Rustic Oracle (2019) - full transcript

Set in the late 90s, Rustic Oracle is a dramatic feature about Ivy, an 8-year-old girl trying to understand what happened to her big sister who has vanished from their small Mohawk ...

When you were born,

the first thing I felt
was overwhelming happiness.

The second thing I felt

was fear.

Not only
because I was a young mother,

but... because I knew

I was bringing you into a world

that isn't always safe
for girls like us.

I was your age
when I discovered that.

Back then,
I was just like you:

I too only saw the beauty
of the world around me.

Here, make a wish.

OK. This time,
you blow one too.

Right there.

- Come on, grab your stuff.
- We're leaving?

Yeah. I think it's
almost suppertime.

Could we come back maybe?

Um... maybe.

No, that just means

- he likes you.
- What? No, he doesn't.

- Yes, he does.
- That's gross.

Trust me, that's what boys do.

So, if I pinch him back,
he's gonna think

- I like him back?
- No.

Boys are too stupid to get that.

Good, 'cause
I pinched him back.

Good. Hard?

Hmm... like this.

Did he cry?

Hmm... no. Almost.

What are you
doing home?

- Start with "Hi, Mom."
- Hi, Mom!

How come you finished early?

Where were yous?
The school's been over

for almost two hours.

Finish setting
the table, please.

We stopped at the park.
How come you're not at work?

They cut my hours.

I finished up for an hour.

Will you be home
for supper more?

That's cool, I guess.

...are not shy
to show affection.

So, what are you gonna do?

Wolves had
their puppies in the spring.

And even though they live
in an underground hole...

Did you give your name to
Council yet for the summer jobs?

Here's a fun fact
you probably

didn't know. Wolves...

You're not spending
another summer bumming

around town doing nothing!



Quit it, you two!

Wolves are strong,

fierce, agile and...

So where did you go
last night?


You came home late.


Mom, could you pass me
the ketchup, please?

- Becoming quite the habit.
- Your nagging is too.

Excuse me?

- I'm done.
- No, you're not. Finish eating.

do you think
I like being a nag?

- Who were you with?
- Friends.

- What were you doing?
- Am I on trial? For fuck sake!

Watch your mouth!


I just... I don't like you

being out so late,
especially on a school night.

So, I'm just supposed to sit
in this shithole all the time?

Oh, that's...
that's real nice.

- I'm not 10 years old.
- You're not an adult either!

Yeah, 'cause you were
a real angel at my age, Ma.

We are not
talking about me!

- Good thing!
- What the hell

- is that supposed to mean?
- Are you gonna eat that?

Go put your PJs on.
Come back and do your homework.

I don't have any.

Aaah! Loser's here!

I hate Goof,
he always calls me Poison.

Where are you going?

On the front lawn, Mother.
Is that OK with you?

Jesus Christ!

Mr. Bear, look, I found
a friend for you.

Really? Who's that?

Oh, it's a new...

it's a new friend.
He's called Talking Hand.

Say hi, Talking Hand. Hi.

Say hi, Mr. Bear.


Hi, Ivy. What's his name?

His name is Mr. Bear.

OK, lights out.

I'm waiting out for Heather.

Oh, that's
my job, baby.

It's late, you should be
sleeping already.

Why do you guys
always fight?

Um, we don't
always fight.

It's normal sometimes.

Me and Tota
used to fight all the time.

- Really? Tota can yell?
- Oh yeah. You have no idea.

I deserved it though
most of the time.

But I thought
you were a real angel.

That's what Heather
said earlier.

Oh, she was
being sarcastic, baby.

I know. So was I.

OK. Goodnight.

- Did you do your homework?
- Yeah.


Your hair smells.

Tomorrow, I want you
to wash it, OK?

- OK.
- OK.

No, leave it on!

- OK. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.


Ivy, go back to bed.

Come on.

Get up, fart face.

Leave me alone.

Five more minutes.

Come on!

Get dressed
or I'm leaving without you.

Where did you get that?

Tie your hair.

What are you gonna do
with all that money?

I'm gonna buy the Moon.

Just how do you wear
your backpack like that?

'Cause it's cool.

Trying to be cool
for your boyfriend?

Shut up!

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, how was

- the rest of your night?
- Shut up.

- Well...?
- "Well" what?

What did you do
after I left?

Nothing. We just hung out.
Drop it.

Or should I say,
who did you do?

Court, shut up.


See you later,
fart face.

- Later, booger breath.
- Nice one.

OK, class,
I'd like you to start having

your name on the left-hand
side of your papers.

OK, we're gonna be starting
with our first work.

Numbers 1 to 5, you have...

OK, the first word
is... red.


Next word: green.










Do you know what Jeff did
today in school?

- What?
- But did you see what Jeff did?

Yeah. He threw
a pencil at Ms. George.

How didn't he get in trouble?

I did not know at all.
I think he was mad

at her because... You know,
the test that we had to do?

- Yeah?
- He got a B.

Did you...

- did you like gym class today?
- Yeah.

What was your favourite part?

Dodgeball. I mean,
I kept getting out,

but it was
pretty fun.

Where's Heather?

Not sure.
On her way, I guess.

I gotta go. Later.


- See you tomorrow!
- Bye.

I can't believe that girl.

So sick of her shit.

Already so short-staffed,

I don't know what the hell
they're thinking.

They always pick
on the ones who need it

the most. Telling you.

Money is so tight;
how am I gonna manage this?

Well, you know I can watch
the girls anytime you need, OK?

I can make them supper.

- Thanks.
- They're cutting my hours too,

- I'm sure.
- No, don't say that.

Where's Heather?

She probably hangs out
with her friends, baby.

She'll be back soon.

Get some shoes
on your feet.

Ivy! Come play!

- Have you seen my sister?
- No!


Uh, no, no.
No worries. You know Heather.

No, she probably just decided
to skip with her friends

or something.
You know, it's the end

of the year anyway, so it's not
like they go very much.

No, I know it's not an excuse.
It's not what I'm saying.

Look, just...

just call me if she shows up
at your place

or if you see her.


I mean, just... If she shows up
at your place tomorrow or...

...just call me
at the elders' home, OK?

- I will.
- OK.


- Mm-hmm.
- Take care of yourself.


- She's not at Tota's?
- No.


- Hey, Jeff. It's Susan.
- Hi, Susan.

Is Heather at your place
by any chance?

No. Haven't seen her
in a while.

Is Courtney home?

- No, she went to work.
- Was she in school today?

Yeah, but she hasn't
seen Heather.

No. Uh, Heather didn't, um...

I got a call
that she skipped school

this afternoon, so I was just...

Can you ask Courtney to call me
when she gets home?

- For sure.
- Thanks.

- Hello?
- Hey, Joanne,

I'm sorry
to call so late.

- Have you seen Heather?
- No. Why?

She was in class
this morning, so...

So, she's still
going to school?

She's graduating
in a couple of weeks.

- Criminal record?
- No.


She hangs out
with a couple of guys.

Uh... not sure if any of them
is an actual boyfriend.

There's Goof, Matthew Walters.

They went out for a while.

You should talk to him for sure,
he lives a few doors down.

What about her other friends?

I can give you a list.


I have another daughter,
Ivy. She's 8.

She's sleeping.

- And their father?
- Dead.

My dad is not dead!

Go back to bed, baby.

My dad's not dead.

Heather's father is dead.

Your father is...


Any chance that
she could be with him

or would... wanna try
and find him?

- No. No chance.
- I'll need you to put

his name and possible contact
on the list.

- Does she do any drugs?
- No.


Not that I know of.
She's gonna be 17

though, so I don't know.

And you?


How would you describe your
relationship with your daughter?

Good. Normal.

I don't know. Normal.

Like any single mother
with a stubborn, smartass teen.

Any recent fights?

We had a bit
of an argument last night,

but nothing out of the ordinary.

What was she wearing
the last time you saw her?


Red t-shirt, I think.

Blue. Blue t-shirt.

And her orange and brown

checkered shirt
wrapped around her waist.

She had her blue jeans,

the ones with the holes
in the knees...

her purple boots.

Her backpack is...

khaki colours.


And she wrote
a big A with a circle

around it in black marker.

It's very helpful.

Thank you. You mind if I ask her
a few questions?

Of course.

How has your sister
been acting lately?

Like strange or different?

How are things at home?


Did she ever talk about...
I don't know,

running away or not wanting
to live anymore?

- Excuse me?!
- What?!

- No!
- I just have

to ask.

I'm sorry about that,
but if she did run away...

- She didn't run away!
- She wouldn't leave

her little sister alone on
the side of the road like that.


You got into an argument
last night;

she probably took off
to get back at you.

She's not the first,
and she won't be the last.

Nine out of ten times,

teenagers just want
to piss off their parents.

She's probably hiding out
at friends,

and she'll be home tomorrow.

If not?

If not, you can call me back.
We'll take it from there.


Am I going
to school today?

Go to your classroom, OK?
I'll see you tonight.

Could you pick me up
when Heather gets back?

OK, everyone! Settle down,

please. Take a seat.

I know these past few days

have been extremely hard
for everyone.

We're all praying

that Heather will return home
safe and sound.

I'm expecting
all your parents

to come out later today
to participate

in the community search party.

Now, I know
I've said this before,

but I'm saying it again

because it is so important,

"If anyone knows

"anything about Heather,

"you must speak up.

"If you have seen anything,

"if you have heard anything,

"even if you don't think
it's important.

"And you don't have to speak
to the police. You can

come in see one of us."

We're here for you.

gather around, please!

Get together. We want to form
groups of three because we have,

like, dozens of areas
we wanna cover.

OK, come on,
groups of threes.

- Did you page her?
- Of course. Why are you mad?

This is your fault.
You brought him here!

I didn't bring
him here. Besides,

you thought he was cool
until he started hitting on her.

Shut up.

- Who was hitting you?
- No one.

- What's going on?
- They're talking about Heather.

- Shut up, Poison.
- Hey!

- What the hell is going on?
- I swear,

I told the cops everything.

You tell 'em you and Heather
had been running errands?

Fuck off, Goof!

Someone better start

It's just this guy
that's been hanging around town.

What guy?

They've been weighing
and packing his weed for him.

- You what?!
- Once.

OK, once.
He paid us and that was it.

Come on, honey,
let's go get some food.

- What did you tell the cops?
- The truth.

We've been hanging out
with Shawn for a while.

Where is he from?
Who is this guy?

It's this guy we met at...

He started
hanging out with us.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Want some?

- No thanks.
- Wanna go

race our bikes
down the hill?


Sorry about
your sister.

- Why? You didn't do anything.
- I know.


- Later.
- O:nen.

Thanks for showing up!

So you knew
about this Shawn guy?

This bum who's been
hanging around my daughter

- for weeks apparently?
- Slow down. Calm down.

No. Why didn't you
tell me about this Dumas

or Dumont or whatever
the hell his name is?

Where's Courtney?

What did she tell you
about him?

Hmm? You know
he's a drug dealer?

Look, we know about Shawn.
We're aware of it.

We're looking into it.
We have his description.

Right now, we don't know if your
daughter is with him or not...

- Are you fucking kidding me?!
- I said, "Calm down."

No! I will not calm down,
you incompetent,

- pointless piece of shit!
- Come on, let's go home.

Watch it. I know this is
hard for you. We're doing

our best. As soon as we have
a lead, we'll let you know.

Oh yeah?
When is that gonna happen?

I've been waiting for days
for one of you to call me back!

- Calm down. Calm down.
- Susan, enough!

- We will let you know.
- Yeah? Pff!

Take this off.

- Ooh, you're cold.
- Uh-huh.

Geez! Are you sure
this is washed?

- Is Heather in trouble?
- I hope not.

We'll find her soon.

Don't worry, OK?

What is it?

It's a friendship bracelet.

- We're friends?
- We're best friends.

- Hello?
- Hi, Susan.

Hi, Jeff.
Can you tell Courtney

we'll be leaving
at around 9 tomorrow morning?

Yeah, about that,
I don't think she can go.

What? Look,
it's only for a few days.

This is the only lead we have.

Why don't you let
the cops handle this?

The police aren't doing shit,
you know that.

- No. Dangerous? How is it...
- Look, she's my daughter

and I don't want her going.
I'm sorry.

So what am I
supposed to do?!

Look, Jeff,
please, I...

Your daughter knows
what this guy looks like.

I need her with me.

Jeff, you know I would never let
anything happen to Courtney.

I'm sure you wouldn't
have let anything happen

to Heather either,
but that's...

What's wrong?

- Courtney can't come with me.
- Where are you going?

Maybe you can take Goof.
He's seen him.

- Where are you going, Ma?
- I have to leave town

- for a couple of days, baby.
- Why?

To try to find
your sister.

I'll go with you.
I wanna find her too!

I know, but you're gonna stay
with Tota for a couple of days.

No, I'm going with you.

- You can't come with me, Ivy!
- Yes, I can!

Maybe you and I can have
a fun few days,

do a few things together?

- I know what he looks like.
- What do you mean?

At school,
Heather was talking to him.

I saw them out the window.

How come you're just
telling me this now?!

I don't know.
I... I don't know.

Can I go with you?

Where are we
going anyway?


This is the new search notice.

It was sent out to
our entire network of contacts,

border services,
public transit services,

various police forces,
shopping centres,

restaurants and youth shelters.

OK. Thank you.

And I found out
that Val-d'Or Police

did issue an arrest warrant

last year for a Shawn Dumas
who could fit

the description you have,
but that's all I know right now.

- OK.
- We sent out

another press release
to all media outlets,

but let's be honest,

a soon-to-be 17-year-old
presumed runaway

doesn't usually get
much air time on camera.

But we're not giving up.

We'll keep reaching out.

I'm not giving up
until we find answers, OK?

When they searched
Heather's belongings,

- did they find any...?
- Who? The police?

They haven't searched anything.

Student locker?

Locker, I have
no idea, but they haven't

- searched the house.
- Well, it's...

I thought they would have.

Must be standard.

How's Ivy?

She's, uh... she's OK.

Let me know
if there's anything I can do.

- She's here actually.
- Really?

waiting in the hall.

Oh, I would love
to meet her.

- Hi!
- Hi.

- You must be Ivy.
- Yeah.

I'm Renée.
It's nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Your mom and I were about
to make some copies,

- you wanna help?
- OK.

Can you hang that up
on that wall there?

Take a few of these and pass
them out as people come by.

I'm gonna go in here
and give them some.

Stay where I can
see you though. Got it?

Excuse me.
My daughter's missing.

Have you seen
this girl around?

My sister.
She's missing.

Missing, huh?

You know what?
I'll keep my eyes open

for her, OK?

Oh, hello! Hahaha!

- Are we going back home?
- No.

I wouldn't have packed a bag
if we were going straight home.

Well, I'm getting hungry.

Why don't you nap,

it'll pass quicker.

Val-d'Or is still
hours away.

- What's that?
- A cheese sandwich.

- You made those?
- Yeah.

- When?
- When you and Tota

were packing my bag.
Heather makes them for me

all the time
when you work late.

Need to focus.

No. No.

Baby, wake up.

Come on, wake up. We're gonna
go inside. Get your bag.

Don't get
the bed all wet.

Have you ever stopped
in a motel, Mom?

- Yeah.
- Whoa, you're lucky.



- Mom?
- Hmm?

I'm thirsty.

Grab a glass
from the bathroom

and get some water
from the tap.

- From the sink?
- Mm-hmm.

She loves me.
She loves me not.

She loves me. She loves me not.

- She loves me.
- Ivy?


Jesus Christ!
Don't scare me like that!

- What?
- You don't just wander

- outside like that!
- Why?

Just stay inside,
hear me?


Come on, get dressed.
We gotta get going.


Why? Where are we even going?

Enough with the questions.
Just get ready,

we'll go get
some breakfast, OK?


I don't feel like
playing a game, baby.

I'm gonna let you go first.

I win.
Too easy. Rematch?

I see what you're doing!
Nice try.

- I win.
- What? As if!


have you seen
this girl by chance?

Wanna play again?

- Shit!
- Mom, your turn.

I'm done playing, Ivy.

One more game?
I'll let you start.

Ivy, quit it!
I said I'm done.

Thank you.

Sit up.

Sit down.

Up or down?

Madame Russell?


I hope you speak English

because me,
I don't speak Indian.

Neither do I.

Shh! Yes, I speak English.

We've been notified of
your daughter's disappearance.

Every officer has
her description. If we see

anything, we will notify the
officers in charge of her case.

Yeah, but I'm...

I'm here because
I have more information.

The case worker at
Missing Children's said...

OK, madame, madame!
We are not in charge

of this case. You need
to take that information

to the officer
back home working on it.

But nobody's doing anything.
They haven't moved an inch.

I know that a man named Shawn
Dumas was seen with my daughter

the day she disappeared.
And he's either

from Val-d'Or or in Val-d'Or.


Do you have any daughters,
Officer Tremblay?

What's his name again?

Shawn Dumas.

Hmm. "Shawn Dumas.

"Drug trafficking,

"drug possession,
two counts

of assault." Nice guy.

"Currently wanted
for breach

of probation."

Wait a second.

This him?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

Do you know him?

Have you seen her in here?

Just need a few minutes.
I'm looking for my daughter.

- Thank you.
- Hey, she stays here!

Just stay right here.

Do not move, OK?


I'm not hungry.


Are we going back
to the motel?

I'm a little low on cash,

so we're sleeping in the car.

It's OK.
Tota is sending some money.

We'll be fine,
it's just for tonight.


Put your PJs on.


I can ask the street team
if they've seen him recently.

I haven't seen him
in months.

And I've never seen
your daughter.


that's a good thing.

I just don't know
what to do anymore.

He has no family apparently.

His parole officer
has no idea

where he is.
Heather's friends

haven't heard
from either of them.

And some guy I met
in one of the bars said

that he was this...

out-of-pocket smuggler

working some circuit, which
means he could be anywhere,

and that means
Heather could be anywhere.

- Who said this?
- Said what?

About the circuit.

Some guy I met
in one of the bars.


how would you like to see
the gathering room?


There's some games,
some puzzles.

No thank you, I'm good here.

How old are you, Ivy?


This must be strange for you,

being here
so far away from home.

You're a brave girl
to be helping your mom

find your sister.

There's something I need you
to do for me

- while I talk to your mom.
- OK.

Can you water
my flowerpot, please?


There's a sink
in the kitchen.


Out-of-pocket smugglers

recruit girls to be sold
into prostitution.


That doesn't mean
that's what's happened

to Heather.

But I have to explain
this to you.

Most of the time,

the young men don't even know
it's a human-trafficking ring.

hey just recruit the girls.
Thank you, Ivy.

Do you have a place to stay
while you're here? Family?

- No.
- We slept in our car.

Just last night.

We were a little low...

The night before, we stayed
at the motel by the highway.

OK. Well, you can stay there
again tonight.

We can help you find a way
to cover the cost.

You're welcome here anytime.
We have community meals,

activities, counseling, support,

whatever you need.

Thank you.

But he was here
about five months ago.

Shouldn't that help?

Did you talk to Amanda?

No, that's...
that's Courtney.

Her other friend, Amanda.

Amanda on the list.

On the list
that I gave you.

Ivy, turn that down.

Have you spoken to anyone new?
Anyone else?

Yeah. OK.

Thank you.

Ahhh... c'est beau.

Mom, phone!

Answer it.

- Hello?
- Hi, honey.

- Tota!
- How are you?

- Good.
- I miss you.

Miss you too. Guess what.

We had Chinese food
at a restaurant.

You did? Lucky you!

Was it good?


Did you get that $5
I sent you for candy?

- Yep.
- What did you get?

I got chocolate

and suckers and Fun Dip.

Yummy! Good for you.

Tota, you know what?

Everybody here speaks French.

Like everybody.

Except for Karen.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

How is your mom?

Hmmm... she's OK.

- Tired.
- Yeah, I bet

- she is.
- Bye, Tota.

OK. Bye, sweetie.


She's uh... she's good.

No. Not much.

Uh... I'm a little

low on cash.


Yeah, Ma.

Ivy, help me!

Leave me alone! Stop!



- Heather!
- Ivy? Ivy! Ivy!

Heather! Hea...

- Ivy, stop, baby!

- Ivy, stop! Baby, baby, stop!
- Heather! Heather!

Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Ivy, wake up, wake up!

- Heather! Heather!
- Hey!

Shut the fuck up!

- Ivy?
- Heather! Heather!

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, baby.
I know, I know, I know.

It's a dream.
It's a dream, she's not here.

Ivy, wake up.
Stop, baby, stop.

It's just a dream.

Ivy, baby, stop. Baby, I know.

It's a dream. It's OK.

It's OK. It's OK.

- I saw her.
- I know.

It's OK.

It's OK, baby.

It's OK.

Are you OK now?

Where's my dad?

I don't know.

Why did he leave?

'Cause he had to.

Did you love him?

I used to.

Then why did you
let him leave?

I didn't let him leave,
I made him leave.

What?! Why?

you just have to.


...because you and Heather
deserve better.

What about... Heather's dad?

- What about him?
- Did you love him too?


Very, very much.

So, him, you wanted
him to stay?


Why did he die?

He fell in the lake
and froze.

I know that, but... how?

We used to have an ice-fishing
carnival every year.

That year it was cancelled

because we had a warm winter

and the ice wasn't thick enough.

But Heather's dad and a few
of his buddies went anyway.

And they waited 'til sundown

because they wanted
to fish walleye.

It was too dangerous
with the truck,

but he said he would be fine
on the snowmobile.

Turns out the ice was
a lot thinner than they thought;

he fell through.

His buddies tried
to get him out, but... the time they did,
he was dead.

Is Heather dead?

I don't know.

I hope not.

Me too.


Is my mom back?

Not yet.
They just left Amos,

so she should be
here soon.

What are you making?

I heard you haven't been
sleeping very well.

You've been seeing Heather?

My mom has such a big mouth.

- She's worried about you.
- No, she's not.

- I think she is.
- You don't know my mother.

She may not know
how to show it right now,

but she's worried about you,
and she cares.

You want to tell me
about your dreams?

It's always the same.

I'm trying to walk
in the house.

- I hear my sister.
- Don't...


No. No.

Then I see...


Who do you see?

I'm done.

- What is it?
- I don't know.

Kind of looks
like a snake, I guess.

Except it doesn't have that
many colours on Shawn's arm.

What do you mean?

The snake on Shawn's arm...

...the other guy had it too.

What other guy?

The guy my mom
talked to at the bar.

Him and Shawn had
the same tattoo.

Woo! Woo! Woo!


Ivy, come see.

This is for you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You take way better care
of it than I did.

They have
some territories near...

I'll take her home.

It's probably
a good idea.

Thank you so much.


Why don't you stick around
a few more days

just until you hear
back from them.

Yeah, could we stay? Mom,


Ivy, get in the car, OK?
I don't want to fight with you.

Bye, sweetie.

Be a big girl
and listen to your mom, OK?

You can come back and visit.

- Haha!
- Or maybe I'll come visit you.

Sound good?

Thank you, Karen.

Why are we even going
to Ottawa anyway?

Because apparently
that's where the guy

- with the tattoo went.
- Shawn?

No, the other guy.

His name's Eric.


You're sure
it's Shawn you saw

in the schoolyard with Heather,

not this guy from the bar?
This Eric?


And you're sure
they had the same tattoo?


Shawn's is here,

and the other guy, Eric,
his is here.

- You don't believe me?
- Of course I do, baby.

We have to tell
the police this, OK?

And, Renée, she's gonna
meet us in Ottawa.



We're gonna go stay
at my friend Hawi's

in Ottawa.
Do you remember Hawi?

- No?
- No.

You knew her when you were
really little.

- Hawi?
- She's my best friend.

We got pictures of her.

In the photo albums?

Pictures of me
when I was young?

- You don't remember?
- Mm-mm.

She used
to babysit you.

- Me and Heather?
- Mm-hmm.

She changed your diaper
and everything.

My diaper?


Hey, Suzie Q.

And hey there, Ivy!
Wow, you've gotten

so big!
I can't believe it.

- Well, come in, come in.
- Go ahead.


...Alright, just leave
your bags there.

And I just put the sheets in the
dryer, shouldn't be too long.

Oh, you really
didn't have to.

I'm just thankful
to have a place to crash.

Of course. You can stay
as long as you want.

Thank you.

- Want some tea or something?
- Yeah, sure.

I haven't laughed
like that in years.

Well, you know you can
always count on me for that.


Oh, I missed you, Suzie Q.

And I missed you too.

What's so funny?


Your ma
when she was a teenager.

Yeah, all me.

- What are you doing up?
- Can't sleep.

Look what I found.

Oh, my gosh!
Well, that is years ago.

Oh, I love this picture.

Is that Heather's dad?


That was
at the fair.

It's just probably
a few months before...


Do you have
any pictures of my dad?


I'm tired, baby.

Let's get some sleep.

- Goodnight, you two.
- Goodnight.

- No. No.
- I swear,

it's all gonna be OK.

- What are you doing up, baby?
- Daddy?



Have you ever been here before?

No. Who is she?

Someone who's
trying to help.

Does she know
the guy we're looking for?

- The... Eric guy?
- Yes.

And thanks to you

and what you told
the police,

a lot of people
are looking for him now.

That, uh... that tattoo
they have,

it's a tag,

a symbol to show that they're
part of the same gang.

Is she in that gang?

No. She knows them though.

Here, let me show you
something cool.


How did
you get that that far?

All in the wrist.

- She said she'll do it.
- Good.

Goal! Yes!

Did you see that, Mom?

- Mm-hmm.
- It's nine to zero.


It's easy to score when there's
no one stopping you.

You try and stop me then.

Come on! I bet I could score
on my first kick.

You don't know who you're
dealing with, little missy.

- Oh yeah?
- Oh yeah.



Alright, bring it on.

- Oh, really?
- Uh-huh.

Ohhh... Aha!

No fair, you're too big
for the goal!


Hey, that's cheating.

Suzie? Phone's for you.

It's Renée.

I'll play with you if you want.

Come on! Haha! Come on!

Stop pulling away.

- Renée!
- Don't get your hopes up.

They've arrested
Eric and another mover

on their circuit, but there's
still no sign of Shawn.

There might be four
or five other girls on the move.

Mom, did they find Heather?

We have spoken
to the police in Thunder Bay.

- Thunder Bay?!
- Mom, is she OK? Mom? Mom?

Ivy, enough!

Why don't we
step into my office.

Stay here.

Are we going home?

You are. I have to go
somewhere else first.


Another city
where your sister might be.

- I wanna go with you.
- No. This time, you can't.

What?! Why?!

- We have to go back!
- What?!

I forgot my plant!

We're not going back
for a plant.

Yes, we are!
I want my plant!

We don't have time to go back.
I'll get you a new plant, OK?

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to get my plant.

- No, you're not!
- Yes, I am!

No. You get back
in the car now!

Enough! Enough now!

Enough! I said
we'd get a new one.

I don't want another plant!
I want that one!

I'm not leaving my plant,
it's gonna die without me!

Ivy, I am trying
to stay calm,

but you are making it
really difficult.

- We have to get home!
- Why?

- So you can leave me too?!
- What?

You made my dad leave,
and you made Heather leave!

Ivy, your father
was a bad man.

- No, he wasn't...
- Yes, he was!

You don't
remember him,

and I'm glad that you don't,

but he wasn't
a good person, baby.

I left him to protect
you and Heather.

I just...

just want to find Heather

and bring her home.

I just want her here!

But I'm here.

I miss her.

I know, baby.

♪♪♪ I died for days
So comfortable ♪

♪ Within my lonely self ♪

♪ The world outside's
too hard to take ♪

♪ And here,
there's no one else ♪

♪ I'm fighting hard to keep ♪

♪ These walls
from tumbling down ♪

♪ Rock bottom's
where I wanna be ♪

♪ It's closer to the ground ♪

♪ And I'm breaking down ♪

♪ Let me cross that line ♪

♪ Let me lose control ♪

♪ Go out of my mind ♪♪♪

Wake up, baby,
we're home.

Stay in the car.

Mom, what's wrong?


What's wrong?

Ista! Ista!

Who is that?

- What is this?
- I don't know.

I'll have
a couple of guys come down.

- Is it her?
- You cannot be here.

Is it her? Is it her?
Is it my daughter?!

It's not her.
It's not her.

It's not Heather, OK?
You can't be here.

It's Shawn!


- What did he do with her?!
- Shhh... Calm down.

- Calm down.

You can't stay here.
Stay back.

What do I do now?

What do I do now?

What do I do...

Where is she? Where is she?
Where is she?

Good morning, sleepyhead.


Oh, my goodness, Susan!

Did they find Heather?

How many girls?

Do any of them
know her?

Are you OK?

My mom helped save
four girls that summer.

None of them were Heather.

She hasn't given up
on finding her, though.

I don't think she ever will.

My girl, when I look at you,

I see your Tota's grit
and fierceness.

I also see
your auntie Heather's kindness

and sense of humour.

So even if the world gets

scary, remember

that you carry
all of our strengths.

the tiniest of flowers

have the strongest roots.

You also have Heather's smile.

I'm so thankful for that

because it helps me see

the beauty of the world again.