Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen (2015) - full transcript

Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen (2015) is about the story of Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen who love derby race want to do the last battle with Yakuza guys.

Resync by zannetmovies

English subtitles by
Naoyuki Usui & Richard Lormand

VOB Ripper by zdzdz

OCR Rip by melyanto@IDWS



Put on a jacket.
The neighbors can see.

You might be proud, but...

He's right.
Think of our reputation.

Think about Kosuke.

How could you meet his teacher
like that'?

He must have been shocked.

I said I got this Hawaiian shirt
on a trip to Hawaii.

A Hawaiian shirt
beneath an undershirt?

All the young dudes do!

Those are foreign tattoos.

It's just fashion by imitation.

Imitating foreigners?

I saw a foreigner on TV
who had Japanese tattoos.

Head Office on his right arm
and Toilet on his left.

They think kanji looks cool
without knowing the meaning.

We wear it with commitment!

And your fingers?

The tattoos and fingers
make it obvious you're yakuza.

Why don't you get prosthetic fingers?

What's gone is gone, right?

I don't want to live a lie,
do I?

So why tell Kosuke you lost it

due to too much nail-biting as a kid?

I was joking!

A joke?

"Grandpa can't swim straight."

“He lost a swim meet by a finger?"

Stop saying those things.

I see.

It's summer vacation.

We're going to Satoko's folks
for a week.

Watch the house.

Feed the goldfish and finches.

In case you need something...

You can order food.

See you.

Counting on you.

What reputation?

Who does she think she is
with that flabby belly?

What a cow!

They don't realize
how much they owe me!

I would have cut them back then,

Can you spare a ball?

You asked for a ball?

You've got two balls in your pants.
Use one!

Don't kid me!

Play this machine.
It's not a winner.

Thank you.

I hit the jackpot!

Spare me some balls.

You have two of your own.

You hit the jackpot with my balls,
didn't you?

I got the touch, old man.

Don't be jealous. Stop whining.

Who do you think I am, punk?

They called me Ryuzo the Demon.

Even the toughest thugs
cringed when hearing my name.

Somebody help me!

He's stealing my balls!

Hold it, old man.

Don't embarrass yourself.

Stop acting like a burn.

Get out if you have no money.

I have money.
He started it.

Whatever happened to
sense of duty and empathy?


Hey, Masa! Let's grab a bite.

I'll be at the park
in front of the station, bro.


Now what? The park's no good?

Hello, Dad. It's me.

Is that you, Ryuhei?

Right. I'm Ryuhei.

You sound strange.

I have a cold.

Aren't you on the way
to Satoko's folks?

For work, I need to deliver
5 million yen to a client.

I left the cash on the train.

Five million?

Have you called everyone?

I must deliver that money.

What do I do, Dad?

I don't know.

The money is probably gone.

Hold on. I'll pass the phone
to my superior, Mr. Nakayama.

- Ryuhei's father?
- Yes.

I'm Nakayama, division manager.

Thank you for supporting my son.

It's okay.

Would you be able
to front that cash for us?

It could be a liability issue.

Ryuhei might get fired.


5 million?

I don't have that kind of money.

Let me look around.

Maybe I can scrounge up half a million.

Is that enough?

No cards?

Cards? I got Aota and Kawakami
of the Giants,

but not Mizuhara.

Not baseball cards.
I mean bank cards.

Why would I need those?

You don't?
Then we're in trouble.

Well, bring the half million

and any other valuables.

We're waiting.


Where's the most convenient?

The small park at the station.

Which station?

Sumigaya Station.

Our rep Tamura will be there

wearing a gray suit
and holding a magazine.

He will take care of it.

Ryuhei will be too busy
following up with the police.


Are you Tamura?

Ryuhei's dad'?

I brought the half million.
Nothing else.

Whatever you could bring
will suffice.

We'll let you know.

A alligator-skin leather belt
with a gold buckle.

Here's some memorial coins
celebrating the Emperor's enthronement.

I got them from my boss.

I don't use this anymore.

My family crest.

It's platinum.

Platinum is for executives.

You need to kill at least one guy
to earn it.

It's worth 50-60 thousand.

The coins between 100 and 200 thousand.

What's going on, bro.

Just a minute.


Who is this guy?

He's with my son.

My son lost some company money.

It's a big deal.

I'm compensating the company
through this man.

Exchanging money out here?

Hey! You bastard.

Are you trying to con my bro?

Masa, Stop!

Don't speak
to my son's colleague like that!

Sorry, I lost my temper.

Don't be offended.

He didn't mean any harm.

I'm retired
and I don't have much money.

But if my son gets fired,

I will lose face.

Can you forgive my son's mistake
with this?

What's that for?


Finger cutting is my last resort!

What a father!

Where are you going?

I'm cutting my finger, dammit.

- He told you to wait.
- It's okay now.

What's okay?

Don't make me lose face.
You wanna lose a finger?

He knows nothing about
our code of ethics.

Times have really changed.

Old school yakuza are extinct.

We are lucky to be retired

and out of the business.

Remember Mokichi?

He still makes a living
as a petty con artist.

What kind of jobs?

He poses as a helpless rich guy
and begs for handouts.

"I can't find my chauffeur."

“Please lend me taxi fare."

That kind of stuff.

Mokichi the Toilet Assassin.
What a bad-ass!

He waited for the enemy
in the sewage pit.

When the guy squatted,

he thrust from below!

Shit out of luck!

Don't say "shit" in a restaurant!
Watch your language!

Back to Mokichi...

He made his granddaughter work
at a nightclub to support him.

We should check out the old turf.


What would you like?

1,000 if it's Soba.

1,000 if Udon.

Soba with Tempura Bits.

You're still good at betting.


The right guess wins.
Two chances.

I'll start.
Curry Udon or Tempura Bits Soba.

Cold Tempura Soba or Hot Tempura Soba.

Two Cold Tempura Sobas.

Two Cold Tempura Sobas!


College boy!

Don't get cocky and order Tempura
when you have no money.

You look too plain to afford Tempura.

You just want to screw that chick,

Chick, you let him screw you
for a Tempura Soba?

Anal for a super-sized portion?

- Take it easy, bro.
- Shut up!

Should we go?



A shabby old fart.
I bet he'll only have Soba.

No, Fried Tofu Udon.

What will it be?
Do I want Soba?

Udon is easier to digest.

I'll double my bet.


What can I get you?

Make up your mind, old fart!

Okay. I'll have Pork Cutlet on Rice.

Pork Cutlet on Rice.


You're too old for Pork Cutlet,
old fart!

Why so many calories?

Sirs, I have to ask you to leave.

Hey! No one uses a sword
better than me.

Let's go, bro.

- That's enough.
- Let's do it!

Enough already.

Bring it on!

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Here's my card.

There he goes again.

My chauffeur seems to be lost.
He hasn't shown up.

Can I borrow 2,000 yen?
I'll repay you double.

Hey you! At it again?

Give me your money.

What money?

I know you have some.

What you want?

Shut up. Stop bullying an old man.

Are you messing with us, old farts?

What about it, brat?

What did you say?

Wait till you see.

Show them, bro.

So you're yakuza.
No one's afraid of yakuza anymore.

Get cocky and I'll have you picked up.


Long time no see.

Beat it.

The cops... Let's go.

What were you doing?


Don't bro me.

We owed him a visit.

Those punks harassed him.

You disbanded your family, Mokichi.

You should lay low.

I know but...

Let's have drinks.

Are you buying?

For a change.
You got time, right?

They call themselves Keihin United?

Yes. They're a pain because
we can't easily bust them like yakuza.

Former biker-gang members like them

sell drugs, pull scams.

They do what they want.

Still in touch with your old buddies?

Well, I hang out with Masa now and then.

Mokichi, a long time.

Exchanging New Year greetings is
about all with the other guys.

I wonder how they are doing.

You know what?
Yakuza are like baseball players.

It's nice when you play.
Miserable when you retire.

Act your age, guys

Don't get reckless.

The police are still touchy
about yakuza.

Hey, put it on my tab.


I feel like seeing our old buddies.

Me too.

Intimidated by old farts?

I'm sorry.

Old farts?

What is it?

Some old farts interfered with
my job recently too.

Who are they?

Ex-yakuza or so they said.

Don't wimp out on yakuza
in this day and age.

Hey, Sasaki!

How much did we earn last month?

It's getting harder

due to those anti-fraud campaigns.


What are you looking at?

I'll cut off your Weenies!

Who's Yoshio Watanabe?

Wasn't he called Mac?


A big fan of Steve McQueen.

A gunslinger who said:
“Call me Mac.'

Oh, him.

He was Yoshio Watanabe?

What kind of handwriting is this?

Someone surely wrote it for him.

"How are you?'

Worry about yourself, moron.

Should we write to him?

What should I write?

How about getting together
again with old buddies?

Let's start with that.

Then let's go to a bathhouse
and scrub our backs.

Our hangout was the Plum Bathhouse.

That sounds like a homo love letter.

Shut up.

Where should we meet?

The easiest place would be
at Mr. Saigo's statue in Ueno.

It's Tokyo Skytree these days.

That's no good.
Too many people.

Better Saigo's statue.

Speaking of Saigo,
what about our bet, bro?

What bet?

On whether he had a topknot
or a shaved head.

You bet he had a topknot
and I bet his head was shaved.

It escalated into an argument
because we were drunk.

Next day,
we checked out the statue.

And he had a topknot.

Then the topknot chirped and flew away!

It was a pigeon.

A pigeon sitting on his head
looked like a topknot from afar.

Don't be fussy
about winning a 10 thousand yen bet.

Get well soon.

Yoshio, stop waving that toy.

You fool, it's real.

I told you to call me Mac.

Don't be rude, Mr. Mac.

What are you doing, pervert?

Who's this Hideo lshida?

Remember Hide the Six Inch Nail?

He was a bad-ass.

With the throw of a nail,
he could put out a lit cigarette.

You shouldn't smoke!

Who's Masaki Suzuki?

An old classmate.

You went to school, bro?

I did.

That juvenile reform school, right?

Shut up.
It's a corrective institution.

- Mr. Takanori !
- Yes.

- We have a letter for you.
- Yeah?

It's addressed to
"Taka the Razor Slasher.'

Taka the Razor Slasher?
Yes, that's me.

When I held a razor,

I'd never miss my prey.

I'd cut each and every throat.

Let's have a drink.

No snacks?


Don't be so needy. Hang on,

I'll return to the office.
I understand.

Trouble at the office.
I have to go back.


You two enjoy your stay.

Where's Kosuke?

What are you doing, Kosuke?
Don't go in there.

It turns out I must return to work.


Stop Food Fraud!

No More Corporate Greed!

How can we apologize to
those who died for our country?

Does your father have contacts?
This began yesterday.

Hold on...
What do you know about my father?

He's in a certain business.

A long time ago!

Don't tell the CEO.

I'll get fired if they know.

Besides, I never told my father
where I work.

What's going on, Dad?


I invited some friends.

Some friends?

These guys are your old yakuza friends.

Passed-out drunk yakuza in my house?

Get out.
I can't take it anymore.

Dad, where are the finches?

They flew away during feeding.

What's this?

It's yakitori.

You ate them!

This yakitori had heads and legs!

What will little Kosuke say?

Get out.

You trouble Kosuke enough as is.

Get out?
This is my house.


It's in my name
and I pay the mortgage.

Are you his son?

Here's my card.
My chauffeur got lost and...

Stop it!

I'm Masa.

I don't care.

I don't want yakuza in my house.

I got it. Let's go.

We'll go to my house, bro.

Boy, you're an ungrateful brat!

Me, ungrateful?

What nerve!
You have no right.

Everything you put me through?

Easy there.

Excuse me, could you lend me
2,000 for train fare?

Stop it!

- Hey.
- What?

Don't steal umbrellas.

You still live in that complex?


The only residents left
are doomed old folks like me.

I had a wife and kids.

But they left and now I'm alone.

Some old hag helped me apply
for welfare benefits.

I barely get by with that money.

You're lucky.

Family is nothing but trouble.

Who's that?

Is that Hide the Six Inch Nail?




How's it going, man?

I have a problem here.
I'm still in a hospital.

Fortunately my son and his family
take good care of me.

What does your son do?

He works for the Kumamoto Police.

I'd prefer a yakuza family
to a cop for a son!

You bet!

That guy with the cane.
Isn't he lchizo?

I saw him cut down many
with that sword cane.

That was awesome.

What is he doing?

Is that a cigarette butt?

Pathetic bastard!

Is that Mac?

Looks like rocker Yuya Uchida.

Is he holding a gun?

Taka, tell him to hide it.


His hands are shaky.

Put that thing in your pocket, bro.

After brother Ryuzo's letter...

I just had to come.

Alright, alright. This way.

Hey, Ryuzo!

Who is it?

You don't remember me?
I'm Koji from junior high.

- Koji?
- Yes.

The meth addict?

Don't be silly.

Not meth head Koji.
I'm Koji Hashimoto.

I was student president
our junior year.

Nice to see you.

Long time no see.
I'm Masao, remember?

You sold the school rabbit
to a food vendor at a festival.

I was blamed.

Don't remind me.

This is starting to look
like your school reunion, bro.

Isn't it a school reunion?

I heard Mr. Yoshida would come
all the way from Saitama.

- The teacher is still alive?
- Yeah.

He's 100!


We have a problem.

I didn't check the names.

You invited my old classmates.

You made a mess.

Sorry, but we have a bigger problem.

Plum Bathhouse closed own.

What'? That's terrible.

Let's go see anyway.

Let's go.

Ryuzo's classmates...

Here's my card.

My chauffeur hasn't shown up...

Could you kindly lend me
2,000 for train fare?

We don't have money.

Feeling alright, Mr. Yoshida?

Isn't it great
to see your former students?

They were open last month.

The owner was a good guy.
His son and stepdaughter were scammed.

It seems Keihin United does land deals
around here.

What is Keihin United?

The detective mentioned them.

They're a group of ex-biker gangs
who control this area.

Hey, move along.

This is private property.

It's closed.

Old fart.

Careful what you say
about Keihin United.

You know this guy, bro?

I don't know scumbags.

Don't mess with us.

Run along home, boys.
You might get hurt.

Calling us boys?

See what I'm holding, assholes.

I'll kill you all!

These guys are crazy!

Give us beers!


We could have easily taken them.

Of course!

We killed our enemies for years.

The townsfolk used to shake
at the sight of you guys.

Listen. Let's put together
a new family

and get rid of those punks.


That may be the only way
we can pursue our calling.

Like in Seven Samurai.

More like Bonnie 81 Clyde.

Or that movie Graveyard of Honor.

Or 73 Assassins.

And 23 Eyes.

You mean 24 Eyes.

23 eyes won't pair up!

If we had a family,
who would be boss?

Most of us were equal brothers
with Families of our own.


How to decide?

We can't do paper-rock-scissors.

Bidding is no good.
We're all broke.

How about shoot-outs?

Then we'll all be dead.

Here's the deal: a point system.

10 for murder,
5 for assault & battery,

2 for fraud
and 1 per year in prison.

The highest score determines boss.

The second, lieutenant.

The rest, henchmen. Deal?



Brother Dojima would be on top.
3 murders.

He's sewing a life sentence.

He goes into our Hall of Fame.

Makes sense.
Your score, Masa?

1 murder,
4 assault & battery...

16 years in prison.

- '10 for murder, 3 assault...
- 4 assault.

4? That makes 20.
Prison, 16 years.

That makes...


It's 46.
Don't try counting, Mokichi.

I'll take notes.

Yeah, you do that.
So I got 46.

46 points for brother Masa.

- Mokichi?
- 1 homicide.

10 points.

I got 5 frauds.

Prison, 8 years.

20 points.

30 frauds without arrest.

- Doesn't count... 28 points.
- 28 for Mokichi.

I murdered 4 or 5 guys.

You can't take credit
for those committed by your henchmen!

You pleaded innocent when arrested.

That's no good. No points.

How many murders?

I slashed many, but no actual kills.

That's assault. How many?

4 or 5. Maybe 5 or 6.

30 points then.

- Prison?
- '10 years.

That makes 40.

- Got that?
- 40.

Your turn, bro.

20 for 2 murders.

3 assault. That makes 35.

Prison, 20 years. That's 55.

55, it is.

55 points.

Here are the scores.

I'll start with Ryuzo.
2 livers, 3 hearts, 20 cartilages.


I don't want others to understand.

Murder is liver, assault is heart.

Sounds like our food order!


46 points for Masa.
28 for Mokichi.

40 for lchizo.
55 for Ryuzo.

36 for Taka.
26 for Mac.

And 20 for Hide.

That means brother Ryuzo
will be boss with 55 points.

And I'm lieutenant with 46 points.

- Do you guys agree to be henchmen?
- Yes.

It's a point system,

If you score more points,
you can go up in the ranking.

Let's go to my place
for a sake sharing ritual.

That sounds great.

Give us a couple of gift bottles.

You mean for free?

Of course, dumb-ass.

You shouldn't ask money
from people celebrating!

We'll become your regulars again.

No thanks.

What did you say?

Give us the bottles.


We pledge our service to you.

I'm counting on you guys.

We start patrolling our turf tomorrow.

We have people to meet.



I'm here to say hello
since we're moving in.


Good day.

Do you live alone?

Yeah, I do.

Can I check the water'?

Let me put it here.

Do you drink tap water?

Everybody does.

Do you boil water to drink,
not just for tea?


You shouldn't do that.

Tap water contains
chlorine and bleaching powder.

It's bad for you.

It damages your health
and leads to premature death.

You are lucky to live this long.

Here. With this gadget, you can remove
all the chlorine.

Good. It's safely installed.

Take a sip.

It's good.

- Good?
- Yeah.

It removes all the bad stuff.


Now what?
You want me to buy it'?

No, this one is free.

It's complimentary,
especially for you, Pops.

But I am selling something.

This is it.

It's cheap.

A feather futon.

I don't want a futon.

You get a good night's sleep?


You think so,
but your body might not.

Old folks often get back pains
while sleeping.

Try this futon.

You'll see the difference.

Is this your bedroom?



Lay out the futon.


Over here.

Certainly. Yes.

Can I?

Let me get some sleep, okay?

This is nice.

With my dagger concealed here,
I'm ready for any surprise attack.

If you'll excuse me.

Hey, can we have two?

Give it to us!

I'll bring it right away.

Do that.


They took the futon?

Are they yakuza?

Which family?

I don't know.

Old farts just hanging out.

Then they're broke.

The same ones
that caused trouble the other day?

Old farts waiting to die.

Why still be yakuza?

What should we call our family,

We can't use the old names.

Any ideas?

We should name it after boss Ryuzo.

What about Dragon One League?

Isn't that a noodle joint in Akasaka?

Maybe, but adding League makes it clear.

You have a dragon on your back, boss.

Dragon One League...

I don't object.

So what do we do now, bro?

We can't report to the police
that we're a new family.

Remember Chairman Sakaki
who took good care of us?

We should say hello to him.

He may give us a tip
to commemorate the occasion.

You shouldn't wear those.

No, you conceal your gun.

What's with your outfit?

You always wear the wrong clothes.

Learn to dress appropriately
for the occasion.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Can I help you?

We came to convey our greetings

and inform you of our new family.

Is Mr. Sakaki here?

My father passed away 5 years ago.

I took over the company ever since.

Our new policy is to avoid contact
with men of your kind.

Our business with you
ended with my father's demise.

We strive to contribute to society
with a new corporate management style.

Therefore it is unnecessary
to convey greetings to us ever again.

I appreciate your visit

but I'm sorry we can't be of assistance.

Now gentlemen, please be seated.

Bring it in, please.

I have some very good news for you.

You get a good night's sleep?

You think so, but your body might not.

And take a look at this.

Do you drink tap water?

You shouldn't.

It contains chlorine

and bleaching powder.

But this removes all the bad stuff.

What kind of feathers are in it?
It's kinda heavy.

I told you not to buy the futon.

Annoying bastard.

That son of a bitch.

You know him?

Kind of.

What's he doing?

Mr. Suzuki.

Please come out.

I know you're in there.
Why won't you come out?

If you don't pay me back,

I won't be able to make ends meet.

Mr. Suzuki!

That's my meager pension money!

I can't take anymore.

How much must I pay
before you stop?

I surely paid a million.

My loan was 300 thousand.

Why complain to me?
A contract is a contract.

If you have a problem,
tell it to my boss.

Hey! What are you doing?

Do I know you?

Like hell you do.

Before you bummed Pachinko balls.

Now you're a mean collector
in a fancy car.

Actually this is...

What is it?

Would you like to try?
You can make money.

You son of a bitch!

Hey bro!

What's wrong with making extra money?

We started a new family.
We need money.

Show us how.


We'll work and make some money.
You guys can go.

Yes sir!

The collector gets half the money.

Then we get the other half
if we collect, right?

Yes, but...

Was it okay to leave the others?

Shut up.

The car is too small for everyone.


Debtors worry about neighbors.

Speak in a pathetic tone
to gain their sympathy.

Shut up, I know.

Not that tone.

Sound more like
like a sad-sack Mr. Nobody.

I know.

That's fine.

Hey Shimazaki!

Give me back the money I lent you.

Oh no, he sounds like a yakuza.

My kids cry all day,

my wife might prostitute!

My brother sold a kidney last month.

He ate two of his own fingers
since he can't make ends meet.

You went too far.


I really wish we could repay you.

But my husband has cancer.

And my father-in-law is bedridden.

We left our kids with relatives.

We have trouble putting food
on the table.

We barely get by,

I'm begging you. Can you
let us go just for this month?

Masa, let's drop it.

I didn't come here for excuses.

I want to know
when I can get our money.

We won't survive if we pay you.

Our money is more important
than your lives. Get it?

Masa, since when do you have
that kind of attitude?

Money is more important than life?

You could never be boss
with that shitty attitude.

Hold it right there, bro.

Not even a brother
talks to me like that.

I could never be boss?

How many times did I put my life
on the line to protect you?

I took every bullet for you

during the Tachikawa Family war.

Have you forgotten?


I'm sorry.

Really, I'm sorry.

Glad you got the message.

Take this. Sorry to have bothered you,

Treat your kids to a good meal.

Let's go.

Hey bro!

Did you collect?

Fuck this dirty job.

Who assigned you the job?

Ex-biker gang members
named Mr. Nishi and Mr. Sasaki.

Boss, he must be one
of the Keihin United members.

Annoying bastard.

Hey, what's your name?

My name is Tokunaga.

Can I have my wheelchair back?

No fucking way.

What? Give me a break.

It's a precious business tool.

What's your problem?

Bro, what should we do?

We are in business...

we should respectfully greet them.

We have codes to abide by.
Shall we go?

You betcha!

That's the Keihin United Building.

They have their own building
and they control our old turf.

They're sure doing well!

Hey! We're from Dragon One League.
ls Chairman Nishi in?

The chairman?


I'll check. One minute please.

Hello. Some gentlemen
from Dragon One are here.

You didn't order noodles?

Not for that.

It's a group of older men
from Dragon One League.

It's not a food delivery.

Shall I send them upstairs?


Please go to the 9th floor.


What's up, old farts?

Hey! Which one is Nishi?

Next room.

Next room.

Oh, that's them.

What, old farts?

So you're Nishi.

We're called Dragon One League.

We want to control our old turf.

We are not yakuza.

We don't care in the least
about your new family.

Your actions are like yakuza,

Even if you say you aren't.

Shady excuses!

What's yakuza got to do with us?

Hear me, hear me.

What for'?

I cordially thank you for hearing.

Not hearing anything!
What's this bullshit?

- My humble abode...
- Abode?

Native country.
The place of my abode was in...


No sir. Manchuria.


- That's a lie. It's Kanto.
- You lied?

Kanto is too vast
to be deemed home.

It's small. An hour's crossing.

Born in Adachi,
first bath in Denen Chofu.

Denen Chofu is not in Adachi.
Your first bath?

A bathhouse named Denen Chofu.

Who cares?

Family name, Watanabe.
Given name, Yoshio.

They call me Mac the Quick Shooter
as you must know.

We don't!

What's the connection
between the two names?

My street name.

I'm also known as Mac the Smile.

That's politician Mac Akasaka.

What's all this bullshit?

Excuse me.

Detective, we've been expecting you.

We called
because these yakuza threatened us.

We were almost extorted.

Is that right?

That's bullshit.

You pull scams on old people
and do whatever you want.

We're not low-income taxpayers.

Please enforce control over their kind.

Take them out.

Get going-

Hey, let's go.

A new family, huh?

Not big enough a deal
to call it a family.

We have the Anti-Gangster Law now.

You can be arrested
for saying you're yakuza.

I know you hate those young guys.

But old-school yakuza
are a thing of the past.

Cross the line again,
and I'll take you in.

Understood, Detective, sir.

Let's go!

Letting them off?

No use arresting them
on trivial charges.

Boss, are you okay?

Cocky bastard.

He was just a rookie back then.

Those Keihin United bastards...

They play dirty.

That guy Nishi is a smooth punk.

He pulled it off all right.

- Are we out of time?
- No problem.

We made our introduction.

We'll make rounds
on their turf tomorrow.

Hey, got a minute?

Lu lunchtime’s over.

What is it, Pops?

This bar will be under
Dragon One League control from today.

You need to pay us
a monthly protection fee.

Do we?

Noriko, bring me my wallet.


Have a nice meal and go home.

Thank you.

We can still intimidate them to pay up.

He only gave you 1000 yen, dumb-ass.

He gave you pity money.

They were scared shitless, asshole.

Let's try that one over there.

Hey, we're from the Dragon One League.

Respect people's health!

Don't mock consumers!

They're here again.
Don't they ever get tired?

Apparently not.

You act like it's not your problem.

As our liaison officer,
you must do something.

But a mistake is a mistake.

It's not our fault.

An honest mistake became food fraud.

Who would believe
mislabeling was an honest mistake?

Whose side are you on?

Isn't that Yasu the Kamikaze,
ranting by himself?

That's him.

Hey. Yasu!

Bro, long time no see.

What are you doing here?

Still activist stuff?

I really don't like this company.

Why not?

Food fraud about their rice.

Selling foreign rice as Japanese.

Selling red caviar as salmon roe.

That's good. Caviar is better.

Selling skate fin as shark fin.


You make a living at this?


For instance, getting a bullhorn
or campaign vehicle would help.

There are other ways
to annoy this company.

What now?

My son barely drives this car.
It sits here the whole time.

Why don't we borrow it?

It's open.

You sons of bitches.

Push me too far, I'll kill ya.

Who the hell do you think I am?

I'm Ryuzo the Demon.

Bro, pass the mic to someone.

Hey, Yasu! You do it.

A message to Kaneyasu Trading.

What kind of Japanese are you?

We, subjects, survived the
seven post-war decades without security.

You're a disgrace to
the Japanese Empire.

Shame on you!

Your act of imposing foreign rice
as Japanese

is disgraceful conduct
and beyond outrage.

Spontaneously innocent!
Bumper crops! Familial prosperity!

Luxury is our enemy!

We won't make demands until we win!

No Mail Privatization!
No Nukes!

Out of my way!

Give barley to the poor!

100 million Japanese!
A fireball!

How can you face the honorable

who died on the southern front?


You're not making any sense.

Pass the mic. lchizo, you try,


Let me introduce myself.
I'm lchizo the Cane Man.

Folks at Kaneyasu Trading...

A campaign vehicle!
What do we do?

That activist is impossible!

Can't you do anything?

Can this be settled
with'! million yen?

'I million isn't enough.

Listen. Go down there.

Ask them how much they want.

I wish I could join the Communist Party.

What a mess.

That's my son.

This is bad.


My son works here.

He has a far more legitimate job
than you, Boss.

Dumb-ass, that's not the point now.

Excuse me,
are you in charge of the rally?

We would pay you to stop.

You spy for evil Yanks and Brits!

May divine retribution befall on you.
Get him!

I'm sorry.

Excuse me!

Who's head of the rally?

We want the one in charge.

Stop shrugging off responsibility!

Shame! Shame!

We can get rid of the protesters.

Send Tokunaga to propose it to them.
We can make money.

No food fraud!

- Bro.
- Yeah?

Isn't he Tokunaga from Keihin United?

That son of a bitch
must be up to something.

Are you sure for 2.5 million yen

you can stop the campaign car?

There are non-political hoaxers,
who try to extort money

by proclaiming they are activists.

Sorry to interrupt.

Ryuhei's father is here.
He said it's urgent.


Out of my way!

Please stop!



I heard that a smooth-talking rat
had entered the building...

to defraud this company of money.

My son works here
and I can't sit back.

I'll risk being nosey.

Get out of here!

Don't push your luck, jerk!

I'll tell them all about
your bogus money-collecting racket.

You'll fucking regret this!

Ryuhei's father?

Thank you for being so supportive
of my stupid son.

I happened to hear
the company is in jeopardy.

I hastened to your rescue
as soon as I could.

Thank you.
I am most grateful.

Actually I've been asking him
for a while

to request your help on this matter.

The campaign car, right?

We can fix that in no time.

It'll take some money, though.

What the fuck?

The yakuza took our money tree?

Look at me.

Some crap about somebody's son!

You let those old farts fuck us?

I told them...

Fuck you!

Look at us!

We can make a couple million
by intimidation,

We can keep up with youngsters.


clean the car and return it
with the key inside.

Hurry before my son goes home.

Keys inside?

They're still here.
I'm glad I decided to drive.

Go on.

Are you behind this?

What do you mean?

The campaign car and protester.

Did you conspire with your father?

I did no such thing.

And those slogans?

Not that side, this side.

What in the world were you thinking?

You thought you could get away with it?

Long live the Japanese Empire!

7 Dance Corn,
coming from the outside...

7 Dance Corn,
coming from the outside...

3 Baris Rally is pulling away.
Baris Rally wins!

Does that bastard know anything
about the horses?

We lost four consecutive races.

Public horse racing!

You cheat us all the time!

That jockey loosened the rein
on the 4th turn.

We Japanese sweat blood
to earn a living.


You takers!

No speeches here!

Sorry, boss.

I missed again.

See'? I knew it!
I'm choosing the next bet.

The fate of our family
relies on whether we win or lose.

Who do we bet on?

The long shot.

Mokichi, how much do we have?

'100 thousand yen,

Go for all or nothing on 5-6.


Place the bets, Mokichi.

5-6. Got it.

Good choice.
It's a 3,000 yen payoff.

Let me ask you, Masa.

What do you think about 5-5?

Double nickel?
It would be a big jackpot winner.

Even better!

Hey Mokichi!

Call off 5-6.
Put all the money on this.

All of it'?

Yeah, all of it,


Don't cheat.

Where's Mokichi?

He went to the toilet.

Says he got diarrhea from Boss' cooking.

Maybe he used the money for his own bet
assuming that 5-5 was unlikely.

Go, go, go!


Go, go!

Go on!

They won!

5-5 wins!

We won! The big long shot!

It's a 12 thousand payoff.

We win 12 million!

12 million!

Too bad, Boss.

5-5 won. It was a long shot.

What are you saying?
Who did you bet on?

5-5, right?

You instructed me to bet on 3-5, Boss.

Why the fuck 3-5?

I told you 5-5.

I signaled to you,

That looks like 3-5, doesn't it?

Good evening, Madame.

Nice to see you here again.

Did you return all the money
to Ryuhei's company?

His sad expression says so.

Shut up.

We would be rich
if not for Mokichi.

Anyway, we left those Keihin United
bastards in the dust.

That's still a success.

Is it you, Ryuzo?

Long time no see.

You know her, Boss?

Shut up. Don't call me boss.

You finally became a boss?

I've been attracted to him
for such a long time.

But he wouldn't go out with me.

Now I'm getting older.

Oh, really?

That's my boss. A lady killer.

Shut up.

Ryuzo, do you know this girl?

Remember Mokichi?

She's his granddaughter.
Her name is Yuriko.

Mokichi's granddaughter'?


Hey, quit this job.

It's none of your business.

Grandpa is still involved
in the whole yakuza crap.

He doesn't work
so I have to support him.

Don't start, Yuriko.

I've been through
a lot of hardship because of him.

But I can't desert him.
He's my family.

A lost little girl.

Tell your friends to stay away.
They're annoying.

Post-war Japan was corrupted

by lewd and ill-bred scum like you.

Call your family!

That's me.

Did you come for me?

I'm finishing. Hold on,

Boss, we're going home early.



Thank you!

Ryuzo, stay with me
until the end of the night.

Until the end? What for?

You can come to my place.

You know...

I might be too old to score.

It's not like before.

I don't mind at all.

I'm so happy-

What the fuck!
Lady-boys everywhere!

I'm fed up with all their bars.

People are always mistaking me
for one of them!

Out of my way!

I feel great.

I just remembered, Ryuzo!


You have a dragon tattoo.

It's not that great.

Come on, show it to me.


Let's see.

Let me see your back.

Just as gorgeous as I remembered.

Take off your pants.



Show me.

I feel dizzy.

You look better than ever.

Naoko! I know you're in there.
Open the door.

It's my man!
What do we do?

You said you were single.

There's this one thug.
He's not yakuza.

But he beats me.

- I'll take him on.
- No, don't!

He has two young escorts.

What do we do?

Hide in the bathroom.

This way.

- Coming!
- Who's with you?

Just a second.

I'm just...

getting dressed.


Who's here?

No one.

You should have called first,

You must be tired.

Got any snacks?

I didn't know you were coming.

I'll take a bath first.

I'll prepare the bathroom.

Have a drink.

You guys drink.

Thank you, sir.

Leave while I give them drinks.

I need my clothes.

Take whatever fits you.

It's all women swear.

Is my bath ready?

In a couple of minutes.
Just wait a little while,

I'll serve you.

You look great as always.

Have a drink.

Hey, lady-boy!

You're too old for this.

Who said you could walk here?

You're mistaken!

No backtalk.

Respect us to walk here.

Please allow me.

What's your name, girl?

It's Ryuko.


What's with your beard?

Get out of here.


What happened?

Oh, this and that.

lchizo, move your ass!

Welcome back. Sorry!


How long will you let
those old farts go on?

Try death by solitude.
Or a caregiver fatigue double suicide.

There are so many options!

One of them has a granddaughter.
She works as a hostess.

You're close to her, right?

Pick her up.

Yes sir.

You got real good ones, Boss.

Now you can signal 5-5 just fine.

Shut the hell up!

Next, Mr. Takahashi.

I'll get a massage.
You guys get beer.


This way.

You took too much time.

Our boss had to wait, asshole!


When Boss was younger,
you would have had to cut three fingers.

Hey! Where's our beer, dumb-ass!

Loud bastard.

- What's wrong with you?
- Sorry.


Damn good.

Taking a sauna
and drinking beer...

It brings back memories.

Those were the days.

What's wrong?

His fingers fell off!

Those are fake, idiot.

What's going on?

I'm leaving.

Good night.

What's the matter?

Mr. Nishi was here, right?

He wanted to ask me about grandpa.
I pretended not to notice.

What is it?

He told me to pick you up.

What does that mean?

Your granddad is yakuza, right?

What do we do?

You kids lay low.

Boss will give you shelter.

He'll Pay-

Bastard Nishi.

I'll kill him.


They don't call me
Toilet Assassin for nothing.

This is bad.

I can't hide.

Dammit! This is a ladies room.

Nishi won't come in here.

No, no!

You're that old fart!

You old bastard!

Don't even think about

touching my granddaughter!

Problem, old man?

It's time we attack Nishi.

I lost a beloved henchmen.

We won't let that motherfucker live.

That's right.

We'll show them the yakuza spirit.


First we crash an airplane
into their building.

Next you guys break in
and take revenge.

Can you really fly an airplane?

I was a kamikaze volunteer.

The war ended too soon.
I was ready to die!

I thought it was your father.

He was only a junior volunteer.

Let's go.

Yasu and Taka will crash into it.

Are you ready?

Yes sir!

It's Yoshio.

Thank you for taking care of me.

What are you up to?

We have all been worried about you
since you went missing.

I'm in Tokyo.

What are you doing?

I hope I'll see you again.

I'll never forget your kindness.

Hey Mac.

You need to call?

Yeah, I have to call my son.

Hello son, it's me.

Hello? Dad?


I apologize for all the trouble.

Wait a minute.

This must be the 'Hello, Son” scam,

targeted at trusting middle-aged sons.

No, it's not.

I stole that money
but that's not why I called.

I want to say I'm sorry.
I regret everything I did.

This must be a scam.

My father never apologized
for any of his bad behavior.

He never cared about his family.

I see.


Let's cut all our family ties
from this day on.

I'm the one who wants that.


Kosuke came home
and he keeps asking about Grandpa.

"Where's grandpa?'

"Whatever Grandpa is up to,
he should come home soon."

The procession departs soon.

Why is he here?

Mokichi was yakuza to the core.

He would have wanted it this way.


It hurts.

My butt hurts.

Drop the screwdriver!


How far can this Cessna fly?

To Osaka.

We're going across town to Akasaka.


This one?

It looks perfect.

Can you fly a plane?

Look at me. I'm the real deal.

We never forget our skills.

Flying a plane is easy,
even if these are newer.

It's nothing compared
to the Zero fighter.

Want to loop?

You weren't enlisted.

Enough already. Fly to the building.

The ocean is in that direction.
I like the seaside.

Don't head for the ocean.
We'll end up in Yokosuka.


Not yet?

They should be here.


Don't even think about it.

That's not where we're heading.

What happened?
They flew away.

Where do you think you're going?

The target is Keihin United.

Just a quick look at the ocean.


Call them.

No answer.


What's that?

A US Navy aircraft carrier.

What are you thinking?


That's not the target!

It's them.

Hey! You what?

Crashed into it?

You didn't?

You landed?

On an aircraft carrier with the Cessna?


Now we crash in ourselves.

Which company and floor, gentlemen?

Could I have your names please?

Shut the fuck up!

Do you have an appointment?


This way they won't recognize us,

Masks work for bank robbers.
Same for us.

Why Mokichi's face?

So we can put the blame on him
if we get caught.

“Dead men tell no tales."

You're abusing that saying.

What do you want?

You killed our man Mokichi, bastard!

Know who's Mokichi?

He's the one without a mask.

Shoot him, Mac.

You're dead meat, bastards!

Old fart! Go ahead and shoot.

You shot Mokichi, idiot!

I got a gun too.

Shoot me if you can!

Hide, throw nails!

You're hitting his head.

- I shouldn't'?
- No!

It's not nice for Mokichi.

He's already dead!

That guy's dead!

Don't hit him,

Nine darts!

These guys are insane.


Ru", run, run!

Screw the masks!

Get them!

What's “Nine Darts', bro?

Mr. Nishi.

Mr. Nishi!

Son of a bitch!

Follow that Mercedes!

The hearse is gone. Get a taxi.

We don't have any money.

We'll take that bus!

Pull out your senior passes!


Open up!

Here we go!

Follow that Mercedes!

Are you kidding, Pops?
Don't pull any stunt.

Drive, asshole!

Departing. Please hold on.

Next stop, Kamimachi Culture Center.

Please get off here
for the Drivers License Center.

Approaching next stop.

Don't stop!

Who told you to stop?

Move it!

Get them!


Catch up!

What were they thinking?
Raiding us like that.

- A bus is following us.
- What?

Why would a bus follow us?

Turn left.

It's the old farts!

Turn left there!

- Speed up!
- I can't go any faster.

Shut up! I'm sick of your backtalk!

Chase that car!

Careful! Don't shoot me!

It's this shaky bus!

- Slow down.
- Okay.

Don't slow down, idiot!

Move it, dammit!
They're catching up with us.

Don't stop!

I can't go in there!

Keep going!

Don't let them get away!

- We're blocked. Go past it.
- No way.

What are they doing?
Get out of our way!

Stop honking.

It pulled over. Go!

What the fuck!

Hey wait!

Excuse me. Stop the bus!

What's going on?

He did it.

Hide lost it, Boss!

Attention all vehicles.

Hijacked bus along the boulevard
moving past the Kajiya Bridge crossing

through the street market
and toward the Naka-machi 5th district.

Repeat. Attention all vehicles.
Hijacked bus along the boulevard...

- This is a loading zone.
- Shut up and drive!

You're too slow!
They're catching up.


You're useless! Faster!

It's a dead end. What now'?

Make a U-turn.


- They're closing in!
- U-turn!

What are you doing?

You told me a U-turn!

Open up!

Nowhere to run!


Hey! It's over.

You're all under arrest!

Where are you going?

Come here!


Let's go!



You should've come sooner.

You're under arrest too.

I did nothing wrong.

Like hell!


Get in!

- Bro?
- Yeah?

I'll be the boss when we get out.

How come?

Two assaults.


We'll be dead by then!

English subtitles by
Naoyuki Usui & Richard Lormand