Rust and Bone (2012) - full transcript

Put in charge of his young son, Alain leaves Belgium for Antibes to live with his sister and her husband as a family. Alain's bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows deeper after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident.


I'm hungry.

I'm hungry!

Do you want?


Stop, I said stop!


These has better image quality.

These are semi-professional cameras.
I'll show you something.

This is the best quality.

Hey, sir!

Come on,
what are you doing?

- Tired?
- No.

- Are you Ali?
- Yes.

Come on!

You're late!

I drove around for an hour!


I meant to call Anna,
I couldn't find you.

- Do you like my truck?
- Yes.

- Do you really like?
- Yes.

I don't like those
who dislike my truck!

- So, do you like it?
- Yes.

You're a nice boy.

Eight drivers on the road.
After some conversations with Anna ...

I told myself that
I was going on my own.

Then I bought this truck.

What's that for?

To eat outside,
when the weather is nice!

There's too much sun here!

I'm still waiting.



You see the dogs?
Those are Aunt Anna's.

Who owns those car parts?

Neighbor Che's.

He who moonlights with this.

Very handy.

Say when stop.

With this you become a big boy.

How long haven't you seen Anna?

- I don't know, five years.
- Long time!

- Where does she work?
- In a supermarket.

- What? She is a cashier?
- Yeah. Exactly.

No, from the top stack.
Most are expired.

They are arranged by date,
from top to bottom.

- I grab one here?
- Yeah, above.

- Do you want?
- No.

Anna takes them home from work.

As soon as the date has passed,
they are discarded.

They can be eaten
for at least one week.

Do you earn well?


What can I say ...
We can pay our bills.

- What exactly do you do?
- Deliveries. Frozen products.

Fish in general,
but I can do other products.

That depends on the offer.

More coffee?

Yeah, it's great!

He looks like you.

Is that all?
You won't give your brother a kiss?


Are you okay?

That's all you got?

At least
she left his passport.

She forgot it was there.

When they went to Amsterdam,
they used the kid to smuggle dope.

Are you kidding?

That's what she told me.


How will you take care of him?
Because Richard and I don't have time.

He went to school, at least?

Don't you know if your son
went to school?

Sam! you went to school
at your mom's?


I'll try to enroll him at the school.
We also need to get him some clothes.

He can't go like that.
I'll check with the neighbors.

- Shall I wake you in an hour?
- Yes.

I close the door?

- No, it's okay.
- It's okay?

- Can I have a cake?
- Do you want?

- Yes.
- Okay.

- Here, you.

Here! Here!

Here, this one too!

Do you watch them?

Don't hurt them!

- Oops...
- Be careful so they can't run away.

Won't you eat?

- They are beautiful, huh?
- Yeah.

I got them from a breeder.

In a month he takes them
to a shelter.

- Are you okay?
- I'm exhausted, but...

- It doesn't work anymore!
- Wait and you will see!

Looks can be deceiving sometimes.

To go to your work.

- Are you kidding me?
- No.

Che! Che!

- Yes?
- Where is the toolbox?

- In the garage.
- There?

Can you help us?

Stop it, stop it!


Will you stop
with this mess?

- When is Mommy coming?
- Soon.


- When is Mommy coming?
- Soon, I told you!

- When?
- I don't know.

Where did you work
for the last time?

In a slaughterhouse,
but was closed down.

Do you never worked
as a security guard?

Yeah, I worked in a stadium
for six months.

As a night watchman.
And in a parking garage.

Have you done martial arts?

Boxing for 6 years.
And two years of Thai boxing.

Can you prove it?
With photos or a license?

I won a regional title
in Belgium.

I have a belt...

- Have you stopped?
- No, my trainer has stopped.

- Why?
- He died.

- Do you smoke?
- No.

Do you drink?

- I didn't hear anything.
- No, I don't drink.

- Do you take drugs?
- No.

Give me a reason to hire you.

Trust me.

Oh that's right.
And what is this?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- So?
- Sam, come here.

I would say within a week.
Is that his son?

You didn't say
you had a child?

I didn't ask him.

Did you hear
from that customer?

You have cold hands.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Good evening!
- Go ahead, girls.

- Four against one, I am no match.
- Good evening.

You see? It's easy.
You say what you want.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

When they leave, they remember you,
if they are drunk ...

And had a shitty night, you're there
with a nice thing to say!

- Does it work?
- Of course!

Get out!

Oh, okay! Get out!

Get out!

Are you OK?
Keep your head back.

Good. Breathe slowly.



I have to go home.

Do you have friends here?

No, it's okay,
I'm alone, I have my car.

- You can't drive like that.
- Yes. I'm fine.

- No, I'll call you a cab.
- No, I have my car.

I'm fine already. Thanks.
You're sweet.

- Slut!
- Yeah, you, bitch!

What is it?

- Bitch!
- Hey, shut up!


It's still bleeding?

No, I'm fine.


Did you get hurt?

Yes, it's starting to swell.

You go to the Annexe often?


Why do you come alone?

To dance?


To find a guy?

Oh, really?

You don't dress like that
just to dance.

How am I dressed?

I don't know ...


Yeah? So what?

You're dressed like ...
a whore.

Excuse me?

- Are you dressed like what?
- That's enough.

- It's no surprise that the guys ...
- Shut up.

- How do you get back?
- I don't know.

Forget it, I'm fine.

- For the taxi.
- I'm fine. Here.

Well, goodnight.

- Do you have some ice?
- What?

Ice cubes.

Wait here, I'll see.

- Can I come along?
- No.

- There's someone upstairs.
- So what?

Wait here. I'll be right back.



- Steph?
- There's ice here.

What happens to you?

- There was a fight.
- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Good evening.

Who is he?

The bouncer from the the Annexe.
He brought me home.

The Annexe?
What were you doing there?

What are you doing?

- I'm packing ice.
- He hurt his hand.

Can we talk for a minute?


I was waiting like an idiot!
Let me know, this is the least!

Stop bugging me!

- What...?
- Stop bugging me!

- Is it better?
- Yeah, it is.

Is that you in the photos
with the orcas?


- Is it your job?
- Yes.

I'd never have imagined!

Why? Can't a whore train orcas?


Aren't you gone yet?

Are you talking to me?

Go on, please.

Here is my number,
just in case.

- Are you OK?
- Yes.

Are you sulking?


- I saw your face just now.
- Just now?

With that guy from the Annexe.

I saw how you piped down.

I piped down? Me?

- Yeah, you piped down.
- Ah...

You aren't
commanding me anymore, Simon.

What do you mean?

You don't give me commands anymore.
That's all.

Okay? Duncan, you start
by the reverences.

We make the challenge
and a Spy Up.

You start the reverences.

I'll make a slide!

We send the reverence!

Watch out!

Sam, Get out of it.
It's disgusting.

Get out of it, it's disgusting!


Get out of it!


Come, shit!

It's disgusting!

Don't touch me!


Off those pants.

Off those pants, I said.

You smell like shit!

Up your arms! Go!

Come here. Come here!

Come, stay here!

- What are you doing?
- Did you watch him?

Yeah, I just hung the laundry.

What have you done?

Don't cry! Don't cry!

- Stop with that.
- Where's my sister?

She's gone.
The truck had a breakdown.

- Look at that.
- Come, I'll wash you.

Don't go back there anymore!

Is anyone there?

Steph ...

Wait, wait.

What happened to my legs?

What happened to my legs?

What happened to my legs?

I got your brothers on the phone.

They want to talk to you
but this is not the time.

Hugo is coming the next holiday.

I told myself that
I might lose you.

I don't know what I would have done.

I will pray for you.

I passed by your house.

I saw the housekeeper,
she didn't want me to pay her.

She is very upset.

Give me that.

Give me that


What do you want with it?

I'll take you.

- I'll take you for a walk.
- No.

- Just a litte?
- No, I don't want.



Very good.

Left, right!

Here, here, here in the middle!

Protect yourself!



- You are too static.
- Yeah.

How are you?

- How are you Foued?
- Fine.

- Good morning.
- Ali.

See you soon!

Everything alright?

Wait a moment.


- You forgot Sam.
- I'm still at the gym.

- You have to pick him up at school.
- I'm going.

- Are you kidding me?
- I'm going already!

Mister van Versch,
can I talk to you for a moment?

Sorry, ma'am.
I was still at work.

- Have you seen the time?
- Yeah.

This is the third time
in two weeks.

The next time
I'll have to call the police.

No, it's ok.
Sam, come here.

- It's going to happen again?
- No, it's okay.

Move on, shit!

- It annoys me.
- Don't you like dogs?

- No. Get out!
- He doesn't like acorns.

- Move, move!
- What is it?

And it stinks too!

- Hello?
- Hello?

- It's Ali?
- Yes, it's me. Who is it?

- Stéphanie.
- Stéphanie?

We met at the Annexe.
The brawl, the ice ...

Yes, of course.

How are you?

You know
what happened to me?

I saw it on TV, yes.

So how would I be,
what do you think?

I don’t know.

And you, everything ok?

Yes, normal.

Are you still a bouncer?

No, watchman,
four nights a week.

I'm here...

Come in.

- Have you been here long?
- I just arrived.

- Did you rang just now?
- No.

Sit down.

Want something to drink?


- I only have "Nes".
- That's fine.

- Do you want me to help you?
- No.

Have you been living here long?

Since ... Since...

Two... three, four months,
I think.

Nice place.

It is temporary, because ...

I'll do that.

It's fine.

The insurance pays.

Do you have anyone to help you?

What for? To walk?

No, the household and all that.

Yes, all kinds of people come along.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Do you think it stinks?

A little bit.

I think I stinks.

Come outside.

No, no...

- Yes, put this on.
- No, I don't want to.

- Yeah, let's go outside.
- No, I don't want to!

Wait, watch out.

Watch out!

No, don't push.
I feel sick.

I'll do it.

I feel like swimming.

Don't you want?

Don't you have a bathing suit?

Do you realize
what you're saying?

There's nobody here.

Well... I'm going.

I will go in now.

Ah yeah?

Can you give me that towel?


How do I do this?

You have to carry me.

Hang on.

Don't let me go suddenly.

- Are you OK?
- Yes.



Oh damn, this was good!

Thank you.


I don't wear that any more.


- Garbage, garbage.
- You are throwing good things away.

That's good, that dress.
You can wear with pants.

Do you like that?

Do you like this dress?

You can have it.

I like this one.

Holy shit.
See those hulks?

Oh shit!

I fought against him twice
at the National Tournament.

He's not bad!

Knee, right, right.
More right, like that ...

- What do you want?
- To come inside.

Who is it?

- Are you Martial?
- Yeah.

It's ok,
let him in.

- He goes down!
- Look at this.

look at your right.

- It's a truck!
- 90, 80 kilos!

- He is not 90!
- At least 85...


He will finish him.

Why they don't stop?

But this guy ...!

Knee, knee, look!

Look! Right!

- Do you like it?
- What?

- Fighting?
- Yes.

- Can you fight?
- A little, yes.

Have you ever been in a combat?

Long time ago,
boxing and Thai boxing.

Would you like to earn money
with it?

- Are you kidding me?
- I know a guy who organizes fights.

A gypsy.
With gambling and everything.

How do you know him?

I had cameras installed
in a garage where he stole cars.

He wanted the tapes from me.

What kind of boxing?

Like Thai Boxing,
with the feet?

No, you can use everything,
elbows, knees...

You really finish each other!

Who remains last, wins.
You are choking me...

- First time doing it?
- Yes.

- Aren't you afraid?
- Afraid of what?

- How much do you get?
- I don't know.

Five hundred, one thousand.
Depends if I win.

- You fight for 500 euros?
- Yes.

Get beat up, put your health at risk,
for 500 euros?

Risk my health?
Don't overdo it!

I can give you 500 euros.
Cancel. I'll pay you tomorrow.

If you have too much money, sure.
But I said I'd do it.

If it's not the money, so why?

I never said it's not the money.

So why?

What a pain!

Why? To fight.
For the fun of it.

Just like you with your fish.
Why you did that? For the fun.

For the money and the fun!

See how I enden up?

Gimme a break!

Where's your wheelchair?

When you are fighting...

- Can I come with you?
- Yes, sure.

I'll make two moldings
for prosthetics.

To make you walk.

When it's done,

we will put the knees,
pneumatics or electronics...

What is electronic knee?

The knee fixates itself.

Can the feet move?

No, not the feet.
They are from carbon fiber.

They are flexible,
but don't move.

I will walk like a robot?

No, you will walk well!

There are Swedish feet
that are not reimbursed ...

with those you can wear
heels from 10 to 50 mm.

That is important for women.

Oh shoot...

Stop! Good.

Go. I'll take a cab.

No, I'm fine.

Keep an eye on Sam.
The breeder is here.

- Hello? Watch your son?
- Yeah, yeah.

He should not be in the garden.

Stay with Daddy.
You stay with him, huh?

- Sit here.
- You have cold hands.

Don't touch it.

Don't touch it.

Did you see that?

- See how strong he is?
- Who?

- The black pants.
- He?

Wait! Sit here!


What did he say?


Why, 'the others'?

How many are there?

I wasn't expecting that!

Then you fight yourself!

Make them yourself!

No, is not!
I don't give a damn!

Where do the dogs go?

Don't worry,
go back home.

Tell him that
I don't give a damn about it.

What are you doing?

- I told you to not let him go!
- I'm on the phone.

Don't you have
nothing else to do?

Come back!

What the fuck?

Let me go!

What are you doing?

Oh! oh!

Oh! Calm down, yeah?

Damn, you're pissing me off!

You understood?

Come here, come.

- He has nothing.
- Get out!

- But...
- Don't touch him and get out!

- He has nothing, shit.
- Don't touch him!

I said get out! Shit!

It's over.

- Martial, slowly, fuck!
- Put her belt on then.

Fasten your belt.

Who is she?

His girlfriend.

Okay. Go ahead.

That guy is imitating
what he saw on TV.

Who are those guys?

Dealers, figures with money.

- Are you OK?
- Yes, fine.

- In case of problems, lie down.
- How much are the bets?

Over 2000.
But will go up.

And what do I do?

No women.
You stay in the car.

Are you ready?

Come on!

That was fast.

- Do you have to go again?
- What?

Yes, another fight after.

I need to run!


Stop right there.
I want to take a shower.

What is that?

- For whom is that?
- For my son.

- Do you have a son?
- Yes.

Let's go!

You're never there and
when you're there, he gets hit.

Don't exaggerate!

But you beat him!

He's not dead.

Why did you brought him with you?

It would be better
if he had stayed there.

This is for you.

- What is it?
- This is what I owe you.

- How did you get that?
- I won a fight.

What fight?

Is that your work?
Get beaten up?

Do you take it or not?

Don't look at me like that,
please. Shit!

I cheated!

Who is winning?

Do you like it?

Oh... Do you like it?

Yes. Yes, Ali.

- Shall we go swimming?
- Yes. Yes, Ali.

Look! You're stronger,
you're stronger than them.

You're stronger than them?

- Give daddy a kiss.
- I don't want to.

Yes, you want.
Give daddy a kiss!

- No!
- Yes!


No! I don't want to!

Shut up!

Oh, damn!

Put it there.

That's it.
Come back now.

Come back.

My job is not
watching the customers.

But watching the staff.

Suppose you're the manager
of a supermarket.

You have too many staff around.
What do you do?

- I fire them.
- There must be a good reason!

You try to know if they stay
too long in the toilet,

or if they pauses too long.

You should build up pressure.
Those who don't quit, you fire.

That's what my cameras are for.

I work for the managers.

For bosses in their
three-piece suits.

It's overwhelming.

There is no big supermarket
without my cameras.

Is that legal?

Legal? Who determines that?

But if a manager gets caught,
he has a trial on his ass.

And I go to jail.

Left! left!
On your left!

Wait, I'll wave!

Shit, that's brilliant.

- How long?
- Two days.

- Can I see?
- Yeah.

We go swimming?

In the beach? I don't know.

It's different now.
I don't know if I want to undress.

Do you have a girlfriend?
A fiancée?


No love life at all?

Yes, but no fiancée.

what is it?
Only to fuck?


- Do you have many flings?
- No.

Does it annoy you
to talk about it?

No, I don't care.

And you, were you
with a lot of guys?

- Before?
- Yes.

I was with Simon.

Is that all?

No, there were others,
but not many.

I was very ...

I liked being watched.

I liked turning them on.

I liked getting them excited.

But then,
I'd get bored.

And now?


I forgot what it's like.

I don't know if it still works.

No more desire?

I never said that.
Sure I feel desire.

Let's change the subject.

- I'll do it.
- No, wait.

I have legs, they must serve me.

Do you want to fuck?



You want to know if it still works?
So, let's fuck.

Just like that?


I don't know if I can do it
just like that.

When you feel like it, tell me.

Wait ...

Come ... Come!

Do you mind if we don't kiss
on the mouth?

No, it's OK.

And on your breasts, can I?


Wait, you're crushing me...

- You gotta stop talking now.
- Ok.

Slowly ...


Slowly ...

Are you OK?

Was it good?

It still works?


No ...
I don't know ...

It's different.
It's hard to say after just one ...

Yeah but I can't now.
I have to go.

That's not what I meant.

- It's new, so ...
- Was it good or not?

Yes, it was good.

Well, when you feel like it, call me.
If I'm OP, I'll come.

What does that mean, 'OP'?

When I'm available, when I can.

- When you're OP, we ...
- Yes.


Nothing, it's great.

I'm going. Bye.

Are you OK?


Good to see you!

Oh, thank you... Yes.

It's true, I missed.


Oh shit,
get dressed, quickly!

- What is it?
- My sister.

Shit, you scared me!

- I am with a friend.
- Do you bring girls now?

Stéphanie, come here,
I will introduce you to my sister!

- It's the girl from Marineland.
- What?

- The girl from Marineland.
- Ah...

Oh shit, poor girl.

- Good morning.
- Anna ... Stéphanie.

Four times.

That's enough!

- That's him?
- Yeah...

Good morning!

- How old is he?
- Five.

I don't have more grapefruit!

- No problem.
- I've got multivitamine juice.

- Do you drink tea?
- No.

- I'll make some tea.
- No, it's OK!

- Sit down.
- This is perfect!

No, it's OK!

- Don't you wanna go?
- Why?

She pisses me off with her tea.

- She's very nice.
- Yeah, very nice ...

She feels like a cashier
with you.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Do you sleep here?
- Yes.

Nice room.

Why are you looking at me
like that?

It scares you?

- Want to see it?
- Yes.

Does it hurt?


Feel it.

Yeah! Again!

Again! Go!

Come on, go!

You go, you pass...

You put your hand here.

This hand here, will search
the leg on the other side.

Same movement.

Go ... That's good.


- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not.

That guy will kill me.

Are you ready?

VIP Area, OK?

Do you want to move?

To dance?

Come on!

I'll go.

- Here.
- Thank you.

I'm going.
I'll call you tomorrow, OK?

- Are you going?
- Yeah, I'm going!

Guys, until next time.
Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Until next time!

Do you want to drink

Do you want to drink

Yes, champagne.

Two champagne Mika!

My name is Pierre.
And yours?

- My name is Marie.
- Marie?

Do you come here often?


Oh no.

I'm sorry, not tonight,
I don't feel like it.

Don't worry.

I'm going.
Thanks for the drink.

No, it's OK.

Sorry, I ...

Sorry for what?

- I didn't know ...
- What you didn't know?

I couldn't know that ...

That you have a ...
That you did not have ...

What you couldn't know?

Look what she did to me!

Don't touch it!

Everything alright?

- You guys stayed late?
- I don't know.

- And you, how was it?
- Normal.

You think this is
a normal conversation?

I ask you how went with the girl
and you answer 'normal'.

What should I say?



Do you think it's 'normal'
to pick up a bimbo in front of me?

- What would you say if I did that?
- Nothing.

Oh, really?

- Wouldn't you care?
- Shit!

Stop, damn! You're being a pain.
What's the problem?

What am I for you?

A friend?

A girlfriend?

A buddy, like Foued
and the others?

Do you fuck your buddies?

If you want to continue,
we have to do things right.

Let's show some manners.

I'm talking about delicacy.

You know what it is. You've always
been so delicate with me.

We'll do like this?

We'll continue,
but not like animals.

What is it?

I'm OP.

That's it, I am OP.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

- Don't you want it?
- No.

Why not?

Calm down or I'll have
the store evacuated.

- Don't bother.
- We'll call the police!

The police!

Remove the stuff.

They will see that you spy!

- We will close the store.
- That's it!

Don't you dare
even looking at us!

Don't touch me.

The guy is wrong and wants to call
the police! Bravo!

What are you doing?

I'm packing up.

- Are yours?
- No.

No photos!

Do you work for them?

No photos, I said!

You were filming us!

I'll beat you, shut up!

Come on, let's get out!

We got you!

Shut up!

I have to go away
for three or four months.

Ali wants to continue fighting.
Would you like to replace me?

But does he agree?

He's the one who asked me
to call you.

Why me?

He trusts you, I guess.

I don't know nothing about that world.
I don't know those guys.

Do you see me dealing
with those beasts?


- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Everything is in here.
If you have questions, let me know.

- And the bets?
- You have fingers to count.

- Here, the Clio.
- No, no.


I noticed that you have a problem ...

Yeah. I want an automatic.

This is what
you need.

No, that's ugly.


What's up, Robocop?

This is a circus!

- How much is it?
- 3400.

- 3400?
- Are you ready?

I'm here.

Don't look at me like that.

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to pee.

Can you give me my t-shirt?

- What time is it?
- Six o'clock.

Shit, I've fallen asleep.

I don't want you
to see me like this.

Hold on.

Come here.

It's OK?

What's the matter?

Can we do this now?


- The management wants to see you.
- What?

The management wants to see you.

- Wait here.
- Here?


You too?

Do you know
why we're here?


- I got fired.
- Don't worry, sweetie.

There's something
we want to show you.

That's it.

Here he packs up the stuff.

And here he wanted to beat me.

Then he go away.
But I've caught him in flagrante.

Are you okay?

What are you doing?

- I'm hungry.
- Close it.

You don't eat here.

You don't eat here!

Are you kidding me?

I was fired this morning.
I'm unemployed.

What's the relation
with I can't eat here?

What's the relation?
There's cameras in the warehouse.

They filmed us when we took
the expired food. They fired us.

You had your sister fired.

How does it feel?

How much did you get for that?

You get paid per person
or a flat rate?

You don't say anything?

I give you shelter, I take care
of your son, you make me fired.

But you have nothing to say!


- I couldn't know.
- Yeah, you couldn't know.

But I don't understand.

How can you do
such a thing?

Which side are you?
You're with them?

Shit, what do you have
in your head?

What didn't you know?

That you'd bring us into shit?

Can't you think?

Calm down!

Calm down, I said.

Take your stuff
and get out of here.

We don't want to see you
around here anymore.

Come on, get out!


This is the mess
he left behind.

In his message he said
he was in Strasbourg.

I don't know what
he's doing there.

- Didn't he call you?
- No.

Have you been to the gym?

They don't know nothing.

If I had an address or a number,
I'd give it to you.

I'm sure this is bullshit
after what he did to me.

Do you believe me?

Yeah, I believe you.

Do you not realize?
He left his kid.

He doesn't care about anything!

- You don't know him.
- Me? I don't know him?

- What did you expect from him?
- I don't know.

Not this.

To the right.
Raise your hands.

Faster. Raise your hands,
focus your blows.

- Is there any coffee left?
- Coffee?

- Coffee?
- Yeah.

- Are you okay?
- Yes. And you?

I will not further,
otherwise I'll get stuck.

Do you got a new truck now?

I changed my boss.
I'm back to the exploiters.


- Sam, put your jacket on!
- Everything okay at home?

Yeah, everything okay.

And Anna?

Fine. She found a job
in a school canteen.

She seems to like it.

- Does she know this?
- Of course.

Tell her that I can't help now.
But when I have money ...

- Okay?
- Don't worry, go.

- When will you fight?
- Next month, on the 9th.

You tell us?


Come on, Sam.
I give you Mr. Sam!

My mittens!

A kiss!
Come on, hop!


I'll deliver my load in Colmar
and pick up the kid at 19hrs.

Ali? I count on you: 19hrs.

- Okay.
- I have to be back tomorrow at 11hrs.

- Okay, don't worry.
- Have a nice day.

Thank you.

Sam, you make a snowman?

- Goodbye!
- Have a nice day!

- I'll bring fries for you!
- OK!

I want to skate, too.

It's not skate,
it's ski.

- It's Skate.
- No, it's Ski.


- Ski.
- You're annoying me.



I'll let you go.
Then you can do it yourself.

Go, go!

Oh shit!

Watch out!
Take the sled!

Sit on it!

One, two, three ... go!

Oh shit!


- We are going back in 10 minutes, OK?
- Yes!









Come on!

Sam! Sam!


We'll take care of you now.


Can you hold?

Yes, thank you.

Thank you.



Yes, it's better.

I will pass to him.

Here. She wants to talk to you.

- It's Anna?
- No.


It's me.

It bothers you?


How is he?

He woke up an hour ago.

- Is he injured?
- No, I don't think so.

And how are you?

I broke my hands
on the ice.

Is it serious?

They're fractured.

And are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- What are you doing?
- At this moment? In life?

- Or in general?
- I wanted to say that ...

I'm not asking for anything.
I'm hanging up.

I'll call you to ask about Sam.
Give him a kiss?

Don't hang up!

Don't hang up!

I won't hang up.

For three hours...

He's was in a coma.

For three hours,
he was dead.

I was scared to lose him.

Don't leave me!

I won't leave you...

I love you.

In a human hand
there are 27 bones.

Some apes have more.

A gorilla has 32,
five in each thumb.

A human has 27.

If you break an arm
or a leg ...

The bone grows back together
by calcification.

It will be stronger
than before.

If you break a bone in your hand,
it will never recover completely.

Before every fight, you'll think.
In each slap, you'll think.

You'll be careful.

But at some point...
the pain will come back.

Like needles.

Like glass splinters.


Translation: PollySawyer