Randy's Canvas (2018) - full transcript

A coming-of-age love story about an aspiring artist with autism.

Hey, Marylin.

- Thank you, Henry.
- Have a good day.

- And you, too.
- Keep smiling, all right?


Now, take a look

at Picasso's
Guernicafor example.

The severity
of the screams,

they're crying out
in anguish.

They're trapped
in a black and white

and shades of gray world.

They're being devoured
and destroyed.

Do you see it?

No, but you do,
and that's cool.

Good night, Security Bob.


Randy, you forgot your--


Boring. Stale. Done.

Bereft. Tragico.


Tell me, Butch, what does
this place lack?

- Better art.
- Try again.

- Um...
- What does this place lack?

- You.
- Yes, me!


These artists,
they're sold

in galleries
across the nation.

Discovered by a two-bit
consignment store

whose proprietors fancies
themselves a keen eye.

This is crap, crap,
crap, crap, crap.

this is not crap.


- This is--
- "RAW"?


- You Randall?
- Where's Bob?

He got canned.
Are you Randall?

Yeah, I am.

Come on with me.

Picasso, he was being
harassed by German soldiers.

Are you Randall?

One of the officers,

he saw the painting...

...in Picasso's apartment.

You can't hang
your own art in the gallery.

I didn't put
that art there.

And he asked Picasso--
he said, "Did you do that?"

You can't get
someone else to do it either.

Bob was relieved
of his post earlier.

Bob would never
leave his post.

And Picasso's response
was no, you did.

Please, Bob's a nice guy.
He's my friend.

We're gonna have
to terminate you as well.

- Terminate?
- It's vandalism, Mr. Whitsey.

No, this is vandalism.

Hello, this is Henry.

He's up there.

Thanks, bud.

- Go away, Dick.
- Hey, buddy, it's me.


Yeah. Open up
the door.

You may enter.

- I don't wanna enter.
- Well, I'm not leaving.


It smells awful
in here.

I'm sorry.
I threw up.

They fired me.
I'm really sorry.

Hey, hey, hey.
Don't be sorry.

It's okay.
It's okay, it's their loss.

But I like it here.

What, in the bathroom?

Hey, remember
when Ma had to leave?

Do you?

We didn't like that either,
but there was nothing

we could do about it.

So what did we do, hmm?
What did we do?

We moved on together,
and we found our feet.

Can we do
that again?

- Find our feet?
- Yeah, that's right.

Find our feet.

What are you smirking at?

You should see
what I'm seeing, man.

You're a mess.

- Yeah, I'm a mess.
- Yeah.

Well, I'm ready to go now.

All right,
let's get out of here.

Got it.

You have the pleasure
of speaking to Maurizio D'Oro.

- And?
- You must be RAW.

I'm here to apologize.

Look, I'm a lot of things

and raw is definitely
one of them.

But why
are you apologizing?

May I come in?

- Uh... sure.
- This is nice.

Very well.

I've come
to offer you a job.

- A job?
- As I understand it,

I cost you your job
at the Yellow Peril when

I inquired about your artwork
hanging on display.

I'm here now
to make amends.


What's wrong?
Your work is good.

You just need
guidance, refinement.

You need moi.
I like your look, though.

Ruggedly handsome
for a painter.

Hey, Randy?

Come here, buddy.

This is
my brother, Randy.

All right, and it's him
you owe the apology to.

Randy, this
is Mr. Mazarino.

Maurizio D'Oro.

Maurizio of Gold, yeah.

It's 'cause of him
you got fired.

Have a seat.

So you're RAW?

RAW's an acronym for my name.

It's for Randall
Andrew Whitsey.

Of course it is.

But also RAW,
you're more ways than one.

You have talent,
but you need to cultivate it.

You are but stone--
an uncut diamond.

Once we have you cut,

you will shine
like the gem you are.

You will be brilliant.

- Wait, what?
- What would you say if

I told you I have a good friend
at New England Tech

who can help you
expand your skills? Gratis?

- A school for art?
- Precisely.

Yeah, I don't know,
to me, school just teaches you

things that
I'd probably never use.

You're being pessimistic.
School is for people like you.

There's nothing
wrong with me!

I don't need your help,
and I don't need your school.

- Wait, Randy.
- No, I just,

I don't want to do that.

I'm sorry.

If you know what's good
for your brother,

you'll see that
he's in my gallery

tomorrow morning, 11:00 a.m.

It'll be a shame to miss
the kind of opportunity

that I'm prepared
to offer him. Good-bye.

- Thanks for coming.
- Coat!



And the boy
who can paint arrives.


Come. Enter. Be amazed.
Butch, two Cabernet, chop-chop.


It's 11:00 a.m.

Yes, of course,
make it Chardonnay.

Your face.

Durango, magnifico,?

A rare palazzo.

Of course, not so rare
for my galleria.

- This one.
- The boy speaks.

And it would appear
you have quite the eye.

Do you like?

I don't recognize
the artist

and it's probably
for a good reason.

It's not very good.
Why did you buy that work?

I didn't.
I painted it.

drink with me.

Oh, do you have
iced coffee with no ice?

You'll be responsible
for phones, setting up showing,

helping clients with whatever
they want. Claro?

- You want me to work out there?
- Yes, as a receptionist.

I'd rather clean.
Can I be your custodian?

A janitor?
You want to be my janitor?

A janitor is often
a synonym for custodian.

I have a service
that cleans for me, Randy.

I would do a better job,
and it would cost you less.

- A lot less.
- Mamma mia.

One step back,
two steps forward, I hope.

Are you sure
you want to be my janitor?

Yes, I'm sure.

Buongiorno, ArtProv Gallery
will be closed for renovation,

and I won't be needing
your service until we reopen.

Grazia, arrivederci.


♪ Taking all the land
Across the sea... ♪


Hey, Chip.

Your tolerance for alcohol
is ever increasing.

Well, aren't
we feeling forward today?

Which reminds me,
we need to change our filters

when we get home.

I changed the filter
first of the month,

every quarter
as directed.

That's why
I love you, brother.

Always on top of things.

Excuse me, are you guys
staying for the game?

The games
like the ones on TV?

No, like the kickball game
out in the parking lot.

Oh, I don't like sports.

Oh, well, you have
a prime position here

and this place
is jam-packed.

Ain't that too bad.

- Do you mind if we join you?
- Mm, not at all, pretty lady.

Please, take a seat.
Hey, hey, Randy, come on.

Hi, I'm Sienna.

Sienna is
an earth pigment containing

iron oxide
and magnesium oxide.

And it's also my name.

And this is
my boyfriend, Clinton.

I did not have sexual relations
with that woman.

- Wow, that was really good.
- I think I can do better.

No, please, don't.

Well, look, I'm Henry,

and this
is my little brother, Randy.

- Say hi, Randy.
- Hello.

- Hey, Chip.
- Here we go.

That's mine,
thank you.

Thanks, buddy.

Perfect. All right,
man, thank you.

Yeah, and the game,
too, Chip, thank you.

Yeah, I got you,
Mr. Nielsen.

Oh, Nielsen.
As in Patriot Disposal Nielsen.

Nielsen as the trash company
Nielsen, yeah.

What, dude?
I work for you.

Well, actually,
you work for his grandfather.

This is Clinton Nielsen III.

Do you want to tell him
where we live, too, babe?

- Jesus!
- Oh!

- Idiot! God!
- It was an accident.

These pants
are Brooks Brothers.

- Relax, all right?
- Or what, trashman?

My family already owns you.
Let's go.

- Just relax.
- I'll see you at home.

- It's barrida...
- Barrida.


- ...debajo pensatro.
- Pensatro.

- Pensatro!
- Hey!

Hey, buddy,
come back, buddy!

Hey, you want a shot?
He doesn't want it.

You want some more?
Whoa, hold on.

Go, go. Go!

♪ But it doesn't
Even feel all right ♪

♪ 'Cause our holes
Got holes ♪

♪ And the wind's
Too slow ♪

♪ I gotta jump ship
Before we sink down low ♪

♪ I said
Our holes got holes ♪

♪ And the wind's
Too slow ♪

♪ I gotta jump ship
Before we sink down low ♪

♪ Yeah, our holes
Got holes ♪

♪ And the wind's
Too slow ♪

♪ I gotta jump ship
Before we sink down low ♪♪



RAW is an acronym
for my name.

It's Randall
Andrew Whitsey.

Did you paint that?

- Yeah.
- It's very nice.

Thank you.

Hey, can you tell Harry
that I said thanks?

His name is Henry,
but I call him Redlocks.

I get that, Redlocks.

Red hair.

Well, tell him
I said thanks.

- And see you later, RAW.
- Okay. Good-bye.

- All right, good night.
- Buonanotte.

You did well today.

I will have you back
on Wednesday.

You don't want me
back tomorrow?

Tomorrow you'll meet with
Maxwell von Hausdorff.

- Sounds German.
- Tragically so.

Well, why
do you want me

to meet with German
Maxwell von Hausdorff?

Have a seat.
Don't worry, have a seat.

So he's a renowned
art professor.

I told him about
your work,

and he's
agreed to meet you.

Possibly give you
a trial in his class.

A scholarship?

Tuition costs $40,000
a year, sweetheart.

Not a scholarship,
at least not yet.

But if he likes your work,
you will be auditing his class.

Audit his class?

Dear me, boy,
you will take his class.

But I don't have
enough money.

You'll be
auditing the class!

Which means you
will take it for free

for the time being,
but you won't be enrolled.

So you're the boy

Maurizio's been
raving about.

I believe you have
something for me.

Ah, let's take
a look!

Ah ah.

Yeah. Oh.
Have you anything else?



Oh, now
this one interests me.

- What is that?
- That, a cocktail napkin.

Yeah, indeed,
but what is the work that

- is on the cocktail napkin?
- Sweet Sienna.

Oh, yeah.
Almost a found art quality.

A touch of realism.
A genuine rare.

Strong angles.

Strokes reminiscent
of Victorian charcoal.

Und how did you create
this red and yellow hues?

Ketchup and mustard.

Yeah, yeah.

Very good, I think

you can audit my class
if you wish.

A special session has
already begun,

but I believe I can
bring you up to speed.

So right here,
Monday morning, 11:30 a.m.

- Don't be late.
- Yeah.

That should be
good, yeah.

- Okay. Thank you. Thank-- okay.
- All right.

- Yeah, yeah.
- The whole point of this

game is we have
the stick in the hand, right?

See how long
and hard, right?

See these balls?
You want to hit the balls.

- Hit all the balls there.
- Hi.

Hey, brother,
what's going on, man?

Can you step out
for a second?

Whoa whoa whoa,
Randy, manners.

Can you please
step out for a second?

I'm gonna go
get a drink.

- All right, hurry.
- Thank you.

We need to work
on your game, kid.

Yeah, I want to see Mom.

Ma. What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong,
I just want to tell her

the good news,
and you need to take me.

I can't
now, Randy.

I mean, I got doubles
all month and, uh... you know.

You're not working
right now, though, so.

Yeah, but you can't show up
unannounced, kid, all right?


'Cause Briarcliffe
has visiting hours.

Look at me.

You wanna go see her,
we'll go soon.

- All right?
- You promise?

Yeah, I promise.
So what's the good news?

I'm going to the school,
and I took the job.

Say that again.

I took the job,
and I'm gonna be working

with Mr. Gold
at ArtProv Gallery

in Providence and I'm going

to New England Tech
to audit the class.

That's fantastic,
buddy, come here.


Yes, yes, that's awesome.
Come here.

All right, now you're taking
risks, and you're stepping out

of your comfort zone.

All right, like I always
taught you.

- Yeah.
- That,

that my friend,
takes cojones.


You know, your man cubes.
Your seed holders.

- Your juice boxes.
- Juice box?

Yeah, your prizes.

You got the cash,
and you got the prizes. Yeah?

- Uh... You have peanuts?
- Your walnuts, your peanuts.

Do I have to spell it out?
Your balls, Randy, your balls.

Look down.
Whoo, there we go!

Now look
at me, don't-- okay?

- I get it.
- Chip, one shot of Patrón

- and one iced coffee.
- With no ice.

- With no ice, bud.
- Your friend can come back.

I'm so proud of you.
Come here, man.

You know,

we're gonna have to buy
you some supplies.

- You know, I--
- I already have my art supplies.

The professor,
Maxwell von Hausdorff,

- is German.
- See? Now, losing that job

was the best thing that
could happen.

I told you,
baby bro.

We always...

yo, we always
bounce back, right?

It's your day.

- Is it?
- Just for you.

Hey, look
who's here.

Sienna and her angry
trust fund baby boyfriend.

Yo, watch this.

What up, Beauty and the Beast?

- Okay, yeah, get off.
- Okay, get off me.

Is that what your pop
says about his coattails?

You wanna talk
about this, trashman?

Really? Relax,
bro, all right?

Don't make a fool
of yourself

in front of the lady
again, remember?

You're stupid.
Let's just get out of here.

I want to stay.
You said it was my night.

It is your night.
Just somewhere else.

- Okay, you're being a baby.
- I am not being a baby.

Okay, well, I want
to stay with my friends.

- Seriously?
- I stayed up all night

trying to help you and now
you wanna leave? Go.

I'm gonna stay here
with Randy and Harry.

- Henry.
- Henry.

I gotta take this.

Ask her if you
can buy her a drink.

- Randy.
- Can I buy you a drink?

- Yes, please.
- Okay.

I want you
to meet Kourtney.

- Yeah.
- Hi.

Chardonnay, please.

♪ A little city built
On seven hills ♪

♪ One man one vision
Of some small prince ♪

♪ Move a river
And drink some wine ♪

♪ I'll try to keep
My hands clean this time ♪

♪ The princes only
Live like kings ♪

♪ And sometimes
They lose everything ♪

♪ And that is only what
He thinks he is ♪

♪ Is some prince of

♪ Providence ♪

Well, Clinton left.


- It's okay.
- Damn.

- Damn!
- Yeah.

Well, can I call you,
like, an Uber or a Lyft?

No, no,
I'm gonna walk.

I need to walk.

I could use
the fresh air, actually.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Firm, very decisive.
I like. I like.

I think I should walk.
I really should.

I don't think you should be
walking anywhere.

Yeah, I don't
think so either.

- Or driving.
- Pretty much anything, yeah.

I'll walk.

I just had iced coffee
with no ice, so if you want.

I'd like that.

Okay, yeah,
hold on.

I gotta--

Here's my sweater,
so it's cold.

I'm gonna go asleep.

Thank you.

- You gonna be okay?
- I'm fine.

I'm fine.
I'm just gonna hangout.

You guys go ahead
and... too-da-loo.

Fly away.

- Okay, you ready?
- Yeah! Yeah, let's.

- All right, I'll see you.
- Bye.

I'll see you later.
Good. Have fun.

- Yeah.
- All right.

All right, bye.

So Redlocks,
he became my brother

when I was really little,

and we kind of just
grew up together.

So you're adopted?

My real parents,
they abandoned me

when I was five
in the lobby

of Women
& Infants Hospital

and then Redlocks
and my mom-- my real mom.

I call her
my real mom.

They brought me in
and raised me ever since that.

- You're blessed.
- Hmm.

Do you ever wonder
about your real parents?

No, 'cause they left me,
and I barely knew them.

So I have Redlocks

who's my brother
and then my mom--

my real mom
and I have a roof

over my head
and my house

and that's all
that really matters...

- Right.
- ...are my roof, my mother...


I miss my home.

Are you not happy here?

I came from a small town
in Mexico when I was younger.

My dad got a job here

and ever since
we've been here,

my parents
just tell me to find

some rich
American boy to marry.

That seems backwards.

That's what I thought, too.

Is Clinton
a rich American boy?

Yeah. I guess
I'm just hoping

that he's something
more than that.

He's not very
nice to you, Sienna.

No, he is.

I wanna be
with somebody that

wants to be with me
and doesn't need me.


So are you
a Patriots fan, Red Sox?

I don't like sports.

- What?
- Yeah, sports are dangerous.

I thought every guy
likes sports.

Not this guy.

Have you been
to a game before?

Redlocks, he says
I have no game.

Well, you'll have to come

to a game
with me sometime.

Big crowds,
they make me nervous.

I'll be there with you.

- You'll be fine.
- Yeah.

Hey, thanks for taking
this walk with me tonight.

Yeah, can I have
your number

so I can contact you
about the game?

Well, Henry doesn't know

what he's talking about

because that's some game
you have there.

- Is that me?
- Oh, it's a work in progress.

Um... can I have
my pencil?

Yeah, okay.
That's-- yeah.

Thank you.

Ah, Mr. Whitsey.


Mr. George,
please take position one.

- Why?
- Mr. Whitsey, please take

position three
next to Ms. Monroe.

Go on, please.

Hi, my name's Randy.

Today, I will like you
to paint anything.

- Anything at all.
- Like, anything?

Yeah, anything.

Today is about getting what's
in your mind onto the canvas.

A clean mind
and a dirty canvas

begins the process
of distilling our impurities.

Today, you may
paint anything

you'd like
in whatever style you like,

but you may use
only one brush.

Und you may begin now.

What are you gonna paint?


♪ Said I wanna try
To be a better man ♪

♪ And I tried
Oh I tried but I can't ♪

♪ I'd slick up
And I'd suit up and I ♪

♪ Dressed code...

Ah, the abstract.

Lacks the control
and clear edges of certainty

that can give it
its confidence.

Und here we have
a near modern Miller-esque

that lacks
the control and warmth

and yet the--
there we are, the deco.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah--
- What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- Excuse me?

This is mine.
You ruined it.

- It's not--
- This is

a studio workshop,
Mr. Whitsey.

If I am
to instruct you--

if I am to instruct them,
I will need to instruct.

- Now--
- What about-- what about his?

You touch my painting,
but his could be way better.

- Go over there.
- Mr. Whit-- Mr. Whitsey.

That was
rather rude.

I'm sorry, it's not your fault.
Well, it is.

- Yeah.
- Sorry.

In this setting,
this is our work.

It is for everyone
to gain experience und for me

to share
my knowledge.

Now, as
I was saying--


This should prove interesting.

Uh, maybe for next time.

Have a scuffle
with the little lady?

Get too happy at happy hour?
Forget to pay child support?


Hey, I'm Drew Andrews, Jr.
at Andrews' Bail Bonds.

If you're locked up, we'll get
you out lickety-split.

And we'll get you
to court right on time.

Or else.

Andrews' Bail Bonds.

Serving the greater
New England area

the Nixon administration.

Call 401-55-JAIL
with two Ls.

That's 5-5-J-A-I-L-L.

What's up, Randy? Hello?

All right.

♪ Would you
Hot and steady ♪

♪ Set me free?

♪ The sirens...

Yo, Randy.

What's going on, buddy?

♪ There's a safe
And an okay and together ♪

- ♪ That we know...
- Hey, Randy.

♪ There's a cool
And a deep... ♪

The collection has grown.

- I paint what I--
- You feel.

I know.
What are you feeling now?

I feel like I don't wanna--

I don't wanna go back
to that school.

Why's that?

I think I'm different
than everybody there

and the professor,
he treats me like I'm a child.

You're a pretty damn
good artist, baby bro.

But that don't mean
that you know everything

there is to know
about it.

If you wanna be
the best artist you can be,

then take advantage
of this--

of this great chance
to learn in a...

Christ, in a structured setting
with a-- with an open door.

It's right there
for you.

I should've been more
than I am, Randy.

I should've been more
than I am.

Don't let your ego
get in the way.

You should consider
yourself lucky.

You know what I'd give
for an opportunity like yours?

- That's what Redlocks says.
- Who's Redlocks?

That's what I call
my older brother, Redlocks.

- Yeah? Is he a pirate?
- No, he's a garbageman.

Well, Redlocks
the Garbageman is very wise.

You should listen to him.
Artists are replaceable.

People are not replaceable.

No? Well, tell that
to Maurizio.

You know how many
starry-eyed kids I've seen

come through that door?

Hell, I was
one of them.

I've worked
for the Italian Ice

for two years,
and I never gotten a show.


- Ugh, shut up!
- Henry!

Oh, come on,
people are sleeping!

Hey, Marylin,
good morning, honey!

Yeah. Henry!

♪ Sunrise spills
In spots onto my wall ♪

♪ And I want
To hold you so bad ♪

♪ I hold my tongue
Hate to the core ♪

♪ These little things
Never set me off ♪

♪ Like this before...

- Everything good?
- Yup, I'm all right.

- You sure about that?
- Yeah, I'm all set.

- Let's go.
- ♪ These days

♪ It's nothing
Out of norm... ♪

Oh, Mr. Whitsey,
welcome back.

Are you prepared to engage
in the studio process?


Danka. You take
the 10-minute pose with apple.

You may begin.

Ah, great start,
Ms. Monroe.

Thank you.

♪ Na-na na-na na

♪ Na-na na-na na

- ♪ Na-na na-na...
- Mr. Whitsey...

do you not like the model
I have chosen?

No, I like.

Does his form
not interest you?

I'm not
a homosexual.

That was not the intention
of my question.

Is there a reason
you have chosen to paint this?

There's nothing wrong
with your model.

He's very well-defined,
and I can see why

you chose him
but his body will--

it will
effectuate realism,

so it's
a good choice.

Very good.

Then why does
your painting have breasts?

- It's what he inspired.
- Hmm.

- Later.
- Mm.

- What you doing now?
- Getting ready to go

- do some errands.
- Mind if I tag along?

We can grab
a coffee after.

I like iced coffee
only, so.

- Sounds good.
- But with no ice.

- Okay, no ice.
- No ice.

This tent that had all this
local artists and stuff

in there,
and I fell in love

with a painting
of a cactus.

And I knew I wanted to be
an artist since I was eight.

I remember eight well.
Great year.

Nobody remembers
all of eight.

I do.
But I'm not like most people.

- To new friends.
- Are we friends?

Yeah! I think so.

So the girl that you paint
in class, do you know her?

- Yeah.
- So she's your girlfriend.


But you want her
to be.

I never had one.

- Do you have her number?
- Yeah, she gave it to me.

That means she's interested.
Have you called her?

- No.
- Why not?

I'm afraid if I call,
she won't pick up.

Then you leave a message.

You should call her.

if you really want to.

Right then, perfect timing.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, hey, Redlocks,
how was your day?

Mine was good.
Thanks for asking. Yeah.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi, who's this?

- Randy.
- Hey, Randy.

Hi, Sienna, how are you?

I'm doing well.
How are you?

I think I'm ready to go
to the sports game with you.

Oh, great.

Great, what are you
doing tomorrow?

The Paw Sox
are playing at McCoy.

I have--
I have class tomorrow.

- Oh, what about the next day?
- I have class then as well.

Well, then
that makes it difficult.

I will-- I'll skip class
for you.

No, don't do that.

Don't do that.
That's not a good idea.

It's fine, I'm better
than that class, anyway.

- Oh. Well, wow, okay.
- I wanna bring Redlocks.

Yeah, yeah, that's a--
that's a great idea.

I'll bring Clinton.

- Yeah, okay, sure, yeah.
- Okay.

That-- I'll leave
two tickets

- at will call for you.
- Okay.

Okay, I'll see
you tomorrow, then.

Okay, we're gonna go
to a baseball game

with Sienna and her
angry boyfriend tomorrow.

- Oh, we are?
- She said she will call

about two tickets tomorrow.

Are you sure
that's what she said, Randy?

Yes, she said she will call
about two tickets tomorrow.

Pretty sure I know
what she meant.

- Hey, hey.
- Huh?

I really don't
like her boyfriend.

Oh, yeah, I don't--
yeah, I don't--

Attaboy. I'll see you
later, buddy.

- Don't slam the door.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.

Hey, come on.

- It's gonna be loud.
- Hey, I got you.

- All right, let's go.
- Uh...

Jesus, Randy,
come on.

You're gonna have
a good time, all right?

I got you.
Let's go.

- You need to lock--
- I locked the door.

- Don't worry about it. Come on.
- ♪ Some people choose

♪ To pick and lose

♪ Some people stayed
To make you wait ♪

♪ I won't give up
Until you say ♪

♪ I won't give
Until you say ♪

♪ Some people doubt
The whole damn thing ♪

♪ Some people tried
To run and hid ♪

♪ But I won't give up
Until you say ♪

♪ I won't give
Until you say ♪

♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa oh oh oh
Oh-oh whoa oh ♪

♪ Whoa oh

♪ Whoa oh whoa oh...


- Randy, Harry.
- It's Henry.

- Yeah.
- I told you my name.

I know, guy.

I don't like beer.

Yeah, it's not
for you. Sienna.

- You're an artist, huh?
- Art's something I do, yeah.

What, you draw,
like, cartoons and stuff?

No, abstract
and figurative.

- Cool.
- So what do you do?

I'm a lawyer. Nearly. Almost.
I got, like, a year left.

Redlocks, he doesn't
like lawyers.

He says they're
money-grubbing a-holes.

You're a head trip,


♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa oh oh oh
Oh-oh whoa oh ♪

♪ Whoa oh

♪ Whoa oh whoa oh

♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh-oh

♪ Whoa oh oh oh
Oh-oh whoa oh ♪

♪ Whoa oh

♪ Whoa oh whoa oh ♪

Hey, thanks again.

- This was great.
- Yeah, thanks for coming.

It's nice being around
good people.

- Yeah.
- I really liked the hot dogs.

- They were good.
- Thanks so much.

- Yeah.
- Let's go, baby bro.

- Bye, Randy.
- Okay.


- What the hell was that?
- What was what?

"What was what?"
You just kissed a taken woman.

I don't follow.

You can't just
kiss someone, Randy.

I mean, he's mean to her.

Right, okay.

And then
I'm nice to her, so...

A kiss, you know,
it should be mutual.

Well, she kissed me back.

I mean, I didn't feel
her tongue.

Did I do it wrong?

You crash-landed
on your face, all right?

Come on, let's get out of here
before the American psycho

- wakes up and finds his ax.
- Oh!

- It's un-- it's unlocked.
- Yeah.

I know-- I know,
I unlocked the car.

- But you said you locked it.
- I didn't.

- On the way in--
- Shut up. Put your seatbelt on.

All right.

- Okay, let's go, then.
- Oh, God.

- Randy!
- Oh, hey, Cassie. How are you?

Hi, I'm good.

- We should go so we're not late.
- Good.



- Thanks.
- Mr. Whitsey...

about the girl
from your paintings.


I realize she's
a preferred subject,

but it's very
important that you work

on what
I present in class.

I cannot teach you if you're
not following my lessons.

I don't like
your lessons, it's...

Fair enough.

But this is
a very special class

that NEIT is offering.

Something unique.

And you constantly
defying my syllabus,

it's not just
a problem for me.

It's also a problem
for the other students as well.

It's a distraction.

I don't want
to be a distraction.

Yeah, I know you don't.
But they are distracted.

May I go to class now?

- I don't--
- Where were you yesterday?

I was at a baseball game.

Baseball? So you think baseball
is more important than art?

Of course not,
but I was with Red--

I don't care
who you were with.

If you miss one more class,

your time here
is done. Verstehe?

Get, get, get!

- Buonasera, Randall.
- Mr. Gold.

Come with me.

Have you heard of the artist
Mauricio Callegari?

Il Trágico, 1879.

Molto bene.
And only Il Trágico.

Do you know why?

- No.
- Because he was caught

sleeping with
his patron's wife.

His patron
then cut his penis off

and slipped the knife
into his belly

and spilled his entrails
all over the piazza.

The point being is
many men's downfall

has been
a woman of lust.

I don't understand.

I hope you never do.

Maurizio D'Oro.

♪ Going to war he said

♪ I'll leave my mother

♪ I'll leave my bed

♪ The silence
It comes for me... ♪

- Everything okay?
- No.

- What's wrong?
- Just please be quiet, okay?

♪ He left at dawn
That day... ♪

I don't mean to pry.

Sometimes when life sucks

I go to this beach
in Narragansett.

It's really beautiful
at night.

It helps clear my head.

I hope things
get better for you.

Me, too.

♪ He said
"Now you know this isn't" ♪

♪ This isn't where
You're supposed to be... ♪

- What's your problem?
- Everyone's against me.

- What?
- They all hate her.

Who hates who?

My sweet Sienna,
they hate her.

- They're jealous of us.
- You lost me.

Never mind, okay?

All right, look,
whoever Sweet Sienna is,

however sweet
she may be,

she seems to be
clouding your judgment.

How would you know?

I heard Maurizio
and Hausdorff talking,

and they said you're fixated
on some subject.

All right,
and it's affecting your work.

Yeah, we'll be talking.

You think it's wrong
I paint Sweet Sienna

in the German's class?

She has a name
and an adjective.

How appalling.

Look, I never met the girl,

but it's clear that she has
a spell on you.

One that
you're unable to control.

It's all
the German's fault.

I doubt that.

But he does not like that
you won't paint what he asks.

- He says that all the time.
- Well, I suggest you listen.

When are you
gonna give me my own show?

Excuse me, Randall,

but your insolent tone
is off-putting.

When are you gonna give me
my own show?

When you show
some respect.

When your art is up to par

and worthy of being displayed
at the ArtProv Gallery.

My galleria!

When you appreciate
the opportunities

presented to you.

I think you should go
back to work now.

We'll discuss the show
when I'm ready. Go!

- Autism?
- I think so.

It all makes sense.

He has amazing talent,

but he seems to be unaware
of his condition.

If you cut him off,

he'll never be able
to realize what he can do.

I will allow him to continue,

provided he stops
painting that girl.

- I don't know if the girl--
- You think that I'm retarded?

That I'm not capable
of painting anything

other than
a single subject?

Of course not,
but you bursting into my office

like this does not
help your case.

I am not
mentally retarded.

- Randy--
- One day I will be

a brilliant artist
and you will respect me.

If I wanna paint Sienna
every day of the week I will,

whether you
hate her or not.

- Randy--
- No!


You kissed
my girl!

You think you can do

whatever you want
because you're special?


- Stop, Clinton! Stop, stop!
- Come on, fight back.

- Stop! Stop!
- Come on, fight back.

Clinton, stop!
Clinton, stop!

She's all I have, Randy.

I couldn't
find my bike.

What happened?

Well, apparently
you got

a good old-fashioned

- Did I fight back at least?
- That's not important.

It is.
It's very important.

What matters is that
you're okay now.

Thank you,
Mr. Gold.

You are
an outstanding artist, Randy.

You have amazing raw talent.
Pun intended.

But you're lacking
the critical understanding

of the art form.

You're also lacking control
of your emotions.

What makes great art

is this in tandem
with this.

Heart and head
in harmony.

Your emotions
and your mind,

they don't work together
like most people.

I must ask.
Do you have autism?

When I was--
when I was three years old,

I was diagnosed with
Asperger syndrome but in 2013,

the DSM-5, the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual

of Mental Disorders,
Edition 5

has defined it
and other forms

of autism inclusively
as this is one thing.

It's autism spectrum disorder.
It's all one thing.

It's not-- yeah.
It's just one, yeah.

- It's not a--
- It's okay.

It's okay.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Don't be sorry.
Autism, it's what I have.

It's not who I am.
I'm just-- I'm just Randy.

Randy. I will give you
a hug right now,

but I suppose that
will make you uncomfortable.

- You can do it for two seconds.
- Cool.

- Two seconds, okay.
- Well, three but only three.

Three it is.

One, two...

Clinton told me what happened.

I'm sorry
that he hurt you.

How is he?

He's all right,
I guess.

He's hurt
on the inside, too.

I mean,
I feel bad for him.

You're so sweet.

No, you're sweet, Sienna.
I really think so.

Thank you, Randy.

Do you wanna see
something in my studio?

Sure, yeah.

Are these me?

Yeah, you inspire
my feelings.

How do I do that?

I don't know, you just--
you just kind of do.

You're a really
strong person,

and I wanna be
as strong as you.

Can you sit on that stool
so I can paint?

- Sit?
- Yeah, yeah.

on the stool.

Okay. Cool.

What do you
want me to do?

Look natural.

Well, it's not
really natural

for me to just
randomly pose for you.

Okay. All right,
listen to this.

I got music and stuff--
it's what I do.

- It's...
- What song should I listen to?

I'll get that.

Okay, yeah.

it's a good one.

Put them-- yeah.

Just put them
in your ears and...

♪ I've been

♪ Lost in the mazes

♪ My heart locked
In cages ♪

♪ Unlock the cages

♪ You sound like a road

♪ Like a road
That needs paving ♪

♪ Just like a stone

♪ Like a stone
Needing shaping ♪

♪ Don't care
If it breaks my bones ♪

♪ Could you be home?

♪ Could you be safety?

♪ A place
To rest my soul ♪

♪ 'Cause I've been
On my own ♪

♪ For too long

♪ Don't leave it alone

♪ Keep pushing on baby

♪ 'Cause I've been
Losing hope ♪

♪ I've been losing
I've been bruised so ♪

♪ Could you be home?

♪ Home

♪ Home

♪ Could you be home?

♪ Could you be home?

- I have to go.
- What do you mean, "go"?

- Go where?
- I have to go.



Wow. Okay.


I don't want another dog.

Dogs die.

It ain't just a dog.
It's a-- hey, look at it.

It's a companion, right?

I have other things
on my mind, okay?

Yeah, you mean somebody.

Don't say it
like that.

- Don't say it like what?
- Like you're mad at her.

You're upset 'cause
you had sex with her,

and she rejected you.

- Did you wear a condom?
- Look, she didn't reject me.

And we didn't
have sex, all right?

Well, what about you?
When are you gonna see Mom?

Don't change
the subject, all right?

She's dying.

And you pretend like she's on
some kind of big vacation.

Hey, this ain't
about me, all right?

No, it's about me!
It's always been about me!

Why am I the only one
that's supposed to change?

You say you want more and when
you get a free moment,

you're out drinking it
away in a bar.

- Hey, that is enough!
- It's not enough!

It's never enough!

I'm sick and tired of being
told what's good for me.

- I know what's good for me.
- Look at me.

You're about to make
a fool of yourself right now.

- Calm--
- I know me. I know me.

What's his name?

Harlan. But you know something,
if you want this dog,

you can call him
whatever you want.

No, his name's

meet Harlan.

Hey, beautiful. Come here.

You think you can give
this dog a loving home?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Can we keep him?


Yo, Randy?

Yo, buddy, get up.
Come on, we're gonna be late.

Hurry up.

Are you feeling
stressed, Randy?

Very stressed.

I don't know how
she feels about me.

I see.

This is
not good.

Swelling in your face,
hands, mouth, and throat.

Chest tightness,
trouble breathing,

fast flow, pounding,
or uneven heartbeat.

Fever, sweating, confusion,
or muscle stiffness.

Increased hunger
or thirst.

Change in how often
you urinate.

dizziness, or fainting.

Numbness or weakness
on one side of your body.

Sudden or severe
headache problems

with vision,
speech, or walking.

Painful or prolonged erections.
Seizures or tremors.

Breast soreness
and nipple discharge

in both women
and men.

And trouble swallowing, too.
Yeah, I can't take this.

I just...


I have something
that should raise your spirit.

I'm hosting a showcase

of several artists
and photographers,

and I'd like
to offer you a spot.

One piece.
Your best work.

Really? You want
to show my work?

One piece.
Make it great.

Make it RAW. Salute.

You can drink.


Oh, what for?

The show.
Professor told me.

- Yeah.
- I'm really excited for you.

Yeah, cool, I'm excited.
It's gonna be cool.

Are you creating
a new piece,

or are you using
an existing one?

Mr. Gold wants me
to make a new one specifically

for this show,
so I think I'm just gonna...

- Cool.
- ...like, do...

- Well, what's the concept?
- I don't know, um...

I don't know yet.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Isn't the show
kind of soon?

Yeah, I should probably
get with that.

I have to-- yes.
I'm gonna do it.


Look, you're
stronger than me.

You always have been.

When you really let somebody in,
that's when you'll be happy.

It's not that easy.

Just give me
a chance, please.

What is it, Randy?

Is everything okay at home?

What does that have to do
with the painting?

More than
you might know.

I feel, um...
broken, Redlocks.

- Broken how?
- I feel numb.

I feel like the medication

is, like, is taking
my feelings away,

and I'm not--
I'm not inspired

and I have
nothing to paint.

Well, look, buddy, it's only
meant to be temporary.

I think I wanna stop
taking the medication.

The pharmacist says you can't
just, you know, stop.

I know, I wanna stop
as soon as possible.

Look, uh... let's just give it
a little time, all right?

Let your body adjust.

Do you think
Sienna likes me?

Look, buddy, she definitely
likes you, all right?

But maybe not in the same way
that you like her.

How do you mean?

Hey, we promised to always be
honest with each other, right?

- Yes.
- Right?

- Always honest.
- Yeah, to a fault.

All right, buddy, look.

out of your league.

Now, hold on, some women can

be very,
very superficial, right?

Now, they base attraction off
a lot of unrealistic qualities

and, uh...
and attributes in guys.

But you can love somebody,

you know, without it
being physical.

Kind of like
loving someone from afar.

Just like
you love Mom from afar?

Was that an insult, Randy?

- Are you insulted?
- Yes.

Then yes, it's an insult.

Now, Randy, I, uh...

I really sacrificed.

I put any kind of dream

I had on damn hold
for you!

For you.

- I didn't ask you to.
- I know.

I know.
I did it 'cause I love you.

Not quite
what I had in mind.

Is there anything else
you've done?

No, that's
my submission.

Are you
absolutely sure?

That's it.
That's the one I want, okay?

Just use that,

You know who Sweet Sienna is.
Prepare this.

I think you have more potential
than you're realizing.

Consider submitting
something else, yes?

I don't
wanna consider anything.

I want you to put her up
on that wall now, okay?

Sweet Sienna Hey, Randy.
Omw to your place. R U home?

I gotta go.
Thanks. Oh, shit.

Look, Randy...

I know how
you feel about me.

When you kissed me out
in the parking lot

after the game, I could tell
how much it meant to you.

And I want you to know
that it felt good for me, too.

Well, that's good,

- Yeah, it is.
- Good.

Look, it's not
easy for me.

I know feelings, they can be--
feelings can be hard.

But there's something
I've been wanting to tell you.

No. No,
please don't.

- Don't.
- Just stay right here.

I have
to go, Randy.

Please, please.
This-- you gotta stay.

Look, Randy...


I don't want
to hurt you.

- All right.
- You're one of the sweetest,

most honest, and the most
real person I ever met.

Thank you.

Look... I'm going through
something right now.

I don't even know
what it is yet.

I need to clear my head
and figure some things out.

And when I do--
look at me.

I want us
to be friends, Randy.

There's nothing
that I want more than that.

Do you understand what
I mean by friends?

Yeah. Yeah, friends,
like a school-- school friends.

- I know. Yeah.
- I'm sorry.

my sweet Sienna.

Please don't make this harder
than it already is.

- I have to go.
- But I-- but I love you.

Sienna, I love you.

You're supposed to say it back.

You're supposed
to say it back!


You're supposed
to say it back.

♪ I've known it from the moment
That I saw your face ♪

♪ All that
You have done... ♪

I hate you!

♪ Regrettably
I fight the urges ♪

♪ That I have
Locked inside ♪

♪ All caught up
In tragedy ♪

♪ And how
To nurse my pride ♪

♪ I wish I could see
These things you see ♪

♪ When you
Looked at me... ♪

I love you.
You don't have to say it back.

♪ If I could have
You again ♪

♪ I would breathe
All of you in ♪

♪ Kiss every inch
Of your skin ♪

♪ And forget
We're both okay ♪

♪ In this world
That surrounds me ♪

♪ I don't know how
You found me ♪

♪ But I want you
To know ♪

♪ That I loved you
The most ♪

- ♪ Return to me ♪
- Where's Mr. Gold?

He isn't here.

My painting is supposed
to be hanging right there,

and it's not now.

And I want
to know why.

Well, Maurizio didn't feel like
it was your best work.

- Who's he to judge?
- It's his gallery.

I think
he's a liar.

He said my painting
was gonna be right there,

and then
he took it away.

Well, he didn't
take it away.

He's just putting up
one of mine instead.

He's gonna hang
one of your paintings?

Oh, God, no.

No, that would be
a train wreck.

He's putting up
one of my photos.

Why are you
telling me this?

I'm just being honest
with you, man.

I mean, look, it's not like
you don't have skills.

I guess you do.

It's just that this wasn't
your best work.

Maurizio only wants to hang
the best in his exhibits.

This is why he's putting up
one of my pieces.

I think
you're a liar, too.

I think you wanted your piece
in the show so bad

that you told him
that my art wasn't any good.

You'll never be
the artist that I am.

I freaking
hate you, Butch.

Are we done?

Sienna, she didn't
say it back.

Mr. Gold and Butch
are liars.

Everybody hates me.

You sure you don't want
an iced coffee with no ice?

How much
for the whole bottle?

♪ If I could have
You again ♪

♪ I would breathe
All of you in ♪

♪ Kiss every inch
Of your skin ♪

♪ And forget
We're both okay ♪

♪ In this world
That surrounds me ♪

♪ I don't know how
You found me ♪

♪ But I want you
To know ♪

♪ That I loved you
The most ♪

♪ And I feel your shadow

♪ Standing by

♪ And I wished
I could feel ♪

- ♪ When you would tell me...
- God bless.

And God be with...


Cassie? What
are you doing here?

- What?
- What are you doing here?

I told you,
this is my spot.

Where I come
to clear my head.

Oh. Yeah,
I remember.

I didn't realize
I walked this far.

Where are you
going to?

I don't know.

- What?
- I don't know.

Is everything

Just having
a really bad day.

- What?
- Just having a really bad day.

Hold on.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Can I join you?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Do you think
that something good

can come
from something bad?

You mean like
a blessing in disguise?

I don't do well
with most metaphors.

We all have to let go
of expectations in order

to see things
as they are.

I've never felt
this way before.

It hurts on the inside.

Before art school,

I had this really
stupid and lousy job.

I had money,
but I was miserable.

I'm broke now,
but I'm happier

doing something
that's important to me.

What does that
have to do with love?


I had to let go
of something that wasn't

making me
feel good anymore

so I could allow
an opportunity

for something better
to blossom.

You know, something good
from something bad.

What if I'm not able
to let it go?

What inspires you,

Feelings, emotions.

I just paint so I can express
what's hard to say.

You wanna know
what I'm feeling?

- Yes.
- I'm thinking how lucky

anyone would be
to know you.

Whether you
realize it or not,

you have
showed me that

it's okay to be myself.

I think
you're great.

And I think you are exactly
the way you need to be, Randy.


That hurt my feet.

♪ I lost my way
In the crosswinds of the fire ♪

♪ Things of you
Were burning in desire ♪

♪ When the smoke clears
And I thank the gods ♪

♪ With the song I fear
And every bridge crossed ♪

♪ In a hundred years
Our love won't exhaust ♪

♪ When I'm with you
I'm not lost ♪

♪ When I'm with you
I'm not lost ♪

♪ I'm not lost

♪ Oh oh oh oh

♪ When I'm with you
I'm not lost ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh

♪ When I'm with you
I'm not lost ♪

♪ Oh ♪

I know it's late,
but do you wanna maybe

come in
for some coffee?


What's this?

What? Oh, oh,
I don't know yet

but I will show it
to you if you want.

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.

I'm gonna take
this off.

This is art.

This is emotion.

Randy, cacti.


Yeah, life-changing.

For some people, this is
completely life-changing.

I did that
before school.

You did this

- Before I went to school.
- Wow!

You think you can still
get a spot in the galleria?

Well, I'm not sure yet,
but if I were to,

it would have to be
something RAW.

- I should--
- Well, you better get to work.

For an inspiration.

- Mm. Yeah.
- Ha!

yeah, yeah.

- Thanks for the coffee.
- Oh, you're welcome.

- Good luck.
- Okay.

♪ We're just getting over

♪ So you'll sleep

♪ All my clever words
Can't make you stay ♪

♪ Life ain't over
Plan for us instead ♪

♪ All our dreams like ashes
Left for dead ♪

♪ It was you

♪ Instead you were
Gone first thing ♪

♪ It was you

♪ I wouldn't
Change a thing ♪

♪ I'm not ready

♪ No I'm not

♪ You're not ready

♪ For my heart

♪ I'm not ready

♪ For something new

♪ I'm not ready

♪ It was always you

♪ You said that
You're gonna stay ♪

♪ It was you

♪ I wouldn't
Change a thing ♪

♪ Round wide eyes
You were to begin ♪

♪ You did all my breathing
And listening ♪

♪ You

♪ I wouldn't
Change a thing ♪♪

The prodigal son
has returned.

- How can I help you?
- I've been painting.


I painted my truth.
It's called An Apology.

I see. Butch.

Well done, sir.
Well done indeed.

Thank you.

Go home.
Get a haircut.

Put on something
respectable. Go.

Wait, you're
gonna show my piece?

Thisis a piece
worth showing.

- But what about Butch?
- I may be the Italian Ice...

but this, 24 karat.

So we're both
gonna get to show, then?

Yes. You, go, hurry up
before I change my mind.

Thank you, Mr. Gold.
Thank you.


You came.

I wanted to show
my support, you know?

Even if it's
just in spirit.

You're not thinking about
going in, are you?

No. I think that guy's seen
enough of me for a lifetime.

You look beautiful.

Do you wanna go
for a walk?

Very proud of you, Randy.

Picasso ain't got nothing
on you! Security Guard Bob

Ah, danke schoen.

Mr. Whitsey,
this is your night.

Enjoy yourself.

- I am very proud of you, Randy.
- Thank you.

It's grape juice in case
the snobs think you're weird.

- But I am weird.
- Aren't we all?

- I'll have some wine.
- Waiter.

I'm very proud
of you. Salute.

I'll be
right back.

You made it.

- I wouldn't miss it.
- You look really nice, Cassie.

Thank you.
You look nice, too.

It's a really
great turnout.

It's not-- it's not
all for me.

Oh. Oh, you're the only reason
that I came.

- Do you wanna show me around?
- Yeah. Come on.


Lest they forget
from whence they came.

Hey, baby brother.

You made it.

I did. Come here.
What's up?

I really
missed you, Mom.

Mom, Henry, Cassie,

I want to show you
my painting.

It's calledAn Apology.

- A metaphor?
- Yes, a metaphor.

Did you paint that?

Yeah, Mom, I did.

My son Randall
is a painter.

I surely hope he gets
as good as you are one day.

♪ Everything has changed
Since I met you ♪

♪ My heart was broken
Hope was overdue ♪

♪ I'm running empty
Running out of time ♪

♪ I thought
I lost my mind ♪

♪ But everything has changed
Since I met you ♪

♪ Nothing is the same
Since I met you ♪

♪ The hardest times
Are easy to get through ♪

♪ The shadows of the past
Disturb my night ♪

♪ You make them
Run and hide ♪

♪ 'Cause nothing
Is the same since I met you ♪

♪ Here and now

♪ Just hear me out

♪ Through fear and doubt

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ Everything has changed
Since I kissed you ♪

♪ I never thought love
Could be this true ♪

♪ And when I thought
That feeling couldn't last ♪

♪ You went
And kissed me back ♪

♪ 'Cause everything has
Changed since I kissed you ♪

♪ Here and now

♪ Just hear me out

♪ Through fear and doubt

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ Here and now

♪ Just hear me out

♪ Me out

♪ Through fear and doubt

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ Everything has changed
Since I met you ♪

♪ And I hope
That I have changed ♪

♪ Your whole world too

♪ Here and now

♪ Just hear me out

♪ Oh through fear
And doubt ♪

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ I'll never
Let you oh oh ♪

♪ Here and now

♪ Just hear me out

♪ Oh through fear
And doubt ♪

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ I'll never let you down

♪ Everything has changed
Since I met you ♪

♪ And I hope
That I have changed ♪

♪ Your whole world too ♪

♪ It's fix time

♪ To figure out

♪ Who you are

♪ And what feels right

♪ All the mistakes

♪ Are begging
To break us down ♪

♪ It's good to be home

♪ And not alone

♪ Doesn't this
Feel like home? ♪

♪ Doesn't this
Feel like home? ♪

♪ You know that I know

♪ We've never
Been here before ♪

- ♪ All my life
- ♪ All my life

- ♪ Slept wrapped in blinds
- ♪ Slept wrapped in blinds

♪ You're not alone ♪