Rys (1982) - full transcript

Set during the German occupation of Poland during the WWII. A priest in a small village meets "the devil" in the confessional, who appears as a revolutionary on an assignemnt to kill a collaborator.













[praying in Latin]

Ego facultate mihi
ab Apostolica Sede tributa,

indulgentiam plenariam et remissionem
omnlum peccatorum tlbl concedo,

in nomine Patris, et Filii,
et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Per sancrosancta
humanae reparationis myseria,

remittat tibi omnipotens Deus omnes
praesentis et futurae vitae poenas,

paradisi portas aperiat et ad gaudia
Te sempiterna perducat.


That's not him!
That's someone in disguise.

What are you talking about,

That's our priest.
Father Konrad.

I don't know him.
Make him go away.

Father Piotr is different.

Close the window.
The birds are flying into the room.

Benedicat Te omnipotens Deus, Pater,
et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus.


Let's pray for the unwell.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;

Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

We need Hela
to darn the surplice.

To tell you the truth, Father...

There's something about
that painting...

I look at it sometimes...

And it seems there's something
not right about it, Father.

It's old and valuable.

Yes, it is quite old.

But you know what, Father?

That Saint... Excuse me, Father...

That devil...

We could order a new one.
From Dutkiewicz.

He works at the post-office,
you know.

He would paint Saint Teresa.
Or Saint Francis.

That's not a good time
to buy paintings.

Maybe someday...
When the war is over.


There's a letter for you
from Father Piotr.


What did our priest write?

I'm not reading aloud
because I don't understand it all.

It's says the same
as the last one.

Meine Lieben... My dear ones!

Ich bin gesund.
I'm well.

I'm feeling good.

Thank you for the letter
and the parcel.

I think about you, I pray...

I ask for your prayers, too.

- Praised be Jesus Christ.
- Now and for ever.

It's not necessary.

- How are you?
- My Adaś is back.

- Is he?
- And Zosia.

They got back yesterday.

What do you want, my child?

- To confess.
- At this hour?

I'm coming from afar.
From Skarżyskie Bory.

I'm not coming to tell my sins.

What for then?

To get a piece of advice.
I was sent by the organisation.

I am to carry out a death sentence.

- Where?
- Here, in this town.

- You are to kill I someone?
- A traitor.

How do you know he's a traitor?
What proof do you have?

I have none. I've got an order
and I have to follow it.

- Why have you come here then?
- To hear your advice.

What can I say?

Tell me, am I going to be condemned,
if I shoot him?

- Do you want to kill him?
- Yes.

My child...

When you kill a man, it's like
you've already killed yourself.

What about them?

Come with me.

It's not a confession any more.
It's us talking.

You don't need to hurry.

Tell me who is the man,
who has to die?

- What's your name?
- They call me Lynx in our troop.

I can't tell you the name of a person
I'm going to shoot, Father.


It has to stay a secret.

You could betray me, Father.


Why do you speak of me like that?

I've come here
for you to grant me absolution.

Absolution in advance?
That's absurd.

So you're not willing to grant me
absolution for killing a traitor?

How can I be sure he's a traitor?

What if I prove it to you?
Will you forgive me murder?

How could you prove it?
I don't even know his name.

He's an evil man.

Mors malis, vita bonis.

Death is evil, life is good.

I don't know, if he's malus!

I'll tell you, Father.

It's Alojz.
The wheelwright.

In the name of the Father, my boy!
What are you talking about?!

I know nothing.
I've got an order.

What were they thinking?
To send you to do such a thing.

It's not that bad.
It's very important.

That's what they react to.

- Who do you mean?
- Who?

Germans, traitor, everyone!

It shows we have power.


Don't delude yourself, Lynx.

That's not what I'm here for.

You've come to talk to me.
That's how I understand it.

You're such a weakling
and they told you to kill people.

Who could've done it?

Everyone is fighting now.

Such a thing...

- When do you want to do it?
- Probably today.

I don't know
where he lives though.

Second street to the left
walking form the church.

I'm sure Alojz
is an innocent man.

I can't hesitate.

I shouldn't think about it.
The sooner I do it, the better.

Let me convince you, boy.

At least until tomorrow.

Will you grant me
absolution, Father?

- I'm afraid of being sinful.
- Wait! I beg of you!

Very well. I will.
What is it going to change?

I'll ask around, I'll sniff out...

I'll go to Alojz and see
how he looks me in the eye.

I want to make sure
he's really guilty.

At least until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow?
You're going to warn him.

I won't carry out the sentence
and get a bullet in the head.

In the head?

What did you think?
If I don't shoot him, I'll be dead.

Merciful Jesus...


Please, sit in the confessional
to make it more formal.


Do you want to confess
all your sins, my son?

What sins?
I haven't sinned.

You do not curse?
You don't get drunk?

In the hell we're living in,
there are no sins.

- You live in hell?
- Where else?

Is that not hell right now?

People murdering, killing,
eating each other alive...

There are no people
in this world right now.

People are awful.

But Alojz is the worst.

He pretends to be the best,
but he's betrayed like Judas.

You have no right to say that.

Do your thing but do not judge.

But you'll grant me absolution,

Murder is a terrible sin.

You said it yourself -
everyone's killing.

What of it?

You've become so used to it, that
you're treating it as it was a fly?

What will you do,
if you don't get absolution?

I'll go back to the woods.

Have mercy... It's so far away.

I'll go to Iłża.
I'll sleep in the ruins.

What about the others?

I've got three days.
I'll come back tomorrow.

Do that.

Why are you sitting in the dark,

- Do you want me to lit up the lamp?
- Not yet.

- What about supper?
- Later.

I'm going out then.
I'll be back soon.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Don't you hear me?

Now and for ever.

Any news?

The tinsmith was shot
in Ciężkowice.

They burnt his house, too.

The partisans cut down
four pylons.

Telephone ones.


Near Folwarki.

Why do they need to cut down pylons?

The Germans are going to hang a man
for each pylon.

When I saw it,
I got very scared.

Cutting down pylons...
What a foolish thing to do.

What's your name?



You have no Kennkarte?

They call me Darus.

What if Germans catch you?

What do they need
such an old man for?

They catch everyone.
Even old men.

Could I stay for a night?
In the barn.

I'm not sure...

- I bet you smoke.
- I do.

You'll start fire...

I won't be smoking then.

It's not evening yet.
You'll find somewhere else.

People will take you in.

Be on your way!

You know what, Hela...

He's a human being after all...

Stop with your philosophy, Father.

What if he's some kind of Judas?

Just take look in his eyes.

We don't want any troubles.

We don't know,
who denounced our Father Piotr.

Why do you clatter
like that, Father?

Can I come in?

But I'm working in the yard.

- Are you alone?
- Who would I be with?

Have mercy, Alojz! Who's that
carriage for in such a bad time?

It can come in handy.

Even to go to the woods in style!

Aren't you afraid to live
in the Jewish house?

Mine was too small
and this one is comfortable.

They can throw you out one day.

Who would do that?

- You know people from around.
- They're just like anywhere else.

They're bad people.
Really bad.

You'd like everybody
to attend masses.

Not everyone who doesn't
ls evil.

Not everyone who kneels
in front of the altar is good.

My heart is breaking,
when I look at those people.

They're bad, quarrelsome, greedy...

They'd drown each other
in a spoonful of water.

I'm sad...

If you're sad,
take a walk to the woods.

What do you mean by that?

I just mean a walk.

You're no good
to become a partisan.

I bet you can't shoot.

I can.

It's easy to pull a trigger.

But you need to aim first!

That's right.
One has to aim first.

But I could do it from a short range.

An enemy doesn't get that close.

You're right.

I could learn though.

Our closest enemy is Satan!

He can even get inside.

Can you feel
this kind of sensation?

Let me think... Maybe I do.

That's not good.

The devil is hiding
in many men now.

You're right.
Well said.

I'll finish the carriage, we'll get
your horses and go for a walk.

To the woods, we'll head Iłża.

It's not safe there.

A priest is safe everywhere.

They could shoot
from a long distance.

Who would shoot at you, Father?

- And what for?
- That's true.

Sometimes shooting is necessary.

You're being weird
today, Father.


I don't...

You shouldn't tell anyone about it.

What are you saying, Alojz?

I know what I'm saying.

I'll be going.
I haven't conducted a mass yet today.

What have you come here for, Father?
It makes me wonder.

I wanted to make sure
you're a decent man.


I wouldn't go for a walk
to the woods with you.

How should I speak to you
for you to understand?

You're a big child, Father.
Soaking wet.

You'll be both dead
because of you.

Do you know Alojz, Hela?

- The wheelwright?
- Yes.

No better than you do.

What kind of a man is he?

How do I know.
He's a widower.

What do people say about him?

He doesn't go to church.

Have you got some business
to deal with him?

I'm just asking.

Sit down, please.

We have a favour to ask.

To read the banns real soon.

Three banns, three Sundays.

Can't you read them all at once?

I'd need bishop's indult.
That's the canon law.

You know, why.

You shouldn't have hurried.

But if...

My child...

The first gift from God
is life. However...

Do you know,
when the upbringing starts?

- When the baby's born.
- No.

The moment the baby's conceived.

Father... We want to get married
before my fiancé leaves.

You'll pay to the organist.

Where are you off to?

I've got some business
to take care of.

You won't tell me?

Set a date, Joseph.

Father Piotr!
Thank you for your letter.

I wish you were here, Father,
because I too need a confessor.

You're here.

I've come.

You must be tired.

No more than you, Father.

How will it be then?

You see, my boy...

I have to tell you...

That you don't need to kill Alojz.

But I'm not asking you about that.
What I'll do is my concern.

Everyone has a different role
to play.

Yours is to serve the Church.

The point is I don't need to
represent Church when I talk to you.

I don't understand...

I'll do it for you.

What do you mean?

Just give me that gun
and don't worry about the rest.

Take it easy, parish priest.

First of all,
I don't have it on me.

Second of all...

...what guarantee do I have
that you carry out the sentence?

I promise you I will.

You're wasting my time.

I'll do it myself.

Do understand, you fool,
that I'll do it for you.

You can take my word for it.

I've already picked
a spot on his body.

Did you see him?

I visited him this morning.

- And?
- He's a decent man.

I pity him.

I get it.
You want to save him.

How is it going to make me look?

I'll tell you the truth.

It's not him I want to save,
but you.

So that you don't have to feel
that burden all your life.

What burden?

The weight of the crime...

You'll shoot...

He'll fall down,
there'll be blood...

That face and those still eyes...

They'll haunt you
for the rest of your life.

For eternity!

Can you imagine that?
The eternity!

That's why I wanted you
to set me free from such an eternity.

Do you believe soul is immortal?

I don't believe.
I know it's immortal.

I'll take your sin
and carry it myself for eternity.

Aren't you scared, Father?

God will forgive me.

Don't be so sure.

He's just.
But He's also revengeful.

He wouldn't like His servant
to commit such a crlme.

He's going to take vengeance.
Like we do, after we were betrayed.

But I'd commit that act out of love.

Out of love for a human being?

To free me from the responsibility,
you'll kill another man.

I'll kill his body.

But I won't convict a soul
to eternal condemnation.

Do you also believe
that soul exists?

I must believe it.

How could I not?

Believing is the only rescue.
Our only weapon.

What kind of believing is that?
If you say you must.

Saving a man means a lot.

But saving a soul
means a lot more.

To save it for the price
of you own soul...

That's unusual.

Do you agree?
I do.

Give me the gun.

I don't have it on me.
I've hidden it in the ruins.

- How will it be then?
- I'll bring it tomorrow.

We're giving
one more day to Alojz.

That's not much.

- When are you going to return?
- Tomorrow, at the same time.

Open the front door though.
I don't like sneaking through vestry.

What difference does it make?

It does for me.

And Cain said to his brother Abel...
"Let's go out into the fields."

And while they were in the field,

Cain rose up against his brother,
Abel, and killed him.

Then the Lord said to Cain:
“Where's your brother, Abel?”.

And he said: “I don't know.
I'm not my brother's keeper”.

And He said:
“What have you done?

The voice of your brother's blood
is crying to me from the ground.

And now you are cursed
at the ground,

which has opened its mouth to receive
your brother's blood from your hand”.

Drink this, Father.

- What is it?
- It's no poison.

- Herbal tea.
- Camomile.

You could've got sick.

You visited Sieradzcys yesterday
and they've got typhoid.

- I'm alright.
- I bet.

Drink this.

- About Alojz...
- What?

What about Alojz?

Do not see him again.
Don't go there.

There were policemen
in the town today.

They came in the afternoon,
visiting many houses.

But they didn't come over
to his place.

They were standing in front
of the house for a while and left.

That's how it is.

You're here, Józef.

They came yesterday
to ask about baptism.

I told them to come tomorrow.
Right after the mass.

Did you?

That's good.
Thank you.

Where are you coming back from?

I've gone to ask about a job.

What is the meaning of all this?

I should ask you, Father.

What do you want from me?

What could I want?

Why do you keep
coming to see me?

I don't know...

There's something about you...
I'd like to talk to you.

What for?
You already know everything.

I don't.
I have absolutely no idea.

You do know a bit.
You've seen her.

The child with black hair.

You're hiding Jews.

Go tell the policemen, Father.

If you're doing it for money...

Like the Jews
that used to live here were rich!

Good God, Alojz!
That's a great responsibility.

You know
I'm not going to tell anybody.

Of course I do.

Otherwise I'd kill you with that axe
the moment you saw the girl.

I wanted to bash you right away.
But I felt sorry for you.

There'd be too much blood.

Too much blood...

Listen, Alojz.

People say different things
about you.

People make the parish.

They say you're a traitor.

Let them talk.
What do I care?

But it can end up real bad.

Are you threatening me, Father?

How could I?

The usual way.

You're a traitor, Alojz, and you know
what happens to ones like you.

Who could've I betrayed?

Maybe some Jews.

I've got my own ones.
And I'm not betraying them.

You're not...

You're so absent-minded, Father.

You're talking
like you lacked your own opinion.

You must've got all mixed-up.

That's not a good place for us,
my dear Alojz.

It sure isn't.

We could go for a walk together.

What does it mean?
Like I said. Don't you remember?

The carriage is ready.
Since yesterday.

- Where to?
- Further than Iłża.

The woods down there
are impossible to go through.

One can stay there until
the Judgement Day.

If one doesn't stick
one's neck out.

I'm hearing weird things from you,
my dear Alojz.

And I from you, Father.

May God be with you.
I'm going back to my place.

And stay in there!

Don't keep coming round or you'll
bring some unwanted visitors.

I'm going to bring them.
That's for sure.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Why are you looking
at me like that, Hela?

I can see you don't like it.

But I do.

I can see you don't.

You're watching me to eat it all.
Just like my mum used to do it.

I am watching you.

You bet I am.

You're here.

You're lurking behind me.

Have you got the gun?

Give it to me.

- You haven't changed your mind then.
- No.

What if Alojz is a decent man?

What's your point?
I'm sure he is decent.

- And you want to kill him?
- To take the sin away from you.

Take it.

Are you mad?

Stop it right now!

You won't let it go.
It's stuck to your hand.

Stuck to your life.

You've already killed
an innocent man. In your intention.

Nothing will set you free.
Until the end of eternity.

And there is no end.


Wake up, Father.

There's nothing for us to do here.

Are you unwell?

We should run away.

We have to flee,
after all that's happened.

I spent the whole night
in the woods.

I was building a bunker
for my Jews.

I came back in the morning
and there were no Jews.

They were taken by the Germans
last night.

I can't be waiting for them
to come back for me.

What about...

We' re both going to join partisans.
The carriage is ready.

We'll harness your horse.

We'll be of use
to the boys in the woods.

I'm rather strong...

And you, Father, can shoot quite
well, as far as I can see.

- Where's the revolver?
- I've hidden it.

And the bullet?

It was meant for someone else,
wasn't it?

Yes, it was.