Rustum (2019) - full transcript

ACP Abhishek Bhargav (SRK), in search of killers of his buddy DCP Bharath (Vivek Oberoi), comes from Patna to Bengaluru to uncover political links to an organ trade mafia.

Hello, sir.

Sir, I am Mahantesh.
Please be seated, sir.

How are you, sir?

All of them are my people, sir.
There's no problem whatsoever.

Please be seated.

What is all this?
- 'The guest is like God'.

This is how we provide hospitality
to all our guests.

My Boss has strict orders for me
that none of our guests should leave

and with an empty stomach.

First of all, tell me why
I am summoned here.

We came to know that
you are investigating a case

from your department people.

No one can do anything
without our knowledge, sir.

Sir, in Prestige Villa near Nandi Hills,
we have booked a villa.

A land of ten acres
near Magadi Road.

An imported Benz car,
2019 model. Brand new!

Some money for the expenses.
It is about 10 crores worth in total.

If you want to own all these

you should stop
your ongoing investigation

and handover the evidence and proof
you have collected so far to us, sir.

My father is Madhukar Deshpande,
a retired School Headmaster.

He receives a pension amount
of Rs. 20 thousand per month.

My wife is a bank employee who earns
a salary of Rs. 60 thousand per month.

The government pays me
Rs. 1 lakh as salary.

This is enough to live happily.

The evidence and proof I have
will reach where they are meant to.

Please excuse me, sir.

Tell me, sir.
- Did he accept our proposal?

No, sir. Not yet, despite giving
everything as we planned.

Give him another chance.
- Okay, sir. I will try.

Sir, my Boss has given you
another chance.

A bedbug can only bite,
not kill.

I am not a goat so that
you can lure me with some greens.

You should do
your duty honestly, sir

but not over your dead body.

It is wrong even to raise your voice
in front of an IAS Officer

and you are threatening to kill me!

The law won't spare you.

Reporting live from
Home Minister Durgaprasad's house.

On the occassion
of his son, Aditya's, birthday..

It has been 30 years since
I entered politics.

The common public and
the media has helped

me reach this stage
without any Godfather

so I would like
to thank one and all.

Sir, is it true that you are going
to be the next CM candidate? - No.

A person's image
should never overshadow his party.

I will abide
by the party seniors' decision.

I have invited you all here to introduce
you to our new youth president.

Sir, is it Arjun?
- No, my second son Aditya.

"To sell sugarcane juice,
I have come from Mandya.."

"To serve you,
I am waiting in a sari.."

"To sell sugarcane juice,
I have come from Mandya.."

"To serve you,
I am waiting in a sari.."

"Come on...come on, everyone.."

"Come on... come soon, everyone.."

"Come on...come on, everyone
who wants some juice.."

"Who prefer juice over drinks.."

"My name is Singaravva.."

"Come, let's dance
over a glass of juice.."

"My name is Singaravva.."

"Come, let's dance
over a glass of juice.."

"As soon as I come,
the street lamp switches on by itself.."

"Yes, it does.."

"As soon as my veil slips,
people start whistling.."

"Yes, they do.."

"Touch the feet whoever want to.."

"Offer devotive prayers
whoever want to.."

"Set the display pic
whoever has taken a selfie.."

"Advance bookers,
wait in the queue.."

"If I leave now,
you will have to wait for a year.."

"If you want to pick me,
you will have to get Mallya's flight.."

"Elders, younger ones, the ones sitting
and the ones standing, listen carefully.."

"My name is Singaravva.."

"Come, let's dance
over a glass of juice.."

"My name is Singaravva.."

"Come, let's dance
over a glass of juice.."

"One, two, three, four..
What next?"

"Yes, it continues.."

"Five, six, seven, eight,
the count continues.."

"Yes, it does.."

"Everyone playing hopscotch,
stand still.."

"Everyone who wants me,
sit together.."

"Everyone who wants to join my party,
hold my hand.."

"Everyone who has brought a gift,
stand first in the queue.."

"If I get lost in the dark,
it will be difficult to find me.."

"Then you will have
to rent moonlight to find me.."

"Everyone from the first visitors
to the last, listen carefully.."


"Let's dance.."


"Let's dance.."

Hello, sir.
Please find our son.

The department has
taken this case quite seriously.

It is on a search for him
day and night.

Have patience, no matter
who is behind the missing case

our department wouldn't spare them.

You be strong.

Sir, I can ask her to be strong

but how can I console the two lives
who are dependent on him?

Don't mind me asking

but is there a problem
in your son's personal life?

My son's personality is as clear
and transparent like crystal.

Do not blemish it.

That is not my intention.

Shedding tears and getting heartbroken
won't solve this problem.

Instead, if you can cooperate
with the investigation

it would be great.

Sir, tell me what cooperation
you are expecting from me.

If there are any government documents
or his official documents

please hand them over to me.

My son has never brought
his office files home.

Get me his personal
things like pen drive or

hard disk which he might
have used regularly.

It would help the investigation.

Sir, it's time for your meeting.
- Okay.

I have an important meeting to attend,
please come back next week.

Immediately, handover his pen drive
or hard disk if you find it.

Okay, sir.

Sir, please show
as much interest in my son

as his laptop.

Let's go, dear.

Breaking news that IAS officer,
Shubhkar Deshpande is missing.

Let's go live
to our reporter Mahesh.

Shubhkar Deshpande has been missing
for some days under strange circumstances.

A complaint has been
registered to the

Police Commissioner
regarding the same.

An IAS Officer going
missing is the

third instance in the
last six months.

Is it a coincidence or...

A politician or an industrialist
is involved in it is the public's question.

I don't think the police
would be of any help.


In office, did he..

What the heck are you saying
about our son?

How can you talk
about him like this?

Look how she left crying.

In her condition,
we should be her strength

not think and talk rubbish.

Sumitra, honest officers always face
problems in every step. Understand that.

Okay, but we did roam around
looking for our son, didn't we?

Tell me if any one person
come forward to help.

I have always believed
that truth always wins.

When someone is in trouble,
some force will definitely come for help.

What force is that?

Get out of my way, stupid!
- Oh, God!

Goddess Kannada, no matter
where one comes from

you proved that they should live here
with their heads bowed down symbolically.

I salute you, Goddess Kannada.
- Hello?

Oh, a ghost!
- I am not a ghost, I am a coolie.

Where is your item?
- You..

You are a Kannadiga, right?
- Yes.

Then ask it in Kannada.
- Where is your thing?

What the heck!
- Doesn't it sound bad?

So, I asked decently
where your item is.

This is my..

Hey, who the heck is that..
- Hey, you stand still.



Wi-Fi? - Give me your item.
- What is he looking for?

He has lost his thing. - Why look for it,
just feel it with your hands.

Hey, are you talking about luggage?
- Yes, exactly.

Yes, come on.

Wow! Wonderful!
- Abhi, look for a coolie please.

Yes. - You pay for the gym to exercise,
can't you workout here?

Everyone can carry a bag each.
Am I right, Abhi? - Yes, my mother.

Ammu, let's go.
- Let's go.

Where did my Wi-Fi go?
Wi-Fi! Wi-Fi!

Hello! Are you selling Wi-Fi
or looking for it?

I am looking for my Wi-Fi!
Did you see my

Wi-Fi around, sir?
- How can one see a Wi-Fi?

Don't get confused, sir.
She is my wife. - Oh!

She is the one.

She is from a Hi-Fi background,
so I call her Wi-Fi!

She was connected all night, but now there
was a network jam, so she got disconnected.

If she is Hi-Fi, how can you
find her in a 3-tier AC?

Go look for her in first class.
- Shut up!

Sir, if my Wi-Fi gets connected to your
network, please make one Jio free call.

I will come running
to get her. - Okay, okay.

My phone number is.. - Tell me.
- 9000420420 is your number, right?

How did you come to know, baby? - Everyone
was talking about your number all night.

Sir, give me a call.
I will come back. - Hello, come here.

Can I give you a suggestion
if you don't mind? - Sure, sir.

You should set a
password to every Wi-Fi,

otherwise others will get connected.
- Yes, sir.

Be careful.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, my sunglasses.
- Oh, I was just trying.

Thank you, sir.

He returned my sunglasses,
but he said something weird.

Forget it.

Take my bag, dear.

How is it?
- Nice!

Anju, isn't the house nice?
- It's beautiful!

Oh, as if it is
some Ambani's house.

Get up, naughty. We should unpack
the luggage. - Would you make me work?

Be careful, the police will arrest you
on child labour charges. - Oh, God!

You are crossing your limits.
- Okay, Anju.

You get settled, I'll get
something to eat for us.

Come, let's go upstairs.


Abhi, this is too much.
- That's how love should be.

Your hands are too fidgety,
take them off. - Ask my hands then.

Now, will you let me work or not?

I am not disturbing your work,
but your cute face is.

This cute face makes want to
propose to you again.

Then we should join college again.
- If you are ready, I don't mind.

I am craving for that feel again.
- Of course, you are.

But you are always
busy with your work.

- Anju, you are an
inspiration for my work too.

Your smile is my energy.

If you are with me,
I can win the whole world.

Abhi, get up.
I am getting late for school.

It's my interview today.

We are getting late,
can't you wake up?

Sleep for five minutes, dear.

- Idiot, you get ready first.
He'll get ready too.

Teeth always support tongue,
not the nose. - What are you murmuring?

Nothing, Mom. The understanding
between you both is superb! - Thank you.

Darling! - Wake up, Abhi.
She has an interview in school today.

Also, we have to get the
service exam details

for Ammu.
- But.. Oh, yes! I forgot.

God knows how to make you
and your daughter understand things!

We will understand if you say it nicely.
- Oh, really? How? Like this?

- No, like this.

I am sorry, I am sorry.
- Nothing, come in.

Shall I go get the exam details?

Anju will come with you, don't go alone.
- Yes, I will come. - Okay, Brother.

Do well in your interview.
- Bye, Mom. Take care.

You are the naughty one,
you be careful. Okay? - Got it?

- Bye, Abhi.

Abhi, have you made sure
the school is a good one?

Mom, it's one of the best schools
in the city.

I don't want one of the best schools,
I want the best school.

Once you join, it will become the best.
Come on now. - You understand me so well.


Where to, sir? - Rajajinagar.
- No, sir. I won't come.

Sir, where are you going?
- To Rajajinagar.

I am going that way too.
Come, I will drop you there.

And you are?
- Your neighbour.

Oh, the new occupants?
- Yes, sir. Come on.

No problem, I'll hire an auto.

- Grandpa, Abhi won't carry
you on his shoulders.

Come on, hop on soon.
- Please come, sir.

See you.
- Okay. - Bye, Grandpa.

Is the advocate available?
- Yes, he is.

Abhi, the teacher who
interviewed me wasn't

so intelligent, was she?
- Why do you ask?

She asks me to score
more than 90%, does

she have the knack
to teach me so well?

I beg of you, zip your lips.

We are the ones who pay the fees,
so we should interview them.

Once you study well and become an officer,
you can conduct the interviews.

Abhi, ice-cream.

Mom, I will buy you an
ice-cream, you will

catch cold and your
mom will scold me.

Is this all necessary?
- Your fear for mom

is more prominent than
your love for me.

I can never argue with you.

Which flavour ice-creams
do you have?

Do you have a twin brother?
- No, I don't.

Wi-Fi Uncle! - Oh, yes!
- Thankfully, at least you recognised me.

Baby, which flavour ice-cream
do you want? - Butterscotch.

- Okay.

Anyway, why did you join ice-cream
business all of a sudden?

My Wi-Fi doesn't like cheap items,
but loves licking ice-creams.

I am hoping to find her
while selling ice-creams. - Here you go.

So, you didn't find your Wi-Fi?
- It's my tragic story, sir.

I am just a basic model, she might have
got connected to a smartphone model.

I tried looking for her in rich

people's areas like

and Dollars Colony, but in vain.

I even looked for her in UB City
hoping she would come to party there

but I didn't find her,
I found my doctor though.

Which doctor?
- Dr. Mallya.

Did he return from London?
- I don't know, sir.

My Wi-Fi is somewhere
around, but not

getting connected.
- Forget it, let's go.

Did he leave already?

Sir, won't you give me
any advice today?

I thought to, but then you would feel bad.
- No way, sir. Please.

If it is not getting
connected in spite of trying

so much, there must be a
problem in your device.

Give it for servicing.
- Okay, sir.

Thankfully, no one saw it.
Ice-candies! Ice-candies!

Here, have some water.

What happened? Who fell down?
- Don't know, he felt dizzy.

Sir, what happened?
- I just felt dizzy.

Are you feeling better?
- Yes, I am okay.

Should I take you to the hospital?
- No, I am fine.

Come with me, sir.

Get up slowly, sir.

Bye, Grandpa.
- Thanks a lot.

Mom has already returned, you get in.
I'll be right back. - Okay. Mom!

Sir, is everything fine?

I am quite old,
so it's just tiredness.

It's natural, but you
look like you are

in some kind of stress.
Share it with me.

No problem if you don't want to share it
with me, sir. I am sorry.

A moment.

What was his mistake?

He is a public servant,
he did what was expected of him.

Is that his mistake?

I am an ordinary school teacher.

I have educated
hundereds of people.

I worked so hard
to get him educated.

He studied hard
and got through IAS exams.

He worked efficiently
everywhere he was transferred.

People loved him so much,
but what did it get him?

Influential people got him
transferred to different places.

He worked honestly
in every department he was sent to.

Finally, he came to health department.
He worked honestly there.

He got married last year
since we forced him to.

Everything was going good till last Monday
when he went to office as usual

but he hasn't returned yet.

We looked for him everywhere,
made so many calls, but all in vain.

The police received a missing complaint,
but did nothing about it.

Didn't the media do anything?

Well, what they did was
made it a breaking

news for a couple of days.
That's it.

All the media wants is
breaking news.

But if a movie actress
gets married, her

wedding will be telecasted
live the whole day.

But officers and army sacrifices
are trivial matters for them.

She waits all day long
for her husband.

She tries calling him
every half an hour.

My son is an IAS Officer, but what has
the government done for him?


I know that it is of no use.
The whole system is corrupt here.

Nothing is possible here.

Don't think you are alone.
You have been meted out injustice.

I will do what I can
to get you justice.

Be strong, ma'am.

See you, sir.

Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir.

Hello, sir.
- Thank you.

Goa State Government and our NGO
would like to honour you.

Please attend the function
without fail, sir.

You want to honour
me out of love, so

definitely I will come.
- Thank you, sir.

Bye, sir.

Good afternoon, sir!

What did you do about
Shubhkar's case?

- Oh! He is no more to do
anything about it, sir.

His father is an old
man, his visits to the

police station is not
going to help him, sir.

I have built this empire stepping
on many dead bodies.

I cannot neglect only because
it is a small spark of fire.

It can destroy the entire forest.

Did you come to know what documents
and reports was Shubhkar talking about?

Not yet, sir. But you don't
worry about it whatsoever.

I will look into it.
- Okay, go now. - Thank you, sir.


If you do it on your own, it's best.
If you let your son do it, it's good.

But if you let your servant
do it, he'll ruin it.

Do you know who the
servant here is?

The commissioner, sir?

Good! Send our men
and get the file. - Okay, sir.


Dear! - Close the door.
- What happened?

What happened, dear?

Oh, God!
Why are you sweating so much?

You are exhausted.

You are injured, did you fall somewhere?
Did you get hurt?

Wait, I will get you some water.
Oh, God!

Here, have some water first.

Oh, God!
You are sweating profusely!

Tell me what happened.

How much are the carrots for..

Rs. 300!
Rs. 300 per kilogram!

Yes, sir?
- Green peas, please.

Teacher, how long would
you have green peas?

You should have only mutton
and chicken hereon.

Because no one would sell
any vegetables to you.

You are a teacher, aren't you?

If you don't understand the lesson,
I will have to teach you in my own style.

Once you reach home,
find the evidence for us.

Evidence? - Drama Teacher! It was just
milk now, in the evening it will be blood.

We will be there in half an hour,
find the evidence for us.

Who are these people?
What are they even saying?

What evidence are they talking about?
Where should we get it from?

Hard disk, pen drive..

Moreover, he hasn't come home.
These people are demanding strange things.

I am afraid.

Calm down.
He would be fine.

I have a severe headache.
- Calm down, I will get you some coffee.

I will get you some coffee.

Oh, God!

Oh, God! What happened, dear?
Why did you fall down? - What happened?

Please get some water.
- Yes, right away.

What happened, dear?
- Just felt dizzy. - Oh, I see.

Here, have some water.
- Drink it.

Don't go anywhere.
Don't open the door.


Please don't..

Oh, God!

Sir, what's wrong?
I heard some noise..

- Actually, she felt dizzy.

What happened, ma'am?

- She hasn't eaten proper
food for two days, so..

I can understand your situation

but isn't it wrong
to punish your unborn child?

Your child is your
husband's image, it's

your responsibility to
take good care of it.

Have something and take rest.
Take her along, ma'am. - Yes.

Get up slowly, dear.

Everything will be fine.


Why do you look afraid, sir?

Don't think too much, everything
will be fine. Please sit.

Hey, let's come back later.
- Okay, come on.

- The missing IAS Officer's dad Deshpande

is trying to pressurise
me every way possible

with someone's help
to get the case reopened.

Damn it! - What's the problem
that you are so restless?

I have to contact sir immediately,
but he is not receiving the call.

Mostly, he is in the award function.
- There's time for it to get started

but even the award company people
are not responding.

His image is at risk.

Whose image?
- Sir's.

What do you mean?

- Yes, sir. Shubhkar case
is getting reopened.

Deshpande is pressurising the department
to get the case re-investigated.

Do you think that old man
can do that?

That old man's neighbour
is supporting him, sir.

Don't call dad for such trivial matter,
I will handle it.

I am so hungry.

What would you like to have?
- Abhi, I want some popcorn!

Brother, there he is.

Who are the rest?
- His wife, sister and daughter.

Get his sister.

I want to go to the loo.
- I will take her, you be here.

How much?
- Rs. 80, sir.

Let me go!

Who are you?



Let me go!



Let me go!


Yes, your case?

Sir, my sister has
been kidnapped.

- Get the complaint
registered with the writer.

Sir, please come with me.
I will give you all the details on the way.

I said, get the complaint
registered first.

Sir, please register a complaint.
- Give me the details.

My name is Abhi, when I went
to a shopping mall with my family

some goons kidnapped my sister.

In which vehicle?
- White Fortuner, sir.

Did you note down the
vehicle registration

- I did, sir. KA-05 M 5656.

Say it again.
- KA-05 M 5656.

Where did this happen?
- Sigma mall, sir.

This doesn't fall
under our station limit.

So what, sir?
You can file a zero FIR and take an action.

We know what our duty is,
you don't have to tell us that.

Station limit is important for us,
you stay in your limits.

Do you even know on whom
you are registering a complaint on?

Sir, but..
- Stop talking and get going!

Get lost!

Sir, my sister has been kidnapped
in a White Fortuner vehicle.

The registration number is
KA-05 M 5656.

They all looked like goons,
please help me before a mishap happens.

Did you notice her being kidnapped
or your sister went with them willingly?

Your sister's boyfriend must be there,
so she must have eloped with him.

What the heck!
I have seen it with my own two eyes.

Vasanthnagar Police says that
the case doesn't fall under their limits

and here you are talking nonsense.

Sir, tell me if you can or cannot do it.
If not, I will approach the Commissioner.

What's that nuisance in the station?
Why are you shouting?

My name is Abhishek, I came to register
a complaint about my sister's kidnap

but he is talking nonsense.
- Shut the heck up!

Anil, you shut the heck up.

Now, you tell me.

Did you see where this
happened and who did it?

Anil, check the car details. - Sir, that
is Home Minister's son, Arjun's car.

Great! Now, you will register a complaint
and we will fulfil our duty heroically

but tomorrow you will come to withdraw the
complaint fearing the influential people.

Hence, our time, government fund,
pen and paper will go waste.

You should have the guts to face
the consequences of a complaint registered.

Do you have the guts?

I will handle the rest. - I don't care if
he is a Home Minister's son or the CM's son

my sister is my priority, sir.

Are you sure?

- I am ready for the
consequences, sir.

Excuse me! Where is Arjun?
- Sir, he is in a meeting right now.

a meeting is going on inside.

Please wait for ten minutes.

Brother, the police is meant to wait
for the law, not the criminals.

Forgive me, everyone.
Hello to everyone.

Sorry for the disturbance, but I need
to talk to Mr. Arjun for a while.

What is this nonsense?
There's an important meeting going on.

How can you barge in like this?

Wait in the reception.

Listen, Brother. I haven't
come for a blood test

or a urine test that I
wait in the reception.

I have come to enquire you.

And the reason is?
- KA-05 M 5656 Fortuner!

Isn't this your car registration number?
- Yes, so what?

He has filed a complaint
that his sister has

been kidnapped in that vehicle.
- Kidnap?

Call Adi.

Not reachable, sir.

My younger brother, Adi,
is using that car.

As soon as the phone connects,
I will call you.

You can leave now.
- Spare your orders for your people.

If the elder brother is
asked to wait in the

station, the younger
one will come running.

Hey, are you trying to be arrogant?

I am so influential that forget me,
you can't even arrest my security guard.

How dare you challenge me!

If I can, I would drag you
on the streets to the station.

How dare you!

Bloody rascal! You have messed with fire,
not just any policeman! Come on.

Officer, you are doing
a bloody biggest mistake.

Why do I care who you are?

Everyone is one and the same
in front of the law.

Malleswaram Sub-Inspector Kiran Kumar..
- Home Minister Durgaprasad's son..

Arjun has been arrested..
- Watch the visuals here.

Excuse me, sir.
Please watch the TV.

Arjun Prasad has been arrested.
What are the charges?

Why has he been arrested?

We will provide a detailed report on that
after a short break. - Damn it!

- What the heck is this?

Give me some time, sir.
Your son will be released.

If he gets released,
will my honour and

respect that I have
lost would be restored?

Sir, you rest assured.
I will look into it.

Sir? - Cancel all my appointments
and book me a flight ticket to Bengaluru.

Okay, sir.

Sir, only one question?
- Sir, please..

Who the heck is
the station in-charge here? - Sir!

Don't you know that
you should inform the

seniors before handling
such sensitive cases?

Sir, a girl has been
kidnapped in his car.

When I went to enquire about it,
this scoundrel raised his hand on me.

If you raise your hand on his prestige,
wouldn't he react?

Apologise to him and release him.

Sir, instead of appreciating the sincerity
you are asking him to release the criminal.

Who are you? - Sir, he is the one
who complained about the kidnapped girl.

Hey, who do you think he is?

He is the propreitor of
Arjun Group of Companies.

He is one of the
business tycoons.

Forget him, can't you understand

that he is the son of our department head
Home Minister Durga Prasad's son?

Does the law says that
we shouldn't complain

if a Home Minister's
son commits a mistake?

Hello! I don't have to explain
all that to you.

Kiran Kumar, release him.

Sir, the FIR is registered.
- Shut up, Kiran Kumar!

The car belongs to Arjun, but he has filed
a missing complaint on the car a week ago.

Sir, my sister was
kidnapped in the same car.

I have seen it with
my own two eyes.

Isn't it your duty to take an action
on the FIR registered, sir?

I don't have to learn
how to do my duty from you.

Once I find out who the real criminal is,
I will arrest him and lock him up.

So, it has been proven that law is
not reachable to the common people.

These colourful words sound good

but if you say one more word,
I will have to arrest you too.

Your irresponsibility is
the reason for all this mess.

You are suspended!

Sorry, Mr. Arjun.
It is our mistake, I am extremely sorry.

Mr. Bhairappa?
- Yes, sir.

Take the one who has filed an FIR on Arjun
in custody and enquire him. - Okay, sir.

Arjun sir..
- Arjun sir, why were you arrested?

- Please answer
only one question.

Arjun sir..
- Sir..

I am sorry, Mr. Abhishek.
The system won't allow us to work honestly.

It is full of such influential politicians
and corrupt officers.

It is better to sell vegetables
than working under the likes of them.

I am sorry, Mr. Abhishek.

Sir, you have released the Home Minister's
son Arjun within two hours of his arrest.

What's the reason, sir?
- Just a minute.

The real fact is that Arjun's
car has been missing

for a week and he had
filed a complaint too

but my officer has made a mistake
by arresting him without a proper enquiry.

Sir, have you got any clue yet about the
missing car being used to kidnap the girl?

we are investigating about that.

The enquiry is underway
to see if the complainant

and the kidnappers are
connected in any way.


Sit over there!

A new twist to the Home Minister's
son Arjun's arrest.

The police is enquiring
the complainant.

Sir, everything is clear here.
I have

suspended the Inspector
who arrested Arjun.

Would suspending him restore
our lost respect and honour?

How dare he touch
the Home Minister's son!

The complainant should know
who I am and what I am capable of.

Go outside.

Good morning, sir.
- Some of my men are coming to the jail.

Make all arrangements they need.
- Okay, sir.

There's a call for you.

Tell me, sir.
What makes you remember me?

Bunty, there's a prey for you.
He is in jail.

What do I have to do, sir?
- What does a tiger do to a goat?

I got it, sir.
It will be done.

Hey, get the heck out of here.

Uncover his face.

Everybody run!

Sir, please get me released.
Please, I have to go.

Cool, Bunty!
What's wrong with you?

He will kill me, sir!

What the heck!
Who can hunt a tiger?

Stop this tiger nonsense, sir!

I am just a street dog
in front of him!

His name alone is enough to send
shivers down the spine!

I am hiding in this jail
only to be safe from him!

He is the lion of Bihar!

He is the "Rustum"
of the police department!

Okay, copy.

Put the barricades
and block the road.

The police has put the barricades.

The police mean nothing.
Don't worry, crash into them.

Come on, crash into them!

Crash those rascals!

I don't think they'll give up.

Look over there,
there's another policeman!

Crash into him too.
Come on!

Crash into him!

Police, you can do nothing.

You can keep me in the jail only
for four days, then I will be free.

I will see what you can do.

Come on, arrest us.
- Arrest?

To me, arrest is like an allery
and encounter is energy! - No, sir..

What does he think of himself?

The word arrest is
not in his dictionary.

He shoots anyone he catches.

Everyone he shoots is
either a criminal or outlaw.

But that doesn't mean
he keeps shooting everyone.

The Human Rights people are filing
complaints against him everyday.

What can we answer them?

Thanks to whatever he is doing,
the goons have become scaredy-cats.

He is being a hero gradually.

He is known as a "Rustum"
in the department.

Sir, Abhishek sir is here.
- Send him in.

Jai Hind, sir.

Is there another complaint
against me, sir?

The Human Rights people
will obviously complain

if you keep carrying
out series encounters.

At least, there should be some difference
between the police and the goons.

Of course, sir.
Every goon is afraid of me

but I am not afraid of anyone.

I haven't shot
any innocent or a policeman

but only goons.

Where there are criminals,
there is Abhi

and that is the rule I live with.

I hope you all got my point.

Jai Hind, sir!

Sir, if you leave him free,
who is going to control him?

I have transferred him to a place
where we can keep him under control.

Where, sir?
- Patna city.

Hi, pal!

How did you like this place?

It's the dead end
on all four sides.

Like every criminal's journey
ends at a dead end.

I don't like violence,
so surrender yourselves.

Arrest everyone.
- Okay, sir.

Arrest him.
- Come on.

Take him in.
- Arrest everyone of them.

No use arresting them, sir.

If you say yes, I will shoot them
right here. - No, Yadav.

Encounter is not a solution
to every crime.

Sir, they are dangerous criminals.

All they can take to their head
is a bullet and nothing else. - No.

Yadav, no matter
how the criminal is

we should give him at least
one chance to change himself.

We have been given revolvers
to protect the law

not to break it.


Jai Hind, sir!

Jai Hind!
Chulbul, what's up?

I am doing great, sir.
Meet the new officer...Mac..

What? Mac?
- No, sir. It's Makhan Pandey.

Oh, Makhi!
Makhi is my name, killing is my fame.

But don't kill houseflies..


Hello, sir.

Hey, Shivu!
What brings you here?

I am where you are, sir.
- Stop flattering me.

Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind!

The Officer is calling you up there.
- Don't send me up there so soon.

I have to send many people
up there before I die.

What do you say, Shivu?
- Yes, sir.

May I come in, sir?
- Yes.

Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind!

Sit down.
- Thank you.

So, are you reporting today?
- Yes, sir.

So, what do I call you as?

Abhishek or Rustum?

The name is not as important
as the people's love behind a name.


Are you spreading love
or fear?

I am helpless, sir.
Because this is Bihar

where 'Gandhigiri' is overshadowed
by hooliganism. - So?

Will you kill everyone
in an encounter?

Are you "Ab Tak Chhappan"?
- I only stay in the north, sir

but I am still a southerner by heart.
I have crossed a century.

So, are you a "Century Star"?
- If people call

it with love and pride,
I accept the name.

I agree you are doing a good job,
but your methods are bad.

That's how my way is, sir.

There is something called
rules too, Officer.

Rules and regulations are good
only for school children, sir.

Not for the bloody criminals.

- One.

In the last six years,
this is your ninth transfer.

Medals and promotions make you happy,
but transfers make me happy.

But the department
is not happy with you.

Wherever you go, you increase
the heart rate of the criminals.

But crime rate is decreasing, sir.

You better be
under control here, Officer.

I am your higher officer,
remeber that.

You are a DCP,
so you are decent and silent.

But you are indecent
and violent, aren't you?

That is only for criminals, sir.

Because that is the only
language they understand.

This is my office,
your ways don't work here.

Only my way works here.

You better know that
you are working under me.

No, sir.
We both are working under law.

You have not changed a bit.

We shouldn't, Bharat.
Neither in friendship nor in work.

Even you behaved strictly with me,
but you couldn't hide that smile.


Come on, let's have food at home.
- Yes.

Oh, home!
If I don't go now, I will be doomed.



- Hi!

How's your mom's
condition right now?

- Like thunder, lightning
and storm put together.

So, she is furious at me?
- Of course, she is.

You just went to office.

Neither the luggage is unpacked
nor have we eaten anything.

So, it is a strike situation?
- Not just strike, surgical strike.

Surgical.. - Go apologise to her
without arguing with her.

Why should I apologise?

Just watch.
- Get me down first!


When I am here in flesh and blood,
what are you doing with my photo?

The photo is way better than you.

It looks at me with love.

It does, but it doesn't
actually love you.

Don't come too close,
maintain distance.

Why are you still angry
when I am here?

You said you would be back
in a jiffy, are you?

It has been four hours.

Do you even care about
your wife and daughter?

Okay, I am sorry.

Let's go outside for lunch.
Okay? - I don't want to.

Go finish your work
if anything is left.

I said, I am sorry.
What more do you want me to do?

That's the nature of my work.
I am just a little bit late.

Now, do you want me
to fold hands or fall

at your feet and beg
for an apology?

Okay, fall at my feet
and beg for an apology. - What?

I said, fall at my feet
and beg for an apology. - Really?

Fall at her feet,
otherwise she won't calm down.

Anju, actually it's not
good for a wife...I

mean a husband to fall
at her wife's feet.

That's not true.

In Bhagyavantaru movie, Annavru
has touched his wife's feet.

Why? Why did your Annavru do
something like that? - Abhi, I am serious.

Okay, I am serious too.
Should I fall at your feet?

Fall at my feet
and beg for an apology.

Till then, I won't calm down.
- Okay, darling.

Only for you
and only for you to calm down

Abhishek, IPS Officer

will fall at your feet
and beg for an apology.

Oh, God!
I am sorry! - Abhi!

I know that you won't
let me fall at your feet.

Now, the duet song.
- Okay, baby!

"You are my police baby.."

"I am your naughty baby.."

"You are my police baby.."

"I am your naughty baby.."

"I will give you kisses in a cage,
don't miss them.."

"I am your prince,
don't be upset with me.."

"You are my love minister.."

"You are my heart minister.."

"You are my one
and only home minister.."

"You are my police baby.."
"Baby, baby, baby, baby.."

"I am your naughty baby.."
"Baby, baby, baby, baby.."

"Come on, darling..
Touch your cheeks with mine.."

"We are trending,
lock your lips with mine.."

"Is it, darling?
Look at the moon in the sky.."

"Prepare for love shopping.."

"Let's turn the data on
and watch YouTube.."

"Let's love in 4G speed.."

"Baby, baby, police baby.."

"You are my police baby.."
"Baby, baby, baby, baby.."

"I am your naughty baby.."
"Baby, baby, baby, baby.."

"My Barbie doll is a sureshot
Kannada medium girl.."

"In the cycle gap,
she taught me a poem.."

"You are a warrior,
awesome in wrestling.."

"Let's build a kingdom
while kissing.."

"In a cold place, let's sweat.."

"In zero degrees,
let's become hot.."

"Baby, baby, police baby.."

"You are my police, baby.."

It's very hot in summers,
please let's not go there.


None of you should plan the trip.
- Why so, baby?

Rachana, we wanted to plan a trip
but this ACP and DCP..

Do you know what their plan is?
- Hey, wait. Let me guess.

Wagah Border or Dehradun Army Camp?
- Yes, exactly!

They'll shed their police mentality.
- It's okay, what does your mom say?

Anju is one boring girl.

She wants to go to Ooty or Taj Mahal.
- Naughty! Where do you want to go?

Even I don't know, but it should
be adventerous.. - Adventerous!

Shall we go
on a foregin trip?

Bharat, when is Ammu coming?
I miss her great ideas.

Here she is.

Hi, Brother!
- Hi! Perfect call time!

What's the specialty?
- When someone is bored of his nagging wife

a best friend gives great happiness.
Look here.

Hi, Ammu!
- Hi!

How are you?
- Hi, Ammu! - Hi!

How is your preparation going on?
- Superb!

How are your boyfriends?

Ammu, we are missing you so much.
- Yes, Ammu.

Even I feel like being there with you
when I see you all together.

Poor girl! - Come on,
let's plan a foreign trip.

Definitely! Another 15 days
and I will be there. - Okay.

Okay, bye! -Bye!
- Love you!

- Hello.

Hello, sir.

Hello! What's the case?
- His name is Aslam Pasha, sir.

He is a retired Head Constable,
he has come to meet you.

Yes, what's the problem? - My granddaughter
hasn't returned home since yesterday.

What's her name?
- Shaheeda, sir.

Did you enquire at her school?
- Yes, sir.

They are saying that she left
at four last evening.

By any chance, did she go
to a friend's or a relatives's house?

She is nowhere, sir.
She doesn't go anywhere without informing.

Everyone at home is worried, sir.
- Have you brought her photograph?

Please find my granddaughter, sir.


Circulate this photo to all the stations.
- Okay, sir.

Alert at all the crowded
places like bus stand,

raiway station, police station.
- Okay, sir.

Get the Principal.
- Okay, sir.

The Inspector has come to see you.

- Hello.

Do you know this girl?
- She is our school student, sir.

Who drops her home?
- Mishra does.

Is he a driver?
- Yes, sir. - Call him.

Sir? - He is Mishra.
- Hello, sir. - Hello.

Sir, I stop the bus here and
the kid goes home by this route.

That's her house.

Okay, sir.

- Play it.

Rewind it.


It's a well-planned kidnap.
- Yes, sir.

The number plate is not visible,
they have covered their face too.

He threw it with his left hand.

Is there a criminal
who is a left-hander?

Sir, he is a left-hander. His
personality looks like Siddiqui's.


Where can I find him?
- The highway dhaba is his permanent den.

Sir, I don't think
he will come today.

Let's wait for some time.
- Okay, sir.

Why do you worry?
I assure you.

We must teach him a lesson.

Sir, there are two more accomplices
along with him.

Chotu, three teas.
- Okay, Brother. Three teas for brother.

Sir, shall we attack them?
- No.

Just be alert

and wait for my orders.

It's Shankar Brother's phone.
- What is it?

Yes, Brother?
- Chotu, is the work done?

We are at Radheshyam Restaurant.
- How long will you take?

We will be there in five minutes.
- Okay, come quickly.

Okay, Brother.

Brother, ball!

Chotu, collect the money.
- Attack!


Tell me where the kid is.

I have more bullets
than questions.

Will you tell me
or should I shoot you here?

Our work is only to kidnap children, sir.
I don't know anything more than this.

Who is behind this?
- Bunty Yadav, sir.

Bunty Yadav!

Move, come on.
- No.. - Shut up!

Shut up and move.

Come on, shut up!

Slap him tightly.
- Come on, take them away.

Here's your money.

Who the heck are you?
- Your death! Police!


Look around you.
You will wet your pants in fear.

Hey, I am the definition of fear.

The pants will be wet,
front and back.

Hey, cut him into pieces.

How dare you sell children!

Sir.. Please..
- Sir, please forgive us.

Sir, we will not repeat this mistake.
- Sir, please don't kill me.

Kids, you haven't
understood my character yet.

I am allergic towards arrests.
But, encounters give me energy!

Hey, Abhi!

Stop it, what are you doing?
- Can't you see?

Clean India Movement!
I am cleaning the dirt.

These dirty scoundrels
do not deserve to live.

Hey, don't shoot.

Sir, I came to save one
child, but he is sending

children in groups
to different states.

As if he is some distributor!

Killing such people
would save many families.

The court will decide
what punishment he deserves.

Not everyone will understand
Bhagavadgita lessons, sir.

Some need to be taught
in Bhagat Singh's way.

Draw and win right here!
- No!

We should just make
sure that a crime is

punished, not punish
them personally.

Such people won't
get punished, sir.

A wolf will be there somewhere
to save such dogs. Damn it!

I have never waited for so long
in my entire encounter history.

Give me two seconds, sir.
I will shoot him..

What the hell is this?
- I can't help it, sir.

This is not the right way, Abhi.
- Okay.

I am sparing him only
out of respect towards you.

You dog, listen to me.

If you ever show yourself to me again,
I will shoot you right there. Get lost!

Move, rascal!
Take him away.

Boss, I made a mistake.

Please spare me.

Bloody rascal!
- Boss?

Bunty Brother has been arrested.

Hey, call the MLA.

Tell me, Boss.
- What the heck is this, Minister?

Some officer has
arrested my people.

Don't worry, Boss.
What do you think I am here for?

I will get him released.

Sundar Pandey is my name.

It's apparent.
You are very handsome.

I am the MLA of this constituency.
- So what?

The people you have arrested
are my children. Get them released.

That is impossible.

If you want, I can lock you up too
with your children.

Hey, DCP!
Don't try to mess with me.

Don't be so arrogant.

If they don't come out in five minutes,
I will get you ousted.

I am sitting in this chair to work,
not to talk to anyone.

Jai Hind!

Neither will you have any work,
nor your arrogance.

There are two kinds of dogs,
one barks and the other bites.

Well, I am not scared of any.
- Who did you call a dog?

I will cut into pieces.

I will cut you into pieces
and spread them over the entire district.

If you don't listen..
- How dare you!

What the heck!
- Abhi, why're you hitting him?


Oh, God! - Stop it!
What do you think you are doing?

They have least respect
for the police.

I had told you that a wolf will be there
somewhere to save such dogs.

This MLA has come for the same.
Get the heck out of here!

Listen to me.. Abhi, don't hit them!
- I said, get out!

Abhi, stop it!
- He has gone crazy!

You dog! - How dare you call
a policeman a dog! - Abhi, stop it!

You rascal, get up! - Stop it!
Just stop it! Are you out of your mind?

Yes, one shouldn't be alive
when they have committed enough sins

but these people live
only to commit sins! - Abhi, stop it!

Where the heck is everyone?
Come on in!

Hey, move back!
- You are not allowed inside.

Being a police officer,
you are behaving like a goon!

This bloody dog was abusing you
and you did nothing about it!

When I am not reacting to it,
why are you?

Would you forget your limits
if you get angry?

Remember that
I am your senior officer.

You are my servants, Madrasis!

Not a Madrasi,
I am a Kannadiga!

Abhi, just cool down! - Do you want
to see what a Kannadiga is capable of?

Hey. stop it!
What are you doing?


Mr. Abhishek Bhargav,
you have crossed your limits.

I am sorry..

For misbehaving
with your higher officer

you are suspended!


Hello? - Boss, where did you send me?
That officer is crazy!

He has no value for MLA. Moreover,
he was going to shoot me in the station.

I somehow saved myself.
- The elections are round the corner.

Let's be sensible and hit them
when the time is ideal.

Hi, Abhi!
The game is too interesting today.

Come on, let's have a duel.

Come on, Abhi!

Dear, you go play.

Come on.

- Mom!

I said, go play!
Don't be naughty all the time.



Abhi. - What?
- What's happening here?

Why are you being rude to our baby?

Because I am crazy
and irresponsible.

What happened?
Why are you so upset?

Anju, do I have
to say everything to you?

Just leave me alone.
Get out!

Bygones are bygones,
don't think too much.

We never know
how some situations arise!

Abhi must be hurt.

Everyone knows
how strong your friendship is.

Both of you work in the
same department, but

the way you work is different.
That's it.

Talk to him face to face tomorrow,
everything will be sorted.

You are right.

I will meet him tomorrow.

I am sorry,
I behaved too rudely.

She can tolerate anyone
scolding her, but not you.

She didn't even have her dinner.
- I know.

But I don't like
to compromise on my duty.

Even Bharat doesn't understand me.

Forget it.
He must be hurt too.

I am not angry with him, Anju.

Our thought process and work ethics
is quite different from each other

but the ones who cage children

should be killed
in an encounter on the spot

but he talks philosophy
about the court and the law.

A stupid MLA comes
to get the kidnapper released

and warns us policemen.

Should I be silent to all these?

I can't tolerate all this.

It's not a good thing
to be soft to criminals.

That is a danger to himself.

But Abhi, you are not the whole department.
Why do you take everything to your heart?

If everyone starts to
think the same, who

is going to save the
society and system?

I understand.

So, let's go somewhere.
Let's take a break.


Sister, I am hungry.
Please give me some money.

Are you taking a break?
Come on, get to work.

How much did you earn today?

What are you doing here?
Get to work! - We were having food.

My God!


- Yes, thanks.

Brother, why do you look so dull?
What's wrong?

He had a fight with Abhi, he went
to his house, but he wasn't there,

so he is sitting here quietly.
- Oh, God! Is that it?

Don't worry, Bro.
I am there for you. Drama Queen!

Abhi's heart melts
for his sister very easily.

Baby will also be there, she will
give a comedy touch to my drama.

Then we shall laugh
together loudly.

Instead of pursuing
IAS, pursue a career

in story-writing.
You're good at it.

That reminds me of a tragic incident.
- What's that? - Coffee?

On the way, I saw few children
begging at traffic signals.

This is common in our country,
to use emotions for business.

That's not the point, Brother.
Some kids

wore eye bandages and
some stomach bandages.

Some didn't even look like patients.
In fact, they didn't look like beggars.

Very sad! There's definitely something
going on with those children.

I have some urgent work,
I will see you later. - Brother..

Jai Hind, sir!

Sir! - Yadav, get all the files
of the missing children cases.

Are all the files here?
- Yes, sir.

Why is the MLA
creating pressure and

threatening us for a
trivial kidnapping case?

Do you smell anything fishy?
- I have to find out.

Listen, get Bunty Yadav
to the interrogation room.

I will ask you only once,
tell me the truth.

What do you with the kidnapped children?
- We kidnap them only for money.

Sir, they won't budge so easily.
Should I

apply chilli to the cane and put it?
- No!

I don't break the law. That's why,
he is not telling me the truth.

He knows that
I won't do anything to him

and that
I have suspended Abhishek too.

But Yadav..
- Yes, sir?

Which is an ideal place around

to carry out an encounter?
- Sir, near the ghat.

Let me call Abhishek.
- Yes, sir.

Sir.. - Abhishek, Bunty Yadav..
- I will tell you.

Don't call him,
I will tell you everything.

Camera on.
Start talking!

We kidnap children
and gather them in our backyard.

We would kidnap children
from schools and parks.

We would remove the eyes, kidneys
and heart, and sell them in Goa.

From there, all the organs
were exported to countries like

Israel, Brazil, USA, Turkey,
China and Mexico.

We would then send the children
to beg in different cities.

Why you..

You don't even deserve
to be called as beasts.

Tell me everything.

I need everyone's names.

Rudra Prasad, Karnataka's Home Minister's
brother, looks after the business here.

I am just a small part of it,
please let me go. - Move!

Hi! Tell me, Bharat.

Hi, Shubhkar!

There must be something
important that

you have called me.
Tell me what it is.

Do you know anything
about the Karnataka Home Minister?

Durga Prasad?
What do you want to know about him?

Hello, Bharat.
- Yes, Shubhkar. Did you find anything?

Your doubts are true.

Under the influence of Durga Prasad

his youngest son Adi
is running a drugs and

weapons smuggling with
Dope Manja and Jagan.

He has high-level contacts.
I've mailed all the evidence.

Okay, great! Thank you, buddy.
- It's okay.

Keep a copy of it with you,
for safety.

Contact me if you need any
information. Bye. Thank you.

Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind!

Neeraj, you and Sharma
go to Goa immediately.

I've got information that there's an organ trading racket
at DP General Hospital. - Okay, sir.

Go there in plain clothes
and conduct a sting operation.

I want to see the hospital's live feed.
It's an emergency. - Okay, sir.

- Sir.

Listen. Can you go inside?
- There are a lot of people.

Give it a try.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, this is the cancer patient's
report. Please take a look.

Oh, my God!

What happened?

Sir, the ambulance just left.
- Okay. Bring the footage to the office.

Go that way.
- Okay, sir.

Dispatch this.
- Okay.

What, DCP?

I expected you to come
but not so early...

Neither did I expect this.

After animals and women,
you are not even sparing little kids.

It's said that the children
are the future of our country

but you are using those children
for your business.

The law won't spare you.

So, you will arrest me?
- Of course, I will.

I have more information about you
and your illegal trading more than Google.

I have enough evidence
to arrest you. - Arrest, you say?

Do you know what happened
to your friend, IAS Shubhkar Deshpande

who provided you with all the
evidence you are talking about?

You might've killed
Shubhkar, but the

evidence he collected
is still there.

Arrest these rascals, Yadav!

Raise your hands.
What're you looking at?


Sorry, sir. I got 10 lakhs
for every single bullet.

The offer was too good to resist.

See, Mr. Bharatraj.
I know that you are an honest officer.

I also know that you won't
return the evidence so easily.

Everyone has a weakness,
so do you.

Do you want to see?



Rachu, are you okay?

Bharat, nothing has happened to me.

I will never be an
obstruction to your duty,

Bharat. Don't worry about me.
- No, Rachu!

I won't let anything happen to you.

Bloody cowards!
How could you use a woman for this?

- If you have the guts, face me!

Oh, you love your family!

Return the evidence
and take your family.

Bharat, you should never bow down
to anyone because of me.

Not to...


I am sorry.

I miss you.

No.. No, Rachu!

Abhi always said that you
won't understand Gandhi's

lessons, that Bhagat Singh
style is apt for you.

IPS officer Baradwaj and two constables
have been killed in the line of duty.

"O God.."

"O God.."

"Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"O God,
Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"O God,
Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"How can one measure its limit.."

"How can one measure its limit.."

"O God,
Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"You gave a goat to a wolf,
You gave a deer to a lion.."

"But You gave a human to a human
to hunt.."

"You gave a human to a human
to hunt.."

"You gave a goat to a wolf,
You gave a deer to a lion.."

"But You gave a human to a human
to hunt.."

"You gave a human to a human
to hunt.."

"You gave a drum to a singer,
to beat it.."

"You gave a drum to a singer,
to beat it.."

"O God,
Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"You gave smile to humans,
but also made many kinds of smiles.."

"You gave a hundred sorrows
to haunt a smile.."

"You gave a hundred sorrows
to haunt a smile.."

"You gave a ladder to climb,
You gave a snake to bite.."

"You haunted death like a shadow,
to trap and trip.."

"You haunted death like a shadow,
to trap and trip.."

"O God,
Your merciful sea is limitless.."

"How can one measure its limit.."

"How can one measure its limit.."

There are always two choices
when you face a problem.

One is to give up and another
one is to never give up.

You should always fight
against the injustice.

If you fight for justice,
you will never be alone.

Definitely, Brother.
I'm your sister.

I'll face all problems
in life bravely.


Ammu, what the heck!
- Brother..

Here, have some water.

Ammu, what do you think
you were doing?

Are we dead to you?

If death solved all problems, no
one would be alive in this world.

Bharat and Rachna had decided that they
don't want a baby and treated you like one.

If you do something like this,
will their souls rest in peace?

Bharat was not only your brother,
he was my best friend.

I am hurt as much as you are.

I won't spare the ones who are
behind Bharat and Rachna's murder.

This is a brother's promise
to his sister.

I am sorry, Brother.

I am sorry.

I just can't believe
that Bharat died in a gang war.

I was an orphan

but it was Bharat's father
who raised me like his own son.

Just like he wanted, we both
worked hard to get through IPS exams

and became police officers.

Though our work ethics were
different, our goal was one.

Four people went for the raid, correct?
- Yes, sir.

Barath and two officers died.
Only you survived.

You're very lucky.
- It's god's grace, sir.

God graces you more than others.

That's why you bought a flat
in your wife's name, worth 50 lakh.

What're you saying, sir? I am...
- Yadav, I know everything.

It's because of people like you who have
ruined the reputation of the department.

The people are losing trust
on the police.

I can kill you with
a snap of my fingers.

I will give you two options.

First one! If I kill you,
that will be known as

an encounter and you will
lose your reputation

and your family will be shattered.
- No, sir..

Second one...

If you shoot yourself, you will be honoured
for sacrificing your life on duty

your wife will be respected
and also a job for your son.

The choice is yours.
- Sir..

If the revolver turns towards me

you'll stop breathing
before you can lift a finger.

The death of DCP Bharatraj
wasn't a suicide

but a planned murder.
- Yes, I know.

If they mess with the police

we should show them
how we are going to hit back.

Sir, if you permit me

I will collect the proof and evidence
about Durgaprasad's illegal activities.

We'll go undercover

but I need a special team for that.

Go ahead, Abhishek.
But be careful.

I will discuss this with PMO
and do what I can. - Thank you, sir.

Thanks a lot.

Sir, Abhishek.. - How could you not know
that he was an undercover officer?

What kind of a stupid
commissioner are you? - Sir..

Dad, you have promoted the wastrels
with a star and a badge!

Sorry, sir. That was what
the motive of his mission.

You don't have to say it
when we already know.

Shubhkar had hidden
the proof and evidence.

Has Abhishek got a hold of them?

We don't know that, sir.
Abhishek is a very dangerous person.

Killing people in an encounter is
as easy for him as putting his signature.

Have you come to sing
praises about him? - No, sir.

He has come only to target you.

Home Secretary Raghunandan
is the one who

has appointed Abhishek, sir.
- Raghunandan?

- You used to work under politicians, but

seems like you have
started playing politics.

You kept your tongue in cheek
when you were a DC in our state

but how dare you target me
with your police force!

Withdraw Abhishek from this case
right now.

You know who I am
and what I am capable of.

I am left with only six months of service,
do whatever you can. I don't care.

But remember one thing, Abhishek is
not a silent officer, but a violent one.

Such threats won't affect him.

Get out!

Where did Adi go
at a time like this?

Call him. - Sir, his phone is
not reachable since a month.

Try again.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, it's ringing.




Sir, look over there!


- Dad!

Sir, it's the same number again.

Who are you?

Who killed my son?

Hey, are you wondering
why we have kidnapped you?

Idiot, it's not you
who has got me

kidnapped, but I got
kidnapped myself.

This is a small game of cat and mouse
played by my brother and I.

Not everyone can see death.
Look over there, kid.

Hey, who are you?
- Why do you care?

Knowing it or not knowing it is
not going to avoid your death.

When we love someone
a lot in our family

do you realise how it hurts
when we lose them, Durgaprasad?

Hey, how do you know about us?
- Bihar!

DCP Bharatraj.

I am the sister
of DCP Bharatraj.

Don't fly too high. Did you already
forget how we killed your brother?

How can I forget?

The proof of that is
your son's dead body!

My brother Abhishek Bhargav
is Lord of Death for the likes of you.

Before you blink an eye,
he will confront you as your death.

Come on, kid. Let's continue
the party in the jail.

"Attaboy, attaboy.."

"The officially unofficial
king is here.."

"Head, head, head, head..
To behead the wild heads.."

"Here comes the son of a lion.."

"Wake up, wake up.."

"Run away, run away.."

"Don't come in the way,
you will get beaten up.."

"If you confuse him,
you will get beaten up more.."

"He has come
to close all the cases.."

"If he targets,
people will die in masses.."

"Be careful, big boss..
The warrior is coming for you.."

"Chill, chill, Chote Miyan..
The raw warrior is here.."

I was the one who brought
contracts to rowdyism.

I took this part-time
job out of boredom.

"Attaboy, attaboy.."

"The officially unofficial
king is here.."

"Head, head, head, head..
To behead the wild heads.."

"Here comes the son of a lion.."

"Wake up, wake up.."

"Run away, run away.."

"Brother, his power is immenese.."

"The earth moves by an inch.."

"Go hide yourselves,
the storm wearing

a proud moustache
is approaching.."

"Once he comes, you have
no option but to get caught.."

"He's too clever to be hoodwinked..
No hideout is safe.."

"Everyone shudders with fear
when he becomes a hunter.."

"Attaboy, attaboy.."

"The officially unofficial
king is here.."

"Head, head, head, head..
To behead the wild heads.."

"Here comes the son of a lion.."

"Wake up, wake up.."

"Run away, run away.."

Hello, Mr. Abhishek!

The last time, it was
only you who was talking

you didn't even give me
a chance to talk.

Does it hurt?

Is it funny?

Laugh out loud. Laugh as much
as you want before you start crying.

I laugh even when I have to cry.

Then why wouldn't I laugh now?

Just like my friend Bharatraj dreamed,
your business is shut down legally

and you lost your status too.

The law must have snatched
my minister status and business

but it can't do anything to me.

I had given you a deadline
of four days for you to surrender.

But there is a saying in
Hindi that means that

punishment cravers do
not understand talks.

You need finishing touches,
I will give it to you.

Shall we see who gives it
and who takes it?


Abhi, what's this nonsese?

Are all of them bad boys?
- Yes.

Kids should stay away from violence, I will
wait for you outside for five minutes.

I won't wait more than that,
come soon. Okay? - Okay.

Come here.

Hey, kill them!


If anyone of you believes that you are
a man, touch one person in my family

either you will die
or your belief will.

Let's go, come on.

You are in a cage, so you can
only bark like a caged dog.

Kid, do you know
who the king of jungle is?

Look into my eyes.


Lion is a lion if you keep it
in a cage or in the forest.



Durgaprasad, how did you
like the final touch?

Only finishing touch is remaining.

I will give it to you.
Before you kill someone

you should check if he has
the strength to leave the body.

Neither am I Bharat to forgive you
nor do you deserve to apologise to me.

I don't feel like kicking you
since you are so old.

Why do you need all this
when you are counting your last days?

No compromise!

Decision on the spot!



Hey, no..
Listen to me..