Ransom (1996) - full transcript

Tom Mullen is a millionaire, he built his fortune by working hard. Along the way he learned how to play the game. He has a great family. One day his son is kidnapped. He is willing to pay the ransom but decides to call in the FBI, who manages to go into his home secretly. When he goes to make the drop something goes wrong. The kidnapper calls him again and reschedules it. On the way Mullen decides not to go and appears on TV saying that the ransom he was going to give to the kidnapper is now a bounty on the kidnapper.

- Peter, I'm so happy to see you.
- Hi. How are you?

- I'm wonderful. How are you?
- Good, good.

Is this a night for a party or what?

- We had this huge mix-up...
- Okay, everyone.

- I found his commercial. Come on in.
- Oh, I can't wait to see it.

Oh, he can't weasel out of
this one. We're gonna show it.

It's show time, folks. Let's go.

Hey, quiet!

I came from fairly humble beginnings
from upstate New York.

- And to be honest...
- Nice make-up.

...I’d never even been
on an airplane before.

Not until the Air Force taught me to fly
in 1969.

I ended up doing 28 combat missions
for them.

In 1971 ... Oh, a tough year.

I threw everything I owned
into a charter service.

You look better than those frogs
in that beer commercial.

When we kicked off,
we had a six-seater and one DC-3,

and we would fly anywhere.

We were like the yellow cabs
of the sky.

Ln 1979, we started Endeavor,

and we only flew
to four different cities,

but I think the passengers
picked up on my joy in flying.

And we've grown
to 37 countries worldwide.

We're still pretty small
in the scheme of things.

But then, I never wanted
to be the biggest, just the best.

The most important thing
to me these days: family.

Mine. Yours.

That's the good thing about an airline.

It actually brings families
closer together, among other things.

And that makes me feel good.

1971. Man.

I had the devil in me back then.
But today people change.

Sort of.

- He really didn't want to do it.
- I thought he was great.

- He was good.
- Encore!

Where did he go?

Okay, get it over with,
you pack of freeloaders.

- Put it there. I got big shoulders.
- When's it air?

I was afraid to ask, actually.
No, you're too kind. No, you're too kind.

Actually, I'm contemplating suicide
before it airs.

Oh, yes, of course.
Because he's so shy.

And next month he's doing
the underwear billboard

in Times Square. Ow!

You should have seen
the look on his face.

He couldn't figure out
where I got that information.

- And where did you?
- I took safe-cracking at MIT.

No, the guy couldn't believe it, I swear.

Hey, Sean, you eat something?
You okay?

- Yeah.
- Good.

You know, the guy's a wacko.
I mean, seriously, he's, like... Whoo!

Unbelievable, unbelievable.

What I can't figure out
is how someone expects you to bite

without expecting you to know
everything about his business.

- I agree.
- Yeah. Anyway, David's on the carpet.

All right, time to fold the tent, fellow.
Come on.

- Tom?
- Yeah?

Where did you get the tile
in the kitchen? It's great.

Oh, God, Louisa,
that's a Kate question.

See, I only answer Tom questions

like, you know,
what's wrong with my chain saw?

What's the best time of day
to kill a grizzly bear?

I have a perfect Tom question.

How do you feel about Jackie Brown
filing a civil suit against you

from his prison cell?

Sean, why don't you brush, get ready.
I'll be down in a minute.

David, would you get Bob, please?

- And you are?
- I'm just giving you heads-up

because this Brown guy now says
that he has proof

that you paid him
to head off the machinists' strike.

Well, that's not novel. I mean,
he's been saying that for months.

I know, I know. But now he says he has
proof that you even initiated the bribe.

I'm Sammy Adler from the Daily News.

I just thought if we could
spend a couple seconds...

Oh, Bob Stone,
Sammy Adams from the Daily News.

- Adler.
- Why don't you make sure

- he gets home safe?
- Can we do something

for two seconds?

I hope you had a good time here.
Drive safely.

- We're very civil here.
- Guys, I'm a reporter. All right?

- We know who you are.
- I'm not a stalker, guys.

Listen, your boss is gonna
have to deal with this.

Jackie Brown says he was set up.

I think you gotta find
someone else to talk to.

He's in the clear,
you understand, Sammy?

Listen, if I was...

- I came from humble...
- Cut.

- Sean?
- About four cities, but I...

- Sean?
- But people picked on my...

Oh, I guess he's not here.

So I'll lie down and take a nap
while I wait for him to turn up.

God, this mattress is lumpy.
And damned noisy too.

And it's got hair and... What?
This mattress needs to be tickled!

No laughing. No laughing allowed.

And why are you watching
my goof-ups again?

- What is this bug in the... Sorry.
- Cut.

- That's funny.
- Yeah?

Well, must make you feel good inside
to know your old man can't even talk.

Grobe? A shrinking Grobe?

Was that guy mad at you upstairs?

No. He's not mad. He's curious. Yeah.

It's his job, you know. He's gotta...

It seems like someone's
always mad at you.

- That the way that seems?
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, I guess that...
You're not mad at me, are you?

- No.
- Well, I can fix that.

- A knuckle sandwich before bedtime.
- Stop it! Stop it!

I said get your ass moving!

- Get on the car! Shut the fuck up!
- I ain't do nothing!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Shut up, Romeo.

Calm down. Joey! Joey!
Take it easy. Take...

- Get him out of here.
- A fucking track star, huh?

- You little faggot.
- Faggot? What?

You're lucky I don't
put one in your back, you fuck!

Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy.

- All right? You all right?
- I'm all right.

Honey, you better work the door.
I think the Mayor wants to leave.

Oh, thank God. You okay?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Okay, did you brush your teeth?

I brushed them this morning.

No, no, no.
We're gonna brush them now.

45-Adam to Central-K.
207 West 30th Street.

- Two unidentified suspects...
- Hey, hey. What are they, mink?

Yeah, why? You wanna buy one?
Take a walk.

Oh, God. I'm beat.

So where was that guy from?
Daily News?

- Does it make a difference?
- Oh! I'd like to kill those bastards.

When they come after you,
they come after us.

It's freezing.

- Oh, God.
- I'd like to come after the contractor.

- Yeah, well, you gotta find him first.
- Yeah, really.

It's freezing in here.
Oh, that feels good.

Don't let those guys get to you, okay?

- Yeah.
- That's what they want.

I just wanna say

Singing makes me feel so fine

Driving in my truck, man
I'm always on the go

Making my deliveries
from here to Tupelo

LEAD SINGER: But singing bass...

Okay, now I’d like
to introduce to you

the person responsible
for this wonderful event.

A fantastic lady. In fact,
chairlady of the Junior Science Fair,

Mrs. Katherine Mullen.

- All right! Yeah!
- Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you, Mayor.

And welcome to the tenth annual
New York City Junior Science Fair.

We have 54 young inventors
competing today...

- Dad?
- Yeah?

Why can't I enter?

Well, it wouldn't be fair, Sean.
Your mother's a judge here.

And how would that look if you won?

Why don't I enter
under a different name?

- What, you mean, like John Smith?
- No. Like Professor X.

Well, I don't think you'd get
away with that, Professor X.

I mean,
you're too young to have a degree.

You got to be bald,
have an eye patch. You know.

No, better. Professor Von X.

And the third judge, I regret to say,
is myself, Katherine Mullen,

Events Chair for the 125th Anniversary
of Central Park

and former teacher of biology
at Evander Childs High School.

So let the games begin.

Our judges will now
begin circulating.

So all of our inventors should be
with their booths.


That's gotta be the best project
out here. Don't you think it's gonna win?

- Whoa!
- Oh, look, there's me!

Yeah, the wind is taking it.
Down left rudder.

Remember, we're
going to want all of today's winners

to receive their award.

- Good luck, everybody.
- It's not fair, Dad. I worked really hard.

I know. I know you worked really hard,
and you did an amazing job.

But we talked about this before,
didn't we, Sean?

- Yes.
- Okay?

Come on. Lighten up a little.
Enjoy the day.

- Okay.
- Anyone else that has not registered...

- Tom.
- Hey!

...must have their registration cards
in right now.

This is your last chance.

- P.S. 41.
- Okay, P.S. 41. Yeah.

Solar system here?
And this big guy here is what?

- The sun.
- Okay.

And how many planets
do we have around it?

- Nine.
- Nine.

I see Mars.

Okay, folks, we'd like to
thank the Friends of Central Park

and Mayor Barresi
for allowing this event

to take place here
at the beautiful Bethesda Fountain.

- And a special thanks to our...
- Hey, Katie, look at the blimp.

- Me, too.
- Looking forward to it.

...for 10 years strong. Lisa?

Well, folks, there's still a few of those
souvenir science fair T-shirts left.

She's incredible. I mean,
the work she's put into this.

Well, I don't know
where she gets the energy.

- And who is this orange guy over here?
- That's Venus.

That's Venus. Where's Earth?

- Earth is this one.
- There's Earth.

Mr. Vincent Barnes,
we have not received

your class’s registration cards
for Curtis High School...

...for the workshop.

- See Mrs. Moran at the exhibit.
- Excuse me for a minute.



Queens to my left, Bronx,

Manhattan and Staten Island
to my right.

You're it.

We ask you to stay
with your boroughs.

- Teachers, please keep a head count.
- Sean.

What do you think, Kate?


- Kate. The score.
- I scored it.




- Cassandra, have you seen Sean?
- No. Kate, are you all right?



Sean. Sean Mullen,
please come to the judge's stand.


Oh, please, God.

He's probably just busting chops,

'cause we wouldn't let him
enter the contest.

Who didn't we call?

- Sean?
- You have e-mail.

- I have your son.
- Oh, Jesus!

I want $2 million in fifties
and hundreds.

Oh, God!

No consecutive serial numbers.

No new bills. No marked bills.

The money will fit into two Samsonite
hard-shell suitcases, model #260.

Do not involve the police or the FBI.
If you do, I will kill him.

Do not inform the media,
or I will kill him.

No tracking devices in the money
or the cases, or I will kill him.

You have 48 hours to get the money.
I will contact you.

Open your mouth.

Open your...
Would you open your mouth now?

Open it. Swallow it.

You little prick.

- What are you doing?
- Why don't you just clean your shirt?

Look, we talked about this.

Oh, yeah. Forgot.


Kate. Kate! Who are you calling?

- He said no police.
- Why did you do that?

He said he'd kill him
if you called the police.

I can have the money
inside three hours.

Why did you leave him?

- Why did you leave him?
- I didn't.

I saw you. You walked away.

All right.

- All right, I'm calling the police.
- Call the FBI.

For Christ's sake,
just let me pay this bastard.

Tom, please, call the FBI.

Kate, the FBI just spent
three months trying to bury us.

Do you think they give
a good goddamn about you or me or...

Tom, they know us.

They know us. Please.

All right.

- Lennon Paints.
- Wait. What? What?

We're the painters.

Yeah, we're going to
the Mullen apartment.

We're just finishing work on the library.

Oh, yes. Yeah. I get this call.
Go ahead. Okay.

Behind you.

Mr. and Mrs. Mullen are waiting for you.

Thank you.

Mr. Mullen, how are you?
Lonnie. Hawkins.

- We got Kimba Welch, Jack Sickler...
- How do you do?

- David Levin, Ron Lambert.
- How do you do?

Find the phone panel.

Fatima, could you
show these gentlemen

everything they want to know?

- Paul.
- Who's sweeping?

- And this is Paul Rhodes.
- How you doing?

This here is as close
as we could get to a look-alike.

- Oh, I see.
- Now, look, Mr. Mullen,

I'm not allowed to advise you on this,
but if you decide to pay the money...

It's here. It's right over here.

- This the money?
- Yeah, $2 million.

Well, Paul here can
make the drop for you.

Sure, sure.

- Tom?
- Yeah, David?

Bob's got some stuff for you right here.

Tom, this is all I could get from the
National Center for Missing Children.

Good, good.
Agent Hawkins, this is David Torres.

- Pleased to meet you.
- What about the electric files?

Where's your phone panel,
Mrs. Mullen?

- I have no idea.
- That's okay. We'll find it.

You know, what I don't understand
is these people,

this he, she, it, whoever

has got enough brains to snatch
my son right from under my nose,

but they only ask me for $2 million.

- Don't they know what I'm worth?
- No, no. He's being smart, okay?

Keeping it nice and simple for you.

Now, he knows you got it. Knows you
won't have a problem coughing it up.

Maybe that's all he needs.

Can I... Can I just...

Look, the reason you're here
and not the police

is that we, my wife and I, we believe

that this might be somehow connected

- with the machinists' union indictments.
- Okay.

So Jackie Brown.

The man was caught on tape
taking a pay-off

during contract negotiations
with another airline, Infinite Air.

It was a sting, okay?
So there he is, dead in the water.

He says to your people,
"Can we do something here?"

And so he offers me up.

Yeah, he said Tom gave him
a quarter of a million dollars

for a sweetheart deal with the union.

Now, I have been
investigated exhaustively.

Me, my company, my family. My family.

We've been dragged through
the tabloid mud,

courtesy of FBI leaks,
and nothing. All right? Nothing.

Now Jackie Brown's in jail
where he belongs, and he's pissed,

and I think he's got some
pretty unsavory associates out there.

Mr. Mullen, obviously we're very aware
of the Jackie Brown situation...

- And?
- We're still working on it.

Jesus Christ, I think you should
pay a little more attention.

We're paying... No.
Can I make a suggestion, Mr. Mullen?

- What? What?
- Now, we are going to

get into all of this in time,
but for now, just hang loose.

Just sit tight so we can get a plan...

Hang loose? Hang loose?
Sit tight? Which one?

Tom, just let him finish.

No, it's okay.
It's okay. No, look, look.

I'm sorry.

If this were my child,
I'd be the same way. Believe me.

It's not a problem at all.

All right, kid, I know
this is hard on you, all right?

But you gotta hang in there.

How many kidnappings have you
worked before?

All together, 33.

Now you take away the custodial,
gang, drug-related, I've worked 10.

Now, that's 10 traditional,
ransom-oriented abductions

in the last five years.

Now, that's a lot. Believe it or not,
this kind of thing is kind of rare.

Well, out of the 10,
how many did you get back?

Got back seven.

Well, the others. What went wrong?

Oh, life. What we call the "X" factor.

What's the "X" factor? What is that?

- Are we set?
- No!

Shit, Jack!

Any demands that come up,
now, you just agree.

Let him know he's in charge. Your only
priority is getting your boy back.

Get your boy back. You follow me?

Now, you've got to give us
some time, Mr. Mullen.

You ask to speak to your son.
Ask for some sign that he's alive.

Any information you can get.

Then tell him he has an allergy,
he has some medical condition.

You want to know what kind of weather
is he in. Is he indoors? Is he outdoors?

- Are we set?
- Go!

- Get your boy back.
- Okay.


Cancel it.

We got it. Brenda Chance,
4108 Utopia Parkway.

- That's his secretary.
- Yeah, we know.

Is our son dead?

Don't ever think that.

Open your mouth.
It's all right. It's food.

So, why can't you starve in the desert?

'Cause of all the sandwiches there.

What are you doing?

What the...

Voters on
Manhattan's East Side...

What are you thinking?

...will be headed
to the polls tomorrow...

What the hell is going on?

I was telling the kid a joke.
What's the big deal?

You like this kid?
You wanna get to know him?

Get a little relationship going?

You think that's gonna make
things easier or harder?

- Make what easier, Maris?
- Is he for real?

Yeah, I'm for real, bitch.
Are you for real?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Why don't you just back off, all right?

You step up, and I'll back off.

Come here.

Listen to me. Look.

With the candy bars and shit...

It's just that you might be making beds
in a burning house.

You understand what I'm saying?

Yeah, but, Clark, man,
the kid's in a cocoon.

And he can't ID anybody.

What the hell
he's supposed to tell them?

Wait a goddamn second, man.

Clark, you never said nothing to me
about killing no kids!

Do you understand
what is going on now?

You do not joke with this kid. You don't
play with him. You don't talk to him.

- Don't talk to my brother, all right?
- He is not your pet.

- This is real.
- You don't gotta

talk to my brother, all right?
You got nothing to say to him.

Who do you think you are?
What do you...

- You think you're running shit here?
- No, I'm not running shit.

- My man is running shit.
- Oh. Your man. Right.

But if I have a problem,
I'm going to address it.

- Yeah, I understand. All right.
- I gotta tell you, boys.

She's scaring the bejeepers out of me.

- And you're fucking drinking again.
- Well, that's okay, though,

see, 'cause I haven't
been drinking with the kid.

I have to tell you something
that I think you should know.


I paid him off.

You understand I'm not a priest. I'm not
a psychiatrist. I'm not a lawyer.

Tom, this is not
a protected conversation.

I understand.

See, most guys at the top,
they've acquired their airline.

But not me, no, I built Endeavor
from the ground up.

And it's mine, and no bastard's
taking it away from me.

No union, no government,
no gangster like Jackie Brown.

I initiated the bribe.
I had a business to run.

I had 2,000 employees,
God knows how many customers

and I didn't have time
for a goddamn machinists' strike.

So after what I did,
what I proposed and, and carried out,

he's in jail and I'm not.

Did Jackie Brown take my son?

Do you wanna go ask him?

I've been thinking about you.

- Where's my son?
- What?

Do you think that ending up
in this place

is the worst thing
that can happen to you?

- What are you talking about?
- Where is my son?


Somebody nabbed your kid

and you think that it's me.


I don't got no connections.

I don't got no friends.

I got no job.

I got no money.

And you, motherfucker,
are accusing me?

Hey! Hey, get off of him!

I got six of my own kids,
and I would die for every one of them.

Get him out of here!

And I haven't seen them since I got
locked up in here because of you!

- Come on!
- Why aren't you in here? Huh?

You fucking belong in jail!
Who did you bribe?

I ain't done with you, you fuck!
I'll kill you!

Who'd you pay to set me up, you fuck?

Come on. You tell me that
again. Say it again. Come on.

I said that I wasn't
running out this door...

You weren't running?

Damn, man. I said
I wasn't running with him.

I was running away from him
'cause he was, like, chasing me.

Yeah, look me in the eye
and tell me that now.

I was... I was running...

- Yeah, where were you going?
- Got the gat, Jimmy.

Whoa, whoa. Hey. Look at that.

- You ever seen that before?
- Uh-uh.

No? I'm not gonna find
your prints on there?


No? Bag that up.

Jimmy, we got a problem here.

This guy doesn't want to
close his store right now.

Fuck it. Forget about it.
Now, tell me about your buddy.

Oh, man. I don't know.
I never saw him before.

- It was the first time I saw him.
- Here. Feel that.

- Christ, this thing's pumping Kool-Aid.
- Yeah, you got a heart problem, there?

- I was running. I wasn't...
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

Wait. I smell a little bullshit here.
I think he's running a game on me.

- I think he's an LAD.
- You a lying-ass dog?

You got any Frankenberry cereal
with the marshmallows?

- Yo, you get me a lawyer, all right?
- You get your own fucking lawyer.

Yo, man, these cuffs are too tight, man.

That's 'cause they're new.
They'll stretch.

You gotta give them a little time.

Get in the car. You want a pizza?
You want a hot dog?

- What do you want?
- Here you go, Jimmy.

- Thanks.
- Let's go back to the house.

Are you a known scumbag in
this precinct or not? Shake your head.

Go on.

Now, a high-profile kid
got snatched yesterday.

You have no idea who knows
about it, huh? NYPD, FBI. Do you?

Shake your head.

No. So what do you do?

You, a known scumbag, walks into
a grocery store filled with cops

and you ask for a box of kiddie cereal.

I don't know about you, but I think
that makes you a four-star asshole.

What do you think?

What the hell were you
gonna do with the videos? Huh?

The kid's got tape on his eyes,
for Christ's sake.

I thought he could listen to them.

Don't be stupid again.

- Jimmy.
- Hey.

I was just dreaming about you.

- Was it good?
- Mmm-mmm.

No. My father was back,

and then he was beating me up again.

And then you were there,
but you didn't do anything.

You were just standing
there and watching.

Yeah, well, you know
that's just a dream.

- I locked his ass up, remember?
- Yeah. I know.

Where you been, man?

I'm going out of my mind here,
you know.

Hey, it's all right.

These guys... These guys are wacko.

They don't listen to me.
They don't respect me.

I don't trust them.

Don't worry about them.
They're afraid of me.

- Why do we need them? Why?
- We can't do this alone.

And the kid. I'm scared shit of this kid.

I think we should just do this now.
Get rid of him.

Get it over with,
'cause he's like a time bomb.

Hey, hey, hey, listen to me.

You think you're scared of the kid,
but you...

You know what you're really scared of?

Your own humanity.

Your own decency.

'Cause you're good, and that's okay.
That's all right.

That's what I need from you.

When the time comes, the kid's
my problem, not yours. All right?

Well, you still trust me, don't you?

Yeah? 'Cause you know
I can do this, right?

- Yeah.
- Right?



'Cause it's time to get paid.

- Is there anything in the reports?
- Yeah.

A lot of stuff we already know.

All the stuff we don't know...

Is the stuff you don't want to know.

You know, you tell yourself...
No, you lie to yourself that

you're doing all this for your family.

Security, money, the future.

All this king of the mountain bullshit.

It's bullshit.

I keep seeing him tied up like that
with those handcuffs

and I can't help him.

I can't help him. I can't...

- It's upstairs.
- Kate, where's Tom? Come on, now.

Let's do this. Come on. Come on.

- Coming in.
- All right, here they come.

Remember the drill. Jack!


- Mr. Mullen?
- Yes.

- Are you good to go?
- Am I... Am I what?

Get in the car and drive.
96th Street West. Come alone.

Take the Westside Highway North.

I'm... I don't have the money yet.
Not yet. But I need more time.

- I'll get it. I just...
- Don't fuck with me.

I want to talk to my son.

- Come alone.
- Wait. Hold on.

Sean has asthma. It's very serious.

So, what's the weather like?

Is it rainy? Damp?

ls he in a cellar? On a mountaintop?

Please, don't. My son gets vertigo.

How's the linguist doing
with my accent?

The what? The...

Hey, there's no one here. Just me.

- Are you sure?
- Hey, you think I'm a fucking idiot?

- I want to get this over with.
- Very good.

- Let's keep it that way.
- So how do I get my son back?

- Are you going to pay me?
- Of course I am.

Then it shouldn't be a problem.

- He'll call you.
- He'll... When? Who?

No, you'll call? He'll call me?

- When?
- 96th Street. Come alone.

- Goddamn it!
- Yes. Sweet and pretty.

They jammed us.
Everything's frozen.

Did you get it?
Where did you trace it to?

They crashed the computer.

- Did I pick the right guy or what?
- Yeah.

- Huh? What'd I tell you?
- Yeah. Yeah.

We're gonna get it.

- Let's get Paul wired up.
- Whoa, whoa. I'll do it.

I'll do it.

Let me.

- He gonna be all right?
- He's gonna be great.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

He better be.

I got a situation here.
Legally, I can't stop you from doing this.

Understand that this guy...
I don't know where he's coming from,

and I think he's a professional.

Now, if he starts throwing us
curve balls out there,

we are gonna have to improvise,

and we might not
be able to protect you, Mr. Mullen.

I think it would be wiser if you just
let one of our guys make the drop.

- Maybe you shouldn't do it.
- Look, I'm okay. I'm okay, really.

I just want to give him what he expects.

It's almost over, kid.

I'm gonna get you back
with your parents. Promise.

- When?
- Soon.


There are tracking devices
in the bags.

- Do you have any other questions?
- All right, the car's completely wired.

- Any problems, we'll be right there.
- He said I was to come alone.

All we're doing
is following the money, Tom.

- We'll always be a safe distance away.
- Okay.

Listen. Let me give you a tip.

This here's a business
transaction. All right?

You're a businessman.
He's a businessman.

You think of this as business,
you'll be fine.

All right?

Get him back.

CP to S.O. units. All
units converge on 269 West 125 Street.

500 Unit to CP.
We have a visual on the package.


Okay, listen up.
I'm only gonna say this once.

Get off at 1 25th Street,
go right three blocks

to the Kasarda Rec Center.

- Take the suitcases inside with you.
- Son of a bitch is scrolling us.

In the swimming pool, there's
a locker key down by the drain

in the deep end.

There'll be somebody watching you.

You won't see them, but they'll see you.

I want you to get that key.

I want you fully clothed when you do.

You so much as remove
your wristwatch, your son dies.

When you have the key,
go find the locker.

- You got seven minutes.
- All right, I'll do everything you say.

I just need you to repeat it
so I could be very clear.

Seven minutes.

To do what? To get there?
To jump in the pool?

Goddamn it. Ah, Jesus.

- We got it.
- He what?

Blocked out the trace.
Should we pull it?

No. Run the trace again.

All right, let's start dumping
hackers and phreakers in the profile.

Anybody high tech.

We'll cross-match that with military
background, police background,

security training, hostage negotiations.

- Where's the pool?
- It's over there.

Hands in front of you.
Hands straight out.

Hands to the side. Push.
Hands in front.

Hands up.

Hands in front of you.

Shit! We lost him.

Damn it.

Track all unsubs that exit the building.

You're going
too slow. Get your ass moving.

Now, put on the hat and the overalls.

Take the canvas bags downstairs
to the boiler room.

Use the stairs by the shower.

Put the money into the new bags.

Then leave the building
and find a Monte Carlo.

There's a key taped to the phone.

Leave the phone with the suitcases
and drive to the Holland Tunnel.

We'll be watching you, Tom.

We're getting a reading
on those suitcases. They haven't moved.

Tell the S.O. leader
I want that building cleared.

500 to S.O. units.
We got an eyeball. We got the car.

The car has not moved.

S.O. 15 to CP.
Located the packages. They're empty.

Sir, we've got four vehicles
ID'd in the perimeter,

one with a broken taillight.

Put out a description of those vehicles.

Have all units grid out and locate them.

Pick me up, asshole.

Now what?

So how you holding up?
Did you have a nice swim?

Not bad. How're you doing?

Hey, I'm good. I'm good.
You know, thanks for asking.

- How's Sean?
- Having the time of his life.

Hey, I saw your TV commercial.
It's not bad. It's pretty good.

But let me ask you something.
You got a frequent flyer program?

'Cause if you do,
maybe when this is over,

I might just take an Endeavor flight
the hell out of here.

Why? Why me?

Why you?

'Cause you buy your way out of trouble.

Don't you? I read about you
and that union guy.

You should've gone to jail for that,

but I guess you're
a pretty goddamn good liar, huh?

I saw you on TV, Tom,

telling everybody
how innocent you were.

I looked at your eyes.

You know what?
You're a lying-ass dog, pal.

I know you paid that guy off.

You're a payer.

You did it once.

Now you're gonna do it again.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Listen, Cub. You want me to do this?
- Jimmy said me.

- Fuck what Jimmy said.
- Look, I know the job, man.

Clark, man.

I ain't giving Jimmy
the money until he cuts the kid loose.

I just ain't gonna do it, man.

What are you... Cub.

You a movie fan, Tom?

Ever see that movie
The Time Machine?


It's the land of the future, right?

There's only two kinds
of people in the world now:

the Morlocks and the Eloi.

- Okay.
- And the Elois, they live above ground.

They wear togas. They're all blond.

They eat grapes and shit like that.

But it's like the Garden of Eden there.

I mean, basically, everybody
just lays around, listens to harp music.

- How do I get my boy back?
- Now, the Morlocks,

they live underground, right?

Big, hairy, ugly suckers
like you wouldn't wish on an ape, right?

They're down there
with all this machinery.

They're doing all the labor.

They're making sure that the Elois
have enough food and togas.

Are you gonna answer me?

Well, this is a great deal
if you're an Eloi, right?

There's only one thing.

Every once in a while,
a Morlock comes up to the surface

and snatches an Eloi,
takes him down there.

All right, I'm done driving 'til
you tell me what I want to know.

The Morlocks,
they don't eat grapes.

They're cannibals. They eat Elois.

So when I think about
The Time Machine,

it kind of reminds me
of New York City, you know?

See, you're an Eloi.

You and all your friends,
walking around like zombies

with no fucking idea of the shit
going on down below.

So does this make me a Morlock?

I don't like to think of myself like...

I guess it does.

And every once in a while,
one of you gets snatched.

I guess that's...

See you.

What a city. See you at the Whitney.

See you at the Four Seasons.

See you at the Met. See you.

See you.

- You on the move again, Tom?
- Yeah.

Okay, here we go.
About a mile up ahead, the road splits.

Take the exit onto Saddle River Road,
go to the stone quarry.

Drive 10 miles an hour.

I'm jumping through
all your goddamn hoops.

How am I gonna get my boy back?

We'll swap. You give me the bags,
I'll give you an address.

Good luck to you, laddie.

Get back in the fucking car!

Now, throw out the keys.

Give me the money, man.

- Give me the address.
- Give me the fucking money, man!

You said you were gonna
give me the address.


Do you want to
see your kid again, man?

Then give me the money!

Goddamn it! Give me that address,
goddamn you!

- Don't be fucking stupid, man!
- This is the FBI.

Drop the gun and step away
from the vehicle.

Put your hands in the air.

- Step away from the vehicle.
- Son of a bitch!

- Mullen, stay back. Get down.
- CP, need some help here.

He's surrounded. We've gone overt.

We have one subject
on the ground operating an ATV.

A white male armed
with a handgun, and he's got...

- We have an eye on him.
- Good.

Who is that?

Come on, Cubby. Come on, Cubby.

Stop, or we'll
shoot. Get off the vehicle and lie down.

You have no way out.

You are surrounded. Give yourself up.

- This is the FBI.
- You've got nowhere to go.

We have agents
on the ground.

This is your last warning.

Surrender yourself now!

This is the FBI.

There is nowhere to go.

Drop the gun. Stop at once.

Move! Move!

SWAT Team Leader to CP.
We have deployed. We're moving in.

Got a green light!
Take him out!

Oh, shit.

SWAT Team Leader to CP.
We have an agent down.

We have a subject down.

Who got shot? Who the hell was shot?

Where is he?
What have you done with him?


Say it. Come on.

- Stand back. Come on. Step back.
- No, no, he...

- He's trying to tell me something.
- Look, back off. Let us stabilize him.


He's trying to tell me
where my son is. I'm sure of it.

What are you people do...
I did not authorize this!

- We're here under orders.
- That fucking liar!

Don't let him die.
Jesus Christ, don't let him die.

God, don't let him die.

Come on, man.
Don't give up. Don't give up.

Get the choppers.

Stay with him. Come on.

- Shit!
- What?

Ten-seven, sir.

He's dead.

How am I gonna find Sean now?

You killed my son.

SWAT Team Leader to CP.
We're moving out.

S.O. Leader, you've got it.

Give me
as much as you can.

This guy's got to
be on parole, probation, something.

- Get the name of...
- I told you no cops.

Ah, jeez!

You were supposed to
follow the money!

They were following the money, Tom.

The guy had a gun in your face.
They didn't have a choice.

They thought you were
in direct danger.

What does that mean?
What does "wrong" mean?

I mean, is he dead?
Because if he's dead

just say he's dead.
Don't tell me something went wrong.

Just say my son is dead!

Kate, we are operating
under the assumption that he's alive.

You mean you don't
know! You don't know where he is!

You don't know if he is!

You're the goddamn FBI,
and you don't know shit!

We have every agent... Every agent...

You killed the son of a bitch
and now... What?

- Katie. Katie.
- Get... God!

Go. Go away. Go. Go.

We know that the kidnapper
at the quarry was not alone.

We know that.

We also have a real good idea

about who he was teamed up with.
Now, let me show you something.

The guy at the quarry, Cubby Barnes,
has been in jail twice for burglary.

This is no high-tech mastermind.

This guy right here...
Kate, Tom, you recognize him?

- Do you?
- No.

Okay. Now, this is Clark Barnes,
brother to the subject.

Now, we went back and we found him
in your son's video of the park.

This guy is the brains in the family

and we also know he's a lot higher up
the criminal food chain.

According to the NYPD,

this guy Clark, his brother Cubby,
they're supposed to be inseparable.

Now, I guarantee you, we are gonna
do our homework on this

and we will come up
with another player.

In the meantime, what we gotta do...

Aw, Christ. Not this shit.

- We got a cameraman.
- Jack.

Can we get
some agents out there?

This just in. A breaking story...

Lonnie. It's out.

...from our New York bureau.

State police sources tell us

a man has been shot and killed
in an apparent botched ransom drop.

There's also word that multimillionaire
airline mogul Tom Mullen

has been placed at the scene.

With more on that story,
let's go to Donna Hanover live

in front of Tom Mullen's
New York home.

- Goddamn.
- Donna.

We have no official report yet
on the identity of the victim

or his role in
the Sean Mullen kidnapping.

Hopefully, we'll have more information
for you later in this hour,

but details have been slow to come
from the police and FBI sources.

We'll bring you full
developments tomorrow morning

beginning with
Good Day, New York, and, of course,

as things happen here
at the Mullen apartment building...

- What are you doing?
- ...we'll bring you the information.

- Calling my mother.
- No, man, you can't do that.

- Not from this phone.
- Get the fuck out of here.

Hey, hey, put the phone down.

What's the matter, Jimmy?
You don't want my mother to know

that her son's dead
'cause you fucked up?

- Turn that shit off.
- I mean, that's what happened, isn't it?

I mean, it's not exactly like
this guy just rolled over, is it, Jim?

Just take it easy.
Put the goddamn phone down.

He's a fucking kid.

Oh, shit!

Hey, hey, calm down. Take it easy.

You want me to calm down, huh?
You want me to fucking calm down?

You realize they're looking for me
right now, Jimmy? I'm fingered!

I can't go back to my life! What do you
want me to do? You tell me!

- Shut up.
- You tell me, huh?

You know,
you're not gonna be able to go

to your brother's funeral either, man.

Shut the fuck up!
The kid goes in the ground, Jim.

That's it. That's it. Fuck the money.

- We do the kid, and I'm out of here.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.

He's right. I mean,
you said you were gonna do it anyhow.

Shut up!

- Where are you going?
- Get out of my fucking...

Take a breath.

Come on, come on. Take a breath.

I brought you in on this
'cause you had brains and balls.


The kid's gonna die
when we don't need him anymore.

Now, use your fucking head.

Go check on the kid.

It's all right. Go on. Go on.

They kill your brother,
and you wanna walk away?

What the hell does that make you?

This thing is not over.

I swear to you right now.

Now, more than ever

this guy will pay.

Can I have a chocolate bar?

- I know you.
- No, you don't.

Don't look at me! Don't look at me.

Chocolate bar. What,
do you think this isn't happening?

What, you think your dad's gonna
come in and save you?

Is that what you think? Well, he ain't.

Nobody's coming, all right?

You understand that? Nobody's coming
'cause this is it for you.

surrounding the high-profile

kidnapping case
of Tom Mullen's son, Sean.

New York One has
exclusive information about...

You know what
the brothers call this?

This is "more drama," right?

Like, "Shit, man, more drama?
Best stay indoors today."

You ever hear that? "More drama."

More drama. More Dramamine.


- You all right?
- No, yeah. Yeah, good.


- Kimba, listen to this.
- Lt shouldn't be a problem.


After "It shouldn't be
a problem," what do you hear?

Wait. Play it back again.

It shouldn’t be a problem.

It sounds like some kind of horn.

Yeah, I know it's a horn,
but what... It's like...

It's like there's a horn,
a sort of foghorn.

It's too fast for a ferry.

It shouldn’t be a problem.

In the meantime,
now you give her a big hug from me.

Nah, I don't care. You wake her up.

Nah, don't wake her up. I'm just...

Ah, girl, I am so glad we are not rich.

You just gotta thank God
for what you have.

I love you, too. I gotta go.
I'm gonna call you back.

Okay. Bye-bye. Hey.


Why would this guy, these people...
Why would they...

Why would they ever let
my son go no matter what I do?

I mean, no matter what I do.

I mean, pay, don't pay, comply,
tell him to go fuck himself.

Why would they give him back?

I mean, he's a witness
any way you cut it.

It's all bullshit. It's all just...
Just seven out of 10.

What are you saying?

All right.

Morlock Man gets his money,
I don't think we'll ever see Sean again.

That's if he's still alive to begin with.

- Well, now...
- Tom?

...are you talking about not paying?

- No. No, we pay him.
- Now, wait a minute. Listen to me.

Morlock Man says the pick-up guy
will give me an address for Sean.

I get there, the guy
sticks a gun in my face.

I said, "You want the money?

"Now give me the address.
Where's the address?"

You should have seen his face.

He had no, absolutely no idea
what I was talking about. None.


This is not business to him.
This is very personal.

I tell you that everybody pays,
and we get back seven out of 10.

If we give him what he wants,
he will kill Sean.

Tom, you gotta play the odds, man.

I've been doing this for 18 years.

And if I were a betting man,

I would bet on the people
who pay every time out of the gate.

Did you bet on the ones
where you got back a corpse?


If you want to see your child again,

you gotta help me with him.

- Stations!
- Mark it.


You think you can run a game on me
and fuck me out of my money?

No, I...

It was out of my control.
I did exactly what you said.

You did?

This is how you want to play it, huh?
You're gonna bullshit me, Tom?

Who do you think you're dealing with?

They told you they were
just gonna follow the cash, right? Huh?

Who's the asshole
you're listening to over there?

Is he a fed? I said no cops.

No FBI. You pay me.
It shouldn't be a problem.

Now we got a fucking circus out there.

All right. Just say what you want to say.

- The money.
- I want to talk to my son.

Take the FDR Drive down
to the Williamsburg Bridge exit.

- No. I know he's dead.
- You don't know shit.

Take FDR Drive
down to the Williamsburg Bridge...

My son is dead. Go to hell!

What did you do?
Tom, what did you do?

Oh, God. Please, God. Please, God.
Please, God. Please. Please, God.


- Dad?
- Sean?

Williamsburg Bridge.

And you assholes listening in,
if I smell you clowns within 10 miles

of that money, I'll gut this kid like a fish.

Give me Mr. Wallace.

I'm going alone.

Is that understood?

No helicopters, no wires. Just me.

- You got the phone?
- Yeah, I got the phone.

You gonna be all right?

- Yeah, I'm gonna be all right.
- Okay.

Mr. Mullen... It's not Mullen.

Let's go. That's him.

- Hey, John, keep shooting.
- Man, this is fucking great.


Come on!

Endeavor Airline CEO
Tom Mullen and his family

are no strangers to the public eye.

As head of the country's
fourth largest airline,

Tom Mullen, whose personal stake
in the company

was reported earlier this year...

But nothing in his triumphant,
high-profile life

could prepare Mullen for the drama
presently unfolding around him:

the taking of his nine-year-old son
by unidentified kidnappers.

- Where are you at now?
- I don't know.

Head up to Houston and Broadway.

But for now, the city
and the country anxiously await word...

You hear me?


- Change of plan.
- What?

Turn on your TV.
Channel 5. Keep watching.

Lt shouldn't be more
than an hour or two.

You understand what I'm telling you?

Mullen, what the fuck...

It's mine. Hello?

David, I need you
to contact Don Campbell at WNYW.

- All right.
- Good.

- Bob, can I talk to you, please?
- Sure.


- All right, here we go.
- Okay, they're ready.

Pull out of it.
All right, everyone. Look alive.

Mr. Mullen, we're gonna get you
set up right over here.

We'll get you wired up with a mic.

I will signal to you
from next to the camera.

Ready to go? On five, four, three, two...

Good afternoon.
We are interrupting this program

to bring you an exclusive report.

As you know, we've been following
the Mullen kidnapping

for about a day or so.

We will get back
to our regular program,

but right now we're going to
show you something

that you will only see right here.

Tom Mullen, Sean Mullen's father.

Mr. Mullen?

Tom, you're on.

The whole world now knows

my son, Sean Mullen, was kidnapped
for ransom three days ago.

This is a recent photograph of him.

Sean, if you're watching, we love you.

And this...

Well, this is what waits
for the man that took him.

This is your ransom.

Wait. I want to see this.

Two million dollars
in unmarked bills, just like you wanted.

But this is as close
as you'll ever get to it.

You'll never see one dollar
of this money

because no ransom will ever
be paid for my son.

Not one dime. Not one penny.

Instead, I'm offering this money
as a reward on your head.

Dead or alive. It doesn't matter.

So congratulations. You've just
become a $2 million lottery ticket.

Except the odds
are much, much better.

Do you know anyone that wouldn’t
turn you in for $2 million?

I don't think you do. I doubt it.

So wherever you go
and whatever you do,

this money will be
tracking you down for all time.

And to ensure that it does,
to keep interest alive,

I'm running a full-page ad

for as long as it takes.

But, and this is your last chance,

if you return my son alive, uninjured,

I'll withdraw the bounty.

With any luck,
you can simply disappear.

Understand you will never see
this money. Not one dollar.

So you still have a chance
to do the right thing.

If you don't, well, then God be with you

because nobody else
on this Earth will be.

Well, he's got nerve.

That's it.

Well, there you have
it, Rosanna. A shocking turn of events.

The ransom has turned
into a $2-million bounty.

Tony, it's obviously
a very dangerous situation.

Anything could happen. Of course,
we wish him the best of luck.

Did you notice he described the
kidnapper as a $2 million lottery ticket?

- The stakes are high on this one.
- Yeah, as you mentioned also...

Could you turn it off?
Could you turn it off?

Mr. Mullen
also appealed to his son.

He said, "Sean, if you're
out there listening, I love you."

- It was very heartbreaking.
- Also, our producer is telling me...

- Yeah.
- Mullen, you're a fool!

Stupid ass!

I'm proud of you!

A pair of armed
bandits held them up last night.

Police say a
pair of gun-toting crooks went

into the Korean church
at Murray Street

in Flushing last night
and announced a robbery.

- They took wallets, handbags...
- Hey, where'd they take the kid?

You know. The place we said.

I had to do this.

You had to do this?

You had to do this?

Kate, please.

I'm so scared, but I know if
I give him the money, he'll kill Sean.

- I would if I was him.
- What did you just say?

Just look at it from his point of view.

You think you're smart.
You've got everybody off balance.

- You think you got it all figured out.
- You trying to screw me?

And then suddenly, out of left field,

the one thing you thought
would never happen does.

- We gotta end this...
- What are you doing?

No ransom, no money, no profit.
Nothing. Nothing but downside.

Because you've got this boy's father...

He's coming on like a stark,
raving mad lunatic.

- You turned her around, didn't you?
- I mean, the guy can piss $2 million,

- but he's willing to risk everything...
- Don't!

...just to fuck you up.

How can you negotiate with
a lunatic like that, huh? You can't.

- Now you're off balance.
- Get down. Lay down!

You wanna stay down there forever,
maggot? Did I get my money?

Pretty soon you realize if you don't

return this kid in mint condition
as soon as possible,

you're gonna be the most hunted man
on the face of the Earth.

And this maniac will never,
ever quit until he's got you.

Nobody pulls out on me.

You know me.

This is my show. I say when it's over.

- Take it back.
- No.

Tell him that you were wrong.

- Kate, no, I can't.
- Take it back.

No, Kate, there is no other way. None.

He's my son too,
and I want you to pay him.

Kate. They will kill him.

Please, all we have is each other.

Do you think any of them...
Do you think they give... It's just us.

Do you think I don't
want him back? Is that it?

You think I wouldn't do absolutely

everything in my power
to get him back?

I'd cut my arm off.
I'd... I want him back so bad.

Katie, please. I don't think
I can take this if you're not with me.

Don't quit on me.

Tom. Now...

I think what you did was wrong.

You put your son at greater risk.

Now, I need you
to withdraw that reward.

Just pay this bastard.

Now, I believe that
you will get your son back.

And when we do,
we will nail this son of a bitch.

Now, God forbid you don't...

Your son...

I swear to you
I will work on nothing else.

If I have to, I will take
a leave of absence from the FBI

and you can hire me as
your personal security consultant.

And I will work on this
as long as I am physically able.

- Lonnie, please. I...
- Tom.

I never told anybody, any of my people

about you and Jackie Brown, the real
truth of it, and maybe I never will.

You think I'm worried
about going to jail?

Mayor Barresi today voiced his
disapproval of Tom Mullen's decision.

Donna Hanover joins us
later in the broadcast.

- You care for an update?
- Oh, yeah.

Well, in the last two hours
since your husband's TV thing,

we've had 4,000 calls.

And you know how many real,
good, solid leads?

How many?

Zero. And every time one of these

greedy little whack jobs calls,

that is one less agent
looking for your child.

Now, I gotta tell you, Kate.

I have never been confronted with such
an unbelievable act of sabotage

by a parent toward
the recovery of their child,

as what your husband
pulled off here today.

It is all on you now

to talk to your husband,
get him to withdraw this money.

- Otherwise we are in deep trouble.
- Withdraw the... What if he's right?

What if they have no intention
of returning Sean at all?

- I trust him.
- You trust him?

Yeah. I believe in him.

I stick with Tom,

and we always manage
to land on high ground.

High ground?

Like with the Jackie Brown situation?


What exactly did your husband tell you

about Jackie Brown?

- David?
- Yeah.

- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Yeah, sure.

Look, Hawkins said that
if I can come up with the $2 million,

that he'd work it
so that I can make the drop.

- Come on, Kate...
- Now, all I can raise

is about a half a million.

I know you have access
to a discretionary fund.

Kate. Jesus, please. Listen,
you should talk to Tom about this.

- This isn't about Tom. This is Sean.
- Really.

I'm doing okay.
I'm holding up all right.

Kate, I can't do it. All right? I...

He told you not to give me
any money, didn't he?

Kate, he's my boss. Okay?

Eat this.

Thank you.

Again, I say if it were my kid,
I would pay.

I like the idea, "Yeah, you want
the money, come and get it."

And when he comes and gets it, I hope

somebody cuts their heads off,
you know?

I'd get my boys from the Bronx,
and we'd just totally...

- Take care of him.
- We'd mess him up big time.

I think
he's risking his son's life.

I think he's a fool.
His child’s life is in danger.

Pay the money. Get on with your life.

I'd beg, borrow and steal,
if I had to. He should pay.


A man calls me at my home today.

He ask me to look in my mailbox.

He told me to give you this,
and nobody else.

He said if the police
know anything about this,

if Mr. Mullen knows about this,

they'll kill Sean.


Who is it?

Oh, God!

It's very simple.

I'm growing very, very tired
of his bullshit.

- Then could you...
- Now it's up to you.

Get him to take back the reward
and pay me my money,

or you're gonna find pieces
of your little boy all over New York.

I'm not gonna waste a bullet.

I'm just gonna sharpen my knife.

Oh, God! Please!

And he never raised
his voice at all, Kate?

No, he...
No, he was whispering.

I... He was whispering.

Okay. Come on. We'll take it to the lab.

You paid off to save your airline.

Why won't you pay off
to save your son?

I'm not a marriage counselor.
I'm here to get your boy back.

I'm sorry.

I hope

that you can forgive me for that.

And for what I have to do now.

Get the shirt to Forensics.

Make sure they check
for more than one blood type.

Sure, Lonnie.

Where are you going, Tom?
Where are you going? What you...

I'm not... All right.
Just think before you act.

- There he is.
- Mr. Mullen!

Mr. Mullen!

- I’d like to make a statement.
- Quiet.

And that is that I’m undeterred
in my course of action.

And I'm raising the reward.

I’m raising it by $2 million.

Mr. Mullen,
why are you doing this?

I want my son back.

Thank you. Thank you.

The FBI's
efforts in this area...

This just in,

Tom Mullen has reportedly raised
the reward money for his son's life

by $2 million.


Where are you going?

You've ruined my life.

Who the hell you think
I'm doing this for?

A stunning development tonight

as Tom Mullen
doubles the reward money

to $4 million for the capture of...

- What?
- Wanna talk to your son?

- Yes, of course I do.
- Daddy? Dad?


- Sean. Sean. Son.
- Sean? I wanna listen.

That's enough.

No, put him back on.
I wanna talk to him.

You just did.

Now, you listen real, real good.

You got one more chance to pay up

or you're never gonna talk
to him again.

No more fucking around.

This is it right now.

What's it gonna be?

No. Bullshit. You're not gonna
touch him. You can't be that stupid.

Do you have any idea
the rain of shit I can put on you?

Look at your wife.

Look at her face, motherfucker. Do you
know what I can do to your boy?

Is it dark where you're calling from?
You got the shades drawn?

Kind of like a cellar, right? Like a
cave? Well, you better get used to that.

You better get used to crawling
in the dark for the rest of your days

because I am going to get the best
group of manhunters in this country

and I am gonna dedicate my life
to tracking you down!

- You understand?
- Hey, get your head out of your ass!

You think you can threaten me, huh?

Who do you think you're dealing with?
Give me the money!

Fuck you and your $2 million!

Don't you understand English,
you useless piece of shit?

No money! None!

Let me tell you something. You think
you're suffering right now? Huh?

You got no idea what suffering is.

If I don't get the cash in one hour,
this kid is dead!

I don't get my son back, and I mean
real soon, you better kill yourself

because when I catch up with you
I'm gonna take my goddamn time!

By the time we're finished,
you're gonna wish you weren't born!

I'll have your head on a fucking pike!
You understand me?

Fuck you! I'll fucking kill him right now!

- I wanna talk!
- You kill him,

you kill yourself, you motherfucker!

- Give me back my son!
- Hello!

- You want him?
- Yes!

You want him?


Oh! Jesus! Jesus!

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, God!

I'll fucking kill you, Mullen!

You son of a bitch! You killed him,
you son of a bitch! Goddamn it!

- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- Come on.

- Easy. Come on.
- Kate!

- Both of you listen to me!
- You killed him! Not them! You!

No, Kate! Kate.
Okay, it's all right.

- Take her in the other room.
- Oh, God! Oh, God!

- Oh, God. I wanted to talk to him.
- I know.

- I wanted to talk to him.
- You'll talk to him, honey.

You will. You will.

- What do we do about this kid?
- Ain't my problem anymore.

Can't ID anybody, right? Fuck him.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, please, help me. Please.

Okay, Katie, all right.
It's okay. It's okay.

Oh, God. Oh, no.

Oh, Tom.

South 44 to Base.

- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- South 44, go.

26271 8th Street. 1 0-13.
Officer needs assistance.

I have several armed men in a house.
Possible kidnap situation.

Repeat, possible kidnap situation.

1 0-13. Officer in civilian clothes.

- Police!
- Shit.

- Get the fuck out of the van!
- Go, man. Come on.

Drop the gun!

Move! Move! Go!



Police! Freeze!

Whoa! I'm a cop!

- Clear!
- Hold your fire. I'm a cop.

He's all right.

I'm a cop.

Kate. Tom.

FBI. Coming through. Coming through.

Stay with me. Stay with me. Coming
through, fellows. Coming through.

Where is... Where is...

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Where is... Lonnie? Where's Sean?

In the house. In the house.
Right over here.

Don't stop here, guys.
Keep moving all the way through.

- Clear the doorway here, okay?
- The boy's in there.

All right, here comes the boy's father.

Sean? Sean? I'm... I'm the father.


- Who is it?
- Sean. It's me. It's Daddy.


Is he... Is he all right?
Can I pick him up? Can I hold him?

- Oh, he's gonna be all right.
- Oh, Sean.

He's just got a nasty cut on his hand,
and he's a little dehydrated.

- Sean, it's Mommy.
- You're okay, buddy.

You're okay. We got you.
We got you now.

Hi, Mom.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- You're okay.

- Take me home, okay?
- Oh, sure. Sure.

- Take me home.
- Okay, honey.

- I love you, Sean.
- Me, too.

Mama's here, Sean.

You're okay.

- Is he seriously injured?
- Here's your man. He's right over there.

He's gonna be okay.
Step to the side, please.

- All the way to the right.
- Lieutenant, we...

- All the way back. Get back.
- Back off.

- Mr. Shaker?
- Step back, please.

Step back. Step back.

Did you get
a chance to talk to him?

- I said step back.
- Thank you.

Call the justice.
It's a department courtesy.

- All right, now, if you please.
- Move. Move.

- Guys, help us out, will you?
- Thank you.

Tom. Tom? Just come this way.

What... Mr. Mullen!

You know her?


I do.

Jesus Christ.
I mean, she worked for me.


Please, sir! Here!

- Mr. Mullen! Tom! Tom!
- Mr. Mullen, this way!

Mr. Mullen, this way!

Wait! This way!
Right here! Right here!

Look over here, please!

- You okay?
- Not now. Come on, back off.

Not now. Leave them alone.

- Give us a break now!
- Sean, here!

- Sean! Mr. Mullen!
- Mr. Mullen, this way!

Mr. Mullen, please!

Turn the lights on!
Turn the lights on!

It's all right.

I'm afraid of the dark.

- I don't like the dark.
- You're all right.

- Leave the light on.
- Yeah, we'll leave them on.

We'll leave them on all the time. Okay?

Next thing I know,
one guy starts blasting away at me.

The... The other guy,
he goes to run me over.

So, you know,
I just did what I had to do.

What about the woman?


You know, I just
got spun around by the bullet.

I didn't know it was a woman till after.

He's an honest cop.

- He does a hell of a job.
- No, just one.

He's kind of a to-himself type of a guy.

- Cancel the other one.
- But I tell you what,

when the chips are down
this is the one I’d want with me.

- How do I feel?
- No.

I'll tell you, this is the second time

- Jimmy Shaker's been shot.
- Just one-way.

He got clipped once before in 1992,
and this guy keeps coming back.

Yeah. Mr. Kinney. Yeah. Thanks.

Continuing our coverage

of the Mullen kidnapping case,

questions still surround Maris Connor.

With no prior criminal record,

authorities are interrogating
family and friends,

seeking any associations
that would connect her

to the other slain suspects.

Sources reveal today that
the investigation continues

and the search for other suspects
is by no means over.

Many investigators
believe that, indeed,

the mastermind
of the Mullen kidnapping

may still be at large.

We can make it.

- You cold, honey?
- Yeah. My hands.

- Do you wanna go home?
- I didn't bring my gloves.

- No. No. No.
- You sure?

Hey, you're squinting a little.
Is the sun still bothering you?

- Put these on.
- Yeah.

- I'll go get your gloves.
- Okay.

You'd better practice. I'll be back.

Look at me.
You look good in those, honey.

Look at my glasses. Can you see?

Look like your daddy in those.

Well, David, it's a little hard
to focus right now. Can it wait?

No? Well, the hell with it, then.
Let him have it. Let it go.

Yeah. Listen, I got Sean waiting for me
in the park, so maybe we...

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey. I'll call you back, David.
Call you back.

Mr. Mullen.
The doorman just called up.

- Mr. Shaker wants to see you.
- Yeah, yeah,

I'm sorry to show up like this.

Oh, hell, no. Come in.
I wanna talk to you.

- Thanks.
- Come in. Come in.

How's the shoulder?

You know. I'll live.

Yeah. Well, I'm surprised
to see you up and about so quick.

- Fatima, this is Jimmy Shaker.
- Hi.

I'm very proud to meet you.

- Very proud.
- Thanks.

How's the kid doing?

Oh, he's fine, you know,
all things considered.

- It'll take a while.
- Yeah.

Forgive me. I thought
we were gonna meet on Monday.

Maybe I screwed up. I don't... I...

Yeah, you're right.
Monday. We... That's what we said...

See the special officer holding 4-5-9...

Look, I don't want you to get
the wrong impression of me here,

but I was hoping
we could do this today.

- You know, the reward and all?
- Oh. Of course.

- Oh, Jesus.
- 'Cause I gotta tell you,

it's kind of crazy around me, you know,
with the press and everything.

Oh, I understand. Yeah.
Look, they're maniacs.

- Yeah.
- Nothing easier. Follow me.

I'm not used to this, you know.
I just gotta get out of here.

Kind of a private person, you know.

To tell you the truth,
I never killed anybody before.

Having a hard time with it.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry.

I'm glad you did what you did.

But I'm sorry.

- Sit down, please.
- Thanks.

So, is it... Is it Jimmy? James?


James'll do.

- Can I ask you a personal question?
- Sure.

Why didn't you pay the ransom?

Well, because I was dealing
with human garbage.

No contract would have been
honored, not by them.

You know, the funny thing is,
I would have paid 10 times as much

if I had any sense that
they'd stick to the deal, but no.

- Really.
- Oh, yeah. Really.

The thing that really kills me
about that is the woman.

She'd been in this house five, six times
over the last year.

Nice. Pleasant. You know.
You just can't...

I don't know how people
can walk around with that...

That cold-blooded, two-faced...

That bitch.

Well, you know, in fairness to the dead,

we're all a little two-faced
in this day and age.

It's a survival mechanism.
You know what I'm saying?

I mean, you know, as a cop,

you should hear some of the stuff that's
been thrown my way over the years.

Tom, just forget
about the gloves, honey.

He wanted to come home.

- Kate...
- Hi, Tom.

- Mr. Shaker's here.
- Mr. Shaker.

God bless you. Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Listen, you gotta meet Sean.

I'll go get him.

No, he's, you know, had enough.
Let's give him a breather. Yeah?

Yeah, yeah. He's had enough.

Okay. Can I get you anything?

No, I'm fine.

Again, I can't even begin to...

I understand. Don't mention it.


Fatima, would you please
help me with some things downstairs?

I'll be right there.

Well, this is one hell of a deposit
you've got here.

Shouldn't be a problem.

Well, you'll probably
wanna be on your way.

Unless there's anything else
I can do for you.

Good. Right.

Well, I know how these vultures
out there can drive you nuts, so...

You know, there's a back door out

if you, you know,
wanna be a little more...

This check is bullshit, Tom.

What'd you think,
I'm just gonna waltz out of here,

you lying motherfucker? Huh?

Let you make a phone call,

have half the cops in New York
waiting for me while I cash this thing?

- You can't lie to me.
- Look...

Shut your mouth.


You know who I am. Now you sit down.

Everybody was gonna make out fine.

But you had to go and put it together,

and now we got
a little problem here, don't we?

Tell me that part again about
why you didn't pay the ransom.

- I think we can do something here...
- Say it!

You were dealing with what?

You had my son.

You have no idea
what human garbage is, motherfucker.

Do you know what the fuck you're
talking about? No, I don't think you do.

'Cause look
where you fucking live, man.

Look at the airline man here.

This fucker won't pay one cent
to save his only kid.

It wasn't gonna get him back, was it?

Hey, did you read the papers? Huh?

Did you see the TV?

I took a bullet.
I risked my life to save your kid.

I took a bullet, and now you're gonna
try to fuck me out of my money. Huh?

- What's over here?
- Where are you going?

Where's Mommy and Junior?

- Now I'll pay. Now.
- Oh, yeah.

You're gonna pay, all right. Right now.

Do you have an account
I can wire the money to?

I mean, you got to have been
all set up for this, right?

I mean, you're not dumb. You and me,
we go right now to my bank,

and we wire the money
from my account to yours.

Just the push of a button. Just like that.

We'll just go down to the bank
and get it done.

Pick up the phone. Wire it from here.

No, we'll go to the bank and do it.

And you'll get the money and all I want
in return is you out of this house now.

Hey. You do not call the shots.

Well, then, you just go ahead
and kill me right here and now,

you son of a bitch.

You fuck! Fuck you!
I'm not picking up that phone.

You got that? I'm not picking it up.

Look, you can kill me.
Go ahead. Kill me. Just kill us.

Let us live. Doesn't matter.
Any way you cut it, you're on the run.

Now, you can come with me
to the bank

and be on the run with $4 million,

or you can just start shooting

and be on the run
with whatever you got in your wallet.

It's up to you.

Come on, Jimmy. Let's go to the bank.
Oh, Jesus Christ.

I got what I want.
Bottom line, I got my son back.

And you delivered him.

I got my own plane. I can fly you out
of here myself anywhere you wanna go.

You can still win this thing.
Think. You can still win.

We do what you say.
We go to the bank.

If anything goes wrong, you're
gonna turn around and I'll be gone.

Okay? And if that happens,

from this day on,

any time your kid leaves
this house to go to school,

go play, see a friend,

to buy a fucking comic book,
you're gonna have to ask yourself,

is today Jimmy Shaker day?

I got to him once.

I'll get him again.

And when I do,

I'm not gonna want money anymore.

Do we understand each other?


That's for Maris.

Call the airport.

Where are we going?

Mexico. Guadalajara.

David, this is Tom. Fuel up the jet.
I'm going to Guadalajara.

Yeah, well, something came up.
I'm on my way to the bank now.

- Is the kidnapper with you?
- Absolutely.

I'll explain everything later.
Give Katie a call. Bye.

Antone, get me the Mullen house.

Sean, what's the matter, honey?

Come here.

Taxi! Taxi!

Stay on my right.

What are you guys doing?
You can't park there.

Oh, we're just going to the bank.
Five minutes.

- Shaker?
- Yeah.

- How you doing, Jimmy?
- How are you?

- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah? You, too.

How you doing, Mr. Mullen?
Good to meet you.

Just wanna shake your hand, boss.
You made us proud.

- Well, you know, just doing the job.
- Yeah.

What do you think of this guy,
Mr. Mullen?

- Well, what can I say? He's the man.
- Yeah!

Okay, guys, take it easy.

- Later, Jimbo.
- Okay.

- You guys take it easy now.
- All right.

- You guys not gonna be long, right?
- No, just five minutes.

- No, no, no.
- No problem.

Mr. Mullen, what a pleasant surprise.


Have I still got any money in this bank?

- Yes.
- I have to do some business

- with Mr. Shaker here. This is Michael.
- Mr. Shaker, of course. Right this way.

Terrific. Okay, that's enough.
Let's get this man his money.

- Thanks very much.
- No, not a problem.

All units in the 22,
looking for Detective James Shaker,

white male, 41 years,
wearing black jacket, white shirt.

Shaker is thought to be in the vicinity
of Madison and 90th Street.

Subject is an armed
New York City detective.

Just push enter and it's yours.

Four million.


Yeah, thanks. Okay.

Hey, Shaker.

What's going on?
I just got a call over the radio.

Oh, hey, it's my birthday. You know,
the guys are trying to pull something.

- I got it covered.
- Can we talk to you for a second, man?

No, we have to detain you.

Shaker! Freeze!

Hey, he's over here!

Put it down! Put it down!

- Put the gun down!
- Put the gun down!

- Put the gun down!
- Hold your fire! Tom, it's me, Lonnie.

- FBI!
- FBI!

- Hold your fire!
- It's over, Shaker. Over!

Drop it!

Put the gun down, Tom.
Put the gun down.

- No!
- Step away! Tom!

- Drop it now! Drop it now!
- Put the gun down, Tom,

- and walk away.
- Mullen, put the goddamn gun down!

Put the gun down.

- Down, Mullen! Now!
- Come on. Come on.

Put the gun down.

- Drop the gun!
- Come on. Walk toward me.

- Tom, don't do nothing stupid.
- Put down the gun now!

- Put the gun down, Tom!
- Drop it!

On the ground, Shaker! On the ground!

- Tom, put the gun down now!
- Down!

Stay right there!
Now, don't move!

Put the gun down.

That's right. Now, back off, Tom.
Just walk away.

Go ahead, Officer.

Two-one, Sergeant. Code eight.
A want at 1268 Madison, forthwith.

We have shots fired,
and a member of the service is down.

10-4. The bus is ordered.

Get up against the wall!
Move! Spread 'em!

Tom Mullen is with us! Back away!

No! No!