Rx 100 (2018) - full transcript

Shiva (Kartikeya) is a village youth who falls for a city bred girl Indu (Payal). As a passionate romance brews, Shiva falls madly in love with her, but things don't turn out as expected. ...

[Crickes chirping bus engine hum]

Conductor: Get down Rampur station.
Get down.

Man: Will this bus go to Kishanganj?
Conductor: Yes. Come on.

[Bike vrooming]

[Latch clinking, door creking]

[Door banging]



[Matchstick srikie]

[Banging door]


[Door creaking]

[Grunts and mones]

[Glass shattering] [Groans]

[Pot clanking]

I was waiting for you
for three years.

Noq I have got hold of you.

[Grunts and groans]

Uh... Aah!

[Grunts and groans]

Uh... uh... uh.


[Grunts and groans]


[Metalic sound]

[Grunts and groans]

[Man screaming in pain]

[Man screaming, bone cracking]


-Hello, sir.

-Hello, sir.

[People greeting]

[Baby crying]

-Hello, sir.

Uh... This is the room.

Oh, no. Don't get up.


You are badly hurt.

Looks like they beat you badly.

When did you return from village?

Last... last night.

-Last night?
-Yes, sir.

You returned last night

And he found out in the morning!

It seems he is thinking
a lot about my men.

Don't worry. I will give you some money.

-Take rest. Get well and come home.
-Okay, sir.


[Sirens hooting]

Another thing.

In this situation going to police
would not help at all.

Leave that to me.

I will talk to the SI. He will handle it.

Take rest. Ok?

Okay, sir.

Let's leave

[Typewriter clicks]

-Take him. Handcuff him.
-Ok, sir.

What is this, Shiva?
Why do you fight with the villagers?

The SI sir is coming.
Sit properly.

Shiva, sit properly.


Is this how you sit
in the police station?

Who are you staring at?

Lower your eyes.

Lower your head too!

Tell me. Why did you hit him?

I had lost my mind.

What did you say? Say again!

Are we cowards that
you will hit whoever you want?

When you'll be thrashed
you'd know what police is!

[Jeep coming to a halt]

Hey, inspector! Stop!

Move your hand. Move your hand.

Why have you brough my son?

Because your son beats up
whoever he wants to.

If I don't bring him to the
police station, what else do I do?

Did you see him hitting anyone?
Do you have any proof?

You have the complaint, don't you?
Show the FIR.

Someone says something
and believing him

you brought him
to the police station.

This won't do.

Shiva, come on.

Hey, daddy.

He may escape today.

But the day I get hold of him,

-you too won't be able to save him.

Get lost.

[Jeep engine sound]

[Cow mooing]

I told you so many times,
can't you understand?

What was the need to beat Kali?

Do you realise what you are doing?

Why are you disgracing
yourself in the village?

What you are doing
is scaring me a lot, son.

Listen to me carefully, son.

Tell me, daddy.

Leave this village and go.

Apart from it won't ask
anything from you again.

Go away.

I am willing to anything else
aprt from it.

I will do whatever you say.

I have still not got the girl I loved.

I will not go from here.

No matter what happens, daddy.

[Motorbike kickstarting]


[Door opening banging]

♪ The heart is full of rage ♪

♪ With the fire in the veins ?

♪ The earth shakes under whose feet ♪

♪ They dwell in hearts ♪

♪ There is razing fire in the veins ♪

♪ The earth shakes under whose feet ♪

♪ He is truly a big storm ♪

♪ Even the time fears him ♪

♪ World bows at him ♪

♪ Whoever is scared, he's dead ♪

Come on.

If you dare come now!

[Glass shattering]

♪ In peace he's idol of love ♪

♪ In anger, he's death incarnate ♪

♪ Who will make the
rivers of blood flow here ♪

♪ Is it the way to love, just tell us ♪

♪ If there is a fire of love
burning in the heart ♪

♪ What can one do ♪


What's the matter?

These days Shiva does
whatever he wants.

What has he done now?

He broke the sand truck's windshiled
and beat our our men too.

He is taking up fight with
our men everywhere.

And daddy is supporting him too.

They are complaining
to the MRO and the Collector.

Let them do it.

That MRO is our man.

Shiva had thrashed that MRO too.

We will have to do something
about him, Kashi.

If a cat really gets angry
it can attack like a tiger.

If we take on each other in a hurry,

a third person can take its advantage.

So whatever we have to do,
we have to do it together.

We will wait for the right time.

For how long?

He didn't even spare Vishwanath.

Last night he burned his
grains sacks kept in the farm.

[Water splashing] [Sizzling]

[Jeep screeching to a halt]

Vishwanath, how did this happen?

Daddy, do not pretend.

I know you are making him do all this.

What am I making him do?
Don't talk crazily.

If anything happens in the village
is it on my say so?

You can say tell me anything.
But don't say anything about my son.

You are supporting him
a lot these days.

If you start a fire,
we won't come every time to douse it.

Someday we will also
burn you in that fire.

Yes. I know. You will burn
and I would just watch, is it?

-Yes, daddy.

-Let's go.


Though the sacs aren't burnt properly

but Vishwanath is really burnt, daddy.

-Is Shiva really involved in it?
-No doubt at all.

Only Hanuman had the guts to burn Lanka.

And only Shiva can dare to burn
Vishwanath’s sacks, daddy.

Whatever nonsense you are talking

-don't say it in front of anyone else.

[Jeep starting]

-How many?

Just one.

-One ticket costs Rs.100.
-Give me two.

Yes. Give me.

[Bell ringing]

[Phone ringing]


Yes. When?




What happened?

[Bike vrooming]

[Sound of car engine]


[Bike engine vrooming]

[Heart beats]

[Bike engine purring]

[Thum of heartbeats]

♪ Beauty which dwels in my eyes ♪

♪ The he heart smiled when he saw her ♪

♪ Do I call it love or intoxication,
I know not ♪

♪ Who else but you,
would come and supported me ♪

♪ She broke my hope,
what was the matter ♪

♪ You are my love,
you are my love's angel ♪

♪ You are my happiness,
you are my life ♪

♪ You are my moonlight,
you are my music v

♪ You are my life partner ♪

♪ You are the tradition of love ♪

♪ I am midstream,
your love is the bank ♪

♪ My love, come and meet me again ♪

♪ I have become a tramp without you ♪

♪ I can't afford to live without you ♪

♪ I am the midstream,
your love is the bank ♪

♪ My love come and meet me again ♪

♪ I have become a tramp without you ♪

♪ Life is nothing without you ♪

♪ The beauty which dwels in my eyes,
the heart smiled when he saw her ♪

♪ Do I call it love or intoxication,
I know not ♪

♪ Who else but you,
could come and supported me ♪

♪ She broke my hope,
what was the matter ♪

♪ Your coming and that smile of yours ♪

♪ Your naughtiness,
those guestures and the acts ♪

♪ I remember you ♪

♪ I love you in my every thought ♪

♪ In every moment and every breathe ♪

♪ You coming and teasing me ♪

♪ Your leaving ♪

♪ it used to trouble me so much ♪

♪ While parting,
you should have said something ♪

♪ Leaving me like this ♪

v Oh my love ♪

♪ You have made me a stranger ♪

♪ What would the world call me ♪

♪ I have gone crazy after you ♪

♪ I can't live without you v

♪ Your coming on the sly,
your shyness ♪

♪ Even today it's in every
corner of my heart ♪

♪ It makes me suffer every moment,
misleads my heart ♪

♪ It stops my breath ♪

♪ I love this ailment of heart v

♪ Your friendship when I remember ♪

♪ I came to know the hearts folly ♪

♪ This is what I got
in return for my love ♪

♪ Who do I complain ♪

♪ I got nothing but sorrows in love ♪

♪ My love never blossomed ♪

♪ I got nothing but sorrows in love ♪



-You brought everything?
-Yes, daddy.

-Fine. Keep it fast.
-Take it out fast.

Kanhaiya, finally Pappu is
giving a pre-marriage bash.

-Yes, daddy.

You see, he is getting married too.


Daddy, he is envious that
I am getting married.

-Why will I be envious?
-You are.

-I want that you should marry.
-Is is?

You think you will be quite
happy after marriage.

You will be doomed, dude.
What are you thinking?

What he is talking?

Daddy, you don't know his story.

Don't be crazy about marriage.

You foolish fellow.

You are taking a decision in haste.

You will suffer day and night.

This 10 minutes' of pleasure,

it will steal your day and night's solace.

All your life you will be in anguish.

Honestly, my son.

The burden of responsibilities
will cause you hair fall.

Your face will swell
and become like a dog.

You will wander on the streets.

You will be called a vagabond dog.

And one day you will be
seen scuttling like a bull.

And one day you will be
hiding your face and roaming.


-Then all of us will say...

It's Pappu's marriage.
It's my friend's marriage. [Drumming]

A grand marriage...


I won't stay here, daddy.

If I stay here, they will make a
mockery of my marriage, daddy.

-I am leaving.

-I am leaving.
-Wait, son.

-Come on, sit.
-I don't want to sit.

-I am leaving. I am leaving.
-Wait. Where are you going?

-Let's talk about your marriage.
-I am leaving.



My dear boy!

It's been long time since
I saw you so happy,

I am solely responsible
for your condition.

I couldn't bring you up
the way I wanted to.

So I will have to apologize
to your parents.

Hey, Shiva

Do you recall your parents?

They were like Sita and Ram.

They were such good people,
Do you know?

If someone was hungry,
they would give him their food.

Whatever I am today,
it's because of them.

They loved me like a family.

And such great people,

before my eyes, in an accident

they breathed their last in my arms.

Wntire village had cried.
The entire village.

And you were so small then.

But you didn't cry.

You came smiling and hugged me.

And I decided that you are my life.

You are everything for me.

But today, when I see you like that..


I don't remember
who my parents were.

I don't even remember
how they looked.

You are everything to me, daddy.

Just you.

When you are there, I have no grief.

I love you, daddy. I love you.

-My son.

Will you do me a favor?

Yes, sure, daddy.
I will do anything for you.

So listen to me.

Leave the village and go.

Uh, uh..

I won't go, daddy.

If you ask for my life, I will give.

But don't ask me to leave the village.

Why won't leave? Why not?

Will you be like this?

I have told you so many times.
Don't you understand?

Do whatever you wish.

-Hey, Laxman.
-Yes, daddy.

Let's go.

Hey! Do I have to tell you separately?

[Birds chirping]

Caw, caw, caw]


Come, dear.

Come on. Come. [Laughing]

Dear, was your journey good?


Why are you saying filmy
motherly dialogues?

Has she come by horse carriage
or bullock-cart that she'd have problem?

-Come, dear.
-Come in, dear.

-Yes. Hello.

Sir, we have come to discuss
about that land.

You go freshen up.

-I'll get breakfast ready.


Hi, granny!

Forget all that.

What kind of dress you're wearing?

You may wear any kind of
dress outside.

but when you were coming here,
you could have worn decent clothes.

As it is, it's your age to depart.

Yet you have a problem
with my clothes.

Whether I pass away of not,
what's to you?

Do what you are told.

Are you waiting for me to die?

Better I had died, before seeing this.

If you want to die, why delay?

Why later?
I will send you off right now.

Go and die. [Hiss of spray]

Aah-uh. Uh...

I have brought this for you.

If you spray this and sleep at night,
you will have very good dreams.

Did you hear her?

I don't like her lifestyle at all.

Listen to me.

I will do whatever I like.

And if I want, I will take the off too.

Shut your mouth and just watch.

What? Huh!

-Listen, bring my hanky.
-Yee, I'm bringing.

Vishwanath, you educteds your
daughter in a hostel.

-I don't know about that
but she's too arogant. -Oh God!

Mother, she has come here
for a few days let her be happy.

Because of you
she has stopped coming home.

-Sir, everyone is waiting. Come.

Here. Your handkerchief.


Let her be.

-It's counting time. I am leaving.

Wonder when they will jell!


What's it, daddy?

Are you afraid that you will lose?

Your leader is personally
supervising the vote count.

The winner is always
one step ahead, Kashi.

Laxman, regardless of
what anyone says, victory is ours.

Turn Gandhi's face this way.


Damn you!

Uh... ah... Daddy.


-Yes, boss.



If you even touch Gandhi's statue,
it won't be good.


Can't you hear what I am saying?


No need to raise your hand.

Talk and resolve the matter.

To hell with talks.

I will teach you a lesson now.

Thrash him!

I won't spare you!
-What are you talking?

-How dare you!
-How dare you raise your hands!

Tell me.

[Crowd shouting]

Hey! We have won!



Female announcer: 'Vishwanath has
defeated Kashinath with 25000 votes.'

'Heartiest congratulations to him.'



Yeah! [Laughing]

They always win with devious means.

I won't spare anyone. Huh!

[People shouting, celebrating]

-Hey, Kali.

Did I win or him?

Did I spend the money or him?

Should I be congratulated or him?

I should have been happy

but what's happening here?

We will talk. Hm.

[People shouting]

Whatever is within, we will
have to discuss all that.


Yeah! [Drums beating]

[Drums beating]
[Whooping with delight]

Hey, you've made us win!


Hold on. Hold on.

Victory might be new to you.

It's old thing to me.

Everybody go home.

Hm. Yeah.


[People shouting and celbrating]

[Celebrations continue]

[Crackers bursting]

[Drums beating]
[Whooping with delight]



Did you see, Vishwanath.
Nobody will be able to compete.


Now we will. Now we will do it.

We will fulfill all the promises
we made to our people.

If any Kashi interferes,
he will also see what we can do.

Yes, we will do it.

-Hey, Shiva.

-How is your theater doing?

What's it to you?
Daddy is supporting you.

It has to be great.

Daddy is not an ordinary man.

To win the election, Kashi had
resorted to all kinds of tactics.

If anybody else was there

would he have won the election?

The girl is just like you.

Is it matter of joke?

If she had been like me,
her complexion would be like me.

But she taken after her mother.

-Have it. Please have it.
-Yes. Yes.

What is your daughter's
educational qualification?

She has studied engineering.

So you'd need a groom like her too.

Of course, we're looking for a groom.

-Let us find a good alliance.
-Yes. That's true.

-Yes, daddy.

Go and see whether food is ready.

-It's time.
-Yes. I will see.


Aunt, listen.

What happened, Shiva?

I am asked to cheek
if the lunch is ready.

I have sent everything outside.

Oh God! If you're in kitchen you
don't know what's going on outside.


-Fritters are hot. Have them and go.
-Yes. Fine.

-Oh, uh... Sorry.

I'm Sorry.

Why did you touch me?

-You should have seen.

Sorry. I didn't see.

That's what I am saying.
You should see.

As such, do you know
where you touched me?




No need to show me.

You touched me deliberately,
didn't you?

I am speaking the truth.
I didn't see.

It was inadvertent.

You must have touched me deliberately.

I shall show you!

[Crowd clamouring]

Hey, why are you jumping the line.

[Crowd shouting]

Bro, how is the collection?

Superb. It's a great film.

If the collection continues like this,

we will be able to start such a
theater in our village too.

Fine. Give the collection's
account to daddy.

Yes, bro.

[Festive music]

-Oh, oh! Hey, listen.
-Yes, ma'am?

-Go and bring coconut and sweets.

[Festive music]

[Louhg drum beats]

[Loud shout]



[Grunts and shouts]

-Oh Lord!

-Are you all right?
-Go get him.

Get up.


I don't know who were they

who had come to kill my son.


What's this? Keep quiet!

Your wailing is giving me a headache.

He couldn't tolerate defeat.

So he sent goons to kill you.

It's Kashi's doing.

He is not angry because he lost.

It is because
we didn't give him his share.

Share of what?

Shiva, did you find them?

Daddy, they ran away.

But surely they were Kashi's men.

-Come let's end the game.
-Wait, daddy.

Don't get angry needlessly.

I know to deal with such people.

You get many opportunities
to defeat your enemy in life.

But the opportunity to kill the enemy

you rarely get.

What have you done?

Just thratened and come back?

I had not expected daddy
and Shiva to be there.

We should finish them off first.

They will have to think
thousand times to kill me.

But we don't need to think even once.

I want them dead.

The share I should have received
in the sand business

I did not get that.

Which will always pinch me.

It's good I didn't win
the elections this time

Right now that Vishwanath
must be trembling with fear.

Now he will come and apologize
to me and do compromise.

Wht's it, grandma, you called me?

You have come, Shiva.

I have grown old.
Nobody cares for me.

Nobody takes me to the temple either.

That's why I have called you here.

No problem, grandma.
Let's go. I will take you.

Wait for two minutes.
I will get ready and come. Okay?

Parvati, is the veneration tray ready?

[Phone ringing]


'Hello, Shiva.'

Yes, brother?

I have taken Mahesh Babu's movie
for distribution next.

Oh, great.

I have called to book the theater.

No need to say that. 100 days
in our theater is confirmed.

If there is any minor work,
get it done. Okay?

-Nothing should be lacking.
-Yes. I will get it done, sir.

Get it done nicely.

Yes, brother.

Uh, uh, yeah...


Yes, why not?


-Come, let's go, son.
-Uh, yes, yes.

Come. Come.

Yes, son.

-How is business doing?
-Yes. It's doing great.

Please sit.

Yes, son. I will sit.

I am old now. My limbs ache.


-Where are you off to now?
-To the temple.

You just said you won't come.

But now, I am coming, arn't I?
Sit at the rear cquietly.




Can you drive?

Hey! Uh...

She just looks like a girl,
but her habits are like boys.

Since childhood she's this way.

You sit, son.

Oh God!

Oh, oh, uh..

I would die.

Her driving is rough.

Uh, uh.. Drive slowly!

I want to go to the temple.
Don't send me to heaven now.

Uh, uh, ooh! Uh, uh...

Son, I am afraid.

Oh God! I survived.

I too survived.


-Help me get down.
-Yes, grandma.

-Come. Get down carefully.
-Oh God!

Come. Come. Easy.

-Uh... Yes.


-Will you alight or not?
-I don't want to come.

You go. I've to go other temple.

Haughty girl.
You have nothing to do with temple.

You simply wanted excuse to go out. Huh!

I have many other things to do.

Tell me where to drop you
I will drop you.

Hey! Sit!

Come on.



Why are you so serious?

You had touched me.
Shall I take that seriously too?

Tell me.

[Engine firing]

[Engine revving, gear shift clik]


Do you think I am achauffeur,

that you're riding like a stranger.

What else do I do?


Will you do whatever I say?


Who will change the gears?

Put the gear in third.


Don't touch.


That's enough.

Hi, Shiva.

Hey, Sapna. Hi.

Who was she? Girlfriend?

No. Just an acquaintance.

Acquaintance. Seriously?


Hey, what do you mean by that?

-Don't you know?

If you don't know, it's good. Hm.

[Temple bell ringing]

[Bell ringing]

Seems, you have wished sincerely.

What have you wished for?

Hello. I said what did you ask for?

You don't share what you
wished from God.

Oh! What did you ask
that you can't share?

Daddy, this week our
theater's collection should be

-better than last week.

-We are releasing great movie, daddy.

Yes. [Laughs]


[Jeep engine purring]

What is this?

-They are standing there with a tractor.
-I don't know.

[Jeep engine roaring]

Why you guys standing like that?

We had come to take sand, daddy.
They are asking money from us.

Why are they asking money?

This is our village's river.

Everyone here has a right on the sand.

Who asked for money?
Come, let's see.

How dare you collect money
for our village's sand?

Hey.... Aren't you Kashi's man?

What are you doing here?

Don't ask me.

Vishwanath asked me to collect.
Go and ask him


-What nonsense is this?
-Yes. Of course.

He said, whoever it is

unless he pays, he cannot take sand.

Is this sand you father's or his,
that you are asking money?

Come on. Let's talk to Vishwanath.

Hey! You come too.

Bring him.


Leave my hand.

-I do whatever you say.

-Only we can help him.

What's it, Vishwanath?

Is it your order to charge for the sand?

We will discuss this later.

-Yes, what we have thought...
-This is not right.

It's wrong to extract money from people.

Everybody has a right over this sand.

Stop extorting money.

Who are you to tell me?


You come with few people
and ask me to stop, will I stop?

How much I spent on election
do you know?

Do you know how much
I paid to each of your men?

-Did I ask you to do that?
-I have to.

I have won because
I distributed money.

Do you think I won
because of people's vote?

If I do what you are saying,
I will have to beg on the streets.


You doing all this for money, aren't you?

Or have you joined hands
with Kashi out of fear?

-Stop your nonsense.

If you want money,
I will give it to you.

We didn't make you win so that
you join hands with wrong people

and do illegal deeds.

-What nonsense!

Hey, do you know who you're talking to?

Men: [Shouting]

How dare you raise
your hands on daddy!

[Table falling] [People shouting]

[Groans and grunts]

Man: How dare you! Go away!

-How can you talk like this!
Man: Don't let him go.

[Door banging]



Oh... oh...



Get aside.

Hey! Stop!

Do you have this ability too?


-I didn't know it.
-Leave me.


-Listen what I say.

Uh... do you know,

I've been waiting to tell you
something very important?

I like you.

Too much.

How to tell you this, I had no idea.

You just say yes,

we will start romancing here itself.

We will marry right here.

And will have our first night here.

Also we will have kids here.

What happened?

Are you okay with it?

♪ What's this heart's desire ♪

♪ Why my heart is dreaming ♪

♪ Without seeing or understanding ♪

♪ I love without reason ♪

♪ This heart has flying like a bird♪

♪ It has just turned towards you♪

♪ When it happened, I know not ♪

♪ I am tied with the thread of love ♪

♪ Why the eyes are wide awake ♪

♪ Can't be at peace anywhere ♪

♪ Hearts' strings are connected ♪

♪ Know not what will happen next ♪

♪ The way god created
the mountains, oceans and earth ♪

♪ Similarly god created
this tradition of love ♪

♪ Heart is restless what do I do ♪

♪ Someone ask me,
what has happened to me ♪

♪ This heart's page was blank ♪

♪ Now it has your name on it ♪

♪ I'm lost, I'm lost,
in whose thoughts ♪

♪ Everyone is asking me this ♪

♪ Why are the eyes wide awake ♪

♪ I am lost everywhere ♪

♪ Threads of hearts' are connected ♪

♪ Know not, what will happen next ♪

♪ Since I have heard all this from you♪

♪ Since then I have chosen
you for my life ♪

♪ I have millions dreams for you ♪

♪ What relation is this,
what the connection is ♪

♪ Who do I ask it, who do I tell it to ♪

♪ Whoever I tell, he thinks I am mad ♪

♪ I don't know, I know nothing ♪

♪ I know nothing but the love ♪

♪ Why are the eyes sleepless ♪

♪ I am restless everywhere ♪

♪ Hearts' strings are connected ♪

♪ Know not what will be next ♪

Man 1: Come on, take it!

Come on pass it!

-What are you doing? Smash!

Laxman, spike! Spike it!


Come on, hit hard.

Oh, he is really...

-Why don't you go and play?
-I'm like the football myself .

-It's not my cup of tea.
-You can't do anything.

Yes. Fine. Pass the ball.


Yes! Smash. Smash.

- Uh...

Stop. Stop.

I wanted to hit the ball there,
but it went there mistakenly.

-Oh, oh...
-Go and fetch the ball.

Sorry, dear. Are you hurt?

Hey! Watch and play.

Yes. Fine, daddy.

Who are you, dear?
I haven't seen you before.

I am Saroja's daughter.

Saroja? Who?

I am Vasanta Saroja's daughter.


You're Saroja's daughter?


You are really grown up now.

-In what grade are you?
-Inter, second year.

Oh! So good.


Go carefully.


On hearing Saroja's name
your eyes are glittering now.

Oh, wow. Yeah...

Hey! Get going.

Your gait matches with her gait.

Something is wrong from all sides.

-Damn you!
-Ouch, daddy...


If you trouble me too much,
you will be beaten.

-If I get hold of you, you are gone.
-Will you beat me?

If you talk nonsense,
I will beat you. Yes.

[Motorbike vrooming]

Shiva, get hold of him.

Hey! Hey! You are too much!

What is the matter, son?

Daddy, I want to speak to you.

I never imagined you will
give me such a big shock.

Had you told me four days ago,
it would have been better.

I would have spoken to Vishwanath.

But now, both of us had fight.

If I go and ask right now, he will think

that we have trapped the girl.

Whatever you may think,

but I want Indu, daddy.

Daddy, she also loves me a lot.

You and your talks.
Everything is new to me.

Fine. Have patience for a few days.

Once our quarrel ends,

I will personally talk to Vishwanath.


Thank you, dad.

-Thank you.

Oh, that's enogh.


A friend of mine is going to UK.


All the girls her age are married
and ave become mothers.

And this gile wandering
village to village.

Papa, if grandma doesn't keep quiet,

I will strangulate her.

Mother, why are you hell-bent after her?

I have told you so many times.
Don't interfere in her matters.


Yeah, do you want to take the car?

I don't need it, papa.
I will take a bus.

[Bus engine humming]

Conductor: Yes. Pay up.

Where do you want to go?

Man: Stop. Stop.

Conductor: Yes. Move now.

[Bus engine revving]


[Birds chirping]

What did you say at home?

Just that I am going to drop
my friend to the airport.

-Why are you laughing?

♪ Hey, come let's both fly away
like the birds in the sky ♪

♪ While flying let's pluck the
Sun and the Moon from the sky ♪

♪ I too fly with you with the winds,
it's my wish ♪

♪ Today is the trial of our love ♪

♪ Oh, our live is like the ocean ♪

♪ The ocean's water is like ours ♪

♪ Our relation for life ♪

Okay, listen.

-Do you smoke?

The guys who smoke,
girls like them a lot.

-And you?
-I too like them.

I thought you smoke.

That's why I brought this.

♪ The way Sun rises in sky
and hides in the sky ♪

♪ Breathes too come and go
with you, they stop at you ♪

♪ You're the rain during monsoons,
you're darling and I am sweetheart ♪

♪ I would live every moment with you ♪

♪ In this darkness of sorrows,
I should be the shade of happiness ♪

♪ My life should be with,
like your shadow ♪

♪ You're my smile and cries ♪

♪ You're my life and death ♪

♪ How my heart is restless
without you, how do I tell you ♪

♪ How much I love you,
how do I show you ♪

♪ Hey, our love is like the ocean ♪

♪ Our reltion is like water and ocean ♪

♪ Our relation is for life ♪

♪ You know, how happy I feel
giving you all the happiness ♪

♪ Seeing your face,
I forget my sorrows ♪

♪ What kind of unknown bond is this ♪

♪ Yours and mine ♪

♪ My heartbeats have
it beats with your name ♪

♪ A word I say, it has your ring ♪

♪ Hey, our love is like the ocean ♪

♪ Our relation is like ocean and water ♪

♪ The relation of all life, is ours ♪

[Caw, caw, caw]

[Birds chirping] [Cow mooing]

[Blowing smoke]

[Jeep engine sound]

Oh God!

Uh, uh.

Shiva. Shiva.

Shiva. Shiva...

-Hey, you didn't go to the theater.
-I am just going.

-Hurry up.

[Birds chirping]


What's this?

All my friends smoke...

So I thought...

I too try it.

Let me tell you one thing, son.

If a person gets addicted to it,

then doing all this
becomes his helplessness.

But on someone's say so,
or on his insistence,

taking up such bad hobbies,
is not good.

I won't say anything apart from this.



Daddy caught me smoking at home.

Is it?

Then what did you say?

First time I lied to my daddy.

That too for you.

Really? For me?


Now you'll have to tell many lies.
Come here.

What are you doing?

Shh... Don't talk.

Do you know romance?

Shall I teach you?

Shiva, romance should mean
having feelings.

Place your hand on my waist.

Like this.

Pull me closer to you.


-Uh... ah...

Not so hard.



Now kiss me.



I don't know.

It's very simple.

I will teach you.

Now I don't know anything.

Tonight we will meet again




[Crickets chirping]

Indu, be careful.

[Motorbike vrooming]

♪ What the bird is saying ♪

♪ My love, take me with you ♪

♪ Craving should keep increasing ♪

♪ love should continue ♪


Have you told anyone about us?

No. Not yet.

Hey! Tell me the truth.

Yeah, I have just told daddy.

I had told you not to tell anyone.

If you tell everyone like this,
it will reach my papa.

Let him find out.
He has to find out someday.

Look, it's nothing like that, Shiva.

What if your daddy comes
and tells my family?

Daddy won't tell anyone.
He loves me a lot.

My daddy is my life.

Now you are lying.

What do you mean?

Yesterday you told me
that you love me.

And also that I am your life.

What happened now?
Now you call daddy your life?

Tell me the truth.

Who do you love the most?

Don't think so much.
Tell me fast.



Shiva, I love you.

You don't worry at all.

I will talk to daddy. Hm?


Now open buttons.

What for?

Come on, do it.


Hey! Why are you clicking picture?

Can't you live without the phone?

Indu, you see,

I cannot live without you
even for a minute.

When you are not with me,
I will see this photo.

[Laughing] Fine.

-It's quite late now. Let's go.
-Wait for a while.

We are meeting tomorrow, aren't we?

Now let's go from here. Come on.


Daddy, when did you come?

What is the matter?

These days you are quite busy.

You don't even think
about your daddy.

It's nothing like that, daddy.


everybody gets a chance
in life to fall in love.

But the chance to live happily
in love throughout life,

very few people get.

They are fortunate ones.

You are at that stage now.

Enjoy it.

On an opportune day
I will speak to Vishwanath.

-I am going out.
-Okay, daddy.

[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]

Yes, Indu. Tell me.

Shiva, everybody has gone out
of house at this time.

Everybody will return late.

-Come here fast.
-Right now?

What else? Come on fast.

Come on.

Yes. Fine. I will be there.

♪ The intoxication of your eyes ♪

♪ Make me drink with your lips ♪

♪ Or let the honey of love mingle in me ♪

♪ Be the lightning and strike me ♪

♪ You burn and burn me ♪

♪ The heart, like the breeze ♪

♪ Became fragrant like yours ♪

♪ Got a little lost ♪

♪ My love, my love, my sweetheart ♪

♪ You have taken my heart ♪

♪ Every cell of mine is steered ♪

♪ What have you done to me ♪

♪ You are my prayer, my devotion ♪

♪ You're my resolve, you're my penance ♪

♪ You're my desire, you're my feeling ♪

♪ I am the night, you're the moon ♪

♪ I should continue, continue like this ♪

♪ This continuity of our love ♪

♪ Every cell of mine is awaken ♪

♪ My love, what have you done ♪


Now I feel scared to go home.

Why so?

My papa is talking of getting me married.


There is a guy from America.

He is pressurizing me to marry him.

From America?


I will kill him.

Hey! Cool!

I am just telling you the truth.

Why are you getting so serious about it?

Ok, fine.

If I am married without my wish,

then come wherever I go.

As soon as he sees you, he will flee.

I won't let that situation arise, Indu.


What will you do?

Fine. Let's do this.

Let's get married right now.

Is that okay with you?

Hey! Where are you going?

Shiva, where are you going?

Shiva, come back.

Shiva. Shiva.

I was waiting when you would say this.

-And you have said it today.
-Have you gone mad?

Will we marry just like this?

I have a dream.

My wedding should be so grand
that the entite world would watch.

How much more shall I wait?

Even thought of parting with you
chokes me.

-I can't wait anymore.

Right now I will go and talk to papa
about marriage.

I won't delay it now.

As such, it isn't easy to persuade papa.

But I will persuade him somehow.
You don't worry.


Come let's go.

[Motorbike engine purring]

-Remember whatever I said?

I will handle everything.

Everything will be fine.

Unless I call you, don't come home.

Don't even call me. Okay?

Hm. Okay.

Today it's either me or my papa.
The decision will be made. Hm?


I don't feel like letting you go.

[Motorbike engine wrooming]

[Crickets chirping.]

Darling, O' darling, O 'darling...

-Laxman, drink.
-Yes, daddy.

Take it. Will I have to remind you?

-Yes, daddy.

Get married.

Yes. I also want to, daddy.
But who will find a girl?

-Shall I?
-Yes. I beg you.

-Do this good deed.

-I will you marrid.
-Is it!

[Motorbike engine purring]

[Phone beep]

[Mobile ringing] [Laughing]

-Yes, daddy. Where are you?

I have come out.

Daddy, I want to talk to you urgently.

Yes. Tell me.

Indu was saying that she is going to
speak to her dad about us.

What will he say... I'm tensed about it.

Nonsense! To hell with her dad.

Come with her,
I will get you married in a temple.

It's not that, daddy. Listen to me.

Why you too go there, daddy?

It will be better if you are there
when Indu talks to him.

Oh, it's not that.

Okay. I will come for your sake.

What you say?

At the most he will shout.

What else? And then agree.

Leave alone Vishwanath's house
I will come anywhere for you.

All right?

Hey, Vishwanath, today it's done.

[Rooster clucking]


[Clank of door]


[Phone beeps]

Female: 'The number you are dialing
is either out of coverage or...'

[Dialing beeps]

Female: 'Sorry. The number you are
calling is currently switched off.'

[Dialing beeps]

[Phone ringing]

-Hey Laxman!
-'Yes. Tell me, Shiva.'

-Where is daddy?

'He left after he spoke to you
on the phone.'

'Hasn't he come home?'

'What happened?'


'The number you are dialing...'

Her number is also unreachable.

Female: '..or switched off.'

[Mobile ringing]


Daddy, where are you?

Come on, no need to worry.

I met with an accident.

Accident? Where?

[Bike engine revving]


Daddy, that...

-Why didn't you inform me?
-Uh... uh.

I told him not to tell you.

How did this happen, daddy?

To talk about you

I was going to Vishwanth's home

On the way I met with an accident.

It means, you didn't go.

I wonder what transpired there.

And how Indu is.

She isn't even receiving
my call, daddy.

Nothing will happen.

Don't worry.

Don't be afraid. On mention of your name

Vishwanath will call you home
to a grand welcome.

It will take some time.
You'll have to have patience.


Krishnarao must be at the farm.

He will give you some money.
Go and get it.

Hey! I am telling you.

Go and bring money.


Go and keep it there.

Yes, keep it on that side.

-You've been harvest since morning...
-Yes, sir.

-We are doing it.
-It's not even a truckload.

Hurry up. I have to send the truck.

-Mr. Krishna Rao.
-Okay, sir.

Hurry up.

Daddy has sent me to collect money.

Yes, he had told me.
It got a little delayed.

[Mobile ringing]


'Hello, Shiva.'

♪ Heart doesn't forget
nor it gets shattered ♪

♪ Even the moments don't stop, o' my love♪

♪ My breathes are lost ♪

♪ Eyes are yearning♪

♪ I am waiting for you, o' my love ♪

♪ Without you, how do I live ♪

♪ Without you I hardly breathe ♪

♪ I have suffered without you so much ♪

♪ Now all my desires are burnt to ashes ♪

♪ My heart doesn't beat,
breathes are no more fragrant ♪

♪ These feet don't stray, without you ♪

♪ Clouds don't rain ♪

♪ Heart too doesn't yearn ♪

♪ Body too doesn't feels restless,
without you ♪



♪ The dreams I had seen ♪

♪ They are diminishing without you ♪

♪ Relations, friendships,
all of them are selfish♪

♪ No one is our own now♪

[Clanks of vessel]


[Kicking vessels]


[Door banging open]

Oh, uh...


-Leave from here.
-What is going on here?

Last night I spoke to papa.

Since then there are fights
going on in the house.

He is says, he will kill us.

It's fine if a die.

-But I cannot live without you.
-Indu! [Knocks]

Come with me.

-Just come with me.

[Door banging open]


I made a grave mistake
keeping people like you near me.

You and daddy are enacting
a drama with me!

Throw him out of here.

-Kick him out!

Man: Get out! Out!
- Indu!



-Come on.




-Throw him out.



-Scoundrel! Move!

Come on. Come on.

[Punches, groans]

Groans and grunts]


Come on.

Move, damn you!

[Shutter opening]

-Come on.
-Get in.

-Throw him inside.
-Come on.

-Let's teach him a lesson.
-Come on.

Hey! Wanna love?

[Grunts and groans]

[Kicks and punches]

[Groans and grunts]

[Shouts, hits]


Now speak.

[Groaning in pain]


Let's go.

Hey, keep an eye on him till
the wedding is over.

Man: Okay, boss.
Man 2: Don't worry, boss.

[Groaning, gasping]



[Flies buzzing]

[Grunting in pain]

[Shutter clanking]

-Ow! Uh...

How dare you!

Will you go out? Try it!

You will come out.

Come on. Come on.

Let's finish him.

[Wood shattering]

[Groans and grunts]


Uh... ugh...

[Kicks and punches] [Groans]

[Fan whirring]

[Clank of shutter opening]

Uh... ugh...

Uh... uh...

[Breathing heavily]

[Gate creaking]



[Grunting in pain]


Uh... ah. Ugh...

You have come again?


Oh, no!

House is locked.

Where is everyone?
Where has everyone gone?

Man, why are you beating me?

Indu got married.

Everybody has gone to Hyderabad
to send her off to America.

I think Indu must have reached
America by now.


[Click of lighter]

[Auto entgine knocking]

Hey, stop, stop, sop. Here.



Nothing has changed.

The same stones and the same filth.

The same ugly faces.

Bloody villagers.

Yes. How much?

-Whatever you wish, sir.

Can't you speak?
How much it is? Tell me.

-You won't be able to pay that much.
-What did you say?

I can't pay the auto fare!

Do you know how much my house,
farm and bank balance is?

Tell me.

-It's 50 bucks.
-What, 50 bucks!

For such a short distance
fare is fifty bucks!

Here, take 10 bucks.

Wonder whose face
I saw early morning...

-Get lost.
...that I met this sample piece.

-Mr. Kothari, when did you come?

How are you?

Nothing. I was missing
the village and you a lot.

-So I came back.
-Yes. You haven't changed a bit.

If I haven't changed,
you won't offer me tea?

There he goes again.
Give him a cup of tea.

Have you forgotten manners?
You should offer water before tea.

Your drama hasn't lessened.

What? Tap water!

I don't drink anything less than
mineral water.

You know,
yesterday I had been to senior sir.

Servant served ordinary water,
so Mr. Govinda sacked him.

-Mr. Govinda?

-Why you went to his house?
-He had invited me.

He was after me to fix
an alliance for his son.

-WhatI tell you, man?

-His son doesn't like any girl.

He has put all the responsibility on me.

-That's a great thing.

I have a daughter.

She is in BA second year.
We are looking for a groom for her.

-Please talk to Govinda.
-Is it?

Bring her photo and come to
my house this evening.

They want an alliance quickly.

-I will make the connection.
-Oh God!

He hasn't stopped bluffing.
He'll have to be stopped somehow.

-Bro, I want to talk to you.
-Yes. Tell me.

Ambani's PA is calling me
and driving me crazy.

Is that so?

-The gas pipe which is installed,

-He is saying it's leaking.

I don't know where the leakage is,
but he's calling and driving me mad.

Now what will you say?

Um-hm. Now I understand.

He has been calling me
since three days.


Who else? Mukki Ambani.

Oh God!

I am not picking his calls.
That's why his PA

with his sources has found out
your and my village.

And he is after me.

-Listen. Promise me.
-Yes, here you go.

-If he ever calls you.

No need to tell him anything.

Don't ever say that we belong
to the same village.

-No,no, no...
-How much can I handle now.

-You are right.
-I don't even have breathing time.

Order two 'Samosas'.

Give him two 'Samosas'.

-Isn't there anything else to eat?
-First eat this, bro.

-He will bring more.

-When will I get tea?
-Eat this then the tea.

You have said, so it will come.

Only to eat...

Uh... Yes.

-Hello, daddy.
-How are you, Kothari?

-Have you just come?
-Yes, I just came.


-How is your business going?
-What do I tell you, daddy?

It's been just a day
I have come to the village

and he has made hundred calls.

Without me his company doesn't run.

Have you thought something about Shiva?

He doesn't understand no matter
how much you explain to him.

You have to explain as
one's mind works. Then it registers.

You love him. If you tell him,
he won't understand.

Don't worry.
This time I will take him with me.

Do anything,
but take him away from here.

-Sure I will, daddy.

-Hey! What are you doing here?
-Sir, he...

Get in the car. Come on.

I escaped from him.

-I will leave now.
-Okay, daddy.

Let's go, daddy.

-I am leaving.

♪ I am a golden bottle ♪

♪ I am everyone's passion ♪

♪ I am a delicate bud ♪

♪ Come, come, you come to me alley ♪

♪ Today is the chance
to look eye to eye ♪

♪ To make the heart beat fast,
it's a chance, don't miss it ♪

♪ Come on ♪

♪ Dance to the beats ♪

♪ Don't just don't keep dreaming ♪

♪ Come now, don't be shy ♪

♪ Come and take me in your arms ♪

♪ Come and have fun ♪

♪ Adorn my face in the heart ♪

♪ Come and become my darling ♪

♪ Come and hold my arms ♪

♪ This damsel is dancing Havana ♪

♪ I won't break your heart,
don't hide what's in your heart ♪

♪ Dance to the beats ♪

♪ Come and hug me tight ♪

♪ Now come, don't be shy ♪

♪ Make your nights colorful ♪

♪ With your sway,
the heart is lost ♪

♪ I am willing to be your darling ♪

♪ Nobody should stop,
nobody should object ♪

♪ You are betrayed in love, dear ♪

♪ Will you betray the betrayer,
we too a crazy ones ♪

♪ We too are the one who die for love ♪

♪ You don't understand
what's in heart, you're naive ♪

♪ You appear to be a dewdrop,
but within you're a blaze amber ♪

[Punch, grunts and moans]


What did you tell daddy, huh?


[Bird chirping] [Caw, caw, caw]


Hey, Indu!

Come out, Indu.

I have come, Indu.

Your Shiva.

Come let's go.

You were suffocated for three years.

Today, you have the freedom!

[Startled gasp]

[Vessels clanking]


What rubbish are you babbling
in front of my house! Huh?

Don't you know?

Your daughter has loved me.

What rubbish!

-What nonsense is it?
-Hey! Don't yell!

When you found out, you got her
married and sent her away.

And you are saying as if
you don't know anything.


Indu is mine!

And she will always be mine.
That's why she has come here.

Indu! Come out, Indu!

Your papa and the entire
village doesn’t know

how much you love me.

Come and tell everyone
so that they know.

-Hey, Indu!
-Why you guys are watching?

Throw him out. Out!

-Come on.

I have no enmity with you people.

If anyone touches me,
I will chop him off.

Why? Are you threatening?

No. I am just not threatening.

If time comes, I will kill too.

Hey, the girl who is married

what melodrama you're
creating at her place?


Indu, I have waited three years for you

because I love you.

Now nobody can separate us.

Untill you come, I won't leaver here.

Huh! Uh...

[Mobile ringing]

Hello, Mahesh.


Since the time you have gone,
I'm sharing my sorrows with it.

This is the only proof of our love.

[Siren hooting]

[Tyre screeching]


Hey, stand up.

I said stand up!


Hey! Get hold of him!

Grab him!


Take him away.

-Carry him.
-Come on. Move. Huh!

I will show you at the
police station what am I.

-Don't ever look at my home!

-Indu, don't be afraid of anyone.
-Take him away.

-I will come to take you.
-Get in.

-Get in.
-Get in the jeep.

[Jeep starting] [Door closing]

[Siren hooting]


He was talking about evidence.

-Burn the bike.
-Yes, sir.

[Door creeking open]


[Banging on door]


-Yes, sir.

-Bring a cup of tea.
-Okay, sir.


Where is Shiva?

Eh, Daddy?

What's it, you have come so late?

Weren't you in the village?


I was waiting that you'd come.

But when you didn't come,

I welcomed him in my style.


Nobody has lodged a complian.

And FIR is also not registered.

Didn't I tell you,

the day I get hold of you,
you won't be able to do anything.

If you're een near that house again,

you can't imagine, what I can do.


Let's go.


[Door creaking]



[Rooster's crow]

[Motorbike vrooming]








Where is he?

[Door banging open]

[Heavy breathing]


It's been three years

since you left me.

How I have suffered these three years
I can't even tell you.

[Heavy drag]

I waited like crazy.

I knew you'd certainly return one day.


Here I was in so much agony.

And I know,

you too must have benn
in agony for me.

Remembering you, not the tears,

I used to shed tears of blood.

But I didn't share my grief with anyone.

I am speaking so much
and why are you silent?

Say something, you have returned
to the village after so many years.

Speak up.

Uh, uh...


Behind your house...

I roamed like crazy.

But I didn't find you.

After all, why?

I am talking like crazy.
Why are you still quiet?

-Today I am in front of you.
-[Muffled shriek]

[Muffled shriek]

Today you will have to tell me.

When you didn't want to
maintain this relationship,

why did you make me chase you?

You too loved me a lot, didn't you?

Tell me!


Is it because you're someone
else's wife now?

[Muffled cries]

Just because you're
married to someone else

so I should let you go,
my love is not such.

[Muffled cries]


Hey, Indu.

Why are you afraid?

I am your Shiva.

[Muffled cries]

And you had said you loved me.

I am your Shiva.

[Muffled cries]

Fine. Come.

Let's go from here.

If anyone comes between us,
I won't spare him.

Today our fate will be decided.

[Muffled cries]

Indu. Uh...

Carefully, Indu.

-Shiva. Shiva.

Shiva, leave me.

-Come on, Indu.
-Listen to me.

[Slap] Listen to me. Have you lost it?

What are you doing?

It's true. We were in love.

And had dreamed too.

But nothing came true, Shiva.

Uh... hhh.

If you had really loved me,

you would have been happy,
in my happiness, Shiva. Got that?

But you are actting like a crazy.

By doing all this,

you are disgracing my family
and nothing else.

And along with it,

you are also hell-bent
on ruining my life, Shiva.

It's a lie. You don't love me at all.

What nonsense!

I don't love you?

It's fear of your father, isn't it?

-No, Shiva.
-Let's go.

-Let's go.

-I say you come.
-Leave me.

I am not afraid of your father.
Let's go. -Leave me.

-Uh... Shiva, leave me.
-Indu, come.

-Indu. I say, let's go form here.
-Leave me.

You need not be afraid today.

-Let off my hand.
-Just come with me.

Indu, come.

-Let go off my hand.
-Come on, Indu.

Nobody can stop us.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

-Leave her.

Leave. Leave her.

I am telling you. Leave her hand.

Leave her hand.

-Do you understand or not?
-Get lost!


What are you doing?

-Get up.

-Leave me.
-Come, Indu.

-Shiva, what are you doing?
-Leave my hand.

Let go her hand.

I said leave. Damn you! [Slap]

Leave her hand.

Hey! Hey!

-Hey! Take him away.
-Yes, daddy.

Come on.

What drama are you both crating? Huh?

Vent your anger on me.

You come home and harras woman folk?

You are trying to ruin
my daughter's life.

I beg your pardon, Vishwanath.

Whatever happened today,
it won't happen again.

Whatever happend here,
it wont's happen again, how can you say?

Whatever I have to do, I know it well

Get lost. Go!

What are you doing?

Get in the jeep.

I am telling you.

Come on, sit.

Sit in the jeep.

He has gone made after the girl.

[Engine firing]

[Jeep engine idling]

What do you want after all? Hmm?

What do you want to do?

Step down.

Get down.

Why don't you answer?

I cannot live without Indu, daddy.

Though I was far form her
for so long, yet I couldn't bear it.

And if I find out that
she can never be mine,

how will I live?

Hey, she's married,
she is someone's wife now.

They forced her to marry.

Whatever it is,
a marriage is a marriage.

She is married. Forget her now.

I have loved her. It's not a joke.
that I will forget her so easily.

And you fall in love just once in life.

Like the waves of the ocean
that never stops.

Have you gone insane?

Nowadays guys change girls within weeks.

And why are you torturing
a married girl in the name of love?

She doesn't even like to see you.

Why are you trying to go to
her house repeatedly?

Phew! What kind of man are you!

I tried but you don't understand.

You don't understand me.

In three years not a day passed
when I didn't miss her.

My love is true so she is back here.

Shut up. Repeating the same thing.

If you ever stepped in that house,

you won't find your daddy.

What are you saying?
Are you trying to scare me?

Think whatever you want.
You won't go to that house, that's it.

I will go.

She is afraid to come with me.
I will extricate her fear.

I will tell everyone that she has
returned just for me.

Phew! [Slap]

I don't understand how to explain you.

You have gone mad.

I supported you till now.
That's where I went wrong.

Along with you, now I too
have to endure all this.

Tomorrow itself we will
leave this village for good.

I won't come. If at all,
I will come with Indu.

How will you not come?

I know how to take you away. Come.

Daddy. Daddy.

[Door banging open]


[Door banging shut]

Daddy, you only think about the girl.
Think about him too.

What's to think?

If she loved him then why
was she so sacared?

Why did she marry someone else?
If she was scared why did she love?

Who loved?

And whose fear?

Do you think she loved him?

Or she's afraid of her father?

Actually, she was never in love with him.


She only used him
for her physical pleasures.

What are you saying?


That day Shiva told me on the phone

that Indu is going to talk
about their marriage

so I should also go there.

Same day I met with an accident.

And I lied that I was going
to Vishwanath's place.

But the my accident
wasn't while going there.

Instead it was while returning.

I had lied.

I don't feel like leaving you.

[Dishes clanking]

Papa, I want to talk to you
something important.

Papa, I have something
important to discuss.

What's it?

I like a guy.

Indu, you even know
what you are saying?


You go inside.

Papa, why did you become so serious?

Why are you venting
my anger on mother?


I love someone.

And he too likes me.

Actually, I wanted to talk
to you about this.

But in so many days
I didn't get a chance to talk.

His name is Mahesh.


He was my classmate.

His family is settled in US.

His plan is...

we will get married
and settle down in the US.

His parents are in Vijayawada now.

That's why I am telling you
everything now.

You might find the best
alliance for me

but you won't find a better
alliance than this, papa.

What? What are you saying?

I said whatever I had to.

Now whether you agree or not.

If I marry that will be Mahesh.

Why are you quiet?

Say something, papa.

Call him.

Phone and call him here right now.

I will get you engaged tomorrow.

I will get you married in 10 days
and send you off.

Really, papa?

Ah, uh... ah... ah.

Love you, papa.

I was too tansed as to how
will I make you relent.

I will call Mahesh right now
and ask them to come over.



Can't you stay away from your phone?


Shiva, come back.




[Crying] [Door banging open]


Why are you hear now?

-Throw him out of here!
-Throw him out!

Why are you hitting me?


-Get lost!

Indu... Indu!



Leave me!

I want Indu, daddy.

Daddy, she also loves me a lot.

'I love someone.'

His name is Mahesh.

[Tyre screeching]

Her dishonest eyes.

Her talks are lies.

Her love is fake.

Actually she's a wrong person!

Had Shiva come to know this,

something might have happened,
he might go and harm her,

that is why I got scared.

I thought, in a month or two...

or in a year he will forget her.

What else?

He didn't forget her.

Finally, I was willing, didn't I?

Despite all this why did you leave it?
You should have talked to Indu.

You crazy.

The girl who has no remorse,

what would I have talked that girl?

After getting discharged from
the hospital I found.

that girl is engaged.

I couldn't even see her in the village.

I searched a lot and finally
I went to her house to ask her.

You are doing the wrong, dear.

He is very innocent.

He loves you a lot.

I tried my best to explain to papa

but he is not relenting.

Stop your acting.

I know everything.

I heard your conversation last night.

Oh! So you heard.

Making him fall in love with you,

you are marrying someone else now?

Not just Shiva, but also
your parents and yourself too

you are deceiving but nothing.

Hello. What is this?

I am listening quietly,

so you will say anything to me?

You're calling me a betrayrer?

Are you done?

Your son just went out with me
for a few days,

he took it seriously.

Now if he has fellen in love,

then what can I do about it?

-He took your each word as true.

He is lost in dreams of love.

And he doesn't even realise.

You have kept him
illusionary world of dreams.

You can consider it love or deceit.

I don't know nothing.

It was fine till going out with him,

but I can't think of marrying him.

So I took an option.


Oh, oh.

-You need a man to go out with.

And for the marriage, a soft man, right?

Yes, so? What will you do?

You are talking as if
some girl's life is ruined.

You said it so easily.

When he told me, he loves Indu,

I thought you are a decent girl.

I never imagined you will play so nasty.

Now that you know, go and tell him.

Till now you have just seen his love.

not his fury.

If he finds out the truth,
he won't let you live.

By falling in love with you

he did make a mistake.

But, now I won't allow him to do
this second mistake of killing you.

Don't waste your time
by blackmailing me emotionally.

I don't care.

What is the need to blackmail you?

Wait and watch. He will forget you.

And I will get him married
to a girl better than you.

Do whatever you like.

Till his daughter’s marriage,
he kept Shiva in his rice mill

and got him beaten at the very place.

I shall hack each of them,

I had decided that.

But if I had done anything,
her life would have been ruined.

So let it go, thinking I will end
this game here itself.

You told him to leave the village.

I thought you are telling him in anger.

But I didn't know you are
carrying a burden in your heart.


Let's go.


[Cow mooing]

-What's the matter?

Are you tensed?

Um... Why will I be tensed?

He has been torturing you for two days,
but he's torturing me for three years.


I am quite tenseed because of him.

He has tortured me so much
that I feel like shooting him.

He beat up my men.
Set fire to my warehouse,

Came home and quarreled.
Dragged out of house...

The matter came to such a pass.

Why don't you do something to him?
Everybody keeps asking me.

They don't know.

That my daughter is responsible
for what he has become now.

Entire fault is of my daughter.

What is my fault?

-What did I do?
-Shut up!

Don't feign ignorance.
I know everything.

There can't be a father
who will call her daughter bad.

I too am like that.

If I do something to him,
I wonder what video or photo he has

that he might paste on some wall,
thinking of it I'm doing nothing.

Your husband is coming in two days.

If he finds out about all this,

I wonder what will happen.

Don't think anything about Mahesh.

I will manage him.

Keep your mouth shut!

Shameless girl.

You will manage!

What will you do?

You have roamed all over
the village with Shiva

and you married Mahesh,
will you tell him this?

Your kind of girl needs...

a man outside the home,

one outside village, one on the street,

one in mother's village, one in
father's house and one to marry.

Among all these men,

there is just one, who loves sincerely.

We were unfortunate that we got this.

If you are asked why you did this,
you would say you did it for fun.

Was this for fun?

For your fun and frolics,
you punished him?


You make small mistakes
that snowballs into grave mistake.

and it haunts your parents forever.


If you knew it,

than why did you agree
when I talked of marrying Mahesh?

For my honor.

Think in place of a father.

Who will be better in two of them,

thinking of it,
I got you married to Mahesh.

Selfishness, dear.

My should have a good life,
that was my selfishness.

After all I was a father.

Now something has to be done.

All right, I will tackle him.

You have to help me, Kashi.

I thought, why to resort to violence
if talks can do the trick.

But now it's not so.

The matter reached such a pass
that he'll have to be killed

My son-in-law is coming in two days.

If the situation remains the same
when he comes,

I am afraid for my daughter's future.

Now stopping Shiva is not
my cup of tea, Kashi.

What do I do?

That's why I have called you here.

If I help you, what will I get?


I will make you win the next election.

I will also hand you over
this sand mining business.

To stop whatever has happened
to you till today,

there is just one way.


-Let's kill him.

You will kill him?

I said it earlier too,

but you guys didn't listen to me.

Now you've brought him to home.

Now at least listen to me.


Killing will not be right.

What will you do...

I don't know.

Just till my son-in-law and...

till my daughter leaves the village,
he should not be seen here.

All right.

What you want will happen.

Listen. Go and find him.

Wherever you find him, tie him up

and bring him to our warehouse.

- Hm..
- Ok, boss.

[Roar of engine]

[Roar of engine]

Hey, bro.

-Did you see Shiva?


-Did you see Shiva here?

He could be there. Let's go there.

[Banging ]

[Swish of weapons]


[Hawks screeching]


[Hawk screeching]

Man: -Hey! Did you find him?
Man 2: -No, boss.


Hey! Come on fast.

[Thunder, lightning]

[lightning and rain]




[Heavy rain]


[Clouds thundering]

'You couldn't stop him till now,
how'll you stop him tomorrow?

'I know what I have to do.'

[Thunder and rain]
[Jeep engine knocking]


[Door clanking open]


Let's ask the old man.

Hey, oldie. Did you see Shiva?

He is in that shanty.

Come on.

We won't spare him today.



[Thunder, lightning]

[Electric spark]

Get him!

Don't let him escape.



[Grunts and groans]

[Grunts and groans]


[Thud] [Groans]



[Jeep vrooming]


Uh... uh.



[Groaning in pain]


Let's go.

Come on.

Uh... ah....



Aah... ugh.

uh... ah...


Come on. Come.

Come on!







Where are you?


Why don't you come out?



Where are you?

Come out.

Come on.

Who sent you?

Vishwanath or Kashi?

Uh... uh...

[Hit, shrieks]

[Grunts and groans]

[Heavy rainfall]

[Bench shatter]


[Hitting] [Ugh]


[Bang, grunt]

Ah... ugh.


[Crying in pain]

[Grunts and groans]

Tell me who sent you?

Is it Vishwanath

or Kashi?

Speak up!

[Shrieks] [Bang]

Uh.. ah-ah.

[Screaming] [Shattering sound]


Tell me.

-Come on,

Tell me fast.

Who has sent you here?

None of them.

Vishwanath's daughter Indu did.



I have to speak to you.

I understood.

She asked me to kill you.

Ah... uh.

What are you saying?

Why would Indu ask you to kill me?

What I am saying it true.

It's she who asked me to.

She did... [Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

[Mobile ringing]

Indu: 'Listen carefully.'

'He should be dead anyhow.'

'Kill him.'

'Got that?'


[Thunder, rainfall]








Uhg... uh... uh.




[Rain, thunder continues]

Come. Come.

Kill me.

The girl whom I loved more than my life

she has sent you to kill me!


I endured so much pain for her.

And she wants to get me killed.

This is very wrong.

[Thunder] Come.

Kill me. Go ahead kill me?

Keep stabbing me till I die.

Come on, kill me!

Then go and tell her...

I died happily.

I died very peacefully.

Go and tell her.

You are such a great lover.


If you die happily,
how will my anger abate?

You don't have to die like this.

You have to die in agony.

You die in agony,

so I'm letting you know the turh.

She never loved you.


She used you and dumped you.


Oh, uh...

You think her father got her married?

Hey... uh...



she got married to someone she liked.

No. No...

And you thought she loves you truly.

You chased her like a mad dog. Yeah?



Is it hurting?



Come kill!

[Shrieks, stabs]

[lightning and rain]

[Door clanking open]


[Dialing beep]

[Mobile ringing]

[Thunder, lightning]

[Mobile ring]

[Flash, thunder]



Ugh... uh...

[Shrieking in fear]

[Door banging shut]

Uh... uh.

Did I ask you to love me?

Or did I ask you to marry me?

Tell me.

I didn't even think of anyone
but you in my life.


You had said so many things.
But all of it was a lie.

Why did you do this?

If this is what you wanted,
you should have told me.

Why did you inact such a drama?

You played with my life
in the name of love.

Why did you do that?

Tell me.

You had told me...

"If you are about to die,

then it should be
one minute before you."

-You are my life, Indu.

You're my life.

That's why I have come here
to fulfill that wish of yours!

-Huh, huh.

[Struggling shrieks]

Uh, eeh...




[Choking, crying]



-Huh, huh, huh...
-Aah... uh...

[Moaning and crying]

[Grunts] [Cries]

[Grunting in pain]

What happened? Scared?

I will kill you,
that's why you got scared?

[Screaming in pain]

[Moaning and crying]

Your love wasn't true that's why
you wanted to get me killed.


But I loved you truly.

And me...

-How can I kill you, Indu?

You shouldn't be dead,
you should be alive.

[Screaming in pain]

Go, I have given you...

-you life in alms.
-[Cries in pain]

[Crying in pain]

With this thought… thinking that you..

you will suffer all your life.

This is your punishment.

This is your punishment, Indu.

Go. I give you your life in alms.

In alms!

[Crying in pain]

I thought god doesn’t exist.

But there is God.

Before dying...

I found out your truth.

[Grunting in pain]


What happened is good.

Very good.

I loved a girl like you
so this had to be my fate.



Now I abhor myself.


-I truly loved a girl like you.
-[Crying and shrieking]

With a girl like you.


Good. This is what should
have happened to me.

This should have happened.

[Crying and moaning]


[Choking, coughing]


Good that it happened.

Very good.


Daddy, I have hurt you a lot.

-Please... forgive me.

[Choking, coughing]


[Struggling and crying]



[Banging on door] Indu!

Indu. [Banging]

Open the door, Indu.

Open the door.
[Door banging open]

Uh... uh...

[Thunder, lightning]

[Thunder and lightning]

[Thunder and lightning]


[Thunder, lightning]




[Thunder, lightning]


My son.

Shiva, get up.

Hey, Shiva!



Get up, my child! Shiva!


[Thunder, rainfall continues]

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