Rusty Knife (1958) - full transcript

Udaka is a new, post-war city where corruption has already taken hold. A persistent district attorney wants to arrest and convict Katsumata, a laughing, self-confident thug. The D.A. gets an anonymous letter about the suicide five years' before of a city council member. Evidence about the case leads the D.A. to Tachibana, struggling to go straight after involvement with the mob and a prison sentence for killing the man responsible for the rape and suicide of his fiancée. One of Tachibana's friends is Keiko, the daughter of the dead councilman and the ward of another powerful official. How do these stories connect?




Boss. They're here.

Guys. Remember what I said.

They've got nothing on me.

I'll be back as soon as
they let me out of there.

I almost envy you.
You can catch up on your sleep.

Bonjour, monsieur.


What can I do for you?
I'm just running a trucking company.

You know you were subpoenaed.

Let me guess.
You're here to give me a ride.

This is a warrant for your arrest.

I see.

All this for one little fight?

I'm not going to argue.
Let's go then.

Let's get this thing over with.

Oh, my.

Are you going to cuff me?

I'm sure the citizens will feel safer
when they see me in cuffs.

They don't have
enough evidence to keep him.

I'm sure he'll be out in a couple of days.

- The same story every time.
- The police are cowards.

No one will testify against them.

God, no.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

In sands of the sand dune

It was buried deep down

It was buried deep down

Cinematography by KURATARO TAKAMURA

It's gone rusty red
Cinematography by KURATARO TAKAMURA

It's gone rusty red


I found my old jackknife

I found my old jackknife

I found my old jackknife

Theme song performed by








This is Udaka City.

It's a newly developed
industrial town in western Japan.

Military plants built during the war
are now being used

for postwar peace operations.

Old and new have uniquely coexisted,
contributing to the development of the city.

The city has one thing in common with
other growing communities nationwide -

crime organizations have taken root
in this growing city.

Katsumata, who was just arrested,
is one of the weeds.


Are you going to keep Katsumata?

Give us something.

Please be quiet.

All I can tell you is
this is simply an assault case.

Katsumata is in our custody,

so we will question him
and try to connect him

to the cold cases
we think he's responsible for.

You think it's that easy?

Can you prove it?

It's one thing to know about it, but -

- You know what?
- You're right.

That's exactly why we need
witnesses to come forward.






- Hello.
- Welcome.

What is it, Shima?
What are you smiling about?

Something good?

Yoko. Bring me a pen and paper.

And an envelope.

For a letter?

To a woman?
- Shut up and go.

Kano, Takaishi. Come here.

Remember Councilman Nishida's
suicide five years ago?

Oh, yeah.

It may have been homicide.


And we have a witness.

- Homicide?
- Yes. According to this letter.

And the writer fingers Katsumata.


"Mr. Nishida was concerned
about his personal safety

because of a dispute at the city council
or business troubles.

He hired three bodyguards
from the Mishima family.

The family's power was diminishing,

yet they were still able
to compete with the Katsumatas,

who were relatively new to the city.

I was one of the bodyguards."

One night

we broke into Nishida's office
to steal money from his safe

to pay our bookie.

In the office, we all witnessed
Katsumata and his thugs

hanging Nishida's body,
faking his suicide.

Katsumata found out I was there
and tried to buy my silence.

And I agreed.

I want to help the police now.

I'm willing to testify against him.

I am not the only one who can testify.

There are two more witnesses.

Three men -

"...witnessed Katsumata commit the crime."

But, Mr. Karita,
this is an anonymous letter.

It's possible this guy's trying
to blackmail Katsumata.

He once belonged
to the yakuza family

who competed with the Katsumatas.

This is our chance.

We had to release Katsumata again.

But this time it's different.

We'll find these witnesses.
- Yes, sir.


So, one of the three guys
sent the letter to the police.

I guess so.

And the same guy sent me this.

"The hush money
you gave me is long gone.

I'll stay quiet
if you send me more.

P.O. Box 195 at Hosei Post Office
in Itabashi, Tokyo.

Send 200,000 yen
by the end of February.

It's up to you.

I'll testify for the prosecution
if you don't pay me."

One of the three guys -

They were Tachibana,
Shimabara and Terada.

Tachibana, the sleeping lion.

Wake him up and you're dead.
He's scary.

Tachibana and Terada still live here.

The letter is postmarked Tokyo.

That means this letter came from -


Call Takemura in Tokyo.

And send a postal money order
of 100,000 yen.

Wow. Look at that.
Take me some place nice.

I'd love to. But I have something
to take care of first.

Here's some for you.

Wait till I come back.

Going on vacation?

With who?
- It's nothing like that.

It's a business trip.

I'll make a fortune.

Where are you going?

You're so quiet. What's wrong?


Listen. If something happens to me -
- What?


You know what?

If I don't come back after 10 days,

mail this.

Ten days, okay?

What time are we arriving
at Udaka tomorrow?

10:35 tomorrow morning.

- Please send this telegram.
- Certainly.

The train is arriving on track two.

Please stand behind the white line.

Udaka. Udaka.

The train will depart in one minute.

Those of you traveling to Okuyama,
please board now.

Those of you transferring
to Seibu line,

please proceed to track five.

You're being followed.
I'm with the police.

It's not safe here.

We'll protect you.
We'll get off at the next station.

We're with the police.

You've been followed by
a Katsumata member for some time now.

Don't worry.
Let's go.

- Are you guys really -
- Sure. We're the police.

Where are you taking me?

We'll get off at the next stop
and you'll be somewhere safe.


Actually, you're not going anywhere.

You're Takaeda, right?
And Muramatsu.

I'm happy that you're here.

Don't put up a fight.

It's getting closer and closer.

Here we go.


According to this letter,

he was on his way here
eight days ago

and was going to meet with Katsumata.

Yet, he failed to extort any money.

Something happened to this guy.

Eight days ago -

Of course.

That John Doe must be him.

Call Tokyo Police
and ID the body right away.

We lost a witness.

He gave us the names in the letter.

The names of the two witnesses.

Who are they?

Tachibana and Terada.

They were with the Mishimas
before the family broke up.

- Should we pay them a visit?
- Yes. Right away.

Yes, sir.


You hear me, Tachibana?

I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow.
I'll find you a job there.

Whatever you say.

You guys have been talking
about Tokyo all night long.

You have your business here.

Why would you become
a boring business man?

I'll tell you why.

Because I have a rap sheet here
and Mano is worried about me.


He's a romantic, you know.

His first girlfriend killed herself
after getting involved with a bad guy.

He stabbed him for revenge.

Hey. Will you stop it?

He hasn't let a woman get close
since she died.

That's why you named
this place Camarade,

which means buddy.


A happy couple like you two
shouldn't be worrying about it.

Give me a break.


Long time no see.

What can I get you?

Looks like you're doing well
going straight.

What would you like, gentlemen?

Give me White Horse.

You mad dog.

I'll drink to Yukihiko Tachibana's
successful transformation.

Go ahead.

Anything to help business.

Actually, there's something
we'd like to talk about.

Will you step outside?

I'm busy here.

Keep the change.

We'll be back.

Good evening.

Great catching up with you
the other day.

I had a great time.

That son of a bitch.


- Tachibana?
- Yes.

That's Terada there, right?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm Karita from the D.A.'s office.

Why were those guys here?

I don't know.
They're paying customers.

We need your help -

on Councilman Nishida's homicide case
from five years ago.

Excuse me?

What did you just say?

Are you his daughter?

We're sorry.

My father -

Didn't he commit suicide?

We're not sure.

There's a possibility that he didn't.

I don't know how I can help you.

Talking shop at my bar
is bad for business.

Will you follow me?

Why are you here?

Tell us what you saw.

Your cooperation
will help clean up the streets.

You can make a difference
in this country.

I don't understand.
What are you talking about?


Five years ago,

you and Terada were witnesses
to Mr. Nishida's death.

Just tell us what you saw.

Shimabara was found dead.
- What?

The Katsumata family.

He was going to testify against him.


I don't know what you heard.

I didn't see anything.
I don't know anything.

I'm a good citizen now,
making an honest living.

But years ago, you were -

Years ago?

Yes, I killed a man for a girl.
And I've paid my dues.

- I take it back. I apologize.
- You're not wrong.

I can't change the past.

Everyone in this city
knows what I did.

They look at me and say,
"He's a criminal."

Which is true.

I shouldn't be angry at someone
who states a fact, should I?

I didn't mean that.


Terada and I are straight now.

We've buried our past.

We have nothing to do
with that world anymore.

That's all I have to say.

I see.

Sorry to have bothered you.

But we'll be back.
We really need your help.

I don't see how I can help you.

I think you do.

Don't worry.

He won't talk.

I'm more concerned about Terada.

He's young and reckless.

Before it's too late, we should -

Here she is.

Are you okay?

I'm a little drunk.

I needed some air.

Shall we go?
- Yeah. Let's go.

Are you guys leaving?


No matter what, be patient.
Don't do anything stupid.


I'll get you a job in Tokyo.

I'm counting on you.

I've had enough of this city.
- Okay, then.

Take care.

Boss. Is everything okay?

Somebody's trying to dig up our past.


Doesn't matter.

Listen, Makoto.

We've turned our lives around.

We've buried our past.

Don't ever go back.

I know.

- Good evening.
- Hi there.

We can do the rest tomorrow.
Call it a night?

Well -

There's just a little more.
I'll finish it up.

You go ahead.

Thanks. I'm going to bed.

Mrs. Tsukamoto called. She's sick.

I'm going to see how she's doing.


You're a terrible liar.

You're going to a club.
- No, I'm not.

It's all right.

Don't stay out too late.

Stay away from Yuri though.

Of course. She's a slut.


I heard you. You called me a slut.

Don't be upset.

He won't be on my case anymore.

Now, let's go.

I don't like him. He's a little scary.

Don't be silly.
You don't know him.

He's a good guy.

He means more to me
than my parents.

What the hell?
- What are you doing?

- It's okay. Don't worry.
- Get out of my way.

We'll bring him right back.


I don't know what you want.
I'm straight now.

Leave me alone.
- All right.

Listen carefully.

Do you remember Shimabara?


You guys were bodyguards
for Councilman Nishida.

Flush. I'm feeling lucky.

He's dead.

He fell on to some train tracks.

His body was ripped to pieces.

That was eight days ago.

Sorry. I win again.

Don't be scared.
Sit down.

Don't get me wrong.

We don't want to hurt you.

All you have to do is be quiet -
especially to the D.A.'s office.

You know what?
He tried to blackmail me.

You live here.
I'm not that worried about you.

But don't make me do anything
that the D.A. Can use against me.

Then why -

To be on the safe side.

Like you did back then,
tell them you don't know anything.

Here's 100,000 yen.

We're done here.

You can go now.

Here's a piece of advice.
Don't do anything stupid.

Don't you dare blackmail me or testify

and try to be a hero.

Get up.

Take the money.

I'm not the only one.


Of course, I remember.
No need to remind me.

Stop lying.

The letter from Shimabara
contains your two names.

You don't have to shout.

Listen, Terada.

Please testify.

Testify in court and help us
convict Katsumata of murder.

Once we do that,

the witnesses in other cases
will come forward.

You'll be protected by the police.
- That's right.

Can't do that.

I really didn't see anything.

You're lying.

The letter says otherwise.

Is Katsumata threatening you?
Did he buy you off?

Give me a break.

It's true.
Three of us did go to Nishida's office.

But I didn't go inside.
I was a lookout.

Damn it.



Uncle Mano.
What are you doing here?

I was just interviewed
about the city's current affairs.

- You're already campaigning, aren't you?
- You're sharp as always.

I understand you had fun last night.
- Oh, stop it.

Has Akira left already?

Yes. I just came back from the station.

I hope you two have set a date?

- I wouldn't waste my money on a ceremony.
- I see.

Well, I have to go.
I'll stop by soon.

She's a remarkable young woman.

Very outspoken.
She's just like her late father.

Miss Nishida.

I was at the bar last night.

Can I help you?

Yes. Do you have a minute?


I was living in a dorm
when my father died.

I don't know much about
his daily activities at that time.

My mother had passed away.
It was just the two of us.

Tell me.
Was he really murdered?

We have no proof yet,

but we received
an anonymous letter suggesting so.

That sounds just like Katsumata.

Shimabara was blackmailing Katsumata
and ended up dead.

What about Tachibana?

Tachibana, Terada and Shimabara.

These men are witnesses.

I see.

I'd like to cooperate any way I can.

I'm interviewing people today
for a story on violence.

That's great.

That will educate people
in the community.


People just don't understand.

It drives me crazy.

Thank you for your efforts.

Well, I have to go.

What a nice young lady.

If I had a son that age -

Hi. How is it going?

- Who was that woman?
- Her? She's a close friend of mine.


Oh, no. Stop! Stop!

Stop the bike.
Makoto, stop!

Hang on.

Let me off.
Stop the bike.

Don't be jealous.
You're the only one for me.

Yeah, right.

So, what happened with the police?
- Oh, that.

It was nothing.
They're fools.

No. We lost again.

- Anything?
- No. Nothing so far.

Oh. I like this one.

I can't afford it.

Maybe someday.
Be patient.

I want it now.

Give me a break, will you?


I'll find something you can afford.

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo

Catch a tiger by his toe

Oh, I want this.

Will you?

Sure thing.

The detective tailing Terada says

he's been burning money all over town.

And we don't know
where he got it.

- You think he was bought off?
- Yeah.

Tachibana too?

We go way back, right?

Man. You've changed.

You're wasting your time.
Don't come here again.

Well, then.
So you won't talk?

I don't remember anything.


Well, I'll be going.

You're an old-school guy.

Why don't you just take the money?

I've heard about you.

After spending five years in the joint,
you couldn't land a normal job.

Somehow you managed
to get the money to open this place.

But you're barely making it.

You could use this, couldn't you?

On the other hand, Terada took
the money and he's having lots of fun.

He could teach you a thing or two.

So, you want to change your mind?

What the hell?

What are you doing?

Did you say Terada took money
from Katsumata?

Let me go.

Say it.

Are you sure he took it?

I couldn't breathe.

You could've killed me.

That sure brings back memories.

Good old Yukihiko Tachibana.

I guess some things never change.

Get lost.

Get out of here.

I'll see you soon.

Au revoir, monsieur.

With these hands -

I killed a man with these hands.

The disease.

I still have it.

What's wrong?

- How's it going?
- I saw Katsumata's guy leaving.

I'm working on a story on violence.

Will you speak on camera?

As a former gangster?

A violent gangster turned model citizen.
Tachibana tells all.

What do you think?

Excuse me.

What do you want from me?

He reveals the inner workings
of the criminal underground.

We should ask ourselves:

He seems to be a model citizen,
but can we really trust him?

Aren't you going to get angry?

Haven't I insulted you enough?


I don't want to get angry.

You've gone soft.

You're a coward. You're just afraid.

That's why you're not testifying
in my father's murder case.

I have a selective memory.
It's pretty convenient.

I see.

I was wrong about you.

I overestimated you.

Will you think about it though?

It's not just for me.

The people in this city

are suffering and fearful.

They're afraid.

With your testimony,
they can start living without fear.

There are so many of them
around here.

It's hard to talk about it
because I'm so afraid.

About five years ago,
there was this incident.

There used be a small, family-run
restaurant near my place.

The only daughter, named Yuki,
was a pretty little thing.

Lots of gang members went
to the restaurant to see her.

One night, one of them took her out
and she didn't come home.

She was found hung dead in the morning,
on the premises of a nearby temple.


Please leave.

one of them took Yuki by force,

and they raped her.

Poor girl.

She killed herself.

I think she was seeing someone.


They -
No. That can't be.

Where -

Where can I find this woman?

Take me there.

I know. I talk too much.
Sometimes I just can't stand it.

Use thicker curlers there.

I promise you,

if you can help us,
I'll erase the recording.

I don't know. I don't know anything
about those machines.

Besides, I don't want to get in trouble.

Please, madam.

You're right.

You said Yuki had a boyfriend.
That was me.

Is that true?

I'm sorry. She was such a nice girl.

It's not that I saw it.

Well, this girl Tamae was
a live-in intern here.

She was walking through the temple
when she saw them.

- Where are you taking me?
- I just want to talk to you.

- What do you want?
- Relax. It'll just take a minute.

Let go of me.

I just want to talk.

- I'm not going.
- Shut up and walk.

She's here.

- Here we are.
- What's going on?

We're not going to hurt you.

I see. You were her boyfriend.

Who were those guys?

I don't know.
I'm not the one who saw it.

Where is Tamae now?

She married a farmer.
They live in Oshima.

I told her not to say anything. Ever.

Listen to me.
Now I'm the one talking.

Me and my big mouth.

Thank you so much.

Wait. Erase the recording.


Thank you for your help.

I wouldn't have learned all this
if it weren't for you.

- Are you going to go see her?
- Yes.

I can't just sit here.
I need to know.

Know what?

I thought Miyamoto took her.

I killed him
because I thought he alone was to blame.

It's possible that -

I don't know anything anymore.

Everything is so complicated.
It seems like one big puzzle.

Did I -

Did I kill the wrong guy?


I'm not here to cause you any trouble.

Excuse me.

Will you talk to me?

Are you just going to ignore me?

Are you? Hello?

Get rid of this creep.

- What are you talking about?
- Get him out of here.

Please listen.

- You bastard.
- You're wrong. Listen to me.

- What are you doing here?
- Wait. I'm not here to -


- Let's call it a night.
- Thank you for having us.

Next time, let's talk about
the construction of -

Who do you think I am, the Emperor?
I can't make everything happen.

- Good night, sir.
- Have a good evening.

- Hello, miss.
- How are you?

I didn't know you were here.
Were you waiting?

No. I just got here.

What did you want to see me for?
- I wanted to see your face.

Come here.
Let's have some tea.

Have a seat.

I heard you've been spending time
with that guy Tachibana.

It's not like that.

He and Akira have been friends
since they were in school.

I used to tell Akira too.
Don't get involved with him.


He has a criminal record.

What's wrong with that?

Yukihiko Tachibana.

His recklessness was notorious,
even within the Mishima family.

He stabbed a man to death in a fight.

- But he's changed -
- People don't change so easily.

And everyone remembers.

You and Akira are getting married soon.

I know.

But are you saying I shouldn't
talk to men except for Akira?

I just want you to stay away
from Tachibana.

He's a witness to my father's murder.


Nishida killed himself.

No, he didn't.

He was murdered.

I don't believe it.

Uncle Mano.

I've been looking into my father's
business leading up to the day he died.

The two of you had a dispute
over the concession of the bus system.

Now that you mention it, yes.

It's called politics.

Even best friends have to fight
for what they believe in,

for the betterment of the city.

Has the city always run
on such lofty ideals?

That's right.

We had a dispute over policies,

but we remained close friends
in our personal lives.

That's why I've been your legal guardian
ever since he died.

You're right.

Oh, man.

I'm late.
I need an excuse.

You're scared of him, aren't you?

No, I'm not.



Something is wrong.

Something is definitely wrong.

I wonder what happened.
- What?

Never mind.

I guess I'm off today.

Hey, guys.

Maybe you've had too much.

I'm fine.

No matter how much I drink
nothing changes, you know?

It won't save me either.

I'm going to get some sleep.

I'll sleep and try to forget everything.

- I'm leaving too.
- Okay.

What are you doing?

I can do whatever I want.
This is my room.

Didn't I tell you?

Stay away from her.

What do you have against Yuri?

Do as I say.

Get her out of here.

I'm not leaving.

Leave us alone.
It's none of your business.

I love him.

Do you?

Of course you love Makoto.

Makoto is rich these days.


I know you took Katsumata's money.

Don't you know what it means
to accept money from him?

It's just hush money.

You're such a kid.

Do you think the most ruthless family
will cut you loose that easy?

Yes, I do.

And I'm not a kid.

I'm not your servant either.
You can't boss me around.

Idiot. When did I say that you were?


Forget it.
I'm free to do whatever I want.

Stop butting in to other people's lives.

- "Other people"?
- That's right.

I'm still young.

I don't want to make cocktails
for strangers every night.

Life is short.

I want mine to be fun and exciting.

How about you?

Ever since the incident,
you haven't been with a girl.

You're just jealous of me and Yuri.

That's why -
- No!

Are you going to hit me?

I was just kidding around.

- Hitting someone is a joke?
- I wasn't -

I apologize.

- You still can't control yourself.
- What?

Just like you used to be.
You get angry and lose control.

Shut up.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Don't look at me like that.

You don't like the way I look?

I can't change it.


What's happened to you?

You weren't like this until yesterday.

When -
When did it change between us?

I haven't changed.

I've had enough. I'm out of here.
- Makoto.

Are you serious?
Are you really leaving?


Put your clothes on.
- Okay.

Oh, yeah.
There's something I want to tell you.

It will do you some good.

You'll see how reckless you were.

You got so angry
when you heard Miyamoto raped Yuki,

you killed him for revenge
and did five years.

Miyamoto wasn't the only one
who raped her.

Where did you hear that?

A guy from the Katsumata family.

They were laughing at you,
saying, "That fool jumped the gun."

I couldn't say anything.

Katsumata did her first.
And the rest of them followed.

That's the reason she hung herself.

Are you sure?

What else can I do?

We have our own lives.


Katsumata is the one.

I understand, sir.

I know you think
you're doing everything you can,

but get rid of Tachibana
and the other kid immediately,

so they can't bother us again.
- Yes, sir.

I'll take care of them.

Terada is here,
with his girlfriend.

I'll be right there.


What a surprise.

Look what the cat dragged in.

Mr. Katsumata.

I'm leaving town,
just like you wanted me to.

You'll sleep better
if I'm out of sight, right?

I'm out of here. For you.

- Where?
- I don't know.

I can't tell you that.

How about a going away gift?

Of course.

I'm glad that you stopped by.
How much?

200,000 yen.

That's it?
That's very modest.

That sounds about right.

What the hell?

- You little punk.

You know what? I already have
your destination picked out.

And I'll pay your way.
This is going to be fun.

- Makoto.
- Hold it.

Don't touch me.

Don't worry, sweetheart.

- Shut up.
- You won't be Ionely.

I'll take good care of you.

Hey. Watch this.

Son of a bitch.

Get up.

- Makoto.
- Stop it.

Don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.

I like this one.

You'll be better off with me.
You'll see.

- What's the plan?
- We'll dump him in the ocean.



Is someone tailing us?

Looks like it.
We're being followed.

Who is it?


It's him. It's Tachibana.

That son of a bitch.


Wow. He's good.

Wake up, Makoto.


Makoto. Open your eyes.

Hey, stay with me. Makoto.

Are you all right?

Take this, you son of a bitch.

You bastard.

Makoto. Get up.
Stand up.

Go see Karita.
Tell him what we saw five years ago.

Makoto. Go!

Get up, you bastard.




Just go!
I can handle this.

All right.

- Boss. Boss.
- Finally.

Make the call, then follow the kid.

Hold it.

It was you.

You raped her.
You killed her five years ago.

I had so much fun.

Damn you.
Are you proud of yourself?

You worthless scum.

Do you want to kill me?

Damn right.
I'll kill you.

Now what?

We're going to the D.A.'s office.

And you'll make a statement
about Nishida's murder.


But think about it.

You used to be one of us.

You should know better.

Putting me away won't change -
- I don't care about that.

I despise you.

So, this is about the girl.

Actually, there was someone else
behind all of it.

I wasn't the ringleader.
- What?

The guy's a dirty old man.

He wanted Yuki so bad.
- Who is it?

He tried hard,
but she never gave in.

There's a fine line
between love and hate.

He used us to -
- Shut up.

You think I believe you?

You think I'm lying?

Here's another thing.

The murder of Nishida -

We did it for the same big shot.

You don't know the whole story.

Tell me. Give him up.

Let's go.

Just tell me.
Who is it?

Give him up.

Let's see. I don't recall his name.

Kill me if you want to.
- You.

Go to hell.

Mr. Karita.
Counselor Karita!

Mr. Karita!

Is that you, Terada?
What's going on?

- I want to see Mr. Karita.
- Calm down.

I need to see him.
I'll tell him everything I saw.

You will? That's great.
You've made the right decision.

Mr. Karita just went home.

I need to see him right now.

The Katsumatas may be on their way.

- Let's call him.
- Yeah, I'm on it.

- I'll try to calm him down.
- Thank you.

This way.

Are we really safe here?

Of course. Sit down.

You know where you are.

You don't have to worry, okay?

How about some -

I'll make some tea.

I don't want any tea.

Don't leave me alone.

You sound like a little boy
who's had a nightmare.

I'll be right back.

Thank you for coming back.



Here I am.

I've got something for you.

- Put him in a cell.
- Okay.

Oh, no. What happened?

Are you okay?


Who did this?


Boss, I was stupid.

I'm sorry.

Don't be a fool. Just stay with me.


Forgive me.

Of course.
I was the stupid one.

Hold me.


Come on. Makoto.


Just hold me.

Don't leave me alone.

No. I don't want to die.
- You're not dying.

I don't want to -

Makoto. Makoto!

This is what he does.

I'll testify.
I'll tell you everything.

If I had testified back then,

Makoto wouldn't have
had to die like this.






He's the rat.

He's been giving up information
using the deaf guy here.

But Takaishi is -

That's right.
You don't know what you're -

I just saw them communicating.

Keiko, take a look at these notes.

The deaf guy was on his way back
to Katsumata's office.

"Katsumata's office
is about to be searched.

Get out of there."

I get it.

You put Makoto in that room
and had him killed.

No. No.
I was just -

You were just what?

- Tachibana. Don't hurt him.
- He's not human.

He's not worthy of our mercy.

If we rough him up, he'll come clean.

He will.

What's this?

I'm an amateur radio operator.
It's a ham radio.

To hell with that.

Stop lying.

Please, tell the truth.

I am telling the truth, Tachibana.

I don't know who's on the other end.

I don't know his name.
I've never met him.

But every day at 9:00 p.m.,
he gives me orders.

What's your excuse for what happened
at Katsumata's today?

I'm so sorry,

but this has gotten out of my control.

I'm concerned for my own safety.


I want out.

I want to go home to my village
and work on a farm.

You're a bit of a coward, aren't you?

Call me whatever you want.
I'm quitting.

I want you to pay me.

How does 500,000 yen sound?

Well, well.
I didn't see this coming.

If you refuse -

I know.
What you've done for me is worth it.

Meet me at the Seibu landfill
in one hour.

I want to thank you in person.
You'll get your money then.

You see? Wasn't I right?

What's wrong?

Where are you going?

Uncle Mano.

Uncle Mano.


Miss Keiko.

What is it?

There you are.

Where did he go?
What time did he leave?

I'm not sure.

He just left a few minutes ago.
He said he'd be back soon.


- Takaishi?
- Yes.

- Thank you for your years of service.
- I'm sorry I have to quit.

It's okay.
I appreciate what you've done.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

There you go again.

You killed Takaishi.

Who the hell are you?

It's me. Tachibana.

You killed my girlfriend, Yuki.
That Tachibana.

Chairman of the council by day,
big mob boss by night.

You're good.

You fooled us all.

You fooled Nishida's daughter.
You fooled your own son.

Guess what.

You can't fool me.

You've deceived Keiko for all these years.
And your own son.

You killed Yuki.

My true love.

You don't want to do this.

Yes, I do.


Do you want to go back to jail?
Another crime on your record?

Shut up.

If I can get rid of scum like you,
I don't care.


You son of a bitch.

I'll kill you.

I'm gonna kill you, bastard!

Stop it. Please!

Don't do it.

I feel the same way,
but we can't do it.



Please help me.



For stopping me.

I can't control my anger.
- That's not true.

I can't do it.

I haven't changed at all.


If you don't help him now -

It glows in the light of the darkness

Ever so quietly

My only companion

My rusty jackknife

I came all the way

To cry for you

I always end up here

At the end of the road