Rape on the Moor (1952) - full transcript

In a small German village in the middle of large moors, there is an old legend of a young woman having sunk in the wetland after being raped by a Swedish intruder of the Thirty Years' war. Now young Dorothee, falling in love with the architect Ludwig, is harassed by an obnoxious, rich farmer Eschmann. The brutal man is ready to do anything to get the maiden. The history is repeating itself, as Eschmann follows Dorothee to the moors after his crime.



Let go of the bike.

Why are you avoiding me?

I said let go of the bike.

But I need you.

Fiete is not enough for you?

Don't torture me.

One word from you and...

Let go of me. I will scream.

You're mad. Someone is coming.

You're like an animal.

Like an animal.

Wasn't that Dietrich Eschmann?

Are you already finished loading the turf?

But Dorothee, today
Ludwig is coming for vacation.

Oh - Ludwig!

Take your breakfast.

Thanks. But now I must hurry. Otherwise,
Ludwig will be home before me.

He's coming in his new car today.

Are you also coming to the moor tomorrow?
- Of course, what do you think?

Say hello to Ludwig.

Also on the way to Melon?

Ah, Mr. A me lung. Must
visit old customers again.

Well, see you later.

Stop! Just a moment, Mr. A me lung.

Got something first-class
for you. Electric razor.

Without water, without soap.
Slish-slash and the beard is off.

Well, if we keep
playing traffic jam, it will

also go slish-slash
and the beard will be off.

Old sleepyhead! Are you crazy?


You look good.
- You too.

I'm not finished with cooking.

One moment, you can start again
in a minute. Close your eyes.

Close them completely, I said.

Reading glasses. I wanted them for so long.

Now you can check if
the glasses are all right.

Dear Mr. A me lung,

we are pleased to inform you that your

blueprint of a modern two room apartment

was accepted

and received the price offered for.

Yours sincerely, the offices of
Horatio and Zimmermann, architects.

Do the glasses work?

I'm happy about this news, Ludwig.

How you care for me.

Oh, hello, Miss Aden.

My regards to your father.
I will come by tonight.

I've got something first-class for him.

Ludwig. You will ruin your appetite.

I think someone is in the
living room. Take a look, Ludwig.

You surely want to talk to my mother.


You're Dorothee?

You have changed a lot.

Four years of Holstein air at
Aunt Mariechen's make ugly.


Are the roses of Wilhelmina still blooming?

Maybe we ought to take a look.

Dorothee, what is it?

Take a look at this beautiful
fabric Ludwig brought.

And the reading glasses.

Seems that Ludwig brought nothing for me.

If I had known that you're home again...

You would have also
bought me reading glasses?

You're alike, then. What
do you want, Dorothee?

I just wanted to ask if you will
help with the turf again tomorrow?

Well, that was already agreed.

Oh? I forgot.

Now I must go.

Dorothee, come tonight.

Heini Schutte will also be there.


How's the work coming along, Gesine?




Dorothee, I just came to ask...

if you've got some time for me tonight.

I don't have time.

Dorothee, I talked with your father.

He thinks that we both...

It's no use for you to
get behind my parents.

I don't want to.

I don't understand, Dorothee.

You should finally leave
me alone, I told you.

What are you doing tonight?

You'll see.

A bird was singing in the lime tree.

He sang a sweet song.

White rose, red rose.

My heart began to jump.

Jumped back and forth with joy

as if a laugh were with him.

So sweet it sounded,

so sweet it sounded.

White rose, red rose.

What will become of me and you?

I thought some snow was falling.

Your heart is no longer with me.

Not with me but somewhere else.

The bird sang a wrong song

of me and you.

Of me and you.

An atmospheric evening,
tonight. Right, Eschmann?

You, Mr. Eschmann. I've got
something first-class for you.

Without water, without soap,
slish-slash the beard is off.

What's going on?

Did the vacuum cleaner from
the previous year break down?

People exist these days. People.

Well, it's lucky that there
are still peaceful people.

Well, don't let them bother
you at all, ladies and gentlemen.

Good evening, Mr. Berndsen.

We can talk about business later, can't we?

I will kill this guy if he
doesn't take his fingers off her.

Who shall be killed?

Just don't make fun of me.

You know exactly who I mean.

I mean A me lung.

Ludwig A me lung and Dorothee.?

Just him.

They would suit each other.

Say that again.

I'm not enough for you?

I will kill you.

Do it.

Do it.

The roses of Wilhelmina.

Poor Wilhelmina.

You're freezing.

What was that?

Two crows.

The souls of Wilhelmina and the Swede.

Ludwig, the roses are
supposed to bring bad luck.

But Dorothee.

Someone is standing there.


Nonsense. This is a bush after all.

My little ghost seer.

Come, Ludwig, let's keep walking.

So, let's summarize what
we've discussed so far.

You tell your local council
that in the future you only

want to shear your sheep with
the electric shearing machine.

Then the thing is perfect, isn't it?

Well, what do you say?

Are you listening at all?

Don't need a local council.

Like this? Well, that's better. Then
we can do the business between us.

The moor is calling...


The moor is calling.

What are you saying?

The moor is calling Wilhelmina.

But it's me, old Fromann. Dorothee.

Maybe he recognized the rose.

That's all nonsense.

Stupid superstition.

That's no superstition.

Then it's no superstition.

But the story goes back over 300 years.

What story?

The story of Wilhelmina.

It was during the Thirty Years' War.

You can read about it in the church's book.

You can read about it in the church's book.

Anno Domini 1631 it was.

On the 3rd of July.

That was when the
Swedes came to our village.

Back then, one had to be friendly to the
strangers who came from the North or South.

Otherwise the red rooster
was sitting on one's roof

quicker than one could
pray the Lord's Prayer.

So the Swedish lieutenant
gained the trust of Wilhelmina.

He wanted her to lead him through
the moor to Kellenhusen.

He would have found the way by himself

but he had other reasons.

So fate came to Wilhelmina.

After the Swedish lieutenant committed
his violence upon Wilhelmina,

out of the misery and desperation of
her heart, she led him into the moor.

No one ever saw them again.

But an unknown person brought a
giant tombstone to the moor.

Maybe it was Wilhelmina's parents,

maybe an unknown man who loved her.

"Rest In Peace, Wilhelmina."
It stands there.

Ano Domini 1631, according to
legend, a giant rose bush grew

by itself out of the moor, and trailed
around Wilhelmina's tombstone.

But the roses are supposed to be bewitched.

And this girl, this Wilhelmina,

she was a relative of yours?

Wilhelmina was the second
daughter of a Frederike Aden.

Our old farm was next to the moor then.

Come Dorothee, we have to go home.

Otherwise they'll be looking for us.

One moment. I will come
with you, if it is allowed.

Because here is no longer quite safe.

Oh, I have had one night, Karl.

One night! No trace of sleep.

And always the damn bog in my head.

Yep, a double grain
is the best way to help.

Huh? Nah, the bog's not in there with me.

Only warm cow's milk.

Well then, let me have one myself.

My throat is so raw again.

I wonder what they look like today?

The drowned Wilhelmine and the Swede.

Och, the moor keeps young.


Yes, Albert?

Nice couple, those two. What?

Yes, that.

That is, but...

How else can I prove
to you that I'm serious?

That bitch must leave the farm.

As soon as Dorothee says yes.

There's nothing to say against your farm,

if there is a hardworking
farmer's wife on it.

You should be ashamed of yourself,
Dietrich. Getting involved with that maid.

The whole village is talking about it.

In the village they talk
about a lot of things.

What's keeping Dorothee so long?

She should already be back.

This is my blueprint for a
modern small apartment.

Both rooms can be
furnished as living quarters.

A workroom for the man,

a room for the wife and the guests.

Where shall the couple sleep?

Well, a couch could go here and here.

They shall sleep separately?

It's also possible to place a
double couch in the living room.

I like this more.

In my day, people were
sleeping in real bedrooms.

I don't think that was wrong.

A bedroom is left unused all
day. That's a waste of space.

You're right, but it was
a nice, stable, real bed.

Fine. Old couples can sleep in beds.

- Yes?

Where do the kids sleep?

Only a woman would come up with this.

Could we span a hammock?

I'll make you an offer, Dorothee.

We drive to Luneburg tomorrow.

To Luneburg?

Yes, the apartments
were already built there.

And then you can decide where
best to span the hammocks.

I know where Dorothee is.

At Amelung's.

Already past 10 o'clock.

I don't like that my
daughter isn't home yet.

Dorothee is no longer a child, Wilhelm.

Good evening!

Good evening Dorothee!

Now we can talk about everything,
while your parents are here.

Does it have to be tonight?

It would be good today,

but I can also come back tomorrow morning.

I'm going to Luneburg tomorrow.

To Luneburg?

To Luneburg!

What's that supposed to mean?
Don't play the mysterious one.

I will go with Ludwig to Luneburg.

We want to look at apartments.


A settlement was built there

according to Ludwig's blueprint.

If you go on like this, you'll never
become a farmer's wife on Eschmann's farm.

Do you think that I will
marry someone I hate?

Don't act up.

The farm is fine.

Love will follow.

Mother, what do you think?

Of what?

Of me.

I mean what do you think of all this?

I couldn't ask for a better
daughter-in-law than Dorothee.

Mother, you're the best in the world.

You know, I haven't talked
with Dorothee about this yet,

but I think that we...

Did you hear something?

Most likely a window shutter.

One year living frugally,
and then I'll be ready.

As an architect, I can
get certain things cheaper.

Before you keep calculating, wait a moment.

Where did you get all this money?

The 80 marks you sent
me every month for support.

You didn't think that I used it for myself?

But mother, I can't accept this.

If you limit your spending,
it will last for a start.


Good morning, Mrs. A me lung.
- Good morning, Dorothee.

I've been waiting half an hour, Ludwig.

Look at this.

The trip to Luneburg is over.

No one else but Eschmann.

Who was it?

Dietrich Eschmann.

What makes you think this, Dorothee?
- We will find out..

You're going to see him? You know how
hot-tempered and unpredictable he is.

I don't care.
- No, you're not going.

This would be even better

if anybody could come and cut my tires.

Go to the police instead.
- I'll do this myself.

Wait here for me.
- No, I'm coming with you.


Has so, come here!


Can you tell me who
cut the tires of my car?

I can tell you more than that.

Leave Dorothee alone.

Or something even worse could happen.

You want to frighten me?

Take your smiling mug and get off.

First you will pay me for
the damage, you scoundrel.


Is that so?

Let Has so go! Let Has so go!

No, no!

Let Has so go!

Don't you hear, you...

You, bitch...

Dietrich, stop. You will
get yourself into trouble.

Go away! Just go away!

Let go or I'll...

Come, Ludwig.

You will pay for this.





Come, Ludwig. The way
to Kellenhusen is long.

Gentlemen, I can't offer you oats.

I need new tires. The
old ones are in the back.

I can't believe that someone
would puncture car tires.

Which thug did this?

Somebody who didn't
want me to go to Luneburg.

Well, if you want you
can get new tires from me.

That would be nice.

Where is the music coming from?

There's a fair today. That's why I'm alone.

My people had to be there, of course.

One more, Karl.

No, Dietrich. Now make
sure you get home. Yes?

You have already drunk enough today.

This is for the head.
Now you get another one.

But then it's over.

Shut up!

I'll wait here.

I have to wait for someone here.

So? That should be fine with me.

Then I'll have another drink with you.

My throat is all raw again.

He will come already.

The fine city slicker.

Let's go, let's go my boy. Ace of
spades, the woodpecker is called for.

He's just pulling the wool over our eyes.

Well, what's the matter, my boy? Do
you want to stare holes in the air here?

Who gave?
- A card or a piece of wood?

If you want to sleep,
you can do it at home.


What's this?

Today is a crazy day.

Good evening.

So here you are.
- What is it?

Is he back?

What are you doing here?

Dietrich, come back home.

I cooked you something good.

Well Fiete, what do you want?

Thanks, but we're leaving soon. Right?

I hope he finally goesl!
Before Ludwig comes.

Oh, they had a little argument.

Both of them? I would
have liked to be there.

Ouch! Let go of me!

Go now.
- If you want.

You're beyond help.

I'd like to give him a
massage with a truncheon.

This is too...
- Stay in your seat.

Such a mess, and just
when I got a nice grey one.

Stop it. It's of no use.

Ludwig, is it you? Stop.

Your chief called. You
should call him back today.


I waited for you all evening.

Go home, Dorothee. It might take half an
hour until the connection is established.

Go on ahead.
- Good night, Dorothee.

Ludwig, let me know what your chief wanted.

Which is like a father to his son.

He must be praised.

Good evening, everyone.
- Good evening.

I'm placing a call to Hamburg.
- It's okay, Ludwig.

See you tomorrow.
- Yes, 'til tomorrow.

Hopefully, all the moor ghosts
won't be coming to visit me.

If they come back, just try selling
them one of your

electric razors. You'll
see how they disappear.




The boy is right.

Dietrich, stop it. And
what is it with you, Heini?

I'm waiting 'til Ludwig comes.

I have to go to Hamburg tomorrow morning.

On a Sunday?

Yes, it's a new construction.

I need to do a few
calculations for my chief.

That's 2.80 for the call.
- Yes, it's okay, my boy.

Are you going in your car?

Of course.

Do you thing Hamburg has
anything against Heini Schutte?

Of course, you're coming with me, Heinil

Leave Dorothee alone.


Leave Dorothee alone.

You're drunk.

You shall leave Dorothee alone.

You haven't enough from this morning?

A nice piece for my collection.

But, Ludwig - this stays between us.

Come, Heini.


I have to go to Hamburg tomorrow morning.

I will be back in the evening.

Don't stay away too long.

If you're good, I'll
bring something for you.

Oh, Ludwig.

I'd rather come along with you.


You act as if we won't
see each other again.

What do you know?

Say hello to He use. I
will come visit sometime.

I could go with you.

You know, Marianne...

I want to be alone for
a while. Don't be mad.

Don't worry.

Now you must stay, Dorothee.

We have to talk.

Dietrich, be reasonable.

Why are you torturing both of us?

I can't live without you.
I can't live without you.

But I don't love you.

You can't force love. You must understand.


I've been waiting for you since
you weren't a little girl anymore.

And now -

this guy comes along.

I love Ludwig. You must accept this.

You shall love me.

You shall love me.

Hello gentlemen, today it is Sunday.

Just came into the store
to change the display.

I don't believe you.
- How dare you!

I believe you came to the store
to sell me an engagement ring.

Ah, that's what you mean.

Love is more important than business hours.

If you please, sir.

Miss Kittel, the engagement rings, please.


Do you have an idea
how the rings should look?

This design sells well.
Discreet, with a side polish.


This one.

I think this is the right one.

A rose pattern.

What do you think about this?

Beautiful are the roses.

Don't lie there like that.

Say something.

You hate me.

You must hate me.


it will pass.

It will change. You will love me,


When both of us...

Go away.

Go away.

I'm already imagining Dorothee's
expression when she sees the rings.

Oh, Ludwig.

How might it be. To be dead.

One doesn't hear the rain.

One doesn't breathe the scent of flowers.

One doesn't cry.

And the heart is cold.

And the heart is cold.

There you lay

and look to him

but he...

he's got another one in mind.

She must be blonde.

You know?

I know.

And here.

No, this doesn't look good.

Not good at all.

Well, I better say nothing..

Come, Jule, eat another piece of cake.

You can tell me everything.

Your cake is good.

With butter in it.



It looks bad.

Very bad. Is there someone?

But it mustn't affect you, Fiete...

Since you are so young and strong.

It could affect the farmer.

The cards lie on the left side.


It looks dark

where the death lies.

Shut your drooling mouth

and go to your bastard!

Bastard you say, you brute?

You want to make one yourself

with the blonde gosling?

Still here, old poisoner?

The beast is in your blood.

Must always see red.

Always red.

We know you here in the village.

You lousy dog! Wretch!

Cruel manl.


The time has come.

You must pack your things.

You must leave the farm.

You have until tomorrow morning.


You can't send me...


You don't need to worry about money.




You can't live without me.

Let go, Fiete.

It's over now.


You chase me away.


I just want to know what
you see in this skinny bitch.

In this ice queen.
- Get out!

And leave.

You will scream for me,

but I'll be gone.

You will scream. Do you hear me?


God, why are you punishing me,

that I must love him?

Nellie, you hear something?

Do you hear something?

Dorothee, I was looking for you.


You -

You're a woman.

You will understand me.

Leave Dietrich to me.
What do you want from him?

You just want his farm,
his fields and his cattle,

but not himself.


What is it?

Let go of me.

Thank you for the nice trip.

Now I have something to
think about behind my desk.

Bye, Heini. Tomorrow evening
we will make some music again.

That will be them.

I'll tell her what's
what. Such things didn't

happen in my time.
Hanging around all day.

Wilhelm, we were also young once.

Good evening, Mrs. Aden.

So, Wilhelm,

Want to do something about your bonding?

Where is Dorothee?

Mother was worried all day long,
while you were amusing yourselves.

So Dorothee isn't here?
- No.

She's not here.

But I just arrived from
Hamburg. I was there all day long.

Something happened to the child.

If I just had looked
for her like I wanted to.

Don't cry.

How long has Dorothee been gone?

Since this morning.

This happens when the youth
just hangs around these days.

That must be her..

What is it with the girl?

Leave her.


Where are you coming from at this hour?


If you love me, better not ask

and leave me alone.

But, Dorothee.

I brought something for you

in case you were good.


What is it?

Oh, Ludwig.


Something with Eschmann?

Someone who comes this late
doesn't need anything to eat.

What is wrong with Dorothee?

Where is she?
- In her room.


She's ashamed of herself, and rightly so.

Best that I leave.

I think, Ludwig,

that you owe us an explanation.

If you want to hear it tonight

and under these circumstances -

I want to marry Dorothee.

What does she say?

I think, yes.

And what will become of our farm?

But Wilhelm, we don't
need to discuss this today.


Good night, Mrs. Aden.

Good night, Ludwig.


I was already with your mother.

Why didn't you stay here today?

Don't talk rubbish. Do you know
what's going on with Dorothee?

I don't know. Dietrich is also missing.
I'm looking for him everywhere.


The moor is calling.

I never want to leave from here.




is calling.


The... moor... is... calling...

I'm coming.

I'm coming.

Why do you keep me waiting?

What else do you want Dietrich?

You already got what you wanted.


I just came to...

How white your skin is.

You don't know what you're doing.

Go now.

You, you can't send me away any longer.

The... moor... is... calling.

What is it?

I'm coming.

The... moor... is... calling.

What did you say?

I'm coming.

I don't think he went to see
her in the middle of the night!

There was something between
them. I know this for sure.

Otherwise he wouldn't have
chased me away from the farm.

Then I will drive back.
- I'll come with you.

Dorothee, the storm will start soon.

Don't you think the wind is beautiful?

Where do you want to go?

Are you afraid?

I know a place for us.

There it is calm, even in the storm.


The window is open.



She's not here.

We must look for her.

We must wake her parents.

Who could this be, Wilhelm?

We will see soon.

Who's there?

We are looking for Dorothee.


Have you lost your mind?

Decent people are sleeping now.

Dorothee is no longer here.

Have you seen her?

Open your mouth.

Ran away.

Did Eschmann do this?

First we have to see if she's really gone.


For God's sake.

We must start looking for her.


You lured me into the moor.

There was no other way for us, Dietrich.

You shall be damned.



No one will hear us here.


No one will hear...



I don't understand this.

Where is my mother?

Maybe he was with her today.

Ludwig will be at home by now.

Good thing you didn't have
such weather during your drive.

Mother, have you seen Dorothee?




Lord, forgive me.

Forgive me!

Attention, attention - we report a storm warning
from the German Marine Weather Service.

An oncoming strong storm heading from
North-Northwest. Storm force: 10 to 11.

Attention, attention - we report a storm warning
from the German Marine Weather Service.

Hot music at midnight. Whoever's feeling
agile and young joins the dance.

Keep it up, Karll Keep it up.

The federal railway will thank you.
- Why the railway?

You mentioned the other day, that you
went in the baggage car to Bremen

because they couldn't get
you through the cabin door.

Here in our bar, fine, but
otherwise that's defamation.

Everything is defamation.

Come here kids.

We are looking for Dorothee.
- And Dietrich.

Dietrich, when death comes upon me now.

Forgive me.

We couldn't live together

and now we must die together.

Someone is sinking into the moor.

First I thought it was the wind,
but there were calls for help.

Over there toward Kellenhusen.

Are the flowers of
Wilhelmina still blooming?

Maybe we ought to take a look.

Ludwig, let me know what your chief wanted.

You act as if we won't
see each other again.

What do you know? Ludwig!


What is it? What is happening?
- Someone is sinking.


Ghost lights.

Ghost lights.

Ghost lights.



Did you hear that? Over there.

Hard to hear anything in this storm.


You're wrong.
- No, I heard it!

Pan the spotlight over here.

There he is.


Go on!


Hang on.



My child.

Friederike, it's not too late.


Maybe Ludwig can do it.



Calm down, Dietrich.


Secure me!

She's not alive anymore.

You're like a bear, Eschmann.

How did this misfortune happen?

We lost our way.

Both of us.

Dorothee and I.


I'm glad that you're alive.

Dietrich, believe me.

Even if I can't stay with you.

Don't talk rubbish, Fiete.

Dorothee! My child.

My child, say something.

Doctor, doctor, my child!

Come, Friederike, come.



The moor never releases
what it once possessed.

Again, again.

- Yes?

A guy like Albert
Berndsen could use a swig.

For sure, my boy. Have one.


I'll also have a drink. My
stomach is very rough again.

There. You could also use
some fortification for your soul.

Very good, very good, give it to me.



Why didn't the moor keep me?

Like Wilhelmina?
- But, Dorothee.

Forget me.

Then everything will be good again for you.

Don't you want to look at your hand?

Ludwig, the ring.

Should it be there...

Now that you know...


I love you.

Now they have no power over us anymore.

The roses of Wilhelmina.