Rüzgar (2018) - full transcript

At the age of 35, Ece is the assistant general manager of a company that produces baby diapers. There is a happy relationship with her lover Alper. Because of Ece, they can not get married....

Dude! Phone!

Where are you going gentlemen?


You didn’t pick up the check.

Go this way and cut him off.

What are you doing?

Give me the phone.

My dear archers,...

...from now on, we will have our...

...tactical, theoretical and
practical training...

...here in Robin infrastructure.

You will improve yourselves here...

...and find a chance to have fun.

We are opening a facility here,...

...Mr. Hound decides to grace
us with his presence now.

We are a team.

One for all and all for one.

Now you are all going to be punished
because of Hound's irresponsibility.


Robin hear me out...

I had an opportunity...

...and I took it.

This is a present for the opening.

My dear, your shift hasn't begun yet.
You shouldn't have bothered.

Never mind, chief.

I can work any time.

This is my job.

That's it!

Do you know what you are missing?

You have no souls.

You have to be creative and productive.

Take Hound as an example.

-What's that?
-We have to take Hound as an example.

Well done.

When Robin Hood steals,
he is a hero,...

...when we steal,
we are purse snatchers.

No way!

You are all heroes.

There aren't any tactics anymore.

May our new facility
bring luck to all of us.

I will announce today's regions to cover.

You don't hear anything, right?

Because he is wearing
a Goya Organic diaper.

Thanks to Goya Organic's diapers
that are made of polymer fibers...

...your baby will always feel dry...

...and you will hear that wonderful sound.

Everyone is happy with Goya Organic.

Guys, since our product has
been widely recognized,...

...we can remove the commercial, right?


Hold on a second.

If we stop airing the commercial now,...

...our sales will go down.

Therefore, we have to keep advertising.

Our product has been advertised thoroughly.
It is enough.

-Why? We have the budget for it.
-It is enough.

-It is not.
-It is enough.

-It is not.
-It is enough Alper!

It is--

I am sorry.

I am late. My meeting took too long.

But everything is going so well.

Vendors are pleased.

So are we.

Let's continue.

I have a suggestion Mr. Kerim.

Why don't we shoot a sequel...

...to the commercial Ms. Ece starred in?

Mr. Alper.

Ms. Ece can be the face of our brand.

That will be great.

My marketing team was begging me...

...to shoot a sequel.

We keep going with the same enthusiasm.

I am sorry but...

I can't be in this meeting anymore.

Nobody is asking for my opinion anyway.

Continue the meeting among yourselves.

By the way, I don't accept it.

I don't accept it.
Have a nice day.


Ruzgar, come here son.

I am coming mom.

Excuse us, we are interrupting you.

Can I take a photo of you with my son?

You must have me mistaken
for someone else.

Not at all.

Aren't you in that Goya commercial?

You are such a sweet mother.
We love you so much.

I became famous for no reason.
This is ridiculous.

-Okay then.
-Come on.

-Get over there.

-Shall I take it?

-You get in there.
-Thank you so much.

-I took two photos.
-Thank you so much.

-Hello, my name is Alper.
-My name is Kerem.

It's nice to meet you.
I like your tie.

-Do you have another offspring?

I hope we'll have an
offspring in the future.

Right, Ece?

Of course, my love.
I hope we will.

Who knows if we get lucky,...

...we can have extra offspring and give her
one of the speckled ones as a gift.

How about that?

I shouldn't bother you anymore.

We have already interrupted your meal.
Sorry. Thank you so much.

-Have a nice day.
-Have a nice day.

Why are you being so mean
in front of her?

How dare you talk to me like that?

Producing offspring?

What am I Alper? A rabbit?

I can't be happy when I see a child?

Am I not allowed to dream us...

...getting married and having children?

I am telling you it can't happen now.
Why don't you understand?

Why? You used to say
you couldn't become a mother...

...but people are already convinced
that you are. They are taking photos with you.

It is not possible.

We can't do that now because--

-Would you want some flowers?
-No, dear. Thanks.

I am not a beggar.

I am selling flowers,
so I can go to school.

We don't want flowers.
Sod off!

These roses,...

...will wither and lose their colors...

...when they see your beauty.

Cutie pie, who teaches you this stuff?

You knocked me out,
not the weather.

-Leave it. Don't talk to her.
-Stay out of it.

How much are the flowers?

Whatever your heart desires!

Guys, that kid stole your wallet.


What are you doing?
Watch out!

What the hell are you doing?

What happened?
Could you catch him?

I told you thousand times
not to pay attention to them.

Guys, who are you looking for?

Hello. We are looking for a child.

He took our phone,
wallet and ran away.

Is there a place around
here where he can hide?

We saw him running this way.

I didn't see a child.

He is this high.
He was wearing a blue t-shirt.

He had long, blond hair.

-You should go to the police.
-What police?

We should check out the
places he might hide.

There is nothing here.
Go to the police.

Let's go.

Child has come, stolen, run away,
blah blah blah...


What are these?


Hello, cute dog.

How are you?

I am a friend.
You don't need to be afraid of me.

Look what I've got.

Are you hungry?

Wait, wait.

Catch it.

Come here.

What is your name?


We are friends now, right?

Come over here Ates.

Take it.


You have such a beautiful home.

I would love to live in a place like this.

This is delicious.

We ate too much Ates.

There you go.

Bon appetit Ates.

Come on Ates.

Have you missed me?

Come here.

I am so tired Ates.
I just want to sleep.

Hasan! Hasan!

Are you there Hasan?

Yes ma'am.

Come up right away.

I think someone broke into my house.
Be quick.

I am coming.

Is he here Ates?

Where are you, Hasan?

Where are you, Hasan?

What is going on?

Leave me alone.
I was sleeping so well.

-Sod off!
-Let go!

-It hurts!
-Don't let go of him.

Let me check around to see
if he has taken anything.

Let go. Do you know who I am?

Unicef is backing me up.

I will make life very miserable for you.

Who is Unicef? Call for him
and invite him over.

Let go!

Miss Ece, should I call the police now?

This is Unicef!

-Call them up. What are you waiting for?

We laughed, cried and danced today.

Selami, whose brother in law
was missing,...

...was reunited with his loved ones.

See you tomorrow at
“We'll look for and find”. Bye.

You don't hear anything, right?

Because he is wearing
a Goya Organic diaper.

Thanks to Goya Organic's diapers that are
made of polymer fibers,...

Give me beans and rice.

Can you...

...turn it on?

Beans and rice.

For God's sake!

Can you....

...turn it on?

There is an emergency.

I won't turn it on.
It will be a waste of electricity.

Go and watch it somewhere else.

Take it and keep the change.
You'll pay your electricity bill.


Sod off!

If you come here again,
I will break your legs.

Come on!

-Go away!
-Mind your own business!

-What's up Musti?
-I am fine, how about you?

Can you turn that TV on for me?

You don't hear anything, right?

Because he is wearing
a Goya Organic diaper.

Thanks to Goya Organic's diapers
that are made of polymer fibers,...

...your baby will always feel dry,...

...and you will hear that wonderful sound.

When this phone came out,
Maradona was playing soccer.

You are humiliating me
in front of Osman.

This is older than me.

We are giving technology
seminars every month but...

...some kids just don't get it.

I didn't like this staff.

Swarthy and his partner Soda.

This is modern communications technology.

Well done.

These are not bad.
I liked these.

See them all then make up your mind.

Miss Bead, where is your buddy Hound?

-I don't know brother Robin.
-Wrong answer.

I've built the most
prestigious facility for you.

I will send you all to orphanages
and your lives will be ruined.

Is that what you want?

I am here brother Robin.
Let go of her.

Brother Robin, look!
I got a big loot.

Please. Stop doing that.

Is that okay, chief?

Well done.





I liked this kid.

I want him Robin.

We'll talk and figure out his cost.

Your brother will sell you to Osman.

I've decided to run away.

Don't be ridiculous. You'll likely
end up in the hands of gangsters.

We are already in the hands of gangsters.

Brother Robin is not a gangster.

Sometimes he treats us badly
but he is not as violent as them.

If it were up to them,
they would leave us crippled.

Do you know the man who
made Fatty Bekir beg...

...cut both of his arms?

What if Pharaoh Osman
cut both of my arms?

Maybe he only wants you to steal.

Don't run away before you find out.

I don't care about running away.

I have another dream...

...that is more beautiful than
running away.

I wish we had a family
like everyone else.

But it is not possible.

Our parents are dead.

I wish they hadn't died.

Maybe we can find a new family.

Think about it Bead,...

...the most beautiful mother,...

...a house where we can
sleep without getting cold.

A fridge that is packed full...

...and a cute dog.

Nobody would want us.
We are thieves.

We don't want to steal,...

...they want us to steal.

But I will break free.

I will have a family.
I will take you with me.

Maybe I will save
all of my friends.

We didn't want to start before you came.

Are you joking with me?

Didn't I tell you not to come here again?

I told you not to come here again!

What are you doing here?

Who is sending you here?

I am asking who is sending you here.

Here it is!

Life hit me hard.
Why don't you do the same?

Come on. Hit me.

Come, sit down.

This is what happens...

...when I don't steal anything.

What kind of a human being
did this to you?

That bastard Robin did it.

He is not a human being.

What are you waiting for?
Hit me.

It hurts.

It hurts.

Did you steal my makeup kit?

Robin is the head of our gang.

Sod off!

-Don't let me see you here ever again!
-I am not a liar. I will prove you.

Cameras do make her look fatter.

As a matter of fact, she is thinner.

How is she in her regular life?

It would be great if she wasn't
paying too much attention to me.

But we are managing.
She doesn't have any other flaw.

-Does she cook well?
-She does.

Sometimes we order in.

Is this your dream that is more
beautiful than running away?

Yes. This is it.

It is very nice.

Have you told her about us, Hound?

I’ve told her.

She is very curious about you.

I told her I would shoot you
and show it to her.

But she wants to see Robin as well.

That's why we are going
to hide the camera.

Guys, here is how it goes,...

...I will hide the camera,...

...and you will complain about me.

What are we going to say?

Tell him I will report him to the police.

Tell him that I hide goods from him
and sell them.

Soda, this is broken.

I didn't break it brother Robin.

Please don't beat me.

Son, we tell you that...

...we will rob the rich
and give it to the poor,...

...but you try to rob the
poor and give it to...

...the ones below hunger limit.
Then I become poor.

“Hound will report you to the police.”

“Hound is hiding goods from you.”

“Hound is talking behind you.”

“Hound is getting ready for a riot.”


-Yes Sir!
-To hell with your Sir!


Please don't do that.

It hurts!

It hurts please don't do that!

Help me!

Brother Robin, brother Concrete!
Please don't do that.

I swear I will steal.

I just passed out once.

That's how I found out about my disease.
You know that.

I feel fine, healthy and strong.

Maybe there is nothing wrong.

Cardiomyopathy is a sneaky disease.

Even if there aren't any symptoms,
sudden death might be inevitable.

-That is why--
-I actually know this, Ms. Nurdan.

What I really want to ask you...

...is whether I can be a mother or not?

A doctor shouldn't be telling you this.

But unfortunately, pregnancy
is very risky for you.

I am talking about a vital risk.

Your heart muscles are not...

...strong enough to support you
and the baby at the same time.

You will be in great risk.

You can die during childbirth.

You might have many
problems during pregnancy.

Would you like to buy a tissue?

I save up money for school.

There you go.

I actually know this, Ms. Nurdan.

What I really want to ask you...

...is whether I can be a mother or not?

Whoever comes back empty handed,
ends up in the darkroom.

Son, we tell you that...

...we will rob the rich
and give it to the poor,...

...but you try to rob the poor
and give it to the ones...

...below hunger limit.

I will give send you all to orphanages
and your lives...

...will be ruined.

Is that what you want?

Who is this man?

He is Robin. He is a psychopath.

I told you so.
You didn't believe me.

Get up. We are leaving.

Get up. We are going to the police.

No. You can't call the police.

Everyone will get into trouble.

Someone tried to go to the police once...

...Robin punished him big time.

If you want to watch,
there is more to it.

Get up. Come on.

-Get up, get up.

Don't talk. I told you to get up.

Osman is asking for Hound.

What does that mean?
It means I am done.

That kid is my golden ticket.

How can I give him?

It would be better
if he said he were taking...

...all the children
but letting me keep Hound.

I said we could agree on this.
What else could I say?

He will blow my brains out.

He will blow my brains out
if I don't give him Hound.

What should I do?

Get in there.

Get undressed.

I can't get undressed
when a girl is present.

Dear God!

I told you to get undressed.

I can get undressed
in some other occasions.

There you go.

-It hurts!
-Shut up.

It hurts.

What is your name?


That can't be your name.
Tell me your real name.

Hound is my nickname.

You can call me Ruzgar.


You have a beautiful name Ruzgar.

Okay then.
Tell me how you broke...

...all the locks and manage to
get inside the house?

It is tickling.

It is a professional secret.
Do I ask you the secret of your beauty?

You have a way with words.

It is tickling.

How do you know I have a secret?

There you go.

This is all I could find at this hour.

You didn't tell me anything
on the phone.

What happened?
Has your nephew come or something?

Hello, dear.


Ece, who is this?

A child.

Who is this prick?

My boyfriend.

We are still dating, right?

-Aren't we?
-We are dating.

Is this loser your boyfriend?


Who is this child?

He is a homeless child.

You picked up a child off the street?

There was a discount.
I didn't want to miss it.

I wonder what you bought.
Quit stalling.

Brother Osman, your presence
is an honour for all of us.

What do you know about honour?

You are in a great mood today.

To hell with great mood.

I put down the deposit but
there is still no sight of the man.

What man?
He is just a child.

He is calling him a man.
You are funny brother Osman.

Get up!

I need that child.

If you don't hand him
over as soon as possible,...

...I will get medieval on your ass.

I will rip your giblets.

I will break your bones,
make a soup out of them...

...and give it to stray dogs as broth.

-What do I mean?
-You would screw me.

Sod off and find me that child.

It looks great on you.

Now we deserve a great meal.

What would you like to eat?

Dirty rice with chicken.

Okay. That's enough.

-Bon appetit.
-Thank you.

Some people don't get full
even if they eat like a horse...

...others are satisfied
with a plate of rice.

Alper, who is this child?

It is hard to come to a conclusion
by what he said.

Should we go to the police?

What are we going to say?

We'll tell them we found a child.

We will talk about that dude
called Robin.

What if he has a mother and a father?

Great. They will take him back.

They haven't done that before.

Maybe they don't know
where the child is.

Why wouldn't someone
take care of his child?


...I need to tell you something about...

...having children.

I don't want to fight anymore
my love, okay?

It is a sensitive subject.

We just got back together.

Actually, we won't fight.

It would be good if we talked.

Can we do it some other night?

For the first time in a very long time,
we are not fighting while having dinner.

Let's not ruin this. Please.


Okay. We won't ruin it.

Let's give it some time.

It is getting late.
Should we get going?

Finish your rice first.

Have your second plate as well my fatty.

My cutie pie.
We'll leave after that.

-I am not eating it.
-Eat it.

-No. I won't.
-You bought it. Eat it.

No, I am no eating it.
We are leaving. Get up.

What are you doing?

Where is this Hound?

None of you knows where he is?

We really don't.

You have to know!

You are supposed to be a team.

Should I cripple you and
end your careers?

My dear children,...

...my beloved archers,...

...we are like a family.

Tell me where Hound is...

...so our family doesn't fall apart.


Anyone who finds him gets 1000 liras.

Come on.


Some kill men for 1000 liras.

You think they can't find Hound?

As soon as the gangs hear about bounty,
they will try to find you.

I think you should come back.

Maybe Robin won't get angry.


...I have a new family now.

I can't leave them.

Be patient. Hang in there.

Ece and Alper will save us all.

Really. Trust me.


...we won't talk for a while.

Take care of yourself, okay?


They will adopt me.

Will they adopt Bead as well?

Then others.

Ece and Alper must have so many friends.

If they were to adopt the others,...

...we would never be apart.

We would all have parents.

Please God.


His fever is not going down.

His temperature is up to 102.
I am so scared.

What am I going to do?

Get a fever reducer
on your way home.


My love.

Hello, what's up?

Has his fever gone down?

It hasn't. It is going up and
down between 102 and 104.

What are we going to do Alper?
I am so scared.

-He is burning up.
-I know.

Get dressed. We are going.

Where are we going?

He has no record,
no identification card.

We'll take of it.

-Get the door.
-Hold on.

Take his t-shirt.
I will bring his shoes.

He was admitted under my name.

It won't be a problem for you, right?

No. Why would it be?

I told them I would pay cash.

Civil servant at the registry
happened to be a friend of mine.

I doesn't matter
whether it is a problem or not.

Ece, doctor.

How is he doing?

He has gastroenteritis.

We provided 5% dextrose and hydration
with physiological saline solution.


The little one has diarrhea...

...due to eating too many pineapples.

But he is doing very well right now.
There is nothing to worry about.

We will discharge him soon.

-Thank you so much.
-He'll get better soon.

Thank you.


Don't say anything.
I was already scared to death.

I can't believe you.

Well done.

Why do you feed a little child
with a sack of pineapple?

He is so small.

How would I know he could
eat all that pineapple?

-He ate when I was asleep.
-You are spoiling him.

This happened because
you spoiled him.

I spoiled him?

I was the one who came
the other day...

...with a sack of clothes and made
him try them on one by one?

Maybe but you can't do
whatever a child wants.

You are destroying our authority.

It can't be this way.


-We will talk later!
-We will talk later!

Here come the pizzas.

Bon appetit.

Ruzgar, look at Ates.
He eats so funny.

Nobody has parents in our crew.

If I had parents,
brother Robin would tell us.

How do you know?

I just know.

Nobody remembers their parents.


Neither do I.

I would remember if I had parents.

Can someone ever forget his parents?

-Get up. Let's go ride a horse.


...I can't wrap my mind around this.

There are 10 children and
none of them has parents.

-What if they have?
-What if they don't?

What if what he says is true?

We will adopt him.

I mean in that case I will adopt him.

You can.

It is your legal right.

But when we get married,
we can adopt him together.

As a matter of fact,
we can have a child right away.

Maybe we'll have twins.

Then we'll have another one.
We'll score a hat trick.

We'll be a big family.

Okay. This sounds good.

I liked this plan.

I liked it.

Give it to me so I can take his photos.


He has a great personality.

He is smart as a whip.

Sometimes he might
overeat pineapples.

Be careful. Don't get angry.

Be careful?

-You spoil the child--
-What child?

What child, what child Alper?

Who are you talking about?

The child Ece spoiled.

Is he the one?

Did Ece spoil this child?

He is very cute.

Who is this child?

Who is this child Alper?

My nephew.

You don't have a sibling.

He is the grandchild of my
mother's uncle's daughter.

Give it to me.

He is so cute. Look.


...have you found the kid?

It should be Mr. Alper's nephew.
He is so cute.

He is really very cute.


Great. What is his name?



Is his father a hunter?

No. Hound is his nickname.

In the family, we call him Hound.

He runs so fast.

His real name is...


Right Ece?

-You know better.

Prepare an agreement with Ruzgar.

-Give it.
-It has been taken care of.

You have a very sweet nephew.
What can I do?

He feels dry.
You hear that wonderful sound.

I had him searched even
in refugee camps.

It is as if the earth opened its mouth
and swallowed him up.

Should we increase
the amount of the bounty?

This is Istanbul,...

...they won't only find Hound they will
also cut a man with 1000 liras.

Where the hell is he?

Did the earth open its mouth
and swallowed him?

Where the hell is he?

You don't hear anything, right?

Because my sister is wearing
a Goya Organic diaper.

Thanks to Goya Organic's diapers
that are made of polymer fibers....

...she feels dry...

...and you will hear that wonderful sound.

Nowadays, babies are so lucky.

I would have cried less
if I had had Goya Organics back then.

You will finish...

...your meal.

It is a sin, if you don't.

There are people who can't find that.

You put up with...

...constant torturing for Hound but...

...he doesn't care about you.

I will order pizza for a month to...

...the person who tells me
where Hound is.

Is it that bad?

He is having a luxurious life,
he is starring in commercials,..

...and we are being tortured
because of him.

Sweet living. It is so unfair.

Hound must have a plan.

Hang in there a little longer.

I can't stand this anymore.

While we were searching gangs,
organ mafia...

...and refugee camps...

...he is busy with becoming famous.

What the hell!

What is a purse snatcher
doing in a commercial?

Maybe his relative traced him.

Maybe he helped him out.

They are all clean.
They can't be traced.

Hound might have reported us.

No. We would have been raided already.

Did we abduct him from a fire?

No. That was Caustic.

I saved him from the fire...

...the rest of his family
was burned to ashes.

We abducted him from a hospital.

No. That was Bead.

Her mother and father had
died due to gas poisoning.

I had dressed as a
nurse and took Bead away.

Where did we find this baby?


...his parents were killed.

Remember? We had stolen Hound.

I remembered.

His parents were dead.

We took him in,
we gave him a career,...

...we made him decent...

...then a stranger will come and
be a free rider.

Not a chance!

Concrete, there is good money
in commercials, right?

Of course, there is.

Should we have the other kids
act in some series?

We have to take care of it
before Osman stars bothering us.

I will go and check out that
company called Goya.

Maybe we'll find a lead.

Have a nice day.

My son insists on meeting...

...the woman and that child
who starred in the commercial.

He is being a kid.

I want their autographs.

We don't have any autography here.
I am sorry, dear.

How can we get in touch
with the actors?

Actually, they are not actors.

Miss Ece is our assistant general manager,...

...Ruzgar is Mr. Alper’s nephew. Mr. Alper
happens to be our financial director.

-The little one who played in the commercial.

-His name is Ruzgar.

-He is the nephew of the manager.

Miss Ece is busy but here is Mr. Alper...

...look, there he is.

Mr. Alper.

-Can I have a moment with you?

Sure. What is it about?

It is about Hound...

...or your so called nephew, Ruzgar.

I am the mother, father, uncle...

...and all of the relatives of Hound.

You said he was your nephew
but I don't know you.

Cut to the chase.

You either give the boy back or
we charge you for his edification.

You must be Robin.

What is his price?

250 thousand.

Let me remind you,
in case you don't know...

...trafficking children is
an international crime.

We except cash.

Get the hell out of here.

Get up and leave.

Leave before I call the police.

Get up.

Get up.

This was the discounted price.

Next time, it won't be this cheap.

Get out.


Yes, I am listening.

Sit down Ece.

Why are you being mysterious?

Robin came.


He said, “You either give Ruzgar back
or I want 250 thousand liras.”

I got rid of him.

But he will be back.

Why did you snap at him?
We would have gathered that money.

What was I supposed to do?

You'll give them an inch
and they will take a mile.

We have to pursue this matter
through legal channels.

What are those legal channels?

We'll go to the police.

We will mobilize all the
lawyers of the company.

Robin will end up in prison
before he knows it.

It will take too long. No way.

Is there another way?

Yes, there is.


I know what to do.

You'll get your money
when the job is done.


You are ready, right?

You will be handling the hard part.

This job will bring us a lot of money.

They will make me a partner.
A partner!

You can't just grab a child and
come to us with an adoption request.

There are laws, rules and
methods to do this properly.

Is he a cat?

Actually, I was hoping you
could be more understanding...

...and try to help us out but...

...you've been repeating yourselves.

We can't help you
if we don't know who he is.

He is probably not even
registered in social services.

You should go to the police.

This is all I can do.


I get it. Thank you.

Alper sent a message.

Ruzgar's mother and father
are on TV right now.

You need to get back to the office.

I can never forget that day.

I was reading Quran
in the living room.

Just as I finished the second 40 pages...

...all of a sudden, a voice echoed
in my ear and said “Mother!”.

I thought it was supernatural.


...I saw...

...my son.

He is walking towards me
with his pigeon toes.

He opened his arms and
called me mother...

...while looking me in the eyes.

We didn't have a child.

Heaven only knows why...

...we didn't have a child.

That's why we adopted Samet.

He brought us joy...

...he put a smile on our faces.

But now...

...that company called Goya...

...stole him from us.

May God damn you!

Where are you, my Samet?

My Samet!

Bring me my Samet!

Bring me my child!

What happened then?

Our Samet got lost.

We looked everywhere for him.

When we saw him in that commercial,
we were shocked.

Managers of the company...

...have kidnapped our son and
made him star in a commercial.

-Excuse me, can I ask you something?

How can you prove
Samet is your son?


My son!

I checked all the documents
before the show.

I searched this case thoroughly
due to our broadcasting principles.

This child, Samet Aslan...

...is legally the son of
Elif and Ali Aslan.

Can I ask you something?

Of course, Miss Nurten. Go ahead.

This child could have ended up
on the streets.

He could have been a purse snatcher.

These people have done a great deed.

Now it is time to do our parts.

Don't let anyone buy...

...Goya diapers.

May God damn that
company called Goya.

-That's how Robin scores.
-Aslan family claims...

...that their son has
been kidnapped by...

...managers of Goya,
Ece Pulat and Alper Sirin.

This video--

I don't want to hear anything Alper!

I don't want to hear anything.

I can't believe you.

You tricked me into thinking
that child was your nephew.

You didn't really kidnap
that child, did you?

Of course not, Mr. Kerim.

We are number one in twitter with
child trafficker hashtag.

A boycott started in social media...

...vendors are waiting in line
to return our products.

How are you going to clean up this mess?

I am in a meeting...

...I get it.
Okay. I will send it.

Police is here.

Samet's mother is downstairs.

She wants to take the kid.

Mr. Kerim, his name is Ruzgar
not Samet.

They are not his parents.

There has been a misunderstanding.


That boy's name is Samet!

They are his parents.

-Did you get it?
-They are Robin's men.

My real parents are Ece and Alper.

-Ruzgar, come with me.
-Ece, please don't leave me.


...I love you like my own children.

But you can't come back to this company
until everything is sorted out.

Bring me your resignation letters.


We are leaving. Come.

Please don't let me go with them.

Adopt me.

I won't make a mess in the house.

I won't sleep next to you either.

Please don't let me go.

Look, listen to me carefully now.

I promise I will save you.

But we need some time.

You have to believe me.


You will be my child.

-We have to be patient now.
-No, we don't.

I want to be your child.

I love you so much.

Ece, come on my love.

Samet! My son!

Let go of me.
My name is Ruzgar not Samet.

Please don't let them leave.
They are children traffickers.

I have videos of them torturing children.
I can show you.

You are making a huge mistake.

Save it for the court.

Didn't they feed you?

You look like a stick figure.

His price went up to 1 million.

Wasn't this your girlfriend's address?

I will come there to pick up the money.

You shouldn’t have bothered.

You won't get a dime.

His price went up
after he became famous.

I can sell him for a higher price.

You made my boy a golden ticket.

Thank you.


...go to that address I told you...

...gather all the DVDs, VCDs,...

...laptops and tablets.

Come on.

Mr. Alper and Miss Ece,
we need to take your statements.

That man is a lunatic!

I have videos of him torturing children.

Why don't you want to understand?

Why didn't you come before?

We thought he might harm the child.

After all, they are criminals.

By the way, let me tell you...

...that woman can't be Ruzgar's mother.

They force him to steal.

They have his custody.
We can't do anything.

But bring the videos you have...

...then you will take it to the court.

We took our first step into the empire...

...with this last operation.

What is that?

We took our first step into the empire.


...tried to double-cross us in his own way.

But we didn't buy it.


Because we have a very strong defence.

What is that?

We have a strong defence.

From now on...

...if anyone thinks about running away,...

...I will show no mercy.


Hound, you are a star from now on.

You will live in a different place now.

Your official parents are...

...Concrete and Ezo Gelin.

We had taken this precaution at one time.

Come on,...

...kiss your parents' hands.


...you, too.

Alper, Ruzgar is here.


Ruzgar, where are you?

Ruzgar, where are you?

We are here.
Get out.

No, Ece.
He is not Ruzgar.

Robin's men have stolen the videos.

What are we going to do?

What are we going to do?

My worst nightmare has become real.

My worst nightmare has become real.

My worst nightmare has become real.

-My worst nightmare has become real.
-What nightmare?

What nightmare?

What nightmare?

I have this condition Alper.

How come?

Is it serious?


It is a heart muscle disease.

I found out about it a while ago.

If I get pregnant,...

...I might die...

...before or during...


Just like my mother.

I couldn't even take care of a child...

...I didn't give birth to.

I couldn't take care of him.


Alright. How long...

How long have you known about this?

It has been six months.


-...did you--
-I tried to tell you.


I tried a few times.

I tried but I couldn't.

I couldn't.

You are selfish.

Alper, I love you so much.

Try to understand me.

I am trying to understand you.

I am trying to understand
why we fight every other day.

You make a foul out of me
instead of explaining this situation.

I tried.

What did you try?

You don't try explaining a heart disease.

You explain it.
Do you get it?

Then we would look for a solution.


You took off, bro!

What was I supposed to do?

My heart was broken.

She is sick!

You heart is broken.
You can't just leave like that?

Give me a break.

It happened.

I am calling her but
she doesn't pick up.

God knows how devastated she must be.

Why doesn’t she talk to anyone?

She needs to take care
of everything by herself.

Ece is on one side...

Ruzgar is on the other...

...not to mention Goya...

...I am out of solutions.

Eat something.
You have been playing with your food.

I won't eat it.

If you don't go live on air,...

...that precious Ece and Alper
of yours will end up just like this.

You will only do it once...

...then we'll get back to
our regular lives.



Well done.

When I saw Samet
in front of the company...

...I called out his name
and hugged him.

I don't remember the rest.
I passed out.


...we didn't hear your
side of this tragic story.

Can you share it with us?

How did they kidnap you?

How did they make you star
in that TV commercial?

We are listening to you.

If you don't go live on air...

...Ece and Alper will end up just like this.

Turn on the TV. Ruzgar is the guest of
“We look for and find!”.

The ones who kidnapped me...

...told me they would torture me
if I didn't star in that commercial.

Who said that?


Ece and Alper.

Assistant general manager
and financial director of Goya Diapers.

Did we get it right?

They said they were very rich
and my family...

...wouldn't be able to handle them
and therefore, break apart.

Then they tortured me and forced me
to star in that TV commercial.

It is unbelievable.

Come on. Come and break us apart.

I am here. I am standing
strong with my children.

If you can, come and break us apart!

Hasan, throw these away, okay?

Good luck.

Have a good day at work!

You achieved something
very important today.

That is why I will pay you more.

Take this Ezo Gelin and
get some rest.

Thank you, Robin.

Thank you.

What are we going to
say to Pharaoh Osman?

Boy's price went up.

I won't give him up for anything less.

Take this to Osman.

We are making a substantial
amount of down payment.

Tell him he is in jail...

...and that we won't do it again.
Please do me a favour, blah blah blah.

What if he has seen the show
or the commercial?

We'll say he just got into prison.

Come back after you give him the money.
We'll celebrate together.

Did you really watch the show?
I don't get it.

Didn't you hear what Ruzgar said?

I've heard. That's why I am angry.

He is of the same mind as them.

We've been played.

How much of it have you seen?

I've seen the part where
he put us to shame.

You didn't hear the part where
he talked about pineapple.

What pineapple?


How did they torture you?

They made me eat pineapple!

That's the torture?

Yes, it was brutal.

I ate pineapple for days.

I was telling them I couldn't eat anymore
but they were forcing me to eat more.

They would say,
“No, you have to eat.”

Ece was bringing 10 pineapples every day.

Those savages made my
Samet eat pineapple.

I will never forget those
pineapples, Ece and Alper.

If you have the courage, come.

Come and find me.
Come on! Find me!

That's enough, son.

Why would they find us out of the blue?

He is shocked due to eating
too many pineapples.

I rushed to the TV channel
to see Ruzgar...

...as soon as the show was over.

I saw him.
He tried to tell me something.

They hurried him.

Could you hear what he said?

As far as I could understand...

...they threatened him with us.

He got scared.
It is perfectly normal.

He would be scared.

Many thoughts crossed my mind.

He did it out of fear.


...I am glad you came.

How are you?

I am fine now.

I feel better now that you are here.


I am fine.

I got fired.
Just like you.

I became a child trafficker.
Just like you.

Ruzgar is gone.

I am great.
That takes the cake.

Perfect score.


...don't know what we can do.

I have no idea how to get out of this.

Let's save Ruzgar first,...

...then we'll see what we can do.

Yes, we'll save Ruzgar.


Could you have seen this child?

Have you seen this child?

-He is this high.

Let me zoom in.
Take a good look at him.

Have you seen him?

I don't know him.

Badi, stop.

That is Hound's mother.
Let's give her wallet back.

I don't care.

This woman can save us.

We are sorry Ece.

This idiot didn't realize
you were Hound's mother.

I am sorry Ece.

Come, sit down.

Where is Hound?

Robin threw him into jail.

He has the key.

Nobody else can get in.

Where is Robin?

What's going on?
Are you looking for someone?


You misunderstood.
I was just looking around.

It is very beautiful.


Damn it!

Damn your charger, Alper!

Hello handsome!

Is this seat available?
All the tables are full.

You can have...

...all the seats in the world.

Sit down.

Mind your own business!

My son,...

...crack a bottle for me.

No, I won't drink tonight.

You will, you will.

Fill up a glass. Otherwise,
you can't pour your heart out.


I know you from somewhere.
Where do I know you from?

I will remember now.

Where do I know you from?


I've seen you in Paris.

Trade fair?

That also counts as a trade fair.

I was crazy about your voice.

You used to drink raki
without water.

Do you steal work at
Paris night club?

No, I don't hang out at
places like that anymore.

I've been focused on
my album nowadays.

Let's drink to our
personal achievements.

-Let's drink.
-Bottoms up.


What is your line of work, handsome?

I am an emperor.

How come?

Are we talking about the same emperor?

Horses, messengers, archers...

There are messengers and archers.

I will get the horses later.

These Kadikoy streets belong to me.

I have 10 soldiers and 2 officers.

Do you need an empress...

...in your beautiful empire?

I do.

Should I crown you...

...with an empress tiara?

I don’t know what to say.

What if it gets dangerous?

I am the only danger in here.

Come on, get up.

Let me show you my palace.

Come on.

You need to have a leadership
quality like me...

...if you want to build an empire.

I've found Robin.
I am going to Aynali music hall.

I will show you that strong
leader soon enough.

They are not letting us have fun.

I told you.
It is album related stuff.

Whoever hears about it gives me a call.
They can't resist.

I turned it off.

Tell me how...

...you built this splendent empire?

It all started when I was in
custody one night.

My father slit my mother's
and 4 siblings' throats...

...and chained himself to
the door.

You had a long start to the journey.

The rest of the story is even longer.

Would you like to take a drink?

No, I won't drink.

You will, you will.


I am looking for someone called Robin.

Has Robin not arrived?

He came then left with a woman.

This guy is also asking for Robin.


I have 1000 watches.

I was told that I needed to find Robin,
if I want to get them sold.

They told me he could help me.

If we agree, we split in half.

That's on me.

It looked swanky, right?

It looked good on you.

Let's have a drink
then we'll head out.

Your father killed yourself.

I thought it was a suicide.

Because he chained himself to the door
after he burned the house.

Why did he chain himself to the door?

He probably didn't want
anyone to escape.

That's what I would do.

He inherited insanity
from his father.

Do you have a wish, my empress?

Why don't we...

...wrap up the palace tour and...

...proceed with the coronation?

How did you like my palace, my empress?


Come and I will show you
the spoonmaker's diamond.

Show me.

Nobody can name his price.

Okay. You've seen everything.

Not it is the time for coronation.

I will show you
my most precious treasure.

It is time to crown the empress.

Ruzgar. Wake up. Come on.



-You are real.
-Of course.

I told you I was going to save you.

This is where we hang out.

Is Robin here?

Robin must be here.

I mean he must be around.


What the hell is going on in here?

Ruzgar! Run away!

You've got no business here.
Sod off!

You've got no business here.
Sod off!

Sod off!

Alper come.

Sod off!

You were going to frame me, huh?

Get inside.

Give me the bag.

Give me the bag.

Give it.


Give it.

Be smart.

If it weren't for the child,...

...I would make you pay for this.


What happened to you?



What the hell is going on?

Open it!

Open the door, damn it!

I was on top of him,
holding him down.

Why don't you run away?

I don't get it.

I won't leave you behind.

You could have called the police.


What are you doing here?

How many times did I tell you to go?
What are you doing?

I won't go anywhere without you.

You could have brought the police.

I just had a dejavu.

So did I.

We can't open this lock
without a key.

Okay Ruzgar.
You run...

...and inform the police.
Tell them everything.

Which cop would listen to him?
Look at him.

Would they believe a word he says?

Why wouldn't the police
take him seriously?

Why would they?
He is just a child.

He will tell them about us.

Can he believe when he sees him?

-Don't shout.

-I am not shouting.

Robin who is a leader of
a purse snatching gang...

...is holding me and my girlfriend
against our will...

-...in a desserted place.
-Deserted, deserted.

He is holding us against our will in a
deserted place and...

...threatening to kill us.

As you can see,
we are locked here.

Please trust this child
who brought you this video...

...and save us from here.

By the way, they have sharp
objects and can kill us.

Please come and help us.
Thank you.

Hound, you are through!

As a matter of fact,
you are through, Robin!

Didn't you give the money?

Osman wasn't there.
I thought I would give it later.

Just to be on the safe side.

Well done.
Now they are going to screw us.

Brother Osman.

What is going on with you?

Should I pluck you?

You do that.

There goes your employee.

I saw him as well.
He was that child.

If you do wrong,
I will burn this place.

Catch him!


Brother Osman...

...I've got this. Okay?
Don't do anything.

You deal with the couple...

...I'll take care of the rest.

How much did you make
from that TV show?

It is nothing compared to the money...

...we are going to get from
that company called Goya.

We'll flip around 2 million.

Have you found him?

No. He has run away.
We can't find him anymore.

Tell everyone to get back to the station.

Would you like to have
some tea or coffee?

Take a seat.
Let me get you--

Robin who is a leader of a
purse snatching gang...

...is holding me and my girlfriend
against our will...

-...in a desserted place.
-Deserted, deserted.

He is holding us against our will in a
deserted place and...

...threatening to kill us.

As you can see, we
are locked here.

My father used to walk by...

...my mother's house every
morning on his way to work.

My mother would wait by the window
until he passes by.


What a love!

-How long did it last?
-2 years.

Finally, my father noticed my mother.

They got married...

...I came...

...my mother left.

You've never told me this before.

Every night,...

...my father would read me
the lines my mother wrote.

I got to know my mother with
the ink stains she left behind.

I am not as courageous as her.

I can't give you the family...

...you've dreamed of.

But if you are interested,...

...I can give you my love forever.


...first of all, I love you.


Let's agree on this.

I love you. Okay?

We don't have to have children.

There are millions of people
in this world.

Once we get out of
this ridiculous place,...

...we can adopt Ruzgar.
How about that?

Are you sure?

I am sure.

Look at me.

I want to start a family with you.

I want to raise a child with you.

I want him to call us
mother and father.


...want you.

Will you marry me?


Yes, yes, yes.

What if the company doesn't pay?

Their prestige is on the line.

They will shoot a sequel for Hound.

To clear their name.

They might even give 5 million for that.

Wouldn't you do the same?

I would.

Don't you worry!

I will gather everyone
and find Hound tomorrow.

This will be over in 2 days.

Splurge on food!

Splurge on food!

Get a hold of yourself!

Get up and dance.

Put your hands up and surrender!
It is the police!

Oh no! Cops!

-Take them.
-Where did they come from?

-Take them.
-We are screwed.

-Don't move!
-Turn around.

Stop, stop, stop.
Where are you going?

-Thank you so much.
-You are welcome. It is our job.

Are you alright?

Are you a hero?

Are you a hero?

You are our brave savour.

-Well done.
-Run, run, run.

We've made it.

It is unbelievable.

Nothing is unbelievable.
Believe it.

We've made it all together.

Number 1 Sukru.
Run, run, run.

Number 2 Murat.

Number 3 Serkan.

Number 4 Volkan.

Number 5 Seyhan.

Number 6 Birol.

Number 7 Halil.

Number 8 Belcim.

Number 9 Omer.

Number 10 Ruzgar.

You got the same birthday
date for all of them.

Yes. I did it on purpose.

10 children mean 10 birthday parties.

We will take care of it all at once.

We need to budget.

You were the one who wanted
to start a big family.

Yes, I want children and
start a family but...

...we started a soccer club, right?

We really are a soccer club.

Don't complain, Alper.
Don't complain.

You have been through so much.
Be thankful.

We are being thankful.
We are not complaining.

Here comes our cake.

It is huge.

It has our names on it.

Let's take a photo.

Come on. Let's take it.

Are we ready?

-We are ready!

Here I go.




My new family!