Red Meadows (1966) - full transcript

To save their flocks from the heat and the sun, the shepherds of a Soviet cooperative farm decide to take them to a fertile but remote place. A journalist and the beautiful daughter of one of them accompany them in their long journey. Folklore melodrama praising the truth and the beauty inherently tied to nature and folk rituals.

What’s your name?


Do you like looking after sheep?

I do.

How old are you?

Good night!

♪ I was a shepherd to my sheep. ♪

♪ I went to sleep on a bed of flowers. ♪

♪ With my head on an anthill. ♪

♪ With my eyes on the sheep. ♪

Moldova Film

Red Meadows

Svetlana Toma, Victor Voinicescu,
Victor Ciutac

Grigore Grigoriu, Mihail Badicheanu,
Nodar Margvelashvili, Dumitru Schipor


Dumitru Caraciobanu, Pavel Andreychenko,
Andrei Baleanu

Georgiy Khasso, Nodar Piranishvili

Dubbed [in Russian] by:

Olga Krasina, Evgeniy Dubasov,
A. Alekseev, E. Bredun

Konstantin Tyrtov, Nikolay Grabbe,
G. Kachyn

Screenplay and stagging by:
Emil Loteanu

Vlad Ciurea, Ion Bolboceanu

Production design:
Stanislav Bulgakov, Aurelia Roman

Serghei Lunchevici, Isidor Burdin

Ion Mija, G. Revo

Second operator:
Vladimir Odolskiy

Assistant directors:
Yu. Chornyy, V. Burlacu

Assistant operators:
N. Degtyar, A. Ciush

Assistant production design:
L. Kurant

Sound operator: A. Buruiană
Film editing: K. Baikova, Yelena Yaprintseva

Makeup: P. Kaimov
Script editor: A. Konunov

Popular Orchestra "Fluieraș"
conducted by Serghei Lunchevici

Moldavian traditional songs and choreography:
Vladimir Curbet

Production management:
M. Shcherbak

The movie was dubbed by Mosfilm.

Dub production: Aleksey Alekseev
Sound operator: Yulia Bulgakova

♪ Green leaf of siminoc [dwarf everlast] ♪

♪ Start the brâu [trad. dance] in this place ♪

♪ Two strands of foxtail ♪

♪ Start the brâu by yourself ♪

♪ All the girls I have kissed ♪

♪ Made me feel especially good ♪

♪ In a town very small ♪

♪ Good enough to walk it through ♪

♪ One more dance, one more valley ♪

♪ And I'm home to my sweetheart. ♪

He laughs like a mountain shepherd!

We'll make him
a proper shepherd!

Good day to you, Irina!

That's for your Irimia.

He's got shepherd's blood after all.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Look at him how he laughs.

May he grow up as handsome
as his mom.

Congratulations, Irinutsa!

May he live long,
until there's no more wine in Moldavia!

That's right!

May luck strike him multiple times a day,

and may he meet idiots only in Heaven!


May he have the good fortune
of smart rulers in this country!


Can you hear it, nephew,
how the time is passing?

Like old wine.

For Heaven's sake!

Come one, let's go!

Leave it.

Mark it in the registry
as another dead.

We'll hand over our sheep tomorrow.

Come in the evening,
for the papers.

They are of no use to me.

I already said what I had to.

It's an order from up top.

From the district headquarters.

Top or bottom...

whatever it is from...

I won't hand over anything.

Sava will do it, then.


My name is Lie, good man,
son of Nucu Ciobanu [the Sheperd].

I know.

The one with the short hair, he's...

"Hallelujah", I know him.

It's Sava,
Son of Milciu Ciobanu [the Shepherd].

They call me Burtă [Belly]...

Burtă Mocanu.

Mocan [Mountain Shepherd]
or Cioban [Shepherd],

same difference.

We are shepherds for generations.

The whole village has shepherd's blood.

If we slaughter our flocks,

what are we left with?

With our names and our bare bottoms,
that's what.

That's right, comrade president,
that's right.

What do you think, Sava?

I believe what I see,
just that.

And what do you see?

I see the same things you see.

Will you guide the flock?

You have to understand,
we don't have food for our sheep.

Without pastures,
we won't have neither milk,

nor lambs in the spring.

Right, a ram can't think of love
on an empty stomach.

I remember, about five years ago...

you may know,

we went to find hay
on the Dniester River.

There are a lot of pastures
near the Dniester.

Might be,
but an order is an order.

Come to the office tonight.

This comrade is from the newspaper.

Andrei Gruia.

We don't have pretty faces
for the newspaper.

You sure?

Maybe Burtă...

for such a face, you need a big newspaper.

Uncle Trofim!

Uncle Trofim!

I filled it up already,
what more do you want?

Just one more...

You make me sin.

I am here to do my job.

You'll photograph us?


And how much will that cost us?

I'm paid by the newspaper.


Completely for free.


Come on, townie!

Here you have a shepherd of turkeys
and chickens, townie.

Our sheep are gone.


The chairman is calling for you.

I'm busy.

What are you doing?

I'm grieving.

A shepherd without his sheep

is like the Danube without water.

There's a place at the Dniester,
the Red Meadows they call it.

Enough fatty grass,
higher than your knee.

We'll bring triple profit in the winter
and our flocks whole.

I know those places well.

I've been there.

It's a lot of complicated work...

We need permission from the authorities,
stamped papers.

May these authorities
think clearly like us,

and they won't say no.

That's right, comrade chairman.
That's right.

If they aren't on our side,
whose side would they be?

Do as you know best.

We'll be accountable together.

That's right, comrade chairman.
That's how it is.

Do you really care
what you'll write in the newspaper?

You see,

I have my responsibilities:

a few lines about you,

about the shepherds of Călimana.

You go over that hill

and you'll be right at the bus stop.

But the town is on our way, so...

We won't go through town.

Is there a slaughter house closer to here?

They'll manage a little bit longer
without us.

We aren't butchers, son.
We are shepherds.

Perhaps you'll take me with you?

Who is this?

Ioana, uncle Ilutsa's daughter.

Old man's daughter?

Clearly not my daughter.

Hey, comrade.

What's your name?

Oh, you are a mute?
Just a moment...

Did you get it?


This autumn, should we become family,
uncle Ilutsa?


this belt is full of money.

She'll be a queen.

We'll build a new house.

I'll send her to study, Sava.

She's smart.

That's what her mother wanted,
God bless her.

She'll come back...

tired of studying

and of love.

You'll find another one.

I'll kidnap her.

You won't, Sava.


Do you speak the donkey language?

I don't, yet.

You see, the donkey does...

but you don't.


You see?

You are remarkable, Sârghe.

That's what I think, too.



Why won't you tell me your name?

Oh, I got it.

Your name is... Ioana.

You like walking around
with the flock?

I'm helping my father,

and making some cash.

How about school?

Just one month.

We won't need more.

Good night!

♪ [Some version of Chubby Checker - Dancin' Party] ♪

Why are you showing off your jewels?

Have a little shame.


Father, come here!


Give me the hat.

Are they going mad?

We'll become mad ourselves
from this heat.

They won't move from here.

They are starving.

We have to get them to the pastures.

Uncle Ilutsa,

he's put his glasses on,
to see the microbes.

Shut up!

You can't see microbes
with no glasses.

Why did you do that?!

Stop your flock!

Stop the flock!

What if they ate some forage from there?

It's a crime,
that forage is not ours.

So that's how you are, townie.

On the one hand,

you drink your wine with water...

but still you are strong.

Some water?

You see, townie?

We've made a shepherd out of you.

Under Ioana's wise supervision.

Shepherd's blood, right?

Sure, 'cause we made her
in the sheephold.

You have no shame, father!

You say the most bizarre things.

At school you learn every detail,

but here you are all so innocent.

Ioana, Ioana,

matador from Călimana!

What's that, a matador?

Those who fight bulls.


Not really, uncle Ilutsa,
those are brave men.

Listen to me...


corrida is starting...

everything is silent...
and silence means death.

He's staying still.
In his yellow costume,

the matador seems made of stone.

Fixing him with his raging eyes,

the black bull
is in front of Alvarez.




Like a black lightning,
the bull runs towards the toreador.

The stands are crazy!

The bull is trying another move.

But his legs refuse
to listen.

Alvarez!, shout the crazed stands.



And? What's next?

In the meantime,
a child cried in the stable.

Amango, the black bull,
was killed.

His friend.

They wandered together
the hills and valleys.

How about that, comrades?

Thieving in the middle of the day?

Why are talking to us like that?

Nobody touched your forage.

Nobody, you say?

That's right, nobody!

You are in luck.

From afar, it seemed like you did.

So why are you making trouble?

Be more careful.

I am sorry, comrades.

I'd pay with my head,
you know how it is.

Turculete is my name.

Chief brigadier here in the kolkhoz
[collective farm].

how about some forage?

We measure 50 meters

and I'll give you a receipt
or cash.

- Whatever you prefer.
- I can't.

Who then?

The chairman, the deputy.

We'll go to the chairman.

He's not here, he's gone.

How about the deputy?

He's locked up, poor lad,
stole a little.

Well, how about that!

Who's managing this farm then?

Until the chairman is back,

I am here chief.

Be a chief then!

Without the chairman,

I can't give you anything.

My head is on the line.
That's it.

A head is for...


Listen here, nomads,

how about you leave our land?


Calm down, son,
this is not your property.

Ok, uncle, ok.

This one was born in autumn.

How do you know?

Idiots born in the summer
are more cheerful.


Open up a piece of paper.


From Lie Cruntul, the shepherd,

from the Călimana village,

"Patria" [the Motherland] kolkhoz.

To say that his sheep

grazed 50 meters of forage.

Today, 28 of July, 1964,

in the afternoon.

What do you want to do, Lie?

To feed the sheep
once in ten days.

That's a criminal offense.

Screw it, we'll be in trouble.

We are breaking the law.

I don't need a law
that kills the sheep,

but makes Turculete a chief.


For all this, Lie Cruntu is accountable.

Lie, can I sign too?

No, you don't have that right.

You are a stranger to this flock.

Father, maybe we too?

No, laws are no joke.

Uncle Ilutsa...

Don't teach me.


take your things and get lost.

I am saying this nicely.

He may stay if he wants,

just don't give lessons to us.

Found yourself the man
to write petitions to...

better beat him good
until he's dead.

I can't.


We'll measure from here.


this is not for me.

Laws are sacred.

I'll take care of your flock.

Stop it!

You are looking for trouble!

Get back!

Get back or we'll shoot!

Don't you hear?


Comrade brigadier,
to kill for some forage?

Bursuc [badger], get back!


You've shot in vain, Turculete.

A German took this arm before you.

No worries, militsya [soviet police]
will deal with you.


We'll talk to the militsya too,
don't you worry.


you are still innocent.

You'll take care of the flock
until I get back.

Go ahead now,
I'll catch up.

Let's go.

Uncle Lie,
I'll go with you.


Go back, Bursuc.



♪ [The Green Leaves of Summer
by Dimitri Tiomkin, Sinphony Orchestra] ♪

[The Pioneer]

- Good day!
- Hi!

We'll embark the sheep
on the barge.

- And we'll be there in one night.
- Interesting.

Can we count on you
or not?

Very interesting.

That's our only option.

Dear, what day is it today?

A Sunday.

What does that mean?

People rest,
and me... ?.

Tickets please!


Turn around.

Noe's Ark!

We are only missing the flood.

Fine thing this is!

Hey, come on!



you don't "hey" the sheep,

you say "hyr!".


Hyr, hyr!


sing us something.

Maybe it'll get warmer.

♪ Many roads I have walked. ♪

♪ Many girls I have kissed. ♪

Leave me alone, bug!

♪ Many girls I have kissed. ♪

♪ And I've forgotten all of them. ♪

Cat's nose you kissed, Sârghe.

Townie, townie,

you'll freeze to death with us.

I won't, I'm used to it.


What will you wear?

I have another.


- Did Sârghe teach you to whip?
- Not yet.

You'll teach him, huh?



You got it?

Look at that,
you left me speechless!

But can you do this?

This autumn,
Sava will marry her.

He's crazy about her.

How would you know?

I do.

Bursuc, Bursuc!

Hello, townie!

Uncle Lie!

Hello, uncle Lie!

The boys have been
waiting for you.

How's you shoulder,
still hurts?

Don't worry,
just a scratch.

How about the militsya?

Turculele said I wanted
to kill him.

The policeman first believed me,
then him,

then we started again.

I saw how it goes
and snuck out through the window.

Hope they won't
give you trouble.

I left them word,

that I'll be back
when the season ends.

If they'll need me.

Let's go uncle Lie.

The shepherds will be happy
to see you.

No, not right now.

I'll make trouble
for you too.

They'll think you are
aiding me.

All of you.

Until the waters clear...

I'll be in the neighbourhood, ok?

Service in the middle
of the night?

That's uncle Ilutsa's convent.

Many years ago...

here's where he got married.

Local monk wed them.

Christina died
giving birth to Ioana.

It was after the war.

Hunger and all kinds
of ordeals.

Was she pretty, Christina?

Ioana is just like her.


From now on,
note the cheese production in the registry.

You are a writer after all.

This way, the people
won't think you are wasting our food.

Leave him alone!


Eat, eat!

Write to Călimana,
to send a car,

to take our produce.

- Understood?
- Yes.


Look there.

What is this loony doing?

Looking for the cuckoo's plant
[wild thyme].

Yank it with your teeth
and throw it in the fire.

That's what maidens
do around here.

They say all wishes will
come true afterwards.

You like it?

That's my invention.

I swear!

Perpetuum mobile.


Perpetuum mobile.

Yeah, right.

Uncle Burtă,

will you teach me?

Go to Ioana,
she has less sheep.

- Uncle Ilutsa!
- What?

She's coming.

Come one, come on,
just like that.

What are you looking at?

Look at my hands.

Think this is easy?

No, on the contrary.

Leave it...

you are scaring the sheep

and getting scared yourself.

Easy townie, easy.

Want another one?


You're doing fine.

So, how are you?

Mister, you should listen to me.

I'll make you a shepherd.

Hear me?

Lie is not doing very good.

He should've listened to others.

Some sheep may have died...

but that would've been it.

No troubles for him
or for others.

We won't be untouched by this.

You just wait.

That's bad.

Listen, Sârghe!

Why do you call Sava "Hallelujah"?

That's a long story.

When he was little,

he was an altar boy,
helping the priest collect money.

Just like this:
Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

with my hand in your pocket.

God bless, God bless,
more, not less.

Amen and a glass of wine!

Take care of Sârghe,

looks like he wet himself.

Why Sava?

Why? You need to become a man.

Not a woman wearing pants.

A man should have a full pouch
and a bull's strength.


Put me down.

Go away!

You try it, townie.

Could you do it?

Come on!

Could you?

What are you doing?

Look at him!

Don't drop dead!

Put me down...

put me down.

Crazy, just crazy.

♪ [Hora Primăverii by Fluieraș Orchestra] ♪

Another one!

It tastes like Sun.

Almost forgot,
there's a letter for you.

When you go back in autumn...

you'll all become ministers.

Your rams are fat and healthy
as if from a resort.

Tell us what's with the chairman...

in simple words.

They called him
at district headquarters.

They talked and talked.

They'll probably kick him out now.

He's got a lot of trouble
because of us. Told you.

Anything else?

I told him a good one:

Comrade chairman,

better lose with the bright ones,
than win with the stupid.

Where's Lie?

I want to drink a glass with him.

With this rain,
Lie is probably in the village.

You should go too.

You'll get stuck here
'cause of the mud.

All right then!

If you keep this up,

we'll welcome you like generals
in the autumn:

flowers all the way.


that many flowers - only at funerals.

Long live Burtă, King of the Rams!

Oh, poor me...

Bye, bye!

See you soon, Zamfir dear!

Haven't seen rain since spring.

- Aren't you cold?
- No.

I haven't seen rain since spring.

You upset?

I am a maiden.

Ready to be wed.

Don't play with me.

What are you looking for
uncle Ilutsa?

Devil's horns.

What are you trying to do Sârghe?

Should've given them to Ioana.

I'm not shameless.

I don't need a woman
to repair my pants.

But that's what a woman is for...

to help the man in everything.

Aren't you a little dumb, Sârghe?

Maybe I am, but I am not
giving her my pants.

You cheapskate,

give me some candles,
of those you keep for the townie.

Againt to the convent, huh?

All right, uncle Ilutsa...

you think there is a god above us?

Maybe not above you, Sârghe,
and there is no need.

You are young, stubborn,
and you have a whole life ahead.

But I'll kick the bucket
any day now.

And if there's a god,
if I meet him in Heaven...

What do I do? How do I explain myself?

Give me the candles.

Over here.

What's with these sheep, uncle Lie?

Sava's sheep.

The ones he stole.

What is he doing with them?

Sells them. Fattens them and
takes them to the market.

Let's go.

Well, well, Sava.

Where's the hat?

This way is better.

Look, since we're here,
I haven't grown at all.

Sârghe, listen, a smart man
grows slowly.

What? Did you miss me?

Sava, how about you return the sheep?

Which ones?

Those from the forest.

You stalking bitch!

No word about this
and I'll return them.

♪ Leave the sheep in the barn, darling ♪

♪ And come down to the meadow ♪

♪ To the meadow or the glade ♪

♪ To kiss me tenderly, darling ♪

You sing so endearing.

I'm afraid there'll be a wedding soon.

Who wants to bet I can
eat with two spoons at the same time?

No one.

Since I was little, townie,
I had to only use one spoon.

♪ To the meadow or the glade ♪

♪ To kiss me tenderly, darling ♪

Returned them yet?

Return what?

The sheep, that's what.

What sheep?

Go look for them.

- Leave those papers!
- How about this?

Look uncle Ilutsa, look Sârghe.

He's writing, informing on us.

He encouraged Lie.

Now wants me gone.

But I'm a tougher nut to crack.

He's been let go from his job,
it's written here:

"Dismissed for not showing up at work."

"Not showing up."

You are good for nothing! Nothing!

You've stolen six sheep, Sava.

- You promised to return them.
- Lies, lies.

I didn't.

You've stolen six sheep, Sava.



Don't write any more lies then.

Now listen.

I saved those sheep.

Didn't die so they are mine.

I saved them, not the state.

When the state pays me
for rotting in the field,

it may hang me for stealing.

I know what's mine, I do.

What do you want?

Leave it, Lie
will clear everything up.

- Shut up!
- Don't you dare! I am not joking!

Uncle Ilutsa?

Stand down.

These are sweet, frozen by rime.

The summer is gone, Ioana.

♪ [Only You by Frank Pourcel
playing on the radio] ♪

That's enough, dear.
Mull some wine for me...

with red peppers, please.

- Wait for Andrei, he'll be
back soon with medicine. - Ok.

How are you, Ilutsa?

Oh, Burtă, you see this little thing?

It sings in ten voices,
but you, this big, only in one.

I'll learn.

Like hell you will.

What's new in Călimana?

Wine-making season...

Brought you some.

Anything else?

Wedding season...

Let's go home, uncle Ilutsa.

Listen townie, pack your bags
and leave... immediately.

No. Make way.

Feeling brave?

Sava, Sava!

Stop, Sava!

Sava, don't make me
do something stupid.

- Leave!
- I was joking, wanted to scare him.

Let's go, smartass.

Uncle Lie...

Uncle Lie is back!

Hello, Lie! Hello!

Where've you been?

Sava, you'll milk
all the sheep today... alone.

But I was joking,
I just wanted to scare him.

All of them,
by yourself.

You'll do it on your knees.

Got it?

Call him back, to hell with it.

I don't forgive myself,
let alone others.

Unlike a woman, a man
deals with it himself.

That's how we do it around here.

Sing, Burtă, like there's no tomorrow,
dance, Zamfir...

We'll celebrate life, dying for it,
and crushing the scoundrels.

You atoned, like a man.

Now drink from my glass.

I will drink, Lie...

but I won't forget.

We'll leave for Călimana at dawn.

Give me a smoke.

Nicht verstehen.

My father smoked like a Turk
and he lived to be 102.

But he didn't drink like you.

That's why he died so soon.

How much do you
plan on living, uncle Ilutsa?

With smokes this bad
probably less than 100.


Come here!


Look, these are for you.

No need.

Leave me, leave me!

Don't be afraid, Ioana!

Don't be afraid!

Look how they suit you, look!


Ioana, Ioana!

- What's this?
- Just the rain.

I this your portrait?

Just like you.

Where's Lie Cruntul?

May God strike me if I saw him.

- Search the place.
- All right!

No need, Comrade Major.

- Are you Lie Cruntul?
- Yes.

Sign here.

Arrest warrant, right?

Not only. You owe me 2.03 rubles.

What for?

Next time you sneak out,
be careful not to break the window.

At least at militsya's office.

- No, no.
- You have to.

Maybe after I take the sheep to Călimana,
I'll drop by your office.

We need to take care of this.

This problem needs solving.

You solved it already.

Comrade Major,
don't be so upset...

For you.


As soon as you are in Călimana,
report to the office.

This is all I can do for you.

Ok, a little more to the right...

little more, like this...

back, to the left...

head down...

hand like this...

Just a second.

A little corny, but very nice.

You done?

Father said
we leave for Călimana tomorrow.

Will you come?

It's time for me to go back, Ioana.



What happened?

You got tired of us, huh?

Winter is coming.

Cranes left, storks left,
now we leave too.

Seven winters I'd give for a summer,
as the gypsies say.

Make yourself a sleigh
and come to us in the winter.

Until I make it,
summer will be back, Sârghe.

Sled on your ass then.

Time to put out the fire, lads.

Let's go uncle Ilutsa,
we're behind.

Townie, who knows if
I'll ever be back here?

They say the length of the day
comes from the rotation of the Earth...

That's right, uncle Ilutsa.

Too fast... too fast
the Earth is spinning.

♪ [Traditional sad ballad, called doina] ♪

♪ Uncle went to the forest. ♪

♪ To pick flowers and berries. ♪

♪ Shepherds are walking whistling. ♪

♪ And the cows are singing. ♪


♪ Uncle went to the forest. ♪

Translated and adapted
by sRD for the KG community.