!

Fantastic, you decoded superbly.

Seriously, I am unable to stop myself
from appreciating you..

I wished to kill you the first in my total list, but...

You became the last.

What’s a list to kill, idiot?

You think they’re humans or
any items to make a list and kill?

You kill humans for the small things?

What’s a small thing?

When I made a camera in 10th class,
instead of appreciating my knowledge,

They accused me of planting it (camera) in
a ladies hostel, and beating me up is a small thing?

When I made a documentary with great hard work,
instead of identifying good in it,

just highlighting the bad and
torturing me mentally, is it a small thing ?

When I intended to marry a girl of
my dreams and about to start a new life,

taking away the bride on the day of wedding,
is that a small thing..? Tell me.

Oh... I mean, if you say all these are small things,

then killing those humans who killed
my hopes and goals too is a small thing.

That's why, I planned to kill all at once
and executed that.

The weapon I used to bring so many
on to one platform is “FREE”.

I just put one message as free trip and all came.

I killed all those I wanted to kill in one shot.

But only your family I am compelled to kill in instalments.

You know, how I wanted to kill
your family members who escaped from that accident?

Coming to your house as a
service executive from a gas company ...

and fixed a bomb to the cylinder

Sree, why didn’t Maha still come?

Today they’ve culturals... she’ll come at 4:30.

Oh no, are you feeling sad?

I too felt the same.

Poor girl would become an orphan after everyone dies.

that's why I went to her school to kill her.

Uncle, go carefully.

After seeing the girl who saved me from danger when
I tried to kill her, a new hope for life emerged in me.

What’s your name?


If everything had happened as I wished,
I too would have had a baby like this.

For the fruit to be ours,
there is no rule that the seed needs to be ours.

So technically, Maha is mine

Thus, I created proofs that even
the baby died in that blast.

At a time when I was thinking that
I can live happily with the kid,

you came to know that she was alive.

Don’t worry Chinni,
I’m taking better care of her than you.

I’m giving everything she likes even before she is asking.

So, finally you won’t get any calls from me now onwards.

Thank you Chinni, good bye and Good luck.
Hey, wait...

One minute, I thought to tell you a feeling and forgot.

When what we want and what we wish is becoming ours,
how happy the feeling is.

Oh no!

On the auspicious day of 10-04-2012, at 9:30 AM
Sridevi daughter of Hyderabad resident Bhaskar Rao...

Tell me...

Hey, I told you to be with sister right?
Where did you go?

You asked me to come to the reception, right?

Hey, when did I?

Why are you looking like that?
Am I that handsome?

A person who has cruelly killed other human beings...
does he also look like a human being is my doubt.

Yes... I was like a human only.

If I’m like this now, it’s because of you.


the matter is I killed all I wanted to, in one shot.

But am having to kill your family in instalments.

They say marriage is the base to a new life

Your brother who made such a
life not come to me on one side...

And the other 20 who stopped
success coming to me on the other side...

That's why, I played well with that fellow.

He is the courage behind that laugh, right?


I will kill that courage and even kill him.

What... since a while you are saying
it's a single person, single person?

He’s not one person, but two.


Yes, two. But Two in just one man


two guys in one. Interesting!

Have you ever thought?

In a valley that took 400 lives, just one person
only survived. Who do you think has saved his life?

When one person was requesting dad that it's wrong
to get me married to an idiot like you,

who was the other guy, who took his sister by hand?

You would’ve sent many to kill him, right?

But still, who’s the reason for the
death not even go closer to him?


Vikram, Aditya!

Aditya is the same as Vikram to me.

They both will come and take me and Maha.

A new story, two guys in just one!

One man two soul...

Two soul one body...

One body two soul...

Let’s have all this calculation later.

One bullet is enough, right?

I’m taking better care of her than you.

I’m giving everything she wants
even before she asks for.

Maha, how many times did I say not to eat ice cream?

Chinni, I like this V Rewind ice cream

I need a hundred

you'll get this Ice cream only in our V Rewind.

What Sir, you come daily by three sharp
and today you are late by 15 minutes?

Thank you sir.

What Nanda Kishore,
does he still look like Arjun for you?

It has come, Vikram... it has come.

That climax you mentioned has come.

But I pity seeing you coming so far to die.

So, foolish.

He’s laughing even in such situations means,
Nanda Kishore...

he seems to be a crazier guy than me.

He’s laughing imagining about
what’s going to happen Sir.

We won’t let that happen, right?

What is it that you will not allow to happen, rascal?

You're here, that means baby is here too.

This is enough idiot, to give you a perfect send of...

Bad investment.

Technically that is your baby?

You’re not fit to be even her far relative also, rascal.

He’s been calm all these days not having
clarity on whom to hit, Sir.

After he got that clarity, this is his reaction.

Oh no...

Taking the scars from history and demons from the
epics as idols, you made the demon in you so big.

Time for that demon is getting over.

If you have to do anything, Do it right now.

At least now, say where are the baby and sister?

Nanda Kishore
- Sir

Maha...Just 10 minutes dear,
we shall go back home.

Is it..!

What damn, you dirty warden rascal!


Hi, Chinni!







Maha! don't come.


Maha... don't come. no.




Maha... you are fine, right...!

What’s there in your left hand ?

You could know all about me

but couldn’t know what was there in all over my body.

If Galileo for not being recognized, Einstein for being thrown
out from school had taken it in a negative manner like you,

world would’ve missed many wonderful wizards.

Arun, shall I tell one thing finally?

If one uses his brains for good, he is called a wizard.

If it is used to kill humans like this,
he is called as a psycho.

If destruction is the goal and the intelligence is
used for destruction, both will result in one's own sacrifice.

Nanda Kishore...







This fellow is very good.

Unneccessarily I misunderstood him.

Actually, he is a good guy than me.

From now onwards we are best brothers.

What the hell...
-Maam, I am sorry.

Chitra.. It's not me... you know it, right?
-If it is not you than who else?

It means... It's me... but it's not me.

Please believe me.
-What are you talking?

Chitra you know it right?please tell.
- who knows...

May be you are acting smart taking shelter behind him.

just now you told me... he is better than you.

Chitra please listen to me...
-Hey don't talk.


Are you not ashamed to behave like this
keeping your girl friend by the side.

Hey... hey... one minute please
Chitra... Chitra...

Are you happy now?