Range Runners (2019) - full transcript

A woman thru-hiking an isolated trail runs into trouble when her pack is hijacked by two men hiding out in the woods, desperate and on the run. Now, stranded and left to fend for herself, ...

What you doing on your ass?

You're still breathing
though, right?

This is what people
call a teachable moment.

You know what that means?

They call it that
because these are

the moments that
shape who we are.

Of all the pain and heartache
in the years to come,

this is when we first
learn how to cope.

You better look at me
when I'm talking to you.

Whenever you start to
feel like you can't go on,

you keep in mind that
all that negativity

ain't coming from
your physical body.

It's all up here, girl.

Your body will always
fight against you,

that's what it was
designed to do.

Don't let it.

This is your vessel.

Your tool.

It doesn't tell you what to
do, it's the other way around.

It really hurts.

Maybe it does.

Years from now it
might still hurt.

But are you gonna tell people
that you hurt your knee

because you fell down once,
or are you gonna tell people

that you fell down, but
in spite of the pain,

you pulled yourself
off the ground,

you pushed on, and
you persevered?

Now get on up.

Clock's still running.

You look like hell.

It's good to see you.

I was watching that.


You were snoring.

You feel better?

You smell better, at least.


Just trying to figure
it all out, I guess.

Well let me know how it goes.

What's it like out there?


Come on, Mel.

400 miles I've
been following you,

and while you're out having
your grand adventure,

I'm stuck in the car all day
waiting for you to show up.

We've got a long way to go yet.

Give me something to go on.

I run, I eat, I sleep.

There's rocks, trees,
dirt, miles and miles,

and no end in sight.

I haven't found God or anything,

if that's what you're asking.

What do you want from me?

Probably best if we
both get some sleep.

You think you're tired, try
raising a three-year-old.

Can you turn the TV back on?

Can't fall asleep without it.

I come bearing gifts.

Too bad we need it.

It's a bear bell.

You wear it on your pack
to ward off black bears.

I read about it on the internet.

I also read that singing
at the top of your lungs

as you hike works too.

Oh, one more thing.

Ah, come on, I
already told you.

It's prepaid, for emergencies.

Just in case.

It's useless.

I won't even have
service out there.

I'm not asking for much.

Just hold onto it.

It'll make me feel better, okay?

Thank you.

Mm-mm, nah.

I've got 200 miles to go before
the next support stop-off.

If weather holds up, I
should be able to make it

in eight days.

Mom told me to tell you
you're wasting your life,

by the way.

What a refreshing
change of pace.

Give her a break, she feels
like everyone abandoned her.

It is so quiet.

Is anybody else out there?

Too early in the season.

Most of the
through-hikers have been

in the trail head by now.

Nobody could ever
keep up with you.

I know you don't
wanna hear this,

but I'm your sister, so
I'm gonna tell you anyway.

You don't have to prove
anything to anyone now.

Him least of all.

Maybe at the next
location, you'll consider

taking an extra day.

We can get some real food,
maybe a couple drinks?

And we're getting
a better place.

Somewhere with a
goddamn hot tub.

You might enjoy all this
masochistic caveman shit,

but as far as I'm
concerned, I'm on vacation.

We'll see.

Promise me you'll call.

See you in eight days.

You okay?

Yeah, it's nothin'.

Just my dogs are barkin' is all.

Looks more like
they're biting.

These are pretty bad.


I'm gone for five
minutes and you manage

to pick up a stray.

She was
just passing by.

She stopped by to
give me a hand.

Mighty considerate.

Personally I'd have just
left him where he lay.

Still thinking about
it, to be honest.

Not ideal hiking wear.


Might've bit off a little
more than I can chew.

Didn't think we'd be
stuck out here this long.

You want me to
take a look at that?

I've got a first aid kid.

He just sprained it.

He tripped over a log.

Clumsy me.

You know, I got a few
dozen sprains of my own.

Stress fractures and
shin splints too.


Funny thing is, through
all those injuries,

I've never once seen
a sprain bleed before.

I'd recommend you
clean whatever that is.

And change the bandages.

Just my two cents.

Try to keep off those feet.

Maybe next time invest in
a pair of hiking boots?




Sorry if we startled you,
we rolled in pretty late.

Didn't hear you
come in is all.

You afraid that
thing's gonna walk off

in the middle of
the night or what?

I don't carry a bear bat.

This way if I know
if anything comes

rifling through my
pack looking for food.

That's smart.

It is at that.

Something wrong?

I was just thinking about how

you helped out Jared yesterday.

You were off into
the wild yonder

even before he got a
chance to thank you.

Got a schedule to keep is all.

You seem pretty focused.

Running like the
dickens as I recall.

Ain't that right, Jared?

Like the ever-lovin' dickens.

That's what I said.

Didn't think we'd ever
catch up with you.

Pretty hardcore.

Camping out here
without any gear.

What are you guys, day hikers?

I guess you could say
that we're more purists.

We like to rough it.

We're a little out
of our element here.

Speak for yourself, Pop.

You're smothering it.

Give it room to
breathe, till it takes.

Then add the big stuff.

That's what I
keep tellin' him.

So where you off
to in such a hurry?

I got a lot of miles today.

You haven't even
had breakfast yet.

Go on, then.

Pop a squat.

We won't trouble you none.

What kinda knife is that?

Fixed blade?

You keep it sharp.

Kinda the whole
point, isn't it?

So, what's your deal?

What do you mean?

You just seem like somebody
that's got someplace else

they'd rather be.

Like I'd rather
be alone, you mean?


No, it's more than that.

Most people that come
out to places like this

are lookin' for a sense
of peace and quiet.

They're sort of calm, I guess.

What makes you
think I'm not calm?

You seem like a
pretty intense person.

Restless maybe, I don't know.

No offense.

The trail, all this,
has nothing to do

with why I'm out here.

It's the distance I'm after.

I see.

I guess it's in our
nature to do things

that aren't in our nature.


What's that supposed to be?

It's a train whistle.

I really need
to hit the trail.

Daylight's wasting.

Hey, you know, maybe
we could tag along.

You guys would
just slow me down.

If you don't mind.

Aww, shucks.

I was just startin' to
grow fond of the thing.

You know what?

Keep it.

Hey, can't...

Back off!

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Look, can't you see that
we're desperate here, okay?

Like I can barely walk, and I,

you can't just leave
us out here, please.

You're being rude
to my friend there.

I'm leaving.

You're in my way.

Hey, this doesn't have
to get out of hand, okay?

Let's just calm...

Fuck that.

You wanna leave, go ahead.

But we're keeping the pack.

Maybe you can just
give us some food,

or your first aid kit, we're
just looking for a break here.


Hey, wait!

No, stop.

You're just making this worse!

Please, stop!

Stop it!

You done playing grab-ass?

I can't fucking run like this.

You watch that
goddamn mouth of yours.

It ain't work if it ain't hard.

You have no idea what
your body's capable of

until you've felt
the absolute limit

of what you think is
physically possible.

Until you reach that point,
you're just making excuses.

What if I faint?

Then you will know
what your limits are,

and figure out how
to push past them.

This isn't how it's
supposed to be, man.

Nice and quiet, that's what
we said, that's what we said.

In and out.

What do you want from me?

She had the goddamn
thing tied to her wrist.

What did you think was
gonna happen?

This isn't exactly
keeping a low profile, man.

Don't you think we're
in enough shit as is,

without having a
goddamn hostage?

Parker's not gonna like this.

Fuck Parker.

This doesn't change a thing.

We still hold all the cards.

Now quit your whining...

No, I didn't sign
up for this, man.

You wanna go runnin'
off hidin' in the woods

for the rest of your life,
that's fine, I've had enough.

Need I remind you
why you're here?

I got nothin' to
lose, believe me.

But you.

Share it.


That's what was agreed upon.

Now, shut up, give me that.

You're starting to
make me nervous.

What are we
gonna do about her?

We can't just drag
her along with us.

No one has to find her.

Not till this is long over with.

No, no.

Fuckin' crazy, man?

We are not killing
her, you understand me?


We'll just have
to leave her here.

Buy us enough time to get
some distance under our heels.

Scout's honor.

All right.

Not a hair on her head.

All right.

Where you think
you're goin', lady?

You trying to steal from us?

Your girlfriend here is quite
a crafty coos, ain't she?

Let's go, sweetheart.


Quit your wriggling.

Get me some more
of that paracord.

You already used
it all on her wrists.

Don't put the cows to pasture

when the slaughterhouse
is waitin'.

That's what my
daddy used to say.

Don't fuckin' touch me.

Hey, hey.

I told my friend here that
I wasn't gonna hurt you.

I like to think of myself
as a man of my word.

But you keep causin' a ruckus,

and you'll make a
liar out of me yet.


That belt is comin' off,
one way or the other.

Now I can cut it off you,
along with whatever else

is in the way, or
you can keep still

and be rid of us all
the sooner for it.

Up to you, darlin'.

But choose now.

'Cause I'm not in then
mood to fuck around.

Take this.

Nice and tight.

All right, enough.

Let's fuckin' go, man.

You mind your
manners while I'm gone.

Daddy's gotta go to work.

You better hope I don't
see you again, motherfucker!

I'll be dreamin'
of you, sweetheart.

I'll take that water.

Don't take your eyes
off that fuckin' bag.

This isn't what I wanted,
when I saw you the other day,

and I am so sorry that you
got mixed up in all this.

But like I said, we're...



I got that.

I just want you to understand.

This is not the
type of person I am.

You're right.

You're a fuckin' coward.



Get it together, Mel.

Get it.

You wanna knock that shit off?

Supposed to keep bears away.

Nevermind the goddamn bears.

Bears'd be the least
of your problems

if you don't shut your lips
and give me some peace.

You gonna answer it?

Not yet.

I wanna put a few miles
between us and the bloodhounds.

You all right?

Fuck off.

Man, we're gonna drop
dead if we keep this up.

Come on.

Don't you think we
ought to address that?

It's clearly bothering you.

Why don't you worry about
your damn self, gimpy?

Roll your sleeve
up, Mr. Badass.

That thing gets
any more infected,

we're gonna have to
lop off your whole arm.

Just you try it,
you fuckin' asshole.

I'll gut you and hang
you by your entrails.

All right.

I was just messin'
around, take it easy.

Maybe we could build a fire
or something, burn it...

No fire.

It'd be easier to...

No fire.


Move your fingers.

There we go.

All right.

Good as new.

Much obliged.


You hear that?


Probably just a coyote.

You know what would
keep 'em away?

A fire!

You smell that, you
little rat fuckers?!

This is my territory!

It's claimed.

So stay the fuck away!

I wanna share
something with you

an old drill sergeant
taught us back in basic.

Something called
the crack theory.

The most miserable thing
about being out in the field

is getting caught in the rain.

Whenever it started up,
we would stop everything

to get out a poncho, bring
out our socks, whatever.

It's only natural
to want to keep

from feeling the
discomfort of it.

Right up until you
feel that water

dripping down the
crack of your ass.

At that point it simply
becomes a part of life.

You're forced to give it up.

But even before
the rain ever came,

he had us take out our canteens,

turn 'em over on
top of our heads.

Then we crawled out into the
dirt until we were caked in it.

See what I'm gettin' at?

By the time we were done, we
were already soaked through

as much as we
could possibly get.

We accepted our condition.

Dropped the pretense
of making anything

easier for ourselves.

And we were free to do
what we needed to do,

without another thought
about our personal comfort.

Sometimes it's best to just
embrace the discomfort.

To truly immerse yourself in it.

We are not here to make
it easy for ourselves.

You gotta have the training.

I ain't gonna tell you again.

That fuckin' bag leaves
your back one more time,

I'm gonna staple the goddamn
thing to your shoulder blades.

Keep it on.

We're never gonna get anywhere,

you keep poppin' a
squat every 30 steps.

However did I wind up stuck
with such a blubbering pussy?

It's embarrassing, really.

I didn't hear you
complain when you got me

mixed up in this goddamn mess.

I'm not the one
that came to you

beggin' for an easy
way to make some cash.

You just wanna remember that.

At least when we were locked up,

you still had some fight in you.

One bitch on the outside
lets you squeeze her tits,

and suddenly, you go
softer than my granddad

when he forgets to take
his little blue pill.

Listen, I am trying to make
a better life for myself.

You wanna begrudge
me that, fine.

You leave Celia out of it.

"A better life."

Is that what you call it?

She's at home right
now, watchin' talk shows

in between shifts at the
truck stop glory hole

while you're out here
with another woman

rubbin' your feet for ya.

But far be it for me to
intrude on your marital bliss.

How about it?

That bitch back there
was right, you know.

You really are a coward.


Don't kill me.

Don't kill me, I have a
little girl back home.

Oh yeah?

You tie her up and
leave her for dead too?

I'm sorry!

I didn't have a choice.

Shut up!

We're going for a walk.

What your planning,
it's not gonna work.

You don't know who
you're dealing with.

Keep moving.

Listen to me, listen to me.

We can just go.

You and me.

I didn't want to get your
pack, it was all him.

I just wanna get
back to my family.

I say you shut up.

You're gonna get
us both killed.

Drop it.

Do it now.

For fuck's sake, Wayland.


God damn, sweetheart.

Maybe I shoulda left
that piece of thing

tied up back there and
partnered up with you instead.

Step away.

Over there.

Oh, hell, darlin'.

You came all the way
up here just for that?

Thing is, I ain't
leavin' these woods.

Not for a while yet.

But I'm still gonna
need the goods you got

tucked away in there,
far more than I need

both of his eyes intact.

So, you do what you gotta do.

I won't blame you for it.


All right, all right, all right.

Let's just all take
a deep breath here.

Back up!

Fair trade.

I get back what
you stole from me

and you get back whatever
the fuck is in this bag.

That's all I want.


What's it gonna be?

You ain't doing shit.

So you can just stop
with this nonsense,

put down the bag, and then
we can talk a little bit.

Hey, what the hell do
you think you're doing,

that's private.

Hey, hey!

All right.

You just put that on the
ground right fuckin' now!

No, what are you doing?

What the fuck are you doing!

What the fuck did you just do!

Get the pack!





Don't you move, you cunt.

You stay right there.

I'm gonna come down
there and I'm gonna

rip your goddamn eyes
out of their sockets.

Don't you fuckin' move!

I will fucking end you!

You fucking bitch!

Hey, Wayland.

Come on, it's done.

The hell it is!

Not until I squeeze the life
out of that meddlesome bitch!

What good is
it gonna do you, man?

Get your fuckin'
hands off of me!

Hey, listen to me!

I need you to focus, man!

I can't deal with this, I
need you to stay focused!



I'm focused.

All right.

Now what the fuck
we gonna do, huh?

Parker is out for blood, man.

And we just lost our leverage.

We're fucked, man.

Just settle down,
it'll be all right.

What are you talkin'
about, it'll be all right?

We lost our bargaining chip.

What are we supposed
to say, huh?

"Hey Parker, we screwed
up the exchange.

"Hey, sorry that
everything went to shit.

"Oh, but don't worry,
we lost your stash too?"

We're fucked, man.

The both of us.

All right, we need
to get out of here.

Hitch a ride.

What are
you talking about?

I can barely walk!


So we'll go back to
the shelter, okay?

We'll hole down for the night.

And then we'll eat
something, okay?

Fine, fine, fine.

Just quit your snivelin'.

- All right?
- Yeah.

Just grab that and let's go.

I hope it hurts, you bitch.

I hope it rots off your
body and the coyotes

tear you to pieces!

You hear me?!

Hear me?!



Look at me now.

How does it feel?

It hurts.

No, I mean
how does it feel to know

that after all those
miles and all that time,

you just can't run anymore?

What are you
doing here, Chloe?

You tell me.

I need help.

10 years running
every marathon possible,

and all of a sudden you tell me

you want to run
through the mountains.

Why here?

Why now?

I've been trying
to puzzle it out.

And before you start
babbling about distance

and needing a new
challenge, you should assume

I already know the
answer to that question.

But I wanna hear you say it.

No more bullshit, Mel.

Just the truth.

Dad came out here once.

It was before Mom, when
he first got the Army.

Said he had spend so much
time being told where to be,

what to do, that he
just wanted to be

on his own for a while.

It was the only time
he felt truly free.

He never
told me about that.

Not surprising, though.

He was always closer to you.

What are you talkin' about?

He treated me like shit.

You were his little
princess, not me.

That's bullshit,
Mel, and you know it.

You think he dragged
you out to the track

six times a week because
he loved you less?

Hours and hours
spent training you.

Giving up his Saturdays at home

so he could make sure you were

the best you could possibly be.

He put all his hopes
and dreams into you.

For Christ's sake,
Melanie, he gave you

a shot at the Olympics.

Gave it to me?

You don't think I worked for it?

And for what?

You just threw it all away.

Right when he finally
thought all the work

he put into you would pay off.

What was it again?



How could you do that to him?

How could he do that to me?

Do you think I wanted to spend
all those Saturdays out there

runnin' against that
stupid fuckin' stopwatch?

And watching him shake his
head in disappointment?

I never wanted to be in the
goddamn Olympics, Chloe.

That was his dream, not mine.

What about what I wanted?

What about my hopes, my dreams?

Did he ever stop to ask?

Let me tell you something.

The look on his face when I
had told him what I had done.

That was the single
greatest moment of my life.

And I never forgave
myself for it.

Now you're here.


Well I hate to break
it to you, kiddo,

but you're gonna have to
run a little bit farther.

It's not gonna feel good, and
it's not gonna get any better,

but at least one way or
another, it'll all be over soon.

Are you gonna tell
people you hurt your knee

because you fell down once?

Or are you gonna tell them
that you fell down once,

but in spite of the pain,
you picked yourself up

off the ground, you pushed
on and you persevered?

Now get up.

Clock's still running.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


I'm here.


Can somebody hear me?

Hey, down here!

What are you smiling about?

You happy with this time?

That's almost a full
two seconds faster

than anyone on this
team can pull off.

And a full three-tenths
of a second slower

than you ran it just last week.

You think that's progress?

Who are you running against?

You think you're trying
to beat out some runner

from some other school
or from your own team,

you're mistaken.

You think these other
runners care about your time?

They don't give
a shit about you.

All they're focused on
is their own performance.

They're not even looking at you.

They're looking deep
down inside themselves

for whatever sliver of willpower

will take them past their limit.

When you are out
there, your only enemy

is yourself and the clock.

You need to stop thinking
about everything else

and focus on this, because this

is the only thing that matters.

Run it again.

I'm here!

I'm here!



Please please stop, stop
please, please stop!

Please stop.


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

You all right, sweetheart?

So two men did this to you?

That's just truly awful.

I'm so sorry that
happened to you.

I'll get the staties
out here right away

to start lookin' for 'em, but,

it's an awful lot
of woods to cover.

Any guess as to where
we should start?

About 30 miles in, I
landed at a hiking shelter

up on a bluff, near
the ridge line.

That's where they were headed.

Yeah, I know the place.

Hey, we'll find 'em.

Don't you worry.

All right now.

First things first, that
knee has got me worried.

Maybe not a bone break,
but I'll call ahead

and have an ambo standing by
at headquarters just in case.

I'll only be right over
there to call it in, hon.

Not gonna leave you.

They're waiting for us,
you think you can make it?

This was theirs.

Someone just tried to
call it, if it helps.

Yeah, I'm sure
it will at that.

All right, now you just
get settled in there.


All right, mind the leg.


Get you fixed up in no time.

Where's the
headquarters building?

Did you try calling anybody
with that phone you had?

The police, or?

I couldn't get a signal.

Well, that's all right, then.


Where's that backpack?

What is this?

I'm sorry about this, honey.

I really am.

But I need you to
answer me, now.

The blue backpack you
got that phone from.

I wanna know where it is.

They still have it?

I wouldn't know.

We make regular
checks on that shelter

throughout the hiking season.

It's about a mile in there.

They'll never know we're comin'.

That we're coming?


I can't exactly leave you here.

I mean, cell phones
aren't for shit,

but that radio gets
perfect reception.

But you'll survive.

I'm not the bad guy
here, sweetheart.

But we all gotta play our part.

I believe I met
a friend of yours.

Now if what my supplier
tells me is true,

you already have one
bullet hole in you.

Don't make this hard.

Good boy.

Have a seat.

Both of you.

Now then.

I think it's time we
all had a little talk.

Now I already heard the
report from the state police,

but now, I wanna
hear your version.

Parker, this is not our fault.

They started shooting at us.

Are you gonna tell me that was

before one of them
took four knife wounds?

You know the only
reason I'm not in jail

and there aren't
dogs chasin' you down

like game through these
woods is because that man

kept his mouth shut,
despite the dozens

of stitches he received.

And why's that?

Because he is a
goddamn professional.

Which is more than I can
say for the two of you.

But that's all in
the past, right?


You gave them the money, they
gave you what you paid for.

As far as I'm concerned,
the deal is done.


Let's put all this
nastiness behind us,

you give me my product,
I let you go on your way.

Fair's fair.

You do still have what
I paid for, I hope.

Oh sugar.

Please tell me
you still have it.

We did everything we
were supposed to do.

We did the exchange, and
then everything went to hell,

so we just ran, we
didn't know where else...

All right, one last chance
before I lose my temper.

Where are my drugs?

I know where they are.

I snatched the backpack
from the skinny one.

Took the phone, stashed the bag,

right before they
threw me off the cliff.

You're a goddamn liar.

You know what, sweetheart?

After all this, I never
did get your name.

It's Mel.

Well, Mel.

You got me in quite
the pickle here.

On one hand, you've got no
reason to lie to me, do you?

Then again, I got no
reason to trust you either.

But we got common
ground, you and I.

We both want what's
rightfully ours.

So let's help each other out.

Us girls gotta stick
together, after all.

Am I right?

I'll tell him where it's at.

Me and him go to the car,
I tell him the location,

and I drive away.

That's the deal.

How do I know you're
telling the truth?

Like you said.

I got no reason to lie to you.

But I'd feel much
better with that gun

trained on him instead of me.

All right, loves.

You heard the lady.

Jared, looks like
you're going for a walk.

You fuckin' blind?

I want you to understand
something, Wayland.

I saw how that girl looked
when she came out of the woods,

and you're going
to answer for that.

I promise you.

But until that time
comes, you just might

wanna shut your mouth.

Look, I don't want any
more problems here, okay?

We've all been through
hell these past...

Fair's fair, partner.

I think you'll agree.


Your little girlfriend's
flown the coop, Jared.

Don't worry, buddy.

I'm gonna take real
good care of her.

I'm sure that your
cock-shrivelin' wife

will be glad to know that
I'm lookin' out for you

through all this.

Shoot you.

Who knows?

Maybe I'll take real
good care of her too

when this is all said and done.


Wait, wait.

Come on, darlin'.

I made you something.

You like playing
games, don't you?

Of course you do.

It's all right, darlin'.

It's just fine, 'cause I
got a real doozy for you.

Olly olly oxen-free.

Come on out and
claim your prize.

That was mighty unkind of you.

And after all that
I've done for you.

Hell, darlin'.

You oughta be thankin' me.

All that fight in you.

All that piss and vinegar.

That's there because I
brought it out of you.

I made you.

I'll be dreaming
of you, sweetheart.

Probably take rescue crews
a couple hours to get here,

I had to guess.

Probably longer
once it gets dark.

You'll have a hell of a time
explaining all this to them.

But at least you'll live to see

your wife and daughter again.

Either that, or you can lay
here and bleed to death.

It's up to you.

I know that I'm hard on you.

And I know you probably
hate me for it.

But it's important that
you understand one thing.

No matter how hard I push you,
or how many times you fail.

I'm proud of you, baby.