Ruta Madre (2019) - full transcript

Ruta Madre is an electrifying and hilarious rite of passage tale where American culture and Rock and Roll meet the music, traditions and beauty of Mexico. Based on a true story, Ruta Madre chronicles the magical odyssey of Daniel, a talented young Mexican-American singer and his cynical uncle Rodrigo. When his first love Daisy breaks his heart, Daniel, in emotional agony, reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego California and embarks on an epic road trip with his uncle, who is also on the run from a past that haunts him. This comical, dramatic and spiritual journey begins at the US/Mexico border, and winds its way through Tijuana, Ensenada, down the majestic Baja peninsula, through the sleepy French mining town of Santa Rosalia, and finally arriving at a family ranch in Ciudad Constitution. A friendly witch, unlikely angels, enticing demons, righteous Federales, a prostitute full of hope, a peculiar drug dealer and even the most beautiful woman in the world, are just some of the colorful and bizarre characters Daniel and Rodrigo meet along the way. Ruta Madre is a cinematic love letter to Mexico and a celebration of all humanity's roots, no matter what side of the border you live on.

I wondered how
I reached this point.

How my dreams
kept me from living.

As in most stories,
it all started a while ago.

It all started when
she leaped into my life.


Yes, you.

Hey. I'm Daisy.

What's your name?


Hi Daniel.

Well, looks like we are

This is you, and this is me...

...and we can live together in
the castle.

What do you mean we?

Look, if we are going to be living here together in the
castle, you better watch out for dragons, I mean...

They breath fire, you know!

I'm gonna get you for that!

Can fate and chance make worlds collide
while holding hands to walk the tides?

I hide behind my see through walls
and hope his spirit hears my calls.

Trapped in my youth of here and
now to find his love...

I don't know how.

I've always wondered, why don't you
ever talk about your mom and dad?

I mean, I know you live with your
grandma, but do you ever get to see them?

To be honest... I don't even remember
what my mom and dad looked like.

No one gives me a straight answer.
It's like a freaking mystery.

From what I gather, my dad's some Mexican guy that
bailed on my mom when she was pregnant with me.

We have something in common.

Oh yeah, what's that?

I never really knew my dad either.
He bailed on my mom and me.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Don't be. Like my mom always
says."It's an old story in a big city".


Aren't you forgetting something?


It's your very own book of

You can fill it with your dreams
and poetry...

...even lyrics for that silly
little rock band you're starting.

It's not a silly rock band!

We're gonna unleash the horns of
rock on the world!

And thanks.

Gonna make me break this door

Shit! There goes my American

Let's go Mexican.

Much better.

What the hell, man?

Dude, I don't speak Spanish,

Gosh! What are you even doing
here in the first place?

What do you mean you don't speak Spanish?
What kind of a Mexican are you?

' No espeaky Spanish '. Speak

Get up.

Get in the shower. I'm taking
your ass back to Mexico!

Who do you think you are?

I don't see you in years and you just come barging
in here telling me you're taking me to Mexico?

Says who? On whose authority?

On the authority of the one who pays
your bills. Is that enough for you?


What did I do? You didn't say
anything, now, did you?

No. Not yet. But I will...

...unless you get your nalgas in
the shower right now!


This is your car?


Can I drive it?

No. That's never gonna happen.

Hasta crees, güey.

Hey! What's up, buddy?

Grandma, do you have the rolled
tacos with the guacamole?

No. Eat your lengua.

What's lengua?



My first french kiss in Mexico
is with a damned cow.

Are you taking care of my house?

...clean as a whistle.

We are going to the hairdresser.

You're getting a haircut?

No, you are getting a haircut!


I can't cut my hair! This is my source of
rock n' roll power! It's my lion's mane!

Remember what happened to

On a bad hair day.

You are getting a haircut... ¡y

You better eat it all up. You're
gonna need your strength.

I'm running some errands in TJ

I don't need a psychologist!

And eat your lengua.

I can understand what you guys
are saying.

I can understand perfectly. I
just cant speak it.

So, what are you guys talking

Personally I think he looked
better as a girl.

This is the way to the doctor's?

Are you sure it's safe?

Sure it's safe, unless you look
like a tourist.

What kind of doctor is this?

She's no doctor.

You don't speak Spanish do you?


It's me!

I know it's you!

Sit down.

Take off your shirt.

Excuse me?

Take off your shirt, now!

You better do it or she might
turn you into a...

I'm serious.

Just as I suspected.

What is this?

Stay there.

Probably you are gonna need one

Maybe I should have one too just
in case...


Unfortunately I don't know what
to do about it.

I feel a strong presence.


You gave your heart to someone
who didn't accept it.

And now it can't survive on its

There is hope, but you have to
leave now.


What just happened?

Your grandfather just showed us
the way.

If you want to live, both of you
have to leave now and find the cure.

I gotta go home and back, and...
I don't have any clothes...

There's no time to spare!

I don't know how long it will be before
the darkness takes over your heart.

Borrow some of Rodrigo's


You can borrow some of my clothes,
and then I'll take you to the bus terminal.

No. I've seen Mexican buses in movies
and they're full of chickens and pigs.

Is there at least like a
Greyhound or something?

You're going with him!


Both of you have to leave now!



There's a long way between here
and where you need to go.

Let the arrows guide the way.
You must pay attention to the signs.

Everything is an omen.

Every person, a guide, a
misguide,... angel o demonio.

Let's get out of here.



This is a clean machine.

And this is her Chardonnay.

You always have to make sure
she's perfectly lubed.

You know what? You actually look
pretty good.

Well, I feel like a drug dealer.


What is she doing here?

¡Ayy, cabrón! Get in the car!

Open the door!

You can run, cabrón! But you
can't hide!

What happened back there with
Tía Mirna?

Forget it. You know she's gonna strip me bare
while I'm away in this pinche trip with you.

So, we might as well enjoy it.

So there's no problem with
drinking and driving here?

That depends.

On what?

On whether you get caught or not.
So yo better pace yourself, cabrón.

Well, when in Rome...


Did you fart?


Why does it smell like
something's burning?

It's just your car.


- Well, pull over! Pull over!
- What?

The car is on fire! Pull over!


What are you doing?

¡Ayy, güey!

What the hell? I told Pepe to
check everything!

Someone is getting so fired.

You know what I think? I think
this is a bad omen.

How is this a bad omen?

It's some idiot forgetting to
put the cap back on the oil.

How is that a bad omen?

Weren't you the last one who
checked the oil?

You know what? Why don't you just
go and check out the kick ass view?

♪ It's the lonely road I'm

♪ I'm past a broken man.

♪ Heading for destruction with a
curse upon my head.

♪ Faith has got me now and it's
time for me to fly.

♪ Faith has got me now and no
time to say goodbye.

♪ Daisy, you'll see.

♪ Daisy, you'll see.

♪ It doesn't matter the road I'm

♪ ...or the way the wind is

♪ all comes back to you.

So there I was,
at the crossroads...

...with a broken
car, a crazy uncle...

...and her name
in every song I heard.

Standing on the edge,
with only one way to go...


So, what's in the bag? Did you
bring lunch?

Funny you should ask. Let's

So, how did you like our demo?

I loved your demo.

But what I really loved is the

They're so poetic.

It's because they are for you.

For me?

I'm serious.

Everything I do is because of

But it wasn't till right now that
I was man enough to tell you.


What's the matter?

Daniel, I can't be with you.

I can't have you sacrifice your
life for the sake of saving mine.

Do you even love this other guy?

It just happened.

So, then I'll take care of you.

I'll take care of you and the

We'll get married and we'll
start our own lives together.

I have to go.

I'm sorry.


What are you doing?

Didn't you read then sign?

Your uncle is looking for you.



Step away from the ledge.

What are you doing?

Who's that girl?

What girl?

The girl you sent to come get

I'm worried you might be getting
sun stroke.

Lucky for you we have the perfect
remedy for that in the car.

That is amazing!

I told you! Newsweek says it's one of the
best places to eat in the whole world.

That was awesome!

Give me some dollars.


Because I got the food, you get
the music.

I don't have any money!


The car is that way!

You guys are great! Really good!

You know I'm really glad we got
to do this... and me, partiendo la

Me too, uncle.

You keep your eyes on the road
because the fog, see, it could be bad.

We'll just stop and pull over.

No, no, you don;t want to do

Why not?

Because there could be bandidos
on this road.

So, then we won't stop.

Exactly. If you see someone on this
road trying to make you stop, you don't!

As a matter of fact, you aim
well and step on it all the way.

You mean, run them over?


But what if they have like a gun
or something?

Then you step on it and duck!

Hey uncle, can you tell me about
my grandpa?

I don't remember much.

He loved music-that's where you
got your passion from.

He used to bring out his guitar and
he'd make me and your mom sing to him.

You know, she had the most
beautiful voice.

Try and keep the car steady,

What are you doing?

I need to pee.

Alright. So, we'll pull over...

No, I can do it in the bottle
just try...

No! You are not doing it in the

Oh, gosh!

Hey uncle...


What did you say about bandidos

I don't know. I don't remember.


Cuz these guys want us to stop.

No! Stop the car!

Are these bandidos?

No, they are worse! They are
bandidos with a license!

Hurry up!

Listen to me. Whatever happens
you let me do the talking, okay?




My cookies!

Don't push it! Okay? We are lucky
they didn't take our calzones.

Just get in the car!

Tell me again about this girl.

Who? Daisy?

Is that her name?


So, yeah. Tell me about Daisy.

We kind of grew up together and
she lived next door to me.

We always had this amazing

You wouldn't believe her poetry. I mean,
she is the best writer I ever read.

Is she hot?


You know...

Are you...? Oh, come on! Really?


She's a gringa, yeah?


You better watch out for those
American girls.

They'll rip your heart and throw it in
the trash like a piece of rotten meat.

Why? Did you ever have to deal
with a heartbreak?

Oh yeah!

But let me tell you something. The difference
between American women and Latin women...

...American women, they'll rip
out your heart,...

...but Latin women...they'll rip
out your huevos!


The fog is getting really thick and I'm getting
pretty tired...we must have passed the hotel.

I already told you, we haven't
passed it. Just keep driving!

If you want to drive, be my
guest, cause I need a bed now!

Well, that's why we have to find
the hotel.

You said you knew where it was!

Well, this fog is confusing me,

Just pull over and we'll wait
for it to clear!

Are you ready to go eat?

We should probably head out...
the fog is probably...

You've got to be kidding me!

I'm such an idiot! What am I
doing here?

Buenos días.

Sleep well?

I slept in the car.

Oh, I slept in the hotel.

Why didn't you wake me up?

Because you were sleeping like a baby.
I didn't want to wake you up.

Help me put these in the car...

No, I have to make a phone call!

¿Cómo se dice...?

...collect call...Estados

The United States. I need to make
a phone call to the United States.

Hey, uncle...

You know I've never seen a
picture of my mom.

Did you guys look alike?


No, she was beautiful.

I inherited the more macho
rugged looks of my father.

You never finished telling me
how he died.

One day we went swimming.
He dove into the water...

...he didn't know a week before they
dumped cement pylons into the ocean.

He broke his neck.

He died instantly.

Can you imagine being 12 years old and having
to drag your father's body out of the water?

We got him to the bed of his

...drove him to the ranch...

...haven't moved it ever since.

I'm sorry, uncle.

I'm having a déjà vu.

This guy isn't going to screw us
over, is he?

Not if you don't give me no

You speak English?

I'm from Huntington Beach.

What are you doing out here?

Look, let's just say that the
less you know, the better.

There's something we have to
worry about, isn't there?

I'm messing with you!


Okay. I swallowed some condoms
full of drugs...

...that I have to crap out, but
that's not till we get there.

What? Are you kidding me?

You know, you guys are okay. The minute
I get there, you're off the hook.

You're not serious, are you?

Nah, messing with you!

I think you were telling the truth. I mean,
why would the Federales just let us go?

Drunk driving is the least of
their worries.

Of course, if you really, really
want to know... can always cut me open
and find out, if you dare.

Come on, gentlemen.

This here is for our protection and
the protection of our merchandise.

You know? I think what we need is a
little music to lighten the moment.

So, turn the radio on.

Come on, keep trying! There's
always something.

Hey look, look!

♪ Ya estás aquí. No hay vuelta

♪ No importa el mañana. Estamos
en Tijuana.

Is that the only song they play
in Mexico?

You're uptight.

You are gonna love Santa
Rosalía. You'll thank me for it.

Why do I have the feeling we are
totally and utterly screwed?

You know? They got a cathedral there
that was designed by Gustav Eiffel.

The same guy that designed the
Eiffel Tower?

Very same one.

We should go check that out.

Everything there is French.

Including the french horse.

Why do we care about french

Not horses! French horse!

He means horse.

Like the ones that run down the


Putas, prostitutas...

Ohh. Whores!

What are they doing all the way out here? I
mean, isn't Paris the place to be for that?

There used to be a french mining company there
and when they left, they left everything french.

Including the french horse.


It sounds the same to me.

Somehow I don't think you want
to mistake the one for the other.

I guess not.

You will love it there! You know, the mixture
of the races...the French and the Mexican...

Man, I'm getting excited. I
think I'm popping wood...

All right! Save it for when we
get there!

You know Sobrino, this could
actually be good for you.

Forget about that heartbreak of

I'm fine, Uncle.

Don't worry about it.

You are not a virgin, are you?

He's no virgin, you know, he is
my nephew!

Hey, maybe we can get a discount
for deflowering him!

I'm not a virgin! I'm not a

Okay, okay, relax, relax.

We're just gonna go there, talk to them, have a
couple of drinks. It'll be perfectly innocent.

Come on! Aren't you even a little bit
curious, french whores in Mexico, Señor?

The best way to forget about
women is with more women.

Listen to your uncle.

So it's settled then. We'll go there.
I'll buy, I'll buy! Cocktails.

Listen, listen, listen!

♪ Ya estoy aquí, listo para el reventón pa
quitarme la tristeza que nubla mi razón.

♪ Y bailar hasta que cierre la puerta
del salón. Y hasta entonces no me voy!

♪ Ya estoy aquí, soñando con el apretón de una
morra que me quiera y me alegre el corazón...

♪ ...y que mueva la cintura con
la tarola y con el acordión!

♪ Véngase pa'ca, muévase mamá. No me
tengas esperando que te voy a alucinar.

You're spilling it everywhere!

Somehow, I was expecting something
more in the Eiffel Tower,...

...Statue of Liberty, Notre Dame
Cathedral realm.

I need to pee.

There has to be a bathroom around here somewhere.
I don't think Mr. Eiffel overlooked that.

Hey guys, I'll catch up with
you, alright?

You've got to be kidding me!
¡Estás en México! ¡En México!



♪ I know it hurts and it's hard
to move on when you don't know...

♪ to cope with it all.

♪ Sometimes you know that you

♪ ...cover the
scars that she caused when she left you behind.

♪ But you'll find in me all the
strength that you need to be free.

I'm a Chicano.

Where are my friends?

The two older guys that were
peeing on the street?

Must be them.

Police took them.

Are you okay?

Maybe I can give you some

Right now, I'm having a hard
time believing in God.

Why give me the talents and take
away my inspirations?

A wise man built his house on a rock.
The rains came and it never fell.

A foolish man built his house on
the sand.

The rains came, and beat on that
house, and great was it's fall.

I'm not sure how that applies to

Where did you build your house?

What do you mean?

If you have the foundation, you can
weather any storm that life will bring you.

I don't care about foundations, alright? I just
care about Daisy, and I need to get back to her.

Where is the jail?



Hi. Ah, hola.

...peeing in front of the

- Huh?
- They left!

Oh my gosh! Where did they go?

I'm a police officer, not a tour

Hey, excuse me.

Please tell me you speak

- English?
- Yes.

Do I speak English?

- Yes!
- No!

Nah, I'm just kidding. I speak

Do you know a place where they
have french whores?

French... horse?

Yeah, french whores.

You want a french horse?

Does it have to be french?

No! French prostitutes!

Mujeres! Women!

Ohh, putas!


You go... over there... there's
a house...

...that has the french whores.
All kinds of whores.

They got them all over there.

Five... five... kilometers!

Five kilometers?

Five kilometers. That's just
till you get out of town.

Then, once you are over there, you're
gonna go another three or four miles...

...and then there's like a bridge and a palm tree.
Once you're ther.. you're gonna keep going...

...and then you're gonna go another three or four
miles and it's over that way... and you'll get there.

Three or four miles.

Is there a trolley or a bus?

No, there's no trolley or bus...

...hey, you know what? I gotta horse I
can rent to you. It will take you there.

Twenty dollars... one way...
it'll take you.

One way? How am I gonna get him

The horse knows it's way back.
He lives over here!

I thought you said he was a

He's a horse! He's a horse!

Well... he is mostly horse.

Eighty percent he is a horse.
His mom... maybe not so much horse...

He's a donkey!

Okay... technically, maybe yes, but... half. His mom
was a donkey, but we don't talk about her too much.

His dad, now... todo horse! If you look down
there, you'll see he was a thoroughbred.

Okay, all you gotta do... is you
gotta hold on to these things...

and then you go, 'gitty up'...not
yet though... and I'll buckle you in.

You gotta hold on for the ride of your life because he
can get up to a full 5 mph if you push him really hard.

Now, I'm also gonna give you this...because
it can get a little rough down there.

You hold on to this, and if you get into
any trouble, start swinging that thing.

Not at me! Wait till you get out of
here first. Okay, hold on. You ready?

So... what do I say?

You gonna... you tell him the
password, and he knows the way.

You go like this... hey! Cuchi,
cuchi, cola. You know the way.

Cuchi, cuchi...

Arre! Let's go!

Cuchi what? Cuchi what?

Thank you.

I'm... I'm looking for two men.

Ahh! I see. Well, we only have
girls here.

No, no... I don't mean... I love

It's okay! No judging here!

No, no. It's not that.
I'm looking for my uncle and some guy.

Hey! There he is! Come over

Ahh! Ménage à trois.

If there's one thing a man can
always find is the...

Hey, sobrino. Come here. You
gotta try some of this elixir.

Hey, I don't know. Be careful,
that's for men.

Hey Cherrie! These are my friends.
Anything they want, is on me.

Except this one... she'll be on
me later.

You two are just in time for the

The show? What show?

The show.

The show?

I don't know...

Jolie femmes! Come down!

Do you speak English?


Is this your first time?

Look, you don't have to do this.
I don't want you to do this!

Hey Flaco!



I don't understand. What are you
doing here?

Does your family know you're

I'm here for my little sisters
and brothers.

They need a roof over their
heads. This is the only way.

I can take you out of here.

I like it! I like it! I like it!
I like it!

What did they say?

¡It's a raid!

We gotta get out of here!

No, wait! I gotta find my uncle.
Go, go! You get out of here!


- Sobrino, is that you?
- Yeah, it's me!

Oh, I've never been so happy to see you!
Cut me loose! Cut me loose!

Cuchi cola?



Where are my clothes?

Here, take this!

Wait! What about Flaco?

What about Flaco?

Well, we can't just leave him

Sure we can! Just watch!

No, no! I'm gonna find him!

Where are my pants?

I don't know! Just, come on!

Should have stayed in jail!

- The coast is clear.
- Let's go.


¡Mi Conchita! ¡Mi Conchita! ¡No!

Your taillight is busted!

Okay, okay. Where exactly did
you say he was?

I don't know. Let's just go find

Stay quiet! No!

Is he dead?

Yeah, he looks pretty dead to
me. Let's go!

No! He's breathing. Come on,
help me!

Just pull his pants up.

I'm not gonna pull his pants up!

You've got to pull his pants up.
Come on, hurry!

You've got to zip him up too!

You zip him up!

I'm not zipping him up! You

Let's just go!

This guy is heavy for a Flaco.

Maybe he didn't poop the drugs
out yet.

The car's that way.

Put him down!

Get the keys.

If your grandmother asks, that
did not happen!

Wait, wait, listen!

It's our song!

Oh, yeah!

♪ ¡Véngase pa ca! ¡Muévase mamá!

♪ ¡Véngase pa ca! ¡Muévase mamá!

You know, I always felt
that same pain.

You're that girl.

Who are you?

You can see I'm your guardian

I'm scared.

I'm afraid I can't live without

Well, this is why you're here.

Just stay the course. Follow the
arrows and you'll find the roots.

But, is this root really gonna
cure me?

I mean, what am I supposed to do?
Make it a tea? Eat it? Smoke it? Or...


Hey look! He's alive!

We saved your nalgas from the
Narcotráfico and the Federales, cabrón.

Well, you were supposed to leave
me there.

Oh, you see! I told you!

We weren't gonna leave you there! You would have been
killed by the drug dealers or arrested by the Federales.

Either way, we saved your

No, mijo. I'm DEA.

Congratulations, gentlemen. You've just
participated in your firs bi-national drug sting.

You two guys are heroes.



You're a pinche gringo police!

I told you I was from Huntington

So, I guess you didn't swallow a
condom full of drugs?

Hey, I don't swallow...

...and I wasn't gonna let you
blow my cover.

So, where are we?

I don't know.

We are somewhere close to

Really? Consitución... you know,
there's this little Mexican restaurant...

...if you go straight, and then as you
turn south, it should be right there.

You guys hungry? I'll treat. You
know, on me.

Hey! I was gonna buy you

Was that close to the

Not far enough.

Hey, we are getting pretty close
to the ranch.


About what?

What do you mean about what?
This is the end of our adventure.

Oh really? So, this is where you tell
me about all these ridiculous secrets?

About how my mom died and why no one has
ever showed me a damn picture of her?

You know what? You can't even
begin to understand...

Why don't you try me. I'm all

I think I'm hallucinating.


I think I see Tía Mirna.



Hey, Daniel.

I'm sorry to call you so early
in the morning.

Your phone has been off and no
one seems to know where you are.

So, about the other day...

...I really need to talk to you.

I've been doing a lot of

...and I just... I really need to
tell you something important,...

...but I need to tell you face
to face.

So, if you could just give me a
call back... please.

Okay, bye.



I'm sorry.

I gotta get out of here.

So, you come all the way down here
just to leave? All by yourself?

This whole trip was a mistake.

First, there's something important
that I need to talk to you about.

Así que súbete.

No, you don't understand. I
gotta go, now!


You're not gonna like what I'm
going to say to you, but Daisy,...

...she's just another girl.

This is about your family.

I don't care about this family!

You don't say that. There is
nothing more important than family.

Who is that girl?

There's nobody there.

Listen Daniel, I'm real
concerned about you

because I think you might be having
a nervous breakdown about this girl.


No, I know what I saw. She was
just there and I'll prove it.



Ay güey.

Walk with me.

You know, my father...he told me
to always remember...

...that this land was created
from the desert.

He wanted his grandchildren and his great grandchildren
to see what a man could make from nothing.

This was the first tree he
planted here.

That is why we buried him here.

He was a giant among men.

I thought he was invincible.

Now, sometimes I wonder...

...if I hadn't insisted that he'd take me to the
beach that day, he would still be alive today.

Your mother and I wouldn't have
had to drag him out of the ocean.

I want you to know that I loved
your mother...

...with all my heart.

We were twins. The same sole.

And here is something you may not know...
your father...I knew him well.

He was the son of one of the workers.
He would come play with us everyday.

As we grew up, your mother started
looking at him a different way.

I mean, she never said it...

...but I knew. I knew that she
loved him.

Then, one night she came to me

...she was very upset and I couldn't
understand what she was saying,

but I just thought he had hurt

So, before she could say anything,
I just went out looking for him.

Because anyone that hurts my
sister, is my enemy...

...even if he is my best friend.

Everyone said it was an

...but I killed him.

The families thought it was best
not to tell her...

...till after you were born, so
they just said he ran away.

Your grandmother took us to the United
States so you could be born there.

At first. during the

...things went surprisingly

She loved you so much, Daniel.

After you were born...

...she became very depressed.

She couldn't handle it...

...and one day she just walked
out into the ocean...

...and she never came back.

I'm sorry, Daniel.

I can't take all this.

I just want to go home.


I just want to see Daisy.

I can't take this anymore

Why did you bring me here?

I'm sorry.

I didn't ask for any of this.

I'm sorry.

I didn't ask to be brought into
the world like this.

I just want to go back to her.

Please, just let me go home.


You know, I don't want to go

This is my home.

And at that moment,
I realized that I was an artist.

An artist deep rooted with love
and pain.

Daisy had given me pain, Rodrigo
gave me the love I never had...

...and the land gave me the
roots that made me who I am.

Rodrigo and I stayed down there
for quite a while,...

There is so much to discover, so
much to write about,... many amazing things to

I had no idea how rich the
desert could be.

When I came back, I went to see

I wanted to show her the gift
she'd given me

and to thank her for loving me
to the point of letting me go.

As it turns out, she had been
calling me to tell me

that she decided to give the
father of her baby a chance.

They got married and...

...they are still together till
this day.

Go figure.

♪ Little hippie, sitting by the

♪ Waiting for a mystery man

♪ And she tells me he's the king
of the world

♪ I just wish she'd take my

♪ I could make her understand

♪ How can I show you how I feel

♪ When my feelings row with the

♪ And a tear is just a drop of
lonely water

♪ In the ocean of a mind

♪ Think about her all the time

♪ She's a rose in a field of

♪ Not much older than the child
she bares

♪ So now I'm singing songs about
the little hippie

♪ With the flowers in her head

Will she know how much I cared?