Ryûsei no kizuna (2008) - full transcript

When we get older we'll search for the criminal,

and the three of us will kill him.

November 1993

November 1993

The restaurant's prided Hayashi rice

Have a flavor with a century of history!

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon.

Brother! I heard Sakamoto from class 3 has a telescope!

- Idiot!
Brother! I heard Sakamoto from class 3 has a telescope!

Before getting together, wash your hands and eat!


You know, if she finds out,
the plan's gonna be ruined!


Where's Shii?

Hayashi again?!

Didn't you say today was curry?

The guys who don't want to eat won't!

Don't you put it down.

It's a flavor with a 100 years of history.


He said 100 years of history...
This is only our eight year, right?

He's saying the rice is the one
with the history, not the restaurant.

That's right! Hayashi rice was
born in this Japan 100 years ago!

That's it!

Like a 4,000 year old Chinese flavor, right?

I mean if you tell someone,
"have our eight year old flavor!"

They won't know if it's good or bad.

Oh, so it's fraud.

If it continues for 100 years, then it's not fraud, right?

You'll hand your father's flavor
down to your sons and grandsons.

I'm not gonna!

I'm going to become a vocab king!

No way!~

Leonid meteor..?

[Leonid meteor shower at it's Peak Tonight.]
Ah, the Leonid meteor shower.

What's wrong?


Are you guys by any chance...


I see!

That's why you said something about a
telescope somewhere a second ago, right?

I don't want to see shooting stars!

What, what? I want to see too!

We promised our friends at school!

Tonight at 12 o'clock at the
clearing on top of the shrine

No way!


Only children walking around at night...

What if something happened?

I want to see! I want to see! I want to see!!

It'll be fine! I'll go with them!

You're a kid too!

Absolutely no way!


No one died from not seeing a shooting star!

Besides, it's gonna rain tonight.

It's not gonna stop, huh?

Are you going?

I don't want to regret it.

Who is it?


Dirty magazines?


Hurry up and get to sleep.

Good night.

Good night.

Don't make any noise!

I know!



What're you doing?

Nothing, why don't you go back to sleep?

What're you doing?!

Shii woke up!

I'm going too.

She said she's going too!

No way, idiot!

He said no way.

Crap! Shii's gonna cry!

Tell her even if she cries,
a no is still gonna be a no!

He said even if you cry, a
no is still gonna be a no!

No way! I want to see the shooting stars too!

She said she wants to see the shooting stars too!

I said no!

Talk to her yourself already!


It's scary!

It's scary!

Ouch, ouch!

Are you alright?

Ninety six!

Ninety seven!

Ninety eight!

Ninety nine!

One~ hundred!

As I thought no one's come, huh?

Forget about that, the rain!

Ah! It stopped!

Look at the view!

We can brag about this to everyone tomorrow!

Get a seat, get a seat! Hurry! Hurry!



Let's go home, Tai.

What? Just one?

Taisuke, did you make a wish?

A wish?

You don't know?!

If you make a wish on a shooting star,

it'll come true.

No way! Crap!

A wish!

Um! Um!

They're so pretty! Hey, Shii, can you see?

She fell asleep a long time ago.

August 2008

Huh? Kashi-san?

I'm the first one here again.

You've come back?

There's nothing good even
if I take time off, you know.

I already got information.

I'll give a report.

That's kind of you.

The victim's a 48 year old male.

The cause of death is loss of
blood caused by stab wounds.

The entire body was stabbed in
thirteen places with an edged weapon.

There's no evidence of anything
from the store being stolen.

Kichijouji, Tokyo

I'm telling you how far you have to go to be
considered cheating is a problem of caliber.

If my young bride is texting a
man, it's totally safe to me.

Even if they're going out to eat?

It's safe.

Even if the two of them are alone?

That's safe, huh?

Even with a host? Even with Darvish?
Even with a host that looks like Darvish?

Safe. Even more safe.

Even if they went to a hotel?!
Even if they had sex?!

It's safe!

No way!

What's with that confidence?!

"Sex" is light, light.

You don't count those things as cheating!

Because you're connected at a much deeper place!

Sex is just a sport to me.

How deep... George-san you're really mature!

That wife was invited a hot
spring by a host and is going.

She lies to you saying she's
going to a class reunion.


Your wife's madly in love!

She has a face she'd never show you normally,

and they take a bath together.

The room has an open bathtub in it!


In the place that's overflowing with freedom, your
wife boldly changes into a daring young woman!

She's already absorbed the sport.

Sports, open bath, sports, open bath,
sports, open bath, sports in the open bath!

She comes home completely
exhausted, and you're like,

"How was the class reunion?" and stuff. But
even when you ask she's not paying attention!

Making dinner's also too much of a
hassle, so dinner is the frozen pilaf

That's an out!


That's completely out!

I'd kill her the second she got out the
frozen pilaf. Even before she thawed it.

A problem before cheating. I'd kill because of that.

That's so deep it's shallow.

How much was the butter?

350 yen.

That butter is expensive, dammit!
I'm not gonna be able to sleep again!

What're you doing?

I'm eating curry.

If you want to eat curry,
go to a better, cheaper shop.

Hey, hey!

I like disgusting, expensive curry!

Did you pay back your debt?

None of your business, is it?

It pisses me off because
it's none of my business.

No, I'm fine.

How much have you borrowed from George-san?!

185,002 yen in credit.
Yeah, it's fine, whenever.

Your job?

I'm going!

I bet you aren't!

I haven't gone because I'm here eating curry
listening to a middle-aged man's stories!

You're so irritating! Are you
my guardian or something?!

I am your guardian.

Kouichi, you seem to be jealous.

Yeah, my brother's jealousy is really heavy.

In my brother's point of view,
sex is like the war of the worlds.
Yeah, my brother's jealousy is really heavy.

In my brother's point of view,
sex is like the war of the worlds.

So you're one of those people
that checks the girl's cell phone.

I haven't been going out with woman
since cell phones have become popular.

That was ten years ago at the least, huh?

If you've eaten, go to your job!

I'm going! Shut up!

How much?!

We don't need it!
How much?!

How much?!

Well then, look at something like this, idiot!

Well then, I'm counting on you for the
rest. Preparations pretty much finished.


You're gonna look at it.


That's right. Your home's curry.

Nah, I think it's just normal, though.

I'm the one that decides whether
it's normal or not. Try saying it.

So I was saying...

You combine the vegetables and meat,

The meat is pork, beef, or goat...

Not goat!

Then, add the curry powder
you bought into the pan, stir it,

add it to the rice,

Wait, wait!

What about the chocolate?


You don't add any?

No, you don't.

Wow, you're really poor.

I'm not poor. I don't think you add it normally.

You don't know which is normal.
It's only you and me here right now.

Forensics sure is late, huh?

There's been a lot of these recently.

These kind of murders that
you can't make head or tails of.

Those guys really say things like, "then be angry!"

They sure will. "Doesn't matter who it was," and stuff.

Just like the curry at your house.


Everyone thinks they're normal.

Even though you've never put chocolate in.

That's why, those time's when your
guilty of doing something not normal,

you still can't say anything except
the normal, "then be angry!" and stuff...

Are normal guys going to
do something like that?

They won't.


Kashi-san, did you smoke?

There are guys who start smoking after fifty.

I'm hungry. I'm gonna go eat curry.

Huh? Was that Kashiwabara-san?


If I remember right, he was off work
for a long time because his son was sick.

Yeah... It seems he passed away yesterday.

Sorry to make you wait.


Hayashi rice please.

Ah! We're all out.

Sorry about the wait. For the person
who ordered the sweet beef curry.

Are you surprised?

How did you know about this place?

Don't underestimate the police.

You sure have gotten big Kouichi.

November 1993

Wow you're fast.

The first one to arrive again.


A child?

It's obvious, right? It was
fourteen years ago, huh?

That reminds me...

The last time we met, didn't
you say you wanted to go to
a cooking school or something?

I went. It was useless though.

I see.

And I was so sure you'd succeed your father.

What about you, Kashiwabara-san?

Huh? Nothing exiting, like usual.

Still in Yokosuka?

Still Yokosuka, huh?

Five more years, then I retire.

Before that is the statute of limitations, right?

In November, huh?

What was your little brother's name again?


Right, Taisuke. Is he doing well?

Who knows... Ah, but it seems like he's in Tokyo.

You haven't seen him?

Even if I did...

I wouldn't know what to say.

What about your little sister?


She was always following you guys and playing.


You sure remember well.

Go on in.

She was cute.

Well that's not the only reason though.

You haven't seen her?

You know right? I'm not
related to my sister by blood.

Your sister is a kid your
mother brought along, right?

You haven't told her yet?!

She's already twenty, right?

See you later. I'm glad I got to see your face.

What did you come for?

To eat curry.

What was that?! Ahh! Man, I'm already dead!

I dropped by brother's place today.

No way! Was he doing well?

Just like usual. He had a pitiful face.

About like this?


Because he's the head of Pitiful Village.

He's already 26 right? I wonder
if he can't get a girlfriend.

No way, that's impossible.
Even friends isn't reasonable.

How are you doing, Shii?
Your work seems tough.

What's up?

I quit.


I quit the company. It's still a
secret from brother, alright?

I'll tell him when the timing is right.



There's this guy named Takayama, you see.
He's a boss or superior or something.

He's a really detestable person.

His nickname is "Post-it Takayama." He's really nit picky!

Eventually it gradually escalated.

I'm not a document!

Takayama-san, if you have something
to say, please tell me directly, and I'll fix it!


I mean if you had to call me
flashy or plain, I'm not flashy, but...

he went all the way to put "plain" on my face.

I'm not a damn reanimated corpse!

That Takayama really pisses me off!

He likes you, Shii.


Normally, you wouldn't go that far if
you didn't like the person, right?

Wait a second!

He's totally calling for me.

You just realized that?!

My eyes are bad.

By the way, it's a first class firm, right?
Being plain is no reason to quit.

I'm not plain!

I'm sorry.

It's fine. That's not the only reason.
It seems like I've found what I want to do.

What you want to do?


Besides, my friend from community
college introduced me to a good job.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, bartender.

Excuse me, bartender!

Hey, bartender!

Oh, me?

Excuse me. What is this?

That's chicken curry.

If I recall, I ordered Hayashi rice, though...

Ah, I'm sorry. We're completely out.

Bartender. Bartender!

I'm not the bartender.


When do you open?

11 o'clock.

It's a popular item, huh?

Took you a while to figure that out.

I'll come back.


Ah! Wait, wa-

It's bad brother! Shii is working as a cam girl!

Even though you have it on, it feels
like you don't. Please try it out!

She's practically showing her
underwear handing out fliers!

What are you saying?! Today's a
weekday, right? What about work?

She quit because of a Post-it!

She quit?!

She quit and is handing out Post-its?!

No, no. There was a Post-it on her face.

A Post-it on her face?!

So then, she quit her company
and is a cam girl right now.

What's a cam girl?

You don't know what a cam girl is?!

It's an abbreviation of campaign girl!

Ah, ah, right!

A Post-it campaign?

I told you, the Post-it was...

So, she had a Post-it on her face,
and now she's distributing them?

Brother, forget I said anything about Post-its.


Your precious little sister is standing in the
street pretty much showing her underwear!

Not only that but she's passing things out!



We use them too.


I'm sorry.

About what?

I mean... about quitting my job.

I'm not mad about that.

Because I was passing out condoms?!


You're way too loud!

Sorry, but why a manga cafe?

If it was a normal cafe, then she'd
be seen by dirty eyes, right?

It's fine. I mean, it's not actually underwear.


They won't just be able to
see. They're gonna get you!


You can't be against me!

She was almost in her underwear holding condoms.
It totally felt like someone was gonna get her!

Everyone's gonna start feeling like it!

It's fine! It's not my first time.

I was kidding. I'm still a virgin.

Man, you scared me! Geez!

Look! It's like brother was too
surprised and had a serious error.

The needle skipped! He's like a fur seal!

I couldn't help it. I needed money.

Money... I don't know what kind of money, but

showing that much skin...

If you're going to pass out birth control
devices, then at least tell me something!

It's not like that.

She said she found what she wanted to do.

Oh my gosh! You have such a perfect face

I was fascinated.

Aesthetic Adviser?

That's right. I'm scouting for
excellent, talented people like you.

I mean... if an esthetician is ugly, then
she doesn't the power to persuade, right?

But I'm nothing.

No way! That's not true at all!

You're so beautiful, and yet
you have infinite potential!

I sense a beautiful chance.

Just beauty isn't enough. A heart that
suspects and despises people isn't beautiful

I didn't understand about half of what it meant, but

It was getting stressful at work, and I
was thinking about changing occupations.

Of course you won't be able work starting today.

you have to get the qualifications. No, don't worry!

You have a short training with
the DVD and textbook, then

If you pass the exam, you should be
quickly be able to be introduced to a job.


Entrance Fee: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 100,000
Leaning Material Expense: 150,000 yen
Total: 300,000 yen

- Of course, I couldn't pay that much, so...
Entrance Fee: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 100,000
Leaning Material Expense: 150,000 yen
Total: 300,000 yen
Entrance Fee: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 100,000
Leaning Material Expense: 150,000 yen
Total: 300,000 yen

- Of course, I couldn't pay that much, so...
Entrance Fee: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 100,000
Leaning Material Expense: 150,000 yen
Total: 300,000 yen

I think...

I'm going to discuss this
with my family. Excuse me.

So... At first I turned her down, but that afternoon...



Welcome. Thank you.

So, I signed the contract, and it
arrived here today. This is it.

Hey, hey, it says an annual
income of 10,000,000 isn't a dream!

What're you gonna do, brother?!

It's not for the money.

I'd be exaggerating if I said it was my dream,
but I finally found a goal for my future.

It's 10,000,000, brother! You can
charge 10,000,000 to your Suica card!

The nomination fee at a
cabaret club is 1000 yen so...

You could nominate 10,000 people, brother!
We could even make 10,000 worth of beef everyday!

Shut up!

What's with that poor money sense?

Those 10,000 people would dump you!

Shut up! Say something brother!

You're being swindled.


Sorry I don't want to say
this, but this is license trade.

Qualification fraud.

It's also known as the samurai trade.

Accountant, judicial clerk, notary... They're all
written with the same character as samurai.

That's why it's called the samurai trade.

It's been happening a lot recently.

In order to get the qualifications, they force
you to buy expensive learning materials.

In the end, you won't get anything.

Also, in the beginning, you only need
to get the learning materials once.

Later, you won't even be able
to contact them on the phone.

Why are you saying such mean things?

It's not mean.

It is mean! If it's not,
then it's human distrust!

Suspecting anyone.

I just got motivated! Why
are you getting in my way?!


What's this?

I'll cancel the contract. I'll
have them return my money.

It's impossible.

You've already passed the return period.

Presently, the number you have
dialed cannot be reached.


No, no!

What about the police? Let's
tell them you were swindled.

Are the police even trustworthy?

Even the customer center!

If you can't get in touch with
your opponent, you can't protest.

What's that? Is the only choice to give up?

It's 300,000, you know!
That's a lot of money for Shii!

I know! Even I'm scrapping by!

Also, Shii invested in her future!

Quit her company, got a loan, and
started passing out condoms!

Was that all pointless?!

How much are you gonna laugh?!

You have some responsibility too, Taisuke.


That's enough.

What are you living together for?
Have you already forgotten?!

So Shii wouldn't have to
go through any worse-

I said that's enough!

I should have discussed this
with you before it got to this.

I wanted you two to be happy
that I got the qualifications.

Don't make that face.

I'm the pitiful one right now, right?

Why do you have a pitiful expression?!

I don't.

You do!

You always the one who is
suffering before me just like that.

I don't know anymore!

I mean...

It's pitiful.

Look at it from my perspective.

You're way more pitiful.

Alright, here you go.

Saint George's Academy

Take care, alright?

I'll come and check in on you from time to time.

Don't make that face.

You're the older brother, right?

Good afternoon. Welcome. This way please.

We'll definitely catch the culprit!

I remember them painfully clear.

The children's faces that time.

That's also why I thought that even
when they become adults, I'd like
them to help each other and live.

Even in an unsolved case, that's special.

What are those three up to?

I met him the other day.

Ariake Kouichi. He was working
at a curry shop in Tokyo.

Ah, so he's succeeding his father?

No, that doesn't seem to be the case.

He said he hasn't been in contact
with his little brother or sister.

Oh, I see...

It's heartbreaking, huh?

Can't be helped. It's been fourteen years.

Time flies, huh?

Ariake's Hayashi rice was good...

Well, you've never eaten it, so you can't know.

I ate it! They treated me!


What'd you mean "Ahh"...

Hagimura, once this case is
solved, I'm going to retire.

Kashi-san, you're still five years away
from your retirement year, right?

I've had enough, already. Set me free.

August, 1994


Where's Shii?

The headmaster's room.

The prince of the stars was...

of the stars...

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Where's the headmaster?

I put him to sleep.

Let's go!


I told you not to call me
master or barkeep or anything!


Yesterday, the day before, and
even before that I came to this
restaurant and ordered Hayashi rice.

Even so, the reply you gave me was,

"Ah, we're all out"


That's why I've come when
the restaurant opens today.

Well actually it's still before business hours.

Even so, the Hayashi rice is

All out.

All right, all right.The
riddle is solved with this.

Please calm down. Alright?
In this restaurant there is...

no Hayashi rice!

This is.


Good morning!

Hayashi rice please.


Here's your Hayashi rice.

This is...

not Hayashi rice, right?

Sure took you a while to figure that out.

The soy sauce is mixing
in, so stir it up a lot.

This person is the
manager, Hayashi-san.

I'm Hayashi George.

[Hayashi George]

Sorry, no one but the manager can make that.

This isn't Hayashi rice, right?

You're still going to say that?

It's just a dish that Hayashi-san made, right?

Right, that's why it's called Hayashi rice.


What is this? What bad service.

He's gonna eat it...

I haven't eaten anything besides Hayashi rice here.

I'm in the middle of Tokyo trying out

the delicious Hayashi rice.

Oh my! You have such a perfect face.

Can you hear me, Shii?
If you can, drink the water.

OK, listen. Remember the time you were tricked,

For now, talk to her.

If she doesn't want to write down her
address, drink the water one more time.

I have the learning materials, so I'll go over there.

Then we'll finalize the contract at once. Got it?


What're you doing?


How much did we talk about again?

Nothing yet.


So... a beautiful woman like you-

Do you have social phobia?

Since a little while ago, you haven't been
looking me in the eye at all. I was the same way.

Because you can't speak well you have stage
fright. But with this you can be victorious.

A pro will teach toy everything from
speeches to giving presentations.

If you do it now, you can take classes
for 450,000 yen a year! A miracle!

We didn't come to an agreement. At
this rate I'm gonna cry myself to sleep.

We didn't have any other
way to get the money back.

Hey, they say money comes and goes, right?

Do you feel good taking money from
people who aren't even involved?

It can't be helped, can it? The guys
that trick people can feign ignorance.

Did you search?

As if I'd ever find one of them.

I mean, I'm an idiot, so I can't give up easily!

I absolutely hate living after being swindled!

Who said we were giving up?


That's Katsuragi!

No way! Why? No way! What's this about?

First, I tried going to the address
written on that business card.

You're the sixteenth person!

It wasn't me, but my little
sister who was tricked.

Oh, really?

I listened to the interesting
news the mat maker had heart

Are you someone who
works on the computer?

License Trade Victims Forum?

Yeah... there was a lot of information from
people who were tricked by that Katsuragi lady.

One person in Nakameguro... One in Sasatsuka.

Also, Kouenji, Shinjuku, and Shimokita.

Generally, she calls people out in front of
the train station building or a beauty salon.

These kind of people have unconsciously
reduced their field of activities.

She'll definitely go back to the
spots that went good once.

Wait. So then... you took all these?


For five days. Particularly from five
to seven o'clock on weekdays.


Huh? What is?

Normally you wouldn't go that
far. You're so vindictive!

Vindictive? He's already a snake.

Snake? More like a scorpion.
I wouldn't want him as my enemy!

I wouldn't want him as a friend!

Seriously disgusting, right?

Seriously scary!

Just kidding, just kidding!

I took the camera around randomly in
case I got a shot of the same woman.

I thought this might be her...

Here and... here.

Scary, scary!

Who? Katsuragi or me?!

It's fine if you find her, but she's
a pro at deceiving people, right?

That's right. Besides, she already knows who I am.

Certainly, it's difficult because it's her.

That's why, I was wondering if there was
an indirect way of getting back of her...


I quit.

Because you call me "scary" and stuff.

We won't say anything! We
won't say anything so tell us!

I see.

Last night, I followed after Katsuragi, you see.


Wait a second!

What the hell?! I've been
doing since a while ago for Shii.

No, as a brother we're
happy, but as a man it's...


She said it's disgusting. Sorry.

I Need You
Host Club

A host club?!

The money she took from me...

was supporting hosts!

That's why we're going to get
the 300,000 back from the host.

I see! Money comes and goes. But how?

Make him fall in love with Shizuna.

No way, no way, no way, I can't speak well!

I thought about that..

and wrote a script.

[Letters from Canada]

Letters from Canada

[Katsuragi Haruka as Customer]
[Ariake Taisuke as Mitsuru]
[Ariake Shizuna as Shiori]
[Kazuyai as Kazuya]

Ariake Kouichi

I am Kazuya.

This store's number two host.

I don't like number one.

It's painful always having
to be on the offensive.

When is the next time
you can take a break?

This person is annoying.~
Recently, it's been nothing but this.

Let's go to a hot spring again.
This time we'll stay overnight.

Darling, darling Darvish!

Yeah right...
Darling, darling Darvish!

Yeah right...

Here is the bill.

This guy doesn't look, huh?

Thank you very much.

A new person?

Good work!

Hey. What's your name?

I'm Mitsuru.



Shall I tell you the secret
of surviving in this world?

Thank you!

It's the drama.

You always seek the drama.

Throw yourself away.

Live as the protagonist of that drama.

That's it.

Wow... Kazuya-san you're deep.

If you do that, you'll also
be able to ride in a nice car.

Eternal Girl Shiori?!

Shojo manga...

Are you serious? So it's
come to that? OK!

I'll somehow be able to make it in time.

Kazuya-san, have you ever fallen in
love with any of your customers?

Not 100%. The type of women I fall in love with...

don't come to that kind of shop.

That's why, on the other hand, I can hold
any woman with no strings attached.

What the hell are you doing?! That's dangerous!

I'm sorry, Kazuya-san.

Crap! She's totally the type
I was just talking about!

I'm sorry.

What're you doing in a place like this?

My rabbit...

got a fever...

The rabbit got a fever?

Are you serious?!

This has to be my ideal situation!

It's even the same development
as in the manga I was reading!

Get in! There is a vet in the back of
Ginza that's open 24 hours.

Kazuya-san, are you going to go
out of your way to do this?

Idiot! A fever can cost a rabbit it's life!

I can't leave it alone, can I?!

Thank you.

It's great it wasn't anything serious, huh?

Hey, Furikake, where's your thanks?

Her name is Furikake?

Yeah, she loves furikake!

Giving a rabbit furikake...

She got me!

This is a trap! The God of Love became
familiar with the pattern of love that I wish for.

I can only think this is a trap
laid by the God of Romance.

I mean, I didn't hear
anything but the rabbit's name!

Crap! At the least I should have given her my card!

Look, look, Kazuya.~
There's an open bath in the room.~

Oh no!

Why is that girl in this store?!

She's even with Furikake.

Miss, pets are not allowed in this store.

It's a trap! Don't be tricked, Kazuya!

I'm this store's number 2.

A man that's called the Night's Dry Ice.

I've seem that girl somewhere before.


What are you trying to do carrying a rabbit?!


Hey, Kazuya-san, this is bad. apolo-

Shut up!

Go home.

There are countless replacements for me.


I'll put a curse on you!


Can I ask your name?


Not the rabbit's...


It's Shiori.


I guessed it was something like that.

As I thought, I liked Shiori from before I met her!

Here's my contact address.

When you feel like it contact
me by phone or text.

Sorry, I don't... have a cell phone.

I can't believe there is a woman in
2008 who doesn't have a cell phone.

She's getting me more and more!

Well then, let's exchange letters.

Exchange letters?!

Good afternoon.

Oh! Welcome!

Another one came! Here!


Kazuya, I'm going to go to Canada.

My body's been weak since birth.

The doctor told me I'd have to leave if
I couldn't get used to the Tokyo air.

I'm going to look for a job in Canada,

and if I can get 300,000,

I'm going to go to a school I love.

I'll write when I get to Canada, okay?

Crap! I forgot to withdraw money.

Can we stop by a convenience store, Kazuya-san?



P.S. Just in case, here is my Canadian
address and bank account number.

Sorry, I'll be right back!



While you're at it, put 300,000 in this account for me.

Whatever, just go!


My rabbit has... a fever.

Can't be helped, huh?

Get in.



A drama protagonist or whatever...
It's cooler not getting a reward, right?

Isn't that right, Mitsuru?

I knew you were deep!

I did it! The 300,000 is back!

Well, if we combine our power
this is about what we get, right?

What's with you, Taisuke? Aren't you happy?!

I'm happy, but... I was thinking
about how scary women are,

and how dumb men are.

What's that? Are you putting
down the script I wrote?

I mean the rabbit had a fever!
Also, it's name was Furikake!

Also, I was punched for nothing.

I'm not satisfied at all!

But it suited you, Tai.

From far away I couldn't see
you as anything but a host.

Look, it became a pretty good job.


135206 yen left.

Whenever is fine.

You couldn't sleep again?

It's your fault, Taisuke.

My wife...

went on a class reunion trip.

Dammit... Idiot... I guess I'll try
calling... Maybe I'll text her...

Hey... Want to go to the rooftop?


Shooting stars aren't something
you can see whenever!


We might be able to, right?!

You can't. There are no stars out.
We might be able to, right?!

You can't. There are no stars out.

I want to see them!

No matter what!

I mean, that time, I was the
only one who didn't get to see them.


Can I talk about... the real
reason I quit my company?

Huh? It wasn't because of Post-its?


There was a woman I got along
with who joined when I did.

Hey, Ariake-san are you by any
chance from Yokosuka?

Yeah, that's right. Why?

I was also in Yokosuka until third grade!
Yeah, that's right. Why?

I was also in Yokosuka until third grade!


There was a restaurant called Ariake.

No way! That Ariake?!

No! Sorry, sorry. It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

It seems like that girl...
remembered about the incident.

Since then everyone started
trying to be nice to me.

I may be thinking too much, but...


It seemed like we wouldn't be able to...

laugh and get excited together like before.

I'm such an idiot.

Letting it bother me even
though it's already over.

It's not over.

Don't say things like it's over, Shii.

It'll be sad, right?



Why aren't they coming?! Geez!

Don't cry, Shii.

We'll show them to you someday.

Too many shooting stars to count.

No! I want to see them now!

Don't cry.

Somehow, it's really frustrating.

I should have actually made a wish that time.

I mean, I have a whole lot now!

Even though I have so many
wishes, the stars won't come!


Do you remember... the detective, Kashiwabara?

Yeah. From the Yokosuka Central Police Station?


He came to the store.

Did he find something out?!

He said November is the statute of limitations.


I won't trust the police.

Of course, I said I haven't seen you guys at all.

We'll search ourselves.

It doesn't matter how many years it takes.

We'll find him...

and definitely kill him.

We can't rely on shooting stars, huh?

We'll make it come true ourselves.

November 1993

I wonder if they're awake?
Mom's sleeping, huh?
November 1993

That's all you've been talking about.

She's scary! Dad's still alright, though.

After she yells at us, it'll be over.

Let's go!

I'm gonna go look inside real quick.

If they're asleep, we'll
sneak in from the restaurant.

Where's the key?

I have it.


Was mom sleeping?

I was surprised a second
ago. From the side door-

Don't come!


They were killed.

They're dead.

Dad... and mom...

were killed.


No way...

When we get older we'll search for the criminal,

and the three of us will kill him.