Ryoma ansatsu (1974) - full transcript

Story of the last three days in the life of Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867), imperial loyalist who tried to unite the Choshu and Satsuma clans and prepared the way for the Meiji Restoration (1868). A samurai film in an ironic almost burlesque style, but not without affection for its hero.

An Art Theatre Guild and Eiga Dôjinsha
Joint Production



Yoshio Harada

Rie Nakagawa
Renji Ishibashi

Kaori Momoi
Yûsaku Matsuda

Directed by Kazuo Kuroki

November 13, 1867

Come up and see me sometime.

Ryoma on the move

- Master...
- Yes?

Yesterday, some guard came from the
Magistrate's office and left this.

Are you dissatisfied?

Whaddya think?

Ryoma, wanted for the murder
of two Shogunate Officials
in Teradaya last year

Well, it does kind of look like you.

They really made me look evil
in this drawing.

That's it!

Wanted for murder: Ryoma Sakamoto

Well, I'll be on my way...

If there's anything else you
need, please ask Tokichi anytime.

- Hey, Shinsuke.
- Hm?

Why did you take on this kind of work?

I'm just a simple businessman...

although I may not look like it.

The Shogunate is going to collapse.

Well, there are many people
that would say the opposite.

That's just like you,
Mr. Shinsuke Kendo.

There are other ways to make a
profit regardless of the Shogunate.


We can talk about it again sometime.

I appreciate it.

Ryoma, The Peeping Tom

Nakaichi Shinsuke,

in accordance to the laws of the Auxilary Guard
you are hereby ordered to commit seppuku.

Control yourself, Shinsuke!

Ryoma Sakamoto...

Just arrived.


That's good news.

Are you going to kill him?

Don't be foolish.

He's practically my best friend.

You liar...

Why do you pretend nothing happened?

You know that he
and I were together once...


Ryoma is a beast!

That's actually one of
his better qualities.

Why, Shintaro?

Why aren't you more like a beast?

Cut it out!

Don't do such a thing.


Knock it off!


Knock it off!


Later, later.

I'll pay you afterwards...

What's up with you, huh?

Sorry, but this is all I have.

It's only 100 yen. Forgive me.

You know times are tough right now.
Even rice costs twice as much...

But my salary stays the same.

Even farmers have it better than I do.

I'm sorry, cut me some slack.

You're worse than the
prostitutes in Shinagawa.


C'mon, hold it firmly.


It's got a kick to it. Hold it right.

Arms straight and stiff.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Aim it straight in front of your target.

Arms straight.

That's it.

Now, pull this thing back.

Push down hard.

What the hell are you doing?
Like this.

Give it here.

- Seems like a katana is still better.
- Whatever...


Wait a second.

Move your feet!

Why don't you help me look?

Don't just sit there!

Where is it?

Get your feet outta my face!

Shortsighted Ryoma

Where did it go?

From Edo to Kyoto, then Kyoto to Nagasaki.
I'm always on the move.

A lightweight gun is the best
weapon for someone in my situation.

Imagine being on the run for three
days with a heavy sword...

your back, arms, and joints start to ache.

I said the same thing to Shinta,
but he's so stubborn.

He can't let go of his katana.

It's too late for him to change his ways.


For example, if Shinta
and I went to Edo,

it would cost him two days of
travelling because of his sword.

While the cherry blossoms scatter,
people might change alliances...

or your girl could fall
for some other guy.

Forget about it!

What the fuck is up with this stupid thing?

It's just like the colour of blood.

Yes, it really is, isn't it?

I've heard that Ryoma Sakamoto
has gone into hiding.

Wow, you get your information fast!

The Bakufu spies are closing in.
So he's got to be somewhere.

That may be true...

But that is comforting enough.

Sakamoto may be a great man,
but he makes stupid mistakes.

We can't let him fall into the
hands of the Bakufu.


Hanjiro Nakamura...

Lately, he has become even more quiet.
Maybe it's because of all the killing.

What's the situation?

the new kid is quite petulant.

That petulance is
good enough for the job.



Satsuma Clan

What a ridiculously long katana.

This stuff isn't used in Japan nowadays.

Old man, reconsider.

If I bought this from you,
I would never be able to resell it.

- I can't take it.
- Old man, please take it.

Sorry. Why don't you try
a different pawnshop?

C'mon, old man, just take it, okay?

Stop laughing at me!

I couldn't make it!

I told you not to follow me!

Captain, you are lost.
Would you be able to kill Ryoma like that?


Failure will cost lives.

Ryoma Sakamoto is just that scary.

Wasn't that why we moved his
hideout to the warehouse?

Avoiding the watchful eyes of the
Bakufu was just an excuse.

We need to keep Sakamoto far away
from the provisional palace.

In other words, so that one
of us could kill him at any time...

That's why I told you I was going alone!

Ryoma is a very cautious man.
He will only invite me to go inside.

It will only happen when
I feel like a son of a barber again.

And when he feels like a son of a
pawnshop owner again. Like in the old times.

- But...
- Stop it!

You've already said enough!

Mr. Nakaoka...


I just felt like having a meal with Ryoma.

Tokichi, make it as you always do.

Stop squirming around!
I'll catch you.

Come here!

- What are you doing?
- Heave ho!

Oh, you...

Where are you from?

You just won't stop moving.
You're like a baby!

Where are you from?

If you keep moving around
I can't get anything done.

So, what do you do?

A boat. I work on a boat, just like you.

You're silly. Why would someone
working on a boat be targeted?

I don't know.
I wonder why, too.

Anyway, who cares?

- Do you really work on a boat?
- What?

What now?

- Well, if you did actually work on a boat...
- I do!

Then it's the same as my family.

My Dad's a fisherman too.

Oh, really? Whereabouts?

- Shimotsui in Seto Bay.
- Sure, sure. I know that place.

I've been there many times by boat.

It had a big port that could fit
two or three steamboats.

And also, they had women as gentle
as the sea of Seto.

- You pervert!
- Who's the pervert?

Mister, you truly are a weirdo.

You too. What kind of man would
want a shrew like you?

The Shinsengumi.

If I said they want me,
would you run away?

Well, the captain is usually best at
rowing, so let's start rowing!

To Otome, my sister.

Today I am taking a chance
to write to you.

I have spent my days and nights...
remembering what you said to me.

Forgetting one's national policy over lust
is an insult that should never happen...

But these days I have been
overcome by a strange passion.

And its growing strength
fills me with fear...

I know nobody will understand...

Ryoma is confused...

Ryoma is tired...


shits five times a day.

So, there was this stupid cat...

This cat climbed up a tree
and couldn't get down.

I called it and all it would do
was to cling to the branch and cry.

I had no choice but to climb up
but the cat kept climbing further up.

I shouted at it to stop...

I put some mochi on a stick to lure it down.
I tried everything but nothing worked.

If I didn't do something
the cat would starve to death.

So I thought and said:

Fine! Just cut the damn tree down!
Cut it down!

But everyone just started laughing.

I asked: "What's so funny?"

They said it was stupid to try to cut down a tree
that was ten feet wide for such a skinny cat.

And the moment I heard that,
I started laughing too.

It was stupid, wasn't it?

The priorities of values
are completely wrong, don't you agree?

I've been told that
I'm a little off in the head.

At that time, they did have a point!

But after a while I thought to myself...

"That's not the point, Ryoma!"

That it was not about the cat's life...

But more so that it should be
acceptable to at least come up

with the idea of cutting down the tree
to save the cat.

Every possibility
should be considered, right?

In other words,
it's all about how you see things.


What I'm trying to say is that when
you look at something differently...

...you have the chance to see
a completely different world.

Sometimes a riddle becomes
all too obvious...

Other times you begin to question
something you've always believed!

And visa versa!

It's a scary thought. Scary!

So scary...
it makes you want to run away.

And before you know it...

Before you know it...

You fool!

Falling asleep...

Who is it?

Who is it?




It's been two years! Come in!

Who's that?

Who cares?

Violence from Left-Wing samurai
is a daily occurrence

Why aren't you eating?

It's good.

I can't eat the fowl from a man
who tried to kill master.

What are you on about?

Shinta is Shinta. Food is food.

But, master, this is no laughing matter.

I get it!

This wasn't the first
time I've been targeted.

It's more like the third or fourth by now.

There were two times when I
seriously tried to kill Shinta myself.

But as usual, he is a tardy man...

And he arrived when I wasn't around.

I beg you, at least carry your
revolver when you go out.

Well, I wouldn't really call it going out...

Have you lost your mind?

I don't need you testing me!

I apologize.
It's just that I'm worried.

Well, don't be!

People who worry too much will split
their balls just stepping out of the bath.

Their life will never be fully satisfying!



Eat it!

Ryoma's favourite shoes were purchased
from the British Mr.Grover two years ago

Ryoma, the long-distance runner,
always accompanied by assassins

November 14, 1867

The Imperial Court increases breeding
of pigs due to financial hardships

Is this chrysanthemum too big?

No, that looks just right.

It's very impressive of you, Mr. Iwakura...

to bring out the flag used 500 years
ago during the North-South dynasty.

The chrysanthemum symbol
is the best way

to get the simple minded, the weirdos,
and those who make excuses,

to obey and follow orders.

Instead of just one,
why don't we go all out...

and send one or two hundred of them
to the entire anti-government army?

The Satsuma and Choshu
region prepare to reform,
a month after the restoration of
the government by the emperor

Bills are falling from the sky in Omiya!
Money is falling from the sky!

Money is falling from the sky!

- However...!
- Nishino!

Where is the Captain?
I need to see the Captain!

Be quiet! I said he's not here!

- Then Noda will be fine, let us meet him!
- Noda isn't here either!

Nishino, what are
you and Noda planning?

Where are you hiding the Captain?

If you are going to continue this
insubordination, you will be punished!

What are you waiting for?

If you're going to force me to commit
seppuku, then let me do it now...

Your humour is not appreciated.
If you die now, it will only cause problems.


You are still considered to be our Captain.

And we still need you
to command the Tosa Army

to fight in the Satsuma-Choshu
(Sa-Cho) reformation.

Your only weakness is that you
can't kill Mr. Sakamoto!

He was not there.
How many times do I have to say it?

I know it's uncomfortable,
but please be patient for a while.

We don't want Satsuma to look into your
relationship with Sakamoto any further.

And then what?

You guys will kill Ryoma?

It is our only option as the Tosa
anti-government movement!

You're over exaggerating.

Captain, when it comes to Sakamoto you
fully lose your sense of judgement!

Look, regardless of how it appears,
the Satsuma are not dependent on Tosa.

Even worse, following Sakamoto's
push for a non-violent reform...

...there is a movement to eliminate Tosa!

Why would they do such a thing?

It's simple. Tosa doesn't exist in
the future that Sa-Cho envisions!

That is why no matter
how much shame we endure,

we must maintain obedience
towards them!

By any means possible, we must
continue to hold on to that future.

You stupid fool!

What you see is just the shifting of power!

That is all that matters to me.

If the Bakufu collapses,
what will the next era be like?

A bright and shiny new Japan?

I don't believe in such things!

Captain, if you continue to be
so depressed, it will be bad for you.

Why don't you have some
of that wine that you like?

Tae, if you would.




I also have an overbearing sister
back home, named Otome.

She still sends me these childish letters.

Sisters have a strange presence, right?

They are oddly comforting.

And yet that's what makes them irresistible.

I'm sure that if I went back home, I would
end up sucking on her breast every day.

Why do you carry this thing around?

Stop being so impersonal, Uta.

Did anything good come from
leaving your home town, huh?

I'm sure with a sword like that,
nothing good could have happened to you.

You hear me?

You are the quiet type.
You remind me of someone.

Who was it?

Who could he be?

Right, it was Izo.

You remind me of a friend named Izo.

The way you walk and your gaze
are exactly like his.

He was called Izo "the Assassin".

He was really good at killing people,
or more likely, he really enjoyed it.

Anyway, this Izo...
Are you listening?

This Izo, instead of dying in a fight,
was poisoned while in jail.

You're still young but you look like
you're good at killing people too.

I don't know who asked him to come,
but it's a waste.

What are you doing?

Is it good?




What's wrong?

What's wrong, Uta?

Uta, don't do it!

Eijanaika (Why Not?)!
Eijanaika! Eijanaika!



Shinsuke, give my
apologies to your wife.

Master, where are you going
dressed like that?

Isn't it obvious?

- I'm going to see Shinta.
- What?

To see Nakaoka?

Hiding from my assassins by blending
in with the festive crowd. It's Ingenious.

But Nakaoka wants to take master's life.

Tokichi, my shoes.

- Are you wearing leather shoes with that?
- You imbecile, stop talking and get them.

The Government of Kyoto
has banned disguises

Uta finds an opportunity to kill Ryoma

Throw up some more,
you'll feel better afterwards.

Calm down, it's just me.

Be quiet now.

Where is Shinta?
Here or Myozen Temple?

What's up with you?
I'm not here to kill Shinta.

Why are you looking at me like that?

C'mon, where's Shinta?

Shintaro is going to get killed.


He's being held by soldiers in the back...

And they will make him commit seppuku
at any moment. Please help him!

You're in love with him?

Hurry, take off your kimono.

I'm saying take off your kimono!

You savage!

You fool...

Be quiet and don't move!

Shinta, it's me!

Look at me!
C'mon, c'mon!

Can you see me?

See? It's me!


Moron, I'm not here to kill you.

- What the hell are you doing?
- Just relax!

Stop it!

What do you want from me?

- Stop it!
- Obey my orders!

I don't understand... how this happened.

First, you were after me...

And now your own guys are after you.

It's a very strange situation.

I've met that kid before.

- Oh?
- Who is he?

I dunno.

You don't know?

The only thing I know is that he'll try
to kill me whenever he has the chance.

It's him.

I met him at Satsuma's palace.

The Satsuma's are trying to kill me too?

Let's kill him.

Wait, wait. We're unarmed.

Where's your revolver?

I have it with me
but I forgot to load it.

You're pathetic.
You haven't changed a bit.

You're the one who's pathetic.
You were trying to kill me too. Don't worry.

I know!

But, I can't let it slide.

Leave him be. He's not a bad guy.

I know, but I think I can kill him now.


What's up with him now?

Trying to kill me?

Stop it, you two!
Or I'll shoot!

We need to be careful!

- Leave me alone!
- Don't go!

- Go away!
- You liar!

You deceived me. You liar!

Hit him again!

One more time!

C'mon, samurai, fight back!

That's good for now.

What a pretty girl you are.

Let's wait until dark to return
to the warehouse.

Yeah, it will be better to wait until night...

I'm getting sleepy.

Yeah, I'm really sleepy.

What are you doing?

- We need to eat this.
- No. Give it back!

You can't do this!

Stop it, old hag!

You bastard! You bastard!
Give it back! Give it back!

- Stop it, old hag!
- No way!

- Cut it out!
- You burglar!

Take this and this!

Cut it out...
Cut it out.

Cut it out already!

Old hag...

I'll kill you...

I'll kill you!

I'll kill all of you!

You fucking moron.

You coward!

A completely hopeless case!

Why do you avoid an armed reformation?

So not to shed blood?
Because you value human life?

Since when have you
have become a pacifist?

Besides, I've been meaning to kill you
ever since you started preaching...

about that deceitful restoration.

Getting Tokugawa to resign his
position as Shogun...

Sounds like one of your typical tricks.

But it's been a month,
and how has the country changed?

If we want to get rid of the old system,
we must pull them out from the roots.

Start having the Shogun and his family
commit seppuku, or else kill them.

That's reformation. And that is the
only way to create a true reformation.

Don't you understand that?

- Of course I do.
- What?

I understand it, that's why I'm here,
listening to your story.

I don't disagree with anything
you've just said.

And then, what are you going to do?

- What I'm going to do?
- Yes, in specific terms.

That's not a problem.

I'm commanding the
Tosa anti-government faction

and committing to defeat
the military of the Sa-Cho.

I see, and say you'll destroy the Bakufu?

Don't make it sound like
it's as easy as squashing a bug!

No, I am confident you can destroy
them. No matter what, you'll win.

But the problem is what happens next.

Who comes into power then?

You sound just like Noda.

Really? Just like Noda?

He has no vision for a change.

All he's interested in is who takes control.

Shinta, that is a concern of mine as well.

You destroy the Bakufu and create a
new system. Then who comes next?

What kind of government will be created?
That is what I think about!

I'm more of a realist than you!

And I have painted some ideas
about the future.

I have addressed these ideas
to Saigo and Katsura, too.

But then, one day...

I did a handstand...

and while doing a handstand,
I looked at the world's movement.

It was a very odd scene
from that viewpoint.

There were all these
power-hungry phantoms!

- You bastard!
- Wait, Shinta.

I'm not just insulting my allies for fun.

I'm saying that by doing a handstand...

we can figure out a way to
escape the strong pull of power.

Without hiding or running away...

we need to figure out how
to become independent.

Or maybe...

Maybe we need to completely
change our own lives.


Enough of this psychotic rant!

You're near-sighted, but you always
speak with such a long stare.

First we need to completely
destroy the old order.

After that the new world will
finally start to reveal itself.

So first, I will become the
destroyer. A thorough destroyer.

- That is my only mission!
- Listen, Shinta...

Shut up!
I don't have to listen to this anymore!



All pigs need to die!



Let me go!

Hata! Please run away with me!

Let me go!

I beg you.

Don't joke with me!

I'm... I'm still young!

Running away with an
embezzler like you...

wouldn't bring me any joy in life!

Leave by yourself!

Hata, you are the only thing
I have going for me!

I'd do anything to support you!

I'd become a monk or even
an apprentice at a pawnshop!

You've fallen pretty far from
your position in the Shinsengumi.

I said it before: I have no intention
of rotting away with some old bore!

I don't want to!

- Now, you lazy monk. Get out!
- Damn you!

That hurts! That hurts!

It hurts!

Not now...

Stop... stop it.

- What's now?
- Run away with me.

Run away?

I love sleeping with you the best!

Right? So, I want...
I want to rent a house and do this everyday!

Wait a moment. Now, wait...

Okay? I want to do this
from morning to night.

Fine, fine.
I got it.

You're being inconsiderate!
Stop fidgeting and get out!

I'm fine being inconsiderate.
Feel free to do as you like.


You can't!

You! Skinny! Cowardly! Potato!
Come down here!

Cut it out!

No. Not that!


- You coward, come down!
- You fool!

November 15, 1867

See, he's there alright.
And today it's a newcomer.

Just to be safe, I sent my wife
and kid back to the countryside.

Thorough as always.

But it appears I may have
made a miscalculation.

That doesn't sound like you.

As a merchant you must always
be adjusting your calculations.

You have a point.


Hold on with the Ryoma Sakamoto case.

What does that mean?

No idea. I don't know anything.
These are orders from above.

It was the same thing
with yesterday's Choshu case.

Why are the orders changing like the
eyes of a cat. Screw the orders!

- What's new?
- Orders.

I'm sick of being
cooped up in this place!

It feels like my body is
starting to smell like mold.

Hey, you!

If somebody wants to kill me, I'm here!


How about you?
Are you going to kill me or not?

Stop eating and get serious!

Stop wailing.
You're getting dust in my food.

What's with your
high and mighty attitude?

The best way to eat is sitting comfortably!

No matter how much you act like a samurai,
you're still the son of a barber. You fool!

And you are still the son
of a pawnshop owner.

That's right, I am!

And why is it that the son
of a pawnshop owner,

having been asked by a lady to elope,
has to be kept up here?

Huh? She's saying she wants to make
love to me the whole day!

Isn't that a wonderful thing?

So why the hell can't I do that?

If you want to elope, be my guest.

Alright, I will!

I'll leave this
stinking warehouse today!

So that's what you meant
by a change of life?

I don't know!

I no longer know what is Ryoma and what is
the reformation if my old identity disappears!

Think about why we started this.

It was because of our hate for
the real arrogant samurai.

And now we're trying our best to act
like samurai when having a meal!

You bastard!

Who's the reformation for?

What we're doing is reformation
for the samurai! Right?

It's truly a joke that the sons of
barbers and pawnshop owners

are fighting for a samurai's reformation!

Stop wailing, Ryoma!

Stop being so arrogant, Shintaro!

Why don't you escape with the girl, then?

Is it because of the assassins outside?

It's not that...

It's because of yourself.

You are the one that is completely
immersed in the reformation movement!

Shut up!

You don't even understand
anything about women!

Are you talking about Tae?

- Tae is in love with you.
- Wrong!

The one that Tae is really into is you!

- Don't make a fool of me!
- Shut up, you womaniser!

A package arrived from Nagasaki!

Alright! It came!

From Nagasaki?

I ordered 5,000 rifles from Hartmann.

It'll be too late to stock up on
guns after the battle begins.

I was actually thinking of
giving you a few, too.

You really are a hopeless case...

Maybe.... Maybe I am.

Hey, Tokichi...
Was there a small parcel that came with it?

What's wrong?

Excuse me...

It's unreasonable...

My 5,000 rifles turned into this!

What do you mean?

He couldn't find the rifles.
So instead, he's giving me this.

Well, there's no point in being glum.
Let's take a photo to change the mood.


You have to wait ten minutes

Unfortunately, that picture
no longer survives today

Tonight, I'm going to Nagasaki.

To Nagasaki?

I can get away in the middle of night.

And then what will you do?

Well, even if I can only find 100 or 200,
I'm going to supply the rifles.

And then...

I'm going to reconstruct the navy.

- Reconstruct?
- That's right.

I'm going to recruit a ton of fishermen.

- They'll be useless.
- You don't know that!

With good training, they'll learn to use
a gun even if they're no samurai.

But even if you do that...

you're not going to make it to the battle
that Sa-Cho are planning next month.

Don't you think I know that?

That's why I'm going to leave it up
to the Bakufu to destroy the Sa-Cho!

- Leave it up to them?
- That's right.

And after that, my newly formed and
well-trained navy will come into play.

What do you mean?

We'll attack Sa-Cho!


Of course, it will be one
ambush after another.

I know we can't go against them head on.

Their forces add
up to be 3 or 4 thousand.

In that case, I can make my move
with 800 to 1,000 men.

Satsuma will definitely target you.

By the way, Shinta...

What are you going to do?

I can't keep company to your pipe dream!

You will act along with Sa-Cho, huh?


I see!

Both as enemy and as friend...

- Ryoma!
- It's alright. Do as you want to.

But no matter how long you stay here...

You're only going to start growing mold!


So, escape with me tonight...

Kill Noda...

And then, ensure the
Auxiliary troops to our side!

I don't need advice from a man like you.

You have lost all sense of reality!


I'll eventually just take the
Auxiliary troops with you in it.

You bastard!

Don't be mad!
Don't be mad at me!

No need to be mad. No need.

Let it go... Let it go.

Let's have a drink.

Okay? Let's drink.

After tonight, we'll be apart for awhile.

Damn it, I think I caught a cold.

Ah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



Stop it...

Shut the hell up!

You drunkard, what are you doing?

Hey, you drunk! You drunk!

Stop waving that murder knife around!

What the hell are you doing, woman?
I'm from To...

Hey, be careful!

It looks like there are swarms out there.

This place is no good for my cold.

Hey, Shinta...

- Let's go to the 2nd floor of the main wing.
- Don't be stupid.


The spies and assassins are all
focused on this place.

We can't escape.

If we go to the main wing
it will be easier to escape later.

What'll you do with the woman?

She looks like she's fast asleep.

A strangely warm woman...

It looks like we can escape.


Later in the night will be safer.


Where is he?

He's gone.

He disappeared right from under me.


Let's run away.

Why should I run away with you?

If we don't kill him...

You and I are both going to be killed.

Me too?


You too...

Well then, Uta...
You just have to kill that man.

No way. I can't do it.

What's wrong? Are you scared?

You never told your sister, but...
Killing people is your job, right?

Why can't you kill that man?
Is he an exception?



I don't know what to do anymore!

I can't do it...

Can't do it!


Okamoto, from the Palace?

Yes, with Minekichi
from a bookstore he goes to.

They're visiting the soldiers
on the front lines.

That's fishy...

- Just the two of them?
- Yes.

Let them in.

But, master!

Well, don't drop your guard.

In the final moments,
what did you talk about?

What? Are you leaving already?

Seeing Mr. Ryoma healthy and
safe is more than enough.

I've been fine, but I caught a cold.

- Hey, Shinta.
- What is it?

I got the shivers. Why don't we
eat some foul stew?

Foul stew at this hour?

Don't be picky.

Tokichi! Tokichi!

Sensei, I can get you some foul,
if that's what you want.

Alright, you go get it. I'm sorry.

Please, be careful.

You'll get stiff shoulders
doubting others all the time.


You were completely
defenceless toward me.

I can't even count how
many times I could have killed you...

What's with you?

Are you still thinking about killing me?

I am both an enemy and an ally.

That's no good.

When you start saying those things,
I get the urge to kill you too.

You are too scary to have as an enemy...


Let's not let go of our swords.



What's with the damn chanting?

What's with it?

The man you're looking for
is in the main wing.

Where are you going?

I'm going to take that girl to Nagasaki.

Are you kidding me?

You're giving up
your pipe dream for a girl?

- That girl is also the daughter of a fisherman.
- So what?

I'll make her cook for my new navy!


You don't understand.

You don't!

I think my pipe dream... would expand...

If I incorporated women like her.

You don't understand.
You don't understand nothing.

You bastard!

What's wrong?

- Don't!
- You are a complete moron!

Cut it out, idiot!

In that case...

In that case, take me with you!

What did you say just now?

What the hell did you say?


I said that you should take me with you.

Are you...

Are you saying you want to be
a part of my pipe dream?

Who is it?

Mr. Minekichi?


The End