Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis (2021) - full transcript

Provoked by his father well known as Samurai Nanjirou, a legendary winner of a US tennis championship, Ryoma is determined to train himself in US after winning a championship in Japan. He runs into his classmate Sakuno, getting in trouble with street gangs, and accepts a tennis match against the villains to save her. Through the intense tennis battle, the shock of two ramming tennis balls makes stream of time leaped somehow. Ryoma and Sakuno find themselves transported back to the past decades ago when Ryoma's father challenged his last match at a championship in US.

Hello, and welcome

to all who came to the theater.

This is the Seishun
Academy Tennis Club captain,

Kunimitsu Tezuka.

The following movie
has two different versions.

"Decide" and "Glory."

What you're about to watch
is the "Decide" version.

Additionally, there is
a special feature at the end

called, "Decide,
Theater Tenifes Petit."

Please watch and enjoy the film

all the way to the end.

Without further ado,

now don't let your guard down.


Do you think it's fun?

Don't get too
impressed by me, kid.

Plenty of guys are stronger.

For example, there was
one person at the US Open,

he made me retire.

That ball's from
that very match, by the way.

Don't waste your summer.

Embrace your youth and do stuff.

Fresh watermelon.

No bad, huh?
Just came up with it.

Is Sakuno still shopping?

We're going to be late
for the Chinese theater.

Just give her a minute.

We rarely get
to travel like this,

so she should have
some time to enjoy herself.

What's she looking for anyway?

I bet it's a gift for Ryoma.

Wait, Ryoma?
What is he, her boyfriend?

Something like that.


It's adorable.


This one's perfect.

Excuse me, I'd like to buy this.

Thank you, sir.

Couldn't help but wonder,
are you from Japan?

Great country.
I love all the food.

Like tempura, sushi...

What else?


Uh, miss?

Get out of the street!

What, you got a death wish
or something?

Is that Ryoma?

Wait, come back.

Whoa, sorry about that.

That was quite the bump.

- You all right, Miss?
- Uh-huh.

- You're not hurt?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

Hey, boys, we got
a little tennis fan over here.

Oh no.

This doesn't look good.

What have I gotten myself into?

Well, what we play
around these parts

kinda has some special rules.

We call it "Gamble Tennis."

Gamble Tennis?

The player who loses...

Has to pay the winner
a thousand dollars.

Wait, how much?

How many zeros are there?

10, hundred, thousand.

Are we doing this or what?

Got me right in the ear, man!


Can you not?
That's pretty cliché.

So it was you.

I knew I saw you
back there, Ryoma.

What're you doing in the US?

Now isn't the best time
for small talk.

What the hell?
Hey, kid!

What, is she your cute
girlfriend or something?

My cute girlfriend, he says.

I'm talking to you!

You play?
The sport of tennis, I mean.

What gave it away?

Let's play something special
then, a little Gamble Tennis.

But, heads up, whoever loses
pays two thousand dollars.

But you said
it was one thousand.


You're allowed to chicken
out if you're not up for it.

Wouldn't want you
to go bankrupt.

You're on.

Let's do this with tennis.

Looks like I win.

Let's try this
the old fashioned way!

Now do what I tell you, hear me?

Or else your girl
is gonna get it!

What's going on?



- Ryoma.
- I'm right here.

Are you okay?


Wait, where'd those guys go?

They're gone.


What happened to the court here?

Weren't the walls
covered in graffiti before?

But now, I don't get how
they got completely clean

all of a sudden.

I wonder, those guys couldn't
have taken us somewhere else

that's similar, could they?

Oh! Oh, I forgot that my parents
are waiting for me!

Ryoma, I'm sorry but I gotta
hurry back to the market!

Mom, Dad, where are you?

Ryoma! They're gone!

I don't know how but
I can't find them anywhere.

- Ryuzaki.
- Huh?

Hear me out on this.

But we might have
gone back in time.

Is that possible?

Look at this poster.
There's my dad.

- Huh?
- It's from when he was a pro,

playing in the US Open.

Well it does say
"Nanjiro," so you're right.

Do you know why?

When I was here earlier today,

this poster wasn't hanging up.

Plus, the thing looks like
it's brand new.

So that would explain why
those courts were different.

We did go back in time
and your dad's here.

The US Open,

where my dad was forced
to retire for some reason.

His opponent's name
is Weasley Vaughan.

"Serves a powerful skyscraper
serve using his height."


I've done so much research
on this match.

But somehow I've never
seen his name before.

Why wasn't Weasley Vaughan's
name recorded in history?

What are we supposed to do now
and how do we go back?

Is it even possible to return
to our own time?

Might as well go off
what we know.

So if we did travel to the past,

my old house should
still be where I remember.

Come on.

Yeah, right behind you.

Weasley Vaughan, huh?

Wonder what kind of
player he is.

Maybe I can find a way
to see that match

and get a chance to see
Dad play in his prime.

Car's not there.

They must be out right now.

Did you actually live
here when you were little?

- Pretty sure.
- Pretty sure?

Got it.
And now I'm positive.

Hey, you can't just go in there
without permission.

Why not?
It is my house.

Still feels weird.

Wow, your place is huge.

Yeah, really takes me back.

But it feels a little less huge
than I remember.

They've got family pictures.

Hey, is this kid you?

You're so tiny.

It'll only take a second.

Just gotta grab something.

What the?

Oh, Rinko,
did you forget to lock the door?

Don't look at me,
you were the last one out.

Fine, I suppose I...

Please forgive us!

We're sorry
we broke into your house.

All right, explain this.

We were passing by and...

Can you help me out?


Are you my...?

You're fans of mine!

- Okay.
- Well, neat.

Should've told me
from the get-go.

Still, you can't let yourselves

into other people's
houses like that.

Of course, we understand.

That's him all right.

He's as dense as always.

Hey, Nanjiro, what's
taking you so long in there?

Sorry, honey, just burglars.

Oh, I have an idea.

I'm about to go
do some training.

You wanna tag along?

For real?

So is that a yes then?

One condition,

you are not allowed to
break into my house anymore.



Now, Ryoma, how old are you?

Whoa, hold on, how do you know
baby bro's name already?

Um, it's 'cause earlier we saw
your family picture, right?


That reminds me,
mind if we all go around

and introduce ourselves?

Of course, I'm Sakuno Ryuzaki.

And I'm Ryoma.


Just like baby bro's name.

True but we can explain.

Well, not that unusual
for multiple people

to have the same name.

What a happy little coincidence.

You're right, coincidence.

Feel free to go
on ahead. I'll park the car.


Greetings, Mr. Nanjiro.


My congrats on
reaching the final round.

Uh, thank you.
And you are?

He's the president of A&A!

You know,
the tournament sponsor!

And you better not forget that!

Please, I'm so sorry
for his outburst.

You see, he can
have quite the temper.

Oh, silly me,
where are my manners?

This young man is Chris Burkman.

He recently became
a professional.

And he's an extraordinarily
promising player.

Nice to meet you.

You're the famous
Samurai Nanjiro guy?

Don't know how you swindled
your way to the finals

but news flash, pal,

there's no way you're
gonna win against Vaughan.

Somebody like you can't just
barge onto our turf

and take the US Open from us!

Try to control yourself,
won't you, Christopher?

Hey, you know what,
I've got an idea.

Why don't the two of you
get on the court

and rally to let
bygones be bygones?

He wants them
to play each other?

Of course, you have
that big final match coming up.

No pressure
but the offer is there.

Sounds good to me.

I came here to train anyway,
so it works out.

You wanna play tennis,

show me what you got.


I'll get to see my dad
play in his prime after all.

Oh, wow.

I see it, you're so much
like your dad.

So, what'd you think?

Blown away, right?

I'm gonna be upfront with you.

How the heck
did you get so good?


Like my secret sauce
or something?

Well, I could tell you but
then I'd have to kill you.

The secret to my strength
is kinda complicated.

To put it simply,

try to be patient,

you'll understand it
when you're older.

Wow, some answer.

Where do you think
you're taking her?

- Put her down!
- Get off me!




Mom, hang on, please wake up!


Move it!

Rinko, are you okay?


Your little
girlfriend's coming with us.

The ball...


You'll pay for that!

Dang it!

They got away.

But why kidnap Ryuzaki?

Probably because they thought
she was my daughter.

How do you know?

This was on
the knife they threw at us.

"Mr. Echizen,

"we have your daughter.

"Call the police
and the girl will be dead."

You're kidding me!

They're using her as a hostage?

Sounds like it.

"Act normal until
the US Open Finals.

"We'll contact you again."

Hang on...

"Victory for the future.

"Victory for the great America."

What does this last
part here even mean?

Points out their target.

Someone's after me.

Probably won't be happy
if I win the US Open.

Who could that be?

Not sure.

For the time being,

we should do as
they say and lay low.

That way, she won't be
put in any further danger

while we figure this out.

Come on, Ryoma.

Stay at my place tonight.

We'll think about how
to fix this and get her back.

It's all my fault.

Ryuzaki got caught up
in this mess because of me.

Now what?

Selly's Bar?

He's gonna use up
all the hot water.

Wait a second!

That boy's a moron.





Hey, little boy,

you sure
you're in the right bar?

They don't serve warm milk
in a place like this.

- What the?
- Huh?

Bro, look!

What's the matter with you?

Keep it down.

There he is!

There who is?

Use your words.

Ah, there he is!

I don't wanna hear it, old man!

All that for some
random Japanese girl.

- Huh?
- Huh?

My men have better things to do,

so don't use them for
pointless jobs like this.

Listen, I'm not gonna
tell you this again.

Stop wasting my time and
leave us out of your business.


Don't make me repeat myself.

Drop the whole
loving father act already!

I'm tired of hearing that crap!

Hey, kid, get back here!

Don't you have any manners?

Would you keep it down?

- But this kid barged in...
- I told you to shut up!

You got it.
We're shutting up, Emerald.

Who are you supposed to be?

Where's Ryuzaki?

I asked who you are,
so answer that first.

I'm Ryoma Echizen...

and that Japanese girl
your goons kidnapped before

isn't Nanjiro Echizen's
daughter at all.

- Huh?
- Wait, Nanjiro Echizen?

I know, that's Samurai Nanjiro.

A quick head's up,
he doesn't have any daughters.

He only has a son and that's me.

You said your father
is Samurai Nanjiro?

Now you get it.

You'd better exchange her
for me right away

if you know what's good for you.



what's your relationship
to this girl anyway?

She's just my classmate,
so yeah.

Right, I'm sure
that's all she is.

- You three!
- Yes, ma'am!

You know that job
the old man assigned to you?

Tell me about the client.

Well, you see
that's actually kinda the...

Kinda what?

- They're from New York!
- Huh?

We heard that this client's
from New York City.

But that's all,
we don't know their name.

New York, huh?


Hey, where you keeping the girl?


Just spit it out already.

In the usual warehouse.

Hey, are we doing
this exchange or not?

I'm waiting.

You wanna be
the hostage instead?

I do.

And don't make me repeat myself.

I like your style, kiddo.

Those eyes are exhilarating

and that look is thrilling.

I'll show you the way.

Sorry, Dad.

Sorry, Mom.

Please, Ryoma.


You found me.

I'm here, you okay?

Get your hands off of her!

That little girl
still belongs to us.

Does she?

That isn't what we agreed to.

Sorry, but I don't remember

making any specific agreements.

Don't you though?

The only thing I said
is that I liked your style.

And I said I was gonna
be your hostage in her place.

- Huh?
- So shouldn't that be enough?

You actually...

You think that's enough?

Listen up, I brought you here,

so you're in no position
to make demands.

You should be grateful,
if anything.

You owe me.

Tell me what you want.

That's better.

You've got a grip
sticking out of your backpack.

That's a tennis racket, right?

Do you play or is that
just your weapon of choice?

You should know
that rackets aren't meant

to hurt other people.


A certain somebody I know
said that.

Obviously, I carry it with me
so I can play tennis whenever.


Funny enough, I actually
play a bit of tennis myself.

Do it!

Yes, ma'am.

Better get ready

'cause we're gonna
have a little showdown.

You wanna play
a match against me, right here?

Uh-huh, right here.

A tennis court?

It's the same court
that I've been using

since I was a kid.

We'll play a one set match

and if you're able to win,

then I'll grant the two of you
your freedom.

Hang on, you're gonna do what?

The big boss might not like...

If you lose our little match,

then I'll hand you both
to the old man in charge.

Sound like a good deal to you?



You mind waiting here for a sec?

That's all I can do.


I guess you're on.

The mafia's going down.

Those exhilarating eyes again.

I hope you're ready for this.

Hey! What's going on?

- Do something!
- Yes, ma'am!

Yes, ma'am.

I said, what's going on?

Who's there?

Hey, Ryoma, behind you.


I mean, what're you doing here?

We can talk later.

Let's go while the going's good.

Time to leave.

You said it.

- We're out of here.
- Yeah we are.

- Get up, Wolf!
- Yeah.

- Boo!
- Yeah.

- Foo!
- Yeah.

Make yourselves useful.

Don't let those brats get away.

Or else, you hear me?

Find them and
bring them back here!

- Especially that boy.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

- Get going!
- Right away!

Hold your horses, fellas!
Where are we going?

We're looking for him!

Wouldn't it make more sense
for us to go

in different directions, huh?

Why don't we just split up?

- What?
- Huh?

Boys! Search like it's
the last thing you do!

If we don't find them,
it'll be on our asses!

You don't want that!

You really don't want that.

Oh, what am
I supposed to tell the big boss

if we screw this up?

Come on, Wolf Man.

You all right,
those guys didn't hurt you?

Yeah, I'm okay.

We were in big trouble,
thank you for saving us.

How did you know
where to find her?

Selly's Bar, ring a bell?

It was the only lead we had,
so I followed it.

That's fair.
Then you noticed it too.

Why didn't you tell me
about this earlier?

Well, I would've if I had known

that you'd randomly
sneak out in mid shower.

Also, don't leave
the water running for so long.

Rinko's not happy about it.

All right, let's go.

Go where exactly?

Home, obviously.

I don't think
that's the best idea.

They know where you live, right?

If you went back there,

they're probably
gonna be waiting for you.

Hang on, why are they after us?
What's the point?

Sticking to their threat.

They threatened you?

That's the whole reason
why they kidnapped you

in the first place.

They thought
you were my daughter.

Pretty clear
what their motives are.

They think they can take my kid

and force me to throw
the finals of the US Open.

If they kidnap them,
that'd be blackmail.


And that means Ryoma and Ryoga
are both in danger, aren't they?

- It's okay.
- Huh?

Don't worry about that.

I told them
that I was your only son.

They bought it,
so your kids are safe.

But they're after us now.

Makes me wonder,

did Dad have to retire
because of this?

They fixed his final match?

We'll make it out of here

and be on the run for two days,

just until the finals happen.

This won't be how you go out.

Don't let them force you
to place a rigged match.

Give it everything you've got
and take the US Open title.

You sure about this?

Can you protect her on your own?

I will, no matter what.

All right, fine.

But find a way to
contact me tomorrow

and let me know
that you two are okay.

You have to promise me that.

Got it?

Then after these next two days,

I wanna make sure
that you're safe and sound.

So come to the tournament

and you can watch me win
right in front of you.


- Come on, let's leave.
- Uh-huh.

You can exit from the back door.

Sure, got it.

Get going.

- Hey.
- Huh?

When this all works out
and we get away,

and you win the finals,

what comes next?

Actually, forget it.

We're out of here, follow me.

We'll see you at the match.


Samurai Nanjiro's kid
is something else.

He accepted my challenge

and I have a feeling
he'll stay true to his word.

There they are!

I saw the little brat and his
girlfriend go down that alley!

Can you keep up, you good?


I'll manage.

Get back here!

Ryoma, what do we do now?

He's catching up!

Turn left up there.

Keep going!


Take the next right.

Get moving.

It's this way!

Foo, follow them!

Stay behind me.

Don't do this.

I'll be fine.


Hey, cut that out,
you bastard, that hurts!

Get out of there!


That's mine.

Come here!



Better not try anything
unless you want her to slip.

I said, don't try anything
so just stop running

and do what we tell you.


Give it back.



You're okay.


Sorry, Ryoma.

What's wrong with you?

Jumping off a building
for a bag?

- Hey.
- Huh?

It's a long way down,
so better hang in there, buddy.

- Don't get smart with me!
- See ya.

Not "see ya"!

Get back here!

What'd I tell you?

I ordered you to find them!

How difficult could that be?

Pretty hard.

I don't want your excuses!

Listen, bring them here
before tomorrow night,

whatever the cost.

And don't you dare
tell my old man.

Got it?

There's no way.

Big boss can't even know,
so what do I do?

Could always just cut and run.



We appreciate the help.


You're full of surprises, Ryoma.

You even know how to hitchhike.

It's not a big deal.

Anyway, let's hunker down in
there for the rest of the night.

- Hiding in a church?
- Yup.

I highly doubt they're
gonna search a place like this.

It's those two kids.


You should probably use that.


For your braid.

Thanks, I will.


I mean, I know
this is scary and...

Is something wrong?

What's the matter?

It's nothing, just forget it.

Well, actually...


I promise you.

It's pretty nice out.


Let's start heading
toward the stadium today.

After all, we have a...

Morning there,
you little pain in my ass.

Let Ryuzaki go.

The one you want is me, right?

No, both of you.

Now come quietly and I promise
the girl won't get hurt.

All right, kid, you're driving,
so get over there.

Wait, why me?

I don't know how to drive a car.

I'm 12, dude.

- Huh?
- Mm-mmm.

Listen here! I don't want any
funny business, got it?

Nothing funny, got it.

I can see what
you're doing back there!

No sudden movements, kid!

What's his problem?

He's pretty on edge.

That lady in the photo,
isn't she your boss?


She was invincible
back in the day.

Nobody could beat her,
and I mean nobody.


Then why did she quit?

It's none of your business!

Stop it!


Wake up!
Are you okay?

Talk to me!

- Yeah.
- Good.

Hang tight.

Here, grab onto my shoulder.

Your legs aren't hurt, are they?

Can you walk?

No, they're fine.

And yeah, I can walk.

You got a ways to go.

Okay, we're out.

Gotta hide somewhere
for the day.


Hey, Ryoma,
can we take a moment to rest?

Oh. Right.

A bus stop.

We can squat there.


I've gotta call my dad anyway.

Oh, can you hear me?


I recognize that voice.


What's happening?

Is this Yukimura?

I'm surprised to hear from you.

How did you get
my number, exactly?


Well, that doesn't matter.

It's fine.

Honestly, thanks for calling.

Now then, what can I do for you?

I don't know...

To give you an update,

I'm in America right now.

Is that so? Sounds fun.

However, despite your travels,

you don't seem excited about it.

- What's wrong?
- Huh?

Are you okay?

Is there anything
I can help you with?

- Hey, Ryoma.
- Huh?

That guy, he's here, look.

Hello? Are you there?


Why'd it call
Yukimura in the future?

- Huh?
- Ryuzaki,

you mind if I try and make
another phone call?

Hey, it's me.

Is that who I think it is?

Hello, Echizen.

Huh? Wait,


What would you do if
this were a tennis match?


When your back
is against the wall,

how do you play in order
to pull through?


No matter the cost,
you have to come back.

Don't let your guard down.

Ryoma, what're
you doing up there?

Uh! Huh?

Get down before he notices you!

Hey! That freaking runt!

I told you.

What do we do?

Where are you doing?

That's the wrong way.

Well there he goes.

So what do I do?

What, you wanna throw down?

Great, you're here.

Hey, stay still
and stop dodging!


We're the mafia.

We can't be
humiliated like that.

I'm gonna have to
whip you punks into shape.

Stay there and don't you dodge.

Oh, the balls!

My balls.

Well, at least
you didn't try to dodge.

- Boss!
- Hm?

You're back.

And you caught them?

Not exactly.

These two came willingly.

Wait, willingly?


Why don't you tell me
what changed your mind?

I'm tired of running away.

That's it?

Expecting something more?

It's just no fun.

When your back
is against the wall,

how do you play in order
to pull through?

I won't keep running
and staying on the defensive.

I'll face you head on and win.

That's the way I like to play.

Those eyes are exhilarating.

You want me to show you
what I can really do?

- You okay, boss?
- Boss!

Shut up, I'm fine!

I had no idea
that you were left-handed.

What now?

Wanna keep going?

You beat me, kid.

It's your win.

Samurai Junior sure
knows what he's doing.


So, since
you lost to me and all,

I got a favor to ask you.


Welcome, everyone!

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

a word from
the president of A&A Sports.

The sponsor of this tournament,

Mr. Adam Anderson.

To every spectator
joining us today,

I'd like to thank each
one of you for attending.

I'm so honored to share this
moment with such supporters.

I hope all of you in the stands,

as well as those
watching from home,

are prepared for this
extraordinary occasion

that will truly
be one for the ages.

The finale of this tournament

marks the legendary
moment in history

where the new hero of
the tennis world will be born.

Let us all witness
that moment together!

Victory for
the great America, right?

That future won't
turn out how you think.

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

Any updates?
Did he call yet?

Oh, of course.

Hey, Nanjiro!

Let's give it our best to try
and have a great match.

Well, we both know
that only one of us

can actually
play for real today.

I'm about to teach you a lesson

that you're never gonna forget.

Ha. Huh?

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

Go Vaughan!

The best-of-five set match.

Vaughan to serve. Play.


Damn him.

Just who does he think he is?

I don't like that expression
that he made.

Baker's slacking.

Those little threats
of his had better stick.

Game, Vaughan.

One game till love.

Very good, Vaughan.

Wonderfully done.


Come in.

I appreciate
your patience, Adam.


Ah! Welcome, Baker!

You know how to
keep a man waiting.

I gotta say,
your lack of communication

was beginning to worry me.

Oh. What's this?

You brought
Nanjiro's daughter along?

Oh my, I wasn't expecting
such a large specimen.

I'm surprised
she fit through the door

'cause she's gigantic.

I mean, what do they feed her?

Game, Vaughan.

Go on,
put that Nanjiro in his place!

Listen, Adam.

We should probably
keep our eyes on the match.

- I said, listen!
- Listen to what?

You should know that
this isn't Nanjiro's daughter.


this girl is my daughter!


Come on!

Yes, of course
she's your daughter.

Now I see the resemblance.

She's quite a beauty, isn't she?

Right. She isn't always
the most lady-like

and can be
rough around the edges.

Come now, I wouldn't
say that, just look at her.

Uh, then where is
Nanjiro's daughter hiding?

Surprise, it's a boy.

Nanjiro only has a son,
if that much wasn't clear.

You're looking at him.

His son?

Identify yourself!

I literally just told you,
I'm Nanjiro's son.

You hear this kid?

Whether Nanjiro has a giant
daughter or a confusing son,

I couldn't care less!

The only thing that matters

is ensuring that
he loses this match!

That won't be happening here.

There's going to be
a sudden change of plans.

Excuse me?

You see, my rebellious daughter

has taken a liking
to this particular boy

and said that if
I did him a single favor,

she'd come back into my life

so we'll be
one happy family again.


I don't understand
what you're saying.

I've grown fond of him
during our time together.


So you could say
that I've had a change of heart.

Baker, that's enough!

You explain this instant!

Game, Vaughan.

Baker, that's enough!

You explain this instant!

I'll make this clear.

This young man requested

that I stop match fixing
against Nanjiro,

which means I have no choice
but to decline your request.

Hopefully you'll understand.

That's ludicrous!

We had a deal here!

And now you're changing your
mind because you feel like it?

Remind me of how much money
I paid you for this!

If I recall,

around two million dollars,
give or take.

So you do know.

Don't forget, Baker!

Now keep
your end of the bargain!

Remind Nanjiro Echizen that
his kid's life is on the line!

As in, his kid's gonna
disappear permanently

if he doesn't throw the finals!

Mr. Anderson,

while I am sorry,

business can only go so far

and family will always
take precedence in my life.

Regardless, I have no
intention of doing business

with the likes of you again.

You had the gall
to insult my daughter.

Some business.

How dare you
defy the likes of me?

Are you aware of
the consequences?

Yeah, I'm not
too worried about that.


Because as of today,

pretty sure
you won't be a problem.

What's that supposed to be?


Say hi to the audience.


The charade's over, old man.

Everybody heard what you said.

You ratted yourself out.


- Hey, you made it.
- I'm so sorry.

We didn't mean to cause
so much trouble for you all

but it's all good.

Everything is okay.

I was worried sick.

You're safe,
that's what matters.

It's just inconceivable.

I can't believe this.

Probably should've tried
playing this fair and square.

Vaughan could've won on his own.

Chances were slim
but you never know, right?

What you did, that was no fun.

The best way to play
is with a proper match.


Tennis is worth playing fairly

because it's a head-on battle

on the court.

Too bad.

You've got a ways to go.


He actually did it.

So, Vaughan.

Come on, gonna run?

No, let's go!

Don't you forget that
I've still got a two set lead!

I hope you enjoyed
getting those points before.

You aren't getting
any more of that.

Say, what?


That move.


Game, Echizen!

What the hell is going on?

Samurai Zone!

And a Twist Serve.



I know that posture.

Samurai Drive!

Game set, Echizen.

Six games till love.

My hair, it's...


I gotta hand it to you,

you're awesome.

Hold on.

Is that the same ball?

We have
an important announcement

to make.

After receiving word
from Weasley Vaughan,

he has officially
withdrawn from the match.

Therefore, the tournament
results have been decided.

Nanjiro Echizen is
the winner by default.


What kind of match was that?

Give us our money back!

Congrats on the big win.


Kind of.

You won by default.

Probably wasn't very fun.

It's at least better than
losing a match that's rigged.

You did it!
Go, Dad!

Good job!

You're all safe.

That's the real win.

Thank you.

Whatever, don't mention it.

I only wanted you to
play a fair match today.

And that's all.

I owe you a huge debt, kid.

Yeah, you're right.

Pay that debt off now.

Wait, what?

Guess I walked
straight into that.

You wanna know
my secret sauce, that it?

Oh, that's it, isn't it?

I could tell by
your face, look at you.


down to play a match together?

Excuse me?

My dad's the one
who taught me tennis

and since the beginning,

I've always wanted
to defeat him.

You could say
that he was my goal.

That's the reason
why I wanna try to beat you.

You're one interesting kid.

Also, you're way too cocky.

I know.

What's your answer?

You're on.

My debt's paid off.

Word of warning though,

I won't hold back on you.


Wouldn't want you to.

It's all or nothing.

Where am I?


- Ryoma.
- I'm right here.

Are you okay?


Wait, hang on.

What were we doing again?

Something's off.

That's right,
where are those three guys?

Oh, I forgot that
my parents are waiting for me!

Ryoma, I'm sorry but I gotta
hurry back to the market!

Hey, by the way...

Why are you out here in the US?


To get stronger.

Always training.

You're amazing, Ryoma.

I wouldn't say that.

I just wanna perfect
my skills, that's all.


Well, I guess
I'll see you around.

Have a good time.

I hope you have fun
getting stronger.

Eyes that can
thrill with a single look.

Those eyes are exhilarating.

You were so awesome, Dad!

Like super-duper awesome!

- You think so?
- Dad, listen!

I'm gonna be super strong
like you one day!

- Me too!
- Yeah right.

You're too tiny
to get that good.

No, what're you walking about?

That one guy earlier,
he was short but also strong.

You're not wrong.

Someone's height
isn't really what matters.


So, anyway, how can
I get as strong as you?

Good question.

Bare minimum, you have to
actually enjoy tennis and then...

What else?

Ah, nothing.

After you little rascals
grow up a bit,

then I might tell you.

For real?
But I wanna know right now.

You'll understand
when you're older, trust me.

Dad? Do you promise
you'll tell me when I grow up?

That isn't fair, I asked first.

Boys, you're
heavier than you think.

Tell us when we grow up!

Aren't we missing
somebody in this group hug?

- Watch it!
- Wait, really?

- Settle down, kids.
- Dad, promise

- you'll tell me first!
- Careful!

Hey, Rinko, you want in?

When the two of them do grow up,

I wonder what
kind of players they'll be.

Instead of
playing professionally,

I think training these boys
would definitely be more fun.


You've got a ways to go.

You got a ways to go.


Looks like this is gonna be fun.