Rangasthalam (2018) - full transcript

The fear of his elder brother's death starts to haunt an innocent, hearing impaired guy after they both join forces to overthrow the unlawful 30 year long regime of their village's president.

This story is set in the 1980s






Sir... Nothing will happen to you, sir.

Nothing will happen to you, sir.
You'll be fine.

Sir, nothing will happen to you.



Is he going to be okay?

You go out.

He will survive, right?

Get out first.

Give me the torch.

Start CPR.

Come on. Do it, quick.

Get the adrenaline injection.


Black cobra,

with Lord Krishna's feet on its hood,
around three feet long,

has a scar from a mongoose bite
on its body.

It bit me four days ago.

Witch doctor Subbadu saved me.

I'm looking for it now.

I will not let it go, I will kill it.

This is its skin. If the skin is here,
it wouldn't have gone far.

It must be caught.

No idea why, but I keep finding something
whenever I search for this snake.

My name is Chitti Babu.
I am the engineer for this village.

Everyone looks at the sky when
their crops need water in any village.

But my villagers look for me.

Chitti Babu, when will you water my crops?

I told you, I will water them
the day after tomorrow, all right?

Impatient old man.

Why did you water
only half of my field, Chitti Babu?

Because you paid only half.

Hey, Chitti Babu, watch out.

What, rascal?
Why does everyone always yell?

Can't you speak softly
like a normal person?

If someone yells again, he's had it.

-Not that, man...
-I will hit you with the pipe.

Speak softly now.

Nothing much. They are cutting
the tree there, so walk carefully.

Yes, that's the right way to talk.

I should water your half-acre, right?
Okay, I will.

Not just yours, but I will water his,
his and everyone else's.

I won't leave anyone.

Hey, Chitti Babu! Hey, Chitti Babu, stop!

Why are you yelling?

I am the only one who can help you.

Would any fairy water your field?

Chitti Babu, move!

Oh, no! Hey!

Now you understand
why they were yelling so loudly?

Because I am hard of hearing
and one has to yell for me to hear.

This is my engine problem.

That's why everyone in the village
calls me engineer. No, no...

They call me the sound engineer.

But this deficiency is a boon to me.

Hey, Chitti Babu.

He wants me to clear his debt.

I hear him. But I pretend
as if I can't hear him.

That means I can hear some sounds
and can see some.

Deaf rascal.

He said something and I saw it.

Hey, Erra Babu.

Come back.


You said something as you were passing by.

I didn't say anything.

You said something. I saw your lips move.

Tell me what you said.

Oh, that?
I just asked, "Is the chutney fine?"

-No, you said something else.
-What did I say?

"Idiot." Say it.


No sound.


Not that, Erra Babu.
It should be a bit lengthier...

Oh, no.

"Dirty rascal."

"Dirty rascal."

Erra Babu, the lips didn't meet.

What would that be?

"Deaf rascal."

-Say it.
-He caught me.

-Say it.

Say, "deaf rascal."

Deaf rascal.

Deaf rascal. Yes, that's it.

I have a disciple
to tell me all that I miss.

What's the news?

Play the cassette.

We started with the engine
early in the morning.

We met Papayamma
while throwing the dung water.

She asked with love, "Hey, Chitti Babu,
will you eat the cheese?"

Why will she not ask?

I've given her a discount of 10 rupees
for the engine.

She should ask.

Then Aunt Rangamma shouted loud enough
for everyone to hear.

You might have heard that.

Only Aunt Rangamma
speaks loud enough for me to hear.

Even this engine is hers.

She has a loud voice and a soft heart.

She helps the needy.

Dear, you will have kids, too.

Yeah, sure. My husband's gonna return
from Dubai, and I'm gonna have kids.

Here's 20 rupees.

Hey, Aunt Rangamma.

If you don't return it...

-Hey, Aunt Rangamma.
-Hey... Wait.

...I'll ask in front of everyone
and embarrass you.

Look at what I found.

A nice watch. Take this
and give me 100 bucks.

Here. Take it.

How is it?
It will look great on Uncle, right?

It looks good on you.


I said it looks good on you.

Whatever. Okay.

Here, your 100.

-Keep it, dear.
-My darling.

I didn't mention our village name, did I?



The real story is just starting.

What, Narasamma, looks like
you have a bumper crop this year.

You must be on cloud nine.

Yeah, brother,
it's all my son's hard work.

He works hard day and night

in order to get his sister
married this year.

He is my nephew, after all.

-It's all about your marriage.
-Oh, go away.

This is an advance of 3,000 rupees.
I will make full payment on delivery.

-By when?
-I will pay, okay?

We hereby inform everyone that,

as Chikkam Narasamma did not repay
the loan taken from the Society,

the crops from this land
belong to the Society.

No one should reap the crop
or work in this field.

If anyone does so...

Why are you planting flags?
Your loan was repaid long back, right?

Oh, no, no. The public does not
have proper rationale.

Did you dream that your loan is repaid?

You repaid the compound interest,
but the principal is still pending.

What do we know
about all these calculations?

As you didn't ask,
we thought it's all cleared.

We have been paying all that
we earned in the past six years,

we don't understand
how it is still not repaid.

What can I do?
I am the Society President.

You shout if I collect money
and he shouts if I do not.

See how the officer is sitting in the jeep
like a swollen potato?

Hey, looks like you've paid the advance?

Have you reduced 10 rupees per bag
as you are paying in cash?

I'm paying 100 rupees per bag.

Pay the balance to the Society
and take the seed bags.

I'm planning
my daughter's marriage this year.

I cannot do it after this year.
Show me some mercy, sir.

There is no lack of men
in this village, right?

Give another chance to a widower like me.


Oh, no.


Namaste, sir.

It's all over. My son is dead.

He has left me and gone.

Why do you cry?

What do we do
when there is a tree full of fruits?

We look for the ripe fruit,
cut it and eat it.

Even God is like us,

he looks for the right guy
and takes him away.

Think of it this way.
His debt to God has been cleared.

Here, look into the funeral proceedings.



He is the president of our village.

He's been unanimously elected
for the past 30 years.

No one even nominates against him.

Here, it's a single party, a single flag.

He is the judge and his word is law.

Not just in front of him,

but none dare to walk with slippers
even in front of his house.

He is really crazy about the radio.

He is very religious.
He worships all year long.

Some believe
that he has special powers

and that something bad will happen
to anyone who opposes him.

It's election time again.

As always, he is the only nominee
for the president's post.

Hail, President, sir!

It is like a celebration in the village
when he files the nomination.

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

Play it such that it can't just be heard,
but it can be seen, too.

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

We all are toys and puppets
though we do not put any color or makeup

We all are toys and puppets

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

Who cannot stop once the game starts
We all are toys and puppets

We all are toys and puppets

We are the puppets
controlled by an invisible hand

We are the puppets
dancing to an unheard song

Ganga is the wife of Lord Shiva
and the air is the father of Hanuman

Either to breathe air or to wet the throat
they should show mercy

Flute is the instrument of Lord Krishna
Trident is the weapon of Goddess Kali

Either to sing a song
or to attack with a weapon

It happens only when they permit

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

We all are toys and puppets
though we do not put any color or makeup

We all are toys and puppets

It's Ravana having ten heads

And Lord Rama does not even have
a single bad thought

Rama and Ravana
played the game of Ramayana

And put us in between good and bad

The one who cannot
put aside morals is Dharmaraju

And the merciless is Yamadharmaraj

That attack is a must
not walking in his path

Saying so
they are directing our life like a play

Ranga, Ranga
in Rangasthalam

We all are toys and puppets
who cannot practice before playing

We all are toys and puppets

Chitti Babu, is your brother coming?

-Yes, he is coming after one year.
-Oh, is it?

Give that guava here.

If you're facing this side,
how will you know if the bus comes?

You won't be sitting here
when the bus comes, will you?

Won't you take your guavas and run off?

Guava, guava, guava, guava!

Guava, guava, guava, guava!

Hey, Chitti, how are you?

How is everyone at home?

Is Sister all right?

Chitti? Hey, Chitti.

What happened? Why are you not talking?

We had a fight before he left.

He yelled at me for wearing his shirt.

Since then,
we haven't spoken to each other.

Hey, Chitti, I am talking to you.

How is everyone at home?

Hey. I am talking to you.

Are you still angry?

Hey, sorry, man.

It's been so long since he came
and he still hasn't apologized.

He is full of ego.

Hey, sorry, man.

I said sorry, right? Talk now.

What? I didn't understand.

I didn't understand what you said either.

I don't know when he will ever understand.

Hey, Chitti. Chitti! Sorry, man!

Finally, he said it.

-Are you fine, brother?
-I'm fine.

What did you bring for me from Dubai?



As Rongali Chandramma did not repay
the loan taken, her house has been seized.

I'll fall to your feet, sir,
please don't blame my daughter-in-law.

Then agree that your son has come,

and I will agree
that your daughter-in-law is blameless.

Come on, agree.

Get your hands off her.

Hey, Kumar, when did you come from Dubai?

Just now. What happened?

Nothing much.

It has been three years since her son,
meaning her husband, left for Koita

and she has a year-old kid in her lap.

She says her daughter-in-law is blameless.

I don't understand how the kid was born.

Don't speak ill of her.
I know her son had come last year.

Yes, Chinababu,

he came here, enjoyed good food,
and left without repaying his debt.

Who will repay the debt now?

Hey, push them out and lock the house.

Wait. Wait. How much should they pay?

Our Society is very kind, if you pay
the interest for now, we shall leave.

Pay 1,000 rupees.

Give it to him, Chitti.
Come on, just give it.

There may be people without food
in the village, but none without a debt.

-Hey, Chinababu.

-Get the vehicle.
-Go inside.

Brother's arrived.

-Did your trip go well?
-Yes, it did.

Hey, be right there.

How are you, Mom?

Aunt, put some extra red chili,
I think my evil sight may hit him.

Not one or two chilis,
but a sack of chilis is required, go.

That's enough.

Dad, have you seen the eye doctor?

Yes, I did, son.

He asked me to stop stitching at nights.
How is that possible?

Wash your feet.

Brother. When did you come?

Just now, dear.

-Are you studying well?
-Yes. What did you get?

For you?

Brother, that Jyothi
bought a cycle long back.

I want one.

Enough, idiot, don't pester him.

Why is everyone shouting, Mom?

It has become a habit.
Always yelling so that he can hear.

Nothing, I am saying
you are running this whole family.

Yes, I am dying here, doing both
the engine work and the household work.

Hey, what did you get for me?

Chitti, I forgot.
I will bring it the next time I come.

Here, eat this.

Go to Venkatsamy and get cheese milk
for your brother.

No, I will not bring it.

Feed him cheese, sweet rice and all.

-He isn't thin, he looks like a pig.
-Go, get it, son.

I have to get everything for him,
but he didn't get anything for me.


See this.

-Whose are these goggles?
-It's yours.

What, brother,
you never forget what I tell you.

You just watch,
all of Rangasthalam will...

Why is it so dark?

-Hey, brother.

Is it necessary to go out at this time?

It's been long since I met Padma.
She'll be looking forward to seeing me.

Will you hug her once you see her?

She is your to-be sister-in-law.
God will strike you with blindness.

That's why I have goggles to protect me.

-Anyway, I can't see what you do.
-What did you say?

-Hey, you...
-Hey, stop, bro.

Hey, Chitti.

Hey, Chitti, stop.

-Kumar, come here.

When did you come?

Just today.

How are you, Padma?

I'm fine.

I brought this for you.

Oh, you remembered to bring a gift
for your girlfriend.

Oh, no, I can't see.

You have been listening to the songs
from the movie Chitraseema...

Oh, no, it's time for my warden to come.

I will leave then.

Will you come next Saturday?

I will surely come, Padma.

See you.

Why is she crying?

-That's what love is.
-It makes you cry?

Hello, President, sir.

-Bring tea for BDO sir.
-Okay, sir.

BDO sir, what is the matter?

I brought the papers
for those 40 houses as you said, sir.

I even got the bullock cart on subsidy
for your ward member, Rangaswamy.

What about the road to our fields?

I got the concrete road to our fields
sanctioned, sir.

Here you go, sir.

Send word for Nagaraju, that contractor.

Okay, sir.

Loans have been sanctioned
even to these cattle farmers.

They are signing the papers.

Here. Put it here.

If you give these DDs to them
with your hands...

The tea will get cold, drink it.

Sir, these DDs...

The president knows what the public needs.

Convert those DDs to cash
and give it to the clerk.


Yes, we understood.

Here, take your bribe and leave now.


Sir, who will wash the glass?

You may be the government's adopted son,

but not for Rangasthalam.

What is this? Am I a beggar?

I am an officer.

Will this not change?

What's happening here?

All your bonds, loans
and subsidies disappear.

Who can we ask?

One president for 30 years.

Only a change in power will help.

Damn you! Hey, open your eyes
at least now.

One of you must compete
in these elections.

What will he do?

Will he kill you? That's it?
To hell with these dirty lives.

You people won't change.

What's wrong with him?

Tailor Koteswar Rao's son, sir.
Looks like he's brought something for you.

Hello, sir.

Hey, stop your nonsense
and kill that snake first.

It is eating up my chicks.

Move. What are you guys looking at?

A snake.

You shouldn't look at it for so long,
just kill it.

Kill it, then.

I don't kill on Thursdays, you kill it.

I recently gave an offering of milk.
I will not kill it. You kill it.

My sister is pregnant.
I can't kill it. It's a sin.

You kill it.

Okay, I get it. Chitti Babu!

-Chitti Babu, your snake is here.

Is it roaming in the village, too,
these days?

Where did you go?

Dirty rascal, don't you have any sense?

You're peeping when a girl's bathing!
Don't you have any shame?

You came into my bathroom,
you dirty idiot.

Wow, how beautiful!

Why are you staring with your mouth open,
dirty idiot?

You should go blind.

You will fry in hell,
you will not be forgiven.

Why are you staring?
I will pluck your eyes out.

You... Bloody idiot.

Have your cholesterol levels gone up?
Have you gone deaf, rascal?

To hell with you, idiot, what work
do you have in the ladies' bathroom?

Get the hell out of here now!

You are so beautiful like a treasure

Found you while you were digging the mud
for peanuts

You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You look like the moon that I saw
while cutting tamarind leaves

You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are so beautiful
like the marigold in between the jasmines

You are beautiful like the yellow thread
around the neck of a married woman

You are so beautiful
like the moonlight on a star-studded sari

You are so beautiful like a treasure

Found while actually digging the mud
for peanuts

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You look like the moon that I saw
while cutting tamarind leaves

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are a two-legged raindrop
who jumped into the river of heart

You are so beautiful
opening up the bags of tides

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are the lightning with no clouds
and walked on the Earth

You made me as the sky
You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are so beautiful
while eating the sugarcane piece

You showed the sweetness to the sugarcane
How beautiful

Like the smile of a mother
finding her crying, missing child

You are so beautiful, Lachimi
You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful
like the folklore in the palanquin of air

And Telugu words in folklore

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

Hey, Chitti. Feed the calves.

Oh, my God. Son, come here.

He can't hear anything.

Hey, Chitti.

He used to hear my voice.
Now, nothing.

My eardrums will explode!

Why is he honking?

Chitti, you can hear now, right?

How is it that I can hear
when you talk softly?

Hearing aid, bro.
The doctor has given you a hearing aid.

You bloody...

Only a few knew I'm deaf.

Now everyone will know.

You put it on.

-Go away!
-Hey, Chitti.

Hey, Chitti. Wait.

You are so beautiful, when you are walking
on the bund with the pot over the waist

And it looks like you've tied
the sea around your waist

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are so beautiful when you walk
with the bundle of sticks on the head

And it appears like you are carrying
the forest on your head

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You are so beautiful
when planting rice in the muddy fields

You are so beautiful
like giving life to the doll of Earth

You are so beautiful like a treasure

Found while actually digging the mud
for peanuts

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

You look like the moon that I saw
while cutting tamarind leaves

You are so beautiful, Lachimi

What a beauty.

The girl is as beautiful
as you were when you were in your teens.

When did you see me in my teens?

Everyone would flock at my house, really.

Your uncle used to feel jealous.

I said,
your uncle used to feel jealous.

You too will feel jealous
seeing that girl.

What a scolding!

When she was scolding me, her words
dashed like bullets into my ears.

Still, we must agree.
She is a great beauty.

-Hey, Aunt...
-Look, are you Chitti Babu?

Are you Chitti Babu?

Let go. I have a husband who is in Dubai.

It's not that.

This is the girl I was talking about.
Now she is here, yelling at me.

She is not yelling at you, you idiot.
She's asking if you're Chitti Babu.

Is she?

Now watch this.

There are four Chitti Babus
in the village.

Rongali Chitti Babu, Sana Chitti Babu,
Engineer Chitti Babu and Deaf Chitti Babu.

Remember Engineer Chitti Babu,

which is me and I answer only when
addressed as Engineer.

I also studied till sixth grade.

You have to water our fields.
Are you free the day after tomorrow?


I'm busy tomorrow,
I can consider the day after.

Aunt, we should water
Venkat Rao's fields tomorrow.

Aunt, let me talk about myself.

You idiot, that girl asked
about the day after only.

I understood watering the fields
and the rest...

Watch how I cover it up.

You were right. Tomorrow isn't possible,
but day after tomorrow is good.

How much would that cost?
Is it per hour or per acre?

-Again... Aunt, what is she saying?
-Hey, stop.

What is this romance, closing the door
every time? What is happening here?

Listen, girl, you'll find there is
a lot of secrecy in business.

You're that drunkard's daughter?

It's not 30 acres, just three acres.

He'll start in the morning
and complete it by evening.

-What do you say?

I see.

Let us see how good he is
after starting the engine.

-Tell me how much it costs.

Engine is mine and oil is yours.

Fifty rupees an hour
and 20 rupees extra for a day.

Lunch at noon
and a bundle of bidis in between it all.

-We will work for this.

Here's an advance, 50 rupees.



Hey, what time shall I come
on the day after tomorrow?

-Hey, Mahesh.
-Yes, boss?

She's coming.

What if she talks and I can't hear?

Yes, correct.

Do one thing, you pray
and I'll take care of this.

Can I trust you?

I promise on the snake that bit you.

Hey, talk softly.

Hello, Rama Lakshmi madam.

Come on, put it into this.

Is there any old oil in the engine?

-This is three liters.
-He cannot hear.

I mean, he'll listen to you
after his prayers.

-Hey, Mahesh.

She is so hot, right?

You should know that,
you have already seen her once.

She is coming.

You messed up unnecessarily.

She is coming now. What will you say?

We'll know his greatness now.



What are you looking at?

What is that look?

Look, I cannot hear
with the sound of the engine.

Talk louder.

Boss, you are managing well.

What you say that day wasn't enough?

That's in the past. Today is a new day.

Don't we eat three times a day?

Yes, hunger is something you can't escape.

I see.

You'd think that.
You're just his loyal little dog.

What? I cannot hear.

Are you not ashamed to talk like that?

What is your caste?

The engine has no caste and religion.

It waters any field.

This will never dry.

Aunt Rangamma said that your dad
will be my father-in-law.

Considering that, what does that make you?

Firstly, what is the relation
between you both?

Engine sound.
Talk louder, I cannot hear.



Why did you stop it?

-He is finished.
-Hey, Mahesh.

What's your problem?

What were you and your aunt
talking about then?

What were you talking about?

About you seeing me the other day?

-Hey, Chitti Babu!
-Aunt Rangamma!

Leave the engine,
collect money from Venkat.

If you don't catch him now,
he'll slip through our fingers.

Yes, I am coming.

Do you think this is my only work?
I have a lot of other work.

Let me get a chance,

I will see your end.

Can't help but look at you. Cover up.

You rascal.



How is my new shirt?

It is amazing!
You look like a movie star!

-Chitti Babu, money.
-He will pay in the morning.

-Sir, Rama Lakshmi.
-Yeah, I saw her.

She's so beautiful. I'll go talk to her.

You are unnecessarily messing it up.

You cannot hear her if she speaks.

She has to pay the money for the engine.

I will ask her for the money,
she will say,

"Okay, here is the money." And, finished.

You are finished.

Rama Lakshmi, my engine payment.

What, you think I would run away
without paying you?

I've been waiting to pay you
for three days.

How much is it in total?

You were late by an hour in the morning,
slept for an hour after lunch,

went on Rangamma's work for an hour.

Are you enjoying yourself?

Wasted an hour as the engine heated up.

Minus these hours,
and advance,

what's the total?

She talks too much.

What do you know? I should figure it out
since I studied till the sixth grade.

It comes to 80 rupees in total.

Here, take 100 rupees
and give me 20 rupees back.

I said return 20 rupees.
Why are you pinching me?

So, that's the calculation.

I should take 100 rupees
and give 20 rupees back, right?

I don't have change. Take it tomorrow.

Hey, Chitti Babu. Chitti Babu.

What will I buy if you take all of it?

I have no money,
at least buy bangles for me.

I asked for bangles,
why are you pinching me?

Bangles, right? I will buy them. Come on.

Mud, plastic and Singapore bangles.

Hello, show bangles for my woman.

These will look good on you.

How much?

-Ten rupees for a dozen.
-That's it?

-Hey, what's up?
-You bloody idiot.

Those Singapore bangles cost more.
They are 40 rupees per dozen.

Hey, I will buy these.


These are enough.

He is flirting with Rama Lakshmi.

Sound's great.

-Let us mess it up.
-If you say so.

-Let's go.
-These look good. Take them.

Look, take 40 rupees
and give 60 rupees back.

I'll never hesitate to spend for her.

What, Chitti Babu, new shirt?

Yes, it is.

My brother brought it from Dubai.

Is it good?

What do you mean, "Is it good?"
This chick is so hot.

You must be loving it.

-Right, bro?
-That's right. Looking good.

Yes, man, Singapore bangles, 40 rupees.

Rama Lakshmi, bangles are great.

If she falls for bangles,
she would hook up for anklets.

-Shirt is great, Chitti Babu.

What happened?

Rama Lakshmi. Hey, Rama Lakshmi.

What happened to her?

What's wrong, sir?

Why did Rama Lakshmi leave in anger?

I think Kasi's brothers
passed lewd comments.

Is it, boss?

It's okay if they did not.

I would be a fool if they said something.

What to do now, sir?

Whether they said something or not,
I'll beat them up.

That would be best.

Will you eat snacks?

Tell me, what did you say
about my Rama Lakshmi?

Chitti Babu, sorry. It was a mistake.

That means you said something bad.

Speak out, rascals.

You spoke bad.

Hey, Chitti Babu,
why are you hitting my brothers?

They teased Rama Lakshmi.

-Hey, stop.

Stop it! What happened?

Brother, they said something bad
about Rama Lakshmi.

Hey. Stop.

What did they say?
Tell us, what did you say, guys?

Look, if my brothers said something bad,
I will beat them myself.

If not, will you beat your brother?

Chitti, what did they say?

Say, man, what are you thinking?

What happened?

These guys... Rama Lakshmi...

Rama Lakshmi... That is...

They said something about my Rama Lakshmi.

What can he say? Nothing.

Hey, Kasi.

Because he cannot hear.

I'll kill the rascal.

You manhandle
my brother in front of me, idiot?

Hey. Stop, Chitti.

Hey, Kasi, listen to me.

Hey, Chitti Babu.

Chitti Babu.


My crop just sprouted.

I am very happy and want to talk to you.

Yes, I am taking this food to the field.

No, you hit that fellow
yesterday at the fair...

I was really impressed.

It felt as if you hit them for me.

Why did you hit them?

You got so angry when I was teased, right?

No, see the anger is still the same.

Swamiraju's fields?

Look, I am talking to the lady here.
Can you not see? Go on.

-Hey, wait, I am coming.
-Hey, stop.

What were you saying?

So, they are looking
for a groom for me at home.

Do you have any intention to marry me?

If you do, I will talk to my dad tonight.

Oh, God, why the hell is she...

What happened?

My dad's going to look for matches
tomorrow morning.

Look there, I have so much work.

You go give this food at our field.


Right, right.

Hold on. Hold on.

What is this?

This is not Swamiraju's field.
Why did you bring me here?

-Don't you know where it is?
-Hey, come here.

Rama Lakshmi spoke something
in front of them. Find out.

-Hello, clerk, sir.

A girl just spoke to Chitti Babu, right?
What did she say?

Oh, that? She asked
whether he would marry her.

She asked to tell her by tonight.

-What is it?
-Chitti Babu,

Rama Lakshmi wants to marry you.


Did you hear it right?

Yes, Chitti Babu, it seems Rama Lakshmi
asked whether you will marry her

and asked you to finalize it by tonight.

Now, tell them what they want to know.

So, what do you want?

Do not make a sound.

Be right there.

Why did Rama Lakshmi throw down
so many things? She is very lazy.

Rama Lakshmi?

Rama Lakshmi.

Do not make a sound.

He's sleeping here?

Let's leave.

She's here?
Why did she sleep after calling me?

Hey, Rama Lakshmi, come out.
Come fast.

Why are you here?

Rama Lakshmi, you like me?

I like you too. A lot. Yes.

I mean, there were people from the Society
around then and I could not say anything.

These feelings were not born just now.

I saw you the first time
when you were bathing.

I liked you very much right then, Lakshmi.

Ask your dad to stop looking for matches.
You and me...

-Chitti Babu, my dad is behind...
-No need to say anything else.

Let's kiss. Come on.

What the heck? I came so quietly.
How did they all wake up?

Uncle, do you people wake up
before the cock crows?

Since you're up anyway...

Uncle, I like your daughter very much.

It's not just me.
Lakshmi likes me a lot too.

Hey, Lakshmi, tell them.
Lakshmi, tell them. Tell them.

Tell them that we are in love.

Hey, rascal,
what work do you have in my house?

You want my daughter, idiot?
Go, get out.

Get out, idiot.

Your parents led you astray.

-What happened?

Why would someone enter the house
at midnight?

They either come for a chicken or a girl.

And there are no chickens in this house.

He has definitely come
to harm Rama Lakshmi.

Come on, let's beat him up.

-I'm loud now.
-Move, give way.

What are you blabbering, rascal?

They are in love, he wanted to talk.
What's wrong?

Why are you all acting
as if the world is going to end?

You come.

As your husband is not in town,

it may be okay for you
with men coming and going.


Why are you all here? Go back to bed.

Always poking your noses.

What have you done, my baby?

Careful, you'll fall!

Take care, I said you will fall.

Get down.

Aunt, I'm really sad.

Yes, nephew, once you've fallen in love,
things will never be the same again.

She hit me so hard.

Even my brother never hit me.
That short rascal hit me.

Maybe she didn't hit you. Maybe
she just felt like touching you hard.

Hey, definitely not.

Like how I switch on the motor
in everyone's fields,

she's turned on the motor in my eyes.

Look how the tears are streaming down.

No, do not look at me like that.
My husband is in Dubai.

I will never let her go.
Remember this, Aunt.

I will kill her, chop her, put chilis,
and squeeze her.

Wake me in the morning.

What are you doing?

What is this?

No problem, Aunt,
Uncle is in Dubai, right?

It's been only 10 days,
and I'm getting so stressed.

How are you living without Uncle
for so many days?

My life is like that.
Passing by in waiting.

Apparently this is love too,
your uncle used to say.

What is that? Give it here.

Uncle looks great.

Isn't he handsome? Just like Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi, right? I heard this.

Why will it not be heard?

What is the issue between you and Uncle?

What? Have I turned on
the motor in your eyes?


Why did you drink like that, Aunt?

-Drink the rest.
-Okay, okay.

Nothing more is left, Aunt.
You drank it all.

To hell with you.

This is to inform all that,
as Matta Somaraju has not repaid the loan

taken from the Society,
his land is being seized.

What, Uncle, are you okay?

What is left? It's over. It is all over.

The Society people took everything.

They used to just take the crop,
but now they've taken the land as well.

They have taken everything.

Nothing else is left
but to drown myself in the Godavari.

I will rest in her lap.
I will jump in and end my life.

Very good.

Good, carry on, then. Go on!

Thank God, I'm saved. Uncle!

My engine money, then?

I just have 10 rupees.

Only 10?

Okay, let us look into that later.

God gave you a great boon.

You cannot listen to the pain of anybody.
You are lucky.

Aunt Rangamma, Suribabu, Konda Aunt!

Come on!
Somaraju Uncle jumped into the Godavari!

Aunt Rangamma,
Uncle jumped into the Godavari!

Looks like he swallowed water. Uncle.

-He jumped.

Brother, look.

Uncle. Move aside, let him get some air.


Water's out.

Uncle is alive.

Uncle. Careful.

You used to advise everyone.

This is not right.

The Society took away his land,
what can he do?

Will they kill everyone?

Will the Society not let us live?

Uncle, be brave, let us go and ask.

What if I had not seen you?

Yes, Chitti Babu,
you cannot hear at all, right?

How did you know
that I had jumped in?

He is asking how you knew
that he jumped.

Maybe I didn't hear
what you said, Uncle,

but I saw the tears in your eyes.

I got a feeling and looked back,
you jumped.

I rushed to save you.

I should go water Raju sir's fields.

-Careful, Chitti.
-You take care, Uncle.

Our Chitti Babu may be deaf,
but he has a good heart. He is a good guy.

Chitti Babu. Hey, Chitti Babu.


You could see the pain Somaraju's eyes,
but not the love in mine?

I like you.

I'll marry you. I'll ask Dad
not to look for any matches.

Why are you whispering?

Now you know I am deaf.

I struggled all this while to manage,
talk louder.

Love is like that only.
this is how it is expressed. Softly.

I can't yell just because you can't hear.

Why are you just moving your lips, idiot?
Talk slowly.

-I like you. I will talk like this.

Talk slowly, without a sound.

I actually...

You idiot...

Like you...

You are useless.

I will talk like this.

Who would marry you?

How could you say that?

You are as tiny as a pot
and you reject me?

I will not marry you.
Marry your dad's choice.


Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?

He is beside you
but he does not care for you

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?

He is beside you
but he does not care for you

When a grasshopper comes
and pinches my nail

When a grasshopper comes
and pinches my nail

When the ant stings
and my lips become numb

He doesn't even waft on them
Even for words' sake he doesn't console me

He doesn't even waft on them
Even for words' sake he doesn't console me

When I am lost in these weird words

I apparently bit a chili
and am feeling the spice of it

He doesn't look
and give me at least water to drink

And feeling the hotness of it
he doesn't look

And give me at least water to drink

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?
He is beside you, but never cares for you

Hey, parrot trying to eat the fruit

Pulp of the fruit falls on my new saree

Parrot trying to eat bare fruit
Pulp of the fruit falls on my new saree

He doesn't see the stains they cause
And he doesn't get me another saree

He doesn't see the stains they cause
And he doesn't get me another saree

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?
He is beside you, but never cares for you

I tied all my beauty in a bundle
and I go to the field

Those honeybees come and sting me
Over here and there and everywhere

I tied all my beauty in a bundle
and I go to the field

Those honeybees come
And sting me everywhere

He doesn't come to my rescue
And he doesn't shoo them away

He doesn't respond or move
Such a stubborn man

He doesn't come to my rescue
And he doesn't shoo them away

He doesn't respond or move
Such a stubborn man

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Hey, Rangamma, Mangamma

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?
He is beside you, but never cares for you

Rangamma, Mangamma, what a guy he is?
He is beside you, but never cares for you

Kumar Babu...

-How much did you take, Uncle?
-Four thousand rupees.

How much did you pay?

I have been paying
for the last nine crop cycles.

How much per crop?

No idea, dear.

Do you have the receipts?

What receipts?

Do you think I am mad?

I studied till sixth grade
and know accounts.

How can you seize my crop?

-Why are you screaming?
-Not that...

As per my calculations,
my debt has been cleared.

My mom sold bangles before dying
and cleared the last amount.

They say it's not cleared.

-I have receipts also.
-You have the receipts?

We are in the middle of something.
I don't like you helping her.

Just move away!

-I will kill you!
-Get that board!

How much did you take?

Ten thousand rupees.


Have they seized it all?

You deserve it.

Did you stop eating
because your son died?

Looks like you are having trouble
repaying your debt. Stop crying.

You paid an extra 2,000 rupees.

Let's go and ask.

Wipe your eyes and go,
else Sheshu Naidu will get a bad name.

She is crying too much.

Hey, Kumar, what brings you here?

Mr. Secretary,

accounts show that her debt is cleared.

But the Society people have seized
her crop today.

Have a look.

Someone steps into Rangasthalam
to question us.

You are leaving to Dubai.
Don't get involved.

How can you stay silent
when the accounts are wrong?

He wants to show off
before women.

Talk nicely or you'll lose your badge.

I am not threatened.

Acting like a bank office on inspection,

look properly and see how much is owed.

The amount was 10, why is it 20 here?

-How much did you take?
-Only 10,000.

If your dad borrowed the money,
how would you know?

I was with him.
And I was the one who counted it.

-Let me see that.

Stop. Stop harassing us!

-Give it here.
-Don't take Society books.

-It's wrong!

How dare you hit a Society member?

This is insulting the president!

Let's meet in the village assembly!

-Call the police!
-We shall go to the president!

You guys are taking advantage
knowing the president is not in town?

Kumar Babu, do you understand
the consequences of this?

-I will teach you a lesson.
-What are you saying to my brother?

-Why are you raising your voice?
-Chitti, quiet.

-Get up.
-Ask him to talk properly.

Every idiot comes into the house.

Rangasthalam has lost systematic decency.

Why did you guys stop?

Don't show your power to us,
show it to them.

Your manliness will be known then.

Was that not enough?

Chitti, stay calm! Be quiet!

Promise me that you won't fight.

Get him out of here.

Your promises are killing me!

You come.

He is Lord Sri Rama
and this fellow is the deaf Lakshmana.

Rangasthala Ramayan is great, guys!

The President.

Hello, sir.

What is it, Koteswar Rao?


Is this how you raised them?

It's not that, sir.

-Wait, son.
-Can't you control your sons?

My elder son is not like that.

As Pallalu's daughter
asked for help...

Yes, sir.

Rama Lakshmi took 10,000 rupees
and they wrote 20,000 rupees.

Because of the Society,
everyone's struggling.

Unable to repay the debt, Narasimha's son,
Erra Srinu, committed suicide.

Just recently...

Come here, Somaraju.

Somaraju jumped into the Godavari.

My brother saved him.

-What is my brother saying?
-He is saying great things about you.

So what are you saying?

Are you implying that the Society
is fudging the accounts,

and that Rama Lakshmi's family
has been cheated?

Yes, sir.

-Hey, Secretary...

How much has Pallalu taken?

He took 20,000 rupees
as per the accounts, sir.

-Hey, Pallalu.

-How much have you taken?
-Sir, that is...

We took 10,000 rupees, sir,
I was right there.

Hey, you are a girl!
What do you know about accounts?

No, sir, I studied till sixth grade.

Oh, boy.

I am laughing now,
but explain what happened later.

Hey, Pallalu!

Sheshu Naidu is talking, listen.

-Hey, you.
-I'm listening.

The president is asking you.
How much did you take, 10 or 20 thousand?

Speak clearly, you drunk rascal!

I took 20,000 rupees, sir.

I took 20,000 rupees.

Pallalu, you go.

Why are you lying?

I've been quiet
because you were motherless,

but you've embarrassed me here.

Come home.

Why is she leaving?


The issue has been sorted, right?

As Kumar hit the Society clerk,

so that no one accuses the Society again,

please declare the penalty, sir.

What's going on?

Penalty is 20,000 rupees.

Koteswara Rao, pay the money
at the Panchayat within two days.

Sir, please...

How can I bring so much money
in such a short time?

Do one thing. You have two acres
land, right? Sell that and pay.

Here, our Raju sir is also ready to buy.

-What do you think?

I will go and bring 10,000 rupees
as advance right away.

How can we sell that land, sir?

My mother worked hard selling milk
and bought that land.

Was it hard-earned?

Then why do the villagers say
that the president's father

has written it to your mother's name?

What nonsense!

That is supposed to be true.

-Let go.

What's wrong, Dad?

Nothing, they are just asking us
to pay a fine.

Why should we pay? We won't pay!


I will bring the papers
tomorrow morning, sir.

Okay, go now.

No matter what you do,
we are not going to pay!

The show's over. Go home, idiots.

We are still unsettled,
he wants to save the village.

Mom, you should've listened to Dad today.

When Sheshu Naidu asked to pay the fine,
he said he won't pay.

-What do you say, brother?

You also spoke well.

We don't need all these troubles, son.

It's fine if we just lost land.
But we lost our prestige.

What did you cook?
Fish curry? Give it here.

I will eat some more.

Is Dad not hungry?

Hey, give me that curry.

Otherwise, it'll get wasted.

What is the news today, Mahesh?
Run the tape.

Nothing much today, sir.

I met Milk Satyam in the morning.

His granddaughter matured,
he's invited us for lunch tomorrow.

Not that, tell me what happened
at the Panchayat today.

At the Panchayat?
You know what happened.

Not that, everyone laughed
at Rama Lakshmi.

Tell me why they laughed.

Oh, that?

When the president said,
"How would a girl know accounts?"

Rama Lakshmi said that she studied up to
sixth grade and everyone laughed loudly.

Did everyone laugh?

They should laugh. She is egoistic just
because she studied a bit more than us.

Good for her.

And after that you know it.

Pallalu changed his word
and they asked your brother to pay a fine.

We denied it.

-See you, sir.
-Hey, Mahesh, sit down.

Sheshu Naidu said something
while coming down the steps.

What did he say?

He said,
"Sell your land and pay the fine."

And so, my brother
asked him to talk with respect?

It's your granny's hard-earned land.
We're sentimental about it.

Anyone would get angry.

True, we should be angry.

My brother's senses are working properly.

What, Chitti Babu,

your dad comes daily for paan,
why didn't he come today?

What do I know?

He might not be hungry.
He didn't even eat at home.

Anyone would lose their appetite
because of what Sheshu Naidu said.

When we felt bad listening to the words,

imagine how your father must've felt.

My God, he spoke such filth
and that was very wrong.

It is time for my TV show.
I will leave now.

What did Sheshu Naidu say?

I told you that, didn't I?

What did he say?

He said to sell your grandma's land
and pay the fine.

Think harder. Tell me what you remember.

That's all I remember. See you later.

Tell me what Sheshu Naidu said?

My mother is alone and I have to leave!

I will kill you, rascal,

tell me what Sheshu Naidu
said to my father!

Your father disagreed
to sell your granny's hard-earned land,

and that filthy rascal said,

"Is it the hard-earned
sale of milk and cow dung?

"The president's father gave that
to your mother

"in return for sexual favors."

Your dad felt like he died, sir.

I felt horrible about
what he said to your father.

What he said to your father was not right.

Hey, where are you going, Erra Babu?

It seems Rattalu's husband is not home
and she said she can't sleep alone,

I wanted to help her sleep.

His work is better than mine.

-Who's it?
-What did you say about my grandma?

-Tell me!

Hey, Erra Babu, catch that fellow!

-Tell me!

How dare you hit me?

How dare you say those things
about my grandma, rascal?

Tell me!

Get a hold of him and beat him up!

I will not let you get away with it.

I will not let you get away with it.

Hey, Chitti Babu!

What did you say about my grandma?
What did you say?

If I'd heard it then,
I'd have killed you right there.

Kill him!

Do you think you'll live after hitting me?
Kill that idiot!

What are you saying?

You insulted my grandma?
I will kill you!

-Grab him!
-I'll see who stops me today!

Kill that rascal.

Where will you go?

Hey, Chitti Babu!

Hey, Chitti, let him go!

Leave him.

Hey, Chitti, put it down!

He spoke ill of my grandma.
I'll kill him!

Let me go!

How dare he talk about my grandma
like that? I will kill this rascal!

You unnecessarily hit
the president's men, Chitti Babu.

We don't need these quarrels.

All this is due to Rama Lakshmi.

It's all because my brother
tried to help her.

No matter how much I drink,
I can't control my anger towards her.

Love is like that, Chitti Babu,

it oozes out like toddy
as we keep scratching.

-She's here.
-Hey, Chitti Babu.

-Come here!

Keep one pail of toddy for me,
I will come back soon.


Why are you not talking to her?

What can she do
about the deeds of her dad?

You rascal, how dare you hit a girl?

Don't worry!

You think she is just another girl?
She embarrassed my brother.

She made him look like an idiot
at the Panchayat.

She is not that innocent.
She's used to this.

It is her habit to embarrass people
in front of everyone.

What did you do when
I came to your house that night?

What did you do?
Did you not slap me?

Yes, she hits. Her nature is such.

Her dad, her dog, her chicken and everyone
at her house has that same brain.

I don't know what I'll do
if you don't take her away.

It's not like that!

She likes you very much.
She has come to say that.

-You tell him.

-You tell him.

You wait... You tell me...

Tell me.

-Tell me.
-Chitti Babu, I like you very much.

-I like you.
-Cant hear, louder.

Come closer, come on.

-This is how I talk!

See how she yelled this.

She speaks loudly to make me
look like an idiot,

but not about her love for me.

Her dirty face, her dirty love,
her dirty accent.

She has a bad attitude.
Don't back her up. Go!

Hey, are you Chitti Babu?

The SI has summoned you
for hitting Sheshu.

Come on/

-Hey, Chitti Babu!
-Her dad would've called the police.

She might be short,
but she has great evil ideas.

Do not believe her, Aunt.

Don't cry.
Love is such that it makes you cry.

You be careful.
Aunt Rangamma, take care of her.

-Don't cry, I feel like crying too.
-Get in, rascal.

Lakshmi, don't worry, I'll be back.

How dare you hit the police constable?

How arrogant are you?

I heard about you!

I heard about the ruckus
you caused at the village festival.

Hitting the president's man... I heard.
You are in my station now!

I will beat the arrogance out of you.

Apologize to the constable.

Say sorry.


-Say sorry.
-Sir, do not hit him!

-He's my brother.
-Say sorry.

Sir, he can't hear.

Sir, he is my brother.
He has a hearing problem.

He can only hear if you are loud.

Are you deaf? Can't you hear?

Who told you that? I can hear very well.
I can hear everyone clearly.

Both you brothers are trying to make
a fool of me? Say sorry, you rascal!

-Say sorry!
-Sir, don't hit him!

-Please, sir, do not hit him!
-Throw him inside!

Do not even give him water.
He will learn if he starves for two days.

Sir, listen to me.
He will not listen, he is a stubborn guy.

Hey, Chitti...

Stop it. Our SI is crazy.
He will put you inside too.


Look, do one thing.

Your president knows our SI really well.

If he says a word,
your job is done.


Make him call up by the evening.
It's a two-day holiday for the court.

-Kittaiah, have you tied the calf?
-Excuse me.

-Hello, is the president there?
-He is sleeping.

-Is this the tobacco from Lanka?
-I need to see the president.

Hello, sir.
The police have taken away my brother.

They are beating him up.

If you say a word, that SI...

Sir, please put in a word.

If you say one word,
that SI will let him go.

Have the buttermilk.

That's not it, sir.
They are beating him up real bad.

Have it.


It was wrong to hit Sheshu Naidu,
I am apologizing.

This will not be repeated.

The SI will let him go,
if you say one word, sir.

"A word for humans,
a whip for animals," goes the saying.

Animals listen when hit
and humans listen when spoken to.

Poor fellow, your brother cannot hear
even when spoken to.

Maybe he'll get some
enlightenment after this.

Let them hit him,
let him enjoy two days there.

My brother cannot bear hunger, sir,
please say a word.

Hey, you know what my name is?

-Hey, Umbrella?

-What is my name?
-President, sir.


What is my name?

President, sir.

Not just these guys, but no one
in this village knows my name.

-Who is that?
-Ammiraju, sir.

Have you seen that flag?

Be in the line...

You know why one single flag
is flying in this village?

That is not the greatness of a party,
but the value my word has.

You asked me to put forward a word, right?

To say that, my word should have value.

Whatever happens in this village,
it should happen after informing me.

If that does not happen,
then it will be like this only.

I understood, sir.

This will not be repeated, sir.

I fear that they may kill him.
Please just put in a word, sir.

What, are you deaf too?

Leave that to me. Anything else?

Clean the glass.

Hey, your brother has come.
Get up.

Get up idiot, your brother got you bail.

Chitti, careful.

Hey, keep it there.

Serve it quick... I am very hungry.

Open it.

Why such a delay to get the bail?
I was dying of hunger.

Who gives bail when
you opposed the president?

Hey, give some water quickly.

They hit me badly, brother, here...

Remember that SI
and we shall bash him up later.


-Your brother says okay, sir.

And that constable fellow too.
We will hit him badly.

I will remind you...
You eat, sir.

He hit me very hard.


Chitti, careful.

Why are we here?

-Hey, brother.
-Hello, sir.

What are you doing?

You wait.

I need a nomination application
for the post of president.

What is your name?

Chelluboina Kumar Babu.

-Name of your father?
-Koteswara Rao.

Which village?


What happened to him?


Are you from Rangasthalam?

Yes, sir.

Are you filing a nomination
for the president post?

-Yes, sir.

I've been waiting for this moment
for years.

Come on, sign.

His game is up.

Stop looking at the ground,
President, sir.

Look up for once,
a new flag has come to Rangasthalam.

Villagers are bored of the
same flag and the same president.

They want a change now.

So, I filed a nomination for president
in the elections this time.

We came to let you know
as a sign of respect.



My brother cannot hear
if it is not loud.

But for you...

You could not hear
as no one spoke out.

There are many problems
in our village,

they have not changed
since my childhood.

People are being looted
in the name of the Society.

I know who is behind all that.

That is why, the village will not change
unless the power changes hands.

Brother, I heard this. Shall I speak?

Sir, politics have started
in Rangasthalam.

Get ready for the elections,
Mr. Phanindra Bhupathi.

Heard this name somewhere?

Maybe you forgot, it is your name.

See you, Phanindra Bhupathi sir.

Let's go, brother.

Even the low-class breed
is raising their voice,

how did they get so much courage,
President sir?

This courage is not theirs,
but of the flag they are carrying.

The boys we got bail have come.

Come, sit.

You did great work, guys.

It was my dream for 20 years
to have my party flag in your village.

A long-time dream.

I have never been able to take a step

into your village
because of that president.

He is like the demon, Bakasura,
he is eating away the money of the public.

I am an MLA for this constituency,

but not for Rangasthalam.

I did not get even a single vote
from your village.

Now, I got the confidence.

Work hard.

You have to work hard.

Okay, sir.

Your village should develop, right?
So ask for any help you need.

I will risk even my life
for your victory.

He is Dr. Murthy and he did the surgery.

He has a deep wound on the head.
We almost removed all the blood clots,

there's nothing more we can do.

He is not responding to anything.
He has gone into a coma.

It is tough for him to live.

Why is it tough, Doctor?
What tough?

He is breathing, right?

His heart is also beating
and how can you say he will die?

He would have died in the accident.

You're not God to decide his fate.

What, sir, you will live, right?

He will live. I heard him say it.

You should live, sir.
You have to save him.

Nothing will happen to you, sir.

I will take care.

Madam, you understood,
please sign on this.

What, Madam?
What are you doing, Doctor?

It's tough now.

It's tough now.

You know his condition,
waiting does no good.

So we are taking this decision.

What does it mean?
You wish to kill him?

No, son, we are also feeling sad.

But the doctors are saying it's tough?

How long more will you struggle?

How long more can we let him be like this?

Don't say that.

That's our fate.

I am indebted to him.

He will live.
I need him, Doctor.

Do one thing, just imagine he died
and you all leave.

In case he lives,
I'll bring him to you.

Give that to me.

Come on, have the curry.

I feel sorry for you.

You hardly eat and sleep.

Why do you work so hard
for someone who's not related to you?

Go back, get to work.

Look, Chitti Babu, what did I say now?

Hey, Rama Lakshmi... Wait.

I can't run with you, Lakshmi, stop.

Hey, Rama Lakshmi...
Hey, Rama Lakshmi, stop.

Hey, stop, where will you go?

Will you stay the same
after your brother wins the elections?


Won't you leave this stick
till you find that snake?

Why do you talk loudly?
Why not speak softly?

Ours is not a love
that's eye to eye and whispers.

Ours is mouth to ears and loud shouting.

Not that, dear,

I discovered a system to
speak slowly and with love.

Sit, I'll tell you.

I'll tell you the game plan.

Okay, tell me.

Now, I'll say,
"What's up, Rama Lakshmi?"

To that you reply saying,
"You only tell me, Chitti Babu."

Then I'll say,
"Why are your eyes so red?"

You'll say, "You were in my dreams
all night, I didn't sleep."

I'll then say,
"If so, give me a kiss, Rama Lakshmi."

You should then feel shy
and say, "I can't kiss like that."

Then I'll hold you tight and kiss you.

If we do this, we can show our love
even if you talk in a low voice.

How intelligent!


-What's up, Rama Lakshmi?
-Tell me, Chitti Babu.

Why are your eyes so red, dear?

I couldn't sleep all night.
You were in my dreams.

Yeah, then, give me a kiss.


I should kiss you first
and you must feel shy, right?

Okay, kiss me.

-Someone is laughing.

Hey, I cannot hear, right? Come on...

Hey, you go home.

There's someone here, let me check.

Right here...

Chitti Babu, careful.

Powers of the ruling kings
are vanquished at this place.

The black beads of a tender wife
have fallen down at this place.

This is the stage where the

Evil lord dances along with the ghosts


No, Ganapathi Uncle... What is that?

Did you not die in a train accident?

No, have they ended
my role like that in Rangasthalam?

The same play for the past 30 years.

There will be no hero in this play,

there would just be a villain
called the President.

If anybody tries to become the president,

his role ends right here in this mud.

If elections come to our village,
that means someone is going to die!

What are you saying?

Has your brother filed the nomination?

-He wants to be a leader?

His role too will end.

You don't know who they are
and from where they will come.

They come when Rangasthalam
is asleep and end lives.

Don't leave,
don't leave your brother alone.

It'll end, his life will end.

Careful, be careful.

I had no option,
but to file my nomination.

-Please understand, Padma.
-Don't speak a word.

What did you tell me?

You said we'll get married
and go far away after you get a job.

You said we can both live happily.

False promises, right?

What happened now?

Be calm.

I do not understand why you did that?

Who's there?

Who's there?

Hey, wait.

Who are you?

Who are you?
Will you tell me or not?

Brother, it's me, Chitti Babu.

What are you doing here?

I am watching over you
to ensure you are safe.

What will happen to me?

It seems they would kill anyone
who contests against the president.

Who said so?


-Who said that?
-Hey, quiet.

Ganapathi Uncle told me.

Go away, you...

Hey... Chitti... Chitti,
he is a mad fellow.

He keeps roaming around singing poems

and saying people are murdered,
he is nuts.

-Mad... He is mad, right?
-Yes, Chitti.

I had a doubt.

That's why I didn't care much.

Is it Sound Engineer sir?

-The president's becoming more sarcastic.
-Thank you.

I'll whack you!

Both brothers are excited
about the nomination

and are thinking that he has
become the president.

Dakshina Murthy has no courage
to enter our village

and no idea what courage
these guys find in him?

Sowing is not reaping.

Where will they get
ward members from?

Who would stand against the president?

Is there such a man in Rangasthalam?

my brother is running for president.

You need to support him.

Or I won't water your fields,
they will dry up.

Chitti, let me talk.

No, brother, they should have some fear.

-Okay, you talk.
-Okay, sit.

Malli, give me some pakodas.

Are you okay, Uncle?

We're just surviving.
What is the matter?

You know, right?
I am contesting for president.

I felt it would be good if you are
the member for this eighth ward.

There is a president in the village.

Why do we need another president?

Waving a flag is easy,
winning elections is not.

If nobody is supporting you,
it's either out of fear or belief.

If it's fear, we can't do much.

If it's belief, we should change it.

We should make sure everyone knows

that the president is behind
the Society's crimes.

No! You go... Go!

-Secretary sir!
-Hello, sir.

Sir, the checking officers are here.


-Rongali Chandramma took 10,000 rupees.

Chandramma, give it here.

Principal amount is 6,000 rupees, sir.

Matta Somaraju borrowed 8,000 rupees.

Principal is 4,000 rupees, sir.

-Kota Ranga has borrowed 6,000 rupees.
-Just 3,000 rupees, sir.

Chikkam Narasamma has taken 12,000 rupees.

-I only took 6,000 rupees, sir.

My son committed suicide
because we couldn't pay the debt.

Look, Officer, this is the situation.

Has it become a habit
to take bribes?

What is this fraud?

Did you understand
that the Society is looting us?

That's what happened
in Lakshmi's case.

They cheated
and made her father lie.

This is the president's act.

Sheshu Naidu is a puppet.

Our village is looted in his name.

You look up to him as though he's a god.

Has the village changed during his rule
or have our lives improved?

I filed the nomination to contest
the post of president for your sake.

Support me and file nominations
as ward members.

My nomination will be of no use
if none of you come forward.

Think about it.

Stop thinking, give your nominations
as ward members.

President has started prayers, come on.

One moment, listen to me.
Somaraju, Narasimha...

Where are you going?

Hey, Ranga, wait!

The village is hostile
because of their deeds.

No one is talking to us.

Why are we bothered about
what no one cares about?

-Give it here.

-Get lost!
-Give me some water.

Do we have any properties or what?

What, son, have you asked everyone?

Your sister has to get married.

-No one is ready.
-What's your plan?

You should ask all friends
and even enemies in times like this.

-Don't hesitate.
-He won't stop, even if they do.

Chitti, come.

Like father, like sons.

See you, Mom.

-Where are you going?
-Don't worry, Mom.

Wait... Are you going to ask him?

We will make fools of ourselves.

-Not that, Chitti.

Look, listen to me.

Do you have brains?
Let's go.

Okay... You be here.

I will talk to him.

-What's wrong with you?
-Take care.

He'll do the needful.
Why are you worried?

Hello, Kasi. How are you?

-Listen carefully.
-You wait.

Tell me tonight.

Okay, I will.

Kasi, you know that
I am running for president, right?

No one is coming forward
as ward members.

All are running away in fear,
you know why am I doing all this, right?

Kasi, with one guy like you
the whole village will come forward.

That's why, Kasi, I came to ask if you
will file a nomination as a ward member.

Should he file a nomination
as ward member for you?

You're shameless to ask.

What is Kasi's brother yelling
at my brother?

-I'm listening.

Did you forget the fight?

I'm not staying calm now.

Say no and send him away.

-Go. Go.
-Hey, wait!

Kumar Babu, I will support you.

Brother, what are you saying?

Till this day,
they hit us and we hit them back.

But is there any man
who hit the president's guy?

Chitti Babu has done it.

Why is Kasi pointing at me?

He gave his brother the courage
to file a nomination today.

Still, is he doing all this for his good?

He is doing this for our village.

-Hey, be quiet, guys.

It is a waste
if we do not support him now.

Kumar Babu, I am with you.

I'll do whatever you say.
Tell me what to do.

He's moving his hands and talking,
listen to him.

Sir, it's you who cannot hear,
I can hear from here.

This is enough, Kasi.

Come on, Kumar Babu.

I'll break his finger.

No, your brother is looking at me angrily.

Tell him, or he'll hit me.

Come with me.

Chitti, Kasi has agreed to support us.


First tell him what I said about him.

We fought among ourselves,

but none dared to hit the president's men.

Your brother is great having done that.

-Is it?

You're a great man.

If you are on our side,
we can convince the whole village.

We won't look back now.

Oppose the president?

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

There is bottle full of arrack

Pot full of toddy
and so much brandy on that shore

There is a tumbler full of buttermilk
on this shore

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

-Chitti, Rama Lakshmi left.

Rama Lakshmi left.

Will you be on that heap, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this heap?

Will you be on that heap, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this heap?

There is batch of wolves, group of foxes
and gang of bandicoots on that heap

There is a herd of cows on this heap

Will you be on that heap, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this heap?

Will you be on that heap, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this heap?

Will you be on that doorstep, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this doorstep?

Will you be on that doorstep, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this doorstep?

There is poisonous food, ruined plants
and weeds on that doorstep

There is sandalwood on this doorstep

Will you be on that doorstep, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this doorstep?

Will you be on that doorstep, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this doorstep?

Have it, son.

Already giving sweets
to the bridegroom?

My dad is holding a bottle of poison,
what do I do?

-Get up!
-Chitti Babu!

Stop eating, get up.

What are you doing?

-She is mine!
-Take your hands off!

Take your hands off!

You are the reason
they are afraid of you.

You are opposing the president.

The village would boycott them.

You can't earn your livelihood
to take care of her.

Okay, do one thing.

I will somehow request the president
and get money.

Tell your brother to take back
his nomination.

And then I‘ll get you married to her.

No need to delay it, I'll pay now,
take her now.

Yes, take it.

Take the money, at least you get better.

So, you too have joined hands
in the president's politics.

I don't need this money or her.
Get her married to anyone you want.

But vote for my brother.

Will you be on that side, Naganna?
Or will you come to this side?

Will you be on that side, Naganna?
Or will you come to this side?

There is justice, law, our own side

And that side...

There is the opposite
of all that on that side

That means?

Injustice, unlawful and not our own

So... Will you be on that shore, Naganna?
Or will you come onto this shore?

Will you be on that side, Naganna?
Or will you come to this side?

Come on, Aunt, sign here.


Kumar Babu...
I'll contest as a ward member.

Hey, come on. Bring the chair.

Please be seated.

Put it here.

Hey, Rangamma... Come out.

When everyone supported
my brother in the evening,

why did you turn your face and go away?

Yes, your husband is in Dubai

and sends dirhams every month
and you sit here getting ready.

You have any debt or
pain from the Society?

-Come inside.

From tomorrow, I'll address you like
how everyone else in the village does.

I am telling you to come in.

I am asking you to come in.

Why are you closing the door?
Are you going to hit me?

My brother will not lose just with your
single vote, I am behind my brother.

What, fish curry again?

I quit eating fish.
I'll not eat your fish at all.

-I don't need your engine and your fish.

I'll not eat.

Don't overact, just eat.

Okay, tell me this first.

Why didn't you sign in the evening?

You can't hear a soft voice,
how can I explain my pain to you?


Did you ask me before filing a nomination?

Who needs permission to do a good thing?
We just filed, that's it.

And that makes you heroes here?

You think no one opposed
the president until today?

Remember Erra Sreenu?

-I know.
-How did he die?

Jumped into the river.

Why, can't he swim?

How did Abbulu die?

He consumed pesticide.

Why were stab wounds present on him?

There were stab wounds?

Do you know how a strong swimmer
can drown in a canal?

When he opposes the president.

Come on. Eat.

Even your uncle was
just like your brother.

They are misusing Panchayat funds.

The Society account books are
different from the originals.

He said power should change.

Your uncle wanted to file a nomination
on returning from Dubai.

I will file a nomination in the next
elections and see your end.

He returned from Dubai.

Your uncle is not in Dubai.
They killed him.

This is your uncle's watch, and that's why
I told you to wear it the other day.

This watch looks good on you, wear it.

Aunt, why didn't you say before?

This is a beauty, right?

If they know that
my husband is dead,

every guy will take advantage.

All murders in the village
might be different,

but the reason is the same.

Opposing the president.

Your uncle, Abbulu, Erra Sreenu,
Venkat Rao...

They did not die naturally,
they were murdered.

Do you want your brother
to suffer the same fate?

He killed them only when
they wanted to file a nomination.

Your brother has filed the nomination.

Will he stay quiet?

President, sir...

We know that it is you looting all our
houses, plots and ruining our crops.

I will contest in the next elections
and ensure you will lose.

I know all this is because of the power!

Authorities are looting in
the name of the Society!

I will file a nomination
for the president this time!

Do what you can!

Has your brother filed a nomination?

He wishes to become a leader?
His role, too, would come to an end.

Now tell, do you want your brother
to suffer the same fate?

Villagers of Rangasthalam...

Welcome our leader, a hope
for the poor, MLA Dakshina Murthy.

Tie those banners higher.
Brother, you take care of those.

Kasi, take care of all these.

There, tie it to that pillar.

There comes the leader
who gave food, clothes

and shelter to us.
Have a look.

Hail Dakshina Murthy sir.

There he comes...
Hail Dakshina Murthy sir.

-Hello, sir...

Sri Sri says, you cannot find a place
without war on this whole Earth.

This is not Rangasthalam, but a war zone.

There's fear of what may happen,
a fear of what happens if we oppose.

Fear to be born, to die,
to breathe here.

Which village are you from?
Why are you here? Move.

People, God decides death anywhere.

Sell your knives in the village.
Go away.

But Society decides
the death in this village.

Kumar is the first to file a nomination

against the president in Rangasthalam.

He is the courage of this village.

To get rid of the fear in you,
and for your lives to change,

you all should unite and make
Kumar Babu win the elections.

He is educated, a thoughtful person
wishing to do good for the village.

You should all support him.

Hey, who are you?

What is in that bag?

Sir... Sir...

Hey, Chitti. Listen to me.

Are you mad?

He is my man. He got me coffee.

He is your brother, right?

-Why did he hit him?

He's afraid I'd be harmed.

Move aside.

How can the people be brave
if you're afraid?

-Not that, sir.
-You come, move.

Please forgive him, sir.

It's okay, no problem.

It's not like that.

What's wrong?

I thought he had a knife.

No, brother, I thought he was taking out
a knife from the bag.

Kasi, you take care of the election
canvasing from now.

We are not together anymore.

-Do you understand?

Hey, where is your brother?
Hey, did you hear me?

Did you cook my favorites
or his favorites?

Yes, you cooked what he likes. It's okay.

Here. You always come together, right?

But now, he's a big president
and he'll have many obligations.

Who cares where he goes?

He does his work and I do mine.

So that is the issue.

Go to Kasi's house first and look for him.

He would be taking part
in discussions there.


Hey, Kitti.

No peace since elections.

Did you see my elder one?

Oh, God. This headache is killing me.
I should never drink again.

Boss is right here, getting ready.

Everyone pestered me the whole night.

Village work in the morning and spends
all night in town with God knows who.

-Sir is now the presidential candidate.
-See you, brother.

He's out of our reach now.

-Hey, Chitti.
-If he is like this now, in the future...

Careful, dear.

Boss, all ward members are going
to take back their nominations.

Good. It's all over.
Let's get back to engine works.

We spoke yesterday.

They are going in a tractor.


-What exactly happened?
-No idea, sir.

What happened, Kasi?

What's there? We are going to
take back the nominations.

Tell me why?

Everyone in the village knows, man.

You don't have to act in front us.

I am asking what that drama is?

Both brothers have cheated us greatly.

How will I know if you don't tell?

Nothing, Kumar.

Whole village is saying that your brother
has taken money from the president.

Got it? Now start the vehicle.

Hey, wait.

Don't be in a haste
without knowing the truth.

I'll ask Chitti myself.

If my brother is wrong,
I will also come with you

and withdraw my nomination.

-Go away, we won't come.
-I'm requesting.

Wait, guys. Come on, let's go.

Mom, serve me food.
Add some chilis, too.

Hey, Chitti... Chitti...

Did you take money?

Hey, I am asking you.

Why would I take?

Mom, give me some food.

Hey, why don't you answer
your brother?

Can't you hear? I already said.

He may be the president,
but I'm suffering.

Chitti, look into my eyes and tell me.

Did you take the money?

What are you saying?
Why would he take it?

Mom, give me one more onion.

-Stop, brother. Listen.
-Did you take it or not?

-Hey, Kumar... Wait.
-You wait.

Did you take the money?

You'll be hurt.

I'll cut myself if you don't answer me.

Listen to me, I'll tell you later.

Did you take it or not?

I will tell you later.

Listen, you'll get hurt.

Did you take it? Tell me!

Hey, I took the money. I took it!

Yes, I took it.

I took it.

-Mom, apply turmeric.
-People just started believing us.

You have made us all look like idiots.

He is bleeding,
go and get turmeric.

Go and bring turmeric.

It doesn't matter.
You have deestroyed him.

No, Mom.

No, Dad. I feared they might harm him.

Get out of the house.


Get out of the house, you deaf rascal.

President, sir, here is your money.

I don't know how much was in this.

There won't be any difference

because I buried it right there
in your compound.

I thought ward members would go back
if I take this money,

and that my brother
will take back his nomination.

Why is he like that?

He put a knife to his throat
and threatened to kill himself.

I was terrified looking at him.

I don't need this money.

Still, I feel very proud
of my brother.

He is doing so much for the village.

How much more should I do
for such a guy?

I will do, sir. I will.

I will do for sure.

Yes, I forgot.

The whole village is saying
that the president

does so much worship
and he has great powers

and those powers will kill anybody
who opposes him.

I mean those people.
Abbulu, Venkat Rao, Erra Sreenu...

They say all these people
died the same way.

President, sir...

You only should know if they are
true or not. You are a great man.

If what they say is true by any chance,
please let your powers know one thing.

Kumar Babu has a brother
named Chitti Babu.

To get to Kumar,
they have to go through Chitti first.

Also let them know that
they cannot cross him and go, okay?

Hey, the president has heard
everything I said. You continue.

See you, sir.

Chitti Babu,
who's going to wash the glass?

Sister, you bless her.

Hey, move.

Wow, what, Uncle?

They have made her the bride.

Why are you here?

So beautiful.

-Get out.

Hold this...

Hey, Rama Lakshmi,
you look beautiful in this bridal attire.

Will any idiot let go of
such a beautiful girl?

This Chitti Babu is letting her go.

Get out.

Even after telling Chitti Babu so many
times that I want Rama Lakshmi,

these ears are not willing to listen.

Do you know why?

I like you,
but I like my brother more than you.

What am I supposed to do?

Do you know why I am crying?

Not because you are getting married.

My brother put the knife to his
throat and said he will kill himself.

I am crying for that.

But this bothers me the most,

I left you for my brother.

And can you not
let go of your father for me?

I am telling you now,

when you have as much love for me as
I have for my brother,

let me know on that day.

I will not leave anyone.

I will come myself,
take you and marry you.

Move aside.

Stop crying.

If this marriage stops,
your father will drink poison and die.

You will not die with a small tin,
drink from this big bottle and die.

What are those papers?

It's the voters list, sir.

We never saw it earlier,
since we were unanimous all these days.

Scrutiny is done and we shall
get ready for the elections.

Politics has changed
in Rangasthalam.

It looks like the village will
have a new president.

Till date we've killed Venkat Rao,
Abbulu, Rangamma's husband

and even Erra Sreenu's son of our servant,
Edukonadalu, who opposed us.

But we erred in the case of Kumar
by being quiet.

Why do you cry?

Even that God is like us,
he keeps taking the right guy.

I didn't know that you were that God, sir.
I didn't know.

I didn't know.

I am sorry, sir. I did not notice him.

What can we do now, sir?

The whole village is on Kumar Babu's side.

Plus the support of Dakshina Murthy.

A day to call you by name has come, sir.

My advice is,
it's better to quit than to lose.

Sorry, sir. It was a mistake.

Sir, it was a mistake.

-What, rascal?
-I am sorry, sir.

Hey, Edukondalu,
we returned the president's money.

Do you know?
Of course you'd know.

The whole village knows it,
except the people in my house.

The tall rascal heard it.

Hey, stop the drama and come in.

Why will I come in?
I also have an ego.

-Chitti is back.
-Others are okay,

but Father called me a deaf rascal
and asked me to get out.

He shouted loud enough
for me to hear.

Do you know how sad I was?

Stop your stupid drama. Come and eat.

Hello, Kanthamma madam,

my hunger died long back because of
what your husband said to me.

I don't need your food.
My food is here.

Come, you came at the right time.

Look, her name is Rama Lakshmi,
and she's my fiancée.

She cooks better than you.

I am going.

This is my portion.
My grandma gave it in writing.

Come on, sit.

What did you cook?

Lentil curry.

She says it's buttermilk curry.

What else is there?

Eggplant curry.

Eggplant curry? My mouth is watering
even without opening the box.

Come, Mom.

Lakshmi, serve me the food.

I'm very hungry. Yes, serve.

Sister-in-law, can I have some curry?

-Okay, you're my sister, right? Have it.
-And for me?

Okay. You're my brother.

Serve some for me too, dear.

I'll have some, too.

Wait. Koteswar Rao sir,

I am deaf already,
please talk a bit louder.

Okay, man. You serve, dear.

Bring one plate for her.

We both will have from the same plate.

Open your mouth.

-Great pair.
-Chitti Babu!

Sir, we got the Lantern symbol!

Let whole of Rangasthalam
dazzle with lights.

I am going. I'll come later.

-You go, brother.
-Lakshmi, this one time...

Thanks, dear.

I am coming! Let's go.

Dear villagers of Rangasthalam,

the Dazzling Queen has come
to dazzle all your eyes.

Get ready.
Hey, Dazzling Queen, come on.

Oh, no. Are there so many Dazzle Kings
in your village?

Why would there not be?

They came from neighboring villages
knowing that you are coming.

Listen, why is that Dazzle King
in the floral shirt staring at me

with his mouth wide open?

Hoping to get something from you,
our queen.

Hey you, checked shirt,
why are you coming onto me?

Look, none of you push each other.

I'll come to you all
and give whatever you ask for.


Give me a kiss, Dazzle Queen,
or at least wink, hey, Dazzle Queen

Give me a kiss, Dazzle Queen,
or at least wink, hey, Dazzle Queen

I've given a kiss to Munasab
and winked at Karanam

I've given kiss to Munasab
and winked at Karanam

Will you hug me once, hey, Dazzle Queen?

I've kept it hidden
for the village president

Will you come home tonight,
hey, Dazzle Queen?

I would say no competition
for you with your father

Then what would you give me,
hey, Dazzle Queen?

I'll give whatever you ask for

Hey, Dazzle King, will I say no
to anything you ask for?

Hey, Dazzle King, will I say no
to anything you ask for?

Will you tell us your age,
hey, Dazzle Queen?

I stopped it the day I came to sixth grade

-What did you study, hey, Dazzle Queen?
-I studied the weakness of men

Please smile once, hey, Dazzle Queen

When Subbisetty's lungi slips, I giggle

Tell me, brother-in-law
Hey, Dazzle Queen

That is reserved only for the police

Will you love me, hey, Dazzle Queen?

Will you write all your
properties in my name?

Hey, Dazzle King,
will I say no to anything you ask for?

Hey, Dazzle King,
will I say no if you ask for what I have?

Oh, no, what's this trouble?

You say no for everything we ask.
Tell us what else you have.

Tell me what you want.

Hey, we'll ask for the flowers
you decorated

We shall worship those with flowers

-We'll ask for the sari you have worn
-We'll wrap it around us and sleep

-We'll ask for the bangles you wear
-We'll die listening to their sound

We'll ask for the perfume you use

We'll live our whole life
smelling that fragrance

Hey, Dazzle King,
I've put them out for auction

Hey, Dazzle King,
you can go for your own rate

Hey, who are you? Are you new
to this village? Where are you going?

To Pedapadu, sir.

Here for Buchi Naidu's crop.

Taking food for our people.

-My rate is the ring on my hand
-My rate is 10 grams of gold

My rate is the bulls bought at the market

My rate is this tiger nail

-Silver plate
-One acre of mango garden

There's a new person.

There's a new person in the village.

He brought some food.
I doubt him.

Hey, leave all those
My rate is cash of one lakh

Oh, no, one lakh?

Why didn't he get the food?

Here is the card.

You throw all waste cards,
you waste fellow. What's this?

Why so late, man?

Come fast, I'm very hungry.

Super card, man.

-Have you got country chicken?
-Hey, put a card for me too.

Have you come to cut
sugarcane at Buchi Naidu's fields?

Yes, sir. We had cut half
and another half is pending.

They cut that four days back, right?

Not this, sir,
but the piece on the other side.

Is it?

Oh, man! Left the song at its peak.

Hey, Mahesh.

-They know about me.
-How, sir?

-They are speaking loudly to me.
-Yes, sir.

Hey, there are so many food carriages here
and they are just four.

-What about the rest?
-Hey, where is Brother?

It's Saturday. He would have gone to
the town to meet his girl.

Are you sure?

If it's Saturday,
he will definitely go to town.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who are you all?

Hey, brother...








Where are you?


















Brother, I'm here. You'll be fine.

You'll be fine.



You'll be fine.

Come on... Let's go.

Careful, brother.

You'll be fine. They are petty wounds.
I've had those so many times.

You'll be fine. Let me get turmeric.

Let me apply turmeric, it'll be fine.

Chitti, I'm sorry.

I'll never go without informing you.

What are you saying?

Yes, it's going to be like this
if you go anywhere without informing me.

Be careful.

Okay, sit. I'll be back.

I forgot! Your spectacles, wear them.

He cannot see and I cannot hear.

Hey, Grandma, give me turmeric.

No, not chili, give me turmeric.

I cannot see, son.

Eyes and ears don't work.

Hey, brother.

Hey, brother.


Hey, brother! What happened?





Brother, nothing will happen to you.


What? What are you telling?

Tell me...

Say it out loud.

Brother, I'm unable to hear.

I can't hear, tell me properly.

Say it loudly...

Hey, brother...



Hey, brother, get up!

Hey, brother. Come on, tell me.
Tell me.

Grandma, please call someone.

Hey, brother.
Nothing will happen to you.

Hey, brother. I can't hear.
Speak loud and clear.

Hey, say something.


Aunt Rangamma, Kumar Babu is dead.
Kumar Babu is dead.

Kumar Babu is dead.

Aunt Rangamma, they killed our Kumar Babu.


The whole village has my son's photos.
Everyone's talking about him.


You came back?

Where were you the whole night?

Let him stay there,
I should get rid of all the evil sights.

Everyone says he will become president.

Kumar will become president.

Should remove that.

No... Kumar Babu...


No... My son...

What happened?

What happened?

Mahesh, where is Chitti Babu?

Brother, Chitti Babu is going to
the president's house with a sickle.

Phanindra Bhupathi...

The president is not here.
He left long back. That rascal!

Oh, my dear

I fed you milk with this hand
And gave you food with this hand

I gave you bath with this hand
And massaged your legs with this hand

Shall I carry your coffin
with the same hands?

Shall I light your pyre with this hand?

Oh, my dear

Oh, my dear

I fed you milk with this hand
And gave you food with this hand

I gave you bath with this hand
And massaged your legs with this hand

Shall I carry your coffin
with the same hands?

Shall I light your pyre with this hand?

Are the legs showing us paths
Into the burning wood?

Will the hands patting on our
shoulders turn into ashes?

Are the eyes dreaming for us
burnt and black?

Has the voice waking us up
gone into deep sleep?

You were a support to console
when we were in trouble

It would have been nice if you were there
to console us in our grief now

Oh, my dear

Oh, my dear

I drove away the evil sight with this hand
and I consoled you with this hand

I taught you to walk with this hand
and sent you to school with this hand

Shall I send you to the graveyard
with this same hand?

Should I send you to be burnt
with this same hand?

Oh, my dear

Oh, my dear

Brother is weeping for you

Sister is drowned in tears for you

Food in the plate is searching for you

Your spectacles are looking around for you

The shirt you wore is in pain
and has committed suicide on the hanger

Has your role ended in Rangasthalam?

Has the emptied role
started in the graveyard?

Have the claps of tears
rolled for your action?

Maybe you have bid a goodbye to us

But our sinful ears
could not listen to that

Oh, my dear

Oh, my dear

On the north side of the village,
near the big tree.

Black smoke would come.

Vengama Sattayya, you tell me the route.

He wanted to say something, Aunt,
but I couldn't hear.

I am a deaf idiot.

You are searching for the snake
which has a human head.

Careful, he is ready to hiss.

Careful, he is on the north side.

He is watching your way from the south.

He is breathing in the grass bushes.
Foxes are safeguarding him.

Excuse me, how do we go to
Achanta Venkat Rao's house?

Can you say it a bit louder,
I cannot hear you.

How do we get to
Achanta Venkat Rao's house?

Go ahead and take the fourth lane.

In the by-elections for the Sarpanch
of Rangasthalam Village Panchayat,

Kolli Rangamma, wife of Late Ramprasad
is elected unanimously,

and we declare
the same as per the election code.

Hail to the president.

Hail to the president.

Why did you put
so much responsibility on me?

It's not like that, Aunt,

even Uncle wished for the same.
Development of the village.

You help all and you can serve justice.

Sign, Aunt.





















Is Dakshina Murthy in?

Who are you?

Rangasthalam Chitti Babu.
I need to talk to him now.

He is not here.
He went to the guest house.

-He went to his guest house.

Boss, what happened?




Two years later

Hello, sir.

Is everything ready?

What is this?

How long will you be here?
Come back home.

Mother-in-law is worried
a lot about you, Chitti Babu.

She is not eating properly.

Why don't you come, son?

Please don't ask me to come back.
Let me be here like this.

How is Sister?

Come, dear.

Careful, dear.
Study well like our brother said.

Dad, see you. See you.


Doctor, he opened his eyes!

Murthy sir.

Dakshina Murthy sir...

It's me, Dr. Sitaram.

Do you recognize me?

Dakshina Murthy sir.

Dear, look here...



-It's me, Dad. Indu.


It's me. Please look at me.

Chitti Babu.

Chitti Babu, it is all because of you.

Your belief has saved him.

You really struggled for his life.

Give him two more months
and he'll stand up and walk around.

Okay. See you, sir.

Two months later

Hail Minister...

Hail Minister sir.

I want to see Dakshina Murthy sir once.

-Wait, I will tell.
-Just once...

Hail Minister sir.

Have it, Lakshmi.

Sir, just once...

I want to meet Dakshina Murthy sir.

Hey, prepare the food.
All our people are arriving.

-You drink.

Venkanna, make food arrangements,
come quickly.


-Why are you here?
-Hello, Madam.

-I need to talk to sir.
-Why are you here? Come in.

You wait here.

The house is getting dirty.

He's upstairs, Chitti Babu.

Why are you sending everyone in?

Hey, take all these out.

-Hello, sir.
-Hey, Chitti Babu. How are you?

I am fine. How are you?

I'm very well.

He served me for two years.

-I owe him.

I won over death.
I will live for 100 years.

-Good, sir.

I just got a call from High Command.

My name is in the list of ministers.

It is all because of you
and I am drinking to celebrate that.

Tell me, what can I do
and what do you need?

Sir, I need to talk to you
about something.

My whole life is yours.
Come on, tell me.


Can you please go outside?

Hey, close the doors.

Yes, tell me.

Sir, what is this? Don't drink.

Sir, your health should be fine.

I prayed to Goddess Gangalamma
for your health

and brought the offering.
Please take it.

What, man, why do you show
so much affection for me?

By the way, how is your village?

Very good, sir.

As my brother wished,
the village is very good, sir.

I heard about your brother
and felt very bad.

Finally, was the president found?

We searched a lot, we searched everywhere
to kill him, but somehow he escaped.

I went to a soothsayer.

With her directions,
we searched for him.

North of village, big tree,
black smoke.

He's on the north side.

Watching from south,
breathing in grass bushes.

Foxes safeguarding him.

-I killed him.
-You killed him?

Yes! He was wrong.

Erra Sreenu, Abbulu, Venkat Rao

and Rangamma's husband.

The guy who killed
so many people,

killing him was the right thing to do.

It is justified.

He has to be killed.

But you killing my brother
is not justified, sir.

Hey, what are you talking about?
Why would I kill your brother?

I also do not understand
why you had to kill my brother.

He said something while dying.

I am a deaf rascal, sir. So I could not
hear properly what he said.

I was never worried
that I cannot hear, sir.

But, for the first time

I felt very bad thinking why God has
given me this deficiency.

But that same God
has shown me another way out.

The song played in celebration

and what my brother said
before dying was the same.






Luckily, there is no Srimannarayana
in our village.

We are all children
of Mother Gangalamma, sir!

But I've heard that name somewhere.

It is tough to put words
into Chitti Babu's ears,

but once it goes in,
it stays stamped there.

Yes, for once, I heard that from you, sir.

Srimannarayana... Srimannarayana...

He is my man. He got me coffee.

Srimannarayana is your man.

He said it all before dying.

Why did you kill my brother?
Who asked you to kill? Speak!

Why did you kill my brother?
Tell me!

My brother was in love with
your younger daughter, right?

I'll go to the hostel, Dad.


-Come home this Saturday at least.

Will you kill for being in love?


It is so terrible, sir.

You gave me bail
without any relation,

made my brother file a nomination,

murdered him and blamed the president.

You took a life, sir.

Will anyone stay quiet instead of killing?
You bloody rascals.

Your brother doesn't even have the right
to enter my house,

and he has dreamt of stepping
into my daughter's bedroom, is it?

You and your life are worth nothing!

Now you are talking, sir.
This is your true self.

Can you hear, you deaf idiot?

Why did you save me
after knowing that I killed him?

I was coming to kill you
after I got to know that you killed him,

but the lorry had hit you by then.

When you were in a dying condition,
it was me who took you to the hospital.

I served you a lot, sir.

I cleaned your body,
I washed your clothes.

I even cleaned
your bedpan with these hands.

While shaving your beard,
my hand used to shiver like this.

Shivering... Like this...

I thought I'd kill you right then,
but you know why I kept you alive?

You should know why you are dying,

you should know my pain.

My brother told me, sir.

Even the criminal
pronounced with a death sentence

will not be hung if he has a slight fever.

When he develops a desire to live
and when he gets healthy,

that is when they hang the criminal.

See... Now you see.

Now you really want to live.

Now you also have a chance
to be a minister.

So, it is justified to kill now, right?

Just wait.

Do you remember him?

My brother.

For killing my brother, Chelluboina Kumar
Babu of Rangasthalam village,

his brother, Chelluboina Chitti Babu,
is now going to kill you.

Do you understand now, sir?

Sir, now you understand well.