Rust (2011) - full transcript

In a hot summer, the lives of the children are about to be changed forever when two girls are found raped and murdered. The children know who the suspect is but knowing that the adults will never believe them, they decide to keep quiet. When one of their friends sister disappear, they know they have to take the matter into their own hands.


- What are you doing?
- I wanted to see if you'd laugh.

Do you like living here?

I don't know.

Do you want to leave?

It's not for me to decide.

All women do here
is have kids and bottle tomatoes.

You'll never be like that.

How then?

I don't know.

Don't stick your tongue
in my mouth.

Why have you closed your eyes?
Are you scared?

Do you get the shivers too?

They're nice shivers.

Cinzia, did I do something wrong?

She was naked under the sheet?

Shall we go?

"Red light,
green light..."

You all moved.

- Me too?
- Yeah.

"I have a daughter,
who can't play 23..."

You moved.

Bava, what the fuck are you doing?
Go away!

"Who can't play 23.
One, two, three..."

Are you still here?
Go away!

"Red light, green light."

You moved! Go away!


"I have a daughter
who can't play 23..."

One, two, three...

- One, two...
- Go home, southerner!

Don't laugh at your brother!

Well done!

Find someone else
to play this sissy gills' game then!

Didn't you see that fucker Bava?

- What was I to do, Carmine?
- Stop him!

Sandro, what're you doing?

I'm not playing with you.

- What's wrong with him?
- I don't know.

- Bend them a bit more.
- I can do it even when they're flat.

Yeah, let me see.

- Paolo Pulici.
- Are you making a bet?

What are you doing?

- I'm not betting Pulici
- All or nothing.

I've caught it!


Do you want to see some magic?

Sit down here.

Watch this. Are you ready?

Stay here.
Leave it, it's only money.

- See?
- How did you do that?

When you ?ick this,
it pushes this one,

that pushes this one,
which pushes this one...

but this one has nothing
to stop it.

What can you do?

I'll push it through the table.

- Through the table?
- Yes.

You're a magician!

Listen, let's tidy up now,

then you can have a nap,

because I have some work to do.

Give me that money!


If you don't go to sleep,
Mom will be angry with me

She still gets pissed off.

Come on, Michele!

Give me a hand,
then you can take a nap.

Do you want me to get shouted at?

- You sleep when it's dark.
- I'll pull the blinds down then.

That's not fair,
it has to be dark outside.

Yes, dark outside.

Dark outside.

You can all suck my fat one.

One little piggy went to market,
one little piggy stayed at home...

What the fuck are you doing?

Carly on, I won't disturb you.

Let's not disturb him,
he's playing!

Diego, why don't
you sell lottery tickets?

That too!

Wouldn't you like to win
a fortune?


I don't give a fuck
about money.

Of course not,
you scrounge yours!

- Have you paid the poverty tax?
- What tax is that?

I know you have,
show me the receipt.

I said show me the receipt!

- He's roughing me up!
- You're even crazier today!

Let me see. Where is it?

Where is it?

Here we are.

You even chose crappy numbers.

This ticket is worth 80 million!

Do you think rich people
play that crappy game?

No, they've already got money.

See, I was right.

You pay two Euros a time
because you want to be rich,

but if they ask you
for two cents more in tax

it pisses you off,
but you'll spend it on the lottery.

What if we win?

They reckon you're more likely
to get struck down by lightning,

than to win on that crap.

- Listen to the scientist!
- Einstein!

- Someone has to win.
- I'll never win.

And it's bad luck to win.
Very bad luck!

Can I have another drop?

Carmine, is that Cosimo's gang?

Yeah, it is.

Come on, hurry!
We don't have long.

Come on!

I'll help you.

Doesn't she speak Italian?

Do you understand me when I speak?

Or are you kids
from the ape house?

Sandro, try speaking to them
in your dialect.

What do I ask them?

Ask them if they're spies!

- What are you doing here?
- We speak Italian better than you do

Get undressed!

All three of you!

I want to see you naked!

Come on!

Spoils of war!
Come on!


Aren't you getting undressed?


Hold her still.

Let go of me!

Cinzia, aren't you coming?

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- Let go of her!
- Keep out of this, Cinzia.

We weren't killing her.
She was spying on us.

Where were you?
Doing homework?

- Who do you think you are?
- Show some respect!

Well done!
Fine gang you have here!

I've never known anyone as stupid.

- Leave her alone!
- That's enough!

Come on, we need a plan.

We have to really piss Cosimo off
this time!

We'll bust his ass!


Spin me round!

I can't,
there's not enough room.

Spin me anyway,
even if there's no room.

It's not like the other house.
Okay then.


No, I can't do it.

Is that okay?

- Where the hell can I spin you
- Not on the bed.

You know what? I'm hungry.
I want to eat some chicken.

We'll put some butter on it.

Butter's very tasty
spread on the neck.

I'll get a big knife
and out this bit off...

to make it more tender.

Then I'll out this bit off
to make it more tender...

And then the chicken legs.


Wait, wait! You're hurting me!

We have to cook the chicken now.

- I need a pee.
- Can't it wait?

No, it can't.

Careful, Rosalia!

- When are the others coming?
- When's Tonio coming?

- I'll help you.
- No, I can manage.

Carmine, the secret entrance
is blocked.

We'll divide it up. Then if they
win, we'll still have something left

You're too young to smoke.

Paolo Pulici. These are for Sandro.
Where did Cinzia get to?

- I don't know, she was behind me
- What the fuck are you doing?

I can't reach.

Suck it, or I'll get tetanus.

What are you waiting for?

- Where did Cinzia get to?
- Don't know, she was behind me

What the fuck are you doing?

Have you got a light?

But go and smoke outside.

Didn't you hear me?

- Smoke outside.
- I'll light it firsl.

No, light it outside.

Or the municipal police
will come.

Go on, outside.

Call the municipal police then.
They'll close this place down!


it was here the other day.

This one.

The very same one.

Didn't you have something
important to do today?

- I did have.
- You did...

You do!

But what would you do without me?

Yes, it's easier
to hang around here...

- Busting people's arches.
- You've busted it, all right.

"Ass", not "ares".

Up here in the north
we say "ass".

How come you're so eloquent?
Did you go to Bocconi?


- What's this Bocconi?
- I don't know, I left school early.



Throw it when I tell you to.

Aren't your friends expecting you?

You can't walk around
with that bike.

I wanted to go and play
with the others.

How will you get home afterward?

Get out! Get out!

Where are you,
you Sicilian bastard?


Beat it or
it'll fall on top of you!

Do you want me to see you out?

You'll pay for this!

My house is over there.

My bike's broken!

- Were you born here?
- No, down South.

Down South...

where's "down South"?

- I'm Dr. Boldrini.
- Hello. I thought it was you.



What's wrong?

You're not to go to that place.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

You'll get hurt one of these days.

Then what will we do?

Your mom's always washing your stuff.
Are you a little lord?

We don't have
an outfit for every day.

Darn you!

When will you grow UP 7

The stadium is cheering
Zaccarelli on.

Zaccarelli runs forward,
Pulici takes the ball.

Pulici aims, and it's a goal!


Hold yourself stiff.

Even stiffer!

Hold your arms out
like a plane.

Oh God!

- Wait!
- No.

Wait a sec.

- Wait a sec.
- No.

Hello? Yes?

Yes, good morning.

Even/thtog's fine, thanks.

I'll send you the translation
in a day or two. Three at most.

No problem, but it's an English
text written by a German...

No, it's okay.

I've got my son here with me today.

I can give you
the first draft in two days.

Practically the final draft.

Then I only have
to go through it...

you'll have the final version
by next week.

Yes, all right.

All right, I'll call you back
in a couple of days, thanks.

Please excuse me, thanks.

- Well...
- Are you crazy?

Daddy was on the phone...

It was an important call.

No, you won't kill me.

When will you grow up?
Come on!

Come on, I know you're pretending.

I know you're pretending!

You're pretending!

I'll work and find myself
a beautiful wife.

I'll make some money and when
I go back I'll find a beautiful wife.

I'll work and find myself
a beautiful wife.

I talk like a guy from the North.

I'll find a beautiful wife...
And work, work...

I'll make some money
and when I go back home,

I'll find myself a beautiful wife.

I'm not a southerner,
I talk like a northerner.

Are we late?

No, I'm early.

Gennaro Baldoni...

shall we let him take the exam?

He's not a brainy kid,
but he works hard.

How's Baldoni at maths?

He always does his homework.

He might get low marks,
but at least he tries.


our new colleague
who teaches...

- What's it called now?
- Art and Design.

- What's your opinion on Baldoni?
- I'm new here.

You know the kids better
than I do.

But you must have
some idea, right?

He seems a little reserved, shy...

He should let himself go a bit more.

That sometimes happens with drawing.
But it doesn't mean anything.

What's that supposed to mean?

It's not important for the exam.

I don't mind him taking it,
if you don't.

Are we agreed then?

- Yes.
- Good.

Next one.
Here we are... Cardulli.

He lets himself go
a little too much.

Cardulli has me in stitches.

I had to tum round the other day
so he wouldn't see me laughing.

A bundle of fun...

I scolded him for making a din

"Cardulli, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, I was just explaining
to Lopomo what a woman is."

"Fine, let's hear it,
what is a woman?"

A woman a man without a beard."

Can you imagine?

Okay, Cardulli is witty,

and he's intelligent too.

Except he doesn't do a thing...
Not a thing!

- And that's the problem.
- What shall we do?

I don't know, but he and English...

are at war with one another,
he can barely speak Italian.

What do you think about Cardulli?

Yes, he is a little impulsive.

A little!

But he's quite good at my subject,
he's got technique and imagination.

I think you should
let him take the exam.

Shall we let Cardulli take it too?

- Yes, all right.
- All right.

Have you written that down?


You're early, Dr. Boldrini.

I'm sorry about the mess.

And the smell, I've been cooking
cabbage, Dr. Boldrini.

I opened the window
but there's no breeze today.

- Don't worry.
- My daughter's in the big bed.

I pulled the blind down,
the sun was bothering her.

The light bulb's blown,
I'll roll the blind up, Dr. Boldrini.

I'm sorry about the light...

but I can't examine
you in the dark.

Have you got a fever?

I took it early this morning,
it was 38.5, Dr. Boldrini.

Mrs. Mauriello, I know what
my name is, Mrs. Mauriello.

- Yes, I'm sorry, Dr...
- Boldrini.

Let's take her temperature again.

Are you scared? Why?

You mustn't be.

- What's your name?
- Margherita.

That's a lovely name.

It's the name of a flower,
you know?

Lift your an"n Good girl.

Let's take your temperature.


That made you laugh.

We'll wait a few minutes.

You have to keep very still, okay?

Like a statue.

I'll count to three.
One, two, three, hold it.

Good girl, don't move

She doesn't usually listen to anyone.

Dr. Boldrini's very good, isn't he?

I had to call the other doctor
three times before he'd come out.

Thank goodness you're here now,
Dr. Boldrini.

Thank you... Mrs. Mauriello.


Give me a beer.

Bocconi University...

Those who end up in charge,
often know little about life.

They have maids, their dads
open bank accounts for them...

They're shitheads,
the rich are bastards.

You're 10 cents short.

- Is it here?
- No.

I won't drink the last inch,
you can pour it back in the bottle.

When I was 12
I didn't want to go to school

So Dad told me to go out
to work, and I did.

But let me tell you something.

A 12-year-old kid who's bone idle,

and isn't the son
of a worker from the South,

but the son of a lawyer
or a doctor instead...

does he go and work
as a mechanic, or a waiter?

Well done!

The second lesson of the day!

Leave that.

I'll tell you what happens
to the rich kid.

His father parks him
in a private school,

waits for him to calm down...

and while I'm here talking to you,
who hasn't got a fuckin' clue,

the doctors son has a surgery,
or he's a consultant.

You wouldn't talk like this
if you were rich.

You'd be happy to send
your son to a nice school,

and wouldn't care less
about guys like you.

Yes, if I were a doctors son, I'd be
touching the nurses up by now!

Give me that beer.

I'll use my finger...

That's two inches,
give me 5 cents back.


Who will stop me...?

'at that moment??

I know you're pretending!

I'm not pretending.

You are pretending!

Because I'm the black dragon!

He'll attack you on the bed too.

Even with a split lip,
he'll never give up!

You won't get away from me,
you won't get away!

You can hide wherever you want,
I will find you.

Always g

He has two heads, one says:
"I will find you"

and the other: "Always!"

"I will find you."
"At the ends of the Earth."

"You won't get away from me."
"You won't get away from me."

Not even if you run over there."

"You won't get away from me."
"You won't get away from us!"

I'm not very good on this side.

- I have to go home.
- Wait a second!

- We have to finish the round.
- Stay a bit longer.

- Mum says I'm not well enough yet.
- We'll take you on our bikes.

No, I'll go on my own.


I'll try again.

I've caught you!

I've caught you!

You didn't expect
hand-to-hand fighting, my knight!

No, you will never have me!

I didn't hear you.

Are you going to surrender
or not?

- The ravine isn't enough!
- I surrender!

You surrender?
You're done-for then!

Down! Into the river!


Oh God, I'm worn out.

Be the black dragon again!

- I can't.
- The black dragon again.

- The black dragon again.
- I'll tell you what we'll do.

You can be the black dragon now.

I'll go and hide.
Come here.

You stand here.

Look, put your hands like this.

And no peeping.
Start counting slowly.

- And don't stop.
- Up to 20.

Higher! Go on!

UP to 30!


One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten...

Carry on!

Eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen,

sixteen, seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty.

Carry on!

Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three,
twenty-four, twenty-five...


It's terrible.


Keep hold of her.

- Bava killed her.
- Bava's never hurt a ?y.

It must have been him!
He's a pig.

Let's ask Cosimo to help us
capture Bava.

Right then...


\Aola Gargano, aged 13.

She's a rather strange girl,
we know that.

Her performance hasn't
been as good this year

Yes, she's different

from the other girls,
even the way she dresses.

Her classmates
wear fashionable clothes,

whereas she's very simple,
she doesn't even wear make-up

Perhaps because she's pretty,
and doesn't need to.

Of course.
She seems very mature.

- Physically too.
- If you say so...

Can we leave Gargano to last?

As you wish.
Let's carry on.

- Who's next?
- Why leave her to last?

It was only a suggestion.

You didn't insist, don't worry.

I didn't think it was a problem
to leave her to last,

but if we want to discuss it now,
let's do so.

What do you think then?

First of all, I haven't noticed
that Viola's work has suffered.

She's always shown great
sensibility in my subject.

She's a bit of an introvert,
but it's hardly a ?aw.

It's not a ?aw,
it's just a little strange.

"A little strange"
is the right word for it.

You won't let her take
the exam because she's strange?

Let me tell you something.

We went to the pool
for the swimming lesson.

All the girls had put
their costumes on, except for her.

I said:
"Are you diving in fully clothed?"

She went back to the changing
room, and we waited.

But she didn't come back,
I went looking for her,

but she'd gone, she'd gone
back to school on her own.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves
why she did that.

Are we expected to be psychologists
now, with what they pay us?

I'm not interested in
how strange the students are.

I'm just saying she doesn't study,
so she can't sit the exam,

but if you think we should,
then we will.

- If we're letting Cardulli take it...
- Precisely!

Next one then.

No, forgive me...

There's something wrong here.

What's troubling you?

You yourself said we know the kids
better than you do.

I'm starting to have doubts
if you feel...

that students' strange
behaviour isn't important.

Yes, because for people like you,
the stranger they are...

Perhaps because I'm strange too.

But seeing as I'm strange,
I would like to hear

from my illustrious colleagues
what they mean

when they say Viola Gargano,
aged 13, is strange.

I won't let my
granddaughter out now.

What a terrible world we live in!

What a terrible world we live in

What a terrible world we live in

Excuse me, doctor,
you haven't got a patient with you?

Come in.

I was about to call you in.

It's hot, isn't it?


- Have a seat.
- It's Sandro, doctor.

He's got a bad cough.

Take a deep breath.


Now cough.


Get dressed.

There's nothing wrong with him.

I'll prescribe him something anyway.

Then this little scoundrel

can go back to screwing
his little friends.

Sorry, I didn't catch that
What did you say?


You didn't catch that?

I said Sandro can go back
to playing with his little friends.

You can laugh...


What is it, doctor?

It's not my fault you don't know
how to bring your children up.


And you keep coming here
asking me

to solve your problems.

And don't complain when
they turn into delinquents!

- What's that got to do with it?
- What has it got to do with it?

She doesn't understand
what it's got to do with it.

I'll explain it next time.


- Goodbye.
- I didn't mean...


I didn't mean...


play, play, play...

Play, play...

Just a minute, just a minute...

Come in!

Take a seat.

What the fuck is he doing?

Just look at that idiot!

It's Dr. Boldrini.

He's giving a speech
while he's peeing.

You're stupid, it's not funny.

You're always fuckin' complaining!

He's crazy,
but they take us to him for treatment.

His trousers have fallen down!

The grown-ups
would never believe us.

They kiss his ares,
because he's a gentleman.

He's talking to his car!

I'm going home, or they'll worry.

Let's leave this jerk
on his own here.

Do you know what the doctor
did the other day?

He told Mom there was
nothing wrong with me

and that I could carry on
screwing my friends.

- What?
- I didn't say it.

Instead of saying "playing"
he said "screwing".

Mum was shocked,

but instead of apologizing,
he was furious.

He said we're all delinquents.

Bastion of the West...

Hadrian's Wall

now without a garrison.

The barbarians are rampant.

I am the only one left...

to guard the border.

Lonely sentry...

faithful to his oath.

I shouldn't be here...

in the middle of these cows,
who stink of fried food,

in the middle of...

these dirty southerners.


On the children's ward.

If Hitler had won

If Hitler had won

there wouldn't be as many of us.

If we had won, yes...

Such a fine castle,

What a fine castle...


And we... will bum it.

Do you want to come with me,




- Do you know what I'll do?
- What?

I'm not going to see
those blockheads.

I don't give a damn.

They know where to find me.


It can't get any darker than midnight.




The grown-ups
would never believe us.

Play... screw.

Play... screw.

Play... screw.

I'd like my illustrious colleagues
to tell me why they think

Viola Gargano, aged 13,
is strange.

I don't like her, okay?

She tells a lot lies,
whopping ones too.

Like what?

Last year, in one of her essays,
she insinuated she had received

"strange attentions"

from her mother's partner.

Fortunately her mother
denied everything.

Something must have happened.

Perhaps something happened,
but nothing serious.

It's a delicate problem to tackle.

We have to assess
her schoolwork...

decide whether she can sit the exam
and go to high school, right?

If she passes...

I don't give a damn
what her schoolwork's like

You have to be careful.

Don't stray too far from the building.

Don't go back to that place...
What do you call it?

The Castle.

I don't want you to go back there.

Do you understand?

When will you grow UP 7

Daddy, where are you?

- You're scared to touch it.
- That's not true.

Hold the petrol bomb then.

See, you are a scared-cat!

I frightened the black dragon!


What's wrong?

I was only playing.

Did I frighten you?

Darling, I'm sorry.

Michele... Michelino.

When will you grow UP 7


I'm not a dragon!

I'm not a dragon, look at me.

Come here.

I'm not a dragon.

I'm not a dragon.

Dragons don't exist.

They don't exist.

I don't care about her schoolwork.

But what do you mean
"nothing serious"?

That he only touched her butt?

How dare you talk to me like that!

Perhaps she deserved
to be groped.

What did you say? She's mature
for her age. Physically too.

It's not our fault
she looks older than her age.

So there's a table,
like the Mercalli Scale,

to assess the level
of strange attentions?

What level are we at?

- I'm not talking to this idiot!
- Calm down!

Feminism is over,
haven't you realised?

If it had been a boy
who was molested...

it would've been different.

Let's not argue
at the kid's expense.

She confided in me.

A coup de the'tre!

- Viola wasn't lying.
- How do you know?

I believe her.

From what she said, I realised
it wasn't just "strange attentions",

but something much more serious.

Then why didn't you say anything?

I don't know.

It's not easy, I was scared
of making matters worse.

Good decision,
that's a job for social workers.

You have to be careful
not to kick up a fuss.

We can't take the responsibility
for something that's not...

The grown-ups
will never believe us.

Play, screw.

Play, screw.

What did you say?


Write this down...

The Art and Design teacher.

Cinzia Nigro...

states that the teachers
of Letters and Science...

are envious of
Viola Gargano's stepfather.

They too would like
to screw this child...

if only they had the guts."

That's enough!

- Let's calm down.
- Leave it.

Are you crazy?

'You can...?


Let go of me!
Carmine, help!

Let go of me!
Carmine, help!

Let me go!

Let me go!


Little ?ower...

Go on.

Why's Rosalia not come out?

She's over there!

Where's Boldrini's car?

Where's Rosalia?
Where is she?

Where's my sister?
Where is she?

Everyone to the castle!

Do you want to stay with me?

Let her go!

He's still alive.

What if he survives
and comes looking for us?

If he survives, he won't
come looking for anyone.

Everyone outside!

Everyone outside!

Come on, outside!

Come on!

You bastard.

Where's Carmine?

Where are you going?

Fancy a beer?



Just as well.

Since the Euro became currency,
I haven't had a Lira.

And I spent what I had
on cigarettes and drink

while I was thinking...

"Shall I go see
those blockheads, or not?"

I was smoking and drinking...

"Shall I or shan't I?"

I haven't got the money.

I don't have it.

Do you want to kill me?

Kill me then.

Have you ever killed a man?



This is how you do it.

How old are you, Carmine?
40? 45?

Don't you remember?
Do you know how old I am?


It's not nice being in debt
to someone younger.

Don't worry, we don't want
anything from you.

Your sister Rosalia gave us
the money you owed us.

What's the problem?

You're such a shit.

I don't know why she keeps on
saving your ass.

Does the dragon die in the end,
or not?


now and then
you'll hear its voice saying...

"I'm still here."

"And it never goes away again, Daddy?"

That depends.

Whether you're on your own

or not.

Above them loomed the castle
silently in the night.

Carmine looked at it for a second
then he shrugged.

"It's only iron", he said ?atly.

Silently, without turning round,
the children from the Alveari gang,

left the scrap yard
and took Rosalia home

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