Ransum Games (2014) - full transcript

A distraught and loving Wife must make a life or death decision after discovering that her real estate mogul Husband has been kidnapped by a group of ruthless street thugs. Instead of paying the ransom for his safe return... she opts to take them on the twisting, roller-coaster-ride of their lives!

(hip hip music)

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

(tense music)

(hip hop music)

♪ Heaven or hell ♪

♪ Life or death ♪

♪ Who's the ref ♪

♪ Will I be toe tagged ♪

♪ Well further we will ♪

♪ Will you hear eulogies
of my homies over me ♪

♪ Or will you see ice rocks ♪

♪ That I get from these spots ♪

♪ How many times I gotta tell ♪

♪ Slow nigga, this ain't your lane ♪

♪ The action too fast ♪

♪ And these streets that's untamed ♪

♪ So to you player keep your eyes open ♪

♪ Lead a blunt, smoking a cloud amount ♪

♪ When your shine can leave you swollen ♪

♪ Or better yet dumped in a trunk ♪

♪ Take to a punk ♪

♪ This game got pain ♪

♪ Only seen by the players ♪

♪ Spectators fantasize
on the life we created ♪

♪ 'cause these streets
don't play no games ♪

♪ Never have, never will ♪

♪ It'll take in your face ♪

♪ Never guarantee 'em safe ♪

♪ These are the ways
young players wanna play ♪

♪ So keep your eyes on your prize ♪

♪ Nigger never mind mine ♪

♪ 'cause the game will go on ♪

♪ With you or with you gone ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ Survival of the fittest ♪

♪ These players slash killers ♪

♪ And these ghetto childs ♪

♪ Making cemeteries cash piles ♪

♪ 'cause all these
shorties born as fresh ♪

♪ Get in a chapel stick ♪

♪ You hit them with that ♪

♪ You got guerrillas for real ♪

♪ 'cause life it that do 'em ♪

♪ Make 'em corpse hit the floor ♪

♪ And if you know like I know ♪

♪ You keep on west of Chicago ♪

♪ Or stick that's the year ♪

♪ While I roam this Capitol Hill ♪

♪ The nigga so sinned by they loot ♪

♪ They got body bills ♪

♪ 52 weeks most days no sleep ♪

♪ My best friend be myself ♪

♪ Can't trust nobody else ♪

♪ Got a protege ♪

♪ Feed him with a long spoon ♪

♪ Can't give him the game all at once ♪

♪ Young mind might blow a fuse ♪

♪ But I keep 'em level headed ♪

♪ With other prodigies webbin ♪

♪ Total control is the position I hold ♪

♪ My all asking I flash
you dollar signs be nasty ♪

♪ The game goes on ♪

♪ So players play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

♪ The game goes on playa play on ♪

- [Woman] Do you remember?

Do you remember that night?

(tense music)

♪ Be on the lookout for
that white boy jam ♪

♪ Be on the lookout for
that white boy jam ♪

- Man there go them niggers right there.

- [Savon] You sure that's them?

- I wouldn't give a
fuck if it wasn't them.

I'm down for whatever.

- [Savon] Y'all remember the plan, right?

- Like wiping my ass.

- Let's do the damn thing.

- Aight, remember.

Watch each other's back.

- [Derrick] Your back is watched.

- Let's do this.

(doors slamming)

(glum music)

(guys in white chattering)

- What you looking for?

- My little boy, what you working with?

- You all the police?

- Come on man, we look like cops, dog?

- Y'all look like police.

- Come on man, we ain't no police.

- All right, hold on.

Go get that.

- Y'all got some good herb, right?

- Top shelf, man.

- Okay, okay, I'ma check
you out, I'ma check you out.

Couple guys told me about you.

We ain't just over here for nothing.

You know I did, you know?

- You got heat, man?

- As a matter of fact, I do.

- Hey, this that nigga
we got the other day, yo!

(gun firing)
(intense music)

(guns firing)

- [Derrick] Shit, shit!

Come on man, come on!

Fuck is wrong with you?

(gun firing)

- [Savon Voiceover] It seems
the same dream haunts me.

You would think after eight years

I would have forgave myself,

but apparently, the past won't forgive me.

My name is Savon.

And I'll be the first to admit

that I haven't always
done the right things

to get where I am.

But this is dog eat dog world.

Sometimes you had to prove
you were the biggest dog.

But hey, that was back in the day.

Today, I'm a changed man.

The good book says God
works in mysterious ways.

So maybe he's paying me back

for all the dirt I did
by making me a diabetic.

'Cause Lord knows I hate needles.

I guess one thing that
comes from me being diabetic

is you learn to appreciate life.

It's just a shame to have this much money

and have to lose your health to realize.

It's funny how everybody
equates happiness with money.

But to me, happiness is Neesy.

She literally saved my life.

And everyday I try to show
my appreciation for her.

- You got a busy day today?

- [Savon] Yeah I got that
closing with Cash today.

- [Denise] Mmm, finally bringing Cash here

to the real estate game, huh?

- Yeah, I was tired of seeing him

going in and out of jail all the time.

You know after he could
maybe get a change of pace,

get him off those streets.

- Mhmm, like I did you?

- Yeah, like you did me.
- I know.

- So why you asking?

- No reason special, I was just thinking

maybe we could go to a movie or something.

- [Savon] Okay, on one condition.

- Mmm, what's that?

- Ew, y'all nasty.

- Ooh, I told you, little cheater,

it's my house.

- Morning, DJ.

- Good morning, Aunt Denise.

Good morning Uncle Savon.

- Good morning Uncle Savon.

- Aunt Denise, do you know
when my mother's coming?

- Oh, she gonna be here
any minute, sweety.

Why you got your nose all turned up

at the little boy, sore loser?

- Neesy, I won that video
game, you know that.

- Oh baby, all I know is that you lost.


- Only reason I be losing

'cause he got them game codes.

- I only know L1 five four.

- See?

I only know L1 five four.

That's why he be cheating, I told you,

up in them games.

See, me and you, without them codes,

I'ma tell y'all five bucks.

- Bet then.

- Bet then, bet then.

I ain't scared of you.
- Okay, children.

That's enough.
- What's up?

- Yo, shut up.
- Good morning.

- Oh, hey, sis.

- Baby, go get your things so we can go.

I was speaking to both of y'all.

- Morning.

- That's better.

- Kill anybody today?

- No luck.

None of your thug friends
were out last night.

- Oh, leave my baby alone.

- Ugh, take it upstairs.

Don't nobody wanna see all that.

- I'ma tell you like I told
your little cheating son.

This is my house.

- Hey sis, you're moving
to days now, right?

- Yeah.

Last night was my last night, thank God!

- Ooh yeah, thank God.

That mean we ain't gotta keep DJ no more.

- Uh, no.

- Baby.

- Y'all still can keep him.

'Cause now that I'm on days

I can watch you on the streets.

Catch you doing something
wrong, and I'ma lock you up.

- Angie, why you always after me?

I treat you good,

don't I baby?
- Yeah, okay.

- Listen, if there's one thing I can say

I taught your sister,

- Which is?

- Never let 'em see you sweat.

- Never let 'em see you sweat?

What the hell is that,
a deodorant commercial?

- No, it's a phrase you need to try.

Maybe you should live by it too, officer.

- Get on my nerves.

- Oh, no you ain't gotta listen to him.

(tense music)

Oh baby.

I could teach you the
code L1 five four two

if you want me to.

- You think about what we talked about?

- What's wrong with you?

- Neese, I'm just ready
to start living our life.

Look, babe, I wanna go on some cruises,

take flights around the world, something.

Look, I got a lot of money saved up

and I want us to enjoy it together.

All right, before we run out of time.

And the time is now, baby.

- Baby, come on, we have so much time

to be together.

Now, come on?

You remember when you
were out on the streets?

- Come on.

- No, no, no, come on, let me finish.

And I waited for you, right?

You were still out there hustlin',

doing your thing, I waited.

Now I need you to wait
for me to be ready, okay?


- All right.

I gotta go meet Cash, so.

- Oh, okay, well what about tonight?

- I'll just call you later on
and let you know what's up.

- (scoffs) Wow.

(tense music)

- There they are right there.

- Yeah.

They just left the bank.


Got it, holla.

- So how you feel about
your first closing?

- Man, that took a long time, V.

- Yeah it's 'cause the
people had they paperwork

in order, man.

But the good thing is, you got the check.

- Yeah, buddy. (chuckling)

I can't wait for the next one now.

- For sure.

This is for you.

- Yes!

- What's that, what you looking

at the check like that
for, is that a problem?

- Come on man, I thought we
agreed on more than this?

- We agreed on one fourth.

Now I'ma calculate, I do
this shit all the time.

Don't start with me, Cash.

- Look, I know, man.

I ain't tripping and nothing.

It's just that I thought you
was gonna help a brother out.

I mean, seeing as though this is

my first piece of property, V.

- Help you out?

I am helping you out.

Cash, you're putting in
three Gs for the rehab.

I gave you 25 plus three.

How many you be catching
on walking around here

with 28K in they pocket?

- I know, I know.

I mean, but it's just that I thought

you was just gonna go half with me.

Also man, it's my birthday.

- It's your birthday?

You got a birthday five
months ago, didn't you?

- [Cash] Look man, I
feel what you're saying..

- Man, look, we're gonna have

plenty more property rehab.

And once you learn the ropes

you're gonna make your own money,

get your own checks without me, aight?

- Aight.

Hey look, I got an idea.

- What you talking about, man?

'Cause I know you, I gotta-

- Come on, man, you always talking about

you got something to do.

Come kick it with your boy.

Let's celebrate, let's have a drink.

Please, on me.

- What you talking about?

- (laughing) Trust me.

- Oh I know I'ma regret this.

(tense music)

(hip hop dance music)

♪ I'ma make it a do with a do, say what ♪

♪ She gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

♪ He gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

♪ We gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

♪ I'ma make it a do with a do, say what ♪

♪ She gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

♪ He gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

♪ We gon make it a do
with a do, say what ♪

- Ah, right here.

What, gimme, gimme, gimme
one more, gimme one more.

Ah! (laughing)


Hey man, I had a good time, baby.

I had a good time.

- [Savon] Man, for seven years, dog.

- Seven long years.

- I'm glad I came, though.

- Man, I'm glad you came too.

I told you, what did I tell you?

Did I tell you we was
gonna have a good time?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah, but look man, I'm...

I don't know, I'ma chill, man.

You know, make it do what
it do, you know? (laughing)

- You just met her.

- It's all good.

- Baby, that's fine.

- Look man, you have a good time

and you drive safe, aight?


- All right.
- You gonna be aight?

- I'ma be aight.

- I don't need to call a cab, right?

- I got it.

- Okay.

- It was nice meeting you.

- [Savon] All right, man.

- Aight.

(laughing) Go ahead,
right there, right there.

Ah, yeah!

Go girl, go on in there.

Watch you do, make it do what it do!

(crickets chirping)

- Neese.

I'm up here at the Esquire
celebrating Cash closin' so

(sighing) I'll be on my way home.

I love you.

(tense music)


The fuck?

- Bitch ass nigger!

Where you think you going, nigga?

Bitch ass motherfucker!

You bitch ass nigga!

Help me get this nigga in the back.

(tense music)


- (growling) Oh, fucker!

You better stop hitting me!


Take this motherfucking blindfold off

if you wanna hit somebody.


- [Savon Voiceover] They got me.

I thought this would never happen to me.

But here I am tied up.

Karma's a motherfucker.

They say people forgive,

but the streets don't forget.

- Just do what the fuck you gotta do!

Nigga fuck you and you!

- [Savon] Yeah, somebody gonna
get fucked, motherfucker!

- Nigga, fuck this shit!
- Believe that.

- Derrick.

- Nigga fuck this shit!
- Call Cash

and see where they money at.
- Do what the fuck

you gotta do.

- Man you keep doing
what the fuck you doing

and shut the fuck up!

- [Hostage] Fuck this shit!

- [Savon] Nigga you wait and
see if he earned his money.

- Yeah.

I got it.

- He got it.
- What?

- [Savon] Cash got that money.

- Nigga, do what the fuck you gotta do,

'cause if you don't do it, nigga,

I'll come and get

your motherfuckin' ass!
- Oh yeah?

You gonna do what?

- [Hostage] Kill me, motherfucker!

- Nigga, this ain't never

gonna happen to me!
- Grabby nigga!


- Motherfucker!


(gun firing)

- How you feel, bitch?

- Take this mask off and untie me

and I'll show you who the fucking bitch!

- Stop!

What the fuck are you doing, man?

Let me holler at you.

- [Gutta] What?

- Who's that?
- I said let me holler at you.

- Who was that?
- Shut the fuck up!

- Fuck you!

- What up?

- Look.

We don't need to do all this to him.

We got him here so we
can get fucking paid.

- Man, fuck this nigger.

We gonna get this paper
whether this nigger

dead or alive.
- No, we need him alive.

You understand me?

- I understand.

Look here, homie.

Let's get something straight right now.

You ain't running shit up in here.

Everybody got a job to do
around this motherfucker.

And I'm doing mine.

- Just take it easy.

Take it easy with him.

Keep your cool, it's all I'm saying.

- Yeah, aight.

- [Savon Voiceover] Who in
the hell would have the balls

to kidnap me?

Ain't no telling.

I've kidnapped 127 people over the years.

And I've learned if you don't pay

within the first 12 hours,

it's one or two things.

They stalling for the police

or they don't have the money.

♪ Mom always said there
be days like this ♪

Some motherfucking guerrillas, nigga, huh?

This what it's about, nigga,

taking candy from a
motherfucking baby, nigga.

Where that loot at, nigga?

Where that loot?

- [Driver] Here you go right here.

- That's what I'm talking about.

You see this shit, nigga, huh?

You smell that shit, nigga?

You smell that shit, nigga?

Huh, huh nigga, that's what
this shit about, nigga.

- Man you gotta cut that shit out, man.

- Dude, that's what shit about, nigga.

- You gonna fuck around
and get us jinxed, nigga.

- What?

- Man you always talking

like it can't happen to us.

- Let me tell you something, man,

if this shit ever do happen to us, nigger,

you better not pay a Louie for me, nigga.

But motherfucker truck me,

nigga you better not give him a cookie!

(gun firing)

(phone ringing)

(tense music)

- Come on, pick up the phone, buddy.

Pick it up, pick it up.

Come on, be home, be
home, be home, be home.

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

- Hang the motherfucking phone up, nigga.

She not there.

- Aight, man, now what?

- Wait.

- Aight, wait, cool, cool.

- Matter of fact,

I don't trust this ignorant
motherfucker downstairs.

He'd fuck around, kill
that nigger, come on.

(Savon gasping)

- Yeah, motherfucker.

How that feel, nigga?

- Stop.

- You ever had the taste of
steel in your mouth, bitch?

- Stop, man.


- Motherfucker, you in the dungeon, nigga.

(Savon groaning)

- Motherfucker.

Suck on this, bitch.

- What you doing?

What you doing?
- You motherfucker.

You bitch ass nigger.

- Damn.

What the fuck are you doing?

- Look, man.

You asking too many
motherfucking questions.

Don't worry about what the fuck

I'm doing over here.

This is my department.

You worry about your damn job.

And that's get the money.

As a matter of fact,

did y'all even get in touch with her yet?

- No, not yet.

- See, see what I'm saying?

And you worry about
what the fuck I'm doing.

Pssh, do y'all job.

- Listen.

Can I say something?

- Listen, can I say something?

What you got to say, bitch?

- Whatever it is, (coughing)

whatever it is, I'll pay you.

- Oh we know you're gonna pay.

You definitely gonna pay.

You owe that much.

- Relax.

She gonna come home, okay?

- [Gutta] Yeah aight.

Y'all do y'all job.

Worry about what the fuck I'm doing.

(tense music)

- Man, I hope for his sake

that she picks up this phone now.

- Just let it ring.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- What?

- She picked up.

- She 'posed to pick the phone up, nigger.

- I know man, but I
gotta practice my speech.

I gotta get it together, man.

- Oh, man.

- You know what,

I better tell Gutta she picked up

'cause he gonna kill-

- You stay right here,
nigga, I'll do that.

- [Gregory] Look lady,
we got your husband.


- What's wrong with him?

- Shit.

This nigga just asleep.

- Aight.

Well, we made contact.

- She on the phone?

- Dude say he gonna
call her back right now.

You like playing with that, huh,

keep that light out of my face, man.

- Aight.

Well I'm going upstairs

and make sure this shit is handled right.


What's up?

I bet she didn't answer.

- No, I got her.

I'm practicing, she picked up.

- You practicing?

- Yeah, practicing the speech
so I can get the money, man.

- Look, nigga, don't

fuck this up!
- Whoah, man!

What's up with the gun, man?

Come on, dude, look, I gotta
practice man, all right?

- Don't fuck this up, man!

- Just let me do what I do, man.

What's up with the gun?

- Practice.
- All right,

I'm calling man, now calm down, dude.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?


- Listen, lady, I'm only
gonna say this one time.

We have Savon.

If you ever wanna see him again alive,


If you call the police, we kill him.

And if you don't give us the money,

we'll kill him.

Pick up your phone in 20 minutes.

- Stupid plan. (mumbling)

- That's what the fuck you was rehearsing?

- Dude, I got to give her
something to think about.

She's not gonna believe
me right off the top.

- That's some bullshit,

- Oh, come on, man,

look dude.

- I'll smack you upside

your motherfucking head.
- I gotta give her something

to think about.
- Put this clown ass nigga

fucking around, what the fuck

you all doin?

- Hey, I ain't gonna be too
many motherfuckin clowns

and I'm not scared of you at all, nigga,

and you need to stop frontin
with all your bullshit threats.

- You and this motherfucker
gon stop playing.

Gonna go merc this motherfucker

like I should have been in the beginning.

- Good, nigga, that's your department!

Get down there and watch him!

- Look, man, I can't work like this

with this dude putting his gun in my-

- Shut up, nigga.

Call that bitch back.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Okay baby.

Really, stop playing on the phone.

- Look, lady.

I'm not playing with you.

I have your husband

and we will kill him.

- Oh, okay, okay, I'll play along.

So, how would I know
that you have my husband?

- Well is he there with you now?

- Is he there with me now,

you know what, if this is so real,

let me talk to Savon.

- I'll see if I can arrange that.

- Is this Cashmere?

- No, this is half a million dollars.

You got one hour.

(tense music)

She don't believe we got him.

We'll have to let her talk to him.

(phone beeping)


- Baby?

Baby, are you in the other room?

(tense music)

- What's going on?

- She wanna talk to him.

- Uh uh, no.

- Uh uh no, what you talking about?

- That ain't a good idea.

- Anybody ask you shit
about no ideas, man?

- [Gregory] Tell your
wife this is not a game.

(phone ringing)

- You need to stop playing over my phone.

- Babe, it's me.

- Savon?

- Just listen to me.

This is not a game.

These niggas done kidnapped me.


Neesy, you there?

- [Gregory] She hung up, hello?

- [Savon] Neesy!

- [Gregory] Hello?

- Neesy!

- Hello?

- Yeah, yes, yes, I'm here.

Listen, why do you have him?

What do you want?

- Look, it's simple.

You got one hour to get
half a million dollars.

- Wait, wait, wait, hello,

let me talk to him again!

- Yeah, you can talk to him.

After we get our money.

- Hell, no, uh uh.

You're talking to her too soft.

Give me this damn phone.

Look, bitch!

The rules are simple.

We got your man!

If you don't pay, we're
gonna ship this nigga

back to your ass in a UPS box!

Now make up your motherfucking mind!

We're not playing.

We want this motherfucking money

and we want it right now!

- Look, I don't know who the fuck you are.

But I gotta talk to him.

And if I don't talk to him,

then fuck you.

- Hello?


This bitch done hung up on me.

- Don't ever do no stupid
shit like that again.

- What?

- Give him his phone.

- This some bullshit.

I'm not babysitting this nigga.

Fuck that.

- Call her back.

- What?!

- (sighing) Yeah.

I apologize about that interruption.

Back to business.

- Like I said, I need
to talk to my husband.

- No, you can't talk to him anymore.

You already talked to him,

you know how he's doing.

Look, let's get past this,
just talk about the money.

- I'm not talking about money

until I talk to my husband!

- I can't let you talk to him.

- Why not!?

- Why not?

(clears throat) Look, get us the money,

you can talk to him all you want.

- Ask her could she hear this!

(Savon groaning)

- Look, Denise.

My associates aren't as nice as I.

- [Gutta] Ask her can she hear this?

(Savon groaning)

- Do you hear Savon?

- Oh my god, baby!

What are you doing?

What are you doing to him?

What's going on?

- Do you hear him?

- Oh my god, oh my god.

- Ask her if she can hear her man in pain!

- Look, I need to talk to him!

Okay, you do what you gotta do.

Do what you gotta do,
I need to talk to him!

I'm not talking to you, fuck!

- [Gregory] You can stop
it man, she hung up.

- What?

- She hung up the phone.

- Get the fuck outta here!

- Call her back.

Go and call her back.

- [Gutta] This bitch
don't think we serious.

It's pissing me the fuck off!

This bitch keep pissing me off,

I'm taking it out on your ass, nigga!

(Savon exclaiming)

- Look, man.

I'm going upstairs to talk.

There's too many distractions down here.

(Savon groaning)

- [Gutta] I'm not babysitting
this motherfucker.


Fuck this shit!

(tense music)

♪ I want you little lady ♪

♪ Freak me, put your back in it ♪

♪ Now dig in it ♪

♪ I want you to lean with it ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ So you made it backstage, huh ♪

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Hey, Denise.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

calm down, what's wrong?

- [Denise] They got Savon.

They kidnapped him.

- What?!

- Yeah, I don't know what to do.

You were the first
person I thought to call.

- Okay, look, I'm on my way.

I'm on my way.

Whatever you do, just don't call the cops.

- What, don't call the cops?

What do you mean, I thought
you'd be the first person

to say call.

- Well I'm only saying
that 'cause if you do

then they might try to kill him.

- Shoot, that's the other line.

What should I tell 'em?

- Aight, look, stall
them as long as you can.

I'm on my way.

- Yes?

- Wow, what took you so long?

What you do, call the police?

- No!

No I didn't.

- Look, lady, you're
making this very difficult.

- No, no, no, no, no, I'm
not making it difficult.

Why are you messing with him?

- Look, it's this simple.

Give us the money and
you'll get Savon back.

Don't give us the money

and you'll never see him again.

- Why are you doing this?

- That's not important ,sweety.

What is important is
your husband's safety.

(phone beeping)

(somber music)

- [Savon] Stop playing,
Neesy, you know I love you.

I was just about to say,

we always in each other head!

How you do that?

Neesy, what's wrong?

That part of my life is over.

I'm serious, baby.

I'ma tell you like I tell everybody.

If I ever be kidnapped, assume the worst

and keep the money.

(tense music)

- [Cash] Hey, hey, what's going on?

So, any word on anything?

- Mmm-mmm, mmmm-mmm.

Know what, I got a plan.

All right, I gotta try something.

I gotta do something or I'm
gonna lose my mind, okay?

(phone ringing)

- [Cash] Answer it.

- Give me a minute, all right?

(phone ringing)

- [Cash] Denise, what are you doing?

Answer the phone!
- All right!


- Denise.

In my opinion you don't love your husband.

'Cause if you did, you'd pay.

- No, I love my husband.

That's why I'm not paying you anything.

(suspenseful music)

- What the hell was that, Denise?

These guys are all about the money.

They will kill him!

- I'm trying to do what I think my husband

would want me to do, all right?

And he wouldn't want me
to pay them anything!

- Oh, so you don't think
that he would want you

to get him that money?

- [Denise] No, I don't!

- I don't believe that.

- So what she say?

- (sighing) Not only did she say

she's not gonna pay us anything,

but she keeps hanging
the damn phone up on me.

- Now why would she do
some stupid shit like that?

- 'Cause she thinks her
man is already dead.

- She can't be for real.

She must think we bullshitting.

She must don't think we got him.

- No, she knows we got him.

- Okay.

Well it's time to get real then, goddamit.

- Whoah, man.

- Get your ass back on the phone

and let's holler at her.

- What?

- Get her back on the phone
and let's holler at her!

- You know, here, man, you do this shit.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- What?!

- Look, lady.

I'm the wrong motherfucker
to be bullshitting with!

Oh, so you think your husband dead?

You know what, I'll make
your motherfucking conscience

a reality then.

You got one motherfucking
hour to get us that paper

or your motherfucker Savon
is gonna be dead Von,

do you understand me?

- No, do you understand me?

I'm not paying you anything!

- This bitch done hung up the phone again!

Man, take this motherfucking phone,

I'm through talking to this bitch!

- Why you gambling with
Savon's life like this, huh?

Look, Denise, you really
need to help me understand

exactly what you're trying to do.

I know the old Savon would have wanted you

to act like this.

But the new Savon wants to be home.

(tense music)

- I'm getting bored, man.

I think we should just
kill this nigger right now.

(gun clacking)

- We need to go to plan B.

- Fuck plan B!

Fuck talking, fuck thinking,

fuck all this negotiating.

This bitch don't wanna talk,

and neither do I!

And you know what?

Fuck the money.

We movin on to our next client.

- Hell no, we definitely not talking about

fuck the money.

You crazy?

- Man.

- Think about what you say, man.

(Savon groaning)

- What's the matter, man?

- I'm dizzy, man.

- What's digging here, what's going on?

- I'm diabetic.
- What?

- I'm diabetic.

- Look man, relax, you know what?

I'ma try and get you some
orange juice, all right?

(Savon coughing)

Hey, something's the matter with him.

- What's the matter with him?

- It's a diabetic, dude.

- What?

I don't give a fuck about this nigger

being no diabetic,

I'm about to murph this motherfucker.

- Look, man.

Let's just break out of here, man.

He don't know who we are.

We could still get out of here clear.

- There we go.

- You wanna break out of here?

What's wrong with you, you scared?

- Oh, man I ain't scared but,

look man, we supposed to get him,

trade for the cash.

This shit ain't working.

Let's just get out of here

before it gets deeper-

- Fuck that!

We gonna kill this nigga
and then let him go.

- Kill him?

That don't make sense, man.

If we kill him, we still
not gonna get the paper.

Look, I ain't come in
this to kill nobody, dude.

I came here to get the money, man.

That's it!

- We're trying to figure out
how to get the money right now

and you're trying to back out of it.

- Look, I say we just drop him off, man

and we just go.

- That's cool, I say we just chill

and figure it out.

- Let me talk to her.

I'll make her give you what you want.

I just want this over with.

I want this over with.

- It's not a bad idea.

She wants to talk to him anyway.

- You see what I mean?

That's how you figure shit out.

You let him figure it out.

He'll save his own ass.

- No doubt.

- That nigga got issues.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Yes!

- Denise, listen up, no,

this is your last chance.

Talk, man.

- Babe.

- It's Savon.

(Savon coughing)

Baby, you all right?

- I need you to go
upstairs in the baby room.

There's a bag.

There's a bag in the back of the closet.


There's a bag in the back of the closet.

It should have about 500,000.

Just get the bag.

Give it to 'em.

Just do what they say,

just give them the money.

- [Gregory] Denise?

So, do we have an understanding?

- No.

No, we don't.

- You still not gonna pay?

Are you insane?

- Goddamit, bitch!

Look, we ain't playing no
more of your ransom games, ho!

Your own motherfucking husband
tell you to pay the money

and you still don't pay?!

We kidnapped the wrong motherfucker.

We should have kidnapped your stupid ass!


- Hello?

- All right, $100,000, all right?


- She said she'll give us $100,000.

- Hell no, fuck that!

- This ain't no motherfuckin' negotiation.

We said $500,000 and nothing less.

- Denise, now how you gonna go on

and do something like that, huh?

How would you feel if these
fools just kill him, huh?

Or maybe you just want his money.


- Fuck you, Cash!

All right, fuck you!

I want my husband home!

All right, I can't even
believe you would say

anything to me like that!

- Look.

I'm sorry.

You know maybe I feel this way because

he's been my friend

longer than he's been your husband.

Let's just try to get this money

so we can get him out.

(tense music)

- Talked to the boss, he said

if we don't get what we want,

go ahead and kill him.

- You hear that big playa?

If your little wifey don't be here

we'll come dance real soon,

I get to blow your motherfucking head off.

I'm going upstairs.

Keep an eye on this bitch ass nigger.

- Hello?


Sis, what's wrong with you?

- They got him.

They got Savon.

They kidnapped him.

- Are you serious?

DJ, go upstairs.

- Look, I know I didn't call you.

All right, but I know how you get.

- But I'm a cop, Denise.

Okay, so what do they want?

- They want everything.

Yeah, half a million dollars.

- Look, Savon told her
where the money was.

- You talked to Savon?

And he told you to pay 'em?

- Yeah!

But for some odd reason
she wants to continue

to play this little cat and mouse games

with the kidnappers!

- So what do you expect her to do?

- What are you talking about, Angela?

I expect her to pay the money

so we can get him home
as soon as possible!

- Well I think we should call the police!

I know some officers who
can help us with this!

- I don't think we need to do that.

I can't do that!

- [Angela] So what are you gonna do?

- I don't know!

Okay, I don't know!

- Okay, look.

It's been a long day

and you still got on your work clothes.

Let's just go upstairs

so you can freshen up a little bit.

Hopefully it'll help you
think a little better.


- Hey, look.

(tense music)

- Relax, man, it's me.

I got a question for you.

Why won't your wife pay, man?

(Savon coughing)

Whoah, breathe, breathe,
homie, breathe, breathe.

Breathe, come on.

Come on, relax, breathe.

You know, man,

I know this ain't the most
comfortable place, but,

you need to know, man, it wasn't supposed

to go down like this.

We were supposed to grab you,

get the money and

have you back at home
chillin with your wife.

Just, shit got messed up.

- Why can't y'all earn your money

like decent people?

- Hey, come on man, look,

don't take it like that.

It's just, somebody told us you had loot.

Said if we grabbed you,

that your peoples will pay.

But obviously, your wife won't pay.

- You still taking other people money?

Why can't y'all work?

Your own money.

- You got a point there.

Maybe that's why this shit won't work out.

Look, man.

You think your wife should pay?

- Y'all gonna get your money.

Y'all gonna get your money.

So just spare me the small talk.

- No, you're taking it the wrong way.

But look.

I didn't get into this,
man, to hurt anybody.

I got into it just to get some paper, man,

just to get some money.

That's all I needed.

Wasn't supposed to wind up like this.

- Yeah, money, money, money.

Shit crazy.

- When you out here on the streets, man,

you gotta support a family,

you gonna do what you gotta do.

It's all about supporting the family, man,

ain't nothing going on out here.

And man,

I'm doing what I gotta do.

- [Savon] Why don't you get a job?

- Ain't you the self-righteous bastard.

(scoffing) Dude.

Don't talk to me about getting no job.

(sighing) You know, I
got a college degree?

I got a college degree.

And I can't find a fucking job.

Let me tell you, you wanna
know why I'm doing this?

The only reason I'm doing this

is for my son.

My son.

Nigga, I got a son that's fucking dying!

Motherfucking college degree.

Can't even get a goddamn job.

My son, man, if I don't get this money

my fucking son is gonna die.

I don't give a fuck about you

or none of them other motherfuckers.

- Just spare me the
jack, you fucking story.

- Yeah I don't expect you to understand.

You ain't got no kids.

You don't know what it's like

to be out here trying to
support a family, do you?

Do you?

Let me tell you something.

When the opportunity
comes to make some money,

and your son is laying on a deathbed,

nigga, you there.

(tense music)

- [Angela] So when they
call, do you see the number

on the caller ID?

- No, it just comes up unavailable.

- [Angela] Girl, I swear I
think you should just go ahead

and pay 'em.

- No, I don't think so.

Okay, 'cause he's talking about things

like a baby's room,
and look under pictures

and things like that.

- [Angela] Yeah, and?

- Well we don't have a baby's room

so it doesn't make sense.

That's why I don't
think he really wants me

to pay them.

- [Angela] Girl, I swear I
think you should just go ahead

and call the police and let us handle it.

- Well no, I can handle it.

I can handle it!

- Never let 'em see you sweat.

- All right, you're right.

You're right.

- Right, let's go.

- Okay, look, I'll just
call you back, all right?

Aight Denise, so what's up?

- [Denise] I'm ready.

- Okay, so when are we
gonna give them the money?

- When they call back, okay?

And when they do, I'm gonna ask them

to take the $100,000.

- Okay, but they're not.

And if they were, they
would have said yes already.

I mean, come on, Denise,

you can't continue to play
games with these cats.

You don't know what
they're capable of doing.

I do.

- Cash, why are you on her
about giving up the money?

- Because, Angela, we can't continue

to be playing these games.

I mean, come on, they're talking about

a half a million dollars.

She talking about giving
them a hundred grand!

- So?

And if she was only talking
about giving up five dollars

you should be supporting her!

She going through enough,
she don't need this shit!

- I mean, what are you talking about,

I am supporting her!

That's why I'm telling her.

She can't just give them a hundred grand!

- So why don't you put
up the difference then?

'Cause I don't see you
talking about putting up shit!

And you supposed to be his best friend.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Look, lady, last chance.

What do you wanna do?

- 100,000.

All right, that's it.

I'd rather put half a
million in the streets

for your asses.

- I thought you loved this man.

I thought you'd do anything for him.

- Fuck this bitch!

- Whoah, whoah, come on man, calm down.

- [Gutta] This bitch still
playing ransom games?

- Whoah, lady, he has a
gun to your husband's head.

Please, lady, tell me something.

I can't stop him.

Now, come on man, calm down!

- Hold on, I'm about to blow
this motherfucker head off,

she better tell us something.

- Lady, he's gonna shoot your husband.

I cannot stop him this time.

Tell me something.

He's about to kill your husband!

Tell me something!

Come on man, calm down!

- Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma!

I just beat the game again!

- Baby, go back upstairs, that's fine.

- But Ma, I just beat the
game I beat Uncle Savon with.

- Baby, that's fine.

Go back upstairs now.

- Aw, man.

- Okay.

Okay, I'll do it.

- [Gregory] Hold, man, she's
gonna pay, she's gonna pay.

Hold on.

- Under one condition.

You ask my husband for the code.

- She's talking about some code, man.

What, what, what?

What's the code, man?

- [Gutta] What the fuck's going on?

- What's the code?
- What's the code, nigga?

- He knows it.

Okay, he knows it.

You get that, I'll get you your money.

- [Gregory] Tell me
the code, man, come on!

- [Savon Voiceover] See that?

That's why I love her.

They hear code and think money.

But what I hear is yes or no.

- L, one five four.

- What is it, say it again?

- L one five four.

- L one five four, you got it?

- Okay.

I'll get your money together, just,

I need like 20 minutes.

- No, you got 10 minutes.

- Shit!

- I thought that bitch would break.

- That's it. (sighing)

(sighing) Well man, I got
some candy for you, man.

There was some upstairs.

Hopefully this'll make you feel better.


Here, open your mouth, open your mouth.


You got a hell of a woman, man.

- You ain't gotta tell me what I got.

- No man, don't take it like that, look.

What I'm saying is that
she kept it together.

Man she's been holding
this down the whole time.

I just wish my girl was a
little bit like that, man.

I wish she could handle
herself under pressure.

- So I guess you'll all get your own

get a nice cut of my money, huh?

- Nah.

I don't know what their cut is, man.

All I know is that my piece,

it'll be enough for me to help my son.

Maybe get another start.

That's all I need.

- So.

How'd you get involved in this anyway?

You just don't seem
like you built for this.

- Oh, now you all inquisitive.



A while ago, I was in the joint, man.

Walked into a pharmacy,

and I had a toy gun.

I stuck the pharmacy up for some medicine.

Yeah, it don't sound too smart, but

I had to do what I had to do, man.

My son was sick.

It was the only way I
could get the medicine.

(sighing) But I didn't get the medicine.

Instead, I got jail.

But that's where I met this guy

who had this plan about you.

So he hooked me up on it, man.

I mean, I was desperate, dude, for real.

I mean I would have gave up my left arm

just to get some money, man.


But it wasn't supposed
to be like this, man.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt, man.

(sighing) This shit is crazy, but,


- So let me ask you this.

What you think gonna happen to me after?

After they get my money?

- Tell you the truth, dude?

I don't think they want you alive.

- So I'm dead anyway then.

- Yeah, I'ma help you get out of here.

(tense music)

- [Angela] Neesy?

- Yeah.

I'm over here, come here.

I'm gonna need you to help
me move this thing over.

Come on, one two.

- You got it?

I can't believe you got this
much money in your basement.

- Yeah, well.

It was our living good
money, but you know.

Travel the world, put the
kids in private school.

- Now sis, I know this may be a shocker

but when I was in the Police Academy,

my mission was to take down

as many drug dealers as I could.

And I used to think that the drug deals

were responsible for like
all the crime on the streets.

But I actually see it differently

now that I actually knew one.

Savon is really good to you.

And y'all really do connect.

Everything that you've done to this point

had been amazing.

- Thanks, girl, but for real,

I just want my man home.

- All right.
- Okay?

- Okay.

- All right, so come on.

- Come on, let me help you.

- All right.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

Let's go.

(gun clacking)

- [Star] Hey.

- [Gutta] What the fuck are you doing?

Go back upstairs!

- What the hell is taking y'all so long?

- [Gutta] Don't worry about
what's taking us so long.

We got this under control down here.

And who the fuck told
you to come here anyway?

- Obviously, boss man
told me to come down here

and wait until the cell phone rings.

- [Gutta] You know what,

don't forget your role in all this.

- I know my role in all this.

- [Gutta] And what's your role?

Giving my motherfucking pussy away?

- Why, you want some?

- [Gutta] Yo, I'm sick of leftovers.

- [Star] Fuck you, Gutta.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?


- Yes, hello?

- Here's where I want you
to drop off the money at.

- All right.

But listen, you should
just talk to the person

who's gonna do the actual drop.

Please, please.

- Hurry up, put him on.

- Yeah.

- Make sure you come alone.

Go to Chinatown, Cermak.

- Give me a pen.

- Take a right.

Proceed north until you
get to an old bridge.

- Right.

- Go behind the abandoned warehouse

and sit there until I contact you.

- Okay.

- You got a cell phone number?

Give it to me.

Got it.

Leave now.

- I'm on my way.

- You don't want any backup?

- No.

I'ma bring him home, I promise.

I promise.

(tense music)

- I think he's just nervous.

(sighing) I don't trust his ass.

Wait, I just thought about something.

- What?

- When you mentioned
to dude over the phone

that you were sending
someone else to do the drop,

how did he respond?

- What do you mean?

I don't know, what?

- I mean, you just said that a
man that they never talked to

was handling the drop.

- So?

- So?

Did he ask you was the man a friend?

Did he ask you was the man a cop?

Shit, did he ask you
anything about Cashmere?

- No, no, he didn't.

- So when you told them that
Cash was bringing the money,

what did they exactly say?

- He just said put him on the phone.

- That don't surprise me.

What did I tell you earlier?

It's almost always somebody that you know.

Think about it, Denise.

Who knows what Savon has
more than you and Cash?

That's bullshit.

I'm gonna go follow his ass.

- All right.

Just be careful, okay?

- Sis, I'm a cop, remember?

(tense music)

(siren sounding)

- [Cop] Man, get your
hands out of your pockets

and step over here.

- [Bald Cop] Put your hands down.

How you doing?

- I'm fine, officer.

- This your car?

(phone ringing)

Go ahead, you can answer.

- I'm cool, man, it's just my girl.

- [Cop] Hey partner,
I'ma go run his plate.

- Have you got a driver's license

and proof of insurance?

- Yes, in my glove compartment.

- [Bald Cop] Go get it.

(phone ringing)

She really want to see you, huh?

- I guess so.

- Tell me something.

Why you hanging around here?

- Well you know, actually I just decided

to stop over and take a piss.

- Follow me.

- I'm getting in the car for?

- Follow me.

Get in there.

- [Cash] Why I gotta get in?

- Because he says so!

Now get your butt in the car!

- What we got?

- This car's registered to a Savon Wesley.

- Who's that?

- It's my best friend, man.

I mean he helped me get the car.

He always helps me.

(phone ringing)

- Best friend?

Its insurance is in his name.

Hey, run his license.

- Okay.

- [Cash] Look man, it's
aight I can go now?

- Look, calm down, sir.

I'm just writing you a ticket

for an expired sticker!

- Look, I'm sick of hearing that phone.

Answer it.

- I'm cool.

- Answer the fucking phone.

- Yeah.

- Dude, I've called you four times, man.

You're not picking up your phone.

What, you think this is a game?

You think this is a joke?

- Man, just calm down, aight?

- Look, stay there.

Somebody'll be there to pick up the money.

You understand that?

- Cool.

- Step out.

Follow instructions so you
can get your license back.

- [Cop] Take care of that sticker.

- So we good?

- Yeah, yeah, we good.

Go get Gutta, tell him I said come in.

- What's up, man?

- Nigga, you're not authorized to ask me

so many motherfucking questions.

Do what I tell you.

Get Gutta, now!

- Ay.

- Yo, it's me.

Yeah, yeah, yep, yep.

And the money coming, yes.

It's all good on this thing over here.

That's all I'm trying to tell you, so.

From this point on, I mean you know that.

It's all good, the money on its way.

All right?


- What's taking so long?

(tense music)

- Hey, baby.

- What's wrong?

You're looking stressed out.

- What are you doing here?

Are you following me or something?

- No.

You must have forgot.

I talked to you earlier,

you say you were gonna be down here.

- What?

What are you talking about?

I don't remember telling
you nothing like that.

Well look, anyway, baby,
I'm trying to take care

of some business right now, okay?

I mean, now maybe we can hook
up later on or something.

- No.

What's going on?

- Business.

So what I'ma need you to do is go home.

I don't want you to get hurt.

- Baby, look, I'm scared.

- Scared of what?

Look, everything is gonna be aight.

But I just need you to get outta here.

I need you to go home.

- I'm scared.

I really don't wanna do this.

- Do what?

- This.

(silenced gun firing)


Yeah, I did it.

Yeah, and I got the money.

Look, I want you to meet me on 4800 West.

No, I'm not coming through that back door.

I told you, I hate rats
and it was a lot of rats

the last time.

Yeah, look, look.

Listen, all right look,
I'm on my way, all right?

All right.

(intense music)

(music calming down)

- Hey now what the fuck is going on now?

What the fuck do you want, man?

I'm down there handling my
business on this motherfucker,

you call me up here on some bullshit.

You and this nigger running round here

with your heads cut off,

don't know what the fuck is going on!

Back and forth on the phone

with this bitch playing games.

I don't operate like this!

I do this shit every motherfucking day!

So let's get one more fucking
thing straightened out!

You ain't running shit,
motherfucker, what's up?

- Shit, I mean I just
talked to the boss, nothing.

- Fuck the boss, man.

I'm talking to the boss.

Tell that nigga to call
me if he wanna get down.

That clown think he's shit and all.

- Hey Gutta!

(gun firing)

(body thudding)


(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Denise.

- Cash, man, tell me you got Savon, man.

- They shot me.

- What?

Look, I can't understand you.

What's wrong?

- Star, Star shot me.

- No.

Oh my god, oh my god.

I know where she headed.

She got the money.

She headed 4800 West.

- All right, all right, all right,

just hold on, all right, you
hold on, you hang in there.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry Denise.

I promised.

- Okay, you just hang on, I'ma do it.

- I promised you I was gonna bring him.

- Hello?


No. (sobbing)

(suspenseful music)


Okay, DJ?

- Whoah, hey, hey man, what you doing?

Man, what you doing with the gun?

- [Brick] No, I mean what you doing?

- Man look, I am not doing nothing, man.

Come on, put the gun down.

- I heard you pussy motherfucker

you said you would help
him get out of here.

- [Gregory] No, no, no, dude,
that ain't what you heard.

- Shut the fuck up, nigga.

- [Gregory] Man look, it's not-

- You said you was gonna
help him get out of here?

- [Gregory] No, no, it's not
what you thought, man, please.

- You scared pussy ass nigga,

I knew you was gonna be like this.

- [Gregory] It's not like that, man,

it's not like that.

Look, just put the gun down before-

(gun firing)

(body thudding)

(Savon whimpering)

- Shut the fuck up, nigga.

(gun clacking)

You heard that?

Okay, settle it down.

And be quiet as a motherfucking mouse,

I got somebody I wanna
bring here for you to meet.



- [Star] Hello?

- [Brick] Yeah?

- [Star] Where y'all at?

- [Brick] Down here.

- [Star] Where?

Hey, what's up?

- [Brick] Let me look at it.

- [Star] Where's Gutta?

- [Brick] I don't know,
everything in here?

All the money?
- Where's everybody at?

Yeah, all the money's in there.

Where everybody at?

You know what, I ain't
got time for all this.

Just give me my cut.

- [Brick] You want your cut?

- [Star] Yeah I want my cut!

(gun firing)

(phone ringing)

- Yeah, you here?

Okay, cool, I'ma let you
in through the side door.

- [Denise] It's gonna be all right.

Let's go.

(tense music)

- The plan was not to kill nobody.

- I was planning for these motherfuckers

not to get in my way.

- Who is that?

- Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

- Ange?

What are you doing?

Why are you doing this?

- Why?

Fuck you, nigga!

You know how long I've
waited for this moment?

- But you lied.

How could you do this to your sister?

- How could I?

Have you forgotten that fucking fast?

I was married once.

I was pregnant.

With DJ!

Derrick's child, remember?

Do you remember that night?!

- You pregnant with my son?

- We're gonna be okay!

- Oh hell no, fuck that shit, man!

- Savon, tell him not to go nowhere,

- I have to go

handle my business.
- Yeah he gotta handle

his business.

- That's bullshit!

You ain't gotta go nowhere!

- Look, will you just calm down?

Just let me go

handle my business.
- No, I'm not gonna calm down.

You ain't gotta go,

please don't go, baby, please.

- [Savon] D.

- I gotta go handle my business.

- [Savon] You gotta let
a man be a man, Ange.

He gonna be aight.

- You bring him back home.

- [Savon] He gonna be cool.

(somber music)

- Man, there go them niggas right there.

- [Savon] You sure that's them?

- I wouldn't give a
fuck if it wasn't them.

I'm down for whatever.

- [Savon] Y'all remember the plan, right?

- Like wiping my ass.

- Let's do the damn thing.

- Aight, remember.

Watch each other back.

- [Derrick] Your back is watched.

- Let's do this.

(doors thudding)

(guns firing)

Shit, shit.

Come on man, come on!

Fuck is wrong with you?!

(gun firing)

Oh, damn, oh fuck, shit!

- Come on man, we gotta go, we gotta go!

(car starting)

(tense music)

(gun firing)

- Savon.



No, no, no, no! (sobbing)


I begged Derrick not to leave.

But your ass insisted!

But if he had stayed,

DJ would have a father right now!

All this because he trusted you!

He trusted you more than he trusted me!

His own fucking wife!

Then you have the nerve
to go home without him!

Telling me he was dead?

That he was shot and killed?

- I've apologized for that so many times.

I'm sorry for what happened to Derrick.

That's why I always tried to
be a good role model for DJ.

I know I made some mistakes, but,

- That's not enough!

That's not fucking enough!

- [Savon] So what you want?

- Your life.

- Okay, listen.

I need you to hide behind here.

And just be quiet, okay,

we'll come back for you, okay?

- [DJ] Okay.

- Okay, now just be quiet, be careful,

real quiet, go, go, go.


I'll be back for you.

(tense music)

- [Angela] All this.

Because he trusted you!

He trusted you more than he trusted me!

His own fucking wife!

- Listen, you don't have to do this.

- I'm sorry, Savon.

But it gotta be this way.

This way, it's even!

And my sister and I can move on together

and start a new life.

(gun clacking)

- Oh my god, Angela?

- And you must be Denise.

- If you put one hand on my fucking wife,

I swear I'ma kill you!

- How you gonna kill me,
nigga, you dead already.

The fuck you talking about?

- I'll take care of this.

You handle him.

Goodbye, Savon.
- Don't do this, Ange.

Don't do this, Ange.


- My baby.

- [Angela] Yeah, it's me, bitch.

You surprised?

Get the fuck up the stairs!

- Why are you doing this?

- Get up there!
- Why are you doing this?!

- It's time to go, nigga.

(gun clacking)

Talk all that shit.

- I'm gonna kill you with
my own fucking hands.

- [Brick] You want me to kill you?

Stupid motherfucker!

Who you gonna kill now, nigga?


Get the fuck outta here.


- [Savon] Gonna kill you
with my own fucking hands.


- [Brick] Bum shit nigger.

- Fucker!

Fuck you!


- [Gregory] It's over.

I'm not gonna let you kill him!

(intense music)

(gun firing)

Come on, man.

Wake up, man.

Come on, it's gonna be
all right man, come on.

Come on, man, come on.

You up, you up, come on.

Get it, come on, man.

- I thought you got shot.

- No, man, look.

It's a vest.

I never trust that
nigga right there, okay?

Come on.

- Angela, come on.

What is this about?

What is this about?

- Sis!

You're just as guilty
as your fucking husband!

- Guilty of what?

- You walk around like you're the shit!

That big ass house and all this money?

- Is this what this is all about?

Some fucking money?!

- Fuck the money!

This is about you.

This is about my revenge!

Have you forgotten?!

Have your bougie ass forgotten?

Your husband is the reason
why my husband is dead!

- How can you say that,

when me and Savon have just
done everything we could

for you and your child?

How can you even say that?

- I didn't need Savon!

I didn't need Savon or his fucking money!


I'm sorry, sis.

But I gotta do

what I gotta do.

- So you gonna shoot me now.

Your own flesh and blood?

You gonna shoot me now?!

- Angie, no!

- [Denise] Oh my god!

- Stop it, put the gun down, it's over.

Put the gun down.

- Denise, get away from him!

Get away from him, Denise.

Get away from him, I'm
gonna shoot his ass!

Get away from him.

- Shoot him, Angela,

and you shoot me.

You shoot him, you shoot me.

So shoot me, Angela, shoot me, please!

- So now I gotta kill both of you?

- No mama!

No mommy, no!

Please don't kil them.

- [Gregory] Lady, put
the gun down, please!

- DJ, move back away, DJ.

- Put the gun down, lady.


- Come on, sis, it don't
have to be like this.

- Please forgive me, forgive me!

- No, come on Angela,

you don't have to do.
- Please forgive me.

- [Gregory] No.

- Come on.

- Angela no!
- No!

(gun firing)

- [Savon Voiceover] I
wonder if he'll hate me

once he finds out why this all happened.

I know I let his mother down

but I promise I won't let him down.


People forget, but the streets

never let you forget.

But I still got unfinished business.

(tense music)

- I don't understand, baby.

Isn't there something
else the doctors can do?

- Sweetheart, it's gonna be okay.

Here, button your coat up, man,

before you get cold.

Catch a cold and be in there.
- Don't worry about me.

- But I worry about you.

Hey, it'll be all right, sweety.

Come on, stop crying.

- [Man] There that nigga go right there.

- [Man] Let's go.

- All right?

I worry about you.

It'll be okay, they're
doing all they can do.

And you know,

God has a way of working
everything else through, all right?

- You're so right, babe.

- Oh, shit.

- Relax.

It's okay.


Go ahead, take it.

It's all right.

It's all right.

I want you to take that as
a token of my appreciation

for everything you done
for me and my family.

I want you to take that money
and get your son healthy.

Show him a new way of life,

show him something
different from what we know.

'Cause once he know better,

maybe he'll do better.

And maybe we can break this
vicious cycle, all right?

It's okay, man.

It's all right.

Appreciate it, brother.

Take care of yourself.

- Son?

What son, we don't have a son.

- I know.

- What is the briefcase for?

- Let's just say I won the game.

- [Woman] Game?

- Let's go check on your mom, come on.

- Game?
- Come on.

- What game?

What game are you talking about?

- Babe, it's okay, no.
- What is the briefcase about?

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ You want money then get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ Get money get money get money ♪

♪ Go get 'em ♪

♪ Go get 'em ♪

♪ Go get 'em ♪

♪ When you see me come and run ♪

♪ When you see me comin', get low ♪

♪ Ain't no hesitation homie ♪

♪ Duh, hit the floor ♪

♪ When you see me sprayin ♪

♪ Hopefully you got a vest ♪

♪ Otherwise I ain't gonna
hesitate to add to your stress ♪

♪ You ain't never seen a
nigger spit the game like me ♪

♪ And if you don't know what I'm riding ♪

♪ It's a 73 ♪

♪ See I'm a legend in
the streets you know ♪

♪ Bomb your squad ♪

♪ I'm like ballin MJG ♪

♪ When I come out hard ♪

♪ See where I come from ♪

♪ It's an incognizant prison ♪

♪ And outside in the slum ♪

♪ It's shooting dice for a living ♪

♪ See we working these jobs ♪

♪ But they ain't giving us raises ♪

♪ We start hustling hard ♪

♪ They got us pushing up daisies ♪

♪ Some consider me grown ♪

♪ All I do is speak the truth ♪

♪ I don't talk on the phone ♪

♪ All I do is heat the booth ♪

♪ And caucasians be telling me ♪

♪ Homie you jiggy like Will ♪

♪ Barnum and Bailey telling
me you got spectacular skill ♪

♪ See I came here to hurt you ♪

♪ And gotta get fan mail ♪

♪ And I'm going commercial
to try to boost my sales ♪

♪ When my album drop ♪

♪ I come to slay like I'm Buffy ♪

♪ When I climb to the top ♪

♪ I'ma change my name like I'm Puffy ♪

♪ You see me come and run ♪

♪ When you see me coming, get low ♪

♪ Ain't no hesitation homie ♪

♪ Duh, hit the floor ♪

♪ When you see me sprayin ♪

♪ Hopefully you got a vest ♪

♪ Otherwise I ain't gonna
hesitate to add to your stress ♪

♪ You see me come and run ♪

♪ When you see me coming, get low ♪

♪ Ain't no hesitation homie ♪

♪ Duh, hit the floor ♪

♪ When you see me sprayin ♪

♪ Hopefully you got a vest ♪

♪ Otherwise I ain't gonna
hesitate to add to your stress ♪

(hip hop music)

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪

♪ There it is ♪

♪ Oh oh whoah ♪