Rust Creek (2018) - full transcript

An overachieving college student gets lost on her way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the Kentucky forest. The woman must defend herself against the harsh ...


Subtitles by explosiveskull
♥ Colored ♥ by ♥ Bond25 ♥


♪ You write the course
and I will run ♪


♪ Pushing weathered ships
towards the sun ♪

♪ And we wade through the waves
and got carried away ♪

♪ To the new shores
part the white from the grey ♪

♪ You write the course
and I will run ♪

♪ You set the change
before we're done ♪

♪ And you move to find a way

♪ To say the things
you want to say ♪

♪ And we push
till we're still.. ♪



Hi, Sawyer.
It's Cindy Mansfield

from Landler-Bayne calling.

I just wanted to confirm
your interview this week..

- Yes.
- We are looking at a few other candidates.

But as you know we were all
very impressed with the work

you did last summer and we have
a great feeling about you.

I've emailed you
all the details

so we will see you
on Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.

at our offices in DC
Safe drive!



♪ La-la

♪ La la la-la laa

♪ La la la-la laa

♪ La la la-la laa-aa
aa-aa aa-aa aa-aaa ♪

♪ Take me
♪ La la la-la

♪ Far away
♪ La la la la-la

♪ From this town
♪ La la la-la la aa-aa

♪ Take me

♪ Far away ♪


State police are on the scene

rerouting traffic
to surface streets

that's gonna create a little
bit of chaos here

but that's holiday
traffic for you.

Yeah, it's a nightmare
down there.

Just in time for Thanksgiving
weekend, unfortunately.


If you're traveling around that
area, your best bet is to stay

as far away from the highway
as possible.

We will keep you informed
throughout the day

only on 1270 WLUN, Kentucky.

Okay, would you rather have
a room full of pennies

or a stack of pennies as high
as the Empire State Building?

Uh, I think I'd take
the big stack.

I'd be rich.


Rerouting to Washington, DC.




In 30 miles, turn right.



In 500 feet make a right turn.


Make a right turn.

It's not even a road.

Guess we're taking
the next right.


Make a U-turn, if possible.

Give me better directions,
if possible.

Make a U-turn, if possible.

Turn left.

Think they seen us?


This doesn't make any sense.
Just reroute me.


Suck it, phone!



You need some help there, miss?

Oh, no. I'm fine.
I'm just stretching my legs.

Yeah. And your map.

Right. I'm just getting
my bearings.

Yeah, we seen you up
there and thought

maybe you was having
some sort of trouble.

Oh, no. I'm... I'm just passing

You sure you're okay?

You look a little upset.

And these woods,
they can be a crazy place

if you ain't familiar.

I guess I'm a little frustrated,
you know.

These maps aren't super useful.

Ain't that the truth.

So... so that's it then?

You're just a tourist passing
through here?

Yeah? Well shit, if it's directions
you're looking for, me and Buck..

That's my brother Buck there.

We lived here our whole lives.
So we can get you most anywhere.

Uh, well, um, do you know
the best way back to 64?



That's quite a ways.

You're lucky you ran into us.


'Cause there ain't but a couple
roads run through these hills

and well, you know, you got
yourself turned around nowhere.

Alright. See here? Right here.

You just keep on this way

and you'll make yourself
back to the highway, okay.

But you'll be backtracking
quite a bit.

Well, guess I'm taking
the scenic route.

Yeah. I guess you are.



Oh, hey, hey!
Almost forgot. Your map.

Oh, thanks.

Say, you won't make it anywhere
before sundown

and we live just up a ways.

So how about you come on over
for some dinner?

- Holli, shouldn't we just...
- Oh, he ain't going anywhere.

What do you say?

Thanks, but I really should be
getting going, so...

No.. That... that... that might
not be the best idea.

I mean, you got lost driving around
here and that was in broad daylight.

And you don't wanna be out here
after dark, trust me.

Listen, no offense, but you are
starting to make me feel

very uncomfortable right now.

Is that a fact?

Well, listen, we just want you
to, uh... uh, be comfortable.

That's all we want.

And it's gonna get real cold
out here real quick.

So why don't you just
come on back up to our place?

We'll have a drink or two

maybe, you know,
smoke a little somethin'?

It'd be like a little party.

Yeah? Come on, let's all..





Goddamn! Bitch cut me!


- Now hold on a second, honey.
- Fuck off!

Get that knife away from her!





She's gettin' away.






That way. That way.

- You sure?
- Yeah. Come on.



I can figure this out.










It's going to be fine.


Everything's going to be fine.





Fording County Sheriff's Office,
Deputy Katz speaking.

Hold on.

Sheriff, line one.

This is O'Doyle.

Hey, sheriff

this is Penny
from the Charleston office.

I have a stranded vehicle

for that two-five-oh
county road.

If we could get
your registration report

as soon as possible, our office
is gonna be closed

due to the holiday.

Penny, could you, uh, could you
hold on a minute, honey?


What she want?

Uh, just an abandoned car.

Uh, it got me thinking.

That, uh, hanging fella,
the Hispanic.

- What's his name?
- That's Edwin Garro.

Yeah, yeah, that Garro fella.

We should see if he had any
vehicles registered in his name.

Check them against
abandon vehicle reports.

You think this might be his car?

No, no, timeline's all wrong

but maybe something got
picked up last week.

Uh, it's a long shot, but,
you know, due diligence and all.

I'm on it.

Hello, Penny.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

Uh, so you say it's up
on 250, huh?












Hey! Over here!









Well, dangit!

You're just as quiet
as a cottonmouth

when you wanna be, huh?

You here on official business,

or this is just a social call?

I ain't here to take a bunch of
lip, you can count on that.

I got a call
about an abandoned vehicle

at the bend,
down by Rust Creek.

Well, as you can see, we prefer
to abandon our vehicles

right here at home.

Well, I just seen you and Buck
tramplin' up from that creek

every damn day, so, uh

when I get a call
from the state police...

State? What do the staties
gotta do with it?

Nothing, yet.

If we seen something
I'd tell you

but the plain fact is
we weren't up there.

Now you can come out here
puffing up your chest

all you want,
but it don't change the facts.

Boy, you must think I'm some
kinda a prize dummy, huh?

Well I got news for you..


Easy, sheriff!


You a bit, you a bit jumpy,

You hurt there?

Huntin' accident.

Oh, you're bleeding right there.

You should get that stitched up.

It's just a scratch.

Did you get that scratch
up by Rust Creek?

Like I said..

...we ain't been up there
in days.

Alright, well..

I tried.

I tried.




















Oh, shit!




Ow. Good as new.



Everything's fine.

Somebody will see the car..


They'll find me here.



I'm in the fucking woods.

















Whoo! Holy shit!

- Ha-ha-ha!
- That was amazing!

That shit was amazing!

Did you see that fucker fly?


Come on, Buck.
Let's go check it out!




Ho-ly shit.

Will you look at this? We
bull's-eyed a goddamn oak tree!


They ain't never gonna send
nobody this far off road.

Ah, shit. Now all we gotta do is
find that bitch.

She was cut pretty deep, Holli.

She ain't gonna last
out here too long.

Can't we just go back...

Not until they find a body
we're gonna have

O'Doyle and the staties
up our asses, Buck.

But if they find her, won't they
be all over the place anyway?

No, not all over.

Just around where they find
the body.

Get it? Good.

Come on,
we'll start at the creek

work our way back down the road.

- Fuck.
- Move your fat ass. This way.

Let's go.

Come on, now watch your steps
there, Buck.







Oh, my God!



Come on.


Ain't even dry.

Come on.

Come on.



Oh, come on.


Come on.







Uh, if you ever get this
somehow, I..

...I wanted you to know that..

...I... I should..











Who are you?

Oh, my God.


What are you doing out here?















Who the fuck are you?

You were supposed to drink that.

Stay the hell away from me.

Put that down. Put that down.

Take another step and I'll throw
this in your fucking face.

- Careful now. That's my..
- I'm serious, motherfucker!

I'll burn your fucking face off!



What the fuck..


- Hey! What was all that about?
- Hey.

Oh, just sheriff stuff.

Did you ask them about that SUV?

Um, I didn't know you were
taking on "The Big SUV Case."

I... I'm just curious. You know,
d... did they have an alibi?

Alibi for... for what?

For whatever was going on
with that SUV.

Nick, do you, do you have such
an abundance of free time

that you need to invent crimes
to investigate

just to stave off the boredom?

No, sir, I just...

Because if you do,
I would love someone to tackle

"The Case of the Moving
Violations Paperwork

That's Backed Up to Early

Point taken, sheriff.


But that SUV thing, I mean,
doesn't that seem odd to you?

A vehicle like that, abandoned,
in the middle of the day

no driver in sight?

Are you second guessing me, son?

No, sir. But..


Speak plain.

You do have
a way of treating the locals

with a certain deference.

Nick... you're a good deputy.

You're a good man.

I appreciate your commitment.

So I'm just gonna say this
one time

and I think it oughta be enough.



Mind your place.

And, uh, as far as them
Pritcherts are concerned

I've been arrestin' them boys
since they were in grade school.

And they are trouble,
that's for sure

but they ain't got the brains

between the two of 'em
to be dangerous.

And moreover,
that mysterious SUV

moved along some time yesterday.

- Oh.
- Yeah.



Likely just run out of gas then?




Say, sheriff,
do you have any objection to me

calling the registered owner?

You know, just to put
this whole thing to bed?

Uh, if it'll give you some peace
of mind, son

go right on ahead.




Eat this.




Uh-uh. Knock it off.

You lost blood.

You need to eat.

I need a hospital
and the police.


Suit yourself.



What's your name?

I'm Sawyer.

- Sawyer Scott.
- Shut up and eat.

I go to Centre College.
I'm a senior.

I was on my way to DC
for a this big job interview

and my stupid GPS got me lost.

These two guys jumped me.

I'm sure my friends
are worried about me.

And my parents..


...and if you could
just untie me

and take me to the police,
you'd be a hero.


I wouldn't even mention the..


Might even be a reward.

Somebody help me!
Somebody help me!

If they find you here
they'll kill you.

Keep quiet,
or I can't help you.


There he is.

Serious as ever.
Hello, cuz.

Hollister. Buck.

What happened here?

Aw, just some horseplay.
You know.

Sorry we ain't been up
to visit more.

Things just been
kinda crazy lately.

- Okay.
- No, no, it ain't.

We're family.
No excuse. You know.

- So, how'd the last batch go?
- No problems.

And the yield was what
we thought it would be?

More or less.

So we should be on target
for S... Saturday?


I get low on sudo
and some other stuff.

We're all set with that.

We'll be back up tomorrow
with more sudo, ammonia,

matches, whatever.

I'm good on ammonia

but I'm gonna need more lye.

You burned through that shit
pretty fast, didn't you?

Well, hell.
What Lowell wants, Lowell gets.

Ask him about the girl, Holli.

Oh, yeah, about that.

Seems some girl went missing up
here a couple days ago

and Sheriff O'Doyle

he nearly crawled up
our ass about it.

I don't suppose
you seen anything?

I ain't seen no girl.

Okay. Do you mind
if we take a look around?

- Free country.
- Yeah. It is at that.



What's eatin' you?

Tell me, cousin

how many times me
and Buck been up here

since we got
this trailer set up?

Dozen or so.

And every time we do,
uh, I mean

hell, even Buck
could tell you.

What's the first thing
that we do?

Go in and have a beer.



But today when we come up here

and you step outside to meet us

and stand there the whole time

in the middle
of the fucking rain

like you're some kinda
goddamn guard dog.

You got something to say?

I think I'm saying it.

We tracked that girl
up here yesterday.

Trail went cold
not a hundred yards away.

You found yourself
some fun, didn't you?

Didn't you, huh?


I had a accident
with the lye is all.

Place is full of fumes.

Lowell.. hurts my feelings
when you treat me

like I'm some kind
of goddamn idiot.

Now, how about
we go on inside

and have a look.



She ain't in there.






You shouldn't be here.

You're hurting me.

Better me than them.

Next time
I tell you to stay put

you stay put!



- Suicide?
- Yeah.

So you think
it's just coincidence

that this Hispanic fella
from out of town

offed himself right when
we got Mexican drugs

flooding the state?

I... I couldn't say.

But in Fording County

suicide seems to make
a lot more sense

than some cartel gang thing.

Maybe. That doesn't
sound right to me.

So, we gonna wait
on the coroner.

Now also, Penny from Dispatch
wanted me to follow up

on an abandoned vehicle.

Oh! That wasn't nothin'.
Moved on the same day.

Oh, well, uh..

Well, you got something
to add, deputy?


Go on, Katz.

That vehicle was registered
to a couple over in Paducah

but they gave
it to their daughter.

Now, she's over...

Why don't you
just get to the part

where you tell us the bad news.

The driver's name
is, uh, Sawyer Scott

and apparently nobody seems
to know where she is at.

She's missing?

Well, her roommates
said that she was going home

for Thanksgiving,
but her folks said

that she was staying
on campus.

When was the last time
she was seen?

Monday morning.

Monday morning?

I... I just got off the phone
with the mother

and she said that the girl's
not answering her phone.

Look, that was before you send
out your storm troopers

start trampling out
people's flower beds

and kicking down their doors.

Let's just make sure
she's not

passed out
in Virginia Beach somewhere.

Jesus Christ, O'Doyle

you think I enjoy
doing your job for you?

I'm not about to send my men
traipsing through the woods

on Thanksgiving
if I don't have to.

But you better get a line
on this girl soon

or you gonna have
state police choppers

blocking out
the sun down here.

- Deputy.
- Sir.

- Sorry, sheriff...
- Save it.

We got a picture
of this missing girl?

Pretty clever how you
burned through them ropes.

- What is that stuff?
- Lye.

- Is that some kind of acid?
- Base.

Burns like acid.

Bases burn too.

And the milk,
that neutralized it?

Milk ain't acid enough
to neutralize lye.

You'd need something like.. vinegar
to neutralize lye.

So why don't you have
some vinegar handy?

You know what happens when
you mix an acid with a base?

Neutralizes it?

Yeah, with so much heat

it burn you worse
than the lye did.

Thought you were
a college girl.

I'm not a chemistry major.


Well, that's why milk's better.

Less reaction.

Still burned quite a bit,
thank you.

Why do you know
so much about this stuff?

I've been cooking meth
since I was 14 years old.

You learn real quick
what all can burn you.

You know..

...if you let me go
I won't tell them anything.

You say you're trying to help
me, but you're holding me here.

Can't do it.

I promise I won't
tell anyone anything.

If you just let me go.

We're five miles
from the nearest road.

Twenty from any kind of town.

I got no car.

You wouldn't make it a
100 yards the shape you're in.

And even if you did,
the first person you met

would like as not hand you
right over to Hollister.


- You just wanna keep me here.
- Quit it.

You can't keep me here forever!

I said quit it.

You wanna try your luck out
in them woods, go on.

Hollister and Buck are going
into Charleston this weekend.

They'll leave their truck
at their mama's house.

I'll go down on Saturday
and I'll borrow it.

And then I'll take you
someplace safe.

Out of Fording County.

I might need some help with
this one, heavy as a mother..


Jesus Christ! O'Doyle?

I got some plain
questions for you

and I want some plain answers.

- Is this about that car?
- Hell with the car.

Now, I got the state police
asking about a missing girl!

We did what you told us,

Son, if you'd done
what I told you

they would've found
that girl's body

somewhere down
in Jonesboro County by now.

I still don't know
what the hell

you dimwits were thinking.

I told you,
okay, she come up on us

when we was burying
that bag of shit.

And we thought she seen

Well, she seen something now.

At this point, don't it figure
she already

out there in them woods
froze to death?

It don't matter if she's out
there dead in a gully

or singin' on Bandstand.

Without a body, these woods

is gonna be crawling
with state police.

Well, she ain't been found,
okay? So, she's likely dead.

The birds will be at her by now.
She'll be easier to spot.

We'll go out again tomorrow

after we run this stuff
up to Lowell.

How's your cousin doing?

Like, I don't even know him.

What I meant was,
are we still on schedule?

Hell, you know that ol' boy
don't do nothin' but cook.

Big batch here,
but we'll be right by Saturday.

We'd better be.

Breakfast is peaches
or bologna.

What are you doing?

Cuttin' matchbooks.

- What for?
- Cook meth.

I thought meth
was made from, like..

...ephedrine and Drano.

And matchbooks.

Why are you making meth?

Isn't everyone doing
heroin now?

- I read.
- Can't cook heroin.

How many of them do you need?


And what do you do
when you have them all cut up?

- Mix that shit in.
- What's that shit?

Why do you ask so many
damn questions?

Never mind.

Just thought I might
learn something.

So.. don't really know
what you're doing.

You're like one of those
European pop bands

that sing in English
but don't actually know

what any of the lyrics mean.

You sure ride high

for a girl
who jammed her wet hands

in a bucketful of lye yesterday.

I wasn't being condescending.
I'm just saying.

You know, it's amazing they got you
doing all this complex chemistry

and you don't even
have to understand it.

That ain't condescending?

So... I've been thinking
about your plan

to borrow your truck.

I just don't know I should
stay up here for that long.

I mean, it's okay
for a backup plan

but, you know, if you can
get me to a phone, then...

Bad idea.

If I'm here when
those guys come back...

It's safer to keep you here
than to try and move you.

I'm not really
a sit and wait type.

You don't say.

Listen, I just think I can come
up with a more proactive way to...

Hey, would you hand me
that pitcher right there?

- Why is it so cold?
- Just pour it in here.

Real slow.

It's cold 'cause the acetone
inside, it's evaporating..

...sucking away the energy
from what all it's touchin'.

Mix that with the matchbooks,
separate the red phosphorous.

Then I'm gonna mix that
with iodine

to get hydroiodic acid,
which I need to cook meth.

So you do all that
for just one ingredient?

That's the job.

Like a bunch of little
science projects?

Combine this ingredient,
separate that one.

Yeah, and just about every one
of them will kill you.

Every one of 'em
is either corrosive

flammable, both.

Methanol, acetone,
glycol, butane..

You thought
that lye was tough.

We used to cook with this.

Anhydrous ammonia.

In here it's just a liquid

that'll burn your skin
right off.

Room temp, it turns
into poison gas.

One spark..

Hollister will be here soon.

- Oh, God.
- Lowell.


Low-ell. Low-ell.



L-O-L. Get it?

Hey, L-O-L!

Where you at?

- Hey.
- Just put that down there.

- Eh, what's cooking, Lowell?
- Try not to breathe.

- Shouldn't we get masks?
- But I just got the one.

- Best unload quick.
- Jesus Christ.

Thought you were gonna wait
around back of the trailer.

What if Hollister
had come down here?

Or Buck?

What if they'd come
behind the trailer?

Well, I could have
kept 'em from there.

You gotta learn to sit still.

So, that road I came from
is, is that way?

And that little town
is that way?

Yeah, that's Boone.

But the nearest road
is Bishop

that way, to the east.

You fixing to make
a break for it?

Your call.

But if you're just restless,
I can put you to work.


I know, I know. I'm sorry.

I know what I said but..

Baby, this girl
is still out there

and her mama's been callin',
just worried sick.

We'll have plenty
of other Thanksgivings

but this girl won't
if we don't find her soon.

- Nick!
- Y... yes, sheriff?

What are you still doing here?
It's almost dinnertime.

Well, I... I was just..
It's okay, I'm just..

No, no, the hell it is!

It's your first
Thanksgiving together.

You go home have dinner
with your wife.

- But if I don't finish...
- That's an order, deputy.

I think I can muddle through
without you for an hour or two.

Bring me back a plate.

- Go! Go, go go!
- Okay. Okay.

Thank you, sheriff. Uh, babe,
sheriff's sending me home for dinner.

Just, uh, give me, give me 20.

You gotta speak up a bit.

Yeah, I'm getting
in my cruiser right now.

Whipped cream?

No, baby, no stores
are gonna be open

around here on Thanksgiving.

Well, who says you need
whipped cream with pumpkin pie?

No, I ain't driving all the..

Oh, wait. Hang on, babe.

I think I got
some cream in the office.

I said I think I got some c..

Jenna, my phone's about to die.

I'll be home soon.

I love you too.

..tired of excuses, Hollister.

You come up with that fucking
girl's body, alright, or so he..

Listen, this is
my goddamn retirement

and if you screw it up,
believe me, you will not live

long enough to regret it.



Hey, Nick.


Uh, look,
I... I can understand..

Just, you know, hearing
maybe half of that conversation

it could be misconstrued.


Come on, really?

Nick, look..


Well, let's just sit down
and talk about this.

I can hear you just fine
from over here, sheriff.

You're not even gonna give me
a chance to explain?

I mean, I..

Easy now.

You'll have
your chance to explain.

But right now
I'm walking out of here

and you're not stoppin' me.


It don't have
to be like this, Nick.

I'm sorry, sheriff.

But whatever you're into

you're gonna
have to answer for it.





Would you rather
have a room full of pennies

or a stack of pennies as tall as
the Empire State Building?

Never mind.


- I'd rather have the stack.
- What?

I'd rather have
the stack of pennies.

Real tall.

A stack isn't many.

The Empire State Building's
like a 100 stories high.

More than that
can fit in a closet.

If I had a stack
of pennies tall as that

it'd be the most incredible
thing you ever saw.

Right here, in the middle
of the Blue Ridge

pennies to the sky..

People'd come from miles.


Hey, what day is it?



I guess you'd be
with your folks, huh?

I was ditchin' them this year

for a stupid job interview.

I know.

And the worst part is
I didn't even tell them why.

I was too embarrassed
in case I didn't get the job.

All that scrambling around..

...all my plans.

What does is matter now?

My wife used to say

"Man plans, God laughs."



Sounds like something
my mom would say.

Always talking about God's plan.

Sure don't seem
like much of one.

Sure don't.



Bury him deep.

Don't just run him
out past that Sycamore Line

and kick some dirt
on him. You got it?

- What about the girl?
- You still got her wallet?


Alright, I got an idea
how to keep the staties

off our ass,
for the weekend at least.

But we still gotta find her.

Do not talk like that, okay?

Don't worry about it.

I'm gonna get
to the bottom of this, okay?

I'm sure that,
uh, Nick is fine.

I'm sure there's a perfectly
reasonable explanation..

Hold on, I... I just, I'm in the
middle of something, alright?

Uh, Jenna, uh..

I'm gonna go right now
and take care of this.

I will call you soon as I know
somethin'. I promise. Okay.


Jesus Christ

I do not have time
for your foolishness

this morning, Douglas.

My deputy is MIA.

His wife's been calling me
non-stop all night.

Between her
and Sawyer Scott's mother

I... I cannot go five minutes

without an hysterical
phone call.

- He been gone long?
- He, uh..

He left here
yesterday afternoon

nobody's seen him since.
I mean, I... I'm concerned.

Well, good news is I'm here
to lighten your workload.

I'm taking over
on that missing girl.

Now, my team's heading up
here now to do a proper search

of those woods up by Rust Creek
all the way through to Blackridge.

Okay, well, it's no secret
I don't like that

but, uh, I guess
it's for the best.


Got my own missing
person to deal with now.

Okay, well, uh,
you just give me a minute

I'll head out with you,
I'll debrief your men,

and I'll catch 'em up
on what we know.

Look, that ain't gonna be
necessary. They got the report.

I got this girl's parents
comin' over from Paducah.

I... it's fine, it'll just
be a minute.

Just gonna check
Nick's locker here.

See if he took his civvies with
him or if he's still in uniform.

Really, O'Doyle,
we can handle it, alright?

I appreciate the offer.

Oh, what the hell..

Oh, man.

Well, I'll be goddamned.


Though we have not yet
determined the nature

of the relationship

we do believe that
Deputy Katz is involved

in Scott's disappearance.

His cruiser was found this
morning in Jonesboro County

so it's a good bet
he's fleeing the state.

So, we're going to extend
our search west

until we find this man.


Now what?


That's it.

In 20 minutes,
you'll be an official cook.

- That ain't so hard.
- Ah!

You think you can sit still
20 minutes?

I don't know.

Well, I think I might be

starting to get used
to the quiet country life.


Stay by the back door.

And if there's trouble... run.


Hey there, son.

- How's the cook?
- Fine.


Well, I just thought I'd come
up here to check on ya.

And you done it.

That's close enough.


What, you're giving orders now,
is that it?

I just don't like nobody
disturbing my cook's all.


Well, let me
tell you somethin'.

I got a lot
invested in this here.

And, uh, if I wanna
go inside and take a look

what y'all up to,
I'm gonna do that.

You ain't.

You forget
who you're talking to?

I'm the chief,
you're the Indian.

My kitchen.. rules.

You know, you ain't
the only cook around here.

So, why don't you just
set that gun down and make nice?


Don't kid yourself, boy.

I could put two in you
before you could even

get them barrels
up above your waist.

Lucky for me you're standing
next to a drum full of ether.

Too dangerous to keep inside.

One spark from, say, some
buckshot hitting the metal..



A Pritchert with some brains.

Lord help us all.

Alright, well..

You just mind you get
this cook done right.

Next time I come up here..

...I'll know where I stand.


Was that your boss?

He sounds like an asshole.

He's the worst kind
of snake there is.

Don't rattle before he bite.

- Doesn't look like much.
- It'll do.

How much more do we need?

Nine, ten more cooks.

That's gonna take all day.

Best get to it then.

But if you get asked,
just remember..

Escorting a prisoner
for interview. I got it.


Escorting a suspect
for interview.

Don't forget to shave.

And keep him in the back seat.

How come I gotta sit in back?

On account of when'd you ever
see someone that wasn't police

riding in the front
of a police car?

You ain't police.

That's why
he's got the uniform.


Now just remember,
don't give them anything

until you get the money.

- I won't.
- You..

You count out
all that money, alright?

Don't get lazy
and let 'em short you.

Why don't you just come
do the thing yourself

if you're so damn nervous then,

'Cause that's what
I got you for.

So don't screw it up. Alright?

We got one chance to show
these boys we can compete

with them Mexicans.

Lowell cooks glass twice
as good as any Mexican.

Yeah, well that's the only
reason he ain't in the ground.

You know, he pulled
a shotgun on me today?

It's still burnin' me up.

Yeah, he's been
real touchy lately.

Don't even invite us in
for a drink no more.


Alright, well, let's do this.


I'mma go inside and change.

I'mma go sit in the back.

Not very green.

Well, if you dump it on the
land, it stains the ground red.

Like having a big meth lab
sign in your front yard.

The creek
washes it clear away.

By tomorrow,
you'd never know it was here.

So that's it, huh? All done?



I thought you'd be relieved.

I am.

So, once you got me
out of your hair, then what?

I've been thinking
about what your mama said.

And about how
cuttin' up matchbooks

is part of making meth.


You doing a lot of thinking.

I guess so.

I got this idea they're kinda
connected, you know?

I don't got it figured out
in my head yet, but..'s like..

Like, in our life,
everyone we meet

is a chemical reaction.

They change us
and we change them.

'Cause we changed,
we can go on and have different

reactions with other people.

And we don't always know
how it will end up.

We don't.

Like the matchbooks,
they don't know

how they're gonna end up.

But just 'cause
we can't see a plan..

...that don't mean
there ain't one.

Anyway, it made me feel
a little better about things..

...thinking it all
fit together somehow.


It's nice to see you too.

Hi, L-O-L.

Hey.. See, hey, hey!

Ain't you gonna say
nothin' about my duds, huh?

Nice duds.

We'll be back tomorrow
with your cut.

You're welcome.

So that's it?

All clear?

Well, we should probably
lay low for a little bit.

I'll go pick up
the truck around noon

and drop you off
with the state police.

What'll I tell them?

Tell 'em the truth.

I'll be cleared out
of here by dark.

You're leavin'?

It's time.

You can only sit still so long.

Besides, there's too many
ghosts in these woods.

I guess I can give
this back now.

Keep it.

A conversation piece,
for all the friends

you're gonna make in DC.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I'm not so
sure that they're gonna..


You old dog.

This explains everything!

Well, you could've
just told me.

- He didn't want to share.
- And he shouldn't have to.

So what if we seen her first?

That don't mean nothin' to me

when it comes
to Cousin Lowell's happiness.

N... now, now, now you just,
you just hold on there, Lowell.

You proven to be
pretty untrustworthy lately

and I don't think
we can leave it up to you

to do the right thing here.

So this little lady.. just gonna
have to come with us now.

Take a seat, Holli.

We ain't got time to be havin'
this conversation, Lowell.

Make time.

Won't take long.

Sawyer, honey.. mind heating me up
a cup of that coffee?

It's okay.

Just fetch the coffee.

I swear I should've known.

We been all through
these goddamn woods.

Here's the thing..

...I know what
has to get done.

And I'll take care of it.. my time.

But for now..

...would you just
let me have some fun?

I mean, you see how trained
I got her, don't you?

That's it, baby.

Now, get over here
and sit on my knee.



You sure do got some things

to teach me, boy.

And the thing is,
if it was up to me...

- Holli?
- H... hang on, Buck.

I think there's
something wrong...

Hang on a second,
the thing is though

it ain't just up to me..

But, Holli, the microwave..








Come on!





I can't.



You remember Bishop's Road?

I can't..

You're gonna be okay.



















Easy now.


Don't do nothin' stupid.

Yous about all the stupid
this family needs.

Why'd you go and do all this?

For some girl?


What does it matter?


It's done.







Jesus! That fucking Lowell.


She was here
the whole goddamn time.


- Is the meth..
- The cruiser, down the way.

Thank God.

That girl run off, O'Doyle.

Through them woods

headed toward Bishop's Road.

I'mma go after her.

- You circle around the road.
- Okay.

And I'll flush her out to you.

Yeah, yeah, that's, uh..

...good thinkin' there.


Don't forget your gun there.







Go on, pick it up.



Come on, boy.




You can't.

We're partners.

Go ahead.

I won't.

I won't, I won't do it.

You can't shoot me
if I ain't armed.


You think I'm concerned
with the forensics

on a known felon shot outside
a burning meth house?


Son, I just wanted you to feel
like you had a fighting chance.


You didn't.










So you're saying..

...this Lowell Pritchert guy..

...was holding you?

No, not holding me.
Hiding me.

Oh, okay, from, uh,
from these other fellas

that was after you.

Why aren't you calling this in?

He could still be alive.

Hold on now there, miss.

No sense in callin' anything in

until I get all the facts.



So these other fellas, uh..

...was it just the two of them?


Buck and Hollister.

They all work for somebody else
but I never saw him.

Shouldn't you at least
call an ambulance

or back-up or somethin'?

Well, now, here's the deal

you're just gonna have to trust
my way of doin' things

'cause around here..

Well, I'm the chief..'re the Indian.

So, this third guy,
you never saw him?

Did you get a name?


A voice?

- Um, what?
- A voice?

Did you hear him?
What his voice sound like?


I don't know, just..

...just normal,
just a normal voice.

Hmm. So you wouldn't recognize
him if you heard him again.


I definitely wouldn't know.


I think we're gonna walk
the rest of the way.



Come on now.

Just go on down
a little further there..

...down by the water.


They call this Rust Creek..

...because of all the clay
deposits up the hill.

Turned the water red.

And they mined up all the clay
before I was born.

That name stuck though.

Let's go on now.



You don't have to do this.


In the water.



































Subtitles by explosiveskulll
♥ Colored ♥ by ♥ Bond25 ♥