Rust (2018) - full transcript

Tati and Renet were already trading pics, videos and music by their cell phones, and on the last school trip they started making eye contact. However, what could be the beginning of a love story, turns to an end.


Let's see the giant fish
of the Amazon.

-Let's go!
-Enter in silence.

The Amazon has
turbid water areas.

It is in those waters where they live
the most amazing fish in the world.

The Electrophorus electricus,
known as electric eel.

This elongated fish looks like an eel.

Guys, pay attention
that this falls in the exam.

This fish has muscle cells
called electrocytes.

Do you know the difference
between an electrocyte

and a normal muscle cell?
Do not?

If you touch a normal cell,
it contracts.

The electrocyte
it produces electricity and ... pam!

-Please pay attention.
-If we are lending!

Come here
so that you are with the mobile ...

Notice how big they are.

The teacher has been angry,
guys, pay attention

When I fall in the exam ...

You search the internet
what you already see here.

I told you.

Now we will go
to the shark aquarium.

-I did not understand.
-If you start screaming ...


Look here, look.

-I want to go out!
-You will all go.

Wait, wait.

Get rid of it.

You are piling up.

We left at seven.
For breakfast, get up early.

Renet, Eduardo, come.

Today you sleep with Renata and me.

-Do not...


-Renata will take good care of you.
-No, dad ...

Why do not you want
sleep with your sister?

-Just kidding. I stay with Alex.

But you go straight to bed.

And watch this,
Do not do silly things again.

I trust you.


-Alex, keep an eye on them.
-I do not promise anything...

-Goodbye, pringada.
-Goodbye, autistic.

Come on, dwarf.

Get dressed, Tati.

We're late

Dani ...

You help me? It does not connect me.

Let's see.

It is activated? Give him here.

Put on a more animated song, for God's sake.

I'll put one of Jads and Jadson for you.

No, I better choose,
You have better things.

Let's see.


Send it to Nando.


I drive you out of my heart

Assume the consequences of your betrayal

Just kidding, aunt.

Come on, put another one. Take a drink.

- Come on, Polenta!
-Come on, dirty.

Come on, Polenta!

I never...

I played '' I never '' here.

Go now!


-It is not funny.
-It's my turn.

-I've never kissed Polenta.
-How funny.

-She was drunk...

-What, what happened?
-If that happened.

And it will happen again.

A stallion is created.

Disgusting, Polenta.

-It touches you, obscene girl.

We jump to Dani, it's my turn.

-I've never been cheated.
-Joder, Alemão ...

It will be an asshole.

You are even more foolish
than your little friend

Are you going to speak ill of him?

It has not come for you to come.
And now you pest him.

Let the girls chase him
It's not your fault.

What the fuck are you saying?
Now are they at fault?

If he cheats them, it's their fault, right?

It's fine, that's it. Leave it now.

Tati is already on to something else!

Leave me, man.

I've never been the errand boy
of Renet. Take, your mother.

No Uncle.

Do not shit. Are you afraid of your mother?

-Come it and we keep playing.
-Then I call her.


Hello, aunt.
-Hello, Edu.

Is everything all right?
-All on wheels.

Is Renet okay?

Sure, aunt. He really wants
to talk to you

I have set my hands free,
Listen to us. You can talk.

Hi, son.

How are you?

Are not you going to say anything?

That I have
to annoy your cousin ...

We have to talk.

Listen to me, son.

What was that?


-What happened?

Nothing, a video that Alex has put ...

What fun

May l?

What are you listening?

You do not know him

I did not know you smoked.

I did not know you knew things about me.

Are you the one who sings?


It's just noise.

Screams and synthesizers.

How does the letter say? '' Do you see it? ''.

'' See,
drinking that wine of blood? "

What cool

Do you want to see the video
What did I do in the aquarium?


How cool Do you want to drown me or what?

Do not.

I do it with an application.


See that animal?

When you feel threatened

releases an electric shock

-and it kills you.


-What was that?

Video nonsense.

Have you seen the water park?


Do you want to see it again?

Let's go.

I can ask you a question?


It's a joke, of course you can.

Just kidding, ask.

Nando ...

What happens?

-You are not together anymore, are you?
-Do not.


-And that he had messed with ...
- Do you really want to talk about him?

Uh ...

-No, it's just that ...

I think I've lost my mobile.

Can you help me find it?

Will it have fallen into the water?

I do not know, I think
I would have heard it.

-Where you left it?
-As if he were to remember ...

Help us, Polenta.

- Were you on the stairs?
- If it has fallen to the water it does not appear anymore.

He does not know where he is.

-I found it!

Do not...


There is a lot of alcohol left,
Why do not we go back?

If you do not want to help, go.

We help find it
and then we come back.

You are famous!

How are you? All right?

Hello Beautiful!

Tati ...

Fuck ... Come.

How did that end in the group, Tati?

Does Nando have that video?

I do not know.

It sure was that asshole.

Idiot, imbecile ...

My father kills me.

No, Tati, we will be with you.

-It will not do anything to you.
-Nothing will happen.

It will be fixed, Tati.


Only those in the class have it.

-We'll fix it.
-The whole world has seen it.

Fuck, we have a presentation ...
We have to go.

I do not go.

-We have to go.
-We'll be together.

-Nothing happens.
-I'm not going.

Come on, let's go.
Fuck them, Tati.

That they give by ass.
Come on, take your things.

Come on, Tati.

Let's go.

Fuck ... See?

What a cocksucker ...

Come on, we started.


- Hide it
-We start?

You can start, Dani.

-Silence, guys.
-Excuse me teacher.

We have decided to do
our presentation about the fauna.

-On fish
-I thought it would be about vipers ...

This is the manatee of the Amazon.

- Stop showing the video, asshole.
-Listen to your partner.

-The scientific name.
-It's Trichechus inunguis.

-He is vegetarian.

-Photos, what boredom.

Do not have a video?


This is the eel.

Eels know a lot.
Right, Tati?

-Put order, professor.
-What's happening here?

Nothing, professor.

Are we still going?

Well, this is the eel.

Can I go to the toilet?

Then you go. Wait until it's over.

-I have to go to the bathroom.
-I told you no.

What happens?
Do you want to boycott the class?

Do you disobey dad?

If you leave do not come back.

You're suspense, Renet.


There is something very curious about this fish.

Is it a piranha, Dani?
-It's a Tati selfie.

Shut up, Alemão!

Shut! Which problem you have?

Can you stop it now?

Have you been?


Did you get jealous or what?

Say something!

I have not done anything.

'' He likes to suck it. ''

'' Suck sucks sucks sucks LOL. ''

'' If she is not respected,
that does not ask respect from others. "

'' He has sought it.
How do you think about recording it? "

'' Even God has liked LOL. ''

'' Even the Saiyan like it. ''

'' If God likes, the Pope too. ''

'' Arnold Schwarzenegger approves. ''

How are you, Tati?

What happens?

Why did you play the video, Nando?

-I? Are you crazy?
-Tell the truth.

- You only had it!

Did not you upload it?

What were you looking for?

To get revenge on me?

I have not been, Nando.

I deleted that shit a long time ago.

And I told you to do the same.

Let's go outside.

Why did you keep it?

The video was just for us.

You can not exhibit like this
our privacy

I have already told you.

You're deaf? I did nothing.
I had the video on my mobile.




Do you also hesitate?

They raise my thumb
and they tell me that I have it small.

Mila is very angry.

Go shit

There is no talk of anything else.

Do your parents know it?

I want to disappear.

Do not say that.

They will soon be forgotten.

Look at me.

It will pass.


What happens?

Are you going to go santa with me now?


'' I'm sorry I accused you. ''

'' Are you going to ignore me? ''

Are not you going to call a second time?

It's only until Wednesday.

I do not plan to go back before.

But you've already lost
the presentation.

The exam is important.

I will not go, Dani. Forget this.

Diego again?


Your parents still believe
Do you have the flu?

More or less...


They do not know about the video, right?

Do not.

My mother dies if she finds out.

You're hooked

What's up, Dani?

-What happens? Tell me.
-Is nothing.


I stay with Tati.

For now, Diego, is my friend.

As you continue like this ...

He hung up on me, the imbecile!

But you're going to do what I say, right?

What the fuck, Tati.

Your video is in a porn page.

I have to go.


'' Teen caught on Whatsapp ''

'' Good straw.
I've liked it. ''

Do you want us to eat together?

Since there is a meeting
of parents, we can take advantage of.

Ok, dad.

Why is the meeting, Tatiana?

I thought there was only meeting
at the end of the semester.

I dont know.


Name and class

Then you pick it up

Name and class

Then you pick it up

Name and class

Amanda Braga, Third A.

First name?

You pick it up at the end.


And how do I get the job done?

Name and class

Tomás Valverde, First B.

It is collected at the end.


Alan Smanioto Borges, Second F.

You pick it up later.

Name and class

Tatiana Cavesin, Second F.

-Your cellphone.
-I do not have it, it was stolen.

Ok, come on.


You can pass.


Why do not you answer me
to the messages?

I expected more from you.


Son, I already told you to get up.

Move a little. Come on.

You have to order the house.

Renet, get up.

-Listen to the pants.
-Joder, dad, get off.

We can go to the beach.

Come on son.

Leave me, dad.

I wait for you outside.

Come on man.

Let's go to the beach, vampire.

- Come on, to the beach!
- Leave me, fuck!

-Let's go, handsome.
-Let me!

-You hurt me, fagot.
-You fuck.

-Let's go.
-Do not. See you

Get out, man.

Well bye.

We have arrived, mom.

We go to the beach.
You could come too.

I'll call you later. Goodbye.


Son, take it, please.

Talk to me. I tried to call you
Call me, please.

I've been around all day
listening to your songs.

That of '' Let's Drink ''.

But '' Electric High '' is my favorite.

You should touch me one day.

We realized when it started
to laugh You were small.

I was staggering through the corridors,

like a zombie

Your mother gave him a bath.

He changed his clothes, prepared a tea ...

We bathe
and he splashed the water outside.

-We got our clothes soaked.
-The key to wifi.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

What addiction ...

Look what you want to eat. I am going to smoke.

-What happens?

-Tati has been on TV.

Let's see.

... shook the city.
It's about the typical story.

Women who record a sexual relationship
trusting your partner

and they end up humiliated
by thousands of people on the internet.

Our correspondent
It brings us more details.

Normal, choose the food already.

What was an intimate video
of the young woman

-it became a crime ...

The police confiscated him
the phone to Nando.

They want to see if it was him
who leaked the video

The police for what? He killed himself and period.

What will they look for? It was suicide.

Hey, look at this.

He put the phone in the microwave.

Polenta told me.

'' If I have to destroy it,
I will do a scientific experiment. ''

-The microwave in '' Popcorn '' mode.
-Do not...

What a stupid thing...

What an idiot.

His mother is pissed
because the microwave has been charged

and he has fucked the closets.

- What a silly uncle.
-What an idiot ...

Now he is afraid
that she tell the police.


How exaggerated.
It was enough to erase the messages.

And they are encrypted,
They can not access them.

What will the police ask?

Turn off the light, Normal. Go to sleep.

Do you already know what you are going to tell them?

To sleep, man ...

We'd better say the same, right?

Fuck ... It's already loaded.

Renet, are you ready?
to see how it is killed?

Alemão sent me the video.

A journalist got
the security recordings.

Fuck, erase that shit.

We arrived soon,
we order this a little

we remove the mattresses.

We went to the beach,
but Renet did not want to go.

He is a little autistic.

How are you?

I do not know, it's a mystery ...

You should come and talk to him,
that is not a secret.

It's not a secret, but I do not want
that he finds out like this ...

What secret?

What are you hiding, Renata?

Ask her.

Hi, son. How are you?

See, mom? That's why you have to come.

I am going to jump!

Salta, uncle, I want to see it.

Do not do it, idiot, you kill yourself!

Are you doubting it?


Damn you!

Are you Renet's father?


We have quoted your son
in police station on Monday at ten.

Do not worry,
he is not accused of anything.

We want to hear your testimony.

-What do you do?
- Do not you see?

What's wrong?

How could I expect him to do that shit?

Kill yourself for a fucking video!

She shits it and the others fuck.

Crazy whore ...

Do not talk about her like that.

Are you going to defend your girlfriend now?

Renet, they are going to fuck
for this shit.

They're going to fuck you because you fucked up.

Oh, that you are very good
and you did not do anything

The girl is dead. And that's it.

You stupid fucking.

Defending any whore ...

Leave me, fuck!

- Do not talk about her like that!
-For now!

Leave it now, fuck!

Get fucked!

Stop, uncle.

That they fuck you.

Let go!

If you did not want it to spread,
I did not teach it.

Fucking coward

You fuck us all
and now you're a saint.


- Son, all right?
-I'm showering, dad!

What happened?

Go away.


I know you're going through
for something very difficult.

I am here to help you.



What did the police want?


What did they want?

Talk to me,
for being a teacher at school.

They are investigating suicide.

They are talking
with all the teachers.

But you calm, okay?

What happened?

We fight, man.

That looks on your face. Why was it?

For nothing, our things.

Do you have tobacco?

I? If I do not smoke.

You should come more.
On weekends or holidays.

Or sell the house.

-The grandfather would be angry.
-It is true.

What is he doing here?

Hi son.

I serve you?

Macaroni, meat.

If you had called me,
I would not have come.

What happened to your mouth?

Nothing aunt...

I was with a girl
who likes it too ...

I wanted to take
A little piece of me home.

They sent this home.
It's a citation.

Monday at ten.

Relax, it will only be
a conversation with the police.

I have spoken with Ana, my lawyer friend.

He says not to declare
It would be the worst option.

It's okay, Rachel.

That's it, you already said it.

Thanks, you can go now.

It rains a lot, dad.

Nothing's wrong, honey.

You already knew it?

That mom was pregnant.

Did you know or not?

You never dry your hair

You could answer
to my questions sometime.

I am Tati, you have my number well,
but you catch me in a bad moment.

Call me later.
Or come see me! Goodbye.


-Let's look for it separately.
-It's better to stay together.

Over there.

Nothing, mom.

- Have you looked for it in the inn?

Also in the bakery and nothing.

-Where did you used to go? To the rock?
-We've gone.

We have gone for the beach ...

But it has started to rain.

I'm going to the town to look for it.

-Call me if it appears.
-I'm going too.

Did he say something to you?

Did you see Renet or not, David?

I am very concerned,
and your silence does not help.

Are you worried now?

What do you mean by '' now ''?

You could have worried before.

Before leaving him alone.

I did not leave him alone.

I left you both with you.

I spent 17 years of my life raising them.

-So do not judge me.
-I do not judge you.

17 years living for them.

And you're tired, right?

No, I did not get tired.

But now it's your turn.
I have to take care of myself a little.

-Take care of you...
-Well, yes, from me, what's wrong?

It's obvious.

Sometimes I have the feeling ...

that in all this time ...

I did not really know you

You never really noticed.

It's very different.

Have you already been told about sex?

It's a girl.


It's nice.

A little hippy, is not it?

I think of us.


When do we start to move away?

I believe that on the altar.

What a fool.


what you always said about the routine ...

The same will happen to you.
Exactly the same.

-Is different.
-Do not.

It is not.

He is diferent.

Well, if he is better ...

No, David. Only different

Give me a little.

And you?


Are you with someone?



Do I know her?



Do you think that nobody anymore
Would you like to be with me?

If you have lost weight ...

Unlike you.

I'm with three people at a time.

A manipulative girl

a loudmouth that is funny

and a weird guy

that has decided to give us a good scare.

Why did he do it?

Raquel, he can not testify.

Why will not he be able to?

Since you are not here ...

You do not know what's happening,
you do not realize

If I do not know,
Can you update me, please?

What's going on?


What is that?

I do not know the details.

But this...


It's a piece of a Renet song.

It's the girl's notebook.

The one that was killed.

It does not directly incriminate you ...

But she believes, or believed,
that he had been at fault.

Who was responsible
of the broadcast of the video.

But quiet, nobody has seen it,
I took the notebook from his backpack.

-Did you take her out of her backpack?

- How can you be so irresponsible?
-Nobody knows!

What do you say, David?
You know it, and you hide it!

What did Renet do?
What have you done with our son?

-Protect it!
Protect it?

Not like you, you left him!

And now you come giving lessons!



You are an imbecile!

Raquel, get in the car.


Raquel, get in the car, fuck!

Do you remember when I brought you
to paint on the walls?

Dad hated him, right?

Do not do this anymore, okay?

We were all worried.

I can not. The girl...

I missed.

I think I'm going back today. Are you coming?

So you rest a little
before declaring tomorrow.


I know you are very sad
for what happened.

You are scared, you are afraid ...

But you have to face it.

I do not know what happened, Renet.

But you know
that you have to tell the truth

You could talk to me ...

Raquel, I have nothing to say.

-Not with you or anyone.
-Renet, son ...

Pretending that you did not do anything does not help.

I did not do anything! Fuck!

Your call has been redirected
to voicemail.

It's refreshing, right?

We enter?

I'm going for my things.
Are you taking me with you?

Where were you, Renet?

Renet ...

How do you disappear like that?

What do you do?

Your mother is leaving today.

It has nothing to do with mom.

I'm going to declare.

You do not have to.

You are exposing yourself.

You can talk to me, Renet.

Leave me, dad.

Can you explain what I meant by that?

Tell me, son.

He's talking about you, is not he?

This you knew
from the beginning, right?


To declare...

It will not fix anything.

Do you understand?

Is that why we came to the beach?

To hide.

You will not solve anything,
you're just going to fuck us all.

We're already fucked up, Eduardo.

Can we make a stop?

Tati and I were friends.

I wanted him to know
that she did not broadcast the video.

As some say.


Tati did not broadcast the video.

How do you know?

I found your mobile.

Look at me.

Look at me, baby!

Did you broadcast the video?

Excuse me.

Do not.

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