Rusty Blade (2022) - full transcript

My master once said,

you can never put down
the sword that feeds you.

The way of the sword can
lead a man down a dark path

After all, the sword
and soul thirsts for blood

It's either kill or be killed.

Even if you become a master,

you will eventually be killed.

I don't believe in fate.

My master said,

fate is an illusion.

For nothing in this world
hasn't already happened before.

China’s ancient bounty
hunters—-Off-staff swordsman

without fixed salaries
employed by government

Gui Dao Lin!

I'm not in that line
of work anymore!

If they want to die, I'm
not going to stop them

but there's no reason
for us to kill each other!

You've murdered
countless people!

You can't escape the
blood debt owed this easily!

Ten against one!

What are you afraid of?

! Kill him!

I'll double the reward!


Let's observe for now.


If he escapes today,

he'll be back for revenge.

Individually, we
don't stand a chance.


Stay back!

I'll face him!

Useless! The bunch of you!

Go, cut the head off

and take it back to the
magistrate to collect the reward.

Many thanks Cai Bu Tou.

We might not have
escaped with our lives.

Good of you to know.

What about the ones that died?

Burry them.

In their eyes, our
lives are worthless.

Our payment better
not be in fabric again,

how are we meant to survive?

Let me talk to the magistrate.

It's about time we
changed the way we lived.

Coming from Yiwu,

I battled against pirates on
the coast in my early years.

After I was discharged, I
drifted from place to place.

I met my wife in the north west.

She is also a southerner.

I wanted to give up the
sword and lead a normal life.

But the way of the
sword is all I know.

I became a subordinate of the

magistrate but struggle
to make ends meet.

I often think of what
my master said-

"You can never put down
the sword that feeds you".

Brother Lin wields a long sword.

I also wield a long sword.

I hear he studied the sword
scriptures of Yu Da You.

But the scripture only
teaches cudgel techniques.

I also studied a sword
scripture and this

scripture taught only
the way of the sword.

He never speaks to
me about his martial arts.

Da Wei!

It's okay!

Who might this be?

This man said he is
here to deliver you silver.

Brother Lin! Your
reputation precedes you.

I'm just a nobody, where
might the reputation come from?

Tai Ping's first swordsman.

Nicknamed 'Monster Sword Lin'.

A terrible name, but
a fitting reputation.

don't turn around

I'm here to challenge you!

I don't accept, you can go.

Are you afraid? Or do
you find me unworthy?

I have a wife and daughter now.

Those fighting
days are behind me.

Stay for a meal if
you want to be friends.

If swords aredrawn,
I may not hold back.

You can tell everyone
you defeated me.

You don't accept?

Yet you still hold
on to your sword.

You're not fooling anyone.

You get quite a few
challengers don't you?

This is the only way I know
how to provide for my family.

A time will come when
I will burry this sword.

You won't fight for nothing,

I'll pay you silver.

I will wait for you at the
graveyard after midnight.

You will regret it
if you don't come.

Wan Yu!

I bought you make up.

The porridge is watery!

This is the last of the rice.

I will buy some more tomorrow.

They've stoped accepting fabric.
They only accept money from now.

I see...

How about...

we stopped eating rice from now?

I know the rice here
isn't as good as back

home but it's still
what you are used to.

Don't worry, I'll figure it out.

Is this a friendly fight
or do you want my neck?

Of course a friendly fight.

But who will believe me if I
don't show them your head?

Where's the silver?

I hear you studied the
scripture of Yu Da You.

I have too,

lets find out which one
of us is the real deal!

Real skill is within
me, come get a taste!


Let me tell you a secret.

Yu Da You's sword scriptures
is written for the cudgel.


How can a sword scripture
be written about the cudgel?

Yu Da You believed that
within a cudgel lays a sword.

He integrated sword techniques
with cudgel techniques.

It's a pity

I discovered it too late.

You have bested me, kill me.

Get out of here!

You're letting me go?

Don't regret it.

One day I'll come
back to kill you.

By then, I'll be gone.

As long as you hold
a sword, I'll find you.

When I first began my
training with the sword,

I always asked my master
"What's the next move?".

My master said

"You don't have to think about

what's next.It's all
a matter of timing".

After all these years,

I've no idea if I've made
the right or wrong decision.

I can smell medicine
and meat in this room

Have you been paid?

Don’t be misguided by Lu Qian

Don’t worry so much!

Us sword masters always
do things by the books

Since you became a
subordinate of the magistrate

the silver doesn’t always come

But no matter how hard life gets

never touch the silver
that doesn’t belong to us

After marrying you

I have become more cautious.

Every job i take

I’m afraid of not coming back

This is what drives my sword
to become faster and faster

Da Wei!

A Qiang!

Stop running!

Da Wei!

I know your wife is sick.

And you can't cook
so I've come to help.

How is everything?
Has Sister gotten better yet?


How are you feeling?


Are you okay?

I'm much better.

Here, I'll do it. Go rest.

You wouldn't know what to do,

here pass me the bowl.

I'm really envious
of your family.

It's time you
found another wife!

It's not so easy to find
someone like your wife!

Father, I'm hungry!

Me too, me too!

A Qiang! You must give the
meat to your little sister first!

Little sister, you eat.

There's plenty to go around.

A Qiang, you have to eat and

grow up strong to
protect little sister.

I'll protect everyone
when I grow up!

I've located Jin Man Tang.

The salt and iron
merchants of the

criminal syndicate
all pay homage to him.

These businesses were
all made illegal by the court.

That's where the
magistrate and Cai Bu

Tou received a hefty
amount of silver from.

I've got a plan to
replace Jin Man Tang.

Gao Meng and Li Fei will join.

Plus you that makes four.

You're the master of the blade,

we need your help.

Do you want to become
a constable or a thief?

Lowly subordinates like
us don't have anything.

We'll never become a constable.

If you don't go,

I won't force you.

If we fail,

Just look after my
son if I don't return.

we will be hunted and killed.

Your wife has enough
to see a doctor this time.

But what about next time?

If we suceed,

I'll help you to
become a constable.

It's still dark.

Where are you going?

To catch a criminal.

Everytime you go,

I get worried sick.

From the day you met me,

you knew this was who I am.

How long will you be gone?

I'll be back soon.

Why don't you do
something different?

Different trades
are world apart.

I'll go prepare your provisions.

Jin Man Tang's underlings
have been sent away.

When we arrive,

we'll wait till dark
and then strike!




You dare bite the
hand that feeds you!

There are rules
even among thieves!

We made a decision to do this.

There's no right or wrong.

Everything is right
when we succeed.

We leave his family alone.

We'll try our best
but it's kill or be killed.

try to

Gentlemen! We have
someone very dangerous inside,

I suggest you go somewhere else!

Who do you associate with?

My association is with
the highest authority.

I abide by the unwritten
rules of the trade.

It's not worth your trouble.

You must be kidding!

Salt and iron traders
have no authority!

It seems they have a death wish!

Let's make their wish come true!

My lady!


Jin Man Tang!

do you want your son?

Where's the gold?!

Tell me and I will
spare you and your son.



Remember this face when

you seek revenge
in the next life!

You've got the gold!

If you don't keep your word,

you're lower than rats!

Last night must've been
very dangerous right?


If you are tired, go rest.

I've been thinking
about what you said.

About what?

Let's go to Jiang Nan.

I'm giving up this
life of a swordsman.

Lord Cai!

Did you get rid of Jin Man Tang?



You've got balls.

Not a single piece of
your gold is missing.

Let me replace Jin Man Tang,

you won't regret it.

What is it that you want?

I want to become
an official constable!


I'll double Jin Man
Tang's monthly offering.

I will let you know.

Sir... There's one more thing.

What is it?

It won't be easy to
explain to the magistrate.

Someone will need to take the

fall for it to
convince everyone.

Let Dawei Lin take the blame

I"m taking Ping
Er out for a while.

Don't stay out too late.

Da Wei!

It's okay.
Don't be afraid.

Cai Bu Tou,

what do you think you're doing?

I think you know
what we're doing.

Arrest him!

Take him away!

Tell me! Tell me who
else you were working with!

hurry up

Tell me!


Come! Come inside!

Please sit!

Why did Da Wei get arrested?

I only just found out
about Brother Li's arrest!

Tell me what happened!

I've heard it's got to do
with some unexplained gold.

I don't know exactly

This time, I'm afraid
it's more fortunate.

I want to see him!

I'm afraid that's
going to be difficult.

I know you can make it happen!

That will depend on...

I'll make the arrangement.

I need you to kill someone.

I'm not cheap!

That's the reason
why I'm hiring you.

You better watch
yourself if you don't pay up.

I get it.

Money gets things done.

I packed you some water
and food for the journey...

I probably won't
ever make it back.

If you meet someone...
-I'll wait for you to come back!

Enough chit chat! Let's go!

Lord brother

Safe journey.

Da Wei!


Monster Sword Lin!

Someone has
hired me to kill you.

Get on with it.

What are you waiting for?

You don't even have a blade.

Where's the fun in that?

I promise, you'll
die by my hands!

On the path that I
chose, life can be fleeting.

Exile and death,

they are one and the same to me!

The day you hold a blade again,

is the day that I'll kill you.

You let me go before,

consider the debt re-paid. Go!

During my exile,

many changes
happened in Tai Ping.

Some people became the
most powerful swordsman.

From now on,
this is my territory!

Constable Lu won't let
you get away with this! Ah!

Some people entered
the salt and iron business;

some people came
back from the dead.


Some people, are
still waiting for me.

Ten years later

Huang Teng Da!

Enough with the bullshit.

How much is our salt worth?!

They've raised the
taxes again in this town!

Locals get 40/60 cut.

Outsiders get 30/70 cut!

What are you talking about?

Last time was 50/50!

Salt smuggling is illegal!

Constable Lu Qian
controls everything

so the magistrate
turns a blind eye.

If it's too little,

go find Constable Lu!

Any less, I'll kill you.

Feeling hungry.

Better quickly go home to eat.


Do you like it?

Oh? Brother!

That looks like Lu Qian's son.

The girl is pretty too!

Yeah, get him!

Beat him up!

Where are you running too?

Let go of me! Let go of me!!


I"ll kill him!


You can't beat him.

I'll make this simple and clear.

Those who want to
die, draw your blades.

Those who want to live,

get out of here.

Look who it is! Constable Lu!

Although you are
in the North West,

this area still falls within the
jurisdiction of the high court.

And so to fight me,

is to fight the high court.

You really think you have
the ability to defeat me?

Win or lose, it doesn't matter.

Once you draw your blade,

I'll catch you.

You don't think I will?

Will you?

There's really no need is there?

After all,
you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

We do all the labouring.

You make seventy percent profit!

Everything is a mess now!

It's time for a change!

Is it too much to ask you to

share an extra ten
percent with us?!

My shit can be
shared with you to eat.

To appease the people,

the Emporor released
all the prisoners.

Jin Man Tang is coming

and seeking revenge to
those that took away what's his!

Lets go!


Brother, shall I kill him
to make an example?

What's the rush?

He's a nobody.

Jin Man Tang is returning.

Let's wait.


Who is Jin Man Tang?

He's a sworn
enemy of your father.

Brother Lu!
We have enough food at home.

You don't need to send anymore.

Stop being so polite with me,

I'll do whatever I can to help.

Wan Yu! Your hands are so cold!

You don't need
to go on like this.

It's been ten years.

Is it worth it?

By the way,

the Emporer has
pardoned many prisoners.

If Lin Da Wei is still alive,

he should be returning home.

However I fear he
returns with his enemies.


Is Jin Man Tang
playing games with us?

Play us?

I'll skin him alive.

Who's there?!

Relax, there are many of you.

Jin Man Tang?

Qian Ren Zhan,

have you really killed
a thousand people?

No need for small talk.

Let's talk business.

Who do I need to kill?

And how do we split the salt
and iron business afterwards?

You're expertese is in killing,

mine is in trading.

There will be
enough to go around.

Kill these people for me.

Are they highly skilled?

If not, you don't need me.

Of course they're skilled.

He's called Lin Da Wei!


Lin Da Wei!

I made a vow,

if he doesn't
picked up the sword,

I won't kill him.


Spread the news!

If these people run away,

I'll destroy Tai Ping!

By doing this, they'll be ready.

That's how we
make it interesting.

When I drew closer
and closer to home,

I stopped thinking about the

past; about what
was right or wrong.

I only thought about one thing:

to finish my journey home.


Who are you?

Mother! There's another
homeless man here!

Coming dear!

Da Wei...

Put these clothes on.

Just stop it!

Mother and I have gotten by just

fine without you
these past ten years.

That's enough!

I'm just speaking the truth.

Now that I'm back,

my plan is to take
us all to Jiang Nan.

Go if you want.

I'm not going anywhere!

The people in Tai
Ping think you are dead.

But I know you're alive,

yet when I look at you,

you still feel like a stranger.

I understand.

Many things can
change in ten years.

Tell me! Why were you exiled?

Whose gold was that they found?

At that time,

all I wanted was for our
family to live a better life.

Who knew I would
fall into a trap.

No matter how
difficult life got,

you should never
do anything deceitful.

These past ten years,

do you know how we've survived?!

I'm so sorry...

Say something else!

I was exiled three
thousand miles away.

I'm no longer the
person I was before.

I put down the blade,

the person who I
was no longer exists.

Da Wei!

I never thought
you'd actually return!

These past ten yeras,

Tai Ping is doing okay?

All these years, it's only now

that Tai Ping is
developing better.

The situation is
becoming complicated.

Jin Man Tang is
coming back for revenge.

The emperor has
pardoned prisoners.

He is no longer wanted.

All those years ago, when
I stabbed him in the back,

such a pity,my blade
was one inch off.

Now it's come back to haunt us.

He says he's coming back
for double of what he has lost.

What we did back
then was atrocious.

I've decided to take my wife
and daughter away from here.

There's no where safe to go.

Where will you take them?

Who has taken over Jin
Man Tang's business?

I have.


There's no good or bad business.

I am a good person.

By taking over this business,
it has become good business.

No one dares to compete with me.

There is Qian Ren Zhan,

highly skilled in martial arts.

He often opposes me.

I've heard of him,

someone paid him
to assassinate me.


I've thought long
and hard about it.

Who wanted me dead?

Who do you think?

Who ever it was, I don't
want to know anymore.

I just want to live out
the rest of my days.

Remember, you owe me my gold.

Brother Li!
That goes without saying!

Who are you looking for?

Uncle Lin!

You are?

I'm Lu Qiang!

You've grown tall!

Father said,

ten years ago, you were the
top swordsman in Tai Ping!

Please, teach me!

Martial arts will only attract
the scourge of murder.

Once the blade is drawn,

it is difficult to control.

I just want to protect Lin Ping.

Alright, let me see
what you've got.


Attack with the blade
raised high to the sky.

Defend with the blade
lowered to the earth.

With every move,
ask yourself why?

You cannot afford
to make mistakes.

Who taught you?

My Father.

Does your father want
you to become a constable?

No, he wants me to do business.

Looks like he
really cares for you.

Come, again!

Do you know why I've returned?

The scar on my
chest still hurts.

Every debt must
be collected. Kill me,

let my family go.

You're already a dead man.

Dead men don't make requests.

Ten years ago, you
murdered my wife and son.

You stole my gold.

I wonder if I kill your family,

will your heart suffer?

If I die,

will you let them go?

Would you believe
me if I said yes?

Jin Man Tang is back!

Li Fei's family has
been murdered!

Should we escape?!

Where will you escape to?

We've spent ten years building
up to what we have today.

How many people have died?

How much gold have we spent?

Notify Lin Da Wei to
come collect his gold.

Jin Man Tang wants revenge?

He'll be the first to fight.

Brother Li, you
should see the notice.

The bodies of Li
Fei and his wife

are in boxes under
the notice too.

Ten years ago, you were the
first blade master of Tai Ping.

-I'm just an ordinary person.

I no longer live by the sword.

You've got your
share of the gold.

Yet you do nothing
to help the situation.

Do not forget, it was you who
murdered Jin Man Tang's wife.

And you murdered his son!

Oh? Was it?

If I hadn't stayed loyal,

you would all have
been exiled for ten years!

You have the ability
to fight the enemy,

yet you choose to run away.

Are you a coward?

You live your
life,and I live mine.

Wan Yu! What do you
think Brother Lin should do?

A real man will do what's right.

Do you know who
we will deal with?

Regardless of who it is,

you must face the
consequences of your actions.

You see! You see!

Even a women is braver than you.

We will discuss
countermeasures tomorrow.

Da Wei, we can't avoid this.

I remember the
first time I saw you.

You were waving your long sword

around and saved
me from the theives.

I'll remember that moment
for the rest of my life.

Flowers may rebirth.

But we only older.

As we grow old,

we need to do things
that is within our control.

You're afraid!

There is no victory with fear.

I cann't afford to lose,

there are no second chances.

I only want to spend what's

left of my life with
the both of you.

Did you really murder
Jin Man Tang's wife?

Things that
happened in the past,

should stay in the past.

I don't want my
husband to be a coward.

When I burried my blade,

I wanted to avoid trouble.

The blade is just a tool.

The curse of the blade
will be with us forever.

Lord Cai!

Will the magistrate be
willing to meet with me?

The magistrate has not received
any homage from you recently.

To be honest,

our recent orders have
been affected by Jin

Man Tang and Qian
Ren Zhan's interference.

They have killed quite
a few of our people.

If you're not fit for the job,

stop wasting everybodies time.

Sir! We are low on man power.

Qian Ren Zhan
is quite formidable.

Please, if Lord Cai can
give us more skilled men.

We're in this together!

Who said we're in this together.

You're nothing but
a lowly subordinant.


I'm the hand that feeds you!


There's no need to
be afraid everyone!

Jin Man Tang and Qian
Ren Zhan are not a problem.

No matter how
high their skills are,

they cannot be
higher than the sky.

No matter how
tough their leader is,

they cannot be
tougher than the earth.

We have Tai Ping's first
swordsman,Monster Blade Lin.

And I will be the leader!

We'll attack first instead of
waiting for them to come to us!

Heroes of Tai Ping,

it doesn't matter if you
are an outsider or a local,

I give you gold.

Join us, fight for a
worthy cause and get paid!


We'll go at midnight.

Thirsty yet?

Our own wine that we make here.

You wine smells like shit!

I can't stomach it.

That's okay.

You don't need
to drink this wine.

Where is Jin Man Tang?

Tell me, and I'll spare you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I"m here to steal the gold.

Stealing the gold?

You'll die for that too.

Thirsty yet?

Gao Meng!

Success or failure,it
depends on you. Be careful!

Don't worry, brother!


What's the situation?

Tian Yi Dao was a set up!

Go back and tell Lu Qian
and Lin Da Wei to wash

their necks clean for
me to cut their heads off!

When facing an opponent,

you must master what your
oppenent thinks you do not know!

Do not use
techniqes in which you

are not confident
against an enemy.

Hide your weakness
with your strengths!

This will be my last
time teaching you.

Your skills haven't
developed completely yet.

Be careful with who you face.

Let go of me!

They're all dead!

Lin Da Wei is next.

Come escape with me!

What are you doing!

They'll be coming for you to!

I've got gold and the
magistrate's protection,

we can survive!

Let go of me!

You go then!

let me go

what to do


What are you doing?!

You two get out of here.

You call yourself a fucking man?

If it weren't for me
these past ten years,

your wife and daughter would've
starved to death long ago!

Do you love Wan Yu?

With you, she'll never
have the life she deserves!

My exile, was it you?


Because of Wan Yu?


You piece of shit!

Wan Yu and Ping Er will only
be safe if they come with me.

You can take them away too,

but Jin Man Tang and
Qian Ren Zhan will find you.

Da Wei!

Let me take Wan Yu and
Ping Er out of town to safety

then I'll return with men!

Let him take Ping Er.

I will stay with you.
-Why are you staying?

I will wait for you at home.

We lived together,
we'll die together.

Ping Er and Lu
Qiang are young still,

they shouldn't have to
carry the debt you owe!

I want to stay!

I will fight beside Uncle Lin!

This fight is beyond you.

than force yourself

You only have one life.

Live your life and take
care of my daughter.

Once we arrive,

we will come back straight away!

Hyah! Hyah!


Let's go back and face Jin
Man Tang and Qian Ren Zhan!


Fine, then I'll go!

Master needs my help!



Come back this instance!


Please come back alive!

It seems the
unfinished business ten

yeras ago finally
will come to an end.

Gao Meng!

Take Ping Er and
get out of here.

I'm going to go save my son!


Why haven't you
gotten out of here?

Why bother! This is all I have.

I can only become
a begger if I leave.

Who knows where I'll die.
No more running!

Give me a jug of wine!

It's just you?

Just me!


Surrender now.


You murder my wife and son,

take my business and
you tell me to surrender?

Do you have no shame?

My life,

it's yours.

But leave the innocent alone.

There's no such
thing as innocence!

Everyone's a fucking accomplice!

If you cut your
hand off right now,

I'll leave Tai Ping alone!


Don't do it!

Lu Qiang!

You must be Jin Man Tang.

You want to destroy Tai Ping?

You'll have to go
through me first!

Who are you?

The constable's son!

Kill them all!

Why aren't you doing anything?

We have more men.

It just doesn't seem fair.

I'll wait a little bit longer.

I told you to wait
but you didn't listen.

Looking for death!

Mother fucker!
Stabbed in the same spot!

Father! Father!



It seems you haven't
improved these past ten years!

Don't think it'll
be easy for you.

Even though our
swords are different,

but we walk along the same path.

Is this all you've got?

Once again, you look down on me!

I knew you couldn't
burry your blade.

You forced my hand!

I should thank you.

I haven't let loose in a
fight like this in a long time!

Enough bullshit!

Let's fight.

Now I'm at the end of my road,

I remember again
what my master said-

'Fate is an illusion,
for nothing in this

world hasn't already
happened before.'

Da Wei,

come home.

Those sharp weapons are
instruments of evil omen,

and not the instruments
of the superior man, he

uses them only on the
compulsion of necessity,

calm and repose are what
he prizes—-Tao Teh Ching