Rüzgarda Salinan Nilüfer (2016) - full transcript

Handan and Korhan a middle-aged couple who live their lives in one of istanbul's best neighborhoods. Handan constantly invents things for herself in order to fill her life. Handan, imitates her friend Sermin and starts writing! But this desire, which is innocent in the first place, will become jealous over time and diverge in different ways.


As if we're so different, Handan.

Şermin, they're just kids.

It's normal nowadays.

I don't know.

- Come on.
- Are we leaving?

Come on, Aleyna. We're leaving.

- Let her stay.
- No.

- Let the kids stay together.
- Do you want to stay, Aleyna?

If you don't go nuts when you lose.

- I'm just getting started.
- They'll keep you up all night.

- That's okay.
- She has nothing to wear for sleeping.

- Don't worry, I'll fix that.
- Come on, she can stay.

All right then.

But keep the noise down.

Good night, sarge.

- Good night.
- Good night, Korhan.

- Drive carefully.
- Don't worry.

- Okay, bye then.
- See you.

- Aykut isn't hitting on you, is he?
- Give me a break.

I agree it's crazy, but...

his hands kind of lingered
when you kissed good night.

He's a tactile person.
Don't worry about it.

You're like kids
still calling each other "sarge".

Old habits die hard.

- Turn on the AC.
- I haven't got the key in yet.

Right, sorry.

I've had it with this desert heat.

- Did you check out the shop?
- Which shop?

"Which shop"?
Hey, thanks.

I didn't get the chance.

- When will you?
- Sometime this week.

It'll be great if it works out.

We'll see.

- Was it you who left the air-con on?
- No, Aleyna probably.

Be more careful, will you?

That's five hours it's
been on for nothing.

Did you throw out the baklava?

Yes, I threw your fucking baklava out.

- Was it you who tossed the baklava?
- Yes, sweetie. The cream was off.

- Aren't you coming to bed?
- I want to hang out for a bit.

- I'm going to bed.
- Okay.

What are you doing tomorrow?


Dropping off the car to be serviced.

That's about it.

- You?
- Nothing special.

I'll meet Şermin sometime to get Aleyna.
That's all.

Maybe we can go together.

What do you want at a garage?

We can talk about it tomorrow.

We could check out that shop.

Handan, I told you I'll go.
Just don't rush it.

Okay, but be sure to tell me.

Fine. You?

Yes, I'm browsing around.


Why can't we go together?
What else do you have on?

No, I'm not going there alone.

We can go together during the week.

Okay, bye.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Excuse me!

- How can I help?
- How much is this?

3,650 lira.

Were you looking for
anything in particular?

No, I just wanted to know the price.

- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.

Hi, Handan.

- Isn't it hot?
- Baking. I'm sweating all over.


Aleyna, stop it.

What's the matter?

They had crazy fun the whole night long.

I hope it wasn't a pain for you.


- Kids, are you hungry?
- No. I just want lemonade.

Me, too.

- Turkish coffee for me. No sugar.
- Sure.

And I'll have...

an espresso.

- No, make that a latte.
- Sure.

Oh, I always forget.

You gave up ages ago, didn't you, Şermin?

Right. And I'm so glad I did.

Don't you ever miss it?

Honestly, no. It'll be a year next week.

Good for you. I plan to give up, too.

Do it right away. You feel so much better.

Sure. But I can't go cold turkey like you.

Şermin, there's something
I want to ask you.

Go on.

How did you write your book?

How do you mean?

What got you started?
What inspired you?

What made you suddenly ask?

I don't know.
I kept wondering at your place last night.

We all think things,
we experience things all the time.

But to write about it,

to tell a story...
How do you do it?

I don't know.

I guess you need to be able to see
what's around you.

With a tree or a flower, say...

You need to see
not only that they smell great...

but also how hard bees work
to make honey from them.


Do you get what I'm saying?

It's about being able
to really look at your surroundings.

Realizing that your joys,
your sorrows, your love...

and your hatred are all connected.

Being able to see them all in one piece,
but also separately.

Realizing that how you look at things
affects how you see them.

Am I making sense?


I'd never thought of it that way.

To write is to begin to think,
if you ask me.



Yes, we met up. We're having coffee.

I will. She says hi back.

What's wrong?

They didn't like the orange font?


Don't let it get to you, honey.
I'll take a look when I get back.

We won't be long, don't worry.

Okay, kisses.

Clients! They're never happy.

They're impossible to please.

Is it always like this?

I don't remember Aykut's clients
ever liking his work.

You do whatever the client wants.

Then you change it 100 times
because they never know what they want.

So you're quite an expert.

Old habits. I used to do
graphic design for a newspaper.

A newspaper?

Sure. We weren't seeing
each other back then.

I worked for an online newspaper,
for a year or so.

- Which one?
- E-News.

Really? Why'd you leave?

I guess I got bored.

I wrote the book then.
Shall we get the check?

Excuse me!

Let me get this.

- Let's split it then.
- No, really.

- Korhan?
- Yes?

Hi. What have you been up to?

I'm just going to change.
Coming right away.

- Aleyna?
- Yes?

Come here.

Give me a kiss.

What did you do with Poyraz?

Played Playstation
till 3:00 in the morning.

So you kept Şermin and Aykut up all night?

No. She made us green tea.

I guess she wanted us to fall asleep,
but they did instead.

Did you beat Poyraz again?

Yes. Then he goes all red.
It cracks me up.

Look, I got you this.


It's really nice. Thanks.

- Try it on.
- Later.

Okay. What did you get up to?

Nothing. I was here at home.

- Didn't you drop off the car?
- Couldn't be bothered.

- So why didn't you call?
- No idea. I just didn't.

- Is something wrong?
- No, I'm fine.

I had an idea today.

I talked to Şermin a bit, too.


- I think I should write a book.
- What?

I'm going to do it.
It can't be that hard.

You think so?

How do other people do it?

You just need to put in the time.

So what do you plan to write about?

I'm not sure yet.

I have some ideas, though.

Women rape victims maybe.


girls married off at a young age.

When have you ever wanted something
and not done it, Handan?

- I'll make you eat those words.
- Let's hope.

So have you changed
your mind about the café?

No, why? Can't I do both?

They're two different things.

That's if you find me a place.

You're the one opening the café.
Why don't you pick the place?

Korhan, I'm not discussing this.

I want you to find a place, okay?

There's no food at home. Shall we go out?

- Where shall we go?
- It doesn't matter to me.

Ask Aleyna.

- Aleyna?
- Yes?

Where shall we go to eat?
The Chinese place? You like it.


- I'm not driving.
- It's so hot outside.

And it's only two steps away.


You're making me pay for parking.

- Where are we going?
- China House.

But we just went there.

It's Aleyna's choice.
Where else could we go?

- The Butcher's.
- Let's try to eat less meat.

- Let's go to Pizza Porto.
- Good idea.

It's closed.

No, really?

Handan, it's closed. Can't you see?

Sure, it's Sunday.

- Let's go to the Black Sea pide place.
- No, everything's so greasy there.

Okay, but it's 9:00 already.

You don't have to shout.

- Look, a new place. Shall we try it?
- Go on.

Do we have to eat inside?



- How's it going?
- Good.

- How are you doing, Korhan?
- Great.


- How are you?
- Good thanks, Korhan.

How are you, gorgeous?

We decided to check out the new place.

Us, too. It's great.
Have a seat.

- We don't want to impose.
- What are you talking about?

Come on, sit down.

- Okay, why not?
- Come here, Aleyna.

What's fastest?

- The salads come quick.
- Forget salads.

Pasta, spaghetti, they're fast.

I'll have...

the salmon salad.


Goat's cheese salad.

Aleyna, have a proper meal.

It's all I want.

Should I get pasta?

- Rigatoni Bolognese for me.
- To drink?

- Water.
- Me, too.

- Beer, but make it cold and fast.
- Sure.

Korhan's starving.

After checking out the entire street
and not liking a single place.

- Like it's my fault you're hungry.
- Did I point any fingers?

Aleyna, sweetie. How are you?


Aleyna's at the age when she won't talk
and is obsessed with her weight.

- Mom!
- The age of posing.

- Mom, can I have my iPad?
- Poor sweetheart.

Aybars, how's business?

Good, really good.
I want to open another place.

- Great. Where?
- Somewhere on this side.

- I'm so happy for you.
- Let's be partners.

There's your partner.

I'm serious.

- So am I.
- What happened to Levent?

One place with Levent is enough.
He can barely manage his own shit.

Think about it, Korhan.

Okay, but I know nothing
about running a restaurant.

That's for me to know. You just invest.

Think about it and let's talk again.

What's up?

- Some people have all the luck.
- Right.

- Look at you!
- Calm down. There's no deal yet.

But there will be, right?

I bust my ass for us to open a place.

But Aybars pops up and you jump at it.

Handan, you can't be serious.

It's just talk.

As if everyone does everything they say.

- They're all talk, no action.
- We'll soon see.

You'd think I made the offer.

Aleyna, put your shoes where they belong.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Come here.

Why are you jealous?

I'm not.

- What, jealous of my uselessness?
- Come on!

If I do anything, it'll be with you.

Are you going to bed?

- Yes.
- Let me finish this and I'll join you.

- Saliha, good morning.
- Good morning, Korhan Bey.

- Can you make me an Americano?
- Sure.


A 3,650 lira purchase on my credit card?


That's some revenge.


Come help set up my laptop.

Plug it in.

Isn't that great?

This stuff is so ridiculous.

- They want everything registered.
- Right.

That's why PCs are better.

Come on, they're all the same.

Anyway, these have amazing graphics.

Enjoy the laptop.


- Why did you get it now?
- I need it.

I wish you'd said so.
We'd have got a discount through work.

It would've taken forever.
Anyway, do your guys have Macs?

Why? Do Macs write better books?

I wanted it so I got it, okay?

We could've ordered one from the US.

I don't see what the big rush was.

- Am I done now?
- Enter a password.

- Aleyna, are you hungry?
- No.

Go grab a snack. You must be hungry.

- No, I'm not.
- Your breath smells.

No, it doesn't.

You never eat a thing.
You starve yourself.

No, I don't.

Okay. Pick us a password.

Nilüfer (waterlily).

What made you think of Nilüfer?

I don't know. Just because of Nilüfer.

I got this for you.

It's really nice.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Want to watch a movie?

Sure. What?

I got a documentary on bees the other day.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

I'd like a mozzarella sandwich
and a filter coffee.


A waterlily swayed in the warm breeze...

as a honeybee carrying honey
from its flower...

flew across the desolate plains
of southeast...

the desolate plains of Diyarbakır...

the desolate plains of Siirt...

the desolate plains of Van...

flew fast across the desolate plains...

Excuse me!

- Yes?
- What's the Wi-Fi password here?

- Cadde23
- Thanks.

Hi, Saliha. How's it going?

Any calls?

Okay. I'm off to a meeting.
I'll be back this afternoon.

If anyone calls, message me.

See you later.

Hi, how's it going?

I'll be there in 15-20 minutes.

Okay, kisses.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Come on in.

- I'm Sinem.
- Good to meet you. What's up?

- I'm fine. You?
- Fine.

- You didn't eat yet, right?
- No.

Good. Have a seat.

Hey, relax.

I am relaxed.

I took the day off today.

- What did you tell your boss?
- Wait, I almost forgot.

I just said I wasn't going in.

So you get on well with this boss?

I'm kind of bored actually.

I wouldn't mind getting fired.

I don't like being tied to a place.

I like my freedom.

Right, you said.

You look nothing like the photos.

I mean, you look different.

The photos are kind of old.
I also gained a bit of weight.

So? You can lose it again.
Do you do any sports?

Yes, I joined a gym but I hardly go.

- You?
- Yes, I go to a gym.

- Where?
- Over where we live.

In Kadıköy.

I thought you lived in Bostancı.

Well, it counts as Kadıköy.

My gym isn't great. That's why I don't go.

You should. You paid all that money.

I thought paying that much
would make me go, but...

- Your photo was great.
- I can't stay long.

I got a call on the way here.

An urgent meeting's come up.

That's such a cheap lie.

No, really. They just called.
Check if you like.

We can sit and chat.
We don't have to go to bed.

Sure, but we will one day. Promise.

- So you're going right now?
- Yes. I have to go to İkitelli.

The traffic will be bad. So I'd better go.


Thanks for breakfast.

See you again.


Oh, okay.

I was just going to say I can come to you.

- Hi, Handan.
- Hi.

How's it going?

I took Aleyna to piano class.

The teacher's taking them
to the Atatürk Museum afterwards.

I jumped at the chance to get out.

I dropped off Poyraz at my mom's.

Have you eaten?

No. It's too hot to eat.

You could get a salad.

No, a lemonade is fine.

You make it here, right?

Yes, it's homemade.

Şermin, what are you up to these days?

Not a lot.

I've started working on
my second book a bit.

Excuse me.

- Are you Şermin Yıldız?
- Yes.

- I loved your book.
- Really? Thanks.

You describe that woman's despair so well
I cried reading it.

But I wish the ending had been different.


A woman like her
wouldn't walk out of home so easily.

It's great that everyone
has their own take on it.

- Yes. Is it your first novel?
- Yes.

I hope you write another one.

- Thanks.
- Can I get a photo of us together?


- Do you mind taking it?
- No, sure.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Sorry for bothering you.

No, not at all.


Everyone's full of opinions, huh?

Sure. So they should be.

Okay, but the way she blurted it out.

She was just being honest.

We shouldn't hold things in, Handan.

She didn't seem honest to me.
More like an ass-kisser.

You sure have it tough, Şermin.

Come on. This happens once in a while.

No way! Stop being so modest.

Anyway it's great.
Why be modest about it?

I'm not. Of course it's nice.

Well, anyway.

I had an idea sitting here.

I've been thinking about it for a while.

How about we open a book-café?

That would be great.

A place where people
could both hang out and read.

There's nowhere like that.

- Don't you think it'd be great?
- Wonderful.

I went to a place like that in Paris.

Everyone sits on his own.
Like a library, but it's a café.

- The lighting was fabulous, too.
- Yes, exactly.

Why don't we do it?

You and me?

No. What do I know about running a café?

I can handle that.
Everyone else manages.

Cafés are opening everywhere.

And going under one by one.

I think we should do it. I've told Korhan.

He'll back us.

Handan, business is something else.

I've never done anything like it.

I'd be lying if I said I could.

At least think about it.

Can I get a sparkling water
with a slice of lemon?

Your name would draw crowds.

Handan, did I write "Harry Potter"?
You're too much.

But you have fans.
How many people follow you on Twitter?

- Around 9,000.
- There. And it'll be security for you.

Who ever got rich
writing books in this country?

- How did it go, Aleyna?
- Fine.

What's wrong?


Come on, what is it?
Did you fight with someone?

- No. My teacher got mad at me.
- Why?

For not practicing.

Then practice, Aleyna.

It's packed there. Everyone watches me.

So? Let them. Do they play so well?

I don't want lessons.

You made me get that piano for you.
Please make a little effort.

- Handan?
- What?

I'm setting the table outside.

Korhan, it's too hot out there.
You ask every time.

But the sun's set.

- What did Kadriye make?
- Stewed beef.

Not meat again.

I buy all these vegetables,
but it's always meat and rice.

- I'll take those.
- It's okay.

Can't I take them?

- Give them to me.
- But let's eat outside.

It's like an oven out there.

The piano looks great here.

She doesn't want classes any more.

Just as I thought.


No. I don't want meat either.

- You only want rice?
- Yes.

No. Have some meat too.

Aleyna, how was the piano lesson?

- What's up?
- I can't do it.

How do you know?
You only had a few lessons.

- The teacher always tells me off.
- No, he doesn't.

He always slams my playing.

- Try a bit harder.
- I don't want to.

What do you want to try instead?

- Guitar? Violin?
- Korhan.

Wait, we're talking. Huh?

- Everyone else has private lessons.
- Now I get it.

The lessons don't cost enough.

Korhan dear, come on.

She clearly isn't comfortable there.

Mina gets private lessons, too.

Talk to Mina's mother, Handan.


- I met with Şermin today.
- And?

I brought up the café.

I suggested doing it together.

And she jumped at the idea?

No, but she liked it.
She's going to think about it.

Handan, who are you kidding?

Why would Şermin run a café?

She's written a book.
What's a café to her?

I told you, we talked it through.
Call her and ask if you like.

Can you never back me up?

You always see the negative side.

- I'm not getting involved.
- What does that mean?

Find a place.
And handle the décor, the contract

and all that shit yourself.


Come in.

- How's it going?
- Good.

Don't take them off.

No, I will.
If I don't, I feel like a guest.

- Isn't Aykut around?
- He's in the bathroom.

- Go out on the balcony.
- Isn't it too hot?

- It's cool in the morning.
- Okay.

- You have time for a coffee?
- Sure, great.



- No milk, no sugar.
- Okay.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

You're welcome.

- What's up?
- Nothing. I just stopped by.

And I got all excited
thinking you had news.

I hear you're opening
a café with Handan...

- and came to wish you luck.
- She's serious, isn't she?

- She's something else.
- Tell me about it.

She always has an idea in mind.

It wears me out.

But this time I want her to do it.

I think she will, if you push her.

Like I told Handan,
I don't have a head for business.

But she really trusts you.

I do, too.

I think together, you could make it work.

I'll help until things
are running smoothly.

No, Korhan.

I mean...


Hey there, buddy.

Welcome. What brings you here so early?

Business with Şermin.

- What business?
- Handan wants to open a café.

Great. Do it together.

Why don't you, darling?

I was only kidding.

You have time for it, though.

I have time so I should work in a café?

Hey, okay. It was just an idea.
Forget it.

- Sorry, Korhan. It's not about you.
- Okay, no problem.

- I'd better get going.
- Okay.

Bye then.

See you.

- I'll talk to Handan again.
- No need. I'll handle it.

What do you mean I have 'time for it'?

You think writing doesn't take time?

You think my time isn't precious
because I don't make money, right?

You work oh so hard
while I sit around on my ass, right?

No, sweetie. Of course not.

- Mrs. Handan, I'm going.
- Okay.

Put the leftover eggplant in the freezer.

There isn't any left.

Okay, goodbye.

She fried them all!

Stupid woman!

I told her to make a salad.


Handan, what's up?
Oh, were you asleep?

Get up and make dinner.

Hey, I was kidding.

Are you going to eat or not?

Hey, okay. There's no rush.
Rest some more if you like.

Şermin, how's it going?

I have a terrible headache, too.

Were you asleep?
And I let it ring and ring.

Were you out?

Switching between hot and cold
with air-con really screws us up.

You know why I called?

I sent you a couple of links
to do with café rentals.

Right, okay.

But you got it, didn't you?


Otherwise I'd resend it.

Nothing. We're about to have dinner.

You guys eat so early.

We're hopeless at that.

Sure, you shouldn't eat after 8:00.


Let me know. Kisses.

Is your headache any better?

Yes, mostly gone.

Handan, where's Şermin's book?

- Are you transcribing it?
- No, reading it.

Fine, okay.

- Why do you want it?
- To read, why else?

Didn't you read it already?

I can't remember.
I think I stopped halfway.

But you told Şermin you'd read it.

What else could I say?

Ah, the lies we tell.

How true. So why are you reading it?

There's a couple of
bits I wanted to re-read.

- Aleyna, when are you going to bed?
- When this ends.

Come on, it's ended.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Here, give me a kiss.

- Hello.
- Welcome.

Is Mr. Korhan here?

Yes, just a second.


Send him right in.

Come on in, sarge.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

Have a seat.

You've become a real liberal.

- How come?
- With the headscarved secretary.

Just keeping up with the times.

She's my partner's niece.

I didn't have much choice.
But she's a good kid.

- These guys have to be honest.
- Yeah right! For God's sake, Korhan.

- Want a coffee?
- No, sparkling water.

Saliha, do we have sparkling water?

Then run out for some, will you?

Aykut, our company, Deykosan,
is importing hunting gear.

Online sales will begin as well.
I was asked whom we could work with.

Sorry, buddy.


Good. You?

Aykut's here.

We're discussing something.

She's asking if Şermin's okay.
She isn't answering her phone.

She's fine, just wants some peace.
That's why she isn't answering.

Don't get upset. He doesn't know either.

I'm not upset!

Okay, get back to your discussion.

Ask them to come over this week.

Okay. Bye.

- What are you up to, Aleyna?
- Nothing.

- Let's go shopping then.
- It's too hot outside.

We'll take the car.
Don't sit there like a lump.

I don't want to, Mom. You go.

- Okay. Stay here with Kadriye then.
- Okay.


I said to myself that Şermin is not answering,
just because I asked you to be my partner.

No, come on.

I mute the phone when I'm working.

- What are you drinking?
- Whatever there is.

- I'll make coffee then.
- Okay.

- What kind of photo is that, Handan?
- What photo?

The one you posted on Instagram.

Just a quick selfie.

Don't post moody stuff like that.
Go for happy.

I'll be happy when I
sort out this business.

What business?

I'm checking these two out.

That place looks great. Where is it?

Suadiye. Across from Hamza Books.

- Is there room for two bookshops?
- Sure, why not?

I'm just saying that. What do I know?

Shall we check it out?

Look, this isn't my thing.

I told Korhan, too.
I don't have a head for business.

- You talked to Korhan?
- Yes. He stopped by, right?

I had no idea.

Anyway, open the place
and I'll be there every day.

We'll see.

How's the book going?

Fine. Kind of.

Everything is so mixed up...

and as the future is so unclear
it's hard to concentrate.

Come on, Şermin. You're a great writer.
Pull yourself together.

Yes. It's my job, right?

I have to be in control
of everything, right?

I have to be right all the time.


Forget it.
Did Aleyna start her private lessons?

Next week.
Silly girl, she's so fickle.

She'll want to give up in two weeks.

Never mind. At her age
she's hardly going to be Fazıl Say.

Don't be too hard on her.

But her heart isn't in anything.

She's only 10, Handan.

- Just don't tell me to calm down.
- Listen first.

Okay, I'm listening.

I went there to help.

You'd think I told Şermin not to do it.

Did I say that? Why didn't you tell me?

I went there like an
idiot to persuade her.

As if I really need her to open a café.

Then do it on your own.

What you really mean is
I can't do anything on my own.

Don't twist my words.

- You think I don't understand?
- No, you really don't.

If that's what I thought...

I wouldn't have talked to Şermin.
Would I? Huh?

I don't know. We're
talking past each other.

Dad, your phone's ringing.

Who's Kamil?

I'm not talking to you right now.

Shall we eat out?
We haven't for a long time.

No. There's no need.

Whatever you say.

Tell me when you want dinner.


- Aykut came by today.
- Why?

I gave him a job.

Mr. Ramazan's website.

- That's good.
- Right.

It's a big job.

If they like it he'll make a lot of money.

- Which store?
- Guns.

- Guns?
- Hunting guns.

Still, it's better than nothing.
He's had it tough lately.

Yes, things have been rough.

Is Aykut going to sell guns?

No, not himself.
He's just designing their website.

Dad, if you go hunting
I'll gouge your eyes out.

My my, Aleyna.

- All finished. Want to read it?
- No, not now.

Let's take Korhan and Handan
out for dinner. As a thank you.

Right, we should.

If you'd rather not come,
the two of us can go alone.

No, Handan will want to come.

How about breakfast instead?

Breakfast would be weird.

We could take them to a concert.

We don't have to gorge on food and raki.

Good idea.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Come on, Handan. Enough pouting.

Don't wind me up first
thing in the morning.

- Calm down.
- I am calm.

- Who texted you last night?
- What?

Ah, that was Kamil.

Who's Kamil?

Manager of one of the shops we supply.

He missed you, did he?

No, he was reminding me to invoice them.

At 1:00 in the morning?

He called earlier, but I didn't answer.

I better get going.

Hi, Handan.

Good, thanks.
Busy working. You?

Sure, I'm free to talk.

No, don't apologize.
I never minded that at all.

No, why would it bother me?

He just wanted to help you.

Don't be angry.

Did you find a good place?

So you're still looking.



Sure, send it. You've got me all curious.

Today's difficult.
I'll be working at home all day.

How about tomorrow or the day after?

Okay. Kisses from me, too.

Come on, enough!

Kadriye, the laundry's all mixed up.

I find Aleyna's socks in Korhan's closet.

- Be a bit more careful.
- Really? Okay. I'm sorry.

- It makes Korhan crazy.
- I always dry them separately.

Well, they get mixed up.
Try washing them separately.

The machine would run empty.
Isn't it better to save up a load?

Just be more careful
when you do the sorting.


Look... Sinem, listen.

It's not a solution
to text me at 1:00 in the morning.

No, I'm not running. Why would I?

Calm down, will you?
Let me call at a better time.

Sure I want to.
If not, why would I come over?

Okay, we'll stop seeing each other.

Is that what you want to hear?

Yes, I'm telling you straight out.

Calm down.

Okay, I'll call you. Kisses.

- Hi.
- How are you, Korhan?

Fine, Şermin.
I mean, Handan.

- That's cute.
- I'm really sorry.

- She's really playing?
- Yes.

Let's celebrate.

- Good girl! Bravo!
- Dad!

- Don't!
- Okay, okay. Keep playing.

- I don't want to.
- Okay, I'm sorry.

Was it the time for that?
You know what she's like.

Beat me up while you're at it!
I was just happy.

- What made her decide to play today?
- She had her lesson.

- How's the teacher?
- He's so sweet.

- He? A guy?
- Yes, and a real Italian.

- What?
- He speaks such great Italian.

He teaches in Italian?

No, he speaks Turkish.

- What is he doing in Turkey?
- I guess he lives here.

Well, well.

Aleyna's in love with him.

Obviously. You, too, it seems.

- Don't be ridiculous.
- I don't know.

You're really ridiculous sometimes.

Aleyna, don't be mad at me.

You were mocking me.

- I was happy to hear you play.
- No, you weren't.

- Did you have a good lesson?
- Yes.

- You have an Italian teacher?
- Yes.

Okay then.

When's the last time we laughed?

I mean the two of us.

I don't know.


You must've written it down.

I lost my notebook.

Don't worry. You'll find it.

Or maybe I'll get a new one.

Good idea.

- Is that it?
- Yes.

Like I said,
I wanted you to see how it starts.

I want to know what you think.

Handan, it's so short
it's hard to say anything.

But why's the story set in Van?

I imagined the girl
running away to Istanbul

and working at a place
that does Van breakfasts.

Isn't that a bit
unlikely for a girl of 14?

Well, maybe she doesn't run away.

- And the husband's a beekeeper?
- No.

So you're using the bee as a symbol?

Well, yes.
As a metaphor to describe the girl.

Now that could be interesting.

- Have you ever been to Van?
- No. Why would I?

It might help if you went to see
what real life is like there.

Yes, maybe.

I can tell you don't like it.

Actually I have a lot of ideas.

But writing is difficult.

It's not that I didn't like it.

But you could work on the descriptions.

Where the girl lives,
her husband, her psychology.

When she's beaten the second she gets home

the reader wants to know more.

I see.

But keep going and you'll loosen up.

Of course I'll keep going.

Excuse me!

- Want a tea?
- No, thanks.

Can I have a tea?

Korhan's getting me down, Şermin.

Why? What happened?

He's messaging with someone.

He gets messages at 1:00 in the morning.

Come on. Korhan isn't that kind of guy.

He hasn't been so far, but...

Didn't you ask who it was?

He claimed it was someone from work.

What would you do?

I don't know.
We don't have secrets from one another.

It's probably best to wait.

Maybe nothing's going on.
And if it is, it'll all come out.

Don't panic right away.

All men cheat, Şermin.

Based on what?

Experience, things I see.

Come on, Handan.
Don't be so categorical.

It's more about how
a relationship is going.

Don't jump to conclusions.

But we don't have a problem.

Okay, we aren't a perfect couple like you.

You really think that's what I'm saying?

- Did I say something bad?
- No, okay.

Oh, and waterlilies
don't sway in the breeze.

They grow in water.

Of course they do, yes.

I'm going downstairs.


Kadriye, don't wait up for the kids.
Go to bed whenever.

They'll be up all night.

Okay. I made spinach pie.

- Will Poyraz eat it?
- Sure.

- Welcome.
- Hi.

How's it going, handsome?

- Şermin, how are you?
- Good.


Korhan's almost ready.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

Go on, give her a kiss.


- How are you?
- Hi, Korhan. Good. You?

Good. What's up, little guy?

Come on, let's go.
Have fun.

- You, too!
- Thanks.

- Ready to go?
- Yes. Kadriye, we're leaving.

God, that traffic!

- Tell me about it.
- An hour and a half to get here!

- The coast road's like that.
- Right, and in summer.

- What would you like?
- The bean paté.

- Anyone want fried eggplant?
- Yes.

The eggplant salad.

Some spicy tomato.
Handan, there's hummus, you like it.

Easy, Korhan. You aren't paying.

- Don't be crazy, Handan.
- It's okay, the boss is here.

- Idiot.
- White beans?

- That's enough, right?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Wait a second.

Excuse me!

Can you take a picture?

Come on, Şermin.

Take another one.

- Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.

- So you use Samsung too, Handan. Bravo!
- Why's that?

Samsung is better, but
no one wants to hear.

Samsung is great.

It gives you more freedom.
That's why I like it.

It's easier to personalize, right?

The iPhone's like a toy.
Everything pre-set.

Like the difference between PCs and Macs.

Handan, when did you learn all this?

Take an interest and you'd have noticed.

But you still went and got a Mac.

It's like that bit in your novel
where they discuss cell phones.

- I was just thinking about that.
- You make it so real.

That's Şermin's magic.

Everything's so real
you end up questioning yourself.

Şermin posted this tweet today.

Sorry, yesterday.

"The crass seek truth

in a world of their own making."

Şermin, who are "the crass"?

I think we're all fools
who don't know ourselves.

Perhaps if we did

we'd realize we're fools
trying to get a foothold in a void

and we'd have to start again from scratch.

But that's hard.

I have to pee.

The philosopher has spoken.

Korhan, here's to you.

- To our partnership with Muslims!
- Cheers, sarge.

My love, are you okay?

I'm fine, my love.

I have to pee, too.

Ah, is this the ladies room?

Yes. Wrong address.

I've drunk too much, Şermin.

Splash some water on your face.

You described us so well.

Don't be ridiculous.

I really have to pee.

Shall I do it here?

Do it wherever you want.

Okay, but you come, too.

Korhan, you're drunk. Leave me alone.

Okay, I'm drunk. But...

I'm not that drunk.


Okay, go.

I'm sorry!

- Shall we go?
- We were going to have coffee.

Let's do that there. It's already 11:00.

- Is that okay, Handan?
- Sure, fine.

Excuse me!

Can we get the check?

- Shall we get coffee?
- No, we're going.

We decided to have coffee there...

listening to jazz.


- Let's get the check.
- We already asked for it.

- Ah, Nilüfer.
- Hi.

- How's it going?
- Good.

- How are you?
- Good.

And you?

- Hi. How are you?
- Hi. Good.

Hey, Şermin. I haven't seen you for ages.

I haven't seen you either.

Sure, if you don't call.

We don't get reception at home.
I can't call. See you.

- What did she just say?
- She's just talking.

She's got all stuck-up
since her book came out.

Tell me about it.

- How's it going?
- Oh, you know. Fine.

Şermin, here's your table.

Okay, I'll go say hi
to Barlas and the band.

Aykut and the others are coming.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- What are you drinking?
- Raki.

I'll have a beer. Do you have Tuborg?

No, we don't.

I don't want Efes.

- What do you have?
- Miller, Hoegaarden, Leffe...

I'd recommend Leffe.
Have you had it before?

I know, I've had it. Okay, an Effe.

Who's Şermin talking to?

The band playing tonight.
Right now she's talking to Barlas.

And the guy next to him
is a world-class drummer.

Aybars got landed with back taxes!

- Oh no.
- Really.

- What's he going to do?
- I don't know.

I told him to come over Monday
and talk it through. Poor guy.


- What can I get you?
- Weren't we having coffee?

Okay, I'll have a raki.

- Şermin, what do you want?
- I'll decide in a bit, Kubilay.

Barlas brought his other project tonight.

Great news.

'Other project'?

They do free jazz. No vocals.

But it's still jazz, right?

Yes, but with a twist.
Let's see if you like it.

I don't know about
Korhan, but I love jazz.

Şermin, shame on you.


You never brought us here
in all these years. It's so nice.

- I never had the chance.
- Never? You hid it from us.

Look, everyone's hovering around you.

You say 'all these years',
but we've only been friends six months.

Six months?

Okay, eight at most.
Since the book came out.

No way.

Remember three-four years ago
you were taking a holiday with Cüneyt?

A weekend trip, I think.

Korhan invited Aykut.

We planned to come
but the trip was cancelled.

You went somewhere else with Cüneyt.

We didn't meet again after that.

Then the book came out.

Korhan texted Aykut.
That's how we started seeing each other.

No, I don't remember that holiday.

- Really, that's how it was.
- I'm surprised at you.

Why? I only said what happened.

The sax keeps hitting off notes.
There's no rhythm either.

Right. Why's that?

That's what free jazz is about.

Why? Are they maniacs?

Thanks. That was "Pachanga".

This next piece is "Warbler".

Aykut, is it okay if we leave?

Sorry you didn't like it.

It's not that. Handan's falling asleep.

- Şermin, we're going.
- You're leaving? Bye then.

Fuck Şermin.

She was such a bitch to me...

the whole night long.

Handan, quiet! The kids are asleep.
Poyraz is here.

Who does she think she is?

A prophet?
Just because she wrote a book.

My phone... Where's my phone?


Let go.

Don't turn off the light.

I feel dizzy. My head's spinning.


Yes, that's me.



We don't have satellite TV.

No, it's not a good time.
I'm in bed, you lunatic.

Okay, call later.
I don't know. Evening.


- You'd better get going.
- How can I? Mom's picking me up.

Then call her.

She'll realize something's up.

Sleep and don't leave this room then.

- Okay. Is the housekeeper still here?
- I don't know. I haven't looked.

Hey, come here.

- What is it?
- I want to tell you something.

Turn that off, Kadriye.
My head's throbbing.

Mrs. Handan. I need to tell you something.

Go on.

Last night, the children...

Where are the kids?

Asleep. Aleyna may have got up.

I went into the room
while you were still out.

Oh, how can I put it?

That Poyraz.

He had Aleyna on the bed.


Well, you know.


That's disgusting!

- Is the little bastard upstairs?
- Yes.

Not in Aleyna's room, though?

No, in the guest room.

Don't tell anyone.

What a nightmare! Where's Korhan?

Out, but he said he'd be right back.

- Did you tell him?
- No.

Where are you?

Having coffee?

Come and take Poyraz home.

Don't ask why.

No, I don't want to call them.


Come on, get up.
Korhan's taking you home.


Aleyna, come out of that bathroom!

Come on!

Aleyna, come to the kitchen, will you?

Did you have fun last night?

Yes. We watched YouTube and stuff.

How about you? Did you have fun?

I got so drunk, I don't
remember half of it.

You sure drink a lot.

Yes, we overdo it sometimes.

We didn't do anything wrong.

You're too young to know right from wrong.

- Anyway, it's not your fault.
- Then why are you mad at me?

For defending him.

Just the thought of it
makes my hair stand on end.

Stop crying, come on.

Here, have some water.

Why don't I sign you
up for tennis lessons?

Maybe I can learn too
and we can play together.

What's up? Aykut was coming to get him.

I don't understand either.

Handan said he wanted to go.

That's odd.

I sent you a bunch of messages.
Didn't you get them?

I saw. These things happen.

You won't stop talking to me, huh?

Don't worry. We're not kids.

Şermin, we hear all about
what kids get up to these days.

It's everywhere.

What do you mean it's 'normal'?

We don't know what he did.

I have some advice.

Teach him now or he'll be unhappy
and unsatisfied later on.

Wise up a bit.
Writing a book isn't everything.

I'm sorry to be harsh, but I'm very upset.

Shall we meet tomorrow to talk it over?

Come over here.

- What did you do to Aleyna?
- I kissed her.


Is that all?

Damn it!

What have I done to deserve this?

What have I done wrong?
Why does everything happen to me?

Honey, what are you talking about?

I was getting you ice cream
and the dish slipped out of my hand.

Come here. Come on.

It's just as well.

Şermin bought those dishes.

We got rid of them.