Rangreza (2017) - full transcript

The story revolves around Reshmi, who belongs to a traditional Qawwal family and has been engaged since childhood to her cousin, Waseem. Conflict arises when Ali, a famous pop star falls in love with Reshmi.

Qawwal's relationship with
scented tobacco is the same

as a butcher's relationship
with the edge of his knife.

If luck doesn't work,

then one suffers with a sore throat
whilst the other can't chop his meat.

As stated by the Elder,
Qawwali is in its fifth generation.

In the same way, Baban Miyan also
became the fifth ancestor

to serve Ache Miyan.

Waseem's mother, the younger

considers him worthless...

as he is always late,
in everything he does.

- Baban, take some sweets.
- Don't worry, I will take them all.

When he sits with the Qawwals,
his clapping is like his timekeeping.

In the name of God.

This is Younger Khan Sahib...

He is Qawwal's ID card.
Achey Bhaiya...

He believes he knows the secret
of eternal youth.

The only thing that saddens him...

is that the Elder, Khan Sahib, receives
more appreciation in Qawwali.

This is Waseem.
He's in love with the drum,

and has a deep fondness for carrom.

However, constant scolding by his father

has made him into a different Waseem.

Nobody can control Waseem
except Elder Khan Sahib.

Being the oldest son,

Khan Sahib is the sole proprietor of
the Achey Bhaiya Qawwal Party,

the administrator of the Party.

He is soft-hearted and very shrewd
in managing finances.

Akbar is the son of Achey Bhaiya's
late daughter.

His fingers, on a harmonium, and eyes,
on money, move at the speed of light.

He is known as Waseem's closest ally.

- Give a paan to Ache Miyan.
- Okay, Khan Sahib.

- The paan cutters are in the living room.
- Okay.

The golden days of Achey Bhaiya
passed many years ago.

The youngsters used to be
jealous of him.

His voice, vocals, beats...
everything was perfect.

But how long could that last?

It is over!

Barely anyone comes to see him,
except Baban Miyan.

He is the one who made this house
and is the sole owner.

Khan Sahib, you retired at the right time
and escaped to this bed.

This is the era of pop singers!

Although lips are mine,
but conversations are about you!

Don't say that you want
a selfie with me now.

I don't need to say it.

- I have my camera ready.
- Come on.

Saba, please give me everyone's badges.
Uncle Raheem is waiting, I have to go.

Come, you may not get another chance.

I wasn't talking to you.

Saba, I am going.

In a passing moment
Flowers may blossom...

I forgot to mention one thing.

This pretty girl is Reshmi...

the only child of Elder Khan Sahib...

If in love
Your eyes get filled with tears

Waseem's fiancé since childhood.

And all the pains may wash away

For me

My father was telling me that the men
of Durban are very strong,

with big muscles.

Once, my father was trapped
by a gang of them.

They said to my father,
"Take out everything you have."

And then your father sang
a song for them,

they got excited
and appreciated your father,

even gave him ten dollars.

Hey, why are you getting jealous?


Oh, yeah.

Your father has even told that story
to transgenders.

Bring something new,
do not think we are fools.

Oh, hello, do we live on
your father's expenses?

Why should we ask you
before saying something?

Oh, hello, rapid fire,
don't talk nonsense.

If Khan Sahib gets angry,
then you will be in big trouble.

Oh, hello, oh, hello, bootlicker.

Your Khan Sahib's family
is full of garbage, a bag of trash.

Hey, you! I've got you now.


Grab him, grab him.

Waseem. Waseem!


Your Khan Sahib's family
is full of garbage.

Full of garbage.

Coming, who is it?

Coming. What's the hurry?


- You, go.
- Let's go in.

Why are you gathered around?
This is not a drama or TV show!

You've been fighting again.

Look, Reshmi, don't be my teacher!

You are bleeding.

Wait, let me bring something.

Hey, mind your own business!
Nothing hurts me.

I am Waseem. Waseem!

Absolutely. What would happen to a rock?

But because of you,
we are always upset.

We never know when
you'll do something wrong.

Oh, hello, keep your knowledge
to yourself and just get lost!

Okay, I am going and sending bandages
with Baban, kindly apply them.

Hey, I don't want them!

Hey... who is that girl?

There are many girls,
who are you talking about?

You know the one, the one with badges,
the one who told me off.

Wow, what a lovely name.

Don't tell me,
you have started flirting again.

Beauty inspires my music.

Yeah, okay, I know, but how many times
a week are you inspired by beauty?

Well, many times,
but on a very serious note...

you know I am working on my new album
and I still don't have a title track.

Sixteen thousand, five hundred
and ninety-two.

Elder Khan Sahib always
gives free advice.

Gosh, these slippers!

Heaven forbid they live on their late
mother's earnings and pray on it as well.

Not anymore! Heaven forbid!

Our time will also come,
Waseem's mother.

Just pray...

that Waseem does something big!

Dad, I saw your clip on Facebook.
You were pretty good,

and you shut that
anchor up amazingly.

He is the enemy of our party,
you did well.

The elections are near. There will be
many more interviews like this one.

You appear to be busier than me.

I only see you guys on TV.

What are the views about our party
in your circles?

We are working on many
things for the youth.

Dad, my generation...

has no interest in politics.

And, Dad, by the way,
they barely go for voting.

Uncle, I'll only vote for you.
You will create a new Pakistan.

Where no-one will drown!

How are you, child?

How are your studies going?

To be honest, I like politics,
but I have more interest in music.

Trust me, I don't have any
interest in either profession.

- Can you...
- Please.

You want all the facilities,
but have no interest in politics?

I am going upstairs,
I will wait for you.

You guys are going to receive
an SMS with an invitation.

And I have sent it.

Do you have my number?
I haven't received a message.

I have arranged a lunch at my home
to celebrate the success of the concert.

Yes, party!

Madam, I have sent you an invitation,
check it out.

Saba, I won't be able to come.

Hey, I will pick you up myself.

No, it's not that. You know
I won't get permission.

Oh, why are you worrying?

I will get permission from your parents.

Saba, I know them,
and you know that

the only two places I'm allowed to go
are home and college.

Don't worry, I am here.

Okay, I am not promising you anything,
but I will talk to my mother about it.

You make such amazing tea.

Actually, Khan Sahib, I was saying...

do you remember
a friend of Reshmi? Saba?

Who is Saba?

I've mentioned her to you.

She is her classmate, very nice,
and a very good child.

There is a gathering at her house,
she called me to ask permission.

Has she invited you?

She talked about Reshmi.

Thanks be to Allah.

Here, take this.

Oh, God.

I told her that I would speak with her
after asking your permission.

If you are going with her
then it will be okay.

Oh, Khan Sahib,
this is a girls' get-together.

What would I do at a girls' party?

So, will she go by herself?

Saba will come to take her.
Please, Khan Sahib, let her go.

See, our daughter never
asks us for anything.

Okay, just because you insist,
I am giving her permission to go.

Reshmi is my pride and joy,
please keep this in mind.

She knows that very well, Khan Sahib.


Ma, what did Father say?

Your father has agreed.

My beloved mother!

Yes, Saba. Yes, I am ready.

Have you arrived? I'll be two minutes.

What rubbish! The tea is too hot.

Damn, this is really hot.

Khan Sahib, where is Reshmi going?

Where is she going?

Don't know, her college friend is here.

You know, a party and all.
That's where she is going.

I don't know much, I heard
when I was coming out of the washroom.

What happened? Khan Sahib.
Don't you know?

Oh, that means you know nothing,
nobody bothers to tell you.

I tell you one thing, Khan Sahib,
a bullet shot from a gun

and a girl who leaves her house
never come back.

Please have some tea, Khan Sahib.

Take the money for the tea from him.

Bring some biscuits as well.


Hey, stop!

Put the car in fourth gear.

Won't you introduce
me to your friend?

Saba, this is Waseem, my cousin.

Hey, doing good?

I went to pick up Reshmi. Sorry.

Okay, this is Reshmi's cousin,

- Listen to me.
- Jo Jo.

Hey, listen, you don't know Waseem,
this is all wrong, I should go early

Nothing will happen,
don't panic, come here.

You, you get up, take care of her.

Sit down.

Listen, you help me.


Everything is Chinese.

Obviously, this is not an original.

These are all made in Landhi
as well.

Show me, which brand?


Hey, Jo Jo, you are using
a Chinese cell phone.

Yes, because there are
no original pieces in the market.

All this is just to show off.

See this? Rado.

Do you me believe or not?

I bought it for 300 rupees.


There is someone
more special than me?

Oh, my God, Ali.

Why didn't you tell me that
Ali was also coming?

This is called a surprise.
No problem.

I never go to surprise parties,
but since you invited me, here I am.

Saba, you should have
told me that he was also coming.

Did you get hurt?


Where have you guys disappeared
too after inviting me here?

Let me call everyone.

Saba. Saba!

Did you find your badges?

Yes, I found them the next day.
Did you remember my badges?

I remember your anger.

Can I say something to you?


I don't like your music at all.
I find it very disturbing,

and to be honest, I am not impressed by
your beats or your vocals.

Are you a musician?

No, I am just Reshmi.

Coming, I am coming.


Hey, what happened?

Come out, dirty kids of Ache Miyan!

Hey, what are you doing?

Just watch me.

Go on.

Come outside!

How long will you sleep for?

This is the return of all
the things I did for you.

History will be witness
to this day!

This is how Ache Miyan is
to be defamed!

Everyone apart from Waseem is sleeping.

Are you insane?
Do you want to get beaten?

You can bring a machine gun,
but I will not stay silent.

Let me tell you about his wrong-doings,
Younger Khan Sahib.

Reshmi's friend came to pick her,

she was going with her with the
permission of Elder Khan Sahib,

and he forced his way into the car.

There he fought with someone,
hit him and injured him badly.

The poor guy is in hospital now.

Jo Jo.

And now, he is here saying that
Ache Miyan has been defamed.

In fact, Ache Miyan has not been
defamed but has been tainted.

You, Waseem,
you are stain on our lives.

Listen, why did you go?

So, should I have let her go alone?

It was lucky that I was outside.

Now, think, my fiancée,
your daughter-in-law,

should I have let her go alone?

Stop this nonsense,
you are not married to Reshmi.

Leave him, Khan Sahib.

Speak now. Why don't you speak?

Right now, she is my daughter first,
you don't need to worry about her.


Rather than teach me, you should go
and teach your daughter how to behave.

That she should not be smiling
in the company of other men,

and not in front
of her husband-to-be!

He is blaming our daughter now.

Oh, sister, he is just a child,
someone must have tricked him.

Brother, we cannot continue
with this engagement.

Elder Khan Sahib, please.

Please, Elder Khan Sahib,
I will make him understand.

I know who put him up to this.

You do not understand this,


By the way, Elder Father,

whatever you are thinking, hey,
Waseem knows it all.

Don't think that way, huh.

Reshmi belongs to Waseem Wallay,
and she always will.

Hey, Younger Khan Sahib.

Hey, stop.

But Jo Jo was also irritating him.

It's quite horrible,
how is Jo Jo now?

He is fine now,
but he has gone to meet his parents.

Tell me something,
is Reshmi a musician?

Why are you asking?

Who is this girl?

If I am not wrong,
she is from a Qawwal family.

That's probably why she knows
so much about music.

And when I got in to this college,

she joined at the same time.

She doesn't talk much
with anyone, normally.

But, hello, why are you
asking about that poor girl?

Let me correct you.
I am only thinking about her nowadays.

How do I trust you?

You will trust me soon.

Okay, do you remember the date
my album is going to launch?

You are coming, right?

Does this mean that
I should bring Reshmi too?

12 MNA are not enough, Qureshi.
I am quite powerful.

Do you know what will
happen if they resign?

And you want to cash in
on this pressure? Right?

I will give you a ministry.

Two ministries.

Also, at the same time,
get all my cases withdrawn by NAB.

Wow, sir, you are an amazing player.

I learned all this from your dad.

You learned from me
and are trying it out on me too.

My daughter is a very big fan of yours.

And I am your fan.

Believe me, I loved to play the guitar,
but Dad didn't agree.

Why, sir?

You should give her a chance...

It might become your identity.

Politics is our true identity, child...

and this is our business as well.

We politicians cannot
afford for our children

to choose some other profession.

Dad used to think same about me.

Our family could have
got a confirmed MNA...

You guys could get one more
vote for your dealings.

But thanks to my luck, I am saved.

And if your bride to be is in politics,
how will you manage?



Mom, how can Dad even think like this?

He is trading his son to Samdhani Sahib.

And you? Do you agree with him?

Son, he is thinking
about your best interests.

When new families meet,

new paths are unlocked
and new relationships are made, son.

Okay, forget about all this.

I want to talk to you
about something important.

Yes, sure.

Mom, I have found
your daughter-in-law.


Yes. But there are many issues.

Who is she? Where did you meet her?
What is she like?

Mom, things are not settled yet.
As I say, there are many issues.

My darling, my son...
I want to meet her soon.

Not now. Right now, she doesn't
even know that I love her.

Take me to her,
I will tell her about your love.

Mom, no, not now.
Let her feel this by herself.

But how can I wait without meeting her?

And what about Samdhani
Sahib's MNA Daughter?

Leave her.


I love you.



I am so happy for you, my son.

I've been watching. From the moment
that boy entered your life,

you have been a lot fresher.


He hasn't come by chance.
You must have invited him.

Careful, careful.

You wretch. He is the one, isn't he?

He is the one who arranged
my engagement with you.


For God's sake, Waseem, just leave him.

What, why are you still alive?
When will you die?

Will you wait until we all die
and then will you die?

Waseem, stop it! Have you no shame?

Just go.

Hey, why are you getting so
sensitive about him?

We will only be together
after he dies.

Till then, my life is no better
than the life of a dog.

Dad. Uncle. Mom.

Dad. Uncle. Mom.

This album is very close
to my heart.

That's why its name is
very special, too.

Yes, please.

Sir, is Reshmi from your imagination
or is it someone real?

This album has made
my thoughts Reshmi (character)

There have been so many names
associated with you in the past,

you never know if this may
become part of your past too.

These all are your stories,
it's nothing like that.

I live in present,
and you people are my present.

Sir, is her name Resham?

Yes, Saima, right now I am at the
launch of Ali Zain's third album

and its name is Resham.

Damn it.

Wait, I will bring it.

Khan Sahib, I've been trying to talk
to you for many days.

See, Reshmi's studies
are about to end,

you should arrange an
engagement party.

Hold it steady, place it on the floor.

Younger Khan, we will talk about
this some other day.

I wouldn't have talked about this,

but I've noticed a change
in circumstances.

See, I know you are older than me,
but remember:

The one who guaranteed the engagement
of Reshmi and Waseem is still alive.

Younger Khan, sometimes I think is Waseem
like you or are you like Waseem.

Amazing! You are great at creating
excuses, Khan Sahib!

Oh, shut up.

Saba, this is not a coincidence,
I know his intentions very well.

I tried to ignore this, but...
But taking my name and saying all this...

Saba, you can't even imagine the
difficulties I would face.

My family is watching all this on TV.

Can I say something?

Buddy, he is very serious.

Tell him to not dare think about this,
and, Saba, please...

you are my friend, but don't ever talk
about your cousin in front of me again.

Why have you stopped?
Please take me to Ali's studio.

He is Saba's brother, right?


How long have you known him,
my child?

Mom, I only met him, like, once or twice,
and Saba was with me.

Ma, I swear to you, this is
not my fault, I didn't do anything.

Mom, I am scared.

I trust you, my child.

But you know how our family
will react to this.

I am afraid of Waseem.

You already see this one?

Oh, this is brilliant.

Yes, it is, Khan Sahib.

Just look at the style,
Khan Sahib, the style.

Everyone is chanting "Zaffar".
(He is becoming famous.)

Oh, wait, Khan Sahib.

Everyone is chanting "Zaffar".

Everyone is chanting "Zaffar".

Oi, skinny boy, when did you get here?

Give me.

Khan Sahib, come here, please.

What is it?

Oh, Khan Sahib, come here,
it's very important.

Come, come here, come.

What is written over here?

Khan Sahib, if you had learned
from the Noorani Qaidah,

this would not have happened.

Let me tell you what it says.





Hey, Khan Sahib,
why are you beating him?

Burn this poster!

Carry on. Put all these posters up.

I am taking this one.

Dad, see this? This pop singer
is selling his work with your

daughter-in-law's name on it!

Let me tell them.

Oh, shut up! Read it.



So, whose name is Resham,
Khan Sahib?

Tell me, Khan Sahib, tell me.

Have you gone mad?

There are many posters in which
have Resham written on,

will you fight them all?

I know, I know,
I am not that illiterate.

But he did all this... deliberately.

Who is here?

- Go look, who is there?
- Oh, elder Khan Sahib is here.

He's here.


Younger Khan Sahib, what is all this?

You need to look for yourself.

What is it?


Behave yourself!

What is this, Younger khan?

This guy is falling for your daughter,
Reshmi, see, he also used her name.

Go inside. Go.

You should be ashamed of yourself,
Khan. You are blaming my daughter.

He is your daughter's lover.

Shut up, Waseem.
I'll kill you if you say a single word.

You can control his tongue, but the
neighbors who are talking about this,

how will you stop their tongues?

I already told you that
this was going to happen.

You should be ashamed, brother.
You believe this liar.

I know my daughter better than anyone.

Elder Khan Sahib, don't let Reshmi
go to college, this is enough now.

Now, this is shameful for us.

Will you tell me what to do?

Will you tell me? Come here.

Where are you taking me?

Oh, tell me, where are you taking me?

Hang on, talk to me.

Come, see, he is the one who
arranged this marriage.

Now I am breaking up
this relationship in front of him.



Forgive me, I broke my promise.
Forgive me.

Elder Khan Sahib,
you took it too seriously.

See, brother, I have decided.

You are my brother and will
always be my brother,

but now, Waseem has nothing
to do with Reshmi.

My daughter is free
and I will marry her to whoever I choose.

How will you do this?

First, this house will be divided.

The house will not be divided
while Ache Miyan is alive.

He does not seem to have
any plans to die.

Shame on you.

You and your son want him to die.

The curse is on you.

Oh, the curse is on us?
And what about your daughter?

She is having an affair and you are
not saying anything about it.


Rockstar Ali Zain's new album
has created a new scandal.

Resham, Ali Zain's new album,
which was released recently,

was named after and inspired by a girl
named Reshmi, according to sources.

Is this the same girl who will become
Zain Qureshi's daughter-in-law?

For more details,
stay tuned to Hamari News.

According to our sources,
Ali and Reshmi have been married!

Hello, Ali Zain speaking.

You guys should be ashamed.

You guys spread lies
in a such an authentic way.

Ali? Ali, what is this all on TV?
You got married?

No, Mom, it's fake news.

But you are sitting with the bride
in all the pictures.

Mom, that is all Photoshop.

Could I get married without telling you?

But the thing is, the girl is very pretty.

Mom, that's the same girl
I was talking about.

I feel very bad... this all happened
because of me.

I will call a press conference.

I cannot let Reshmi's dignity
be questioned.

Take me to her home.

Mom... you cannot go alone...

Dad must go with you.

Will you talk to your dad?

Will you talk to him?

I will die, Saba.

My parents blindly trust me...
everything is over, Saba.

Ali is a curse for me.

He ruined everything.
Everything is ruined.

Saba... Everything is ruined

But this is not Ali's fault,
he didn't do this.

He doesn't even know
who is doing all this.

And just for the sake of your family,
he is calling a press conference.

Saba, for God's sake,

please ask Ali not to make
my life even more miserable.

Saba, I broke my parent's trust.

Everything will be okay if Allah wills it.

Okay, I am coming to your place.

No, I don't need anyone.

Saba, please, leave me alone, please.

Will Chota be okay here?

As-Salaam-Alaikum, Uncle.


Sir, this is my father.


As-Salaam-Alaikum, Auntie.


Please sit.

Please have a seat.


Sorry, sir, we couldn't inform you
that we were coming.

He is my father and she is my mother.

- As-Salaam-Alaikum.
- Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.

So, you are a hereditary performer.

All the praises and thanks be to Allah.

What is happening?

What is the purpose of you coming?

Khan Sahib, actually...

Then there must be
dance parties here as well.

Stand up!
Get out of here!

You want to take my son away
by using your daughter.

This is too much, sister,
take him and leave.

What is happening?


Khan Sahib, there are police
at your house.


Let's go, Akbar.

Hey, you cannot go like this!

First, you should tell us
why you came here.

You are standing in our home
and calling us performers!

Who do you think you are?

Zain, please, let's go.

So, you have brought your mom and dad?


Uncle, control your son, he is playing
with Waseem's respect.

Shut your mouth!

Dad, please, let's go.

Zain, please, let's go, please.

I am giving you your final warning,

stay away from my son!

Oh, Uncle, don't threaten us.

You are in our house,
that's why I am treating you nicely.

Oh, shut up!


Where is she, bro?

I don't know where she is.
She should be coming.

Hey, she is coming.

I want to say something.

I don't want to listen to anything.

Hey, listen, please.

Let's sit and talk.

Listen, Ali, I have my limits.

I don't cross them
and neither does anyone else.

It might be common for you,
but not for me.

I am sure there are many girls around you
who are very impressed by your fame.

I don't care about that.

It's my mistake.

I... I should... I should have told you.
I should have asked you.

It is true that I named
the album after you.

I tried to make you a part of my music.

Maybe I just rushed things.

I have to go.

It's a request. Please don't try
to contact me or meet me.

Dad, I know you are
worried because of me.

I have nothing to say.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

Why is all this happening?

Your trust in me is the source
of my confidence, Dad.

Your honor, your dignity,
are more important than my life, Dad.

Dad, please say something.

Your silence is killing me.

I am innocent.

I have done nothing.

I swear to you it is all trickery
and lies.


From tomorrow,
you are not to go to college.

Viewers, right now we are in front
of Achaye Bhaiya House.

The people here are going to be
the in-laws of pop singer, Ali.

And yet, once again, we are the first
to break the big news to you.

What's happening?

Viewers, he appears to be
a resident of this area.

Let's ask him about Achaye Bhaiya House.

Sir, do you live here?

Hey, idiot, I actually live in
Achaye Bhaiya House.

This is great!

Tell me, since Reshmi and Ali married,

when are they going to
start their married life?

Yes, sir? When are they gonna start
their married life?

Sir, please tell us. Please, here.
In the camera, please.

I swear on your life!

With Cameraman, Sadiq Azeem,
I am D News reporter, Asif Shah, Karachi.

You have crossed all limits, Reshmi.

Waseem knows about all your deeds.

How wicked you are!

After doing all these wrong deeds,
you are still pretending to be noble.

Waseem, this is all a lie.

What lie is it?

You have got married, you didn't
stop yourself from doing wrong.

TV reporters are standing outside
Achaye Bhaiya House.

You are exposed, Reshmi.

Waseem... Waseem, leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Reshmi belonged to Waseem.

Reshmi is Waseem's...

and will always be Waseem's.

Elder Khan Sahib...
didn't I predict all of this?

You just keep singing "ga ga pa pa."

The girl has crossed her limits!

What rubbish are you talking about?

I think you guys have fooled
Waseem together, Auntie.

TV Reporters are standing outside.

Enough is enough. You can make a scandal
out of anyone, it is so simple for you!

Can you feel the pain of that girl
who you have linked with me?

How will she face her family now?

This is the height of a hoax!
You people even announced my marriage.

This has been done before,
and I let it go, but not this time.

Sir, but your family visited her place.

Is it your business why
and where people go?

Do you have the right to peek
into anyone's house?

Please, just stop spreading
this fake news.

There is nothing like that,

And one more thing, if you have any
kind of professionalism, then, please,

go and ask forgiveness from that girl
who has been disgraced by you.

Hey, when will we get there?

We are just about to arrive.

KK, let him come. Let him through.

What are you doing here?

Don't you know?

Let's sit and talk.

Reshmi is my mine,
not from today, but since childhood.

If someone even looks at her,
I will remove his eyes.

Is Reshmi your property
or do you love her too?

Just listen to what I am saying.

Be afraid.

Or I am afraid I will lose control.

Listen, if you truly love Reshmi
then I am out of it.

But I don't think you do.

Hey, what I do
is not for you to think about.

Just listen to what I am saying.

Get out of my way.

That's impossible, understood?

What are you doing?

This is not the right place.

We will get your autograph later.

Okay, Ali, brother.

Let's go.

Go and think.
If you do not love Reshmi...

then you have no right to marry her.

Hey, fool...

you don't know me.

I will ruin her in such a way that
even you will not be able to accept her.

How could they refuse more openly?

They have already said that the
relationship is over.

Now, what language do you understand?

Listen, words said in anger are not final.

If we agree then we will
have to lose the house.

I just pretended to Khan Sahib
that nothing happened.

Excuse me, Khan Sahib,
but your elder brother has become greedy.

From the day that boy and his parents
visited our house,

Waseem has become flawed.

Money has great attraction.

Will I let it happen?

I will start a war in this house.

A war...

Daughter, please, be quick and come back
home before your father arrives.

Mom, don't worry,
I will be right back on time.

I just need to collect my admission card.

- God be your protector.
- God be your protector.

Ali... will never forget you.

I know him.

In fact, I know him very well.

He has never felt this way
about anyone before.

No concert, no social activity...

he just goes to the studio
and then goes back home.

His life... has come just come to a stop.

Please, talk to him.


How are you?

I am fine.

For what?

For letting me call you.

Do you need to say anything?

Nothing much,
I just want to share something,

but I am actually short of words.

Our relation is such that...

I just have a few moments
and some words... to remember.

Perhaps, it is enough...
to change a life.

I have been in music for years.

I wrote my first song on my own.

I never knew what love was,
why it happens, how it happens.

But my song was a hit.

People called me romantic,

made scandals up and gossip,

called me a flirt.

I have seen everything,
made mistakes and been punished.

That's all. This is me.

How much do you know about me?

Perhaps nothing, but I want to
know everything, like I how know myself.

Now, what do you guys think
about Ali and Aimen?

I think we should give them some time.


Brother, they will have time
after the engagement.


I have talked to Ali about this.
He has rejected this proposal.

He loves somebody else.

We will talk about it at the office.

I am just coming.

Dad, he is not going to marry me.

He will not marry me.

If he backs out now... I will kill him.

Islamic law, wisdom, poetry...
these are all the shades of love.

Tears that fall from exhaustion
are of no use...

if the soul is not deeply in love.

If the heart doesn't know pain
then exodus is worthless.

Pray for love...
ask for nothing but love.

Then see how the blessing of love
showers down.

So do you mean it...
I shouldn't think about it?

There are no restrictions on thinking.


there is a restriction...
on meeting you.

And don't insist, it is not in my control.

Okay. Will you be able to meet my mother?

She wants to meet you.

About last time...

She especially wants to meet you.

She can come anytime.

She will be very happy to hear that.

Do you know?

I don't know the etiquette of this place.

But I have made a wish.

I have to go.

Please pray that
my wish comes true.

I will pray.

Peacocks are dancing in the garden

All the surroundings are singing

Cheerful weather
And swaying wind everywhere

Peacocks are dancing in the garden
And nature is singing

Everyone is calling me crazy

What senses I am in?

Your sight of my love
Has changed me

My loyalty is with you

This shade is the color
Of love and affection

I am occupied
In this feeling of love

The way you know me
Is naive to me

This mystical feeling
Has completely changed me

Peacocks are dancing in the garden
And nature is singing

Cheerful weather
And swaying wind everywhere

These lanes and markets
Have become strange to me

I am nothing like before

I can't tell you my feelings

My heart is going crazy

Your eyes are magical

This mystical feeling
Has completely changed me

What a pleasing view this is!

This mystical feeling
Has completely changed me

We are the shining stars
Of the skies

Cheerful weather
And swaying wind everywhere

My only wish in life is your love

Nothing more than that

Your sight makes me glow like a flower

You are the reason for my happiness

I have chosen only you

You have entered in my heart

You are a part of my dreams

And have become the reason of my existence

We are parts of a single river

Peacocks are dancing in the garden
And nature is singing

It is difficult now, Qureshi,
very difficult.

We will now meet on the
floor of the assembly.

You are overreacting, Samdhani.

Think again. The loss will be yours.

Our government remains
for three more years.

If I want,

your remaining three years
will be turned into three months.

Your few right-hand men
are in contact with me.

You have taken Ali's
response very seriously.

We should not mix
family matters... with politics.

This is not a petty issue now, Qureshi.

My daughter cried...
because of your singer son!

His popularity has made him
think others to be inferior.

He must be dragged to the ground
to make him realize what we are.

Watch your tongue, Samdhani.

This is the beginning of a war,

We will meet tomorrow...
in assembly.

What is the status?

Sir, your servant has reached
the right place.

Only a matchstick has to be thrown,

after that there will be
flames everywhere.

Light the fire.

Sir, how are you feeling?

Fantastic, feeling absolutely wonderful.

Ask me how I'm feeling again.

My studio is burning
and you are asking how I'm feeling?

Sir, there might be a conspiracy
against you.

Even if there isn't one,
I am sure you guys will create one.

No more questions. Thank you.

Sir, please.

A lot of work is lined up, I don't know
how we'll manage.

My studio is burning
and you are asking how I'm feeling?


Sorry, I have just seen on the TV.

Are you all right?

I am fine, all good.

And by the way...

I am really happy... now...
I can't even tell you.

You are a strange man.

Your studio is on fire
and you are chilling.

I thought you would be upset,
so I called to console you.

I was upset, but it's okay,
it can be rebuilt.

How are you?

I am fine.

Okay, if... you allow...
may I call you late night?

Yes, sure.

Okay. I am hanging up.

Take care of yourself.

May God be your guardian.



Nothing... I just love to say your name.

I need to go.

I am hanging up.

"Mom calling." "Mom calling."

Talk to her. Talk to her.


My darling, my son, are you okay?

How did this fire happen?
Where are you?

Mom, I am absolutely fine,
it's nothing just... a short circuit.

Everything is fine, don't worry.

Okay, my son, just come home,
I am worried.

Mom, everything is fine,
I am telling you.

Tell me, are you going to Reshmi's home?

My son, I will go, come home.

Mom... please go easy.
It was a bad experience last time.

Okay, so now you're going to
tell me how to talk?

No, Mom, I was just...
Okay, fine, I am coming home.

Put it over there and go.

Tell her that this is the last time
she comes here.

Ask her not to come again.

Can we talk?


Please take a seat.

I feel ashamed in front of you
and your family.

I wanted to come earlier, but I didn't
have the courage to meet you.

Please believe me,
I came with all my heart

for my son's proposal
to your daughter.

What we thought
and what has happened...

Sometimes, a man gets
pleasure from humiliating a woman.

Zain wants to marry Ali
to his friend's daughter,

as per his rank and status.

But... But Ali refused to do so.

And what he did was absolutely correct.

Only the relationships that
are based on love remain,

all others are shattered.

And his heart lies in this home.

I have heard what you have to say.

I cannot do more than that.

I have no right to decide.

I... Can I meet Reshmi?

She has gone to her
grandmother's home.

I hope all the papers for this house
are kept safe?

Why are you worried?

If I lose my home, you won't have
anywhere to go either, Elder Khan Sahib!

Are you threatening me?

I am not threatening you,
I am just telling you.

If you spend something,
only then will it work.

If you do nothing,
you will not have a single acre.

Hey, do you have anything else
on your mind other than this home?

Yes, yes.

Waseem and Reshmi's marriage.

You have betrayed us, Khan Sahib.

I don't expect honesty
from you regarding this home.

You are such an ungrateful person.

What favor have you given me?

Tell me. What favors have you given me?

We have fame, a big house,
and what did you do? Take possessions!

Watch your words, otherwise it will
not be good for you, Younger Khan!

What will you do?

Will you pull me out of the home?

Get lost.

Get lost!

This is my father's home!

Father's home!
I will only leave after my death!

Dad… Dad… Dad?

My burial shroud isn't old yet

and you, you become apathetic
to your relatives.


Don't call me Dad, don't call me that!

Stay away from me, stay away!

Khan Sahib. Khan Sahib, what happened?

Khan Sahib, are you all right?

What happened to you?

Please drink some water.

What happened to you, Khan Sahib?
Are you all right?

Let's see the doctor, get up.

My dear dad.

I saw my dad.

He was very angry at me.

I have made a mistake, my wife.

What are you saying?

If Reshmi gets married to someone else,

then there will be no one
left to carry our name.

Perhaps Father decided on
Reshmi's marriage with Waseem...

just because of this.

I don't know whether we will be able to
meet our daughter before dying or not.

Whatever it may be,
we are family, though.

At least our generation will have a home.

Father's decision has become a burden
on me.

- Khan Sahib, my money?
- Son, get your money day after tomorrow.

Make that right.

Yes, sir.

Son, you are not decorating
the building properly.

What happened?

Illuminate the building with lights.

Completely decorate “Ache Manzil”
with lights.

Yes, sir.

It is Waseem's wedding!


What do you say, Khan Sahib,
People of Waseem speak like this?

Cheer up, Khan Sahib.

Please, smile.


Waseem is going to get married

Waseem is going to get married

Hey, listen, put three
yellow lights there.

On my heart's

Barren land

My lord, on my heart's
Barren land

Barren land

Let's go after him.

On my heart's barren land

I want to ask you to forget me.

My wedding date has been arranged.

I can't hear you

I don't want to hide anything from you.

Please forgive me.

- Why are they chasing us? Who are they?
- I don't know!

So that the flowers blossom quickly

So that every stain washes away

So that the flowers blossom quickly

So that every stain gets washed away

If in love

Your eyes get filled with tears

So that the flowers blossom in the heart

So that every stain washes away

You belong

To me

You belong to me

You belong to me

You belong to me

You belong to me

You belong to me

You belong to me

Like a star in the sky at night

Like a glow of light

Like this whole world

You are beloved to me like the moon

If the line of my good fortune

Meet your hands

So that flowers blossom in the heart

So that every stain gets washed away

Reshmi, Ali has been shot.



I just talked to him a short while ago.

He is in the operating room.
I am going to the hospital.

Should I pick you up?

No, no, you shouldn't come here.

I will manage.

Now, please be kind

Uncle Rahim!

Now, please be kind, my Lord

Now, please be kind, my Lord

Keep me near to you

Make me your destiny

How ill-fated am I?

Make me lucky with your charm

If all my wounds

Get healed by you

My Lord

So that every stain gets washed away
My Lord

So all the flowers blossom
My Lord

So that every stain gets washed away
Oh, my Lord

So all the flowers blossom
Oh, my Lord

So that every stain gets washed away

So that the flowers blossom quickly

So that every stain gets washed away

The bullet has been taken
out of the body...

and he is fine now.

Don't worry.


You are responsible...
for my son's condition.

Do you think I don't know what
your intentions are?

I am giving you one last warning.
Leave Ali alone.

And you just shut up!

So, everyone is here.

Call the guards!


Oh, shut up!

I am talking to my bride to be.


Hey. Go!

Move aside, I am just talking.

You are disturbed by me?

I know everything.

Take him outside.

You... I will not leave you!

You just come back.

I will never leave you!

Brother, wait a minute.

Yes, go on.

He... He is my son, I am his father.

Please, leave him.

May God protect your son!

Get away from here.

He slapped a policeman.

He has got such an attitude.

Let me talk to him.

- Why did you hit a policeman?
- Leave him!

I have slapped him, I have punished him.

He is a teen.

Man, don't waste my time.

Come to court and bail him out.

Please, don't go to court.

My integrity will be questioned.
I am a singer.

And my son is a singer as well.

Please get away from here.

Please, for my honor's sake, leave him.

Please listen to me.

Don't come back alive. Your dead body
should return. Don't come back alive.

I will not come to bail you out.

I will only take care of your funeral now.

Remember that.

Take him and punish him hard!

He never cared about my honor.

It would have been better
if you died at birth.

You have shattered my honor!

What will I say to your mother?

What will I tell the society?

Allah has been so merciful, my son.

Saba is standing outside.

She was so worried.

I felt so helpless.

Whose evil eye is cursing our family?


did Reshmi come?

Mom, is there anything to tell me?

Are you hiding something from me?

Look, son, the only important
thing right now is your health.

Get yourself out from all other things.

Did Reshmi say anything to you?

She is getting married.

She came from her Mehndi.


What else is required to prove
that I am your brother?

I have given you my beloved daughter!

Shame on me that I have only
thought about my family and my lineage.

You are responsible for all this mess.

You think Waseem is worthless?

Just because of your ill-fated daughter,
my son is in jail.

Brother, control your tongue, otherwise
I will forget that you are my brother!

But I will never forget what you
and your daughter did to us,

I will never forget!

You are hostile to my son's happiness!

I know everything. You are attracted
to that pop singer boy's wealth.

But I will never let it happen.

Will you tell me?

Now, will you tell me what I should decide
for my daughter?

Wife, call Ali's mother and tell her that

we have accepted her son's proposal.


How can you accept?

My son's groom dress is ready and you
are setting up another wedding!


What are you doing, Khan Sahib?
What are you doing?

Stop him, stop him.

Khan Sahib, listen to me.

Sir, you... Please take a seat, sir.

Where is he?

Bring him.

That's him.

Hey, start speaking.

My name is Qadir Malik, sir.

Sir, I work for Samdhani.

Samdhani told me to set fire
to Ali's Studio, so I did that.

Samdhani ordered me to break
his hands and legs.

But, sir, by mistake, by mistake,
the pistol fired.

Please forgive us, sir. Please, sir.

I am his hitman, sir.


Please ask him to forgive...
Please ask him to forgive...

When will you take action on FIR?

Sir, just after the warrant is signed,
we will start inspecting.

If there is any pressure, inform me.


Just finish it soon.

Khan Sahib, the big Khan
is changing his mind.

He has abandoned younger Khan.

He has clearly stated...

that they will marry
their daughter to the pop singer

and will never give her to Waseem.

Khan Sahib, how long are you going
to sit here?

Come out and control the situation.

Has Father hired a lawyer?

That requires money and the whole process
needs money.

And Elder Khan Sahib holds all the money.

I swear... if Reshmi does not marry me...

I will never let her marry anyone.

Great, Khan Sahib.

Just deal with her in such a way
that nobody dares come near her.

Keep an eye on her...

I am letting you know that
if you see her out,

you can break her legs.

Khan Sahib, Akbar is alert.

Just don't worry.

Tell Elder Khan that...

Waseem is coming.

Get in. Get in. The inspector
is waiting for you.

Get the dates ready.

Waseem is coming.

I am coming by myself.

Hey, Reshmi, who has troubled you?

Go tell him...

Waseem has arrived.




The voice is mine

But the words are yours

There is nothing in me of me

I have turned myself into your colors

My life is upset with me

I have lost myself

I have dissociated myself

Reaping what I sow

Moving along with your memories

Heading beyond the imagination

Realize my condition

Where I have reached

Sorry, son.

No problem, Dad. I'm okay.

In life, I've gotten whatever I wanted...

So if I don't get this one love,
what will happen?



I was about to call you.

Is everything all right?

Reshmi's mother called me.
She wants to talk to your mother.

Why, what happened?

There is probably another twist for you,
I think.

What twist?

Hey, Saba, tell me everything.

I forgot to tell you one thing.

When you were unconscious in hospital,
Reshmi came for you.

Waseem also came after her.

And as usual, he was impolite
with the guards and became unreasonable.

And then the police arrested him.

Now, according to my assumptions...

Reshmi's family wants her to tie the knot
as early as possible.

Whatever happens, just let it be.

I am sending you Reshmi's mother's
number. Ask your mother to call her.


You sit, I will bring big Khan Sahib.

- As-Salaam-Alaikum.
- As-Salaam-Alaikum.

I have nothing much to say.

I only want to say...

that humans make mistakes,
I have done a mistake as well.

I am guilty, and come here to
ask your forgiveness.

Ask forgiveness from Allah,

who created the whole being.

All people are known for
their occupation.

If he is a butcher, he will be cruel.

If he is a cobbler, he is destined
to be lower-class.

Where we lie in the eyes of Allah
is only known to him.

Brother, this feeling of guilt
has brought us here.

Why do you open the door to everyone,
known or unknown?


I am not talking to you, Nigh Khan Sahib.

You have ended every relationship
by yourself.

And you... I am telling you guys,
don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time.

Reshmi is only going to be my son's bride.

And you'll have to make this proposal
over my dead body!

Wow, what a coincidence.

You have got the lottery drawn.

- We should go now.
- We will come again some other time.

Now, you may sit or lie.

Reshmi's fate has been decided,
Khan Sahib.

This is rose water. Rose water!

Rose fragrance is necessary for a bride,
otherwise the groom gets upset!

Don't step forward!

Don't step forward.

- Otherwise, I will kill you!
- Waseem!

Stay there.

I said stop. Stay there.

- Waseem, just listen to me.
- Stop. Stop!

After so many times, a single flower
blossoms in Babban's garden

and now everybody has an evil eye on it.

Previously, we trusted you...

and now we rely on the pop singer.

Big Khan Sahib has appointed
Najjo's son drummer.

He is unskilled,
not as competent as you, Waseem.





has died...

is finished.

Your patience has been rewarded, Reshmi.

Your patience has been rewarded, Reshmi.

Waseem was not fit for you.


Your love is... amazing.

You remember...

when we were children,
I used to tear your books.

You cried and I laughed.

Illiteracy... Illiteracy made me unkind.

Insensitive and shameless Waseem
should have been like this.

If it was worse than this,
that would also be fair.

My punishment is bigger than my sins
and my torments.

I don't know who I should ask
for forgiveness.

Forgive me, Reshmi.

Reshmi, please forgive me.


People make mistakes,

but mostly by the time we realize
our mistakes...

it's too late.

I am happy... that you have realized
your mistakes.

We will come again, my friend.

Oh, son of Adam,

I desire something
and you desire something,

but only what I desire occurs.