Russkiy Reyd (2020) - full transcript

Nikita, a former Russian Spetsnaz operative, is hired to neutralize the large private security force at a local factory so that his shady employer can extort the business from the factory ...

Varyag on the channel,
condition one in three minutes.

Obviously, I was away for months,

that's why she found another guy.

You know, I'm telling you all this,
and I feel relieved.

But that's okay,
before leaving, I met a girl.

She's so freaking hot!

She is a yoga coach,

as lithe as a panther.

Although, she is not very bright.

Have you fallen for her?

Come on, we've just met.

We've only been out a few times.

Will she wait for you?

How can you tell?

I just want to find the right gal...

I'd quit this.

The Ghost is on the way, full alert.

Oh, the employer...

I am a romantic.

You're a mercenary.

Yasha, give us a status update.

Go, all clear.

Let's get back to civilian life.

No, brother, I'll pass.

You should get yourself somebody,
a goldfish or something.

Will do.


Let's see...

I've never seen those boys on the base.

So, hand grenades. Nothing new.

MANPADS. Not bad!

Hey, that must be our new boss.

So that's what the Ghost looks like...

I've heard about him.

He is odd, always shows up personally.

They say he has been working
with some serious stuff since the '90s.






Let go! Let me go!

Hold it, chief.

Or I'll shoot your wolf-cub.

I should have shot you in Gudermes,

but I took pity on you as you were young.

Let the boy go.

Chief, this is the last time
I'm offering this.

It'll be enough money for everybody.

It is not about the money.

Here's the deal.
I won't give you up to the cops.

Take it out of the factory.

You have 24 hours.


Dad! Daddy!

No! Daddy, no!


Hey, what are you doing?

Spread out! Go on! Take them down!

Contact. Who fired?

- Yasha, get on the radio.
- It's the client, we're done for.

What's going on?

Yasha, do something, stop jerking off!

We are so done...

Target coordinates, four, distance, 300.

Machine-gun is ready, we're backing off!

Digger, get out of the way!

Give me the coordinates.

Squared four, by snail six.

Our snipers are there!

Carry out the order.

Varyag, I'm sending you a fun gift.

Now we are fucked for sure.

Get out of here!

And why have you stopped, Nikita?

Dance a little bit more.

Well... That kid.

Open it.


First you beat me,
and now you're asking if I'm okay?

And you better act like a human being.

Educator, my ass...

You have been sitting here,
hiding from something.

Are you messed up or something?

How about I report you to the police?

Look after Yoda, will you?

Take some money.

Give it to your wife.

Will you be away for long?

We'll see how it goes.

I'm telling you, fuckers, there was
this dude, Byron was his name.

Earl or something... What was it... Lord!

Anyway... He considered himself a genius
and fucked his sister.

No shit. Really?

Why did they even teach you to read?

Guess what I read about Pushkin...

Hey, what's your problem?

Hey, listen! You were asked a question.


Are you lost or something?
Looking for your Mom?

A moron, it seems.

Wow, you're no chicken, nice.

I see you've gotten acquainted.

Who's that?

Who are they? We had a deal that
these would be professional soldiers.

Let's go talk. Come.

They are not pros. They are a liability.

Buddy, what are you so emotional about?

They'll do what you say.
What else do you need?

I need soldiers. If something
goes wrong, they are dead meat.

Do you know why they always sell
shitty coffee at the gas stations?

No reason to purchase expensive stuff
you can't capitalize on,

if you can get trash instead
and earn a lot from it.

Just remember, old friend.
Quality is not profitable.

I came up with the plan,
I know who is good for this.

It's your fantasy. The plan is mine.
You just floated the idea.

I arranged everything. I found the men,

compiled the info.
I believe in these guys.

You don't.

They are just kids.

Maybe you are just scared shitless?

But we'll be fine without you.

Or are you with us?

Yes, I am.



- Is our table over there?
- Yes.

Who's that?

Records clerk. Do you like her?

- Hi. Hello, boys.
- Hello.

Who else?

- Hi.
- Notary.

See, Wicked is turned on.

She's classy, Wicked, come on!
And you tell me about his sister...

Everybody's here, guys. Everything
has been arranged. Meet Yasha.

He is in charge.

Who? Him?

My command orders are to be followed
at once and without any discussion.

Security is unarmed for sure?

I took care of it.

Took care?

Yesterday ATF took away all their guns

until their violations are eliminated.

This wouldn't have been an issue
in the '90s.

Times are changing, my superiors
have more serious horsepower.

We need at least one gun.

Hey, listen up! If you crush
someone's head,

I'll cover it up for you. Again.

But if you take somebody out,
you can't afford this.

Kiddos, we are negotiating
from the stronger position,

but within the confines of the law.

You were hired to neutralize security.

You stay out until I tell you otherwise.

So work quick and quiet.

I am in charge.


I come into this dive bar, there's
this goof sitting in plain sight.

The bald one?

No, the one they nudged from Zarechensky.

The bald guy will never come back.


Hello, beautiful.
How can I help you, darling?

I am here instead of Natalya today.

And what is wrong with our Natalya?

Sick, blood pressure or something.

Even better, otherwise
we would never have seen a girl like you.

I think I'm getting blood pressure
or something...

What's all this?

You got sick of your job? Stupid bitch!

Do you know who I am?

I know. You are a whiny little skunk.

Stop laughing!


Hey, big guy, what do you mean,
whiny little skunk?

You fuck, I'll put you down,
and your old man

will be thankful for it too. Got it?

Sit down.

Come on, Petro, what's the big deal?

I see, the meeting is in high gear.

Decided to shake off the rust, Petro?

Just smoking, Vasiliy.

Smoking kills you, get some booze.

Pete is on a warpath again.

Vasiliy Mihailovich, as a representative
of the largest shareholder

I demand you fire this bitch immediately.

The largest shareholder is your father,
a rather serious man.

Cut the crap, sit down.
Don't tarnish your father's name.

Are you seriously trying to hurt
the shareholder's feelings?

His father is a shareholder, not him.

Well then, off you go.

Vasiliy, that was awesome!

Shove your care up your ass.
I'm better off without it.

Change into security uniforms.

Is it your idea to put on pig's stuff?

It's lame to dress up like this.

Look here! Fuck it.

Watch your mouth, we have a lady here.

We are going as is, got it?

When we are done here,
you come in through the main entrance.

No, I want to keep tabs on this
so I am going with you.

With this lineup?

Come here!

In the '90s, they moved in
on the armories, didn't they?

Today is not the '90s.

That's the point.


Found it by accident,
thought you might be interested.

The old issue of Blade weapons!
where did you get that?

You know, Eva,
the battles used to be noble

and depended on the skills
of wielding a blade.

All douchebags are Mr. Colt's offspring.

Do you want to hold it?

No, thanks.

I'll be in the file room,
if you need anything,

dealing with documents.


How ironic! Back in the day they
made missiles in this factory

- which killed people.
- Quiet!

And nowadays, they make vodka here...

which also kills people.

Guys, I don't like it.
What the hell is he doing?

What is this shushing?

Hey! Calm down, Marine!

Fellas, don't push the kid.

It seems like he will talk
in a little while.

Let's go, shall we?

What a dump!
Hey, what the hell is this place?

This is going to be a
construction site, my friend.


A developer's lot.

Large force, is it?

From 30 to 40 bodies.

Why so many? Are they afraid of us?

They're afraid of their workers.

Madam, you are being dull!

They watch the men, so they can't rat.

There's always been
a lot of security here.

Used to hide secrets from enemies,
now from their own.

In the Soviet era, they transported
missiles through the tunnel...

but now it is completely empty.

The manager here is an old leatherhead.

He didn't cooperate,
and fucking missed his chances.

Technician is coming with me,
the rest stay put,

wait for the signal.

Yes, sir.

Will do, sir!

Who the hell is there
in the transportation department?


Watch the monitor, not your game.

The telephone and the internet are okay.

- What about cameras?
- Yes.

Tower, do you copy? Who is in the old
transportation department?

Get on the radio.

Done. Now they are looking
at the recordings from last week.

Jam the signals.

No connection, I can't get through to him.

Fuck it, let's do it quick,
or we are busted.

Hey, let's celebrate the end of the shift!

Hey, you goons! Dildos up your asses,

- get down.
- Trespasser here.

Quiet! Peacefully!

Quiet! Zhora, come on.

Hey, stop it, calm down, stop it!

Everything is just as you like it!
Quick and quiet.

Tie them up.

Here we go! Just one.

Who are you? Freeze!

- Quiet.
- It hurts! Are you fucking nuts?

Move on!

Hey, are you trying
to get yourself killed?

Come here...

Come on, get him!

Come on!

Hit him! Break this motherfucker!

Well, asshole, now you are done.

What? come over here!

Knock him out!

When is the shift change?
I am already hungry.

A little over half an hour.

Bring something from the canteen.

- Hi, guys! Here is the thing...
- What are you doing here?

- I want to warn you.
- Who are you?

Well, as you wish...

Come on!

Here you go!


Slow down, he is giving up.

Are you?

I think he is.

Well, everything's done here.

- Where are the other guards?
- On the shop floor.

On the shop floor at night?


Well, why are you frozen up?


We need to cover all floors.


Move on, I'll get this one.

It's just some museum, Soviet shit.

Who are these leathernecks?

Shareholders got stuck here.

Hey, we can't just take out
bodyguards like this.

Don't worry, you'll get a bonus.

I'll deal with them.

Who gives a fuck about global warming?

It's just another scam.

- Wait.
- Rothschild and Rockefeller did that.

Attention! This is a raid.
For your own good,

please come out, and do not resist.

It's in your best interests.

Guys, get down on the floor,
hands on your head.

Let's go, tell us everything.

No, guys. It's not a joke.

No joking here.

Hold it.

Wait, let me see.


Guys, it's for your own good.

Hold it, quiet.

Let's do this peacefully, okay?

Who are you? What raid?

I'll say it again, get down on the floor,

hands on your head.

Okay, let's solve this peacefully.

Okay, peacefully. Agreed?


What is going on? I'll call the police.

Guys, that's enough, stop.

Stop, that's enough!

I promise, nobody will be hurt,
it's for your own good.

Come on!


Hands on your head.

Hey, pussies!

Come on!

Shouldn't this be full screen?

Should I bring you popcorn too?


So what, plush? You are so busted.

Let me!

Easy. Leave him alone.

- Come on!
- Leave him.

He is mine.

Tie them up.

We'll break everything here.

Hey, smugglers, come on over here!

Come over here, beautiful!

Over here!

Come on, I'm telling you, come over here!

- What's with you?
- Double!


When my wife went to bed,
I watched such a great porn movie.

How do you find time to do all this?

- Come on over here!
- Come to me! Come!

Over here! Come on! Hey!

Cluck-cluck, little chickens!


Don't you understand,
fat ass, face on the floor! Down!

Keep out of the way, dork!

Where are you going?


- Fuck you!
- I believe you like to beat up old people.

What did you do to my homeboy, bitch?

Look here.

Easy, gladiator!

Or what?

How are you, brother?

What have we here?

Looks like his ribs are broken.

Relax, soldier, just breathe deeper.

- What's this?
- This will make you feel better.

You're a lifesaver, Doctor.

Time to move.

We aren't leaving him.

Bring him to the locker room.
And close the shop floor.

I came straight here through the factory.

They tied everybody up.

Take a seat.

We have the shareholders meeting today.

Looks like they want
to take over the factory.

No one in authority called me.

They are beating the crap out of our men.

So? Anybody wounded?

I mean, seriously wounded? Killed?

I don't know!


No, but they tied everybody.

So, don't meddle. Do you give a shit
about who you are working for?

That's it, go home
and be back at work tomorrow morning.

They beat up people.

Pete, lock him up.

What do you mean, lock me up?
What did I do?

- Move it.
- Have a rest.

Hey, listen, pal, this whole thing's
just gotten away from you.

I'm in charge here.


What's that? Here we are...

Engineering department?
We need the backup generator.

- Can we turn on the generators?
- Already done.

Today the power is out,
yesterday they sealed up the weapons.

And you keep things organized here,
in perfect working order?

Vasiliy Mihailovich,
I'll tell my father about that.

Usually, things are fine, but yesterday,

they picked at us for no reason at all.

About the records in the book,
the wrong guys carrying the wrong gun.

We'll deal with it tomorrow.

Let's move. Here it goes.

What the fuck?

Failure. Most likely the security
system restarted because of it.

Most likely?

It means the cameras are now functioning.

Stanislav Olegovich!

Look at this.

How in the hell?

All units!
We are under attack, the stairs.

Roma, come with me.


Give me a minute.

It's no use. We need to break the door.

They hacked the security system,

I warned you about computerization!

We have no connection. Let's decide.

Decide? We can't get away from here,
we are totally fucked!

Don't panic!


Who are these cheap thugs?

They look like gym rats, 20 or 30 people.

Maybe more.

Perhaps, we fix this?

With the thugs?

Yes, Pete, we could use a gun right now.

They are unarmed.

We should get ready for the fight.

Are you going to fight? You're nuts!

If we do what they say,
we can at least stay alive...

I could use a bat.

Gentlemen, I have a better offer.

Well, spit it out.

Well, sweeties, it's my turn.
Let me talk to them.

We'll set it now.

Gentlemen of the board, you wouldn't know,

but I'm ready to purchase your business
at a reasonable cost.

Stupid fuck.
I'll flush you down the toilet.

Even if you shit all over me,
I'll still take what's mine.


Russians do not surrender.

Stay right there!

Come on, come over here!

Pull him back!

Get back here!

Come on!

Come on!

Now what? You're done for, you jerk!

That shot was cool! Yes!

Come on, move it, go!


It's my sword.

Yours. Take it.

Should I poke you once or twice?

Got mixed up?

Should I?

You'll pay for this, punk!

You seem to have forgotten
the rules of this game.

Do you even know who you are messing with?

So you are going to keep
all the food for yourself.

Now you are our food.

Stop, what are you doing?

Here he is, the gentleman of the board.

We are negotiating
from the stronger position.

Pavel Andreevich,
please step inside the conference room.

Nicely done, guys, it worked out.

You were at your best. I'm impressed.

Now the only thing we have left
is the paperwork. That is my field.

And where is the CEO?

Without the CEO's signature,
the transaction is not legal.

Not legal?

Not legal, no shit?

No shit! Bring him to me!

Two minutes.

What's the drug called?

I am afraid you'll get used to it.

May I come in?

So, let's get to transferring the shares.

I'll use your ass for my wallet, lokh.

Lokh is a fish swimming upstream to spawn.

In a similar fashion, you, gentlemen,

did not notice that you are no longer
floating downstream.

The '90s are long gone.

This remarkable folder
will be of great interest

to the district attorney.

Blackmailing, embezzlement, larceny...

And altogether,
with your organized crime syndicate,

it will amount to 15 years
in high security.

Time for you to spawn,

gentlemen of the board!

You are a rotten rat.

There is a deadbolt here.

I have a shotgun!
I'll kill anyone who enters this door.


You'll spit blood, all of you!

How are you, brother? Did it hit you hard?

So, where did this asshole get a shotgun?

Take this! And be quiet!
Have you got that?

Colonel, that busybody
from the neighborhood called again.

He wants to report a shooting.

At the liquor factory.

Are these all the cameras? Are there more?

I'm pulling them up right now.

Can't see anybody here.

What is he waving at?

The intercom works?

Colonel, shut down the light show,
the deal has been made.

The transaction was supposed to be quiet.

Everything's quiet.

You've been reported, and believe me,

this busybody will flip on you
even higher.

Sergey Vicktorovich, I don't need trouble

on account of your "everything's quiet".

Alexander Vitalievich,
don't worry, I have it under control.

Sasha, we're good.

And everything is legal and legitimate?

Go to hell! And take the pigs with you!

Fucking scumbag.

You're fucked,

and you should have thought this through.

- Tell Vasiliy to open the door.
- Let's just get out of here.

Figure it out yourselves out there,
and I have to check on the allegation.

The job was bigger than we thought,
they got you worried,

but you will be compensated accordingly.

Call the district office yourself.

I will, don't be a suck-up.



Well, cut it out, it's not a day camp!

We need to open the door.
You've got five minutes.

There is a gun in there.

Do what you're told.

Fuck you. Open it yourself,
I'm fed up with you.


Great perfume.

I don't want trouble.

But trouble is already here.

Hold it, soldier.

That's our boss man.

Are you hiding from the fracas, dodgy?

Branching off from your commander?

And now you decided to make some money?

We've got our own law here.

You've got some nerve!

Fuck it...

What a surprise.

Vasiliy Mihailovich!


You don't think this is over, do you?

We shoot people like you point-blank.

Fighting over a woman.

All right then, bitch, dance!

Pull him over here, fuck it! Come on!

Take this!

And you can finally see
who's really the boss.

All right, let's finish it.

Vasiliy Mihailovich, you are looking

at 15 years in high security.

For a person your age,
this is a death sentence.

Does the factory
mean more to you than your life?

Very well then.

This beauty stays unharmed if you come out

and sign the paperwork.

He has no heart at all,
this Vasiliy Mihailovich.

Strip naked.

Let her go.

Put down the weapon.

Why? We all know
how things are going to go.

Grandpa, you better
be fucking careful with that shotgun.

Get out.

Hold it!

Stay still!

Stay still, bitch!

Thank you!

What are you doing here?

Put it down.

Who are you?


It's not yours,

it's my father's.

It can't be true...

Nikita, is it you?


Nikita, you disappeared
with your grandfather,

and we thought...

Do you realize it wasn't my fault?

I know. Where is the warehouse?

What warehouse?

Nikita, why?

The armory.

You know full well about these people.

Are you insane?

Don't you remember
what they did to your father?

Spill it!

I'm saying nothing.

You will.

They will bury all of us,
both bandits and cops.

It serves everybody right.

I know where the weapons are.

I was an assistant detective
with the police.

We accidentally seized
a truck full of arms.

We were working on the case,
and found some evidence.

A month later, my boss disappeared,
the case was closed,

and I was fired.

Fanatic fool.

This is how you treat people.

You came to work here to spy on me.

I'll destroy you!



Keep out of this.
You don't know these people.

If I refused to cooperate,
I'd never see my family again.

They will stop at nothing, ask this guy.

That wanker ratted us out after all.

Did you call them?

Call them? Impossible.

They show up on their own accord.

Who are they?

The ones you are looking for.

Who the fuck are they?

Colonel Ryabushkov.

We have some business here.
Where are you from?

From the head office.

So, you got this call too.

Stay out of it, Nikita.
Look at what happened to your father.

They jammed the comms.

Call the convoy.

My father was a soldier. And who are you?

Uncle Vasya.

What a mess.

Barricaded themselves in.

Stuck in the '90s.

Sanya, they have guns.

Don't worry, I'll fix it.

Will you? You should have
fixed it beforehand!

You held this back
from your superiors, didn't you?

Hey, you fucking call and fix this, fixer!


do you want a share of the factory?

They have access to the system.

Good evening, working people.

What is going on here? Who can explain?

Good evening. We are celebrating

the successful completion of a deal.

And who might you be?

And who might you be?

I am the owner's representative.
The new owner.

Who are these bloody friends?

They are performers. Rappers.

We want to see the CEO.

I see you could question me for days.

Please show me your credentials.

I suppose you have a warrant

or a factory security contract,
or something else?

Alexander Vitalievich,
could you please explain to me

what is going on here?

Well, performers, show your bloody IDs.

Chief, we are simple honest performers,
we rap just for pizza and kvass.

Sit down.

I don't have songs good enough
And I'm furious about this stuff

I would be bored much less
Making the covers of tabloid press

Be seated!

Hey, put down the gun.
You fire, you go to prison.

Take your boys,
and get the fuck out of here.

Hey you, pompous prick.

Bloody hell...

What were you trying to do?

You should have done what you were told.

Get out of here.
Hurry up, there is no time.

There's more of them coming.

The gates are shut down,
you have to take the tunnel.

Hold on! We are not finished yet here.

Take hold of the CEO,
make him sign the papers.

And I need the technician.

You scumbag!

So, no guns?

That's how you solved the problem?

Easy! It happens, a force majeure!
Let's finish the job.

Fucking bitch.

Stay put!

Get back. This is my factory!

Nobody leaves
until I get the CEO's signature.

Follow the order!

You set us up.

Drop your weapons!

Follow the order!

You'll pay for this.

Drop the weapon!

We should get out of here.

Drop your guns.


take a breath.

Relax and put the gun away.
The most important thing now

is to get everyone out of here. Agreed?

Yes, let's do it.

Untie everybody you've tied up before.

There are buses near the second shop,

we are going through the tunnel.

Go with them.

Who are those people?

Did you go behind our backs, fucking rat?

They are the real owners of the factory,

catch up with everybody
and get in the bus.

Don't order us around,

we'll figure it out on our own.

Do you think he'll come?

He will.


Sorry, guys, change of plans,
let's get out of here.

Come on!

Vasiliy Mihailovich, hurry up!



Anybody else want to shoot?

Oh, dear Lord, have mercy...

If there are no more volunteers,
throw out your guns,

hands behind your head,
and get out of the bus.

Howdy, Vasya! Come over here.

Hands down.

Why did you lie to your partner?

You told me the tunnel was sealed up.

This is hardly a partnership.

For me, it worked.

Who has been visiting my warehouse?

Get all of them in the warehouse
and clean up the area.

Why don't you speak, Vasya? I'm waiting.

Grandpa, forgive me,
I can't come right now.

The job is very important.

I know how important your job is.

It is a good thing
your father is not here to see this.

Come on, Grandpa. I am a soldier.

A soldier defends his home.

If one doesn't have anything to defend,
he is a bandit.

Think about it, Nikita. Take care.

All loaded? Go.

Sit down over here.

How much longer?

Fifteen minutes.

So, gentlemen...

I am asking you just once.

Who organized this attack?

You have ten seconds.

I'll spare those who tell me the truth.
The clock's ticking.

One, two...

I take it, you are in charge here.
Guys, I am one of you...

Gentlemen raiders...
You wanted to fight, right?

You're wounded.

Come on, impress me.

Down! You down! Get down!

Cut his hands loose.

You fight like a whore.

So, in your barracks,
they only teach you cards?


Second squad! Over...

Second squad, why don't you answer?

- Is the task clear?
- Yes, sir.

Then let's do it, guys.

Nikita! I knew it.

Thank you.


don't you feel some remorse?

Welcome to the war.

If you're free, help others.

What shall we do?

Are you okay?

Everybody, get to the buses.

Be safe.

Move it! Go! Quickly.

No pushing.

Contact. Holy shit!
Kill this motherfucker!

- I'm coming.
- I'll pin him down.

- Go!
- Copy that.

- Holding.
- I'll cover you.

I'll pin him down.


Get down!

- Contact.
- I'll cover.

Fuck it...

For fuck's sake...


Stand down, soldier. Leave him alone.

I'm holding it, go.

Go on.


What are you doing standing here?
We need to go.

There's no time.

I'm staying.

Oh, another one. What for?

All the guys are dead.

Tell me about it! Guys! You...

Right then... I'm staying with you.

I've got my reasons, too.
And we should cover them.

Come on! Go!

What are you doing?

I won't have it any other way.

The door.

I'm down.

Man down!

Contact. Closing in on them.

Go on.

Fire in the hole!

Zero visibility. Careful.

Check it out.

I can't see a fucking thing.

Contact, go!

Fucking shit.

Give me yours.

Use yours.

Take cover!

Fuck it.

Follow me, out, now.

Hey, who's here?

Nikita, is it you?


Spread it out. Fire.

Go on, don't stop. Close in on him.

Go! Don't stop.


Come on, guys! I'll cover you, go on!

He is inside. I'll hold it.

For the guys...

Stay right there!

Drop the guns.

Who the fuck are you, man?

Call sign Yasha.

Is this your job?


Why did you start World War Three here?

Is there a better way to reach you?

You're the Ghost after all...
Kind of evasive.

Is it about money? No problem, I'll share.

I need people like you.

This is not about money.

So, what do you want then?


Justice? And who's going to judge? You?

I won't judge.

I will kill.

You know, I like you, call sign Yasha.

Nikita, are you okay?

Let's go, we need to go.

I am not going.

Help me, I can't lift him.

I'm taking you all into custody.

How come?

That's the right thing to do.

No, it's wrong!

He saved us all! He is not a criminal.

- Get up!
- No.

Nikita, why?

Don't you understand? Get up!
There's no time.

We have to go. You can't stay here.

If you stay, they'll kill you.

That's why I came here.

I'm done running.

I am a soldier.