Ranga the Donga (2010) - full transcript

What's this, dear?

Shakunthala, relation with son
is much greater than husband.

Think over it once again, dear.

lf my husband is making my son
commit mistake before my eyes,

how can l watch it mutely?

Come madam.



Raise him humanely.
- As you say madam.

9 years later...

4 omelettes.

Sir, omelettes.

Sir, my money.

lt seems you're selling
opium at night.

l don't want money sir, please go.

Search !

Bloody police dogs!
- Mother!

Leave them to me.

What do you think this is
police station or fire station?

pay 1 lakh for bail or else go to jail.
You know about me, right?

Come here and settle it.
- please have tea sir.

- You want omelette sir?

Go away.

What's this sir? Salary?
- Daily bribes.

Take it and give their share.

What happened sir?
Why are you like that?

You gave me Rs.30000 in a
white cover last night, right?

l kept in a white bureau,
by morning it's missing.

What happened sir?

A police officer's house was burgled.
- Give a written complaint sir.

Who the hell gave you this job?

That's the disadvantage
of a policeman's job?

lf we get robbed, neither we can
lodge a complaint nor file a case.

What happened to your stars, sir?

lt was also stolen.
Who are they?

Are you thinking who this boy is?
He's our Ranga,

who came to know if he steals bribes
from police there'll be no cases,

he grew up as young man
stealing from only policemen,

Ranga, the thief!

Now, this is the colony where Ranga lives,
name is Stuart nagar,

thieves who migrated from
Stuartpuram to Hyderabad,

settled here in a colony
they named as Stuart Nagar.

Don't they all look like thieves?
Yes, all are thieves!

Come, let me introduce you
to Ranga's friends.

He's purse Ram alias Shivaji, he has
done doctorate in picking purses,

he's Gangaraju, alias Godrej Raju,
any Godrej lock would open for him,

he's bike Bachi, if any bike goes missing,
that's because of him,

he's DD, it means Duplicate Don,

he's expert Don is forging
any signature or document,

she's CK Jain, Chandrakala Jain,

a business woman who buys cheaply
stolen goods from thieves,

and sells it for high prices elsewhere,
moreover friend of Ranga,

she's the one who lends Ranga's
money on interest to others,

did you recognise her?
She's Ranga's grandma.

They both fight bitterly.
After fighting for years,

though living in the same house,

they're not on talking
terms for 10 years now.

Brother, this is the thieves
colony l told you about.

What did they do?

They steal from our homes
and refuse to pay our cuts.

There's a mega thief known as Ranga,
he's no ordinary thief,

till he's here, they'll not
even pay a penny, brother.

Why is it so stinking here?

Dirty people live here in dirty place,
what else can you expect here then?

Come, let's finish them.

Get Ranga where ever he may be!
- Ranga, come out!

Brother, there's no Ranga here.

Who are you?

One slap and my bio-data will
get printed on your cheek.

Hey, read it!

Turn, brother. Brother, he's Ranga!

Sit down brother, fan it!

What brings you here, uncle?

New ACP has arrived from Mumbai.
- So what?

He's an encounter specialist.
Mumbai is right place for him.

He hasn't killed mafia Dons
or Maoists in encounters,- Then?

- Thieves?

Up, Mp, Bihar, Jharkand, Chhattisgarh,

in all these states, he has killed

he'll create another
Jallianwala Bagh here.

lf he comes to know Ranga
is their leader,

you will be his first target.

Then, we'll meet him.

This is ACP's house.

ACP greetings!

Be careful, may fall down.
- You hold tightly.

Switch on the torch.

punch a hole to the AC pipe
with a drilling machine.

SPray hypnotic drug into it.

ls he the powerful police officer who
killed 370 thieves in encounters? Cut him!

l'm here, CK!


Why are you early in the morning?

Did you sell ACP's stolen goods?
- l have sold it.

Give me Rs.10000 from it.
- Why?

Why? To share among us.

Do we've to tell you that?
Take out the money first.- Take it out!

You'll never change.

Why are you making faces
to give my money?

Take it boys.
- Come, let's share it.

Tell me now,
how much of money is with you?

- What?

Humsa is here at platform number 2.

Chains legs.
- ls it seat or bronze plate?

Just a minute buddy. Bloody!

Didn't you het find a groom
to your daughter, Hamsa?

Hey Ranga!

Whether it's husband or guard
for my daughter, it's only Ranga...

So l've brought here...

Take a look!

My body is sweet box...

Your eyes are anthills...

Seeing you l'm going crazy...
passions hit me and l'm hungry...

lf you become my husband...

l'll give you all everything l've...
my body, my soul, my youth...

l'll give as token my newly
bloomed flower basket...

Anyway what will you offer
as dowry for the marriage.

Would l not offer if it's marriage?

O Ranga, should there be
exotic sweets...You want sweets...

lf there are Sweets will crush and
sweetness will tell how much you love...

What will you spread in the room?
Cot or bed?

wait, l'll ask him...

Do you want cot or sponge bed?

lf there's cot, O mother-in-law,
it'll make squeaking sound...

SPread a bed, mother-in-law...

Hamsa, you still have a sensuous body.
- Really?

Do you want daughter only
or buy one get one offer?

lf it's the girl only, mother-in-law...
lf it's girl, she'll fight for everything...

For me better deal is buy one
get one free offer, mother-in-law...

You too come, mother-in-law...
buy on get one is better offer...

This is Ranga's house sir.

Did you inform him about my visit?
- l've informed him over phone sir.

lsn't it Jayaprakash Reddy?

Ranga is great fan of Jayaprakash Reddy.

Yes sir, he loves faction films,
Sumos and white dresses,

knives, bombs, and emotion dialogues,

to say simply, he's crazy
about Jayaprakash Reddy's acting.

When did you come sir?
- Just now.

please take your seat sir.
- Sit down. -Slowly.

Sit down.

Why did you want to
meet me urgently, sir?

New ACP's house has been burgled.
That too in my area.

ln ACP's house?!
- Oh my God!

TV channels didn't report about it.

Newspapers too didn't report about it.

lf our homes get burgled itis not reported.
- You're right.

By any chance do you suspect us
behind this theft...

No...no...if you get me out
of this problem, that's enough.

Give me 10 days time,
l'll find and bring them to you.

What do you say?

lf i don't arrest them in 2 days,
ACP will...

Hey Simha, you must arrest the thieves
who stole in my home in 2 days.

- Yes Ranga.

lf new ACP's home gets burgled
on the day he came here,

if you don't catch that
thief in 2 days,

Circle lnspector of the area, l mean you,
did he threaten to send you to jail?

Yes Ranga.

Simha uncle, pay something
and arrest us.

What do you say?

What's the breaking news today, Chandu?

ACP's house was burgled, right?
- Yes indeed.

lt seems Simha caught the thieves
running after them like in films.

Did Simha ran?
- Simha is here!

Sir, it seems you chased and caught them.

Shall l remove the masks?
Do you want to see their faces?

Will you report the news?
Will you take the photos? Remove it.

So the real thieves haven't
been found again.

Why did they leave, Ranga?

Time for their press meet and
it's time for us to go to jail.

lt's time for your promotion.

police have no sense of time.
- What happened, buddy?

What did Judge uncle say?

Didn't he sentence 14 days of
remand for stealing ACP's house?- Yes.

Didn't we agree for it?
- Yes we did.

Where's the vehicle to
take us to jail?

please don't shout,
this is court.

Aren't you shouting my name loudly?
What's wrong if we shout?

Are you here for new case
or adjournment?

Nothing uncle, we robbed ACP's house.

How many till now?
- 73!

Won't you stop robbing
even after 73 cases?

Not yet completed a century, bloody.

Buddy, our Benz is ready.

Sing a good song to celebrate
going to jail for 73 times.

Welcome to women's police station Hyderbad nine, madam.

Greetings! My name is Mangamma.
Sl and from Amalapuram.

There's a slang for everyone.

- Welcome. please come in, madam.
- I'm coming.

Very beautiful police station.

I like it a lot.

Very good.

Give me the bag.

My name plate please.

My name!

Madam, file.

- Salary files?
- Case files madam.

Were their pants stolen?

Good morning madam.


We're from Rama Naidu Women's college.

So what?

Eve teasing is rampant
- Who is doing? Naidu?

No madam, Trinadh,
Rayalaseema MLA's son.

He comes every day evening
to college to tease us.

What did you say
your college's name?

You know who l am and
what sort of a man l am,

and yet you dared to
lodge a complaint on me.

Are you done?

Maid while serving,
Minister while advising,

Mother while serving food,
Venus on bed,

till now you'd seen such
women only, right?- So what?

Did you see one shot to pieces PC?

What's that?
New type of animal?

lt means lady police constables who
break the bases of rogues like you.

Will you show us now?

Buddy, the village belles are great!

Bloody rogues!
Are lady police so cheap to you?

We'll show you our power now.

Are you done?

We'll have a ball with them for
some more time, you carry on madam.

Why are the roads so horrible?
- Stop...stop...

Our man has seen a Sumo.
He has seen it.

Nobody can stop him now.
- Don't get down...no please...

He has seen the Sumo,
he's going for it.

No...no...no Ranga, don't touch it.

l'm native of Rayalaseema, brother.
Mother promise,

let any number of people come,
l'll hack all of them.

lf your mother had really given
birth to you in Rayalaseema,

if your father had really worn loin thread,
if the moustache you sport is real,

dare kill me!

lf you pluck just because it's a plant,
l'll cut your throat.

Hey rogue! Take off your hand.

What bothers you if he touches
someone else's Sumo?

This is my Sumo.

pride of Sumo has deflated by these men.
- Shouldn't we use it?

Only Rayalaseema factions,
faction films and faction fans use it.

Not Brahmins like you.
- You're making fun of us.

What do you mean by it?
- l'll say in your words.

Go ahead. Eat tamarind rice offered by priest,
don't invite trouble from him.

What if we do?

We'll curse you, son !

Brother! Are you coming from jail?
- No from Assembly.

Jail, bail and Sumo scene
is also over, you kiddo.

Got the stick? Make a dosa.

Greetings Rangaiah.
- New knives?

New ones, stole it.

Do one thing, shave the beard,
and moustache...

Look there boy, not a grain to eat
but using exotic oil for moustache.

Not oiling moustache
but trimming it.

Anyway what do you know
about moustache?

l too have seem many moustaches.
You eat, son.

Trim it leaping up like
people of Rayalaseema sport...

Father, this is Rayalaseema
moustache, it must be up always.

Why are the brinjals rotten?

Why are you asking me, madam?
Ask the plant.

Give me a kg.
- Okay madam.

Take it madam.

Why are you giving note
with such a big hole?

Go and ask the Govt. who printed it.

Catch her!

Oh my God! My brinjals!
- Stop l say!

Save me...save me...
- My brinjals!

Who are you?

My bio-data would be printed
on your cheek,

go home and read it, you creep.

Buddy, looks like greenhorn goons
are here, shall we have a blast?

Not just beat them,
let's have a ball with them.

Take him away, boys!

Take him away, you'll need
a month to recover.

Not a month but a year.
- That's the power of Ranga.

Thank you very much sir.

Thanks for saving me and my brinjals.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

lf you turn once, l'll thank you.
- What's your problem?

Your brinjals...
- Your red napkin...

You're getting first love
feelings very well, come.

Stop the speed breakers,
l'll get her complete bio-data.

That girl...
- Go l say!

ls it necessary to open wine shop in
this dirty area for these dirty people?

- Moreover in this Samarasimha Reddy' get up.
- Shut up!

l got all these fans
because of that film only.

Look there, they're playing drums,
dancing, shouting loudly,

showering flowers, not just man,
women, children and old too,

if they're showering so much love,
can't we at least do this?

Moreover Ranga is president of
my fans association.

l'll beat you if you pass
comments on Ranga.

get down carefully, brother.

Long live brother Jai!

Not to me, you're the hero of this area.
You deserve it.

Jayaprakash Reddy has
garlanded our brother.

Wait...wait...l'll come near,
that's it.

You said opening,
am l to open her?

Not mine but my shop opening.

What's her name?
- CK Jain, brother. Licking type?

l need to do something here
to go to her, where is it?

So many scissors?
ls this area full of pick pockets?

No brother, remove it.
- Hey, get me a scissors.

Take it brother.
- Cut it sir.

You've come to the area,
why don't you come to my home for tea?

Sir, we must go for dubbing.
- Shut up.

Let's go, you too join us
for tea, girl.

Why is it dark?
- Jai is here, switch on the lights.

Switch on the lights.
- please come in brother.

Though small house,
it is very beautiful.

Why are you keeping only my photos?

l'm your fan, that's why...

people keep God's photos
or parents' photos...

Where are your parents?

l don't have anyone.
- No one?

l'm an orphan.
- Lonely soul!

Why God did injustice to you?
Hey God!


l'm your mother, father, sister,
brother, sister-in-law, grandpa.

Come...come...push him towards me.

Sit down brother.
- You too sit down.

No problem brother.
- Sit down with me.

All of you please sit.
You too sit, girl.

Good man !
- Brother, tea.

Come near.

After opening wine shop, as night falls,
would anyone have tea?

You mean will you...?

Brother, the amulet is very small
in your boyhood days.

Where did you find it?

lt'll be small at that age,
will it be...

What's this?
Why are you holding empty glasses?

Just now it was full!
- We finished it, brother.

You don't need glasses,
pick up the bottles. pick up!

You eat chips, girl.

Can you only do bottoms up?
l too can do it.

He too is a drunkard.

We've to go for dubbing.

Did he settle the account?
- No sir.

Then, let's dub tomorrow.

Brother, please deliver one dialogue.
- Not now boy.

Never heard it in real life,
just seen it films only.

Just one dialogue.
- please ask him.


Will you beg like beggars
for a dialogue? l will.

Bloody coward!
Why are you running away?

Did he have his mother's breast milk?

Hey Samarasimha Reddy, not in
the corridors of Delhi,

come to the streets of Rayalaseema,
let's decide who has guts.

lf you pluck just because
it's a plant, l'll cut your throat.

l didn't act in that film.

Why didn't you do that film?
- He didn't give my dates.

Veera Raghava Reddy, l didn't enter
like a thief,

l've entered like lord,

l've come to your village,
to your home, entered your hall,

if your mother had really given
birth to you in Rayalaseema,

if your father had really
worn a loin thread,

if the moustache you sport is real,
kill me...kill me l say.

When Balakrishna enters your home
and delivers dialogue,

will you watch it like a fool?
- What should l do then?

Director told me to sit like that.
- lmpossible.

Become a hero, brother.

How can l become a hero suddenly?

Why can't you become hero?

We're behind you, we'll fix up
things for you in Film Nagar.

Brother, you must kill everyone
in every film. Only you must remain.

Heroes, character artistes,
side actors, and comedians,

kill everyone of them, brother.

Should l kill all of them?
Should l remain alone?

Heroine will be there,
she'll come to you in slow motion,

and hug you tightly,
l wish to see such a scene.

Once l must see that scene.

lt'll be fine if l hug,
but would people see it?

Why will not they see?
l'll kill them also.

Will you kill them also?
Where will you release my film then?

You're the hero from next film.
You must do it.

You're not Jayaprakash Reddy from now,
you're Faction Star Jayanna!

Long live Jayanna!
- Long live Faction Star Jayanna!

l'll take leave now.
- please sit here for some more time.

One more bottle please.
- l've lot of work,

call Lawrence and tell him l'll come
for dance practice from 6 to 7 pm.

Call peter Heinz and tell him


l'll do a facial on the way
in a beauty saloon.

Drop sir in Film Nagar.

No father...no mother...lonely soul!

Like Jayanna said,
do you know who is lonely soul?

One who is born alone without mother,
father, brother, sister and dies alone...

l'm an orphan...lonely soul!
Ranga is not a thief but orphan.


Hereafter you mustn't take weapons
for us and make your children orphans.

Nobody must become orphan
here while I'm alive.

Write a letter to Commissioner,

and get us a new jeep,
new AC and new hand cuffs.

What's this? Gift?

You asked details about a man, right?
His life history.


police file?

ls he Mahesh Babu of pokiri film?
- please read the file, madam.

His horoscope is in these files.
Read it.

You'll get a husband like thief Krishna.

father, l'll marry that thief only.

lt's very cheap, buddy.

There are waiting rooms in airports,
bus stations too have it.

But not in courts,
we are sitting on walls.

Give it..
- What brings you here, CK?

lt seems you wanted details about
a girl you saw in the market.

l've brought her history, read it.

l think she's also
a lady thief like us.

What happened?

l'll not love this girl.
- Why?

l'm a thief.
She's a police.

l'll not love her.
- So what?

Would any thief love a police?
Yuck! l'll not love her.

Do you've to overact so much
for such a silly thing?

What shall l do then?
- Come closer, l'll tell you.

What brings you here?

Move...move a little.
Move, you fat girl.

Ranga has come handsome
shaving clean like a college boy.

- Hi.
- Oh my

No madam.
- Are you fine, Ranga sir?

l'll meet him.
- Stop madam.

Will you go the man
who's ogling you?- Then?

With beautiful features,
a girl must be proud too.- What?

You have to be proud!
- What do you mean by proud?

Rose...rose..rose flower...

This sari fantastic on you, madam.

Ranga group is here in Butler's get up.

Don't turn back.
- Not Butlers but software get up.

l'll meet him.
- Show some proud.

ls he your boyfriend, madam?
- No, my boyfriend.

This rose, Give me that rose, yeah?

No. No. No. This rose for her

Hey buddy. Thank you.
Shut up.

Rose...rose..rose flower...

Buddy, women police are here.

Move away!
- Move aside.

Clear out...clear out.
- Sit there.

She's coming.

My name is Mangamma.

l'm Sl, people fondly
call me as Manga.

l'm SV Ranga Rao, people fondly
call me as Ranga.

What do you do?
- Thief...Shankar Dada MBBS.

Same college.

l know you're a thief.

No problem. l don't mind even if you're a thief.

An astrologer settled my marriage
with you when l was a little girl.- Really?

Tell the future of my daughter.

What's your name, dear?
- My name is Mangamma.

Tell the future of
sweet little Mangamma.

You will get a husband
like thief Krishna.

What do you mean by it?

lt means a thief will
become your husband.

Father, l'll marry that thief only.

Actually l came to say sorry to you.
- Why?

Listening to their silly advice,
l acted little tough with you.

please don't mind it.

What are you planning to do now?

Give me your hand please.
- Why?

please give.
Give me please.

pricking me...
doing something with me...

She spellbound me...
spreading her magic...

passing me out...
making me lose out...

She pricked my heart
with her beauty...

Have put on weight
in right places...

Have hidden great fire in you...

Will you give me some place
in heart, l'll come...

Will l offer you my fiery beauty?

Will l offer you place
in my heart?

Will you give yourself to me?

Will you go away and befriend me?

Will you come into my arms
with mock anger?

Will you kiss my lips hurting it?

l don't want to be yours...
l don't want to romance with you...

lf you take chances with me...
l'll send you to jail...

Hey stingy girl...what would you
lose if you kiss me?

How can you stay away and tease me?
My little heart will break...

Will you come closer like a thief?

Will you steal me and slip away?

Will you punish me with your beauty?

Will you give up anger
and ease my yearning?

Will you relieve the
pain in my heart?

Will you switch off the light
and close the door?

Enough of your pleas...
Don't act smart with your acts...

lf you come on to me...
l'll take you to task...

What would you do saving your
beauty and youth, O maiden?

lf you give yourself to me...
l'll have a blast...

lf l say no,
it means take it...

lf l say go,
it means hug me...

Greetings! My name is Neelakanta.
l'm from Rayalaseema.

He's my blood brother's son,
my nephew.

Someone has dared to beat
son of Rayalaseema.

lt seems his name is Ranga,
and he lives here only,

who is Ranga here?

Tell me where is he?

l'll kill you, bloody! Come.

please don't harm my grandson.
l beg you.

l've only one grandson,
please don't harm him.

l beg you, please don't harm him.
- Where is he?

No, please l beg you.
He's an orphan.

Where is he?
- please don't take him away from me.


Who are you?

No please don't harm him.
Go...l beg you falling at your feet.

Why did you come here?
please go away.

Brother, you please go away.
please go away.


How dare you beat my nephew!

This is Rayalaseema knife!

If you get sacrificed by it!
You must be very lucky. Bloody!

Uncle, no please.
Leave him, uncle.

l'll tell father, listen to me.

- please don't kill him, uncle. No.

You're fine, right?
You're fine, right?

please ask his forgiveness.
He'll forgive you. Come Ranga...

He'll forgive you with big heart.
please seek his forgiveness.

Seek him...seek him l say!
Seek him! Seek!



please forgive me.

Who are you?

My bio-data would be printed
on your cheek,

go home and read it, bloody!

Uncle, he's not Ranga.
He's not Ranga.

Do you want Ranga?

Do you want Ranga?

nothing will happen to you.

Let's take uncle to hospital.

Ranga mustn't know about this incident.

What's this?
- Why? please don't ask me.

Who is that?

Who is that?

Why shouldn't Ranga know about this?

What would happen if he comes to know?

l want an answer.

Go away boy.


Do you think Ranga is a coward?

Do you think he'll get
scared of Rayalaseema people?

What do you know about Seema?

Neither you nor Ranga know
anything about Rayalaseema.

What you see in films isn't real Seema,

no use in accusing you, these film...


Looks like someone has
passed out getting drunk.

Who is he?
- Get him up. Get him up.

Why do they get drunk and
why do they fall down?

He has become dusty.

He looks familiar.
- Familiar?

Who is he?

l think he came to meet us
and the old lady threw him out.

is it brother?
Did the old lady threw you out?

What did she say?
- Hey old lady!

l don't know who my father or mother is,

l'm living like an orphan,
my brother took me into his arms,

will you throw him out of the house?

Hey old lady! Get the oldie out!
Get her!

Let's decide today!
Come out old lady! Hey old lady!

Who the hell are you?
Did you give birth to me?

You stole me from somewhere,
and raised me for few years only.

Who is the reason for me
becoming a thief?

Old lady!

Old lady down...down...
- Get up, Ranga.

Old lady down...down...

Buddy, that old lady...hey old lady!

Our relationship is
broken forever today.

That's it.

Take out money.
- Sorry, poor collection sir.

Take out man, Commissioner is
not letting us to sleep also.

Take it sir.
- l'll come back tomorrow also.

Bloody robbers.
What's this trouble?

They were taking bribes
monthly till recently,

new Commissioner has come,

he'll not let others sleep till
he gets Rs.25 lakhs every day.

These people will not let us do business.

l think police job is better
than running a bar.

Come closer boys!

Rs.25 lakhs everyday means,
how much will it be for month?

Why are you waving hands
instead of answering me?

Should've gone to school as kids.

lt could be 4 or 5 crores.
- Oh my God!

4 or 5 crores?!

Buddy, we must steal the cash
and say good bye to robbing,

and settle down in life.
- Agree.

You can marry that Sl and settle down.

please listen to me.
- We'll fix up with lady constables.

please agree.

he has lifted the glass with teeth,
it means he has agreed.

Commissioner's house is locked,
may be gone out for collection.

Open it.

What's that?
- Acid, right? l forgot.

This is also Chinese make, right?

Very nice!

Buddy, built with bribe money,
it's stinking with bribes.

Let's search our money.

He has built steps but no lift.

l can smell money here.
Godrej! Open it.

Commissioner's bureau.

Oh my God! So much money?

Hail God once!

Are you shocked?

l too got shocked just like you.

As soon as ACP came here,
his house was burgled.

l was shocked hearing it.

When l came to know uniform stars
were also missing with money,

l was more shocked,

knowing many police officers had
lost their stars along with money,

l was extremely shocked,

there's not a black mark on me
or my service record,

to make Commissioner is
a corrupt officer,

l acted as if l'm taking bribes,
do you know why?

l knew you'd come for my money
and my stars, and you did,

now l got you, bloody rogues.
- l found these in the bag.

You stole from the homes of
corrupt police officers,

why did you steal the stars also?
l'm asking you.

Those officers are not qualified
to wear it on uniforms,

they shouldn't use it,
that's why l stole them.

You're a thief,

are you questioning about honesty
and qualification of police?

keep quiet sir,

ever since l was a little boy
supplying tea to police,

till today, l've seen many officers
who'll do anything for bribe, sir.

l've seen from constable
to highest officer.

Whom did you see man?

You've seen policemen who
made money dishonestly,

did you see police officers who
gave their lives for the people?

You haven't seen !

Have you seen police who help your
mothers & your children to cross the road?

You haven't seen !

Have you seen police officers
getting killed in communal clashes?

You haven't seen !

Have you seen police officers
protecting politicians elected by you?

You haven't seen !

Have you seen police officers taking
care of unidentified dead bodies?

You haven't seen !

Why should l tell about the
greatness of my dept. to them?

Arrest and send them to remand.

lf anyone comes out on bail before
a year, kill him in encounter.


He has a girl friend in our dept. sir.

Transfer her to a place where she
can't get drinking water also.

Bloddy system. Bloddy system is going to dogs. I hate it.

This is Commissioner's case,
difficult to get bail.- Right.

That's why they said not to get
drunk and go to wife or steal.

Did you listen to it?

You said Brandy and
we're in jail now.- Wait.

No police man complained against us,
this made Commissioner furious,

So what?

He's inquiring all the officers
we had robbed,

who they are and
how much bribes they'd taken,

he's inquiring everything.
- So what?

Looks like Commissioner is
opening a can of worms.

Catch it.

What's this incense smell inside?
lt's irritating.

Swami, l'll also come with you.
- No girl.

Jail has no place for chaste women.
- Recently on TV...

ls it he who was getting
served by women on bed?

Can't l be blessed to serve
your holy feet, Swami?

Chaste lady, if you come out,
we'll do the rest of service.

Bless us that opportunity.
- please come out....come.

ls it your Ashram?

Who are they?
- Bhavani prasad's men !

You too join to beat him.
- Beat him.

Ranga, look there!

Rayalaseema people!

Original Rayalaseema people!

hey look just like we see in films.

Look at them!
Factionists must be like them!

Though he's old,
look at his powerful eyes!

Look at his moustache, great!

Let our man stand behind
every man in the court.

lf you suspect anyone...

There's someone next to the old man.

So much security for one man !

Who is he?

Ranga, letis go. Wait!
- Let's go, come. Let me see his face.

Come, let's go.
- What a scene! Just like in films!

Open the door!

Faction goggles!

Faction goggles!

Down with your faction, come.

Ranga, come!

Simhapuri...Ananthapur District

Untie us...

Who brought us from court
and tied up here?

l'll kill you !

lsn't he the old man
we saw in court?

That's him.

Which place is this?

Rathaiah, get him ready.

Bhavani prasad is our God!

lf anything happens to him
Rayalaseema will burn.

Brother Bhavani prasad! Come out!

Brother Bhavani prasad! Come out!

Brother Bhavani prasad! Come out!

lf anything happens to brother
Rayalaseema will burn.

l'm fine, will be fine
till l've your blessings.

Nothing will happen to me. Go!

Which place is this?

Why such a big crowd has gathered?

Why are they carrying guns?

Why are they shouting Bhavani prasad?

Who is this Bhavani prasad?
Who is Bhavani prasad?

Old lady!

Hey oldie! What are you doing here?
Why did you come here?

Which place is this?
Who are these people?

Who is he? He's just like me.
Tell me, why did you come here?

Ranga, this is your native place.
This is your family!

You're his blood relative,
All these people are your relatives.

A region in Rayalaseema where
people lived for generations,


once upon a time, a clan of beasts
came into existence.

Boss, people are ready to work as
coolies but not to kill for us.

What shall l do?

God creates men, but men have
to satiate his own hunger,

God will not satiate it,
first create hunger,

l'll create soldiers from
those hungry men. Go!

Using hunger as a weapon,
feeding them with one hand,

gave a weapon with another
hand to create an army.

They must fear us and it must
be in the rice we supply.

They must have respect on us
from the porridge we supply them,

the chilly they eat with porridge
must have the devotion for us,

making an army out of people
and turning sons into commanders,

Rudraraju terrorised the
region till he was alive,

his elder son Nagaraju
was like father like son,

unable to see pulicherla living
as bonded labour to that clan,

first time a clan took weapon to
save the people of that region,

that is Simhapuri clan,
Durga prasad is one of them,

the fight which started with him took
an unexpected turn with his death,

Manohar prasad who lived in abroad
came to lndia on his father's death.

He started the war again as his own
which stopped with his father's death.

Madam, they've thrown bombs on boss.

Either change men or
change the bombs. Bloody!

What son?

Father, this is Rayalaseema moustache,
it must be up always.

Okay son.

Will you fire the gun?
- l will father.

What's this?
Will you make a kid fire gun?

lf you had fired,
will you let him also fire it?

Tradition ! lt's tradition here
to hold gun before pen.

l don't want my son to grow
in such traditions.

He has to grow like this.

After my father, l took over,
he'll take over after me,

we'll grow up like this only,

you loved and married me,
don't push me. Go in.

Not in, l'll go to my parents
away from such beasts.- Go away.

l'm going.

Bhavani, come.
- No, l'll not come. l'll stay here only.

He will not come, he'll stay here only.

He'll grow like me, raise our
forthcoming child as you wish. Go!

Nagaraju, who was waiting
for opportunity,

didn't spare anyone in the Simhapuri clan,
even Manohar prasad's wife too!

Come, don't fear...come.




Raise him humanely.
- As you say madam.

Losing his wife,

Manohar prasad became an
unchallenged politician in 20 years,

he dedicated his life to
people and their welfare,

pulicherla faction sent hired goons
to kill Manohar prasad in public,

His elder son Bhavani prasad,

as an answer to every drop of
blood from his father's body,

cutting every hand in Rayalaseema
which held a sickle,

created a new tradition
for factionism,

Came like a lion to
change our lives...

watch the people behind him
like an army hailing him...

He came like a sword
to save the poor...

Fearlessly he mowed down enemies...

When he walks the directions too
shiver in fear and respect...

He's fiery burning Sun...

Boiling blood has become his weapon...

He's death for the wrong doers...
He killed the bad to save the good...

He walked like a fearless lion,
shattering earth and leaping into sky...

lt's usual fight between
weapon and muscle..

There's no difference here
between killing goats and men...

He took to weapons
to save near ones...

He's matchless in killing
the demons...

He's army to few but
death to many...

Became support to the poor
and a challenge to death...

So many people can't go in.

lt seems you called me.

Stop it sir, stop this blood flow sir.
- What's this?

We've orders from top to arrest
anyone indulging in violence

and not let them out
on bail for a year,

the list has their names
as well as your names too.

So what do you want me to do?

CM's instruction to settle
a compromise between you both.

Did you talk to them?

They're in the next room,
can l ask them to come?

Call them.

Greetings SP!

Bloody little boy!

With who else should l compromise, SP?

Sub jail, Ananthapur dist.

Long live Bhavani prasad!

Are you fine, son?

lt's been many days since l saw you.
Come, let's go inside.

He'll be here for a year, nobody
must go near the place he is,

be careful.

One year later...

Why are you indifferent?

You're different even since
returning from jail.

What happened?

l saw the real Rayalaseema in jail.

Who are they?
- people of pulicherla.

They're sharing their agonies,
their difficulties.

Whose son is he?
- My son.

l'm in jail for 5 years,
how could you've a son?

Giving a bag of rice every month,
forcing me to sleep with them,

men who are raping me,
your boss' sons!

They are his fathers!
Got it?

Mother! ls your daughter-in-law
telling the truth?

Yes son.

lf your mother had been young,
those bastards would've raped her too.

To protect them and for their sake
you killed and went to jail.

Are you human?

They're all our men !

Not only they, my three sons
are also here only.

Get up!
- Brother.

Their sons too are here only.
l mean my grandsons. Get up!


3 generations together
we killed 20 people for you.

We'll do anything for
the Simhapuri lion.

What do you say?
- We'll give life for you.

Who are they?
- Our men only!

They lost limbs unable to
throw bombs properly.

Simhapuri philosophy is our philosophy.
Kill or get killed!

Kill on road or get killed on road.

But we don't want a life
where we've to die on bed.

For us creator is not God
but one who feeds us.

Do you know who is that?
lt's you Bhavani. You're our God!

l've understood now we've turned our
men into beasts for personal revenge.

What have we done?

To end factionism here, my policy is
to cut any hand that picks up a weapon.

l've realized it.

people here are picking up weapons
for leaders like us,

the same people when they hold ploughs,
Rayalaseema will change.

you mean?

Rayalaseema where blood
flowed like rivers, water must flow here,

hands which carried guns
must carry sickles,

hands that cut throats
must carry ploughs,

hands that threw bombs
must sow seeds.

Seema must take to agriculture.
l'll make them do it.

Brother, Collector is here.
- Greetings Bhavani prasad.

Why did you call me at night?

What's this sir?
Looks like a project plan.

This is Simhapuri, this is pulicherla,
all these are barren lands,

Chithravathi river first tributary,
second tributary,

if we build an irrigation canal
between these two tributaries,

what would happen?
- Water will flow into the canal,

Rayalaseema will turn into granary,
can harvest two crops in a year.

l too want that to happen.

lf you give me this plan,
l'll get approval, money...

No need!

l'll bear the project cost for
the people of Rayalaseema.

What about the permission?

l'll get approvals directly
from Central Govt.

lf you can do it all by yourself,
why did you call me then?

Go to pulicherla and
tell them it's my word,

not to stop my work which l'm
doing for the benefit of people.

lf it's done, what will happen
to people, Minister?

people who are dependent on us
would become farmers of their own land.

What should we do to stop
that canal work?

Bhavani got the sanction from
Central govt. using peoples support.

l can't stop the project.

How many cases are pending on Bhavani?

-18 murder cases.

Get all the cases transferred to Hyderbad.

Bhavani, all our cases have been
transferred to this court.

l've arranged security inside.

ls it true, granny?

For the promise given to your mother,
though you'd so many people,

l had to take you away
and raise alone.

What do you want me to do now?

lf people who love Bhavani come
to know he's dead,

entire Rayalaseema will
burn with revenge,

to keep his aim not getting
burnt in that fire,

you must become Bhavani prasad
to the people of Seema,

No, l'll not agree.

l'll not let you get my son
into this mess.- Why?

l promised his mother to raise him
away from these family feuds.

Mother means?
- Daughter-in-law of this family.

As daughter-in-law of the same family,

l'm telling you the ambition of this
family is greater than your promise.

Don't stop him.
- lmpossible.

l'm happy if he's a thief but will
not let him become a factionist.


ln a case related to the burgling
of Commissioner's house,

local thieves Ranga, purse Ram,
DD, Godrej Raju, Bike Bachi,

were caught red handed
by Commissioner,

as they were being shifted
to court for remand,

members of his gang attacked with
bombs in court to release them free,

Ranga, purse Ram and DD,
-3 thieves have managed to escape,

City Commissioner has ordered
shoot at sight orders on them.

Have you understood now?
We can do anything.

Take him away.
- Come.

No...no...please tell them...
they're taking my son..

please tell them to stop, l beg you.

Don't stop me,
l'll kill you !

lf anything happens to me before
my ambition is achieved,

you will achieve it,
promise me to do it.

l will do it.
l will achieve your ambition.

l wanted a man but you
gave birth to a eunuch.

Bhavani prasad is dead, father.

He died when l threw bomb
at him and l saw him die.

Go...and see in Simhapuri.
Bhavani isn't dead.

Not a scratch on his body.
Bloody creep!

l had killed myself many demi Gods
created in Rayalaseema.

l'll kill this demi God Bhavani prasad.

Buddy, l didn't know you'd such
a big flashback.- Me too.

l too didn't know.
- Yes.

So many guns.

Buddy, this is original gun.

Don't make sound, l'll cut your neck.

My grandfather took the first weapon
and made the first bomb here.

What the hell you can do with it?

Though l wouldn't come
or can't come.

Same blood and same pride.
- Are you planning to settle here?

Any doubt? Do you want me to
get killed by police bullets?

This is my home,
l'll stay here only.

They didn't spare Bhavani himself,
we are noting to them.

No, let's go back to our colony.
- Let's go back, buddy.

Till now did anyone greet or
say good morning to us?

We're thieves,
why would anyone greet us?

Other than sending us to jail.

Till yesterday we were thieves,
from now onwards...

what a nasty life!
lt wasn't a life at all. Life is here!

With Simha dress and
twirling moustache like lndra,

now l'll show them the
real faction acting,

who is there?
Get them also faction dresses.

How can moustache go up
in 10 minutes.

Get ready quickly,
it's Bhavani's birthday.

We've to go to the temple.
ls the dress too tight?

Little tight.
- How is my dress?

Where's your moustache?
Keep it.

Moustache? No way.

Even ants have moustaches in Seema.
SPort it.

Father, careful with my suitcase.
- Okay.

Keep it here.

Why didn't you tell me
Simhapuri will be so hot?

ls it hot?

Why not stay pleasantly in
women police station's AC rooms,

for bringing me here for loving
some thief known as Ranga,

you can't avoid this hot Sun
and l can't avoid this heat.

Don't irritate me, father.

You've become just like
my grandma Mangamma.

Sit down.

l'll take if you say something
on me but not a word on Ranga.

Do you know anything about Ranga?

Father! Ranga!
- Ranga here?!

Stop...stop...move away!
- lt's me Sl Mangamma!

His name is Bhavani prasad, come.

Where are you going?
- Father, its Ranga.

- Yes.

Madam, he's Bhavani prasad.
- Bhavani prasad?

He's the biggest factionist
leader in Rayalaseema.

See the files in station,
there are 18 murder cases on him.

Lift the window pane.

This is unjust, brother.
l'm here to get you out of trouble,

how can you trouble me, brother?

lf l say it may look
by the way, who am l?

Thief, who is Manga?


can thief and police ever be lovers?
But we are!

God has united and
sent us to Rayalaseema too.

Who is she between us?
- He's Bhavani prasad, come.

Lift the window.
- What's this?

l'm telling you, l love Manga.

l'll marry Manga,
l'll have children with Manga. Bye!

Heart...heart...don't rush...

Don't dream too much and
lament, O youth...

He comes like uninvited guest...

He brings to life
my enchanting dreams...

He comes near romantically
and caresses my body...

With his hot wet breath he
tickles me and pinches my cheeks...

He takes me into his arms
with love and passion...

He walks along with me,
he follows me like shadow...

He'll become a part of you
and become your man...

Let this excitement cool down little...

lf he becomes all of you,
where is the place for you?

Don't hold back yourself,
give yourself in...

Enough of worry, no more dreams...

Don't go anywhere, don't
torture me, it's not fair...

Don't ignite passions in me...

Won't it take it's toll
on me if risen?

Always think of him
and get mesmerized...

He fills my thoughts,
my life and my dreams...

Wherever l may be,
he comes like a boon...

Don't raise the speed...don't push me...

l must hide my thoughts...
must be in limits, won't you listen?

Before l take off my married
woman's symbols,

l want to the bloodshed to happen.
Arrange it.

Leave me!

Leave me!

He's the man who threw the
first bomb on your brother.

put the glasses.
- Why?

lf not the fear in your heart
will be seen in your eyes.

Buddy, he may kill him.
- Bloody old man !

Rathaiah ! One shot only!

l'll not tell.

Write FlR that he got
crushed under your jeep.

Where is my son's head?

When a soldier died for the country,

only mother cries for him
not the country.

You must cry but not for losing
your only soldier like son,

you must cry for giving
-100 of such sons to me.

Cry...cry! Cry!

One shot only!

She said one shot and
he killed him in one shot,

and l wetted my pant in one shot.
- Buddy, l can foresee our future.

They'll give us a job,
and we'll refuse to do

that's all, one shot only!

l'm wetting my pant and shirt
just thinking of it.

What shall we do now, Ranga?

After you both change the pants,
all three of us...

Before police kill us in Hyderabad,
we must kill a man,

- Jayaprakash Reddy!

What did he do?
- He turned us into film buffs.

Now we came to know the difference
between films and real factions.

Right. Got back our senses.
How they cheated and betrayed us?

Let's take him to task.

Why are you still sporting moustache?
- Remove it. You wipe it.


Will you go away? Go.
- Can l go?

Nobody can stop a man
who wants to die.- You mean?

pulicherla people are waiting
to cut you to pieces.

Dogs are also ready to
take those pieces.

Have you forgotten that ants
too have moustaches in Seema?

SPort it!

- l will.

You're talking nonsense.

Yes sir. He's Ranga the thief of Hyderabad,
there are 78 theft cases on him,

if you've doubt get his files and check.

I know what to do. Shut up and get out.

Greetings madam.

What did the SP say?
- What would he say?

l say he's Ranga,
he says he's Bhavani prasad.

lf l insist, he warns to
get me transferred.

What a great news!

Let's forget about these
Ranga and Bhavani,

and go back to Amalapuram
and live happily there.

No father, a police officer
in uniform,

and a girl who loves a man,
don't spare any matter so easily.

Let your attitude go to hell!

father, to know if he's
Ranga or Bhavani,

l must go to that house.
l'm going.

Don't go Manga.

Bhavani Prasad, Rataiya, Satta Reddy, Salim.

All your gun licenses
will expire today,

SP has sent forms to
renew the licenses.

My husband doesn't need
a gun license.

What's this madam?

-78 cases, 12 police stations,
got used to signing my name as Ranga. Sorry

l told you about a girl, it's her.

l need to talk to you.

This matter must remain secret
between us only.

You stay in this house as
my younger sister.

lt's been many days since
we had drinks.

Sister-in-law has united
Ranga and Manga.

What about the old friends then?
- Old friends?

- She's very short.

- She's very thin.

- She's very fat.

- Super!

How Ranga and Meenakshi enjoyed
each other's company!

lt's sensational...my heart says this Meenakshi
...You're great...

lf you drape yourself in thin
transparent sari, Meenakshi...

Won't the world go crazy?

lf you wear sexy jacket, Meenakshi...
Won't there be chaos on roads?

His name is Ranga but
infant for milk of love...

lf he sees fishes, he becomes a thief...

Don't look out for April and March...

Relieve me of this pleasant pain
with your beauty and youth...

Shining Meenakshi...
magical eyed Meenakshi...

Your plait is like black cobra...
My heart skips a beat on seeing it...

There's a violin in my hips...

lt's devastating if you
play music on it...

Hey Manga, your kiss is bliss to me...

lf l come to steal you like
a thief, it's sensational...

You've lit fires of
passion in heart...

Will you make me leave my shyness
and shame to the wind?

l think you eat hot and spicy food...

You've taken over trapping me
with your beauty...- ls it?

Meenakshi, fish eyed beauty...

Enough !

l'm thief Ranga, l'll steal you...
l'll kiss you...

What sweet have you hidden
in your little lips...

You've mesmerized me
not allowing to turn my eye...

l must enchant you with
my beauty...

Why are you teasing
without touching me?

your sari end is flying and
you've a sensuous figure...

l'm Shiva, will be my Ganga?

Tie up the knots of romance tightly...
Rock me showing courage...

Laying trap with your
rosy sexy cheeks...

You've trapped me,
O young devil...

Beautiful Meenakshi
with large eyes...

Shall l come with you now
and give myself to you..

And look at you shell shocked...

One shot only!

How dare you enter Simhapuri!
How dare!

Turn the bloody rascals!
- Remove their masks.



How could you do after being
loyal to this family so many years?

What would be the reaction of your
wife and children if they know?

l made a mistake.
- We know sir.

l sent him.

Why did you come here?
- Why did you do this?

Hunger...hunger sir.

Don't we give you money every month?

The money and rice you give isn't
enough for me and my husband,

now we've a child,
no milk in my breasts,

how am l to feed this child?

pulicherla people promised to
pay Rs.5 lakhs to kill him.

We thought of raising our child
far away from here.

For his mistake,
please kill us also with him.

As you said we thought of
taking up agriculture,

we mortgaged our lands
for bank loans,

after completing all formalities,

Nagaraja got the bank manager
to marry his daughter,

Well done son-in-law!

Without water we lost crops,

how long should we live
these rotten lives.

Kill us...kill us...

Come tomorrow morning and
take your documents.


Robbing again !
l'm scared for the first time.

people have security for
lives in Rayalaseema,

but not for purses and bureaus. Come.

Give me the acid.
- Take it.

Hold it.

Documents are here only.
- All the documents.

How many banks should we go
to with these papers?

Recognised him?

Bank manager.

lf loans don't get sanctioned
in 2 days,

l'll cut you to pieces and
bury you in the same sack.

Sanction their loan first.

Greetings sir!

As you ordered Manager has
sanctioned loans to all of them.

Thanks for accepting my request
and sanctioning agriculture loans.

Will your aim get fulfilled
by forcing me to give loans?

Do you think loans will
give them bumper crops?

You know about my father-in-law, right?

You can't get even 10 drops of
water to this region in centuries.


How many people will you kill?

The anger which you didn't get
on killing your own brother,

is it coming out now
for killing an enemy?

Leave him...leave him.

Do you know what is this?
Auspicious thread!

A woman will carry it with pride
till her husband is alive,

do you know how the same thing
will become a burden after his death?

l'm carrying the burden
and aim of this family.

lf you can, help me, if you can't,
make habit to see death.

Throw his body near
pulicherla boundary.

l got you again, Bhavani prasad!

What happened, buddy?
- pulicherla people killed me.

You? You're fine, right?

What's that look?

What a thing that priest
had done to us!

The faction which is making
you go overboard,

my you get trapped in
the same factionism.

The priest spilled water then,
but we feel it now.

Before pulicherla people
lynch us like cats,

find a way to escape
from here like ants.

Why did you bring us here?

To show you tiger.
- Bloody!

Send them in.

Sit down.

First time Simhapuri people
have entered pulicherla.

For friendship or enmity?

As you think we didn't kill
your son-in-law or your men.

Actually l'm not Bhavani prasad at all.

l know it Ranga.
- Know?

Do you know l'm Ranga and
not Bhavani prasad?

SP read your files and
told me everything.

Didn't l tell you?
You got worried unnecessarily.

Look elderly man, they wetted their
pants on hearing your name.

You won't harm us, right?

He won't harm us,
he knows l'm Ranga. How can he harm?

What can he do?
- l'm not Bhavani prasad.- Yes.

We both know Bhavani was killed
in a bomb attack in court.

But people who revere him
as God don't know this.

lf they shouldn't hear Bhavani's
name, he must die again.

Stop joking, how can you
kill a dead man?

l can.
- Who?

You !
- Me?

l'll make you come behind
from your sister-in-law,

turn you into Bhavani
and then kill you.

We are thieves not killers.
lsn't it?

l'll force you to pick weapon
and then kill you as Bhavani.

Then only l'll kill you.

Rayalaseema where blood flowed,
water should flow there now.

Hands that held guns
must hold sickles,

hands that cut throats
must hold ploughs,

hands that threw bombs
must sow seeds,

this region must take
to agriculture.

project will be completed
in a week,

l don't want pulicherla people
to stop it at any cost.

Guard and secure the place.

Sir, irrigation project by Simhapuri
will be completed in a week,

moreover Governor is coming
to inaugurate it.

Governors will come and go,
governments will come and go,

but factionism is the only that
survives in this region.

Before he cools down this
factionism with water,

show the taste of factionism for
the last time to people of Simhapuri.

Why don't they cry here?

Every woman here would've lost
someone in family to faction fight,

not only to drink water,
there are no tears too,

that's because of pulicherla people.

Get Rathaiah, who is protecting
Simhapuri clan for 2 generations.

See in which vehicle
Rathaiah is there!

Got him!

Uncle, we've brought Rathaiah !

Though grown old,
you're still a real man !

Don't come near me for 10 minutes
after cutting my neck.

Even if l've the last breath,
l'll kill at least 10 people.

Bloody creep!

kill me...kill me...

You killed my son in one shot, right?
- Yes, l killed him.

can we trust Ranga?

He too has the same blood line.

The day his blood boils, you can
see yourself what he can do.

How did you raise him?


Didn't you add salt to the porridge?
Didn't add chilly in the food?

When this family is getting crushed,

as daughter-in-law to family,
my blood is boiling with anger,

as heir of this family carrying
the same bloodline,

why is so cowardly?

His grandfather, father and brother
had died for a great cause,

why is he still silent?

What are you saying?
About whom you're talking?

l came to know that l've a family
after you told me,

l may carry their bloodline,
but l don't have anyone,

l don't know,
l didn't see.

Don't you've any relationship
with them?

Aren't they your men?
- There are...they are elsewhere,

this old lady who saved
every grain to raise me,

she's mine,

this old lady is mother,
father, sister and brother.

When l cried for milk,

instead of feeding their children,
they fed me,

mothers of my colony,
they're my people,

though beaten up by police,
they saved me by not telling my name,

thieves of that colony,
they're my people,

the girl who gave up police job,

and living among demons
like you in fear, she's mine,

have you understood
who my people are?

This is your clan !
- This is not my clan !

l'm telling you now,

let them dare to touch anyone
whom l said are my people,

then l'll show them who Ranga is!
Come oldie!




Granny! What were the names
of my parents?

l'll make you pick up weapon,
turn you Bhavani and then kill you.

Then only l'll kill you.

l'll not spare anyone.

Kill you !

The last lion has come with
sword from Simhapuri.

Go and hunt him!

Kill them quickly!

l'm not a lion sleeping in forest,
for you to hunt,

l'm a ferocious lion which
hunts the hunters.

Lion of Simhapuri ...

Come, bloody bastard!

This is my house! This is my clan !

This is my native place Simhapuri! See!

Why are you seeing me
instead of the house?


Why is he saying sister-in-law?
- Sister-in-law!

l've brought the factionist
like a dog here.

Come out and see!

Yes, l'm not Bhavani prasad
as you think,

l'm your God Bhavani's own brother.
My name is Ranga.

3 months ago he killed
my brother Bhavani,

to achieve his aim,
my sister-in-law made me Bhavani.


Did you see what happened to
pulicherla if l take weapon?

Factionism isn't just gun,
swords and Sumos.

Factionism means courage,
you must have it here.

Give me a sword!
- Kill him!

You swore to turn me into Bhavani
and then kill me before my people,

l'm giving you an opportunity,
if you've guts, kill me. Come!

pick it up!

pick up!

How many people did he
kill in your family?

He killed al my three sons, sir.

What are you still waiting for then?

Bloody bastard!
pick the sword now!

l've seen many like you in Hyderabad.
pick up the sword.

Sister-in-law! A cat in the
pulicherla tiger clan.

Brother! Killed him!

No more enemies to create
hurdles in achieving your aim.

l'll fulfill your aim.

l'll keep the promise you made
to the people of Rayalaseema.

l've kept the promise given to you.
Your aim has been achieved.

This film is dedicated
to two great leader

who strived hard for the
progress of Rayalaseema,

Late Dr. NT Rama Rao,