Rani Padmini (2015) - full transcript

The story revolves around two women Rani and Padmini who are on a journey from Kochi to Himachal Pradesh with different purposes.

Team DrC

''On that meadows where
peacock feathers fall -''

''- shall wait by spreading carpet''

''At the midnight when lightening
flowers near the temple''

''Shall climb on the shoulders
of snake-wood tree''

''Shall pluck the wild berries''

''Shall swing on the wild creepers''

''Won't you come without calling? -''

''- small sweet birds which
has rainbow wings?

''Shall fly in that meadow
shall coverthe valley -''

''- why not climb
'pulari' (dawn) hills?''

''Tender breeze wafts
through the creepers -''

''- she will give wings to everyone''

''Please come, shall fly -''

''- shall not restrict the wings
on a single branch of birds''

''On that meadows where
peacock feathers fall -''

''- shall wait by spreading carpet''

''To see the sky,
to go into the depths -''

''- please come sweeping
through the window sills''

''To climb on the unseen
branches of the night''

''While shaking, please
stars do not fall off''

''Please come, shall fly -''

''- shall not nibble on
the same bamboo rice''

''On that meadows where
peacock feathers fall''

''- shall wait by spreading carpet''

''At the midnight when lightening
flowers near the temple''

''Shall climb on the shoulders
of snake-wood tree''

''Shall pluck the wild berries''

''Shall swing on the wild creepers''

''Won't you come without calling? -''

''- small sweet birds which
has rainbow wings?''

Should create a bad name,
you are the daughter of -

- Shankaran Vaidyar
hailing from Kattuparambathu

A child with dignity and
respect what, a child?

You are a fool, your husband has
dumped you and went to Himalayas

Now on society won't respect you
at all, by the way do you respect yourself?.

lf so, come will go

Fear not, what all dangers a female
will receive while sitting at home

Only that much danger
is there while on road

Team DrC

Dear one, please sleep

(Ladies move to the back,
there is enough space)

While saying Delhi settled Malayali's
means, will be a good family

Was the horoscope matching?
Yea, compatibility was 7

So that is okay

lf it is Delhi means there
are lot of things to see

lndia Gate, Parliament, Lalkila
Quthab Minar, then Janthar Manthar -

Rastrapathi Bhavan

ls it really fixed?

On Sunday they are coming
for bride to be seeing function

Why it seems you
are bit upset on it?

Did you feel like that?

l don't know why, on knowing a
good thing is coming to a person

Over here near to
heart there is a suffocation

At first l thought it was
because of gas - That isn't, is it not?

No, no
That is due to this

Team DrC

How long are you having this pain?
lt been quite some time

lt seems it is due to Arthritis,
can't walk without slippers

There are 80 different
varieties of Arthritis

This is 'Pada Harsha'
(related to foot)

There is a 'medicinal decoction'
called 'Rasa lrandathi' will give that

Ji (okay)
Are you a vegetarian? - No

Then you should be, as far
as possible avoid Tamarind

Sure will do that, afterthe
marriage while returning to Delhi

l plan to purchase an
arm chair and leave

Now it is time for me to rest,
as far as Giri is concerned -

- he is busy with vehicle sales
and rally and things like that

Over there, l've bit of farming and all
actually it is me who wants one company

Lalithamma, you don't have to worry
about her, she is a well brought up girl

l know that, when concerned with a
wedding there'll be a bit of enquiry, no?

All are of the opinion that she is
well groomed and obedient child

Just like me!

Team DrC

''New flower blossoms,
new breeze wafts''

''Love blossoms on flower, which
is the place where 'He' stays''

''Me too''

''New flower blossoms,
new breeze wafts''

''Love blossoms on flower, which
is the place where 'He' stays''

''Me too''

''Dreams murmur in
ears in a poetic way''

''Watching with shy eyes
talks loud, desire inside grows''

''Eyes throb in love, loves his
naughtiness in his actions''

Team DrC

''New flower blossoms,
new breeze wafts''

''Love blossoms on flower, which
is the place where 'He' stays''

''Me too''

Team DrC

My goodness, sir be careful
while washing after excreta!

A Himalayan resort town that is
above 6500 feet high from ocean level

That is what Manali is, very famous
for lagoons and honey moon couples

lt is from this city tenth
Great Himalayan Rally starts

As rally bounces forward not
at all caring about anything

We are always with it
to capture the live events

From the valleys of Manali which is
covered with snow, camera man...

No snow, no snow!
Come on roll it fellow

From the snow covered
Manali valleys

Along with camera man, Ullas
Menon, Malayalam News

To hold with in the hands
time and distance

lt is a continuous effort of a group of
people, we are becoming the witness

Many famous people are
participating in it this time

All are anxious on Southern Wheel's
Giri and Karim combination

For the last two years Giri
had won who is also a Malayali

This time he expects nothing
less than hat-trick success

More over Rana Shergil
who is returning after years

lt is sure that he will be
a strong opponent for Giri

The return of veteran Rana Shergil

Certain comments which
he had made -

- by this time, it is a topic of
discussion in social media

Certain comments which Rana
has made on his twitter

There is an opinion that
it is a reference on you

How would you react to
such situations Mr. Giri?

l've also read that on the
twitter, Rana Sab all the best

Ready come on tell

When challenges and verbal
clashes happen inside and outside

To know who will be the real
winner, should wait for four days again

From the worlds highest
Motor Sport Arena

Along with camera man
Ullas Menon Malayalam News

Sir, why not saying my name?

Look this is era of selfie, l don't want
camera man and all, l'll take like this

(Just look at him)

Come fellow - Won't l come?
Making me busted, no?

Team DrC

Don't go!

Qutab Minar!

Qutab Minar is at
Meharoli South Delhi

We are on the route to Chandigarh

Team DrC

''Like a moonlight in
the month of 'Makara''

''Caress the tender leaves''

''When heavy rains
sounds in the ear''

''l remain as a fresh soil''

''Like a moonlight in
the month of 'Makara'''

''Caress the tender leaves''

At the near by temple there
is a family 'Pooja' ( offering)

Because of that for few
days no contacts with Giri

''Body awakens daily
in the purest form''

''With the tenderly touch
becomes a lute of desires''

''Rain drizzles slowly, the veil of
moonlight is slowly stripped off'

''Like a moonlight in
the month of 'Makara'

''Caress the tender leaves''

Team DrC

''Life is smouldering day after day''

''As a tender wick, more or less in a
dudgeon mood if you don't come''

''l become like a messenger
moonlight l'll fade off like a leaf''

''Like a moonlight
in the month of 'Makara'

''Caress the tender leaves''

''When heavy rains
sounds in the ear''

''l remain as a fresh soil''

''Like a moonlight in
the month of 'Makara'

''Caress the tender leaves''

Lord Guruvayoorappa!

Team DrC

Do you know to break knuckles?

Hold it!

Twist it!

Break it!

l really don't look like
a Malayali, do l?

Then how did you understand that?

Heading to where?

Heading to where?

To Lae
For what reason?

There is a bird which lays
eggs on snow, thunder bird

This is the time when it lays eggs

While during the journey
l don't eat anything from strangers

My making un conscious,
taking this gold and money...

You are a real traveller, is it?
Hard core

Madam, what are you doing?
Can't you see?

Do it fast must go
ls it over?.

Come, will go

Please come to this side


At Kaylom on a Himalayan
Rally Camp my husband is there

Will you please take me there?

After getting down from the
bus, l don't know how far it is

Right after seeing Rani

Felt a sort of closeness, like
that of a brother in law!

You people in Animal Planet,
do they love only animals?

Won't they love human beings?

Team DrC

Where to go now?

Why don't we go that way?
That way?

My husband sir

Sir, we are coming from Delhi

We'll discuss an urgent matter
and after that we'll leave

Only one time sir..

You are not allowed inside
Don't touch on female body

We'll just leave after talking sir

lt is husband, not lover

Send them out!

My goodness!
What is this? ls it break dance?

lt is gooseberries sir, it
is really cold, no?

Team DrC

When became warm, cold
got slightly reduced, no?

Seems like husband is not that okay
Look, don't say anything of Girietten

Yes understood, the
value of wedding chain

By the way what is
the problem, now?

lf you will get some relief,
come on say it for sake of hell!

No matter how much money you
pay for it, it is really worth of it

There is no sluggishness at all,
only will have to press the throttle

Will leap!
Why not? lt is 300 BHP, no?

That will be shown, no? - Why don't
we take him to climb the hill?

Hundred percent, we'll take Casol
route - Then we'll take Arjith also

He knows all the off road tracks also

Then in that case..
Can you stop the vehicle?

Generally to home...

Generally what is purchased for
home, that is not gift for me

For the first birthday it was she-buffalo

For the wedding anniversary
it was water heater

This is some kind of..Which
l don't even know the name

Come as it is birthday,
buy me an ice cream


Look, there is a friend of mine from
native who is working in a hospital here

They are urgently in
need of a Physiotherapist

Shall l join?

Look this gloves has become
like soiled cloth, okay

That should be changed

Why do you want to discuss so
much on going for a job and all?

Am l going for this rally after
getting permission from mother?

What is that on your back?
Where? - Just turn!

Let me see it

Should call okay

Team DrC

While coming after
work, really hungry

Daughter, it won't work out here

l've told when l came to
your house, it is not Giri but -

- l'm the one who needs a company

When there is lots of work
here, what l can't understand is -

- why do you want to work outside?

That will be understood
only when you go for work

Have one more 'roti' (wheat bread)

You should stay with
me and for this family

lt is not part time but full time

lt is a joint divorce application,
Giri has signed it

l don't know to put fake signature!

From that medicine stinking home
you have reached so far, is it?

This mother over here before she
was restricted to wheel chair

She used to treat me really tough!

You also adjust a bit

Team DrC

Hello Puppy?


Threatened that going to divorce?

My goodness!

But worry not girl -

- over here in movies, at homes, in
native place divorce is common

You come here, you can
live here happily - Go girl!

You go cattle food! - You go, you
'Kottanchukathi' (Medicinal plant)

ls there room?

Well, are you from South lndia?

l like South lndian faces

Few days back, there was a
guest from South lndia

l've taken some of his photos

Would you like to see,
l'll show you now

Brother, room key

Well, well!

Come, will see
My mother!

Madam, entire system is corrupt

Take my case, l had to
bribe a traffic police

Look, the thing is very simple

Your daughter eloped
No, no

Not daughter..Daughter in law
Yea..Whoever it is gone!

lt is good that while going
went with money and gold

That will benefit and strong
our divorce case


Madam you don't get tensed,
police will find her and bring her


Padmini! l'm sure
that you are hearing

Obediently come home
taking the next bus

Otherwise there are people
behind you, you will be nabbed...!

Sudden altitude shift from
9,000 feet to12,000 feet

When the first phase is
finished in Manali-Keylong

Rana Shergill team has
captured the first position

Giri and Karim with few minutes
less, they are just behind

Rani, don't we have to go?

Rani, Rani!

Only five minutes sleep!

Rani, Rani, Rani!

Don't we have to go?

Team DrC

(Wants everything forfree)

700, 800

Yea, l've got the photos
which l told yesterday

What the hell with this guy?
Come will go

What is it?

(A popular song from
a Rajanikanth Movie)

Will you walk fast?

Don't know where it is

What is all this?

Have you seen this
girl some where?


Have you seen this girl?
And you?


Look, someone is behind
me that is sure

My goodness!

That is not on you..
What? - That is on me!

When caught will hit and kill!

My god, run, l say run!

Team DrC

You jerk!

My dear bro

Hey bhai sab, do you have a comb?

lt is a new hair style

Hey Suresh?
Hi Ramesh!

Nothing to eat in here?

Notice has come from
the bank, shall l take that one?

Should vacate from here on 14th

Are you happy now? - Thatjerk
manager, gave me 6 months time

Rani, talk decently

Should remember that
you are a female

Right now what is the
problem over here?

ls it receiving the notice from bank?

Or l don't have the
consciousness that l'm a female?

No matter how many time l tell,
keep on saying ill talks

Saying ill talks!

Mother, mother!

Mother, mother!

My dear bro, don't cry

Go l say!

lt is not because l don't see you
struggling like this - Then what?

Should not give a
chance to vacate this home

Other day when l told to sell that
'Maruthi' and pay off one instalment

Had told father's soul
is inside that one!

That is yet another soul!

Both of you kill me!

Come on, leave it, leave it

lf l had a son

Then you keep crying!

You are not a manager you are
a damager, leave the hand!

l'm only talking, no?
Get out!

Team DrC

You posses a very good eyes

l'm Navneeth

For my client l'm looking for a
model whose eyes are so beautiful

Can't you hear?

Did mother sleep?

You come home, only
when she sleeps, is it?

Who are these people?


What are you keep on
weaving like this?

This house is full of this stuff, either
flower or pot, either flower or pot!

Hey Suresh give some
space, should lie down


Team DrC

No, job is not lost, looking
for a better placement only

My god!
Mother, look, give the tea!

Who is this new bloody fool?

He is seen around
since few days

Tea, tea, brother side please!

Hey shut up!
Give it back

You may take this one
Brother how much is it?

Hundred rupees

What girl?

Middle class Malayali family

ls there any males at home?

So you queen, you are
that informer is it?

Forfilm stars and gangsters it is not
good to give a self introduction

l'm staying here lot of people
in this colony knows this

And forthe last four weeks my
photo is appearing on newspaper

And still now no one
has informed so far

Do you know why?

l've got lot of friends in police

And that is a very
expensive friendship

For my head, the reward is 15 lakhs!

That you should give now

lf not, l won't kill you

But l'll not allow you to live

Who told? That girls don't
posses sense of humour

What are you buying washing
machine? To give instalments


Bring whatever you get..

Team DrC



You are finished girl..!

You can run anywhere you want
Will find you and kill you

This guy is talking for so long!

Come mother

Look, don't worry there is
a friend of mine at Himachal

Will stay away for few days,
will also get a job overthere

Bhai Sab railway station

You may keep this, only
good will come to you

Remain bold


Daughter be careful okay
Motherthat house will be ours

Bhaiya, railway station

Team DrC

Driver has gone to toilet, you may
please side my vehicle and go

What a nuisance in
the middle of the road?


My god, is it not apple?

Come girl!

Team DrC


My mother!

He thinks he is Shah Ruk Khan

Don't we have to go?


My goodness, here
comes the next one!

About turn!

What man?

Go man!

My god!


Look, mountain chicks!
Stop, stop please

Stop, l say stop!

Team DrC

That one!

My goodness!



Where is this Palakkad exactly?

ls Padmini a Nair?. (A Hindu caste)

Rani Padmini

Both of you where are you going?

This is our honey moon trip

Hey stop the vehicle


Come on take the camera

During the rally, a Gipsy fell into
an abyss losing the control

lmage of a Gipsy is what
viewers are seeing right now

Number 33

ln the mountain rally, team of
Akash Chopra and Nikil Devan -

- their vehicle has met
with an accident over here

From the manner in which vehicle
lies and from the depth of abyss

lt is certain that at least
one person will be dead cruelly!

Take some cruel close ups

Hello, child you don't get
scared by seeing all this okay

All this is very common
in Himalayan Rally

Hey man, current rally
champion is her husband

Which one?

ls it defending champion
of Southern Wheels, Giri?

Yea, we are on the way

l already spoke to mummy ji

Padmini should be safe - Don't
worry tell Mr. Giri to be cool

Some how make Padmini ji
to stop till morning

We'll come in the morning
and safely take her back home

They will reach here tomorrow

When Padmini comes, we must tell
some lie and make her stay here

l'll talk to Padmini

So, that is it! You were
rogue to your wife

That drama only l've
been dealing over there

Do you know your wife's
name? Son's? No is it not?

For the last few days l'm always
there with you, on all your matters

We are not close friends and all

That's all, wife mother,
uncle all at home

Not on the road

Team DrC

No son, no

Altitude is getting high
weather is getting bad

Why did l beg on you and made you
marry an obedient and home based girl?

When you were four
years old, yourfather died

From that day onwards my
obstinacy has forwarded this family

For you and forthis family
mother is ready to be bit cruel

When you come back -

- mother will transform her
to a girl suited for this home

One second okay

An exclusive interview with Giri
sir with family news - Padmini!


Will call on reaching at native

Where is Giriettan?

Lalitha aunty had called l don't
know what is the problem between you

Whatever that is

Then Giri had gone for
a dinner at a military camp

Will be bit late to
return, he is bit tired

My goodness!

l can arrange a tent at the
camp of officials over here

You can rest there

Who is leading now?
We only

Facilities are less

Yea, it is a tent, no?
lts not a suit room no?

Who is this?
Rani, brother in law of Padmini

ls Fazila and son keeping fine?

Team DrC

Can't sleep

No, it is not tension, that is
surprising but something else

Not that

Yea, that is called buzz

lt is there right from traveling
Can't sleep

Then shall l tell a story?

ls there any message? l don't
like stories without message

Yes, there is message
Then come on tell

Once in a place there
was a studious girl

One day she was reading
a book on butterflies

She felt, that ant is smiling at her

Afterfew days

She saw that ant again

When looked closely she felt that
ant had a similarity of Brain Lara

Very slowly she and
ant became friends

She gave him a name also, Lara

Team DrC

She cried for a very long time

While kept on crying like that
she understood one thing

Even without hurting an
ant can't live in this world

Team DrC

By today your issues will be
settled, we can be happy on that

So, my issues remain unsolved
as a remedy forthat -

- because of that l'm
taking this gold and money

Don't take it as a stealing,
on the contrary one advice

Be a fighter in life, faithfully Rani


Haven't you told to
become a fighter?.

What an obedience!

Hey lady look, your husband
will leave you and go, okay

My father got be married by taking
loan from a bank after pledging property

My mother! Stop it, enough!


Three tea

Team DrC

What is up brother?

You are Raja is it?
That wanted criminal

Which Raja?

Mr. Rajesh Chauhan
you may show your lD

Show your lD, you...!

Look this is my lD

Here it is, property pledged in bank!

ln my house attachment notice had
come like a 'Manorama Weekly'

Overthere those people who
are simply staying are trekkers

By this time rally might
have reached some where

They will take us to
the short cut to 'Lae'

There is a connection between us
as we have got a kick on the head


l was just acting as if un conscious

Otherwise you would have
whacked me to pulp! How is that?

Swami! (Lord) - Sharanam
Ayyappa! (Lord be with us)

Are you a Malayali?
All the way from Panthalam!

Shall we go?

Did you see that one?

Team DrC

When Giriettan signed that divorce
paper what'll be inside that mind?

How easily did he deny me?

Am'l not sexy? Am'l not educated?

What a wonderful humour
sense do l posses?

Why aren't you talking?
Come on tell

What l think is..
Look over there!

Look, over here not all the flowers
are good for smelling, okay

Hey bro, look right from childhood l
go to woods and pluck medicinal plants

Don't teach about plants to
daughter of Shankaran Vaidyar


Yea, okay!

Do you want this one?

Hello daughter of 'Vaidyar'
(medical practitioner)

lf you are finished with
the work, shall we go?

Lets go!

Hey look, '501' (bar soap)

What all things are
recollected in the mind, no?

Bathing banks, rivers

Lemon toffee

Gun with crackers, hide and seek
game - Yea l like that game very much

Give it here

Why do you people
climb the hills and woods?


Why are you always climbing
the hills with vehicle?


This idea of divorcing and making
her good, that is not your idea, is it?

We males are the kings
when coming to convenience!

We'll discuss with Padmini,
you don't get tensed

Right now eyes on the road

Brother eyes on the road

Team DrC

Giri, l have told one thing


Team DrC


Beat him, man!

ln the native place there was a
beautiful sister called Narayani

When Narayani starts to bathe, the
fishes in the pond will come peeping

A lie, a lie!
No, no it is the truth

Then what?

Did you see Narayani
was that much hot

She'll peel off even hundred
coconuts in a single go

Narayani, really loved
to take rice with Tuna

Like that one day Narayani,
went to the market to buy Tuna

That person was a big rowdy in
native it was a big insult for him

On that day itself he had
decided to kill Narayani

What kind of a story is this?
This has got a good message, no?

What message? - While crossing
the road, should look at right and left

Didn't l say? l don't like story
without any messages

l'll kill you! - My mother
This Tiharjail is for ladies, do you know?

This is a socially relevant
message, no?

Didn't you like it?
Okay will tell another one

Team DrC

Rani, you end this act of
yours like boys

Girls are super, no?

Grandma, has weaved this
flowers on dress, to make you a girl

Will this do?

Come on tell

Come on tell

Will this do?

''Rain clouds have come down''

''Stars shine in the sky''

''Rain clouds have come down''

''Stars shine in the sky it
has said within me until now''

''Has come from light''

''lt has said within me until now''

''Has come from light
all through the way''

Team DrC

Sir, our gang has become
something like a general ward

The mistake what l did is, l kept
dogs like you in the gang

Here, hold this

My goodness!

My dear bro, again how far is it?
Just 200 metres, after that can fly

What to fly?

During the childhood days if
anyone says we are obedient child

Don't be happy that is a kind of trap

That is an encouragement to remain
with wings locked through out life

When you keep the
wings locked, how will you fly?

''Like a butterfly''

''A nest in the wet clouds''

''Born with wings''

''Blossoms as a joy for soul''

''Before me, before my
eyes this world is born''

''To understand world, again
shall go along with that world''

Keep the change

l was a weird person, l thought
this world is also weird

All because of 'karma'! (actions)

The result of my actions

Sab ji tea

l can't work anymore

Drop me at any of the
Buddha hermitage

And you men join in
some good gang

Even if we die like stray dogs

We'll never leave you

My god

Bhaiya, not here!

My god!

Team DrC

Lord Guruvayoorappa!

Mother, save me


Kill Rani first!

Raja sir!

Who is your favourite singer?

What sister?

To the finishing point of
Great Himalayan Rally -

- there is only few
kilometres from here

Team which is leaping with
the aim of hat-trick

Giri and Kareem of Southern
Wheels they have covered -

- this place few minutes back

lf they could achieve hat-trick that
will be a first event in rally history

There comes the number 25
white Gipsy of Rana Shergill

Rana who is determined he
will fight till the last minute

Look, he is moving just
behind that of Giri

The most challenging part of Great
Himalayan Rally, the tricky pass in -

ln the last round

Right now if we take this route

Team DrC

Take left!

Don't allow that rascal
to overtake, okay

Team DrC

Fellow where are you going?
Turn on the camera

You on probation apprentice jerk!
He is that sister's husband, is it?

l'll just..!

You fool!

Roll camera, my goodness mike

Dust blowing wheels,
not firm off roads

The throb of machines heart

Yes this time has fallen into
this cheating hole and struggles

lt is Giri and Kareem of Southern
Wheels who are also Malayalis

What a pity, pathetic what a
made name for Malayalis

Then what, does Malayalis
got time to think all this?

This image, most exclusive news is
brought to you for Malayalam News

Ullas Menon

Don't be panic

Team DrC

Hello, Girietta!

We've climbed all this mountains
and came here, that is to say one thing

Wife is not like something you
get for free along with 'Horlicks'

At least should give some respect
to Padmini than this Gypsy

l believe in god only on certain days

Today it is a day like that, that is
why Giriettan you are ditched in the hole

You shouldn't talk when
one person is in danger

Girl, you go and help

Come on give the hand!


Please don't whack me!



My mother!

Will go

Come home, l'll give okay!

Put it in first!

Team DrC

After 2 years...

Hello Suresh!
Yea Ramesh!

Where is it? Let me see it

Really excellent is it?

''Rain clouds have come down''
No one will say it is you, okay

Go girl!

Stars shine in the sky''

''Rain clouds have come down''

''Stars shine in the sky
it has said to me until now''

''Has come from light''

''Various rivers, in various directions
searches the essence of life''

''On deep sea, there are no waves
it continues as an un ending music''

''Always some has drawn an image
within during the bygone days''