Ruthless Renegade (2020) - full transcript

(horn blaring)
(dramatic dance music)

(crowd cheering)

(crickets chirping)
(dog barking)

(pensive music)

(shots firing)

- [Audrey] oh!

We gotta go, we gotta go!

- Don't do this, Audrey, go!

- Mom, wait!
(shot firing)

(screams) mom! No! No!

(Audrey screams)
(shot firing)

(Audrey gasping)
(dramatic music)

(shot firing)
(Audrey gasps)

(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)

(footsteps crunching)

you've seen this before, right?

Insignificant minor character

gets murdered in
the opening scene?

And you're probably thinking,

why do they always do that?

I'm gonna let you in
on a little secret.

They do this to make you
want to watch the movie.

That's why.

Let me tell you something else.

Newsflash, I am not
some minor character.

This is my story.

So, my name is Audrey Anderson

and while it appears
that things may not

be looking too bright
for me, trust me,

it hasn't always been this way.

At one point, everything
was just peachy.

Let me take you back
to the beginning.

This whole thing started
about four months ago,

mainly because I was
running way late.

Oh my god!
- Whoa!

- I'm so sorry, are you okay?

- I'm okay, are you?

- I'm way late.

Do you know where the
renegade workout facility is?

- Yeah, it's over that way.

Are you dancing tryouts?

- Right, thank you.

- Something about girl's night.

(dancers chattering)
(upbeat music)

- oh my god, he's so cute.

- Have you been
waiting in line long?

- Me?

Maybe about 10 minutes.

Everybody else, maybe a hour.

- Oh, good, I
thought I was late.

- You're definitely late,

and don't think
coach didn't notice.

- [dancer] yo, hakim, how
'bout an autograph, huh?

(hakim chuckles)

- [dancer] oh, he's really cute.

- Lookin' good, baby.

- Yo, she's hot, bro.

- I'm Audrey by the way.

- Tracy.

- First time?

- No, unfortunately.

It's my second year tryin' out.

Swear to god, if I don't
make the same this year,

I'm gonna kill somebody.

(Audrey laughs)
(Tracy laughs)

- [Cassie] welcome everyone.

Please turn in your head shots.

Make sure that your contact info

is correct and start warming up.

For those of you returning,

it's great to see you
and it's wonderful seeing

all these new faces, too.
- Excuse me.

- Excuse me, the line
starts back here.

(bailey chuckles)

yo, who the hell do you think

you are cuttin' in front of us?

- Who do I think I am?

- [Tracy] yes!

- I'm bailey west.

I'm already on the team.

- You were on the team.

(bailey sighs)

that was last year.

This year you audition
like everyone else.

- What's the matter, coach?

You worried?

- About what?

- That someday
I'll have your job?

- Back of the line, bailey.

(Cassie exhales)

- bye.

(girls chattering)
(gentle music)

- ready for it, okay.

All right.

Thank you for being
here today everyone.

Please stand up and get
ready to form four lines.

We're gonna do
across-the-floor combination.

(upbeat music)

five, six, seven, eight!

Step, step, chaines
turn, chaines turn.

Chasse, yes!


Five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four, hit!

Seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

And two, three, four.


One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

And leap.

Here's the hips, yes!

Seven, eight.

Four, five, six, seven, eight.

Good, here comes the hips.

Five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

Step, step, chaines
turn, chaines turn.

One, two, three, four
and hip and hip, step up.

Good, now let's back it up.

This time we're doing
it for real full out.

She really stands out.

I really like her.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Listen up, if you received
a number, congratulations.

You are advancing to round two.

If you didn't receive a number,
you're done for the day.

Thank you very much.

- I hate this part.

I really want it.

- [Audrey] bailey got hers.

- [judge] congrats.

- She would.

- Of course.

- [Audrey] here she comes.

- Good luck.

- Congratulations, great job.

- (laughs) oh my
god, I'm so happy!

- I guess that's it for me.

Good luck.
- Nice meeting you.


- Here you go.

- [Audrey] really?

(Audrey squeals)
(Tracy laughs)

- [Audrey and Tracy]
oh my god, oh my god!

- [Audrey] oh my god!

(Tracy squeals)
(Audrey squeals)

- okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Focus, focus, focus.

- We are going to do the
audition combination.

What we're looking
for is your smiles.

We want you to project it
to the nosebleed section.

They need to know how
much fun you're having.

Show the audience that
you're having a good time.

Are you ready?

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five
and six and seven and eight.

Punch, punch, punch, punch.

Five, six, down, uh, uh.

Great, together!

Nice and one, two,
three, four and pose!


Thank you.

(all applauding)
(dancers cheering)

next round.

I'm calling your
number that we have.

55 please come out,
21, 98, 94, 78.

Find your places.

Take it from the top.

New choreography.

(upbeat music)

- yeah, she really is good.
- Nice!

One, two, down.
- I really like her.

- And pop, pop and hair whip.

One, two, three, four,
pop, pop, together.

Hip, hip, hip.

Around, yes!

(dancers applauding)


I love it!

Good job, right?


Thank you.

Take five, we'll
see you in five.

Up next we have on
camera interviews,

so get ready, take a
break, drink some water

and I'll see you
back here in five.

- [dancer] hi, Walter.

- Hi.

(dancer laughs)

- hey, you dropped your jersey.

- Oh, wow, thank you.

What's your name?

- I'm Audrey.

It's no problem.

- Hi, Audrey.


- [dancer] you're kidding me!

- Excuse me, I'm sorry, hi.

- Hi.
- Walter, can I get

a picture with you?

- Sure.

- Here, let me.
- I'm so excited.

(dancers laughing)

- ready?

One, two, three.
(shutter clicking)


- Is it cute?
- There you go, yeah.

- Do I need another one?


- Here, oo!
- Very great to meet you.

- Oh.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You were great last game.

- Thank you.

Do you want one?

- Oh, that's okay.
- Hi.

- [hakim] hey, babe.
(bailey squeals)

- [bailey] oh my gosh!

(bailey laughs)

- [hakim] you look good.

- Excuse me.

- [hakim] hey, walter's comin'.

(dancer laughs)

- why are you doin' that?

- Doing what?

- You know what.

In front of everybody?

- Please.

- Can we talk for a
second, in private?

- No, I'm a little busy.


And besides, we're done talking.

- Come on.
- Don't touch me!

- Don't do that.

- Get away from me!

(pensive music)

- we're not done talking.

I'll be out in my car.

(pensive music)
(dancers chattering)

- [cassie] and we're back.

Give us your
personalities, ladies.

- Hi, I'm cynthia.

- I'm tatiana.

- My name's victoria.

- My name is maria.

- I'm patrice.

- I'm gigi.

I'm from miami, florida.

- Dallas, texas.

- San francisco.

- Here in los angeles.

- Alaska.

- Kansas city,
kansas, not missouri.

- Hi, I'm tracy.

I'm originally from utah.

I became really
passionate about acting,

such an original
concept for this town.

I've always been
a renegades fan.

Pick me (chuckles).

- Bailey here,
raised in seattle.

I was a renegade
girl last season

and it was the most
incredible year of my life.

And I can say from experience
that cassie is hands down

the best dance
coach I've ever had,

and I hope I get the chance
to work with her again.

- Hi, I'm audrey anderson.

I am from the valley.

Well, van nuys, california.

Hey (chuckles).

I just love dancing and I
swear I've always wanted

to be a renegades girl.

Well, I guess I shouldn't swear,

even though I really didn't.

Um, uh...

Look, I just, I love performing

and pouring my heart
and soul into dancing

and I really want
this and I promise

you I will work my butt off.

Go renegades!


Bye guys.

- Hey, audrey.

It was great meeting you.

You're such an awesome dancer.

- Thanks, you too.

Except for I think I
totally blew it at the end.

- Oh, come on, don't
worry about it.

Look, it's just
presentation, okay?

You're still in the runnin',

so don't start to
get down on yourself.

- Thanks.

Do you wanna exchange
numbers or something?

- Yeah, come on.

Yeah, we can go
work out sometime.

Plus I know this really dope
dance class in the valley

that I know you would kill.

- I would love that.


- All right.

Catch you later.
- Bye.

- [tracy] bye.

- You're such a loser!

You're such a loser!

And for the last time you
don't tell me who I can date!

We're done.

You're such a loser.

(pensive music)

- how'd it go?

- God, I don't know.

Good, bad, somewhere in between.

They said they would call
us within a week or so

and let us know if
we made it or not.

- Well, I hope they call you.

Audrey, right?

- Yeah.

Your name is?

- Walter.

- Right (laughs).

You know, you seem
really familiar,

like I've seen your face before
but I just can't place it.

(audrey laughs)
(walter chuckles)

how'd it go with bailey?

- You saw that.

She's complicated.

Who are you waiting for?

- A ride share driver.

Although I don't know
if he's coming anymore

because my phone just died, so.

- Well, if your phone died
then he can't find you.

Where do you live?

- The valley.

- I'm goin' that way.

Hop in, I'll give you a ride.

- Oh, no, I can't.

Thanks, though.

(gentle music)

so, how long did you two date?

- About six months.

She broke up with me right
in the middle of playoffs.

Said she didn't like me being
on the road all the time

and then she goes and
dates a team member?

- That had to hurt.

- Yeah, I just asked
her if she could chill

it for a bit but she's all,

"you can't tell me
who I can date."

- she probably hated
the fact that you guys

have girlfriends in
every city you play.

- What?

- We know.

Oh, and if you think I'm
gonna have sex with you

just because you're some big
time nba basketball player,

you're gonna be
very disappointed.

- Wow.

I can't believe-

- wilt chamberlain said that he

had sex with over 20,000 women.

- Well, I'm not
wilt chamberlain.

- Well, that's obvious.

You're never gonna score
more than 100 points a game.

- Jeez (laughs).

Okay, you may know your
basketball history,

but you don't know me.

- Oh really?

What don't I know?

- I'm bahai.

- And that means?

- It was in my "sports
illustrated" issue.

- (laughs) people actually read

the articles in those magazines?

- Funny.

Bahai is my religion

and we're celibate
until we get married.

- Wow.

That is embarrassing.

- It's okay.

- No, it's not.

I was just teasing you
and I shouldn't have.

- Let's forget about it.

Start over?

- Please.

- Okay.

I'm going first.

So audrey, if you think
I'm gonna sleep with you

just because you're some
big time nba cheerleader,

you are going to
be very mistaken.

- Oh, I wish I was some
big time nba cheerleader.

- You will be.

And even then I still
won't sleep with you.

(audrey laughs)
(walter laughs)

(gentle music)
(crickets chirping)

- now you have my number.

- Yes, I do.

- You won't call me.

Thanks for the ride.

(gentle music)
(crickets chirping)

and if I make the team,

I'll have to quit my
job at the restaurant.

- Honey, you never told me this.

Why do you have
to quit your job?

- Because I wouldn't have time.

I mean, our season goes
from September to June.

We have practices,
41 home games a year

and we do a lot
of charity events.

- And they only pay
you $100 a game?

40 games.

So that's what, 4,000 a year?

- We do other things that
make more money like,

like shopping mall openings,
conventions, charity events.


What's that look for?

- These players make
millions every year

and they pay you
cheerleaders gas money,

and you can't even afford a car.

- Yeah, but it's a start.

As a renegade girl
you meet a lot

of important people
and companies.

It's a good opportunity.

- It's just, you
were an a student.

- And now I'm sure
you're gonna tell me

that I should've
gone to law school.

- You should've
gone to law school.

- Mom, can we not
do this right now?

I had a really long day.

- Tell me about it.

I just worked a double shift.

- Point taken.

- You know I love you and
I'm glad you moved back home.

I missed you when you
lived in the dorms.

(audrey sighs)

- and I also got a ride
home from walter james.

- Walter, who?

- Mom, he's the star
of the renegades

and one of the best
players in the league.

- [jessica] okay, and?

- And he's really cute.

- Is he nice?

- Very.
- Rich?

- Millionaire.

- Perfect.

Sounds like marriage
material to me.

- (gasps) oh, okay.

So being a trophy wife is okay,

but being a dancer
for a living is not.

- $4,000 a year is not a living.

Look, I want you to be happy.

I'm here for you.

- Thanks, mom.

Love you.

- Love you, too.

(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)

- archie, mommy's home.

Hi, baby.

(archie whimpering)
(pensive music)

(fist knocking)
(eerie music)

right on time.

So, have you got it?


Let's just take care
of this super quick.

(dramatic music)
(bailey choking)

(bailey thuds)

(pensive music)
(archie whimpering)

(door clicks)

(phone ringing)

- hey, tracy.

- Hey.

Did they call you?

- No, not yet.

- Well, they called me.

I didn't make it.

- Oh, tracy, I'm sorry.

- Everybody is
gonna laugh at me.

- No they won't.

- I know it sounds pathetic
to feel this way but I do.

- Just, I'm tired of bein'
this desperate actress

just tryin' to get a break.

Hopin' to get
noticed just by bein'

on this stupid team.
(phone beeps)

- hey tracy, I'm getting a call.

Let me get rid of them.

- No, don't.

It's them.

Answer it, they're
callin' everybody.

- Okay, hold on a sec.

This is audrey.

- Audrey, it's cassie,
renegade girls.

How you doin' today?

- Hey cassie, I'm fine.

- I'm calling to talk to
you about your audition.

Round four, public speaking,
you didn't do so well.

- I know.

- Yeah, you really
need to polish that up.

But when it comes to dancing,

we can really tell you love it

and it really
shows in your work.

- Wow, thank you.

I do.

- We think you have what it
takes to be a renegade girl.

We'd like to offer you
a spot on the team.

- What?

Wait, really?

- Yes, really.

But audrey, you have
to be 100% committed.

Do you understand?

- Yes, yes, of course.

I am 100% committed.

It's such a dream
to be on the team.

I'm so honored.

Thank you so much.

- Great.

All right, check
your email tomorrow

and we'll see you at
the gym on Saturday.

- Okay, thank you.

(audrey exhales)
(gentle music)

oh tracy, I'm sorry about that.

- Was it them?

- Yes (laughs).

I made the team,
I'm a renegade girl!

- Congratulations, audrey.

Really, really,
I'm happy for you.

- Thank you.

Oh my god, I cannot believe it.

It's such a dream and it's
incredible and amazing and...

(sighs) tracy, I'm so
sorry, I feel awful.

- No, don't, don't.

I'm happy for you.

You deserve it.

Can we talk later, though?

- Sure.

But, tracy-

- okay, okay, I'ma
call you later.


(line clicks)

(gentle music)

(audrey squeals)

- I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, I'm
in, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in,

I'm in, I'm in, I'm
in, I'm in, I'm in,

I'm in, I'm in!
(door bell rings)

oh, oh!


- Hey.

I was in the neighborhood,
thought I'd take a chance,

see if you were here.

- I'm here.

- A little birdie told
me you made the team?

- Wow.

Those birdies must
be renegade fans.

- So they called?

- They did.

- That's awesome.

Well, this is cause
for celebration.

Come on, get dressed.

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

(glasses clinking)

(gentle music)

(shutter clicks)

(geese squawking)

(gentle music)

- oh, that was a fun day.

Thank you for
celebrating with me.

- I couldn't have
you celebrate alone.

(audrey laughs)

- that would've been very sad.

And besides making the team,

I guess you're pretty decent
to hang out with, too.

- Oh, I'm decent?


No one's ever called
me decent before.

- Actually, you are.

- Yeah?

- Very much so.

So, if you were to
kiss me right now would

that violate your religion?

- Oh, absolutely.

I mean, there's
the petition I have

to get from the church, two day
waiting period, a sacrifice.

- I couldn't wait (chuckles).

- I'm glad.

(gentle music)

(dancers chattering)

- hey, girl.

- Tracy (laughs)?

- Audrey, oh my gosh, hey!

- What in the world?

What are you doin' here?

- Well, they called
me about an hour ago

and told me that
I made the team!

- Oh my god!
(tracy screams)

that's amazing.

What made them
change their mind?

- Girl, I don't know but
you think I'm gonna ask?

- No.
- And you don't ask either.

- Okay!

(tracy squeals)
(audrey squeals)

- okay, let's go.

(upbeat music)
(camera shutter clicking)

- [cassie] there we
go, please stand up.

- Okay, tracy.

There we go.

Oh, nice smile, beautiful.

All right.

Now, a little bit of
attitude on that one.



All right, audrey, nice smile.

Beautiful, great.

That's awesome.

Okay, a little attitude, right?

Good job.

Okay, can you do a little
flip and look back?



Okay, now nice.

Very wholesome smile.

There we go.

All right, let's
all move over here.

Let's do a group photo.

- [dancer] yes!

- [photographer]
okay, fantastic.

- Woo!

- All right, that was great.

Okay, right into the lens.

Nice big smile.

Beautiful family.

Here we go.

Oh, great shot.

Ladies, you nailed it.

- Woo!
- That's perfect.

(dancers applauding)

- okay, great, thank you.

Thanks so much.

Great work, ladies.

Take a break and in five,
just meet me in the bleachers.

(dancers laughing)
(dancers chattering)

- I don't know, how you feel?

- I felt good about it.
- Yeah.

- You were killin'
your poses, so-

- oh, thanks, girl.
- Not bad for you.

- Hey, what's up
with coach cassie?

She seems kinda bummed.

- Are we really calling
her coach cassie now?

- [tracy] and where's bailey?

- Maybe she didn't make
the team after all.


(tracy laughs)
(audrey laughs)

- oh my god, I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry.

- It's fine.

- That's right, hilarious.

(pensive music)

you expect me to
wipe that up, hm?

Think you're so pretty
you can walk around,

make a big mess,
then guys like me

are supposed to
clean up after you?

- We didn't say anything.
- I'll go get some water

and paper towels
from the bathroom.

- You need ph neutral cleaning
solution for hardwood.

Water is the worst thing
for basketball courts.

- It's all right.

Lou, I'll take care of it.

- I'm sorry, mrs. Mcconnell.

I just finished
waxing the whole floor

two days ago.
- Lou, it's okay.

- Sorry.

- That's all right.

- [audrey] oh,
let me, I'm sorry.

- Oh no, I've got it.

It's fine.

- Thank you.

- And don't worry about lou.

He comes off rough but
he's really a sweet guy.

- I'm audrey, by the way.

- Nora.

Nice to meet you.

- Do you have work here?

- Yeah, you can say that.

- [dancer] mm hm.

- [dancer] oh my god.

(dancers chuckling)

- [audrey] who was that?

- Nora mcconnell.

She's the executive
director of the renegades.

She's married to the owner.

- Great, they should
just cut me now (laughs).

- [tatiana] yes.

- How embarrassing.

- Speak of the devil.

- What?

- Michael mcconnell,

rich, handsome.
- Hi.

- I've been wantin' to meet him.

- Girl, he's like ancient.

- That is just fine.

So come with me, I
wanna get an autograph.

- No, we can't go over there.
- Come on!

- No.
- Come on, come on.

Just don't tell nobody.

- [audrey] (groans) tracy!

- [tracy] hi, mr. Mcconnell.

- Hi.

- Can I have your autograph?

- Sure.

What's your name?

- Tracy.

- Tracy.

Is there something
that I can write on?

- Yeah, thank you.

- Well, that's perfect.

- Michael?


- Oh, right.

- Thank you.

Thank you, mr. Mcconnell.

Mm hm.

- [audrey] tracy!

(birds chirping)

- we have some very
sad news today.

The police informed
us this morning

that bailey west was found dead

in her apartment last night.

(dancers gasping)


- I wonder if they
know who did it.

- I know it's a shock to us all.

Bailey was such a
beautiful young woman,

and I remember how happy she
was on the team last year.


(dancers sobbing softly)

- you may be contacted
by the press.

They'll probably want gossip
about bailey's personal life.

All we ask is that you
please keep in mind

that you represent
this organization,

and to have some respect
for bailey's privacy.

- Wow.

Bailey would've loved
all this attention.

(solemn music)
(dancers sobbing softly)

- detective, I
appreciate all your help.

- [walter] I just can't
believe this happened.

- [audrey] this must
be hard for you.

- I did love her.

- Sorry.

- How could somebody
do something like this?

- It's gonna sound
a little crazy.

- What?

- There's this girl
on the dance team.

Her name is-

- hey boss?

Some cops are here.

They wanna talk to you.

(water splashing)
(solemn music)

- mr. James, detective
logan jameson, lapd.

There's a few questions
I need to ask if I may.

- I wish you would've
called first but no problem.

- I'm assuming that you heard
the news about miss west?

- Yeah, I did.

- Where were you last
night between the hours

of nine p.M. And midnight?

- I was at the beach.

- [detective
jameson] doin' what?

- He likes to go jogging
on the sand at night.

It helps out his calf muscles.

- Please allow mr.
James to answer

the questions if you don't mind.

- You're good.

- Anybody go with you?

- I was alone.

I went around...

- 9:15.

You got back around 10:30.

- We have witnesses
that saw you arguing

with miss west the night
that she was killed.

We believe that you
were the last person

to be seen with her.

Additionally, we believe

that the murder weapon
belonged to you.

(pensive music)

- what?

- Look, this brings me
no pleasure and I mean,

I'm a huge fan of yours,

but I'm gonna need you
to ride downtown with me.

We'll have further
questions at the station

and we'll need to
take some dna swabs.

- No, you're makin'
a big mistake.

- George, it's fine.

- I hope he's right.

- Call my lawyers right away.

- I will.

- I'm sorry about this.

- [detective jameson]
sorry, we need to go.

- I'm gonna get this
cleared up, okay?

Please give audrey a ride home.

- Yeah.

(pensive music)

- [reporter] police have

just arrested los angeles
renegades star, walter james,

in connection to the
murder of his ex girlfriend

and renegade
cheerleader, bailey west.

Lapd reports the cause of
death was strangulation.

Dna from james was
found on bailey west

as well as the renegade jersey

that was used in the murder.

Last season, walter james led
the league in points in his-

- I can't watch this anymore.

- Oh my god.

And you just had
a date with him.

That's frightening.

- I can't believe everything
they're saying right now.

- They're saying it's steroids.

- Mom.

- How many times have
we heard this story?

Football players,
baseball players, boxers.

They get pumped up on
these enhancement drugs.

They argue with
their girlfriends

and the next thing you know,

they're wheeling these girls
into the emergency room.

- (sighs) I'm not
convinced he did it.

- Honey, I know you have
a crush on this guy.

I'm sorry, but
they found his dna.

- I know, I'm aware.

- You have no idea what
kind of person he is.

I'm sorry.

It's just, I don't
know what I would do

if anything ever
happened to you.

- I know, mom.

- I'm beat.

I'm goin' to bed.

Try not to stay up all night.

I know you got a
lot on your mind.

I'm sorry.

(solemn music)

- five, six, seven, eight.

One and two.


Okay, good, good, good, good.

So when you do come up
and you do the stomp

and you're up like this,
elbows out, hands wide.

Got it?

All right.

Just do it one more time.

Five, six, seven, eight.

You go uh, uh.

Good, let me see.

Okay, that's enough.

I like it, good job.

Take 10.


- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- See ya.

Good job.

- Thank you.
- Good job, yeah.

(pensive music)

- [blonde dancer] I heard
he beat up a guy in dallas.

- [brunette dancer] didn't he
choke his coach at practice?

(pensive music)

- he snapped because bailey
had sex with another player.

- [dancer] I heard he was
jogging alone at night.


- Pretty than alibi
if you ask me.

- I know right, it
sounds suspicious.

- [blonde dancer] I
heard it was steroids.

- I think it was a
crime of passion.

- [audrey] hey girl (sighs).

- Hey.

- Jeez, the gossip mill
is in overdrive today.

Everyone's acting so crazy.

- Mm, I think everybody's
just in shock, you know?

- Maybe.

(lock screen clicks)

- I mean, you went
on a date with him.

So, did he seem like
on murderer to you?

- He's just a suspect, tracy.

Innocent until proven
guilty, remember?

- Whatever you say.

Be careful, girl (chuckles).

- I mean, someone
else coulda done it.

For instance, you kinda
benefited from this whole thing.

- What does that mean?

- Well, you don't make
the team, bailey dies,

spot opens up and suddenly
you're on the team.

- That's a really messed
up thing to say, audrey.

What the hell is wrong with you?

- You're right, I'm sorry.

- You should be.

- Wait, tracy, wait.

Look, I'm just saying I
don't think walter did it.

- So you accuse me?

- No, but when I
met you said that

if be didn't make
the team this year,

you used swore to god, you
were gonna kill somebody.

You said that.

- Really?

It's called sarcasm, audrey,
and I told you that in private.

- I know I'm just giving you
examples of what people think

when you say things like that.

I mean, you also said you were

a desperate actress that would
do anything to get a break.

- You know what?


Screw you, audrey.

Actually, you're the one
that's dating her ex boyfriend.

Maybe you killed bailey.

- Ladies.

- I was with my mom
when she was murdered.

Where were you, tracy?

- Where was I?

- Yeah.
- Ladies.

- Where was I?
- Where were you?

- Knock it off.
- Get out of my face!

- Break it up!

Tracy, get some air.

Take her outside.

Audrey, what'd you say to her?

- I was at my
acting class, okay?

We did a scene from
"streetcar" and I was terrible.

Ask my teacher.

She'll tell you all about it.

You happy now?

- My office, now.

(pensive music)

(phone beeps)

- la renegades.

(pensive music)

- what the hell's
the matter with you?

- Coach, I'm sorry.
- Have you lost your mind?

You think that tracy
killed bailey in order

to get her spot on the team?

- No, I just, I just said I
don't think walter did it.

- Well, great.

You and millions
of other nba fans

don't think that walter did it.

You know what I think?

I think I don't give a crap!

Do you know how
many dancers I have

on file that could
take your place?

- I'll apologize to her.

- Damn right you will.

(cassie sighs)
(pensive music)

listen, I don't
wanna let you go.

It's just if you pull something

like this again, you're gone.

You understand?

- Yes.

- Good.

Now get back to work.

- But coach, can
ask you a question?

- No.

- Suppose he did do it.

What reason would he
have to kill bailey?

- I can think of a lot of
reasons to kill bailey west.

Walter said he loved her,

but he wouldn't have sex
with her so she got bored.

Then she started treating him

like she treats everyone
else, like dirt.

And that's one
reason right there.

(pensive music)

tell the girls I need a minute.

(pensive music)

- [tracy] and he's telling me

it's all my fault, like really?

And that's what I told him.
- Tracy?

- [tracy] see ya.

- [audrey] I'm sorry.

- Ugh.

And then there were
flowers at my door,

so I don't know, we'll see.

- Oh my god, how good
do playoffs sound?

- Ugh, I can not wait.
- Patrice.

(dancer laughs)

- wait, don't you
have a date tonight?

- [tatiana] I do.

(pensive music)
(shower water splashing)

- [bailey] what's
the matter, coach?

You worried that someday
I'll have your job?

- [cassie] I can think of a lot

of reasons to kill bailey west.

(cart rattling)

(pensive music)
(shower water splashing)

- [jessica] I'm sorry,
but they found his dna.

- [detective jameson] we believe

the murder weapon
belonged to you.

(pensive music)
(shower water splashing)

- [tracy] if I don't
make the team this year,

I'm gonna kill somebody.

(faucet squeaks)

(pensive music)

(singer vocalizing)

(audrey gasps)
(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry, I
shouldn't be in here.

- It's okay.

You're one of the
new girls, right?

I remember you.

Stay as long as you want.
(audrey gasps)

(dramatic music)

(walter grunting)

- hey boss, audrey's here.

- Oh, don't let me
stop you (chuckles).

- No.

It's good to see you.

- You too.

- I'm surprised you showed up.

- Well, don't tell
my mother I came by.

(walter chuckles)
(audrey chuckles)

well, I guess if you're
gonna be under house arrest,

this is certainly
the house to be at.

- Legal team got me
on bail pretty fast.

- I heard you have the best
lawyers in town helping you.

- Best and most expensive.

- I've been thinkin'
about you a lot.

- Yeah?

- I mean the whole situation.

The papers say that
you were jacked up

on steroids and freaked out.

- I've never done steroids.

None of that is true.

Did you really choke
out that coach?

- That never happened.

- Well, what about the
guy you beat up in dallas?

- That was some
straight arm dealing

with some drunk, angry fan.

I didn't mean to knock him out.

- Okay.

But they found your dna.

They said it was on the jersey.

- That may have been my jersey.

I don't, I don't know.

I think I was set up or
something, I don't know.

- Set up?

By who?

I mean, walter, you
said you loved bailey,

that you never had sex with her

and then she goes and
has sex with a teammate.

I mean, it must've
really upset you.

- Not enough to kill her.

Are you done with all this?

Because maybe you should leave.

- Walter, wait, look,
just hear me out.

- I've heard enough.

- I had to ask those
questions, I just had to know.

- To know what?

That I'm not some
cold blooded killer

and that you're not next?

(walter sighs)

- I'm sorry, okay?

I just need to know.

And yes, that is why I came by.

I'm on your side, walter.

I never thought you did this.


- Yeah.


- So, wait.

There's lou, the creepy janitor,

cassie, the crazy
coach and tracy,

the hot blooded cheerleader.

This is beginning to sound
like an episode of "dateline."

- I know, but their
motives are pretty thin.

I mean, I know I
just met walter,

but I trust what he's saying.

I know you don't believe me.

- If that's what you
feel, I believe you.

I just don't think
you should stick

your nose in his business.

It could get dangerous.

And he's got lawyers
and detectives

that can help him get
to the bottom of things.

(audrey sighs)

- maybe you're right.

- And you can't let the team
know that you suspect anyone.

They could turn on you if
they know you're on his side.

- Yeah, but I don't think
it's quite like that.

- There's an expression.

Guilt by association.

- I did google lou
and he did have

an arrest record
when he was younger.

- Audrey, just be careful.

How many times have I
told you not to meddle?

- [cassie] pop, pop, in sync.

Come on, ladies.

Yes, yes.

That's it, that's what
I'm talking about.

I love the smiles.

More of that.


That was late, maria.

(upbeat music)

feel it, big smiles all the way

to the back of the bleachers.


Eyes forward, feel that beat.
(nora groans)

hair whip.

Pop, pop, pop.

I love it, good job, yes!

Shake it, shake it, shake it.

Hair whip.


Watch the girl next to you.

Smiles for days.

Smiles for days.


I love it, ladies.


Going again after a quick break.

(pensive music)

- [audrey] wow, so you've been
on the team for three years?

- Yeah, I just got lucky.

- You know, I heard
that coach cassie

and bailey used to be
friends last season.

- They used to be.

- Did anyone ever tell
you what happened?

- Audrey, meet me outside.

(dancers chattering)

what did I tell you?

- To leave tracy alone.

I tried to apologize to her.

- You're bringing up
bailey and the case again.

It's distracting you from what

I need you to focus on which is?


- Maybe you should cut her.

- Excuse...

- You heard me.

It's not good for morale

to keep talkin'
about what happened.

- The season starts
in two weeks.

I need all you girls
upbeat and entertaining.

How is that supposed to happen

if you're constantly reminding
them of bailey and walter?

- Well, I'm not
reminding anyone.

It's all over the news.

- Exactly, you don't have to.

- You're the one dating
walter, aren't you?

- I mean, I wouldn't
exactly call it dating.

- You're emotionally invested,

but don't let all this
emotion ruin this for you.

- Yeah, but do you really
think that he did this?

- Audrey, right?

I hate seeing this, too.

Walter was my friend.

I met him when he
was in college.

- Well, guys, I think
he's being framed.

- That's enough.

Do you understand?

I need you to go out there and
be a good little cheerleader.

And if you have any more
problems, I will cut you.

- Yes, ma'am.


- Good job.

- Hi, I'm audrey and I'm
from van nuys, california,

well, the valley,

and this is my first
season as a renegade girl.

- Wow, she's a hot one.

If she wasn't so
nosy (chuckles)...

- My favorite childhood memory

would be backyard
barbecues with my family.

My favorite fictional character

is miss jane marple from
the agatha christie novels,

and my least favorite
food is sushi

because if you're
gonna eat fish,

it needs to be
cooked (chuckles).

And that's me.

I'm audrey.

(logo whooshing)
(upbeat music)

- hi, I'm tracy.

I grew up in salt
lake city, utah,

and my favorite renegades moment

is actually getting the
call that I made the team.

It took me three years to
become a renegades girl,

so I literally
cannot stop crying.

- Enjoy it while you can.

- But I'm still
very excited to be

a part of this team and I can't
wait to dance for the fans.

And that's me.

I'm tracy.

- [sportscaster] it's
an exciting new season

for the los angeles renegades.

As always, renegade
girls will be available-

- there's some
dinner in the fridge.

- [sportscaster] speaking
engagements, endorsing-

- yeah, thanks.

- I'm headed out for the night.

- [sportscaster] for charity
events like the hope for

a brighter future foundation.
- See ya later.

- Okay.
- Have a good night.

- [sportscaster] in addition
to personal appearances,

for charity events
- goodnight.

- [sportscaster] like the hope

for a brighter
future foundation.

(buttons beeping)

- tracy is not getting
waited for any longer.

Victoria, will you
please take her space?

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Everybody in your formation.

Great, music.

(upbeat music)

from the top.

Let's take a slide routine.

This is a slide
choreography ladies, yeah.

Your favorite, I know.

Here we go.

And push.

And oh, yes.

Watch the girl next to you.

(upbeat music fades)

(pensive music)

good time, time, time.


(pensive music)

- no, you can't be here.
- Find your space.

Look to where you're going.

Yeah, you're holding it!
- No, you're not real.

- [cassie] look like you're
having the time of your life.

- Are you okay?

- Look like it!
- This can't be.

- [audrey] miss mcconnell?

- Please, bailey, no.

Bailey, no, please.

- Miss mcconnell?

- No!
(audrey gasps)

- are you all right?

- Good, break it away.
- I'm fine.

- [cassie] show 'em
you're working hard.

- Why aren't you
with the other girls?

- Beautiful, turn.
- I was in the bathroom.

- [cassie] that was nice!

Good job, maria.

(pensive music)

- I hate this.

I hate this!
- I thought you wanted

to do something with your life

aside from dinners and parties.

- I am a front to your
little indiscretions!

What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm not doin' it anymore.

I'm not doin' it.
- Calm down, nora, please.

- Is this why you
bought the team, huh?

These women?

They're all just your little
prostitutes aren't they?

- What the hell are
you talking about?

- You have been screwing
bimbos left and right!

Six years ago with that
little filipino girl, jasmine.

And then you, then you were
banging mckayla and kiana

and then what's her name?


(nora groans)


- You haven't wanted to have
sex with me for 15 years.

- Oh (chuckles), so
now it's my fault?

- I'll tell you what.

I'll take the blame, okay?

You wanna divorce me?

Go ahead.

I didn't think so.

- Oh!

- I'll see you at home.

(dramatic music)

oh, hey bailey.

- Oh, is this a bad time?

- [michael] oh, no, no.

We were just, just finishing up.

Why you need to talk?

- How long were
you standing there?

- I just showed up.

I heard you guys shouting
from down the hall.

- Were you recording that?

(pensive music)

- you were.

Why, you little,
give me that phone!


Bailey, bring the phone back!

(air whooshing)

(nora panting)
(pensive music)

- yes, can I speak to
detective jameson, please?

- [officer] who's calling?

- This is audrey anderson.

He spoke to us about
the bailey west murder,

said if we had any new
information to give him a call.

- [officer] detective jameson
is not in at the moment.

- Okay.

Can you just tell him
to give me a call then?

- [officer] yes, ma'am.

- Thanks.

(engine rumbling)
(pensive music)

- michael?


(nora panting)
(pensive music)

- hi.

What are you doin'
home so early?

- [nora] are you alone?

- Yeah.

- Oh my god, I'm sorry.

I don't know what
to, what to do.

I can't deal

with this anymore.
- Okay,

well, what's the matter?

- The blackmailing,
bailey, that stupid video.

If the police find it, oh
god, it could destroy us.

- I know.

Let's not do this
right now, okay?

- We could be
implicated in murder!

- Nora, calm down, please.
- I don't want to calm down.

Please, don't tell
me to calm down.

I need you to help me, damn it!

You're the reason why we
got into this situation.

That new girl, audrey,
she's been asking questions

and I think she knows something.

- [michael] all right.

Let's go outside, we'll
get some fresh air.

It's gonna be fine.

- [nora] no, I don't
wanna go outside!

It's not gonna be okay!

- [michael] relax!

- [nora] what is your problem!

She heard me say bailey's name.

Michael, I've been
having episodes again.

I'm having episodes.

Did you hear me, michael?

- Nora be quiet.
- I think I need help.

- You're fine, please.
- I don't know what to do.

- Just breathe.
- It's happening again!

- Calm down.
- Let me go, michael!

- Here.
- Help me!

(tracy groans)

- stop.
- Let go of me.

(table clattering)
(nora gasps)

(tracy gasping)

- oh my god.

- Who is that?

- I don't know,
it's just the tv.

- No it was not!

Who's here?

- Nora, wait, please, nora!

(dramatic music)
(tracy gasping)

- oh.

(tracy gasping)

- I didn't expect
you home this early.

(nora exhales)

- nora, he said the two of you

were in a open relationship.

- She heard.

- No I didn't and even if I did,

I swear I would not say
anything, I promise.

- ....

- Look, maybe I should just go.

I'm just gonna go.
- No, no, no, hold it.

Hold it, I just need,
I just need to think.

- Stay right where you
are, do you hear me?

- Just let me
think for a second.

- Look, I can call harry.

We can put together a
non-disclosure agreement.

- No.

Michael, we can't let her leave.

- You'll be destroyed, you
say one word about this tracy-

- okay, I won't, I won't.

- No, no lawyers!

- Please, I'm sorry!

- [nora] oh no you don't!

Come here!

- [tracy] no, wait!

No, nora, stop, please!
- Get away from the stairs!

- Please!

Help me!
- Nora!

- Nora, please!
- Stop!

- Nora, please!
- Let go of her!

- Please don't do this!
- Nora, stop!

- Please stop!

- Tracy!

(tracy thudding)
(dramatic music)

(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)

I can't believe this.

I can't believe this!

- This is what your
cheating has created.

- Shut up.

(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)

(phone ringing)

I need to figure out
the right thing to do.

- No.

We need to figure out a
way to cover our asses.

(phone vibrating)
(pensive music)

- [tracy] hey, it's tracy.

Leave a message.
(voicemail beeps)

- tracy, it's audrey.

I'm sure you don't wanna
hear from me right now,

but I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for what I said.

I didn't mean to hurt your
feelings or ruin our friendship.

I was just upset about walter,

but that's not really an excuse.

Anyways, I just, I
hope you understand.

Okay, I'll see you at practice.

(phone clicks)

(pensive music)

(nora sighs)

- [greg] it looks like
the los angeles renegades

are gonna start the season
without their point guard,

walter james, which could
cripple them mightily

when they battle for the top
spot in the western conference.

And that's it for "sportswatch"
this morning at 5:24 a.M.

I'm greg karathanas.

Now it's back to marc bakerman,
"marc in the morning!"

for today's headline
news be sure to check in-

(keys jingling)

(gate clanging)

(pensive music)

(dramatic music)

- lou discovered her body early

this morning in the parking lot.

The police found a suicide
note in her things.

Apparently she jumped.

(solemn music)

I know this is a shock.

We have a grief counselor here,

if anybody needs to
talk and as always

my door and nora's
are open to you.

(dancers sobbing softly)

does anybody have anything they
wanna say or any questions?

- Yeah, how did she
get to the rooftop?

- They didn't say.

- But she wasn't even
at practice last night.

- We just don't know.

This is about as bad as it gets.

It's horrible and I just
hope we get through it.

Bailey and tracy would
want us to get through it.

That's all for now.

How was that?

- [nora] (sighs)
you did a good job.

(phone ringing)

- hello?

- [nora] she asked
a lot of questions.

- Oh, hey detective jameson.

- We should keep

an eye on her.
- Thank you so much

for returning my phone call.

Yeah, I think I have some
information on bailey.

- [michael] hey, lou.

- Mr. Mcconnell.

Hi, how can I help you?

- You got a minute?

- Mm hm.

- Such a beautiful girl.

You really cared for her.

- I did.

She was always so nice to me.

Mean to everyone else but
(sighs), so nice to me.

- You were good to her.

- I still can't believe
that walter james

would do such a thing.

- I have a hard time
imagining that myself.

I need your help.

- Anything.

What is it?

- I've got a problem
with one of the girls.

- What kind of problem?

- A big problem.

(pensive music)

it's the kind of
problem that you used

to take care of back in jersey.

- I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

- Yeah, you do.

- That was a long time ago.

I didn't do that.

I don't know...

- Have a seat.

(pensive music)

I've always been
good to you, right?

When your brother called,
asked if I could help out,

did it hesitate?

- No.

- Got you out of trouble.

I gave you a job when
nobody else would.

I got ya clean, right?

- Yeah, you gave
me a fresh start.

And you know, I'm grateful but-

- have I ever asked you
to do anything for me?

(lou sighs)

- no.

- You do this for me,

I'll get you more money
than you could imagine.

(lou sighs)

you always wanted to
go to mexico, right?

- Sure did.

- That's where you'll go.

I'll get you on a
plane, first class.

Great vacation.

They got beautiful
women down there.

Early retirement from all this.

- Aw, ....

She must be one
hell of a problem.

- She is.

(pensive music)

- who is it?

- Oh, this is me.

- [ride share driver]
this is a cute house.

All right, here you
go, safe and sound.

(phone ringing)

- thank you.

- [ride share driver]
thanks, have a good one.

- Hello?

Yeah, who's this?

- Nora mcconnell.

- Oh, hey miss mcconnell.

- Nora, please.

Audrey, I know you were
friends with tracy.

- Well, yeah.

- Well, we're putting
together and decorating

a memorial for her.

You know, I really hate to ask,

but I could really
use your help.

- Oh, sure.

When do you need me?

- Tonight?

- Okay.

Let me ask my mom if
I can borrow the car.

- That'd be great.

- Sure thing, miss, nora.

You can count on me.

- Thanks, audrey.

(pensive music)

(pensive music)


Miss mcconnell?

(pensive music)

miss mcconnell?

(pensive music)

(door handle rattling)

(door creaking)

(door slams)

(audrey gasps)
(eerie music)

is someone there?


(audrey gasps)
(eerie music)

(audrey exhales)

(pensive music)


Anyone in here?

(pensive music)

(door creaking)

(eerie music)

(shutter clicking)

(pensive music)

(dramatic music)
(audrey gasping)

you killed bailey.

Tracy, too?

- No, it's not right.

(lou grunting)
(audrey screams)

(audrey choking)
(dramatic music)

I could never have
done that to bailey.

I loved her.

(audrey gasping)
(dramatic music)


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

(audrey gasping)

(heels clacking)

(wrench thuds)
(lou grunts)

(audrey gasping)

(wrench clattering)
(pensive music)

- are you okay?


(audrey gasping)

- [paramedic] just
some light bruising.

You'll be fine.

- Audrey, audrey!

- Yeah, we're just
glad she's okay.

(police scanner chattering)

- I'm michael mcconnell.

This is my wife, nora.

- Hi.

- Thank you for saving her life.

- Of course.

I just can't believe lou
would do anything like this.

(gurney rattling)
(pensive music)

(police scanner chattering)

- well, this case is startin'
to look pretty cut and dry.

- How so?

- Well, we have to wait for
a final report from the lab,

but it seems that your janitor

has been involved
with multiple murders.

- Oh, god.

- Turns out that he had an
extensive criminal record.

There were no witnesses when
he found tracy larson's body.

We found more than
a dozen photos

of bailey west in
some bizarre shrine.

Now, he's clearly
obsessed with her

and tonight he tried to
strangle miss anderson.

Same mo as bailey.

It appears that he tried
to frame walter james,

as he had access to his
jersey with his dna on it.

Audrey, you're lucky
that miss mcconnell

showed up when she did.

- Thank you.

- Of course.

- Come on, let's
get you out of here.

(solemn music)
(police scanner chattering)

- I'm just so glad you're okay.

(solemn music)
(police scanner chattering)

(alcohol splashing)
(pensive music)

the police are gone.

Are you ready to go?

- We just framed lou
for bailey's murder,

and I know he didn't do it.

- What do you care?

You're getting your star
basketball player back.

- I used lou to
save you from tracy.

- Save me?

- Yes.

Save you from a murder charge.

You let her go.

You deliberately killed her.

Get away from the stairs!
- Nora, please, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

Please don't do this!
- Nora, stop!

- Please, I'm sorry!
- Stop!

- Help!

(air whooshing)
(pensive music)

- yeah.

So, it's your word against mine.

- Really?

- I wasn't the one
sleeping with her, michael.

- So you thought
you should kill her?

Let's talk about bailey.

She's had you in a panic.

(air whooshing)

- did you send the
video to anyone?

- No.

- What do you want?

- $1,000,000 cash.

- Oh (chuckles),
honey, you're dreaming.

- Dreaming?

It's more like a
nightmare, isn't it?

The board of
directors would force

the mcconnell's out so fast.

You and michael
would lose big time

and most likely he'll
divorce your sorry ass,

and you, you'd get nothing.

- That's not true.

- Oh, yes it is.

When you guys got married,

your prenup was
all over the news.

So yes, nora.

If he dumps you, you
get zip, diddly, nada.

(bailey laughs)
(pensive music)

(air whooshing)

- you've stopped taking
your pills haven't you?

- What does that matter?

- Oh, I should've known
this from the beginning.

You've been manic, you've
been having episodes.

You're the one
that killed bailey.

(air whooshing)
(pensive music)

- bailey, I swear to god if
you sent that video to anyone-

- okay, stop.

I don't want to talk
about this anymore.

So, have you got it?

(pensive music)


Let's just take care
of this super quick,

then you can get out of here.

(eerie music)

(bailey choking)
(dramatic music)

(bailey thuds)

(dramatic music)

- where is it, where is it?

Where is it?

(pensive music)

(air whooshing)

you should thank me for
cleaning up your dirty work.

- So, you got away with it?

You didn't find that
video though, did you?

- No one's come
forward with it yet.

Now, thanks to lou,
case is all closed up.

- This is so wrong, nora.

You have taken this way too far.

- If it wasn't clear?

(pensive music)

you try to turn me in,

I'll take you down with me.

Come on, let's go home.

(michael scoffs)

(pensive music)

- [reporter] sports fans around

the world are celebrating
this morning as walter james,

the star point guard of
the los angeles renegades

has been cleared of all charges

in the murder of bailey west.

Police responded late
last evening to a 911 call

from the renegade facility.
(horn honking)

there, they discovered the body

of another renegade
facility employee.

Police believe the
eyewitness statements

from those involved
in the attack

and other key evidence
found at the scene...

(gentle music)

(audrey squeals)
(walter laughs)

(audrey sighs)

- I mean, I realize I should
be relieved and happy but...

- But what?

- It's just that lou, I
think he was gonna let me go.

- Why do you think that?

- Well, right before I was
about to pass out, he stopped.

He released me.

He couldn't do it.

- What?

- And also,

I don't think he killed bailey.

He said he loved her.

- So wait, you think the
killer's still out there?

- I do.

- So, who, then?

- I don't know, but I do think
the mcconnell's are involved.

(audrey knocking)

(pensive music)

(eerie music)

(pensive music)

(pills rattling)


(pensive music)

"delusions, nora mcconnell."

(air whooshing)

(dancers chattering)

- [dancer] let's talk
about girl's night.

(nora panting)

- stop it, stop.

Stop, stop.

Stop it.

(air whooshing)

- that's it.

(pensive music)

- audrey.

What are you doin' in here?

- I was just grabbing something.

(pensive music)

okay, wait.

Look at this.

And did you know that
nora is on medication?

That she suffers from delusions?

- You're up to it again.

I warned you.

- Lou stopped, cassie.

He stopped choking me.

He whispered in my ear,
he said he was sorry.

It was like, he couldn't
go through with it.

It was like he was
being forced to kill me.

- So, what are you saying?

Nora had something
to do with it?

- I don't know, but lou loved
bailey and you know that.

- Yeah.

Lou was a tough guy,
but he was sensitive.

He always was good to me.

- Then how, why
would lou take tracy

to the rooftop just
to throw her off?

- I don't know.

- Michael and nora
are hiding something.

- Yeah, maybe.

Listen, those two
have big time issues,

and something's
definitely not right,

but I'm trying to
protect a job here.

Nora and michael, they're
rich and powerful.

What are we going
to possibly do?

- Maybe we could do what's
right for tracy and bailey.

I have an idea, but I'm
gonna need your help.

- [announcer] ladies
and gentlemen, please
take your seats.

The press conference
is now starting.

(reporters chattering)

- I hope you know
what you're doin'.

- Me too, mom.

- It is such a great tragedy

that has befallen
our organization.

The loss of bailey west
and now tracy larson

weighs very heavily on us all.

Thankfully, the killer
has been apprehended,

as we try to heal and
get this behind us.

- Tracy loved to dance
and because dance

was such a big part of her life,

we thought it'd be
appropriate if her friends,

our renegade girls
show their love

the best way they know how.

(upbeat dance music)

(dancers cheering)

- [dancers] five,
six, seven and eight!

(upbeat dance music)

(upbeat dance music)

- this bothers you, doesn't it?

Why nora?

Why does it bother you?

Look at them.

(upbeat music)

(eerie music)

- hey, nora.

- Bailey?

Bailey's not here.

You're not here (chuckles).

Make them stop (throat clears).

- No, you need to be here
for your renegade girls.

- What's wrong with her?

- Mrs. Mcconnell,
are you all right?

- What did they do to you?

(nora gasps)

tell me.

Why do you hate them, nora?

(eerie music)

- mrs. Mcconnell,
why'd you do it?

- You're not here, lou.

You're not here.


- I'm dead too,
nora, because of you.

- No.
(air whooshing)

- nora, nora!
- Please, please let go of me!

- Stop!
- Please!

- No!
- Tracy!

- You all betrayed me.

You all betrayed me.

- What did they do to you?

Tell me, why do you hate them?

- No.

Because you're all
a bunch of whores!

All of you, you're all whores!

Look at you!


All of you!

She was screwing my husband!

She was screwing him!
- Oh my god!

(reporters gasping)
(pensive music)

- she wanted his money.

- [reporter] what's
wrong with her?

- She fell down the stairs.

It was an accident (gasping).

(bailey laughing)

that's enough.

That's enough, bailey.

(bailey chuckling)

stop it!

Bailey, stop recording!

Give me that cellphone.

See, she was blackmailing me.

I had no choice.

I had no choice.

I had to get rid of her.

(reporters gasping)

she's got it on video, see?

You can see.

Nope, it was lou, lou's fault.

Lou did it.

- [reporter] mrs. Mcconnell,
are you all right?

- [reporter] mrs. Mcconnell,
is that confession?

- It was not my
idea to set you up.


- [reporter] you
killed bailey west.

- [reporter] what are you
saying, mrs. Mcconnell?

Mrs. Mcconnell, are you
confessing to murder?

(reporters whispering)
(pensive music)

- bailey, stop recording!
- Who's she talkin' to?

- Stop it!

I'm not gonna let you ruin me!

(all screaming)
(dramatic music)

- stop it, nora!

Nora, get off of her!

(shutters clicking)
(eerie music)

- [reporter] mrs.
Mcconnell, wait.

What's going on?

- Are you all right?

- I got it all.

- Yeah, I think everyone got it.

- Hold on.
- Nora, wait.

- Nora, wait.
- You need to stay there.

- I can't believe it worked.
- Mrs. Mcconnell?

- Wait, what about tracy?
- What about bailey?

- I know, me too.

- [reporter] a stunning
and bizarre incident

with nora mcconnell,

wife of los angeles
renegade team owner,

michael mcconnell was
captured earlier today.

- Mrs. Mcconnell.
- No!

- [reporter] police
say the videos reveal

that ms. Mcconnell confessed

to the deaths of
two renegade girls.

- [reporter] mrs. Mcconnell,
what does this mean for the-

- [reporter] this
creates more trouble

in an already turbulent season

for the los angeles renegades.
- Mrs. Mcconnell!

(solemn music)

- [reporter] breaking news.

Police have now arrested
los angeles renegade owner,

michael mcconnell in connection

with the cheerleader murders.

The district attorney's office
- you really nailed this.

- [reporter] is expecting

a full confession
- not bad for

a college dropout, huh?

- [reporter] in
exchange for a plea deal

which would implicate his wife.

The mcconnell's purchased
the renegades 10 years ago,

bringing four championships
to los angeles.

(siren wailing)
(solemn music)

(police scanner chattering)

- [reporter] police
throughout the southland

are on the lookout tonight
for nora mcconnell,

who has been charged
with a triple homicide.

She was last seen
Friday afternoon
driving a gray mercedes.

- Went around the house
and locked all the windows.

- I don't think I'll
be able to sleep.

- Well, try.

(solemn music)

goodnight, honey.

- Night, mom.

(solemn music)

(audrey sighs)

(police scanner chattering)

(freddy yawns)
(crickets chirping)

(audrey sighing)

(gentle music)

(pensive music)

(pom-poms rustling)

(pensive music)
(police scanner chattering)

- oh, sh...!

(pensive music)
(police scanner chattering)

- nora mcconnell,
you're under arrest.

Hands above your head.

(gun cocking)

(shot firing)

(pensive music)

- mom!

(dramatic music)

(shots firing)

- [audrey] oh!

(dramatic music)

- stop!

You proud of your daughter?

- Mrs. Mcconnell, please,
just put the gun down.

- Oh, big aspirations, huh?

She's runnin' around
in short little shorts

and has been sleeping
with other women's men.


You're one hell of a
role model aren't you?

- Don't do this.

Audrey, go!


(shot firing)
(audrey screams)

- mom!

Oh, no!
(shot firing)

(audrey screaming)
(dramatic music)

(shot firing)
(audrey screams)

(pensive music)

- nora mcconnell,
you're under arrest.

Hands above your head.

(eerie music)

nora mcconnell,
you're under arrest.

Hands above your head.

I said hands above your head!

On your knees.

(nora panting)
(pensive music)

- audrey.

You're gonna be late.

Season starts tomorrow.

You should hurry
up and get changed.

Have you seen bailey or tracy?

- No, I haven't.

- No?

Well, when you see them,

will you tell them I'm sorry?

Tell them I'm sorry.

- [freddy] you have the
right to remain silent.

Everything you say can and will

be used against you
in a court of law.

- [audrey] okay,
full disclosure.

I clearly do not
die in this story.

I sorta lied.

But hey, if I hadn't
have done that,

you probably wouldn't
have watched, right?

Don't worry, this
isn't over yet.

We need to put a ribbon on this.

(crowd cheering)

- [blonde reporter]
walter james,

you've been acquitted
of all charges.

It's opening night.

How do you feel?

- Never better.

I mean, we got a great team.

The guys have been
workin' hard all summer.

- I wanna introduce
you, oh, there he is.

- Excuse me.

Excuse me guys, sorry.

Thank you.
- Wait.

Walter, this is going out live.

(audrey squeals)
(gentle music)

- hey, babe.

Walter, this is my
mother, jessica.

- It was a pleasure
to meet you, ma'am.

- Hi.

- Your daughter is amazing.

- She is.
- I am.

(all laughing)

- I don't know how I'm
ever gonna thank you.

- Get her a car.

I'm tired of driving.

- Mom!
(walter laughs)

- [man] hey, walter, come on.

- I gotta go, see
you after the game.

- So, now that you managed
to prove a man's innocence,

have you given much thought to-

- law school?

- Yeah.

What do you think?

- Actually, I'm thinking
about the police academy.

- Police academy.

You wanna be a cop?

- Detective.

- Hm.

- Woo!

- Are you ready?

- You bet.
- Woo!

- Let's go.

- [audrey] bye.

(dancers laughing)

- have fun, girls.
- Woo!

(upbeat dance music)

- [announcer] ladies
and gentlemen,

how about a big
round of applause

for your los angeles
renegade girls?

(upbeat dance music)
(crowd cheering)

- [audrey] my name
is audrey anderson,

and I'm a renegade girl.

(crowd cheering)