Ransom (1988) - full transcript

Against the glamorous backdrops of the French Riviera and Yugoslavia's Adriatic coast, sons and daughter of members of a U.S. WWII bomber squad search for the former commandant of an infamous German concentration camp who was responsible for their parents' brutal torture and murders. Aided by a surviving crew member Steve Fuller, and Inspector Marko Simic (George Montgomery) of the "INTERPOL," Mike Davis, Brad Hansen and Carla Lawton begin an action packed manhunt from Trieste to Cannes, following the trail of the bullet-riddled corpses left by General Von Brock, now known as Bruno Hesse, one of he world's most powerful international industrialists. Intimidated by Von Brock's influence with the various governments he deals with, both Interpol and the police must overcome insurmountable odds in order to bring this ruthless murderer to justice.

(ominous music)
(chanting in foreign language)

(upbeat music)

♫ Oh, I've been searching for you for

♫ For far too long

♫ And going through hell

♫ Trying to be strong

♫ I seen your face everywhere that I go

♫ Somebody tell me what

♫ What I need to know

♫ Nobody said a word
you disappeared from me

♫ Imagination stirred

♫ Did someone capture you

♫ I've been searching for ransom

♫ Ransom

♫ Well they won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready to pay

(guns firing)

♫ I've already tried
to decline your system

♫ And met with the emotional

♫ I smell your scent all over the room

♫ You're sending me vibrations

♫ I'll be seeing you soon

♫ 'Cause I've got a heart
that's waiting to bite

(gun firing)

♫ To keep you from my side

♫ I've been looking for ransom

♫ Well he won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready ready

♫ I've been holding you for ransom


(vehicle crashing)

♫ To have you in my life again

♫ Again

♫ How much is the ransom
'cause I'm ready to pay

♫ The ransom

♫ The ransom

♫ How much is the ransom 'cause I'm ready

- [Steve] My name is Steve Fuller.

It came as no surprise when
Ben Lawton called from Trieste

and said he'd finally
found General Von Bruck.

Captain Lawton was the
pilot of our B-25 Bomber

when it was shot down in '44.

Von Bruck was the camp
commandant where we were held.

After his interrogation

there were only four of us left.

Lawton, Davis, Hansen, and myself.

We lost Hansen during our escape.

After the war we vowed to get Von Bruck

for the atrocities he committed.

Especially after he eluded
the Nuremburg trials.

- Bruno Hasse on American watch
list for illegally selling

highly sensitive technology.

- Yes and other illegal activities.

- But he does come under our jurisdiction.

- Drugs have no jurisdiction or boundary.

Yesterday it's there, today it's here.

That must be stopped.

The killings must be stopped.

- [Steve] It seems Von Bruck

or Bruno Hasse as he calls himself,

had become a major player in
worldwide industrial espionage,

dealing mostly in illegal
military technology.

He had surrounded himself
with his own army of

highly trained murderous mercenaries.

Though many attempts had
been made on his life,

he continued to live high on the hog

while conducting his illicit business

safely aboard his yacht,

which he constantly moved
from place to place.

You see even in civilian life
he thinks of himself as an

invincible Nazi general.

Our only hope was that we could find him

before Interpol got him,

or he was assassinated by one of several

foreign agency he had betrayed,

or killed by a group
of Serbian nationalists

who wanted him dead or alive.

Lawton asked if we could help,

because he was sure he
couldn't take him out alone.

The only thing is Davis had since died,

so that only left Lawton and me,

until I remembered Davis and Hansen

how each of them had a son
who were only too eager

to settle the score.

The three of us got the
first plane to Trieste,

but even as we made our plans,

another attempt was being
made to rid the world

of this last remaining honorable
member of the Third Reich.

If they succeeded it would
cheat us out of our promise

to Brad Hansen,

that is to kill the son of a bitch.

(ominous music)

(spear impact)
(explosion booming)

- [Man] Keep your eye on the water.

- [Man] We're under
attack, we're under attack.

(spears firing)
(groaning in pain)

(gun firing)

- Let's get the scuba gear quick.

- Where were you?

- Where are they coming from?

- Guards, guards.

Take him below deck.

- What are you waiting for get the power.

(guns firing)

- [Woman] Back to the stern quick.

- This way, this way, follow me.

- Here they are.
- There they are.

- Get over there and cover both sides.

(guns firing)

(explosion booming)

Get up there, move!

- Mines, mines.

(guns firing)

- Faster, faster.

(explosion booming)

- [Steve] So Bruno Hasse
and General Von Bruck

are one and the same.

As a head of Interpol I
shouldn't be involved.

- I lost five of my best men.

Four alone during the attack on the boat.

He is a vicious Nazi war criminal.

- We need proof, his
files, coded bank accounts.

- Servants need no proof.

- Even governments recovering
after his dealings.

- The responsibility is mine.

Don't worry, we'll get him.

- I hope so, I hope so soon.

We've paid our ransom many times.

- Yes, but...

- Gregor.

I may need your help again.

(merry music)

- You know your orders.

No mistakes this time.

Kill him.

- [Together] We will kill him.

- Oh I know.

- I'm so glad you like them.

- Lovely party.

(boat sputtering)

(suspenseful music)

(merry music)
(muffled chatter)

- Everything is taken care of.

- Good, good, good.

- Enjoy yourself.

- Good.

- Okay.

(ominous music)

(guns firing)
(guests screaming)

- Come on this way.

- Door, the door.

Move out.

(explosion booming)

(exciting music)

(fighting impacts and yelling)


(forklift starting)

(grunting in pain)

(gun firing)

- My friend I'm sorry.

We got here too late.

We're gonna get that son of a bitch.

- Gentlemen these are all victims
found in European harbors.

Observe them carefully.

Alright this is Boris Leamon,

Israeli Mossad.

He was 27.

His body was found floating
in Istanbul Harbor.

John Greer, British age 31.

His body was found floating in Marseilles.

Richard Forbes, age 26.

Agent of the CIA.

He's an expert on import and export

in and out of the far east.

His body was found floating in Tangier.

Now this is our latest victim.

We're not terribly familiar
with him or his activities,

but we are looking into it.

All these victims that
we've found in harbors,

it doesn't necessarily
mean that they were,

that they were murdered there.

- Are there no clues of any kind?

- No, no clues.

But we do have a coincidence.

Bruno Hasse,

and General Von Bruck as you may know him,

were in those harbors at the time.

- And Hasse has warehouses
in those harbors.

- I did say coincidence.

(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

- Sorry if I startled you Miss Lawton.

- Who are you and what
are you doing in my room?

- Now let me answer each
question separately.

I'm Inspector Marks,


And I was hoping to find
some evidence and clues here.

- What sort of evidence?

- Are these names familiar
to you by any chance?

- No.

- Miss Lawton will you
please look carefully.

Take your time.

(downbeat music)

- I said I didn't know.

- Did you ever hear your father
speak of General Von Bruck.

- Look I don't know what
you're talking about.

I mean what is going on here?

- I'm terribly sorry Miss Lawton.

I have some bad news.

Your father's body was
found several days ago

at the shipping docks.

- I should've been here.

You know he called me.

I just didn't think it was important.

I should've been here.


inspector please will you just,

let me have a few minutes to myself.

- I'll wait for you downstairs.

Take your time.

So your father was here buying

for his import-export business.

- Yes.

- You know of no one
that had reason enough

to want him dead?

- No inspector.

It's been three days now,

don't you have any clues?

I always thought of Interpol
as an efficient organization.

- Miss Lawton we are working on the case.

- Well his wallet wasn't taken
so robbery isn't the motive.

- Now Miss Lawton I'm
sorry for the delay but,

well investigations
take time and patience.

- Look we both know that
the persons responsible

were not amateurs.

- We can't say that for certain

until after we've made an arrest.

- I came here to find
my father's murderers,

and that's just what I intend to do.

- I apologize if I gave
you that impression,

but I'm warning you Miss Lawton,

if you interfere with
police investigation,

I'll report you to the American Consulate.

- You're right.

It's best to leave it
to the professionals.

- I thank you for cooperating.

- You will let me know
if you hear any news?

- Certainly, I promised you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'll report all my progress

and I'll expect you to keep your promise.

(car cranking)

(cars braking)

- Get out of the way.
- Get out of the way.

(gentle music)

- We lost her.

- Shit.

- I'm going over there.

- Alright we'll go over this way.

- I'll meet ya at the steps.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

(festive music)
(crowd chattering)

(intense music)

(crying out)

(fighting impacts and crying out)


- Dirt bag!

I wouldn't do that if I were you shmuck.

(fighting impacts and grunts)

Try it butnug, take your shot.

(fighting impacts and grunts)

- [Thug] Come on, let's go!

Come on, get up man, let's go, let's go.

- You alright Miss Lawton?

- Yes.

How did you now my name?

- I was a gunner on your father's crew.

The baby of the crew.

- Oh thanks.

Oh yes.

What's your name?

- Mike Davis Jr.

- I know who you are.

- Yeah we used to

play little league together
about 10 years ago in Irvine.

Ben used to like to show her off.

- So why are you guys all here,

because of my father's death?

- Yes.

- Wow.

- Listen why don't we go some where else

and talk about this.

(all agreeing at once)

(gentle music)

(piano music)

- General Von Bruck.

- He was one of Hitler's
youngest generals.

- Oh that's the guy.

Yeah my dad had this
never ending vendetta.

He was going to get
even with this Von Bruck

or Hasse or whatever--

- That's how our fathers knew each other.

- That was so long ago, what
does it have to do with today?

- Don't look at me.

Brad you tell her.

You're the talker in the group.

- Steve you were there, what happened?

- It was April 1944.

We were on our way back
from a bombing mission

over Budapest.

Our plane was so badly shot up that

we got over Yugoslavia and
we were forced to bail out.

Most of the crew was hurt.

Some very badly.

So then when we hit the ground,

the Germans were able to scoop us up.

Next thing you know we were on a train.



Political prisoners.

On our way to a concentration camp.

(train whistle blowing)

Hitler sent Von Bruck, the
most brutalist general he had

to Yuogslavia, to subdue the resistance

against his invading armies.

Von Bruck had orders to kill 100 people

for one German soldier killed,

and 50 for one wounded,

and nobody was doing that
job better than Von Bruck,

because he was a merciless
psychopathic murderer.

(orchestra band playing)

(speaking foreign language)

There was a man named Gregor.

He was a Serbian resistance leader.

The Nazis were paying big money

to have him captured to kill.

He was Von Bruck's enemy number one.

And when he refused to surrender,

Von Bruck ordered the execution
of the entire Gregor Family.

That included his father,
mother, sons, and three brothers.

I don't haven't tell you that
Gregor's only goal in life

from that moment on,

was to get even with Von Bruck.

(baby crying)

- Here you guys have a cigarette.

Now we're making a break out of here,

over by that wall over there.

I wanna know if you're in.


Here ya go, have a smoke.

Making a break.

- Yes.

- Okay over that wall.

Any minute.

Okay we're making break
right over at that wall.

You see it, right over there?

Alright okay.

- [Steve] Gregor had under his command

a group of fearless mountain warriors.

So called yannichaves,

Whose minds and bodies were trained to

fight and die for their freedom.

It was Gregor and his men that
surprised Von Bruck's guards

and got us out of that train shed.

(crying in pain)

- Let's go.

Let's go.
- Come on.

- Come on let's go.
- Come on.

(gun firing)
(ominous music)

(men shouting orders)

- [Steve] The next day they took us

to their mountain stronghold.

Which became a pickup spot
for many of our flyers.

Later be sent to the Adriatic post,

and then back to our
bases in southern Italy.

- Welcome to my sacred shrine.

- Thank you Gregor.
- Make yourself at home.

- Thank you.

- You'll be safe here.

Please follow me.

- Come on Lloyd, Fred come on.

- [Steve] As honored guests
Gregor invited us to his

special ritual of his men.

Which very few people have seen.

They had no fear.

They had been trained to feel no pain.

Not to bleed.

They hated the Nazis with a passion.

We were lucky to have them on our side.

They saved the lives of a lot of our guys,

including your father's and mine.

(chanting in foreign language)

(gentle music)

- So my father was here
searching for General Von Bruck.

- [Steve] And he found him.

- He came for Steve for help.

Instead of waiting he
tried to do it alone.

- [Brad] Or Von Bruck recognized
him and had him eliminated.

- Ben blamed himself for my father's death

and the death of the other crew members.

- So what do we do now?

- [Together] We?

- I'm taking my father's place.

- Please don't get involved in this Carla.

- I'm already involved.

I suppose you and your
ancient war experiences

make you professionals.

- She's got us there.

- Speak for yourself.

I'm just an insurance investigator.

- Hey, hey, hey, I did
my time in the Marines

and I was no desk jock.

- That leaves me.

Out of charter services in Denver

the last action I saw was Korea.

- Another agent.

- With or without your help
I'm going through with this.

I mean I'm like my dad.

When I've been hurt I just,

I just wanna hurt twice as bad.

- You're stubborn too.

Alright, better with us

than blundering around
by yourself somewhere.

- Well now that we've allowed Carla

into our illustrious circle,

how do we locate Von Bruck?

- Ah, by jumping to the shipping manifest.

We know that Von Bruck's boat the Argoyle,

is heading for the south of France so...

- Good day Miss Lawton.


- That's Mark,

the police inspector, Interpol.

Inspector, these are my father's friends.

- Brad Hansen.

- Mike Davis.

- Steve Fuller.

- Steve was one of my father's gunners.

One of his youngest ones.

- Well I hope you gentlemen
aren't here to avenge his death.

- Well we might look into it.

- I'd advise you not to.

You know they're not
playing games out there.

They're killers.

This is strictly a job for Interpol.

I'd advise you to keep out of it.

- Inspector did you know my father?

- I believe I met him through
a 20 foot barbwire fence.

I was in the compound next door.

(wind blowing)

- Halt!
- They've seen us.

(sirens sounding)
Fast, fast!

(guns firing)

- Come on.

How do you feel?

- I'm okay Marks.

- Good, we'll make it.

Alright, remember Gregor's shrine.

Just keep moving and fast.

- Miss Lawton,

have a pleasant stay everyone.

(soothing music)

- Hi there.

- Hello.

How does one,

get invited to one of Von
Bruck's yacht parties?

- Lachunga.

It's a restaurant bar that

that he and all his boys go to.

I don't think you're gonna
have a problem getting invited.


- Looks like I might
prove useful after all.

- This is great.

Reminds me of Cameron Bay.

Hey what have you got there?

An Erector set?

- I can hear a pigeon
shit on a statue in Rome

on this little baby.

- Hey kid,

watch your mouth, there's ladies around.

- What do you do with that thing,

listen to people screw?

- Hopefully not this time.

- Well you never know.

- Okay listen when you get to Lachunga,

we're gonna be able to hear you,

and anyone that comes near
you for three feet away.

When you get back on the yacht,

the range changes.

Okay you have two hot ones here,

you have one back up.

You take one of these,

and you place it on board the boat,

preferably underneath
something, underneath a desk,

or a lamp, or even a bed.

Okay you keep one of
these on you at all times.

You understand.

They're yours, you take good care of 'em.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Hey could I buy one of
those things from you?

- You couldn't afford it kid.

- Wanna bet?

Hey Steve you got any better ideas?

- Why don't you kids stop talking.

Let's go out and blow up that damn boat.

- You flew with my father?

- I did.

- Would he have done that?

- Maybe.

Give me a drink.

(soft music)
(people chatting)


What the hell is she up to now?

- Hey big boys, come on
and give me some rhythm.

Having a good time?

(all cheering and clapping)

- [Steve] Well it looks
like he's taken the bait.

If this doesn't work,

we're gonna have to punch
our way out of here.

- You're very pretty, I
haven't seen you around.

- Well she's in it now.

One slip and he'll kill her.

- This thing's getting a little
personal with you isn't it?

That kid is solid.

- Don't worry.

You always worry.

- Look if anything happens,
I'm gonna take Heller.

- No I'll take Heller.

- I got that little pig right over there.

- Just make sure you guys
get Carla out of here.

- We got half the US Navy here.

- You are beautiful.

- Why thank you.

- I would like to invite
you to a fabulous yacht.

- Oh I'd love it.

- There's a party I think you will enjoy.

- Ah excuse me miss,

could I talk to you for just a second?

- Is he disturbing you?


- Thank you, thank you.

- [Von Bruck] You're
going to have a good time.

By the way who was that guy?

- Just an admirer.

(funky music)

- [Mike] I hear glasses, I hear music,

and I hear women laughing.

- Sounds like Von Bruck's
having one hell of a party.

How's our girl doing?

- So far so good.

- Let's hope our luck holds out here.

- I'll drink to that.

- Oh quiet, quiet.

(funky music)

- Carla, I'd like to
introduce you to your host,

Bruno Hasse.

- Carla.


- And I'm very happy to meet you.

- Oh Carla you must make
yourself at home here.

- Thank you Mister Hasse.

You know I've never
been on a yacht before.

- Well then Conrad must show you around.

- Will you?

- I'll give her a special tour.


- I hope I'll see you later.

- You are going to see me later Carla.

I think she might make
an interesting addition,

don't you think?

- Well, if you like that sort of thing.

- What's going on?

- He's giving her a tour.

I hope she gets a chance to plant

one of those bugs along the way.

(energetic music)
(singing in foreign language)

♫ Whoa

♫ Oh yeah

♫ All right

♫ See me run away from the puppeteer

♫ I'll never run away from the other one

♫ Never run away from me

♫ Never run away from him

♫ No no no no

♫ No no no no

♫ Remember how you used to light us

♫ Remember how you pleased and lied us

♫ Remember how you used serenade us

♫ One thing I want you to know

♫ You never get away

♫ One thing I want you to know

♫ You never get away

(mumbled singing)

- Very nice.

♫ If you run away from the prophecy

♫ You'll never run away from the all night

♫ You'll never run away from me

♫ You'll never run away from me

♫ No no no no

♫ No no no no

♫ Remember how you used to light us

♫ Remember how you used to light us

♫ Remember how we used serenade us

♫ But there is one
thing I want you to know

♫ You never get away

♫ One thing I want you to know

♫ You never get away


(energetic music)

- Mister Hasse, you throw quite a party.

Really wonderful.

- I'm glad you're enjoying it.

- [Veran] I really enjoy your lifestyle.

(muffled talking)

- Make yourself comfortable Veran,

and we shall get down to business.

- Excuse my bluntness Monsieur Hasse,

but my clients are aware
of the personal attacks

that have been made upon your life,

and they would like to be
assured that whatever happens,

their shipments will be delivered.

- There's nothing to fear.

I have the best bodyguards money can buy.

- $50 million dollars
is a considerable sum.

- The merchandise is at my warehouse.

State of the art computer systems,

with military applications.

The Americans haven't even released it

to the NATO allies yet.


- I am impressed, but I
must have a guarantee,

in the event something
unfortunate should happen to you.

- Very well.

I will put it in writing,

and you shall receive the merchandise.

(tapping feet)

(feedback booming)

- Ow son of a bitch!

- What happened?

- The fucking elephant stepped on the bug.

- Does that mean they know about Carla?

- I don't know.

(funky music)

- This is only half.

- The balance will be paid
when I see the shipment

safely leave the dock.

I am merely following my
client's instructions.

- You come to my warehouse
at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon

and you shall see for yourself.

- I will be there.

- And don't forget to bring
the rest of the money,

regardless of my state of health.

(funky music)

- Dancer, have you seen Carla?

- No.

But it's easy to forget someone

of such little significance.

- Monsieur Veran is that you pen?

- Thank you.

- And now that our business is concluded

we shall go and dance where the party is.

- Excellent idea Monsieur Hasse.

- Right this way Monsieur.
- Excellent idea.

I'm anxious to get back
to my two little girls.

- [Von Bruck] You can do as
you please Monsieur Veran.

Enjoy yourself.
- I shall.

(upbeat music)


- Oh.
- What are you doing in here?

- Well I um, I was just
looking for the ladies room.

- You mean the head.

- Yes the head.

- Didn't Conrad show you the head,

when he gave you the tour of the boat?

- Oh well you know I mean,

look there's such a big boat
I just got all turned around.

- Oh of course.

Let me help you and escort
you to the ladies room,

and to Conrad, I'm sure he misses you so.

- Look I mean I don't
mean to be any trouble.

- Oh no trouble at all.

I'd like you to find
your way off this boat.

(dramatic music)

- Thanks, I need that.

Well I thought she was just gonna march me

right then and there
to Von Bruck's office.

- Well that was quick thinking there.

You're on your way to becoming
quite a little detective.

- Boy I tell ya,

I'm sorry I got the dead bug guys but

between Conrad Heller and
that bitch Dancer watching

I just didn't have a
chance to plant any others.

- Well you can't win them all.

- Besides you did a great job.

- Okay what we have to do now is

we have to find out where
Von Bruck's warehouse is,

and we have to find
out where's he shipping

that sensitive computer equipment.

- You know if I could have
just gotten into his desk,

then we'd not only know
where the warehouse is,

but we'd have a list of
all the transactions.

- We have to do it before
3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

- But suppose he doesn't come himself.

With his papers,

then we'll know every
move he decides to make

in case he decides to leave here.

- Well there's a good chance
he'll be there tomorrow.

- Look, I know my way around his yacht.

Suppose tonight I just
sneak on board and...

- No way!

You got away with it once.

These guys are very
sophisticated, they have guns.

They will kill you like
they will kill a fly.

- Far too dangerous.

- I agree.

- So what have I got here?

Three fathers?


(suspenseful music)


(water splashing)

- Hans, Hans!

I knew we had not seen the last of you.

Bruno and Conrad will be
very happy to see you again.

(slapping impact)
(crying out)

- You bitch.

- Who sent you and why do
they want my business records?

- I'll make her talk.

- No Heller.

A woman is better suited to
inflict pain on another woman.

(intense music)

- Wait.

No one sent me.

I'm here because

you murdered my father
last week in Trieste.

- So you're Captain Lawton's daughter.

- I swore I'd find the ones
responsible for his death.

- Who else is here with you?

- No.

I'm alone!

It's the truth.

- Leave us.

Your father tried to kill me.

- For the terrible things
you did to him and his crew,

and hundreds of other innocent people.

- That was war.

A war you know nothing about

except what you might
have heard or read about

from your self righteous victors.

It's time, my dear Carla,

I give you a true history lesson,

the way things really were.

- You have a captive audience.

I suppose you're used to it that way.

- Of course.

But you're going to remain silent,

or do you wish to be gagged?

My orders were to Germanize Yugoslavia,

and to kill any who resisted.

The Partisans were the
main thorn in my side.

April 1944,

about the time your father and
his crew arrived at my camp,

the Partisans had ambushed
one of our cullens,

and they had wiped them out,

except for General Sheila,

who was taken hostage.

(guns and tanks firing)

Next morning they came, and demanded

that I release 90 collaborators

in exchange for General Sheila.

I was faced with an ultimatum,

that is very familiar in many countries

around the world today.

Whether or not to give
in to terrorists demands.

I promised I would give them an answer

in the 24 hour limit they had given.

And I considered my dilemma.

General Sheila,

a personal friend of mine,

an officer of the Reich,

in my personal feelings one German life

was worth 100 of those bastards.

But if I were to give into their demands

how long before every German officer

would become a pawn for ransom?

I would be starting a very,
very dangerous precedent.

How many lives does one
surrender when blackmailed?

And once it starts,

where does one draw the
line and says enough.

This Machiavellian philosophy

has been with us through the ages,

and it will continue to plague us,

and then I thought,

how Caesar, and other
great leaders of the past

right up to our furor himself
might deal with a problem.

I would pay the ransom in blood.

I was a German officer.

I was fighting for my country's cause.

And I would not give in
to any type of blackmail.

I executed the 90 men
partisan had asked for,

and I sent word if General Sheila

was not released immediately

I would execute a 100 more.

(guns firing)

And later that day,

they replied,

by murdering,

General Shiella.

(emotional music)

(phone ringing)

(speaking foreign language)

I will consider the executions.

(speaking foreign language)

And I responded by taking 100 lives

in exchange for his,

and I continued the executions,

and more executions, and more executions,

because never again will
those filthy bandits

try to make a ransom demand
from a German officer.

(guns firing)

And I have never, never regretted it.

My objective was to hurt

10 even 20 more times than they hurt us

and I succeeded.

There's nothing noble about war.


Each side must take whatever action

it needs

to win.

- Even if it means

the killing of

innocent people for your own enjoyment?

- There are no innocent people.

Civilian or military,

one is forced to choose a side that's all.

- What happened to the
rest of my father's crew?

- Six of my men died because
of your father's escape.

Naturally I had to take
stern measures against them.

While your father and his
bandits hid in the hills

I sternly disciplined the
remainder of his crew,

so there would be no recurrence

to that very unpleasant incident.

(ominous music)

- Herr Commandant?

- Dieter?

- Four of the American pilots escaped.

They killed six of our men.

- Execute the rest.

(speaking foreign language)

(guns firing)

Can you tell with absolute certainty,

that all the bombs that fell
from your father's planes

fell solely on military targets?

Now see, see, see, see,

now that's a thought that
never occurred to you.

You and I

will have many enlightening
talks while you're my guest,

and perhaps somewhere along the line,

we will mutually agree upon something.


- Carla's gone.

- What?

- Yeah, I think she
went back to the yacht.

- You think Von Bruck got her?

- Well let's not panic yet.

We don't know that
anything happened to her.

- I don't see her on the boat.

- Well if he did have her,

he wouldn't have her splayed to the mast.

- Nobody in the water.

Nobody along the beach.

- Well she's not out sight seeing.

- Okay guys, come on, we better get going.

- We want Von Bruck.

- Interpol wants him too.

I want him alive.

He's more useful that way.

- That butcher.

- When Interpol gets through with him

they'll try him with
everything in the book,

besides the war atrocities.

(energetic music)

(suspenseful music)

- After my business
with Veran is completed,

I want my other shipment loaded onboard.

- Okay you guys follow Von Bruck,

find out where that warehouse is.

We go aboard the boat and try
to meet up a little later.

- Okay.

- Okay, okay fellows here we go.

(tires squealing)

(horn sounding)

- Let's go.

(energetic music)

- [Carla] Dammit.


- Okay grumpy, remove your gun belt.

That's it nice and easy, nice and easy.

Okay now you untie her hands first.

Boy are you glad to se me.

- [Carla] What took you so long?

- Fine mess you got me into.

- I didn't get you into
anything you lummox,

I'm the one in chains.

- I outta leave you that way.

It's because of you

I don't know where the damn warehouse is.

- It's up the coast eight kilometers,

turn right to the mountains,

four kilometers to the fortress up top.

- How'd you find that out?

- Sitting here playing
Bingo, a birdy told me.

- Okay now you tie up
the albino, I'll watch.


- You won't get very far.

- Be careful, watch your back.

- You move and I'll shoot you.

(energetic music)
(fighting impacts)

- [Carla] It fell under there.

Behind you.

- You're punctual Veran.

- As you requested Monsieur Hasse,

25 million in gold coins.

- Just don't leave me.

- Sit down.

Keep the engine running.

- I can't drive this.

- Keep the god damned
engine running and shut up.

(machinery banging and moving)

- That foundry's heavily guarded.

It'll take an army to get through there.

What's on the back?

- [Mike] Well there's a
tunnel behind the old factory

that leads into the warehouse,
we could go that way.

I only saw about half a dozen guards.

- [Steve] Okay we'll wait
for Brad maybe two minutes.

Just you and me pal.

Here's Brad.

- You guys ready?

- Yeah.
- We're gonna stop 'em.

There they are.

- [Brad] I got 'em.

(gun firing)

- Alright let's go.

(coins clinking)

- That's excellent Veran, excellent.

- Now may I see the shipment?

- Of course.

- Just a sample,

for your inspection.

- You guys check in the tunnel,

I'll go this way.

- Veran,

the box is downstairs.

Can be opened by any
of your men at random.


Part of the tele-communication system.

(machinery moving and stamping)

(guns firing)
(dramatic music)

- I'm satisfied.

- Well now that concludes
our business for now Veran.

(energetic music)
(guns firing)

- Grenade, grenade!

(grenade exploding)
(men crying out)

- What was that?
- Heller.

(energetic music)

(guns firing)

- Find out what's going on there.



- [Steve] Why aren't you
laughing now you bastard?

(dramatic music)

- Aw geez.

Oh no, Steve.

(guns firing)


(intense music)

Come on

(gun firing)

- Drop the gun.

Give me the gun.

- Leave me alone.

Let's go.
- Get in here.

- No.
- Come on get in here.

- Let go.

Stop it.


- Roast in hell my dear.

- [Dancer] I'll get you for this.

You'll all die, I'll get you.


- [Veran] My clients will be
anxious to place new orders

in the very near future.

- [Von Bruck] That is excellent Veran.

- [Veran] However the next shipment

will not be quite as large.

- Very well, in that case
the payment will all in gold.

(hitting impacts)

(gun firing)

- Don't shoot.

Don't let's...

Let's discuss this.

I am a good man.

I have done nothing wrong.

I have nothing to be ashamed of.


don't shoot.

- Now you listen to me
you ugly piece of spit.

You are looking down the
barrel now, how does that feel?

- Let's discuss this.

You are a good soldier.

Don't shoot.

We can work something out about this.

Let's talk about it.

- Do it.

- [Von Bruck] Please don't.

- That's one.

- Don't shoot.


- That's two.

- Alright I'll do it.

Somebody has to do it.

- Now wait a minute.

Spencer is going to go on trial,

and the whole world is going
to see him like Adolf Rightman,


and you're going to die in prison.

- Wise decision.

It'd be a shame if we,

if we had to fight each other.

- I was wondering when
you were gonna show up.

- Interpol kind of had my hands tied.

They figured that I had a
personal vendetta with him.

Well I,

I'll take care of your friend.

Now I suggest you leave by the side door.

Your presence here is both unnecessary

and a bit embarrassing.

- Yeah.

- On your feet.

- May I smoke a cigarette?

- No tricks Von Bruck.

This may be the last
one you'll ever enjoy.

No Von Bruck,

no cyanide this time.

Not this time.

(sirens wailing)

- Well where's Steve?

- Steve's dead.

- Well what are we going to do then?

- We just have to let the
inspector take care of him.

- Oh well.

Now the whole teams gone.

(gentle music)

(sirens wailing)

- Let's get out of here.

(energetic music)

♫ Oh I've been searching for you for

♫ For far too long

♫ And going through hell

♫ Trying to be strong

♫ I see your face

♫ Everywhere that I go

♫ Somebody tell me what

♫ What I need to know

♫ Your body's run away

♫ You disappeared from me

♫ Imagination stirred

♫ Did someone capture you

♫ I've been looking for ransom

♫ Ransom

♫ Well they won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready to pay

♫ The ransom

♫ I've already tried

♫ To deny your existence

♫ And met with such

♫ Emotional

♫ Resistance

♫ I smell your scent

♫ All over the room

♫ You're sending me vibrations

♫ I'll be seeing you soon

♫ 'Cause I've got a heart

♫ That's waiting to bite

♫ Getting wild like a child

♫ To keep you from my sight

♫ Are they holding you for ransom

♫ Ransom

♫ Well they won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready to pay

♫ Are they holding you for ransom

♫ Ransom

♫ Well they won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready

♫ Are they holding you for ransom

♫ Ransom

♫ Well they won't get away

♫ How much is the ransom

♫ 'Cause I'm ready

♫ Ready

♫ Are they holding you for ransom