Robin Hood (2018) - full transcript

A war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance.

So, I'll tell you how many years.

But I can not remember.

I can not tell history but listen.

This can tell you a story about a thief.

But you know it's not a thief beginning.

- What are you doing? - it does not concern you.

You can stay at my house.

I would stay there, so, I would feel the same way.


- I'm busy. - The work of thieves.

Said my friend, the horse died.

And I want to get a tail of this family.

I think the Palace is not a spoiled child will feel the loss of one of the horses.

And completely wrong.

Whose world ruler everything is nothing.

I am so bored.

- do not work in mining.

Your hands are so soft.

Who are you?

I was a spoiled child.

And you're beautiful.

What happened to my horse?

You will be.

You tell me your name.


Marian can call me.

Robin and Marian.

Season has passed, grew up in love.

Young, in love, and that's what matters.

Destiny comes so cruel to them.

Stealing from the rich and give to the poor.

It was a fairy tale before bedtime, but listen ..

Forget about it. See what you forgot, forget what you know.

This is not a fairy tale before bedtime.

Make some money if only to play,

Robin of Loxley will not Robin Hood.

Then I knew it was still the ruler of the castle.

Prosperous life, life is simple.

Everything is born. I dont want anything.

Go! Never come back.

I did not know it ..

- Does not always be born like this - What's this?

like how you look.


However it reminded Compulsory Military follow

The people of England to protect the soil. Immediately.

Sheriff of Nottingham's behest.



- I know, be careful.

Barbarians do not want this moment we arrived.

We can win this war, and victory in Loxley.

Valentine returned.

Take cover! Guavaberry



- Where is she? On.

So there, right?

Clayton, are you ready?

- Yeah. Yeah! Are you ready? Okay let's go!


Stay close to me.

Do not go to a place, I'll take care of it, okay?

- You stay here, protect me. Okay? - OK.

I'll be back soon.

- OK. - Come on, Loxley.


Forward, forward!



Where is Clayton?

Where is she?

- Where are you going? - Stay with Unit!

Still living! You can hear it.


If you are not there in other places,

- Leave it. - Hey!

- Robin. - Loxley. Allow him.


Clayton, do not!

Take cover!


- burn the tower now! - Yes sir!

Loxley! Arrow fire ready, retreat! A command!

Loxley, let him go! We will save him.

Still living! We can leave it.

Back off, a command.

Let's! If you see the result of obedience to his orders!

We'll get back to the tent.

OK, all the information, soldiers Intel, movement.

From here.

Come on, let's go!

I said look at me!

I will wait, I Holder.

- You do. - Dude!

- What are you doing? - My Work, Loxley.

- There's boss's orders.

Like it or not, we're not here helpless warrior.

But he was not armed.

Why do not you go and you just do pray for him?

- Mutton. Other al. - Yes sir.

Happy with hearts.

Please, release me.

- Come here! - No!

- Salim! Salim! - Stay there.

He's my son! Not only is it a child.

He's my son.

- Dad! - I know what I'm saying!


She knows nothing.

Leave it! I killed knights in my life.

Lord, my breath is an insult to all of you.

- Please! - You are the Moors.

She wants to save her son. Tell me something, say something!

Our forces will go east.

Our troops have already beat them. What other news gave.

Nothing again! He's my son.

I'd do anything to save my son.

- If you want to lighten your burden this, - Father, save me.

- You can not. - Please, let him go!

Please please please!!!!


Back, Loxley. Remember your location.

- killed the child. - No!


Salim! Salim.

Hold him!

Hold him!

I'll kill you!

You betrayed due to hanging.

England to bring this man.

There is something.

Castle switch.

This is our home.

I want you to stay there while I'm gone.

I love you.



- And come back. - I promise you.

I'll be back.

Lifted him to the right side.

Handcuff him. Out of the way!


Nottingham SHERIFF the ROW



Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Which do you want to confess sin?

Marian lies where?


Robin, you're not dead yet!

Not yet, not yet remember.

But your name is written records fall fighters.

About 2 years ago. We have told you were dead.

Marian held a funeral for you, and it's beautiful.

I wrote a speech for you. unfortunately missed.

Because you really missed, we consider a very fast, not you dead yet.

- Tucker! - Yeah.

Who wrote my name in the list of fallen warriors?

- Sheriff, but Robin. - Marian?

State has changed a lot there, because Robin is.

After you die, instead of a war tax Locksley Sheriff castle was seized ..

And so it was no meat Marian .. with our war effort.

Taxes, Cash, forcing Nottingham foreign population.



- Now there? - Yeah yeah. But Robin ..

You .. Marian ..

The end of this business will be good.

You stand up!

- Go home! - I did not do anything!


Thank you, Marian.


What are you doing here!?

We have unfinished business.

No, you do not have a business you tried to kill me!

I do not know what to do and ships can kill you if I want.

But that's not why I'm here.

I saw women, England. And very beautiful.

- It's not mine, it belongs to the SHERIFF. - Go to war.

He would kill me. Think of all the people I'm already dead. So this is hell.

You know what's going on?

Hand I lost this battle, they are my slaves.

He stole my land, my son was killed.

- I was not able to save her, I'm sorry. - But I've already tried.

And as long as I come I see no war like you.

That's why I chose you.

He chose me, for what?

This war, war, and all that was here has lasted too long already.

The rich become richer.

Powerful people get more power and blood of innocent people.

My son's blood, blood, blood.

And I will stop it.

But I can not do it alone.

There's only 2 people, what's the point?

If you believe you will have the power of power.

Follow me.

People, listen to me.

Today we are faced with danger from wild Saudi.

They hate us.

Our freedom, our culture, our religion.

But close to the enemy facing today.

- Crusader fighters in the desert. - Let's start here.

But tomorrow, and do not get me wrong, they think so .. We are not enemies in Nottingham

And they will come here.

Come in, will multiply, will weaken our laws ..

and our church is bullish, with children fanatical dogma.

burn your house. Land burns.

Tax Laws of War so ..

very important.

Nottingham is not just a city.

Cross-largest bank and the heart of the church and the war fighter in this town.

And from each push job ...

with no means to pay the tax, archers ok ... no ..

Christian Patriots and hunger.

Sheriff, what you have given in the hands of citizens.


I did Collection Law undang of sound.

- I agree. - Nottingham people were dying.

There is another thing.

The young girl, she is not "what it means until you see the war still do not know nothing.

So how do you know?

Finance consul, is there decision?

Already. - Sorry.

Mr. Locksley Sheriff, the sound is calculated.

Robin of Locksley? We count votes ghosts now?

Yeah. No, sir still alive.

Also here already.

- Live? - Someone saw him today.

Who did he see?

Sorry, sworn confession.

Well, did you see?

No, I'm not ...

Anyone can ..

Who has seen.

My God.

And this vote should be postponed until the sound of Locksley was calculated.

Are you okay?


Strangling our children, burn slowly ..

women lose, it was already. Wolves because Nottingham.

Are you angry or do you want me to respond?

I want to stab Sharif the most painful place.

Make that the only thing at the peak of her powers.

- There's a team received support from the Church. - Money.

But he said the tax money for the war.

We steal it.

You heard him, Nottingham Crusade banks and heart.

And I want to stick a knife.

And justice for my son and for justice.

My name is Robin.

Yahya bin Omar.

Yokhia ..


Yakhibu ..

- yakhi .. - Please do it again ..

In Omar's language, "son of John".

If John.

Sheriff's place of residence will be a night attack ..

tax collector place.

And during the day?

Locksley you'll be the master.

Former you back, drink and eat most sickening of the world.

People in the UK.

And why should I do it?

Because if you want to know what really happened, you need to come directly here.

Fighting, find out who is behind it?



I know the future.

He does not know what we were doing what the big wish.


very dangerous for us and for himself.

If we're caught, they'll kill us all.

Whatever you want, you can not go there.

If you love her, you stay in the plan.

The PES across the ocean just to see that I'm not the meat before the match.

Maybe one will love you more, if God permits, but to know the truth.

But not before.

Lets start then.

Look at the target.

Then the resurrection.

People have killed four years.

But he did not hit me.

No "Maunder".


2 Arrow can throw in 1 second.

If you can find two arrows in a second.

Do you think you're fast?

Ok I.

- Are you serious? - kill hundreds of people.

What does it hurt to add one more?


Really. Bowed in front of me, I said!

Very slow!

As soon as possible.

Again! Let's.


Very slow.

To make this more quickly, you need weapons on the street.

It gives the old stuff, this is no good.

Kindle relax, let this bow stick in his hand.

Try now.

Try again.

Only this time, try the other side.

This will be a little faster recharge seconds seconds.




Yeah! Faster!


A noble you are, but you can now be a thief.


I'll teach you how.

This will be a battle ever you live.

True. Left!

2 Ok.

The right direction.


Faster. Pull.

Still faster.

What did my robe?

Too long. A trip logs.

When will I get?

I love this dress.

But now jackets.

Rotate your hand.

You're holding fire more arrows than arrow.

Just talk the hard way.

Yes that is right.

My old coat, John I am looking for?

Sheriff with shabby clothes of the Meet.

They need donations for his wife and forged good relations with them.

Is it good? He's lucky I was not cut your head off!

We put the bait, you see who fired.

- So .. - So all the money ..

The sheriff had to get the confidence.

Then you need to make a donation form? Really not flipping a coin, right?

Tonight, bridges, no tower.

Now he is talking about, John.

I'm glad I agree with my friend in the UK.

What is this?

It belongs to my son.

- Thank you. - You want to play?

Now, it's time.

All the goods storage space control.

- Come here. - Let's! Sheriff of Nottingham ordered

- to pay taxes. - stop the train.

And prepare for Sheriff.

Give us the bag.

Hey, it's our money.

Come on, old man, leave.



- Where is she? Where did it go? Where the hell is he?

Where is she?

Robin Loxley.

Nottingham nobility.

The choice is yours...

Based on rumors, news of death.

I want to thank you. Personal service.

Yeah. something for the task.

For my honor, sir.

Oh, I hope it will not upset me to gather the people and fight against in vain.

even think about it. I clean up.

Are you doing your job, sir.

And in this case, me. For her efforts.

- Give it a lot. - No, we need our troops.

I had to understand. I will be there.



I hope after you get it back.

- See frequently. - How much you want.

I hope you get your confidence.

The generosity was embarrassed us all last night.

I want to receive more invitations ceremony, sir events.

If you want, I'm honored, if you think you need.

- you will be very comfortable, sir. - Yes I know.


Yesterday, the nobility at home.

I was, I want to see you.


- why make it harder? - You really expect easy to use?

You told me that you wait.

They said he was dead.

Bay Lockley.

- Mr. Lockley. - Listen, I gotta go.

I do not trust him.

- What? So would not it? - If you need motivation.

If we knew what it was.

The head of the pile Alice is the same.

Truly inspiring. Thank you.

- Same sir. Bay - the same. Lockley was inspired.

And shame rich people today.

The guards got to say before I say 10?

Count to twenty.

Who is it?

I do not know.

So, again, there is a robbery.

I won more hang around.

With the money in this business, it is possible that the first rule.

There is not such as to classify. Severity.

- Oh, it can be very narrow. - Sorry! Sorry.

It could be ... it was a minor incident.

God this possibility, the problem worse killed.

- What? - Box collection.

In front of us, every Sunday.

Oh, and the way Toe, last night, sir. At the same time it revealed.

Pendrock, locking documents get into the room.

Who else knows?

I'm telling you, and yet ...

- I think you need to be aware of the Treasurer. - No, no, no, no.

- We do not want any rumors among the nobles.

- But, sir. In short, the church .. like nobility.

I hükümdarıy officials here. To strengthen the peace.

Direct taxes for the entire collection of Roman aristocrats.

storage place in Ankara care of the property.

- How you ordered, sir. - I can not afford to lose any more money.

Sir, let's not confess to last a long time.

Reduce care about loads thanks to your prayers?

My subconscious is open. How was yours?

Mengusahk mind always scrabble.

A good sign is accepted, open your mind and listen to the barbaric policy.

- There are rumors about the thief, let me know. Confidential - but, with respect, recognition.

Nothing is so sacred thieves had trapped and locked in her cave.

- You're ugly. - Just leave.

Food for quite hungry.

I would say that it is difficult to respond Sheriff robbery.

Our plan is to encrypt.

- How are you doing? - Just me.

I am getting help.

He left a bag of money in front of my door.

Sack hood.

I called him now. Have a nice gesture, right?

Give me the money does not know why.

- I think in a kind of compliment. - Is that so?

But hopefully give people lived.

Who is it?

Sincerely yours, Sheriff.

The thieves make you look like an idiot!

If I allowed.

- I recommend a gift. - Do not pay.

Of course, do not expect us money!

No, sir. Personally.

We agreed, and in 1000 a week? Then the next .. I copied myself every week.

Much is captured or killed.

Good. The rest of you, get out!

And the Roman ..


No meaning.

The time-this time only ...

Stick his nose in my hand!

- You really hate them! - Oh yes!

But you do not know how I am protecting them myself ..

And they need to be disciplined.

Taken opportunity, the better. Everything..

He was born as a thief.

And think will come and we will beat them.

You know, it was, the world's blue color is yellow ..

It eventually became pink and then later, you have to choose.

Are you going to allow them to kick ass or given to you.

Usually I have a bar, a small child.

And quiet ..

Not possible 10, drilled in the throat, such as forgiveness.

No, never, but I cried ..

I hate the taste.

Our surrender to them? Dignity?

See what they're planning.

Why not hang one of them.

I suspect because it is very clear.

Nottingham .. I nobility

I want to see a great discussion.

And take care of my trust to offer!

Is not Mr. Lockley?


Welcome home.

- It must be hard for you to be brothers. - I fought in the war and do not want to talk about it.

I understand. I will do.

- it should not be too extreme. Home. Marie. - The problem itself already.

Sure. You do not need to be friends with me. - Good, because I'm not.

I heard the sermon.

voice of the people.

It must have worked. - What hood?


He did not mean anything to me.

And to capture memorable.

Myself, Maria communist struggle and more of a fair ..

The little thief menggembalik save money.

stay home and go to war.

Our journey has just begun.

Ron? I was thinking. Listen to me.

I want a bigger target.

Forget tax and donation box, Feature want to target storage location.

- I do not want to talk about this topic. Who put the hit track, see.

How do you do that?

- Hey, you drunk! Out of the way! Out of the way! go! - Please!

- Guards, get away from that bastard! - Let's!

Give me a penny.

This festive night! Let's!

- Let's! - Get out of my way!

Road storage changes, Sheriff. All collection is now stored here.

Direct will be sent directly to the processing center.

Damn it!


Guards! Guards!


Come on, quick ...



Get him!

Aside from the Czech.

They're coming, they're John.

Let him go.


It worked!

Nice work.

He does not have a state of the money.

We want to attract their attention and they now have.

What a shame you have to live.

What this respons against thieves?

I can not handle anything.

Can be delivered directly to grace.

I will tell you what you'll get punished.

far from Rome, just for the sake of a petty thief?

The church did not consider the loss of valuable goods of little things.

Large barely escaped and I did not get anything.

Still he did. He entered the ground.

There are hopes that the residents do.

We want all spring.

It will not be revolution.

solve this problem, growing ago.

Threats and the penalty is death.

Threats seems excessive sir words.

He gave back side cheek is not a Christian teachings?

How can you love God would give such a face?

Shut up!

solve the problem of growth.

This is really important.

I'm gonna make state.

Trust me.


Sharif, one might to crush the church.

with error, we do all this.


Let's greet Cardinal, okay?

Still, if you ...

menginterupsik again in front of the church ...

I'm sorry, Sir, I speak only for your sake.

Is not no favor, the matter against me.

Top to bottom, how nice.

ability to work with people I took a step.

They just get back from Saudi Arabia.

This gives them.

First fulfill their duties to get a blessing.


Commander Gisbourne.

They look so impatient.

Carrying out the duties of the Lord.

In fact, with a sense of pride of the devil.

This will not hurt a bit.

Successfully. Successfully.

The Cardinal came from Rome. Sheriff will celebrate with a party.

I let my day today.

When you die it will be closed.

because here she Hood, our plan worked.

Very easy to say. From your point of view.

Cardinal is one of some powerful people in the world.

If the sheriff comes to the city to find whatever that might mean, we need to know.

I mean, think about it at least.

That may be something very hot.

Costume party.

Show the charm of a perfect location.

We will do.

I go for a second.

Come on in.

I heard he was dead.

I'm glad you came.

I knew you were coming.

And the Cardinal has been invited to the party.

What is it for you?

Perhaps I enter some Sheriff's ears and word ...

police keep records of the population of the guest list.

Maybe next I do go back inside the palace.

This is a chance for us.

We have to use it.

And it will be?

We do not know what we're doing.

It will be like.

Robin will definitely be there.

- And? - Marian, what we do is very dangerous.

I can not allow our emotions mixed.

- You and Robin ... - Tucker, I know.

Excessive concern.


Hey, you look like a rich man.


Warning, do not be drunk.

Enjoy kill.

But on top of that you should go meet with Cardinal.

John, I can do it.

I was born for this, do you remember?

Luxurious look.

So much for the rich people do not obsequious.

So it's over to you about what detained in front of the desert?


I left because I was bored.

My boss is hunting more difficult to hunt me now.

Enjoy the party.


given to the poor to steal from the rich ...

We will bring peace to the whole country.

Do you praise him? He's a criminal, this small, more often than not.

And it looks more ridiculous amateurish by criminals.

What I'm wondering is not a professional?

Who was the bad guy? Guavaberry

Obviously, educated, brave,

Easy to fit and know what to do.

So it seems possible, sir.

They'll catch him sooner or later.

This is not surprising this time thief revolution.

in this case you have created for him.


He really can not talk.

It is clear you are not married yet.

Only speech is pronounced municipal partners.

So, Maria, who this thief What do you think?

We all.

That will be the case.

Yani admirers.

There are quality.

There are Marian.

Alone, I can not wick.

Thank you for coming here, sir. Really.

There ambition.

Do you know the importance Depot?

Yeah. He takes a penalty like us and need to provide Hood.

I'm sorry, sir. What am I doing? It has been ...

Pour a drink to clothes. Allow me...

- Stay away from me! - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. - Tucker!

- Yes sir? - You're an idiot.


I crossed the line. Did I exaggerate?

I'm sure that will capture the title.

Having a thief to catch a thief.


Stand up, do not waste time.

Fear is the weapon. God's powerful tank.

Hell was created.



How much do you know me?

Since it's still a boy.

And do you believe me?

In my life.


This waste is a thief.

Master of Pembroke, who stole the key.

- I do not know what you're talking about.

You can check me, no key.

Children this right. Key does not exist.

Bring Guards, find the key. Check all the columns were opened.

You, come with me.

This explains.

I did not steal anything.

You will know who stole first, huh?

Confess it!




Commodore love this dagger.

And he wants to die.

I guess they want to be martyrs.

So, let's give fate worse than death.

Churches pull her consent.

Drag it and threw into the street.

I want to feel more pain dagger thrust.

Making. But you can not do. Your Majesty, please.

Oh, I can not. And I'll do it.

Make the name as evil, this garbage out of my sight.


Who is this young man?

This Robin Loxley.

And I believe that.

Nice to meet Your Highness.

Fine, youth is a gift of God's church, and quiver for arrows.


Welcome to this association in Loxley.

Now .. I asked how many criminals

- I'll catch them. - Shut up!

If we continue to continue to finance them

so you and I take everything the king.

Payment should be sent today we need money.

We're doing has full power.

And from time to time whether to collect money do I need?

Sharif had enough time given.

What should be done you can satisfy me.

Failure Uğrayınca, children were raped send my son tonight.


I will consume the treasures will be when finished

and burn the village was going to do until finished charred.

Just to remind them who you are playing.

What you happy, Dad do it?

God, go with the sheriff.

- Talk to me. - We have to go back.

- This issue will be brought up. - No problem.

This important Marian, the Sheriff with Arabic writing under his signature.

- Anything can happen. Or something else instead.

this is definitely not send anyone honest.

- Do not do this. - What am I talking about you.

You can give it a try. Do not keep me.

Okay, I'll bring it ŞERİFE and told him to explain himself.

Bring someone I can trust him.

But I've lost the trust?

Ways you, all politicians will not change anything.

Please refer.

What happens is what happened to me when you do what you think?

- This could ruin my political career. - Will, I want this action!

We are working hard for years independently.

Noble people are laughing behind my back.

So I can prove myself and get fast life.

And though nobody stop me.

- You're afraid. - What?

Do you think regular people still want to fight.

We will fight to lose them though. All.

Warrior, you know what to do.

Way! Guavaberry

All right way to get the treasure objects.

Everyone will pay exactly as it should be.

Garbage will be like a traitor.

You say to yourself, is it man?

I'll show you.

- We're too late, too many of them. - For us?

Not enough.

No! Please!

- They brought Marian. - No!

Leave me!

Leave me!

- Robin front of me from behind. - Wait, what did you do you


- I am looking for it. - Turn, turn!

Soldier, dominant!



Leave me!

Leave me!


John, the balance!

- Rob. Do you know where I am?

He's a costume you're telling me?

This is another trick.

- Other'm also not the same. - Be careful!

- Why did you help me? - What will we do now?


- They're following us. Faster!

Cut the rope.

Follow me!



He hit the horse!


- Okay, Marian? - Yeah.

- Take Maria, let's finish this job. - No, John, wait.

- Go! Go! - John, wait. John Wait, John.

No, John.

Are you okay?

We're over, we're finished.

Not yet.

He left it up to the end.

John dragged into this issue.

- opted for a reason. - Why is that?

I just want to get back to you.

So we started fighting in May.

I'm not what you think.

Hood has changed only a disguise.

Know how.

disguise the Loxley.

And I think the fire fight not over yet.

Arrow fire was still burning.

People think of you.

Really? - If no other?

If not now, when?

- Sharif is planning something. - Yes, I have proof.

- What about the people who know this business .. - If people know they will fight.

Real co-chairman.

If you want to give me ..

Respect me and advantages, at least we are trying.

He finished state.

No, you're dead.

fearing man from death, not just a threat but a reality wrinkles.

This separates us. insects and dogs.

Archer is not afraid to die because they're false prophets.

- God's promises to you. - People believe .. alone.

Touch, but I crunch me. Innocent.


We appreciate the courage and dignity.

Really? Because it was told I beg you to spare her son's life.

You have to smash his head until then.

Beheading funny. because the fixed points of view ..

I tried to push my mind something that did not happen. I wonder,

what his son had done. death, I guess, "Father,"

"Why did you drag me?" "I'm afraid." "Daddy, why did not you save me?"

If you do not tell the thief's name, I wash it with pig blood

and I will burn you and can not see heaven,

but if you tell me the name of the thief, I let him attend his son.


I'm very happy for that belief is very strong. Destruction arouses pleasure.

I killed a lot of people.

But I've never met anybody killed this sebanyakm.

Trust in the Lord, you will see his face.

Do you think you will save,

but the last thing you'll see something you'll see my face. I promise.

It will be.

- Sir, everybody ready. - Thank you dear.

- What happened? - we'll leave this place.

Yesterday's event will be back again and again. People will come. They know.

Go back and kill them. we all. I will not go.

I understand, but do not panic, you can make a plan.

You're right, we calm down and fight.

What? A pig and a shovel.

City of martial law.

Look, we can do or we can also live like prisoners die ..

There are other options.

We can choose the option itself.

Burglary you finish all the adventures Sharif has declared war on us.

There's no right to vote.

If so, I show you my face.

I Need an affected?

Lord Loxley farmers came to this place tells you what to do.

You tell me, it's not your problem.

Allow the conversation.

Four years ago, I fight the ocean beyond.

I left my heart.

And I do not understand anything.

What about the question of what not to miss what you're back?

I think trying to do what you want.

Sharif gave all already there.

Sharif and conspiracy enemy cardinal us.

But I do not know what they say, but they want money.

Money Arabia will be sent within 3 days.

But if we stop them.

Some people say I'm playing the poor than the rich.

But if the rich to steal from you, malingny Who then?

The first was Robin Loxley.

Under the Cross Knight of the King of England flag.

And also I'm not Hood.

Now that to me is a thief or a Lord Ararım care about you.

because I am not for you.

This is our struggle!

And every man must fight or we all lose.

I think we should do it.

Listen to me, all of you, please.

We have to do quickly.

Where to eat, we should also find a home.

I was thinking about it all.

I am dedicating yourself to these people, not for you.

Not after what happened, regardless of any business.

Come on in.

Breakup Party, I do not know what we can do here.

- Sorry. - Sorry

Talk to me, I want you to help.

At least let me go.

Come on, get to work.

Master Sheriff of Nottingham 10,000 gold coins into Arabic.

Already paid 20,000 gold. for years.

If I had money, it's the end.

If we do not stop it.

A humble priest always thought of you.

They know I'm with you once follow the plot,

My excuse for a leader to be here by now .. overthrow Cathedral

Attack so we need.

Sheriff will send all his army instead of conflict.

Legion elite soldiers, elite assassin, armed from head to toe,

and locked the city, forget the element of surprise so.

We just murdered this ..

suicide, we know that.

What are you thinking?

Loxley send Boomey place.

Everyone is getting ready.


all the people already here.

Here's the plan.

All the people gathered here.

When the money is not safe, you need to leave the location.

You never worked in the desert, is not it?

I want them soaked in blood Nottingham street.

I want the mouse to swim in their own blood!

I want them Dienyahk the street now.

Are you ready?

They may be 1000 pounds who bring me the head of this bastard!

Are you ready?!


There kill them kids!

What really happens? - Yes, of course.

form of protection.

- This is it! - Baron!

Look elsewhere.

It will never happen.

Down! Just go there!

Fast, below!

Lord Loxley.

You do not have to do this.

Kill me, kill me!

I'm not gonna kill you, I will not betray me, you saved his life in the desert.

I was a soldier, Loxley, you can not.

He should have known this would happen.

Barn, attentive, quick, quick!

Where is she? He should be here.

Plan you know, we have to go.

I'll invite him, let's see.

Most wanted you in Nottingham, suicide again.

We are his choice. or not at all.

Look at Vogue, he must have had already.

It will be!

It will be!

- What. - I know.

I see it, you may take you.

Go me, go!

I'll take it.

- Stay away from anyone who comes here. - What about you?


Stop! Do not fight!

I'm the one you're looking for!

Now stop this madness violence, here I am!

Besiege my city, in every sense of the word!

There is nothing else you can do!


Trouble for me, lad.

But yours has just begun, Sheriff.

Everyone knows betrayal, including the cardinal.

What do you think will crown prince betrayed for you.

It will break your head you think?

They will give first a broom handle.

I'll take the piss themselves boiled in water.

And then I'll send you an Arab Mother Mary, there to rot.

Look at me! Look at me!

- Please .. - I heard someone here.

Only mine.

You bastard! Nottingham has the Sheriff!

Not anymore.

You're a hard man to kill.

And hallelujah.

OK everyone, I know you're tired, but continued to act, I want to compliance with the night.

- See you later. - We meet there.

And we already know well, so if you're wanting to retreat, perhaps too late.

I think I'm so desperate to be a bad guy.

This is the most fun I've had throughout my life.

No desert ..,

I always thought you came here and I'm back.

In our house, sit, eat and drink and think too much.

Do you know what this means, you do not need explanation.

I did not expect this to happen.

I know.

Forest, we have already become yet officially a fugitive.

Yack, I do not know, I Translation Do what you want, Little John?

It is not the last you expect perfect?

But it is not.

Fate plays a role.

And when the story ends, other stories will appear.

I am very glad to meet you.

Certainly a lot of sacrifice, but people need you.

This light and give them to leave the darkness of the time.

I'm offering you an offer.

Nottingham highest authority.

If you agree.

Thanksgiving will be the church.

And I'm grateful.

My city, my people.

Rob and haunting day in our homes the day of the thief.

But still they were burned by Nottingham revolution.

Baptiste on my burns and I'm grateful for it.

Robin showed their real face.

Here I am, the Sheriff of Nottingham is new.

And it only got 1 break.

Standing on the hood body with me.

Game Sheriff Welcome.

"If not, then who else? If not now, when?"