Rape of Love (1978) - full transcript

Nicole, nurse in Grenoble, is raped one night by four men. Deeply scarred, emotionally and physically, she thinks she will never recover from the trauma. Following a friend's advice, she decides to file a lawsuit.


How will they manage without me?

He can't take care of the kids.

Don't worry about them.
Think of yourself.

2 weeks in no time at all.

You want to help your mom?

"Diagnosis incomplete.

"Haematuria revealed

"via microscopic examination."

Got the count?

3 million.

It's an extra-uterine pregnancy.

How was the movie?

Great. Thanks for the tip.

"Her general health is good..."

You'll get used to it...

One gets used to everything.

She clung to life,

so old and emaciated,

a crazed look in her eyes.

What was she like as a girl?

As a kid I thought old people

were born old

and lived forever.

I hope I have a quick death!

That my heart stops beating.

Right in the middle of a fitting.

The perfect exit.


What a depressing conversation.

You never wear the dress I made you.

Don't you like it?

It's too long to wear at work.

Madame Curie,

she wore long skirts.

And she discovered radium!

OK, I'll wear your dress.

What news from Jacques?

He's fine.
Coming home on leave soon.

Tell him I'll fix him
his favourite dinner.

I'm counting on him.

Squad... Shun!

Squad... Shun!

Squad... Shun!

Present arms!

You know what to do.

Present arms!

Look at the flag. Chins up!

Perfectly still now.

That belt isn't to hold up
your balls!

Not bad.

Let's hear you slap those rifles.

Once more for Berger.

Quiet, Berger.

Not bad. Now, a little walk.

Forward march!

Dig in those heels.

You're not chorus girls.

Legas, you walk like a fag.

Think of me?

Now and again.

Don't fall asleep...

Don't let time slip away...

You're life itself...

You alone are the tree of life...

You are fate... you are hope...

Your cry

Don't put your faith in time...

You're my never again

and my forever...

I'm reborn in you...

Forever and again...

I'm off-key!

I'm reborn in you,

Forever and again.

I'm better at songs like:

"Do your balls hang high?"

"Do your balls hang low?"

Barracks humour. Charming!

You'd better get used to it.

We're real men in the Army.

Kidding apart... it's pathetic.

Even dangerous.

It'll make a man of you.

Oh yeah? What am I now?

You're saying I'm not a man?

If I get posted to Paris,

will you come with me?

I'll follow you anywhere,

darkest Africa or Paris.

Is Paris likely?

Not likely,

but there's no harm in dreaming.

You're supposed to dream about me.

The Army's even taken
over my dreams!

Now if you wore a uniform...

And had a fine moustache...

I'd love you, Captain, Sir.

The insect lands on a petal,

just like a runway.

It's after the nectar
deep inside the flower.

As it goes through
this narrow passage,

it rubs
against the reproductive organs.

And little pouches of pollen
get stuck to its head.

Then the insect carries the pollen
to the next flower...

Who thought that up!

Some orchids do amazing things
to attract insects.

They imitate the female
of the insect species, the colour...

Even the smell.

Too bad you quit Botany.

You'd have made a great teacher.

But after Delphine was born,

life got too hectic.

Julien had to finish his studies.

So I made the big sacrifice.

I'll get even yet.

Back to school?

Maybe, some day. I'd like to.

I enjoy my work,

but I prefer to study buttercups.

Moving to Paris is fine with me.

But it means going into a new outfit

to work on sophisticated
electronic equipment.

I'll be helping the arms race.

That's a drag.

Anyone working in electronics
is faced with that problem.

Many people work for the military
without knowing it.

Steel goes into pots and pans
and tanks.

Where do you draw the line?

Take household appliances:

vacuum-cleaners use energy

which means
more nuclear power-plants.

You guys talking shop as usual?

What else! Women only talk politics.

Know what Nicole said?

That I'd have made a great
Botany teacher

and I was dumb
to quit school for you.

I didn't put it that way.

You've got it all wrong.

When we met you were
a mousy student

with dandruff.


I've always had a great scalp!

I said to myself:
"That poor girl needs help."

So I married you.
The change was immediate.

You blossomed
into a ravishing beauty.

A real fairy-tale.

When we met, I was doing fine

and you were going nowhere.

What nonsense!

You'll improve
once I've married you.

Me? Marry a buck private?

Let's leave the Army out of this.

My soldier boy!


May I? Just to make them jealous.

A knock-out! Did you see her?


She's leaving.

Where you heading, sweetie?

You'll never make it on that wreck.
Need a push?

A little push in the ass?

She's got some ass!

Going anywhere special?

Isn't being alone a drag?

How about a little company?

What do you say?

Hey, answer us...
Be a sport.

She's sulking.

Don't I get a little smile?

Leave me alone.

My pal's a lousy driver.
Are you hurt?

You shouldn't be out alone.

Let go!

Let go!


Had a nice ride?

How about a little show?

A curtain-raiser...

Come on, honey.

Leave me alone...
What did I do?

How about revealing
your divine figure?

Wait... Do it with style.

Think of your sisters...

We don't have any!

If we did, we'd screw them!

You're mad!

Out of your minds!

No speeches. Take it off.

Take it off.

What did my friend say?

You going to take it off?

Your blouse...
Off with your blouse.

Don't cry, angel. Stay cool.

What a knock-out!

I'm cold.

We'll warm you up.

Not bad at all.

May I?


Your skirt!

Off with it.

Off with it!

What an ass!
Pure poetry.

I'm getting hard as a rock.

Will you calm down?

Will you stop that?

Come and get it, folks!

Stop it!

We're the nicest guys in town!

She acts like
no one's been there before.

She gets around!
The little tease.

Slut! They start at 12 now.

They're only fresh in the cradle.

Can't get enough of it, can you?

Now show us how you treat your pals.

Keep your mouth shut.
Got that?

Are you hurt?

She needs a hospital.

No, I know a doctor.

We'll get the bike later.

You're alright.

Nothing seems broken.
Lie down.


Turn on your side.

Promise you won't tell anyone...

I promise.

Why hide it?

Nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm ashamed of myself.

I want to die.

You need a couple of days rest.

Tomorrow I'll be at the clinic.

There's a bed vacant.
You can have it.

You need a complete examination.

Are you on the pill?


I'll be gentle. Tell me if it hurts.



I pass.

I win again.

Here, put your idle hands to work.

Open her up.

Don't spill it.

Next time, do it yourself.


This is a tough play.

A delicate move.

Where's the beer?

Take it easy... Whose turn is it?

I'll go with hearts.

You're on spades?

- I'm on clubs.
- Clubs.

Concentrate on the game.

Play the 9, dummy.

Don't get nasty.

Who threw the ace?

Speed up the game!

Let him play his own goddam hand.

Listen to this you guys.
Me and my chick...

That's my card.

Where do you tape it, the zoo?


You must have a cock like a mule.

More like a tree-trunk.


Go play with your tree-trunk.

I already played... His turn.

For once, I'm the one who's sick.

Pulse-rate's fine.

I see you're in good hands.

I'll be on my way.

So soon?

I've got to get back to my rags.

Careful with that bike from now on.

You should wear a helmet.

How was my acting?

Flawless... Thanks.

I found this for you
in an old trunk.

I brought it back from Turkey,
a few years ago.

Didn't I tell you?

Julien's real rock-hound.

They fit together.

We went to Turkey
with 2 other nuts...

You're hopeless!

It's not easy.

The scenery

was breath-taking.

Most beautiful landscapes
in the world.

And those idiots had their noses
to the ground looking for rocks!

I'd love to go on a trip like that.

Maybe we'll go again next year.

Come with us.

That would be great.

I'll tell Jacques
when he comes on leave.

Does he know?

I'm afraid of how he'll take it.


I don't know.

Listen carefully to me.

If it was the other way round:

if Jacques was raped by 4 women,
what would you do?

I'd kill him, that's for sure.

How are you?
What's wrong?

Those bastards!

Why didn't you tell me?

What's the point?


What creeps!

Shit, shit.


What were you doing
on your bike alone at night?

You've got some nerve.

What's so strange about that?

How else can I get around?

What about my work?

It wasn't for work.

I can't stay home
because of rapists.

I was just going to visit Catherine.

Is that so risky?

And yet...

I'm going out to cool off.
I'll be back.


You... me... it's the same.

Nothing's changed.

You know that.

It's not the same.

You can't understand.

No one can.

My woman...

My love...

My sweet soul...

My weepy spaniel...

My speckled bird...

My lily-white dove...

I'm sorry I get so worked up.

What matters is our love.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Good.

Where's the patient?

Mine's got the flu.

I'm looking after her myself.

Then I don't have
to give her a shot.

I'll go see your mom.

The circus is in town.

Did you see it?

I had to take a look.

Lions and tigers!

I can't resist them.

Try it on for me.
I want to check something.

Jacques should see you now.

How is he?

He's fine.

Being a draftee is no fun.

You make the Army
sound like torture!

It's a little over the top.

Step forward.

It toughens up a man,
makes him strong.

To protect us!

What is it?


I haven't had time to tidy up.

Tons of work at the office.

How is your husband?

Much better, thanks.

Come help mom make dinner.

You need me?

Don't worry.

How are you, Miss?

Fine. You?


Can you close the door.
There's a draught.

My last shot.

Too bad.
I was enjoying our little sessions.

Turn over.

Easy, now...

I felt that one!

Usually, you have a lighter touch.

Can't even peel potatoes!

I've shown her how. It's no use.

And her toys: I give her
pretty dolls. Not interested.

She likes football
and fighting with boys.

A real tomboy.

I don't like dolls.

How will you learn
to take care of your babies?

I want to drive a train.

That's not a girl's job.

Am I right?
So we won't see you again?

He should be OK now.

Well, goodbye and thanks.

What is it?

What's wrong?

I can't go on.

I hate myself.

I feel ugly.

I can't stand being touched.


My lovely friend...

Look at me.

I feel so alone.

I'll never get over it.

Of course you will.

It's only natural,
after what you've been through...

It won't just go away.

Give yourself a chance.

Help me with the garden.
You'll feel better.

Hi, there. Where's your mom?


In the garden.

Hi, girls.

You look down.

I've had some day!

I had to get a paraplegic cow back
on its feet, all by myself.

Then Mrs. Faure's pigs needed
immediate attention.

Turned out they had sunstroke.

That made her mad.

Pigs with sunstroke!
She thought I was kidding.

I need a shower.

This fabric hurts my eyes.

It's pretty, though.

I lied about the accident.

That's not what happened.

I didn't fall off my bike.

I was pushed off.

By whom?

I don't know who they are.

What are you saying?

I was abducted by 4 guys.

I was taken against my will,
beaten and then...


Raped? What do you mean?

I mean just that.

Raped! Screwed, fucked in the ass!


It took 4 of them to do it.

My poor baby.

Calm down.

How can I?

I want to murder them.

That won't help.

I can't believe it...

What can we do?

I don't know...

I'd never seen them before.

I don't know who they are.

And Jacques?

What about him?

Did you tell him?

Of course. I had to.

You had to? You know, men...

They have their pride.

Sometimes it's best to say nothing.

You think he'd chuck me out?

You were right to tell Jacques.

But it mustn't go any further.

It's nobody's business.

People talk too much.

We've checked the whole area.

We've got 2 hours before Delphine
gets out of school.

We must find that shed.

Strange... I'm not sure I want to.

I've thought it over.
You should do something.

Take legal action.

Against whom? I'll never find them.

What's the use?

It's the principle.

You can't let them get away with it.

As if it never happened.

What can I do?

You've got a medical report.
That's evidence.

You press charges
against person unknown.


I'd rather forget the whole thing.

Women! They get raped,
beaten, exploited! They say:

"That's life. I'd rather forget it."


Now it's my fault.

Yes, it is.

There you go, honey. I swept
the kitchen! Are you happy?


The floor is dirty,
I'm vacuuming.

What's your mom's occupation?

Mom does the cooking.

My mom doesn't like cooking.

Which drawing is yours?

This one.

"Mom does lots of things at home."

What does she do?

She stays home,
she has lots of work.

"Mom cooks, dad works in an office."

Daddy is a check transporter.

Mom cleans the house.
Dad works in an office.

Dad is a carpenter.
He's fixing a store front.

On Sundays, Dad gardens.
Mom cooks.

My mom sweeps, my dad waters
the garden with a hose.

Sunday she takes it easy
after she does the dishes.

Dad plays bagpipes.

"Dad reads, mom vacuums."

Are all Sundays like that?

Not all, but most of them.

You drew that?

That one's mine.
My dad likes to bowl.

Dad pays his taxes.

Dad pays his taxes.
Mom makes my bed.

I think we all get raped...

All the time, at all levels.

In our social relationships,
our work,

by the Establishment.

It's not as dumb as it sounds.


We all get raped?

That's one way of looking at it!

Next to this great cosmic rape,

the rape of Nicole is insignificant!

That's not what I meant.

I just wanted to get
this discussion off its back.

"Off its back"! Thanks!

I don't have a way with words, today

Have some tomatoes.

They're home grown.

Make room for me.

Looks great!

Do animals rape each other?

I was getting to that.
Before you interrupted.

We're all ears, hubby dear.

I was about to say

that animals are a bit like us
in their male-female relationships

but not as regards rape.

Sex only takes place...

when the female is in heat
and with her consent.

At other times the males are only
mildly interested in sex

or not at all.

Whereas with you guys,
it's any time, any place.

The laws of Nature!

So bulls aren't as dangerous as men.

Of course.

Bulls don't see cows as sex-objects.

What'll you do
if you find these guys?

I'm not sure yet.

I know what I'd do!

I'd beat the shit out of them,
one by one.

Very smart.

Maybe not. But it'd feel good.

The last thing we need
is a righter of wrongs.

Nicole must take legal action.
The cops can do the rest.

No chance!

It's their job.

I said no.
We'll handle it ourselves.

I have a say, too.
It's our business.

Don't get mad!

- We're just talking.
- I'm not mad!

But I soon will be!

I'm fed up with this whole thing.

What's that drawing?

The cow as a sex-object?

She's stunning!

That's the second one...

The infection comes from the mother.

Don't feed her for 2 days.

I'll leave you some medication.

I don't want to get cut off.

A home can become a prison.

Let's stick up a bank.

You're the hostages.

I wanna be a bandit.

You'll be the teller, sis.

I wanna stick up the bank!

I didn't know
what to say to him...

I wanna be a bandit!

What is it?

They won't let me be a bandit.

Let's take a rest.

Let's move on?

What's the rush?

Sometimes I don't get you.

I can't stand that any more...

I can't stand not making love.

It's been 2 months!

Is that normal?

What's normal?

We don't have a quota to fill.

Where's your self-control?

It's easier for women than men.

If you say so!

Let's not to a whole number.

I want you...
Is that such an imposition?


It'll take time...

And patience.

You prefer living on the ground
or in the air?

In the air.

Shall we?


See? It wasn't that bad.

You were very brave.

Dad'll be proud of you.

A real little man.

Being scared is normal.

Life has worse things in store.

Tell me your name again?

Sylvie Verteaux.

Well, I guess that's it...

Your husband works in town?

In a garage, near St. Martin square.

Our wedding. 5 years ago.

Okay, then. Goodbye.

Goodbye. And thank you.

You're too small!
You're too small to reach.

I shook with rage...

There he was, relaxed,
flirting with a customer...

All set to do it again.


I've thought of
what you said in the car.

I can't go on pretending
it didn't happen.

I should have filed a complaint.

It's too late now.

It isn't. We can get legal advice.

Still got the medical report?

Remember that woman I met

at a dinner party? She's a lawyer.

She can tell us what to do.

We've wasted enough time.
We've got to move.

Not just for your sake.
For other women, too.

You're right.

I'll ask Jacques.
He gets here next week.

Don't waste another week.

You don't need his permission.

You've got wings... Fly.

I'll beat the shit out of him.

No, I want to find all 4 of them.

It happened to me. Remember?

OK, settle your own score.

I want to take legal action.

You're going to be my wife.

I'll look like an asshole.

How can you say that?

All you care about is your pride.

"He's an asshole
and she's been raped",

the perfect couple!

OK, so I'm old fashioned,

tormented, a mass of contradictions.

That's what attracted you.

I'm doing it for you and for me.

Try to understand that.

To get us back together.

I can't let those guys go around
raping girls like it was their right.

Think you can change the world?

Got a better idea?

You got the solution?

Will jail change them?

I know. It's not easy.

There's no way out.

What a show-off!

You're not at the rodeo.

Think it's funny?

What a hotshot!

Steve McSquashed!

A kid I knew
was killed on his bike yesterday.

Little rich kid whose dad
bought him an 85000.

Couldn't ride worth shit.

What's so funny?

I knew that guy, too.

He was a cinch to crack up.

Get a load of that action.

She's something!

I'd love to ream her ass!

Leave it to cowboy.

It's like I don't even exist.
It's maddening.

She doesn't listen to me.

You're not giving her much support.

For what? To put 4 creeps in jail,

who'll be worse when they get out?

We can prevent rape
from becoming a national pastime.

With the help
of the System's law-courts?

Why not use the System?

That doesn't mean
we're part of it.

The Law has always favoured men.

So we live
in male-dominated society!

That's no excuse.

4 creeps go to jail.

When they get out, it's the same
old world: sex and violence.

We can't wait for the world
to change to take action.

Why should rapists get away with it?

They should be brought to trial.

To make examples of them?

Will it scare those guys?

You think they're all sick freaks.

Many aren't like that.

Anyone might commit rape.
You... me... him.

You want to kill this issue.

It disturbs you.

That's not it.

It's for her sake. Not mine.

She's going to go through hell!

Have it your way.

It was awful. But now it's over.

No point in insisting.

I think you got raped.

Seen my petition?

How's that again?

In the kitchen.
It says: "I'm sick of washing".

I want a washing-machine.

I'm scared of breaking
my little woman.

You don't mind
if all that washing breaks me!

I can't take it anymore.

It's a lot of work
for those tiny mitts.

You going to be real nice to me?

I will, if you will.


I get the washing-machine?

You know how to handle me.

A beer!
I got newspapers to deliver.

Read about Zurich airport?
A disgrace!

In my job, you get used to bad news.

Taking hostages is revolting.

Cowards, using innocent bystanders.


Only one way to deal with them:
the death penalty.

It wouldn't stop those guys.

They'd think twice.

Not if you cut off their heads!

Enough politics. Pour me a drink.

Sure you want to go through with it?
It won't be easy.

investigations, slander...

Dirty tricks.

They'll pretend it was your fault.

Look at this cartoon:

plead men who raped goat.

Sums it all up.

Not far off.

I hesitated a long time
The whole legal thing scared me.

Now I've made up my mind.

A silent victim
is like an accomplice.

I'll flight to the end.

You're not alone, now.

The idea isn't to put men
behind bars.

It's to make people speak out,

not hide in silence.

There is a conspiracy of silence.

It's taboo.

Do you sell mops?

Of course. Will you deal with it?

Where are the mops?

You should know where they are.

I don't know where your mops are.

He can shove them!

MY mops! That's no way to talk...

I don't know where your mops are.

MY mops fed you
and put you through school.

Hear that, Madame?

If not for "my" mops,
you'd be in a factory.

So get off your high horse.

Look: there they are.

Right under your nose, dummy.

You won't find the price on them.

You should know the price.

Use your head once in a while.

Our future book-keeper.

Such a son! What did I do to God?

That boy is a half-wit.

Guess why!

Your mother and I
didn't belt you enough, that's why!

It's only the beginning.

It'll go on for years.

Questions, investigations, gossip.

I know.

Thought of your work?

Your patients will love it!

Please stop.

Jacques is right.
Why spread it around?

It's not for the fun of it.

It's not one's business.

You're wrong.
It's everyone's business.

What good will it do?

Jacques is a fine young man.

People respect him.
That's important.

The dirt will rub off on you.

I'll wear white at my wedding,
to look cleaner.

Anyway, you won't win.

Why not?

That's how it is,
how it's always been.

You're not the first
or the last woman to get raped.

Life is violent.

You can't change human nature.

Stop it!

Things must change.

Do we have to sit still forever?

Look at you!

So passive. I'm ashamed of you.

Then get out!

You're so tough now.

You've changed.

You're all against me.
You don't understand me.

We understand things differently.



First name?









10 Rue Victor Hugo.

Now give me a full statement.

I was on my way to visit friends.

I stopped in a café
to buy cigarettes.

Those men were there.

Your first time in that café?

Yes, my first time.

When did you notice them?

As I left.

They made some comments.
It happened very fast.

What sort of comments?

The usual one, standard fare...

Remember anything specific?

"Want a push in the ass?",
things like that.

All 4 were there?

I only saw 2.

Sure the other 2 weren't there?

At the time, I only saw 2.

But there were people outside.

You're sure they're the men?

How could I forget?

Here, sign these.

"All's well, great weather,
blue skies."

"Blue skies, great weather,
all's well."

"Great weather, blue skies,
all's well."

"Great weather, blue skies,
all's well."

What talent! Shall we eat?

Let's go.

We've got to kill the bottle!

I've had enough.

To the Army!

Captain, Sir.

All good things come to an end!

Won't you miss it?

At last! I'm a grown man.

Yesterday I was at Yves' office.

His 4 years old boy

looked at the maps and drawings
on the walls and said:

"So that's what life is like!"

"Is it really like that?"

I must talk to you.

I'm all ears.
I'd rather be all arms.

I'm serious.

What is it?

I'm taking legal action.

Not that again!

I thought we were through with that.

We aren't.

It's been 6 months!

I thought you understood:
we're in it together.

Agreed... Together.

But we don't think alike.

You're smart enough to understand...

That you're right?

Don't talk like I'm your enemy.

It's become an obsession.

Don't I fit in somewhere?

You talk like you're the victim.

You and your big speeches.

Always on the side of the oppressed!

I forbid you to take action.

If you I'm leaving. It's either me,
or spreading that dirt.

I did it. Last Friday.

What do you mean?

I went to the police
and made a statement.

Then that's it. You're on your own.

I'll take you home.

We'd had a few drinks.
We just wanted some laughs.

Tell that to the Judge.

We got carried away...

You're a man, you know...

It's your mess, not mine.

Why are you questioning me?

We'll get around to your pals

once you tell us where to find them.

Jean-Louis Garand?

That's me.

Police. Come with us.

What do they want with you?

I'll be right back.

It's just a formality.

I'll get Dad.

No, don't do that. I'll be back.

Take your coat.

It'll go fine.
I'll call you tonight.


Why did you wait so long?

At first, I wanted to forget
the whole thing.

A mistake.

But when I found one of them,
I made up my mind.

The men claim you smiled
at them in the café.

As if you consented.

I was abducted,

beaten and raped.
There was never consent.

It's unwise to be out alone
at night on a deserted road.

I should stay home
because of the rapists!

I was just going to see friends.

This world is full of violence.
One should bear it in mind.

And bear the consequences?

No, but we can't change the world.

Why not?

These young men claim
it was a game at first. For you, too.

Certain attitudes may encourage

What attitudes?

Women must be very careful.

Sometimes, they play with fire.

I ignored those men.

The boundary between consent
and non-consent is vague.

Even a glance can be misinterpreted.

Your Honour, who is on trial?
Me or them?

Don't let my questions upset you.
My job is to find out.

It's unpleasant,
but it must be done.

I already told the police.

You made accusations.

The men are defending themselves.

I must get at the truth.

Now let's put some order into this.

I'll dictate your statement.
If it doesn't agree

with what you want to say, stop me.

Write this down.

"On Saturday, July 9, 1977
at about 7 PM,

"I was riding my motorcycle

"to the home of my friends
Julien and Catherine Buissard

"to spend the evening with them..."

Bye. See you soon.

Seen the X-ray?

She'll need suction.

Alert the intensive care unit.

How's it going for you?

Fine, but it won't be easy.

I'm here, if you need help.


Hello, madam.

If you'd like.

Can we make it 6 PM at the hospital?

OK, I'll come over.

I thought about it a lot.

I said to myself:
"What can you lose?"

You were right.

It must be awful for you.

I don't understand...

We were so happy together...

Now he'll lose his job, everything.

All I know is how to raise kids.

Help me.

How can I?

Drop the charges.

I can't.

Everyone's allowed one mistake.

They got carried away...
Haven't you ever?

Think of my kids.

If their dad goes to jail,
you destroy 4 lives.

I can't. It would be wrong.

It's not just me.
Think of the other women.

Other women!

Big words. I'm a woman, too.

Female solidarity!

You've got no broken bones.

Help me!

It was hell.

You don't understand.

I can't drop the charges.

It's your pride.

Your reputation.

What an act!
Just cause you got screwed!

You didn't die of it!

But I'll be wiped out.

What I'll tell my kids?
You don't give a damn, do you?

My wife.

Follow me.

It's quieter here.

Sorry, I don't have much time.

A terrible business!

But goodwill can work miracles.

I'm a pragmatist.

I don't shirk my duties.

My husband can solve anything.

Our son behaved like a jerk.

A thug.

We gave him everything.
And got nothing in return.

What we didn't do for that kid!

That's all in the past.
Let's talk about future.

I hear you're getting married.


A young couple,
setting up their little nest...

It takes money...
The house, the furniture...

We want you to forgive us.

Please accept...

How much do you think
my ass is worth?

Save your breath.
I won't drop the charges.

So, it's pride.

That's not it.

Getting raped is no accident.

Do I get raped?

Listen to me.

The world is one big sewer
of fornication.

We're 3 billion on this planet.

How many loads get shot every night?

Millions! With or without consent!

What's your little rape?

A drop in the bucket.

Come on, let's go.

That's good for now.

We'll get back to that point later.

All 5 of you

are in the van,
heading for the forest.

Any particular reason?
You know the area?

My folks own a house nearby.

We go there weekends. It's quiet.

So you reach your destination.

You drag the young lady
round to the front of the car.

You proceed to remove her clothes.

It was just for a lark...

She didn't seem to mind!

That's a lie!

Just like a girl!

They're all of it, they lead you on.

Later they say you went too far.

She "led you on"...

Everything "leads you on".

If she smiles at you.

If she doesn't smile at you.

If she's alone in a café, the way
she dresses... It all "leads you on".

There are unmistakable signs.

Even if you were "led on",

you're old enough
to control yourselves.

You're not animals.

One of you is married with a family.

And you were the first.

We made love, that's all...
Wasn't her maiden voyage, either.

Her guy's got a good thing doing!

Don't you dare
talk about my private life.

You're pathetic.


Just answer my questions.

According to you,
your behaviour was "normal"?

Maybe we went a bit far...

It's tough to stay cool

when you're teased.

Rape is a criminal of fence.

If rape it was!

The victim seems in fine shape.

Your remarks are quite out of line.

True, I didn't die of it.
I'm sorry.

No news from Jacques?

It was an ordeal for him, too.

It'll all work out, you'll see.

I might have reacted the same way.

We're not as liberated as we think.

He should have stayed.

Is the re-enactment Wednesday?

You want us to come?

I'd rather be alone.

I'll survive it... I must.

Remove their handcuffs.

They made me get out.

I tried to run away,
but they caught me.

Were the headlights on?

You all agree?

Turn them on.

What happened next?

I tried to talk them out of it.

I failed.

He led me into the headlights.

Making me undress was his idea.

It was a harmless game.

We all played it.

Show me.

The young lady stood there?

She stripped for us.

They forced me to.

You took off your own clothes?

Yes, I did.

After they punched and slapped me.

You took off your own skirt!

You made me, you know that!

You teased us! What do you expect?

We're only men!

Who hit you first?


It's important...


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