Range Roads (2021) - full transcript

Princess Berry, where are you?

Princess Berry is late.

Where could she be?

I'm here, I'm sorry.

There you are.

I'm sorry I'm late, my queen.

It was the donkey's fault.

It's best not to blame others
for your own misfortunes.

But this time it really
was the donkey's fault.

He fell down flat on his belly!

On his belly?

Yes, flat on his belly

down by the stream.

42nd floor.

And how was
the dream different this time?

time, everything goes dark and

I'm there alone in the water,

desperately trying to climb out,

but I can't.

This time, I feel like
something is pulling me down.


Can you describe what it
is that's pulling you down?

I don't know.

Frankie king, Blaze talent,

reading for the role
of surprised woman.

Maybe my job, my relationship.

And what's the status there?

Dax moved out so

it's over.
All right, we got it.

Let's rap on Frankie.

We're not good for each other.

This is a big step.


So how does it feel

to close that chapter?

I don't know.

I still have a lot of
open chapters in my life.

Go inside and
wash up for dinner.

Oh, I
surely don't deserve dinner.

I was late and I'm
terribly upset with myself.

Accidents happen.

Now, run along and let me
have a few words with this donkey.

Thank you, my queen.

And what do you
have to say for yourself?

And this is where the
donkey starts talking.

Okay, cut.

Back to one.

So, I think we're slipping
a bit too far into caricature.

But she is a
caricature, Marcus.

Yeah, but we need
her more tender,

a bit more real, a bit
more grandmotherly.

Okay, more grandmotherly.

And just a bit more.

You got it.

- Okay, great.
- Okay.

Hey Grayson, it's Frankie.

I got your message.

I don't really know what to say.

Call me back.

I'm so sorry,
that's terrible news.

I hadn't
spoken to them in years.

Well, still.

How long do you need?

I don't know, a
week, a couple days.

I lost my father
three years ago.

Couldn't sleep, got
addicted to ativan.

We only have the
donkey booked until Friday

so that's gonna
be a bit of an issue.

Jesus, Marcus.

We can get, we can
get another donkey.

But this is a
really great donkey.

No, can you give
us some space?

Look, I'll see what I can swing.

Take the rest of the week.

I may not even need to
go, we weren't very close.

Frankie, you have to go.

I'll see what I can do.

Take the week.

I'm scared...

To go back.

But I feel like I have to.

And what's the fear?

What's scary about this?


Who are you picturing now?


My brother.

Are you in touch with him?


Not really.

He's a...

Difficult person.

I think he resents me
for leaving the family.

And how do you feel about it,

your decision to leave?

I did what I thought I needed

at the time.

I'm happy to inform you
you're eligible for an upgrade.

No extra cost.

An upgrade?

Correct, you reserved
an economy vehicle.

It looks like I can upgrade
you to a full-size vehicle,

four doors, a lot more room.

It's just me.

Well, treat yourself.



So, what brings you to
this area, work or pleasure?

It's work, hard work.

And will you be wanting
our collision coverage today?

Yeah, please.


Throughout the
whole thing, not one.

I think that's that girl.

Oh, don't talk.

Turn around.

I don't want to look.

Turn around.

Isn't she the one that
was on that show?

Excuse me?

I don't mean to be a bother.


Are you the one that's in
the chocolate bar commercial?


It's her!

For heaven's sake, we
knew we had seen yous.

I told you, Betty.

Can we get a picture?

Get in there, Betty!

Do you mind?

- Hey.
- Grayson.

Were you gonna
tell me you're in town

or you're just gonna wait for me

to find ya roaming the streets?

I'm sorry, I was gonna
call you this morning.

Come on, get in,
let's grab breakfast.

Yeah, okay.

Don't we see you on
TV all the time, that show?


That little shithead loves it.

I guess that's kids nowadays.

That's all they want is
screens and screens.

What is he, three now?

No, he's four.



When we try and tell him that

that's his auntie
Frankie up there,

He just looks
at us like we're morons.

Well, that's auntie Frankie!

Auntie Frankie king.

That's a heck of a
name you picked there.

Is that real, Frankie king?

Does it say that on
your driver's license or?

It's a stage name.

A stage name.

Yeah, my agent
thought it would...

Would you excuse
me for a moment?

Fill your boots.

So how long you in town for?

I don't know.

How long should
I be in town for?

I don't really care, I guess.

I'm sorry if that's...

No, it's fine.

It's just you haven't
really been a part of things

for a while here, Frankie.

You can't just
waltz in and expect

to run the show, you know?

I don't expect
to run the show.

You married?

Got a boyfriend or?



You know, just 'cause your
eggs aren't gettin' any younger.

I actually just read
a study, you know,

it's actually not safe
for women your age

'cause the kids they come
out all retarded or, you know,

it's just a roll of the dice.
I got a salad for you.

Burger and fries for you.

Can I get you
folks anything else?

No, Janice, we're
perfect, thank you.

Okay, great, enjoy that.

What makes you
think I even want kids?



So they, um.

They got the
autopsy report back.

I guess dad just had a
heart attack behind the wheel.


Just like that.

The car rolls like
seven times so

he just takes mom with him.


Got a meeting with
the lawyer later on so.

You can come, I guess.

It's up to you.

Grayson Bingley.


Yeah, for sure.

I'll be right there.


Hey, I gotta pop by work
for a minute, you mind?

Fill your boots.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How's it goin'?
- All right.

This is my sister, Frankie.

Frankie, this is
my boss, Rhonda.

Hi, I didn't know
you had a sister.

Yeah, well, voila.

So what's up with that pipe?

There was a break
in the line, I'll show you.

All right.

Just give me a
bit, I'll find you.


- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.

All right, I know that
none of this is easy

so I'll try and make this as
painless as possible, okay?

All right, so the last
amendment to this document

was in 2015 when
Grayson's son was born.

Grayson, you've been
appointed executor of the estate.


What does that mean?

Well, basically
it's a responsibility

to fulfill the will,
close the estate,

all of its assets, tax stuff.

There's a list.

What about the house
or what's inside the house

like jewelry or China
or, I don't know.

It's up to you.

Keep it, sell it, whatever.


And what if I get hit
by a bus tomorrow?

Then it goes down the line
to your spouse, your child.

- Okay.
- Okay?

All right, so I am going
to paraphrase here.

We give, devise and
bequeath our estate

and all of its related assets,

all tangible personal
property, money, real estate

to Grayson Bingley.

Please see appendix five.

Appendix five states that
$25,000 from the estate

is to be donated to the
bankview united church.

Oh, that makes sense.

I mean, our family is a pretty
big part of the church so.

I also have a small rsp and
$12,000 in a checking account.

I also have two life
insurance policies

with Grayson named
beneficiary on those.

What about Frankie?

I'm sorry, Frankie.

Makes sense.

Okay, I'm gonna
need some signatures

to get the ball rolling.



I'm gonna wait outside.

Hi, can I just get a
black coffee please?



It's Bruce.

Yeah, I know, of course.


I didn't know if
you recognized me.

No, you look the same.


Well, I recognized you so.

I assume you're
in town 'cause of your folks.

Yeah, you heard it?

Yeah, I'm so sorry.

It's a real tragedy.


So where you livin' now?

I move back and forth
between la and Vancouver

so I'm kind of all
over the place.

Yeah, I heard you're
doing the acting thing.


Some folks were saying
they saw you on TV.

Yeah, I'm in a few shoes.

I don't actually own a TV
so I wouldn't have seen ya.

So what are you
doing these days?

Still got the family farm.

Teaching at b high.

You're teaching?

Yeah, yeah, it's
just mechanics.

That's great.

Yeah, well, it was
great running into ya, Frankie.

Yeah, nice to see you.

Yeah, really nice.

All right, well,
condolences again.

And I'll see you around.

See you around.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Listen, just 'cause
you're not in the will.

I'm not actually here
for the money, Grayson.

You want a lift back?

No, I'm gonna
walk around for a bit.

All right.


I have an appointment
tomorrow with the funeral stuff.

If you wanna come to that.

Yeah, okay.

All right.

At 10am.

See ya then.

I'm not quite sure how
to be out here, ya know?

How to smile back at people
who smile at you on the street.

And you don't
get this feeling at home?

No, not
really, it's suffocating here.

Why do you think that is?

I don't know, maybe because I

thought I'd never come back.

But you did.






I don't really know
how it all shakes down

but apparently I'm in
charge of the estate so.

You're executor.

That's it.

How are you doing?

Are you getting enough help?

Yeah, yeah.

My sister showed up so.

I don't know how much help

- she's gonna be.
- Your sister?

Yeah, she's back.

She might come for your
share so watch out.

Ah, speak of the devil.

Oh, not literally.

Ah, depends on
who you're asking.

Frankie, this is pastor Neil.

Frankie, it is such a
pleasure to finally meet you.

And my condolences.

Thank you.

The pastor is gonna
be conducting the service

for mom and dad at his church.

Your folks were such a
big part of this community

and the church.

Don't I know it.

Well, hopefully
you won't turn to dust

when you walk through
the church doors.

I just might.

I doubt she'll turn to dust.

I'm not very religious.

She's an atheist actually.

Or what, you an
anarchist, what are you

calling yourself nowadays?
Right, thank you, Grayson.

And why am I here exactly?

Okay, I have to
go, but please do

take a look at those
passages that I sent you.

If there are any changes and
if you want to say something.


I'll see you both
at the service then.

Thank you.

I knew your
parents quite well.

We spent quite a bit of time
together before my wife passed.

Which one of these
did you put your wife in?

Cherry wood, it's the best.

Mom didn't want to be buried.

I always remember
her saying that.

She didn't like the bugs.

Cremation is
also a lovely option.

$11,000, for this?

It's cherry.

You know, I can
build one of them

and Bury 'em out back the
house for next to nothing.

Well, that would
be illegal, Mr. Bingley.

This is robbery, sir.

Sorry you feel that way.

This is my livelihood,

no different than you
growing your stuff.

I disagree.

You gotta die, there's
no choice there.

I run a respectable
family business

much like your
parents did, Mr. Bingley.

None of us dipped our
toes in the black market.

We'll burn 'em.

Burn 'em up.

All right.

The cremation fee
is $2400 per body.

You got a two-for-one on that?

Um, no.

Do you wanna maybe
come over for dinner tonight?

To see marn?

Meet the little guy.

That would be nice.

Thank you.

Frankie, how ya doin'?

Oh, you know, I'm stuck deep

inside the asshole
of the country.

I'm swell, hun.

So, look, I tried my
best but we kinda need you

back on Saturday to
shoot the donkey out.

I'm sorry, Frankie.


That's two days from now, Kim.

The funeral's on Sunday.


Well, I guess it's
Sophie's choice then, hun.

I wish I had better news.

It's not a Sophie's choice,
my fucking parents died.

I know.

I know, Frankie.

I'm just the messenger here.

I tried to get the
network to consider...

Can't they push to Monday?

My hands are tied.

I'm sorry.

So what if I don't show?

What, are they
gonna kill her off?

Maybe, I don't know.

Look, I'm sorry, Frankie.

The same thing happened
to me when I was with...


Fuck, fuck!

Hey ya, bud.

What are you selling?


Did you make it?

All by myself.

May I have a glass?

- Sure.
- How much is it?

For about $2.

Does this work?


And you got, so
don't keep the money?

No, no, that
money's for you now.

Is it good?


Thanks, bud.

I see you met the little man.

Yeah, he's
quite the entrepreneur.

Oh yeah.

Oh, buddy, I ought to
be taking financial advice

from you, eh?

Did you meet, do
you know who this is?

Auntie Frankie, she has
crazy hair, I don't like it!

You don't like it.

It's growing on me.

You wanna go on
inside to see marnie?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

All right, buddy, close up shop.

Okay, close, everyone!

Thanks, glad I caught you.

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah!


You remember Frankie?

Frankie, holy shit!

It's been forever.

Sorry, hands.

Oh, it's nice to
see you again.

Yeah, it's been ages.


We oughta have some
more people die around here

so you can come more often.

Oh, come on, marn.

I brought some wine.

I don't know what
you guys like so.

I don't really drink so.

Well, I sure as heck do.

Crank it open, sister!


And I'm at the end of my rope.

We're sitting there on
that runway like hour four

or five and we haven't
even taken off yet.

And I'm thinking to myself like

drive the fuckin'
plane, will ya,

please, Mr. Driver,
sir, you know?

All right.

No, no, no, I
know, it's a chore.

Yeah, it's always
a pain in the ass.

Something always
goes wrong, always.

Yeah, that's why
we don't travel.

The burgers were
great, thank you.

Well, thank you, Frankie.

And I don't usually
eat red meat so.

What do you, a vegan?

No, I'm obviously eating meat.

I don't know.

You never know
what the west coast

can do to a person
with all the pinko lefties

running around with
their braided arm pit hair,

afraid to eat the honey
from the bees, you know.

No, I don't know.

Okay, children, less
politics, more wine.

Gray, do we have
any more of that stuff

that Dougie made, downstairs?

No, I don't think so.

Frankie, you
want another glass, right?

- Uh, actually.
- Yeah, you want

another one, okay.

She's great.

Yeah, yeah, she
can really get going.

So what are you
gonna do with the farm?

I don't know, I might sell it.

Could use the capital,
get some skin in the game

for that new facility
going up, you know.

You should do that.


So you gonna tell
me the real reason

that you came back or what?

I don't know, to see you.

Just seems odd, I
haven't seen you in years.

We never talk.

We don't have a relationship.

No, I know how it seems.

It seems odd.

So you're still doing
the acting thing, eh?

Yeah, I'm chipping away at it.

That is so cool.

Hey, you should
talk to my niece.

She's been doin' a
lotta like short films

and stuff back out east
with acting, you know.

Really wants to make it big.

Yeah, sure.

You tell her all the tricks

of the trade, you know?

Like shortcuts.

Yeah, right, shortcuts.

I wish we'd seen more of ya.

I like this, ya know.


It's great.

Marn, hun!

This kid's bein' a dick.

Okay, I'm comin'.

These men, I tell ya.

Be right back.

So I went to the
house last night.


Yeah, I wanted
to see if I could...

You know, if I did
remember the way it was.


There's a lot
of shit in there.


Yeah, I'm not looking
forward to dealing with that.

Hey, do you remember
anyone with the name Bennett,

last name Bennett?

Doesn't ring a bell, why?

I just, I was, I thought
I remembered someone,

my mom and dad's friends.

I doubt it.

I know all of mom
and dad's friends.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I am.

Since when do you not drink?

Since the kid was born.


Yeah, it's good, I guess.

It was just startin' to
get in the way of things.

It sure did for dad.

What is that supposed to mean?

I'm just saying, dad didn't
make the greatest decisions

when he was drinking.

Why are you doin' this?

What, what?

You just come
back to shit on him or?

'Cause you were a screw up.

No, I was just...

Just being disrespectful
because that's nothin' new.

Excuse me?

You just think
you're so much better

than everyone, Frankie.

I don't think I'm fucking
better than anyone, Grayson.

Frankie knows best.

Okay, I'm gonna go.

That's a good idea.

The best idea you've
had in a decade.

Hey, fuck you!

Yeah, run away, Frankie.

That's classic stuff.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

All right, you guys
have to really do it there.

What you're gonna have to do,

you're using here
'cause it's gonna

have a direct correlation
to how this piston functions.

So all that
information should be

in page 22 of your manuals.

Make sure you, uh.

Make sure you read that
clearly because that's gonna

help you understand
this entire machine.

Frankie Bingley, did not
expect to see you here.

Yeah, well, here I am.

So what's?

What's going on?

I kinda need a favor.

Okay, what do you need?

If I tell you, you're
not gonna wanna do it

so will you meet me after work?

Bankview motel?


Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself.

You're an odd
one, Frankie Bingley.

No, king, Frankie king.

I changed my name.

Frankie, I just wanted to,

I didn't mean to make
you upset last night.

I've just been a little
outta sorts lately and, uh.

Anyhow, we're all gonna
be at the house tomorrow

so come on by if you want.

Okay, bye.

So like this way or this way?

Horizontal, it looks better.


Bruce, can you hear me?

Yeah, it's comin'
through good.

Can you hear me, Bruce?

Yup, still hear you.

To record just press
the round red button

at the bar.
Thanks, I've used a

cell phone before.

Okay, sorry, my brother
still has a flip phone.

All right, ready when you are.

Frankie king
with Blaze talent.

I'm 5'9 and reading
for the role of Livia.

So how'd you find me?

It wasn't
hard, he's a terrible liar.

Yeah, I guess.

Your whole marriage is a lie.

You think he
actually loves you?

He doesn't love you.

He's planning on
leaving you, Terry.

It's over.

Believe what you want.

You think he's playing
soccer every Thursday night?


He's making love to
me every Thursday.

That's icky, okay, cut.

Okay, I think we got it.

That's it?

Yeah, it's easy, right?

You don't wanna
do another one?

Do you think I
should do another one?

Well, I mean, there
was a bump in the middle.

I feel like I can
do it a bit better.

You think you
can do a little better?

Yeah, if we can.

Okay, you got it.

All right.

From the top.

friends, I want you to hang around.

Coming up in the second
half, the toughest eight seconds

on earth right here in bankview.

We're glad you're
with us on this,

another fabulous rodeo
weekend right here in bankview.

I never woulda thought

in a million years I'd end
up at a rodeo in bankview

with my high school boyfriend.


No never, ever, ever.

It fucking reeks in
here like animal shit.

Well, I don't
smell a thing, city girl.

So you never got married?

No, I got close
a couple times but

just didn't feel right.

I take it neither did you?

Well, I am actually.


Yeah, I've been
meaning to tell you.

Ah ha, fuckin' actor.

No, I don't think it's
in the cards for me.

Well, bayview,
another great rodeo ride.

Now it's time to go
to shoot number four

as we get ready for one
of the top bronc riders

we have in our game.

He's gonna measure
that bronc rein

all the way back to
the front of the saddle.

After that, we're
gonna come out.

He nods his head and away we go!

How about that, bankview?

Another great saddle bronc ride.

As we call in the
pick up men to rein in

that beautiful palomino pony,

another one of the four-legged
superstars from our game.

This should be a bunch of fun

as we get ready
to ride another one.

I work with a donkey
on the kid's show.

It's got nothin' on these.

This is fun.

Thank god.

Okay, don't get me wrong.

This is a really country
experience, but it's kinda fun.

Well, you're country, Frankie.

Down those guts.

So, I, uh.

I think I just find out
that I have a sister.


Yeah, I don't know.

Whoa, how's that?

My dad.

It was a secret he
didn't tell anybody.

I don't know, part
of me's interested

in this girl, you know?


You share blood,
that's the thing.

It's undeniable.


Yeah, it is.

Here we go.

Thank you, that was more
fun than I thought it would be.

Well, that's a great review.

You know I didn't
mean it like that.

I know.

Hey, um.

I'm sorry about the way
that things ended between us.

You got nothing to
be sorry about, Frankie.

Are you coming to the funeral?

I'll be there.

Hey, did that make
you dick bigger?

I'm speeding, you
fucking asshole!

Hey, penny.

Frankie, how are you doing?

I'm okay, getting by.

Thanks for sending
that self tape for the soap.

The script was
fucking terrible.


Hey, look, I have the
Berry producers on my ass.

Yeah, I talked to Kim.

They're being unreasonable.

I'm trying to tell them both
her parents fucking died.

That's why you have
production insurance, hello.

Yeah, that'd be nice.


I negotiated and
got you until Monday.

I don't think I
give a fuck, penny.


I don't wanna go
back to that shitty set.

We can talk about this more

when you get back
on Monday, 'Kay?



Finish the season out.

Yeah, yeah.

All right, hun.

Safe travels.


♪ There are things
that I just wanna know ♪

♪ I could hear the
words whispering ♪


Can I help you?

I'm Frankie Bingley,
iain's daughter.

Yeah, uh.

I'm not sure who
you're talking about.

- I'm sorry.
- He's dead.

Can we talk?

I'm not quite sure
why you're here, Frankie.

I have a half-sister.


How'd you find me?

I found the money orders.

Well, I was young
and I made a mistake so.

I am not here to judge you.


What are you doing here then?

Okay, you know
what, I can't do this.

I'm sorry, I never
shoulda come here.



Do you want some coffee?

We met at a
convention in Montana.

I was working for a
wind power company.

You know, these conventions.

A lotta parties,
a lotta drinking.

And we were at the same hotel.

He was really easy to talk to.

And I remember
when he smiled at me I,

I felt like it was
genuine, it was warm.

I was pretty lonely at the time.

My parents lived back east.

Did you know he was married?

We never talked about that.

Anyway, he wanted to
cut ties and I was pregnant.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

It's not your fault.

Yeah, I've spent a lot of time

with a lotta shitty
men in my life.

What'd you tell Julia?

I told her that I got
drunk and I got pregnant.

And that her father wanted
nothing to do with her.

That's sad.

I mean, I have a
beautiful daughter.


And we trust each other.

I didn't know my parents.

I wasn't into the
farm or the church or

the things my family were into.

I liked boys and sex and music.

I cut them out and
they cut me out.

But now.

I'm really not here to
fuck anything up for you

or your daughter.

I just wanted to let
you know that Julia

is named as beneficiary
on a half a million dollar

life insurance policy.


You didn't know?

Yeah, well, it's all there.

Thank you, Frankie.




You're here
to give us a hand or?

What, you're not done yet?


In the grass or in the air.

Wanna do this
throw, count of three?

One, two, three,
whoa, nice throw!

Okay, high five.

Once we get to
the bottom there,

can I give this to you, honey?


- Oh shit!
- Watch your foot.

- You got it now?
- What?

- You got it now?
- Kind of.

Hey, I'm sorry
about running away

without saying
goodbye the other night.

Lady, don't even
worry about it, I get it.

I'm married to him.

It's not him.

You know I've
got five siblings.

- Oh my god.
- Yeah.

- Do y'all get along?
- No.

No, no, no, no.

That's family though.

Do you keep in touch?

When we can.

I mean, I've got nine
nieces and nephews so.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

That would
be insane hard work.

- It is, yeah, it is.
- Keeping track of them all.

It is hard work.

But it's good work, you know?

In the end.

It's just a matter of time.

- I know that.
- At least the kids know.

Jude, honey,
why don't you come and sit.

Thank you, honey.

Ooh, thank you.

Do want a hot dog or do
you just want your apple?

I just want a hot dog.

Hot dog?

What do you want, do you
want ketchup or mustard?

- Start 'em young here.
- Probably should get it done.

When are you gonna
start moving, around six?

I'm just gonna
chill as soon as Doug

can hand me something.
He's been doing everything,

absolutely everything.
Not the only person

in this family who lies.

Oh, snap.

Bad joke, bad joke.

Oh, well said.

Too soon.

This is gonna take years.

Makes me wish I
never owned anything.

I'm goin' home
right after this,

and I'm throwin' out
everything in my basement.

Yeah, it's just gonna be
someone else's problem one day.

I remember buying this
for dad, for father's day.

I was like 11 or 12, and
this was the first gift I ever

bought him with my own money.

We spent like half an
hour in the thrift store,

and this is what I picked.

I don't think I ever saw dad
where a tie a day in his life,

but I thought he'd
really like this.

I thought I got a
really good gift.

Still in the box.

Adios, dad.

We are gathered here
today to celebrate the lives

of Anna and iain Bingley.

And the unexpected
loss of a loved one,

a neighbor, a friend.

Well, it brings us face to
face with our own mortality,

how fleeting life can be.

And when cut short by tragedy,

we are left with how
to grapple with how

to make sense of it all.

And we may shake our fist at god

or bow our heads
in defeat and despair.

But, brothers and
sisters, as the apostle Paul

wrote in the epistle
of the thessalonians.

We do not want
you to be uninformed

about those who sleep in death

so that you do not
grieve like the rest

of mankind who have no hope.

For we believe that
Jesus died and Rose again,

and so we believe
that god will bring

with Jesus those who
have fallen asleep in him.


Anna and iain are now safely

in the loving
embrace of our savior.

Let us bow our heads.

Our father who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name,

thy kingdom come,
thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

I just want to thank
all of you for coming.

I know that mom and dad
are looking down on us and

Mom's probably saying how
much she likes the flowers so.

And, uh.

Excuse me.

I think what my
brother is trying to say is

it means the world to us
that all of you are here today,

to our family.

Most of you don't know
me very well anymore.

I follow scripts for a living,

and I really wish I had
one right now.

But I don't.

It's really nice to
see all your faces.

Are you good?


Oh, thank you and god bless.

So, uh.

We're actually having some
people around the house

in a little bit if
you wanna come.

I actually have
to go unfortunately.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Well, don't be a stranger.

I won't.

All right, everyone,

let's get her up.

Pictures up and roll film.

♪ We can hide our
secrets from ourselves ♪

♪ We can try to pretend
to be someone else ♪

♪ All these places we've never
been become legendary dreams ♪

♪ All these faces
we've never seen ♪

♪ Have a cold control on me ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way
around this town ♪

♪ These horses
runnin' wild ran so fast ♪

♪ We can try to take these
memories and make 'em last ♪

♪ Send a message to the boys ♪

♪ That scream till
you lost your voice ♪

♪ Movin' through the past
like you never had a choice ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way
around this town ♪

♪ Listen to the girls, the one
who loves those streets ♪

♪ Channel through the world ♪

♪ Our darkness never leaves ♪

♪ A funeral, I'm your girl. ♪

♪ Clench your teeth
and stop and feel ♪

♪ All I want's a life so
simple and something else ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way around ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way around ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way around ♪

♪ I don't know the way down ♪

♪ I just know my way
around this town ♪