Ranveer vs. Wild with Bear Grylls (2022) - full transcript

Click through this interactive special, helping superstar Ranveer Singh and adventurer Bear Grylls brave the Serbian wilderness to find a rare flower.

[tranquil music]

[Ranveer in Hindi] Stubbornness.

Stubbornness to leave my comfort zone.

Stubbornness to break all the rules.

- Stubbornness to change life's direction.
- [hissing]

And sometimes,
stubbornness to do anything for love.

But there's a problem with stubbornness.


You never know when and where
it will become a problem for you.

[tense music]


[heavy breathing]











[helicopter whirring]

[upbeat music]

[in English]
Oh, shit, it's Bear Grylls.

[in Hindi]
Hey, my imported Tarzan!

Hey, my Mowgli!

I'll kiss you!

[in English]
We're ready.

- [Bear] Well, welcome to Serbia.
- [Ravneer] What a welcome!

Lesson one for survival,

don't try and fight the bhalu!

[in Hindi]
Man, that was my bad!

It's crazy getting involved
with these bears!

[in English]
He was trying to eat a Ranveer kebab!

Hey, we've got the Serbian police
to thank for rescuing us.

- [in Hindi] Salute, sir!
- [Bear] Okay.

[in English]
So, the entire point of my being here

is to find this very, very rare,
very special flower.

Serbica Ramonda.
I'm sure you know about it.

[whimsical music]

[Bear] And who's it for?

It's for the love of my life.
My baby. My jaan. My Deepika. My wife.

I have to get it for her, Bear.

- But...
- Whatever happens,

I will brave through it,
but I will get this flower.

Well, you're a true romantic.

Okay. Pilot, we're heading on,
all the way into the mountains.

Okay, let's see what you got
in your backpack.

Where we're going,
if we're gonna find this flower,

we need to travel light,

we need to move fast,

and we don't want anything
we're not gonna use, okay?

Banana chips?

- Bear?
- [Bear] A mirror?

Vanity mirror, man. This is my confidence.

Really? It doesn't weigh very much,
and also,

there's a lot we can use a mirror for
in survival, so we keep that.

Water, good. Apple, survival food.

- What's this?
- This is Koki and Lola.

My mother made this with all her heart
and given it to us like, "Take it, son."

Whenever you go on a long trip,

Indian mothers will give you
something that can sustain.

[Bear] Well, it's very heavy.

I don't mean any disrespect
to your mother,

but she can cook you another one
when we get back safely. That's going.

Two more things, a flare
and a grappling hook, and some extra line.

We can't take them both.
What do you reckon?

[in Hindi]
So, guys, you have to decide.

Brother Bear says to take only one thing.

Either flare or grappling rope.

My destiny is in your hands.

[suspenseful music]

So, you have chosen grappling hook,
and I believe it will be of great help.

I'll keep this in my bag. Thank you.

[birds chirping]

[gentle music]

[winds rustling]

[Bear in English]
Come on. Are you ready?

[Ranveer in Hindi] There'll be
major obstacles on this journey.

Ruthless terrain, steep ravines,

chilled rivers, deadly predators,
and moody climate.

[in English]
Shit. Shit. Shit.

[tense music]

- Holy shit! Mother of God!
- [hissing]

You'll decide when and what will I do,
during this entire journey.

- But there's not much time.
- [screams, panting]

We have only 36 hours
to reach the evac point.

[Bear in English] Journey begins, Ranveer.
You a little nervous?

Man, Bear, honestly, I have to do this.

It's like, you could say
I'm losing touch with myself.

You know? It's like
my life was becoming like a box,

all cooped up and all sterile
and synthetic.

I feel like… I feel like this is gonna
get me in touch with my primal self

which I think I really,
really need in my life.

- So, I told my wife…
- Yeah?

…that I have this crazy idea
to go out into the forest

and do something like this
and she was all game for it.

She was… it's almost like
she put me up to this.

You've come for the extreme version,

I mean, it is pretty dangerous.

Well, there's risk involved.
You're in a remote part of the world.

But also you're on a mission, aren't you,

- with this, for a flower?
- Yes! Yes.

My journey inward is not purposeless.

Yeah. I found where they grow.

You know where?
You're gonna lead me to it?

That is gonna be the journey.
But it's not gonna be easy.

I mean, I say, first of all,
it's a very rare flower.

- Yeah.
- Only grows

in high-altitude remote places.

Yeah, and that's precisely
why I want to get it.


Because Serbica Ramonda
is a special flower.

- Like you said, it's always in bloom.
- Yeah.

And it can withstand any amount
of harsh weather.

- It's the ultimate survivor.
- "It's the ultimate survivor."

And it's like an analogy.

It's like, for me,

the Serbica Ramonda flower
is like my love for her.

Always in bloom, can withstand any amount
of harsh weather,

and it does not die, come what may.
So, I'm ready, bro.

So, we're gonna need to be
on our game with this one.

I am saying, bring it!


- They always say that at the beginning.
- [laughing]

- [Bear] Come on.
- Here's my proclamation!

[in Hindi]
Singh salutes the land of Serbia!

[trumpet plays]

Where have you just done that? From here?

Oh, look. Actually it's quite cool.

That's actually wolf scat.

- Wolf poop.
- [grunts]

Hey, I'll join you as well.

- Come on.
- [in Hindi] Weird.

- [Bear laughs]
- You put that shit on my forehead.

[in English] So, we've got…
we've got 36 hours to do this.


So, the clock is always ticking for us.

Somewhere on the route,
we've got a cache of a GPS.

So, GPS will lead us to the exact spot

- where the flowers are.
- Okay.

This journey, I'll be with you
all the steps of the way, you know.

- My man.
- But it is a tough one,

- and it's your journey.
- My man.

The important thing is that,
the viewer is gonna decide

what you do at every step of the way.

So, if we reach a river,
or a ravine, or cliff, or whatever it is,

but you're gonna ask the viewer
what to do.

The collective power
of the people that love you

can make the decision with your life.

Or death.

[tense music]

Would you trust them?

Well, I know they love me and I love them,
so I trust them.

- Just don't screw it up.
- Please.

It's my life is at stake, guys. Please.

- Okay, 36 hours. The clock's ticking.
- Okay, okay.

[traditional music]

[in Hindi]
Oh, man.

[in English]
So, from here,

you can kinda see
a whole part of the route.

So, we're at the high point.

We need to drop down into the valley.

We need to go through all
of that woodland.

Up the other side,

and we can see at least the third part
of the journey from here.

I've set up for us. Okay?
We've got a couple of different options.

- Okay.
- From the high ground to get down,

either we can take this Tyrolean
mountaineering line

that I've put across this ravine.

And that will lead us across

and then we can drop down
that side of that valley.

Or we rappel straight off the cliff.

I suppose the difference is,
if we do the rappel,

we are side by side.

If we do that line, I don't know
if that line can take two people.

So, probably go one at a time.

[in Hindi] The king of the forest says,
there are two options.

If you choose the Tyrolean,
then you'll have to go alone.

If we rappel, he will be with me.

So, my pounding heart
will be under control.

I am scared of both of them.

So, you'll tell me.
You are the lord. Choice is yours.

Tyrolean or rappel down?

One wrong step and it's Ranveer, bye-bye.

[intense music]

[intense music fades]

So you see where we're going here?
Straight along this.

It's gonna be a little bit awkward

- getting onto it initially.
- [Ranveer] Uh-huh.

We're gonna clip-on, like that.

- Okay.
- One… and then two.

- Copy.
- Okay, you're gonna do that yourself.

- Okay.
- So practice with this.

- Okay.
- This, you push it up, twist it, and open.

- Uh-huh.
- Have a go.

- Open.
- Okay.

And then you're gonna move down
and put your weight on it.

And then gravity will do half the work.

- It will get you about halfway.
- Okay.

And then you're gonna need to use
the old Ranveer "guns."

All the guns I need are these.

I'll go first so at least you know…

- [laughing]
- …if it breaks, don't get on it.

[both laughing]

[in Hindi] He's having fun and I'm scared.

Okay. So, this is the bit
you'll have to climb down a little bit

until your weight goes on it.

Once you go, you will go.

[tense music]

[in Hindi]
Man, he left.

[action music]

Big brother! All okay?

[in English]
All good!

Getting down, when you need a rest,
you just rest, shake the blood back.

You get a lot of lactic acid build-up.

The amazing thing about this man is,
he does these things very casually.

Ranveer is about to get
the full adventure.

[action music continues]

And then the last bit, Ranveer,
you're gonna be going uphill.

[action music stops]

[blows air]

It's definitely a workout.

Especially the last bit.

[in Hindi] You are sitting on a sofa
and making choices.

Here I am shit-scared.

So, this is gonna be
something totally new,

totally out of Ranveer's comfort zone.


He's definitely got
the ability physically.

It's just trying to control his…

You know, any fear and adrenaline.

But the scary bit is right now,
when he's about to go off the edge.

[in Hindi] Man, I am scared
to even look down from here.

[in English]
Come on, the clock is ticking.

[in Hindi] I am scared.
What did he say about how this works?

Remember, push, twist, and open.

Push. Twist. Open.

You got it?

Okay, baby.

Here goes.

There's one. Okay.

That's two.

That's it. This is it. This is it.
Moment of truth.


Deepika, you better be grateful
at the end of this.

He will have moved mountains.

- Trust the ropes. Oh, shit.
- [Bear] Keep climbing down. That's it.

I haven't felt this way
in a long, long time. My heart is racing.

[Bear] Come, Ranveer.
The clock is ticking. Let's go.

[in Hindi] "The one God protects,
none can touch," yes?


[tense music]

[Bear in English]
That's it, keep going down.

Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Oh, shit. Shit.

[groans, pants]


Now, use those Ranveer guns.

All right, all right!

[action music]

[action music fades]


[in Hindi]
Thought of something at the wrong time,

but to say it or not is my choice
and I choose to say it.

Your brother is hanging here.

[in English]
Come on, Ranveer. Let's go.

[in Hindi] Bear is asking me to hurry,
and there's a deep gorge down there.

One wrong step and it's Ranveer, bye-bye.

And for the flower, I have to try.

And baby, I will try.

[adventurous music]

[in English]
And sure enough. Look at him now.


- [Bear] Come on, last bit.
- [grunts]

- [Bear] Hang on.
- Thank God.


[in Hindi]
So, whoever chose this Tyrolean option,

I would like to tell you
that this was very difficult.

[in English]
Can't feel my arms. Can't feel my butt.

And I can't feel a couple of other things
which aren't mentionable.

Still got this bit to do.
You gotta climb up here, Ranveer.

You can clip into that
if you want, as well.

- I can give you a hand.
- All right.



We're going to just hold it there,
I'll unclip you here.

Go, Ranveer.


Oh, great work. Well done. Legend.

I've done my curls for the girls.

I got some veins popping,
some "vascularity."

Feeling pretty buffed right now.

It's important,
every morning get a good pump.

You know how things be.

[Ranveer in Hindi] Tyrolean took a lot
of time because we had to go one by one.

Plus, I took some extra time
since it's my first time.

We only have 36 hours
and four hours have already passed.

Don't just press buttons,
pray that we reach that GPS soon.

[in English] From here, also, do you wanna
try and find this cache of this GPS?

Once we get that,
that will have the exact lat and longs

of where these flowers are.

- Anything for the wife.
- [Bear laughs]

The wife is my life's GPS. Let's go.

- "Happy wife…"
- "Happy life." You know it.

[Bear] Come on.
Twenty years of marriage, Ranveer.

[Ranveer chuckles]

[wind rustling]

[Bear] Okay, so look,
you can see the forest now down below,

almost at the tree line.

That's where we wanna get to.

That's, you know, forest is always good
for the survivor.

Shelter, food,
protection from bad weather,

you know,
it's where the animals are gonna be.

You had an encounter already
with a big predator out here.

But that is their domain.

Once we're in the forest,
all of that stuff there.

- [snarls]
- [barks]

Wolves, bears. Are there any tigers?

- No tigers.
- There's one now.

[both chortling]

- I was working on that for so long.
- [both laughing]

[Bear] Yeah, I think maybe stick
to the acting, Ranveer.

- [Ranveer laughs hysterically]
- [Bear laughs]

[light music]


[Ranveer] Oh!

So, just watch your footing
on a lot of this.

- Yeah.
- Steep ground to our right-hand side.

Right, all right.

Boy, it's getting dense, huh?

[Ranveer] It's kinda draining.

[Bear] You know, we need to keep moving.
But I guess we can take five.

- You're out of water now. Yeah.
- [grunts]

- [Ranveer] Is this a bad thing?
- [Bear] Well, water is life out here.

But we're in the forest.

- It's the essence of life.
- And we will find… We'll find a source.

[in Hindi]
Our brother is a survivor.

He is a hero.

[suspenseful music]

[twigs snapping]

[Ranveer in English]
Bear, I've always had a penchant

for doing things in a very extreme way.

- [Bear] Really?
- [Ranveer] On one hand…

- [Bear] Yeah.
- …I have not been ahead of Aarey Forest.

And here I am in the middle
of a Serbian forest.

- [Bear] Yeah.
- A rather dangerous one,

with bears and wolves and crazy people.

[both laughing]

Never, bro. I have never been inside
a real forest, ever.

- Really?
- This is literally a first.

- Come on. This is a great moment.
- Yeah. Straight up, yeah.

It's a big moment for me.

Okay, so we're nearing where
we're gonna hopefully find this GPS.

[Bear] We need to work our way along this.

But we do need to be careful,
I'm gonna use the rope on this.

Okay, so I'm gonna trail this one out.

I'll put this end on you.

And then when I say, "You're good,"

- you can follow along. Okay?
- Okay.

- [Bear] But really careful on this.
- [Ranveer] Okay, okay.

It's a sheer drop-off on both sides, okay?

[Ranveer] Uh…

This one seems pretty dangerous.

But another life lesson for me.

Life is a balancing act,

and there are pitfalls
every step of the way.

But if you stay the course

with a little bit of help
from some good friends,

you will reach your destination,
and be rewarded.

So, in this case,
the reward being the GPS.

Bear has given me a wink and a nod.

Time is of the essence. Let's go.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

Oh, my God.

Oh, buddy. This is not good.

Oh, my. Fuck.

[sighs, sniffles]

Okay, Bear,
I see what you were getting at.

This is a very serious, very sharp drop.




Just gonna do it my way.

Well done, Ranveer.

Okay, step…

- One, two, three…
- [Ranveer grunts]

- Okay.
- [Bear] Well done.

[Ranveer] Oh!




Damn, it's wild to be up here.

[Ranveer] Oh, my God.

[grandiose music]

- The air is thin here, isn't it?
- Well, we are at altitude, you know?

- Oh, Jesus.
- It's probably 7,000 feet.

You know, so the air
is gonna be less oxygen,

that's why everything
is harder work, you know.

Well, where we are is where
I cached that GPS, right under you.

- Might fall.
- [Ranveer] This is it?

- [Bear] So, this is…
- [Ranveer] This is the GPS?

Well, it's a good moment
on our journey, you know.

Once we find this,
it makes everything, hopefully, easier.


[Bear] Oh, wow, though.
That's super-low battery now, look.

Oh, man.

Flashing "low power."

Why, though, man? I'm here in good time.

We did waste quite a lot of time
on that Tyrolean.

My timing could have been better.
I saw you do it.

There was no reason for me to talk
all that smack into that little camera.

"All that smack".

Okay, so that has now died
before it even got a lock on, look.

Dead. Dead as a dodo.

Okay, hello, hello, GPS manufacturers.
You suck! Your product is rubbish!

- "You suck."
- Jesus Christ, man. What a letdown.

It's fine. We're gonna go old school.
Where's the sun?

What do you mean
we are gonna go old school?

- Sun is there.
- Uh-huh.

- Oh, like, old school navigation skills?
- Yeah, yeah.

[Ranveer in Hindi]
We are stuck, man. Now you all decide.

Old-school navigation with Bear,
or go back and recover the GPS?

Please, press the button and save me.

[Bear] Should we trust
old-school navigation skills

or go back to rappel
to recover a working GPS?

Where's the sun?

What do you mean
we are gonna go old school?

Sun is there.
We're in the Northern Hemisphere.

- Okay.
- We'll point the hour hand… at the sun.


And then halfway between that line,
hour and the sun,

and 12 o'clock, which is over there,

is your north-south line.

- You do this.
- Okay.

Okay, we wanna be heading west.
Which way are we heading?

Hour hand at the sun?

- Halfway between there.
- Old school, baby. You know how we do.


- [Bear] Halfway between there and 12.
- [Ranveer] Okay.

- So, west is…
- That-a-way.

West is that-a-way, yeah.

But then again, you know,
sometimes you get a day

where it's completely clouded over.

So, you're looking for lots
of little signs for telling you direction.

And our journey
is always be gonna be heading west.

- So, we're doing the right thing.
- Okay.

We just need to drop down
into this valley.

There's a whole other valley
we need to get up.

And then the flowers are meant to be
at the top of that peak over there.

[Ranveer in Hindi]
All sweaty and tired.

Not for "GPS," but "GPL."

Now what? Big brother
will help us reach it. I have full faith.

I trust Bear!

[dramatic music]

[Ranveer] Tyrolean did waste time,
but hopefully,

Bear's old school trick
will get our navigation back on track.

Hail, Bear!

[Ranveer in English] That is, uh,
that's very steep-looking, my brother.

- Okay.
- [Bear] Opposing forces.

But I've got you on the rope, so…

- [Ranveer] All right.
- [Bear] Come on.

- Just keep on moving, baby.
- Well done.

- Keep going.
- Yup. Yup.

[Bear] All the way until you feel
you're on safer ground. Maybe another…

- [Ranveer] I'm good, sir.
- [Bear] Okay, perf. I'm coming.

[in Hindi]
Two brothers, tied by a single rope.

- [in English] Bear, if I may?
- Yeah?

Yeah, honestly, NGL,

I'm feeling a bit parched.

- Bit parched?
- Yeah.

I guess it's the altitude.
I don't know, my head is spinning.

Feeling a bit woozy and dehydrated.

Well, that will definitely happen
with the altitude,

and also, you use up more fluids
at altitude.

But we're out of the water.
We need to keep pressing on down.

You know, if we get to the bottom
of the valley,

we'll probably find water there,
a stream or a river.

- If we keep...
- Can't afford a pit stop right now?

No pit stop. We got no GPS.

Our navigation's gonna be
taking us more like this.

We gotta keep moving.
We need to find water as well.

Come on, come on.

[Ranveer] Push!



[in Hindi]
Oh, man.

The dead battery of the GPS
is a big problem.

[Ranveer] I mean,
we do not have enough time.

We can't stop and get water anywhere.

It's also getting dark
and there are jackals nearby.

It's okay, son. All is well.

Chanting "All is well" isn't enough.

Only 28 hours are left
and there's non-stop danger.

But swear on the flower, I am focused.


- Oh, I put my hand in that.
- You good?

- Look, a bear poop.
- What?

- [Bear] Look at the size of that.
- [Ranveer] Ew!

Big brown bear.
That's the sort of thing it's gonna do.

Look, you still see even the little bits
of berries and stuff in that.


- Fresh.
- Fresh?

Which means, but it's no surprise,
we know there's bears out here.

[in Hindi]
How much does he poop, man?

And how crazy is Bear?
He knows it's bear poop.

He is so happy to see the poop.
He's actually smelling it.


[birds chirping]

Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh.

[tense music]


- It's him. It's him again.
- I know. I know.

This is the guy I was running from
in the morning.

[Bear] Just stay calm.

That's a big old brown bear,
that, Ranveer.


[Bear] Look, he's looking straight at us.

It's not like we're gonna
get past him there.

- He does not like me, brother.
- Be still, Ranveer.

Now bears are dangerous
when you interrupt them

if they're feeding,
or if they're with their young.

He's not with a young.

Or if they are fornicating.

If you interrupt a bear
when it's fornicating…

I don't know what I did this morning.
He was after me, after my life, man.

[Bear] One thing we mustn't do is run.

We run, we're in this alleyway.

- He's just gonna chase us.
- So, what do we do, Bear?

Either we can play dead…

- Fuck.
- …you know, we just lie down,

and he might come up,
and he might check us out.

But if we are not a threat,
he'll probably just leave us.

Or we try and distract him
to get some of the food from the backpack.

- We have an apple. We can use that.
- Yeah.

Okay, guys.

[in Hindi]
This bear is after my life.

There's not much time. Please decide fast.

Either we play dead,

- or, give him an apple.
- We should move back. Move back.

[in Hindi]
He might get distracted by an apple.

- Please decide fast.
- Hey.

- [Bear in English] Stay.
- [Ranveer in Hindi] He is after my life.

Decide, please, guys. Press the button.

[in English] Please, please,
make a choice. Come on, guys.

[bear growling]

[tense music]



[tense music continues]


[tense music intensifies]



[tense music]

Okay, Ranveer,
let's just take a second here.

I mean, we avoided the bear.

But we have definitely gone off
our intended route

which was through there.


If you remember, we were up there.

We could see above everything,
we could see west.

But I'm just not quite sure
whether it's there or there now.

Do you know how to make a compass?

- No.
- It's simple.

- Okay.
- So, let's get a big leaf.

Here we go.

Your job is gonna be to hold that,
so I can put some water in it.

Remember those police guys in the chopper?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They gave me one of their badges,
Serbia badges.

[Bear] So look, we use the…
we'll use the pin off that.

- Champion!
- Gotta break that off.

- And then to magnetize that…
- Uh-huh.

…you can either rub it in your hair,
back and forward.

- Okay.
- It polarizes it,

so you get a north and a south on it.

And then it will swing round
to magnetic north.

Okay, then we need
to put some water in that.

We'll take a bit of the moss,
squeeze that.

Okay, water in there,
then this pin will then float.

There you go.
So you can see it's floating.

And do you see it turning?

So north that way, south, west.

Okay, we'll keep that, in case we need
to check it later on today.

- Okay.
- At least now we know our direction.



[birds chirping]

- Look at all this. Nice and soft here.
- Yeah.

Actually, not a bad place
to maybe camp for the night here.

- You reckon?
- Well, we still got wolves in the area.

So, if we use this as a backdrop,
at least we know we're safe from behind.

We could, even, if we needed to,
we could have a fire here.

- That gives us protection out this way.
- Uh-huh.

And then we got all of these leaves.

I mean, these are beech leaves.

So, leaves are gonna be great insulation,

because they trap the air,
and also as these decompose,

all of this is slowly decomposing.
It actually generates heat…

- Ha!
- …as it decomposes.

- So, we've got so many of these leaves.
- [gasps]

This is like the four seasons, man.
Let's do it.

Okay, so try this, okay.

So the backpack's gonna be your pillow,
that's gonna be my pillow.


When I get her this flower…

[Bear chuckles]

…this is going to be a beach
in Turks and Caicos.

- You'll have a story to tell.
- She'll be…

She'll be covering me in sand.

[Bear chuckles]

Just like this.

We will be taking pictures for the 'Gram.

[both laughing]

[birds cawing]

[Ranveer in Hindi] So guys, this was
the end of the day's play, end of day one.

Just how you wanted, your brother did it.

Even going forward,

you are going to decide
what your brother's gonna do.

Your finger on the button,
my focus on the flower.

[Ranveer sighs]

[Bear] I mean, I must say,
they talk about bed… a bed of leaves.

- I mean, this is super soft.
- [Ranveer] Yeah. Oh, my God.

[Bear] As soon as I lie down, I was like,
"Wow, this has been quite a long day."

- [Ranveer] Yeah.
- You've done very well, Ranveer.

Straight in at the deep end. Oh, my God.
What a… what a mission for love.

- [Ranveer chuckles]
- [Bear grunts]

Personally, I would have gone
to the back garden and picked one.

[Ranveer chortling]

Good for you,
I mean, if she just gets this flower

- and goes, "Yeah, yeah, great…"
- You know what, Bear?

Now that I think about it,
that could very well be her reaction.

She could be like,
"Hey, thanks, baby. Uh, so…"

[Bear] "Yeah, thanks.
Can you go and cook some lunch?"

[Ranveer laughs]

[Bear] This could be the most…
the most spectacular waste of time, risk,

nine lives in history.

[Ranveer] No, no, no, no.
This has not been a waste of time.

What it's done to me already,
I'll hold it with me

deep in the embers of my heart
for the rest of my life.

- You're a good man, Ranveer.
- I needed this, Bear.

- You're good.
- I really needed this.

Well, you've got a great heart, you know.
And as you say, beyond the flower,

these journeys always make us…
make us better.

They test us, you know.

- Well, tomorrow is a big day…
- [Ranveer] Mm-hm.

…so rest up.

[Ranveer] Just one small little detail.

- Go on.
- I…

Need to cuddle.


Just bring the wolves in.

[Bear chortling]

[Ranveer] This has to be done.

[Bear laughs]

[Ranveer] Mm.

See now, we're really
getting to know each other.


[Bear] Well, there'll be a lot of girls
across the world very jealous.

But right now,
I'm too tired to think of anything…

[Ranveer moans]

- …but rest.
- [Ranveer] Mm.

[Ranveer blabbering]

[serene music]

[wolf howling]

Uh, Bear to base, Bear to base.
You copy, over.

[man] Base to Bear, copy.

Is everything all right there?

Yeah, all good, all good here.

Just confirming 0700 hours
tomorrow morning, uh, helicopter inbound.

I'll send you lat and longs now,
roger that?

- [man] Copy.
- Uh, thanks guys, Bear, Ranveer out.


It's gonna be fun
for the adventure tomorrow.

Come on, going to get some sleep.

- [birds chirping]
- [serene music continues]

[in British accent]
Top of the morning to you, love.

- Top of the morning to you.
- Where you been?

[Bear] Big day today, big day.
Gonna smash it.

Let's go.

[birds chirping]

[gentle music]

[Ranveer] Whoa!

Okay, all right.

- Little beauties.
- [Bear] Yeah.

Well, listen, food is always important,
obviously, for the survivor.

But with mushrooms,

the best survival advice
is actually stay clear of them.

You know, to me,
they look like oyster mushrooms.

But if we take a risk,
and it's a dangerous one, we get sick,

the flower is definitely out.

And your life,
and my life is potentially out.

- No mushrooms?
- No mushrooms.

- Pizza later!
- [chuckles]

In fact…

- I've thought of another angle.
- Go on.

If I get her this flower
and she's really happy with me,

she might reward me with one
of her homemade special pizzas.

- Like you said, "happy wife, happy life."
- Happy life.

Well, if you marry somebody
who's good at pizza, happy husband.


[Bear] From what I hear,
she's really grounded, so tell me more.

[Ranveer] She is. She is.

She's come up the hard way,

she's achieved, um, the highest levels

of anything one could achieve
in this line of work.

Uh, yet, has retained a large part
of, you know, who she is,

and what she has been growing up.

She's grounded.
She's so patient, she's so kind,

she's so lovely with everyone.

I'm really missing her right now.

- [Bear] Mm.
- [laughs]

Yeah, she sounds a special one.

Yeah, she's… she's beautiful

and I'm very blessed
to have her in my life.

Good for you,
hold on to that. That's precious.

[birds chirping]

Okay. So, this is about the only clearing
where we can actually see clear sky.

And this is where
there's a little surprise for you.

- Surprise?
- Watch your step, Ranveer.

[helicopter whirring]


[Ranveer] What?

I better put this on.

[in Hindi]
Style shouldn't fade.

[rock music]

- What?
- Recognize who it is?


My brother!

[laughing hysterically]


[both chortling, exclaiming]

[Bear] You all right?

[Ranveer laughing hysterically]

Oh, my God.
[Ranveer chortling]

- You okay? You good?
- Good?

- My brother! Oh, man!
- My brother! Oh!

[both exclaiming]

[in Hindi]
All good?

[Ranveer in English]
I can't fuckin' believe it.

- Bear, lovely to see you, mate.
- KK, Nice to meet you, my friend.

- How's it going?
- Welcome to the adventure.

- [in Hindi] Are all your parts safe?
- Absolutely, brother.

- [in English] All in place? Good, good.
- Yes.

I believe you guys have been, uh…

I don't know if you need this,
but I have a small gift for you all,

to help you with your travel.

- Unbelievable.
- Here you go, man.


- Yeah. GPS is important for us…
- [KK] A GPS.

This will shorten the journey
and make it much more efficient.

- [KK] Well done.
- You know, so…

- You got me a GPS, you know?
- Full battery as well, good job.

My brother.

- The gift of the Magi.
- You're welcome.

All right.

[ominous music]

Okay, so three of us now,
so we've gotta look out for each other.

- Don't touch me.
- [laughs]

Steep ground with a big drop-off here,
okay, so just careful on your way down.

[Bear] Okay, so we are heading this way.

We need to get down there,
so this is gonna be a roped one.

Okay, we want to tie it off to something.

What do you reckon, one of these trees?
Do you know a bowline?

Okay. A key knot to learn.

Come on. "Rabbit" out the hole,
round the tree, back down the hole.

- "Out the hole."
- Oh, you're an expert

- at putting it in the hole, aren't you?
- Round the tree,

round the back of the tree.

- "Round the back of the tree."
- [Bear] You happy to trust that?

- Yes.
- You sure?

Yes, yes.

Trust in KK's knot? Okay.

So, that's the first thing.
We're gonna go one at a time.

I'm gonna go first,

and then you need to do exactly
as I'm doing with this.

Okay, so watch closely.

You get this, you get the rope.

- [Ranveer] And you put the double…
- And you push it through there.

You open the carabiner,
you put them through both of them.

- And then…
- In both the holes.

- …It goes on to you.
- [KK] Okay.

And then we throw the rope.


[Bear] Perfect.

"How To Be A Badass 101 by Bear Grylls."

[Ranveer] Why don't you have
a helmet on, Bear?

I'm gonna go down to the bottom,

I'm gonna go down to the river,
so I can see you clearly.

And then I'm away
from any falling rocks there.

Help each other
to make sure this system is good.

[KK] Of course. I'll go over there.

- Great.
- Okay.

[tense music]

Bear, you okay?

[Bear] Yeah.

- [in Hindi] Take care of your equipment.
- You take care of my equipment.

[in English] Okay, now this goes in.
You put it in like that.

Bear, we'll be done by Christmas.

The 36 hour clock is ticking!

[in Hindi] The poor man is standing
in the river waiting for you. Hurry up.

[suspenseful music]

Oh, wow, my Parsi Tom Cruise.

[Ranveer] Mission Impossible.

[Bear in English]
You ready to get your balls cold?

[KK chuckles]

Oh, Lord.

If I make it look too cool for you, KK,

just make sure
you pick your jaw up from the floor.

[KK] See, I don't think
this guy's coming anytime soon.

I know you're missing me,
I know the water's cold.

- I can't hear you, bro.
- You are shrinking inside,

- but it's okay, it will come back.
- [laughs]

He's been very well-behaved.

- There's been no abusive banter.
- [laughing]

- He hasn't called me a "mother lover" yet.
- [KK] Not yet!

- Steady, now.
- I hope this is not too cool for you, KK.

- [KK] Steady now.
- Yeah.

- [KK] Just don't fall and break your head.
- Yeah.

[Bear] Nah, it's looking good,
you're doing well. Nice, wide stance.

Weight that rope.

[Ranveer in Hindi]
Did you see that?

- This is called "action hero."
- [KK] Oh, please.

Oh, please. Just go.

[KK laughs]

[tense music]

- [in English] Easy does it.
- [laughs]

Careful, that stick's gonna
go up your bum.

- Which one?
- [KK] The one that's right behind you.

Definitely don't want any orifice
of mine penetrated today.

Every step of the way, there's something
to think about here, Bear.

- I know.
- [Ranveer] Step to the side?

- [KK] Think you got a little bit a-scared.
- [grunts]

- [KK chortling]
- [Ranveer grunts]

[Bear] Great job.

- What the hell? Oh, my God.
- Okay, stand up. Stand up.

- There you go.
- Mommy!

- [KK in Hindi] Scared?
- Just shut up.


[Bear in English]
We're moving downstream.

[KK] Oh, careful.

Oh, man.

- What? What, what, what?
- [chortling]

It's freezing.

Oh, my Lord.

[KK grunts, chortles]


[gentle music]

[water sloshing]


Oh, my God.

- See wolves?
- That's unbelievable.

[Bear] They're feeding off something.
They're on a carcass or something.

But whatever they're feeding off,
if it's fresh enough, we could eat that.

That would be food for us. Energy.

I'm quite hungry,
so I don't mind actually going for it.

[Ranveer] Bro, have you gone mad?

[Ranveer in Hindi]
We haven't had anything for two days.

It's impossible to survive in the jungle
without eating anything.

We will have to eat whatever we find.

[in English] You see,
they're totally distracted with that.

So, maybe if one of you acts
as a distraction,

maybe comes around this way,
makes lots of noise, scares them away.

The other person just follows the river.

And then whatever they're eating,
just get it into the river.

Bro, the one who distracts

- is more in danger.
- [KK in Hindi] Is the bait.

- [in English] You're the human bait.
- No.

- You do it, now.
- [shushes]

[in Hindi]
I think you should go and scare them.

They will be scared looking at you.

[Ranveer] Dude, this is a wolf,
an actual one, not a dog.

- Just go. You're a hero, right?
- You're a lion, right?

- No, you're a hero.
- So, why is a lion afraid of a wolf?

You are the lion of the street, right?

- Just go.
- So you have to decide,

should Ranveer steal and Karan scare?

Or will Ranveer scare and Karan steal?

This or that? Choose.

You choose it.

[lively music]

♪ Dance away, O, you man
Just dance away, dance away ♪

You fucker.

- [KK] All right?
- [Bear] Okay.

[Ranveer] Yo, that is some exhilarating,

- adrenaline-pumping…
- [Bear] Wanna use that?

…shit, I'll tell you that.

[KK] Oh, my God.

[both grunting]

Okay, we're gonna hug in close
to the bank here.

- [Ranveer grunts]
- Come on.


[grunting in effort]

Take it.

[KK] Oh, you fat boar.


- [Bear] Two, three.
- [Ranveer grunts]

- One, two, three.
- [groans]

[all grunting]

One more.

- One, two…
- [grunts]

[Bear] Okay.




[both panting]

[in Hindi] Dude, you have come
in quite overconfident.

Lured by the Bear,
you are ready to do anything?

- Oh, man.
- [Ranveer blabbering]

[Ranveer chuckles]

[in English]
That was intense, bro.

- I can't believe we did it.
- Put it there, man.

- Smashed it.
- Well done.

[in Hindi]
Loads and loads of thanks to you.

Your correct decisions
have brought us here.

Film is not over yet.
We still haven't got the flower.

So, help us in the journey ahead as well.

Press the button
and save your brothers' lives.

[gentle music]

This is a good place for a little camp.

We're… we're above the water,

so even with a flash flood,
we're high enough up here.

But we're close to the water source,
we've got good trees for protection.

And a lot of dead dry wood,
which is gonna be great for fire making.

I think the priority now is
make a shelter.

I've put a cross-beam across there.

- And then we're gonna eat, all right?
- [KK] Oh.

- Okay.
- [KK] That's safe, let's go.

[Ranveer in Hindi]
You have found a great space, Mr. Broker.

- This is a small stick for you.
- Oh, thanks.


[KK] Bear, you gotta protect the jewels.

In Ranveer's case,
it's his beautiful face.

Had to get that in, huh?


[in Hindi]
Our humble abode.

[action music]

You know, it's not perfect,
but it's a bit of a protection.

- World-class architecture.
- Okay.

So, yeah, got a shelter, food, and a fire.

So much for good preparations,
we've got some dried grass as tinder.

Have you ever lit fire before
without matches or a lighter?

- No. Do we need to put…
- Bow and drill?


Okay, so look,
I've got this simple bit of just string

and a bendy bit of wood,
that's gonna be the bow.

This works all on friction.

Okay? So look,
we've got a bit of wood like that.

- And if you spin that fast enough…
- Uh-huh.

…It's gonna create friction
and then heat, okay.

So, we gonna put it like that,
we put this on the top.

[Bear] We are all gonna do it together.

- There you go.
- Now, slowly.

[in Hindi]
Coming. Going.

- Coming. Going.
- [Bear in English] Keep the rope low.

Keep the rope low.

[Ranveer] That could be
a fucking big-ass rope.

[KK] Oh, wow, there you go. Oh, well done.

[blows air]


- Opa.
- There we go.

We have created fire.

- Good job, we have fire.
- Cheers, mate. Well done.

- Well done.
- Fuck, man!

[Bear] So, when did you first meet?

We didn't like each other
when we first met.

Not at all.
We totally got off on the wrong foot.

- [Bear] Really?
- Yeah.

We used to beat each other up,
get into fights.

- [Bear] Yeah.
- [KK] He could really press my buttons

in a way that could piss me off, properly.


- Then he fell in love with my best friend.
- Yeah.

She dumped his ass,

- and then, and then, uh, that was that.
- [Bear laughing]

- [KK] He never left after that.
- [laughs]

- Classic. And are you married now?
- I'm married, the same.

I have a beautiful wife, uh, named Nitya,
and a lovely child.

And so they… are they all good friends?
Deepika and…

This guy and his wife, Deepika,

- are in love with my baby boy.
- Yeah.

It's the most wonderful thing
in the world.

He brought so much joy to us all.

It's indescribable.

You know, you're such a grounded
and solid family man yourself,

you know,
there's nothing greater than family.

But I'm trying to tell him to calm down
'cause he's spoiling the kid a lot.

Like, he's buying him Lamborghini cars
and stuff like this, that…

That my wife and I are just like,
"Bro, please."

- Twenty months old. He's gonna love it.
- [all laughing]

- [Bear] Brilliant.
- But you gotta have that one uncle

- who spoils you.
- Of course, yeah,

and I would like to be that uncle.

Of course, imagine having Ranveer
as your uncle, I mean, that is your job.

Bling, bling, little bugger.

- [all laughing]
- So selfish.

We're gonna ask the great Ranveer
a few questions,

but this isn't my questions,
these are your questions.

What would you like me to ask Ranveer?
Would you like me to ask him,

"Who is the real Ranveer Singh?"
You know, away from the movies,

behind the kind of hero,
who's the real guy?

Or would you like me to ask him,

"How did he meet the love
of his life, uh, Deepika?"

The lady that he's doing
all of this journey for.

Uh… Which would you like me to ask him?
Who's the real guy,

or how did he meet his amazing wife?

You decide.

[pensive music]

It's really lovely, man.

I'm just so blessed
to have her in my life.

I met her in 2012.

I had signed this big, old movie
with a master, genius filmmaker.

Uh… in a big movie.

In our first reading,

uh, I remember sitting at the lunch table
and he lives by the seaside,

so there's this breeze blowing
in this direction.

I'm sitting here,
I'm ready for the reading,

I know Deepika is gonna come.
This is our first reading,

and I'm already like,
you know, excited about it.

And I'll never forget, the doorbell rang,
and I looked like that,

and these big, wooden doors opened,

and she was wearing all-white
and the breeze blew just at that time.

It was almost like time had slowed down.

In slow-motion, you know,
she walks through the door,

hair all flying with the breeze,
looking like an absolute vision in white.

- Man, that was it.
- That was it.

- It was all over.
- I was like, I…

And there was that moment,

it was it for me, it was like
almost love at first spectacular sight.

[KK] It really pissed us off, Bear,

because we were all in love with her
at the time.

- [laughs]
- The most beautiful girl in India.

And we knew that these two
were gonna get together.

Me, personally, I took it really badly.
I was very upset that day.

And we really like… Deepika and I were
like absolute fire together.

The sparks were flying
almost instantaneously.

As it was happening,

I knew, maybe six months
into our relationship,

- that she's the one for me.
- [Bear] Aw, so sweet.

- So we've obviously got the whole carcass.
- Yes, sir.

- It is stinking a little bit.
- Okay.

You know, the clue is in the flies.

Where there's flies,
there's often also maggots.

One thing this boar does have
is a very large set of testicles.

[KK chortling]

The meat… is pretty spoiled,

so I reckon two options
that are edible out of this.

One of the balls,
because they're protected inside the sac,

so they haven't been devoured.

And the other are the maggots,
'cause you can eat the maggots.

Why would you eat the maggots?

There's more protein in maggots than beef.

They're like, uh…

[in Hindi]
They are like pus fritters.

[in English]
They're like little pus truffles.

- Why would you eat maggots?
- You know.

It's good.
I mean, if you wanna clean a wound,

you put maggots on it,
it will clean all the bacteria.

So why don't you have the testes then?
They seem…

- Why don't you have the testes?
- I'm… I'm fasting.

Well, the great thing
about this journey, guys…

"Fasting"? Five minutes back,
you were ravenous.

What you got to remember,
on this journey, is not up to you.

- That's true.
- Ranveer?

- No, sir. Please not this, Bear.
- So what do you reckon?

- You wanna see Ranveer…
- No, Bear.

- …munch down on maggots?
- No, Bear.

Or you wanna see him eat…
some big testicles?

- No!
- You decide.

[in Hindi]
So brother, the problem is that…

- Brother Bear is saying that…
- There's no other option.

…the meat is spoiled,
you can't eat the meat.

Now either it's pus fritters,
i.e., maggots,

so would you feed me insects
or the testicles of a wild boar?

You are the one-and-only almighty.

We will do as you say.

[grand music]


[KK in English] Little melty.

It's so interesting
how so many Indian words

are so close to British words,
aren't they?

Like "jungly," "melty."

[Bear] I feel we're two nations
always bound together.

[KK] Yeah.

[Bear] One of my favorite countries
in the world, India,

I love the diversity.

You know, we were talking earlier,
so you know.

And also, everything's hot.

- You know.
- [laughs]

Food, the climate…

- People.
- The people.

There's you know, a warm heart,
a hot heart.

There's always a warm heart. I love that.

Especially, you can't hide that
in Indian people, a warm heart.

You ready to eat testicles?



Oh. Oh, that's hot.

- Okay. Come on, to chin-chin.
- Chin-chin.

I got the gooey cold bit in the middle.


[Bear] You just have to not
think about what it is.

- Quite nice, actually.
- Yeah.

Have… Just finish it, Ranveer,
you don't have to waste.

- No.
- No, I'm good man, I'm full.

[KK laughs]

[gentle music]

[Ranveer humming]

- Big day, brother.
- Yes, sir, this is it.

- Okay, we're gonna strip down the camp.
- Whoo.

- Look, my friend…
- Grab ropes, harnesses, backpacks

and we will be on our way.

Bear, my boys,
this is where I say goodbye.

It's been an amazing trip,
I would love to take you to that flower.

But I think that this is your journey,
and you need to do that on your own.

What a great man you are.

I tell you what,
it's been such a pleasure.

- Thank you so much, Bear. Unbelievable.
- And I saw his spirit lift, you know?

- Yeah.
- Thank you man, thank you so much.

- [in Hindi] You are going, bro?
- Yeah, I am going.

[in English]
I'll see you soon, brother. All the best.

- Take care, man.
- [chuckles]

- Clock is ticking.
- Yes, sir.

[in Hindi] We have much less time to
finish the actual purpose of this mission.

We just have a few hours.

We have to find the flower at
the earliest and reach the evac point.

If we get the flower but can't reach
the evac point, we will be stuck here.

And if we miss the flower,
the whole mission would be a failure.

[in English] Bear, I am feeling
pretty busted, I'm not gonna lie.

- Oh, no. I know.
- Oh, God.

Oh, you are doing so well.

We need to keep breaking it down
into these little, little steps, you know.

Reach there,
regroup, aim for the next point.

We are getting really close here.

Yeah, every step up is a step closer.

[Ranveer] Come on.


Find it…

Within yourself.

Dig deep.

Serbica Ramonda, I'm coming for you.




[dramatic music]

[Bear] That's where we need to get to.

You know, that's the summit ridge.

Once we're on that,
we'll have the whole plateau there.

And that's where the flower's gonna be.

- You can't scale this, can you?
- Well, we can.

We've got the rope, we've got a lot
of spare rope in yours, spare in mine.

We've got the grappling hook,
we've got this as a backup as well.

Okay, let's get the ropes
out of yours as well.


[in Hindi]
Oh, man, this is no less than a trophy.

At this stage,
if we didn't have a grappling gun,

we would have been stuck here.

[in English]
Big, big, big thanks to all of you

who chose the grappling gun.

[tense music]

- Okay, so come, come to where I am.
- Okay.

- So, where we're aiming for…
- Uh-huh.

Is that first ledge.

If we get it over that,
you know, get it caught in a little crack

- or crevice up there.
- Okay.

So, nice, straight arm.

Brace your other hand.
There you go, and I've got you here.

Okay, and we're gonna send it up there.

On three, two, one…

- [cracks]
- [grunts]

Go on, go on, pull.


- That's it.
- I can't believe it works.

Okay, now we need to put the jumars on it.

Pull the little ascending device,

we'll climb up to the base of it,
we got helmets on.

Uh, I'll give you the quickest lesson
you'll ever have in how to use a jumar

- to ascend up a rock.
- A "jumar"?

So we just climb up this bit.
When we're at the vertical bit,

then we're on the ropes.

Okay, and we'll just do it section
after section all the way to the top.

Okay, so this is gonna be new
for you, Ranveer.

- Like this, clipping in.
- Uh-huh.

And it's called a "jumar."

I can push this up.

Putting all my weight in this.

And a little pull on one hand,

with this hand and this hand,
and I pull up.

And then I can hang and relax.

I can push that higher, both hands.

Hang and relax. You edge your way up.

[Ranveer] There's no guarantee on that,
is there?

No, there's no guarantees
on anything here.


We left guarantees about 36 hours ago.

You can say that again.

- Come to me.
- [grunts]

[Bear] Okay, here we go.

[tense music]


- Like that.
- [exhales]

- And up, there you go.
- Whoosh!

- [groans]
- [Bear] There you go.

- Come on. We got this now.
- [grunts]


- Slide it up.
- [grunts]


[Bear] That's it.


And then when you need a rest,

- you shake it all out. Good job.
- [barking]

Hang it out.

[Bear] A little bounce helps
because it takes that weight off you.

[sighs, in Hindi]
You have supported me at every point.

Every decision of yours has been right.
I have made it to here.


Just the last bit.

This is gonna be the most difficult.

[Bear in English]
Good job, we're halfway now.

[Ranveer grunts]
Will you say something with me?

Praise to Hanuman.

"Jai Bajrang Bali."
Can you say that with me?

- I doubt it.
- I promise you

it will invigorate you to another level.

You gotta give it slow.

- Jai.
- Jai…

- Bajrang…
- Bajrang…

- Bali.
- Bali.

On the count of three. One, two, three.

Jai Bajrang Bali.

- Jai Bajrang Bali.
- Yes. I've got this, man.

- I've got this.
- Come on.

[uplifting music]

[wind rustling]


[Bear] You can use your feet.
Now you can use your feet much more.

And then hang in it.

- Push that handle right up.
- [exhales]

- Handle up. There you go.
- Push.


I will not fail.



Okay, here we go.

Bear, I really don't wanna stop now,

but I don't know
how much my body has left.

It's not keeping up with my mind.

I have the will, I have the intention,

I just don't know if I have
the strength or stamina anymore, man.

You do. You do. The thing is,
the body is always capable of so much more

than we believe, you know.

- You can easily do this.
- [Ranveer] Come on.

- Come on.
- Come on! Let's go!

[Bear] That Ranveer spirit is unstoppable.






[wind whooshing]

[suspenseful music]

[panting, grunting]

Hey, last push, Ranveer. You got this.

Think of all you've come through so far.

We're gonna finish this strong.

Bear, there's nothing,
I got nothing left, man.

[Bear] You have. Oh, my God,

if I've seen anything
over the last few days…

You're hurting, I know,
but you've got this.

Come on, last push.

Think of Deepika, think of the flower.

Think of all you've come through so far.



- [pulley whirs]
- [grunts]

[in strained voice]
I will not fail now.

I will not be stopped.

Come on.


[heavy breathing]

[tense music]


[Bear] Good job, Ranveer.


Fuck, man.


I never said this journey
was gonna be easy.

But I said if you didn't give up,
if you gave it your all, you'd do it.

You know, many people would have
given up on that, really. Many people.

- You know, you got beyond that.
- [Ranveer sobs]

You went beyond that into here.

You know?

Fuck. Fuck.

I gave it everything, man.

I gave it everything I had.

I fucking did it.

I had nothing left, I don't even know
where that last bit came from.

I didn't even know
I had that inside me, man.

Well, that's where that comes into it,
you know?

That's more than muscle.
That comes from somewhere else.

Well, we said our prayers at the start.

You know, you represent a nation
of digging deep and never giving up.

You know, and also you've been driven
on this whole journey.

Symbolize that love, you know?
It's more than the flower,

it's what it takes to get it,
that is love, isn't it?

You know, you gotta go through it
sometimes to win it.


[Bear] Proud of you. Well done.

We still gotta find this flower,
though, now.

Look where we are.


[in Hindi]
I was done.

I thought this would not work, no chance.

But somewhere, it came from somewhere.


It's all God's doing.

I want to really,
really thank you guys a lot.

Every decision of yours was right.

You got me here,

and somewhere around here, Bear says,
we will find Serbica Ramonda.

We got about 10, 15 minutes
until our 36 hours are up.

- We still gotta find this flower.
- Yes.

Come on. Last push.

[grunts, groans]

Tell you what, you go along this side.
I'll look that side.




I see it.

I see it.

I see it!

- Really?
- Right there.

Oh, yeah. That's the one.

- [Ranveer] Yes.
- Yeah. That is one, right of its own.

[Ranveer] Yes!

- Okay, hold on. Let's use the rope.
- [whooping]

Okay, let's clip you into this.

Just climb your way down,
I'll take as much of your weight as I can.

- Yeah, maybe roll onto your stomach.
- Uh-huh.

And just lower yourself over the edge.

- Like uh, facing you?
- Yeah, I think so, yeah.

- Okay.
- Okay, I got you.

[uplifting music]

[Bear] Come on, last push.

The clock is ticking, let's go.

[Ranveer] Don't look down.
Don't look down.

[Bear] Watch your hand on there.

[Ranveer] Fuck.


- I haven't got a lot more rope here now.
- Okay.

- Do you need more?
- Just a little bit, Bear.



- [Bear] How you doing?
- I got it.

- Clock is ticking.
- I got it.

- You got it?
- I got it!


All right.

We are in business.

Wow, man! Oh, man!



Don't squash it!

- [chortling]
- It's…





- [exclaims]
- Well done.

- Really beautiful.
- It's gorgeous.

- But in a way, it's what it symbolizes.
- It's gorgeous.

I mean, you've been through…
you've been through the mill for…

- For this.
- Oh, man.

- Oh!
- Good for you.

Well, one thing I don't doubt
is your love for your good lady.

[both laughing]

That I have learnt.

You are right, bro. What…
what it symbolizes is just everything.

We do need to work out a way
of keeping it… alive.

- I did not think…
- Okay.

- "I did not think about that."
- …about that at… at all.

Well, that's my job
is to think of these things.

He said if you find the flower,
put it in there.

Keep the flower protected.

- Clock's ticking.
- [sighs]

Ranveer, the eternal romantic.

[in Hindi] Baby, I told you earlier
and I am telling you now,

I guarantee you
that you won't find a lover like me.

And you all…


…your love has given me
all the strength I needed.

So, our extraction point,
we should be able to see from up here.

We've got the military picking us up.

And if I've learned one thing,

is that they are always on time.

About two minutes.

[military fanfare music]




- Why is he going in another direction?
- No. No, no.

We're like green
against a background of green.

He's never gonna spot us.

I know what we can use.


[Bear] I'm hoping you're thinking
the same as I'm thinking.

I got this. Yes!

- Here we go.
- Here we go.


- Okay, you gotta do…
- Genius.

- You got it.
- Yeah.

Here we go, we got it, we got it.

Yeah, look, they're turning.
He's seen us, he's seen us.

Great job. Come on, let's go and get him.

Come on!

[action music]

Great job, Ranveer. You smashed it.

Okay, we're heading off now
for our next mission.

What next mission?

You are gonna love it,
but it's top secret.

[both screaming]

[Ranveer laughs]

[triumphant music]