Ryôjoku mesu ichiba - kankin (1986) - full transcript

Unlucky women are imprisoned in a warehouse in preparation for being later sold into slavery.

- Imprisonment -


Did you lose weight?

No, recently I gained weight.
-Still, you look thinner.


Excuse me.

What is it?

What is going on?

What do you want from us?

Let's go.
Is it money you want?


You are catching nice girls.

Are you satisfied?

Forgive me.

She surrenders.

I will do whatever you say.
-Are you sure?

Forgive me.

Get under the table with Mr J.

Nice, very nice.

Stand up.


What will happen to us?

We will see.

No. Don't give up.
I will never forgive them.

It's no use. They are armed.

I won't give in either.

Of course not. This can't happen.
We must act together.

Let's go for it.

I am Miki Uchiyama.

I am Akiko Saito.

I am Haruyo Araki.
I am Hiromi Saeki.

I am Yoshiko Waizumi.

It hurts.


What's wrong?

It hurts.

Damn. I'll get them for this.

We will get our chance.

I won't give up like this.

Shouldn't someone find out
we have been kidnapped?

Nobody will notice.

What do you mean?
Because I am alone.

Me too.

Me too. Hiromi, you as well?

Yes. I am alone.
My parents died a long time ago.

I was brought up by my grandmother.
She died two years ago.

My parents died three years ago.
Mine died last year in a plane crash.

That's not so bad compared to me.
I grew up in an orphanage.

So none of us have relatives.
It was all planned ahead.

In that case, it is no use.
We're lucky to be alive.

No. They can do what they want,
but they can't take our hearts.

True. It is not over yet.

I will fight till the end.

Hiromi Saeki, step forward.

I said, smile.
What's the matter? Smile.

I can't.

It's all right to smile.


Stop. What did you do that for?

You animals. How can you?
You kidnap women without family...

... we are just trying to get by.
How can you be so cruel?

You must be hungry.

Listen. If you obey us,
you will lead luxurious lives.

La vie en rose is waiting for you.

Good food, nice baths...
...nice make-up, everything.

You can have nice clothes.

Those who want to obey us,
step forward.

Don't do it.
Don't obey them.

These two must be punished
until they come to their senses.

Take care of her wound.

I am scared.
-What for?

It feels good.


I like you, sir.
You are gentle.

Listen to what I say

and lick me.

You are doing well.
You will be well.You will be liked abroad.

Did they hurt you?

Foreigners are very brutal.
I hope they will treat you gently.

I see you don't even have
much pubic hair yet..

It hurts. Stop.

Please, give us some hot soup.

We will do anything.

Finally. They have given in.


Hey you. What are you doing?

I will decide about
your punishment later.

You are a junkie.
That's why you mess up.


You animal.

Take a good look.
You are next.

Yoshioka. Go and wash this woman.

Damn. I'll get you for this.
Even when I die, I will curse you.

I will make sure you will die slowly.

I respect your strong will.

But I hate your kind of woman.

The beauty of a woman is
her obedience.

Japanese women's skin is
loved by men around the world.

You blew it with your arrogance.

I do not forgive you yet.
You must feel your stupid arrogance.

Let's begin.

What is that?
-Asian custom.

Your body will continue to desire men
eventhough your insides are ripped.

You don't feel a thing, don't you?
Let's do it.

Run away.

Please, kill me.

No, really. I am letting you go.

Com' on.

Stupid idiot.

I am going.

You'll be caught.

Wait a minute


Stop. Stop or I'll shoot.


Stop the thief.

Why did you help me?

I won't forget you killed Akiko.

I regret it.
Too late now.

Does that policeman
belong to your people?

I don't know.
The organisation is very large.

We have sent off many women.

What are you planning to do with us?

You'd be shipped to Africa tonight

Sent off? You mean sell?

All proof of their existence is
removed from the registers.

I see. So you let
all of us disappear.

The girls who are sold
will die anonymously abroad.

That's right.

What are we going to do?

Wherever we go, they will be there.

Nobody will believe our story.

But I am here.


If I can't even tell what I have
endured, I can't go on living.

Wherever we go.
I can't live that way.

I used to be a sailor.
On my first sail, I took marijuana.

Only a little bit, but I was caught.

Then, the boss helped me.

He is a terrible man.
Selling human beings.

The boss gives me all the dope I
want, as long as I obey him.

Like a dog: sit...down...fetch...

When I saw you, I did not
want you to be sold.

You were strong and I knew
I could escape with you.

You where so strong.

Strong? I am not strong.

I just survived somehow.

I had all the women on file.

I know all about you.

A young woman,

envied by all,

suddenly lost her parents.

She has survived on her own.

You visited your parents' grave.
You said... never to be sad again.

You are the only one who knows
everything about me.

I don't want you to die,
if I am your sole memory.

Please, let things come as they are.

But, I don't know anything about you.

It's no good.

I must do something for you.

They will kill you if you go back.

I must go before the boat leaves,
or I can't help you.

Besides, I need my dope.


Can you tell me where I was kept?


I want to press charges.

Warehouse nr.6 in Harumi.

If I survive this, will you wait
for me by the pier? Will you?

I don't know.
I guess I have to take a chance.

Be careful.